The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1944
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

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The principal cause for this fear, he said, was "the loss in the past decade of our self-reliance" "Frightened by the ; panic of- 1929 and discouraged by the depression that followed," Willkie said, "as a people we turned to government for help. For eleven years-- half a generation -- instead of leading us to the solution of our own problems, government has patera alistically tried to solve our problems for us." Government failed in this, he said, despite the acquisition of unprecedented power, and, "remembering our own failures in the '20's and our government's failure to solve our problems in the '30's, we almost fear to face those . coming days of peace." i · "The nation that has become' the a r s e n a l of democracy, the production wonder of the world," Willkie s a i d , "hesitates and doubts its own capacity." Some men, he said, would release American economic life from any federal regulation. The same .group, he said, believes the United States is strong enough to make co-operation with other nations, "except ' in pious platitudes," unnecessary. Another school of thinking "to which the present administration apparently belongs," would g i v e the federal government ^even greater control. and use American power in "the muddy game of international politics," he said. "There are some of us, however," \Villkie said, "who believe that neither of these attitudes represents a solution. For we know that in a complex modern life, the federal government operating by law and not by caprice, must exercise regulatory Backstage in Iowa Politics F. R. Didn't Rock Boat--Nominated Gillette's Choice for Judge; Johnson of Kanawha State Candidate By PAUL R. BUMBAKGER Iowa Daily Press Writer) r,, v M J "" 1l . n *f', IDp A--Confusing to be or not to be talk about Sen Guy M. Gillette's candidacy to the contrary ,^tate democratic headquarters counts upon it. He's on the slate party slate. Shopp ng days for another senatorial candidate are numbered ^/n d l n lS? 0 ^^^ d ?:LTM c _ k tteto*. any f when he nominated for , authority to insure of our citizens. the freedom Archbishop O'Connell Urges Prayers That Rome Be Respected Boston, (ff)--William, Cardinal O'Connell, Catholic archbishop of Boston and dean of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the United States, Thursday called upon his flock to pray that the leaders of all nations may · "respect the unique sanctity of Rome and spare the Holy City." In a pastoral letter to be read at all masses in the arch-diocese Sunday, the cardinal also asked for prayers "for the welfare" of our beloved Holy Father (Pope Pius XII.) The letter was made public Wednesday night. "I entreat you," the letter, said. "to pray God to touch the hearts of the leaders of all nations that they may all respect the unique sanctity of Rome and spare the Holy City which for 2000 years has been the'center'of the spiritual life, the devotion, art and culture of the Christian world." WOMEN ORGANIZE Clarion--T h e Wright county republican women held an organization meeting Monday afternoon at the library club rooms. The following officers w e r e elected for the coming year: President, Mrs. C. E. Johnson of Eagle Grove; vice president, Mrs. H. C. Hansen of Clarion; secretary- treasurer, Miss Lucile Mechem of Clarion. Mrs. Johnson succeeds Mrs. AV. J. Henry of Clarion as president. TO DISCUSS FOOD Wesley--A meeting will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Kleinpeter hall in Wesley to which the public is invited, featuring a program showing short cuts in farming to increase food production. William Coddington, farm manager of the relocation project and Joe Bradley of Al- fiona, will be speakers. Refreshments will be served after the meeting. FREE HOW YOU CAN TEST YOUR OWN COWS FOR MASTITIS Here l, a qttkk. ««· w«y to UM TOT* em tor Maitttb. Yon cmn do ic yooneK riftbt In your own bim.Tot It cowt In 1» rain, wltk the Bttbe "BTB" lax. AnS It Sot» not com yon * penny. Her. b all yon do: A»k us for the «peci*I Be«b« "BTB" Tot Card. We will Cite you FREE one ten card for each cow la your herd. All yon d* I* Follow the ·lirjplc direction* on the card. We ban Beebe "BTB" test cards la stock now. A*k for jroor FREE supply today. Remember, a few minutes spent la texlng joar cows for Mastl Ms nmy am SDOM of roar n»M nto. able animals fran stnwhter. 112 NO. FED. AYE. (, r , WorW war r veteran and *orm« rSl a-yea d» h-' S democrat ever nominated for the $10,000HARMONIZES: Richard F. Mitchell, 54 year old former Iowa supreme court justice from Fort Dodge who is the democratic state organization s choice for governor, would harmonize well with a 4th term campaign by the president. "Pinkie" to intimates, he is a personal fncnd of Roosevelt and a member to the president's soecial labor emergency committee to pass on union demands in final settlement of a railroad dispute. Mitchell is a party stalwart, with service both as state chairman and national committeeman «:liti^frv D y« N P EcN0 . TICE: Therc had been 1H " e ta!k abo "' the slate entry of State Senator Oscar E. Johnson, Kanawha, for lieutenant 6 ea^ 3 ' ^ ^^^ may ° r ° £ his tOWn ' he has been a SHOO! SHO S 0! CHARLEY: Drop the last letter from the family ^ Tf' f J rme ^ She11 Roclc newspaperman attached to f »S- 10 ? aI head l uarte '-s in Washington, for an accurate de- of this lowan. Latest anecdote told about him- Headquarters had been plagued by an inventor of a "perpetual motion machine, whose persistent attempts to sell his patent "if you wlti ,,° W1 . n . the . el !':t"n" were the despair of the office. Fast talking Witt was delegated to dispatch a final brush-off. The inventor in- t S hi Se cIa°ssic S t0 Nati0nal Chalri "an Spangler, when Witt tossed T ,. f .'