The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1944
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

6 Thursday, March S, 1S« MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE "GOON GUN" IS USED BY YANKS New Mortar Earns Admiration of Army Washington, (U.R)--A "Goon Gun" --a newly perfected 4.2 incli mortar that has earned ; the admiration of American forces and the lear of Iho enemy"--has been added to the army's siore of weird but deadly nev.' weapons. The war department disclosed Thursday that the new weapon was first used in the invasion of Sicily. It is now in use in every major theater. The "Goon Gun" looks like a stovepipe, supported on a T-square. But it can lob a score of 24-pound shells 2'.-. miles in 60 seconds, and knock out a German 88 mm. piece. "In addition," the war department said, "concentrations of the phosphorous shells fired from them spread flaming particles of phosphorous which uproot the enemy from underground positions and react with the air to form clouds _ of non-toxic artificial fog which cover infantry assaults, blind enemy armored formations and screen amphibious operations." Its accuracy was demonstrated when one mortar unit in Italy dropped a round right into the open turret of a German tank. Its power was amply shown when another unit, firing 12 rounds, knocked out a battery of German "SB's," outweighing it 30 times and having 4 times its range. Added to all these qualities, the "goon gun" is comparatively light Weighing less than 300 pounds, i: can, when dismantled, be carriec by its crew and thus be brough 1 info action in terrain where heavier artillery cannot penetrate. Dr. William M. Jardine, pi-esi dent o£ the Wichita, Kans., Mu nicipal University, said recent! that American colleges and uni versities must have as a postwa goal the training of students to bi leaders in politics. RED CROSS AT HIS SIDE-- Red Cross trained nurse's aides, like Mrs. O. Henderson of Washington, D. C., (right) shown here, assist the regular nursing staffs in thousands of civilian, and many military hospitals throughout the country. With thousands of nurses in war service the need for nurse's aides is vital. Declare Mistrial in Noxon Case Because of Juror's Illness ^ rittslicld, Muss., (/Pj--The trial of John F. Noxon, Jr.. -17 year old corporation lawyer charged with murder in the electrocution death of his B months old mentally deficient child, ended in a mistrial Thursday when Judge Abraham Pinanski suspended the trial because of the illness of a juror. The court set May 31 for start of a new trial. Twice as Many Yanks Survive Wounds as Did in World War I Washington, (.-!)--The American soldier wounded in this war has almost twice the chance of surviving compared with the soldier in World war 1. The army reported Thursday that "despite the use in modern warfare of the most destructive weapons ever known, only 3.7 per cent of American wounded have died, as compared with li.l per cent during the last war." NAVY RECRUITER TO CEDAR RAPIDS Tom C. Hutchinson Was Head of Office Here Tom C. Hutchinson, specialist 1/c, chief of the naval recruiting office in Mason City for. the last year and attached to the office since July, 1342, received notice Thursday of his transfer to the Cedai- Rapids office. Dan Hnm- . illon, specialist 1/e, will take I charge of the'office. Mr. Hamilton also has been in Mason City for more than a year. Mr. Hutchinson. a native of Decorah, came to Mason City from the Des Moines office and during the year he has been in charge j the local office has consistently ranked high in regular navy enlistments and particularly in WAVE recruiting. He enlisted in the navy in April, 1942. Prior to t h a t time he was employed by the Burroughs Adding Machine company as sales representative in the Des Moines territory. From 1935 to 1937 he was state director for the sales tax division of the slate tax commission. The family makes its home in Mason City at 728 15th N. E. Mrs. Hutchinson and their 3 children will remain in Mason City temporarily. He is to report at Cedar Rapids Monday. llf 'I !i Synthetic l u b b e r has so much less tack (stickiness) than plantation rubber t h a t the Germans add the natural product to the synthetic to make it work well, but in this country many synhetic "tacki- fiers" have been suggested to do the job better. tELIE¥£Ea«eand»ootliechafe. Form _ _ _ medicated coat of protectiou B E D bet ww a skin and chafing bcd- clothes with Mexs:uia, the , medicated powder. 