The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 7, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1818
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It ... 111 r i Mm uri m i .r " - " - M , m MII m ril, , u , i.. . o ' " - , i mMM - . S!liffi POST. "3 NUMBER 5011 TUESDAY, JULY 7, 1018. NO. 19 WILLIAM STKEET ' For Sale, Freight or Charter, Hie ship THOMAS NELSON, just Larrived from New - Orleans , she is a lull DUiiH Strung iwimvi, uuiuim wr.. . i ...n c...i i,,.Kf tj, 3UU WBI Villi o.;i,. iu v wv A wautiig nce she no w lies at Brooklyn, where she l. be examined. For terms, apply to m B. W ROGERS & CO. f j8 235 Pearl - street. Wanted to Charter, A rood SHIP, of about 300 tons, to ,Ioad in a southern port for England. ImllVtO Vftli3nO(UAULiAUnLlv, J. 18 66 South - street. For Freight or Charter, The ship FOSTER, Jtforao, master ; .350 tons burthen : it in complete order, ia,icoukl proceed to a southern jdrt immediately! if required. For terms, apply to the mas - car, o J.20 W. Si S. CRAIG. " W anted to CHAttJKR, A good schooner of 05 a 70 tc:.s bur - y "then. for a voyage to Bermuda ; inline - dial dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER & LAURIE?, t Jj 29 South - ilrott. ClOfrEK, IOBACCO, WINE, Ac. - U hhds. I and I bbl. tery Green Coffee 35 hlidt superior old Kentucky Tobacco 11 do old Richmond do 15 do new do do 6 qr. casks L. P. Madeira Wine ' 1 bhd. Madeira of uncommon high flavor, has been 3 yean in Jamaica 1 qr. cask extra Sherry Wine, 6 yours old 25 bbls. Fredericksburg Flour. Freight for tiutde Janeiro ana t er - uambueo. Vessels bound to either of the above ooiti, may have a few good on freight, from jt30 113 Front - 4. For HAVANA. The new coppered brig WARRIOR, 1284 toss burthen, (built by Mr. N. tlrown of this city,) B. Richards, muster. She will ail on the lUth of July next, weather per - niUins. For freight or passage apply to JAMES D. WOLF junior, Js 24 ' M South - at. WAJtMU IV CI I., A British vessel of 250 to 300 tons, to .load at a southern port for the West in to - Apply to MACKIE, MILNE & CO. Je2S 61 Pine - st p.issauh for liykkpoou The elegant new coppered ship 11 EC - I TO R, James Gillemler, niastor, is now Dearly loader!, and is positively intended to sail oa the 7th inrtant - For passage only, having superior acco nmodntions, Hjiply to the captain oa board, at Murray's whaif.or to JOHN GRAHAM L CO. Jyl 1w 69 Pine - street.!) TU UIAH'1'F.Jt. i r r - A good IT i or P.lUG of about 250 "I y ' i4.V tons. rotinercd ' pssel ami one that S)ils liol, would be preferred. G. G. ft 8. HO W LAND, J I . .. 67 Wasliinglon - slrrct For Ir'athinglm, A. C. The schr GOLUEN - AGE, capt. A - .Jerton. lying east side Peck - slip ; will 141 Thursday oeL t or Q - WjUt.or passage, amly oa boanl, or to J t U. Je C. W. DAVENPORT i Ci. . . For It itmnigloti, .V. C Ht Tbe ,hip PACKt - r :al wi" - .'t iiiaiail iu a few days, will take freijrh ci the lowest term, and acc.iuiruotl.ite paicn r. Apply on board, at Murraj'j winrf, or to GRIaWOU)S& COVTES J 1 (58 outh strt t torCH.lRLt:il.V, The staunch schooccr ARABELLA, ,T. Harwick, master, will meet v, imiueJiatB dispatch, baviug half her freilii i u - pjed For the remainder or passage, app.y on board, at Murray's wharf, ca;t side Coffee - Uou.e slip, or to. SAUL ALLEY, June 19 93 Pine st. f.HtHJUti FOH LiUjYuiJ.y. Jt The remarkably fine British brig JiSKEEN, to sail for London oa Wednesday ; has excellent accommodations and room for a few more passengers. Apply to capt. Ma - soa oa board, at Jones' wharf, or to R. GILLESPIE, Js30 U2Front - t. For HAt'RK, The ship BELLE, Henrv Llie, .master, to sail in 10 days. For a few tons of heavy freight or passenger, having excellent accommodations, apply to JONES k MEG RATH, ' je 29 9i South - street. WAXJtA) IV CHAHTMi, A enod brls or schooner, from laO to . 1 80 tons burthen, to load for K.urone. to winch immediate dispatch will be ptven. Ap - Pjto R. CRUMP, JetO 00 Pine at. For LH'EKJ'OOL, The very superior coppered British .ship D VLMAKXOCK, M". W. Robert - son, master ; her cargo being nearly engaged. ror me remainder ot freight, or passage, hav - ing elegant Accommodations, apply board, east side Fly - mark et.wharf, or to S. UALGI.EISII Si CO. 103 Pearl - street. Who ofTers for sale, ex. said vessel, from Leith Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in Lot - . ties ami casks. Wine Rottles, &c. per gross. je 26 Will IT. I k' All Jt r - LAN'DIXO at Pine street wharr, from ship Columbia, Henry Curtis, master, (roni Bru - H England, and for sale by (be subscriber, on wranuseous terms f 'alien from tlie ship ) casks btst dry white lead, from 5 to CcwL eah M kegs genuine ground white lead, in