The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 7, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1818
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Ipi - ... BROADWAV - ,: CIRCUS. ' . r .. . . goOQoOoOOOO ' "' , rntiie change of performance. " ? KVENlNG. July 8, 1810. ..,fciica will commence with the rd Mamelukt Entry . cS Jter stoma will on odc horte perform ma - JnAtti Seat of Hortemanthip. Thfwsacioui horse Othello wilt, perform the i, fa dwuestic, he will at command, bring a " PC hut, batket, liundkerchiel, and conclude J Tf Walim,troUiiiR,Ac. r .u irn.M.. hv Mi. Mavhe. Galtopiiig. Vaulting. showing every means ol r....,ViiJ demounting without the aid of a . javu 'Master M'Carn, the wonder of the age, will, ' Jot horse, ptrluriu many wonetrlul leats lor 00 " tu,ulv nine years old, and couclude by n - luTon hiifd, - hit horse in full .peed. . "ff...i... i :nm. for the first time in tine city, ill ptrioriu the grand Ascension Iroiu the atage iotl.egillryoo the rope. . Mr.Tatntll will perform the much admired iceneoftlio Uniniten SuMier. .ri . Mr f'mi tl it'll. Mrs Williams, the celebrated equestrian, will nake her appearance on horsebnrk, ana go ii,rmct tne iii division ol t'iebroad - iword. MoDMHiirC. t in will go through many eurpn - rinjfcau'withfc Stick but teceutly introduced . . .1.:. ntrr Mr. Tatiiell. the Flying Horseman, will on ee bone, perform many wonderful feats, leap 'over (ward of lights, and conclude by leaping through two hogslieaila. . . Mrt. Williams will display her astouishwg Equilibriums on the sin si 'vire - . iaiill Vaulting, by M 1 BU,C,, Mahye, Gar cia, Coty, M'Carn, v mis, i nomas, .c. ' Tickoln may be had at the circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and iroui J to a. Unors v.i'l open at 7 o'clock, and the per forniani e x - o'ii'iieare precisely at U. rf. Checks not transfer able. GuiHea 2u a - requested not to enter the rii'C. ty Vr. W. C. Mah:ill is rcuuestd t call ah I H - .wnn. Albanv. where h VJ.11 receive ih value of tut note, dated bt A' - Thomas, 2'Jh May, oia. Jy7 2l J. S. BENSON. THIRD WARD.! notice is iienbv eiven, that the At I itst'iricfthe3d Ward have completed their Au Mtu'iiti, i'iiJ that a copy uu.reui men wwi n..mmis Tallnian. at C4 Vesey - tlreet, where itu. nun - uiar tie seen and examined by any of ths Inhabitants during ten days, from the 6l!i ol Jiity, hi d I ha' the Atsetsott will meet on the " at 64 Vescy - slreet, to receive their sai.l tfetiueuts. on the applicatiou of any person CWKfivins hirnself retrieved - HA 'PIANUS TAf .i.M AN. ) Assrssormf NATHANIEL C ti Hlt VVtl, I tl:t 3:l ward. Nci - Vork,July7, UJia. J 7 lOt For FR EDKJllCKSB Uli Gil, Wh T1,e chr - V, M & KRS KV ,;al,,lin ii - si Ames ; will le ready to take in freight til - morrow, and he dispatched without delay. Apply on board, west side C. II. lip, or to VAL:l & GAI.I.AtillEIt, J 7 t 6 South - street. The very tuu - schr. fiKnr.ItAlj A. iiJACSsO.V, Cliritie, master - , will sail ou KriiUy, 10th iust. For freie;l;t or passage, apply ou board, at Jones' - wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE, Julv 7 ' 56 South - t. tXJR H.1LK, 1 A CYCK Burr rtous,just receivciljierthip abtlla, from Havre de Grace Apulv to Jy'7 lOTT It M'KINNE. 60 !?outh - st Gy, Ttu cases well assorted fowhn; piicu, single atsd double bsrrcU, received hy the Martha, aod for sale y - SQUIRE &SILLIMAN, 126 Pcarl - ttreet, Hoover - square. July 7 Ct ClOf.smti ROOM. A pltananl and enn - itnirnt Counting R'."m m soutn - etreet to let. ipp.'y at S3 Somh - street. J 7 MAOLItH - liUOUS. S7 package, consijt - XJ iiifr of the following articles , 6 - 4 and 9 tl Cambrics Chiult Jr Lnce Ground Fcrniturrt AMrteJ Bjmbaifts, just r - ciived, sr.J for ale by PLTKlt lUiMKN 0. J 7 Sti South - street. "OnACCO Sc FLOUR. 25 hhd. prime Kentucky '1'oOacco. rec'.l tier teh'r Milo; i 'i bhls suiif Flour, 45 do 6 le and midd!iii! lasiling from khr Wiiiiam tl Henry, fiom Fre - dtnckburg, for tale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, J 7 66 South - stie. t. PrUtt. Ktor. - Jj cski, for by 1 G IUoWOLU t (JO A 1E3, i 7 6 - Sonth - strer t. I.M LiUCK. AA jjipe Gin, i.d H) ps vT Holland Duck, landing from brig Janus, Iron Kotttrdam, at Muirav's wharf, f.irsale by J 7 N. k I). TALL'OTT. WOOD. A Cjuanlity, ibr AJ tale by GRISWOLU3 ft COATS. 