The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 8, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1818
Page 3
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in t.wa siTGAR Jatt aalKl and ibr fx . j AMU lWOLF, Jr. XI rid by ; 64 souin uretu - - 137 bo brown and 64 da white Sugar., co - ...Li to drawback. - " J - OST 'between the lower part of the town l Md'lb Third Ateoue, three tmall keys .steel ring, which if the finder will have iTeto bar of theBulP. HllUm, Bowery, or at the bar of Washington UrtL or at No. 33 Fulton - etreet, he wiU be com - for hi treuble and receive the thanks of .r. - Ju!y8 3t FOR SALb, . thtt A country House aud Farm, on the east trHiTof Hudson' tuver, in we niguianiis, auom tA mile worn iicn - "i, J" - b " - " - cAUotry eat of William Deumng, Esquire, and y.r Phillips and. nearly opposite WestFoiut. TV farm contain! 12 1 acre. The house (which wls huilt in 1805) hal2 rooms, exclusive of the ' uiichen.aod possesses every convenience necessa - r ft for a family - There it alto a farm house, barn, itable nd other out - lousei, in good order, ' garden and n great variety of fruit tree of the jt kinds. A further description is not given, ' because person inclined to purchase will no doubt view the premise ; for which purpose ap - plication may he rud,to Mr. Jamet Thompson, ' LatUfaiui. For Ihe terms of sale, enquireof WM. HENDERSON, 55 WalUtreet, New - York. J.1Y&3!Wpa Great Pri! . t ruing tftxl ! ! THE first drawn number (at 4 o'clock PM) in the Milford and Owego Road Iitlery, will be entitled to the great prue of f 70,000 There ai o only six nun days drawing of this lottery'; a priio ol 10,000, 4 ol 1000, 14 ol ouu, ire uudrawo. ' Tii cash will be paid for these rich prizes, if sold at ALLENs' truly lucky dllicc, no. r ' Hroadway, opposite the Lily - liolcl; wncrc have been told aud paid within a few day?, no. .'5450, of 35,000; 7771, 10,000 ; "iWZ, 1000; 5756, 1000; teveral of 500, beiug the hi'hest prizes yet ilr. wu io this lottery. J 8 OJIA.VD JiO.1I) LOTTERY. ffTHEnext drawn number will be entitled A to Seventy TKouuvut Dollar. The sue adventurer on Friduy iiext, at 4o'clock, will receive the amount of the largest prize ever drawn in this city, urxl the purchaser of two tictets may receive ii addition a tioat. ina - nrizeof 10.000. vet in the wheel. Apply at URACIL'S, 146 Broadway i where a few of tl:ec valuable dunces ure unsold. J 8 TAVAL b lOiitS. 375 bull suit Turpeu - tioe 13 do Rosin 4 do Spirits of Tiinentine, afloat, and for salehy R.4 C.W. UAVENl'OKTic CO. CAfTlotf SILKS. JL S invoice cf Ca.iton eilk, now landing from XV sloop F.iprei", from Borton, eutitlcd lo Jc bentore, consulting of the following article, Lit Ule by 1 '1 LU REMSKN Si CO - 26 South - street. Olack sanneU, Canton crapes, assorted Nankin - do do Coloured sarsnctj, Coloured sowing silks 4 4 bla( k fringed and twilled hdkfs. Checked do do Aiso m Slore, black, green, blue and - hangeable sinrhens Chuiigtal.le, checked ana figured sanueb Dl:ick and rtlo.i.oil ievaii'.iues 4 - 4 b!aok rlrinej and twiilnd hdk& ,'ol(Miri do da Cri h.Tl, assorted colours Jut it CtA.MbkKL,:G.& i'LAKSU.H, 07 Suulh ) strt - rt, clt.r ,or sale, Lanoiac, 130 tons Swedish Iron, principally waggoo tire 100 bb. Alum. , 15 STORK, 50 tons oM (able sqaate aad wide Iron, and English holt Iron . ' "0 tonsTiS f ad . tin bales p.iiiM! Uphmd Cotton 16 hb'. jirime Utef l.t pipes Madeira Wire $6. bolts English Canvas, No. 1 to 8 5' cases Canton links, coou'ling of While crapes, Florentines, Coucaas I'm.'i i, (J lack ind coloured Sdtins, Sewings lil 'tkaud ciMOenblo Sinrhews Llack Sart n - t, Ribbon;, Crape Shawls Levantine Shawl, Chow Chw LUi 'j. and rooi barr'd lldkjs. 4 - 4 ti 7 ft, entitled to debenture HiO ps. Long Vtllow Nankeens) entitlid Ut 20'W do hluH do $ di livuture. Ii boxes China dining 'ett aiul i'Utcs 1U0 ounces oil of Hoses 30 ounces il of Cinoamnn 5 hale goats Wool or camel's Hair 2 do turkey carpet Kn;t 100 boxes llt rrtnij's 40 liue Chrwolate 4 raws diitt h biites 10 bales rctiise llp "4 bon. - s Chateau .Waraui Clartt 6 casks henna, Gum Traacanih, Ac. Yj bales iJtcr Skin's 2 cases Opium tubs Citron and Orange Sweet - meats KARTHK.VW ARF., W crates and cnks assorted Lustre ware and piate and A peniral assortment of apndiecarie C.lasj furniture, and window Glass, from Ute Coitun (lati manufactory. U rtlTE LKAI), Constantly on hand rrjui the New York Lead Works, o( a superior quality. Je Z3 VlKLilM V II .AMs 6(H) limns, of the first quality, will be landed to - oiorrow murrains from the Sea Lion, at Cotfce - hnuse slip, and fur sale by WALSH At GALLAGHER, Jeit 66 South - street. E KvK, BAVARD4iCu. ollVr lor stle J LutiRtc, Dorca aud Sriitersoy Roranll uBiKianoes, rerian, rultan rutty Mdkts. JeUlpore, Joanporeaml Janah tinwa Comp'y I UerrhfK.m Gurrahs, Fine Baftai Chainiporeaiid Chitpore Cossat Alibjd Maiauatic India Mull Mulls, Floreutiet bilk Stockinet and Glotes Fig'd TaiTcta and Pluiu Satin Ribbon Liuen Cambric Memo Shawls, Tliread Lace Supcrrint! French aud EngUMi Cloths l.inrn ll.imla - ts for womuU Engliih Flat )c Bolt Iroii. Clevhinc StnaJU Goat Skins, Rostia Hritli Koraau Violin Strij, Lead Sheathiiii; Crtpper. 