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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Monday, July 6, 1818
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SL ?hnlt yesterday afternoon, which, together Hh WlfltopW and topgallant m.t, !I . Shatter ed that she will have to come op ? dSdSSto refit. The crew were all U the tim and receired no mjury. .. , fcffiuMOHE, My 4, - A.iiycd, bri Eliza. ' . . days row Matanaai. Lett there J oue 51 - VeUr. Now, for JNew - York, tailed tame '' WssXr Janeta, for New - York io 10 day.. . day frUU. i.i .ru Af lwr 7K. tnnke alooD OO : . rm N nriannii inr N e w. Y orlt. Jnho I n"""' " V - ii i Thr Mary, Chapman, irom New York. ' FHiLAD&FHIA, J uly 3. - - Arrived, schr. Foit, l"v day ff0,u KAw,bi,rVortV Andrew. Hathaway, 37 days from Liver - c' - .PeMa : r : - , . . W1. grjjr Hero, Luce, 7 days from Boston. . c. UnPa 1 R .lav - frflm Piwtrt Rl. blOOp .v . v , - - - - THEATRE. For the benefit of Sir. Cooper. Oo Monday evening, July 6, 1818, 'will be pre . wnted the olnr.of "i. .f , a fi nt a - i fl" T e T Sir Edward Alcmmi - r, Mr. Cooper ' Wilford, Adam Wmtfcrtoo, , Orson, V ' Helen, t . Mlnrh. rlilion Barnes - Fritchard Miss Johnson Mrs. Groshon At the end of the piny, Miss Johnson will sing yiloy IllicUl lllliv.lliueil, Hiauuipauicu ifj . r' . herself on the harp. To which will he added, the molo drama of THE FALLS OF CLYDE. ' Xenniure, . Air. Pritchard , Edward Enfield, ' Hilsoo Ellen Enfield, Mrs. Barnes fertortnance to Commence at quarter past iiti o'clock nreciselv. ". The Benefft of the T heatrkal Fund will take , place on Wednesday evening, Vie lail eight of neriorniaace inn wmm TrtOADWAY . e i r.c u s. - MONDAY EVENING, July , 1813, Mrs. Williams's Fint Anpearsnce. - ' The perforinuuce will cooiiucnce wilh the . Grand iwititary Kntry - Master Tboaias will on one horse pcrfutm ma wonderful k - ats of lloriemantliip. Mrs. Williajns' will rnakittief hr - t - ppearance, and difplay ber aatooishiug Kquilibriumi on the Slack Wire. lck Rope, by Mr. Mayhe. Tbe sagacious horse OtUfllo will perform tle nart of a domestic, he will ut command, britiK a whip, hst, basket, handUerchiel, and conclude by usisiog, trotting, Ac. t .Vfostieur Costin will go through many stirpri - rinf frais with a Stick but recently introduced - into tlii con ntry. - ; Msser Cnty the American Hero, will go 1 rough all his elegnnt feats oi boraeiannJiip. Master M'Carn, the wmder of the Rue, will, oa one horse, purtbrm many wonderful ii ats for youth, oolv uioeycnrs old, and conclude by riding on his Bead, hn horse in full speed. Mr. Tataell. tbt flyici; Horseraan, will on ;one horse, perform many woudciful fciU, leap over a Board of lights, ilri. Wiitiam' the celebrated prjiicitrian, will make her appearance on llorseltuck, oud go . thrutgh the six divisions of the Broadsword. . Sti.i Vaulting, by Mcsrs. TatnelL Mahye, Ciar - cia, tVity, M'Caru, Willis, Thorua, eic. 1'ickets way be had at the . circus from 10 o'clock, A. M. to I P. M. and from 3 to 5V Doors will iut oNn at 7 o'clock, and the performance coniruance precisely at 8. . No smmtking allowed. Checks not transferable. Gentlemen are requeued not to eater the i ricui. JMw - fork Chamber of Commerce. OCJ A sUted meeting of lae membera of this Corporation, will be beta at the tontine Coffee House, xo - mortow 1 o'clock, P. M. J 6 it ' - . ; t 1 KLBtKT HERKING, corooiimonnr to chaiiru of p - ortp - 's - , Had - .Titlarits, has 0.ned an othes at Xo. 92 Au' - au - 'trett. uaarthsCity - rJall. Jy6 .lw f0 hk)Ai'.tY A. KAY, Ailonwy - I Lsw and jVotury Poblir, hss reinovsd riisoflice tn Nu. 13'J Water street, near tbe Tontine Coffee House. J 6 lw A C.VRU. - i The passergers in the brip TelegrapH, from Clmrlrstoii, return their sincere thanks to capt Joseph S. Munroe, far his polite attention to them u hile on board of his vessel. J y f he utn'Tiliorf beiiig aiointed by ibe tocieiy ot the Cincinnati, a commit? ee of arran, - (saut, for the funeral ' honors to be rcoderej - to tue cemaios of the late nvijor - genoral Mont;o. smtv, wilt m6t at the City - Hall this renins' at 7 o'ckxlr, and request tho - e rorieties who intm W ' to jwa tha same, to be punctual ia seudia? their Respective deputations at the lime and place a - .Ws Di"utioripi. W.M r'.N EZKR STEVEN'S,") NICHOLAS KliH, Committee of S. Kit ill. IK, JKO. TRUVIBULL, THKO. FOWLER, Jrtt - Arran - ements. (fc5 The I'acific luruua Company of .bw . York, hare this day declared a dividend of sis per cut. on the capital stock, f .rtlm last six months, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - st. oa tbe lUihmst. By ordcnCthe Board of Directors. ' WALTER R. JO.NES, Sec'ry. J 6 lis . '.n jaelenee of a .Noininatinii, pirb - liahed in tJu Mnnmil. I.U. nu.. rr K'. morning', for Oifeci.ora of the Piiiiix Bank, llic mree nw meinner propmca not bemj as be Jieved atockhnlders, the following list of res pectable stockholders is proposed. - d. vu stoscm, - II. Rohinwtt S. 6t. John. ' nrjoses Jurtatt Benfooiin Marshall ' Arher MarJt. Jimn ftoi'a. A. Joha B. Mi'rriy, Joifpti 3'itK'harii, J. P. Dcrajid, ."if . romhers. Anthony Post Joth Cotvill Isaac Wright. J lt"T fiie roililwinar i.titin. iwitw, l .sui. - htiitn, are reconimrid - ti ai itilleaicrsnsto .w. .Mipunrii n, vuuviuF Kir in rnemx Dana, Janirs liST". - Eiiphalet Wilhums - Anthony Post, banc Wright, Ben. Marshall, Moses Jodah, . Peler Harmony, . lacbheas Lno:nis - r fe - ml. St. J ha , Jnhn L'tmbtr$ Jamtt Stoiiehton ' wtbiaham Valentine. 