Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 16, 1943 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1943
Page 6
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 1943 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Scholarships Are Granted for Training WASHINGTON, D. C.--The recruitment ol nurses undertaken by the General Federation o£ Women's clubs has started with success and within the month state-federations and clubs have voted scholarships. They are: Pennsylvania--Penns y 1 v a n i a Federation of Women's clubs, 55,000;. Philadelphia County Federation of Women's clubs, $250. Tennessee--Tennessee Federation of Women's clubs, $1.700. Arkansas--Arkansas Federation of Women's clubs, §600; Little Rock--The Departmental club and the Tewntieth Century club, $300 each. Florida--Florida Federation of Women's clubs, $300. District of Columbia--District of Columbia Federation of Women' clubs, $250. Kentucky--The Murray Woman's club, 5250. Maryland--The Woman's club of Roland Park, Baltimore (club of Mrs. John L. Whitehurst, president, General Federation ot Women's clubs), $250. Mississippi--The G u l f p o r t Woman's club, $250. New Jersey--The W o m a n ' s club of Englewood, $250. Virginia--Arlington C o u n t y clubs, $250. The Woman's club of Hampton, $250. Wisconsin--Milwaukee county 4th and 5th District Federations o£ Women's clubs, $250. The recruiting program of the General Federation includes the raising of 20,000 scholarships to put 20,000 student nurses in training, thus releasing graduate nurses for active war service. --o-Rainbows to Initiate New Candidates The order of Rainbow for girls will initiate candidates at 8:30 o'clock Tuesday night i n - t h e Masonic temple. This ceremony will follow, the meeting of Alchor Shrine. A- 6:30 o'clock pot luck dinner will be served with Mrs. Lawrence Thompto of Northwood, chairman. Past worthy high priestess and past watchmen of sheph- ers will be honored at the meeting. All Eastern Star members and members of the Masonic lodges are invited to the rainbow initiation. COURTESY EXTENDED BERRYVILLE, Ark.--J ohnny Hunt, operator of a bus, arrived here on his regular run from Joplin, Mo., to Little Rock, Ark., just after the recent tornado had struck. Asking his passengers to stand in the rear of the bus, he loaded 11 injured persons in the seats and, driving through debris- strewn streets, transported them to hospitals in Harrison. --o-BRIDGE WEDNESDAY Mrs. J. C. Stoddard will be hostess .at bridge Wednesday at 1 o'clock, at 324 Second street southeast. 's Clubs Assists in Nursing Enlistment Needlewo man 117S Particular young ladies are just as interested in the fashion high lights as any grown-up. Think how pleased that little maid will be if you make her this darling dress with its ruffled Peter Pan collar and its gay flaring skirt. She will be ail ready to go to a birthday party or to go out and skip rope. Style No. 2690 is designed for sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8. Size 4 requires 1% yards 35-inch fabric with % yard contrasting. Send 15c {plus Ic to cover cost of mailing) for pattern. Write your name, address and style number. Be sure to state size you wish. Winter winds may blow, but Crocheted gloves are easily made. It makes an ideal and Inexpensive gilt. Instructions are written for a medium size. Pattern No. 1175 contains list of materials needed, illustration of stitches and complete instructions. To order pattern: Write, or send above picture with your name and address with 15 cents in coin or stamps plus 1 cent postage to Needlework Dept., Globe-Gazette, P. O. Box 42, Station O., New York, N. Y. SOCIAL CALENDAR there's sunshine in the Spring Fashion Book! It's ready early, so that you may have