16 to M nr.. L. P. Madeira and RLeniMi Wiue ' ruits in brands and Co;dials Beaver and Felt Hats, with drawback Boots and Shoes Jo Mii.keNof all grades, Cnrtouch Holes reruvinn Bark, Mill Stones Je ?(5 BEFPO, a Venetian Ule, by Lord Byron, price Scents. ChuJelUrvlds piltjriaage, canto the fourth, by Lord fcyron, price 75 cents. Lalla Rooch, an Orieutal Romance, by Tho - "1 'loore, a new edition, With ele - - an. orav price 41 75. J ud; Family in Pari, price 50 cents. omen or pour et contrt, hy ilalurin, auUior nf Bertram, ic. &c.rric tf A year's ridcnc iu the United States of A - wnca, t,y u m. C.iobbet, price $1 For sale at ouierra Lin Jknni kmi CI. ?wry ttora, 5o. 205 Broadway, opooste the '" June 29 I.ASr. 4l4h'HJ aoti tti - nesli aaa UeJaeses, l ,nliitt; and for sale by (IrlllliCiL. . ... i "Mojr o. in u'hjs aoti ni ifrxes tla GOO1V4UE&C0. It 44 K.with - tret K ii.VI'Ul KY lt)i.VCC:o. 1 1 hud . Ijndui: irom sriir American Hero, from New - Or and lor sale by . , W aLSH GALLAGHER, ij C6 Soulh - strret. JJy.UM(Ki; M.tLF.. 'JOO bt;s Howard rr Ji n fl"uf 01 fupertor quality, receiver' !. Ml aragon, and lor sale h j , WALSH ii GALLAGHER, . . Co South - street. v ton SALE, 1j4 Q0 urr tonts,just received per; ship M - mvO Uabelia, from Havre da Grace - Apply to - ..' ' FOTT & M'KINNE, Jy7 - , :6Soutb - t. GUNS. Teu cases well assoried fowling pieces, single and doubie barreld, receiv ed by the .Varlha, and for sale by . SQUIRE & SILLIMAN, 126 Pearl - street, llaoover - tquare. July 7 6t ClOU.NTINti KOOivl. A pltasaiit mid con - J venient Count inz Room in Jiouth - ttrett to let. Apply at aouth - ftreet. 3 1 7ir'GLlSH - G001S. 'Si packages, consist - ti in; 01 ,lie lollowing articles 6 - 4 and 9 !J Cambrics ' Chinii k Lace Ground Furnitures Assorted liumbazets, just received, and for sale by i'LT EK. KEMbKS ii CU. J 7 28 South - street. 'OBACCO It FLOl'R. 25 hbds. prime JL Kentucky Tohacco, ree'd per sch'r Milo ; 225 bbls suDf. Flour. 15do fine and middliRSi landing from srhr William U Iieury, from Fre dericksburz, far sale hy WALSH & GALLAGHER, J 7 r6 South - sticet. PKLii: KICK. casks, for eal Ly GlllSWOLU It covi ns, J 7 6 Soutii - strtet. tKio. 4DO0 lbs. Deer Skiue, in XV prime order, lor .le by ANSON G. PHF.LPS, K'.3 Front street. J 7 lKF.b' - 30 barrels tlostuo btr l, No. 3, ju eeeived, ana in 'store JjU barrclj prime bett, Troy iuapcrlion For snle at 67 South - ft. by ' CAMBRELENGS PEARSON. July 7 OUGAR, KL'.M, fcc 14 hl.ds el. Croii, Su - KJ ?ar i: hhils Jam'iica Rum (J do fct. Croi Kuin 4 pipi s ll'llaiid Gin til iiarrns com. hum do do Gin ti hluli Ryi: Whukey 20 tieines Rice ViO barrel's - rime and moss fleef 40 do d - j and do Pork 2U'J first quality Virginia Ilaais. for sale by PALV1KR U SAIDLER, J 7 :lt 104 Front - - tr. - . t. 1l)AI, &lc. 40 tons Scotch Coal, on board Hy the brig Scipio, at Jones' wharf, for sale bj liOOIt.M AN & JUH.WIDN. Al - o, 50 ton stone ballast, for sale as above. J 6 0' UOUHUE CO. .iio. 44 Soulli slreeet, ol T frr for sale lioO pieces Blue N.wkecns ) entitled to de 12H0 doomranv Yellow S lentii - e 00 bales Calcutta Pice Gonris consisting or Aliahad baftas, Kyrahwl.ind horn bad, Chowdasury, t'oas, Kmerty, Gurrahs, Aiiabad, Forzabad ncd Joi - rinepore, Mamoody, Fine Mow and Tanda Sanna, Sujerfiiie Chandelly, Co pa and Mowdaha Saun, Superfine Seer suckers. Lolchce and .Madras Pattern tldkfs. 2 ca - es Fiag Ildkfs. 1 do real Madras do SO uoits Russia Uncle, A u marn 5.r0 do do 1st and i quality 6.i boxes brown Havana Suar 8 hhcls Martinique Molaue 5 do Salem Rum 10 pipes Catalonia Wine 12 ranks Mediterranean Red do Quarter cak Madeira Wine 300 bassGinicr 300 oz. Otto Rofci in bottles, entitled to de - 5 caks Senna lienlure 4 boxes Gum Tragacanth M rases Italian letter paper 16000 Madras Goat Skins Oi) bat;s. Mustard Seed It hhds Sumac 14 tons Virginia Hemp . Itil) gro. Corks 7 cases mens Beaver Hat 30U0 Ih. Cunr Rolta , . , Block Vm, and Speller J 6 13L.V1L GLAo.". tU cases wc:dish picture i;la, assorted from 0 bv 17 a 16 hy ti, for sale oy ilL K.U n stn AL,l,, J I '65 t - outh - s'reet. DAMs .V IJLACKWFLL', 215 PtarUt. l liave rece ive I by the Martin, and offer for sole oa the'Duwt reasonable terms 10 rafks trace chaius 4 do brass nails 4 do'Britannia teapot 1 do patent rcQ'ce - miils ? d umbrella furniture li do paral do 1 do plated saddlery 1 do do metal 1 do bread Kiskcts and snuffer trays Andalar;e ami central assortment of hard - warn and cutlery, off the shelves. Also Guns swords, pistoli, feathers, and a haudsoDie ajfortmnt of plated ca - !tnr, caudle - ticks, liquor frames, bread aud cake la?kct., tea and coffee urn, ruujfars and tray", Sic. Jy 6 1w O i l O.X 3J4 rai s New - Oile.nis Cotton, in lots to suit purchasers, for sale hv Jy6 N. I), TALCOTT. 