Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 4, 1934 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE jnREB MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE A I.EE SYNDICATE HBWSl'AI'EB fllASON r2\'1T4 Kast Stale Telephunt NO. 38U1) LEE P. LOOMIS W. EARL HALL ENOCH A. NOREM LLOXD L. GEER . . Publisher Managing Editor . · City Editor Advertising Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS--The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper, and also all local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES City anil J!eir l j cr year by carrier Per week by carrier CITY AND ULEAB $7.00 By mall 6 months j .15 By mall 3 months *i--5 SBSouths.."S3.°" Thrc. montto...Sl.TM It will never come out of the flesh that's bred in the bone.--Jonson. WHO'S TO BLAME FOR US? ·T'S awfully bard to disturb the equanimity of a faithful scientist. While us ordinary folk ponder dire pre- DAILY SCRAP BOOK dictions that the country Is going to the dogs or otherwise in a hurry, Prof. Roland B. Dixon of Harvard finds time to investigate where and how we started. The name is Dixon, not Sherlock Holmes. It seems that the professor learned that the first white men to visit the South Sea islands found there the sweet potato. Now the sweet potato is presumed to be native to South and Central America, and Holmes, we mean Dixon, reasoned that some swarthy Polynesian savage must have paddled his canoe to America across the Pacilic in about the year 1,000 A. D.. and snatched the precious sweet potato. That date, according to Sherlock, we mean Roland, puts Columbus and even Lief in the shade by several centuries--and puts the blame for our hot water where it belongs, in the South Seas. LETS STICK TO FACTS A FAVORITE argument employed against veterans " legislation in this country is that the disabled defenders of other nations have neither asked nor received favors from their government. The only thing wrong with this story is that it is utterly false. And arguments won on false claims don't stay won. To make specific the assertion contained in the preceding paragraph, let's look at the situation in France, where in adSition to a cash pension, admittedly on a lower 'scale than in America, there are the following added considerations for the disabled soldier: Half fare on all railroads, steamships, streetcars and buses. (Free transportation and half fare tor his aid if blind). Preference in any government employ he may e Assurance of a job" in business under the regulation providing that 10 per cent of the personnel of all business firms must be war-wounded or pensioners. This is required. Rebates on certain taxes. Cash loans at low interest and without secur- Itv to establish himself in business. J Special grants up to $1,000 if he wishes to build a home or buy a farm. ,·,,,,,,,,,,,.. Assistance in meeting payments on insurance PO "l C n e addition, the French government allocates each year several million francs to ex-service associations for their welfare work. \ number of critics of the recent independent office measure passed over presidential veto have been · raustic in their reference to the American Legion lobby The answer to this is that of the $228,000,000 involved, only about forty million dollars go to World war veterans, three-fourths of that amount being to definitely service connected cases and only $10,000,JOO to -presumptives.'' The issue is debatable if the discussion can be held ^ to truthful rather than false claims. But when oppo- Jents of a measure resort to gross and deliberate mis- J.presentation, as they have in this instance, they. 1-aken their ultimate case with the American people. Pertinent or Impertinent Passing strange it is that many of those who have the least trouble under the present system are the very ones most fervently seeking a taxation panacea. Then too some of those companies may not be as competent at Hying the mail as they arc at bidding for the contract to fly the mail. Many who at first condemned Voliva's contention that the world is flat are now asking him for a definition of terms. Another trouble with most of us is that we think we have our debt paid when we get the note renewed. *r^ '* Washington has learned that mere barking at the criminals doesn't do any good. Alas, puppy love too often leads to a dog's life. OBSERVING * have received rrom Mrs. H. D E. of Sheffield, who has contributed previously to this department, an interesting paragraph of comment on an item which recently apearcd in the Globc- | Gazette. First the item: Marshall, N. Car., built on a shell between mountain bluffs and the French Broad river, is so narrow that only one street extends the length of the city. Now the observation from Mrs. H. 8V DISPLAYING A SCARLET, IF-THE STAMPS USED VEAR WERE PLACED END WOUtO ENCIRCLE HE SLOBE ,0-riME* - UKE '^ BALLOON on HIS 'THROAT OTHER VIEWPOINTS DEAN GILMORE, PRESIDENT University of Iowa Dally lowan: Selection of Dean Eugene A. Gilroore of the college of law for tue position of acting president of the university, following the refusal of George F. Zook as permanent head, adds another honor to a record that is long