The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 9, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1818
Page 3
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. : wm'iam3. 6dmflomRich - JL with foot and tobacco, to J M Lowry ' Bon(T.i. i. r - ll,c,h 11 Rethune&Ca. llewerck Brothen, C Dubois, S Whit - Jjf Md BCWoodhull. Three P8clin Wn. Cy. Daniel. 7 ) ' from W' ton. Willi naval stores, to S Jackson. ; n - ne - m - Bloom, Wheaton, 6 days from " 'p?aniwh, with cotton, dry good, &e. to I Coit, J IkC Bolton, A .Weyman & Co. Aiken, ' Filler k Goddard, Lethbridge, Gridley nd ' to. B Howard, A & G Smedea & Camfield, and A Wade. Thirty. passengers. Left, brig D,vid Porter, for N fork next day. Sch Eli, Week, 6 day frota Charleston, in ballot, to R Bulklev. Four passengers. July 5, lat 37 35, long 74 30. spoke ship Ave. rick, 50 day from London for Norfolk. Left ich Harvest, for N York in 2 or 3 day. gcbZepujr, Child, 31 day from N Orleani, with tobacco and cotton, to Bcgcrt & Knee - land. Passenger, Mrs Child gAYAKHAB, June 27. A rrived; bripr General Jtctson, Pearce, Providence, B. 1. 12 day. Cleared, hip Howard, Candler, Liverpool; French brig Oscar & Eliza, Fournier, Bor - deamx i brig Tybee, Barker. N York ; chr Un - daunted, Van Schaick, do : Mary - Aim, Pike, do i loop Sarah, Burt, Providence, R. I. BOSTON, June 6. Arrived. chr Lydis, Cro well, from N York. . Sloop Olive, Barnes, of Gloucester from New - York - At Quarantine, the brig Earah, Attwood, from file of May. , Arrived at Gloucester 5(hint. schr. Hawk. Robinson, from the Grand Bank, with 7000 fih, very scarce. The Serpent wi supposed to have been aeen offEaitern Pniot by several respecta - Me gentlemen, at 1 o'clock, P. M. Sunday. . Wiimihotox, m. c. June 24 Arrived brig Rover, Crawford, from Deinerura. ''Brig Twins, Hall, from New - York. 8ch Blakely, Coffin, from Boston Cleared, schrs. Phmhe Eliza, Green, N Yolk ; Sally, Weeks, Boston sloop Lincoln, Delano, N York Hudson, Cory, N ew - York. NORNOLK, July 6. Arrived, schr Experiment, Parker, from Mame. Sloop Constitution, Leforge, 3 day from New - York Sloop Alligator, Hart, 4 day from Terth Am - bey. ' U. S. ahip Alert, 9 days from Boston. . Id Hamnron Roudi. brief Roxaoa, Snow 7 .tifroin Boston ! and Retrieve. Lazilclt, 14 day from Macbias. The ship Salus, Harrod. and brig Sampson, Luce, from Boston, have cone up James River. Last Tuesday, 3U!hJune, wattbe warnwst ' 4t experienced here for a number ofyesrs. - ' Tbe mercury in r arenneii, sioou i vi iu thide, at 2 o'clock. 1 did not examine it at 8 or .. 4 o'clock, wl.en Itie heat was more inteuse. ; Csaiii.mto, July 2 Cleared, ship Mexico, Dayton, Liverpool Columbia, Stuison, do ; brig Concord, Cot en. Greenock. Went to sea yesterday brig Angelina, Cha - iel, for Havre t Concord, Cozens, for Greenock. BROADWAY CIRCUS, oooooOodooo Entire change of performance. FRIDAY EVENING, July 10, lIS. Tbe oertormnnce will with the Grand Military Entry Matter Coty will, on one hone, perform many wonderful irals ot hoist mamb'p. Tbe wonderful Spanish horse Romeo will af - . trr many wonderful leaps, kap over 3 horses. Madume Cossin wilt go through a'l f - er won - dcn'ul leats oo the Tisjlii Rope danos a noropipe, ftc. and conclude with the whole of tbe manual .txercise. Master M'Cam, the wonder of idr will, on oae horM, peiform many wonderiul iea for ajoutb, only wot - years oW, and eonclude by r - OUkZ on his heart, his horse in full peel. . Mrs. Williams will display her tonisliing " tirtUhHtroa on tl Blsck V ire. ""Mr. Tatr.ell will perform the much admired Kraeofthe Droiikcn bMier. Clown, Mr. Campbell. Slacic Kope, by Mr. Mavhe. 1 Aleoaade on two horses by Mr. Tatntll and Miss lVhMlan.1 To conclude with lbs much admired srer - e of j tbe two pparuted horses. . The whole to conclude with the gmnd Arccn - sioa from the Ctsge tp the Gallery, by Madame Cossin. Tickets snny be had at the circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to I P. M. and from 3 to 5. Doors will r on at 7 o'clock, aad the per - formancu rommi - nce preciw'y at &. Wo imoaking allowed. Checks not transfer - . able. Gentlemen are requested not to enter the nX' STEAM - BOAT FISHING PARTY. 