08 SiMith - street. J7 C0FT 'IC'Ri - LMlLSfc.. - - MJ0 bblt. adoat and for sale hy R. it C. W J 7 DAVENPORT CO. 35 Perk - lin. ntLR rKl.NS. 40U0 Hit. Deer Skins, in XJ I 7 prime urder, for sale by ANsOX O. PHELPS, '7 l!i3 Front street. BEEF 30 barrels tiostoo beef, .No receive.!, and iu store 80 bam 10. J, JUIt barrels prime htei, Troy uMpe - ;lion For sale at 67 Souih - st. T CAMBRELF.SGi: PEARSO.V. July 7 OliUAR, RUM, fcc MUidi it. Croix, Su - Q Rar 15 Uids Jamaica Rum V 6 do St. Croix Ruin 4 pipes Holland Gin t0 barrels com. Kuia tJ do d Gin 6 hhds Rye Whiskey 40 tierces Rice 120 barrels prync and mess Beef do do and do Pork JW first quality Virginia Hams, for nl - by PALMER & AIDLER, J"3t 104 Frcnt - lreet. A'd) ijHEHRV Vvl.NE, COFFEE ii KEG TOBACCO. - 17 or. caiks Old Sherry J bags td soslitv Cotfte ktisoianuractured Tobacco, Chandstoll.e vd tui J to be very fine,) just received and - imeoy G. G. I S. HOWLAXI). J 7 C7 W.nhirigton - stfeet C OFl - 'E Ju.OOO Ion. handsome fct. iJonitngo cofy entitled to debenture, for sale by , JACKSON 1 WOOLLEY, July 75 Wall - tL 1L u t,r )ri,r fron Liverpool and U k lal Ti"alt lor sale at No. t Sloat 1J TODD. ' super Marseillet qnilts, f,vrn 5 a 14 4 "o chintz bed lace L Liuea bed ticks. Raven's unrk. imila - nfcaCOtitCO 'Jillsi wed leuocs, rich tewed lLV14'0. jaconet, mull, SUiiiB, light stri, - Vidrasj hdkfs. ped Jiihams, linen Jy7 7t Mj ,, leeB lbo l"Wer r ' I ot 'l'e town t ThirJ tbre sm.ll keys roTiT nDS' 1,ith if lhc fiuJrr 've H4 UT? 10 kaT l lhe l,ar tn B"11'' Bji ,9trT or at Die bir ..f Wadiingtoe Piuaj tt m l u"on - rtel, ho will be coos - Ui oB. B''IruWe aaJtoceive the thwlrtof Juty 7 3t POCKET - BOOK LOST BY the subscriber this morniny, while standing at or near Paxtou'i auction store, an old red morocco pocket - book, tied by a piece ol white tape and the owners name written inside. 6id book contained in bank bills from 100 to 160 dollars, sundry notes of hand, due bills and check?, the names and amount of which canuot be immediately recollected one share in the New - .ler. - ey turnpike stock; beside various pa - pert of couscqueuce to the looser, but useless to any other. Whoever will return the pocket - book ind its content, with or without the money, shall re ceive a liberal reward on application to ' KuUEuT GRAHAM, Bl Pearl street. JfOTlCE. fry3 Those persons who have placed for ool - lectinn in the hands of iVr. Graham, any notes, due - bills or accouuta, will pltase notify him im mediately. Jy7 lw SCllOOLEtl'li MODHTAIN tjl'HlMUd. 11 KA'l lI'a HOUSE. ' THE subscriber, sensible of the many obligations he is under for the preference li - ri;to - fore given to his house, whilst kept by his son, would hereby return liit sincere acknowledgements for past favors, and at the same time inform them, that he intends keeping the bouse the present season himself, and that they may rely upon every attention and accommodation, that can make this healthful and lath - unable rfsort useful and pleating ; his son being under the necessity of being absent this season, he trusts will not be found an objection to bis estallulinient, as no p.. ins, expenie, or exertion will be want - ins to render complete satisfaction. J 7eo.tlm JOSKl'H HEATH. A KEVKD HARP. J A. (JinTWALpT respectfully invites . the amateurs of music to inspect at his Piano Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, amui:al instrument that penectly eijuals the harp in sound and far turpas) it in poiut cf easy treatnn nt, at it is played like ti e piano by meant ot keys, and cousi uiif nlly has all the advantages of brilliant modulation ; the only one in tn! United State. Also, aneiegaut Piano Forte ol fine tone, musical vnrietyand woikmaiutup, witbnn ao'tiut'iitof ditttreiit kiits. who3 gouj nullities have heeu ttstiliLd by tiie uiidtrsigiied emu.rnr protemors : " netlie eiihcrirT, protestors oi mnin:, cl certify, that we have carefully - etaaiineu .Mr. J i. (jiittwnlill'suiano - tortet, uhi n, (or insi.nui - ty and excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tonf, we deservedly rm - oinDicnn to pulilic piilronige. viessrt. tiill. - ?, I.titnau, Kil tz,C. I'hibault, Charles (Jiliert." J 7 fcSS Part of a larc - e airy lOV?. at Har !:iem, delig!itfiill;' bi'.uatrd o.i lite banks of the river, i o those who wish to spout tlie suin - iiicr niontln in the cotm'.iy at a tiiflirjr ex - pene, tins nil i'i i a cheap and del.iUful re treat, r 'i!l he It t vei v lnw an it is occupied by an old peii'ltin m and his wife, who have much inure room than they want, and who are desirous of conipHiiy. T here u tine fi - .hin uithiu lOvi yard., of the house. Slaves ply (Lilly to tlie city, and for a still less expensive mode of conveyance there is a wajjjjoner it) the neighborhood ho carries passengers at the low rate of two shillings. A I ine directed to A. II. and left at this office, u ill be attended to. J 7 3t JOK SALE, a handsome pair ot' inalcli carriage horses, suitable for a cm riole, pliav ton or litfht carriajre ; tLey are perfectly sound, and free from fault, handsome and great travellers. Application to be made any time between this and II o'clock to - morrow, at MB. CURTIS', Livery Stable, J 7 It No 17 