The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 9, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1818
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BOMBER - 5013 Tar Sale, Freight or Charter, The ship THOMAS NELSON, just '.n - ived fom New - Orleans she is a nw!.. .tea VtCSt.. writ fnu nd. burthen 4 II bill' - BKn,f ,Jti " JT.U n ha ami til sea at & trili.nt? l"ce the iiow lies at Brooklyn, where the !? be examined. Tor terms, apply to W w U. W ROGER & CO. . 18 23j Pearl - street; i' H'anlrd to Charier, A rood MllPj of about 300 tons, to load in a southern port fur Englaud. UTil Ml (. Pit I IM1LM1 V. 60 South - street.' . . For Frev.'hl or Charter, The shin FOSTER. iAJoran. master : HtyvA loos burthen : is ki complete, order. j'2oul4 proceed to a southern port.immedi - - ejy if required. Tor terns, apply to the mas - ""ilV ' . W. A S. CRAIG. - H'anttd to CHARTER, A good schooner of 65 ft 70 tons bor - ' JVtlien, for a voyage to Bermuda ; imuie - A..., in, natch will be riven. Aprlv to ', TUCKER & LAURIF.S, j j . '29 koulh - 'treet'. OFIEE. I'OUACCO, VUNE, 4c 9 hud. l aid 1 bW. very Green Offee 35 blids superior old Kentucky Tobacco 1 1 do old Richmond do IS do new do do 6 qr. casks L. 1'. Madeira Wine 1 hhd. Madeira of uncommon high flavor.has been 3 vears in Jani'tica 1 qr. cast extra Shrrry Wine, 6 years old ii bbls. Fredericksburg Fiour. treigM Jur Kto ae Janeiro ana rcr - vumbueo. Vessels bound to either of the above Mrts. way have a few goods on f eight, from rr ' umir tut t.i - vpir. J.30 112 Front - 1. Pur HAVANA. Tha new conoered brir WARRIOR, f 'iL584 tons t.nrlhtu, (built by .:.r. N. SrotJTof Ibis city,) B. Richards, matter. She wiiuadoe tha 10ih of July neat, weather per - la'iVur. Far freight or pasis - jo apply to JAME3 D. WOLF, junior, S4 Snuth - st. WAfTTU W CH.'JHTtR, A Britidi veiel of 250 to 300 tons, to .load at a suulht rn port for the West la ta. Apply to MACKIE, MILNE A - Cd. Jsl6 61 Pine - Jt IVA.VThli TO CHARTER, A good SHIP or BRIG of about 250 'tons. A coppered vessel and one that mis fist, would be preferred. G. ti. At S. MOWLAND, J I 67 Wishington - ttreet Far IVilmwgltm, V. t'. The ship PACKET, capt. White, to .tail in a few dues, will take freight oo Uw lowsst terms, ana accommodate pasetirers. Apply on board, at Murray's wharf, r to . GR1S WOLDS 8c CORTES, , J 1 '.6S South etreet. tor CH.lRLtSTUA, The staunch schooeer ARABELLA, IT. Warwick, matter, will meet with (mediate dispatch, having half her freight cv peed For the remainder or passage, apply oh board, l Murray's wharf, east ride Coffee - House j. - rt . - 81ULALLET. - T , . I IV . .. - . o imu " - . For HAVRE, The shin KELLE, Henrv Leslie, .master, to sail in 10 days. For a few tons ot heavy freight or passengers, having excellent accommodations, apply to JONES k MEG RATH, je 29 . 91 South - street. WsifCTtuU - IO UUARTKlt, A zood bsis or schooner, from 160 to 180 tons burthen, to load for Rurope,to which immediate diapatch will be giveu. Apply to A. CHUMP, Je29 90 Pine st. For Lit'HJ'r)OL, JiiVl The very superior copperM British Si4Wp DALMARNOCK, W. W. Robert - sisv, master r her cargo beinjr nearly enjragetl. V'w the remainder of freight, or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply board, east side Hyaiarket - wharf, or to S. UALGLE1SH k CO. 103 Pearl - street. Wlo offers for tale, ex. said vessel, fim Leitb - Sdiaburgli Ale, of superior quality, in bot - tks and case's. Wine flottles, &c. per gross. je 26 WHITE LEAD, fcc. LANDING at Pineitreet siharf, from ship Columbia, Henrv Curtis, master. from Dri - toi, Eo - IaiiJ, and for suU hy (he subscriber, on ajranuigeaiis terms, 11 takta nolo IheMiip w caixs DC! I ory wiuie lead, irora a to uewt. eac h tGO kt ks genuine grouod while lead, in S8lh. kus 30 casks red lead, in caikt, from 1 to 3c wt each $4 casks Spnniih brown, from 3 to 4c.wt. each It tierces alium, from 7 to lUcwt each 12 ratks Roman Vitriol, from 4 to Cent. earl. ijcaike Venetian red, ImmStoUctst. eaih 4 bbls. blue blHck,2:wteach 30 bhls ivorv black, from i to 3cwt each icstke Colcothar vitriol, from t to 4cwt eaen 4 casks purple brown, from 2 to 4cwt ench 10 hhds. 5 tierces and 8 bhls Rottrn - Stor; Frcoch - Gmne. Roe - niiik. Dutrh - riotc itlue and Green Verdeler, Hath Scouring oriiH'S. Apply 10 A. CUUKCIi, Jc?! lat 1S4 Bowerr, l"1 LA liKT. 40 dozen very auperiourClaret, lursaie at $13 the dozen, br GEORGE JOHNTOV, Je30 tf So. I Sloat - lane. TS1A - . LCI