03 - The Steam Boat, CONNECTICUT, Cat - Bonkcr, will start for the Banks, on a Turn Party at 8 o'clock on Saturday mcrn;i.. ud rthirn to town the tame evening.. Every prtptr&tion wilt be made to render tbe excursion plesssnt and agreeable. For Tickets, apply to AJ0TT & WILLIAMS, corner of Scutb street, mi Fulton slip, or on boatd ibe boat J 9 tU)P COUK1EK. (tp Tbe ship Courier, Capt. Bowse, for lav erpool, will sail to - morrow at II o'clock. The pasftbgots are requested to te at Whitt - Hnll precisely at that time, where the sloop Escort, will be in readiness to take them cb board. JyO It INFORMATION tVAMKll. . A person 6y thit name of M.ifaret Chad - wick, who formerly lived in a small lows exiled Ormeikirk, in Koginnd, aod came to Ums city of riew x orx aoout w years an, wiln her former husband, who was a sucemaktr ; but since that w is aead, and she is married Ma tt a person by the name of Joseph Caadwick, who is hy trade a sliip rigger. If the said Mart;are( Chnd - wirk is living, or ber cluldren, they may, by ap - iJjing at Ibis office, hear of soraellung greatly lo wit an vantage a - ja vw Literary and Ptolotvvuirai Zm - ut. ST A stated moolbly mrcting of this society will be held in tbe society's room in the New - York Itutitetioo, on Thursday the 9ih tost, at uau past 7 o'cloclt f. ol. JOHN W. FRANCIS, Rec Sec. . July 9 It From the Committee of jtmngrmml fwtktf neral nf (Jeneral M mir nmt ru - .00" Ad persons having demands against the viatiaaarj Committee of Arraiispuient, are re - .wiinnoK..,,,,. h,lfctthe bouse or Gen. TL ENS, the ChairmAO, 59 Beekman - stieet, sooieumi! duiiog this day or tomorrow. J at lL (A regular trader) .KaaThe soporior ftt sailir.g ship C.1 RO. hnlli r 1.. lo u,. Xn new coppered and thoroughly repaired, Jfwt rate ship part of her cargo bring en - "Sw it will be dispatched without delny. - "5oi or passage, navmg superior accom - Milwus for twept? passengers, apjly to cap - i Wilfinn, j, pji,,,, on board, at pier No. " " R. or at 03 South - 4reot, to fJl HOIt'LAM) k BRA I.VF.. fur IIAVHE iff ""n uuing copperea snip uiuv, tnij.m PhdadeJphia about tlte 130i inst , - ." insi. iug tMiies ct cotton or o - p. r'Sws handsomely accommodated. Ap - tl f f. T ' It livi I m tvi. - 1 45 - st UWa Hiiitls. r li - V. BK1 f JUNE It CO. 91 Ccflee House - slip. If iWMM The packet . ship BELLE, . Edward iJi,Huniiiigton, master, will positively sailonthe I5thint. For passage only, having elegant accommodations, apply on board, west side Fly - market - wharf; or to JONES & MEGRATH. J 9 ' 91 Soutb - street. DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constifntly on hand an e xleotive assortment of the following poods, w I Dutch and Eneliih Gunny Bags, Popes Ueade Crumb Brushes crooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan n Bvllows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hull aod Kotry Mats cy an J common . mad no do Cloth do do Weaver do White Wash do do do rails and 1 ubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whir of every de scription Seine, sewing, wrap Shoe & Scruhbin; :do Paint Brushes an(J Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 rove Furnituie Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Tmre Rones ping, balein - and ball fwuie Fish Lints Shoe k aatliers Thread Dcarboru's Bullan ces, 4:c. W roughf and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell w!. - olesa'e or retail on li beral terms. CEllRA & CUMING, Jy 9 70 Pearl - street. COAL AFLOAT. 1 AA Chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, A Wof superior ouali'v, now landing from on board tlie tliip Uuoges ut the east side of lecK - sim. - 60 chaldron Scotch Coal, of prime quality, dijchiirgiiig Irom on board the ship Union, at pier No. 9, E. it. 60 chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, equal to the a hove, Ci'i liniin front on board the ship Othello, at ti.e foot of Hector street, N. K. Application lo be ou board, or at the subscriber's coal yard. No. 274 Frout - st rent, who liaf on Imnd a lurrt aupply o! Liverpool, bcolcli und Virginia Coal, tuil:ille for families and blncksmitbs, which he will dispose of on ac - cooirnodatinz terms. For sale by J 9 A. FRASER. o LI) SHERRY WINE, fcc. 17 nr. caUsold Sherry 24 baii 2d oualiiy Coffee 25 kt r.iniiufactured Tobacco. 8 hnndu to tne pound, and suid to be very line, just received and Tor sale hy G. G. & S. HOW LAND, Jy 9 67 Waihinston stivrt. RUM MOLASSES K tUGAK. 10 puncheons tine llavoured ft, Vincent Rum 10 (to retailing Molancs Id barrels Muscovado tftiiar, lauding from the British schr. Frances, from St. Vincent, fur taie by TUCKER to LAURIKo, J 9 SO South - street. TObACCOaml FLOf'U. F1FTT ONE hhds Richmond Tobacco 50 do Kentucky do 230 bbls. Richmond Superfine Flour, landing from srhr. Sal.'y Ann, Indian llimtrr ami Molly, from Richmond, end sliip (irand Seinor ondrloon Gold Huntress, from New Orleans. Forsaleby BOOKMAN K JOHNSTON, Also, in store. 80 hhds. prime Richmond Tobacco , 530 bhls. Richmond Eiiperrinc Flour 150 do do fin and X Mid1iirs:do 800 kegs Manufactured Tobacco, of vinous sons. J 9 . 