Sfllb. kegs 30 casks red lead, io casks, from 1 to 3cwt. each J4 casks Spanish brown, from 3 to 4cwt. each ue""es allum, from 7 to 10c wt earh i fM Komaa Vitriol, from 4 to Ccwt. each casks Venetian rod, from? to 3c wt. each "his. hloe black, Srwt each bbls ivory black, flora x to Scwl each x casks Colcothar vitriol, from 2 to 4cwt earb in r!u,k P1"?16 "'". from to 4cwt each "hhus. 5 tierces and 8 bbls Rnttro - Stone Jrioch - Greene, Rose - pink, Dutch pink Blue and Green Verdeter, Bain Sroiirine J.l' - APPljto A. CHURCH. I LRE f 4o doreo very super iourCUret, v forsale at $18 the dozen, br ia.i , GEORGE JOHNSTOV, (OH LUI1U.V - i li,.lL nriine aentuck, Tobacco, and . . r for sU k fttw - r''a Cotton. Lodrnt; and Josh - , ol.l..S MACTIEtv, 77 - - !i - 1 57 Sneth street Hu'tlER,.r Z:ri f - 14. 18 casks of bottle'd Porter, just JfoTtoLh ttUiP RdiHs, from London, IW ARCHIBALD GRAClEit SON, RICE. 90 tierces Rice, landing from schx Arabella, at Murray's wharl, tor sale by CLARK, MOORE U CO. Je 17 41 South - street. (JATT1NETT WARPS.'made ol fcea Island kj Cotton aad sued in the chain, for sale by WM. CAMPBELL, Je5 197 Pearl - street. Jit:MOFt:U TAMES P. AN DOE has taken the store No oj 7. Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Room, where' h intends establishing - himself as a first - rate GROCER, and intends selliug for cash only, and at such prites as will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as above, where he has for sale a general assortment oi Teas, late importation Pure old cognac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do . Madeira, L. P. Tenerine, Old sherry, Port & other w ines London and American porter, Botled cider Sperm, oil and candles Fine old Holland and American cheese Well flavored raisin?, Kiijs, "Prunes, Almonds Spices, Best Spanish cigars, Draught porter Sweet oil, &c Constant attendance will be given, and all favors duly appreciated. Juntf 12 tf SW LK I' OIL. !0 diets Florence Oil, 3V bet - ties each, for sale ly CIIAS. h. OGDEN, & A BR. OGDEN, Je 10 1 53 WHshington - street. 7MAUUIU fi POR T tyiA'F. Qr. rafks Madeira, and 6 hhds white port wuic, tar sale bv ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 10 . 11? Front - st. DLVM;H, un. (atNo. 40 William - street,) . has on hand the following W.I F.S and LIQUORS, selected with judgment by hinurlf, whih ho offers at wholesale and retail, war - anted pure, as imported iSfi i Madeira, from 3 to 1 40qrca,ks ) yrs m wood. Old Madeira, iu bottles, from 3 to 20 years Champaigne, BurgunJy, Claret and Saulerne, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Lisbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America TencrifTc, in hlvK Oi l Brandy, do. Rum, da. Gin, not reduced 600 'Ictrj'ji hn.i, containing five gallons each 50 KriK"c wine bottles N. B. T hose in the trade, and country deal ers, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and liquors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain articles of the first quality, at the lowest prices, and pure as imported. my 9 2m LEMONS. I UST received, 45 boxes Iresh Sicily Lemons, in lots to suit purchasers, tv Je 21 J. P. A NOOK, No. 7 Park. rWM.V - lL.1TES, TltACe. - CH.ilXl, Ac X 200 boxes tin plates 2U chsks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 60 casks Roman Cement, bow landirur. and for sali! by ANDERSON SHF.AREH, - 131 water slrewt. Ji'ho have in tlore, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoc Sheet Braas of all sizes Brass and copper Wiro, London mari pocket books and Wallets Ladies work Boxes kc. mv 25 IT A RD WARE, CUTLER V kc.t casks JlL Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles, tic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. " 1 do brass r ocks, &c. 1 do hell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pans 5 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges. Sic. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do 11L lunges, lie 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black Si bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a large and general assortment of goods open oa the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, by AUA.M5 K BLACK WELL, may 7 21 a PearUst. DOMESTIC GOODS, f Xpl. