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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, July 7, 1818
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XEIV - i'ORK EFEXISO POST. TUESDAY. JULY 7. Ijtuk mil for oisa.Zs - Th article, from Forts mou'h, ander date ef June 39, hae'uporteuious apL trance A litth eloui like a mmi'i utHi. V . Th Allowing liberal soutimeut are found in th last Albany Argu.; the leading administration paper, anj published at tbe seat of government. under the eye of hit excellency the governor him - aelf. A great portion of the ruling party bare al trays affected m ucb coaimiicralion fur the oppre - ' ej condition of the l.iah Roman Catholic,bcaue ' he it, by arbitrary lawi, disqualified front bold in j any public place of honor or profit in the kingdom, while be adherei to the form of faith ' in which he was born and bred. He U told to relinquish hie religion, or give up all pretensions . to any share of the) favors of government Bat ' how much more doei tbu odious and persecuting pirit shew iteelfia those, who etill coulinue ri - ' gidJy to iusrst on exctudio; from all share in (he government, every man, however unqoestiona - , ble hi talent, and however unimpeachable hit integrity, who once belonged to the federal par - , ty, while, for certain purposes, the? acted to gether, but who, thote purposes being answered, . no longer act together, or are even known a; tuclt. Slill, however, the same iutolerant spirit it kept up by interested awn iu this staie, who . cannot - endure that a single morse! should pat by their ownhungry, aver gasping jawsl These remarks are forced from us at the appearance of . an article from which wcgive the following ex tracts : i V Wt have already adverted to the fact, that the Kentucky papers speak with great coufidencc Jmr. Monroe's endeavoriiiir to effect au amal jramariou of panic, and to bring the federalists into the support of his aduimutrauon. The fa deral party, whatever may be, thought to the contrary, is ttill unbroken, aud will rally with great facility the aiement the watcn - wnrd it ei . Tea and whatever may be their course in congress on general subjects, tiiey feci as much hos tility towards Mr. Monroe, as ever thev did a gainst Me. Jefferson, though policy bat induced Uicm to retrain from aslroo; expression of it. Nor can - Vr. Monroe go any further towards conciliation, than what good manners and a hos pitable deportment will effect" " The fooothv tioos of his power aud authority are laid in other bands. A conlmuatioa of the same authority, . and aimoti the fame venom, which elected Mr , Jefferson, can alone sustain Mr. Mourve. Those persons, tlierefbre, who were first appointed by Mr. J. (casualties excepted; still remain la office, the same channels of influence still exist, the same toteroai police sUIl remams entire. Hut instead of (here beiug auy more good feeling between the and federalism, the most deep - rooted rancor exists, enkindled by constant collision,' and indurated by time." In Mr. M's defeat, they aee a prostration of the pillars of the demo - jcratsc party, as erected at the time of tha election of Mr. Jefferson ; they see an overturning in office tkrowgh tb asrioa and they would hope, amidst this stale of Uliogs, in some shape or othrr to obtain mere authority, than at present belong - to them. It behoves then, the great democratic party, to loot well around them, before they venture on any untried state of beinz : even if differences of opinion should exist on minor or even on important sul'iects. A change of adini liistration, allhough it foil entirely into republi can hands, might endanger the existeuce of the party." . BKMSBK. Odo word more : Certain it is, that auy pr - ty, or section of a party, that is governed by Tie ws so hostile to tbe general good, cannot long preserve its standing with the great body of the people. We put it to those who profess themselves the disciples of Mr. Jefferson, to recollect, that when be succeeded to the government, he declared, ia his inaugural speech, that " Having banished from our land that religious intolerance, under which mankind so long bled and suffered, we have yet gained little, if vt countenance a yoiiticai intolerance, atdrfjmtic, us viiked, aud capable if ai bitter end bloody ptrtecMuiia." , Rational frauds. We hate been rharged in the English Quarterly Renew with being a na tion of sharpers, and to support the illiberal ao cusatioa, files ol our newspapers Iroin all parts of the union have been hunted over aud the crimes of individuals have been carefully collected together, and (ortned iuto a body of evidence to impeach the character of the natiou in general. If this mode of testing national character is to be received as a just criterion, it may not be improper to re - publish tbe following: par - a - . ap'i, from a late London paper, by way of a stt - oiT, as tue lawyers call it : 44 We are glad to announce that projections Iiave been hrnu:ht against a number of grocers in Uie annum lure and sale ol a penurious iiin - litire lor tea, composed ot the leaves of the black aud white tlioiu, lled, dried on copper phi'.es, and colored with logwood, vcrligris and