Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 31, 1931 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1931
Page 8
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vvuMAfiO^CLl IR e .. t3SKaaK£S HELEN HENDBICKS News Editor Residence Phone S40VV OFFICE PHONE No. 239 LEE DEWIGGINS Circulation and 'Advertising Residence Phono 87 MARCH 31 1931 Diamonds AN INVESTMENT IN HAPPINESS FOB EASTEK \Buy With Confidence at Murray's Our Low Price Feature -- Perfect Blue White, 18 Point Diamond of the finest quality mountings of 1SK white gold, in the latest creations -- xir irch f CONVENIENT 'CREDIT M U R R A Y play, "T a tf JEWELRY CO. HL B. A. Bldg. ME?' DR. SHALIENBERGER SEINING BEGINS AT CLEAR LAKE Fishing Crews Work During Nights^to Obtain Pike for Spawning. CLEAR LAKE, March 31.--About three crews of two men each .are out on the'lake each night setting the nets for iish to be used for spawning purposes. The state fish and game department is sponsoring this industry for. the Clear Lake Fish hatchery. Guy Rickman is the expert in charge. . The present weather is favorable for the work, J. Bowers, custodian of the fish hatchery, stated. A large number of fish are being hauled it 'daily, the largest number bein; male pike. At the end of next weel the industry will be at its height and the fish hatchery will have a number of eggs to start working with, he stated. · At this time the fishing crew is increased to about 16 men which make camps at various parts of the lake. All of the work, is done -*· iilght. ' Royal Club Convenes. CLEAR LAKE, March 31.--Mem' hers of the Royal club plan to mee f Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock a the I. O. .O. F. hall for election o officers. A picnic supper will b held for which each member wil bring sandwiches and a covere dish. Students to 3e at Homes : or Vacation Several From University to Arrive at Clear Lake for Easter. ". PARK THEATER Clear take TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY "The Birth of a Nation" ROYAL BARBERS TAKE TOURNEY B a r b e r s Defeat Tarrs in Semifinals by Score of 5 to 3. CLEAR LAKE, March 31.--The 're-Easter season brings almost all jf ti3e eollcgs students back to their homes for a short freshening .up jeriod before the .long stretch until the final exams. ' ' Students from Grinnell college arrived home over the week-end. Pbey are Jean Matthews, frho is' visiting her parents, Mr. and' Mrs. 3. H. Matthews, and George Milne, who is visiting the Rev. and Mrs. W. B./Milne. Many of the University of Iowa folks will arrive late .Wednesday, while others who have late classes will wait until Thurday morning. Among those from Clear Lake who will spend a weelc. in Clear Lake at this time" are Ray and Roy Cox, Ray Wallace,' David ..Davenport, Lawrence Jones, Pauline Larson, Park Rinard, Allen Phillips, Carolyn Sondrol and Genevieve Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Taylor will drive to Iowa City Wednesday and return with their daughter on Thursday. Don Phillips also plans to drive down Wednesday for Allan Philips and Carolyn Sondrol. Mary Jane Watts and Betty Braheny are expected' to arrive Friday, from Clark college, Dubuque. Dorothy Runcie will arrive Thursday for a 10 day stay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Runcie, North. Fourth street. .the Iowa State col- March 19 td Specialist in. Rectal a Diseases, will' make hi; monthly visit to- Mason City, Hotel Gordo, Friday, A ('From 8 A. M. to 5 P. -r* Thursday .Evening, April·j^.'jFJMf 1 NSO to 9 P. 5W.--382nii^tait; ,.Ju -. 'J-;.IT-L^ .-"\tarn Visits E\ery 2SDiJig » *.__ _ * i . ,_-! *?'· LeSS ThaiJiaUetoherger With Pri YV iui jrri in of ^ and ,· *noh-ocmflniiiE office "itchiailjje^ila^, blind ]gs tip pot neglect annul, «r li^yw^are suf- f rom Stomach. * Bowel, Heart7 Nerve, Sfcin or chronic trouble such | as i atism G o i t e r , Catarrh, \or Bladdertrputite; It will "'o see Dr Sfamllej^rrper Scamtaatit^J f ne, Ad- Tetters to ^ K * s .Wilbert .illenberger, M. D. ikwood Blvd , Chicago,: III. A New I who has had treat . 4 Diseases and Special women and a 3 large list of CLEAR LAKE, March 31.--By defeating the Tarrs 5 to 3 in the semifinals the Royal Barbers overcame their toughest opponent in the indoor, baseball tourney to claim the championship now. .