and distinguished. A prominent lawyer and teacher, he was for nearly =t decade a leading figure in educational administration in the Philippine islands. On the Iowa campus he has been recognized as one of the most capable administrators among the faculty: To aspiring students of law bis occupancy of the presidential office in Old Capitol will be both a gain and a loss. Perhaps most of all they will miss his lectures on constitutional law, which was, they say, "the dean's course." It would have been difficult for the board to find another man among- the university family who would command the respect and support of faculty memuers in the same degree. Whether the position is to be, as the board announced, temporary, or whether Dean Gilmore continues in the president's chair for a term of years, he can be depended upon to represent the university with dignity and force. £RliefRE* - »* PROPORTION o ARE 'THE SHK.Ort$e$Y K M O W N , J-4 'When I read this the thought occurred to me that we have a city right here in Iowa which is juat as unique. Our own McGregor is so situated between the Mississippi river and bluffs that it has only one street the length of the city. North Carolina hasn't anything on Iowa." firmly believe jay walking is a dangerous practice, as the appallingly high traffic toll of accidents of the country indicates. There's another angle to the jay walking habit which most of us overlook. Every violation of this kind helps to upset an established and generally recognized code of good order, necessary if we are to reduce traffic accidents. Drivers operate their cars under definite rules; at least they are supposed to observe such regulations. Pedestrians generally have learned to depend on the drivers' compliance with these restrictions. Their protection will be further assured if they, too, will make it a rule to cross streets only at the right place and the right time. --o--· found extremely Interesting this estimate of the famous Cedar Rapids Cherry sisters, which appeared in a personal remind us there were four of the Cherry sisters. We know that, but only three of them counted. We've seen vaudeville teams on different circuits who could learn things from the Cherry sisters." --o-am informed that Guy Smith, living at the edge of Mason City on Twelfth street northeast, is the possessor of a diary compiled by his father, J. W. · Smith, over a period of some fifteen years following his arrival in Cerro Gordo shortly after the Civil war. A'number of the books have been given by Mr. Smith to other relatives of this pioneer lowan but he has in his possession a volume which contains an account of the weather for every day in 1872. There are other interesting notations too. The elder Smith, whose death occurred some fourteen years ago. lived for many years on a farm north of Plymouth. In 1892 the family came to the 80 acre tract which lies along north of the Northwestern row roaa, Just off Federal DIET and HEALTH Dr. Ulendwimg c»nn« diagnose or give personal answer!, to letters from readers. When questions arc o! general Interest, ho" e?er they will be taken u p In order. In the dally coHujm. Arldresi vour Queries to Dr. Logan Clendcnln;, care or ine Globe (laiette. Write legibly ana u,l more than 200 words. 'Bj LOGAN CLENDEMNU. M. D. a year as . fpAfTEESON a Hurt used to go tot of his way to identify himself with the radical forces of the legislature. His one original idea was a state income tax, which might reduce the property tax burden as much as one-fifteenth or one-twentieth. But when other legislation was up, he seemingly sought out and took the position which would be regarded as most extreme. In the special session just ended, Senator Patterson obviously had been tamed. He voted as a republican at every test. In fact, the last conspicuous occasion on which he broke over the traces of party regularity was -ear and a half ago in the selection of Byron Allen senate secretary. Mr. Allen, whose uncanny ability to move from one plum tree to another has been commented on in this space, had democratic sponsorship on this occasion. He's still at the democratic trough. At present Mr. Patterson is seeking the republican nomination for lieutenant governor. Disinterested appraisal of the race compels one to concede that at this juncture, he is "out in front." If the primary were being held at this time, it isn't to be doubted that he would win. Interestingly enough, Senator Patterson has the backing of what in the past he has been pleased to call the "old guard," the "standpatters." Likewise, there is slight indication of any alliance between his campaign and that of Governor Turner. They have been cronies in previous years. A rumor persists that the Kosduth county man wanted to make the race for govfirnor 'himself but was barred by Turner's candidacy. Our purpose in calling attention to all of this is merely to inquire: ' Was Senator Patterson being himself back ui the days when he wore the garb of the radical or is he being his true self now, surrounded by those be condemned in other days? In which role are the whiskers false? IT COMES RIGHT HOME /r\HERE has always been a tendency