Dutch pink. Tlie facts were proved al great length, and verdicts lounl id thu com tor exche quer, on oaturday, agiinst no fewer than ten dealers iu the metropolis for this f. - aml. Several ol them submitted to conviction without reiit ancc and thus the imitortant fact is elbli hed, that this deleter io'is mixture is imposed on tli fair trader. To discover Hie substituted article, lav the tea on wetted paper and rub it, it will ' csuily discharge the coloring it receives from logwood, verdijn and Dutch piulc. Ther are o - ther articles of human consumption, equally exposed to similar frauds. Porter and ale, it hat frequently been proved, have been mixed with drugs of the most prruiriutts quality. Port wine, as It 13 called, and eperml'y that sold al very low prices, it is known has been niauufac - turtd fr - nn sloejuire, Hrili. - h Brandy, and log - ww.d. rin, in nrdrr tint it may have the grip, or hate the appearance of heing particular! stronj:, is known to be adulterated wilh a dtcoc - tiou of Ion; PTiTer, or a small quantity of aquafortis. fi - nm public conviction is known to '.tive te - n made of a mixlureof (lour, grounJ stone chillr, and pulverised Wins. Mdk to have been adult - rated with whitenir i; and water. Au gur so n ire ueen truxed with rand. lnper with fuller',, earth and othr earUit. Mu - tird v.ui limp punireni eo T,. Tobacco with vari - roHro - nmoii British bcrbt. There w seme an art - ciu of ordiuary consomntioTi. wkVk u r,tsdere.ldeetructivebythe infamnu, and frau - uuieni practice? ol lulerestrd peroas.n .iiancs nnexney, rq. u announced in the r.itr rkslau City Gaictte u a candidate forcen - 'W ste - im boat fmm Albiny, with the re r,.l t'u' Jlontgrjroery, winch arc to be i r - w. morrow in SX. Pauls church, ari i - : - a trit 3 rVck this day, - by all , - . Feurlh if Jufy From no part of the United States that wa have yet heard, has this day been celebrated with ao much splendor asat Newark, (N. J.) The fcllowing was tha order of the pro - cession, preceded by the military. . Tailor at work, on a platrbrm erected on a wanron, and drawn by one hone. Stow Cutter; Brick Layert and Mtuon tender, having platforms on two waggons lashed toe - ether. On the first the Stone - cuttera were cbisseling and grinding atone on the second the Masona were laying up a one nre piace and in a cart in the rear, was the tender, working and handing mortar. CarptnterttX work making doors and flashes, having on their platform a work bench, taws, chest of tools, tic. the whole drawn by two horses. - Bukeri, on a platform drawn by one horse, having a tin oven, table and the men at work moulding dough and baking. Ctrihoaineri, on stages creeled on two wag gons lashed together, on which was a handsome exhibition of boots, shoes, trunks and four hands at work. Cwrieit. havinir five hands at work on the shaving beam and finishing table, exhibiting s variety of kinds of leather. Carriage Maker (D Beach's establishment) having platforms erected on his steam boat waggon, and a smaller one attached to il.drawn tour horses. Jn the first, carriage - making, trimming, paintirj and harness niakinrr were in operation. On the other. Smith work was going oo, tbe Sous of Vulcan havinir an an vil, hammers bellows hung, and fire on the Sav - Pii. two stories hiirh. on a nlatfnrm urawn oy one horse, and two men sawing piank . , o . lor carriages. Late Wetivert, on a stage drawn by two lior nes on wnicu six Hands were employed in weaving, quilling, c. ' In front was a motto in large letters, July 4, 1776 and another on the sides of the awning - - All arts - shall flourish in Columbia's land 44 And all her sons join in one social band." Plane Maker, having two work benches erected on their platform, a variety of tools, and the hands at work making olanes. Watch - Jllukert, and Gold and Silver Smith their stage handsomely exhibiting watches, goia worx, ac. ana men at work at their res pective branches. Sitter Plater, on a platform drawn by 2 hnr ses, six hands beinx at work, having a rolling machine, 2 vices and other tools in operation. In front a motto, "Micer Plating Manufactory - Tin and Copper Manufacturer, their platform furnished with a Smith's forge and bellows iu operation worli bench, beck irons, horse head, and a varietv of tin and Conner ware. HatttrU Ettabhihmenl. drawn bv 2 horses 9 nanus ai worn around Uie kettle, smoking hot - oowing siun, AC. Cabinet Maker, well Droviditd wilh mahm - . - inv stuff and tools. Before the procession pt, they hart erected a handsome breakfast table at field uedstead on their stage. C'Aatr Maker, a number of hands hnilv ene - a rid in turning stuff, bottoming chairs and uiut IOC. CsuteVe Maker, tlieir establishment drawn by horses men at work ilinninir and weii - liin - wiiiint: - , an i ;iranns wicks. Trunk and It amrn makers, exhibiting arti ii... . rles in that line of business and two hands at worx. Bout Builders, hnvine a tkiffwith sail stand ing, ercctxd on a pUitiorm, and the U. S. (lug dying. .1 Cooper, with a new cask, driving the hoops like all the world. Orator of the Uav. and Reader of the Ueclara - imn oi independence. r cniaic ocnoiars nna i cacners. Citizens iu central The procession being thus arranged and very long, marched Irora tbe lower Common to the north point of the uuper common thence round that Common to Broad - street thence down broad - street to the south end of it thence back to tlie 1st fresbytenon Church. Extract of a letter from St. Ilartholomews, dated way jo, iHiii. 