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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, July 9, 1818
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jttir - roRic efexlyq post. - i ' i - ' ' THURSDAY, JULf ; . A few days at, I reeved a note froat mm nnkMowa CMTeipoadot,si;M& A Xerekanty eomrlaiatn. tn mm terms. s tiinwin tw r mucktftUEwuiic Post to ho taken a? with , cityjiir,n4uriiDg' lath aaost limit , maamer, to turn my alteuUon to the ca of Um aaerchanta, who art tuferieg uuder Um epera - iiaa of the fete lav ef.eorfrew. I wat not a - " 'war of any rach cam, dot Jo I feci (hit I aat ' censurable for not being to. It b Um poetical ftwrcanlHa hub who cm be supposed to tmder - ' ataad uch anbjecta, from whom, alone, informa tion caa be expected, and all I can lay it, that 1 1 . 1 . a Mwan doui DfMi reaav in receive, no. v . in my Judgment it it proper, , to communicate H to um puDiic remaps, to following article, V , which t lake tram Um Boston Daily Advertiser, . mMj couui? wrai mj correspondent mora par ticularly alludes to. .: ... ( Fro the Boston Daily Advertiser. '.'. TXtMitWvtM for merchants, and fetters for . 1 fctlen.M hat often bta remarked, and it it believed with great truth. Ihat there h docouo - - - try in which Um revenue hat been - to fairly cel - lected, where (he merchants have ao readily cooperated with Um government in Um prevention ' of frauds, or where so few hare been committed. , as m the United State. White it U necessary for tha oobKc aeenrit that kU i ut checki should ba imposed m the col - lection of the revenue, it a, at the came tioio, incumbent on our .hw - fiian to thmw iw. h ; atrurtloo in the path of commerce, which can v possibly be avoided. . come cajea oi fraud on th rm.m.. u un. ueea aaid, nave tweet practued in the following - uac " Kireigii m - jrenant, tlupt for ao . count of B, of the United States, rood. conin eaio v, accompanied by false intuitu. The consignee, ignorant or this fact, enter the goods, takes tha usual oath, and 'afterwards hands them . over ( o, woo oy I tut arrangement avoids a iK - . rect perjury and cheats the revenue of a part , oftha dutioa. . To remedy this abuse, at the close , w me an sentoa 01 congress, when the inem - hers wearied by their labors and pressing toward their homes, were nnntted forinreatigatioo and m.miwm mm uway, a new stnogof revenue laws reponeu, passoa without debate, and car - f ned into immediate operalun, to the great injury and annoyance of the merchants, without anr adequaiebci.tntto.theeoveitiment. i :m - ? 11 " 01 UB w passed on the 20th of April, imrwris that no modi shall ha , to an entry unless Urn re oimrr shall appear wui w uiwr con ! mat n He be not on s. tha spot where the poods arrivf, they ihaU be ; detained ia tha custom - bouM waro - houset, at his ' expense, unta the original invoice can be trans - ' tnitted to him, and bie oath, dulv aui., b .uveuwrtciwoereae may be tound, shall have beam procured aad brought back to tha place of !5Pliatio" ' ailJ lf k uld haT happen. , ad to have left Om country, or cannot be traced, ; that hit goods thaU beheld for tha term of four uoaUis, and then opened and appraised b per - appointed for that purpoM. . . tat ut look to the practical effect of tliis law : a sae reliant residing at flew - Orleans, having . funds in the bauds of another at M. Afichaels, directa him to rem'.t Um amnunt in th nin. JtaMaA to aty part of the United States to which ha cau procora freight, girins; him the ad - uraaa of bit corremhadant in thm iiirr.nt y l pursuance of these orders, a cargo of fruU is "uppan t oy itte nrst and onlv 7etsei tn be bun oa account of B of N.Or!n. 'Cat Soiton. Theconngnee on the arrival of w - wu - pif niB"eir custom - house, ' ana h told mat tlia cargo . uhn w sow to me cu flora - bouses (ores and there remain uaiil he Mods the origioal invoke to the owner at .Yew - Orleans, and produces the "oath and atUttatiuas' antainsil h. iu. :r. . aents that the goods ara peri;bahle and require aaknmediatesaie; Uiat the delay necessary to 'procora the attestations required, mutt involve vi aenwe, .AJV a UI - . - iow son m we property. The collector can mace nut one reply. "Mr offir it merel v mi .nistanait However hard the case, the law or - (Jaina this procedure, od tha rcqniutioni of the saw mu - ve com;mca witli." It H aked, shat m to d tue coquqnce if the orinal invok - e, trannmitted, thould be lost? If the mail iu travcllins; to and from New - Orloans, three Uwu - smd uUet, should be robbed' At the epi - ration of four monlh Uie utrolary of Uia trea - aury will take your case into cnur ideralion." Iu the mean Ume, this csrgo of fruit is ruined ; the whole capital, dutie, freight anl other charge, ara lost, in consequence afa ! vhi hrnui.i sot have been foreseen, and which, coutrarr to S3JO, reason ana Jarticc, is carried kilo effect .irom uie aay ol its pasa - e Many othercaaes, eqoaUy epprassive, could ba adduced, were the operation of tha law it oo lest visible to the most iranrojni ooservar. y ' 7l ect"'rdainr, that no goods import cd and subject to dutv. rf thw.A i,m,i. ti eoialvue, from oae d utrict to another, in ilu wrigwai pacKiges, shall be admitted to an entry in such district, nnlets they shall ba accompani - ied by a tops a the tHginaUnrnct, iworn to by the importer and certified under Uie seal of the colloctAr with whom the entry was first made, and that oa their arrival at tha oort of destination, they thall he subject to tha same impectitn as tt the time of As erieinalimtrtmlum. it would require