'onuisoirtue, . - The names in Italic are in place nf William Caim., Jnsiah 8trn tuu Samuel Whitlrmorc, wtm d Inn - n re eWtiini. J 6 It xtty - roMjc .VitvcijvrJ co.u r.i.vr. 'jHK President and Director have this dj X declared a dividend of fire per cent oil me capiul stock of the company, for the Ust W mnnths, payable to the stockholders, or weir 11 representatives, on a:ul after the Jnst - tU.eoiV.c, No. 34 Will - street 4iW6 3 C. ti. SaiPM A.V.Secr'v - tV") T,,a rti;u':ir ehip TELE w - fiiGRAl'H. T. Faaii'2, iur - lr, williaU p "uue4ay, 3ih iii - tant. wither pemittt.1. reijhtor pas;ef havin,; (uoerior accura - r'r''1 apply oa noard, ea.t sid Burlm; alip, j? . ASaOMu.PHM.Pi - , t - liirront - st. JVAL S rORlij. 373 bbls tott Tnrpen. ' '3 du iloia ... - J 4 do Snii - .i. r t . ... ..j n,br RC.W.UAVtXPOaTkCO. J T A British BRIG, but - thin 213 ton British. OP SUM tism - cU . una at Pin. Ldelnhia i will rimeeM Ia thio nn fttmifbm DOrt. to load For Ens - land, nr K YV,.t and can be despatched within three days no . - . I a . r n . . 1 nee. - appiy w, nuucua & rosi, 36".. SI South - street CUAU feo. 40 tons Scotch CoaL - on board the. brig Scipio, at Jones' wharf, for sale Dy : . ItUUK.MAN k JOII.NsTON. . Also, 50 tons (tone bailaat, for sale as above J 6 ...... , Gi OODliUli 61 CO. Ao. 44 bouth - streeet, of s fer for sale 1359 iiieces Blue Nankeens ) entitled to de - 1200 do company Yellow benture 60 bales Calcutta Piece Goods consisting . of Aliahad Baftas, Ky rabid end Forza - cad, - cnowrtaguryy ;ossas, Kmertyr, Gurr&hs. Alinbad, Forzabad and Joi - eingKire, Momoody, Fine Mow and m r. f ii ' - i i anua oauna, cuieruoe tiianneiiy, vn - uaand Mowdaba Saun. Superline Seer suckers, Loichee and Madras Pattern lldkfs. - 2 cases Flag Hdkfs. 1 do real Madras do yd doiu Kussia uucK,jL u maru 550 do do 1st and 'J J quality 55 boxes brown Havana Supar 8 hhds Martinique Molasses 5 do Salem Hum 10 pipes Catalonia Wine 12 casks Mediterranean Red do . Quarter ctuks Madeira Wine 300 otfotta Rotes in bottles, entitled to He 5 caks Senna benture 4 boxts GumTragacanth . 12 cases Italian letter paper 1CU()) Madras Goat Skins 60 bags Mustard Seed 12 hhds Sumac 14 tons Virginia Hemp 160 fro. Corks ' 7 "cases owns Beaver Hats 3000 lb. Copper Bolts i , Block i in, and Speller Jfi LEGUOiiN blKAWa, lor sine by MARCH ii LOW, J 6 . - 210 BroadwrtV. ft 1 HI. subhcnber offers for sale, on very low A terms, - Childrens worked cambric and catnbric muslin caps ' Do. do. robes ' ' Thread lace veils and squares. W. CA.MI'Br.lJ J 6 St . 197 l'earl - rtreet. QHEET IKON. A few tons, now lauding K - r aim tor sale uv y ANDEKSOX it SHEARER, J6 2w 151 Water - fctreet A DAMS & BLACK WELL, 213 I'earl - rt 1. have received by the Martha, and oilier lor sale ou the most reasonable tcrius 10 ca.'ki trace chains 4 do brass nails 4 do Britannia teapots 1 do patent!" 2 do umbrella furniture 5 da parasol do 1 do plated raillery 1 do do metal 1 do bread baskets and nuffer tray, And a large and general avortment of hardware and cutlery, o.T the shelves. A!o Gun?, swords, pistoK feathers, and a handsome assortment nf (lated castor?, candlesticks, liquor frame?, bread and cake hasketr, tea and coQue urns, eauiTers and tray;, &c. Jy 6 lw . iWJ baits Atw - Oneam Uotton, vy in lots to suit purchasers, ror sale by Jy 6 N. it O. TALCOTT. CI ANTON btLKa 3 cases black Sarsaets, J 3 do black Sim hews 3 djSewini; Silks . 4 do ladies fringed andcoPd Hdkfs - 1 Jo black 4 4 fringed Hdkls. Just recei ved and for said by HURD & SEW ALU . - Jy - ' fia SiMitb - strt. l.NOEH. bags Kaie C.mjrr, i.r sale V.JI Oy r. KE.vi3r.iN K IO. JO 26 8nuthitreet. SCtiAK H6 bas Calcutta Sugars, luud' inff and for sjle by J03. OSRORV, J 6 C8 Gouth street. 231 Kegs landing Irom ship Vigilant and scbr. Logan, from Richmond, viz : 10. keg branded 1 hos. M. Dtaae s Co. C s. lVo. 49 do 5 d . 54 do 13 do For sale by July 8 Ut do Geo. Fletcher, C's. No. 1. do do It iKMind mils do D. R. Ross, C's. No 1 Ii Not do Morris, 1 - 2 lb, twirt COR'S. DUBOIS. 