1 ANTON SILK a 4 case Uack sanuels, J tt do black Sincliesrt 3 ii Sewing Silk 4 do I ad if s frinrd androPd Ildkfs. 1 do black 4 - 4 Iriueed Hdkfs. Juet recei ved and for sale by 1IUKU Y sr.vv.L.lj, Jy 6 65 Sou'h - street. I.SLihli.. liO Lim Kat e (tinker, tor sale J by P. REMSES k CO. J 6 2fl South - strert. 231 J Oh At CO. K.t; landing from ihip Vigilant and schr. Lcgan, from R - ichmond, viz : 105 kesrs branded Tbs. M. Deaac i: Co. 8'. No. 4? do 5 ds 54 do 13 do For t V.e by July 6 8t do Go. Fletcher, 8'.. No. 1. do do It poand rolls dj D. R. Ross U s. No 1 4: No 2 do Morri, 1 2 lb, t w ist COR'a. DUBOIS. CLAki. 1' W L t.. itOO cteei Maijfaux Claret, of very superior quality, viutage ot 10 11, in rase of 5 and 3 dot. each, received direct from the vineyard, and for sale by the case or larger cuaotily, by JOHN fi. MURRAY 1 SON, 113 Pearl strett. WliA have for tale, hn'lirg fmni briz Elizi, frci St. Jago deCuba,atEdsar Wharf, N. R. ll bull Movad3 Suicar. J I tw CIAYI'ON sil.Xs. jcast fciack tdrsnet?, J 3 do black S. - rcheivs 4 do Ladi 'S trir jod and co!oured hdkf 3 do Swhi 'Hks . I do black 4 - 4 frirsrd hdkf. tt received an - 1 lor sale by DURU & SEW ALL. J 3 67 South s roet. Nti. G. it S. HUWI.AN1', O 67 W ashine'.on Mreet, c fler for lo, 5 bales Culcotta Piece Gootit, cousisuu of Maltas, Gnrrah?, - Niamoodc s, gannah, Couahl Cuitabs Checks, k.e . CO ceroons sweet and rnt'er A!mcou, shc.J 3t)tX) large Mojadore Goat Skin III) Miis. Urouud caiowoo'i, warraniea 50 (Quercitron Bai , lit quality ir. chett Hyson, and 15D do Hvsoa Skin Tea 32 bags India Suyar, doub. boil'd 43 do d I'rown Sn - ar 25D l.irselnd. Floor .Mats 5f0 smaller do .Hi sacks Fiftxrts, 10 do Madeira NuU 330 Oval Demijohns M keys Muscatel and Taforet Wint 14year U tJlarct old r 1 German Tcv - - It caK selrir;nt French Clocks, rMO.'ted Writing, Printiic and rappS Ppr. Je 3 .rt. Tor FnEDEJticrssujicn. vi The schr. WM. fc BEN BY, Captain iJi Ames i will be ready to take in fi ehl to - morrow, and be dispatched without delay. Apply on board, west side C. H. slip, or to . WALSH ti GALLAGHER, . 3 7 66 South - street, ir SAVAA'XAlf, rri. - C l...rPVPnir. k . T .A i .inc ,rrr line icur. ue. - k.ii.u Jlfc&r JAf.KiON. Ciirirtie. muter : will sail on Friday, lOtlr int. For freight pr passage apply on board, at Jones' - wharf, or to roiifi'M.njt1 July 7 '56 South - si. tor CllA HLKMUA, The reeolar packet ship TELE GRAPH. T. Fannin?, master, willsai oo Wednesday, Ulh instant, weather icrmitti)s ft nr irpitrlit np riAtKuiptf.. hat'innr Kiinnrmr arenm. o r o J n r modalious, apply on board, east ide liurlioj slip, or to a.xou.i u. i iic.Ki o, Jy C 183 Froiit - st. For CHARTER, A Itiitish ItltlG, burthen 218 ton n.::.i. onvn kml. . nni - t PI.! luJclilna j will proceed to this, or a southern port, io load tor r.ngiaim, or me wi si inuies and can be despatched within three th.ys no lice. Apply to ROCKR3 ?t POST, J6 ol South - street 1'or t'rtfizlu or L'lmrter. The fine new briij ELIZA, Gmby master, burthened about IdOO bbia aila well and is in fine order for a voyage. Apply to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, J 3 67 Washinton - st. . Fur t reiglil or Charier, . M The schooner JOSEPH, capt. Hop 2&gikins, will bo glad to get a freight tortile Southward or Eastward, or any where else, on the most rcanonable terms, if applied for immediately. She is a good one year old roscl, and carries about 400 barrels, sails remarkably fat Apply to the master 011 board at Dover - street or to . L. : u. un.iavvc:i,', July 3 3t 86 Soiith - rt H (lilted to Cluirter, i tine or two Hritisli vessels, to loau ..... . ... T , a i .tor Liverpool, ppiy io ie 4!6 AUCIID. GliAt'IF. 4: SOTS. tor'btifOOL, The clc?aut fait sailing comicred ehil nitAPKR. William Adams, master: she U 'J 1 tous burtheu, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging: ber inward caro. i or irt'ini or parage, ap ply to the master, on board, east tide of Fly market wharf, or to 0. W. ROGERS &Co. Je 16 2o5 l'earl - street. for SAt - '.iA.VAU, The very fine