VI. - ....I liui if 'k talk . " ; 7 rxRs; (r.ATK ladies avctmis boom.) I'iic.iubtcribrhas convtantly on hand a gen - erol assortment of the following articles. "u"in disposed or at a moderate advance Teas ol Crst quality . , Sa - nrs do do Genninfold Cognac Brandy llollaralsGin jmaica and other Sfirit VVinetoftb various kinds Jwe Apple Shrub ; imon Lime and Orange Juira jallad Oil in helties and botilti ' J Brown Stout Botiltd Ale and Cider j Jcuble Gloucester "olUd American Cheese glials Spirn, Fences an,, ''Mow Candles p - Oil for Lsmi Yf Rice. Barley and Mo1nrd a lew hoxes Sicily Lemon, in fine order I""'', Alwonds Pruues Fir rviLlLl"tS:'ll4:c - wn7 JAMES P. AXDOE. a!i ""orcnB quantify of second hand liir - i. . V P... ":"'" "'all invoice ol Cl bieel aaws Jit received and for sale by j . ANDERSON fc SHEARER, 3 MSI Wa!er - tn - t THP - i - 1 ft!1. - 1M Watcr - sireet. - J U Will OLJJJ i. RICE 90 tierces Rice landine from scar. Arabella, at MvrrayV wharf, for sale by, - CLARK, MOORE fc CO. Je 17 41 Sonth - street. OATTlLTT WAB.r - S.sMde of sea Island O Cotton and siaed in the chein, foe sale by t . WM.CAMPBELU Je5 .197 IWl - strert. JAMES P. ANDOEhas Uken the store No. 7 Park, recently occupied atf a Ladies' Auction Room, where he Intends establishing himself as a first rate GROCER, and intends telling for cash only, and ai such prices as will make it toe wteracof tbe cash purchasers to call as above, where he has for sale a general assortment'of Teas, late importation . t Pure old cogtfac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland giu, American do Madeira, L. P. Teneriffe, Old sherry, Port k other wiuts Lcndou aud American porter, Dolled cider Sperm, oil and candles Fine old Holland ud American rhce;e Well tlavorcd rasiuf, Fu, Prunes, Almonds Spices, Bert Spanish cigars, Irnnht porter Sweet oil, &c. - GVnitant attendance will be givu, and favors duly appreciated. June i t ti SWEEP OIL. to hesis Florr ote Oil, M het - ties euch, lor sale t y CHAS. L. OGDr.N. Si ABR OGDKN, . Je 10 53 Wntiin - lon - trpft. 7MAUURA k P'.jRT WINK. Qr. casks Madeira, and 6 hhds white port wine, for sale bv " ROBERT GILLE?PIE, June 10 II2Front - st. tOR S.lLt., byJ.iM. T. siADuF, noi 7, oppnsite the Park, 40 boxes Sicily LEMONS, in foe order, in lots to "it purchaser. Je 10 - I.EYllhNS. JUST received, 45 boxes fresh Sicily Lemons, I in lots to sait purchasers, bv JeV4 J. P. ANDOl!, No. 7 Park. rWILY - PL.iTKS, TR.iCt. - CHjilJXS, Ac. JL 200 bpxes l)ja plates 28 casks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 - 60 casks Roman Cement, now landing, and lor sale by A.VOER80.N & SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Jf Vio Artie ' tlori, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoes Sheet BriPsnfnll rises Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladies work boars 4l my 25 HARDWARE, CUTLERY Jwc. Q cntki Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Lxkn do Steelyards 1 do chest h&niKts. ire. , , I do screw p1tes, scale beams, ic, 1 do brass corks, tc. ' 1 do hell metal kettles and killed 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pans 2 do line padlocks . J ' 4 do Hdiibury locks, hinges, &c. 2 dd hammers, pincers, locks, &c. . 2 do II L hinges. Nc 4 do anvils 1 do. hammers and sleilgea - - 2 do black U bright vices, 2 do files ' 4 do iofliet, pen and double blade knives 4 do i!inm buck and bone talde knives ., 3 do buttons . - - v ". 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. vJUasa ferfft 9b4 geycaai msartwent as goods a pea on the shelves, for sale at the reduced pr - es, by A DA MS k DLACK WKLls, - may 7 215 Pearl - it. OOMKSl IC GtKJDb. WM. CaMI'HELL; Manufacturer, cflcrs for sale on reasonable terms, at hi store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supplyofthe following eonds, vit. ' ' " . l. .1 J l LI 1 fwm ps. wnue miiiineiSt.nanusomeiy nieacn - a 120 do black do land finish'd 20 cases hleach'd and nnbleacb'd sheetinss k shirtings i together with an assortineat of floss knitting and sewing cotton. Je 16 (.INGUSH HAMS, BACON, Ac. just un VJ nortnd bv tbe subscriber, Double Gloucester, Dobbin and Pine Annie Cheese.of averv superi or quality ; Yorkihire and Wiltshire Hams; sides and Aitchc of Bacon, of a superior quality; Eng hli Lard, in bladders, and small Grkins; Glass and Bri'tol Stone Ware ( large Bottle ; Pipe and Demi inhtt . ALSO. Aceneral assortment of brocencs, t ish Sau ces, kc for sale cheap, for