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, effers V for sale on reasonable terms, at his store 197 Pearl street, a fresb supply of the following gooits, VII. ituHi ps. white millinstSi.hamisomeiy - lilearh'd 130 do black do " land tinisli'd in cases blearh'd and imMcBch'd sheetings Sc shirtings ; together with an assortment of doss kn.tlinj and sewinc otton. Je 16 h" INGUSH HAMS. BACON, Ac. just un j ported by the subscriber, Ilouble Gloucester, Dolphin and 1'ine Apple Chese,of a very superi or qu.ihty : Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams; sides anil Hitches of Bacon, of a superior quality; English Lard, in bladders, and small firkins; Glass and Bristol Stone Waro ; Urge Bottles ; Pipes and Demijohns. ALSO. A reneml assortment o( Groceries. Fish Sau ces, tic. for sale cheap, for cash, by ' LlhTAKii MiAvar JtU, 157 Greenwich - street Best Havana Sccars, in qr. boxes Jel6lm PHKN1X BANK. A DIVIDEND of three for six months, endine the oOth instant, has been this day declared payable to the stockholders on the first of July next Hy order ol the board or directors. Jel7 Ira D. I. GEF.KNE, Cashier. I li.0 th I'KKL. i'Oil huorlips round Rods I C30 do Rod lron30 do Coach - spring Steel Si) lo (ii - rmin Stprl 200 do Hoods, iust L 7 .... j . j V i t ' received ana tor saie Dy ANDERSON A SHEARER, at 131 Water - street. Je23 3w JEWELLERY, WATCHh. Ate. VCASE of sundry Jewellery, tine Cutlery, Silver Hunting and Plain Watches, - Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corsets assorted. For sale by J LAMBERT, Je 24 3 Coortland street. english. glass - warel si wrought , nails. JOHN WHEELEY, offers for sale at 132 Water - street Decanters plain and cut ) Tumblers do do BEST QUALITY. Wines do do and a general assortment of Apothecarys ware. Fine Rofe - Flemfsh'"! WROUGHT NAILS. Sheathing, J Je27 2w , ILL1NETTS, Ac A general asortaient 1.V.L of nillinetts, shirtinss, cheetings, dsss knitting and sewing cotton, for sale low, hy WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, Je 15 197 Pearl street. IlKOiV Ai l.NDIA SUGARS. A few bajs 1st U quality, for sale by O. G. S. ROWLAND, Jy2 C7 Waildngtoo - strtct CARDS, PARCHMENT, BOOK3. GARDS for printers, visiting, Ac. gilt and plain edges, of all sizes Cards for playing, coloured and plain backs Parchment Skins for printers Plans of the city of London, folded on canvass Do of the country 24 miles round London Pictures of London, with plates Do - of Edinburgh, do Watsons, instructions for the deaf and Dumb, with a volume of plates Pursh's Flora of North America Ainswerth's Latin Dictionaries Barlow's Mathematical do Tuckey's Expedition to the Congo in South Africa Drake's Shakspeare and his times Memoi ra of Dr. VV atson. Bishop of LandafT , Godwin's lives of the Phillips' Encyclopaedia Britannica Johnson's Dictionary, quarto Kelly's Universal Cambist. Locke' Works, folio Kirkpatrick's Kingdom of Nepaul Edward's Botannic Garden Beaumont, Fletcher, Ben Johnson and Shaks peare 's worus Gibbon, Rollin, Robertson and Bolingbroke's worsts Hogarth's Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do do Quarto Carey's Atlxs, folio Arrowsaiitb's do quarto With many rare and valuable English works, illustrated with portraits and elegantly hound, lorsuie oy j.Aiiidlui, Je 16 No 3 Courtlandt - street, II URD & SEWALL, 65 South - street, ofler JLJ. lor sale 80 tons old Sable Russia Iron. P. S. I. A few cases fine London anil Yorkshire Cloths 2 8f s Cotton Hose assorted 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, very stout fubric 2 trunks 6 4 Cambrics 5 bales Kusia Sheetings 4 cases Trinkets, Jewellery, &.c. adapted to the N. West trade. Ac. entitled to deb'r 3 do London made '1 oys, Work Boxes, ire. 3 do China dewing bilks 1 do 4 - 4 black Fringed Hdkfs. 2 do Double Florences 2 do Levaotiues, entitled to debenture 10 bales Heavy Beerhoom Gurraha ft do Giiln Hdkfs, red, blue and white 12 cases men's and bov's Plated Hats 4 do do Japanned Leather do C do do superior London Beaver do 1000 Muskets with Bayonets I SO casks Cut Nails. 4d to 20d - 1000 boxes Window Glass, ol the Bristol facto ry, 6 by l) and 10 hy 14 4 casks Brass Cabinet Furniture, &c. Je 27 NEW AND ELL CAN 1 PLAT K 1) W A R E. UT ELLS ti UPSON, have lately received i - r Courier. Irom Licemool. a verv handsome assortment of new and fashionable best fchi (field Plated W are, rich and el cant pat terns, which they ar now opening at Ibi Broad way. . ALSO. At I si l'eari - street, a large and extensive as - sortmentot" HAttDIVAHK, by the package and from the shelves, which they will sell at very reduced prices. J 2 lw '10 LET, A pleasant hark room, at no. .16 Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Pouessiou immediately. Apply in the front office. Je 4 LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER. ITU ATE between Barclay and Murray. 