'lULAS..s. i4S iiinls. una 0 uc.fc ila it L vana Molassos, for sale bv I3AAC r - ACK RU. J 9 3t Souit. - street. 1LOUK ti TOBACCO 140 bbls sup Rich - is? motid Flour, HaxnlPs 100 bhls file Richmond Flour 5 V) do Lynchburg supl do 100 do do fine do 20 do straight middling da 7 do X do do 100 do Ship Stuff 0 hhds Vir a 3 oo Kentu - ky Tofiacco 7 kers Ladies' Twut, binniicd Davidson, Sauntlors te Co. 100 do Negro Head, No. 1 do 54 do do do No. 1. A. Archer ft Co. 100 do do do No. t For sale at 106 Front - strett, by TROKE3, DAVIDSON CO. Jy9 J AM Est D'W OLF, Jun. 64 Sroth - strvet, has for sale 2000 qr. cask (iui.p. wder, app'il quality SO tons St. I'i t - - i !irg rlean Hrnip 300 boxes Gurumr bteel, entit'ed to drawb. 20 boxes Chin lii. scte, li pi. each J 9 HAKKI.V I OdACCH. 4i kegs Harris' su - pfr - or rronK - i! brand n.anulactured Tobacco, landing torn Xl ":hr. Iii'linn Hunter, fur sale by S.kD.T A LCOTT, J 9 64 South - street. A ' CbaUiron Newcastle roils, on board TCV the British schr Mother, Curraa, at pier No. 4, East River. For shle by WM. WILSON, Jy9 Iw 96 Greenwich ft. )Q FLOUR, TOBACCO. &c. 05i bbls Richmond superfine flour, I lax - all's brand SS hlids prime do. tobacco . 100 kegs manufactured tob icco 6 pipes L. P. Madeira wine 2 1 - 2 qr. casks old Malmsey do. For sale by W.ftS.CRAlG, J 9 P4 Front - strct. tlllMA rILKS & XX AN KINS. Black, blue, V.' green and cnaDgeabidSiociiews Black, colored aud changeable Sartor Is Black, cliecked and colored 4 4 twilled and fringed Hdkfs. Black and colored Levantines Colored - winj; Silks Co'ored Nankin and Canton Crapes 1st quality blue Nankins for sale by P. REM SEN tt CO.' J 9 96 SMith - strret. RANDY hi WINE. 6pi(slrencb Cian - wfcask, JL. P. Madeira Wine. Landing from the brig Louisa Cecelia, at west sine or the Uld - siip, lor sale hy Jy9 DIV1E RETHUNE k CO. LTENTUCKY TOBACCO. 100 bhds of L. prime quality, received per sbip Grand Seignior, for sale fir iy 9 TROKE3, DAVIDSON I CO. COf fEK, BRjiADi; LOAfHUUAR, tic rfrt Bbls and 140 bags handsome St. Domin sf f go coffee, entitled to debenture 40 ppes Gray's brandy, 4th proof S3 hhds and 150 kbls loaf and lump sugar 100 large lumps, at reduced prices 300 bbls rye dour 100 boxes Hill's chocolate Nos. 1, 2 & 3 100 do Jno, Wait's do do do 90 kegs pure ginger, 140 bags race ginger 10 hhds molasses ram, tor sale oo accommo dating terms, bj JCKSOJfk irOOLLEY, Jnly9 75 Wnll - rt. WANTED, a nurse, accustomed to the cart of children, and who nndontaods plum sewing. Tbe most raturactorr r"?ruDCs will be required, as to integrity, capability and disposition. A mid He are J person will to prefer red. Apply at No. SI rark - place. Jy9 5t iU.UW Joltun tomorrow Giami Road Lottery. TflE next num'oer t!rw is entitled to tbe L enormous prire of 7l,000 dollars The drawicg commences at 4 o'clock torros, and rKe vninab number wilt be snn - xsnced at that ( sr A daalinc p. ire cf several of looo. joo, &c kc. may be drawn. .Toe drawing of this lottery closes oa the tTUu A sew educes may be obUiaed t J 9 GRACIL'S, 14C Broadway. . rHARTS. &e, EOK sale by p. EURTeELL, corctrof Wall A1 and liroud - streeU, Harbor of Peui:oJa.;do. St. Augustine . Do. New - York and Souud , . Coast of South America, by Faden, 2 sheets ' Pacific Ocean and CouiL 9 sheets, bv Arrow : Indian Ocean and China Seas . smith oramtoast Coast U. S. in 3 large charts ' ' ' West Indies and Gulph of Mexico , Mediterranean Hea St. George's Channel and Coast round Ireland Baltic and North Sea Pilot, containing 6 charts ;ort& Atlantic, new and large South da do &c. He. MA FS of the World, on Mercator and Globular Projection, 4 quarters Europe with tbe present divisions Ohio, Louisiana, Canada, New York State; Connecticut, England and Wales, tc. ATLASSES D'Anville's Alius of Ancient Geography Carey's Imperial Atjas Laurie uud WliiUle's Universal do GLOBES 12 and 18 inch Globes, elegantly mounted Telescopes for sea service Do for military do One of Bate's Astronomical Telescopes, a very superior instrument. Mathematical Instruments in case Gunier's Scales ; Paralfl rules Chess Men Pope Joan Boards A large and complete assortment of Stationary - J3t WANTED, a lad about 14 years of aire, as mi apprentice to the printing busiuese. Apply at the comer of Naisau and Spruce - sts. . Jy HORSKt) und CARRIAGES FOR 6 ALE. TWO light sound Coacbees and Haritest, calculated for travelling, which the owners have directed to he sold very low. Several new and second hand Gigs and Harness, among whidf is a very light Tilbery Gig, upon the newest con struction. ' Also, for sale, 3 saddle and gig Horses, worth