The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 8, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1818
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f v. 1 rf 1 1 I - 1 I emine vuc now, li uie tnf vi "" '7 ; , - . ; tuxlerthl - flirectt - (UweMfj'ri' - T - aspoe. f!hlhohbeejidaob to Iifl ho bar bcea iod enoegb to Honor tbem, ' masters of tii'i court t n fuuvy. , U,eriwA 'P TAT OF HEW - TO, ft. . . - tn onrtuarrte of adecretal order olUiis honor 1 ble court. Iworius: dale the sixteenth day Of - October last, will be sold t public acr ja, althe uieircomnaand, and to inform end the ao - "iircri of handsome. fursiUr ia general, bM .a hand acme - very JrW I uircuiiisBaus, u .v - - r - ,' - - r ay m January oex i, at twe've o' , a!i that ccrtatu lot. tract or pared tMlMlhtMmilr ol I UIa Mr. New - York, and raEyans 1 v.ut, and koownjby rtui im fcnr - 4.4 hr, i.rf . ciin. i w td as follows lbe - girmiatrat a'sleke and heap o tree, (narked Ff 34'and 37 t cornet of fct.Sittj' - eye ; tl - bowd thereof tovittl eighty ,,. - - . - hrl . 7 " n: tJona ID OOTID ne vtereen, wi CM hundred ao4 twenty eh.f... Bim tv tiilialca toahoechtrei kd No.XJand34: beiij - tbeaoatatt corner pfJot (No. 33,) Bum - ber thirty threo t tbcc bJopk U cart howKli themot oorth tl.r. dwn - . - taat clahty one - IM" J". Ji J2SK5 .ckxk,tooo, elo1aid,ifW 'TS????tta.AiZwb. byapplyinra. above. i vt . u.v - i. - a a. tm.Utm aHU oefreCT.eaii m nuiwicr oi wic mum oota t(irty ve chaia - ad twenty four link, to hrh trH Mamtvi nn. o I ineoce mrui "&"'J r.ioa decree, aaat twenty oiainf 10 uie ' . . 7 . . Vr . . a' .I.,.. IK nmr ooana 01 101 laxnj gvw " - T . V . aouthfortywcLaiiuaDdslnetTxtoJ piix - e 01 no - .ium.ij, i Jortemneacreiand three iorm m r. SKI4!?!! ST2 I (tdiatU coaoty of De(awt, in U.e atato rflnriuciple; aai likewue eoaranteea the hair toU JVaw Vork. in trati' fatrnt, and kaowa byj by liira to be free from any impure amell, btio rreat iot thirty - even, and i bounded as fof - j waj - coarad, boiled and baked, and bing ma - low - i - ficriiioiiuf at a liemlock tree mar ed."fo. 37 and 4, Ix'inj the noriheast cor - .. tt No. (W number forty : thence ' !on the aorth bounds thereof, south,' eigh Hm .l - srmr. wett odc hundred aod thirty. iCor chaim Rid tea link to a beech sapling marked No. X fc 37 ; thence aorthtnree oe - , - m. r.t Kentv eicht chaitt to a Beech tree with stone round it thence on the south bound of lot thirty four nortn eighty nice deer, east one hundred and thirty chain - to a liirwb tree marked thirty stTrnand tliirtyt . tlicnce on the wt boundi oi lot tl.lriy - aht, south seventy. eight Cham to the place oi Deginniiig,wmiuiiii, I 'une thousand aud twenty - lour acres ana one ' fourth of an acre of land with the appurtenance, IWcmivrt. II7. J , II 1 int Trt V I JAMES A. HAMILTON, Dee 3 lw4&itt Mater in Ciancery. frt - The ie el lb above prouy ii i'ipo - idto tiies et'hteenth dsy of felruary ncx t at the ne ame hour and place. JMicdJnu. i, IBM. , , . 'JAMES A. HAMILTON, jhh7aw( S aster iu Cluncery. Ti. nfllut above uropertv i rnJtpmed to fl.a li'th dnv of Mav next, at the une hour and nlace. Dated Feb. 18. 1T.1K. - JAMES A. HAMILTON, I feb 18 Iavtdi Mauler in Chnni trv. I ' The ite the alfve property is po' - pmied to the 11 dv of Juoc neat, at the same Imur and .place. Dattdalay 14, lit 13; JAM5 A. HAMILTON, mi 14 tawlds Master in Chancery. Th saki uf tl e above rroper'v is ixUoni - d to Die 15th dav ol Av'aM bki, - at the same liur aid pUce. Dattd J - meVAl, 1.118. . ; J AalbS A. HAMILTON, J 93 lawtrls Matter in Cb inrt ry WifOOif t'Ott S.'lhE. r Or Fitkangt for a Heal on hland. Tlii elegant country establUhment ts 52ljil for sale oo very accommodating terms. T a hnutd is bnilt nf itont!. and finished throughout in the most subttantial and tastelul Style, coaiainwj, uunns rovuia, uwun Inn. rJosets atuTcellars. I Oa the larmisa convenient farm - house, lodge, ice house, ffillod) and all the otacr usually up - UMutsnt tn a renteel country establishment ' It consists of 105 acres of land, well watered ; about one third it in wood, and the residue con - sit't of arable and meadow - land, under high cultivation. - . ... On the farm 1 a Urge apple ?'iard and a nrnfaiinn nf the ordinary email fruits. Ui delightfully aitnatedoo the east bank of 'Hudson River, commanding a fine prospect of the river, of the Caiskill aod Blue Mountains, aud of an extensive and rich tract of intervale. It is about twa mile aoutb of the elegant resi dence nf Gen. Lewia, and four roi'es north of Jlvde Park, in Hatches county. Tliere is t pott otSce within a mile, and several public land in - , churches and schools within four miles. The steam - boata afford great facilities, and pats the premise at tlie most convenient hour. ViUl atlenlioo, tliit estate will pay 14 per ct. pr annum on the turn asked for it. Mr. vvool iiwld?t. hi the Lodge, will shew the premises. Application may be made to A - S. CELL, 501 Broadway, New York. Tide indisputable and immediate possession given Jel lawfiw "IV TO TICK is hereby given, that wt the under XI signed have been appointed by hi honor Richard Riker, Recorder of the City of New - York, according to the act for relief against an. cooding and ahtent debtors, trustees for all the creditor of tbe persons constituting the firm, co