Murrav street. VV HOOFmG COUGH. TVOCTOR SCOT'l'S Pectoial 5ixture XJ which it a safe and effectual remedy lor the whooping coub. It is only ten years since it was nUered to the ivimic, and some thousands ol children, both iu Erutlaud And Scotland, haie been cured by it, alter every other medicine had hero used without etlecl. It is held in ti e lj - it est rstiinn'ion for its excellent an J salubiious virtues. It pnuiotrs gentle pcrpiratiu:i, re moves viscid phi grn by an t a;y and safe i xpec toralion, and is highly salutary to thj Innss ; it strengthens and defends the stomach, ivessreat er liberty of breathing, and produces the most, salutary and happy tnYcts, hv prevent ing Iho'e tlistrtfsing and rouvuisive coughs, (o w!n( ii thousands ol ir.divnlua's. in consc - iiuonee of ncs let t, nrematurelr fail a sacrifice. It is not by exciting a temporary aiimulus of reliel in those violent paroxysms that its quali ties) are manifested, but by effectually removing' those distressing Mtnptoms, by giving vcgotir to tlie vveakene.l t. - ame, and renovated health to the afiiicteu indiv idual. Sold wholesale ami retail, by It. IJ.ihci tson, Ajiothecary, No. 82 llro.tdwav, and J. C. Mori sou, Uruggeat, No. 18S Grtenivicli - street, N Voik. Drugestj throughout the IJnited slates, may be sopplit - d with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of tlie above places, at the lowest wholesale price. Jy 7 Sin FiHt H.1LK. VERY fins family Krey HORSE, firgigor . a. saddle. Al.bU, a very (me hrowu IIorsk and a good Coachee, with Harness, with three seats, (very suitable lor travelling,) Apply to wm. ti.owi.F.'s Livery suiile, Ho. VJ Jolm it - ee. J 7 lw 1.1 OR good servants, chamber - maids, conks, JL coachmcu, garleners, farmers, ostlers and labourers, apply at the .MSW - YORK I.NTEL I.IGE.NCE OFFICE, No. 57 Cliamber - stree t lit particular. (senllemeu intending to travel, can be suppli ed with coachmen and waiters at the ihorttst uo - lice. Clerks, apprentices aud porters may be bad at this olhce at one hours notice. Gentlemen in the country who are in want of larmers, gardeners and labourers can te immedi ately supplied Willi any number of persons of that description. Servants, of every description, that can bring jooj recommendations, may bud places by applying as above. Wet and dry uurses may alio be had at a short notice. "July 7 iw IN CHANCERY. State of Ji"ew - 1 ork, tt. IN pyrtmtnee of a decretal order or decree ol the honorable the court of Chancery of the ttate nf.ew - York, "illhesold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House in the city of Few - York, on WedneadayMtie twenlriixth day ol Au gust next, at 12 o'clock at noi'fl, under the direction nnd siipf.rintendanre of John Tow t. one ef the masters ir chancery ol the said slate All thai certain tract, piece or parcel of land and premises with the buddie; - tt - ereon erected nad ln in, iituated, lying andsbeing in the townol Ynnkers, in the county of Wcstrliestir, aod which in i in - dentuieu: morti; - (e executed and delivered by John Green to 'Ihoraat Valentine, and dated the 12th cr February, 1816, it ih - scribed in the words following, to wit : All tliatcettiio farm or trad of land, situated, lying and heing in the town of Ynnkers, in county of West Chester and state of New - York, containing seventy acres (as is taid) be the same more or less ; and on which said tract cr parcel of land it erected t'lnilry dwelling biases, and grist mill And nther improvements, and is bultrd and bounded as follows, via: .Northwesterly by Saw - Mill River, northerly by lands now of Elijah Valf nt:ne easterly by lands now or lat of Peter Nodme, and southerly by lands now or late o: John Cou'horg, anrl lands now or late of Abraham Wood ; wiih the property in roads aud rightt - f war, ieadins to or from said premises to the Turnpike Road, commonly called tlie Highland Tampike road, and also to other hixhwart or elsewhere " To - ' tether with alt and lingular the hereditaments an I appurtenances Inerttmt' belanging. iaied the seventh day of July, 1818. ;uu.t IVJVV I, J 7 lawldt Matter u Chaacery. . STENOGRAPHY. Tim day roceived ly T. & J. SWORDS. 