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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, July 8, 1818
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 8. - In order to allow; those employed in this, office to join in the funeral tolamoitica of Use day, thi pjr ii ianil at 10 o'clock this wo rata g. . Atpta emtgraiim fe Canai From the 25th '. ' to the 29th June, SO I settlers arrived at lh Prt ' of Quebec from Europe. The whole nossber UathaeMTiTdtbeMtluteafon,iin,et!eriw St. Lawrence ha been free of i and navigable for thipping, is stated in the Quebec Gatette at 53"3., ' The tame paper nifbrmt at, that several t 0 - ..u U:hl.,n,lra h ionaeJ IB , woumuu oooiwi uiw"' - - - iafinn fi the Duroose of emigrating to Caoa - - da. and were to have wiled from Greenock in the month of May. - Ceor - aW'. Campbell, lafsly appointed mi - I nUtertolhecoortofEt.Pttcriburjiathepttce - f Mr. Ptnkrxy, bat arrired at Philadelphia, on ii, war to Bn,ton wb're u,e u s' Wgat? Gur riare, capt. M'Dooougn is reauiu. totikobunout. ' - ' i A urn of Mr. Paton, dyer, in fearer - street, aged about 3 years, wat drowned yesterday, in : ci - tern, in the back yanl, and all endeavor! to rejtoro We proved uuavailiug. The Director! of the United Stale' Bank, hive declared a dividend of three and one half ,.' percent. o the capital Mock for the laatiii ' mouths., . ' i The following gentlemen wera yesterday e - Jet ted Directors of the Pheuix Bank ' James Boggs Anthony Poet Benjamin Marshall Eliphalet Williams Peter Harmony JohaColvill Samuel St. John Lebeus Lootnis Iiuc Wright Jotrpu Roucband Ashrr Marx Abraham Valentine David Dryron Jonathan Little Ji'tw - Yrk Chmmbtrof Commerce. . (fir The following gentlemen were appointed on the Monthly Commit tee, to bear ami determine such mercantile disputes M may be refer - red to them. Gilbert AspinwalJ, Divieflcthune '. .Isaac Carow, . Henry Beekman James Heard. From the Albany Rcptttr, Jiify 7. General Montrtmerv. The hallowed re waina of our beloved MONTGOMERY arere - ' moved from a foreign land, where, for near ftrtythrte yeart, they have repoied, unknowing and witnwt " " From all the busy world who. have listened to a relation of his patno - tism, bis devotion, and his valor ; from the host of thousands, who saw with amazement the might of hi herculean arm, when raised in the cause of Libkbti, ne onhj could point to the sod, under whose favored pall our hero klept.. That country to which bis manly and generous soul was o exclusively devoted, have . received his decaying fragments of mortality to its bosom. In consigning these sacred nunes to the protection of our common mother, a grateful people will cherish in their hearts a sweet remembrance of his virtues witu an embittered regret at his untimely fate. We time now, ui relation to one of ibe Fathers ' of oar country redeemed our chancier from the . imputation of ihcratituds. All this was due to the bereaved, disconsolate, and venerable companion of our fallen chicftan't bosom, and in - fmiteJy more was due to the memory aad rtmaitit of the devoted martyr, to the sacred and imjier - isbablo altar oi Freedom. The age stricken Widow of our hero yet lives ,tose - the loved reiuaiasofhei's and her country ' AiojrrcoMKRY, removed from the plains of crimsoned Abtaham, and deposited in the bowels of a country, at the ihriue of whose welfare ' be proffered all the warmth of nil soul, all the energies of bis mind and all the mightiness of his strength. The removal of the UK at", was left by his . Excellency Die Governor, to tiie family ol the deceased, and Col. 1.. Livingston, (a nephew of Gen. Montgomery) proceeded to tj'iebec for the purpose. Tbey Acre identified by thefaith - ful hand of an honest and ingenuout oli i - oldirr, who attended the iunernl, nnd whose retentive memory, almost ha'f a century after that mourn ful era, is vet snared to direct the hand of ad'ec tion to that hallowed tun'. Montgomicht was the personal and intimate friend ol the Lieuten ent General of the Canadas was recoemzfd bv lain alter the battls, and favored witn a Coffin anJ a decent intermeut. He was buried willitn the walls of the city. liis Aidi - de - Chmp, .u. thenon, and Chewmin, were both tlirown into a bole with their cloathrs. The :oflin which contained the remains had BJt fallen to pieces. It appears to have been of a roagh structure, with a silver plate on its lid - there is no inscription visible on the plate. The anatomr ia a perfect state of preservation. The Letetou of the head, wiln the exception of the u.iderjaw, which was shot away, is perfect. Three qf the teeth of the under jaw nru together. General Solomon Van Rensalaer was charged by the governor, with the direction of the escort from Whitehall to this city, and rendered the solemnities interesting and impressive - The remains w ere Uken up with greatcare by Colonel L. Livinjton, and secured ty binding a "tarpaulin close around the oil colTin, and enclosed them in an iron bound chest. At 1 ray they took them trocithtf box and tarclotn, and enclosed them, tVgthrr with the original coffin, in a most splendid Muhsianv coffin, uaile bv Mr. John Meade. with t!ie fallowing inscription, engraved upon a1 S'lvtir plate by.MeMi. Shepherd K Boyd, ol Uiis utv, pnerd o.i its im. THE STATE OF NEW - YORK, la honor of BETKRAL B.ICUABD MONTGO.nF.RT. Whv l;U gloriomly fifhting for the iiult - pendeiicc aud linertyol the unite! states, oriore me traits ol Q'lehec, the .'Mstddy of Dccein - cember, 1775, caustd, these