partnership or house of trade, of Prentiss tl Carter, of Baltimore, detitnrs, who reside out of this state and are indebted within it nd all persons indebted to the said persons constituting the said firm. conartoerthiD or house of trade, are requi red by the tea th d ty ol J une ne xt to pay a U de bt and stints of money which they owe to the said - person constituting the (aid firm, copartnership or house iU trade, and deliver all property of the ante, which they have in possession, to us, the said trustees. And all creditors of the said per sons constituting the said firm, copartnership or house of trade, are desired, by the first day or Auicuttnext. to deliver to us, or one oi us, their respective demands against the tame. Dated the 27th day ol May. 1 rt I (t. WILLIAM C. MULLIGAN.l WM. PROCTOR, Trustee, JOSEPH BATES. ' tniSU dtJlOAtlawlAl HEKtAs Hezkiab keliey pf the town of Brooklyn, by hit certain' indenture oi mortgage, bearing date the twenty first day of September 1CIB, lor the better securing tne pay ment of the tuns of three hundred and fitly dol lars, lawful money of the United States of America, together with the lawful interest for the ame according to the conditions of a certain bond bearing even date with the laid mortgage, did grant, bargain and sell unto John Crnpwr. of the city of New - York, house pointer, all that certain lot of ground with the building thereon, being part of a parcel of ground in (lie city of New - York, distiueuisbfd and known by tbe name of Bayard West Farm; and it particularly designated in a map thereof msde by C. T. Gocrck, by number three hundred and forty - five, situate on the west side of Laurent - tt betseen Broome and Spring - streets, and bounded easterly in front by Laurtns - street, westerly in tlje rear by lot number three Lundred and sixty - four, southe rly op one side by part of tbe said lot, number three hun - lred and forty - live, and northerl) on Uie other side by lot number three hundred and forty - six ; containing in' front and rear twelve feet in widUi aod in length oo each side one hundred feet be the same more or lei, which aid lot of ground wat sold by the Corporation of said city to Wm L. timers, tur arrears oi taxes, on the 17th day of June 1811, for the term of 16 years from the 13th May of said year, and by the said' Wro L. Sinter conveyed to the said John Cranter na the 7th March 1312 : And whereat default hat been marie iu the payment of lue principal aoci interest due soon tatd Bond and Mortgage, accord in t the coralilioa thereof. nouca is nereny given that by virtue of a power contained in Um said mortgage, and in pursuance if the statute in ttKjicaw - n.aito nnt nrnvi. ded, the said mortgaged premites will be sold at puniic cocuoo or vendue oa Uie fifth day o( J jdu - avy next, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Toa. fineC4fle lluumt in the city of New - York. Lift, led, Jane 2Mh 18 1 a. 1 .. JOHN CRAPSSa, Pet aa De Witt. AMotmvv Jy 1 Iaw6n HOUSE AND WAGt.ON. " T.'VJM D.ILr. an exrtllent H irse and light inmg "Hfs'n, .ne norse is o years old, perfectly geutlo uiid kn d in harness, and plea. ant anar he saddle. Enquire al SLOW LEY'S ouiiiH - , j' - na - ttreel. J 3 tf TRAPS. THEnrwIy invented patent Box Traps, for aaleatUO WattrHtrtcL Je 13 any oas for i. lit ajid ol st p - to ent nnd l airy can - of the art v I Mill OG AST ROFAB. CHAIR AND CAW NET FURNITURE. JV. 49 BEKKMAA - STUEET. 'HUE subscriber begs leave to urn M - J. Ctrs thanks to Wo lamee win l""""1: urn wsui I u r,,ad aiboafi,i I ornamental brars - worlr, inlaid with high, polished 1 ornamental brass - swa row - wew., - - : - b lei to match, ureciaa coecnei, TIi .11. rk - in. A1C. AUO. U L7."ti: - ir. of which ht oertica I ''"'J H - " - ' - - . ""j"v" - I All lurnimr wmura wortanu.aqofc - .wW . j t0 Mr ps - t ofthtwiioato "."eew" "L.m - uwt ny arawinr, . . or Btl.Bh.,.n, fancy woodh ...y I IIBTS 1IWHI - - - A. M. HAYWOOD. LViiLJEO HA IK JiAXU fA CTOH Y , . i 70 buuvm - nireb rilHE aobtcriber relurat lua ttaaoKi toine ... . ... . . . .k. JU puolic lor Uiair lormer pairooagv u ui andhopM for tbair future .nrtuort. ila likawiM iofbrms mom mat n na ctor.d e,pre...y for matra on a. .iprov.d oufactured by machinery, has an advantage over, other batr manufactured in America it very teiture aod elaiticity making it a saving of tweniy - nve per ceniio we purcnater. WILUAJI JACKSON. N. D. MerchanUand the trade in general ill find it to their advantage to call ai above. 30 bale of hair in its rough itate 6 bale i of hone - Uils : 8000 lbs of lon buir drawn 00 inches, tubbed J 600 dozen bair sieve bottoms, stle at above. my 5 2m T..miM , ? mu. iiccoiicurnersnip, nerrioiore eaisuns ne - tweeo ABUAH AM B. MARTUMU and WILLIAM B. C0ZZLN3, wadiolred on the Snril 1 .. . - .. I . M. . l iimment will te continued by the subscriber. IhetilUbtionofTAMMANY MALI. i nro. bably unrivalled in this city facing the Park tlte C'itv llail.and wiUnn a iniuiitft's wnlk the Theatre, Academy of the Fine Arts, Mu uiii, tic. It preNbts inducement for air, pros - ct, ennvvuence and accommodation, inferior none in city. 1 raveller from the differ tate in tha union, and from tlii itat. will t I riruoiany Hull a larder well stocked witii the dclicucies of the season, choke Wines, ea cnamnert, and every convenience that be