The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 24
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 24
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TWENTl-FOUtt . MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAY 3 1934 · SHANNON ROLLS IN FIFTH PLAGE Set* Highi for Evening, 781, in Classic Games for Wednesday Night. LIONS CLASSIC IEADERS C B* Swafford f. E. O'Nell I,. A. MM C. M. ColllM ·K. Shannon 8J1 F. Bobln§on gjl JI. G. Puscb. SIS W. WtDtr 79H F. I. Wall 781 178 761 Ed Shannon took fifth place In the Lyons Cleaners bowling classic Wednesday night, rolling a high for the evening of 781. Frank Robinson and Hans G. Pusch followed closely behind him in the rankings, being down by 3 and 6 pins respectively. Four bowlers placed themselves among the leaders. Shannon and Robinson who took sixth, Pusch in seventh and William Weber, ninth, were the quartet. Scores of Wednesday. Ed Shannon .. F. Robinson ., H. G. Pnsch , Win. Weber . Or. Meadc .. Roger Lyons M. Kanfman r C. M. Lyons · o. M. Lyons F. B. We.Il . Bob. Johnson Buck Woljke Bert Dtuoll . *Ed Bunton .. 'Ed Dunloti .. R. Stevens - , 198 , 181 . 199 193 , 187 , 158 . 190 . 181 , 168 , 159 219 198 189 181 195 156 155 160 1C* 183 167 149 169 118 174, 126 141 191 135 178 19Z 191 190 170 178 203 209 158 180 181 111 142 159 180 178 ill 183 ZO* 212 164 180 171 148 170 178 WO 108 117 134 137 120 565 (Continued from Sports Tale) and has some bearing on people to have there children go to Wiscon- in." The spelling and punctuation are Koundy's. * * * Forrest Twogood, former Univer- ity of Iowa pitcher, later Witt Cleveland, and an assistant coach at the University of Southern California, recently went on baseballs roluntarily retired list, with the ·eteran Eppa Rlxey of Cincinnati. Twoeood visited his school for several days before taking the retirement trail, hoping that a sore hrowing arm would be bettered by University hospital treatment. While n Iowa City, Twogood declared that Jud Froning, former Webster City ligh athlete, who was involved in ie Froning-Swanson athletic migration from Iowa, would not be admitted to the Trojan school. The boys came out "on their own hook, Twogood said, and lacked both money and scholastic standing to enter Southern California. * # * One of the queerest twists of scholastic requirements may have lost a prize gridder for Minnesota in Bob Tenner, who flanked the line opposite Frank "Butch" Larson last season. The Big Ten will pass judg- GREENE YOUTH IS PUT IN JAIL Arrested Following Chase; Released on Payment of Bill ALLISON, May 3.--Charges were dismissed Thursday against Ralph O'Neil, youth from Greene, following his arrest last night after a wild chase. O'Neil drove up to the Eusse service station a quarter of a mile south of Allison last night and asked for gas, stating that he would have to leave his engine running because it was hard to start. Mr. Busse put in 11 gallons of gasoline as O'Neil held a dollar bill. But before O'Neil paid, he drove away. Mr. Busse jumped into a car driven by Frank Schoenemann. Shouting warnings that he would shoot with a shotgun he carried, Busse succeeded in getting O'Neil to stop. A companion fled. O'Neil was placed in jail but released today on payment of costs of the gas and chase. Lucille Snipps Leads in ; Girls' Firing for Week Ijiicille Snipps led the junior girl "ID. American Legion supervised fir ing- on the Y. M. C. A. range fo the last week, with 93x100. Th boys' scores were not posted, sine the squad worked on new firing po sitions during the week. The girls high scorers: Lucille Snipps .. · Alice Ann Moore Kathleen Bohn Virginia Lee Beth Devoe Roberta Anderson ....... Total, high five scores .. .443x50 New Haven Indies Win Contest With Prep Nine! STACYVILLE, May 3.--Coach Sullivan's fast team of Visitation high school of Stacyville lost a close game by 2 to 1 to the Independent baseball team of New Haven on Sunday on the New Haven diamond. Ritterath and Heimer was the battery for Stacyville while Weinschenk and Penney worked for New Haven. PRESSBOX HOG MART SLOW WITH PRICES ABOUT STEADY WHEAT DOWN AS RESULT OF RAINS Diminishing of Uneasiness Over Drought Tends to Depress Grains. CHICAGO, May 3. UK-- Showery conditions southwest, west and northwest tended to diminish uneasiness today regarding drought menace to crops. Largely as a result wheat prices dragged lower. Pronounced curtailment of speculative activity was a feature in all grains. Only passing notice was taken of monetary factors including a statement' credited to Secretary Morgenthau that the .$2,000,000,000 stabilization fund could be utilized in the purchase of silver. Wheat closed unstable, %@1% under yesterday's finish, May 78%, Produce MASON CITY, May 3.