remains of this rlistiriKtiisbd Hero to be conveyed I nun Quebec, and dcpoHtcd on tiie fCb iif.y ol July In St. Pau"s Church, in the city of New Yotk, near the m'mua.nt erected to his memory by the Ur.itcd f - tati - s. ?ien Van lU - nsstlaer politely wiited at the t';into nmniHT of tuMirs m, Snn.li7, anil our ci'nettk tnjoved tli - niiiiri)lul consolation cf l0w - i'i vt r,; ui.ui il (inil.nt il'.e.i reatnes. Ts IttMAiss were letcived by the Military ns'l Vivil nn!. - io. itifii. At the cat of tj'.tt. Stc - p n Van Ket. - seiner, auJ w.. - re eior'ed to tiie S..,p:ol, w.Kifft t,,..y xtty; df j)i(cd until Mon - day in - worn; Can l.anst:'s eo j.ii - j.y of Atii,ry wureA - Urrierf m asr 1 i p - o - cosi BO. d ,aorv tj,nn a mile in n stow a.i so..aiB M. 1 he death toned m. ill .1 drum, tiie pto.u.ivehfe,w.du.rteill Hz wa ruled souuds of sorrow to every heat L Fnm Ike liichtnoni Ennuirtr, Jul 1. Cast V JfiMronhohtii Thu rw.fh, bia, iQ ! f'.U'iuirr r of thi - art h ull. h". l'i :u predict - - d, teruiin;.ted ia .jr., Ui, , fiteaienl . of. tV visa and prore., uf th Urnlilc 1i - v. wili not be oivoeptable, I presume, to ma - y'i'y of ynu. - rcJT. i no - ur'jcct oi lui" mci.mni - iy cae, was Jam - West, scd 8 yeat' - s oi.y so - i r.l Mr. Geoi,; Vct, (slater) fi.O'ilf of Nav - York,' ia now ola. ns c:ty. Co the 2id i f Nav U UiUtlifrc:tliel m m. and rea!irtJ tliil I sould iul bis child, who haU lecu lit'.tu that aldavhr a6V7. aarmased tob mail. On ; " lamination, 1 discovered a wound thro the palm (of th hand, the tooth of tbo animal passing be tween tha metacarpal bones of Uie ring, bb'j middle fingers. At the time the wound was received, the chUd was playing in Ue Tnrdj a had passed its hand throogli the palings at the ' . i.u k. Arr nassior on tns outide. Thedocwasseeo to seae the hand ol UtechUd,ad taKcteil ine wouira wwr. tinned, rrom his being seen to snap at and bit other dogs, hos, Sx. was parsnea, w..u intention to kdl bins; bat taking refuge ui the house to which he behmjed, ha was confined, and before ho was killed, eviucod clear and une quivocal symptoms of bydropoooia. The child was im mediately taken to the East - ro.t;n mninnntion. orbexoar st one. It was ap - niid ia tha wound, stock fcr some time, and was Mid to have perfectly performed its office. It was applied a second time, rinding the fear of th narents much nllaved from the rreat confi dence reoosed in the efficacy et this remedy, I endeavoured to impress them with the necessity of wing furthor preventive measures; and as thesitnation of the wound rendered Its eicision difficult, if not inrpracticablei I detcrmioed to make nse of the liberal application of the lunar cam tic With a view of promoting a speedy suppuration, warm poultices were directed to be often applied. Mercurial frictions, and the internal exhibition of small doses of calomel, with a view of exciting the mercurial action, and thus proving an rdditiooal preventive, were also used. The next day, Dr. Warrell saw the patient with me. when it was agreed to remove the eschar produced by the caustic, dilate the wound and again apply the cauitic freely. - The wound was directed to be dressed with the epispastie ointment, and a poultice applied over it. By a eootinaation of this plan of treatment, the wound was put in a suppurating condition, discharging freeiv for several weeks. A slight mercarial ac tion - was also produced, when it was deemed pru dent to omit tho mercurial remedies. The wound filled up and soon after healed. tin V cdnesKlay the 3d lilt. I was a - gain requested to viiit the child, as some symptoms had appeared, calculated very much to a - larm the parents. I was informed, on making my vuit, that during the previous night, the child baj started frequently from Its sleep, screaming atid eviurin? great fear, and com plaining much of its head. As it was then af fected with disordered bowels, common to children at this season, and as I had been in the ha bit of seeing children similarly affected while laboring under that disease, I did not at first sus pect the appearance of the formidable disease which very soon I had to contend with. By more particular enquiries, and closer attention to the state of the system, I began to suspect the real nature of the disease. The parents observed, that the day before, it appeared much alarmed at the sight of flier, and that even the buzzing of those insects around its head threw it into a state of great agitation. When exposed to a current of air from a window, by fanning, waving Die hand before or behind it. or indeed any caase that produced a current of air, the tame symp toms were always produced. Its own image, reflected in a looking glass, produced great apparent terror, and threw it into a state of universal spasmodic tremor. Pouring water from one vessel into another did not seem to affect it much, bnt when water was offered lo it, it seemed a - larmed, seizing the vessel with ferocious avidity, drawing up tho knees '.othe chin, breast heaving and eyes staring. When the water passed the lips, tne uinicuity seemed to hare been surmounted. The distress appeared to have been produced in getlmg it to the lips when this done, it swallowed with great rapidity, but no apparent difficulty in so doing. Repeated sigh ing, and short broken inspirations, resembling asthmatic paroxysms, were observed great irritability of the scalp, and pain iu th head. No longer doubting the alarming nature of the disease, Dr. Watson was requested to visit the patient