eipected, and on the most moderate term. Je II lm WM. n. COZZF.NS. KXHIBITlOa r THE FiaE iBTS. COLUMBI AN PICTURE GALLERY. JVo. 140 Fulton - ttr'tt, ntur liroaditav. Fri H E proprietor tf this valuable and exten - SL. Bi ve cotlficlion of nicturc. embraces the opportunity of iuformiu; counoiseur and ama teurs ortho arts, and the enlightened public New - York, - that the pnllery will in future be open from R ia the morning "till half past 10 at nignt. from a in Uie evemii' to half past 10, gallery w brilhantly tallied up, and tha ad im.vp.uu ..ui .cui, These lui turei have been mllrtL af .,Cnje of 35000 dolfsrs, acd are allowed, by the t itu to be the finest merimens of the ever enhitnted in the United States, bciug gems, selected with peculiar cwrc, from the va nous cabinets in Home, Naples r Iorencr, Am - Icruam, I'arts and Loodoo, and the works ollhe most approved painter?, both ol the ancient and modern schools, and are undoubtedly origintls. Artists, ladies or gentlemen, will be entitled to s'.udy, or cpy any of the pictures, by becoming subscribers. Ladies or gentlemen, who have subscribed one dolhr, on pnying another, will be Com idarsd subscribers Tor the season. Vrf" Admittance, for the day aod evenin. SO ceut ; tor a month, $1 ; for the season, J2 c taiogue inciuaei. Jexi lm m TOLJcr. Uniil A counting Room, in the most central part or fean - atrect. r ol particular enquire nt 197, up stairs. Je 15 PATENT BUG DESTROYING LIUUiD. A CERTAIN arid never failing pfiion for bed bugs. It willexterminate them at using, without staining the furniture, or being accompanied with that disagreeable smell usual'y at lending the application of other poisons. For sale in bottles, at 4t. earti, at V. DICKIE'S Medicine Store, 395 Broadway. N. B. A large assortment of geuuioe Drusi and warranted patent Medicines, for tale at a. bove. Je 19 lm SEVENTH WARD TIUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the As L sestortof the seventh ward have completed their assessments, and that a copy thereof is leO witn uavid Lyon, at - o. b4 Market street, where the same may lie seen ami examined by any of the inhabitants during ten days, from ten o'clock, A. M. to three P. M. and that the At testors will meet no I rid a v. the U - tith dav of .Iu ly, at the house ol Lie said uavin Lyon, to review their taid assessments, on the application ot any person conceiving himself atizrieted. DAVID LYON. I Assessors of the 7th JAMESON COX.f ward. New YorE, 29lh June, 181ft. Je 29 141 J OHN HEWITT still resides at No. 2 W Wa ter street, where he has a very baotlsomeand fashionable assortment of Cabinet Furniture oa band, wt)ich ba will warrant to be of the first quality. Heenlicitthis New York and southern Iriendsto givs him a call, as lie flatter hinatcll they will not be disappointed. Orders executed at the shorteM notice. Je S? tf I'ROal'ECTUS ron rrm.if - Hin. bt stiBscRirriow A MM' Or MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 MtE publication of this Map hat been under - J. taken m ith the iuinresiion. that it will ex - hitiitinrormation, l.ichlv interesting at (his event ful crisis, snd the valuable Mans which the nu thor has procured, during his several tours tlirouh Mexico, in II. n yenrs IXj, II'UV, Illlt, 1!II3, 1HI j, I8lfi, and 1K17. mdure him to lx li.ive that the Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most perfect winch has aj j rured be fore the public. This Man will contain the latest and best in formation from the discoveries and posesioot of the American, Spanisii, Russian, British aod r rem n travellers and navigators and representing the claim of their retfiective governmeuts on the Northwestern coast of America. 1 he Map will include that portion of North iuerica, which lies netween the Isthmus of l)a - rien, aod the 40th degree of North Latitude, aod from the Mississippi River westwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In site the Map will be about six five feet, and wiil be projected nil a scale of 40 milet to Uie incli, to be delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars t ach. Natchet, March7,18lft. ap7(4a1 MONT - A LTA For SALE or to LET, and immediate posessioo given, the beautiful place called M - mt - Alta, irea mile from Uie City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Couriers.) 's. ' It contains 20 acre of land under improvement, with a lurge garden well stocked wiUi vegetable a variety of fruit, with esery 'cnovemence for a family. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if ohl a long credit given if wanted, npply to N. & D. TALCOTT, 64 South - street. Je It UOR S U.E, 30 reams'of Cassia Paper, suita I ble for baa Box makers, or sugar Bikers. tie quality and size is the same as tlie Evening roM is printed on. Je lb Apply at this office. FOR SA LB. H, J.1MCS P. .tADCS, No. 7. miniila 11.. C. L. ;VkUtoiujlpurtAjeB. Ltz,9 18 TT" nyirriTAii iTCtl OWTMEST. THE long aad succetsrul ase of this etoUntDt ai Miftcient recosnmeodarioti. a it ha tten foaitd to be a pleaiant, af and certain re saedy ror Uiat aissgreeaoie cutesse la au m 5 es. It h for sola in the city of New York, by . A. ft T. R. Fost, No. 41 VYillia - treei: I. at T. Clark, No. hi Maiden - Laml H. n SchieflehoW Co. No. 193 Feari - street I Law - mrm tt Kmm. No. Its Peari - street s Hull a Bowao, 