160 Pearl - street, price 50 cents, Ewimj - loo's Arcana of Short Hand, arranged in regular leaeont. Likcwue, price 25 cents, Ewington't Mathematical System of hhort Hand, designed fur s'udeots ofdiviuily, law, aid physic. Jy7 Tlie line new steam tctsci rnu.iiiu.iiv oi tons burthen, James Kiniie, master, will commence running on the first day of May next, and will leave Kington, for York and Niagara, on the 1st. 1 1th and list day of each month, and iNiarara, for York and Kingston, the - 6th, 16th and 25U) day of each month, daring the season, where every attention will be paid to the ease aod comfort of the passengers. Applications fcrpatsage to be made to the captain on board. Kingston, tit Is April, 1813. J 7dA:i:tO I COAL, kc. 40 tons Scotch Coal, on board the brig Scipio, at Jones' wharf, for sale by HOUItMAN & JOHN'sTON. AKo, 50 tons stone ballast, for sale as above. J 6 OUUUUK U CO. fto. 44 South streeet, of - T fer for sale 1250 pieces Blue Nankeens ) entitled to de - li'OO do company Yellow benturo 60 bales Calcutta Piece Goods consisting of Aliabud linltas, Kyrabadnnd Foiyh - had, Chowdaury, Osss, Kmtrtys, Gurruhs, Aliabad, Fotzihnd ;ud Ji - riigre, Mauioinly, Fine Mow and Tanda Samu, 8uH - rfine Chandehy. Co - pa and Mnwdaba Saun, Supeitine Seersuckers, Lolchee and Madras Pattern Hdkfs. 2 cacs Flat; Hdkfs. 1 do real Mudrat do 20 bolts Rued Ouch, X U mark, 550 do do 1st ami i.l quality 65 boxes brown Havana t - n'ar 8 hhds Martiruiue Molascs 5 do Salrm Rum 10 pies Cbtaluiii.v Wine 12 casks Mediterranean Red do Quarter dilss Madeira Wine J)00 has (Jimfr ytK) oz Oit Kojes iu bottlei, eiititl"'! lode - 5 clicks Senna 'jenture 4 boxes Gum Trapacanth 12 casn Italian letter pv.per 16000 Madras Goat fckins 60 bags Mustard eed 12 hhds Sunji.c 14 tons Virginia Hemp Id) (jni. Corks 7 cases met'." heaver II all 3C00 III. Copper liolti Block 1 iu, aud spelter J 6 EGiiOUiM Sl'KAVf?, or tale by ALUIGH U l.Ort, 210 Kroadwar. J 6 1HE subscriber ofi'srs fr sale, on very low Iciins, yjf""' Childrens worked cambric and cambric miihlin caps li'j. do. robes Thread luce veils ami squarei. W. CAMPltF.l.L, J 6 3t 197 Pcarl - ntrect. SHEET aud fl IKON. A few tons, now ltthiiiii br sale bv ASDERSOX 1 SIIEAUEIi, w 151 Water - street J 6 D4MS Sl KI.Al'k'WELL. 21.1 i' have received bv the Martha, aud oiler for sale on the most rcaonablo terms 10 casks trace chain 4 do brass nails 4 do Britannia teapots 1 do patent cofliee - miils 5 do umbrella furniture 2 do parasol do 1 do plated eadJlery 1 do do metal 1 do bread baskets and snuffer try Aud a large and general assortment cf hard ware and cutlery, off the shelres. Also Guns swords, pistols, feitthcrs, nnd handsome assortment of plated castors, candle. ,ticks, liquor frames, bread nnd cake baskets. tea and coffee urns, snuiTci - s and trays, kc. Jy 6 lw 'OI TO.V iM bales .ew - Orle;,ns Cotton in lots to suit nurchaseri. for tile bv Jy6 N. l. TALOOTT c 1 ANTON sILKS 3 caset black fcarsnets 3 do black binchewt 3 di Sewing Silks 4 do ladiet fringed and col'd Hdkfs - 1 il black 4 - 4 (ringed lidkl't. Just recti ved aud for tale by HURD & SF.WALU Jy 6 K5 South - street. fsliNtiER. loU bags Karo l.iutt. - r, lortale vj" oy . rs.t.isr..v i. v - u. J6 . '. south - sueet. 231 JOH.iCCO. Kegs landing trrm shin Vigilant and schr. (jogau, irom Richicond, viz: 105 kegs brauded Thos. M. Deanc & Co. S's No. 1. kO do 5 do 51 do 13 do For sale by July 6 8t do Geo. Fletcher, C's. No. 1. do ' do 12 pound rolls do D. R. Ross, 8'i. No 1 & No d;) Morris. 1 - 2 lb. t vitr ivviii. - im mtn S "I LA RET WLNE. - 200 cases Margaux Cla - J ret, of very superior quality, vintage of Hill, iii casta ol 2 and J a it. each, received direct irom the vimyard, and for tale hv the case or larger cuantity. ny JU1I. Ii. iYlUIUlAY le SUA, 113 Pearl street Who have for sale, landinz from brie Eliza, Irjtu St. Jago de Guba,at Edgat's Whan, .v. K 100 bbllij "svado SuSar. Jy V lw . I" "IAN TON' SllKs. 3 casts liiack Sartnets, V. it do ma k sim nevii 4 do Ladies fringed and coloured hdkfs 3 do Sewing silks 1 do black 4 - 4friniert hdkfs. iust received and for sale by UUKU & SEWALL, J 3 b south - street. 1 1J quality, and itiprime order, for sale by G.G. K8. HOWLAND, C7 Washington - street. Also. 200 bags Filberts, and a few sack Walnuts. J 3 CHOPPA ROM ALLS. 5 cases Chnppa Ro - malls superior quality, subject lodrawback, lor sale ty u. w. taluui , J J o.t fine - street. I, "'LAX SHEETINGS 14 bales 39 inch 1. Flaxen Sheetings landing from ship Union, irom urecDOCK, ior s.oe ny J 3 D1VIE BETHUXF.t CO. JALT. 155 t'ins Liieruool coarse sail. O board the ship Robert, capt. Thompson, Murray's wharf, lor talc by N. ii. D. TALCOTT, Jl 6 - 1 south street. t ens, in tine order, landing irom sloop Rapid, for sale at 26 south street, by J 2 P. REMSEN k CO. CtlilNA SlLh.S. teases Nai.kin Crapes (assorted colours) 1 do do do Black ' 4 do Carton do 3 do Sewing Silk's (assorted) 1 do High colored Sattius entitled to deben - ALSO. hire 1 case Leghorn Hat's wiUi extra Crowns, for tale bv MARCH LOW, Je i S10 Croadnray, corner Fulton - st. COTTON. 33 bales prune I'pland, luading from brig H. - irmpnv, for tile by y - Xf 68 Soulh - ttreet. In (Store. 75 balrt npland Cottoa. lor sale ia Iota to suit) purchasers. Apply as above. J 1 rFf. For CB.IRLESTC.y, f 5f T1 packet ship TELE fanri Q'RAi'H. 