cash, by - 157 Greenwich - street. Best Havana Segars, in qr. boxes Je16 lm PI1ESLV BANK. A DIVIDEND ofthree pr.cent foriix months, enriinr (ha 311th instant, has heen this dav declared pavable to the stockholders oo the first ofJulvnfxL By order of the board of directors. Jel7 I in 1). I. GF.KE.NE, Cathier. IIKlKVo I 'EEL. 200 bundlrs round Rods I 280 do Rod Iron 30 do Coach - spring Steel 90 tin Grnin Stret do Hoods, iuit received aod for sale by . . ..... - . n 1 1 r. . n i'n aucksu i a - sii bancn, JeS3 3w at 131 Water - street. JEWLLLERX, WATCHES, kc. V CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, Silver Uunlicg and Plain Watches. - Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Laditl Corsets assorted. For sale by J LAMBERT. Je 24 3 Courlland street. ENGLISH, GLAod - W ARE! k WROUGHT NAILS. J OHN WHEELEY, offer for tale at 132 Wa - I ter - strret ' Decar.tcrj clnmaodcut) . Tumbler do do BE3T QUALITY. A .1 - V . and a general aisortmeiit of Apothecary ware. as - v WROUGHT NAILS. . Je27 2w , ll.LINE I TS, Ac A general nssotlment i.v JL ol miliinelts. ihirtmei. snreungr, no knitting and sewing cotton, lor sale low, by WM. CA.tlrliLLiU ftlanwaciurer, JelO - 197 Pearl street B ROWN INDIA fLGARs. A lew Oags 1st quality, lor sate G. G. A S. HOWLAND. Jy2 67 Wahinston - trct. U1CIIMOND 1 LOL'K AND IKlSlt UV I IER 9i. hhls. nnf. Richmond Flour 90 keg Irish Buter,sid to be of excellent qunmr, lai.ainz, una ior saie try Je 19 llOORMAN k JOHNSTON. CORN MEAL. 200 bhrt yellow Kiln dried Cora Meal, of a superior quality ' 100 bbls do do landin from the mill boats, aod lor saie oy . J 2 29 South - street VNGMsH MUbl'AKD 51 boxes tint quid 'a itw fnli.h klu.tr4. ia t.A IlL. while bottle. mm mj . - T - - " - just received irom nun, ior saw oy DIME BETH UN E & CO. JeSO Si Coffee - House slip Flat Pointsf Flemish bit Shcathine. 1 SUGARS k MOLASSES. 9 hhd and 55 bbls Muscovado Sugar, and 15 hbdsreUiling Molasses, landing ia iront ofthe subscriber store this day, (or sale by G. G. 4 S. HOWLAND, "J2 67 AYoslungtoa - strset. THURSDAY, CARDS, PARCHMENT, BOOkS. ' . CARU8 ior printers, vUiUog, Ac gilt ajd plain edges, of til siiee ' - Cards for playing cotaared and plain backs Parchment Skias for printers Plans of tbe city of London, folded on canvass ; lo of tbe couutr v 24 miles round London) . Pictures of !udoo, with plates Uo of Edinburgh, do ' Watsons, tnetructiuos for the deaf and Dnmb, with a volume of plates : Pursb's Flora oi North America Aiasworlh's Latin Dictionaries Barlow's Mathematical do " Tuckty's Expedition to the Congo is) South Africa Drake's Bhakspeare and his times Memoirs of Dr. Waison, Bishop of LaoxtasT ' Godwin's lives of the Phillips' . . , Encyclopaedia Britanuica ' ' Johasea's Dictionary, quarto . Kelly's Universal Cambis' Locke'i Works, folio " ' KirkpatritV kingdom of Nepaul Edward's Botanhic Garden '. Beaumont, Fletcher, Ben Johnson and Shaki - peare's Works Gibbon, Kollin, Robertson and Bolingbroke's Works Hogarth's Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do do Quarto Carey's Atlas, folio Arrowsmitli's do quarto With many rare and valuable English works, illustrated with portraits and elegantly bound, for sale hy , J.JLAMBEBT, . Je 16 No. 3Courtlandt - treet. II L'RD k tiEWALL, 65 bouiii - slreet, otkr i i lor sale 80 tons old Sable Uusiia Iron. P. S. I. A few casts line London aud Yorkshire Cloths . 2 rases Cotton Hosa assoited 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, very stout fabric trunks 6 - 4 Cambrics A bales Russia Sheetings 4 cases Triukets, Jewellery, &c. adaptrd to the is. West trade, Ac. eninied to deD'r - 3 do London made Toys, Work Boxes, kc, 3 do China dewing Silks 1 do 4 - 4 black Kunged Hdkfs. 2 do Double Florences ' 2 do Levantines, entitled to debenture . 10 bale Heavy Hft rhoom Gurrahs 8 do Gilla Hdkls, red, blue and white 12 rase men's and boy's Plated Hals 4 do do Japanned Leather do 6 do do superior London Beaver do 1000 Muskets with Bayonets 150 casks Cut Nails. 