14o Feari - street ; R. t L.Mtfrray, 313 fcarl - street t M. Vradhurst, 314 rean - auaci ; John Penford. No. 4 Fletcher - street i Ourrea Poe, in Fearl - street) John C. Morriion, 188 Greeewicb - street t John F. Fisher, 106 Broad' wav t Waller ac seam a a. corner of unamoer - si. aod Broadway, and also tn Cbatbaaa - atreet and in short it may ba procared at most of the Prug Stores i this citv Also in Pbiladelpliia, of S. Witberell k Sob : Georee Uartell . North & Ro ten, and almost ail the druggiits in the principal town in ute uotiea states. LIKEWISE. WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be nad at tne above places. tan zzttm valuable; real t,a for ale, IS THE CITw OF IKW - TORK. ?IV lot of ground on the west side of Green 1 wkb - atreet, between Vettry aud Ueibro es - streets, 25 by 00. roar oo in uie rear oi me aoove, fronting on Uie east side of Washington - street, S5 by 110. Eight do in the block below, between .Waah ington and West - streets. In Montrrtroerr Coontv. 6000 acres of Laud in Lawrence's mrchase. near East Canada Creek, on the north side of in aiMiawai. In Franklin Countv. 15.102 acre of Land, in tha towns of Mount iuorru ana uayton. In rssex Lounlv. 703? acre of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the County of Lewi. 1250 acres of land in CsiferlnnH. Plmasnnia ru rebate. In Saratoga County. 5600 acre ia Palmer purchase. Enquire at uieo&ce of the lubtcriber. 34 Ce dar - itreet. BEV. R0BINS0V. mh 17 tf ii. SAUiNOEU'S PA J ENF KAZOK blKOP, You that wish to shave with ease, Buy of Saunders if you please ; His Razor Strop's, peculiar sucb. That sharp the Razor with a touch. G. &AU.MIJLK3 respectfully solicits (hose a ho have not cot his Patent Razor istrnn. to furnish themselves with hit new invented IU - aor strop, and Metallic Composition. No ceo tlrman who once makes trial of one of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and tuchit their formation, that ever so much use will not give the razors that roundness which renders the best of litem useless, aod which is well known al way to follow the application of all those hither to invented. The above strops are in general use in New York, and are distinguished from all others. Barbers who have used them say more uuieir praise tnau i can luyseu. ii. SAUNDERS, ' 1U Wall - street. Also for sale, Razors, Soap and every utensil for Shaving, of the first qnality, with a (Ulterior assortment of I'erfumery, Hair - Powdtr,A:c. from Smyth', New Bond stieet, London. N. B. The most liberal allowance made to do tiler. my 2f t - OH SALE OR7X)LE.1it:, Lot in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: many of liicb are on regulated and paved streets. .No mooey will l required under ten year, if told, uliresl excepted. IIUUSLS. Several two and thrte story house, on which a gieat part of the money rem.iin on mortgage. LA.MJI.Xi AT UKIJ IIOUK. An excellent tHnd for business, with ten arrrs of land, pleasantly situated, Willi a wharf, storehouse anil barn. CO ITON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, near Aew - llaven, with 40 acres of land, aod o never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may he erecieu, witn a suniciency oi water lor eacn. Appiy at nu.z oreenwich siren, jnn 13 tf The elreant 3 storv housa No. 7 Hud sou street, which commands a pleaiant view of the rarK and river, fosseiiioa may be bad in a wdays. Also for sale, the furniture of said house. It it of the licit quality ; well fitted, aod suitable to a genteel family. Apply as above. my 1 1 it A farm on the Hudson, about a ndle from Newburgh, containing 133 acres, 33 ol which are Woodland, the rtst i divided by good feuce into a due proportion of meadow, arable and pasture land. The building are partly new ; the house convenient for a small family : its situation it equalled in beauty by lew on the river ; the advantage, Irom the vicinity oi a noursso - ing village, of public worship, society and rood market, with the facility of communication with .Viir York, render it a desiraoie residence lor a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of the rest will be made easy to tbe partbajer. Apptv on the premises, to jevjti i. Mtri.A.v.s. FOR r - ALk., A LOT of land, containing between sixteen a. aud twenty acret. adioinins the villaesol Itlooinincdale, fronting on the Tenth Aveuue and Hudson River, adjoining on the south the country scat of Mr. John 11. Talman. The terms will be reasonable, and two third! of the purchase money may remain secured uy bond and mort gage. ALSO, two lott of ground, twenty five feet by one hundred each, tituate on the east tide ol Fnrsvth street, about 150 to 200 feet north of Dtluncy - street. If not disposed of at private tale, the above will be offered for sale atauclion, on Wednesday, 8th July. For further particulars, apply at the Mutual lorurunce unite, xo. sz n ail street. Je II 1m KEWEKY. For sale, a bargain, a Brtw J.) cry U Malt Home couuectcd, in the city of Hu.l.on. Tbe buiUinp are stone, aod par ticularly well calculated for the business. It is situated in the midst of a barley country, and ha many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wisliiog to engage in Uvi business. It is the only brewery iu Uie cout try. This property will be told cheap. Terms liberal ; title good. For further particulars apptj to M. MULDF.N, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near tlie premises. Juue 13 tf ClHOfPA RUM A LLS. 5 cast 1 Clicppa Ro - mailt superior quality, tubjei t lo draw back - forialeby "G.W.TALBOT, J 3 55 Pine street TO BUILDERS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant building or factories. F OT3, 77 feet by 80, more or lc, with (he JLi buildings thereon, in Uie centre of VeseJ - st can be purchased separate or together. ALSO. An elegant LOT, with tbe Buildings thereon. 