1 O Pipes good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirits 4 do rye whiskey 200 bagsjunipcr berries 300 kegs ginger 20 chf su young hyson ) 10 catty boxes hyion CO bags race ginger 20 rolls sheet lead 17 tubs butterfor sale by July 6 2w CORN'S. DUBOIS. I A THAT tlAAU - rOlifLS, &e. FIlUE subscriber intending to part for Lon JL doo about the eud of tbe present month, oflers for salo a few clrgant patent piaoa fortes, just riaished ana warranted ot a superior quality tie would be happy to attend to the orders ol Ins Irieods for Loudoa piano fortrs. His long rzperience in Use manufacture of piano's in Ihii city he trusts will give every confidence in hit anility to select such as are ot trie nrst quality Orders for church or chamber organs, will be drictly attended to, and manufactured under bis inspection by the most esteemed makers in Ion - doa. ' Commission business of any kind, within his ability to perform, wil) he fAi'.hfully attended to. ft Those penous wbo are indebted to him will please settle the stun as soon as cooreuient, and those to vrhom he m indebted will present uVir accounts without delay. WILLIAM KEARSIN'G, Jy 6 2w $79 Bowery. ,f DOG LOST r STOLELY. A PUP about four months old, of a mouse XV colour, with a brass collar on his neck, and the owners name. Any person returouig him t Mr. FISI1KR, comer of Eliianetn and Hrcnm - strcete, will be haiklwmeiy rewarded. J 6 St A UOKSE WAftlkU. A GOOD active Horse, about i years old. . He is wanted chiefly as a gig horso, in H - liii h harness he mint be peifectty gentle. A Bav wouM hn ureiered. Arpl at Ho. 24 Gre - nwh - street. Jo UCNTEtL BOARDING YaY be had in Murray stfeet, (the most it I pleaant and healthy pert of the city) for 3 or 3 arint:fnifn. at a ino.l. rate once : and J or 4 more who wiil their o n lKlgin. F.nqiire at Uiisoroce o ii ilOUUKRA IIOTF.L. Til E house lately occupied by Mr. David Godwiu. ha, beenaewlv I'lirui - 'hcd, aadis in compleat ooler for tha reeeptwa of boardirs. Parties can be accoaaiodjled with dinner on lhdiort"t notice. - Tea, coffeo, ic - eresrfl, mead, ca'e. frnd, Sc. with variety of the bestUquora, will be alwavs inraAdiois. A horse boat will start from each Ida of the rirr punctually at every hoor trom 5 o'cl ch in the raornisj uatil C in the eve - niug. July C zw . uwis. : : r - VLAWS G h fee lasi seteinn of the Legislatore, (of . by 8. GOULD, sign ol Lord Coke! corrr tfland Broad - ,treels, J2t .. of W ON Fflday, the 3d inst a red morocco Porss of a square form, hoviog three pockets, eosj - , taming' note to tbe amount of oue nundred del tart oo the Bank of New York , the purse arsch worn and a rent in me of the pockefs. Ar - Vper,; son retorning He same to Aio. 170 Fulton street, shall receive 20 dollars. J 6 3t JOHN NICHOLS. ISRAEL PL'RUY ii CO. will tell at auction to - morrow at 10 o'clock, at their store 12f Water - street, (by order of the executors of the estate of a deceased gentleman) two elegant and superheat glass desert setts Abo, a number of other articles of glassware and china,' bronze figures, busts, lamps, Ac. At 12 o'clock in front of the store, 6 hhds. assorted glass - ware. The above will If sold without reserve . tu close the concern. N. B. The cut gjass desert setts may be ex.4 ainined at tbeir store the afternoon and morning previous to tbe sale. July 6 It 'pHE DISTILLER, eontainir.g : - L full and .1. particular directions (or mashing and distilling ail kinds of grain and imitating Holland Gin and Irish Whiskey. 2. A notice of the different kiuds of stills in use in the United States, und of the Scotch stills, which may rnncnr4.'3 times in 24 hours. 3. A treatise on fermentation, containing the latest discoveries on the subject,. - 4. Directions for makin: veast and preserving it hsweet for any kngth of lime. 5. The He v. .Mr. Allisons process ol rectilkation, with improvements, acd mode of imitating French brandy, iic 0. Instructions for nnkimr all kinds of cot - dials, compound waters, Kc. alstv, for making cj - tlerbter, and various kinds ol wines, kc adapted to the use of farmers and distiilere, by Harrison Hall ; second edition, much enlarged nod improved, price SI 25; Just received and for sale at the Minerva Cin ul uing l.ihrary, Book and Stationery store, 265 Broadway, opposite the iVinseuru. J o AEKTMUt.LER'S celebrated Picture ot V V DAN and the SHOWKR OK GOLDS will he exhibited at No. is l.iMx nard street, uy til rallied for. Adaiitt.iiicc 25 cents. J C lw OAF. CE.NT HE WARD. . r ANAWAV from ihesnbw riiier nn indented I apprentice nmlattoirl named Mary I'ct. rs. The above reward hot nj chaigo will be paid to any person who will defiverhertothc subscriber. All persons are lorvvarned not to employ or harbor liers the Jaw will be srrir tly rnfnrred a - gamst theiu. . DAV ID FERRIS. New York, July Cth. 1910. 2t NEW LAW BOOK STORE. 