4d to 20d lOoO boxes Window Glass, of the Bristol facto , ry, 6 by 8 and 10 by 14 4 casks Bras Cabinet Farnitare, kc. Je 27 NEW AND ELhGANT PLATED WARE. U7 FLL3& Ul'SGN. have lately received haiuliome assortment of new and fashionahle best fch"fficld Plated Ware, rich and ehgant patterns, which they art now opening at I5st Brvbd - way. ' ALbO. At 155 feari - strcet. a large ana exiensive as - sortueutof HA uliWA R.F., liy the package and from the shelves, wltkh tuey will sell at very reduced prices. ' J 2 w e l O LET, A pleasant back room, at no. 56 Wall, treot. suitabla for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the front office. Je4 .... - , - LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NQRTH RIVER. SITUATE between Barctuy and Murray - streets, Chamber and Reed - streets, Jay .and Harriton - itreets, and North Moor and Beach - streets nta'price very considerably leas than in - Vest on their value, and at the expiratsr of the fftrta' Ur bhltXiagT obe Tairiy vtftttfoTand - paid Tor, or a new lease granted. AUo, to let by the year at a low rate, several lot or yards oo the water, well calculated for lumbert pUiterof pari", kc. Apply to PH. RHINL.A!'DtU, 31' 1 arlf, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion ofthe money only will te required. June 1 1 it JUST received perbrigllesper.from Havre, 4 esses black, a bile and assorted supe rior French crapes, No. 30 . , 1 case superior pttent French razors 1 do. silvered hooks and eyes, in small boxes 1 do. silk coat buttons 2 do. phosphorus boxes Also, a general assortment of French silk, remaining from former importation, and S cases mens and women white and colour - - ed cotton hose, all fine 2 bales assorted flannels for sale on accom modating terms, by JJOJ. HAHUOCK., Je 30 2w 21S Pearl - street. CIO I ION. IttO bales Cotton now lauding, Iron brie Elixa, aad Georgia, from Savae - pah. . Jtlto, tn Store. 400 bales Upland Cotton, in lot to iuit par chasers, for sale by HENR Y THOM Ad, JOX4ZW no. z jones lane. L'S. PH. DE LUZE, 71 Washington treet, offers for sale, .,0ocra!w - Received per brig Leo, from Marseille and en titled to debenture. ALSO, 15 catet Glass Tumbler 25 do Olive 25 do Caper. , AND. Several invoices of French Silk Good and li nen cambrirk, received from Havre. Je 17 lm - ON farorabre terms, for a long term of years, 4 lots of rround on Broadway, 200 foet deep, extending to Crotby - street, between Hester and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Borliti; flips. Abo, wvcral othr lots in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may B I OHN HEFFE1I..NAN,31 south - street, offers J for sale 51 ceioons Caraccas r lora Indigo 278 bales Loi.don market Goat fckia & do. small do. 1 1 skins dates 21 bhls sweet ftesh (helled almond 32 ceroons bitter do. do. 76 dn. coin mm seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. carreway do JaneSO 1m jtlAPH. TELLISH'3 new Map of the World on 1Jl Rohers. Price 10 dollar Da I niU - .l StMtes. 10 dollar lo Travelling Mop and Directory. 3 doll. Do Illinois ludiana. 1 bucts. Shelton Ai KinritU large Map of the United State. 15 dollars. Carev' 2 and 4 Sheet Maps oi r.urope rortalehy PRIOR A DUNNING, JetVS 2w 111 Water - itret. oi i.l - l u nb'PlRKll VITAf .TllH V. a. t . nf H.rnM..,lM.I (.rf K. It ir lit THERE manufactured Plaster, forcorai - m andoiner purposes, usy dc naa, warranted i the first quali ty, at one dollar and am i he ssanuiaciory u cooauciea 07 r. uim Tucker, who ha served a regular appretitice - cuh 21 , JPH? BYERS. JULt; 9, lilt THOHN ft'fEDLETON have selected - 4fiUi great Car far lb supplying of families and ah La tturas. tha UUarinv winaa Hi,,,. - . teas. Ac. Which lhebSiat whnlMaU and rm. taif, atNo. 66 Stoae - street - jnaan - a in glass and wood . . Red port, Vroris and foyal cnpy,, do " a few dusa of super, quality Dry Lisbon, H year old . . Very eld sherry, do'TeneYiile OW braudy,'run,aod gin, not reduced Hibbert' brown toui equal to any in the city 'Red ubA white wme vinegar ' Bordeaux sallatl oil . . Hysoe, byton skia, young hyson, souchong ft " ' poucnbng ten loaf, lump and Muscovailo sugar , ' Ftsh sauce, Segart 1r boxe , With a feneral aaartmnt ttf iriv.rlM. mhirh tbey will warrantlo be of the fit l quality. i..i C1HEMICALS, COLORS, Ac Epsom Salt, ia caik of 2c wt. Lump Macnesia, la, cases Do do small fquarel Calcined do in fi:l Rocbelle Salts, Aiti Tartar Citrie Acttl, Blue.Verditerin firkin Patent yeil6w, Kgs Yellow Rcgulus of Aniiurwy , , GUKSKVTTONS, &c. FowliiMf Pieces, Asiorted, well finished Do do in c - ievnscoat cais, liuely finished wunappara'ff eompictu Duelling rit, Scasts Gold Epaulette r 'aval and Milit Sword Belt ' . Gilt Coat and Vest Button Copperplate for engraver Mathematical Instruments Rolling Paralel Raters Mariners compsrS, telescopes Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid h samen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrew, silver pencil cases. For sale by ,f J. LAMBERT, je 18 . . . I J OMirtlandt - street fff WlIJ IE LEAD, kc. kc. J J V keg London White Lead in oil ' 30 barrel do Dry White Lead 8 ton Red Lead 30 barrel Bristol Red Ochre . 