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs (current receipts) He Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over . .10c Light hens «c Springs (heavy breeds) 10c Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags 6c Old cocks (heavy) » c Merchants Quotation* Eggs, cash 11-13C* Eggs, in trade 13-15c» Butter, Plymouth 30c Butter, Clear Lake 28c Butter, State Brand SOc Butter, Very Best 29c Butter, Dairy Maid 28c Butter, Brookfield 28c Potatoes. pecK 30c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by. calling several downtown grocery stores. July 76@%; corn off, May ment on him soon he's in medical school, and is to take a general spring · examination. Through the fact that a course in physiology has been dropped from the requirements for graduation, a passing grade in the examination will make him eligible for a degree and ineligible for football. A flunk in the examination will end his chances of getting a degree this spring and likewise make him ineligible for the grid. If only the single course had been left in as a requirement, he could have taken it next fall and been eligible for more play . . . now there's a problem! * * * Pro gridders are going to open up their game next fall, 'tis said. They'll run with fumbled balls, eliminate the penalty for two or more incomplete passes in the same series of downs and the penalty for the first incomplete pass over the goal, provided the goalward pass is thrown from outside the 20 yard mark. * * * Now just two more little things . Lester Olson, foreman in the S1 d o r a Herald-Ledger printing jlant, gave Welker Cochran, for- ner Manson boy, now 18.2 balkline champion of the world, a 15 point landicap and played him to an even game . . . but that was 20 years [go, when Cochran was a 12 year old boy, standing on a box to handle the cue. A few seasons ago the two slayed, and Cochran gave the handicap . . - Olson's 20 billiards were only to be matched by 200 for Cochran, it was decided. Cochran ran the 200 before Olson had a chance to shoot. * * * The Austin S-M-I ball club is going to visit Charles City next Sunday for a preseason wannup that will give ?lanager Smith a chance to see what he has. The Lions will be the opposition, of course. The Austin S-M's (a different club) will be entertaining Blooming Prairie in the home opener. July 47%@48; oata ·£ down, and provisions varying from 5 cents decline to an equal gain. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO, May 3. GW--Wheat, No. 2 hard SOUc: Ko. 5 bad hard 77%c; No. 2 mixed 80% c. Com, No. 2 mixed 47%c: No. 2 yellow 4S^c; No. 2 yellow lake billing 47«c; No. 2 yellow old 48048',ic: No. 3 yellow 47%c: No. 3 yellow old 47'i@48*£c; No. 4 yellow old 48c; No. 2 white 52e52J£c; No. 3 white 51c; sample grade old 45%c, Oats, No. 2 white 31%®33%c; No. 3 white 31Wc; No. * white 29«4@29»lc; sample grade 28c. Rye, no sales. Barley 42@80c. Timothy seed $6.25T«6.50 cwL Clover seed $9.5015)12.75 cwt. Lard, tierces, $5.70; loose' lard bellies $7.75. $5.25; CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO, May 3. W)--Poultry, live. 28 trucks, steady to firm; hens, over 5 Ibs., 14%c, 5 Ibs. and under 15%c; Leghorn hens 13c; Rock fryers 25®26c, colored 24c: Rock springs 25@26c, colored 24c: Rock broilers 23@24c, colored 22c, Leghorn 21c; bare- backs 19c; roosters 8%c; ben turkeys 15c, young toms 14c. old toms 12c: No. 2, lie: spring ducks 13@16c, old ducks ll@13c; geese 8c. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, May 3. (JPI--Butter, 6.185 : steady, prices unchanged. Eggs, 28,680, unsettled; extra firsts cars 16%c, local 15%c; fresh graded firsts cars 16c, local 15c: current receipts 14toc. PRODUCE FUTCRES. CHICAGO, May 3. LW-- Egg futures closed: Storage packed firsts May 17K.C storage packed firsts June 16Hc; refrigerator standards October 18Tlic. Butter futures: Storage standards Novem- Potato 'futures: Idaho russets May $1.45 MasonCityGrain MASON CITY, May 3.-Barley 30-450 No. 2 yellow old shelled corn . ,34c No. 3 yellow new shelled corn .33c No. 3 yellow ear com 31c White oats, No. 3. so IDS., or better 22 C THLTISDAT GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO. May 3. (.*!)-WHEAT-- May July Sept CORN-May July sept OATS-May July Sept, KITS-May July Sept LARD-May July ..;.... Sept, BELLIES-May High ·78H .43?; .48% .50 -551,4 .55% .56% .43U .29 ii .29 .29 Vi .54S .54 ^ .55% July Close .78 U .76 V4 -77S .45',! .47% .49 » .29% .29-29S .29 tt .54S .54% .55% .39 .40% 5.70 5.85 6.07 7.55 7.75 OP UP TO $3,95, 10 CENTS HIGHER ulk of Medium Weights on Sale at Prices From $3.75 to $3.85. CHICAGO, May 3. UP)--The hog ,arket was slow today with prices bout steady, although the top quo- ation climbed to $3.95, 10 cents jove yesterday's peak. The bulk of medium weight swine, owever, sold at prices from $3.75 o .$3.85. Receipts were 18,000 of hich packers received 7,000 direct; the total run was less than had een expected and fell several thou- and below offerings of a week and year ago. Outside markets were generally ull with prices ranging steady to 5 ents lower. Few good cattle were offered for ale but prices held fully steady. "he best heavy steers in the run of ,000 sold for ?9 while some animals in loads went for $9.25. Well finish- d yearlings and all heavy steers ·ere fully steady, however. Sheep prices were strong to 25 ents higher, but quotations for fat ambg were steady and somewhat asier. Initial bids for fat lambs were as much as 25 cents lower, with sellers talking around $10 to 10.10 on good to choice wooled ambs. Receipts of 10,000 equalled the expected run but fell below that if a week ago and a year ago. NEW TOKK POCI.IRY. NEW YORK, May 3. 1/B--Dressed poul try, easy, unchanged. Mve poultry, weak. Chickens, freight 12c: broilers, freight unquoted: express 12® 23c; roosters, freight and express lOc; tur keys, freight 10@16ci express unquoted other freight and express unchanged. NEW VORK PRODUCE NEW YORK. May 3. tff)--Butter. 