1 UST reccYd and for sale, the following new if worus, corner f t iagjau and spruce - streets, opposite City lial!, The 4tb vol. Laws New - York Desnussure's Rcp'ta in the Court of Chancery .... C ... t - c u ,. . i . . 1 ' . - I oi me cmic ui ouiiui - Hri'iina, , voin 7th, Hill end Cth vols. Crancbc'i Reports. 1t and 2d Wlicaon do .Mante and Sclvvjo's do 4 vols otk and b'th Taunton's do 3d vol." Chitty's Pleading' Baylies' Digested InJcx. Bv DAVID BANK3. j as At a court ot Cham iry I ld lor the state oi .New York, nlthe City Hall of the city of New York, on theteveutecnlhday of June, in ttie year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred ant! seventeen, rKESE.iT, the honorable James Kent, Chancel lor. Stephen Jumel, vs. Jumel, Convent in the - York, and o - 1 TheUnuliiic Convent city of New theis. 1 T appearing by affidavit to the satisfaetion of a this court, that the hill in tbe aKve cause was filed and the subpoena issued nn the 5th day of June instant, ami that the said subpoena was made returnable on the twelfth day of June, in stant: That the Ursuline Convent in the city ef new - fork, is an incorporated bodv created ov an act of the esrulirtHstkitT'incorporatnif three individuals under tuewiarae aforesaid ; that the persoits coeeponng tbe said incorporation are a:l alisenl from lite state of New Yora, being io some pirtol Great Itritasn, to wit, in Ireland; that diligent search and enquiry has been made for tile said inaiTwlaaE cmeposing the said incorpo ratioa, and defendant ill tins caute, intermediate the teste and return of the sain subnotna, to ap pear and answer, but that tiiry could not he lound, ami mat uu - y nave leu no person in ine capacity of president, presiding omcer, cashier, secretary, or treasurer, nor any other person, to renr - SF.iit the said incorporation, to act lor mem in their absence, uor up - jii whom the said sub poena in tins cause can oe served ; and mat owing to surb cause t. said siibi osna has not been served upou the s uit said defendants, the Ursu line convent in the ciiy oi Wew - iork un mo - lion of James Stonghuin, Esq. solicitor for the complainant, it is ordered, that the said defond - mils, tlie Uursuhne Convent io the city or New York, do, in their co.porate capacity, cause their appenraiice to be entered and their answer to be died in this cuuse, wil'iiii dme uicnths Irom the date of this order, or i.i' fuult thereof that the complaiuan's bill of "m ijilamt be taken pro confesso against tiicn: And it is further ordered that a copy of this order be published within twenty duys from the date hi - .ri.of, in one or more of the public uewspapers printed in this state, lor eight weeks successively, once at least in every week. A copy. ISAAC L. KIP, Assistant Register. J6 1aw8w A&XT PlllOAY, 10A July, TV HE first drawn number in the Grand Road JL Lottery, will be entitled to the capital prize of And on the same day may be drawn the floating capital ' t1s 10,000 DOLLARS. - BesiJs which there are at preseut in the wheel 4 prizes of 1000, 15 of 500, and a great many of $100. Kc. Tickets and shares tor sale by 11. WAITE, Jnn. 136 Broadway, vh'ifold and paid in the present lottery prizes of 5000, KHH), 500, kc. . Jv6 3t GRAND ROAD i.OITERY, KKXT PRAWSf RCMBKR 70,000 nOLLAHO. riHE successful adventurer on Friday next, at JL 4 o'oiock, will receive tbe amount of tbe largest prize ever drawn in this city, and by the purchase of two tickets may receive, hi addition, a floating prize of 10,100 yetin the wheel. Apply at GRACIE'S, 143 Broadway. Where a few of these valuable chances are un sold. J 6 FIRST DRAWN NUMBER. ON Friday, will bp entitled to the highest prize, 70,0110 DOLLARS. A few warranted undrawu tickets mar be had at WAITE'jj, Truly Fortunate Lottery end Exchange OtTu e, No. 54 VJaiden - lane. Where the only prize of Sj.WU dollars, ever drawn by persons iu this city, was sold and paid. J tilt G it EAT PUUE! ! FlUUAI .SEX !! rtl HE tirst drawn number (at 4 o'clock. P. M.) JL in the Milford and Oweco Road Lottery will be entitled to the creat prize of 70.000 PLuns TKau a ea nntif mnrs, itsa ta si rl rntein rf t1 1 ki e lotterv : a Drize of 10.U0U. 4 of 1000. 14 of 500. are uudrawrj. The cash will he paid for these rich prizes, U seld at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 broadway ; wnere nave oeen s,w aiwr paid wnn - inalew daysN. 5459,a pri: of3i,000;7771, In (Vl'l . Ull - 1 1 K K I - fiTllli. IIUtn - lMVMialnf 'WL lieing the highest prixut drawn ia tliis lottery. r. a . ... af V afci ' SUGAR. 60 hhdf MuKovaHo Ruar, of good Ft? frelrht ef CWren ? . - - Th. c. i i - 1 i ' a r - .v.H ii - master, ourtuened - about. IdOO - bbl. nan well aid ia iu fine order tor a voyage. Apply to ;. ' ; - v ": i . acts, IIOWLASD, . i 3 9 67 Waibmirtoo - at. rff - 1 , fr i - reigkl or Charter, . lf i Tha schooner JOSEPH, cant. linn ttlni - will hdi n - lart In rtl si fr.i.K, In tL. uuuiuwsru or xsiwaru, or any wot re cise, on the most reasonable terms, if anulied for imme j - r . i . diately. She is a good one year old ve.iih and arries about 400 barrels, sails remarkably fast Apply to the master on board at Dover - street orto K.L.