44 We are all under arms since last niehl. Wi have joined Admiral Orion's and Aury's fleet, inc opanun ucei are in izM. we are to Quarter; and expect to i naee in a couple of hours, anc are ail very wiilins to fight. Our fleet is as fol lows: Biinn has one ship of $ - 1 Impounders, 'JO men; two bries It suns eadu 9 and 12 poun - ner, u men ; mree Kiiooncrs 0 9 - toiinders, HO men. Aury has one brig, 13 IS - pounders, 110 men; one hermaphrodite do. 6 O - pouurieri. tjinen; 4 pounders, li men our orij; 18 18 pounders, 13J men. Total, C7 guns and o'l5 men. The enemy's Ti.sstls areas follows: One ship 3G V.i pounders, 4M men, (formerly the Young asj) ; one do. 24 111 aftd l'2 - poun iers, 350 ruen, (rnnneiiy die Cen. Scott) ; tliree brigs .ill 9, 1 - 2 and IH pouiuleis, 4J0 men; ttiir noln. 40 a unit It .oiiin!ers, bOO lucu. Total, 144 guns. auci tuui mm. 44 Wf? aie certain we shall take them, for they arc a tniseribie set of wretches. If I should es cape with my hie, I will leave tl.e service, as t. - apt. ni.dtord has joined Bn m's fli et; so th - re will be nvtliini; niadt, but jili - ntv of hard birlit - ing, such us taking Porto Cabello, La Uuira, rorio mco, &.C." F rout tlu Xorfvlk Herald. June 23. The following particulars are triven to us bv a gentleman of veraritv, who received them from the common repnrt in tho neighborhood where tile occurrence look place. Our informant states that the inhabitants in the neighborhood of Black Water, in Princess Ann county, have for some time pat been kept ia a stale of alarm ty a gang of desperate wretches. principal. y coui posed of white men and runaway negroes, wlsn uo about committiii' the most atro cious outrages and depredations on persons and property. 1 Ins hand of ruihans was said to lc ZV, in uumbcr, all armed aud officered, and had openly proclaimed themselves at war with the inhabitants of Black Water. So bold had they grown in their villainies that they would enter enclosures and shixit down cattle, hnj or poultry at noon - day. A negro man who had offended one of the party, being caught by them while giug on his owner's business, they carried him a few steps into the woods, and beat him to dea'h with clubs ! A few nights ao, however, the cap'.ain of this banditti was shot, aud if v ral o! his raiuirailes taken prisoners, by a er guard of citizens under the following rirtu n - stancea : a man whom they had urged to join them, renvi rtd a day to make up hu mind, and on consulting with some of his neighbors they ad vised turn to lite step ui consideration of titrating the rogues. The man accordingly beeauit a member of the corps, and iu due time m3.le his communication, as previously concerted, a j - viMiig of toe contemplated defeat on the bog pen. i be gnard ol citizens repaired to the spot at the appointed time and cnncealed Ihcm'eive - . wittun near gun - shot of the pen. A detachment of the gang soon after ovule its appear ance, Won by their c - priin, and proceeded U caU'hw? and tying the hogs ; while so employed tho guaid ruthed from tnt.r aoibu - h and fired on tli em. The captain ?nd an old unman who be longed lo the - ti, were killed aid the re.t taken The prisoners have since been committed to jaiL frees the Daily AdvertM." Mr. Moses Rogers, wlxvte store was broken open on the 29Ui ult, and robbed of a Urge number of watche, succeeded oa Wednesday """K nisooverm? me of Uie nernctrator. named William Smith, in ih of his notches, at a houe in the west part of v.. ,,,. nueriiehad seized Lira, and while ac wa securing the watches, il of which he recovered, tbe prisoner ecped thrautrh i i icei, in which he wsl toiii;u:raU!e tnj - .u - ed. He was imnudUtcly re t taken by consUble Reed, and others, who were watching about the house. Yesterday morning with the assistance of Keed, he found another, named William Carroll, at the races, and secured him. A third Ben Bowe, a young man, well made, and about 5 feet 3 inches in height, is supposed to have - left town for tbe southward, and to have carried with him a considerable number of watches. His hoped be may be detected and apprehended. Smith and Carroll are committed f r trial. One ol the prisoners states that these three, who were lately released from the State Prison, are all who belonged to their party, but that a certain other person who was suspected, be longed to another confederacy, whose secrets he did not know. PORTSMOUTH, June 30. American Juhtrmtn captured By the schr Cyrus King, rrloore, arrived at Kittery, we learn ttiat on. the 15th instant, while that vessel iu com pany wilh several others were in the Bay ol undy, altar having paid their hirlit money and obtained the privilege of getting bait iu said bay, they were captured by H. u. M. sloop ol war syren, ro jimanded by 1 homas Harper, esq. and ent into the harbor of Digby, where they were stripped of their sails, &c, 1 he crew of the Cyrus Kiug, on