1 1 Bowery, 42 nr 12o, more or less, near Chat ham - street the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beekmao - sl I he advertiser li. J three small mortgage to dispose of, one of $.1,000, one ol $1000, one of $itij, an in tint city. Jess The subscriber offers fir sale hi real dence in the town oi Fairfield, state of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, oa Ui Boston road, about half a mile from Jjong Island Sound, 55 miles from New York, :id iO from New Haven. Tbe house and out - houses are In excellent repair. Tbe irnit yard is well stocked with a variety of peaches, apricot, cherries, peart and itrawberrjes. There are in tbe vicini ty academies for the education of youth of boiM sexes. I runs ooe to six acres of excellent larKl, at tbe option of the purchaser, can be bsd vrfth Uie home, aad tlie rrhase moeey, if desired, can remaia oa interrst. ror terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Esq. 76 John siretrt. N. Yotk. or to the Hon. JONATHAN SPURGES, Fair - in in to bv of V aud at the on as I mydu . . DAVID ELY. POST. COACn a9 STAM - BOAT LINE, - ' ' f - UH FtiJUIDKLriHA . ' "W - WAT or XLlSAKTBTOWBT roiar. , 1 Through in On Day.) ' - ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every coo venience for passengers and baggage, oi Springs, (tart from the Coach office. No. 1 Courtiand - itreet. near Broadway, New - York, every morning, (Sunday excepted) at 5 o'clock, m tbe Steam Boat Atalanta. via Elizatethtown Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton aod Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia tha tame afternoon, nt OTIOtK. A second Line of new Post Coache will start from New - York everv mornlnc. fSnndav eg. cepted.) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan ta, ifHlge at 1 renton, and arrive at Philadcjplda, a steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollar. P. S. Passenger are requested to can and lake their Seat al the cttice no. Conrtland - tt. N. Y. united State Mail Coach, for Tliilailejphra, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passenger and baggage, on spring. The U. S. mail coach will start from tlie touch olfice. No. 1 Couitlandt - st. New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Phil adelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 pa, scneers admitted. Forsentstnthe above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Conch, and Steam Boat office. No. I Court laiidt - stiect, near Uie corner ot Broadway, iscw - Yoik t or to A. T.GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street. New - Yoik. (JCT"AII goods and baggage at the risk ot the 'rmrjci. iVr.lllblVil, v.1.'. B Expresses sent to any part of the Con THOMAS W ill i FIELD. Je 4 SMKT SURE MAIL COACHES, FOR rHlLADELFHIA. - .i. M ft7 - Leave New - York every lonrimi' f Sundny'sex cepttdj at H o'clock, aod ar rive in Philadelphia next d:iv tu iliimer 1'he puhlick house are good, and trasonable their charges. The drivers, horses unit coaches are not interior to any others now running between these two cities. Tbe beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads on tlii rout, con - netted with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expt ncet, are beleivtd to be strong inducements travellers in giving this line a decided prefer eoce. The i'rk test attention will be observed the proprietor! in giving general satisfaction. mi naguage and rackagei win go at tne ntk oi uie owner unless insured and receipted lor oy uie clerk of said office. Stage fare only 5, withagenerouiallowance baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seals apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - nreet, New - York. LYUiN, SU.S, 4 CtJ. ap S Proprietor!. UNION LINE 'J,T. immJ FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twriitv - five miles land carriage, lia New - Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coache $5 Do good stage 4 50 Do forecastle or deck passengers, 3 50 Connected by the (team boats olive branch PHLADELmiA.. The steam - boat Olive Branch wilt leave New York every day. Sun - lav's excepted, from the north side of the Bat tery, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Passengers wiil lodge Trenton, and take tlie iteam boat Philadel phia, ao as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock next morning, in uroe 10 ume uie uniuu luc Baltimore iteam boats. This line has a connection witn the best boats tbe Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; also those of the North River aod Sound ; and their several arrival are calculated to cause lit tle, if any delay. i hit is a speedy ana certainty ine most conve nient route, at the passengers will leave new - York after the bankiopeo, and arrive in Philadelphia before the