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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, July 6, 1818
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' . " - J '!' ' peaactte. Vw Oakb rated fa this odj aa Salntr - . day. UU with the wnato eitrltim utuoiv - sal lor.. The bulla were raw al sun rise ' - i iu m(. ua saiuias imre area bo " 9 . a . ' m ' a a . 1 - A IWa fcrU ia (ha kxrW t lha uiUtarr MmliJ St 10 o'clock and Were reviewed by fa. Morton) in Huda - atrac t after which they snai - ehed off tbe jsMuad ia ft. very aaodaxan style, ennf aou ' talutiitf bJthaiaHhmsroraiKltiidrQMthar - .... 7 ' J I'. ... nk... itias won wars geajuoa ine wi 1 - v kalL - - . , Tht several sxseittica assembled ia character . tod walked in procession to tbe circus, where, v ateoaderstaad, aa orauou ivw J aksn, andiree from all alIrto fcretfa or oo - inest brails, m delirer - s J W Wm. Pnce, esq ' la the ereainr, tnough the weather was a lit - . tjadasao. the various public nrdeas were taste " fully iUiiauaaUdj nod other places of fashionable rt thaoark theatre and the parilioa theatre ,, , The mayor receired aa oaoommoaly large m' .."' a aU. Watl TK ' .Viotv VIVWVI vewea wa 4 . . ' af Ciackaali dined together at Washington Hail. The corporatioa Terr humanely .ipeat : the latter part af tha day at the penitentiary ' hd a splendid toA and dsnsdsajflplnoilslf , tan - 1 j 1 ' .1. . r tk. n t In sham. 1 iwuuw vj tar pw v 1 ' - ji : t. .r.,.:u...t tJ th crmabs WII HKT. IKf iw.j . . - - , Cut wcat (rem ttldr UMe, . ftianey nau twnatoaiiaiaatarciM ana afuoMim unaa Ur ajunaw - w" , w : . pot in requuitioa Upoa our waten, and m wort, uirth and lce claimed the citr aod it eaWrouj - 01 their ova. How could a fourth of July be , juptuuarf . 1 . . - PaMceUuln oar paper of this oreniog our readun will find the geaeral orden of major - general Jackton, coataioing hts reaioa for taking paeMioa of tb SpaaUh territory ; which he places oa the ground of aacetsity and the - aw of eelf - defcoce. feuacola it ouly to be held unlil Bpaia cut furnuh military atrength suSident to enforce thoee treaties, which guar, aatee the protactioa of oar frontier settlement from mauac re, by Seminole Indian?, wilhia the Spjaih territory. '. The V. 8. ship oftbe line Wasfiington, Com. n,.. i. i,..v,. .r (craoon, and anchored at the quarantine ground She sailed Irom Gibraltar 23d May. T.D.",f son, Dq. lale consul at Tunis, and Mr. Henry Ogl deo, of this city, are passengers in the Washington. It is the first American 7k that ever .4k Tbomsi B. Robertson. Esq. of If ew - Orleans, hu resigned his aeat in the House of Representative of tbe V. 8. Edward Livingston, J.Miilf' S Jnlinaon. ferwl Thomaa Butler.' are put in nomination to &U the vacancy. By a law of congress passed at the last session, the tag of lha U ailed States, from Saturday last, ta ba thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate vaiia ratj, jn, i iw www, v mwij White in a blue fild - To tha politeness of captain Graham, of the , Hibttnie, W are indebted for a file of Belfast, Ms wry and Dublin papers to the 19th May. Advertised in. the la'.est paper - ship Mirror, Ger, to sail 28th May for NYork, with ' paen - gen; Hesperus, for do. first fair wind after the 20th May ; brig Nymph, Smith, just arrived from WYork ; brig Sailor - Boy, RiJdle, for Tbtl ' adolpbia first fair Wind alter the 20th; ship j flMOpNO, vvj , miiu ivi . 