in consultation. Between 8 and 9 o'clock at night, the doctor attended all the systems were aggravated. The doctor did not hesitate to prouuunre it a distiuct marked case of hydrophobia. He had attended the son of Mrs. Tay lor, who died with the tame disease, and be pointed out the similarity in the symptoms. An ene ma, containing 15 drops of the tincture of opium, had been prescribed, with directions to repeat it until some effect ni produced Ccld applications were duected tone applied to the head. On an examination of the wound, some inffim - matmuwas ohstrvedin the cicatrix, and conceiving Uiat some irritation existed there, having an agency in the present symptoms, it was suggested by fr. W. that the wound should bo a - gain put into a suppurating condition, by the up. pli' ation of the caustic, n hich w as done. Five drops oi'latidanum were ordered I) he given every half hour until the elfcct was produced. Be tween 5 and 0 o'clock on Tl.urfthy morning, our visit was repeated. Seventy - five drois of had heen taken, without producing a nv bencln i ll clla l. Sleeo had not been Dtodu ced, and except a cooicus perspiration, none of me enccis oi cne opr.un on ine system were on - served, A frothy tnlirn was constantly issuing iroin the mouth," all the symptoms were more violent, and evidently portended speedy dissolu tion. As every attempt to arrest the fatal termina tion of the disease had been made without effect, it wai propoicd by a higlily respectable member oi lacu.iy present, supported oy ouiers aiso present, and nrgi d hy the friends of the child) to anttract tiloau, conformable to the practice pur - sued in the r.aet Indies, toe iuzular vein was oreoed, but before 4 or. was drawn away, fainting was produced, which rendered it necessary to stop the flow of blood, totween 2 and 3 P. M.dcatfi terminated the existence of the little sufferer. Whatever confluence my views of (lie nature of this disease, may induce melo reuose inthe lancet, 1 am far from thinking that tho present case was one calculated to lest tlxi ei1i,:ury oi that remedy. The advanced period of th - ; disease, the state of the pulse, which from the I c ginning was weak, quick an I initahlc ; mi.) the debility produced by another and pn - vioii disease, ail aeemed calculated to pretlud.; any hp - refit being derived from the lancet And "us U" - operation may have had Hi - ; elleet of l;i - iiiiur in upon me regular progress oi me u.seasf, nn tb.:rby prev silting the occurrence ot souie of ( symptoms, so necessary to l known nr.d dcrstood, it would lure b - :e.i b - ilcr, in all pn'ia - bility, to have oinittt - H the operation a'toether. On reviewing the history of this ci - ' - . and the analogous one of Mr. Tajlor's child, it would seem that iU true nature ha not as vet been properly denned. That the dre.ul of (In - ids does not proceed from an inabil.ty to sual low them, seems clear from the lii'ory of boUiCises. the only apparent ilihi( iil:y was getting the water to the lips. Una accom pluheiLit was swallowed with faeiltv. .Nor does it seem at all probable, that lUis disuse is located inthe himix and trachea, m l that death is produced by a closure of the tcl"'1" in the actor aw allowing nu. lis. '. Itiem.iUiU appearances ci'inced by ciissei t.i m other and vital parts or the body would as soon ;ro - luce it. Alihouh therv are wJI attsstcJ rases on re cord ol'a sanction having presented thefonq.t - lion of the disease, it dual not apiiear that it always has that tttecA. This eve should alto prok - o tour, lint httleconflJetiM shou'.J be placed in Ihcttpi hentinn ol the stone, where a t ir - sn rr.s been lutten hy a dog evidently rire.ii. I lure thu., sir, sjndavoreJ to Comjiy With your rcjuerl, in funnbii 0'l vh a staleaiei.t of PiU ditrewin case. V hile it is n'.i.nui to bihevc, that ibaie i no evil, moral or hy?icnl, fo - which the haod of a ruuiiili Providence h.u nt aflaide J a pmpor remedy, may we not ie allowed, in ima'.natum, to ra. the cur'.uia wUm h kcpante ui fre. a f w yiars to come, and then bclmld t!i hj iroj liohia no looker or. the list ofmnrtatili3 - xr..' Krui Iul as our conn - ; Iry is in resource. - - die givit :inj rap: J ttiidef :l.:it telmte nuke, am gi atwho kuowi but Haaliiuia of our fure.U, ct ujeajilortd, uiy i farsviih tit world wills remedj ealcalaUd ummph o all the symptom - of this terrific (Unease, and prmititno.ltmger to remam a no - aumeat of the unperfeetion of the baling art . . . ,, v,. WM.H. HEMSG. . - .r, 'ItEMAEKS. The remedy so anxiously desired by this physician, has, it is confidently believed, already bees discovered, and has repeatedly besa mentioned in this paper ; uearly as oflea as acase of hydrophobia has been published ; His a plant easily found in all parts, of the TJbited StaUs, known by the rulgar name of Scuil.eap. Wby have none among the faculty here or elsewhere made it at least the subject of serieus eiamina - ? Facts ami datts and name are an ready te be prodoced. This careless os;lect b highly censurable. Ki. E. Pott. From llit Cohrmtom. 