the thrill of planning in advance for a brighter new season! Send now for this book of over 150 pattern designs shown in color. Address Pattern Department, Globe-Gazette, 121 West 19th street. New York, N. Y. BITS ABOUT 'EM Mrs. Patricia Johannsen left Wednesday for her home in San Diego after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Makinson, 206 North Federal avenue. * * * S. M. Fox left Thursday for Fort Crockett, Tex., where "he will visit lis son, Richard, who is stationed there. He will also visit relatives n Houston before returning. --o-MOOSE TO MEET The friendship. and fellowship members of the Women of Moose will hold a special meeting Monday, Jan. 18 at 7:30 o'clock at the VIoose hall. The session will be followed by a party for members and friends. --c-- United Stales steel industry employment in 1942 rose 40 per cent above the pre-war level of 1939. "He's the Man ,, I want to Marry Kay Steven's, brilliant young career \woman, was sure that she wanted the fun-loving, young pianist more than iany one else in the world. So she did marry him, although a iwealthy suitor had offered her everything her husband could not give her. Many disappointments and heart-; (aches followed. Then came the baby; Here is a lovely novel that you twill want to follow eagerly from day to day. WHERE CONTENTMENT IIES by SUSAN1VE S H E R I D A N Begins Friday, Jan. 22, in the Mason City Globe-Gazette. Manners Come Before Rank, Navy Decides NEW YORK, (/P)--A man is a gentleman before he is a commissioned officer, the navy has decided, and a woman is a lady before she is a WAVE. Therefore when the senior officer (male) indicates he wishes the junior officer (female) to precede him "then she is supposed to go without any fuss or feathers," in spite of normal military etiquette based on rank, it was stated in a navy publicity release reprinted from the bureau of personnel information bulletin *' * * The announcement Saturday cleared up the confusion attendant upon a member of the feminine arm of the service meeting a navy officer of the opposite sex Military procedure is in order unless the senior officer waives it In favor of the WAVE--and that is because "military courtesy includes deference to women and because a senior's wish is an implied command," the release said. In general, however, regulations and customs of the navy apply to men and women alike. Juniors salute first, whether it is a male saluting a WAVE or vice versa. In the matter of WAVE hats-the women did not know whether they were to follow the usual navy custom of removing them in church, theaters or at mess--it has been decided that they are to be worn "In conformance' to civilian rather than military custom." * * * Still another knotty problem has been solved--addressing a senior WAVE. They have been addressed as "sir," "ma'am," and "Miss." "If the officer is being addressed by name, it should be Miss (or Mrs.) Jones, following the naval usage of addressing all officers of rank of lieutenant commander and under by that form," it was decided. "If the officer is not being addressed by name, simply use the rank, 'Aye, Aye, Lieutenant', or 'Good morning, Lieutenant.' The usage thus follows the marine corps or army custom." --o-FOR PERSONAL REASONS CHICAGO -- Mrs. X. reqeslerl lhal pre-natal and post-natal care be discussed at the next home nursing class meeting. The request was met, but Mrs. X was not there to hear the discussion. She telephoned to explain her absence; She had just become the mother of twin boys who had arrived ahead of schedule. --o-RED CROSS CONTRIBUTES DENVER, Colo.