4 Advanced to 2nd Class Scouts Here At the Boy Scout Board of Review held Wednesday night in the P. G. E. auditorium, 4 scouts were approved as 2nd class. They were James Farrer. troop 8: Richard Swenson, troop 9; Christ Bakeritges, troop 11; Hanford O'Lcary, troop 35. D. C. Hcnn. chairman, was in charge of the review. He was assisted by W. R. Strong. H. I. Thomas, E. L. Tracy. P. M. Maxwell, E. D. Dunlop, F. C. DeSart and M. L. McGowan. Merit badges were approved for Don Colleu, troop 3, bookbinding, woodwork, metal work and electricity; Jerry Nalan, troop 3, woodwork; Don Roderick, troop 3, woodwork; Wayne Dunavan, troop 5. scholarship and woodwork; Randall Arnold, troop 6, nechanieal drawing; Junior Driskill. troop 6, bookbinding. Edward Hegtvedt. troop 7, wood carving, woodwork and carpentry; Carl Haney, troop 8, bookbinding; Thomas Stackhouse, troop 10, public health and personal health; Roger Judd, troop 13, mechanical drawing: Bill Nicholas, troop 13, public health and personal health; Jerry Mealy, troop 21, swimming; Terry Lee Mealy, troop 21, woodwork. Eddie Hegtvedt, troop 7. was awarded the ranking of Victory Farm Volunteer. NEW ARRIVALS Herringbone Tweeds Good Sturdy Worsteds Diagonals 5 27 50 ? 55 ? 37 50 All of them are all wool goods. Smart in appearance . . . rich and luxurious fabrics . . . that will offer you dependable service. The largest selection to choose from ever shovm by us. We invite you to see for yourself. Slate 2nd Door East of 1st Nail. Bank FURTHER EFFORT IS PLANNED FOR "YOUTH CENTER" Lions Not to Give Up on Program Started Despite WPB Refusal Further effort will be made to develop a youth center for the .Mason City community despite a refusal of the war production board to approve an allocation of gas for heating the old library building, Dr. M. D. McMichael, chairman, of the Lions' special youth activities committee, stated at the club's weekly luncheon Wednesday noon at the Green Mill.. "We know," he said, "that there is a- very great need for such a program and we're not going to let ourselves be too easily discouraged." Emil Koerber reported on a visit made by him to 2 successful youth centers in St. Paul. The venture there, he said, has been effective beyond all expectations. Two essentials to success have been demonstrated in the Twin Cities, Mr. Koerber pointed out. One of these is a qualified hostess at each center; the other, a large measure of authority and responsibility in the youths themselves. Understanding and co-operation from clergymen, parent groups and the schools should be developed in advance, he was told by those in charge of the St. Paul centers. A musical program was in charge of Carleton Stewart, climaxed by the Iowa debut o£ Meredith Willson's new ballad, ·'Iowa," sung by Earl Dean with Sidney Stott at the piano. Other numbers included a flute solo by Catherine Pauley, Eenee Reed accompanist; trombone solo by Sidney Stott. Bob Weed accompanist; cornet, Ray Beiieke, Sidney Stott, accompanist; baritone, Dick Setterburg. Bob Bailey, accompanist, and a drum demonstration and solo by Walter Rae. I The lyrics of the Meredith Willson tune, introduced on the radio last month by Bing Crosby, reflect a nostalgia by the writer for his boyhood days in Mason City. j They follow: IOWA By Meredith Willson I-o-way, - I-o-way, That's how they sinr it in the Tall Corn Song.-Other people call it I"O"-A-And they're both jusl a little bit wrong. CHORUS I-O-W-A, it's a beautiful name When you say It like we say it back home, It's the robin in the willows, It's the postmaster's friendly hello. I-O-W-A, it's a beautiful name You'll remember it wherever you roam; It's the sumac in September.-It's the squeak of your shoes in the snow. It's the Sunday school and the old river bend; Sonsrs on the porch a f t e r dark; It's the corner store and a penny to spend. You and your girl in the park. I-O-W-A, it's a beautiful name when you say it like we say it back home. It's a promise for tomorrow and a mem'ry of long, long ago. SECOND CHORUS It's the picnic ground and the whippoorwill's call. Acorns and dew on the lawn; It's the County Fair and the Odd- fellow's Hall, Meeting the circus at dawn. END OF SECOND CHORUS I-O-W-A, what a beautiful name, when you say it like we say it back home. Buy War Savings Ronds and Stamps from your Globc-Gazcllc carrier boy. ON SALE THURSDAY FRIDAY ,f,J SATURDAY floss-Tex TOILET TISSUE EPSON SALT For Healthful Baths $1.00 Size KREML TONIC Grooms Unruly Haii 101 SO. FEDERAL RIGHT RESERVED TO LIMIT QUANTITIES AT OUR FOUNTAIN "CHIC" Home Sef PERMANENT WAVING KIT Eoiy to E A. do. safe. 07 C For soft, lovely curls. Value for Gatdtnws VCGETABLE SEED SALE %..2falOc Flower seeds, too. Special for Friday and Saturday MEAT LOAF (Home-Style) Whipped Potatoes -- Brown Gravy Choice of Vegetable or Salad Home-Made Roll -- Butter Coffee -- Tea -- or Milk Free Dessert -- Choice of Sherbet ALL FOR LIFEBUOY or LUX TWO POPULAR SOAPS--AT SAVINGS! Choice. 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