20 do Venetian &td ! 2 ton One Litharge 80 kosghends Wining 60 casks Paris While ; 2 hbds. Verdigri 50 tierce renek. Yellow Ochre 5 kegsVermillisn 4 cask Prussia Blue, 4001 b. Crome Yellow; fat - eat Yellow Spanish Browa . Venetian Red; ' Yellow, I IN OIL. , Black, - Verdigris, it' - Lamphlack ; rroryUlock ; Purple Brown Spirit Tarprutine ; Lintseed Oil 41X1 boxe Window Glass, assorted - For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at ihort credit, hy J, PETER SCHEltMERIIORN k SONS, my I - i T4.I vvarer - streft. MANUrAC rliRED lObACCO, kc tO kess Catrtidish Tobacco 50 do small Twist do. just received aad for tale low, by v W. 4i 9. CRAIG. ii etuari, - ' - 250 bbls. Ricnuwe Couatry Flobf K do no; - crir" o ' , jei I . EMON5. ten bote Lemons of excellent li quality, ana ri ptiaie order, ior aie ny ... w . . a,o ICS; IIOWLAIND, . ' 'I... ST! WukinMiM lliwl VVaiBUI. '.. - , . - s OODHUE k CO. No. 44 tiouth - streeel, of - VJ feriorsaie 1250 pieces Blue Nankeens entitled to de 110 do com pans Yellow f benture 60 bales Calcutta Piece Goods consisting oi Aiianad UaUas, Kyransdann rorsa - bad, Chotvdngury, Cossat, Emertyt, Gurrahs, Aliubad, Forsahud aiid Joi - "'' cingpors, Mamoody, Fine Mow aod Tauda Sanna, Superfine Chandully, Co - pa and Mowdaha Saun, Supeifine Seer, encker. Lolcbee and Madras Pattern Hdkls. 2 cases Flag Hdkfs. 1 do real Madras do 20 bolt Kussia Duck, A U mark 550 do do 1st and 2.1 quality 65 boxes brown Havana Sturar 8 hhds Martinique Molaste ,, 5 do Salem Rum 10 pipe Catalonia Wine 12 cask Mediterranean Red dt Quarter casks Madeira Wine SCO bags Ginger 300 os. Otto Roves in bottle, entitled tode . 5 carks Senna benture . 4 Doxesuura irsgacamn 12 case Italian letter paper 160I0 Madras Goat Skin 60 hag Mustard Seed 12 hhds SumhC ' 14 tons Virginia Hemp 160 gro. Cork ' 7 cate mens Beaver Mat 3C00 l. Copper Bolts Block! in. aod Spelter J6 OLA'i'E GLA - S6 10 rases sedih picture 1 glass, assorted from 20 by 1 7 a 1 6 by 22, for sale by v rlUKU K ShWALtj, j 1 Da utn - rreei. ADAMS k BLACK WELL, 215 Pearl - .t. bave received by the Martha, and offer for tale on the most reasonable terms 10 casks trace chain 4 do brass nails 4 do Britannia teapots 1 do patent coffee - mill 2 do umbrella furniture . 2 do parasol do '''. . 1 do plated saddlery 1 do do metal " 1 do bread basket and snuffer tray And a large and general assortment of hard war and cutlery, off the shelves. Also Guns, tworuj, pistols, feathers, and a handsome assortment of plated castors, candle' stick, liquor frames, bread and cake baskets, tea and coffee urns, runners and trays, c, Jy iw I E ROY, KAi ARD it CO. offer lor tale I A Lungee, Dnrca and Sulersoy Romnll Band aa oct. Persian. Pettah Puttv Hdkls. Jelalpore, Joanpor and Jannh rawns Coap'y la Beerhonm Gurrah, Fine Bafta Chaunpore and Cbitpore Cossat Alibad olamoodies India Mull Mulls, Flnrentie Silk Stockings and Gloies Fig'd i'affeta and Plain Satin Ribbon , uioen inmnnci , Merino Shawls, Thread Lace Superfine French and English Cloth Linen Bannace ior wound Eneluh Flat Ai Bolt Iron, Bleaching Smalt Goat Skins, Russia Bristle Roman viuiu string, rig Lad Sheathing Copper. 16 to 2U ox. L. P. Madeira and Rhenish Wiue Fruit ia brandy and Cordial Beaver and Felt Hat, with drawback Boots and Shoe .do MnskeUof all grade. Cartcach Boxe Peruvian Bark, Mill Stone ' J o STkfOGRAFHY. TIII9 day received by T. J. SWORDS. - 160 Peart - street, price 60 cents, E whig - ton's Arcana of Short Hand, arrangd hi regular leawn. " Likewise, price 25 cents, Ewingtou'i Mathematical System of Short HanJ, dtigned for eodents of divinity, law, aad rhyslc. Jy7 , i 1 N, G. G. A 8. HOWLAND, T O. 67 Waihirurton street, offer for sale. 55 bale Calcutta Piece, Goods, , cooMiluig ol uanai, uurrabi, . . . Mamoodies. Sannaha, Costab ' , , Castaba, Checks, kc. . ' ' - 20 ceroons Mmt unA hiMa AInirinds. shell'H 3000 large Mog adore Goat Skin tw unit, bround Camwoed, warranted - 50 hhd. Quercitoo Bark, first quality ' 25 cliest Uyson,aad 160 do Hyson bkin Tea 32 bagt India Sugar, doub. boil'd 48 do da Brown Sugar '. . 250 large Ind. Floor Mats, 500 smaller do SO sacks Filbert, 10 do Madeira NuU 350 Oval Demijohns 8 keg Muscatel and Taforet Wlnei, 14 years 11 boxe Claret . old . 