to shrug off the -·· responsibility for public affairs in connection with mistakes and mismanagement in those affairs. But present exigencies have brought governmental business more and more into prominence, and its vital relationship to the success and prosperity of the individual is gradually getting under the skin even of those whose epidermis is practically a rhinoceros hide. By degrees it is dawning on everyone that if a large expenditure is incurred for public works, some- oae has to pay the bill. That someone is you. Directly or indirectly, sooner or later, it all comes back to you! pocketbook. And while we are prodding you in the ribs, Mr. Taxpayer, remember that you have another name, and it is "Mr. Voter." There is no use in heaping public officials with abuse. There is little avail in ranting and raving over the mistakes of congress or the low average of intelligence represented in your legislature. Who elected these congressmen and these legislators ? The director of public works who has defaulted of who has been guilty of graft has been appointed by the men you placed in office. The responsibility all comes back eventually to the long suffering puHic. The point is that the public need not be so long suffering. A little more attention to public affairs, a mor« careful examination of measures on the toilet. and th« earnest endeavor to elevate only responsible men of experience and high character to public office will soon correct this condition over which we weep. AN OPPRESSIVE TAX Decorah Public Opinion: An employe of a Decorah institution, who is on a modest salary, purchased' a sack of flour from his'"grocer the other day'and the two figured ouf'that included in the purchase price of $2.13 was the wheat processing tax of 35 cents, the state sales tax of 4 cents, and the county scrip :ax (the flour was paid for in scrip) of 4 cents. This is a tax rate of more than 20 per cent on the fiour purchased by this individual of very modest means for his family. There was undoubtedly an additional :ax on the cotton sack containing the flour. And yet our democratic friends, who were responsible for most of the taxation included in this purchase, pledged themselves that they were going to reduce taxes, and transfer much of the tax burden from the poor to the nch. No wealthy family could consume more flour than the laboring man in question, but the tax is far, far more of a burden to the latter than to the former. And with all this taxation, wheat is down almost as low as when the processing tax was applied, and Secretary Wallace says it is not probable that it will go much higher! STRAIN TABOO WHEN HEART'S ILL IF THE CAUSE of angina is due to changes in tne 1 arteries which supply the heart with blood and it as outlined in the article yesterday, these arteries tend to become fewer and to narrow with age. much of the treatment of angina is self-evident It consists - "LEST WE FORGET" in putting as little strain as pos~ sible upon a heart which can no longer rapidly supply itself with nourishment. The patient who baa had one attack of angina, in the words of a well-known American, clinician "Must ever after shape his life in accordance with- his'nafrowed limi tations. He should not exert him Dr. Clendenlne Lafe Hill in Norn Springs Advertiser: Lest we forget when we talk of hard times and privations, we may think that these are the only hard times that recent people have seen. In Manly when a large number of people had flocked there hoping to get work, not a few were disappointed. People busy with their own affairs paid but little attention to a small house where lived a Mexican family, brought there to work on the railroad. For some reason the husband was laid off. Neighbors learned that a child had died, and they went to see'What was needed. The baby lay on the ragged bed, clasping in her cold little hand, an almost faded bunch of dandelions. The mother, in her broken English, tried to explain that her baby should have flowers even though she could not see them. Moved by compassion and love these kind neighbors saw that she received a "beautiful wreath. A priest was called and the mother and father had the satisfaction and consolation of knowing that their child was laid to rest in the faith of her fathers and under the auspices of the church in which they worshipped. DANGBU OF ECONOMIZING Austin Herald: There is just one thing about the new airmail bids recently submitted in Washington that is a little bit disturbing. That is the thought that some lines, winning new contracts with extremely low bids, may have to cut the corners so closely in financing their flights that the safety margin will be reduced. Carrying passengers through the air in safety depends on a number of things. Planes and other equipment must be of the first quality. The pilots thern- jelves must be capable and experienced. The network of ground service--radio communications, mechanical servicing, weather reports, technical supervision, and so on--must not be skimped. It is greatly to be hoped that no company will find itself with such a low figure on its contract that it will feel obligated to cut on any of these