6th June ; ship Ocean, Footle, from do for New. . York about tha 20th May. - . From Ifew - Orlsns papers to the 13lh June, .received at this office by the Gold - Huntress. ' Adrertisod ia New - Orleans papers 13th June - sloop James, for Philadelphia ; brig Ann, for N. York ; schr Albatross, for Qostoa or New - York, as freight may offer ; brig Gor. Brooks, Havre ; . schr Zephyr, NYork s brig Mary - Ann, do. ;brig Hope, do. brig Mary, do. t Aurilla, do. ; Samp son, do. ; schr. Ann - Maria, do. ; brig Parker 'Sons, Liverpool; Tnomtt, Liverpool; schcuer ' North - Star, Boston ; brig Peter - Eilis, Liverpool ; brig Clio, Baltimore j brig Cobbosee - Coulet, Boston. . - v CIRCULAR rer Julius Caspar. LIVERPOOL, JVagSZ, 1818, The demand for cotton has been very languid - for the last fortnight, holders she wine but htlle kiclinauon to give way : on the otnrr hand, daal era and shippers teemed determined net to meet the demands of the importer. Under these UnUIIwlAUlS lUUUMIM Hill HIUI 111UUIVU . . i i , i i i t bas were offered at - auction yesterday, and oa the whole wont on ratner better than could be axicted About 5000 ban were sold . aud tbe rest withdrawn. These sales have ! stahlisbed the following prices Uplands S3 1 - 2 a 4s 2d, being a decline of 4l pr lb on an av ' nee oa the Utter Benrals lOd 1 2d a ll ; Su - rats 14d a 19J Brazils 2f J a S6d ; VA'est India tlaSjd. Ashes are very dull; some few sales have been aude at the following rates, being a deduction of about S per cent say Sew - York and Ion - treal potts it a 51s : Boston do. 54 a 55s. A parcel of Boston ptarli have been sold at 55s bo, but holders generally will not Uke these price,. Naval stores hav lnrlinrt. tha rfriannJ not roving oeen sulbcieut to take ofl the parcrls that bava arrivad. Turpentiue is 18 a 17s 6d per ewe Tar t7 a IBs per barrel. - In Qusreitrou BiA but little is djinr; prices "JTJ "J75 Ntw - Yoik, and 20 at 12 61 for PhUndalnhW. The arrivals f floor rnntinna. i.l ik. on band has accumuUid to an extraordmary a - "o5 orwarosoi - .'uu.OOO barrels. What Z mti,a f"1 45 4 6 fn tte best . kinds. Many Of thehoKlers. prtkclarly the largest, refuse to sell al tba prkjl - . rr " mner ,0p - s have been made at 36s ner cwL In i..h - . Vw,i . , ...... . . Mi. iv iia be hne irpuij is 7d a 10J; Georvia aod auatwrky 6d a 81 ; M rrUn.l there u UtiU r aeoe lha market ; it would probably bring 8a a jih, av'coTJinir 9 quaitiy. i United StatM' 6 percent, stock, 102 1 - 2 I'SOM Ws, Zi. Riplullv. vouf otedient servants, l ua i:rc, WILLI? i CO tha mg PP. all of in Mr. Coiwaaa By your paper offr - J vh 1 obterr. a lira altraor wa. taken ta the Coffee tkaeeaUp that day. To allay U - ll" Um af thoea who fcar U.. alligator of uoa - tearigia, I can r - ajeaably account for tha p - prtiWaf v - - nenUooed ia your papar, " 1815. Last Weduesday a yonng W'S1" , t. tk. hr Amelia. capt Molt, lyiar at tiawtre wharf, about tbe tbe oae Uiaa, aaa w H" - v - " Ia Aogatt 1815, 0 aip awyau - . Mt. capCBaoaa, waely - g at Brooklya, from o..XrkihaM vara IW lira aUtcator on 1 - a i, .hnni ihraa fact loax each. Oaa ol them made h escape rerhoard oath flood tids and ewam uploward. tha VVaJlabont I"ie day ftlUrwardt therewas an account ol aa ainpuor bairg killed at Bothwick, ol tha same lenglkv Thie accounts for botIL . . lours, . NEW - ORLEASS, June II. Wa wars fsroured at a lata hour yesterday afteraooa with copies ol the capilulatioa of tbe Baraacas, and of the general orders isrued by the commander bf tha American forces oa taking possession thereof: wa hasten to lay them before our readers. v. . . Proposals 'which tha dvil and military command . ant m the province oi weu - r lonaa makes ui his excellency Andrew Jackson, general in chief of the AmerkauC army btre the Fort SU Charles, Barancas; Irt, The fort of Barancas will be delivered to troops of the United States under the follow coiAtions. APiorcd with the exceptions made opposite Safh article, and noskessiou trircn at one o'clock M. thiedav. Sd.The garrison of tha fort oi Barancas will march out to be traosporUd to Havana, 00 the dav aud hour whicn shall bo asrecd upon, with tha honors of war, drums beating, und .with their arms and barren. 