more time than tha writer of tnese remarks can bestow, to point out half Uie Vfmtious operations of this ill - adved law to Uie importing merchant, or the impediments it offers to the prosecution of that most important branch of oar commerce, the trade which ha hitherto been carried on between district and district, ttate and state, and which has been the great support of our toasting navigation J A tew rem irkt will suffice. An Importer having gone through aU the in - quisitorfcil procees, the a wearing and searching enjoined by Um 5th, 6th and 9th sectionj. at the titna of his importations, gtU possession of hU iww man oners wem lor tale. He dispotea, for example, of a curtro" of Cal cutta, or China, or Jtnsaia good?, consistiog of ever moosana packages. Tha porch awn fad it mora for their interest to distribute them through (he continent in small parcel:, than offer them for tale at homo : they are divided and shipped to single packaret, to Salem, rorts - taouth, Plymouth, Near Bedford, Newport, Pre - Ttdeoca, flew - York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Alexandria, Norfolk, North Carolina, South Carolina, Savannah, New - Orleaot, &c !. "TlCe'J (of hourly occurrence) Uie JT.1.?!10 lh b" of Castoms, hiV - peill lh oaUl d asMverstions ? t pwvioutry mads but to rthibit a - gain and again hi onjrinal invoice, furaith cc - rea. to every applicant, defiling tnecott at the kreifB maiket, tor names of tlie .hinper.tha owner and eoBMeaee t in .hrt m i JZiJ - lr ion of every one whohaa oration to Hsnsiicrt ohejie .mete pre?e of hit imperial,, 0 f tattoa of hia private Wm.Tt - " the advantaeea wiiich. .. ku ."V hasuayhav - hr.qmwl WlUl Rreat ,br nod npane, a. d to lay o,.,, to tlr. who have not tbesame a tivity or adrirest. tl.e wboli. ar - caaa at bit loreiea commen - a if , to do tins, he has no command of hia owe aecreis he haa ao command of sua owa time ; be becomes bond - slate j u c - anH trie COT,0ry , wm ;oc cannn leave hit cjuui - tog bmtia j be is tahiect to be called ua at ' uwrisoe outitstpirtor the day (ib on a ha by ed a T tiraa whea tb enfom boose b opea) to aivdcr go the ordeal presented bylaw ;to mote copies oi toe invoices ; to reiierave ius oaias wra y - Dapa to exet rations en Use anwers or nis pefe - cauon. II fee reJtstcs m cutnpiy wuu w osiutioos. the wk 4e couUds: trade ia impeded Ihm rrxvlx unM ba traoiDortcd Iron OM dulric to another without leisure t Ihey meat ba traoe - ported by land, or, jrirr spubiMw m dv aw 'Tha imposition on the party engaged ia the tilBiM.trodfro ae less burdensome. lie must bant up the origin of every package he wish. - s to transport, trace it through all Ms windings op to the importer, or tn caw he cannot ao mis, f which is often hn practicable) he must be depn ved of the benefit of another market. If he suc ceeds in discoveries; the name oftha original im porter, he mar fio4 that he hat left Uie country. that ha ia oa a toarney, that he ia sick, that ha is dead, or that having learned to lie from AartntT tent to mvtk accustomed to tveetr, be becomes refractory, and declares that he is not in posses sion of the doenmenta necataanr to preserve the roods from esizore j that they are lost, mislaid or destroyed t or that weary with Uie running to, and the waitings at the custom - house, copy ing hia papers and repeating his oaths, he will no longer submit to this drudgery. Has the appli cant or the government the power to compel him, or to make him I espnnibla for Uie damages arising from his refusal ? If so, at before observed. be ia a bond - slave ! If not, what becomes of I your coasuug traae r A trader Irom Portland purchases from (he various shops in Cornhill a ttock of dry goods, riof in tlu original packages, but in tinrto niecea: they ara ail cased up aud embarked on board of a coaster : on their arrival they are detained for wanioitneUNUo of evidence required by taw. It it alleged that " Uie goods were purchased by retail and at Boston j that they are not in the " originittpaxkaee.n and therefore M not sub ject to Uia Uifl.ctioas oftha law." How is the collector to know this ? The tame may be said ol every other packaro : the gocit must be de tained until the owner tan rtlurn to Button and prove a ntgattve. 1 his is no imaginary case. Many others of actual occurrence might be cited. A trailer ol this town carried coastwise to Baltimore several boxes of Cliiun iniportftd several years past, some of which he had purchased iu the tbops, othors at auction. They were shipped previous to the enaction oj um taw, arrived one or twi days after its passage, and were arretted by the custom house at Baltimore, on the plea that that thoy were not accompanied by the invoices aud certificates exacted by a law Bussed onlv two datis be fore ! The owner came back Ut Bottoo, and, af ter several days search, found out Uia importers, obtained the evidence of regular importation and nuauy procured the releare of his goods. Apply this case to a vasael comincr from Aew - Orlcan. ignorant of a law no patted at Uie time of her sail' nr. I ne consignee must send 1500 miles for Uie necessary papers to obtain Uie possesion of. mi property. . ., lib daily asked what is Uieohiect of the'Tth section of the edict of April ? Is it an experiment on the patience of the commercial class ; a trial bow far ha may ba burthened and galled without wincing? . It it to prevent our coasters from r. ceivmg goods at sea from a foreign vessel and in. traducing them iuto Uia United States free of duty?" If this latter be the design, why does it uot