The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 6, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1818
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IhjLtrid of 1ft - Ttrk. at. U M...n.Kr1. that oa tl iwentv Ilia lb i. i da of AurusL ia Ul forty tecood year of . - w. the independence 01 the United States U s.s rf America, Daniel U. Aruea, 01 uk svw laid district, bath deposited ia this ! fie tlx title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, lath word and figures following. to wit Reading made aey or, a mw guide to spelling end retr - ag f is four parta. 1st, coot ain - . ing various alphabets, aad nearly two hundred pcllingaad reading Icssors, by regular grada - tiiitit, trots the most eaty te tb difficult, and io 'writes the words are divuled and accented, ac cording to the purest pronunciation, id, a voca - buiary of word, nearly alike ia aoaod, bat on - . farenl ia spelling aad sixoiucatioa. 3d, lessons intending aad reciting. 4th, outlines of geo - . trratihv a aketrh nf tnmnir ! abbreviation t arithuelicaJ tables t aad wavers for the sjseof mrhttnlm t'ka arlink tuikn nkilinr and IIB' - preaaift by aeat aad appropriate cuts. By Wil Lata Little, A. M. taconrorowy lotneaci oicgnavi tA Btataa. atiiitled aa act for the encourage - mnl nf li - nwir - hv rrarutr the BODies of maps, .,' chart sid boob to the author and proprietors of ch copies, during the times wnn eo," aad arte lo aa act eouuea - an - - Kr awentary to an set, entitled, aa act for the encou - , rageiMnt of learning, by iecrinf th copieol ' . i i it 1 A - as. a..fKAM anil DfO - aaTiai l piuna uin u uia uvuwa w r praetors of aach copies, dor iff the times therJ" snentiooea, ana exwooma rj l:. tl arts of designing, engraving aaa eicuuig . - tortcal and other pnow - Clerk of tbc southern district of flew fork. Je 8 iMw - ' ' - ... MRW MUSIC. ' - 7 DUBOJS'poiM forte aaa nnc rtore, ia iM RiMitarav. .' ' ' ' ' Tain, an 1 at v faithful fair : the aoldierh bride ; aad treat cbildhood'i dawn U boob of youth tun by Mr. PbiUppa. ' Ak eaa I ar forjet Uwe love : : - '" " TheceleWratedechaaoog , , The insiirattoa, rvcraU awlody . Tha fiaia air. with variation!, try Cramer ' Haydn1 celebrated coetooet. My mother biJj moaiadaiy nair, aiaiooao i Twenty - foor toaatai, for yoqnj parfanaen, by Jf. B.ChaUooar , Taa S Cobouix waltx, with rariatioM The Bophia Walla - - . " " The I torn ran do, by Steibelt Jelx to ttTIIl.nalRfl. Or theae who nay .with to erect Urea elegant buildiaxi of lactone T OT8, T7 feet by SO, more or Je with thr A baudioxtiiereon,iaineceairaDi wmj - wi. caa be parchaaed aeparate or together , - ALSO. An elecaot LOT, with the Baildingt thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 4t by 183, mora or leu, near Chat - baaa - strret the whole oo accomaiodatuig term Apply t 33 Chatham Row, near Boekann - tt rkl .rfvoTiiaxr ha thmimall morrsacet to divof, one of $3,000, one ofJlOOO, one of j f 100, all tatttitcitr. May IS, 1818. ARCHITECTS of adenca awl experience are ioriiad U exhibit to the Board of Director oh, or before the 14 day of August next, appropriate detigoiand alerationi for a Banking Houm to be erected oa the Kite purchased tor that purpoaa, bounded on the north by Chetnut, and oa the aouth by Library - streets, coolaioio; oaa baodred and fifty ooo feet in width east and watt, and two hundred and twenty Ira feet in depth, north and south. The ground plan will Include an area of about tea or eleven thousand square feet in a rectnn;u - hr furore of equal or unequal aides, aa anay be best adapted to the interior arranrement. The b oildni; will be faced with marble, and have a portion oa each front, resting upon a basement or platform of such altitude aa will combine convenience of atcent with dua proportion; and ef fect. Ia this edifice, the directors are desirous of ex hibitiug chattc imitation of Grecian architec ture m its mnpiest ana least expensive torta. - five hundred dollar will be paid for that de sig which shall be approved, and two hundred duilars for the next best specimen. , " By order of the beard of director, JOS A. SMITH, Cashier. tnayU gawtlA ' LrV dence in the town ot Fa'rfield, state of m a l ne aurjscriocr oucra mr sue im Conoectkat. It i pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about half a mile from Lonk Island Bound, 65 mile from New York, and 20 from Newfiarea. Tbe house and out - hoews are in excellent repair. The iruit yard is well stocked with a vanety or peach, apricots, eherrias, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicinity academies for the education of youth of both sexe. . f rom one to six acre of eaccMpnt land, at the option of the purchaser, caa be had with i ha ho, and the Durchase money, if desired. caa remain oa wicaesi. ror wn fii" ISAAC M. ELY - Esq. 76 John street, N. York, - L mvlfUlM JTI I R r. Fair. VI iw vi re linn. v n - - f neMrOwoecttcut. - ,. v Bay 6 du DAVID ELY. HANWsi jtHil.RlLlOVS PILLS. VV of success highly grateful to the inventor's feelings, in several parte of the West Indies, and the Southern and Middle States, particularly ia Mew tort, Philadelphia, Baltimore, &c. Tbc operation of these pills