hourt of huMneit, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, Uie land carriage beiiig much less than by any other route between the two cities. For teats in tbe above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES. At tlie Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ket field street, north side or the Battery, be - tween Greenwich and Washington stretts, or to The CAPTAIN on board. (5 - All good and baggage at the risk of the owner. ap 4 NO I ILK. For the further accommo dation of the puhlic, Uie de - arture ol the r iretly irom ew - York and Newburgh will tw ia tuiure on the loiiowing days : . IU V 1. M.l. UI.J....J.. Lretlve JTew lUlk vim mwwj, .vuiicwaj and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave New burgh on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 A. M. The above arrangement will commence by the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th Mav. 1 he Western Stage leavet Newburgh imme diately after the arrival ol tne r iretly. my 22 EASTON AND BETHLEHEM NEW LINE, VIA BRUNSWHE. 0 - Passengers will leave New - York every Monday tnd Friday, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. in the steam boat Olive Branch ; lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at Easton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave r.aston every Tuesday and t riday, at a o'clock, A. M , lodge at New Brunswick ; arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next morning, in the (team - boat Olive Brinch. The ttnge connected with this line 11 a good four - borst itage. Pasage from N. Brunswick to Laston, S3 50 from Easton to Bethlehem, 75 cents. For seats in the above line,anply to WM. B. J AQUES, at tlie Philadelphia Union Line steam - Boat Other north aide of tire battery. KUbfcrir Lb isu:s, Proprietor. JenW FOR rtUIJMELtHljt, F.UZ.1BETH - TOH X POIXT. IriVmw I H l'll rial i1 rnicll i ivl Thrmieh 1 a day and by dau - lieht. T EAVES New - York in the itr - am - boat Ata M - A laula, from the foot of Whitehall - street, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 CourUandt - s'recl and No. 53 W lute hall - street, at which placet teats may be taken Jew tf TO LEASE OR FOR S ALE, That elegant modern built house, tittiate at the corner of Sands and WashiDg'eo streets, Brooklyn Its size it thirty - one feet trout by fifty feet deep, its rooms so arranged as to cooiLUi avrry convenience for a genteel residence. It will be sold with two or more lots of ground, at tbe option of Uie purchaser. Terms, one fourth cah, the rest in such payments as will l mot convenient to purchaser. Apply on the pre. mises to C. BALL, may 23 tf rri to i.kt. A dry Cellar, under the house No. rii.e - streeu tiq - ure ol jnn. slrJJLS, ruyllir 134 Peari - atreet WANTED. A fam GIRL fmm 12 to 15 years of age, of good ccaracter ami steaay habits, to assist iu ly. Apply at 71 Ueonard - itrcet. Jc9 mm j m na ssw ?!Wrl - ii - TV THE S0UM - D STKJIM BOATLIXK.. g"" - fi Lo proprietore, wi'b a A new of accommodating the f" " "f public, by extending tbe tine ' norwics, mtead maKing tl experiment with the Fulton, Capt, Law, and Uiis route (if fonnd practicable) will be continued during the teason. Toe line will in future b from New. York to Norwich, a follow : The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday. W'4nudas and Friday, at 8 o'clock, ,in the morning, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt. Law, will leave Jfoneich at 6 o'clock in the morning of the same days, touch at fftw - Lenion ana aepan irom thence Tor Xftv - llmttn at o o'clock. The boat wiil meet at Xtw Haten, and depart from thence every Monday, H'tinu - iay and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the eveniiur tlx Connecticut for Jnt - Yti, and tbe Fulton for jyac - iAtuum ana JVormrh. uh 17 Axwsiftbi and can apdaiou a. m Aiif - svf a. TORXK TIMtl A WEKK. :. xffs . f EAVES Newbttrgh eve - f..nap.3'A - w IL it Sunday, Tuesday, iA le, - . HH - an1 1 bursday mornings, at ii "r.C three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloomirgburgh, Montkello, by White Lake, Cothecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Ovyega, llliica, and Geneva, toCanaiidai&ua. Betitrning leaves Cansndaigua every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take tlie Steam - boata which arrive in New York tlie following morning. (J3 moy be txptcttd Unit at all timet when the ttram - boats atter their rfays of running, tltat titi) tine vnll alter to at to tnett them. The whole route will be pei fomed in tliree days, from tlie first of May, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. I'assenpers travelling1 from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the eveninjj tteum - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance hundred miles. 