73 streets, Chamber and Heed - streets, Jay ird Hamson - strecis, ami North Moore and Beach - street', at a price very coniderablv lers than in terest on their value, and at the expiraliou of the term the buildings to be fairly valued aud paid lor, or a new leas granted. Also, to let by the year at a low rate, several lota or yards on thi water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of paris, kc. Apply to I II. KIIIALLAMJEB, 31 Park, near tbe Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June II tl JUST received per brig Hesper, from Havre, 4 cases black, white and assorted supe rior French crapes, No. 30 1 case superior patent French razors 1 do. silvered hooks and eyes, in small boxes 1 do. silk coat buttons - 2 do. phosphorus bo'xes Also, a general assortment of French silks. remaining from former importations, and 3 cases mens and womens white and coloured cotton hose, alt fine t 2 bales assorted flannels for sale on accom modating terms, by BENJ. F. BABCOCK, Je 30 Cw 213 Pearl - street. CIO I I ON IUO bales Cotton now landing, ) from brigs Eliza, and Georgia, from Savan nah. Also, in Store. 400 halts Upland Cotton, in lots to suit pur cha:srs, for sale by HENRY THOMAS, j e Z4 w .ti o. x Jones lane. L'S. PH. DE LUZE, 71 Wathingtou street, offers for sale, 320 hhds.) w. M) cases! Claret W,n0 10 casts Burgundy .... 10 do Muscatel, n,ne Received per brie Leo. from Marseilles and en titled to debenture. ALSO, 15 cases Glass Tumblers 25 do Olives 25 do Capers. AND, cveral invoices of French Silk Goods and li nen c:tmbricks, received from Havre. Je 17 lm JO lit: LKA&F.U, ON favorable, terms, for a long terra of yean, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet leep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hes ter and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling slips. Also, several other lots in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wards.. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham street. may 8 JOHN HEFFERNAN, 31 South - street, oilers for sale 51 ceroons Caraccas Flora Indizo ' 2T3 dales London market Goat Skids 5 do. small do. 1 1 sUnu dates 21 bbls sweet fresh siielled almonds 32 ceroons bitter do. do. 76 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. carraway do. June 20 1m MAPS. TELLISH'S new Map of the World on LTA Rollers. t'nee lOdoilars Do United States. 10 dollars Do Travelling Map and Directory. 3 dolls. Do Illinois Indiana. $1 50cts. Do Tenesnee Ohio si e! ton fe Kiniitt. large Map of the United States. 15 dollars. Carey's 2 and 4 Sheet Maps of Europe For sale by PRIOR Hi DUNNING, Je23 2w 111 Water - street. PLASTER OF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot of HaTison - street, Noith - River. lJ HERE mm uficlured Plaster, forcorni - V V ics and other parposas, may be had, warranted of the first quality, at one dollar and ttrtn - If tire eenttper bathel. I he i manulactory is conducted by Mr. Joha Tucker, who has served a regular apprenticeship to the mason butiness. it, 21 JOHN BYER3. ' DOMESTIC OTHER WARES. ' THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vii ; .. . '. Dutch, and English i Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baking and ball Twioe Fish Lines . . Shoe k Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Balances, tic. rooms Duster', or Cornier Brushes Hearth Brashes, fan cy and common Head ' do do - do Cloth ' do do do Weirrers do . White Wash do Shoe U Sctubbibg do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, - 4, 7, B row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bud Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wroughf and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBltA A CUMING, Je 30 76 Pearl - street. TEA:i, WINES and GROCERIES. NO. 7 PARK (l.ATK. LADIES AUCTION KOOM.) 'I 'HEsuliAcribt rhas constantly on hand a gen - X eral assortment of the following articles, which will be disposed of at a moilerate advance. Teas ol first quality Sugars do do Genuine old Cognac Brandy Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wines ol the variousjtindt Pine Apple Shrub Lemon, Lime and Orange Juice Sallad Oil in betties ant lwlu.a 1 1. Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spices, Essences Sperm and i'nllow Caudles Do. Oil for Lamps Coffee. Rice, Barley and Mustard A fesfaoxes Sicily Lemons, in fine order RaisM, Almonds, Prunes, Figs Basket Salt, tic. For sale by JAMES P. AN DOE Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second band wine and porter bottles. J l riUiORN il PENDLETON have selected JL with great care, for the supplying of fami lies and ship stores, the following wines, liquors, teas, Ac. Khich they offer at wholesale and retail, at No. 56 Mono - street .Madeira iu glass and wod Red port, roriz and royal compy" do a few dozen of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 1 1 years old Very old sherry, do Te ueriffe Old brandy, ruin and gin, not reduced Hibbert's brown stout, equal to any iu the city Red and while wine vmegar Botdca'ix sall.ul oil Hyson, hyson tkin, young hyeoH, souchong i pouthong teas L - onf, lump and Muccorado sugar Fish tauten, Segars iu qr. boxes With a jnnenil assortment of groceries, which they will warrant to be ol tliu urat quality. J una 21 3w . CHEMICALS, COLORS, Ac Epsom Salts, iu ca'ks of 2c wt. LunipVLittnesli, in cases Do ' do smalt squares - - - - Calcined do in phtala Lorhelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citna Acid, Ulu Verditcrin firkins P i'"iit jellow. Kings Yellow Kcgutus of Antimony GUNS, BUTTONS, Aic. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in wainscoat cases, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling Pietols, incases Gold F.paulettes Naval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplates for engravers Mathematical Intruineuls Rolling Paralel Rulers Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera gbsses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale hy J. LAMBERT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - stvcet pr vr - WHITE LEAD, &c. kc. tJ J KJ kecs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry While Lead 8 tons Red Lead . 30 barrels Bristol Bed Ochre 20 do Venetian Red ; 2 tons Gne Litharge 00 hosgheads Whiting 60 casks Paris White ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 50 tierces r relish Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 rasks Prussian Blue, 4001b. Cronie Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanish Brown, enetian Red, Yellow, IN OIL. Black, I Verdigris, ) Lamptilack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Rrown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes W indow Glass, assorted For side on tbe lowest terms, for cash or a ihort credit, by I'LTLll CULRlbKllOlf. I bU.ic, my 1 24.1 Water - street 1 iMMJaTOi'sES.UtUblOL WAKE, bOI - VJ TLK'S, Ac COO small size Grindstones, assorted 20 large do do 5 to 14 cwt Weight, each 80 crates Brist il Ware Gallon Si half gallon Rottles for wine Champaign lull size Quart do London anil wine Pint do. (in small size Hampers) Gallon k half gallon Demijohns Long tipped Pipes, from 16 to 21 inrhe Large trawl Negio do. and 1 cask English shoe 1 Mead, just received, and for sale by WILLIAM COWLr.lf, Je8 lm 164 Water - street fUVA'a A.Yil - MLlOUS Pll.l.S. Vf I1ICH have been attended with a degree VV of sucrcss highly erateful totbe invect - oi 's feeling, in several parts of the West Indies, and the southern and Middle Slates, particularly in New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore, Aic. the operation ol these pills are perlectiy wild. so as to be used hy persona ia every situation and ot crery age. They are excellently adapted to carry of su - perflous rule, and prevent its morbid secietions ; to restore and aimed the appetite ; to produce a tree perspiration, and thereby prevent cnid which are often of fatal consequence. A dose never fails to remove a cokl, if taken on its first annearsnce. Thcv lire sn infallible: nrevtntne ol Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should be procured lor me, by every seaman and traveller. PretMrtd and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden Lane. Druggists and country store keepers supplied on liberal terms. my 16 MOtisE AND WAGGON. T?OR SALE an excellent Horse and light perfectly gentle and kird in harncs, and pleas - aut under inesauditf. enquire at ci.v - j Stable, Joha - st ree t J 3 tf 13 EPPO, a Venetian blory, by Lord Hjroa, price Xa cents, just received anuior la.e ny Je 29 Corner of Nasss u and Spruce st's. 11 rSTED. a situation u eoseram ia a pri V V vate lamily. by a Young Lady, who has already had several years ex pentot e ta that line lnq'iire at No. 40 Breadnay, Je 20 lw NOTICE. All persons having claims against the et tate of John Linan, deceased, are desired to pre' scut them for settlement to the subscriber, and those indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, to him without delay. JAMES M'BKIDE, Je291m Acting Fxecutnr FOR SALE, , SMALL Brown Horse, of tbe Canadian xA breed, a natural pacer or r acker, and an excellent horse for - an invalid, verv fat. and easily kept. For further particulars apply to av. r.n, mini i.ivery smuie in Alimony - street, near Broadway, Je 36 tf FOURTH WARD. I PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the As - sessors of tbe fourth ward have completed Iheiraisessmer.ts, aud that a copy thereof is left with Lewis Hartman, at No. 423 Pearl street, where the same may be seen and examined by any of the inhabitants during ten days, from this day, and that the assessors will meet on Friday, July 