the third night after beiBg carried in, got the keeper of their ves.el intoxicated, went into the custom house slor , where they obtained a schooner's gib and mainsail, which Uiey immediately bent, 'and Ly cuttiug their cables, and warping out ol the har bour, got under way, aud arrived at Kittery on Saturday last. 1 be following is a list of the vrels captured with the Cyrus King schs folly, Jenkins, of this place ; Roxaoa, Spinney, of do ; pink stern schr Eight Sisters, of Portland i anda sch be longing to Fox Islands. AW the alwVe vessels had good fares of fL - h when captured. NORTHAMPTON, June 30, Swarms ef locusts have recently appeared in this part of the country, exteudii'g upon the right uauk of Connccticutjrivtr twenty orthirty miles tiiutii of this town. It is impossible to measure the extent of the injury they are doing to the timber. Many trees are evcu uow apparently dead. The fomule locusts are armed with a sting of nearly the third of an inch in length, and of the stiffness aud point of a wire sharpened I hey attach themselves to the underside of tbe small limbs, and commence the process of sting ing. 1 heir progress is to the extremity of tbe limb, which is as distinctly marked aswt could be by obliquely puncturing the limb vlh an awl. and so raiting the awl at each puncture as to crack the bark iu a regular continued, and uu less impeded by some obstruction, in nearly a right line. There are about three incisions to an iucli, each penetrating to the heart of the limb, which is filled with small worms, or eggs, of the colour and appearance of very small kernels ol nee, but distinctly visible to the naked eye We are not nblo to state further particulars in relation to these ruinous insects, nor when nor where they first appeared, nor precisely how far they have extended thcm;clves bnt their pro gress, so far as we have seen, is marked as tbe progress of fire. Thoso who are curious to examine will find myriads of them, upon the east side of the southern extremity of Mouut Tom. TRENTO.V, July 6. Very inarm weatfif r. Last week we bad very warm weather. On the 2Mb. 29th and 30tb the Mercury in Fahrenheit's Thermometer, placed under tlie shade of a tree, in one of the streets in this town, tanged above ninety degrees on the zom u rose lo 'J4, and on the JUth to a 'J degrees, within one of blood - heat. In our records ol warm weather there is nothing equal to this. vn me urst inst. ahrmt two o'clock m the morning the weather changed, and a cool northeaster depressed the mercury, by sno - risc, to 80. Lightntng We are inlormed that on tbe S4th ult. in a thunder storm. 60 sheen out of a doctt of 5 J, and one cow, were killed by lightning, in New - I lauover township, Burlington county Uie property of Samuel fykes. A Uwelliur House, at Dover Forge, was aiio struck during the same storm, and considerably damaged ity tlie lightning. NEW - ORLEANS, June 6. Private letters from Pensacola state that the cx governor Masot was highly exasperated, and threatened what terrible thins he would do When he should arrive al Havana. It is impos - ible to tar what steps the captain general will take when his courage is screwed to the sticking point. We should uot be surprised to hear that lie hns embargoed American vessels, and seques - icrru Aineric an property wilhiu Ins reach. We hardly believe that lie will hare the temerity to order his rruizer to intercept American vesel nt sea. lie knows that such a measure on his part would produce au awful retaliation he knows that it would be immediately followed by the Morlrwc of every harbor in hn inland, o.l it is not in the prudence cf a i?pani !i officer unnecessarily to involve biaifci - ll in difficuliies. lie will await the orders of his master;, who finding him;rlf deprived nf his stakes, will probably be more willing hi receive an aiuicaMe ac - quital for all the dcoiinds of the I'tuted .States than to " try the unpr.ifl'ablc roatest which rau do the other the moA harm." PHILADKLITIIA, July 6. Yesterday morning about 6 o'clock, a young man took his horse into Schuylkill for the purpose of swimiri'iij him. Unfortunately the ani mal suddenly plune.d into deep water, by which inn rnuT was u r.nvn. anil u is Minixuen ret eiv - cd a kick from hi hi'ree while under water, as he never row. His h recovrrod in two or three hour, but all attempts at reaoimation were uciitciuai. Serptttl near Portland. Tl.c Portland Gazette of Tuesday, slate, that on Atonaay several ooats came up Irom tlie Ush nig ground, the people in vhorn report having seinlne Serpent on Baliirdnv about one hjaue from Portland harbour, coiled up in the ronnner Uvscrirf?n oy otuers. I'n nurui rum he sudden ly extended his lie ad lOor 12 Ic - et above the ua ter which induced the boats lo rctrent. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDF.VT. Office of the Norfolk Herald, Friday, J uly 3. Srlir. Llanua ti Eliza, of Htndsor, ! icmtf Arrived, packet irhoooer Tcll - Tale, LfiUixnwarri, s days liom ew - York. Ibaviu experienced head wiods and talms the whole w.y. Capt. Chiirclmard reort. the fiidowm tr eaturday, 7th June, at 5 o'chnk P. M. 7 or h miles N. E. by E. of Ciruegat, in 0 fathorus water, li li in with tbe wreck ot the schr 41 LI i rissa li Elira of Win.ior," which had apparent ly pone down bead foremost. The hta l i4?her masts and a part of the iteru and larboard - itr were out oi trie water. The sea tieing very sncoitt wu concluded U Uunl her. - rwo j:it boirded her from other vessels before we did. aud svheo wp got alongside they were ing4ged in jetUug off the sails and riB'in. The vetel - perea to ic nearly newaod haJ no cabin windows, so that we had to cut a hole through tlie .tern to get into the cabin. We Innk out 2 rjuad - rantf , 2 r mall trubkr, aud the enn tents of a trunk that was too I air ta be pasted through tbe en trance made in the stern. The contents of the trunks coexisted of a small sum of money, a geld bodkin, a gold thimhle, some wearing apparel, several letters addressed ta persons iu different parts of tbe Lulled Mates, and a numler of p pers wrote in a language not nrrJerstood bv an one oo board, furtlier thin that fhe spid schooner was from Point retre bound to New - York, and that tne cs plain s oasne was taood. Nihtcom mg oa we sheered off and left her with Uie other boats remaining along - ide. V B. The above - mentioned property, ppers and lellen, Will be proceeded with as Use iavt directs." Packet Kb Juhet, Juutsog, 6 days (rom New - Tork, (baring experienced a series of calmi &ad bead winds.) ' Sch Union, Mersereau, 7 days from N Tork. Sch Margaret Ann, Kiiigston, 7 days from N York. CapL K. fell in wilh the same wreck reported by capt. Churchward, but before the latter did. Sch Luieline, .Vcrsercaa, 7 days from N Tork. FROM OUR COHRESPOA'DEMT. Office of the Boston Patriot, ? July 5 noon. - S Arrived, British brig Uart, Crabtree, 23 Jays from Harbor Grace, N. F. June 22, long 67, spoke ship Mount Vernon, of New York, from Belfast fur Baltimore, witn BU passengers. 26th, spoke ship Canton, from Yorit, tor Liverpool, out 2 days. Brur Maryland. Geofrhacan. 44 days irom Oporto. Left, brig Virginia, De La Iloche, tor Baltimore in 2 day ; ship Ilolla, tor uie jsorui of F.urope in 10 i brig Agent, of Alexandria, for St. Ubes. in 8 1 sch Gold Hunter, Bunmam, discharging ; sch Francis Maria, fir Boston in 10 days i Uetscy, f oster, ao uo; ravorne, Fisher.of F.CJT Harbor, for St. Ubes, in lOdays ; brig Betsey, Virgin, from N York, ar qtiaran - tine. The sch Freetown, ot ueoi getovvn, ipi was cast away at Figuera, vessel totally lost crew and. part or the cargo saved. June 15, 1st 32. Ion 57. spoke brie Kiting States, 1 1 davs from Portsmouth, N. H. for Cayenne. Brig Federal George, Field, 14 days from ISobUjII. Theatrical fund. The proceeds of the theatre to - morrow evening are allotted to the fund established, some time since, for the relief of those performers, who, after having devoted the days of their youth and their, maturity to the enter tainment of the public, become disabled by age from following any further their professional avocations, and have not sufficient left to support themselves during the remainder of life. The committee of such fund, I perceive, inform the public iu the bills of the day, that to - morrow evening the annual benefit in aid of such fuiid will take place, and we cannot permit the occa sion to pats without one word of appeal to the sensibility of thoso who have to oAen been de lighted wilh this species of innocent amusemcut and instruction, to contribute their aid to a de sign so generous and so provident. It is the last time a call will be made on them Die present season iu behalf ot the theatre, and we earnestly hope the call will not be unheard. On this interesting occasion, the entertainments provided for the audience are legitimate aud excellent The Honey Moon, and 77ie Children in the If ood Both are cast to the full strength of the company, aided by the extra assistance of several disinterested and distinguished performer of excellence. Mr. Coojier personates the principal male character in the piece, aud Mrs. Barnes, long and deservedly the favorite of the audience, the female, for the first time. Iu the afterpiece, Waller is supported, and most ably, by Hilton, and Uie pretty Josephine by Miss John son. Airs, flolman, who has nerrmpprartd before the New - York audience, and of whose sweet voice aud musical excellence we have long heard, sings the songs of 44 The tired,'''' and the 44 Echo," accompanied on the flute by Mr. Meline, and echoed by herself: The former we have heard attempted by female singers of tlie first powers and eminence, and the latter by that charming vocalist Mrs, Freuch. The manager contributes the house free of expenses, about $450, for his share, aad every performer his services for the evening. The city - irupector reports the death of 79 per sons, from the 2 1 In day ot i une lo the 4la day of July, 1B18. Apoplexy 3, casualty 2, consumption IS, con vulsions 7, diarrhu - a I, driukiog Cold water 10. dropsy 2, dropsy in the chest 3, droj.y in the head t, drowned 1, bilious fever I, hectic fever 1, typhus fever 13, gravel 1, h. - einoptysis 1, inflammation of the brain I, inflammation of the chest I, intemperance I, killed or murdered I, mortification I, olda;e2, pnl - - ey I, pucumouia typhodes I, stiil 1'itii J, suddeu death I, cyphilU U b;h.n; I, ulcer 1, unknown 1. ULOKUK CUMING, t ity - inspector. FUNKR VL ARK N'.J EM riNTS. (irdrr of Pioreision for ri'iuleriug funeral honors to the remnins oflhelale Mnjor Cenenl Mosr - gomcrv, u agreed on by the Committee of Arrangement. 