&G. GRISWOLD, July 3 3t US South - t'. IV uHted to Ciarler, piie.or two British vessels, to load for Liverpool. Apply to jejS ARCHO GRACIF. &SONS. tor LiyVttPUQL, Ti... 1 f.. i ...... , ISaatDRAPER, William Adams, master; she ii 2!H tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dipatchedr immediately on discharging her inward cargo. For freight or parage, up. ply to the master, on board, east sido ol Fly - market wharf, or to . B. W: ROGERS & Co. Je 10 235 Pearl - street. . t or HAr AAAAH, The very fine brig SU PER B, Reeves, sfeMfamaslcr; will meet with despatch, hav ing a cumiucraule part of her cargo eugfged. For passage, having bandjome accommodutinns, or freight, apply ou board, at pier No. 12, east ,Mu ut - i - siip, or to POTT 4r M'KINNE, Jc23 . 50 South - street. or SALE. Ala low price, if applied for this iaiday or Monday next, the briff MARY, as alii' arnvel from Ituvana, at Pier 8, Anien s - wharf, North River. Her hurthen ia 20'J tons, has two de ks fore and uft, and may lc sent to sea wilh little expense. Apply at 6 - 1 South klreet, to N. & D. TALCOTT. C tOT'l ON. 33 bales prune Upland, landing from brig Hat mony, lor sale by bO'Soulti - strevt. In Store. 75 hales upland Cotton, for sale iu lots to suit purchasers. Apply as above. J l f VJRIM MEAL. SOOhhds yellow Kiln dried Corn Jleal. n a superior uualitr 100 bbls oo do landing from the mill boats, and for sule by TUCKER & LAURIE?, J 2 29 South - street. ft A. VI ON Hl.KS 3 cusis Black tsaisnets, V 3 do blnck Sim hews 4 do J, adit s fringed and coloured hdkfs' 3 do Senilis silks - 1 do black 4 - 1 fringed hdkfs. just received and for sale by : HURD Ai sEWALL. J 3 65 Soulh - sireet. A) V. LEDXARD ti CO. 104 fearl - slrttt, . . offer for sale, in addition to their former et - teosive assortment of Hardware, the following articles, rer'd by the Martha, from Liverpool Trace Chains Clout Nails Spades and Shor els Brass Keiths do Candlesticks do Cocks do Nails & Hinges Gilt Coat Buttons, 6 and 3 barr'd Curry Combs 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Wire,No.4tol0 Steelyards Fine Guns Trunk Locks Drawing Knives Bingleys Patent carrier's knives warranted equal to Cox's genuine. some of sup. quality, suitable for merchant tavlors Japanned Candleticks Flemish Tacks J 3 tf I EMONS. - 220 boxes Lemons of excellent JLi quality, and in prime order, for sale by .. rlOWLANli, )' 67 Washington - street jr. Alio VPft r - - g - ' Mt V S .', i i . 14 t 11 - iUi'PA KO.VJALLS. 6 cases ChonpH Ro KJ malls superior quality, sulyert todrawhack, arsaieny u. w. lALriui, J 3 55 Pine - street. LAX SHEETINGS. 14 bales 39 inch C Flaxen .Sheetings, landing from ship Union, irom ureenocK. 'r sale by J 3 DIVIE BETHUNE & CO. SALES at AUCTION, in PROVUENCE, R.I. ar b. ic t. c. hofpin co. ON Wednesday (lib of July next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. at the stores ol Messrs. CARRING - TON : CO. will be sold, all tbe goods landed from ship Trumbull, Aborn master, from Canton, viz 950 chests Hyson Skin Tea) The Teas are all 100 do Hyson do f fresh, nnd of an , 69 - do Young Hyson do ? excellent quali - 178 boxes Souchong do I ty .2600 bundles Cassia, about 80001bs. v 20 cases superior black Siachews, 25 pt. each 40 - do do do Sarsnetts, 25 do do 30000 lbs. bet Block Tin Also, to dost a Concern. 200 boxes China Ware 10 hales Calcutta eoods Terms will be liberal nnd made known at the sate Bi ti T. C. 1IOM1N U GO. Auctioneer. Trovidence, June 25th, 1818. Je 29 4t ftORTY boxes fresh Sicily LEMONS, fine fruit, in lots to suit purchasers Also, bv retail at tlie verv low nrice of 2 50 per 100, or 37 cents per dozen nlNo. 7 Park. where may ne nao a general assortment oi first rate groceries for family use, cheap f or cash. Jy2 3t TICKETS ADVAACE1AU. THE next drawn Ticket (on Friday week) will entitlo the fortunate holder lo the Grand Prize of 70,000 DOLLARS, in the Mi! - ford and Road Lottery. The whole lot tery will be completed in two weeks, a prize of IU,(AW; i oi iuuu ; 14 oi aw are sun in me wheel. Should any Tickets remain unsold next week, the price will be considerably udvanced at ALLEN'S, Truly hocky Office. 'No. ill Broadway. Where most of the prizes drawn have be - n sold ajid paid, viz. No. 5459, f35,000; 7771, 10,00 ; 9702, 1000 ; atd several of 500, iic. J 3 KKNl'UCKY TOBACCO. MUM: Ken - tncky Tobacco, landing irom ship Islington from New Orleans, for sale by J 3 DIVIE, U ETH U N E & CO. ATOM CLARET. - ItO doz. vintage Oi 1814. a verv superior parcel, for sale by EN CO. PETER RE.viSEN CO, J3 28 South - street. T.1 ARTHKN WARE. 100 rrU - s of Earthen Hi ware, oarticularly selected lor this maruet now landing ex ship Martha, fr - mi l.ivprixol, for sale by TROKEd, DAVIDSON & CO. . Jy IOC Front - street. 