--The Denver Red Cross chapter contributed the iron fences around its chapter house and around its blood donor center to the scrap drive. The fences produced more than 22 tons of scrap iron--enough to make five light tanks. --o-Both Afrikaans and English are recognized as official languages in the Union of South Africa. MONDAY Red Cross Volunteers-1 to 4:30, Lincoln school, sewing, 1:15 to 4:15, 211 North Federal avenue, surgical dressings. T. A. E. club-1, Mrs. George O'Neil, 110 Tenth street northwest, Mrs. Stanley MacPeak, assisting, lesson, Mrs. MacPeak. Veleda Study club-1:15, Mrs. Marlowe Burke, 329 Fourteenth street southeast. Chautauqua club-1:15, Mrs. Jay Lorenz, 211 Adams avenue northwest, "Government and Politics of India," Mrs. Robert Glaxer, "Social Customs of India," Mrs. A. O. Scott. H. E. O. club-1:15, Mrs. Joe Goelz, 128 Ninth street northwest, Mrs. W. A. Cagle, lesson. Twentieth Century club- Mrs. H. J. Bryant, 109 Second street southeast, Mrs. Fred Smith, current events, Mrs. C. E. Dakin, lesson. Occident club-Mrs. T. J. Bracken, 904 Madison avnue northwest, current events, Mrs. Everett Smith. Maria Mitchell club-Mrs. W. P. Merkel, '418 First street southeast, Mrs. C. H. McNider, lesson. Child Study club- Mrs. Georbge Gitz, 138 Twelfth street northwest, devotions, L. W. Kornbaum, lesson, Mrs. Erdix Swift. Central Heights P. T. A. board-4, school. Y. W. C. A. board-- · 7:30, Y. W. C. A. Madison Parent Education groan-7:30, schood. Garfield Parent Education croup 7:30, Mrs. A. M. Pugh, 621 Third street southeast. Grant Parent Education group-7:30, school. McKinley P. T. A 7:45, school, Roosevelt minstrel show. Joyce Kilmer club-Evelyn Hebcl, 211 North Jefferson, Loretta Carney, Mary McGinn, hostesses, Ethel Wagner, Kathryn Bailey, Anastasia Harding, lesson, Agnes Ginthner, current events. Trinity L. D. R.-8, church parlors, Mrs. Harold Hendrickson, lesson. TUESDAY Red Cross Volunteers-1 to 4:30, Lincoln school sewing, 1:15 to 4:15, 211 North Federal, surgical, dressings, 1:15, Milwaukee club, sewing; 1:30, ^MeKinley school, sewing. 1, V. F. W. hall, election of of- .ficers, luncheon. E. T. W.-1:15, Mrs. L. A. Lysne, 31 Kentucky avenue southeast, luncheon. iloly Family circle 5-1:30, Mrs. W. P. McGrath, 432 First street northeast. L-. A. P. M.-2, I. O. 0. F. hall, card party. .enlral Lutheran West Group Birthday club-2:30, Mrs. J. H. Bringolf 1029 West State street. W. R. C-2:30, V. F. \y. hall, (race Evangelical church-5 to 8, church, Adams avenu* and Fourteenth street northwest. victory supper. Oweso club-6, Mrs. Paul Donahoo, 220 Vermont avenue southeast. White Shrine-6:30, Masonic temple, pot luck dinner, Mrs. Pearl Thompto chairman; 7:30, stated meeting, past officers' night, 8:30, initiation by Rainbow assembly. Mercy Nurses alumnae-7, Cecil theater, farewell party for nurses leaving-for government service. Business Girls league-7, Y. W, C. A. Women's orchestra-7. Music hall. Police Auxiliary-- St. James circle I-2, Mrs. C. Clausen, 1538 Adams avenue northwest. Women's Labor auxiliary 2, Labor hall. Trinity Highland circle-2:30, Mrs. L. Quisiling, 209 Sixth street southeast. Central Lutheran West group 2:30, Mrs. J. Wass, 321 Monroe avenue northwest. P. E. O. chapter DZ-- 2:30, Adams home, 680 East Slate street, Mmes, Harry Odle R. W. Barclay, hostesses, Mrs. F. B. Hathaway, lesson. First Christian Men's club 6:30, church, pot luck dinner international brotherhood program. Lincoln Parent Education group 7:30, school. Wa-Tan-Ye club- Mrs. W. R. Hamilton, 823 Jefferson avenue northwest. Degree ot Honor Carnation club 8, P. G. E., Mmcs. Harold Wasley, Clarence Herr, hostesses. Holy Family circle 2-8, Mrs. G. J. Sartor, 317 Fifth street northwest, Mrs. Clinton Conrey. assisting. Harding Parent Education croup 8, school. Monroe-Washington Parent Education group-8, schood, nutrition talk. THURSDAY Red Cross Volunteers-1 to 4:30, Lincoln school, sewing 1:15 to 4:15. 