'I. fanning, master, will sail i v ednesday, 8ih iiutait, weather prsraiitticg. .For freifht or pattage, having superior accommodations, apply od board, east side Burlm; slip, or to AS SOU G. PHELP6, Jy 6 183 Front - it. Far CHARTER, A British HRIG, burthen 218 tons British, or 2100 barrels i now at Phi - ladelpuia ; will proceed to this, or a southern Port, to load fur England, or tlie Went Imlie. and can be despatched within three dxys no - a A i - a v rv r sr . ak. - bM nppiy 10 uuur.n 3 k ruai, J 51 fouth - streeL Fur Freight cr Charter, The fine new brig ELIZA, Gruby master, hurthened about 1800 bbls. s um well and is in tine order for a voyage. Apply to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, J 3 C7 Washin - tcn - it. Fur rreii;! or Charttr, the schooner JOsEI ll, capt. Ihip - Wkinf, will be glad to et a frriht to the rr Eastward, or auy win re else, on the most reasonable terms, it applied for iuiiiie - diately. She is a good one year old vessel, and tarries about 400 barrels, tails remarkably fact Apply to the master on board at Dover - street orto N.L.&G. GKISWOLD, Julv 3 3t . 86 South - st. ll'utittil to Cuntei; One or two British vessels, to load for Liverpool. Apply to je - ii a id - it tv. r.uKrlv. .(r SON'S. tor LlVMxPUOL, Theelfgaut fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, Wdliaili Adams, waster she i - J tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dUpatchrd immediately on discharging her inward caryo. I or Ireight or p?;age, ap ply to the kiasier, on board, east tide of Fly mr.iktt whail, or to B. W. ROGERS Si Co. JelC 2.15 Pearl - street. . Fur $.1 FjiJV.V.tU, The very fine brig U TER B, Reeves, iJt.matter; will meet with despatch, hav io a considerable part of her cargo ensrn - red. For paiiaga, having hand - omc accommodatious, or freight, aiiplr ou board, at pier .o. l east ide 01d - ;i;p, or to POTT IW'KIN WE, Jc23 56 Suth - 'trret. IJ V. t.r.Di ARI ii GO. 104 1 earl - street, ouer for sale, in addition to tlieir former extensive fttortment of Hardwaie, th; loilowiug artieiis, rer'd by the Mirth a, from Liverpool Tf.iv Chains Clout .vails 6 nnd 3 barr'd Curry Combs Ii barr'd Mane d i Iron Wirr.Xo. 4 to 10 Stcelyardi Fine Guilt Trunk Locks Drawing Knives Binglrys Patent currier's knives warranted equal to Cox's genuine. f'p.vJes, and Shovels Brass Keiths do Candlesticks do f"cks do .Nulls .V H?:'gRI Gii( t' tiiitlont, sonin ol slip, quality, suitable for merchant tatlori J apai.ned Candleticks Flemish Tacks J 3 tl IO Dlii' CVOO.Ji - , &r. O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 k. 7 - 8 Irish linens 1 do. piuk ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown 6 do. Scotch osuaburgs 7 do. imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks t do. carpeting. , t . . ALSO, - Suir - cloth, ' Cotton bagging Twilled tacking Seino twino For aln hy GEORGE JOHNSTON, July 2 X - . I Hnat - lane. T"ENTUCK Y TOMACCO. .'.i hhds. ken IV lucky I onueco, ijndii.g irom slid l - .liniitwn from New Orleans, for sale by J 3 1'IVIE. BKTHCNF.ft CO. LA TOM Ci.Ab.ET. IIK doz. vintage o. IBM, a very superior parcel, Tor tale bv - PETER RE. VI SEN A; CO. J 3 6 soiilh - ttrcfh. A R TI I E.N W A KE. 100 traits ol Eat ki.en - Jld ware, ptirtirular'v selected for Ibis market. now landmi ex ship Martha, from Liverpool, ii for sale by TROKEs, DAVIDSON Si CO. jy 2 iwo r rnni - sireei. C HAMPAIGNE BURGUNDY 53 cases superior still Champaigue, 1 doz. each IU do do uurgunuv lorsatenv POTT & M'KINNE, Jy 1 56 Sobth - ttreet. 18 AMUHICAA' HliAADY, tic. Pipes good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirit 4 do rye whtkey 200 bagsjunipor berries 300 kegs ginger 20 chests young hyson ) 10 catty boxes hyson J 60 bags race ginger 20 rolls fheel lead 17 tubs butter for talc by July6 2w CORN'S. DUBOIS. VTAVAL S I'OKES. 375 bbls toll Turpeu - ! tine 13 do Rosin 4 do Spirits of Turpentine, nfloat. and for tale by R. k C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. ijiuta. ui linos muscovano sugar, oi gooo O Quality, iu store, and tor sale by GOOD HUE CO. 1 containing 1 dozen each 16 cases containing 3 dozen each, vmtace 1810 growth ol Branmt Monton, for sale hy Jyllw ARGH'I) GKAC1E SO.vs. CJUGAK. Ud bags Calcutta sugars, land' U ing ana tor sule by JOS OPBORV, C8 South - street. J6 IN CHANCERY. Dorothy Hacklin, ") r. ! tir - n - ! I wiiiiam i een ona r - uia - . v. . . v.,. v. .. helh hi! wife, Maria f" ""'"J Hunt, Catharine Hunt I and others. J IN pu.tuance of an order? of this honorable court made in the above cause, will be told at puMie auction at the Tontine Coffee House, in (he city of rsew York, on the zlith day ol July iust. at 12 o'clock at noon, undi r the direction of the subscriber, all those five lots of ground, tit untc, l ins and being i.i the eighth waid of the city of New York, being formerly that part of the property of Nicholas Bayard, Esquire, then known by lhe name ol liayarcra form, iyint .....5 f . ...1.1 ! him... .lu.. nated on a map of taid farm, made by Casimer Th. Goerck, then one of the Lily surveyors by the number 1 14?. 