4 "Flaih htmsrt. It has been stated in Parlia ment that there are above 200 regular Huh houses bouses for the reeeption of stolen roods. and resort of thieves kept open day and night in Lonjon, au which rc known te the police offi cers, who receive ll) a year from each house as r - ujh money, kc. These houses are frequent ed by botween 1 1 and 12,000 persons, 6000 of wliom are boys and girls from ten to fifteen years old who there divide their spoils ant riot in bestial debauchery." I The above article is copied from Niks Resi stor. From Ibis article it will be teen, that London is m a most hopeful way b mend her mo rals, sue uas come ou nobly inher Flash Houses for the last twenty years. Ia 173, according to Colqubou'a Police of Loudr.n, there was about juuu receivers ol stolen gooth in lxmdon. Now it seems, the number is 1 ,000, a pretty tolerable round increase ! The amount of property then annually stoleu was estimated at 700,000, or $3, 100,000 ! According to the ratio tel down in Uie estimate of.Wr. Colquhon, thn annual amount of stoleu property, deposited in the Flash - Houses, muitnow be rising of twe'irrmtlioncf dollars, more thau on', million of dollars above the v. bole estimated expense of our national government for the year I61R! If tha policeoificers, whose duty It is to break up horrid haunts of cuilt and prostitution of every description, receive 10 from each house annually, the price of their bi i - ocry is more than nail a million of dollars. Here is a picture that shocks humanity and almost staggers belief. It is a deep admonition to tho cities of the nor Id. It shows in the most strikiug manner, the vital necessity of rendering the burthens of government light, and the temptations (o vice as few as possible ; and it also snows, tnat a stern, unbending and visornut no tice is the moral ihiolj which every ereat ciiv should provide and keep bumbhed and ready for assault. Our city is becoming, in wealth and popula tion, another London. We are not for cruel punishment, but with Buccraria, we believe that their efficacy depends much upon the certainty oi uie ir inuicuon. a vigilant, unsiombering po lice can do much, however, to rreveut Ihcir ne cessity. They should uot be contented to attack that vice ana profligacy whic h ant .ears at noon day, or whi h is to palpable and disgusting as to meet the public eye; but they should teek the mounter in her kennels and labyriulhs, and drag her forth to condign chastisement. - " Alitur vitium, vivelque tcjonJo." Exlrattt from the MS. of the Dulct of Rorigo. M. E'mtnard The duke of Koi uro rucaki with great approbation of the wit and talents of lae late M. rmenard ; no one porfessed equal facility. Whichever cause he was called upon lo support, arguments aud special picas crowded under hit pen with an abundance rcaliy inexhaustible. His excellency assures be never knew a mora lh xiWc spirit, ui proof of wbicii he quotes the following farts : " When it was in agitation to erect the repnb lie of Holland into a kingdom, Napoleon directed M. do Taileyran I, then minister for foreign affairs, to furnish him, within eight days, with a memorial, calculated to convince the authorities of that republic that their form of government was incompatible with the system generally a - dopted in Eurrpe, and that tho only means of maintaining their country's independence in th: political balance of Kurope, was to choose a king out of Napoleon's family. On qui:ting the Tbti - illeries M. do Talleyrand ran to his uual drudges ; hecall'J by turns on Messrs. d'Hauterivc. Roiix - Laborie, and the Abbe iJesroauudes : all of them confpssej them. - Wvcs incapable of com pleting so voluminous a work m so short a time His excellency then thought of M. Kstnenard, whom be used familiarly to call Fieiro ; he sent for hm, and to smooth away nil diihVnlties, coupled hi proposal with a promifc of 200 Louie The offer wai accented, uud on th appointed day Figiro gave in the memori il, with which M. de Talleyrand, the cniperor in short, all the world, except the slates of Holland, were mightily pleased. "It was perfectly felt at Amsterdam, that intimations of that kiud amounted to positive command?. Yet it was rcolvod to try a last attempt. The whole diplomatic strength of Holland fell to work, each produced his unte, which were put together an J despatched In Paris, with directions to employ some French literary character lo dije.' .thorn, andtlrike outanantwer to hi imperial nHj'ety'j meuiorl. The ambassador was aecitlcntaliy arqnaintei with M. EsmniHi 1, and applied to him to find out the man he had occasion for. It is a work, he said, to vhkh the states attic b a great deal of impor - tanee, and which will bn hiinhomely paid for: I am charged to present the author with 500 l.ouis. Thedrncc! MM Louis should not be eiit a begging, said Figaro to hiuuelf, and I hoi:ld be a great foal to turn so valuable a god - r ud from me to some brother author; in a word ho effered lumiclf. The amb.usador was in rap - lures ; ho ha 1 not the m,ftt rem . - fe idea that M. K meinnl had any thing to ila with the compost. ti f ,U, mtmorM jelivcr, ,. .. , ... "" - rr ''d ; and KwnarJ wa, , d to the states ef much too wise U - boast of it AH was, howerrr. tettled. and b - l.olJ 1 Figaro at work. The whole was soon completed, and, to gire him his due meed of pro se, he acquitted himself concicntioU5ly, and cave the Dutch quite enough for their money. Tha anwer proved greatly inferior to his fir.t memorial. The very next day, the ambaa - delivered it to the minister lor exterior re - K!ion, who wai quite astonib.edat the ttrcngth of the reasonings rhi h were alleged in opjiosi - tion toh. im - lci'j iewt; ct the adlress with which they were brought forward, and at the elegance of sljl whicii p - rv..d.:d the whole cf int dijii.iaiatic dot nment. The emperor was m its; I nid ia his expressions of surprise ; every one admitted into iho emperor's Council talked of it ; trn diffircul