are perfectly mild, to as to be used by person io every situation and of every ago. '. ... - - Thav araceUentlv adapted to carry of ta rwrnnua hik,. and nrevent its morbid secretion ; to res lore and ana - ad the appetite J to produce a free perspiratloo, aad thereby prevent colds Which are often of fatal consequence A dose never fails to remove a cold, iftakuon its first appearance. They are an infallible preventive ot Bilious and Maligaant Fever, and sltould be procured for uae, hy every seaman and traveller. Prenared and sold at LEc'S Medicine s tor, No. 46 Maiden Lane. Druggists and country store keeper snppliedon UoeraUeraas. my IB JOHN HEWITT still resides at No. 4a Water street, where he ha a very baodsotue and fashionable aasortmeat of Cabinet Fumitore on hand, wbich be will warrant to be of tbe first quality. He solicits bis New York and sonthem friends to give him aeaH, a he flatter himself they will not be disappointed. Orders executed at tha shortest notice. Je 22 tf ' TTT fROSPECTUS yoa rpeusnia - 8 bt tcascRirriois A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. THE publication of this Map bat beea undertaken with the impression, that it will exhibit information, highly interesting at this eventful crisis, and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, durinrhis several tours through Mexico, in tbe year 1806, 1807. 1812, 1813, 1U15, 1816, and 1817. induce him to beleive that tbe Map, with even ail its imperfections, will be much the most perfect which ha appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and best information from the discoveries aad possession of tbe American, Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigator and repreaeu - tiag the claim of their respective governments on the Northwestern coast of America. ' The Map will include that portion of North , America, which lira betweea the Isthmus of Da - riewutid the4th sVgree ot North Latitude, and '"',VM,",,,iPl wettwardly to tht ranfic Ocean. In sire the Mao will be ahm,t .;. w. k.. r - ( i!1i - W".lprT',wl " le of 40 miles to V iW, aeiivereo to the Mibscribers at fif - 4cen duilars acb. Natobes, March 7. 1818. .ap7 tAul T TOST - A LTA - For PALE or to LKT. ant I'i. tmosedtate imssessma t'mn. is. h...i:u rjaccailed Mont - AKa, seven miles from the tsty - HaIl.a the North River. ad.oininVi ConrtenajT. It conUins 20 acres of land index imviwrarai, wun large garaea well stocked with Vegetables a variety of fruit, with even coavemenee fw a family. For terms, whi.h ore very reasonable,, and if sold a long credu qi ." wrwi, ppry to n. s u. 1 ALUOT I V 0CUIQ - USXI. , , , Jel to on by For X 1st and of to ent nno all caa of MAHOGANY PC - FAB, CITAJR A5D CAE! MET nrKMTURE, ' - ' . M. A9 HKRKMJIJf STREET. rpili: Mbacriber begs leave to retura hi i - X cerethaakstA tnose uaies aaa 7u"" - wbo have been kind eaoo - h to honor bim with theircoaDmaads, and to iaiorm theaa, and the ad mirer of baadsome lamiiar n cc,.., ...... ha oa head aorne aery etegaat aofas, chairs, card, Pembroke aad exteadmg pateatj dimri; to - bles, araad sideboard, inlaid with high pouiAJ oraauMotnl brass - work aftd roe - wood, card table to match, Greciaa coaches, aofas, chawe l.. ,.l alnnta. chair. &C. AUO,' a ll bra ry step chtir, the utihty of which ha PUca Zl Aimitar warraated f the best quality and workoMuiship,aad of toe oewesi suvpaa ma Orders executed lo any part of the anion to anv drawinr. oa tne aiost reatooaoie tena ana punctuality forcsib. . . ldiee or reotiemes banof fancy woods, may nave wem nwneiauiiircu auj Mum with, by apptytag aa vmnnn mr 3W ZOI ! w. nni wi L:..J A house and farm oa Throe's IVecb, in ihs towa aad county of Westchester, fourteen auk from New - York. Tbe farm contain - boat one hundred acre of excellent land ia good fence, a large bara and other convenient out - hnildina - a. a cood bouse taru stories hi eh. with four roi ni on each door, eleaantly situated on the bank of the East Rivrr i ihe situation un commonly healthy; the neighbourhood the mont respectaDie , aounuaace or iranoi ui nescseiec - lion ; scale and shell fi - h in grent variety taken before the nonse. 'or further information apply the subscrilier on the premises. my l la arr - fMrJ. . nutniA.t. CVRLEU HAIR MAXUVACWRV, 76 Chatham - street. THE subscriber returns his thanks to the - public for their former patronage in the line of hi profession, aad hopes for their future support. He likewise informs them that he has hand a constant auppiy of curled hah, manu factured expressly for natrassch on an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees the hair sold run to be tree from any impure mell, being well scoured, boiled and baked, and being ma nufactured by machinery, has an advantage over any other hair manufactured in America its very texture and elasticity making it a saving ol twenty - five per cent to the purchaser. - WILLI A 31 JACKSON. If. B. Merchants and the trade in eeneral will find it to their ad vantage to call as above. 