bny SUPERB, Reeves, mafter; will meet Willi ue.'patcn, iiav inir a cuiitiderable part of her car;o cnpjed. For pasazu, having handsome accommodations. or freight, apply on board, at pier No. IZ, cast side Old - slip, or to POTT 4 M'KINNE, Je 23 56 South - street. Pl.lV SHkK I l(;S IJ - A') m.'t P Flaxen Sbeelinirs. landini; from shin Union. iroin ureenocK, ior s.ue ny J 3 DlVlt BKTHUNE K CO. JALT. 155 tons Liverpool coarse Suit, 011 O hoard the stup Knhert, capt. Ihoinpsou, at Murray' wbari, for sale by . N. U..D. TALCOTT, Jl 64 South - street. I' fc.MONS. 100 boats Iresh Messina Li ons, in tine order, landing from sloop Rapid, lor sale at xn aouin - street, y J 2 P. KEMSEN H CO. i Ull.NA SILKS. 2 case Nankin Crapes, Vy assorted colours) 1 do do do Black 4 do Canton do ... 3 do tfewine Silk' (assorted) ' 1 do High colored !attins eutilled todilen - ALSO. ture 1 case Leghorn Hat's, with extra Crownk, for sale by MAilCJI 4: LOW, Je 25 210 I roadway, corner Fulton st, 10T i'ON.33 bale prime Upland, lauding V Iroia ung 1 1 armour, 'or sale lv GK13 MOLDS H COATES, 63 South - street. In Store, 75 bales upland Cotton, tor sale in lot to suit nrcliaser. Apply a above. J 1 IJ V . Lr.DK.VRO At CO. 104 t earl - street, . offer for sale, in addition lo their former extensive assortment of Hardware, the following article, rr'd by the Martha, from Liverpool Trace Chains Clout Nails Spades and blioveh Brass Kettle do Candlesticks do Corks do Nails & Hinges Gilt Coat Buttons, some of sup. quality, suitable for merchant taylors J aianned Candleticks Flemish Tack J 3 If 6 and 8 barr'd Curry Combs 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Wire,.o.4tol0 steelyards Fine Gun Trunk Lock Drawing Knives Cingley Patent cur rier's knives warrant ed equal to Cox's gen line. IO DRY GOODS, Ue. O Boxes mu?liiu 10 do. 4 - 4 U 7 - 8 Irish linens 1 do. pink sifiijhaaii 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 iln Scotrlj o - n ilmr 7 do. iniiiation shcctiugs 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linca bed ti. k 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton check 1 do. carpvtin. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton hainc Twilled sa(. - kin Seiue twine For - Je by GEORGE JOHNSTON, Julv 2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. KENTUCKY TOBACCO. S5hiid. Kentucky Tobacco, landing from ship Lliugton from 2New Urltani, lormle oy J 3 1)1 V IK, bK 1 11 U . 1. K CO. LATO.M CLARET. 100 drz. vii.tngn o 1814, avery supriorpiri el, ibr rale by i L 1 trt KLlsKN A: LO. J 3 ' - .'8 South - street. 11 AR THr.N V ARE. IWO cral.. ol Lartneii - P; ware, particularly (elected hr (his market, uow Undiiig x snip :l.irum, iroui iirerHMi, for sals by TROKES, DAVIDS - IN ii CO. jya ion r ronr - iireei. nHAMl'AIGNK & UURGL'NDY o3 cises V SU,leilor SH:l onilllipiullt, 1 ui. r.u 10 do do tiorKtinily lona e hv POTT fc M'KlNF, Jt I 56Sou'h - 'rr.t. O AMERICA A HllA.yl) , Ve. J O Pijwsgood imitation brandy, high jiroof 3 hh la pure spirits 4 do rye whi,icy 200 baiunipcr bc.'nes 300 krp gu - .ger it 0 chr t you - ; hyj ) lo catty box" - hyoa j 60 bai rar 20 roil? sheet tja - l 17 tubs bu'.ur dr fa'eVy July 6 2v a - KV.. ni:POLJ. ClLA ti. I' V. l K. 50 casts d Ciaiei ' in - coals'tms 1 c! u?iie i h 16 aes c S fVztn eac. vi'.i' - ' 1810 Rn.vth oi'Bn - . nl .i.too, r s t Jy I w AKCJl' ) t RACT.v r Qua - v 11'G.VR H5 bar Cixu'.'.a ;u,; and for sale by jr.f? nsit. J 6 t S3 Sou'.'. GIN & DUCK. tOO pipe Gin, arid HW p HtiUand Duck, landins fro. - n bnsr Janus. Irons Rotterdam,, at Murray's wharf, lor sale by - . n. u. 1 ai.i;u 1 1. - LEO HORN STRAWS, lor sale by f :' MARCH ft LOW. ' 210 Broadway. tUGAR. 60 hhds Muscovado Sugar, ol good ) c,aaJity, iu store, and for sale by COODI1UE&CO. OLD aliEKKK WINK, COFFEE Ac KLO TOBACCO. 17 or. casks Old Sherrv 5i4 lwci Jd quality Coffee 25 ke - s roanul'acturcd Tobacco. 8 hands to the lb. (and said to be very fine,) hist we!T"1 ted, . G.G. At S. llOWLAND, 1 67 WashuiRton - strect. DRY GOODS, RECEIVED per Draper from Liverpool and other lata arrivals, (or sale at No. 2 sloat laue,iy . , WM. TODD. . 