The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 27, 1936 · Page 28
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 28

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1936
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

WftLVE' MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEEDING YOUNG CHILDREN REAL ART NO CAGED "TyPE" AT ZOO Johnny, age 4, on his return from his visit to the zoo, was. given a book in which pictures of the animals were alternated with stories, and told to take it and show grandma what he had seen. The lions, tigers and monkeys were duly discussed, then, coming to a printed page, he regarded it seriously for a min- ute, then said, "But, grandma we didn't see anything like that!" ABOUT THE PLAYROOM · A playroom for little children requires more light than other rooms and perhaps extra windows will need to be added. Artificial lighting should be high and indirect. Specials at Sam Raizes Bunnyland Crib Blanket. Size 30x36 GIRLS' DRESSES Fast color, all new sizes, Spring styles. Sizes 2 to 6 49 GIRLS' ANKLETS-- Large selection in new stripes and plaids 0*^*" and LITTLE BOYS' WASH SUITS--On sale this week only GIRLS' RAYON BLOOMERS and PANTIES--29c grade 15c 30 inch WHITE OUTING-- ISc grade, per yard . . . ; . . . 13c WOMEN'S FULL FASHIONED HOSE-Good quality 49c Shop in Every Department You'll find HUNDREDS OF BARGAINS being offered. It will pay you to buy NOW for future needs! Visit Our New BARGAIN BASEMENT Sam Raizes DEPARTMENT STORE 215 South Federal Phone 434 Infants' Wear at Merkel Store Mrs. Wayne Pedelty is show'n above in a corner of the Merkel company store infant department, of which She is in charge. (Lock Photo, Kayenay Engraving) Fabrics for Baby Must Be Warmer Jotton Can Be Used in Warm House, Claim. What fabrics to choose for baby's first garments is today a moot question. A short time ago such a question seldom arose but during- the past three or four years some physicians »ave been advocating the use of all cotton fabrics. They have questioned'the need of wool pro- ;ection. Investigation of heating conditions in today's American lomes has shown that approximately 17,600,000 of tbe 24,000,000 homes have inadequate leating facilities. That is about 74 per cent of them are not heated so as to guard baby from drafts and changing tem- eratures. Draft Brings Cold. Perspiration and a draft will quickly bring on a cold. A chill .0 baby's sensitive digestive ;ract is serious. Wool gives protection against temperature changes not afforded by cotton. The decision as to fabric then should be based upon the conditions in baby's home. Clothing suitable in a steam heated apartment might not serve to adequately protect a child- in a suburban home heated by a lot air furnace. The June, 1931, issue of Archives of Pediatrics published :he results of a questionnaire sent to 557 doctors who special- zed in baby cases. Of these 275 advocated the use of wool combined with silk; 321 recommend- Good Housekeeping Approves H0MEY KRUSHED BREAD Honey Krushed Bread is the first and only independently distributed bread ever awarded the distinction of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This approval is your guarantee that our corrective bread fully meets the rigid requirements of scientific researrh. To be certain of quality in bread, look for this famous stamp ·-- the star and Seal of the Good Housekeeping Bureau. Thousands are Finding Relief this Natural Way Doctors everywhere endorse Honey Krushed Wheat Bread--thousands of men and women are singing its praises. And no wonder--for it 'solves an age old problem. A new, easier and pleasanter way without resorting to. harsh and habit-forming purgatives which have no permanent corrective action. Try Honey Krushed Wheat Bread today. You'll enjoy its delicious, nut-like flavor'and marvel at its effective beneficial action. Ready, sliced and wrapped in a moisture-proof package, branded plainly with our registered trade mark "Honey Krushed"-- your protection against imitations. Honey Krushed Wheat Bread has attained tremendous popularity. Its tasty, nut-like flavor and proved corrective action have made millions of friends. Produced under a formula or. iginated by prominent university chemists. The same laboratories have now found a way to make Honey Krushed Wheat Bread even more delicious and effective. DIAMOND BAKED-BY Silver Cup B R E A D ed cotton; the balance favored other fabric combinations, most of them including wool. Well over half of them considered some wool necessary. No Real Test Made. Physicians of high standing, however, agree that there has been no real test or research to show