essential safeguards. Economy of that kind would, in the end, bo irigbtfully expensive. . self unduly and should cease play ing golf, tennis or similar active sports. Short business hours and a long post-prandial siesta are very desirable, and a five day week is an excellent thing for such an individ ual. If economic conditions permit the pa(: i en t should take a winte as well as a summer vacation. Many spend thei: vacations unwisely. Instead of resting they work jus as hard only in a different way." The use of tobacco the patient himself usually learns to give up.. Almost invariably tobacco, espec ially in the form of a cigar or pipe, induces an attack It is surprising how easy it is in most cases to _ give up this life-long habit. I remember condoling with i professional colleague of mine, who, like myself, hac been a heavy cigar smoker, on the fact that he hac to do without his comfort. His reply was, "Clen, i you had the kind of pain I have when I smoke a cigar you would give it up with praise and thanksgiving. This does not signify by any means that it i tobacco which originally causes angina, but after th anatomical changes have occurred in the heart an an attack has been precipitated, tobacco frequentl induces an attack. The use of other habitual stimulants, on the othe hand, is on an entirely different basis. Coffee for thes people I believe to be not only harmless, but abso lutely beneficial. Coffee increases circulation throug the heart muscle, and for that reason is a good thing In fact, several of the drugs, such as theobromin and metaphyllin, which are used in this condition, ar for all practical purposes chemically similar to coffe and similar in their action. Whisky and brandy also are actual medicines, ben eficial in this disease. Among the first accounts that we have of it, the trsatment which is recommended is brandy, and I know at least .one patient who has had angina attacks, to my positive knowledge, for over 12 years, whose life, I believe, has been preserved for hat time by a fairly regular and liberal use of high- alls. EARLIER DAYS State 'hirty Years. Ago -The charming virtuoso, Miss Lucile as been invited to participate in the Iowa usic teachers' convention at Boone which will be n session in a few weeks. She will give a number ol iolin solos next week at Nora Springs. Officer Spaight accompanied Sheriff Holdren this morning to Anamosa with the three P*""""^ need there this week. They were met at the depot by he family o£ the prisoners wno bid them an affection- e association meets in the office of Secretary Shepard on Saturday night, where arrangements will be made to complete the plane for the improvements and beautifying of the founds The firemen who gave society such a deUghUul treat in the way of a dancing party last wee* Jtave been able to net ?30 as their share/of the profits rhich will be placed in the lodge treasury. JohnR. Cook, the man of the Milwaukee who has charge of that company's excursion trains, and who has a fund of stories, will leave 'for the east this morning. _ X V H e a l y A D e 7 M o i n e s , visited in the city yes- E y "L Kilbourn was among the business callers in the city Thursday from Rushford, Minn. A hit and run driver last night struck two men, killing one and injuring the other. George Megas, 30, was the man killed. . WASHINGTON-- Huerta has named his delegates to the conference with United States officials, at which terms of peace will be discussed. DES MOINES-- Howard Barlow, Mason City high school graduate, took the mile event in the college meet here Saturday, running for Coe college. The Swaledale Auto Garage company, is the name of a corporation, with capital of $3,000, which filed column in the Luverne News conducted by its genial editor, H. B. Coleman: "Every once in a while there is some one that bursts out with an article about the old Cherry sisters. We believe that the Cherry sisters were three of the greatest show people there ever have been in the state of Iowa. "Now, do not be mistaken in what we mean. We do not mean they were the best. But they were not the worst. They had sense enough to know they could not get by on their merits, so they rigged up the cabbage throwing stunt and t took them to Broadway. That's showmanship. "Any old timer who ever saw them knows they were not good but the same old timers have to ad mit they, have seen many sister acts before and after the Cherries wh were as bad or worse. "We know some one is going t note that the direct-by-mall outfits are getting wisa. This observation is made from a letter before me from a shirt manufacturer in Pennsylvania. In the first paragraph 1 am notified that "within the next few days" I am to receive a package "containing five of our new long-wear custom-like shirts." Further in the letter, however, there is an explanation that the shirts will be sent only on the condition that I fill out an order card, These direct-by-mail dealers have learned by experience that the American public doesn't care to be bothered with unordered merchau- dlse. Just as they've been foxy in their methods, the public has learned that there is no obligation to return such unordered stuff. Thus the order card ccompanying thia letter. -- -o-am pleased to give space to this bit of verse in which. May Merrill Farrer of Mason City expresses a preference for: SPRING IN IOWA thought I liked the winter best. At close of fall, Oh! it was sweet to rest At home, when winter's thvall Encompassed all. But spring in Iowa is new- pink hepaticas on the banke Of the old slough; Old oaks break into songs anew-Oh!