15,244 steady; creamery, extra (92 jcore) 25c; firs (89-91 scores) 23%@24vic; centralized (9 score) 24^c: other grades unchanged. Cheese, 276,312, steady; prices unchanged Eggs 24,542, firmer: mixed colors, spe clal packs or selections from fresh receipt lSU3'20c; standards and commercial stan dards 17}i@lSc: firsts 16',i®16Kc; second 1554@16cf medium 40 Ihs. 15«c; dirties No 1 42 Ibs. 15%c; average checks li-^lauSc storage packed firsts 17iS8!17Kc. KANSAS CITY PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY, May 3. UP)--Eggs 13C Hens, I0@12c. Other produce unchanged. HIDES, WOOL THURSDAY GRAIN OPE" CHICAGO, Slay 3. MM-- LEGAL NOTICES .QSlGttfAI, A*O±ICE . In the District Court of Iowa In and for Cent) Gordo County. Jane Term, A.D. 1931. J3. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking of. the State of Iowa,-as Receiver of the Cerro Gordo State Bank, Clear Lake, Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. Drainage District No. 70, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa; Drainage District No. 31, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa; C..R. Patton, W. D. Gibson, F. G. Root, Members of the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and representing Drainage District No. 70 and Drainage District No 31 of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and al parties interested in each or both of salt Districts; City of Clear Lake, Iowa; Joy JUdgeway, County Treasurer of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa; Arthur Harris County Auditor of Cfcrro Gordo County Iowa; and the Unknown Claimants to th Southwest Quarter (SWVi) of Section No Fifteen (15), Township No. Ninety-five (95), North of Range No. Twenly-twi (22), West of the Fifth P. M., Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Defendants. To the Defendants Aborc Jiamed and Un known: You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office o£ the Clerk of th District- Court in and for Cerro Gord County, Iowa, the petition of the plalntif alleging that he is the absolute and unquali tied owner of the southwest Quarter (SWU of Section No. Fifteen (15), Township N« Ninety-five (95), North of Range No Twenty-two (22), West of the Fifth P. M. :erro Gordo County, Iowa; that the defend ·nts have or make some claim to said rea ·statt adverse to plaintiff. Plaintiff ask ihat his title be quieted against all defend tuts in and to said real estate, and that a Irainage taxes unpaid thereon be cancelled ^or particulars see petition on file. AND UNLESS you appear thereto and de Tend on or before noon of the second day o Ihe June 1934 Term of the District Court I ind for Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, whic convenes at the court House in Mason City Iowa, on the 4th day of June, A. D. 193; lefault will be entered against you and eac -f you and Judgment and decree will b Tompkins to Battle Six Rounds at Card in Fort Dodge Park Freddie Tompkins, Mason City ghtweight pride, will trek to Fort 3odge Friday night to mix it for 6 ounds with Kid Lehr, youngster rom Waterloo in the semiwindup pot of an American Legion boxing ard at Expo park. Harry Lovick of [asou City will also be on the ird. Tompkins defeated Glenn Musselman, Fort Dodge boy, in an appearance there two weeks ago. Dick Janiels of Minneapolis and Harry lobbs, Oskaloosa Negro, fight the main go. The rest of the bill is as follows: Ray Calvert, 158, Waterloo, vs. oldie O'Hare, 149, Fort Dodge; Noble Jennings, 172, Marshalltown, vs. Leonard Johnson, 175, Forest City; Bob Putney, 180, Waterloo, vs. Harry Lovick, 180, Mason City. rendered iw. as prayed, and as provided Dated this 3rd day of May, A. D. 1934. E. B. STILLMAN, SENNEFF, BLISS SENNEFF, Attorney* for Plaintiff. You can't expect much reform while people forgive a bad man if he's a good fellow.--Kcssinger's Re view. WHEAT-Hay July ... Sept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May July Sept LARD-May July Sept Open Today -78 S · .TSK .45% .48H .49 % .29% .29 y. .29% Close Yesterday .78% .77ii .45% .48U .49 ?i .29 S .96% Close Yr. Ago .7214 .73 H .3SK .41% .24% .34% .2511 .52 .50% .51 y. Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. Inc., 808 Fifth Street Southwest HIDES Horsehides $1-7 Cured beef hides 6% Green beef hides 5c WOOL ' No. 1 clean bright 23c Ib Semibright 20c Ib Rejects 16c Ib J1ABKET. BOSTON, May 3. UP!---U. S. departmen of agriculture-A few manufacturers inquired for combln -wool but they apparently were not in an hum- to buy. Occasionally they took a fe' sample bags. la many cases the chief inter est was In determining the qualities amounts, and prices of -wools available. Quo tations were about steady to firm on spo domestic wools. There "were indications o sentiment being oolstered up a little in thi market by the fact that opening prices " London this week were off less than thi previous close than had been anticipate before the opening. .39k .40 ?i 5.70 5.75 6.10 Shell Rock Wins by 4-0 on Dumont Ball Diamond DUMONT, May 3.--Dumotit was defeated 4 to 0 Tuesday on the local baseball diamond by the Shell Rock high school team. Ahrens and 'lonsindine were batteries for Dumont, and Parsons and Barr for Shell Rock. Barr knocked a homer with one man on the base. Ahrens struck out 12 batters, and Parsons, 6 batters. Dumont had 4 hits and 3 errors, and Shell Rock 4 hits and 2 errors. Dumont had 8 left on bases and Shell Rock 3. JnxN~EArOI.IS GRAIN'. MINNEAPOLIS, May 3. W)-- Wheat re- celpts 72 cars compared with 137 a year ago. Market lower. . Cash: No. 1 northern 79%@82%c: Ko. 1 dark northern 15 protein 79%®83%c; 11 protein 79%g'83Sc; 13 protein 79S@83%c; 12 protein 79SS83%c; No. 1 hard Montana 14 protein 79%®81c; to arrive 795»®81Sc; No. 1 amber durum 99c@S1.05; No. 2 amber durum 739751:; May 76Sc; July 76%c; September 75=11 c. Corn: 41%®42%c. Oats: No. 3 white 26Ti@27;ic. Market Notes By TICKER TAPE Hog Markets Hog prices at mMw«t markets Thursday: CEDAR BAWDS--Hoga and corn unchanged- WATERLOO--Prime hogs 180 to 200 Ibs. $2.90S3.20; 200 to 300 Ibs. $2.8093.10: 300 to 325 lb». J2.708J3; 325 to 350 Ibs. ?2.60® 2.90; sood packers S2.35Sf2.55. OTTUMWA--Unchanged; 140 to 160 Ibs. SI 90' 180 to 180 Ibs. $2,90; 180 to 200 Ibs. S3 30' 200 to 240 Ibs. $3.30; 210 to 260 Ibs. $3 25' 260 to 280 Ibs. $3.15: 280 to 310 Ibs. $3.05; 310 to 350 Ibs. J2.90: over 350 Ibs. packers over 500 Its. $2.0502.35; thin packers and pigs priced at Wiling values. DBS MOINES--Unchanged; 120 to 100 Ibs $1.6502.65; 160 to 300 Ibs. $2.65183.15: 300 to 400 Ibs. $2.65®2.90; good packers AUSTIN--Choice light lights 140 to 160 Ibs $2 45; choice lights ICO to 180 Ibs. $2 80' choice mediums ISO to 200 Ibs. 53.10. 