apply to goods paying a specific, at weU at those PTr an as! talorem dutv ? Coffee and d pepper for instance can be carried coastwise witnoot the oaths and invoices and cerlitValet required to protect the latter. Cannot those ar. ucles ba received at tea at well at dry goods ? uie cate, ne remedy is mtOeclual, and the burthens imposed utterly useless. - iheiuth section of thla law enacts that HIV mM.l.Mat aikn ot... It L l . . ..a Collector,. or by tlie party in interest, to make j mimwuiui w iiu aiiatiK ue ci nipn nv i if any appraisement required by this act or un - der any other act respecting imnorta anrt inn. nttfcand who shall, after due notice, decline r hckicci io assist at such appraisement, shall besubject to a flue of not more than 50 dollars ana to uie costs of prosecution in any court of uie uuiicu oiaies. Tliua the collector or Dartv in Intemt. ha it in bis power to appoint caprkwii'!, or wo - m ijr, mn j iiiujTiauai mercnant to the perfor - uiaooc use ue may say and with great reason, that thoee who have bad most experience ara Uie best qualified for the duty. - i - ji.umriiju wr, inornaiKe, tor instance, - w vi ui must, nienueti ana niriet mr. chants. It may be trus that they have other avocvtiont, both of a public and private ua - ture, ahich may render this occupation some - wimi uiconvenient yet it must be remember - tfd that private convenience is not to be nlead . they must - plav or nav i" tlie law HiiUaj li and the court awards it." A pronos ! would not the appointment of these rpiilVmm f standing (private) appraisers be an adraiuMe expedient tor helping Uie'Revenue .' We are in justice bound to obterv iht id offkere of the customs in this town, however j vraeu ana perplexed Uiey may have been by the operations of this law. have never lo - itl sight of their characteristic urbanity in ,e uauiw vi mcir uuties. Haviiiff touched on the most tlwugh by no means the only objectionable features of Uie edict oj jpril 20th, I shall conclude my remarka(by joining in the general lamentation that the great body ofour merchants and traders are liable to the imposition of pre vious and wiiecessarv laws, for the wit of yrawcai iiuorniat ion on the part of Uioae who enact them ; autl lastly Uiat any merchant, being a member of Conirress. and present at the passage of the act of Uie 20th of April, should not have foreseen its impracticability, and solemnly have protested against ha impolitic. pernicious operation, is truly a matter or as ton - tumcni. a MEllCllAJiT. District attorney of Aetrlor Yesterday Uie Court of Sessions, consisting of bit honor the mayor and a'.Jermea Metier and King, delivered their opinion of Uie case of Van Wyck and Max well, each claiming the office of district attorney, the latter by an appointment under Uie new law, tha former under Uia old, in favor of Mr. Van Wyck. . lAglit fingered gentry Within aftw days past number of this tort of gentry have been very busy in this city. Auctions, places of public a mutement, and crouded public bouses, are Uie placet they generally select to carry on their vulainyy One of this description cf characters was detected a few days since, and committed to Bridewell. , Ha hid not been there long, before so contrived to hide himself behind the prison door, as when the keeper opened it, to slip out him, took to hit heels and got clear off, in despite of all the nimble - footed constables in and a - beut tha place. Tbe day following he wat espi out near Bear market, seized and lodged in prison again. On him wat found between two and three thousand dollars in genuine bank bills, obtained no doubt by picking pockets. Fre.f Between 4 anj o'clock tbit morn ice. hrje wooden store, on Uie corner of Uariton and WaAington - etreets ocewpted as a plaster of pant manufcetory, took fire, aad burnt to rapidly that every tffart to check the progrets of Uie names, until the building was nearly connmed, wat ineffectual. Two or Hires cf Uie aljcinin - hoiaet were sKjbtfy injur J. in ot is in - JLctAuuts from Tort - aa - Friaca represent it very aicidy at that place, and trrowing worse daily. , ; ; - : ... V, .L W oadentand ther will be a aerenaJa of vocal aad tttatrumantal matic off the Cattery this evening, tboqld tha weather prove favorable. An opportunity offeranaxt Saturday morning for ladies aad gentlemen, with their children, to take a pleasant and beautiful excursion to Sao - dy - IIook in Uia Steam Boat ConoecUcut. - By the President of the United Statu of America. A rKULLAMAl Whereat it appears by a proclamation of the lieutenant - governor of hia Britannic majesty's province of New - Brunswick:, bearuig date the 10th of April last, and officially communicated by hit envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary, residing in the United State, to this government, that the regulations on Uie subject of the trade in plaster ot parts, prohibiting tha exportation thereof to certain porta of the L'uited States, which were in force in the said province at the Ume of the enactment of the act of Uie con gress of Uie United States, entitled an act to re - ulate tha trade m platter of pans, pasted on the third day of .tfarcb, lb 17. have been and ara dis continued: Now, therefore, I, James Monroe. President ol the united btates, do boraby declare that Met, and that the restrictions imposed by Uie laid act of congress shall, from - aha) date hereof, cease and be discontinued, in relation to the said province ol IMew - BriuaWic. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this fourth day of July, in the year of our irU one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, and in the fbrty - third year of the independence of the TJnitcd btatet. " JAMES MONROE. By the president : JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, . Secretary of State. From the Connneticul Covranl,pullii!itdat Hart fum . At tha termination of the election of delegate! in this town umy excite surprise, and at tome singular circiiuiiunces allemlcu it, we think it will not be uumterealior to give a statement more minulu tlinn usual i especially as we are now trying an experiment under tbe boasted u ni venal suifraire law. The business of uia&inzfrecmen fowine to va rioos delays') was uot closed until about 1 o'clock Mr. Brace was then nnnikialed moderator, and chosen without opposiUoo. At the first ballot air. J erry had 4a votes. Dr. Wells 457. aud mere wero 17 scattering wtet. On tbe second oallot Mr. T. had 463 - vote. Dr. W. 466. and mere wero S scattering. On third ballot Dr. W ells was declared electee, and tha votes were raid to be for Dr. Walls 499 for gen. Terry 477, and 3 scattering. ' As it was well known that the democrats bad sarlv mustered all or cariy an innir troops, at on tha tecond ballot mere were lew scattering votes, and as there was no defection from the federal vote, this won - uarmi increase or above thirty democratic votes was considered tvry suspicious. This suspicion beciuie strengthened whet the next ballot dis - covered the whole democratic tlrenzth. includin? sca - :iivg voies, wat but 3 - aad at Uia next ballot their vote wat ttill lets. Heretofore tuc - cest hat alwayt increased itstead of diminishing Uieir strength. It teemed therefore certain that tome improper mode had been used to multiply their votes ; and at it might ba repeated, a num ber or young men whose patriotic exertions can. not be too much applauded, determined to en dcavor to ascertain the tact i and at Uie third ballot lor second delegate, nearly twenty, per sons were cnaiienged as having voted twice, and after a long examination Uie foct was so clearly established as to about a dozen of them, that their secoud vote was rejected. - dome vole wave not rejected, although several persons testified they had teen them vote before, at they brought other testimony to satisfy the authority that they had not Of Uie votes thus rejcetejall but one came from persons who were known democrats, or who acknowledged they voted for democrats Besides, several offered to vote who were not freemen Upon a former ballot one nut in his vote, and being challenged, said he waa but SO years oiu, that ba did not know who he voted for, that the voto was banded to him he did not know by whom, he believed Uia name of Syl - vas'cr waa u:oo it. Another when challenged said " he was admitted a freeman day before yesterday." At Uio last ballot several men ol tbe tame party camb forward to vote a second time being informed that they had voted before taucr awimei retired, without voting on oeio; directly challenged. Notwithstanding BU their attempts to secure tha election of another of their part - , they failed, and Mr, Terry wat elected. Although m - ui illegal votes were thus detected. there can be no doubt that many men have suc ceeded in gelling in a tecond vott ; among tuch number, it wat imimtnibla to know all who voted ; but uuiess some check had been put to this vile busincs, the federalists could not have tucceedfcd, although they were (it it believed) strong enough to meet opeu manly opposition. uuiin ad'iiiioo to me plan of voting twice, the tumult in the house waa well calculated, we will not say designed, to drive off the sober part of our cuneua, particularly our people. All regard for ordur and decorum seemed to be lost. anu it was u ju'jtmi whether there wat roost noise doors or out ; that silent and decent attention which nsed to pervade our nsiemblies. was ex changed for loud boisterous noiie, and the voice iuc magistrate was drowned iu that of the lowest of .he people. All authority seemed to no prcwiraieo, and the calls to order were an twered by iujults. From Uie specimen we have nau we nava great rea?on to fear that our elec uon meetings are to become as distinguished for violence at they used to be (of order, and that peaceable men art to ba driven from the polls to make u jre room for lliose who come ia nuder an universal tuffraga law. It uthoped that there yet virtus enoujh in tha peonle tn frown uoon tuch a ttate of things, and that there yet remains authority enough iu the state to prevent it. We did not intend to say any Uiios relaUve to the decision ol the board as to the adniirtion of freemen, because the new law is to drawn at to give countenance to almost any opinion. We only ask to have gentlemen consistent. But we cannot forbear to notice, for the information of tbe public, that one of our justices, who. holds an important law office under the general government, gave an official opinion that if a man wat enrolled and liable to do military duty, be was uuueo. io oa made tree, although he had not done the duty, and by the tame reason he who ia liable to pay taxe?, though he has not paid them, may oa maue iree, and thus the law wholly de feaid. Too much credit cannot be piren to our fede ral friends for their continued attendance ; our irienus at v atl - fiartlord were, as they generally have been, at their posts. Our voun mm have shewn that they know bow to value the an - cient reputation of Connecticut - Our old men subjected thcmelrcto great inconvenience once more U serve their couutrv. and we