1 O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 Si 7 - 0 Irish linens , I do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown plntillas 6 do. Scotch OMiaburss 7 do. imitation sheetings 4 do. brown liueu 2 do. liuea bed tick . - 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton eh'.cks 1 do. carpeting: AL30, Sail - cloth, Cotton tmgglajr . Twilled sackm;; . " . Seiue twnie For 'a'o by CLCJXGEJOIINeTO, July 2 , ' No. 1 auat - Une - rHAMPAiG ViE b fG!' D x 53 ci ses su.ierior still C'iamp?n;iie, 1 "Z. iach 10 do do Bur r.'rftv M ale br POTT & il'KINNK, jjl ' fctj Sontn - slreeU " . ' rnrfarsi .4caJtn)g ofihe Fine jfrt. ' HJ The fourth exhibition of thin academy is open every day, until further notice, front 9 in the morning until dusk. ; Admittance 25 cents Catalogacs 12 1'2'cents. - By order. ' i ' , ALEXR.' ROBERTSON, Jt 3 4t .' ' - '' Secretary. NOTICE. 03r 'The public are cautiobrd against trusting the crew of tlie British brig Rectuupe nee, John Gavnes master, as no debts contracted by (hem, will be paid by the captain or consignees. . iorCE. - . - OT This is to forbid all persons trusting the crew of the Portuguese brig Sophia, Lopes master, as - no debts ci their contracting will tie paid by the captain or consignee. ' Je 24 .. (U NO'IICE is herchy fftven tothe Stockholders of tlie Fliuhing Zf Jewtawn Twvpike, Bridge and Road Company,, that the annual Election for Directors to manage the concerns of said Company, for the enauiiig year, will be heldot STKICKLANIVs Hotel, in Flushing - , on Tuesday the 7th of July next, betvseen 'the noursoi j and 5 o clock in the afternoon. By order of J.hc Board of Directors. 1 . WM. PRINCE, Pres'L Flushinfr, June 23th, 1813 ' . je30 lw - . - , ' - . ' i'MAu - tuni'e.a Jl.tiif. TWO very handsome PIANOS ami an elegant PEDAL HARP, all of fust rate workmanship, and will be sold very low Apply t io. J boutb - strcet. ' ' June 27 lw jVEW WOlvK. Hi HOGG. , - C WILEY & CO. NO. 3 Wall - sirret, have . put to press, und will oub'.Uh io a fewdavs the Krowuie of Bodshcck, tho Vil - gatherer, and the Hunt ofEildon, by James tlogx, author of Queen's Wake ' - J 1 tf FOR SAi.E, i T A : LOT of giound on BrondWty, between Xl Walker street and Canal - street, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 175 feet kmr. luquire of . P. A. JAY, , Jv 1 tf . No. 37 I'liie - street. 70,00(1 DOI.LAhd. T 1IIC nextdiuwit number in the Owero Road lottery, will be entitled to the grand ca pilal inze ol 270,000. A few tickotsaiiJ shares niny yet he obtained at the lurky lottery olhce of JUDAH & LAZA R US, 74 Maiden - lane, Where have been sold in former lo tones most of the highest prizes. , . Prizes its former lotteries approved prnmiso ry notes will bo taken in payment for tickets. 1 A correct check baok is kept, fcc. July 2 3t ' ' HOltsE AND Vv AGGUiN. OR SAI.F1 nn excellent Horse and 'light i (dd, runs Waitaon. the horse is 6 years perfectly gout It - and kn d in harne, nnd pleas - ant under thesnd.Un. Enquireatl - .LOWLEY'o Stable. John street. J 3 tf Ml ' , in.Hi And russesion eivim immediately, n tt i l u - t' ciniiiiiodiiiiis ' House, Slnble nud Ont - llouits, with u tine cultivated Garden, rruit ire - es, hruhberv. Ac. and pasture ground coouzli for a horse andcoiv. It is pleasantly situated on, the bonk ol the North River, nut quite two miles from tlie City H.ilb The rent will be modulate. For particulars, enquire at 43 Water - street jy 1 lw SUPERIOR OLUHOTTLEl) MADEIRA. D LYNCH, Juii. has just received from the . West Indies, a few cases of Judge Biain'a celebrated Wine, - imported by him into An tigua - , from Hilt & (Jisbetts house ot Madeira, in 1790, which he can warrant equal it not superior to any wine in America. J S lw . MAMMOTH PRIZE. On Fridau nf - 70,000 DOLLARS. fPHE highest prize ever drawn in this state, X. w''U be paid tothe bolder of the Mdrawu number on Friday next at 4 o'clock, from the Cms Herat H hert. - A floating prize ef 1000, 4 of tOO, and 1 4 of j.00, are yet in the wheel The drawing will be flushed in 14 days. A few chances unsold at GR ACT E', 140 Broadway Jy3 iok!oI ROAD lottery. rrsHE first drawn number on next Friday, will .1. be entitled to f7tl,iMju. IO.OUUis n fJoaiinv prize, and may come out the same day. i his Lotterv is to be comoletcd in a few dars alter next Friday. Those who wish for chances can he supplyed with a frw warranted undrawn tick ets and shares, at GILLESPIE'S, No. 114 Broadway, opposite City - Hotel. J 3 3t IN CHANCERY. Dorothy Kacklin, ) William Puck and Eliza - ! , v.. vri .. bcth his wile, Maria Hunt, Catharine Hunt 1 and others. J