2 case German Toys 3 cases elegant French Clocks, assorted - VVriliug, Printing and Wrapping Paper. J? S3 - will Keg landing Irom ship Vigilant and tchr. Logan, from Richmond, via : ' 10a Keg branded Tho. M. Deane k Co. 0't. No. 1. 49 do do 6 do do 54 do do 111 do do For tale by Jnly 6 lit Geo. Fletcher, OV No. 1. do 1 - 2 pound rolls D. R. Ross, 8's. No 1 & No 2 Morris, 1 - 2 lb. twt CO ll'rf. DUBOIS. . 1LARET WINE. 200 cases M.rxaux Cla Kj ret, of very supenor quality, vintage of 1841,. in case of 2 aad 3 dot. each, received direct from the vineyard, and for tale by the case or jarger ouaniiiy, ny JOHN B. MURRAY k SON, 1 13 Pearl ttreet, Who have for tale, landing from brig Ktitn, from St. Jago de Cuba, at Edgat' Wharf, N. At. oobhh:jM"co"do8"w - J 1 lw ytUGAR. 00 hlidi Muscniudo sugar, ol good u quality, in store, nnn ior sale ny GO)DHUEfcCO. "LD SHERRY WINt; COFr Lr. At KEG TOBACCO. 17 qr. casks Old Sherry 21 bags 2d quality Coffee 25 kegs mniiulaciurf d Tobacco, 8 hands to the lb. (aod raid to be very line,) jusl received and ior tale by G. u. & b. HOWLAND, it - 07 Washington - street. 'I 'HE DISTILLER, coidaini. - ig : - i. lull and JL particular directions lor tnashina and dis - tiLlnsaii kind 01 cram and tmitatin WMann uiu and iri - u sviiitaey. - x. A notice 01 the dw - lerent kinds of (tills in use in the United Stntes. and of tli Scotch still, which may run off 4S0 times in X4 Dour, j. A treatise on lermenlntion. containing the latest discuvene on the subiect 4. Direction frr making yeast and preserving it tweet lor any length 01 lime. 5. I he Kev. Air. Altisoni process of rf ctilit atioo, with improvements, and mode of imitating Freuch brandy, Ate 6. Instructions for mnkint;. ill kinds of cor dials, compound waters. Ace. niso, for umking cider, beer, and various kind of wines, kc Sic ; adapted to tbe use ol farmer and disti lert, by li.irriton nail ; second edition, much enlarged and improveil, - prici $i 25 ; Just rtcuved and ior ale at the Minerva Circul.tting Lihrarv, Book and Stationery store, 265 Broadway, opposite the museum. J o A UORSfc WAN Lfcli. A GOOD active Hone, about tit rara old. H iS wanted cliiefly aa a gig hare ia which harness be must beueifcctlv crntle. 'A Bay would be prelered. Apply at. No. 24 Greenwich - street. - ' - JB i1l - .Mi.i Riiau'iiivii MAY be had in Murray street, (the nwxt pleasant and healthy part of the rity) for x or j gentlemen, ai a moderate price ; aim 9 or 4 more who willnnd tbeir own lodging. Enquire st thi office. J 6 Iwt NEW WORK BY HOGU. f1 WILEY t CO. J.o. 3 ' Wall - street, have Xw put to press, and will publish in a lew dayt the tsrowme 01 uoctabeck. the ivoolaUiercr. snn the Hunt or r.iltlon, by James Hogg, antnor 01 queen's svaae 1 11 UAtWS WJV J I - BILIOUS FILLS. t HICH have been attended wild a degree VY ol success hiehly grateful to die invent or's reeling", in several pris 01 the west indies, and the Southern and Middle, States, particularly in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Ac. Theoperntion of these pin are perfectly mild, so as to bo used by persons in etery situation and of every ago. . . Jiiey are excellently adapted 10 carry 01 u - pertlou bile, aod prevent its morbid tecietion ; to restore aiidanx'Dd the appetite; to produce a free perspiration, and ll.crely preveut cold which are olten of fatal cooiwqiKOce. A dose never fail to remove a cold, if taken on it first npjiearance. 1 hey are an iirallib'e preventive 01 Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should be procured ior , oy every teaman ami traveller. Prepartd and told at LEE'd Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden Lane. Druggistt nod country store Keepers supplied on liberal terms. - my 10 W HOOPING COUGH DOCTOR SCOT l'S Pectoral Mixture, which is a safeand effectual remedy for the whooome cough. It is only ten year since it was offered to the public, and tome thousand of children, lioth in r.nginnd and isrolland, have been Cured bv it. alter every other mecn ine had been used wiihouteflect. It is held in the high est estimation for it excellent and (aluhnous virtues. It promotes gentlo perspiration, removes viscid phi. gm by an easy and safe expectoration, aud is highly salutary to t lungs 1 it (trenethens and de lend the stomach, gives creat - er liberty of breathing, and produces the most sate, salutary and happy tn. cu, by preventing, those distressing and coavuliive cough, to whkh thousands of