8th, at the store tf L. ' Mart in nn, to review tlieir said assessments, oa Misapplication of any person conceiving tnrlf aggrieved. ' LEWIS HARTMAN, 1 Assessorsofthe PETER BONNETTrt fourth ward. New York, June 29th, 1818. f Je 29 lOt UA.VK UMTED ST A TES, Mar 12, 1818. ARCHITECTS of science and experience are invited t exhibit to tbe Board of Di rectors on, or bafora lb 1 it day of Auzuit next, appropriate designs and elevations Ibr a Banking House to be erected on tbe Kite purohased for that purpose, bounded on the north by Chesnut and on the south by Library - street, containing one huudred and fifty one fuet in width east and west, and two hundred and twenty live feet in depth, north and south. The ground plan will include an area of about ten or eleven thousand square loel in a rectangu lar figure of equal or unequal sides, as may be best adapted to the interior arrangement. The building will be faced with marble, and have a portico on each front, resting upon abatement or platlortn ol such altitude as will combine con venience of ascent with due proportion and ef fect. In this edifice, the directors are desirous of ex hibiting a chaste imitation or Grecian architec ture in its simplest and least expensive form. Five hundred dollars will be paid for that de sign which shall be approved, aud two hundred dollars for the next beat specimen. By order of tbe board ot directors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier. may 14 2awt1A IN CHANCERY. tfue of Aete - York, M. IN pursuance of an on'er of the Honorable Court, bearing date the t'o'lli day of June, eighteen hundred and eighteen, will be sold at public miction nttlie Tontine Culler; House, iu the citv of New - York, under the direction of the subscri ber, as oneol the Masters ol the Court, on I ues - duy tbe 2Ut of July next, at 12 o'clock, noon, all that certaiu dwelling house, lot, piece, and parcel of grouud, situate, lying, aud being in the r.ightn Wardot the city ol new - lor a, aoowo on a man ol the larin ol the luta Nicholas Day - urd, by bit No, 99, on the west side of Broadway, wnicn saiu ioi coniauii in nrenuui, in iroiu mu rear, twenty five feet, and in length on each side, one hundred feet, anil is bound as follows t north erly, by lot No. 100, formerly owned hy Samuel Beekinan. westerly, in (be - rear by I at No, 112, now. or late owned bv Isaac B. Cox, and Cor - neb a, bis wife, southerly, by kit No. flu, and eas terly, iu tront by broad way. And also, all that lot or piece of ground, situate in tbe same ward, and known upon the same map, by the No. 1 12, bounded westerly by Mercer - street, northerly by lot !io. 1 1 1, soulheily by lot Xo. 1 13, and easterly by tot No. 99, being in breadth, in front and rear, twenty live leei, and lis lenirtn on eaen sni one hundred feet, with the appurtenances. Da ted June 27, 1818. JAMLSA. IIA.YMI.TUjV, Te 29 2aw2wdfs Master in C'hnncery. IN CHANCERY. State of ftTeu - York, u. IN pursuance of anorderotthishonorablecourt, 1 bearing date the lOlhday ofJune, 18111, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the t ify of New York, on the 23d day of July next, at 12 o'clock at noon, under the di rection ol the subscriber All Unit cerium lot, piece or parcel of land, situate at Greenwich, in the ninth, (l;dc eighth) ward of the city of New - York, described: on a map thereof, made by Pop - pleton and fir.dges, March 19tii, 1818, as kit No. i ; beginning at the .oinhettit corner or said lot (about 44 II. 10 inch. Irom the corner formed hy the intersection of Hammond an t (irnenwich - streets) and runuing thence northeily along Greenwichot reet nforesaid 25 feet ; thence west - erly along the lot described on suid map as lot nuiubertwo. 32 feet 4 inches; thence again west erly along tbe said lot number two, 42 feet 2 inches v thence northerly al ing said lot number two, 7 feet 4 inches ; thence westerly along land now or late ol Amos Srudder, 19 feet ; thence southerly along land now or la'e of George It. Thorpe, 27 feet ; thence easterly along land ol Alexander Ritchie, K5 fei t4 inches, to the place of beginning : together with the hereditaments and appurtenances to the same belonging or up - nertaiuing. Dated June 31th, 1818. THOMAS BOLTON. Je 30 lawtJy 14dts Muster io Chsnrery. IN CHANCERY. State of JS'eto York, n. IN pursuance of an order of this honorable court, bearing date the 27th day of June, Hi lb', will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New York, under Ihe direction of the subscriber, as one of the mas ters of this court, on the. 81st day ou uly next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all those several blocks, nie ces or parcels of c round, situate, lying