30 bale of bair ia it rough state t 6 bales of long fiorse - SUOOIbe oJlonr hair drawn 30 rncaes,ciutred G00 dozeu hair neve bottoms. sale as above. my 5 Sra TAMMANt HALL. THE copartnership, heretofore enistine be tweeo ABRAH AM 0. MARTLINU and WILLIAM U. COZZEN3, was dissolved onthe of Anril lost, bv mutn .1 consent. The Mlnh. lisnraeot will be continued by thesuhecriher. The situation of TA MM S Y HALL it probably unrivalled in tl.ia city facing the Park the City Hall, and within a minute's walk the Theatre, Academy of the Fine Arts, Museum, lie. It presents inducements for air, pros pect, convenience and accommodation, inferior none in this city. Travellers from the differ state in the union, and from this state, will at 1 ammany tiall a larder well stocked with the delicacip of the season, choice Wines, airy Bed Chambers, and every convenience that be expected, and oo tbe most moderate term. Je 11 1m WM, B. COZZENS. axaiBiriua or thi naa abts, COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY. Aa. 146 F ullon - ttrttt. near Rroattvav. THE proprietor tt this valuable and extensive collection of pictures, embraces the opportunity of informins counoweurs and ama teur of the Cne arts, and the enlightened public New - York, that the gallery will in future be open from 8 in the morning 'till half past 10 at night. From 8 in the evening to half past 10, the gallery is brilliantly lighted up, and the ad - miuion only 25 cent , Thesa ptctora have baao collar LoJ. at the ex pense of X5000 dollars, and are allowed, by the best judges, to be the finest specimens or the art ever exhibited in the United States, being gems, selected with peculiar care, from the va nous cabinet in Rome, Naples, Florence, Am sterdam, Paris and London, aad the works of the most approved painters, both of the ancient and modern schools, and ana undoubtedly originals A rusts, ladies or gentlemen, will be entitled to s'.ody, or copy auy of the pictures, by becoming subscribers. Ladies or gentlemen, who have subscribed one dollar, on paying another, will be comuiereu subscriber for the season. !L Admittance, for the day and eveuin;. 50 cents ; for a month, 1 ; for the season, 2 ca talogues included. Je 24 lm" aiikJ A counting Room, in the most central part of Pearl itrett. For particular enquire at i,up ststrs. Jtvi PATKNT BUODE3 TKOYINU LIWUIU. A CERTAIN and never failing poison for bed bur. It willexterminate tiiem at usine. without staining tbe furniture, or being accompanied with that disagreeable smell usually at tending tbe application of other poisons. For sale in bottles, at 4s. each, at P. DICKIE'S Medicine Store, 395 Broadway. N. B. A large assortment of genuine Drugs and warranted patent Medicines, for sale as a hove. Je 19 lm MILLINERY, fcc. JOHN WINTR1NGHAM, Milliner, No. 125 - st. rrspectfully informs hi friends and tne nierrnsnis in general, that ne has moved from No. 117 William - afreet, to the above No. where be CRIMPS Satin, Muslins, Ribbons, Crapes, Cc. at the shortest notice and lowest prices. Also, Fancy, Lace, Sattin, aad Crape Trimmings. He has constantly on banil, split straw, and leghorn hatr, tarbaus, turban fronts, collarets, tc One case i uperfine white' chips, just imported and for sale by the Jnzan or single. Store No. 117 William - street to let, and a number ol glasa cases for sale. JR; tnt HAkl.VlO.NEY GARDEN. 576 Bnadwax IV. VI ARIU3 GALU res nectfullv informs his friends and tbe public ia reueral. that he has opened the above GaaoEv, where he will nare constantly oa band. Ice Lreama, ranch, Wine and Cordials, all of the first nunlitv. and hopes by unwearied attention to merit tlie approbation of those who will favor him with their company. Je 29 6t A FRUMEJfTO, No. 1 Wall street, gentle iTX. men's dress ins; rootn, ha for sale a few Ra zors of Darunsk Steel, made by the celebrated Marzuin,oi ran, ne na also received an as sortroent of the best Enelisb Razors, which warrants good. - If proved to the contrary, money relundrd. Mr. FRUMENTO returns his sincere thanks to his customers, and the public ia general, for j """" iauiwagc, naa souuis a coa MUMiutaui weir lavoura. ite has iikewne procured a very fine bone, aad ,lll3, - 0!e - .r,or T. ' j aw tu weu ae will receive no re"Oiuence. Gentlemen who subscribe by tbe quarter, will lf tnUu exclaaively for the. - " . . Je 3d WHEATOJPS ITCn6l!fTMEJIT. THE loeg aad uccesfui ate of this ointment ia a euJkrient recommendation, aa it has beea found to be a pleasant, sale and certaia remedy for that disagreeable disease ia ail ia sta - 5es - it for aele us the city of New - York, by . A. at W. R. Fost, No. 41 WiUiaaa - street, L ft T. Clark, No. Maiden - Lane H.. H Scbiefftlia U Co. No. 193 Fearl - street t Lawrence Keeae. No. 19S fVart - street t HuK It Bowne, 148 Feari - atrect K.t L. Murray, 31U4. fean - etreet 1 1, ax. uradburst, 314 rtarl - trci r, Joha Penford, Ko. 4 Fletcber - atreet t Duryte If roe, in rearMUeeti Jona u. morn son. isu Greeawicb - street; Joha P. Fisher. 