1 box super Marjeilles quilts, from 5 a 14 4 1 do do chintz bed lace ALSO Linen bed ticks, Raven' duck, imitation cotton shawls sewed lenoes, rich, sewed mulls plain, jaconet, mull, and sucanilla muslins, drawing muslin, li'htstriped giughams hnen threads Madrass hdkfs. Jy 7 7l POCKLT - BOOK LOST BY the subscriber this momimf, while stand - in; at or near Pantnu'i auction '.ore. an old red morocco pocket - book, tied I y a piece of wiuie tapo and Uie owners name wnitea in;id. inid book contained in bank bills from 100 to 150 dollars sundry notes of hand, due bills and checks the names and amount of wliich caunnt be immediately recollected; one share in the New - Jency turnpike stock, beiides various pa pers of consequence to the looser, but useless to any other. Whoever will return the pnrkct - book and it contents wild or without (he money, shall receive a liberal reward on application to ROBERT GRAHA - M, El Pearl - street. JV077Cr:. Rj - ' Thoe rcro!i who have placed for col ledum in the hand of Mr. Graham, any notes, dtie - toh cr accounts will please notify him iun - u'.cili.iUly. Jy 7 I w FOR SALE. - pHE Carjo of the ship BRAGANZA, from J. Calcutta, coimfilinK of Cotton, Siu;ar, and saltpetre, tampies lo tie iren ut the Cniiniing ilouocnf AlCCH'l) GRAC1E U SONS. Jc 9 l.N CHANCERY. t'tatttif j'tie - Yorh,tt.. IS pursuance of a decretal order or deciee ni the honorable the court of Chancery of the state ol New - Vmlr, will be sold t public auction at I'm I online tncee Mouse iu the city ol - ew York. on Wednesdnr. (be twenlv sixth davof Au UPt next, at 12 o'clock at noon, under the direc tion and Fupcnnlendanre of John 1 out, one ol the masters in chuncerv of the said state All that certain tract, riere or parcel ol land and preiui ses with the b jil'iine thereon erected and heins, situated, lying and being 111 the tnwnol Voiikers, in thernun'y of Westchester, and which in an in - denture of inortirnffe executed and delivered hv John Guinn to ' hornas Valentine, and dated the 12th ol rebruary, 11116, is described 111. the words followint;, to wit : ' All that certain farm or tract of land, situated, lying nnd being in the town of Yonkcrs in county of West Chester and slate ol New - York, coutainins seventy acres (a is said) be the same Dirtre or less ; and on whu h raid tract or parcel of land is erected sundry dwelliiiz houses and sritt mill and other im - provements.ano it butt d and bounded and dercri b d as follows, viz: NcrUiwesterly by Saw - Mill River, nortbcrlv hv lands nowul Klnali Valentine. easteily hy lands now or late of Peter Nodine, and southerly I - v land now or late of John Cou lio, and lands now or late of Abraham Wood; with the DroDerty in roads and richt 01 way. leading to or from said premises to the Turnpike tv.oau. eommoniv rauea me uiiiiunna j umniae mad. and also toother biirtiwavs or elsewhere." Pogether with all and sinularthe hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging. Dated thevalbUyof Jul, 1818. JOHN TOWT, J 7 lawtds Master in Chancery. WHOOPING COUGH. DOCTOR SCOP'I'S Pectoral Mixture, which i a safe and cuertual remedy for the whooping cou;li. It in only ten years since it was offered to the public, and some thousnnds ol children, both in Kngland and Scotland, have nfoca cured uy it, alter every other medicine had been used without efiect. It is held in Hie high est estimation for it excellent and salubrious virtues. It promote gentle perspiration, remove vieid phlegm by an eay and safe expectoration, and is hhrhlv salutarv (o the lunns : it strengthens and rletend j the stomach, givesgreat - tr liberty of breathing, and produce the most sie, sanitary and happy enecis, ny preventing those distressing and coavuliive roughs, to which thousands of individual, in conse quence of neglect, prematiirelr fail a sacrifice. It is not by exciting' a temporary stimulus of relict m those violent paroxysms that its quali ties are manifested, but by effectually remov. irij those distressing symptoms, by piving vepmr to the weakened frame, and renovated health to the amicteu individual. Sold wholesale and retail, bv R. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, ami J. C. Mori - son, DrtigjfCbt, Nq. 183 Greenwich trect, N. York. Dnijrgests throughout the United Mates nay be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the low est wholesale price. Jy 7 2m MAMMOTH PRIZE. On Friday no 70,000 DOLLARS. fin HE highest prize ever drawn in this date, X w;ll he paid to the holder of the Dt drawn number on Friday next Ht 4 o'clock, from the Grand Road Wheel. A floating prize of 1000, 4 of 100, and 1 4 of 509, are yet in tho wheel i ns drawiug will be finished in 14 days. A few chances unsold at GR AdE'S, 146 Broadway. Jy3 mm MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPA!!! OP ir.t CITT OF .V.W - VORK. ThiuiJci! InsiiXiin - n for tntumnce againttftre in thn 1 iv,) NSURE against Lr or Dun - age by Fire, Vvt'.'Mtt U.Mties, Ware llo:e, Riiihiings in cncrii. Me.rch.iBdice, V - hip in pc rt and iheir r - rjiK'N Household Fu. - tmre, and every de - c'tptionol personal property, 011 tjiin as (av - - ra' lc as similar m - 'innuuut in inikcuy. Inif Corn; - , my is incvorau d oi ly ifr inc iiuu - Ot ' ry