200 to 250 Ibs. $3.20; choice heavy butchers 250 to 290 Ibs. $3.05. 290 to 350 Ibs. $2.90, 350 Ibs. and up 52.70; choice packers 2,5 to 350 Ibs. $2.55. 350 to 425 Ibs. $2.50. 425 Ibs. and up $2.40. Mason City Livestock COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DBS MOINES, May 3. UP!--13. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 23,000 compared with 28,500 a week ago and 32.400 a year ago. Mostly steady to 5c higher, bidding moderately active at the advance, loading for Thursday apparently little changed. Quotations: Good and choice, light lights 140 to 100 Ibs. S2.55«j:3.15; light weights 160 to 180 Ibs. $2.75213.40: 180 to 210 Ibs. $3.10Si3.50; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. S3.15S13.50; 220 to 250 Ibs. $3.1!®3.50i heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. S3®3.50: 290 to 350 Ibs. $2.75®3.30: good packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. J2.55ff2.SO; 350 to 425 Ibs. $2.40@2.70: 425 to 550 Ibs. $2.2582.60. or above for desirable offerings; few less desirable clippers 58.25; holding best offerings above $8.75; around 75 head 67 to 69 Ib native spring lambs 510.90®11; two double deck BO Ib. woolcd skins bought to arrive $10.10. MASON CITY, May 3.-- linos Mostly 5 cents higher. Best sorted lights 200-240 Best medium weight butchers 240-260 Jest heavy butchers 260-300 Jest prime heavy butchers .. 300-325 *«3t packing sows, smooth .... 300-350 lest heavy sows, smooth . 350-400 $3.25 $3.25 $3.10 $2.95 J2.60 $2.45 $2.35 test big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 Light lights, fair to good, (140, 160, 180) $2.20, $2.50, $2.75 CATTLE Choice young steers .. 9(10-1,000 51.70-5.50 ledlurn to good yearling steers .... 900-1,000 $3.73-4.50 Choice corn fed steers 1,000-1,200 54.50-n.23 Icdlum to good corn fed steers 1,000-1,200 $3.75-4.50 Low grade steer* ., $2.50*3.00 Fair helfera «00-800 J2.75-3.50 Uood helfera 500-801) S3.5fl-4.00 Choice to prime helfeil 600-800 $4.00-4.50 Eutchers cow«, fair to good ....I2.00-2.5U Good to choice cowi S2.50-2.75 :holce to prime cowa I2.7S-3.0U nferior conners 75-1.00 Fair to good cannen $1.23-1.50 Uood cutter cows .,«......$1.50-2.00 lommon to fair bulls $1.75-2.25 Fair to good heavy bulls $2.00-2.25 Good to choice bull! $2.25-2.75 Good to choice calves, 130-180 .. .$4.00-5.00 tedium to good calves, 130-190 ..$3.00-4.00 Ulterior and common calves ...$3.00 down LAMBS Choice lamb 70-90 $7.73-8.25- Medium to good lambs ... 70-90 $6.75-7.75 Buck lamb* $1 under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctutloni. OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA. May 3. «·)-- U. S. department H0 5 GS CU ' 91500; moderately active, mostly steady to 5 cents higher; packing sows wlJk? better 170 to 280 Ibs $ 3 . 2 0 ® ; ton $3.40 for part load choice 236 Ibs., ton $3.4 or p medium grade WS3.15: better 280 to 350 IbB $285«3.20; few choice 280 Ibs. $3.30; 140 to 180 Ibs. $2.60«?3.20; feeder pigs es: 300= fed .tee. yearlings uneven; small supply good choice weighty steers and medium weights active, strong: slow, weak on predominant supply of light steers and yearlings; other killing classes steady; stockers ind feeders scarce; bulk fed steers and yearlings $6®7.50; around 1,000 1M. yearlings $7.50; choice 1,668 Ib. steers $8.35, S around 1.250 Ib. weight* $8.75; heifer, mostly $4.75(85.75: few lots $6; bulk beef cows $3@425- small lots good and choice 54.5065: cutters $2@2.75; medium bulls S285B3IO- heavy fat bulls 53.25O3.75; practical top vealers $6; choice selects wot- $7 6,500, Including 1,300 directs; lambs opening steady to 25 cents higher; ££t »,lvance on spring lambs; early sales most advance on spring ,,,,,-,,. fed wooled lambs to shippers $10.10, cllpr-d lambs $8.75@8.85: lambs up to $11.25; fed native spring sheep strong; shorn eTMs up to $4.35;' shearing lambs $9; one - shorn feeding lambs 58 Ib. load Texas averages KANSAS crnr TJVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY/, May 3. i-TJ- U. S. depart- SSS? W0~i«cl; closing fairly ace n e s d a ' s aver- OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA, May 3. (.PI--Wheat; Spring smutty No. 2, 74Sc. Corn: Yellow No. 2. 42%c. Oats: No trading reported. To Be Given Friday. ROCK FALLS, May 3.