1 he line is well furnished with eood. new carriages ; good horses, and careful and experienced drivers. Every atten - tion will he paid to render the passage of ihe traveller safe, easy and expeditious t and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the slate. fXr rAKb from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the came line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owepo Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, V BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, BloomingburghY) E. C. St. Johu. Mount PleaianL l L. tl R. Manning, Chenango, I Proprie - Luuier uere, iiiuca, i tors. Samuel rireenlin, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, mh 14d6m E ASTON MAIL STAGE, TBROCCH 1!S 1 DAT. TflREK TIMES A WEFR. fCT" The proprietors ark - now ledge with giatilude the SfV - .i" - I' - ncour.igement Uiey have tMiJiiKri1"'"'1"1"''' received in this Hue, uu i uie Uierclore induced to expedite the travelling on thi route: and in order to accomplish it, have provided themilve with four change of horses, which are placed at c - qualdittauceioothe route. It will leave Whitc'i Until, r.aslon, every Monday, Wedncsduy, and Friday, at 4 o'clock ta the morning, arrive at Elizabeth Town Point in time to take the steam boat Atalanta, at 5 o'clock. Leave New ork at 5 o'clock, every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, and arrive at Easton early in tlie escning ; Hire inrougu nveuoiinrs, aco a generous allowance of baggage, gratis. A this stage passes near the calebratcd springs on Schooley't Mountain, passenger taking lhi line will be carried to the ipring without any extra charge. The proprietor pledge that nothing shall be wanting on uieir pan to make uiis a pleasant route. T he driven are careful and accommodating. For seats, apply to Jamei Patten, Court - land street, or on board tlie Atalanta, and White's Hotel, Lastoo. 1. . 8. i. llKAKr.. Chester, June gf) JeSOlm NOTICE. (5 - Steam Boat Olivi Branch will sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round MStatrn Island, and occasion ally, 11 the wind and tide will permit, to tlie iok. J his beautiful tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and it at cheap a re reation a can he found, rartie woo mean to artakeofUiii amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at tlie office in Marketfield street, noiiii side 01 the Bat - uinner on board, at me usual price. Paisnge 8s children h - lf price. my 13tf THK STF.AM - BUAT AlALAXTA, FOR LLIZABETHTOWN POINT, LEAVES N. York each day, Sundays except - aed, from tbe loot of W hite ball bu ttl near the Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves Eliza - belhtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past 12 o'clock and half past 4 o'clock P. M. Ja20 tf SCUHTH 111 y Eli STEAM - BOATS. K7"Onthe Illhol May, coiumenced niuning four times a week. A Boat eaves New - York on Tues - dav. at it o'cIm k. A. M : Wednesday, at 5 P. M t riday, at V A. I1. aod saturdav, at 5 P. M. of each week ; and a boat leaves Albany on Mon day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Hie Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - hurch, and returns oo Monday, Wednesday and t riday, at H A. .!. Jeti BATH. rpilE siihtcrilier respectfully informs the citi L zens of New - York, travellers and invalids. that hit house at BATH is now open lor Uieir re rcption ; its tituation is, probably unequalled oo l lie continent within a short distance ol the city and in t tew ol sandy nook, it presents the nest prospect, and lor salubrity of air and the advantage ol sea milling it probably, wuhout a rival. He ha erected several new Bathing Houses, and a floating briiL - e to receive the steam - boat his larder it we I stocked with all the delicacies of the season. Travellers from tl southwaid can be accommodated with Boarding and Loding on reasonable terms, and transient persons will find it a htahhy and asreraMc re treat. JVUX CUI.tSJA. A CARP. ftT - The subscribe r re trect fully notiCe Uie public, ; lhat passengers for BATH andtlieNAR - IvUWs in the t ton id boat .Nautilus will, on Sun day next, and until lurther notice, betaken from Uliite - llall at IU o'clock in the forenoon, (ins tead of a n'cloekin Uie Diorniug) and will be cal led for again about hall pact a in Uie afternoon. Pleasure boats tan tou.e up wi:b safety to the bridge. . JOHN COLEMAN. Je 121m FUH SALli, A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, situate on Uie west bank ol Lake Otsego, and o - ie mile trci i mc village ot tooperstowo. On it are a ne w stone house 54 feet square ; a new arm house, barn. lie. It forms a desirable ei tablishm - . - nt for a gentleman wishiag to .retire into th country, as its situation, at to prospect, cr.nve - ii - nce to market, Sic. it not surpassed by any lath interior of t! e state. It will be sold low for ca'h, on a crsdit, or exe hanged for property in this r it v, goods, 4cc. Apply to 11. 1. St R. SEDGWICK, my 7 tf. ... . Law Bailtiing. mi ! I a o um tbiagi that difiw. DOCTOR HORNE.formeri, of tbe city of LofltioBM awmber of the facul V and surgery there, doe. lt Lojf. ty to repeat spuie oosertioas VI tbe abuse of MERCUr a rath, indiacriaiioate, and uacmalw tied use tisereot, has been prodaT Uve of infinitsi miJhut PW?ac - nd are annaally raercahalized out of exi"il ence. 1 he disease we have in view !5r Ul result chiefly to thu source. What that a yotms man, tbe hope of bi coimtry.'ail be darling ofhii pareats, aboobj be mxtcLdZ uie pnwpeci and enjoyments of Kt. by O.ecanswjuerK ofone imgnarirTiooaaS? and by a disease act in ,U ow. nature feLO? winch onlywoves w from neglect or imZl erieci or lzOprorssf ureatmeai."' A gentleman, (late Dr H. US2 "J'yhearsyamz weM lsSl aiaTpnysicianiof general practice. SIX VMn ana aieajy nnvat. d ; when recommended Dr. H. (by a gentleman of this ritm - v s.rr Dr.HKby a ganUeman of tbU citVTTO - ' were canous. and him nk .J .T"" were carious, and his rlesh ft.ZZ0 bis friends declared he r.m.l1 .!ijr.. - M - .mm his friend declared be could not posuhlysu!! 