1 hose in tha emuloi the royal Anance and oftbe department con nected therewith, shall also be trauiorted to the axma destination. Answer A roster shall be furnished of all the military and civil officers of the garrison effort Barancas the troops to march out as expressed the article, their arms to be stacked at the foot of the glaci, and left in possesion of the A' merican army unlH the day of embarkation, when tney will be returned. The commandant of the province and the olfi cers of bis stafll of the artillorv, eoeiueer. the officer and troops, shall carry with them their arms and personal effects, and shaliaibo have tha liberty of disposing of their property of every kind, with perfect security to the purchasers. Answer Alt titles or property legally derived from the crown of Spain wiil be respected. 4 In. 1 he garrison sbaltbe embarked Tor account of the United State? Every Jfcrson of the military class or oi ine royai unauce, snail re. ceive, during the passage, such rations as Are a), lowed to every grade by the reguliWions of Spain. Approved so far as relates to the transports. tion of the garrison and the Spanish rations al flowed ; provided, they do not exceed the Ameri only will bsMuwed. sth. A competent number of vessels shaU be Turoubed for embarking tbe personal effects, pa pers and other property belonging to the commandant, ol&ccrs and others in the royal rmplor, and particularly the paper of the secretary's office of tho government existing in l'eneacnla, those of Use department of the rojal finance, and of the civil and military employs. Theie papers shall not be subjected to any ins pe cUou or recog. uirance under tbe pledge of their coulaiuuig no. thing lortign to the functions of the said persons Approved an estimate of the necessary trans portation to be furnished agreeably to established usage. 6th. The sick, wounded, nd all those who are now or may fall sick, previous to the euibar catioa of tha troops for the Havana, shall be maintained by the government' of the United States until cured, and shall have the same privileges as the rest ol the garriscn : those whs are in a situation shall be emiarked at the same time with it, and sLalt be under the cars of aod attended by the surgeon and father individuals ol the Spanuh military hospital. Approved. . 7lh The rarrison cf PenvicoU and tha pri soners as also those in the employ cf the royal finance shall enjoy Die tame privileges as the garruon or Barancas, and shall likewise be transported to Havana, uniting the former to the latter, and all shall be lodged in the quarters ihcy previously occupied in feruacola, uutil the moment of embarkation for tbe pott of Havana. Approved an estimate of the necessary transportation to be furuisbod nod included in tbe estimate for the garrison of fort Baraucas. tilh. During their permanence the United State will furnhh to the king's store - keeper, under the requisite documents from the royal officers, such articles as they may stand in need of, or are not in the king's stores, to complete tbe rations of the troops, dependant, thnjc in the king's employ, and their families, the ro - im - bursement therwof remaining subject to the decision of the governments of Spain and the United .States. Answer An inventory of the proviions in possession of the Spaimh commissary, to be forthwith furnished. The rations allowed subject to tbe limitations of tbe 4th article. . 9th. Th provision actually existing in the king's store of Ponacola and liarancas, shall be transported to the former in order that they may serve lor the said supply of rations. Approved. 10th. A duplicate inventory shall be formad by thestors - keeper, and such oincer of artillery, as the commandant of this corpse may name, and such other as may bo appointed by the general of tbe troops of the United States, ol tbe artillery, powder, military stores and other effects belonging to this department in rensacola and Barancas. . Approved Major FelerSof the artillery, is appointed cn the part of the A jicrican government. 