have an been taught by successful experiment not to despair iu consequence of one defeat. Extract of a letter, dated 11 anna, Jane 20, 18 1 ft. J bl moment a email American whmivr with a oc ot true, baa arnvMt f r. m Penvacola, utnn; u uie iruvernor ana tulle. (Jtir gov emor has io formed br (tint the wl be admitted under her naliocnl flag, but dots. ant acknowledge tbe trace. At miht lie exported, aome little sensation and aatmotty bursts forth among individuals, but ao fictile measure are noticed the government, which I am hlpy to inform you, b it apprehension might be stilertained rc - laUve to Use safety ol Americas .foperty in this he ia a of pTacc. Bmicest, at this moment, is somewhat stagnant. j .' Frsta the AV York Daily Adxerlutr, July 9. Yesterday, tha remains of General Richard Montgomery were deposited, with civic and military honours, beneath the monument erected at St. Paul's Church, by Uie order of Congress, to hit memory. The arrangements for the occasion have been heretofore published ia this paper. Iu couformity with those arrangements, the rover nor's guards, the corps of artillery and cavalry, and Uie militia ofncCrtj together wifh tbe different societies, distinguished by their badges and banners, appeared at an early hour, and formtd the Una u Uroadway from the Uulterjr to Cham ber - street. The clergy, Uie students of Columbia Colletre, the free masons, the municipal authorities of the city, the members ot the state and national le gislature!, the consult of foreign powers, the vice president of the Uuited States and other character of distinction, formed a part of the procession. 1 be line, under the direction of the veteran col. Piatt, the grand marshal, moved from the left through Cbam'ier, Chatham, Pearl, Wall, uroaci and Heaver streets, to Broadway, Uieuce up BroaJway to St. Paul's, where sacred music. appropriate to Iho occasion, wat performed by the Handel and Hay do society j theluneral service read in a solemn and impree;it'e manner by the Bight Rev. Hobart and a .short but eloquent eulogium, on the character and service or the deceased, the cause in which he fell, anil lhe duties devolving on the rising generation of i uimuiouwii - jiinr inuepcuueuce, pronounced by the Rev. Dr. Mason. The remaini were then committed to the ground, aud volliea of muquetry fired in the church yard by detachments from tbe artitln . actit'g at infantry, and from the goicinor'. - guarut. The pall - bearers were col. Varick, (president of the Cincinnati,) col. Trumbull, col. North, gen. M. Clarkson, col. M. Willett, col. i'ish, capt. Titbout, and gen. Giles. The hearse and coffin were very splendid, and were flanked by a detachment of U. S. Infantry, under lieut. Belknap, followed by a horse caparisoned in black, and witb tbe usual accompaniments of military mourning. In the procession there were probably not less man from 4 to 5,lXK) persons. The ttreets tarn' which it parsed were lined, and tha winJowe. crouded with spectators. The exhibiiiou was imposing, magnificent and solemn. . The appearance oftha military wat tine tbe shipping in the harbor displayed their colours at hall mast the bells tolled a lonz nnd final re quicm the Washington 74, and the forts, fired minute guoi and, with an ardor and decorum scarcely ever witnessed on similar occasions, Uie city of New - Vork hat fulfilled the wishes of tbe siate, anj paid the fast honours to tha meuiory ot a general, who nobly sacrificed his life in leading her sons to batUe in the war of' Indepen dence. ARRANGEMENT OF MUSIC By tha Handel and Haydn Society, for the funeral obsequies of major gen. Richard Montgomery, at St. Paul't Church, Wednesday, J uly 8,1818. Organ S. P. Taylor As the procession en tered me cnurcb. Dead March in Saul At soon as the proces sion seated. Solo, Miss Conrad, Air I know that my Redeemer Nveth, and that he shall stand at tbe latter day upon tha earth; and though worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God For now it Christ risen from the dead and become Uie first fruits of tham that alept. During the service I heard a voice from Heaven saying. Write blessed aie the dead which die in the Lord ; Even so saith the Spirit for Uie? rest from tneir labors. After the leseon - Anthem from psalm xri. verses, 9, 10, 1 1, and 12. Chorus 4 nave sat lod always before mc, for is at my right hand, therefore I thall not fall. 1 no Wherefore mv heart was glad, and my glory rejoiced, my flesh alto thall rt;t in hope. for thou didst not leave hit soul in hell, neither didst thou suffer thine Uoly One to sea corrup tion. - Duet k Chorus Thoo thalt tbew me the path of life, in thy presence is fullness of joy, and at thy right hand there it pleasure for evermore. AFTER THE BENEDICT ION. Chorus Since by Man came death, by Man came also the resurrection of the dead, For as Adam all die, even to in Christ :hill all te made alive. . Fromtte Washingtun City Gazette, July 6. It is said that Col. Monroe hat recently given directions that a preference is to be given, iri making purchases on phblic account, to articles of domestic manufacture, where they can be had any thing like a fair price ; this, it is understood, extends to all that relates to the public buildings, aa well as oUier national contracts. We learn that the U. S. frigate Macedonian, capt Dowries, is under orders for the N. W. coast of South America, to co - operate with the Ontario in Uie protection of our trade ia those seas. Her assistance will be well - timed, and affords evidence of a judicioua distribution of our naval force, by