--The senior class play, "The Valley of Ghosts," will be presented at the school auditorium Friday evening under the direction of Mrs. Jones of Nora Springs. The Day's Stars Miscellaneous POTATO 3IARKET CHICAGO, May 3. LT)--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 109, on track 215; total U. S. shipments 641; old stock, weak, supplies The line of least resistance in the stoc market, Wednesday's session demonstrate is still on the downside. As a result of u hurried but persistent pressure, leadln stocks were forced to the lowest levels sin January excepting only the bottoms of t late March reaction. The Dow-Jones indu trial average closed at 98,82 against 83. March 27. The rails finished under tin March bottom at 46.29 and the utillU were also under previous lows since Jan ary. Market opened on a firm note and du ing the first hour maintained a level fra tionally above the preceding close. Init gains could- nob be held, however, and as the session turned into the afternoon period, early gains were replaced with losses. Trad- Ing until the final hour was at a particularly slow pace, but in the Ifcial 60 minutes turnover rate accelerated, and it- was during this last hour of the session that the market acted its worst. BROKERS CAUTIOUS Brokers were cautious In expressing viewpoints, but most were frankly In the dark as to the immediate outlook. Technically the market was believed to be Jn a position to rally, but the inability of the list to induce support was a discouraging note for holders of that opinion. Those not inclined to consider the technical side emphasized lack of professional interest and the negligible amount of outside interest. The sideline policy is predicated it Is asserted, on the dissatisfaction with the manner in which the exchange bill has been launched before icngress. Whereas a few weeks ago the CHICAGO ^LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, May 3. UP)--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS, 18,000, including 7,000 direct; market slow; about steady with Wednesday; 180 to 250 Ibs. 33.75!S3.85; top ?3.95; 260 to 340 Ibs. 53.50^3.80; 140 to 170 Ibs. ?3.25 @3.75; most pigs $5.50 down; packing sows largely 52.90@3.15; light light good and choice 140' to 160 Ibs. $3.25@3.75; light weight 160 to 200 Ibs. ?3.70®3.85; medium weight 200 to 250 Ibs. $3.70@3.95; heavy weight 250 to 350 Ibs. $3.50@3.85; packing sows medium and good 275 to 550 Ibs. $2.80 @3.3o; pigs good and choice 100 to 130 Ibs. $2 @ 3.25. CATTLE, 6,000; calves, 2,500; well finished yearlings and all heavy steers fully steady; lower grade light steers and yearlings slow but mostly steady; good cows and all grade heavy heifers firm; lower grade cows weak 10 to 15 cents lower in instances; bulls steady to 10 cents lower; vealers about steady; best heavy steers here $9; part loads $9.25; choice 1,087 Ib. yearlings 58.75; slaughter cattle and vealers, steers good and choice 550 to 900 Ibs. $6© 7.75; 900 to 1,100 Ibs. 56@8.75; 1,100 to 1,300 Ibs. J7.50@9.50; 1,300 to 1,500 I . S8@9.5Q: common and medium 550 to 1,300 Ibs. $4.50@7.75; heifers good and choice 550 to 750 Ibs. S5.256_ 6.50; common and medium S3.70@5.25; cows good S4.25@5.25; low cutter and cutter $1.75@3; bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) $3.55@3.75; cutter, common and medium $3@3.50; vealers good and choice $5.50@7; medium $4@5.50; cull and common $3@4; stocker and feeder cattle, steers good and choice 500 to 1,050 ba. $4.75®6; common and medium $3.50 '5. SHEEP, 10,000; fat lamb undertone teady, easier; Initial bids around 25 cents iwer; talking around S10©10.11 on good choice wooled lambs; best - held above 10.25; refusing $9 on choice clipped Iambs; :eep strong to 25 cents higher; lambs 90 is. down good and choice $8.60^9.25; eom- on and medium $6@S.50; 90 to 98 Ibs. ood and choice $8.35^9; ewes 90 to 150 is. good and choice $3.25@4.50; all weights ommon and medium $2@3.65. tive, mostly steady with Wednesday s average- top $3.45 on choice 190 to 240 Ibs.; rood aid choice 140 to ISO Ibs. $2.75»3.25; 150 to 180 Ibs. $3.1003.40; 180 to 200 Ibs. S3 20®3 45; 200 to 220 Ibs. S3.35@3.45: 220 tn V,n Ibs S3.358Z3.45; 250 to 290 Ibs. $3.30 1340-290 to 350 Ibs!-$3.2033.40; packing sows 275 to 530 Ibs. $2.50(93. CATTLE 2.200; calves 700: stronger M the few steers with weight offered; vealers idy to strong; other classes unchanged, d 1193 Ib. steers $8.15: steers good and ice 550 to 900 Ibs. S5.85ff7.50: 900 to 1100 Ins. $5.8598.25; 1100 to 1300 1W. S6.65(5!S.S5: 1300 to 1500 Ibs. *'f'^?; common and medium 550 Ibs. up $4{E7. heifers, good and choice 5aO to 900 Its. $4.855)6.25: common and medium M U i o STOCK MARKET TENDS UPWARD Market Moves Cautiously With Trend Toward Higher Levels. ' NEW XORK, May 3. (/P)-- Stocks moved cautiously today. The trend, however, was toward moderately higher levels. Improvement occurred in some of the rail, sugar and silver shares. U. S. Smelting and American Sugar Refining were up more than 2 points each. U. S. Steel, General Motors, American Telephone and Chrysler gained fractions to a point. Transfers approximated 950,000 shares. Equities received no assistance from gains. The cereals were a trifle easy as further reports of showers in the drought district were received. Cotton and rubber were about even. Silver futures came back substantially, but the bar metal was only advanced % of a cent an ounce to 42% cents. Bonds were irregular, although U. S. government securities pushed up to new highs for the past year or longer. Dollar rates were fairly steady. Curb Market NEW YORK. May 3. (.T)-- The curb was filled with gross crosa currents today. Som issues became fairly active at mixed prlc changes but the general market was dull. Extreme fluctuations ranged from frac tions to a couple oE points on either side gains and losses being rather evenly divided Netvmont Mining. Parlter Rust Proof Pittsburgh Plate Glass and Swift and com pany Improved fractions to