7 to 9, 211 North Federal, 1:30, Roosevelt school surgical dressings. ' History club Mrs. Roy Bosworth, 123 Second street southeast, Mrs. C. I Snyder, hostesses. Hanford Ladies aid 1, Mrs. David Diercks, husbands as guests. Soros is club-i : . 3 . 0 ' Mrs : Myron Stephenson, J14 Carolina avenue southeast Newcomers club-1:30 Y. w. C. A., benefit bridge. Holy Family circle 8-1:30, Mrs. I. R. Weaver, 629 Ninth street northeast, Mrs. Frank Jansen, assisting. Trinity Forest Park circle-2, Mrs. Henry A. Kueck, I20S Sixth street southwest- Holy Family circle No. II 2, Mrs. L. Di Marco 16V- Twelfth street northwest. St. James circle 3-2, Mrs. O. Peters, 440 Fifth street southwest, Wesley W. S. C. S: «i c - rc i?- A ' Mrs - w - L - Thomas. 231o Nineteenth street southwest, circle B, Mrs. H W Brodt, 2115 South Federal avenue, circle C, Mrs. F. Stockberger, 511 Twenty.first street southeast, circle .D, Mrs. V. Polansky, 325 Fourteenth street southeast, circle E. Mrs R P Anderson, 1203 Pennsylvania avnue southeast, circle F, Mrs. T. w. McDonald, 709 Massachusetts avenue southeast, circle G Mrs. L. W. Wilkinson, 44 Linden 2" ve 4 c!rcle H , Mrs. C. Benson, aiu Carolina avenue northeast Grace Evangelical Ladies aid 2. church parlors, talk by C E .Gilman. Energetic class-Congregational church. Child Evangelism Fellowship-R- X. A. Health club-2, Moose hall. Jmmanuel Central division 2:30, Mrs. B. T. Erholm, 215 Fifth street southeast. Athenian club- Mrs. Walter Martin, 220 Third street northeast, Mrs. Theodore Jacobs, current events, Mrs. M E. Kelly, lesson. Jefferson P. T. A.-7:30, school, dad's night, Henry Pendergraft speaker, board at 7 Monroe Junior High P. T A 7:30, school. St. James Junior league-7:30, M e r v i n and Deloris Thompson. Women of the Moose-7:30. Moose hall. r, on ~ » - LOW. 1VIUO5C n a i l . 7:30, Mrs. Dick Pierce. 1428 Vir- Central Lutheran Evenins croup-- mmn 3*rr*nlm n ^,-i V, rt-,..* o ?i r » .. -- _ w ginia avenue northeast. L. A. lo Jf. A. P. E.-7:30, Labor hall, Mmes. Roy Wolf, Foster Elliott, Leo Whalcn, hostesses. Bundles for Britain-7:30, 814 Foresters building. Wilson Parent Education group-8, Mrs. Roger Sawyer, 31S Taylor avenue southwest, Mrs. C. G. Engebretson, leader. Immanuel W. M. S.-8, Mrs. Nels Landgren. 524 Twentieth street southeast, assisting Mmes. Verner Gustafson, Fritz Frid, Ernest Nygren. Phoenician club-8, Adams home, 680 East State street, Eleanor McLaughlin hostess, Louise Macket, lesson. Moose lodge-8, Moose hall. WEDNESDAY Red Cross Volunteers-1 to 4:30, Lincoln school, sewing, 1:30. Roosevelt school, 7 to 9, 211 North Federal avenue surgical dressings. Wednesday Contract club-1, Eadmar hotel, Mrs. Henry Hanson, hostess. Queen of Clubs-1, Jefferson amber room, Mrs. C. W. Haasc, hostess. Friendly Birthday club-I, Mrs. C. S. Clark, 424 Twenty- fourth street southwest. Coterie club-1, Mrs. M. E. Carlson, 539 Eighth street southeast. P. E. O. Chapter GN-1:15, Mmes. M. D. Judd, Russell Girton, C. H. Corby, John Moen, hostesses, Mmcs. C. R. Mcsscr, W. P. Butler, program. Our Saviour's I)orcas circle-1:30, Mrs. Clarence Kittlcson, 121 Twcnly-ninth street southwest, Mrs. Robert Calanan. hostess, sewing bee. Mrs. Leslie Snyder, 1222 Rhode Island avenue northeast Central Heights P. T. A.-8, school. L. O. T. O 8, I. O. O. F. hall. FRIDAY Red Cross Volunteers-I to 4:30,.Lincoln school sewing. 1:15 to 4:15, 211 North Federal avenue, 1:30, Roosevelt school, surgical dressings. St. Anne's guild (Episcopal)-1, Mrs. S. R. Bowen, 103 Connecticut avenue southeast, Mrs. B. C. Way, assisting. Roosevelt Elementary P. T. A.-7:30, minstrel show. Queen Rebekah circle 2-2, I. O. 0. F. hall, Mrs. W. H. Arnold, chairman. First Methodist W. S. C. S.