106 Broadway f Walter ll Seamaa. coraei of Chaaiber - st aaa Broadway, and alto in Chatham - street s and in abort it may be procured at most of Ihe Drug Store in this city Also in Philadelphia, of 0. Witberell A Sons j George Hanell .Kortb & Rogers, and almost all the druggists ia the principal towns ia we Holloa stares. LIKEWISK. tVHEATOS'8 JAUND1CE.BITTER8 may o naa at ine aoove places. taa zz om Valuable real ta . kok &ale, 1ST TBI CITY Or XW - TORBT. LMVE lots of ground on the west side of Green L wich - etreet, between Vestry and Desbros - es - slreeU. S3 bv 80. t our do m tne rear of the above, fronting oo ueeast tided vasnington - treet, Z5 by UU. Eisbtdo in the block btlow. between Wash' ingtoa and West - streets. in ajnntromerv uountv. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's Durchase. near cast ivanaaa v.reeK, on tne norm side ot ine Aionawir. In Franklin Countv. 15.1C2 acres of Land, in I ha tnaraa of Mount iii orris ana uayton. in Lssex uounty... 733t acres of Land in tbe town of Barrymore lo the Couuty of Lewis. ; tuu acres ol land in J aster laud, cuasaaais rurcnase la Saratoga County. i iu Palmers purchase. znuu acre iu ralmer's pu Enquire at tbe office of the subscriber. 34 Ce dar - street. DEV. ROBINSON, tnh 17 tf liLKGEM ORPHANS CUUKl. Ol the Term of March. 1818.' Catharine Schuyler, AflnnniMrotnx, c. r ol John A. bchuyler Rule, under Statute. deceased. V nHK court o'der and direct, Tbat Catharine - L bchuyler administratrix of the roods, clut tela and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased, give public notice to the creditors of tbe decedent to bring in their claim and demands againit tne estate ot the said decedent, on or before the first day of May, ia the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, by putting up notices to that effect io five of tbe most public placet in tbe county of Bergen, for tbe space of two inoeins, ana aaverusine tne same lor the uae space of time in a newspaper printed and pub - usnea ib tne state oi new - Jersey, ana in anews - ?apr printed and published in the city ot iew ork. A true transcript from the record. apWttn JOHN A. BOKD, Sur'gate. U. bAUNDEK'S PA'l EN l" RAZOR STROF. Yon that with to shave with ease, Bay of SACifDERt if you please ; His Razor Strop's, peculiar such, That sharps the Raior with a touch. G8AUNDER3 respectfully solicit those . who have not got hi Patent Razor Slron, to furnish themselves with his new invented Ra zor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gea tleman who once makes trial of one of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and sucbis their formation, that ever so much use will not give the razor that roundness which renders the best of them useless, and which is well kuown al ways to follow the application of all those hitherto invented. The above strops are in eeneral use in New York, and are distinguished from aJ others. Barbers who have used them say mote in their ptaise than 1 can myself. 18 Wall - street. AIo for sale. Razors. Soap, and every uten sil for Shaving, of the first quality, with a superior assortment of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, i. irora cmvirrs. new bond street. London. M. B. The most liberal allowroaoa aMMta to dealers. my zx , TRAPS. ' rpUE newly invented patent Box Traps, Ihr m ai at 13U water - street. Je it FOR SALE OR TO LEASE. Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards; many of which are oo regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold interest excepted. IIUUSLS. Several two and three story houtts, on which a great part ol the money remain on mortgage. - An excellent stand for business, with ten acres oi land, pleasantly situated, witn a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. Near New - tJaven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, wun a sumciency or water lor eacn. Apply at no. x ureenwicn - street, jan 13 tf TO LtT, The eleeaat 3 storv house No. 7 Hud. sou - street, which corgmanda a pleasant view of lite rara and river. I'osseseion may be bad in a few days. Also for sale, the lumiture of said house. It is of the best quality ; well Gtted, and suitable to a genteel family. Apply a above. my I iti fTX FOR SALE, Unial A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newhurgh, containing 133 acres, 33 ol which are Woodland, tbe rest is divided by good fence into a due proportion of mradow, arable and paMure land, the buildings are partly new the bouse convenient for a small family : its situ ation is equalled in beauty by tew on fie river the advantage, from the vicinity of a flourish - ins: villaee, of public worship, society and good market, with the facility or communication with new York, render it a uesirame residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase tuon - y may remain on mortgage , ine payment of the rest will be made easy to the purchaser. Apply on tne premises, to Jeratl i. v r.itrLAivV'Sk. FOR SALE. A LOT of land, containiue between sixteen XX and twenty acres, adioiniog the village of Diooniingaaie, ironung oo tne i entn a venue ana nuuson mver, aqioioinsrooiBesoiiinine evaoiry seat of Mr. John H. Taknna. The terms will be reasonable, and two third of tbe purchase money may remain secured by bond and man care. alsu. two lots oi crouaa, twenty ave vet nv one hundred each, sit'iate on the east side of Forsvth street, about 150 to 200 feet north of Delancv - streeL - If not disposed of at private sale, th1 above win oe onered lor sale at auction, on