1 two months iloeger. Tbonsand. "lrimenlatli know with what esse and safety Dr. H erZrir cite toe severest cane, and confirm the'rn.7' tntion. TTia IWln.i. nlon f.A - ..:.?7.m cettary to guard the purjlic against the aoBe0!i' mercury, and oUierfktal delusions, held forth! Persons, therefore, having contracted - T .rate disorder, or inspecting latent pasoa. V - V admonished not to tamper with their couth uoo, or conceal we aisoraer, un past racova ry j others having the remain of an ofd or other impurities of the blood, as well m.TlT' er complaints of a delicate nature, in sitati sex. should remember poiterity, and do initio. ineir consciences, Dy making apnI,caS Jr. H. at his old and rMrhL . . lishment. No. 64 Water - street, four hiMisea ws ofOld - sQp, to obtain that prompt tstittaac.T lorm calculated ft prevent disclosure i.i? let ma claim your serious attraUrIRe,MJ2 a luperficial core is oo cure at all ; suileu th - K sinessis radically done, you wilJcertmorykaw the disorder break out agam with redoubled ? hgnity. at some future periil ; perhap then - in be too late for remedy. I Wt oX the treeU misr table, mutilated beings wXI! even a bit of now od their face t TajfewI beseech yoo. 1 Me "WWii Dr. U's. character for skill and ri,K ..... grity being universally known in thj, 1804, guarantee to patients tht ajh. . '7' ' ik culate tlie most doodad advantages if cat. suiting Dr. II. Gleets eradicated in twa or thro vi.. Strirtore removed without bougies or ao oth er instninieut ; and all debilities s likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's &c. A plurality of office are prorided, aad so situated that patienU are not exposed toeach other'! observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. ailing, and leaking with Dr. H. which i. t, of rott. And here the Doctor cannot Bni.i n. vxireision of gratilude for innumerable incudaUunt, and for the decided preference (a it m - uuim niuijuiiiiiaicy imuj given mm by a udicious public. ' im. d. aii leuert must be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 la - DiR. EVANS' super,, , ,nieUiod of curing a certain Disease, is rlOW Mni CT sally acknowledged in thi city ; his mode of treatment ia perfectly miM, safe, ex - pvaiuous. ana ru cnargs reasonable. In every ir stance he warrant a cars, ai.d will retarnthepayifne doe not perform agreeable to contract. IU. - ... minmjm UDWIIOU, There are many person in thi city and it vi 1 - . t . ,a. ha . I . 1 . . cinity, laboring under vanou chrome diseases. sucn as cancer, wu luTcwrue eicers, scroiaJav or kiags evil, fistulas, diseases of the arstbra. bladder and kJdaiet, old coto plicated cemplaiata of a certain nature, bilious and other obstrao. tiotrs, rheumatism, ire. which they consider inca - hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of the "a i Hi : j ... Drst curgeons ana rnyuui in uie world, ana made those obstinate disease bis constant study ' for 30 year. Oct 12 fr3 Tbe subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement on the artificial spring LEG, lie take thi method of informing hi friends and tbe public, that all those who are so unfortunate as to be In want of leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at no. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jans WM. PURVIS. Vf RUMEN TO, No. 1 Wall street, gWtle - . men' dressing room, bis for sale a few Ra zors of Damask Steel, made by the celebrated Marxuin. of Paris. He ha also received an as sortment of the bett English Raxors, which be warrants good. If proved to Uie contrary, money refunded. Mr. FRUMENTO return his sincere tnaoxs to Ids customers, and the public in gem red, for their very liberal patronage, and solid ta ts continuance of their lavoars. He has likewise procaredaverr fine bone, ana engages to restore razor to a very keen edget . and should mey not cut wen ue wui receive mv recoropence. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, will have their apparatus kept exclusively for then reives. Ja30 ACONTAT apply of la die Beaver Hatt, fresh from Use aia - iiufadory, suitable for the soi there market, and packed at ue shortest notice, tsr - I at J. WH.SONTS J60 Broadwsy. msy 7 TO MASONS. PROPOSALS will be received at No. 1o Washingtun street, for building a bouse, a - greeably wiih apian there left, for a later. the corner of the Bowling Green and btate - . s,' I i'ljjv'1 OKIES. JOS. WILt - ON, 14 Maiden - Lane, batjurtre - ceived by tlie Venus, a targe auortmeoioi excellent Piano Fortes, Patent Flutes, Flageo let, 6!C. manufactured expressly Kr mm ry y menu Co. Loadoa. A Iso, Piauo Fort SUWC in sets , new Biutic, and every articl in the lical line ; instrument taken in exchange, aaa tuners provided.' , "T , "L , NEW - 1 ORK : PRIXTED AAD PUBUSBID MIC HA KL BURJfUAM CO. 4j W'iixAai - TET orrociTS tn bast Corritt - Kotts. No. 'fsHllJb IV .Uato' L S?a - J rabie, tney csu ranuni, u emeu iu general by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, PMklirj. having practised in extrfiuva

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