11. Persons and property shall be respected, concessions and sales of land made by tbe competent atuhori.iei shall bs valid and guaranteed by the American government, at winterer lime they rosy have been made until Die date hcreoC Ansaer all titles legally derived from the crown of Spam, prior to this dite, guaranteed and respected. 12th. The commandant of engineers shall name an officer a ho wiiu another whom the general of the Ame rican army may appoint, shall form a duplicate inventory of the number and state of tha royal edifices, in the same marines as is stated tor the department of artillery. Approved Lieut. Sands, of the artillery, ap pointed on the part ol the American government - ' 13th. Th military oncers and those in the service of all and the several departments may embark with them their wives, children and .slaves, in which number are to he includrd the families of thee classes who may be ab sent Those who have property to dispose of, or affairs to settle, may remain the time necessary for this pnrpose. Tbe American author ity shall attord them every protectn n during meir permanence, and they shall e yoy the sameprevileee with the reiiof the r vrifirui in their embarcatton for Havanna fJr account of uie. united States. Inadmiwable so fir as it regards transpr - Utionb lugaUoa - adlo tlie famUiea of those omeers not nreestf, d .errant, not attending "t:i iuc . cers artt u.e f - unilies. Those in. aiviauaia uupoatu l remain ia tie FJorids, tr.:r t resf cclrd tnJ'f - rotactei, Irt H cTvil end personal rights, and if not embracing" the transportation alkKred At the presant period, tby most fdrnijf.tlitirowaat a future ncrioJ. Hth. The ste lerpe general aliafl form an Inventory of the small vessels and craft, jul nfths other effects under his chsiffe, in the ssuna way as stated fur the department of I artillery.. - " Approred - Liout Parkhasst,(t M. of artillery appointed oa behattt tbe imcncaa govcro - 15th, The officer! tad traepsef this garrison, with their eouiusre sliaH be UaasDorted to Peu - sacoia, wtere they sbati reuAia as already stated aatil embarked for Havaua. A jsiioved. . 17th. The Aiahama chief with hi family now ia this Fort, and who has been reported to major Young, shall be included ia (UiiSapilulation, and transported to Havana. ' Approved Hjs name to beeaiered ki an arti cle, and the Spanish - government goarautteing that ha arver returns to the rloridas. 18tb. The Catholic relieicn. sts miuiMers and the tree exercise shall be maintained. Answer A free toleration to all relirioos gran ted. 19th. The capitulation is made under the eon - Bdnnce Uiat the general of the American troops I ww comply witn his oiler or reluming Integrally this province ia tbe state in whkh he receives H as stated in his official letter. ; ' Approved And the restoration made hndtr the conditions expressed in general '.Jackson's communication t the governor Of Peosacola on ine raa niay, mm. . . 20th. 11 any doubt should arise as to the meaning of any of the articles of this caDiluialion. thev Uhall be construed in the manner most favorable to the aaani'h garrison. Answer I lie a hove articles to be interpreted agreeably to their literal and expressed menning - 21st. The present caDitulatiun sinned and exchanged by the general Of the American army, and the commandant of this province as suun as possible aud at latest by 5 o'clock in the . r. l . ... . . - aiuruouu, eacu returning tour respective original. approved. - Fort of St. Cti!u)r, Barrancas, S2th Slay, IBIS, 7 o'clock in the uiorniog. . (Signed) JosKruUMT, (Signed) Amokew Jaiksoit, (Mm. Gen. Cont'dz. Additional articles which are to hate the same force as Uie primary, and estcnled in touipli ance witn a'uat lias ue.tu agreed upon. 1st. 'Hie name required ol ihe Alabama chief is Opayhola. 