the results of use of all cotton or part cotton. Fabric preference is still a matte r of opinion. It is agreed that, above all, a child should not be overdressed. Good common sense should solve the fabric problem. Consider the heating .conditions in your home. Explain them to your doctor and follow his advice. Sun-Baths Needed for Good Health If the weather is suitable, take the baby out of doors and let the sun pour down on his skin, starting with five minutes and increasing the time day by day. Be sure that the sun does not shine directly into his eyes. Each day, expose more of the body and allow the baby to stay in the direct .sunshine a little longer until his body is well tanned. The baby's skin is easily sunburned in summer. In giving the baby his sun bath indoors always lay him in front of an open window. If the weather is cold, put him before a window with a cellophane screen. The sunshine should fall, directly upon his face and bare arms (but not shine into his eyes). The sunshine should not pass through' ordinary window glass, because such glass keeps out the important rays of the sun. Feeding Mixture Is Needed by Baby The baby should have three ounces of feeding mixture in 2-1 hours for each pound that he should weigh during the second month. Some babies who have been underfed cannot take this amount. In such cases, canned, powdered or acid milk is often used, since, when they are used, the mixture can be made with more milk and less water. For example,, if the one month old baby is getting whole cow's milk, he usually gets a mixture that contains half milk and half water. But if canned milk is given, the mixture may contain two-thirds milk and one-third water. M e a t a n d Other Food Discussed Don't Grow Lax, But Also Don't Limit Child Too Much. It is an art to care properly for a very little baby, to keep him comfortable and Happy, peaceful and fed according to schedule, but it requires even more skill, many mothers think, to train the baby, grown into a 2 or 3 year old runabout, into adult ways of eating. It is difficult to know, particularly with tbe first baby of the family, when to stop treating him as an infant, whose every mouthful must be guarded and when to feed him on only a slightly modified family menu. It is a mistake to grow lax in the care of the child who is just growing out of infancy, but it may also be wrong to limit his diet for too long a time to the foods prescribed for the 1 year old. When, for instance, can one safely give a child pork or veal ? Pediatricians generally agree to the following: In Bad Repute. Pork is in bad repute, probably because, having a higher fat content than other, meats, if eaten too frequently, it may cause indigestion. In some sections of the country it is eaten, not only continuously but to the exclusion of oth«r foods. The people living on this kind of diet suffer not so much from simple indigestion as from malnutrition due ' to such a restricted ration. If pork is properly cooked, however, and included occasionally in a well balanced meal it is a good food and permissible for a healthy, normal child as young as 3 years old, according to a number of modern pediatricians. Suitable for Children. Roast pork or pork chops baked in a casserole with a vegetable base, or baked bam, are suitable for serving to young children who are adjusting to a whole family menu. Pork sausage, however, like all highly spiced foods, should not be allowed because of the irritating effect of the spices. All pork should be cooked thoroughly to avoid danger of trichinosis, a. dread disease which comes from eating underdone, infected pork. Remember this when serving meat balls, unless you buy round steak, · ground up, for this purpose, for the usual hamburger mixture sold in meat stores, sometimes contains some pork. Meat balls made from an unknown mixture of meats can be baked a little in the oven after pan broiling to insure thorough cooking. Since frankfurters also contain some pork, it is advisable to parboil them before browning. Frankfurters are not recommended for little children on account of their spicy seasoning. Buy a lamb chop for the little one if the older ones of the family want a "hot dog" supper. Veal, as well as pork, is often looked at askance. Veal needs a longer cooking time than beef, to be sure, to make it tender and edible. It has a delicious flavor and is a perfectly good food for little children if it is well cooked. Breast of veal, stewed with several different kinds of vegetables, makes a nicely rounded meal for a grown man or a little child--all at small cost. SICECREAM

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