individuals, in conce - aiience of neelect. prematurely fall a sacrifice. it is not oy excituig a temporary summus 01 relief in those violent paroxysms that itt quali ties are manifested, but by eff ectually remov mar those distressing symptoms, bv giving vegour to the weakened f( sine, and renovated health to tbe afflicted individual Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. U Mori son, Druggeat, No. 188 Greenwich - street, - N. York. Drutrcests tliroutrhout the United ctates. may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price. Jjr 7 2m Ul idlS L' K. Lit 't'k 1 THE house lately occupied by Mr. David Godwin, has been newly furnished, and is in eompleat order for the reception of boarder. Parties can be accommodated with dinner co the'thortert notice. ... Tea, coffee, ice - cream, mead, cake, fruit, arc. wi4h a variety of the bet liquor, will be always in readiness. A boat will start fruin each side of the river punctually at every buur Irom 5 o'clock in the morniog until 8 in the evening. Inly 6 2w 8 - BURNS. I - j TO LET, KjJl Iart of a large airy MOUSE at llar - laem, delightfully siiuated on the bank ofthe river. To those wno t un wt rpcnu mi summer mon'hs in the country at a triflinj - ex - pence, this offers a cheap and dcl.ghlful retreat. It will be let verv luw as it it occupied by an old gentleman and his wife, who have much more room than they want, and wbri are desirous of company. There is fine fishing within 100 yard ofthe house. Stares ply daily to the city, ami for a still le.s expensive mode of conveyance there i a watrcuncr in tbe neighborhood who carries pasaeirg era at the tow rate ot two shillings. A line directed to A. It. and left at this I'fSce, will be attended to. . . JT St NO.,13 WILLIAM iStHKET. J . ' " i. H - .fcr The new FERRY BOATS Ire the too . of Walnut tret, New York, to the feet of 1 - rt - tie treet, Brooklyn, ares the Navy Yard.' will con.mcnte running 00 tlmday, tt llikmst. ' rersons crossing 10 crooau a lions tU upper part of the city, Will find the distance n.och tliortewed hy atiuf .thi levry my 14 - . NOIICK.1 . ft7 - TheRbina - Sun Sail Boat. . Nonnari!. sad Industry, from the Elisaftth Iowa Pouit, for New - York, sail Irotn Marketfield - etreet, (where 0 Steam - boat Atalaata lorhserry came to,) at 10 o'clock, of each dpy. . Passage 12 1 - 2 ceaU. Enquire at the Sleaiavbeat Hole IL of VANDEKPOOLfi PHILLIPS. err JOHN UtOCTOH, Jen. 106 Liberty - st. offers liberal anticipations on property onhigna ed to his friends in the Mediterranean. ' For further particulars .apply as above, or to Je 6 tf corner ofCl.lf k Fultonts. r , 1 iMiw 1 ftr STEPHEN B.MUNN. Noi 226 Pearl - ttett, New - York, purchaie Lands in the Kin - " ois Territory, which ha beta let apart forithe tat Army. Letter irom tie country givme a description of the patent and the price asked Tor eacu km, will be attended to, H Post paid. , , piy I3U ......... . . OTiCE. ftf This it to forbid all oersoni trastine tha crew of the Portuguese hrig Sophia, Lops mat. cer, st no aeois 01 uieir contracUng will be paid by tha captain or consignee.' 1 ' ' Je 24 OCT The Commissioners ol the Canal lurul will ia pursuance c the act, entitled ''au act respecting navigable communication between the great Western and Worthern l.akcf, and the Atlantic Ocean." receive tealed proposal until 3 o'clock, P. M. on Wednesday tbe 15th day of July next, for a loan to the slate of two hundred and firty thou. and dollars, to be paid to the Com nmamners in two equal initalmtuti, the first, on the first day of August next, and the other ou the first day 01 October next. The nroDOMl mutt be adiiiesied to tbe Comptroller. The rate of interest is not to exceed tit per cent, per Annum, payable quarter yearly ami the principal is to be reimbursable at the pic at - ureof the government, at any time after the first day of July, 1837. . The officer appointed for the ruroose in the ci ty of New - York, will issue transferable, certificates of stock to the Lenders, and Will attend to tbe traml'er of stock, at the tame may be rtctuir - ed. . fhe interest will be paid at tbe ATaohaMaa Bank, in the city of New - Y ork. to the itockhol - deis reiiduig in tbe southern dtrttict of ll.isntate, and out of the state, and to all others at the New York state Bank, in the city of Albany. - - The Board will meet at the Secretary' Office on the said JStti day of July next, at o'clock. P. M. to open aod determine 00 the proposal