1. Colonel Platl is appointed officer of the ilav. nnd nil orders coming Irons linn will be respected end ohel ed. 2. tin rartu, rnrriaces, or prrsoiK on horseback (rxrrpt such nre connected illi I lie proces - sion) appear in the slreru, through which llit pro - ct ski. n ii to me, from 9 o'chx k in the forenoon. iiHiil the processiun nhall lc rniled. 3. 1 lie Keuei al order lor the proretiron II lour deep. 4. 1 lie line or the proceion will be drawn up in Broadway, its ri;,iil on the Hitiei y anil ii Icti on Chmnbet - stiTTt, and will proceed by the Irfl Ihroueh Clunibrr - M. to Chatham - sl. lit i ouf;ii Cluiilnim - l. in prarl - st. tlironch Pcarl - st. lo U nil - it Ihroiuh Wall - M. to liroad - st Ihroueh Kromt - st. to Beaver - nt. ihrouiih Benver - st. to Ibe Konl nu' tirceii, round thr south sidecf th(j,Bow - lingtireen up Broadway to St. Pauls Church. b. It is recommeiiued lo the citizens, as well lluve in the proce.ion, ai others, to be silent dur - in? the solemnities of the dny. li. tin the arrival ol' the front nf the procession at St. Pauls church, the whole will bull upon a signal lo be given tor that purpose, and open to riiil Rndlelt, to admit the Bier and Societies, a.T - onlitij; to the onlers of the officer of the day. 7. During the moving of the proces.ioe' minute sous Willi fired from the WaMiington, 71, Navy Vard, Battery and f. .its in tlie harbour, and the beilsof ih" diiVeient churches will he lolled. 8. The jai;s of the shipping in ibe harbour and of the (oris and other places will be hoisted half ma - t during the day. 'J. Signals will be fired al the Arsenal from IS pounili - rs, by order of tlie officer of the day, viz : tat. Three guis in tpilrk succession M tun rise will amuMinrc, that tbepiocessioiiwill take place on (hat day. 2d. One fnui at 7 o' lock, for the different inroi - poralii'iii, fc,f M lies :c. to form at their re - pec - live plnres of rrnilesvmis. 3i. One giin at H o'clock far fonnin? the line. 4h. T wo runs in rpiir k siirresrion lor the pro - rrsM.n In, when the inimne guns w ill com - inenee tirinr, and the lell lollmc;. ftih. tine kuo for the priK esinn to hall and opeol" lite rirhl mid left, aa will be directed by the nliii er of the day. Gih. Two guns in rapid sucicssiini, fur the minute guns and bells tu cease. Older (f profession at ittlUd by the tnarshal if the any. I. Odicer and eisit dmgixrn. . 2. Military by Uie lot, with ai ms aud colours reversed, drums, fee. muflled. 3. rVuryiecM of artillery. , 4. Militia Oihrers, (net on duty) in uniform. 5. Oilicerrnf the U. 8. Army do 0. Officer of the Navy. 7. Tninmnoy ifocicty. P.. Ilioernian Froviiltut Society 1 9. Mechanic's Society. 10. Wavhingtoej Benevolent Society 11. fh.imrirk Society. 12. N' - v - YorkTypoxraphral Society IX L'n:ted Benevolent Societvof T nvlors 14. Joaro - 'yjieaHousijCsrjM.aisrs bVntvoIent &vAVy 15. Union Society of Shipwrights and caulkers 16. Tbe Grand lodge of the stale of New - York, and the'lodges under their jurisdiction. 17. Citizens.. ; r 18. Kee - ents of the University. 19. President, .Professors, and Students of the College. - , 20. uo. do. . uo. fnysicions ana surgeons. SI. Gentlemen of Vie bar 22. Civil and j udicial officers of the city 23. Do' do - do do state 24. Do do do do U. Mate 25. Members of the last an it present legislature 26. Members of congress ' 27. Vice President of the United State. 28. Consuls ol foreign nations, aud foreigners of distinction, with their respective Consuls. v. committee of Arrangement. 30. Officer of the day and aids 31. Clergy 32. PALL BEARLRS. PALL BEARERS. Z2. Horse caparisoned with Llnck, led by two Servants. 34. Cols. Cansevoort and Livingston. 35. Relations. 36. Cincinnati Society. 37. Officers of the Revolutionary and late War. - 38. Corporation of the City. 39. Art officer and eight dragoons. The following; are officers of the day, Col. PUtr; i ;oi. w. T Hunter, Col. C. Graham, Lieut - Col. C. King, Major A. Chrystie, 1). C. Cold en. UlDS. The icvereud clergy, the relatives of the late major - general Montgomery, the member of the corporation, the Cinciuuati, the vice - president of the United States, member of congress, members of the legislature of the hist and present years, will assemble at the City - llall at 9 o'clock A. M. GOVERNOR'S GUARD. REGIMENTAL ORDERS. Nxw Yoim, 6th July, ISIS. ITT The Regiment is directed to msvmble fully uniformed and equipped in Park - place, oil Wednesday the oth inst..t j past 7 o'clock A. M. to unite in paying funeral honors to the remains of the late denerHl Mmiteomery. A detachment of forty men from this Regiment will be furnished by detail from the respective In - Ihnlry Companies under the command of Captain Mulr, to inert t the Park on Tuesday the 7ih int. ul U o'clock A.M. for the purpose of taking charge of the remains and etinriline. them iiutill the fol low hit; tin v. ByordernfCol. MURRAY. Jy 7 2t BARETTO, Acting Artjt. 