atiengtheningour interests in this interesting quarter of the globe. From good information, it is conjectured she will not leave Boston, where she is repairing, till September. From the Pittsburgh Mercury of June 19. A nolher murder We are almost satiated with recording the fie - juent instances of the most atrocious and flagitious crimes. There it scarcely a par we open, but contains an account of either murder, a robbery, a theft, or some other instance of human depravity. This state of public morals is truly deplorable, and loudly calls for me most acuva exertions, not only of the civil magistrate, out also ol the statesman, the moral island Uie divine. Our last Zancsville papers, gives Um following account of another murder. On ihe night of the 16th of May, at about 12 or I o'clock", sundry shriekt were heard at or near me npper bridge at that place, but were not regarded. ' In Uie morning, a trail of blood wa discovered along the upper bridje, and leading over Uie railing. Tbeie circumstance gave rise to suspicious that aome foul act had been committed. In Uie course of the da v. a certain Joseph Teal, of that place, was arrested and commuted to prison on suspicion of bavin committed a murder. The circumstances apiinst turn were, blood found on some of hit clothes, having beeo out late at night on the 16th. No dead body, however, was at that time found, nor wat there any knowledge of any person being musing. In a few davt after, the court of quar ter sessions sat ; and there being no evidence at mat ume Dtlore uie grand jury to find a LiU a. gainst Teal, be was liberated. On the 6th inst. however, it was discovered that the apprehensions of the citizens were but too well founded. On that day, Uie dead body of a man wat found in tbe river, 20 miles below Zaoesville. Oa examining Uie body, there was louoa a atao in me neck, and two deep stabs in Uie breast, apparently with a dirk. The countenance and person of the corpse was so decayed, that the features could not be distinctly recognised. It wat, however, supposed to be the body Thomas Enoch, formerly of Lincoln county, district of Maine, who had left that place about four years ago j had reridod for some Urre at Fawceltrtown, about SO mUea below Pittsburg; bet who had very recently come to reside in Za. oesville. Ha was teen late in the evening of Uia oight on which Uia supposed murder was enm milted. He had not been heard of since, aud the corpse ia question it tupposed to ba hia. On this discovery being made, Joseph Teal, mentioned above, an Englishman, by birth, aud a as i in At shoemaker by trade, wat again arretted at Uie tupimsed murderer, and ha is now mjad await mg bit trial. ir ' - r - ; The phytkiant wla examined the body of the deceased, gave tbe following detcriptioo of his person : " Upon an rxaroigatino of the body preeented the physit - iaiisofZaiiettille and Putnam give it at their opinion Ihat bit death was caused by two punctured wounds which were iidlicted in or near the right breast, probably by a dirk or sharp pointed anile. The scars and mat lit upon Ius body, after a minute observation, are found to be as follows, vis. He has upon the tecoud finger of bis right bnnd tlie representation of a diamond ring, in oiam inuia inn, ine run oi me ainnvoua pan me same, out uie diamond rt presetted with red In din ink. Upon the inside of the rieht arm. abont three inches above the wrist, it the sou - ire and compass, including the letter (i. About hall an inch above it it 1813" and immediately a bove the letter is the representation of Christ on the crot, with the usual insignia above. At the lei I or the crucifix, upon a hue of itt top, are the representation of the moon and seven ttart and at its riclit, in the same line, that of a lame star. or uie tun ; wmie over tbe insignia at the head, rei'resenien me American ragiu. Upuiijihe under pnrt qf the left arm, abnut . i i . . . i i n im lit. ? IUUIC HID wntl, B UBIC BUU leiUOlC Ug ure are apparent ' The al ove figures were interspcrcd with In dia itdc. . i "About midway between the elbow and shoulder of the left arm appeared two seals apparently from vaccination. 'About half an inch fiom the sternum breast bone towards the left aide appeara a scar, supposed to be a gunshot wound. " I he teeth were entire, and very handsome - ly iei, save the two eye teeth of the lower jaiv, i n were considerably projected, between i. small, well teeth, in two front teeth of the upper iaw, were longer than usual, with a considerable space between them " A scfir from a lacerated wound it apparent upon the back side of the left arm, about five inches above the wrist. Fnm the Milledgeville Rffleclor, June 23. Fioi.i Ptnsrcola.Mr. Wm. Hamlly, who acted as i,.' - i ureter to gen. Jackson during1 the i:tte can v atTivd ui this place vestcrday, direct hum Peuracoia, ou his way to Wailiirgton City, in company witb tome friendly Seminole cbielt. He states that on the day previous to tho attack on Peusacola, the governor tent an officer to geu Jackson, remonstrating agaiust his supiiosed intentions of attacking that plate Jackson requested the officer to Worm the go vernor that he would answer him next morning. still continuing his march for Peofacoia, where he arrived at 9 o'clock next day, and took pos session ol Ihe town without opposition. Our informant stales Ihat a hostile party of inuibus wete tupoo'td to l in the neighbor hood of tort Dale. A company of Alabama militia and tome friendly ludiant uuder Moniack, had uecn tem in pursuit ol them. INo ilanter is now apprcHendcd