ami beine in tbe townsbirj of Lrooklyn, in the county ot Kings, and stale of New - York, aforesaid, and known and distinguished on n map made by Jeremiah Lott the 19th day of M.rcb, 1S02, by the following boundaries, to wit, dortherly in front by Water - street, southerly in the rear by Front - street easterly on the on side by Jack son - street, and westerly on the other side by Gold - street, containing four squares or blocLs ol ground. Also all those certain wal. - r lots, lying immediately in front of Ihe before described blocks, bounded as follows to wit easterly by Jackson - street southerly by tvater - sireci, and wetcrly by Gotd - stroer, containing in breadth on Wnter - street the distance between troia - ano Jarlroon - street a id runnine int.) the Eatlliver as far as the grant of the corporation of the city of New - xork extends, wnn sue appurtenance. Dated June 2, 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matter in Chancery. Note. The above property will be sold in lots and parcels, according to a certain msp lo bt made thereof, which will be exhibihitrd in the Coffee - house one week before the day of sale. Je30 Iaw2wdlw IN CHANCERY. State .Yif - York, . IN pursuance of an order ol this Hmorahle Court, bearing date the S'ith day ol June, 1818, will be sold at public an: tion at the Ton - h f VITee House, iu the city of New - York, oa the 23d day of July next, at 12 o'clock, at noon, ! under the direction of the subvrilr. two lots of ground, lying in the Eighth Ward of the city of New - York, being part of the estata whereof Anthony Lispenard, deceased, died seised, and are distinguished on a Map made of the real estate of tb said Anttioay Lispenard, by No. 574 and 560, and taken together are bcanded easterly on Hudson - street 25 fret, westerly by a street not yet named 25 feet, southerly by lots Not 575 and 561, rod aortherly by lots No. 573 and 559, toeeuier a iid tiie hereditaments atid appurte nauces to the same btlocting or in anywise ap pertaining. Listen June Jtnn, ihi. THOMAS BOLTON. Je 30 UwtJy 14dtd Matter ia Chancery - Kr Ties new FERRY BOATS iruw the foot of W alnut street New York, to tbe foot of Lit tle street Brooklyn, near the Navy Yurd. will commence running" on Sunday, the 17lhinst - Persons crossing to Brooklyn from the upper part of the city, will find die distance much shortened by using this terry. my 14 NOTICE. ', ftT - The Rising Sun Sail Boats, Nonpariel, aud industry, from the Elizabeth town Point for New - York, sails from Markeltield - street, (where the Steam - boat Atalauta formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cents. Enquiie al the Steam - boat HotelLof VADERPOOL A: PHILLIPS. my 21 tf nrr JOHN PROCTOR, Jci. 106 Liberty - st. offers liberal anticipations on propctty consign, ed to his friends in the Mediterranean. For further particulars, apply as above, or to AlllCAIiAAl lltLL, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff & Fulton - sts. LANDS. ffr STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 226 Pearl - street, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for the late nriny. i.euer irora ue couniry giving a description of the patent and the price asked for each lot, will be attended to, il Post paid. . - my is ii i AOTiCE. ' ft7" This is to forbid all persons trustlnc the crew of the Portuguese brig Sophia, Lopes mu ter, as no dents ol tueir contracting will be paid ny me captain orconsignee. - je Z4 fJ3 The Commissioners of th Canal lund will in pursuance ol the act, entitled " an act respecting navigable communications between the great Western and Northern Lakes, and the Atlantic Ocenu," receive sealed proposals until 3 o'clock, P.M. ou Wednesday the 15th day of July next, for a loan to the state of two hundred and City thousand dollars, to be paid to the Commissioners in two equal instalments, the first, on the first day of August next, and the other oa tin nrstany oi ucumer next. I he proposals must be addressed to the Comptroller. The rate of interest is not to exceed six per crnt, per Annum, payable quarter yearly and the principal is to be reimbursable at the pleas ure of the Kovemment, at any time after the first day of July, 1837. The officer appointed for the purpose in the ri - fyof New - York, will issue transferable certifi cates of stock to tbe Lenders, and will attend to the Irausier of stock, as the same may be requir ed. The interest will be paid at the Manhattan Bank, in the citv of Net - York, to the stockhol ders residing in the southern district of this state, and out ol the state,, and lo all others at the. New - York State Bank, in the city of Albany. The Board will meet at the Secretary's Office on the said 15th day of July next, at 3 o'clock, P. M. to open and determine on the proposals that shall be made. By order of the Board. JOHN TAYLER. f resident Albany. June 8. 