writers were thought of, bu' obJ ciilJ guess the real author. It was on - ij aUxit tlirte years after that, in a moment of Ir.Mic, which oani'hcJ reervo t igara acknowledged this Inflmgpitct of roguery lo bit mas ter." rows the Iaiidon Timti "f May 21. We think il our duty, even in kuvlniss to the great body of planters, V mrk with ourstrong - e?i reprolialion any act of wantcn barbsrity to - wsras the neg - o siavn ; fir we are of opinion thit lh tranquility of the West - India ishn'l is mire lively lobe proaioted by a kind treatment of the tl.ive, (wliich must follow the exposure of an.cooUuc t in tHj reflect,) than to be embroiled by tiie rrpremtition of their tniTcrian. The ex'met from some oftho papers laiJ on Jie table, descriles the brutal treatment Ol rhoristoo, a negro of Onmiuica, hy a Dr. Bir mingham, who, though a jraduiteof K.Iinbur;h, svas, we rejoice lo hud, ol ihc same colour as the tahappy man wboaa be tortured, Ireiwj himself anrgto: ' . i V V 1 be moment the poor negro - was taen out cVihe court, he was directly, by order of Dr. tTn - minzham, pat in chains with the galley rang, then working close by the court Thornton con - tioued to be daily worked in chains, with all the other negroes belonging to Everton - halL who bad been brought to town for their trial, until the day of August, 1815, when, as they were all working la chains at the new court - house, they were called away by Mr. Jouet, the clerk of the market, and conducted to the marketplace, where they all received 30 lashes, inflict' cd in the most severe manner possible, without informing them lor what reason they were so punished ; Thornton was the third person to punished, and be happened to have a cloth tied round hu miJtie, which being perceived by Mr. Sutherland, the deputy marshal, who was looking on from a window of the then court - bouse, in the market, he ordered it to be taken awny, that Thornton might receive his punishment, as h stated, " well inflicted." Mr. Johnstone wasiii Rosseau, at tho time of the punbhtnent, but be did not know ol it untd it was finished ; the mo ment he was informed of it, he addressed a letter to Mr. Anderson, the prcses of the special court wliich had tried Thornton, but he received no answer to it ; tiie same day, Mr. Johnstone went to .Mr. llobson to state the circumstances, and on his way he wet Mr. Sutherland, to whom he complained of the shameful conduct of Dr. Rir - mingham, in having punished Thornton after he luid been acquitted by a jury, and also fur havintr mmished the other necroes without bringing them to trial, for which purpose they were brought to town under a military guard the only reply Mr. Johnstone pot from Mr. Sutherland was, that Dr. Birmingham had a perfect right to do so Mr. Johnstone did not find Air. llobson at home that day, but he call ed upon him the next day ; on passincr the new court - house, he was accosted by the F.ver - ton - hall negroes, then working in chains . - l'horuton had nothing but his shirt on, and be pulled it up to show Mr. Johnstone the nature of the punishment lie bad received, wliich, in the opinion ol Mr. Johnstone, was the most se vere he had ever seen the posteriors were all in a mass ot blood, and the marks of the cart - whip were at least two inches broad ; indeed, even at this date, 18th October, 1816, H months date from the punishment, he bears upon him, and will for life, the marks of this cruel and unexampled punishment: all the other negroes, seven in number, namely, Fom - pey, Billy, Simon, Jack, Anthony, Hoatswain, and Clapham, were also in a shocking state. and were with Thornton compelled to work in chains, without beinff allowed any time to recover from the effects of the punishment" We also add the cases of other negroes, and must express our conviction, from the perusal of these papers, that the conduct of the grand jury in rejecting three bills has been very singular ; and that the governor of Dominica is fully justified in directing official informations to be filed in future caes wherein slaves have sustained brutal treatment from ikf mas'ri. 1st. Ahoy, about 15 year of age, a large iron chain round hit neck, fastened with a padlock, total weighing 22H. 2J. Two girl of 12 years of age, much marked by the effects of the cart - whip : fastened together with iron chains round their necks, padlocked, weighing lClb. 3d. A full grown man, after a severe flos - gingwi:bthe cart - w hip ; loaded with au iion collar and chains, weighing 2ll!. 4th. Aa old man, apparently 60 vcars of arc, after ha fog teen severely bcateu by bis master, was placed inthe stocks, with an iron colUr round his neck, and chains, weighing 201. 5th. A boy, about 1 2 year of age, loaded wna an uon collar, chains, auJ log uf wood, weighing 201b. Government House, Dominica, 30th September, 1817. The aborn are occurrences on tiie bland of Dominica; but sir Samuel llvailly moved last night to refer papers, relative to transactions of a similar kind in the island of Ncvit, to a select committee, for the purpoie of iuquiiiug iuto their truth. A private letter from Paris states that an account had been received there of a violent affray at Cambray, betaem s.ime rYencli and Ktiglish officers. It ia sued to have arisen in a coffee house, where one of the Ktiglisli of - : beers happened to deliver rather a l.e opm inn on the campaign of 1S15, and the battle ofi Waterloo, rlusled to the drawing of sabres; a uirnult in consequence took place in tiie? street ; and report adds, that some lives wen lust before thediituibance wis quelled The latter circumstance we believe u premature. PHILADELPHI A, Joly 7. Don Oni, the Spanish ainhaailor, left this tiiy yesicrd y for Washington. He has received two messengers from Spain within throe weeks and declares himnclf fully authn.sed to settle all matters in variance between the United States and Spain. The dispatches received from the - Spanish government of l'etisacola, are reported as dcnyiug lhat any aid or comfort has by tnc Spanish authoritiet been given to the Scminoles. 