3d BRIG. !. V. S. IKFAKTRr. Brigcult Onlers. JV. Ym k, llh JhIu, I fil 3. The Olficers of this Brieade are requested to assemble at tbe City Hall, on Wednesday moming Uie !;ih iin,t. at 8 o elm k, A. l. precisely , in full iinifurm, lo assist at the funeral solemnities, on the interment of the remains of the late General Richard Montgomery. The officers willwearthc usual badges ol imiuroiu!;. By order ol Kri. Gen. J. Rlarkwell. ALBKRT CHRYSTIE, Maj. tk Insp. M Brig. Inf. The 4Wi BriiaJt cf lufantm. The Officers of this Brigade are requested to RvKcmble in unilurni, with the usual nulitnrv Imitee of mouriiim;, at the City Hall, on the 8th inl. al 8 o'clock in the morning, to Rttend tbe remains uf General Mnntomerv to the place of in - Icrment. VM. PAl'LDlNG. Jun. . Brigadier General, IVathington Benevolent Satiety. fty The member of the Washington Benevolent Society, are rcpJested to meet at Washington Hall, to - morrow morning, at 7 o'clock precisely, to join in the funeral honors to be piid to the rcniaius of general Montgomery. The members will wear their badge tied with crape ou the Ult breast. A. WOODWARD, ec'ry. CINCINNATI, frj A gnn to bo lired from the Arsenal tomorrow morning ul 7 o'clock, will be the signal for the several societies, 4c. lo assemble. The members of the Society of the Cincinnati are therefore requested, at the firing of the gun, to meet in the Governor's chamber, City Hall. Oiiiccrs of the revolutionary army, nof mem ber of the Cinciuuati, are invited to j)in the society iu the proressiou. By order, D. L Dl'NSCOMB, Secretary. Tenth Brigade of Slate Infantry. 05" The officers of this Brigade areiequeste d In assemble, in lull Uniform, with the customary bailee of mournirg, on Wednesday the bth inst. at It o'clock, A. M. at the City Hall, to assist iu paying funeral bnt.ors to the remains of Major Gcucrdl Montgomery. By order of Brig.Genl. LAIGIIT, J A M V.6 I. JO.NLS, J 7 Major and inspector of Brigade. MARRIED, 0:i Sunday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. M'Clay, Mr. TlijMi Williams to Miss Sarah Marin Couvrnhol en. DIF.I), In March last, at Buenos Ayrcs, while on business of the Consulate, up tlie River Uriiqiiuy, of a violent fever, Thomas H. Storm, Esq. oged 35 years, so a of the Hon. Thomas Morm, of this city. At Richmond, (V ir.) Joseph Gallegn, Erq. a native or fcpa.n, but long a resident of Richmond. EVEM.Q POST MA RhXE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Elizabeth, Tinkliam, . City Point Utifi superb, Keeves, fcavanoah S. Coddimrton fc Co. Scl.r Edgar, Johnson, Europe l.. G.S.S. Howland. . South Carolina, Alien, Charleston Barker fclloDkins Sloop Delight, Perry, . Boston superior, Storer, Philadelphia A Hill i Eli THIS POREXOU'. Ship Rockingham, Williams, from London, and 51 days frm the Down, with dry goods, Jtc. toT C Butler, jun. owner, R Bach, T Bour - bank, Rhind fx Turnbull, Shipmnn ti Lord. T W S - Bisoi., I1SG Barclay, II W Bnulins, A S Norwood. 1 Carow, Hurd & Sewall, Saml. Bill - brow, Andrews & Mcgmw, J McCall.l PCrary Co. J (gdcn, A llerst, P Ludlow, Genl. J G Swift, K Crisp, Pcnrsall ic Grellett, P Remseu, M Smith, anil to order.' Passengers, Mr. Kran cis Allchir, and family. Mr. John Mather, and family, capt. Samuei r'lcwer, Rev. Geo. Ileely, l.imity ana inends, Mr. CD:irles Cole, and - 11 in the steerage. Jure C, lat Ai. N. I 'n i, soke sliip Lucien, President, from Norfolk ior Luodon. bch .VargHret, Caswell, 7 day from Charles ton, with cotton, &c. t Van''ewatcr, Wheeler and Co. J B Lafonta, II & D Colhrai, and J C Morrison. Passengers, ton. jnJge Waties, laily, two daughters, and two servants ; Wm. Laogv Jon, Joel iteien", Alexr. Duncan, t. A Ltber British schr Mother, Curran, 1G dnys from Halifax, with coal, copper, and 9 passengers. Schr Kinaacier, Crowell, 4 days from Barnstable, with plaster and CI passengers, bound to Philadelphia. Scut Lurk, WatsoD, 15 day from Halifax with ccal aei4 fish, io Rowland k Braine r . schr i Uarby, for M Yorkvln 3 d Ul1 Schr Carpenters Son, Hubble, 6 days Una Washington, N. C with naval store, to R IC W Davenport, owner. One passenger. Sch Jane, Seaman, 28 day from N. Orleans with cotton, tobacco and dry goods, to C R Duffie, Laidlaw, Girault St Co. D Bethune.n,! Co. and to order. , Sch Sally, Woglam, 8 day from Rich, mood, wilh coal, flour and tobacco, to C C Woodbull, Wilsaa It Thompson, Boorman and Johnston, T Irvine, Walsh & Gallagher, audio master. 14 passengers.. British brig Albion, from N. Wales, with sl&U and passenger. Gone to Amboy to land her passengers. , BELOW One brig. ARRIVED i1ST EVFJflXG, Brig Three Sisters, Nixon, 52 days from Lisbon, with salt and specie, to llenj. Hide Passengers, Mrs. Moreira, three Misses and two Masters Moreira, and 9 in tbe stearage. Vessels left reported by the Eliza - Pigott Spoke, May 6, lat 41, Ion 11 40, sch Adeline, Dominick, in co. with the hermaphrodite brig Frances, 20 days' from Alexandria for Oporto. June 1, lat 38, long 40, British ship Broken Rones, 31 day from St. Jago de Cuba for ton. don. 20th, lat 42, long 61, brig Catharine, of Boston, for Rochelle. July 1, lat 40, long 71 brig Mechanic, from Matanzas for Portland. Capt. N. is bearer of despatches from G. iv. Ri ving, Esq. Secretary of Legation at Uie' Court of Madrid, to the Secretary of State. - Bru; Traveller, Oke, 23 days from the Harbor of Grace, N. F. in ballast, to Jones and Clinch. Two pMisgrs Sch Caroline, Nye, 10 tlayt from Boston with plaster, to B Blossom, jun. ' Sloop Governor Clinton, Smith, 9 days fom Newport, with fish, to Uie m - irey, CHARLESTON, Jwia'J - A French brie from Nantz, in dUlrets, bound t Savannflt anchored in the Roads yesterday. PoaTSMorra, July 4. Arrived, British brie Little Eliza, Calder. 