W ednesday, 8tl July. For further particular, apply at the Mutual Insurance Uuice, No. 52 "all street. Jell lm RKVV ERY. For sale, a bargain, a Brsw JL M cry Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. The buildings ar stone, and par. ticularly well calculated for the business. It it situated in tbe midst of a barley country, and bat many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wishing to engage in th;s bust aess. It ia the ooly brewery io lb country This property will be told cheap. Terms libe ral ; title good. For further particulars apply lo M. MULDKN, No. 78 MauJen - Iuno, Nw i w riVAU , I ' I otk i or j. iiiaui, Jr. near uia premises. June 13 tf . - piTT bAWS, A small invoice of Cast Steel a. rill saw, jtt rereirea ann inrtaie oy ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 WiijMtwL Je25 fjOR SALE, 30 reams of Lassin ruja - r, snita - 1 ble for Baa Box makers, or swear Rakers The qaality and size is the same as the Evening rot t pnaosa on. Appiy at mis trace, J 13 . . ... of POST COACtl . STEAM - BO ATX1NE, FOR FHii - Jiut - L.rti.iJi. : v st way or BxtaABBTaroww rojaY. ; Througb ia Que Day.) ' A EV Line of Post Coaches with every con - IX aenieoce for passenger and baggage, on Springs, starts front the Coach office, No. 1 Courtiand - ttreet, near Broadway. New - York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, via ETizabethtown, Bmaswick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia tbe same afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Post Coaches will stsrt from New - York every morning, (Sunday excepted,) at 10 o'clock ia the Steam Boat Atalan - ui) luuge at i reiiiuu, uuu am, v a, , it.w - .i.h, in a Steam Boat, nextmomine at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. P. S. Passengers re requested to call and take their Seat at the office No. 1 Courtiaml - sL N. Y. United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passenger and baggage, oa springs. . The V. B. mail coach will start from the coach office, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - York, every day at 1 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Ooly 6 passengers admitted. for sentsinthe above named Lines, apply to TIIOS. WHITFIELD,, at the old established Coach, and Steam Boat office. No. 1 Court landt - slieet,near the corner or Broadway, new - York 5 or to A. T. GOODRICH b CO. No. 124 Broadway, comer of Cednr - street, and at no. 53 Whitehall - street. New - York. (fc - AH goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. JUSLrll LION, SU!t3 tU N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Con tinent, hy THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 54 bWlFT - SURL MAIL COACHES,., roa. raiLADBLrniA, yy1yarVjirgcep)ej) a uo'tlock, and ar - - " in PhiladelpUa next day to dinner. I he putilick house are gocd, and reasonable in their charges. The drivers, horses and coach es are not inferior to any other now running be tween tnese two cities, j oe neautuui country, and the excellence of the roads on this rout, con nected with the safety, comfort, and u - asonahle expencca, are beleived to be strong inducements to travellers in giving this line a derided prefer ence. The strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All bagrftge and par knees will so at the risk ol the owner utiles insured and receipted for by the lera oi said onice. , Stase fare only 25, with a generous allowance baggnge. Parties wishing to travel at their leiiuie. may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one dfiy previous to starting. For seat apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlaodt - street, New - York. LI U., BUNS, iU). ap 2 Proprietors. UNION LINE. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - five mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trenton. In new pott coacties $5 Do good stages 4 50 Do lorecastle or deck pauenger. 3 50 Connected by the steam boats olive branch and rHLAnxi.PHiA. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, Sun day's excepted, from the north side of the Bat - tf'rv. at 1 1 oviocK. a. M. rossenirers wi i looee at Trenton, nnd take the steamboat Philadelphia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore steam boats. This line has a coonerticn with tbe best boats a the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk : as also those or the north, luver and bouod I and their several arrival are calculated to cause lit tle, if any delay. 