-I:!D, circle I, Mrs. Fred Heneman, 32 Vermont avenue south- cast, circle 3, Mrs. F. W. Fenske, 1322 Delaware avenue southeast' circle 4, Mrs- Erdix Swift 109 Fourth street northeast, circle 5 Mrs. W. T. Patterson, 921 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, circle 6, Mrs. H. H. Boycc. 1306 Rhode Island avenue northeast, circle 7, Mrs. G. A. Boggie, 715 Carolina avenue northeast, circle 8 Mrs. Russell Girton, 839 First street northwest, circle 9 Mrs C R. Marsh, 219 West State street" circle 10, Mrs. F. R. Currie, 416 Adams avenue northwest, circle 11, Mmes. M. E. Welter and G E. Allbee, 120 Taylor avenue northwest, circle 12 Mrs F B Hathaway, 1210 Adams avenue northwest, dessert luncheons; 1:30, circle 12, Mrs. H. L. Campbell. 234 Ninlh street northwest, circle 13 (Junior Service Guild) Mrs. J. Francis Beck, 215 Taylor avenue northwest dessert luncheons; circle 2. Mrs. T. A. Lodge Holds Installation of Officers Following their regular lodge meetings Thursday evening members of Anchor Encampment No. 102, I. O. O. F., and Ladies' Auxiliary held joint installation ceremony for newly elected and appointed officers. Mrs. Arthur Geissmer was installed as chief matriarch of Ladies' Auxiliary and George Wendt as chief patriarch of the Encampment in a ceremony presided over by District Deputy Grand Patriarch Claude Whitney and his installing staff, consisting of Mrs. Elmer Martin, district d e p u t y grand patriarch, Harry Van Every and Mrs. Wade Vasbinder, district deputy grand.junior wardens and their'supporting officers. Officers installed by the two lodges in the joint ceremony include, for Anchor Encampment, Foster Elliott, high priest; Charles Gooch, senior warden; Wayman Closson, financial scribe; Harry Van Every, recording scribe; Jack Farrer. junior warden; O H. Pederson, guide; C. C. Bruner, first watch; Wade Vasbinder, second watch; Albert Martin, third watch; Frank Brookings, fourth watch; Virgil Burns, inside sentinel; Cal Sears, outside sentinel; Ernie Sweeney, first guard of the tent; Ted Sears, second guard of the tent. For the Ladies' Auxiliary, Mrs. Foster Elliott, high priestess; Mrs. G. H. Angell, senior warden; Mrs. Ira Finch, recording scribe; Mrs Wayman Closson, treasurer; Mrs. Charles Gooch, junior warden; Mrs. Jack Farrer, guide; Mrs Chaunccy Viall, first watch; Mrs! O. C. Gundlach, second watch- Mrs. Frank Brose, third watch-' Mrs. Maynard Fessenden, fourth watch; Mrs.' Alfred Clemens, inside sentinel; Mrs. Albert Martin outside sentinel; Mrs. A l f r e d Diercks, first guard of the tent- Mrs. Everett Lennan, second guard of the tent. At the meeting o£ the auxiliary preceding the installation, two candidates were received into membership and a guessing contest was held, with Mrs. Nellie Ulrick, the winner. Mrs. Harry Gardner, retiring chief matriarch, presented gifts to three members who had attended every meeting during her term. Refreshments were served at the close of the evening by the committee consisting of Mrs W H Arnold, Mrs. Gus Weida, Mrs Everett Lennan. Mrs. Earl Leaman Mrs Jack Fisher and Mrs. Etta Fowler. --o-Mrs. Shaus Speaks to Mothers at Nursery "The Future of State Nursery Schools was the topic of a tdlfc given by Mrs. Hazel Shaus at 1-30 o clock Friday afternoon at the nursery school room. Following the speech, mothers of pre-school children and friends gathered in the auditorium to nonor Mrs. Ruth Rooks of Nora Springs, superintendent of the Mason City nursery schools. She received many gifts. Mrs. Laura Munn and Mrs. Angle Mataloni poured at the tea that followed. Miss Gertrude Wyatt of Nora Springs, sister of the guest of honor, was a guest. Because the WPA nursery schools will close on Jan. 31 applications have been made to the federal works agency for future