the attention of persons wautiig to purchase. . N. B. Wanted to purchase, three new or se cond hand Pleasure Waggons. Apply at the Uepository, Walker - street, Broadway. J 31 V V cinily of Uiis city, a female teacher, well Qualified to iii'truct in writine, arithmetic, cram - mar, Ac. The most respectable references vvil) be required. Inquire 4U1 rean - sireei iw WANTED to Inro by the month, a man lo work on a farm, a short distance from town. Apply at Nq. IIJj 1'earl street, J "J si THRESHING MACHINE. A PORTABLE four horse Threshing Ma il, riuiie, with dorse power, complete, may he seen at tbe Agricultural Repository, 211 Front street, where may be had Bcunet's Seed Machines, for sowing grass seed, turnip feed. Sc. J urnip Drills, for one or two rows Turnip Slicers Turnip Drags Expanding horse IIoe, for ploughing between corn, potatoes, turnips, A c. Double end siule furrowed Ploughs ChafT Cutters Four horse and two horse Threshing Machines, tic. J9St THE ATliENEUM, OR SPiniT Or THF CI.ltH MAOAKINE3. CICNTtiNTS oi No. 31. J'he liiquisition un - maslicd i Ramire.'., a new pom, by Dallas The Gipjy's l'roji'uH y ; Hunil.oldt's Narrative ; Picture of Greculaiid ; Carey's Letter on West's Picture; Origin of ii(jns of Inns; Adara and Cve ; Alfred's head ; Angel : the Archers ; tlie ba: of nails: be vr and racd staff : anecdotes of (lie Shepherd's Dog; Original anecdotes of Dr. Johnson ; the fatting woman of Disoocin ; the cliujie! of Rosalia ; Joumul of a tour in Enghtad, irom the manuscript notes of their imperial highnesses tlie Archdukes Jolm and Lewis, of Austria ; Times1 Teleecope, for July, or remarkable day; Biozraphv Portrait of Anna Ger - mr.iae dr ritasl vfackevry - Mrfmoe - Bnifr Va i - itties liai.nan Moore; Discharge ol I norn ton : Weft's new altar - piece ; anecdote of a Frenchman; of a Yoikshirciuan j aucient agate niu: ; pot - iry ; L.ouic ; the Moss Kose ; the df:t!h ol tbe felon , sonnet ; address to the Baff - shire Club; literary intfli;renre. Published vn tbe lt mid (5th of every mouth. Subscription, only 5 unilnrn per annum ; re ccired I red by No. I?4 A. T. GOODRICH ti CO. Broadway corner of Cedar street. J 9 IO.VIuRROW,at4 o'clock, P. M. the first drawn number in the Road Lottery will be entitled to tbe grand prize of jfTO.OCO. There be - "s B Rreainuiouer snzaner pnz s, oiaues u oe - sirablc for thosu who wish for chances to apply octweeo tins ai.u iz oxiock tomorrow, at GILLESPIE'S, 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. J 9 'MO MOKKOW, at 4 oV.lgck, P. M. the lust L drawn Ticket iu the Owcgo Koad Lottery will bj enbtled to 70,CJ' DOLLARS. There are in tlie wheel I prise 'jf $10,000, 4ot 1000. 11 ul 600. and onlv C davs drawins. A w Tickets nnd Sjiares for sale at ALLEN'S, Iruiy Lucky Ullice, lit t; road way. Where nave been sold and paid the Capital i i nave urn uinii, ti. , - i.f. $TKi,000 ; 7771, 10,000; 9702, 1000 ; 6756, i rum nr.. I .) inn Xrr - COTTON. 33 bale prime Upland, landing from brig harmony, Ot sale by 68 Soath - street. In Store, . 75 hairs upland Cotton, for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply as aiMive. J 1 PV. Lr.Ol.klU Ai t - .O. 104 rearl - st.tet, . offer for sale, in addition to their forrotp extensive assortment of Hardware, tiie following articles, ree'd by tbe Martha, fr no Liverpool Trace Chains Clout Naals Spades and Shovels Brass Kettles do Candlesticks . do Cocks do Nails fl Hinges Gilt Coat Buttons, 6 and 8 barr'd Carry Combs 6 barr'd Mane do - Iron Wire,No.4to!0 - Steelyards Fine Guns . Trunk Locks - Drawing Knives Bineleys Patent carrier's knives wai rioted equal to Cox's gen uine. some of sup. quality, suitable for merchant taylors Flemish Tack J 3 tl Q - DRY GOODS, tic. 1 JL O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 ti 7 - 8 Irifh linens 1 'do. piuk ginghams - - 1 do. shawls . 4 do. brown plalillas 6 do Scotch omaburgs ' 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 5 do. linen bed tick '' 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. ALSO, Suil - cloth, , Cotton bagging Twilled sackicg Seine twice For sale by GEORGE JOH.tSTON, Julv 3 No. 1 Sloat - lane. EARTH KN WARE. 10 crales ol Eannen - wtre, particularly selected for this market, aow laadins ex Mo Martin, from Livrmoo!, t lorsale by TROKEd, DAVIDSON k. CO. Jrz iuo r rnnr - sireei. CO KEb AC '1 OBaCCO. H hhds very greed Coffee, and 35 bhds Kentucky Tobacco, just rse'd, for wleby - n. GILLESPIE. - . j il .112 root - sireeu fJAVANA SUGAR. - Just landed nnd for IX sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. 