in travelling throush the Natino &kumish. I he editor is indebted to Isaac Baili - y. Eta. of Jefferson. C'a ud pn count v. for the follow ins; intelligence, which he seceiveH from a gentleman ut Fort Albert "Oo the 14lb uisi. a company nl white men, about 20 in Bum tier, coming lioni the Alochawa with a l;ini droie ol cattle, had a skirmish with a party of Home iniuans, in which one while inaa (U arret Viuxeact) and five Indians were killed." . BALTIMORE, July 7. io JJncers.L.atl week a rail.T was taken uelore the Judges of the City Couit, lor ..rueiiy ueaim; mi iiortet lor which oltence ne was fined eleven dollars, and sentenced to two wec&t iinpusouUtet.1. NASSAU, (N.P.)JoneSO. By advices and documents received from New - York, it is ascertained that a most villainous fraud bas been committed on Um underwriters hy Henry Hughs, the master of the American sloop Margaret, wrecked on Uie Hearagua, on me isi oi .vi arc n last on her passage from St Domingo to New - York. By forging the signt tures oi me members or the committee of tbe chamber of commerce of these Islands, who ad judged the award of salvage to be paid for sav in; and bringing to Ivasrau the cargo of the ves sel, ana transfixing the teal of the chamber from that award, of which be wat in possesion, to a lanrif atc i one, he has contrived to defraud the insurers of the whole of the proceed which were paid to liim here, on their Iwhalf, by Ihe agent who acted for him and disposed of Ui property saved, amounting as we understand to upwards oi uuuo dollars Under the suspicions that existed at Now - York, measures, we believe, were takcu to secure tho person of Hughs, and documents have been tranmitted from hence sufficient to ellicit Uie forgery, we may expect to near in me course ol lime, that he bas paid the penauy m so neianous a transaction. Office of the Freeman's Journal, i Philadelphia. July 8 noon. I Arrived, brig Edain, Dcssing, 12 days from 31. AHOrCW S. Hrig Fair American, York, 14 days from St Andrews. A rrived at the Lazaretto, brig Hero, Bailey, iia) s irom oavannan. Ilelow, shi,) Orleans, Grovcr, from NOrleant. Capt. Cox. of the British ship Jane, from Bristol, passed on tlie 10th June, an American ship steering E. read on her stern " Jane of Philadelphia." 13th, lat IS9, long. 58, ship Queen, 24 days from Honduras for London. 16th, lat 40, long 57. shin Rebecca Sims. Bur ton, 4 days from Philadelphia for Liverpool. mo.y OUR CORRESPOXDEXT. Office of the Baltimore Patriot, J July 7 noon. J Arrived, sch Columbia, Lvwis, from Boston. Sch Mary Ann, Chapman, from N York. Sch Sally Ann, Digby, from Bath, Me. Sloop Gov Tompkins, Lucas, from X London. Sch Independence, Haynes, from Saint Andrews. ich Harriot, Marshall, 1 1 days from Port au Prince. Sailed in co. with brig Jerome, Hul - bui t, fur N York ; sch Attractive, Nixon, of N York for Curracoa ; Export, Kean, of do for Havana. Left uch James Monroe, for Fhilad.1 14 days i brig Julian, Hunter, Elizabeth City, lOUi July j sch Minerva, Watts, of Boston, for Rum Key, 23d June j brig Eiiia, Bowne, Kennebunk, 24th brig Homer, Thomas, Baltimore, unc s ship Com Perry, Russell, of New York, for Bordeaux in 3 davs , brig Gratitude, Cole, for N York in 15 ; sch Jane, Merion, unc ; brig Packet, Campbell, of Newburrportf for St. Jagoin3days Mercury, Covington, Boston, unc ; sch Pelion, Grice, N York, do ; Jac - quemel Packet, Dommick, do do s Phantom, Charleston. American vessels arriving daily the place glutted with all kinds of foreign produce. Coffee, 29 sous and scarce. Very sickly both among the inhabitant and atran - gers. and growing more so. July 1, spoke sell Bashaw, from Honduras for N York same day, sch Arabella, of N York for Charleston Cape Hatteras in sight. Passed in the Bay, brig Clio, from N Orleans. Ship Mount Vernon. Rawsou. 63 Atv from Belfast, with paksengera. June IV, lat39, ion 62, spoke brig Minerva, from N Yo.k for Gibraltar. July l, brig Betsey, from Havana for Salem. a meeting of tlie New - York ttate Society of Cincinnati, held at the City - Hall ol the city cl New - York on Wedneadny'the Cth July, 11)18. Jletlttdun9nimouih,, '1 bat tbe thanks ol tlu Society be rendered to Lieutenant Wm. li. Rd - kmtp, ofMaior VVorth't company of infantry, in Ihe service of tbe United States, and uie detachment under his command, for guarding tn re - j maine vf. Ui late Oca. - Richard Moutgooiery i i to 50 of J 4: On S lat from the cil of Albaoy tn this city, fo, ta Belknap's obliging aad eeatkmaa like"! cci em While on dutv with his ilartim.. .. cod , ymaerofUgocieVyT ". . - Richard Varick, pfet. rXT" At a meeting oftha detachment from n Oortiers Guard, to whom was astcDed - r.r ft,. ...o.. .J .1.. .... D"v ...... v. u ie gen. Uichai Montgomery," while deposited in "Ih.rj7 Hall, of the city of New - tfcrk." hLl ha..' Richai Unsd; Resolved unanimously, Uiat me thanks of ill detachment Mbe rcudcrcd to" ih N'. - v Stale Society of the Cincinnati" fortlte teniM beret Supply of rrjrtthmrntt provtdtd cfl iheiurctionof the society foe tbe enW Lfsi on duty, and for their "Migmg and gently, hke acknowledgment of Uie service! of detachment. ' JO - Mt'IR, Comt. ofUie CuaiJ EDWARD FEA'NO, Serg't. a July 9, 1818. A CARD. ftT Tl.e detachment of the Govorn.i. r return Uieir wfeioud thanks to Ci.uJ m wu ncic uu uu'v on i ueta iv. at iho ( u., ray, lor the racelirat renat provided for th!i yesterday afternoon, at hit lions". "1 MAURI LD, At Fishkill, on Tuesday evening last bv n 1 Kevd. Mr. 