1 his is a speedy and certainly the most convenient route, as the passenger will leave New - York after tbe banks open, and arrive iu Philadelphia before the hour of busioess, without fatigue io travelling or want of sleep, tbe land carriage being much less than by any other route between tbe two cities. For seat in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUE3. At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mnr - ketfield street, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington street, or to The CArTAlN on board. Q3r All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. - ap4 xNOTlCE. For the further accommo dation of the public, the de - arture ol tbe I - iretiy iroro ew - York and Newburgb will be in loture on the following dots : Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newhurgh on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 A. M. Ihe aoove arrangement wiucummence nj ine Firefly leaving Newburgb on Sunday, the 24th May. The Western Stace leaves Newburgb imme diately after the arrival of the Firefly. my xx ' EASTOST AVD BBTHLEHBM MEW L1E, VIA BRW - BRVIISWICE. Passengers will leave New - York every Monday and Friday, at 11 o'clock, A. M. in tbe steam boat Olive Branch 1 lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at Easton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave Lastoo every Tuesday and r rid ay, ato o'clock, a. ai, lodge at New BmniwicB ; arrive at new York at It) o'clock next morn ine, in tbe steam. boat Olive Branch. Tbe ttage connected with r" line is a eood four - horse stage. ifr - fassaee (lorn N. Brunswick to Easton. S3 50 Irom baston to Bethlehem, 75 cents, t or seats in the above line,apply to WM. B. JAQUES, at the rhiiadelptua Union Line steam - Boat Office, north aide 01 the battery. KUULKi LLTcun,rroprietor. - Je 13tf FOK PHILADELPHIA, Via ELIZA BETU - lOH'.y POINT. POST - COACH LINE, Through in a day and bu dav - licht. T EAVES New - York in the stenm - hoat Ata Ji lanta, from the foot of Whitehall - street, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Conrthndt - strtet and No. 53 White hall - street, at which places seats may be taken. JeSO tf TO LEASE OR FOR SALE, That elegant modern built house, iitnate at the comer of sands aud W ajli.tigtou streets, Brooklyn Its size is thirty - one feet front by fifty fret deep, its room so arranged as to combine every convenience for a geotee.l residence. It will be told with two or more lots of ground, a the option of tht purchaser. Terms, one fourth cash, the rest in such payments as will be mnst convenient to purchaser. Apply onthe pre mises to C. BALL; may 23 tf TO LET. A drv Cellar, node r the hotie No. 29 Pine - streeL Enquire of MR. SHEDES, raylltf , 134 i'earl - street. WANTED. A GIRL from 12 :o 15 years of age, of good i..v cnar.toer boo steady narnt, to assist tn faitsily. Appl7at74Le90krd - trcet. J W t ; . . f I f I II klT 'lgm0 ' - - TnEJSOUXD STEAM B0AT - LIJVE. Ihe proprietors, wi'h t view of accommodating the public, bv extending the line to Norwich, intend makint ihe experiment with tbe Fulton, (apt. Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. . , 11m line will in fhtnr ha from - New. York tn Norwich, a - follows: The Connecticut, C'pt'! DunBer,wni leave new - fork every Monday. W'dnfdan and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, for New - Haven. The Fulton, C'apt Law, will leave AortrtcA at 6 o'clock, in the moming of tnesaaedays, touch at fftwLmulo aud depart from thence for Jftv - Haten at 8 o'clock. The boats will meet at ffeu - Haten, and depart from thence every Monday, Wtdrut. day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in tbe evening the Connecticut for AVur - Forfc, and the Fulton for Aeso - Lofuon.and A'ortrirA . mh 17 NswhVMott and lajaiaiuuaiaii. - stauK' THREE TIME! A WBKK. LEAVES Nevburgh every Sunday, Tuesday, and loursday mornings, at three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloominebunth, Monticello. by White Lake, Coshecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Onega, lthica, and Geneva, toCanandagua. Returning.leaves Canandaigtia every Mon - day, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrives at Newbitrgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following morning. (0 It may be trpetttd thai at aU timet icim Ihe ileam - boalt miter their days running, that Uiit line via titer mat meet (hem. The whole route will be perfbmed in three days; from the first of May, until the first of November and from tbe first of November until the fifteenth of December, ana from the fifteenth of March Jjntil the first of May, in four dsv and from the 15th. December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued tq the city of New - York and run from thence to Canaiidaigua in four days. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canamliiigua in three day a distance of three hundred miKs. ihe line is well furnished with good, new carriages t good horses, and careful and experienced driver. Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, eisy ami expeditious 5 and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. fjJT FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. 11. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owcgo Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, EC. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh,') E. C. St. John. Mount PleasanL 1 L. & R. Manning, Chenango, iProprie - LiUtner iere, iwica, 1 tors. Samuel Greeoliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, mh 14 d6m EASTON MAIL STAGE. THROCGH IS I DAT. THRKE TIMB8 A WEIR, U3r 'ihe proprietors ack - 3 t 1 UUC 117 J ncuuriigemeni uiey nave . Heretofore received in this line, u 1 aie therefore induced to expedite the travelling on this route ; and in order to accomitluh it, have provided them t Ives with four changes of horses, which are placed at e - qualdistancet 00 the route. It will k - ave White's Hotel, r.aiioo, every Monday. Wednesday. and Friday, at 4 o'clock in tbe morning, arrive at Luzahein I own 1'oint in lime to take the steura boat Atalanta, at S o'clock. Leave New York at 5 o'clock, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and arrive at tattoo eatly in tbe etening ; fore through five dollars, and a generous allowance of batrgage, gratis. As this stage passes near the celebrated springs on Schooley's Mountain, passenger taking' this line will be carriud to the springs without any extra charge. The proprietors pledge tbat nothing shall be Wanting u their onrtlo make this a pleasant route. The drivers are careful and accommodating. For seats, apply to Jame Patten, Court - land street, or on board the Atalanta, and White's Hotel, East 00. I. Z,. K 1. UKAKK. Chester, June 20 JeSOlnt NO 1 ICE. 03 Steam Boat Olive Bhabcb will sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round Staten Island, aad occasion ally, 11 the wioJ and tide will permit, to the holc. This beautiful tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is as cheap a re creation nt can be found. Parties who mean to partake of this amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at tlie office in Markelfield street, north side 01 the Battery. 1 hnner on board, at the usual prices. Passage 8s children half price. my 13tf 'IHK SlKAM - HOrfT ATA LA ATA, rUH. ELIZABETH! OWN f UIN T, LEAVES N. York each day, Sundays except - ied, from the foot of White - nan street uear the Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves Eliza - bethtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past 1 2 o'clock ana hair past 4 o'clock r.m. Je20 tf ' AVRTU RIVER STEAM - BOATS, urr un me 1 ltn 01 ni ay. Cooimcnced running four r times a week. A Boat leave New - York on Tues day, at J o'clock, A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M; r riday. at 9 A. Al. and saturdav, at 5 of each week ; and a boat leaves Albany on Mon day, Wcdovsday, Thursday, and baturday.'at 9 A.M. The Fire - Fly leave New - York on Tuesday, Thursday nnd Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New hurgh, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and r Je SO BATH. fTHE subscriber respectfully informs the citi - X tens of New - York, travellers and invalids. mat ms n"use nt ia 1 n is now on lor uietr reception : its situation is, probably unequalled 00 . . . ... . n . , .. . the continent wituin a snort distance oi the citv and in view of Sandy Hook. It presents the fi nest prospect, nud for salubrity of air and the advantages of Sea Bathing is probably, without a rival, tie lias erected several new Bathing lionets, and a floating bridge to receive Ihe steam - boat Lis l.irder is well storked with all the delicacies of the season. Travellers front the southward can be accommodated with Boarding and Lodging on reasonable terms, and transient persons niiluhd it a healthy and agreeable re treat. Jimn tULbfiAit. A CARD. ft7 - The subscriber reipectfiillv notifies the public, that pnrsengers for BATH and the NAR - l'.OWS - in the (team boat Nautilus will, on Sun day next, and until further notice, be taken from vwiite - llail at IO o'clock in the forenoon, (ins lead i f 5 o'clot k in the morning) and will be cal led for again about half past & io lite afternoon. Pleasure boatt can come up with safety to the bridge. ' JOHN COLEMAN. Je i; 1m In.H A farm of between sixty and reventt acre, sit'iate oa the west bank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from tbe village of Cooperstowo. On it are a new stone home 64 feet square ; a ne w (arm bnnse. barn, etc. it tortus a desirable es tablithineot for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as ttt situation, a to prospect, convenience to market, tic is not surpassed bv. anv in tbe interior of the state. It will he sold loiv for cash, on a credit, er exchanged for pco - .. il.ll kR, SEIiGVVlCR,. 07 7 tf Law Buitdingt a . sal - J 1 " J lrabi : pBbhekaow h 1, 41 u,iier of the city of LondoB. n avmber of tb brJ,Z ,a.' . "J V? pnvut araasbai umrv'. nrnaa rw .at. - - ' lyto repeat some ooservatiosji " rsah, indjscriftiinali.. an .. (. - " - I iyi la. nil f fied ate trot ba.h uw oi innrjira maimi - hi - r - nv Und ence tal reStllUchietfTi. ihZZZ?. .' wat a young maa, the hopes of hit coantr.. 