more than a point. Tublze Chatillon "A" had a, large rise. On the other hand, Axton Fisher To hacco "A" yielded two on a single transfe and Hiram Walker was still under pres sure. American Cl'inamld "B" and Plonee Gold eased; the latter had been strong yes tentar. Other gold shares tvere steady. Bond Market NEW YORK. May 3. tTJ-- Bonds fluetuat ed Irregularly during the early trading to which alone displayed advancing tendencle. through recent sessions, were inclined t rest, although quotations were generall steady Treasury^ were unchanged to l-32i higher while LIbertys ranged from 3-32d Some^ of the high grade corporate classifi cations had decidedly thin markets. Chesa small transfer, while American Telephon 5s, Santa Fe 4s and Pennsylvania Genera 4%s gave up half a point each on equall trading interest, although some groups, no ably rails, were firmer than yesterday. Co himbla Gas and Electric 5s dropped a poin and Consolidated Gas 5%s and America and Foreign Power 5s sold at a minor fra tlonal loss. Western Union as, Erie 5s, A mour and company 4^s. Postal Telegrap RS -were slightly Improved. Youngstown She and Tube 53 were a little lower. C S BOVI) QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, May 3. (/P)-- United Slat government bonds, closed : Liberty 3%s 304. Liberty First 4s 104-S. Liberty Fourth 4s 104,6. Stock List | NEW YORK STOCKS NEIV YORK, May 3. (.PI -final Quotation!. r Heduct 101% I T * T 13 llegbany 3 Jolms Many 02 1 Ch Bye 145 Kennecott 20!i' m Can 99 Kresse !»',; m For Pow 8?1 Kroger 30 V, m Pow Lt 7% LIB 4 My B »2»i m Smelt * Ee 39%. Loews 32 m Steel Fdrs 39V4 Loose Wilts 41?* m Sugar 51% Lorlllard !7,i T T 114 Maytag 7% m Tob B 71VJL McKess ft: Rob 7Ti Am Water Wkj IDS Mid Cont P-t 12}, naconda 15 M K T 10}* tchlaon 64 ft Mo Pac tl Kef 26',i Mont Ward 27 'i uburn 41?i Worrell 4S vlatlon Corp 7 Nash I9;.i aldwln Loco 12 ',i Nat Bisc 39 Vi 0 26fe Kat Cash KB A 17 arnsdall SWi Kill Dairy ISJi endbt 16 !, Nail Distill 27% eth ST! 37% Nat Pow Lt 10% orden* 23 ?i N Y Cent 30 'i org Warn 23fe N r N H 4 H 16*j Burr Add 14 V* No Amer 17 Canada Dry 24 B No Pac 30!. Can Pac 16?i Oliver Farm 4 i Case 64 fe Oliver Farm pf 2] Cerro de Pasco 31";, Packard 4Vi Ches O 45% Penlck Ford 57-s Ches Corp 45'i Penney 59's Chi Se E 111 ... Peim 31',, C N W 10»i Phillips Pet 18', Chic Gt W ... Proc Gam 344 Chic Gt W pr 9Vi Pullman 54 C M S P P ali R C A. S!, C M S P P pf 9% R K 0 3!, C R I P 4 Rem Rand 101 Chrysler 45% Rep Stl 18V Col C E 13!i Hey Tob B 42=, Comwith Sou 2fe Roy Dutch 347i Cons Gas 34 Sears Roeb -45 Cons Oil lift Shell U 8? Contl Can 80 Skelly 105 Contl Ins 32% Socony Vac 1ST Contl Mot 114 So Pac 24? Curtlss Wr 3« St G E 11! Deere pfd . . . St Oil Cal 34 Du Pont 91«J St Oil N 3 44', Eastman 90ii Stew Warn 8! ?ox Film A 1596 Studebalter 5 1 ?Yeeport Tex 42-vi Tex Corp 25' Gcnl Am Trans 37". Tex Gulf Sul 34 = Gen El 21Vi Tim Roll Bear 31 T Gen Foods 33v« Un Garb 42 s Gen Motors 35% Un Pac 129' Gillette 10=1 Unit Air 22' Gobel 7% United Corp 5 Gold Dust 20 U U S Gypsum Goodrich I5«i U 3 Indus Alch 49" Goodyear 335» U S Rubber 21' Graham Paige 3',i U S Steel 46 Gt Nor pfd 24»i Wabash -T Gt West Sue 2S',i Warner Pict 6» Hudson lltrs 15»i West El t Mfg 36= 111 Cent 29 Woolworttt 50 Int Harv 36 Vy Wrlgley Int Nick Can 28 Yel Tr 5» CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. May S. /P- Clties Service 2% Quaker Oats 117 Great I,ahes Air A i Swift Co 16 Lib-McNeil 5Ti Swift Intl 31 M W Ut 6 pfd ri Zenith 3 N W Bancorp 4?s MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS MINNEAPOLIS, May 3. (.?)-- Stoc closed : First Bank stock 8. Norttiwest Banco 4!v. INVESTMENT TRUSTS Bid and asked on May 3: Corp Tr Sh AA Mod 2.25 2.38 Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser . . 1.94 No Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod . . 2.25 2.38 Nationwide Sec 3.31 3.4^ Nationwide Sec Vtc 1.23 l.i Nor Amer Tr Sh 1.81 N'T Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 .... 2.33 N \ Quarterly Inc Sh 1.30 !.',· Selected Am Sh 2,59 N(!| Selected Cum Sh 6.64. N(. J Selected Income Sh ....-, 3.40 4.00 Super Corp Am Tr A .... 2.88 Ko U S El L Pow A -... 12S 13 U S El L Pow B VtC ... .74 .78 Supplementary List liberal demand and trading rather slow; cc ,, . .. sacked per cwt.: Idaho russets U. S- No. 1, financial district was enthusiastic about the _ _ _ _ _ _ business situation i t i s now, because oC t h e reactionary nature of the stock bill, inclined to look for signs of an abatement In the upward course ot the business line. Thus indications of some contraction arc emphasized in relation to continued improvement elsewhere. CROP FIGURES ARE DOTVX Private estimates of wheat condition as of May 1 mirrored the effect upon calculations of recent weather with estimators averaging the crop at 485.000,000 bushels, only about 6.000,000 bushels from the April l estimate of the government, but 21,000,000 bushels under the average of the private estimators on that date. The figures failed to arouse the trade greatly because there is more interest in spring wheat about which no puesses can be made as yet. More precipitation would go a long way toward dlsslpat- in« much of the bullish santiment that baa _______ , per _ . ______ 51.45Qfl.50: 1 car 15 Ibs. sacks $1.75; U- S. No. 2. $1.29: Colorado McClures U. S. No, 1, $1.50®1.55; Wisconsin round whites U. S. No. 1, 51.153*1.23; ungraded 70c; North Dakota cobblers U. S. No. 1, fine quality, 51.23. New stock weak, supplies liberal, demand and trading light; sacked per cwt.: Texas bliss triumphs U. S. No. 1, $3; U. S. No. 1. 