'I he commandant of this province engages in the name oi his government, tbat the said thief shall never return to the Floridas. Approved. ' 2d. If any vessels ol war of It C. maiestr des tined for this port, should arrive with a sopyly of provisions or money, mey scan oe ireeiy admit - U - d, as well as Spanish merchant vessels. Approved. St. Charles, Birrancas, 23th Hay, 1818, 5 o'clot k, r. M. f Signed) Joscra Masot, (Signed) Ajrnaaw JarKoir, Mart Gen. Com'dg. Head - Quarters, division of the south, Pemacnla, May 29th, 1818. S Major - general Andrew Jackson has found it necessary to take possession of I'ensacola. He has not been prompted to this measure from a wish to extend the territorial limits of the United States, or from any unfriendly fevliusr on the part of the American republic to the Spanish govern. mcnt. (.1)0 bemtnole Indians, inhabiting the territories of Spain, have fur ssore than S years past, vaited our Itontier settlers with all tbe hor ror of savage massacre ; helpless women have been butchered, and the cradles stained with the blood of innocence. These atrocilir, it was expected, would have early attracted the attention of the Spanish government, and faithful to existing treaties, speedy measures adopted for their suppression. . The obligation to restrain tkem was acknow ledged ; but weakness was alleged with a coo cession, that so far from beiny tla to control, the Spanish authorities were often compelled, from policy or necessity, to issue munition of war to these savages, thus enabling, sT not exctt ine? them to raise the tomahawt agahlrt us. The immutable lavs of self defence, tberasore, compaUcd the American government to take possession of such parts of the Florida ia which the Spanuh authority toulrt not a maintained. Pensacola was found in this situation, and will be held until Spain can furnish auliury strength sufficient to enforce existiug treaties. Spanish subjects will be respected ; Spanish laws will govern in all cases affecting property and persou ; a free toleration to all religions guaranteed, and trade alike free to all nations. Col. King will auume the cosnmand of Pensa - cola as military and civQ governor. The Spaniah laws so far as tliey affect person al rights and property, will bo enforced. Col. King wdl take possession of the archives of the province, and appoint some conadcutial individ ual to preserve them. It is all important that the records of titles and property should be care fully secured. Ha will cause an enquiry to be made into all the landed property belonging to the king of !:pain, and have pots em ton laKen of it. I he claims ol property wtltut ine range oi gun shot ol Fort Carlos de Bacancas will be scrupulously examined into, and should they prove valid, a rent allowed, but possession in no wise given. This property is necessary to the United States, and under its laws may be held, an equivalent beius paid. Tbe revenue law of the United States will be establiihed, and capt. Gadsdoa is appointed to act as collector, with full powers to nominate such suh - oiucers as ia his opiuiou will be neces - arv to the faithful discharge of the trust impos ed on him. He will apply to the governor of Peusacola for military aid iu all cv where it may be necessary to correct attempts ttt illicit trade. (Signed) ANDREW J S.CKS0.V, Maj. Gen. Commanding. NEW - ORLEANS. Jaae 9 A vessel entered yesterday at th custom house in this city, with a clearance Signed James uadsden, acting collector or the part ol rensa cola." By the senate and house of representative oftbe state of Rhode - Island and Providence planta tions, m General Assembly, J una 1J, A. u. 1818. . Whereas it is the peculiar province of a - free government, to cherish in the commonwealth ovar which it presides, tbe great principle of public virtue, which co4ilute die bine of it treuth and pre - eminence ; and tluS hi jp. object can jsrno surer manner he attuned thin by a warding due honors to di4in;iiished merit, and by perpetuating the remembrance of those great actions, ia the contemplation of Which men become pmud of their country and emulous of the examples they are led to admire I And whereas there can be