- I'love spring best, · : Don't you? articles of incorporation today. Teachers, directors and officers of the Cerro Gordo county schools will meet Saturday at the courthouse. The Rev W E. Manly, missionary in China for a number of years, will speak at the high school assembly planned this afternoon. J. A! Albright, contractor of Duluth, Minn., was in the city Saturday calling on relatives. James Maroney, captain in the police force in bt. Paul, visited with friends and relatives over the week- R. W. Fischbeck is in Parkers'ourg today on busi- end. · ..._,,../'' '"''"'·J/ ,, BY FREDERIC" J.HASKIN. DIRECTOR GLOBE -GAZETTE INFORMATION BUREAU IN WASHINGTON THANKS TO WEST COUNTIES West Union Argo-Gazette: When the final day foi filing candidacies for state and district offices came, two men in the west end of the fourth district who had been expected to file for congressman withheld their petitions, so the decision must be made between two east end candidates. King R. Palmer and C. A. Benson. This is as it ought to be. The congressman for 34 consecutive years came from a county on the ivest end of the district: the democratic nominee will be an east end man. The republicans of the eastern part of the fourth district appreciate the fact that their party brethren of the western counties see ind act upon he justice and the policy of the situation Thank you. PROOF WE DON'T HAVE DICTATOR Fenton Reporter: The president sought to reduce appropriations and resorted to a veto, but congress ruled otherwise. Who will now claim we have a dictatorship ? ONE MINUTE PULPIT--Do good, O Lord, unto those that be good, and 'to them that are upright in their hearts.--Psalm 125:4. TODAY IN HISTORY Notables Born This Date--John James Audubon, b. 1780, great ornithologist. He was a merchant whose lobby was birds, and his Birds of America is a classic. He did the 1,065 full sized bird drawings in the book upon travels which cost him $100,000. * * Thomas Henry Huxley, b. 1825, biologist, whose writings have jrofoundly influenced scientific thought. * * Walt Mason, b. 1862, popular rhymster. * * Alice Liddell Hargreaves, b. 1852, the original of Alice in Alice m Wonderland, Staid clergyman-mathematician C. L. Dodgson wrote the story to amuse Alice and her two sisters; published it under the name of Lewis Carroll. · * Sir Thomas Lawrence, b. 1769, saloon keeper's son who became a celebrated portrait-painter. His works command fortunes today. * * William H. Prescott b. 1796, historian · with literary gifts--Conquest of Peru. etc. * * Horace Mann, b. 1796, founder of the American common school system. * * Harold Bel Wright, b. 1872, author of two of the best selling books of the last 50 years--The Shepherd of the Hills and The Calling of Dan Matthews. * * Bartholomeo Cristofori, b. 1655, creator of the piano, i. e.. inventor of the first instrument in which the hammer actioi was employed with a keyboard to produce musica notes. 1826--Peter Minuit, 46, a Prussian, landed on tht island we know as Manhattan and proceeded to buj it for the Dutch from the Amerindians for trinket worth about 60 gilders. The fort he erected at th southern end of the island was the first building in what is now the largest city in the world. * · · 1864--The desperate battle of the Wilderness, open ing of bloodiest military campaign in the world's his tory, began between armies led by Grant and Lee It was the beginning of the end of the war for Gran gave Lee no respite thereafter, despite the fearfi losses he sustained. When did Senator John Sharp Williams die? J. V. At his home near Denton, Miss., Sept. 27, 1932. What is measured in decibels? N. t. Sound intensity. Why are flaps and slots put in airplane wings? L. B. Their primary function is to increase the maximum, lift over that obtained on the wing without slots and flaps. Incidental to the increase of the lift, flaps and particularly slots improve the lateral control and stalling speeds. In general, the use of flaps and slots improves the flying characteristics of an airplane at low speeds; that is, in landing and in taking off. They prevent or at least postpone the tendency toward involuntary spinning. How did Balboa chance to discover the Pacific ocean? P. D. Balboa was living in Hispaniola Dan Steck, former state commander of the Amerian(i havm g fallen deeply into debt, an Legion, and Frank Miles, editor of the Iowa ea j ed imprisonment. He hid in a . ,.