? y tthe sreatest of good fortune, I was placed in charge of all patents at national headquarters only yesterday." There were more words but the inventor hasn't returned rn^S'ff SED SESSIONS: A closed session of the legislative interim committee miffed capital newspapermen, who don't feel they missed a n hab!t g TM P ortant but fear possible abuses if the practice becomes Vnr!? IA ^ KI ?, an ^ up: A CQU P Ie o£ State Republican Chairman Willis Yorks size 5* suits, an overcoat and other family clothing and linen rested peacefully on a porch at the York home in Madrid. It was put «th»Kn» 3 t launlryman-cleaner to pick up. Along comes someone gathering stuff for a Red Cross rummage sale, unaware the Yorks «t« ? ? «? ^f r a , h .? USe formerlv occupied by another family. You've c i othlng was sold - Red face s ^d general confusion returned to the York £ lar f n ^ e , A - Knu . tson - clear Lake, manager of the George 1 0 senatorial campaign, is a candidate for delegate to the national republican convention from the third district. . State Democratic Chairman Jake More says demand caused him to order 500 son'day 0 dinner ' C ° mmissioner Paul V - ^^utt's Iowa Jack- i Women Ready for Peace, Says Exile New York, (U.PJ--The war-weary women of Germany are ready for even an unconditional peace, Felizia Seyd, exiled German writer asserts. "Seeing their children bombed, stunted by hunger and disease millions of soldiers slain on the bat- tlefrants, exhausted, terrorized by the effects of total allied warfare which Hitler is unable to halt, all but a few German women today are ready for peace--even for unconditional peace," Miss Seyd wrote in the February issue of Independent Woman. With the post-armistice removal of dicatorial discipline. Miss Seyd said, German women may be expected to align themselves with 3 different political groups. The upper classes, she said, will tend to uphold the historically aggressive nationalism and imperialism of Germany; another group we wish to "settle internal problems with gun i:i hand." The greatest number, however- . she predicted, including liberal educators, professional women, laborers and most housewives, will incline to middle-of-the-road reconstruction policy. Worth County Youths Reach 18th Birthday Northuood -- New registrants in Worth county for the month of February having attained their 18th birthdays, are as follows:Lowell Eugene Macken and Hubert Eugene Buechele of Grafton, Cecil Burton Evans and George Willis Reinsmoen of Joice, Harold Curtis Nodlvedt and Iceland Hershal Hrubetz of Kensett; Oscar Benjamin Charlson. of Lake Mills, John Henry Schulte and Bruce Dale Hennigar of Manly, Lee Allwin Butcher of Plymouth, Orland Sander B runs void of St Ansgar and Olger Elmer Tenold of Northwood. t fr?! 4 Thursday, March 9, 1944 \ { MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE' f . Starts INSTANTLY to relieve SORE THROAT Caused by Colds Jnst rub on Musterole--it's mads especially to promptly relievecoughj, . sore throat and »chin chest muscles cue tocolds-Musterolesictuilly helps break up local congestion in the up-' · per bronchial tract, Dose and throat i IN S STRENGTHS THIS SPRING WEAR A KITTY FISHER DRESS OR TWO PC. SUIT DRESSES In spun rayon, stripes end polka dots. Sizes 9 to 15. BOBBY SUITS Plaids and ginghams. Sizes 9 to 15. Ideal for early spring wear. 4 95 Shop our Downstairs Store now and see these latest- arrivals. Dflmorrs DOWNSTAIRS STORE CATAPULTED FROM PLANE 3 Flyers Tell of Experience at Rabaul Headquarters 13th Army Air Force, (U.PJ--Three crew members of an army liberator bomber were alive Thursday to tell how they were catapulted from their exploding plane, swung safely to the waters near Rabaul by parachutes blown open by the blast, and rescued by a Catalina flying boat. The lucky trio were 2nd Lt. John H. Bauwens, co-pilot, Davenport, Iowa; I/Set. Clarence F. Macy, radio operator, Kansas City, Mo., and Sgt. Martin M. Lund, assistant engineer. New Brunswick, N. J. Their formation had battled bad weather toward Rabaul on March 5, bombing through anti-aircraft at a lower altitude than usual. "It was one of our toughest runs," Bauwens said "As we were making a turn away from the target, after dropping our bombs, I felt 2 explosions rock the ship and knew it was a'direct hit. "The next instant our plane went into a spin. I looked back at flames roaring through the passageway and into the flight deck. While trying to gain some kind of control we made 5 dizzy turns. Then I blacked out. "The next thing I knew I was falling through space with my chute open. There were a million pieces of burning metal falling all around me." The others also were blown from the plane and their chutes opened in the blast. All 3 landed in the water of St. George chSh- ;. nel, Lund and Bauwens almost to- ·,! Aether. . f Freeing himself from his chute, j Lund inflated his life vest, then } aided Bauwens, who was entangled £ in the shrouds of his chute. f ' Friendly flyers spotted the 3 I crewmen, and 2 hours later a Cat- f alina flying boat piloted by 2 New ! Zealanders rescued them. ' ; POWER IS INCREASED Washington, ()--The Federal Communications c o m m i s s i o n Thursday authorized radio station KICD, Spencer, Iowa, to increase power from 100 to 250 watts. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy.

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