'Pen B.occk. Di. John WaW.TI the city of Rcw - V.ork, tu Miss Lydia M,,"! rtYl.YG POST MARINE LIST CLLARKl). ' Dnip couiier, uowue. r - i . ' Telegraph, Fanning, nngni Son Charlejto; A G PhJpt ' la. i - Urig Elizabeth, Green, Amelia. Deming, Una, Grueby, Sclir. Peace, Lovell, Perseverance, . mniaw PDustaa Savanaal , Portaw Bostoi St. Johi S & J Hillyer Rising Sun, Wctcott, Thumet, Wim - ntt, Sloop Butler, Gifford, ARRIVED mo lewbern luchraom West - Port Shin Glenthnrn 9:n - . . . ' , runr - jYVUfr. s - i ' r""u,u.uays irom Urea. r' T "'7 Boo", coals, and 2 Shetland no - nil.. In Hvf a r . . .r"" i ur a vo. raiertoa and bm. 7wC1JT, VZL Co. R & I ThompM and W Steele. A Thompson, Mareh it UroUi D 5 Kennedy, P I H Crarv. T 1 u JkX Hart, T Irvine. W Wi son. .n, ikS iii. wup uospon, iunKcr, for Philadelphia, to tail m two Weeks ; ship Niaeara. (nr NVi. T. brig Two Mary's, King, for NYork; brig Cars! line, of NYork, from N Orleans. An k..u dite brir, Sands, master, from Alexandria, arrir. ed 23d .Vay. May 24, passed aa American skis in me uivae, name unknown. t7th, efftnitter. IlaO, spoke brig Lydia, of Bath, 30 dart from Savannah for Greenock. June 17. lat ah in An spoke brig Catharine, 12 dayt from Kewport, R i. niuMBruain. XIU, 10 fat 42 30 loo 57, brig Abeona, of Portland. 37 davs from 1 ir.i for NYork, Passengers. John Pim. nn.l i.,). mist M. Linen, mrs. Whvtocb and a ch; i Thomas, mint Jemmiaon, J. Flint, J. Currie, W. M'Ewin, W. Carr, J. fccott, and 30 in the tU age. Ship Globe, DevolL 7 daya from Savannah, with cotton and tobacco, to Pott & M'Kinnt, it . u us miner, liogert k Kneeland. Metsn. Natlans,C Mlntire. Patseneers. R Scott. A G. Miller. J. Coit. J. Tidale. J. Whiimle P Price, J Gibbt, Mrs. Gibb. Mrs. Miss Davit. oanus, 4 narman. Brig Factor, Novas. 13 davs from Mstaniies. with sut - ar and molasses, to Goodhue rn Left, briga Symington, Greely, for Portland, loading i Matilda. Elliot, do for Betsy, Pip in, do., for .Salem, Radius, Granger, um bcii cornet, awasn. ror llaltimorej twtus. ing t acli Jane, Hdl. for N York uneertk'm. June 28, aaw a large achr in Cirysfrrd reef, tp. prarcu uj or uesenca.. Brie Ann. Arnold. & dan from CkarWm bound to Providence, with rke nad cotton, to Cody tt Barker. Faetnpers, Messrs. tail. Wright, inland, Coe, Vincent, Cook, WilliuM, Condy, and Gardner. Oa Sunday last, lat 34, 10, long 77, spoke thin Abigail of Keuberypwt, from Boston bound to Charleston. . Hug John, Stiles. 18 uys from N Orleans. with cotton and tobacco, to J t Wolf, E Dudley, J L Bowne, and others 13 passengers. Sell Molly, Bomcrs, 7 days from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to D Betlmne & Co. bed Union, Walker, 7 davs fiom Edeaton, N. C. with shine - les, to S Pintard. On Tun - day, off Harbour, apoke sch Leandcr, from 5 o rtc, nound to Baltimore. Sloop Liberty, Horatield. 6 davs from Savss - nali, with a return cargo, to V H Nicoll k Ca. Passenger, Mr. Hamilton. Sailed in CO. wits tch Huntress, for N York. Sloop Lmnett Jones, 7 daya from Daries. with cotton, staves and leather, to J k C Bel - ton. Left, sloop Elizabeth, Green, for N York next day. Passengers. Mrs. HaU and aervtat UkbOW. Ship Grand Seitrnor. 21 dart from N Orleans Tullman b Torry. Schr Huntress, 6 day a from Savannah, toTC Butler. 1 brig and 3 schooners anknown. Tbe shin Nancy, waa anokrn oa the Grand - Bnnks, 8 dayi from Philadelphia, hound io Liv erpool. Tha sloop Com. Pa tenon, from Havana, arrived at the Balite on the llth June. Went to aea yesterday. Uie ships Hector, Gillender, for Liverpool Favorite, fur Havre, and Iris, for Greenock. AURIYEI) LAST Fl'EyiXG Sliin Ocean, Foote, 44 davs from Dublin, with glaaa, coals, limestone, iic to Wm Chap man, and others. Paseengers, i Deliny, P De - lany; Mrs Ridewa: - , Mra Costicran, M its Ann Crowley, and 32 in the steerage. Mr Matthew Mayher, one ot the cabin passengers, accxien tally fell overboard, when 12 daya out, and every exertion to recover him waa fruitless. Spoke, May 28, lat 48 33. lone 15, shin Ceres, days from Savannah for Havre. 30th, lt 67, long 19, sch Monticello, 29 daya fom Philadelphia for Bremen. Saw large quantities ice to the eastward of the Banks. Brig Criterion, Sherburne, of Portsmouth, fN. H.) 63 davs from Amsterdam. With tm. dry goods, kc. to Le Roy, Bayard fc Co. J B uravea, K Uilmore Sons, Bogert K neelBnu, W Schmidt k Co. P Kean, F Diedrkhs, J Eaethurn & Co. J M'Crackan, Vasques, Meuron Cleemann, J C Zimmerman, H Sherburne, and to order f poke. July 2d, lat 41 30, long 66, British brig Packet, Thompson, from Hah - fax for Philadelphia supplied us with water. Tuesday, 35 milee E. of Sandv Hook, brig enus, io days horn Havana tor rroviumvB. BrgAurilla, Hitch, 24 daya frm New - Orleans, with cotton and tobacco, to W Surges, Jones & Megrath, D Betbune & Co. Coo' and Ripley, t ent er Co. Passengers, J Old, Franklin, P Purdin. G Hudaon, M ""' and Fowler Cutter. - Urig Abeona. Foster. 21 dv fi - on ew - ur -, with cotton and tobaoco. to Peter ana Herricbv P H SchcncTs Co. Walsh S Galia - glier, and Mr. H radish,, on board. ', , gem, Messrs. tlenrtenon, oervoas, iisri, Kennedy, Mra Biadish, Mrs Burling, and four ituiifirhterfl Sch Susannah, Gibbs, 57 daya from Malaga, wiUi wine and coiks, to Walsh ft Gallagher, Moorman k Johnston, and Pott & M'ltinnc. Left no American vessels. Sailed in co. brig Planter, Ely, for Boston. On George's Bank, spoke brig Olive Branch, Lunt, 4 daya from Newburyport for Uie Western Isles. - July 9. 40, long C9, shin Good Return, 87 from Lirerpw l, for Baltimore, wiUi passenger, who suprtkd. - ' wtcr and bread.

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