64 bouth street. ' 137 boxes brown and 54 do white Sugars, ra tified to drawback. - J I RIME RICE. - 30 casks, for sale by GRISWOLD COA PES, J 7 6s Sottth - etreeL ' rr Mr ST. CROIX, . The brig FREDERICK, Clark, mas - r (WMjt, oavtng handsome aocommoJaboas. I'Plv to , READE k. DEhEYSTER.' Juy,8 4t . 31 Old - slip. or FUEDEltlCKuBVitGU, The schr. WM. it HE.RY, Captain Ames: willberjidvto'iukf - iiif.iTli to - morrow, and be dispatched witbout delav i ....i , . m uoara, west siue u. II. Mip, or to WAUSy u uALLAtiHtit, , J V ri6 Soutii - stieet. , or S.iVJt.Yj)l, The very fine schr. GENERAL A. JACK&ON. Christie, master will sail on Friday, loth inst. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Jones' - wlurf, or to POTT Si M'KINNE, Ju'f 7 66 Souih - t. r'or CHAHLESTOA, nL I I - . .....V rt ina regular acsci snip j hue - GRAPH. T. Faaumj, master, will tail oa vVeUiiL - Klav, fith instant, weather iiennitlitc i or ireignt or passage, having superior arcom - niodatious, apply ou board, east side Burliu; clip. urto ANAON G. PHELl'i - Jy 6 133 Kront - st. For CHARTER, A Ilritisli KKIG, burthen 2K tons British, or S100 barrels i now at I'iii - ludclphia i will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England, or the Wrst Indies, and can be despatched within three davs no - tice. Apply to . KOGEUS & POST, Jf 51 toulh - strccL ' for t'rtiglit or Charter, AfiVv 1 he fine new brig ELIZA, C.niby iixtiiirnastei - , burthened alwut loOO bbls. sails will and is in fine order for a voysgc. Apply to G. G. it 5. HOWL AND, J 3 C7 Whinzton - i.t. For freight or (Sltarttr, Thesrhoouer JUbtt'll, capt. Hop - fckins, will b glad to get a freight to the .Southward or Eastward, or any where else, on Ihc most reasonable terms, u apiilirU. for immc diately. She U a good one year old vcmm'1, aud carries about 400 t - arrnls, sails reina kal.Iy I.Tt Apply to the mister on board at Dover - street or to .N.L. A: U. GKibVMJLD, July 3 3t f!fi fiutli - ?t. . Hunted to Charter, ,,"p or ivo British vessels, to load .&Lfur Liverpool. Apply lo je26 AltClll). GUAC1R & 50S. tor LIVEHFUOL, .4v The elegant fistsailing cop;ered ship OsaUKAPKll, William Adams, master; hn is 291 tous burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward caro. For freight or parage, ap - uly to the master, on board, east side of Fly - ma. ket wharf, or to U. W. tux; F.R5 MCo. Je 1ft 335 Pearl street. For S. - iFjijWJtH, The very liuebrigSUPKRB, Reeves, master; will meet with despatch, hav ing a considerable pari of her cargo engnged. Tor passage, having handxome accommodations, or freight, apply on board, at pier No. 12, east - ide Old - slip, or to POTT It M'KINISE, Je 33 56 South - street. r OH SALE, A LOT of ground on Broadway, between Walker - street and Caual - slreet, SO feet 10 inches wide and 175 feet leng. Inumrv of P.A.JAY, Jy 1 tf No. 37 Pine - stieet. 17 - 3NTUCKY TOHACCO. 1 1 hhds. landing IV irom schr American tlero, irom Piew - ur leaasandforsaleby . - - . WALSH & GALLAGHER, Jl Cfi South - street. i siGER. 160 bug Kace Ginger, lorsale Jt oy r, ItKMStrt isU. 1 6 28 South - street. CUTl'0 - 334 oales New - Orleans Cotton, in lots lo suit purchasers, lor sale by Jy6 N. k D. TA LCOTT. K KNTUCKY TOBACCO. dhbd. Ken - litrlrv Tnlinrrn. ItnHinrrfrnm khin IftlintHnn from New Orleans, for sale by . J 3 DIV IE, BETIIUNKfe CO. SHEET IRON. A. "lew tons, now landing and for sale by ANDERSON k SHEARER, J 6 2w 131 Water - street. COFFE 30,000 lbs. handsome St. Domingo coffe, entitled to debenture, for sale by JACKSON k WUULLKY, July 7 ,75Wall - st. WKHTMUl.LtH'b celebrated Picture ol in k. v ...i .i cunuim ntt it will be exhibited at No. 8 lusix - nard street, until raffled for. Admittance 25 cents. J 6 Iw NEW LAW bOoK. STOKE. JUST received and for sale, the following new works, corner of Nassau and Spruce - streets, opposite City Hall, i ne4in vol. uaws isew - iorsr. l)esnussure's Rep'ts in the Court of Chancery ol (lie Stale of South Carolina, 3 vols 7th, UOi and 90) vols. Crancbe'i Reports. 1st aud tO Wbeaton do Muule andSelwjn's do 4 vols 5th r.nd 6th Taunton's ' do 3d vol. Chitty's Pleading Baylies' Digested Index. By DAVID BANKS. JtJw FOR HALE, 1IOQ Burr si0Df,jUft received perrhip JLl:J sif liabclln, from Havre de Grace 4pplvto " ' ' POTT & M'KINNE. ' Jy7 56 goath - sL GUNS. Teu cases well aisnrtcd fowling pieces, siuele and double barreld, rccuV - cdby the JUartha, and for sale by bUitlL hi MLLl.VIAA, . 