1^: inch minimum $2.35. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. MINNEAPOLIS, May 3. changed- Shipments, 25,445. Pure bran, $16@16.50. Standard middlings, $14.50@15. lour un- NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK, May 3. OP!-- Raw sugar unchanged; futures unchanged to 3 points higher; refined unchanged. By Associated Press Rabbit \Vftrstler, Athletics: Led assault on Boston pitching with two doubles and two single*. Mel I Ott, Giants: Clouted sixth homer of season and single against Dodgers. George BUeholder, Brawns: Limited TIRCIK to seven hit*. Freddy Wndstroro, Pirates: Rapped Chicago hurling for triple and two Mnnles. Monte Wearer. Senators: Held Yankees to nine hits tn become second Washington pitcher to jto the route. Frank Frlsch. Cardinals: Hatted ID two rnas Jo 4-1 victory over Reds. TOfcEDO SEEDS TOLEDO, May 3. t/P)--Seeds unchanged. Geneva Winner in First Pair of Softball Games GENEVA, May 3.--The first softball games of the season, were played Tuesday. Geneva's first team won from Iowa Falls 11 to 3 and the second team won 3 to 0 from Decher's of Hampton. The next game Is Tuesday against the Coast to Coast Stores of Hampton and the Hansell team. been generated In the last few days ovei du£tstorm£, etc., some In the trade believe and Wednesday's indecision in wheat price movements was believed to reflect indecision Corn put on a show of Its own in a spur of more than a cent a bushel. Liquidation In this grain Is said to be about over and that belief was credited with having drawn some support to corn. BASEBALL St. Ansgar Indies. St. Ansgar will have an inde pendent baseball team in the fieli this summer, available for an; Sunday or holiday games. Manage and booking agent is R. M. Rieke St. Ansrar. common and medium (all weights) S2 SHEEP 7,000; clipped Iambs, native spring lambs and odd lots sheep about steady- no wooled lambs sold early: top native spting iambs $11.75: spring lambs, choice sVf.75@ll.75; good S10®10.;5; medium $S.50@10: spring lambs escepted quotations on shorn basis: Iambs good and choice (x) 90 Ibs. down SS.50«?9; common ±? LSSm 90 1W. down S7.SOff8.50; good TM»g welherf medium to choice 90 to. 110 Ibs $6.758S; ewes good and choice 90 to 150 Ibs. S3.30S-4.35. d)_Quotations based ers. ^ LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. May 3. .T-OfiicM_! st TM a _ t : ewes and weth- Treasury 4'AS 47-52 111.10. Treasury 4s 44-45 107.17. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 103.20. Treasury 3%s 46-49 blanH. Treasury 3s 51-55 100.5. Lamson Brothers Market Letter ed receipts tomorrow: 20,000; sheep 10,000. Cattle 2,500; hogs Representative Sales CHICAGO, May 3. OV-U. S. department ol asrlcullure--Representative sales: HOGS. Lights-- SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, May 3. (.iv-U. S. de- artment of agriculture-CATTLE 2,700; generally slow; yearling teers mostly weights under 1,000 Ibs.; few ales weak, undertone lower; small lot rae- ium to good S5®5:"5; some held higher .round $6.25; medium weight and heavy teers scarce, quoted firm; heifers opening teady, medium to good $4.2585.50; cows ·eak, common to medium $2.85@3.50: low utter and cutter S1.75@2.50; bulls steady 2.60@3; stockers dull, tending lower; common kinds S2,75@3.50; calves 2,200: steady a strong: better grade $5®6 largely; se- ectlons $6.50; common to medium $3!g 1 4-50. HOGS 6,500; steady to 5c higher than Wednesday; most better grade 170 to 250 bs. 53.35(^3.45; occasional lots strictly choice 210 to 240 Ibs. S3.50; moflt 250 to 350 !b. butchers $3S3.35; packing sows S2.65@2.90; good pigs $2@2.50 'or better: desirable light lights mostly S3(3'3.30: average cost Wednesday 53.17; weight 226. SHEEP 700; 223 direct; very little done early; indications around steady on slaughter lambs: good to choice wooled lambs held above 59.50; best clipped lambs held around SS.75; few good to choice shorn ewes scaling under 150 Ibs. steady $4. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. May 3. tn--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 3.000; desirable heavy and medium weight beeves steady; others and yearlings slow; some bids weak to shade lower; fat she stock uneven, mainly little changed; stockers and feeders scarce, fully steady; top load choice 1223 Ib. beeves $8-25; load 1309 Ib. weights 58.10; bulk grain feds $5.50 @7.50; car choice around 800 Ib. heifers held above $5.50; most beef cows $3^4.25; low cutter and cutters mainly $1,75©2,5U; few medium stockers SI'S 4.50. HOGS 8.000: mostly steady; top $3.35: bulk better grade 380 to 290 ID. weights 52.15g3.30: 290 to 360 Ib. heavies 52.903 1 3.15: medium grade butchers $2.7553.10; good 140 to 170 Ib. weights $2.75(53.10: sows $2.65^2.75; feeder pigs $2.65 down. SHEEP l,r,00 including 600 direct; few early sales fed lambs generally steady: short Heavy-36 43 72 50 Mediumi 338 304 276 252 3.60 3.70 3.75 3.75 Steer: 10 40 17 12 27 26 22 236 224 216 210 1370 1273 1087 1078 1152 981 752 937 84 194 76 '192 29 177 54 162 Light Lights-32 154 17 143 3.SO 3.75 3.75 3.65 3.S5 3.65 3.75 3.80 CATTLE. Heifers-22 982 42 1164 10 681 27 690 Cows-5 1262 1 1075 3 960 4 S10 SHEEP. Clipped Lambs-- Shorn Ewes 131 S3 ».00 231 78 9.00 238 S3 8.75 120 76 S.75 Lamb average for Wooled Lambs-228 83 10.10 281 S7 10.00 161 86 9.75 3.65 3.25' 9.25 9.00 8.73 S.OO 6.40 6.25 5.75 5.00 6 13 no 138 130 3.50 ·1.75 3.50 the day 8.S5 MAKKET BEVIEW Wheat--Reports of showers in parts o[ the