ure, nn'i ni" t i.ei,'H?cnl)ed its oiatic!iis chittiy within this citv and imimi'iote proxiiuty. in adiiiiion to u:e anni.1 3nc:, ji. - w.v - ". wlrirli is secured by bond rnd mortirripe cn real e.tnteau l p .!Jicsiock, tni - Co - m any pats J s ahandome suiplus lunu, mvsieji in ihe uiur. rer ; particsaurcd tuay therefore repose the ful - !rn rriiiid.jice in t!ic'ihdi'v of iUcepital, nnd il it an v i.r daniagc vill be settled with n - ritude andiitierautr. '.' hi oilfereiit ra of premium and eondiln ns ii.'iiirtineaie imihvrm with those afthe other :u 911 ' OiTict - s in this city. ... . - public aie referred for particular, to Ihe : iriiH! in circnlalii'n, and w Inch may . , - a application at N. 2 Wat' street. O XHUIEL 1't'RMA.V, President, JOHN PLNTARD, Secretary. . EnyJJ 4. I m 2 it C i ' ' A ,.'V"'.. - "av tT7 .Vr. W. C. Marshall isrequrtcd to C - B on, J. S. Beason, Albany, - where he will receive th value of hi note, dated at 5t, Thomas, Xtib May, tuts, r - ' " ; - Jv7 - ' J. SBENSON. " Wr XORK. LKH UIIAJVCK COM PAXY. riHE President and Director have thU day JL . declarcl divickSd of five per cent pn the capital stock of the company, for the last fix months, payable to the xtockhoWds, or their legl repreientative, on and aflej' th 13th inst. atUieoflice, No. 3t WVJ gtiteL July 6 3w C. G. f U1PM AN, Secr'y. fOll SALE, A LOT of Rrcnnd rn Broadway, between Ix. Walker street rtn.l Canal - treet, S6 I'ect 10 inches wide ond 175 feet qus. Inquire of 1 A. J A T , Jv 1 tf No. 37 Pinc - trect. AiwVOGiTii. fpi!19 day received by T. (i J, SWORDS. JL 1G0 Pearl - street, price 60 cents, Ewm - ton' Arcana of Short Hand, arranged in rcgdlar lessons. Likewise, price 25 cems Ewiugton' Mathematical Syitein of Short Hand, desigued lor student ol divinity, law, and phytic. jy7 OHLUT IRON. A fewtuim, now landing and fur sale bv ANDERSON le SHEA HER, ' 1.11 Water - street. J 6 2w COFFE 30,000 lbs. handsomo St. Domin, coffc, entitled tv debenturo, for silc by JACKSON & WOOLLKY, July? 75 Wall - it. , LRTAlULLElt'a celebrated Piclure ol V DAN A: and Urn SHOW ER OF GOLD. will be exhibited at No. U LUcnard street, until ruffled for. Admittance 25 cent. J 0 Iw NEW LAW ROUK JlOHl.. the following TUST received and for sale .1 works, corner of Nassau and Spruce - streets, opposite City II. ill. The 4th vol. Law New - Yr rk 1 )ecaufsure's Rep'M in the Cowrt of Chancery . .. ..... - e . 1. . ' .1: 1 . Ol ine cioe 01 vuiii arouna, vmi 7th, 8th and 9(h vol. Cruuchc'i Report, lit nnd Jd WheatiHi do Mnnle and Sol win' 1I0 4 vols 5th and Ctli Taunton' do 3d vol. Chilly' Pleading Baylies' Digested Index. By DAVTI) BANK3. J 6 2 0X7 1 he lir?e new steam vessel FRONTIG.VAC, of ii(j tons hurthen, James Mac Kiuzie, master, will commence ruuriiug 011 the first day of. May next, and will leave King?tou, for York and Niagara, on the 1st, 1 1th nmJ2lsl day of each inonih, and, ior lorKiinu Kingston, tiie bill, liiiri and v'jlhdav of each lucnth. durimr the season. w here every attention will he paid lo tte ease ana com (or i 01 me passengers. Applications for passaire to be made lo the can tain on board. Kinjitnn, 6th April, 1810. J 7dVctOc 1 AOi AlLi. VVERY fine family grey HORSE, fir gig or saddle. ALSO, a verv tine brown HnuK t. arm agoiu toAdirt, with llarne,witli Ihrec seats, (very suitable for travelling,) Apply to Wm. Si.oivi.KT'8 Livery Stable, fro. v.i Joi n street. J7lw SKRr'AJiTS. FOR goo.1 servants, thamher - niaids cooks coachmen, g - irJi uei, farmers ostlers and lalwurers, apply at the NEW. YORK IN TEL - LIGENCF. Ol I 1CF, No. 57Chamber - btrcrt De jmrln ultir. Gentlemen intending to travel, can be tupnli ed with coachmen aud waiters at the shortest uc - tice. Clerks apprentices aud porter may be had at tins oinre at one nour's notice. Gentlemen in thn country who are in want of farmers, gardeners ami labourer can he immedi ately supplied with any number of persons of that description. Servants of every description, that ran bring good recommendations, may find places by up I'lving as above. Wet and dry nurse may alto be had at a short notice. j - iIt 7 w" JiOHOKHJS' Hot KJ THE hoii'e lately occupied by Mr. David Godwin, has been newly furnished, audi in compleat order for the reception of boarders. I'arties can be accommodated with diunerrn the shortest uotice. Tea, coffee, ice - cream, mead, cake, fruit, fee. with a variety of the best liquors, will be always readiness. A Imrse boat will start from each side of the river punctually at every hour from o'clock in the morning until 8 in the evening. Iuly6 2w S.BURNS. 