128 Pearl - street, Hauotcr - square. July7 6t BEEF - SU barrelt Uotton bed, No. 3, just received, and in store SO bjrrrls prims bee), Troy inspection For sale at 67 Sou!h - sL by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. juiy t SLGAR, RUM, etc. 14 iiiids SU Croix, Sugar 15 hhds Jamaica Rem 6 do SL Croix Rum 4 pipes Holland Gin 30 borrrts com. Rum SO do do (Sin 6 hbds Rye Whiskey SO tierces Rice 120 barrels prime and mess Beef ,40 do do and do Pork 200 first quality Virginia Hams, for sale by "PALMER US AIULEII, J73t 104 Front - ffw - t. nilAUPAlGNE ti BUKGUNDY 63 cast L superior still CbampaigMit 1 dos. eacn 10 do do JJuntundy forssleby , POTT & M'KINNR, Jv 1 66 South - slreet. VIKGiMA HAMa. 500 Hams oltlni 6ft quality will be laodi - d to - morrow utornine, from the Sea Lion, at Coffee - house slip, eod for salebr - WALSH it GALLAGHER, Jt tt . W eth - . trtcl. GIN ft DUCK. (00 pipes Gin, and 200 ps. Holland Deck, landing from brig Jaunt. Irom Rotterdam, at Murray's wharf, forsn' bj J 7. . N. k V. TALCOTT. VT.f TCTl Prtll frsfft n.l PIsT I Aft. Isa.t'tng M. .slVsTJUiWftft SJS,S. ssww - "S " O yi from the Martha, aed ia store, tor sale at 67 tfooth - street, by C1.VBliELE.VQ k PEARSOX. JaljO Afr.' W. C. Mvshall is requested to call on J. 8. Benson, Albany, whare be will receivn the value of his octe, dated at $1. 'I homar, SUtb May, 1818. ' . Jy7 2t , J. S. EENSON. A'EW.rORK LYSUJiAjYCE QO.UF.lXf r llHh President and Directors hivc tiiu day JL declared a dividend, nf fa a - per cent on the cspital stc i.i' cm;ipAny, for the last nr. moiitiis. rmvMn to lire stockholders, or t!u - u lc,;ai rcpreAriitatives, on and after tlie loth init. at Uieotbce. No. 84 Wall street. July 6 lm C. O. 6H1P.MAN. SccrV 'I URPKN I IAE. 64U bbl.. soil i urpeullne, J. on hoard schr Carpenters Son, for sale by R. & C. VV. DAVENPORT k CO. J 8 3.i Peck slip. JAAltA D'VOLF, Jr. 64 &ouiu - treet, ha forsale. 2U00 qr. casks gunpowder, approved quality . 20 tons St. Petersburg cleaii hemp 300 boxes German steel, entitled lo drawback 30 boxes China diningsells, - 172 pieces each July 8 . Ink SI I I." HHK Cargo of Ibe ship UKAGANZA, from 1. Calcutta, consisting of Cotton, Sugar, and saltpetre. Sampli s to be seen at the Counting - Home of ARCH'DGRAClEkSOXS. Je 2!i , 1U Y OOU1, RECKIVED per Draper from Liverpool and other late arrivals, forsale at No. 2 bloat lam'iby WM. TODD. 1 box super Marseilles quilts, from 5 a 14 4 1 do do rhinU bed lare ALSO Linen bed ticks, Raven's durk, imitation cotton shawls, sewrd lennrs. rich sewed mulls, plain, jaconet, mull, and sinarrilla enus - lius, drawing uiuslin, light striped ginghams, lineu llireaus, AUdrass liUkli. Jy 7 7t 11 ILSON & MILES, 2t Jolui - streeU ftliree I Y doors from Nassuu - street,) beg leave to intorm the public, thai they do business (tor cash) ... rn - . i i ' i u.v loiiowing reuuieu rates, viz ; Superfine blue or black coat j?5 00 Other colours 43 00 UIub frock or surtout 'Jo 50 Other colours 26 00 Casumereorrlothtrowscrs 11 50 Do single mil d cass. do 10 00 Marseilles vest 3 50 And to those gentlemen who profor finding ineir own materials : Making a rurtout or frock coat $7 75 Do a close bodied do 7 50 Do cloth or cassimrre trowsers 2 75 Do ' Nankin, cotton, jean, ice. t 50 Do rest 2 00 Army and navy uniforms, a ad every other ar ticle proportionably cheap. SS. tt, All articles cut iu the most fashionable style, and tlie workmanship equal to any iu the city. Jy 8 1w I U AMERICA ii HA DY, Ke. M O Pipes good imitation bnu.Jy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirits ( 4 do rye whiskey 200 bagsjuniper berries SOO kegs ginger 20 cheats young hyson ) T 10 catty boxes hyson ) CO bags race ginger 20 rolls sheet lead " . ' 17 tubs butter forsaleby July 6 2w CORN'S. DUBOIS. - LEGHORN SI RAWS, for sale by MARCH & LOW, J 8 .210 Broad waf. IPT The line net iteani vewl FRONTIGNAC, of UU tons burthens James Mar. ICinvtA itiail.r .11 commence runniu. on the first day of May next, 4 mIII 1 - . L' : . . .. . . . i ouu iii icavr mnfton, lor xorit anu Niagara, on tlie 1st, 11th andlsidar of each tvonih, aswi fiiBTtrn, ior loraana rkingsioD, Uieetti, loin and 5tli dav of each ihnmh. iluna ll u imn. where every attention will be nuul (a llw em wiu cdiuniri oi me passengers. A nolications for nnaaif a In lia mmlp fn Ihn run tain ou board. Kingston. 