southwest, west and northwest, following the precipitation of yesterday, had R tendency to dampen bullish sentiment today and together with the forecast for showers over the greater part o£ the entire wheat belt within 24 hours, brought in sufficient selling lo result in a lower level of prices. However the disposition was altogether on the side of caution in commitments, as the trade waited to see if the rainfall already received and that in prospect would be sufficient to relieve the long existing droughty conditions. While fairly good showers were officially reported at a few points in various states, in the main the trade regarded the precipitation as relatively light and some viewed it as insufficient for any period of time. The heaviest ran was 1.42 Inches. A late flash reported a hard rain at Wichita and raining at Kansas City. Much less spreading was noticeable between the various deliveries today. Routine news attracted but little attention, the market being entirely a weather proposition. Export demand was only fair. Corn--Shipping demand for cash corn continued its activity of recent sessions, sales today being placed at 256,000 bushels by local handlers. Futures, however, were more under the influence of wheat and averaged fractionally lower. According to official reports around 255.000,000 bushels of corn out of the 270,000,000 pledged to the government for loans is In Iowa. Illinois, Minnesota and South Dakota. This market was equally quiet with wheat. Bookings were largely from other terminals. If expccta precipitation is realized overnight prices will likely be lower tomorrow. PWA Project Started. BELMOND, May 3.--Work on the local PWA project started Tuesday when the old boiler room on the south end of the pump station was torn down to make room for the new ,$16.000 water treatment plant Excavation for the basement of the plant is also in progress, the dir which is being removed is beta] hauled to fill in the street in eas Belmond past the high school ath letic field. MARKET INFORMATION By Jno. F. Clark and Co, 325 L O. F. Building Phone 845 CLOSING PRODUCE LETTER Batter--The spot market was quoted unchanged all grades. The four markets yesterday reduced the surplus by 287,819 Ibs. Futures were quiet. November butter closing unchanged. Strong buying support Is In evidence on November butter around 24 cents. Egjcs--The spot market was unchanged to y, cent higher. The storing figures in the four markets yesterday were 2.3S4 cases larger than last year. Trading In futures unusually quiet with trading on October H cent higher. Other deliveries closed unchanged to Vi cent higher. The -market continues in a narrow range with more hedg- deck j TM w o o l e 4 a a t a » . M ; i v o s to s o Hat W^J aM»rent on ux Phone Ate-Ate-Ate BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE Great Heart is fine fuel. Send up some more. It sure did all you said it would. That is why we satisfy all our customers. QUALITY COAL ONLY FIRESIDE FUEL COMPANY Supplied by LAMSON BBOTHEES AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 CHICAGO STOCKS endix Corp 16% Marshall Fields 16 it org-Warn Cp 23% utler Bros 10^ [ties Service Co 2% ord Corp 5% Lks Dredge- lS ! /a Jb, MCN Lib 5» NEW YORK CURB m Gas Elec 24% Hecla Mining Cyanamid B 19'j2 m Sup Pow Co 2% rk Nat Gas A 1% s G Elec A Vi an Ind Alk 12 Quaker Oats Swift Co 16S Swift Intl Co 31 Walgreen Co 25^ Zenith Co 3'/i HI Walker Co 35fe Hud B M i S 13 431, an Marconi list Corp Seas Humble oil C Niag Hud Pow Pennroad Corp S 0 Ind Co S 0 Ky Co United Gas Co U LI Pow tltil Po L Co 1 II Bb Share Ford M of Can 22% Ford M ot Bng SS NEW YOKE STOCKS Uaska Juneau 19U Jewel Tea Co *.m B^ank Note 20'/i Kelvinator Co Vm Beet Su Co IDS 1m C Fd Co 25 Vt \m KfilUg Mills 22 Metal Co 22% Vm Ra S Co 14% · Mner Tob Co 71 \i Armour Co A 6H Dry Goods 13r« Bel Hemingway 13 Vi Best Co 32 li Briggs Mfg Co 17'i ludd Mfg CO 6'/i Syers A M Co 25 Caterpillar Trac 30'.z Coca Cola Co 1I7S Cpm Credit 31^ ;om Solvents 23 "S Cont Oil 20!i cr of Wheat 23 Cudahy Packing 46'i Curt-Wr Co A S?i Doug Aircraft 20 Eaton Mfg Co 19 S llec Auto Lite 22% Erie R R Co 21 Fire'ne T Ru 21% First Nat Sirs 63S Foster-Wheeler 17 ·lldden Co 25W Gt North'n Ore 73 Vi Hahn Dept Sirs 6 Houston Oil 24% Houst Oil r.ew) 4% 26'.i 16 3 48 Lambert Co Liquid Carb Cp 30% Loose-Wiles Bis 41^ Mack Truck 2SU Mathieson Alk 32 McLcllan stores 3^ Merc Seab'd Oil 34}i Mln, Moline Imp 3Vi Motor Products 29 No Amer Avi 5Vs Otis Steel Co 5!i Oweu III. Glass 82/i Park Utah Cop 4 Peoples G L 33 Plymouth Oil 12% Prod Refin =i Pub Ser of N J 36'i Pure Oil Co 11U Purity Bakery 15 Vi Reo Motors 4 St Joseph Lead 20 r i Simmons Co 17-.1 So Calif Edison 17 ;l Sperry Corp 9-i Tide W» As Oil 12=; U S Smelter 114% Utll P U A 3=i Vanadium 22*2 Union Oil Calif Wn Un Gas Imp 16N Hupp Motors Indust Rayon Intl Carriers Warren Bros Western Myld Western Union Worth'n Pump Toues S T 10 *t 33H More than 200,000 bags of coffee have been shipped this year from Costa Rica. Varicose Ulcers --Old Sores Healed at Home No enforced rest. No operation^ nor injections. The simple Emerald Oil home treatment permits you to go about your daily routine as usua i_while those old sores and ulcers quickly heal up and your legs become as good as new. Emerald Oil acts instantly to end pain, reduce swelling, stimulate cir- dilation. Just follow the easy directions--you are. sure to be helped or money back. Huxtable Drug Co.. °*" r and druggists everywhere.

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