29 day from Port Ante - nio. June 12, was boarded off" Cape Maize by II. M. frigate Pique, capt Mackellen, in co with two other ship, cruising for Haytian pirates, 2 of whom were in pursuit of the Little F.liza. June 13, spoke briir Two Friendi. from Aquin for Liverpool hud been plundered at Aux Cajes cf his cargo, worth 18,000 dollars by the Haytian government, in distress for sails ana rigging. June 14, sch St. Hele - na. Taylor, from St. Jago de Cuba for Phils, delplii i, out 12 days. June 16, lat :6 50, lung 7 A, sch Rover, Chapman, from N York, 18 days days out for Mobile. June 25, on George's Hank, ship Cadmus, of Boston, 22 hours out from Cape Ann same, sch Eliza - Pigot, bound to N York, informed her that a gentleman on board wished to take passage in the E. P. to which the master consented, but when the Little Eliza wore round tinder her lee quarter, she put up helm, and made all sail. The E. P. had previously r.xeive J necessary information from tlie Liule F.lua respecting her situation, soundings, kc. Phimuclphia, July 6. Arrived ship Andrew, Hathaway, Liveqiool 27 days 46 passengers. British ship Thomas, Hutchinson, Liverpool 43 days.' British brig Blucher, Squires, Windsor, via St. Andrews 15 days 193 passengers. Sch Cutliarine & Jane, Halstead, St. Jago 16 days. Sch Three Sallys, Dunston, Havana 15 day. Sch Hero, Daggett, Boston 7 days. Sch Fenwick, Daggett, St. Andrews 12 day. Sloop Triton, T'reat, Porto Rico 19 days. Sloop James, Haley, New - York tjdays Sloop Dispatch, Barnard, Nantucket 6 days. Sloop Polly Si Rachael, Gilford, New - York 3 days. Sch Catharine, Cobb, Boston 6 days. Sch Huldah k Judah, Thomson, St Andrews 12 days. Sch Argo. Thomas, St. Andrews 17 days. Sch Pocahontas, Ilowland, Boston 5 day. Below, a brig, name tc. unknown. w u A f IT TH BCKS FIT or THE THEATRICAL FUND. Tli'? Committee of the Tnratrical Fund rcspecf - fully iulorm th - i puhlic, that the auuual benefit in aid ol tin; fund for the Relief of Indigent anil Disabled Performers, will lake place On WEDNESDAY EVENING, July 8. W lieu the volunteer assistance of several Indies and gentlemen, unconnected with the fund, will enable the in to present the best aggregate of Theatrical talent in honor ol the occasion. oueooOooooo On Wednesday Evening, July 8, (Last night of (lerformaoce this season) Will be presented the comedy of THE HONEY MOON. Puke Aranza, Mr. Cooper Rolando, Pritchard Laaipeda, l!;ilthiznr, Jaout i. Barnes ; Jones Hilson GroshoB Barnes V olanto, Juliana, Mr !her 1st appearance id that character, t f With the original sons. I Zamora, Wilh'ami At the end of the play, " The Soldier tired or war's alarms," By Mrs. Holman, . Who has kindly volunteered her service, being her 1st npptarance ia New - York. After which, Mr. Pritchard will read a Monody to tbe Memory of General Richard Montgomery. During the Monody, an appropriate scene, transparency, Ac. designed and eiecuted by Mr. Holland and his assistants will be csiiihitea. After the Monody, Mr. Hulmon will ngth favorite Echo Song, accompanied on the flute by Mr. Meline, and echoed by herself. To Which will be added, the musical farce of the CHILDREN IN THE WOOD. Performance to commence at a quarter past .even o'clock precisely. Ocean Insurance Office, Julv 6, 1818. S trr Ti. nnanl nf Directors have this day illrlflend nf three and a half percent ou their capital slock for the last six months, wlucn will b payaoie u uie nocauuiu - . - their legal representatives on the tenth inst at tho oiTite of the company, 45 Wall - street. July 7 lm TENTH WARD. rXT" Public notice is hereby given, that the . r I. iCHk Tm.,A h, i. rvtmntated their assessments, aad tfwt a copy thereof is left with Walter Howell, at ao. Z7 liesier - sireei, the same may be seen and examined by any ot Ka ltili - .hitonltt.tiir.nir I Ml llivt. irom LUU hereof, and that the assessors w'ill meet oa M day the 20th inst. at the above place, w ry - their laid armenln. on the SliplicatioO of ?J pertou conceiving himself aggrieved. WAL Ttn IIUvr.lL., r Assesiwn - JONATHAN BROWN, J 10th wafd. July 7 .0t . EIGHTH WARD. ' .1 PUBLIC NoUce is hereby given, that the i A - nflh filh VVnrd have comDreted their Assessment, and that a copy thereof tsfeR '. Isaac Emmons, at the corner of Spring and abeth - strccls, wlrtre tbe same may be seen aa esamined by any of tbe InhahitoBl daring trJ days, from ibis day, and that toe Aseors wid mcit on Friday, July tbe 17th, at the house of the said I. Emmons to review their said aw - ments on the application of any person conceit - talb!"l8AAffEMM6sii, Asrsoftbe A. SCHLNKMAN, ( CUi Ward - New - Ycik,July7, 18ia. 1 ' 'Jl

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