that shall he made. By order of the Board. . . . JOHN TAYLER, President. Albany. June 8, 1818. Je lltj 15 NO I ICE. ( ffc7" All per0M haviue claims rutntnst the es tate of John Linan, deceased, are desired to present them lor settlement to Ue tubcrihcr, aod those indebted to said estate are requested to make paymeut, to him withost deley. r JAMES M'BRIDEj - Je T9 Im. Acting r.xcrotor. NO 1 ICE.' ' ftT" IF Richard Perry aavarli. eon of Thorn a aid Elixuhetb Savadge, Isrmerly ol the city - of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, hi WrgM' rerreentativ will, by applying 10 air. win, Bevadge, at St. Jolm' ocjuarn, ClerKenwell, . London, hear of sometiiing to hit o their advantage. . ' ' . " i he snid Richard FVrry Savadge, who wa a pointer bjr. trade, was ia England In the year 17U2, from whence h returned to Tbiladelihe in the year 1794 1 in the year 1794 - he it supposed to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, fa Mlddletown, Delaware County. Marvlandi and afterward at Downine' Town. I ram s hence he i snpnosed to have removed to New - York - - N. kt. if oi.V person will oroducea leaat crru fieateof the death of Oie taid Richard havadire. ' be will, on producing the same, lo Mr. Wm. f arad re, receive from him 5 cuinea. at a reward fur bit trouble. , Any information respecting the above named Person will be thankfully received by ' call 1 11 u uAimia, ' J 13 Im ' 312 Pearl treet, New - York.' - A'otut to Csl .Vraiuicrs, he Ar. Or In pursuance of a resolution of (he Com mon Council ofthe 15th instant, all persons hot - ding Ihe appointment ot City .Weigher, Meat rr..: - , t . 1 uiei ui uiiii fl - v. uungcr or iiFcvtur ui LVBe her, are directed toveport tlieir namet and nla - ces of resKleLCe, and occepatioot (if any ditliuct irom the duties 01 said omce,) tu the ciera ot ihe Common Couacil, at hi olbce, No. 7 City - Hall, oa or before the 1Mb day of Jury next ; and every person holding either of said appoint - mrnts, who shall fail to make such report by the lime almve specified, shall he deemed to have resigned his comoiission, and shall therefrom cease to execute the duties thereof. By the Common Council. J.MORTOtN. . Je22tjyl5 Hank 0 Amenta, June 26, ltJS. ffT" A Divider. d of three per cent, for tik months, endimtnn the 30lli inst.ha been (hi day de - :larel payable to the Stockholder on the 6iti of July next. By order ol the Board of Direct - tor. - - GEO. NEW BOLD, Cath'r. June 26 Im - 1 Wo or throe single gentlemen can be haoii sotnely acomuodated ritb board at No. ifl Broadway. ' Je 26 Im Af' .VUziC. ... JUST publiihed and for tale at WILLIAM DU BO! 5' piano forte aod music store, Nv. 120 Broadway, Thine am 1 my faithful fair ; the toldier't bride : sn l from t hildhoncPt dawn to noon of youth at unj by Mr. Philippe. - , Ah can I e'er forgot thee love Tbe celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacred melody - . . The Saxon air, wKh variations, by Cramer Haydn's celebrated conzonct, My mother bids mi bind my bair, at a toedo , Twenty four sonatas, for yoBDg perfermen, by .V. B. Cballotisr The axe Coboury waltz, wilh variationj . .. The Sophia Walts The storm rondo, by Steibelt J18 . FATKAT FJAAO -, kc. ' ' THE subscriber intending to part for London about the end of the present tnooth, offer for tale a few elegant patent - piano forte. juit Aoirbcd and warranted of a superior leaHi;. He would be nappy 10 attcad la the order ot his friends for Loodoa piano forte. His looi " experience ia the manufacture of pisrao't in tbis rity be trusts will give every confidence. In bis ability to select tacb as are ol the Brtt quality , Orders for chorea er chamber orrant, will be ftricUy attended to, and manufactured ander bs ntpectiM by tbe meet eiteemed maker in Lou don, y '. . Commission business of any kind, wiihia bis ability lo perform, will be faithfully attended to. 7y Those penoos wbe are uideMed te Mtjt' wdl pleae settle the tame a toon a csovetuent, and those to whom be ia indebted will present tkrir account without delay. WILLIAM a.EAKM'st', Jy 2w ; 279 Bowery. FOR SALK. A VERY fine family grey HORSE, hr gig or saddle. AL30, a very fi brows Hoasxv aod a rood Coacaxa, wiih HtwweeaJwitb three - Ms. (very .i.abl - for traseUiop.) A - pU Wat. t LOW LSI S Uicrj eiiw - i, - " - ' - - , street. J7 lw" ( t ; j in iVii Jit n . hi - t'f I 'h:;.! ... : ,i.i '.. r ' 1 I t ' I & . ! - ( , I I ! . , i V' i

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