7! ' nnat a aaJ hatched a. Z - W u" Prospect and enjoyments if hf. bJt? consequences of one ungaaedBaoW and by a duease not in iu pWBSfaT ots of hi, ' naoujeci atah aaa treatmentX AZZJttZ Y.WPm tient) now pertecSy hearty and we u'rii h!?' .nderphyjui. of Wl rctke 's.: and repeatedly tahvaUd; wlleq recorameedS Dr. If. (by a gwtleman of this city) h were carious, and his flesh dropping from .W bis fnends declared he could notblY 5 two month, long,,. know with whftt eat and safety Dr. H?J' " cat tbe teverett cases, and connnnt IhaV tubon. The Doctor', plan (advSV cessary to guard tbe public against UiethnL mercury, and other fatal delusion, held Ck " Persons, therefor, having eotrfracted LC" fate disorder, or suspecting latent rjoisol v2T admonished not to tomper. with tbtwioZ Uon, or conceal the tlisorder. till iTrw' ry ; other bariua; the remains of aa old leTj" or other impuritiet of the Wood, wvrallasT er corapiaiuU. of delicate 'nature, ia e - Si sex. should femember posterity, and do jwEL ,0 hr wnscieoce. - by maiicg armiiah! to Dr. H: at - hi okt aad aIS.r,c.h? li..m.DL rlo. 64 Water - .treet, ar r" of Old - slip, to ohlain that Drnmot liar.. lone cak - alatd (0 prevent disciosura. aI,iV let me claim your sarioas aestiocReIT'' a superficial cure it ao car at all , sinessi. radically done, yo. WartawlffcS, he disorder break out agam with redouhlif lignity, at toma lutur. rnod pritipslhTa 5h be too iate for remedy. Vbout Hm3ttZ2 UiettreeU miserable; Outilai" even a bit of bom oa their face . Ti?J!0,rt I besoech you, t - 1 e!nui.fc Dr. H's. character for skill ac4 rtubborB Into, gnry being umversally known in this cJhTT 1804, guarantee topa'tienu thu crecy hitherto unknown, and having cwiCi ui practice foryears past, excliivel7towJ di?nset of the blood tyttom. Uiey may .afei, C8jl culate on the most decided adv.Blagej i ch' suiting Dr. H. . T Gleet eradicated in tw or three weeks Stricture removed without hot; n. ... er instrument 1 and all debilities, i;i. - u old ulcerations, fif tula's Ate. A plurality of oibcet are prorided, and sotiU. ated that patients are not exposed tnarh t.. ohservaUoB. Open till half past 9 io tlie evenine" All persons concerned are invited to be free ia calling, and speaking with Dr. If. which is rna of cost. . Ami here tbe Doctor cannot avoid tie txprtssionoferatitude for inaunierahU mendations, and for tbe decided preference (i j ,ii .uniru witn jusitBUSCl long (pttB OUB BV judiciout pohlic. n. tf . ah letrert mutt be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 ! . AUTU ER (IVALAARX JVOR JArvSi. S IWI. DR. met EVANS (method ofcuriraram. tain Disease, iinowiaivei sally acknowledged iathnt rily : his mode of treatment 1 perfectly mild, safe, ti - pcuwous. aao ms chargi 1 rasuoame. in every u tanc he warrants a cant, and will rotara tha mv ifha does hut oerform inuik tocontracL a i - - ... aiwaya ooservco. There are many persons in this cif ant it vi cinity, laboring under various chronic diaesses, sucn us cniKcra, mu lu'sierai ujcerl, acroflHa or kiegs evil, fistula, diseases of tb arethras - UlffWUVI tattv aai.f ws svsav UjrvakAffjaj faTJtaaBtVaeaaaMa ofa certain nature, bomb aa4 tjifearwusw Uona, rfaeasaatiasa, tOf arhtca) Akay t taitdet rahle, they can certainly be cared (ia gaaera.) byapplTiMatl.EVAN5'SMed Store. Ne. S. ParkliD. htvinc twactiaeMl la tA.iv. hospitals in Europe If years, under tome of lit first Surgeons and Physicians ia the world, and made those obstinate disease his constant study for 38 year. Oct II ftr The subscriber bavin recentlv returned from England with an important improvemeuton the artificial spring LEG, ha takes this method of informing his friends and the public, that all ' those who are so unfortunate as to be ia want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. jmzz WM. PURVIS. MEDICAL AID. DR. CORN WELL, whom a member of the Corvrt tins of Surgeons of London and whohst hod much exptyieoie in tbe line of bit profcaoon kt more than twenty years, has - lately arrived in thit city, aud being wett apprised of the great engtti ot ta e it aenerally takes to. introduce medical gentleman into practice in the common reserved way, takes this method to siform tht psblic, that he has taken the situatim, No. 878 WATER - STREKr, corner of Dover - street his door ia. Dover - street hi name oa the door his sigs, a Mortar 1 where he will be found ready to wait on those that please to apply for hit medical aid, in the different branches of surgery, aad tbe practice of Physic generally. ' ' . At, also, in all cases ofimpoteacy, and a certaia complaiat, incident to both sex, in which he has had rreaL very treat. eipericBce in tbe cure of thousands, without one hoars detaatioa. from business, or change or diet, ar potsmw disrovery by the most intimate friend. ' OCT And " um of coalldenee. the great - ant secrecy will ba ttnctijKnserTeo. tie nss no shopman, or any person in parinertnip who him. .v. .. . . r N. B. Atfeadeoce win ne given, io paueais . from tua - ris ttatil B, O'clock ia (ho evening. J8 lm ' ' AEOBSTAST pplyofla dies Beaver Hats, fieshfrozi tbe manufactory, suitable I or the southern market, ana packed at tU shortest nobce, jNvilson. 160 Broadway rosy 17 PROPOSALS will be received at No. 15X VV.l.intnn tri,t. for buildinC a haute, ' greeobly wiih apian there left, for a the corner ol the uownng urecu street. J 1 - - ELk.UA.VT PIANO FORTES. JOS. WILSON, UMaidea - Laae, has junta eeived by the Veaut, a large aiiortneoo' exctllent Piarto Fortes, Patent Flutes, Ftsgeo - Ma Ja - a tmbntliar1lirtOfl a nnesslv for him by Cie - '. - 1 - 1 11.. PLm rwta tr :lrin!t menu ew vu. uuhhuu, . . - - in sets , new music, and every article ib th musical line ; iatrumtnts taken ia exchange, ana r - NEW - YORK t . PjiLXTED AND pUBLISEtD " Mick J EL BURNHAJ CO. , No. 49 Wn.UAM - TEXT ortoiitE T " sfAKK CorrEE - Hoosk. - . as

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