1 148. 1 149. 1 150 and 1 152; to gether with live hereditaments and appurtenan cestotbe sfcrne belonging or in anywise apper - laiuinc. i - uiou uito, icio. THOMAS BOLTON, J 3 lawJy20dtdi Mrjter in Cbaocery TICKETS ADl'AA'CFlA'U. THE next drawn Ticket (on Friday week) will entitle the lortutinte boidei to the Grand Prise of 70,000 DOLLARS, ir - the Mii - !,xr snA Owfl'ii Roa.t Lottrrv. 'iSt W: ol lot - feryw ill te competed in two w - tks a prixe of lO.lklO ; i cf HWJ t 14 ol 530 are still in thi wheel. . should any Tickets remain oold next wKi the rrice will he considerably advvfed at AL LENS, Traly Lucky Office. X 122 Brtadwuy. Where most or lhe pnies o"i use told and paid, rr. No. Sirt, f J5.000 ; i.TI.j 10.900 ; S urX IWl i atxi Kverani ajv, - o. J 3 j .NEW U'ORKB? HOGG. . C WILEY ii CO. o. 3 Wali - flrud, hav. . put to prest, and will pubtiih in a tow dap the Iirowiim of Bodtbcck, tlie Wooi - gatherer. and tbc Hunt of Eildon, by James Hog, au'tioi of Queen's Wake J 1 tl FOR aALFr, A LOT of ground on Uroadway, betwiei. Walker street 'and Canal - tUeet, 26 feel 10 inches wide and 175 feet loop. Inquire of P. A. JAY, Jv 1 tf No. 37 Pine - tlreet. JO I.F. I' irj(J And posocssion eivcu immediately, a v - u n - , comuiodious House, staple and Out - Houses, witn a line cultivated Garden, t run 1 rces, shrultbery, Ac. and pasture erouiul enough for a hofte and cow. It is pleasantly situated on the bank of the North River, not qude two miles from the City Hall. The reritwill be modeiate. For particulars, enquiie at 49 Watcr - itreet. ty I iw SUPERIOR ULIi HO ri LEDMAliEIRA 1 LYNCH, J mi. lias just received fiom the MJ . West Indies, afew casesofjudee Hiam's celebrated Wine, nniorttd by him into An tigua. Irom Hill Si Bisxctls house of Madeira, in 1790, which he can warrant equal if not superior 'to any wine in America. J lw MA.M.iOI II PRIZE. On Friday i.ert 70,000 DOLLARS. T lit: hitMieid prize ever drawn in thit state. wdl be paid to the holder of tho 1st drawn uoinber ou Friday uext nt 4 o'clock, from tlx Grand Road Wheel. A floating priw of 1000, 4 of 100, and 14 of 600, arc yet in the wheel The drawing will be fii.i - liei ui 14 days. A few chances unsold at GRACIE'S, 14fl Broad way. Jy3 0,0(K 10.0(10 'yjrllJ uoiri t OTTruv n THE first draw n number i - n next Friilav, will X be entitled to $7li,(X). lO.OtNlis a C inting prize, and may come out the same day. Thit Lottery is to be completed in a few rlat alter next Friday. '( hoteiwho wish for rhanres rnn betupplyed with a few warranted undrawn tick ets and shares, at GILI.E. - si'lL'a, No. 114 Broadway, opposite City - Hotel. J 3 3t sI'AW.E, iic. WANTED to rent in any tlrcet between or coutiguoiieto tho City Hall or City Hotel, a stable, or part of one, with room for a gig. A line addressed to X. Y. Z. at this office will meet with immediate attention. Je 29 Iw PATtviVl' '(.VU - fOKfAi, tic TIIEsubtciibeilintendiogto part for London almut threud of tlie present moMh, nfTers for sale a few elegant patent piano fortes, just finished and warranted of a superior quality. lie would ho happy to attend to the orders of Ins friends lr London piano for'os. His long experience in the manufacture of piino's in this city be tru. - ts will give every rnnfidenro in hi ability to sfilect such as are ol the hi'at quality. Orders for church or chamber organs, will be slrictlv attended to, and iii.iutU.'i.turr d under Ins inspeciiou I y tho m . - it estcenfd uiaLcrs iu Lon - dii. Commission business of anv kind, within hit ability to perform, will be faithfully attended to. ty" Those persons who are. indebted to him will please settle the same as soon as t ia.i iiient, and those to whom lie is indebted will present their accouuts without delay. WILLIAM KEARrING, Jy 6 2w 79 Bowerv. A ItOO LOST of STOI.E.V. A PUP about four months old, of a mouse colour, with a brass collar on his neck, and the owners name. Any person returning him to Mr. F1SIIF.U, corner of Elizabeth and Broom - streets, will be bandioincly rewarded. J 6 St A HORSE WANTED. GOOD active Horse, about six years old IX. He is wanted chiefly as a gig horse, in winch harness lie mnf.t be ifeilerlly gentle. A Kay would be prelered. Apply at No. 24 Greenwich - street. J 6 GEN TEEL BuARDING M AY be bad in Murray street, (the most pleasant nnd healthy part of the city) for .'or j gentlemen, at n moderate price ; nnd J or I more who will lind tour own lodirinir. r.uouire alttllSQltK'C. i 1s t UOUOKEA tlOFh.L. THE house lately occupied