'It is also declarej hy the embassy, that neither the Spanish edict nor the translations of it which have been published in the United Sta'es, re - ipnr tmgthe lioeralion of .Mr. Meade, sre rorrtrt ; received by the aniHa!a - . there is not a word about " newspapers,'' ia the rjfrial copy, 4:c. PROVIDENCE, July 4. We learn that between eight and nine, hundred person, principally children, have been inoculated for the ki:ie pot k, in tliis toirn. by Uoc tort P. K. It. bruwntll, time the 3 - 1 Lit. Or.BCISBCRCH, (V. Y ) Jim? 31. An Agent from the Uunk lateiv robbed at i Pittsrhirrgh, has arrived at thu place : bis ob ject ws 10 uxe nuynurt into custody and convey him to PitUhurgh. but finding he bad his (Scape, he offers a rewurd of Five Hundred Dollars for Ii'n apprfcl.enion and sr. Ciiniy in any jail in the United States, i.ulil he cin he taken in 'charge by Uie agents of the bank. Mi Xary U B,try.Tht sloop Frre, from fl.e Muap.toSliorr;, owned by .Messrs. H. fc D. Cotheal, which arrived here on the I t. inet. has brought the tlii;ipiiigartkleiaud register of the diip .Wary J: Detey,capt. Austin, of Charleston, which were found in possession of An laJifoi near Cape a Dios, who state J that the ship was totally lost ou that coast several months ago, aud only one per.on got luliore, upon whom thwe papers were f'ouuJ after his death, which happened soon after h lauded. It appears ffbra the papr that the ship was bound from Charles - tou to N'ew - OrIc.uij, tnd thence to Europe. The above ircu.m - tr.nrci may afford sutr.e information to persons iutcre - ted in the vessel. We have no recollection of lire lost ever bavin" baeu published. Mcr. Ait. :0.f OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the llaltiinor P.triot, July 61 P.M. iAiltttfrom Harana.Tht schr. col. Geo. Armisteal, capt. liatechair, arrived here tiii moruing, in9daytfrom Havaua. The day he sailed two cartels arrived there from Pensacola, with Spai ish soldiers and Uie governor of that place, sent by general Jackson. It wns expected American vessels would bedetained, as a stop wis put to loading them. As nv;ht be expect d, the affair created considerable sensation. Arrived, ach Col Geo. Armistcad, Catechair, 9 days from Havana. Left brig Kugene, of Dal - timore. unc. the onlv nne f il.; n'net - mm ber of oilier Americans, names not known ;cn comet, sauej a uays oct j. e for .Ma'.an2as. Off Ocracock, - spoke a sch from New fork for Beaufort. Off Koanoak, brig Arcthusa, from New York for Charleston, 5 days out. In the Bar, chip Mount Vernoo, from Belfast, with passengers. Saw i brie put a number of men on board of a pilot boat while In l,he Horse Shoe, and afterwards went into Viewpoint, ap peared to be armed. Brig Eliza, Blunt, 8 davt from Matanzas Left there June 54th, brig Caroline, Monroe, loading i Betsey, Fhippen, Salem, 6 days t, Radius, Granger, Providence, waiting cargo i Matilda, Elliot, Warren, loading : Samaritan, Ore. ly, Portland, to sail in 8 days j brie , Morton, ot N l ork, for Europe brig; Factor, JYoyes, for New - xork, sailed same day schrs Jane, Hills, fordo in 10 days; Comet, Swain, Baltimore, 8. The britr Clarissa, lllinn, of Provi - dence, sailed 2d. On the 28th, in lat of 34 48, long "8, spoke sloop John, Francis, from New - Orleans for N York. Kch Mary, Chapman, from New - York. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia, July 7. i Arrived, sch George, llerry, 13 days from Lubec, with 60 passengers. Schr Industry, Dunn, 18 days from Halifax, wnn vj (latsengert. Sch Two - Brothers, Amc, 11 days from St. Andrews. Brig Collector, Titcomb, 1 1 days from St Andrews. Sloop Liberty, Hallett, 3 days from N York. bioop Uetsey, Young, 10 days from St Andrews." ' Below, ship Helvetia., Callager.frcm Lisbon DILI), At Providence, on Saturday morning last, Col. Henry Smith, need 51 years : formerly first Ceu - ator in the Legislature of that State. . Kf'RNfNO POUT M.I RINK LIST. JtRRlf'F.D THIS FORENOON. Schr Susannah, Gibbs, 57 days from Malaga. with wine nnd corks to boom an & Johnson and Wm. Kemble. Sch Elizabeth, Delano, 7 days from Dtdtimore, with sugar, to the matcr. Sleop Alert, Uassett, 5 days from Norfolk, l.ouod to ieW - Ledford. ft CLOW. Brig Criterion, 60 days from Amtterdntn, to Barker N rlopKim. Brig Abeona, from New - Orleans, 21 days from the Balise. 