1818. Je 11 tjy 15 notice." ' (ty IF Richard Perry Savailge, son of Thom i nud Elizabeth fcavadge, formerly of the city th fcavadge, formerly of the city i. is liviite, or if dead, bis legal of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, bis legal representative will, by applying - to Mr. Wm. Savadge, al ft. John's square, lierxenweii, London, bear of something to bis or Ibeir advaa - tage. The said Richard Ferry Savadge, who was a painter by trade, wus in r.nglaiid in the year 1792, Irom whence be returned to Philadelphia in the year 1794 1 in the year 179 he is supposed to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, in MiddU - town, Delaware County, Maryland; and afterwards at Downing'sTowu, from whence ha is supposed to have removed to New - York. N. U. Il any person will produce a legal certificate of the death of the said Richard eavadge, he will, on producing the same, to Mr. Win, ta - varTee, receive from him 5 suineas. 83 a reward for Ms trouble. Anv information resrjeetinff the above named person will be thankfully received br SiHIl II tl OA MIX IS, Je 18 Im 312 Pearl - street, New - York. JVutut lo C's. Aleuturtri, tie. Are. fty In pursuance of a resolution of the Com mon Council of Ihe 15th instant all persons hol ding Ihe appointment of City Weigher, Meas urers oi urain, cc. uunger or inspector oi Lm - lier. are directed to report their names and pla ces ol residence, and occupations (if any distinct irom me dunes ot sum once,) totbe Clerk of the Common Council, at his cflice, INo. 7 City - Hall, on or before the 15th day of July next j and every person holding cither of said appointments, who shall fail to make such report by the lime above specified, shall be deemed to have resigned his commission, and tha'l therefrom cease to execute the duties thereof. By the Common Council. J. MORTON. Je 22 Uyl5 Battk of America, June 2d, Itiltf. 07" A Dividei.d of tiiree per cent for six months, ending on the 30th inst. has been this dny declared payable to the Stockholders on the 6th of July neat. By order of Ihe Board of Direct - tors. GEO. NEW BOLD, Cash'r. June 26 1m - tpWO or three single gentlemen can be hand - J. somely acommudaled with board at No - 39 Broadway. Je 26 1m AAF .WCiC. JUST published and for sale at WILLIAM DU BOIS' pianoforte and music store, No. 120 Broadway, Thine am I my faithful fair ; the soldier's bride ; and from childhood's dawn tp noon of youth as sung by Mr. Philipps. Ah can I e'er forget thee love The celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacrtd melody The Saxou air, with variations, hy Cramer Haydn's celebrated conzouet, My mother bids ma bind my hair, as a i ondo Twenty four souatas, for young performers, by N. B. Challnnar The &axa Cobnnrg waltz, with variations The Sophia Walts Tin storm rondo, by Steihelt Jel2 TRAPS. 1 HE newly invented patent Box Traps, for sule at Ut Watrr - sireet. Je 13 At a court oi tiiancery held lor the slate of New York, at the city ball of the city of New York, on the dfteeath day of. June, in the year of our Lord one thou - - saud eight huudred and eighteen t, Jhe honorable James Kent, Esquira, Chancellor. Mary Gautier, i rs. IT appealing by affidavit Eentariiin Gautier, ) Its tbe sat isi action of this court that piocess of subpeena to appear aad an swer in tnis caue nam been reguturiy l - stirsl a - Gautier, but that he, tbe said defendant, could ' not, upon diligent search and enquiry, made ia - lermcuiate tne us;e ana return oi the said sub - Plena, be found to be served therewith Aud U further appearing hy the said affidavit, that the said defendant resides at present either in the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennrrha - uiv. or in loe town ni totoa, in the sat ot ilajs - sachusetts, and not without the territories of tUe United States of America. Aad oa snotiooof R. C Ludlow, Junior, Esq solicitor for tbe complainant, it is ordered, that tbe saki detoadant, Benjamin Gautier, do cause his an,eraDr ta be entered, and his answer ia this cause to b 1 led, within fourm?nths from tiie date of ttas or - dir. or in defau't thereof ttal tne compbuaji bill of complaint be take pr - vconfrw agaewt . him. And it is further ordereii, that a co,.y ef this order be published within twenty diys from the date hereof, in one or snore of the peblic newrmpers prinled in Ibis state, for eight weak Mcressively, oace at least ra every week. ACopy' ISAAC L. KIP, Je 20 lawSw Aoialaat KegiaUr.

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