11 I.I.: - ! - . i;Jl Part of a large airy HOU5E at liar - laein. delielitfully situated on the banks of the iver. To those whu wish to spend the sum mer months in the country at a trifling ex - nenee, this oilers a cheap and delightful re treat. It will be let very low as it is occupied by an old gentleman and his wife, who have much more room than they want, and who are csirous or company. There is fine fishing within 100 yards of the house. Stages ply daily to the city, and foratill less expensive mode or conveyance there it a wargoner m the neighborhood who carries passengers at uie low rare or iwo sinning. i 1111c uirccicu to A. B. and left at this office, will be attend ed to. J 7 3t GRAND KOAD LOITi - .KX, RIXT IIRiWil SIDMBER 70,0UO HOLLARS rilHIi successful aiivcutureroa Friday next, al X 4 o'clock, will receive the amount ol the largest prize ever drawn in tin city, and hy the pun - hase 01 two tiraets may receive, in addition, a Boating prize 01 IU.ihju vet in the wheel. Ap ply at GRAClE'S, 148 Broadway. Where a few of these valuable chance arc un sold. J 8 TICKETS AUVAXCLING. TM1E next drawn Ticket (on Friday week) L will entitle the fortunate holder to the Grand Prise of 70.000 DOLLARS, in the Mil - ford and Owejo Road Lottery. The whole lot tery will be completed in two week, a prize nf 10,000 ; 5 or loOO ; 14 ol 500 are (till in inc wheel. Should any Ticket remain unsold next week, the price will be connderably advanced ai ai. LEMS, Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. V here most of the prizes drawn basejie - n told aud p - tid, vis. No. 5459, )fJ5,000 ; 7771, li'.O'iO ; 9702, 1000 ; and nveral ol aOO, fc.c. J :i FIRST DKAWJI NU.Mbr.K. . ON Friday, will be exiled to the highest prize, - TlMVA) DOLIAKS. , A ew warrer.teii uwlrawn tickets may he .mu At WAI I F';S 'i'tuiy Fortunate Lottery and Lx - .hangr O.Ii. e, 54 .Maiden - lane. Where the cnly ( rirs of 35.000 dollars, ever Imwn by persons in U11 city, was olJ and pai I - J S3t !' - At XT FRIDA F, 10 July, fflHE first drawn number io tli Grand Ro! JL Ultery, will be entitled to the capital Di me of ud on the same day may be drawn the floating apit.d 10.000 DOLLAR3. B'sids whirh there are t presnat in the wheel 4 ,vize rf 1000, 15of5tM). and. grat many of 100. Vc. Tickets and snare lor sale try n. WAITI Jna. 13d Broadway, whosoU and paid in the preKttl tottery prices et f 5!?tX), 1000, D, 4iC. , - Jj 0 A ry HE proprietors of the sunlhoro u.?riqeti i rias arr King'. - :iiiJ(,r, giv not; , that hey hat 0 011' hand,': r vecciyin - ;, at i Kmtft - bu.iii Jtarbl - btJ iMnt - .f"', fcH.t o rVach - rtre - .f, onlir' KnfJ'o&riicr.ftn s.; ; itockof an uUi lur biulUiu, 'ui li li'llowm d t.HUol Vir ; A'hlar Coptic ' Fi - uif.a 'icn 2'.o ( 'hi ipnry. Piece j Facngs Colunins W aUrtaUa ; t'.'j - p . ' ' : PUlform . Sdts Lhi1U Arches Alf Lirre (if the ncrt quality. fXy A conj'aat supply ol the a'lovc materW may be calculated crx.11; and those doiioui ff purchasing, cr making engageaieut. wdl.aj ply lo . EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 1 At the Ta - t. .VO.NitF JO LOAA. i QAO AUO LL P.S to loau, iu ii.mi to Jt tJ,J j.f suit applicnnts, on bond with mortage upoa approved propr - ity. Enquire of 61 WM. WILLIAMS, ir37 Walcr - itreet. Where application may be generally made through the year, and mortgage fliipottdof. Je 26 tf ICr JOHN C. HAMILTON, V:"ii"'oner for the Ki kr.owler' - rcnient of Deeds Ac. ha removed to the cf!ice, corner of Ced.r ami Nassau streets. Lkw Bnildinns.'No 1 Je 29 1m A CARD. OSr At the partii - ujar solicitations r.fth Lady luhsnibers Hie New - York Salt Wster Floating B.1U1 will be removed to her old station nt the tout ur JMurray - street, this niy, wiiere 11 win coctinuu opi'n every day, Iroin unri in tho morning, nut:! 10 o':lock at nisht, daring Uie balhiug season. It is hoped when the Ladies cf thin city know that this large building, which will iu commodate two cr three hundred persons at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoy ment on Mondaysand Wednesdays ol cuch week umii so'cioc.a, inai iney win give luai encour - enient which such an appropnauoi, ueserves. On a'l olherd.iystliey have theirowu pportments onlv. 1 he greatest possihlc alteuli'ia will tut p - Jld. v I he. u.itli at Hie liaitery is crrn eTery nay from simrie to 10 o'clock at uigM, for Gentle - men only. Je 2'J TZlGI.K FIliK COM fA.Sl, OK NEW - YORK. (Yt Notice is hercbv eivn, that a Dividend of four and a half per rent on tins Capital Stock of this company, has been declared by the Hoard of Directors ; and will I paid to the storkhold - ers, on or alter me loin inn. j . un LLr - It etlirn Dank J'otrt and Notes of the bank 1 this side of Albany will be purchased at a small discount at ALLENS' Lottery and Ex - rhangeolfice, No. 122 Broadway, opposite the Citv Hotel. Wanted, Charleston, Georgia and North - Ca - rolina large notes. July 1 1"UCI w .imtruan Acadcni if li Fuie Arts. fry 'i'he Iburth exhibition of this academy is open every clay, until further notice, irom 9 m the moruiiig until dusk. Admittance 25 cculs Catalogue 12 1 - 2 cents. By order. ALLAH. ItUBtlllfU.S Jy 3 4t Secretary. NOTICE. ffc"7 - The public are cautioned ncainst trusting the rew of the British biig Recompute, John Gayues nmtlcr, a no debt contracted by them, will bo paid oy the captaiu or consignees. 