-- _,,._ =tt=nri asfc and got Wmself sm uggled board a ship leaving for the main- .nd of Central America. There he ·as successful in making friends ·ith the Indians. He heard, while .here, that a complaint had been odged against him with the King of pain, possibly on the old charge of eeing from debt. Determined to erform some feat which mighl often the king's wrath, he set out nto the wilderness with some com- anions, among them Pizarro, des- ined to be conqueror of Peru, anc tumbled upon the greatest ocean u the globe. Do auto racing drivers nave ti lave physical examinations? E. L. The American Automobile asso iation requires racing drivers regis ered under it undergo a thorough physical examination once a year. Where ivas Representative D O,il J J C 1 W U ( M.'*--- -·- - · · . . , .ejnonaire, are among the speakers who will attend he gathering of the local Legion post Thursday eve- in 2" E. H. Warner and G. S. Avery left for Sioux City where a fire inspection of the city is being held. J E Taylor, bridge inspector, has been trans- erred from Anamosa to Wyoming. Mrs. Taylor is mployed in a local store. H J. Steinberg, assistant postmaster, and E. J. Kenney, of the stamp department, are transacting business in Grand Meadows, Minn., today. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Kearney left today for Carroll vhere they will spend a week visiting with relatives and friends. ONCE OVERS By J. J. MDM1Y YOU CAN SUCCEED BY YOUR OWN EFFORTS As you look about you and see the advantages which have been afforded others you think that you have not had a fair chance in the world. . You see rncn whose fathers gave them a start business by taking them in with them after their college days. Perhaps you had no one to boost you. Everything you have was procured by hard ana individual effort. YOU see others backed financially while you nevei had a dollar's worth of aid. Lack of education is a handicap you regret since you have learned that it might have been a grea benefit to you. But you never blame yourself for your lack o Yet you know many men who have reached posi tions of importance and affluence solely by their own efforts. They exercise self-denial, put in many hours i hard study and thought--which you, probably, neve have done. Confronted by handicaps you threw up your hand and decided it was no use. But you might have raised yourself above the com mon run if you had worked hard enough. Priest born? B. N. C. Oscar De Priest, Negro congress man, was born 1871. , in Florence, Ala Can you take up such matters fo ^ as pension claims, arm records, or personal grievances wit government departments ? A. R. We can do no more than direc you to the bureau with which yo should correspond. Personal ma' ters cannot be handled through th service. General information regard ing the activities of government de partments or concerning their fine ings can be obtained. Address you question to this newspaper's Info mation bureau," Frederic J. Haski director, Washington, D. C. Enclos coin or stamps for reply postage. How old IB Diego Rivera? L. N. He Is 47. It is said he was an ar 1st at 3. What did the German kaiser an her when Roosevelt reviewed the erman troops in 191 C? r. C. The following is a quotation from newspaper of May, 1910: "Th« aiser or , emperor said 'Mein. reund Roosevelt, I am happy to elcome you in the presence of my uards. We are glad you have seen art of our army. You are the only rivate citizen who has ever re- ewed German troops." Turning to s officers the emperor then said: We have been honored today with he presence of the distinguished olonel of the Famous American ough Riders.' After this exchange f pleasantries the kaiser' and oosevelt both said "Auf Wicdcr ehen." What is a chopine? A high clog worn under the shoe make the wearer appear taller. t was introduced into the West rom.Turkey. The shoe with clog- ttached is also called a chopine. Is there any limit to the «peei! t which a man can travel? Col. L. M. Hathaway, flight sur- eon of the U. S. army, says that peed alone, aside from the effects ngendered by the wind and other actors, so far as is known, has nf 1 effects on the human orgaiiism; ut danger lies in the sudden stop- ling, starting, or change of direc- ion. How much (lid the JuUliarit foundation give to the Metropolitan ipera this year? L. C. It gave ?40,000 toward the guaranty fund being raised to assure continuance of opera next season. Do the schools In the South Temperate zone have vacations at thn same time we do ? J. C. School vacations are usually different from those hi this country- 'or instance, in Australia, the ihristmas vacation is the summer vacation. It begins a week before Christmas day and lasts from 25 to 35 days. There is a vacation of two weeks in May. which is a winter month, and usually one week in August or September. In Argentine, the summer vacation extends from Nov. 30 to the first Monday in March. In moving to Canada from the V. S., does duty have to be paid on household goods? N. B. For settlers going into Canada, household goods and personal effects may be taken in duty free. Who painted The Lone Wolf? "E. A. Alfred von Kowalski-Wierusz, a modern Polish painter. Why Is May considered unlucky for marriages? V. R. This superstition is a survival of Roman custom which made to? month of May the occasion of tbf Lermiria, the festival of the unhappy Theodore Roosevelt say to each 1 dead,

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