IN puisuance of an order of this honorable court made iu tlie above cause, will be sold at public auction at the Tontine Codec House, in tlie city of New York, on the 21!lh day of July inst. at 12 o'clock at noon, under the direction of Die subscriber, all those five lots of ground, sit nate. Ivitiz and heirs in the eiehth ward of the city of New York, being formerly that part of ine property Ol lienoias nay aro, i.uur, men known by the n:oie oi uayara s r arm, tying westward of Broadway t said lots being desig nated on a map of said farm, made by Casimer I n. Uocrck, then cue ol the iny curveyors, oy the numbers 1 147, 1 143, 1 149, 1 150 and 1 152; together with the hereditaments and appurtenances to the same hehnging or in aiiywwe appertaining. Dated July 3d. 1318. THOMAS BOLTON, J 3 lawtJy20'!td Ma'terin Chancery. - S I ABLE, Uc. WANTED to rent in any street between or contiguousto the City Hall or City Hotel, a stable, or part nf one, with room for a gig. A line addressed to X. Y. Z. at this office will meet with immediate attention. Je 29 lw O board the ship Robert, capt Thompson, at Murray's whan, tor sale oy N. U.D. TALCOTT, . 64 South - street. Jl LEMONS. 100 boxes fresh Messina Lemons, in fine order, landing from sloop Rapid, for sale at Zb South street, by J 2 P. llEMSEN Is CO. CI LA RET WI.L. 50 cases ol CUiet VViue containing I dozen eah . 16 cases rraitaining 3 dozen each, vintage 1K10 growth of Jlrnrine Moulon, for Side by Jy 1 Iw AkCH'D GRAClEsr H1N3. 1LARET WINE. 200 case rvlarzms Cla VJ r't, of very supeiinr quality, viutae ol 1311, incises of 2 and i doz. truth, rttciscd dnect Irom the vineyard, and lor sale by the case or larger uu ir.tity, i f JOHN B. MURRAY SON, 1 13 Pearl street. Who have for sale, Innding from hr - Elizw, from St. Jago de Cuba at Edai's i harl, A. R. Jy 1 Iw , H7I11 rIRtLMA FLUl'K. - 289lUi Kichnioiw. V ami Lvnchhiire Flour, landi; uburg Flour, land Richmond, west ex. schi. Vulture, from Sie ll.nne - i.iii). an.i for sale by TKOKES, I)AVIl).ON L je2f " Front ( 1F.PPC. a veneiian Slory, by Loid fcyen. IJ rrice 25 coats, just received v:uc t r sale by David Banks. J27 Comer of CeJO a,.dtiru ; it's. HrA.vt'ED. sulusliiiimiewrm iom - ii - v,Me lamify, by a Touttt; 1 ."y, vvho fc is '.ready bad icvaril vt irex'eil - e"' sa 'UAthqe hq - ire at 4.V0 Hr. - r" - Je W lw G. - - A t:w L'ftl J qiiility. Ut win by . G I: i. ITO'LAhD, rtiaUirpva.Ue - L Cr. ' - eeK. PUBLIC SALES. , V u BY M. DITM13. .; ; - ' ...... To - snnrrcw. . At Messrs.. Kirks Merceins room, 20 wal( street. 2i par ksges China U Englii cut ghsse ware, as choice en aasortaent 'us offered lo s;ee in tliis market. A4iOf alabaster or - OHments, tim pieces, looicinz glasses, pictures, He. 1'aituuliufnday otsale. '. ' - At XI o'clock, I elegant eabkef grand upright Piano Forte ; t do do do wito Grecian legs, double slrirgs; made by Rinder Frtat; 2 do square Piano's, mood ends, additional keys, feci I do do elegutMyfnniiihd. , MAJiMLE tOU JiLlLWMj, 4c. THE prrprietorsof the scntbero snaibleqoa 1 rics, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that Lheyhaveou liand, and ate rcrivinj, sit the Kirtji's - Bnttgt JUurhle and Lime - iard, foot of Beach - street, ou trie Hmlsoa river, an extensive stock of marble for bai!uiu, of the following de - . scripuoiis, viz : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces, Facings Columns . Walertable Sten Plalforois Sills, Lintels Arcbes AUo Lime of the lies quality. 27 A coos - taut supply of the above meria!s mav be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to v EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 ' , AttteYprd. . .siO.Ve.F iU LOAA. iOflfl 1 DOLLARS to loan, in sums to - irO.vlU " suit applicants, oo bond with mortgage upon aporoved property. l;nnire of AVM. WllXIAiViS, 137 Water - bticet. Where application may be generally luade inrougn me yeai, ana monget auposcaol. j e o ii . - - - - . - . tjp - 'Jlie. Quarterly Alteting oi inn Keuiale Unioe rkicieiy (r r ihe pnoiolh'0 of Sat? ath Schools will be h?ld in the Lecture Room of the Methodist Church in John street, on Wtd.ietday, Die first of July. The superhitcndauts tuid trat tiers are requested to be punctual iu their auebd. anre, at half past 10 o'clock, A. M. Ladies, subscribers, or others inlerei4ed in the insti. tntion, are respectfully invited to attend, 4tll o'clock. ' Subscriptions for tbs prcsett year will be tlien received. Subscribers are earnestly requested to tend the amount ol their subscriplioi.s. in order to save tliftexpense of employing a collector, Jo 37 L. JOHJfStVV, Secn tary. CINClANAll. ; (t5 The Annual meeting of (lie New - York State Society of Uie Cinciuiiati, will be lieid at the City Hall, on tho 4 Hi day of July neat, at 12 o'clock precisely, when the oilicers for the ensu ingytar, will