plans to continue the nursery under a new set-up, according to Miss Marie Kober, principal of McKmley school. Sgt. Henry Assink Weds California Girl KANAWHA" -- Announcements have been received of the marriage of Staff Sgt. Henry A Assink, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Assink of Kanawha, and Miss Margaret Barnett of El Modena Cal The Rev. Elaine G. Bronner' pastor of the El Modena Friends church, performed the ceremony m the presence of the immediate family of the bride and a few close friends of the couple. The attendants were Miss Margie Bronner and Staff Sgt. Darwin w. Jensen. A reception followed the ceremony, after which Sgt and Mrs. Assink went to southern California on their honeymoon They have established their home in Costa Mesa, Cal. Sgt. Assink is stationed at the Santa Ana army air base. ---o-PLAN MINSTREL SHOW A Roosevelt minstrel show will be given under the sponsorship of the Madison P. T. A. at the schoolhouse at 8 o'clock Thursday night, Jan. 21, Marries in New Mexico Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Graham, route 1, announce the marriage of their daughter, Rachel Elizabeth, to Aviation Cadet Robert J. Brown of Forest City. The wedding took place at Roswell, N. Mex. (Russell photo) Mary Engels, Lt. Crowell Are Married ROCKFORD--Miss Mary Engels, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Engels and Lt. Gene Crowell, son of John Crowell, were married Wednesday morning in the chapel of the rectory of Holy Name Catholic church, the Rev. Father Raymond Bohrer, officiating. Attending the couple were Miss Madeline Engels and John Engels, sister and brother of the bride. The bride was attired in a long sleeved while wool, street length dress with brown accessories, and wore a shoulder corsage of pink carnations and'roses. Both Mr. and Mrs. Crowell are graduates of the Rockford high school. Lieutenant Crowell returned a few months ago from foreign military service. Following the ceremony a breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents. Lieutenant Crowell and his bride left Wednesday evening for Camp Wheeler, Ga., where he will be stationed. --o-Queen Rebekah Lodge Votes to Buy Bond At a meeting of Queen Rebekah lodge Friday night it was voted to buy a §100 bond. Mrs. Fred Lind presided at the meeting. The charter was draped for A. C. Cherry, past grand master; Mrs. Caroline Darby, past president; and Mrs. Herbert Hirsch, a member of the local lodge. Mrs. Glen Wallace gave a history of the life of Thomas Wildey, the founder of Odd Fellowship on the continent of North America. She was assisted by Mrs. O. C. Gundlach and Mrs. DoWitt. Instruction night was observed by a quiz with officers and members taking part. It was conducted by Mrs. Vasbinder, instructor. Announcement was made that candidates will be initiated on Feb. 5 and the G H committee will serve, with Mrs. William Huffman, Mrs. O. C. Gundlach, Mrs. Viola Gooch as co-cahirmen. Red Cross Urges Collection of Yarn The Red Cross announces that the yarn for 12 garments has not been collected. Knitters are urged to pick up this yarn as the chapter is anxious to get the quota of 260 garments under way. The knitting is due Feb. 15. --o-MEETING POSTPONED The San Souci club lias been postponed from Thursday, Jon. 21, to Thursday, Jan. 28. The meeting will bo at the Cerro Gordo hotel. Burke, 328 Delaware avenue southeast. First Presbyterian Women-2, church. East circle, program, evening circle, hostess. Congregational Women- Group 1, Mrs. H. L. Knescl, 120 Fourth street northwest; group 2, Mrs. G. S. Marty 76 Linden drive; group 3, Mrs. C. E. Burrets, 318 Fourth street northwest; group 4, Mrs. Roger Patton, 623 Adams avenue northwest; group 5, Mrs. James Van Kleek, 403 Eighth