by Mr. David God wiu, hat been newly furnished, and is in conipleat order for tho reception of hoarders. Parties can be accommodate J with dmnerrn theshortct notice. Tea, coffee, ice - cream, mead, cake, fruit, tc. with a variety of the best liquors, will be always in readiness. A horse boat will start from each side of lhe river punctually at every hour from 5 o'clock in the morning until 8 in the evening. luly 6 2w S. ItUR.'Nfs. LAWS OF the last session of the Lrgitlnture, (or tide by S. GOULD, signol Lord Coke, corner of Wall and Brond - Ftreelt, J 2t LOST, ON Friday, the 3d inst a red morocco Purse, ol a square lorin, having thrt e imh kets, con - lauiing notes to the amount ol one hundred dot lurt ou the Bank of New York , the purse much worn and a rcnl in one ol ih pockets. Any person returning the same to No. 170 Fulton street, siihII receive 20 dollars. J 6 3f JOHN NICHOLS. 1 1 V1IE Ills I il.l.KK, i:mitauii:ig : I. bill aod . L particular direc lions lor mashing nnd distilling all kinds of grain and iieitaling Holland Gin and Irish Whiskey. 2. A notice of the dif It rent kinds of stills in use in lhe United States, and of the Scotch stills, which may run 004110 limes in 24 hours. 3. A treatise on fermentation, containing the latest discoveries on the tubject. 4. Directions fur making yeast and pre rving it wei t for any length of time. 5. 'The Rev. Mr. Allisons process ol rectihcation, with improvements, nnd mode of imitating French brandy, &c. 6. Instructions for unking all kindt of cor dials compound watert, &c. alto, for making cider, beer, and various kinds of wines fcc cVc ; adapted to the use of farmers and distillers, by Harrison Hall; second edition, much enlarged and improved, price $i 25; Just received and lot sale at the Minerva Cirrulittiug Littrarr, Book and Stationery ttcre, 2U5 Broadway, opposite tlie iWnseum. J o 1 A7 FKTMULLER'S" celebrated Ticinre of V V DANA: and the SHOWER OF GOLD, will be exhibited at No. 8 l.ispenard street, until rallied to.. Admittance cents. J 6 Iw ONE CENT HEW A11J. UANAWAY from lhe suhsrrif er an indented apprentice mulatto girl named Mary Peters. The above reward but no chaige will be paid to unv uerton who will deliver her to the subscriber. All penon! are lorwsmed not to employ or har J OOT her t tlie law Will De sincny "imnni gainst them. DAV ID FERRIS - New - York, July 6th 1318. 21 NEW LAW BOOK s TORE. JUST received and lor sale, the loiiowirgnew works, corner of Nassau and Spruce ttreets, opposite Ci'y Hall, Hit) im vol. wwi .ics - i . liMiiumrs'i KeD'tt in the Court of Chancery ol the State of South Carolina, J volt 7th, 8th and 9tb volt. Craathe't K ports Itlandtd Wbeatoti co Manle and Selwyo' do 4 volt 5th and 6th Taunton't do 3d vol. Chittv't Pleading Bayliet'Dtedlndex. J"2w GRAND ROAD LOTTERY, . . ett pkawx He. (ram 70,000 doliak. 'OHE successful adventurer on t riday next, at X 4 o'clock, wid receive tue kinoutol the larsit prise ever drawn io thit ci'v. and iv the jiurchate of two ticke'.t may receive, in add:ti.i. floating prize of lO.OOti yet u the wheel. .Vp ;jlyat CRACIE'S. 146 Broadway, vvhere a few of t;;?is valuable coancti ar - :uu - toid. J a n MARBLE FOR BV. rTflUE ;ro,ric - toitoi the riv l( );ia. - L ries near Iviug'j Hiv.'gi, ;,; u - ii' a, h t meynaveon haj - .u, nr. J aij atii" j - trtdit .Marble m,H l.m t Beach - Street, on the Hidtn rivsr, stock of marble lot budditg, cf the f j 'cripiutns, vi : A'blhr Watertablsj Steps Plalfcrmi Sills, Lintels Archet Also Lime ef the Cotiii' i ououaLon Chimi:y - lio;tt r acinga CuluoaiS be - t quality. rXT A coustant supply cf the above rr.atrrixlt may be calculated upon; ana those desirom .f purchasing, or makinj e'ltragcuifcitb?, wil'v anpiy to EZRA LUDLOW. fcbll At the Yard. .VO.vAF JO LO.i. 13,000' DOLL A its lj loan, ij sums to Suit applicants, on bond witn mortgage upon approved property. Ennui: of WM. VVll.ll .Mif, 137 Wnltr street. Where nitplicatiin mny be generally trade through the year, and moitgagti disposed of. Je so tt ltT - JOHN C. HAMILTON, Cou,missi..i, r for the acknowh.'dgt tneiit of Deedt, Ac. ban removed to the office, corner of Cedar and Nassau streets. Law Buildings, No 1 Je 2V lm A CARD. ft7 At tl particular soliciftiont of the La dy tubsrrilcrs, the New - York Salt Water Float ing Math will if. removed to her old station t the fool of Murray - street, thit day, where it will continue open every day, from sunri'e in tba morning, until 10 o'clock at nisht, during the bathing season. It is hoped when the Ladies of this city know that thit large building, which will accommodate two or three hundred persons at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment on Monday t and Wednesday! ol etch week until 2 o'clock, that they will give that encour - ngeinent