be elected and tho ordinary business of the Society transacted. The Society will din on that day at Wartilng - ton Hall, precisely at 4 o'clock, P. M. Members of the respective state Societies are rcpect luily invited to toin in tlie celebration oftre day. By order, ' U. E. DUNSCOMB. get'ry. Jei7 Ct ' frt - JOHN C. HAMILTON, Commi.Ficner for the acknowledgement of Deeds, .e. has removed to the office, rnn er of Cedar and streets. Law Buildiiius.' No 1 29 lin TV UR ill Ol'JI'f. K - 'SAA'l iHO Ot. CCT dipt. Mooie, ol Ine Sieain - boat OLIVE - fHlAMCII, bcs leave to inform the citizeuis of New York, that, lie Will juoceed to "i!y. Miuv nn She AtW invl 'I'l, tiikat.atll tf.n tl, wharf precisely at 12 o'clock, and will be amply provided with liquors and provisions of. the lieut ttnifl ami a ttiinerahiinrian. it, Khis is a beautiful sail, and the sea bathing equal to any whatever. As, however, it is material thus hot weather U know the number going, that lie may furnish hi table tcco: dir.g. ly, lie pai - ucmany request mose pmona wito intend partaking of this pleasant excursion, to ttive iw thewiuuna the day nrfceeCliig, at the Union Line Steam Boat Oil ice, north side of the Battery. Parage to the Hoek, 50 cents tlie same (or returinng. Diiiiiur, 75 cents. Jy 1 4t JV1 Tbe excellent baud attached to the Museum will this evening performs, in their Ueual style, a variety of tnusio selected from the best authors. As (he Museum has become one of (ha most heaKhy and pleasant rororU. it m boned that a splendid company will .honor it by their presence. Jy J 2t rr An anniversary nicetinif of the New - York County Medical Society, will be held at Uie City Dispensary, on Monday tlie 6th inst at 4 o'clock. C. W. EDDY. - J 2 3t . M. D. SecVy. '. A stated meeting of the 1 ru.tee of Co. ltimbia College, will be held oil Monday next, the 6th inst. at ten o'clxk, A. M. in the Col lege. CLEViENT C MOORE, Clerk. J is at r In pursuance of directions of llwroniuiit. tee appointed by the Common Council to make arrangements lor tlie celebration ot the ensuing Anniversary ol American Independence, the bells ol the different churches will be rung ul sunrire, at noon, upd at sunset ; a national salute will he fired by the order of the ccmiuai.dai tof artillery at noon ; the flag - willbetli - t iayedat the battery from sunrise lo sunset, Hud the masters nf vessels in the harbor are requested to display the colours from masthead during the day. The contractors of the streets ere requested to have the streets cleaned oo Friday - next, through which the military and the civil procession will pass. By order ol the Committee. J 1 J. MORTON, Clerk. A CARD. ffc"7" At the particular solicitations of the La dy subscribers, Uie New - York Salt Water Flokt - ing Bath will he removed to her eld station at the loot of Murray - street, this day. where it will continue open every day, from sunrise in the mominc until 10 o'clock at oieht. iturins the bathing season. It is hoped wliea tlie Ladies of this city know that this forge bedding, wlii. h will accommodate two or three hundred persons at a time, is exclusively devoted to lhir ecjoy - ment on Monday sand Wednesdays o( esch week until ,20'cfoc.k, that they will give that encouragement which such oo approprration deserves. Ou s'l other days they bave their own spurtuu nls OA.v. The creaUit possible alteation will be p'id. Tbe Bath at the. Battery is open every day frr,m sunrise to 10 'clock at Bi.nt, for Gentlemen only. - - Je29 Q - y 'I'he coneluilin examination of the students of Columbia t'oikge, veifl commence, with that of the senior rl, on Tuesday, Joly 7, at 9 o'rim k. A. VI. The atteedance of the graduates od ol Itie trustees of the College, of the Rev. . t'lerey of the city, and ol tlie parents and sriiar - diaiisoltbe sti'd - nts. is rirctnilly requested. . WM. HARRIS, Pres Col.ColL . Colombia Collcg, June S9, 1B13. JeS97t . ......... NOTICE. ... . r , ffT" All lersons liaviaz claim aeiiutt she es tate ol' John I iii.m. debased, are desire - i le cre ss; it them lor seU: ment to the :bcnber, and tnose ib'ietiied io sa,d estate eie requestsj to mnl - e prymeot, tobiia without drier, JAUJ.5 W'KRIDE. Je 29 lm . . Actm Lxecotor. JLiQL HUK CiXVPAAt, O NLW - YOiiK. OCT K'ditJ horeby sivee, that a XKvidenA oi to aaJ a La:t par tent on te CapiUi JMock 0,'P - is ciHTipJuy.hss bcc:i derjureii Vjh tJcerd "i i 'ireeiq. - s ; and wi'l tie part tq rr tcrsn.ora - rrs,on or after the liiii insL . . JS'im 7 iTr H:tl"n htt.k X.un acd Notes el (he t - ii - U thij sida U Al'jaoy wiil ke - vrt aiA at ciaU .l - ccur.. at ALLEN'." Lottery ard tx - ;S vj - .n.' - e, No. litJ BiceJwa, c;'poe.tUe Ji'. - YkM. ' .' ' ' ' r, iC:irrtfcstoo, Gcory - e aiid Jrta - Ci. f.liaal - .gBvlv. - JoJXClClvt

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