8th April, IC18. J7d&ctOcl A KEYED HARP. JA. GUTTWALDT respectfully invites . the amateurs of music to insnect at his Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane. a musical instrument that perfectly equal' the harp in sound aod far surpasses it in point of easy treatm.nt, as it is played like the piano by means oi ueys, ana consequently has all the advantages of brilliant modulation ; tbe only one in tlie United States. Also, ancleeunt Piano Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, wunanasionmenioiaiiiereni Kinds, whose gootl qualities have been testified bv the undersirned eminent professors : " We the subscribers, pmfessorsof music, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A, Gultwaldt's piano - fortes, which, for ingenuity aud excellence of workmanship and uniform Drimancy oi lone, we oeserveiuy recommend to lublic patronage. Messrs. (iilli - s, Ktienne, Rd leetr.C. Thibault, Chailes Gilfert." J7 . ABU.VCHOFKilS. LOST, between the lower part of the town and the Third Avenue, three small keys upon a steel ring, which if the finder will have the gooduess to leave at the bar of the Bull's Head Inn, Bowery, oe al tbe bar of Washington tl.tll, or al Oo. SS r ulton - street, be will be com pensated for his trouble and receive tbe thanks of the owner. July 8 3t itEHFASfTlj. FOR good servants, chamber - maids, cooks, coachmen, gardeners, farmers, ostlers aod labourers, apply at the NEW - YORK INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, No. 57 Chamber - street Be particular. Gentlemen intending to travel, can be sappli ed with coachmen and waiters at the shortest no tice. Clerks, apprentices and porters may be had at this office at one hours notice. Geutlemen ia tlie country who are In want of Urmers, gardeners and labvurers ran be imiaedi ately supplied with any number of persons of Uiat uescripuoa. Servants, of every description, that caa bring good recommendations, may find places by applying as above, i Wet aud dry nurses may also be bad at a short notice. July 7 Iw" PUCKE'l - BOUK LOST BY the subacriber this niomiog, while stand - in r at or near Psxtoo's auction alore, an old red morocco pocket - book, tied by a piece of while tape and the owners name written inside. aid book contained in bank bills from 100 to 150 dollars, sundry notes of band, due bills and checks the names and amount of which canaot be immediMely recol!ectcd; one share in the New - Jersey turnpike stocit, besides various papers of consequence to the looser, but useless to any other, ' Whoever wOl return we pocxei - Dooa ana us conteuts, wiih t without Hie money, sliau re - cuive a liberal reward on application to ROBERT GRAHAM, 81 Pearl tlreet. XOTICE. ' rrj Those persons who have plaocd for cot - lection iothe hands of Mr. GralcUh, anv n - nm. lue - bius or accounts, will please notify him i - n nieditoly. ' , , Jy7ly FI?.ST PRAWN M'MS'. ON Fridsv, wilt b eori'K 1 to tbe mise. 70.000 DOLt A R3. A ft:w warranted andrxwa tickets may be bad at W AiTEVJ, Truly 'o xunMe LnlWrj and Ex - chA!:c Ofiv - e. No. 54 Miiee - iaa. 1 Where Uieooly prise of S5.000 0rkr. vr drawn by persou in this ci'y, wa sold aad paid. J651 r ' MARBLE FOR BVILDIJfG; I t. TOE proprietors of the son Iberu uiai bbs qua rie, near King's Bridge, give notice, 'bat ' - hey have oo hand, and are rcctng, at tbe KwgU - Rridqt Murlte and - ii, foot ef &:ach - slrel, on tha HiiJjou river, an eateusive stork of marble tor building, of I be folio Winsj do - uripuons, vis 1 Ashlar CopinjJ ' ., ' Fcundatiori Stone Chiumry - Piecat) ' Fuciiigs Columns ' WatertaMe Steps Phlforms bills, Linttls Arihoe Also Lime of the est quality. 37 - A coaatant supply of the above material may be calculated upon; end tl.vK driu.'ous cf purchasing, or making engagemt i.t, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb II' . Atlhr. Yard. MUALY JO Ao.vA, AO 1lADOLI AilS to loan, io.u onto TrO.UUl suit iippitcan'.s, u bond with mortgage upon aptnovcd property. Enquire of WJI. niLt.IA.MS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be eeuerallv mad through (he year, aod tnort iges disposed of. je id t: . fy WW.... ........ U I u L - , V. .'fll.U.4IU.I for Ihn acknow'rejjerm ul oT Deeds, t: has re - iitiiMt1 iiih.ui i. iv r - ....... looil1!! lo Ibli titnt'i. r.irnpr i.rl.frli.r nnti miaii streets. Lhw Luiltinjs.;No 1 Je29 lm A C.M. Jr. ftT" At tbn P.iHicuinr solicitations of tlie La dy subsctirH - r - , ti fVer. - York Salt Water Float - ui u. - iiti will be rciiuved tc her oM s'atiod at the foot of Murny - etret. this d - .T. where it will continue open every day, frtm sunrise , in the oiorniii", until 10 o'clock at mlit, during tbe imiiiiug wnson. it ia nrjx - a wir - ii too l.udii s or this city know that this large tiuihlins?, - .vbich . win accowmotiale two cr three liuudiid ptrtons al a time, is eirlusive'y devoted o their enjoy - mei.t on Mondays and Wrduesdaysol each week until 2o'ciot:k, that tlwy will giv encouragement which such an appropriation deserves. On 'l other days thr - y have their own Dpartmeiils only. The greatest possible atten'iou will be , paid. The Bath at the Battery is open every dsr from sunrise lo 10 o'clock al