·The first game Monday night was thrilling from start to finish, both teams making the most of their breaks. The batting of Ed Boyle and the fielding of Max Paulson becajne sensational fgr the barbers. Auchenpaugh starred hitting and fielding for the Tarrs. Only one team in either league won the distinction of starting from the lowest league ranking and then playing in the final of the tournament, Kenyon's dairy. The milkmen Defeated Bryson's T..N. T. 5 to 4 in 'the semifinals. - , Kenyon's dairy again made the Royal Barbers step in the final game, the barbers getting four and the milkmen nothing. An unusual circumstance presented itself in the finals. Neither of the league winners, the Tarrs and the Jefferson Smoke shop, were in the competition. StanI«V Smith and J. R. Buttleman, sponsors of -the Royal Barbers, will entertain all of their teammates at a banquet some night next week'. Dinner and Theater . Party Given at Lake CLEAR LAKE, March 31.--Miss Dorothy Beal entertained a group of friends Sunday evening to, a 8:30 o'clock dinner at her hoiv After the dinner the guests attend^ ed the theater. Among the guests: were Cecil Cole, Charlotte Tims;_ Weston Porter, Don Daley, Mason City, and Guida Underkofier. Mrs. Hushaw Hostess, to Twentieth Cent\ CLEAR LAKE, March 31.--1 hers of the Twentieth Century will meet Thursday afternoon at home of Mrs. Harold Hushaw. Tf hases . ofcyjnodern, American^ f _ i _ J|5j|Ioft4 Pauses Chlmn^'fDyi^W^Wishaw. Chan, n»'M6f»%' r ^py Mrs. B ,, Clausen a*4 "Jac^ue* Takes Inventory liy Ifej 1 - J?t yf Br y son wl11 I.Uui. Ttifiri-JrtT off {hot COMPANY SUED Action Challenges Right to Build Sloping Driveways to Stations. An action challenging the right of oil companies to alter the established grade of sidewalks and replacing them with sloping driveways was filed in the district court Tuesday. The Highway Oil company and the city of Mason City are named joint defendants in the petition. which was filed by L. R. Boomhower for Inez Winter, plaintiff, asking $4,000 alleged damages. The plaintiff alleges she fell and i o . . to Project Leaders Mrs. Dan Coyle was hostess Thursday to the district leaders and co-operators o£ Owen township women's project work. ' Miss Alice Mae Cole, home demonstration agent, gave the fourth lesson "Feeding the Sick" iu third nutrition. Trays were arranged for liquid, semi-solid and convalescent diets. The women prepared a well balanced meal at noon. A good lesson to remember, it was brot out, is found in Margaret M. Baker's quotation: "Diet ir Health may' mean prevention of sickriess, and diet in sickness frequently means quick recovery." broke an arm on the driveway, which she contends had replaced a sidewalk in front o£ the Highway Oil company station at Third street and North Federal avenue. According to the petition the company In establishing the station with the permission of the city tore up the sidewalk and replaced it with a concrete driveway sloping toward the street, making a dangerous situation for pedestrians. The further allegation is made that the city allowed the Highway Oil company to pile up snow along the edge of its grounds, creating an artificial bank of snow and adding to the hazard. The incident involved in the action occurred Nov. 25, 1930. Chicago's beer industry has certainly boosted that city's bier industry. -- Xiouville Tunes. City Enriched by $30; Two Men Forfeit Bond: Joe Robbins, Mason City, and E J. Garvey, Manly, each forfeited~a $15 bond when they failed to ap pear at police court Tuesday morn ing. They were arrested Tuesdaj night and charged with intoxica tion. A few.yeart ago, milUon* of people sk. faed from excel* f«. It wil;* blight to beauty, health and · vim. Lives «*" "shortened, all life's jOyB reduced. _ J^H look .about. :Excesi fit by harmful dnigJ,, Science his ., tovered that a great cause_of eitce«a fat lies in a weakened ^land. That gland largely control* nutritioh. Its sfccreuon helps turn food into fuel arid energy. A scanty secretion leu too much food turn Now doctors the world over combat thit cause. Th«y feed the Jacking factor .- until weight return! to rWrrilil. That factor is the b«« of Marawla mescriprion tablets. A woiw-FamouJ medical laboratory prepares them to · -fit tho average c«»e. Thui any ob«e person rriay employ this rneoiod in its form at small oott. been .Used /or J4 yea U» ers have . ears boxes of it. the use h^ spread. of the slendi.tness you is master the Y. W. when thq E. A. D. (least, WM lub at her with Mr». (a. A. M. Don't neglect your child's COUGH or COLD T RYtVismilder"coirnrer-irritanf." Good old Musterole now: made milder for babies and small children. So pleasant to use and so reliable--apply ChHdren'sMusterolefreelytothea^Tected area once every hour for five hours. That's the safe, sure treatment that millions of mothers and leading doctors and nurses recognize and endorse.^ '^ Musterole gets action because it is a "counter-irritant"--not Just a sal^e --it penetrates and stimulates blood circulation, helps to draw out infection! and pain. . ^ That's why this famous blend of oil 9! mustard, camphor, menthol and other helpful ingredients brings relief naturally. " Keep full strength Musterole on hand for adults and Children's Musterole for the little tots. CHILDREN'S ·».'