no hritescxainp." nor oa more worthy of a noble emtilaliou, than that oftbe man wko is an honor to the slate Which gtve him birth and to the country by whoa he is hooored, and whoe important services and great actions Iiave arquirrd to him a character admired by the world and loved by his ftllow - ciliieiis - Therefore Resolve J, Tbat Wdiiam C. Gibbs and Ben iamin Hazard, esquires, be and toy are hereby apixsntr J a committee with intractiuo k col lect and deposit in the otfir of the secretary of litis state, all th documents arid memorials na - ccisary to preserve entire the hutsrr of Uie bnl liant events r.cheved by onr felloW - citin commodore Oliver H. Perry, on Lake Erie, duriog the late war with Great - iirrtaist comprehend iu; as well thi unexampled exertions of that of ficer, in creating, ander every dsKouragensent, the mans which insured his success ; as tlie details of the gallant action which lersausatod ta the capture of the whole of ths ensm js feet on that like. Rmslved, further. That the same comoaiUee U directed to request eofflttodore tttf ta sit for his portrait, to be taken ay Uilbart eiuarx, esq. a dutiuguisbed artist, and also a native citi sen of this state, . ' .". - . f louse of Representatives, June I3tn, A.u. 1818 Toted and lasted ananimously. By order, - ' - ' ' THO'S. BUBGES3, Clerk. . In the Sena Is, Tea J the same day and concurred. . - . .. - . - . . r" . By order, . ' : SAMUEL EDDY, Secretary. RncuErrix, June SO. Mr. Ackley, recently from Iladam, Connecticut, was killed on Thursday last by the fall of a stick of timber in raising Uie bridge over the Genesee river at Cartilage. Charleston, June 26. Prom St. Jifvitine.t learn by Captain Ames who arrived this morning in two days from St. Augustine, that great preparations in mounting cannon, be. etc. were making in that place, in consequence of an epectcd attack from the American army under General Jackson, lie further state, that u hen he left St. Augustine, it was reported that the American army was rapidly advancing towards that place. Richmond, July 2. Curioui Incident k gentleman of great respectability, informs ua of a very singular event - which happened a few days since in Hanover County on the plantation of a Mrs. Hswes, within a few miles of this City, a negro woman left her sucking child asleep in lur esbin to bring water from a spring. On returning to Uie door of her humble dwelling, what was her astonishment and horror at see ing a black snake, coiled around the neck of her infant, with its mouth applied to and apparently introduced into that or the child ! Words are too faint to give an adequate idea of (lie feelings of the mother. With the wild shriek of horror, she rushed from the cabin, crying aloud far assistance, and flew into the presence of .her mistress. There was not man near them. They returned with the ut - . most precipitation to Uie cabin, whence they saw Uie snake departing, who gliding through the weeks effected his escape. On examining the poor infant, it was found dead. It is known that black suake are fond of milk, and that to satiate their appetite, they will sometimes twine themselves around the legs of the cow, in order to suck its teats. It u supposed that allured by the smell of milk in the mouth of the child, the make coiled around its neck, and applied its own mouth to that of the infant. Its gripe is known to be ' very strong and by this as well as by introducing its head into the mouth completely strangled the baby. It had no marks of a bite about it Few mode of death can be conceived more horrible than this. BALTIMORE. July 2. Dutrtuing occurrence. On Monday evening last, Mr. Isaac Kolhns and his wife, of Hack Ki verXSeck, Baltimore county, havinr left home to attend market, committed the charge oflhtir house to ahiredsnrL their daughter about 13, and their two lilUe sons about 9 aud 1 1 years of age. In order to avoid, as far as possible, the intense