which such an appropriation deserves. On a'l other days Ihry have their own npertnieutt onlv. The greatest possible altcutiou will be paid. The Bath at the Battery it oieti every clay from tiinrito to 10 o'cloc k at night, for Gentle - men only. . Je 9 Or The concluding examination of the ttu - denlt of Columbia College, will commence, wiih that of the teuior cls on Tuesday, July 7, at 9 o'clock, A. M. The attendance ot the graduates aud of the truttori ol the College, of the Rev. Clergy of the city, and ot the parents and guardians of the students, it respectfully requeued. WM. HARRIS, Pres. Col. Coll. Columbia College, June S9, 1818. JeS9 7t EAOLE F1UF. COM PA Jit. OF NEW - YORK. QT Notice is hereby given, thnt a Dividend of lour and a half per cent on the Capital Slock; ol this company, has been declared hy the Board ol Directors ; and vfill be - puid to the stockholders, on or after the 15th inst. J 3 lm tl eseiu Batik A'otrt and Nolet of the banks this tiilo of Albany will l purchased at a small di - couut at ALLENS' Lottery and Exchange nlfite, No. 122 Broadway, opposite the Citv Hotel. Wanted, Charleston, Georgia and North - Ca - rdina large notes.i July I U&Clw .imertcan Acudemy of the Fine Artt. rr 'l he fourth exhibition of this academy Is open every day, until further notice, from 9 in the morning until dusk. Admittance 2j cruls Catalogues 12 1 - 2 cents. By order. ALEXR. ROBERTSON, Jy' 3 4t Secretary. ' NOTICE. fy" The public are cau'ioned against trusting the crew of the British biig Recompt nee, John Gaynes master, at no debts contracted by them, will tie paid uy the captain or consignees. J 3 ijjf Ml I ICE is hereby g - iveu to lhe stock holdei - s of the Flushing O A'extovm Turnpike, Rritle and Road Company, that the annual Klec'ion for Directors to manage the cone'erna of said Comoanv, for the ensuing year, will be held at STRICKLAND'S Hotel, in Flushing - , on Tuesday the 7th of July next, betu een the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in lhe afternoon. Bv order of lhc Hoard of Directors, s WM. PRINCE, Pres't. Flushing, June 29th, 1818. je30 Iw J ELbERT HERRING, tommuiioncr tu ke acknowledgment of deeds, special bail, dis charges of mortgages, and affidavits has opened an otuco at No. 92 Nassau - street, near the City - Hall. JyO lw fCr - HENRY A. FAY, Attorney at Lew and Notary Public, has removed hisortice to No. Xi!i W iiter - street, near the Tontine Coffee House. J 6 hv A CARD. The passengers in the brig Telegraph, from Charleston, return their sincere thanks to capt. Joseph S. Munroe, for his polite attcn ion t them w hile on board ot his vessel. J6 (tj - The Pacific Insurance Company of New York, have this day declared a dividend of six per cent, on the capital slock, for the Inst six months, payable at their cilice, No. 49 Wall - tt. on the 10th By ordrofthe Board of Direrfors. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'ry. J61m .XEIV.YORK LVSURAXCE COMPAA'T. T 1HE President and Director have this day declared a dividend of five per cent on the capital stock of lhe company, for the last ' six months, psyable to the stockholder, or. their legal representative, on and after tho 13th insl. attheofiice, No. 34 Wall - street.. July 6 3w C. G. SIIIPMAN, Secr'y. FIRST DRAWN NUMBER. ON Friday, will be entitled to the highest prise, 70,000 DOLLARS. A lew warranted undrawn tickets may be bad at WAlTE'S, Truly Fortunate Lottery and Ex - OlCce, No. 54 Maiden - lane. Where the only 'prize of 35,000 dollars, ever drawn by persons in this city, wai sold and paid. J 6 3t GREAT PRIZE ! ! FRIDAY NEXT 1 1 THE brtt diawn numlnr (at 4 o'clock, I . M.) L io the Millord and Owcgo Road Lottery will beentilled to the great prue of 70,000 HOLLARS. There are only six more dart drawing of thit lottery ; a prue of 10,000, 4 of 1000, 14 of SCO, " arv uudranc. Tlie cash will be raid for these rich prixes if sold at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Offire No. 122 " Broadway ; where have. been sold and paid within a few days No. 5459, a prise ol 35.000 ; 7771, 10,000 ; 11702, 1000 : 575tf. IW.' ; s - er: of 500. being the higta st prize! drawn is thit lottery: ' J 62l A'F.Xf FRIDAY, lOtfi Jul3, ' . THE first drawn number in thi GianJ Rad " Lottery, will be entilkd to lb capiUl ' prize of Vad on the iam daj uiay be Jrawa 0 Coatirg c.piul 10.CC0 DOLLARS. - Besids wVci there are at preWm'he nheel 4 or. - of I0vi, 15 of 500, - nJs )tr - t many of ?'(f). .Vc. TWci aJ Jharst tut il by R - vin'f. :n... Ii - S Proadwav, whatoU and paid ., li:e r reseat lotury prixctof f 5000, K - CQ, 500 VI . c , .... iv - . - i A. vt : . i: e rvv'jji,' ciC - I V , ( .fill t : hi' it,. 4 V; i n t'i; Hi i '7'i'i V: ,i i r I 1

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