'lr' KLrJLKI HEltKLNG. curomiisioner to take acknowledgment of deeds, special hail, discharge of mortgages and affidavits has opened an cilice at No. 9a :aaau - Btrei, near me v uy - Hall. JyO lw (O" HENRY A. FAY, Attorney at Law and Notary Public, Inn removed his ortice ti No. 13!) Water - street, near the Tontine Coffee House. J 6 lw A GAUD. The passengers iu the brifj Tt Irgrapk, from Charleston, return their aincere thanks to capt. Joseph S. Munroe, for bis polite attention to tlicm while 011 board of hi vessel. J6 I de Pocifii: Iniiir.HK e Lompiiny of New YorK, have this day declared a dividend ofsjx ier rent, on the capital tock, lor llw Inst six months, payable at their nlhce, No. 40 Wall st. on the loth insl. By order of th Hoard of Director. WALTER K. JONES, Sec'ry. J6 1m Ocean losurauca Oifre, ) July 6, 1818. S rr - f The Board of Director have Ibis clay declared a dividend of three aud a half percent on their capital stock fwr the last six months which will be payable to the stocunolders or their legal representatives on the tenth bit. at the oluce ol the compauy, 4 wau - sireei. S.iMUEL STANSBURY, eec. July 7 1m TLN1I1 WARD. " It3 Poblic oo'ice is hereby give - , that the Assessors of the 10th ward have completed their assessments, and that a copy tberevl 1 left with Walter Howell, at No. 27 Hester - street, where the same may be seen and examined by any of the inhabitants during Ten Days, from the date hereof, and that the assessors will meet ca .Vou - day the 20th in,t. at the above place, to rov iew their said assessments, on the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. , WALTER HOWELL, ) Asesorof the JONATHAN BROWN, J 10lh ward. July 7 lOt EIGHTH WARD. PUBLIC Notice is hereby given, that the Assessors 01 the 8th Ward have completed their Assessment, and that a copy thereof is left with Isaac Eminem, at the corner of Spring and Eliz - brth - streets, where the same may be seen and examined by any of the Inhabitant daring ten day, from this day, and that the Aeor will meet on Friday, July the 17th, at the louse of the ail I. Emmons to review tlieirsaid assess - aniuls on the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. ISAAC EMMONS Awrj of Hie A. SCTIUN F.MA!,i nth Ward - New - York, July 7, 18 m. J 7 lOt 1 111 u 1 1 u ai:i. nUBLIO notirei hereby civin, that tlie A - L scssi.r 01 the 3.1 Ward have completed their Assessment, and that a copy fhtreol is kit with Harinamrs T illim n, at 04 Vesty - street, where the niue may be sera and examined oy any ti the Inhabitants during tea days, :r - m the C1I1 of fnly, and tha the Assessors will meet on the 17th, at 61 Vejcy str - el, t.. receive thrir said sei - meiits. on the ajplicalico of aoy peroa cMireiving himself Si,rievcd. ARMANI'S TALLM AN. ) Ass?vorof NATH .MELC.;U1FF1TI1,S bc 3d ward. New - Yoik, July 7, 181'J. J 7 lot A KEYED HARP. JA. GLTTWALUT respect! u'.ly invitee . the aii'.ateurs of music to inspect at hi 1 1 ino Forti! .vlsniifarto , No. 75 Waidm lane, a nmsical insticmciit that pcAec tip's qnaU the nurp in sound and far surpass, it 10 poiiit of easy Irealoi tit, a it is played like theptruK hy 11 ei.ns ol key, and couseqnentl) Iim all the ad - vai.ti.ges ol l.rUliant rnidulattun ; srie eniy one 111 ' the United Mates. AIo, ane!esj - .nt Piao i Forte f Ene tone, musical variety and wctkmaorhip, . ...... - . 1 . wMhanassunrm - Cjininiiii're,!! ainos, wnotu gw ,u - i'ities have lcn teiGwJ by the udrfci.ntJi r rniinrnt iiroicyors : . ' We tf.r - uhpcrfiers, prof - of morc, do " certify, that weh we caTuallj etaioioed Mr.'J. A. liettwabU1 nano - Mrte, wurcn, w umui - v andeictl'cice if wrkianhip and isnJtA .. builiarcy cf W., we cenedly rtcooyaend to - rel.lic pltriMiag. Messrs. Gill - S Elwaoe, iUL Vlett,C. Thi' - ault, Charks Gil!rC" J 7 ii RAElLEi'iO VH. - iD. A CjuanUly, lot saie oy CRJSWOLP COATS. 68 Sotfl - UL. J7 i f t s 1. . 1 .4 ' i ir n .1 i Ur V ; 1r ! ?! . . S, f'rl 1 hi '! 1 . X ; 4 ': ' n m - .(V.. I' . - l r ( s : : . . - ? , ,. f v i ' ! ' t - ' t i f ; v ' - , . 1 ,

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