street south- cast; group 6, Mrs. D. W. Grippen, 125 Tenth street northwest; group 7, church, Mrs. J. I. Wood, hostess. St. Lucy's guild-7:30, Mrs. A r t h u r Fandcl, 203 Sixth street southeast, Mrs. H. Zallek, assisting. Housewives Help Plan Rationing WASHINGTON, (!P) -- Five to ten thousand American housewives will be enlisted in a couple of weeks to help the government run food rationing according to the facts of actual housekeeping. They will be selected, on a voluntary basis, by regular census- takers so that they will represent a cross-section of A m e r r c a n housewives, according to regions, races, income levels, urban or rural status. Their job will be to tell the office of price administration-through the census bureau--what kinds of fond--especially canned, dried or frozen--the people are eating. * * if. Kenneth E. Stauffei-. chief ot OPA's processed foods section, explained in an interview that when rationing comes, sometime in the next two months, the government will have to evaluate each kind of canned, dried or frozen fruit or canned vegetables by "points"--say 8 points lor a certain size can of peas. These values really will be similar to money prices. OPA wondered for a long time how to find out whether, for instance, 8 points is too much or too little for a can of peas. The answer, Stauffer said, was to ask the housewife, and that's what's going to be done. * * * The housewives who agree to do it will fill out a simple form each day itemizing their food purchases, turn in the sheets every month to a census-taker, and OPA will thus learn the family preferences ot each food at prevailing "point values." It the reports show that an unusually large quantity of peas is being bought, the point value of peas will be increased to keep housewives from stripping grocery shelves of that item. If the reports show no one is buying peas, the point value will be reduced to encourage normal buying. --o-June Hesse Weds Weller Clark in Home Ceremony ACKLEY -- The marriage ot June Hesse to Weller Clark was performed Sunday, Jan. 10, at 2 o'clock at the home of the bride's Jarents, the Rev. and Mrs. G. E. Hesse of Ackley. Mr. Clark is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Clark ol Fort.Dodgc. Preceding the ceremony Miss Lois Hesse, sister of the bride, sang "Because" accompanied at the piano by her mother- The single ring ceremony was read in the presence of immediate members of the family. The bride was attired in a beige wool dress with accessories of blue. A candlelight wedding dinner was served in the bride's home. Mrs. Clark, is a graduate of Ackley high school and of National business training school, Sioux 'ity. For the past six months she has been employed at Ackley state bank. Mr. Clark is employed by the Brown Clothing store at Fort Dodge, la. They will reside at the Archer apartments in Fort Dodge after Feb. 1. P. E. 0. to Study Founders Day Chapter GN, P. E. O., will hold, its Jan. 20 meeting at 1:15 o'clock at the Y. W. C. A. The program is under the chairmanship of Mrs. C Frederick Beck with Mrs. \V~, Suter, Mrs. J. W. Lorcnz and Mrs! i. J. Tapscot assisting. Founders cay lesson will be conducted by Mrs. C. R. Messcr and Mrs W P Butler. ' " " TO HAVE INSTALLATION Installation of officers will be held at the next meeting of the \VoocJman Circle, Beryl Grove No. 135. at the home of Mrs F L^ Curtis, 734 Carolina avenue northeast. The meeting will begin at 2 o'clock Wednesday. DESIGNED TO FIT Foundations that achieve a flawless flowing silhouette. Choose an all-in-one-corselet or a skillfully designed girdle and two or three comfortable bras. Epecially Priced Foundations ...... $1.98 Bro» and tip "Sec You Tomorrow (Monday)"

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