1 ship, 3 brigs and a fleet of schooners. y.WSi' EVENING Brig Hippomenet, Bourne, 17 days from Cur - racoa, with hides, lye woodt, iic. to T P. Stagg, owners, J B Graves, and C Street, pas - teogcrs. Lefttchrt Friendship, of Philnd. ; Tom, of Bait, for St. Croix; Samuel Smith, of Snow - Hill, from Baltimore. The schr Mary Martha, sailed 4 days before for Boston. On Monday morning, in lat 39, Sandy Hook bearing ;N. N. W. distant 100 miles, spoke ship Sterling, from N York bound to Oporto. Capt. B. brought bo news from the Spanish Maine. Bosro.f, July 5. Arrived, brig Favorite, Hart, Liverpool 40 days, salt, coal, crates, and dry goods. Sailed with the Julius Czsar, at N York. Spoke, May Vtt, at the . V. Huov, ship Andes, of N York, 45 days from Philadel phia, and saw three American ships standing m. May 29, lat 4'J 50, long 1 - 1 '25, tucked ftp a ship's yawl; with " Samuel Whithrcad, of Hull, on thcktern. fc'apt. Glover, a passenger in the Favorite, has furnished the following list uf vested left at Liv erpool, and he thinks it contains every Auicrkaii in that port the "i - lth May : Shirt Tritm. Ilol - comb, lor Boston, July 1 ; i'oc about u, Idovland, unc. : Clio, Heath, llogtcn, ndavt I Liana, Ste vens, do 14; Resolution, Jewett. just arrived ; Tiuioleon, All.'n. disch'g ; Alliance, Rider, do ; llantotiia, Rollins, unc; Geo. Washington, Allen, Bait. June 1 j 5tr; fiord, llogers, unc. ; Betsey, Cox, jnst itrr. ; Ail:, Jeinninn, Hull, via P.ellait. in 10 days; T. Gibbons, Brewer, lust arr. ; Mechanic, A.tglieli from lift It; Camiilus, Howland, lust arr. j ririlliant, llauer, do; Afr.i - oa, t'ox, fsif NVuik, via Newry, 10 days; Fi - namict, Divvm. unc; Caledonia, Sivaine, Arch anid. May Ehta Jane, Taubman, unc; Importer, Dinck - y, N. York, June. VJ; Pacific, William', do June 1 ; Pnr. - ignn, llalsteal, do .10th; .North Star Phelps, Pliihul. via BcHt, t! days; Orient, Barnard, disihV ; Draper, Whit - hn k, do; Kmulciis, Cbrte, unc. ; Indian Chief, Walton. ity Poii.t, uncertain : William P. Johnson, (siiiits, Pliiladch hia '2 days; Wil liam, Brainard, - New Orleans untcrtam ; Jones, Gootlay, St. Petersburgh, 3 days ; Dawn, Joifcr, . lmk, 20; fcuphiates, l to.t, i:o June 10; M.niliu, Tarr, jut arrived; llichmon i, Kn'.in. I'lul.ul : Missouri. B.tush. do 10; Lan caster, Wctt, dj unccr ; Superior, Hamilton, do d'j ; r pctor, llaniilton, do do ; Maryland, llam - mond, St. Petershiirh, 10; Good 111 urn, Sands, Baltiiuore 3 ; Amanda, William. di - - rh'g; Bcl - vidf ra, II ipsnn, Halt. 10 ; W. Sims, Kels, Philadelphia June 3 ; Telegraph, Coirm, do .uth ; Ar - loiniiis, Gibson, Idltiunre 10th ; Balioon, Stiles disc.h'g ; General Hand, M'Menl, Xcw - Orieans, June I ; Marin,. Morrill, just arrived; Viiginia, Fisher, do ; Friends, Jcflery, Charleston, June 20; Palla, Wilrcx, just nrrivcd ; Congress, Kin;;, Baltimore 14 days t Sally, Wntson, disch: Hu itt - r, Safford, do;Sybil, Turner, just ar ; Little Cherub, M'Keever, Philad uncer ; Orozira - bo, Paddock, India,? days . Mary Ann, Stuhht, Savvmah, 7 ; brigs Elizabeth, Bradford, Boston 7 ; Columbia, Williams, do ; Phoenix, Low, doJur.e 15 ; Hope, Arnohi, New - York uncer ; llobert, Gowh, disch , Fame, Davis, just arrived. Brutus, ifrngdon, Portsmoufb, 7 ; Alfred. Holmes, S Vorknoc; Yamacraw, Riley, Philadelphia do; Alar)', Otis, Baltimore 14 t sch.'. Hero, iioiracs, Richmond. Tfx ship Nnv - Jer - sy, for Alexandria, and Liverpool f.icket, fcr Philadelphia, sailed 2 dayt hefoe. The John, and John Bulklry, had sailed for Pniladelphia. The sch America, Liiicoln, 41 days from lan - zarote, for Boston, arrived off Block island. :d inst Spoke. May 27, lat 24 1 - 2, long 73 12, sch Mary, 20 days from Portsmouth, N II fir N Oi lewis. July 1, saw a ship standing II vith a private signal at the mizzen peak, Lut could not tell wiiat it was ; judged her to be fi - om the Chesapeake, being in the Lit. of Cape iienr.'. QUECKC, June 25. Arrived, brig Kent, Sterling, 4'J chyt from Lnrne, with liO settlers. Ship cir (ieorn Prevoit, 51 dayt from Plymouth, with 9 settlers. Ship Burrtch, Smith, 45 days from London. Bng Active, Anderson, 45 days from Cork. BngSaliy, Bull, 42t. - '.yt from Belfast, with 176 settlers. Brig ff amc, Nicholson, 50 days from Sunder land, with 40 settlers. Bris Maria, R. Kay, 47 dayt from Waterfotd, with US settle!.. Total number of teltlers, 2o73. NEWPORT, July 4 Arrived at tint port on SatiirtLsy last, in distress, brig 5ally, Clar';son, from Wilmington bound to Liverpool, with a cargo of naval stores, dtaves, kc. Tiie Sally sailed from Wilmington on the loth June, and on IHe lUth expericurrd a severe gaU of wind, which continued 48 hours; in the rale eprung I he head of th? forema't, nnd the brig leaking badly, w.t compelled to throw over the deck load, aud to steer fur Ibis part lo refit. Arrived on Tuesday, brig Caiypso, Ber.lo, 32 J:ys from tiie Islo of May, with tail, bound to Donon, put in lor omcrs. ?adea in co. wiin brigSanh, Atwnod, fir BoEton Left, thip Recovery, Kin.', for I'liUadclpbia in C days; Gen. Sco'.t, CoiEo, for Hudson in 4 day; brig Pil grim, Delano, ot Bath, just arrived ; Dove, Bar relt of Alexandria, from M tdrira, to il iu C days, and a schr. for Philadelphia ia 5 d.ys Ot. Sunday bvt tpake tbo U. 8. ubip Alert, 3 day fresrt Boat on I. r Norfolk. ALEXANDRIA, July C Arrived, British hriij Fame, Cobb, IR days from Barhtsdoca. Lett schr Alert, to tail nt day for this port. British .hr Alert, Kirkpatrick, 10 days from Barbarit. Sloop Risinc Sun, Smith, 1 1 days from Providence. rtoop Huntress, Sprncc, fl days from N Yotk. Ntw - Oau4Jis,June 6. Arrived ship Jewell, Heating, l.tvcipoul. Brif Jolin, Stitej, Nrw - Torkl llrig Two Friends, Habossa, Peruscolx. Brig Ann - Maria, Wright, New - York, Brig Zephyr, Child. N ew - York. THEATRE. .I - . "TtiK aeisKriT or ' THE THEATRICAL FUND. The Committee of Uie Theatrical Fund rctneet fully inform the public, that the annual bin, in aid of the fund fat the Relief of Indireat Ditabled Performers, will take place On WEDNESDAY EVENING, July8 When the volunteer astittance of several ladiei and gentlemen, unconnected with the fund will enable them to present