tomtit, for Gentle, men only. Je 29 EAGLE FIRE COMPANY OK NEW. YORK. . ' 07" Notic e i hereby riven, that a Dividend of four end a hall per cent on the Cnpital Stock of this company, bi;s rjeeu declared by tho Board of Directors ; ami will be paid to the stockholders, on or af'er the 15'h inst. J3 lm Lr h titern Lank jS'utti and bole nf lha baiLkt this side of Albanv will k nnrrhatpil n a small dicouat at A LLENS' Lottery and tx - ,1 - SS 4K STk tnaiijeoiiice, no. vn uroauway, orposiie lha City Hotel. Wantod. Charleston. Georgia and Korlh - C. r.diiia large notes. July I LiClw 0 The public are cautioned egaiast trusting the crew of the British hiig Recomp ute, Johif Gaynes master, nsno debts contracted by theiu'. will be paid by tlie captain or consignees. , 7 : ; , 'Jj - ELBKKT liEK UI.U.'cUiiiii(:if.ii.o take acknowledgment of dceih,' - jp'. - cial bait,"" . ctJarges of mortgstrs, aud aflidaiits, has oi' an I'lficc at No. 95 Nawtu - strcel, near thff y - Hall. ' . Jy e1" (Kr HKNHY A. FAY, Attrroey atr - "" Notary Public, hns removed othce tiNo, nnd Notary Public, hns removed othce tNo, ly'J Water - street, near tbe Toutiee Coffeif louse. J o iw A CAUli. aa The passenrer in the briiA'elejrrapIs, from Charleston, return their sicerc thank to capt. Joseph S. Munrpe, for U's polite atten tion to them while on Board ofhts vessel. UOr" The PncJii; losurauii Company of fli - w York, bay tbls dny tieclared a dividend of six per cent on ue capital stock, lor ihe last six months, payable a', their office, No. 49 Wall - st. on the 10th inst. By order of 0e b - rd of Director. , a , WAbTEii JONES, Sec'ry. J 6 lm Ocean tuuia e Ori'ne, Jul' 6, 18. Tf The Board of Directors bars Oils dy declared a dividend of tbree and a half pe cent on their capital stock for the last six montaa. which will be payable to ibe stocunouurs or their legal representatives oe tbe tenth int. at the office of the company, 43 Wsli - strect. . S.i MULL S 1 AISsdUKI, cec. July 7 lm - nrr JA.V1E 1). STOUT, Enirraver and fceal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. Jj "' To Hit Hlone Cvdtert.M uitr Matem, and Jiwsfd ers of .Ycte York. r OEffTLKMKIY, fry ion are hereby invited to assemoie, as Mechnnic Hall, on Monday, the thirteenth of July, instant, precisely at five o'clock, P. M ; when a proposition will be made to you, by a respect able character, worthy your attention. . i BZl' TENTH WARD. try Public notice is hereby riven, Uiat Ihe Assessors of the 10th ward have completed Ihcir assessments, aad that a copy thereof is left wilh the same may be sesn and examined by any of the inhabitants during Ten Days, from the date hereof, and that Ut assessors will meet eo Afoo - day the 20th inu. at the above place, td review Uieir said asaestments, on tbe application el any persoo conceiving himself aggrieved. WALTKr.liUWLl.L, I ASeesfOll 01 Uie JONATHAN BROWN, 10U ward. July 7 101 EIGHTH WARD. PUBLIC Notice is hereby given, that tbe Assessors oi the 61b Ward have completed their AssessmenL and that a cod thereof is left with Isaac Emmons, at the corner of Spring aud Elizabeth - streets, where the same may be seeu and examined by any ef tlie Inhabitants during tea days, from ibi dat, and ihnt the Asesois will meetou Friday, July the tan, snw.www the said I. Emmons, to review their said anws - menta, mi tbe application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. . ' . ISAAC EMMONS, I Assessors of the A.. - CHUN WH A,) 8w ward - New York, Jely7, 1818. J 7 IQt THIRD WARD. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the As. season of the 3d Ward havecomplttedtbeif Aiwssuii - otm end that a copy U'sreof is left with Harmanus Ti llman, at 64 V. at j - st net, where the same may be seeo and examined by any of the Inhebithnta during ten days, irom ihe 6ib r July, and thai Ihe Asua - .cra will rueet on the 17Uu at 64 V esc y - street, to receive - their said assessments, on the acplicttioa of any person. conceiving himsrlf ngsrieved. .... HARMAMIS TALLM AN, . 1 "Assessors OI NATHAN EL C.GR1FF1T1L iLeSdward. New - York, July 7, 1818. J 7 10t , NEXT FRIDA r, V! Ju THE fiist drawn srombT a the Grand lloa - i LoiUry, will be ealilled to the capital jr - ixmrd; - - , - - And oc the same day may be drawn the floa t ii1 .'' '.'' Besids wbL h th are a' pre - eet m the. wbeel 4v I ny tee of 10C 1 t iwa, j .SAITF J 100 ISMOlW. antia fwii - mnj - a pickcU - SHI 3nm lot aau. cy v. I,.. 136 Rresdway, w'uoso'd and rd. , . 2.. - .i utcrr rrlzasid tSOMt 1000. 50O. Jy 0 St . r ,f.; ti . : ,1 i " V: .lv - - ', i. Yt. ' ' - i':J, . t ft ,s I'i : '1 1 i

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