=! ~: ; jj:.'.. ;· ;/ i-V^e^aKi :!v$- }l\$ .'i'l : VSWJOW .-.apifj^if i^f ^HMV--'--^M · !^$5j;fe : a| ^ /Ms 1 jiisi-%; 4 //Wo ·'·ttt^ffarve'or overdo, or use 'harmful.or absurd. The right i ,,,_ the niethod which all doctors now em- ploy--jg at your caU. The price at your drug store is only 81. . Go getit today if you need it. A book in the box gives the formula and explains the reasons for results. Uoa t carry this burden longer-whcn peopleall about you have so easily_thrown it o(f MARMOLA ) PRESCRIPTION TABLETS v Th* Right Way to Reduce Millir=^ .'.?-' Is Next Sunday! H A N F O R D ' S do your DRY CLEANING Thrifty Men and Women will take advantage of our low cleaning prices and' have their old apparel rejuvenated and made like .new for Easter. Our modern cleaning plant with an unmatchaole cleaning process is at your service. Every % ordei -regardless of size, receives that same careful con- v - Vv trt^ I f^ ·· *^i * i t i ' 1 /* C? ^^o ...-«AcLu.ats, praflf^vcleaned and pressed . fo«)C \ i)resses, plain-X-cleaned and pressed 50c S Suits, cleaned and pressed . . . . . 75c ;oats, cleaned and pressed . . . . . . 50c .S, cleaned and reblocked . . . . . . 75c H A N F O R D C L E A N E R S le fo have those id suits cleaned 3 save you money. Phone 495. .. iry, Vliiton, daugh- e*rs. A. E. Peterson, tern-oiled in the Iowa itate' t.TeCh'Ws college for the iring- tierrrt ifehe plans to receive ' hfi05.jQf arts degree at the thef^rimmer from Columbia ty, ^rfiich her husband.also [a to tattftnd _ M? CM; washed or alemited, $1. De Bruyn'S Super Service. Mv and Mrs. Don Wright, Du- uth,\were dinner guests Saturday ventur at the home of Mr. and Ralphs Conklin., Mrs. Conklin is a ousin of Mrs. Wright. Compete new line of wash dresses t 51.95 and up. Peter Pan Shop. 1.95 ''Rollins chiffon hose for ,1.59 thi week. Peter Pan-6hop. LloyOTjVlstey drove his mother, Mrs. Al»rt Wistey, to Iowa 'City ionday ^ere she was to receive an examinatlfi and treatment at the universltmhospital. : Speciafljiowlng of new hats and dresses foliJaster wear. Peter Pan Shop. ,_ Mr. and«3rs. W. H. Taylor returned Sunday night from Cherokee where they spent several days transacting business. Mrs. S. I»\DeWiggins and daughter, Helen, Mrs. Joe Powers anc son, Joe Manning, returned Monda; from a week's stay at Kansas City with Mr. and Mrs E. B. McClure Mrs. Eva Butcher; mother of Mrs DeWiggins, returned to Clear Lak with them, after spending the win ter with her daughter, Mrs. Me Clure. C. H. Stevens, De* Moines, la 1 Clear Lake in charge of the Par theater' during Sid Levy's absenc Mr. Levy is to leave Tuesday eve niug for Omaha, where he will vis with his parents. B ATT INSPEC H AS THE additional strain put on your battery during the past few months weakened it? Don't take a chance on ruining the battery. Come in--and let us give it a thorough testing- o- .ay 'JCS E L I V E R E D a t Standardized BATTERY .,O1O 2-DOOF Factors In 1 Test battery with hydrometer. 2 Add approved water if needed. 3 Clean top and terminal posts. 4 Tighten and grease terminals. 5 Inspect and c h e c k cables. Tighten hold down clamps. Check generator charging rate. 6 7 ( EXTRA Trade-In Allowance on your old battery when · purchasing new Firestone Batteries during this period. | CLEAR LAKE CALENDAR PHONE Wednesday--Lions clut mei^ts at the Soda Grill at noon. \ Home-Jklissionary society meets at the Methodist church In the afternoon. Home Improvement club meets at the home of Mrs. A. E. Career, Ventura. American Legion auxiliary meets at the clubrooms in the evening. Thursday--Rotary club meets at the I. O. O. F. hall. Zion Ladies' Aid society meets al the Zion Lutheran church. Twentieth Century club meets at the home of Mrs. Harold Hiiahaw. Royal club meets at the I. O. O. F, ha at 2 o'clock. BATTERIES There is a Firestone Battery for your car--^built to give you long life, power and dependability. FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERIES BRAKE LINING iM a' V Brewer Tire Battery Co. Inc \upper and Oiection of C^J fie' 'I take place. g ^"^ " "V f\ m -~^ .-~"-i. - : ' f7 \ V. * · %,'- ALWAYS OPEN U ' 123 NORTH DELAWARE AVE. MASON CITY, IOWA A A JOHN OAKLAND AND PI 25-27 SECOND ST. S. E^ yealcel Garage, Kanawhi^ Otto Nolle Lelar^ C. HI. 'Auranfl, Kockfo^ of yourself . iter day in one ises. All the trimmings · · . and new irthy of much ^ are styles for icaslon, and Sunday- lizes 13 to 52 Thoo. J. Eddy, Kockwc^ F. 3. Tliiele, 'Nora Spring A.

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