the best aggreeat, of Theatrical talent in honor of the octailoa oonooOooooo On Wednetday Evening, Joly 8, . (Last night of rformahcc this season) Will be presented the comedy of THE HONEY JiOON. Duke Aranza, Mr. Cooper Rolando, PntcuarJ Laojpedo, Barnet Baltliazar, Jooea , Jaouet, Hilton Voloiite, Mrs. Groinoa i,, Juer Itt appearance iu I Juliana, J that Jimracter, Barnes I Willi the original song.) Zamora, William, At the end of the play, . " Tbe Soldier tired of war's alarnji," By Mrs. Hoi man, Who has kindly volunteered her services, beau - tier 1st ippearance in New - York. After which, Mr. Pritchard wtll read a Mooodr to the Memory of General Richard Mootro - tuery. . Dormg the Monody, an appropriate tcene, inn,, iwrency, 4 c. designed and executed by tir Holland and hit assistants will be exhibited' After the Monody, Mrs. Holm an will ting the fa vorile Echo bong, accompanied on the dm, " by Mr. Mehne, end cclioed by henelf To which will be added, the musical farce of lie CHILDREN IN THK ivnnii tte Performance to comnienee quarter rast seven o'clock precisely. 1 P A V I L I Q N THEATRE. ANTHONY - STREET. This Evenins, July 8, Miss M'Bride, the prodi - gy, only 9 yean old, will tpeak Uie cele - brated Ode, HOW SLEEP THE BRAVE." After whiih, for the lit time, anew ballet of THE COBLER'S DAUGHTER, OR, ALL IR TIIE WHOSC. The GRAfsD ascemsiopi from the ttage to Ox top bcxet on the tight rope. Mist M'Bride will tpeak an address, adapted to the funeral obtequiet which are this day paid to the remains o( siostcomeri. For the last time, the popular melo drama of flD.M - .V to HIS DOGS. Doors open at? ; peiforrunnie at 8. Boxes $1 ; Pitt 50 cents ; children under 14, half pike. J 8 It BROADWAY CIRCUS. oooooOo'ioot Entire change of performance. WEDNESDAY fc F.NLNG, July 9, 1813. The pcrtormance will commence with the brand Mnmeluke Entry Master Thomas will on one horse perform ma nv ivoiuh rlul ftatt of ilorifuianshiD. The sagacious horse Othello wiii perform flt part cf a domestic, he will at command, bring a whip, hat, basket, handkerchief, aud conclude t - y Walking, trr,tuns,&c. black Rope, by Mr. Mnyhe. Galloping, Vaullin;, show ine every meant r. mounting aad dismounting without tie aidots stiirup. i Master M'Carn, the wonder of the age, wiiJl on one hore, rx rloroi many wonderful leatt fo: a youth, only nine vvatt old. and conclude ia r ding on histieaif, l is horse in full speed. Madame Cnctin, for the first time ia this city, will perform the grand Ascetuioa from the sUp to the gallery oa trie rope. Mr. Tatnell will perform (he mucl) admiml tcene of the Drmikcn Soldier. Clown, Mr. Campbell. Mrs. W illiams, the celebrated equestrian, will make her appearance on horseback, and through the six divisions of the broad - sword. Monsieur Cossin svill go through many stirprj. sin - ; i;nts with a Stick but recently iiilrci2fc.eii into thi country. Mr. Jatneii, me flying iinrseman, nm ni one horse, erfnrm many wonderful feats, bf over a honrd ol lights, and conclude hy leapue through two hogsheads. Airs. Williams will display her &stoniski: Ecpiilihrinms on the Slack Wire. ttill Vaulting, by Mens. Tirtnell, Mahyt,(J - cin. Coty, M'Carn, Vil!i. lhomns, Rc. Tickets may he had at the circus frott 1) o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. aud from 3 to 5. Doors will be open at 7 o'cloc k, nod the po - formance commence precisely at tt. No smoaking allowed. Checks not traasf - ahie. Gentlemen are requested not toentertht ring - . 0j" JAMEo D. S l'OUT, Engraver and Sal Cutter, removed lo 90 Liberty - street, s Creenwicli - street. Jv8 3 oie &tvne ,utteri,MaiUrMuoiu,anti iJwH trt if New York. cr.sfTt.r.xKiy, (fc5 Ynu are hereby invited lo assemble. Mechanic Ila'L on Monday, the thirteenth ofJi ly, insiaut, precisely at five o'clock, P. M ; wh a proposition will be made to you, by aesptrt - able character, worthy your attention. J8 2t .V x7. f'ROIX. tsffv The brig FREDERICK, CTark, aiis - ir' :u ...i ik. s in, m.t For freich' or pa!flge, bavin handsome adcomniO'latioos, apply to KLAur.4i Licrc so i". r. nisifil.tCTi'II Jun4t aiuio - mj. - SI Vl:i IvIJ Ull Iriu, sn.i xr iMti. labiUDC Jli from he Martha, and in store, for sals at 67 South - street, by July ft WILSON MILES, ifi Jono - ttreet, imr , r V . .i.l hw IMVC tJ f V UOOn IIVUl iHUto.TU." . inform Uie public, that they do busmen (forca.' - .. . a a a . at the lollowing reuueou raie, si. Superfine blue or mac coai " Other colours Blue frock or surtout J Other colours "V Cassimereorrlothtrowsen U Do tingle mil'd cast, do W Marseilles vest '7 And lo those gentlemen who prefer Ba. their own materials : Making a tnrtoul or frock coat FK) a close Iwdicd do Do cloth or cassimere trowssrs Do' Nankin, cotton, jeau, fcc. 47 :s 7 5J f75 9 SO 2 00 I m ni her a" - lri am! nirsr uoilornis. and every OUier u prorimnai, y cneap. w I. o. Ail anuiet rui in uie . style, and ine worxmausnip ti Sj9 lw city 1 "".'1 - rwllHn' ' I iUKrt..t 1 ou oi. V - ' - j - u v I 1. ..1 i.. r'.i,inr ssnn. for snie - S - . . ... . . t 1 1 . i ni,D 1 noaru cnr .rj - ii" - i - "" , ro J 8 . ... t hi - 1 I A ViWlJ'WOU.Jr. 64 Miiifl - iJss'i - J for sale, , . .. 2000 qr. CAiks gunpowder, approved quaii.j VJOIwus St. Petersburg clean hemp 300 boxes Germau steel, euUtlsd to If oacK .! . r - i.:.. - .1:..:. ..M. 1" nieces Sal sal ssoaua suiu uuiu.5 r Julv8 ' ' IOKFEE i IVUACCO hi - sJ very S 1 Colter - , and . rrl JS hlids. Kentucky Tobscco, tatl rer . rt, 1 I

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