heat, which it will be recollected was very great, they retired to a spacious barn, a short distance from the house, to seek rest, when, dreadful to relate, a beam over them, bcuiz hea - vily ladeu wiin ry straw, cave war in tha dead of the night, and this helple little family fouud tnemselves Duned and suDocatuig under an un mense pressure of straw an 1 broken timber. Fortunately, the two little boys, lying ia a situ ation more favorable than the females, were en abled, with some difficulty, to extricate them selves : and finally, (although in the dark.) suc ceeded in rescuuif the hired eirl from the jaws ol death, tint they wrre unable to afford sea. sonahle relief to the amiable aod ouly of llicae djimasiilat paranja.. . Sh auuk intrHh. arms of deatn besbre tfce Jaable support at baud could extricate her. Wa are happy to lanrn, that the survivors, although considerably injur ed, are likely to do well. CANA.NDARGUA, June 30. The circuit court held in this towo by Chief Justice Thompson, rinsed its silting on Friday last. The cause of Daniel Peniield, Esq . if tins county, againM SmiM H. Satvbury, and Htze - ktansi. Zutuourf, ol Hunalo, in IV i agar a county, printeis, ibr a libel in printiuir, a pamphlet, purporting to be, "Au investigation of the title of the Hon. William Dickson, to the township of Dumfries, in the district of Gore, U. C. containing an exposition of the conduct of tbe pretended claimants to said lowaslup," etc. was tried, and a verdict of Kiglit Tlunumtd Dollari tendered fortl plaintiff. The pamphlet contains many serious charges against Mr. - ld among which is that of claiming the township mentioned, under a forged dent, knewing it to be forged. It is due to Air. 1 nunld to state that altliouirh the defendants under their plea of the general issue, justified the libellous charges, and gave notice tbat tney would prove them to lie trim, yet on the trial of the came they wholly abandoned that part of their defence. In giving the above verdict, the jury acted on the Dresumotion that the printers were indemni fied by Dickson, the writer of the pamphlet, who resides in Upper Canada, and beyond the reach of our laws. It appears tons proper to state this, berp.use, although the verdict was fully warranted by the libel, the odium should not necessarily attach to the defendants in the case, to that degree which the trial would seem to indicate. Ae tculica dignitm horribili autre Jlogel - Id. IfsaTronn, (Coxs.) July 4. JHelanchefy aecitlrnt The following partic ulars have been communicated to us for publication. The loop Leopard, Capt. E. Tryon, In passing down Connecticut River, on Tues - day.the 3th ult. when opposite WeUiersficId, (Rncky - Hill,) was upset in asquall from N. VV. and precipitate i au on board into tbe water. Before assistance could be rendered from the shore, a young man, passenger, who came on board at Hartford, was drowned. Important iKtcwcrv. We have been inform ed hy a gentleman who lm made trial of Uie experiment, that holding a wound to the fire, will immediately stop the flowing of blood from it t that having received a severe Wound in the foot, and after having become almost eshausted by the loss of blood, he was induced to try the above experiment, and found it ef fectual. The wound must be held lo the fire, tor some considerable length of time. CHARLESTON'. June 29. The Auuda Herald, of Ue 11 in.taut, says : " 1 n season rotituiues ury, and at limes exces sively warm , the gardens in this place and neighborhood are literally parched np. The cotton, corn aud tobacco plant ationi, we understand, are uearly ruiued. 11 we have not raiu in a short time, the couctuencj rouil auJ will be very serious." Hi art of actual tahtfr trctk pnst. Cottou Sea Man I, 'i a 7 j tents per pound santees, w a (JO Slrt staple. 3 1 a 31 1 - 2 cents Rice Triine, $8 3 - 8; second quality, 5 3 - 4 Cottons Pretty large sales of uplands hare beva made this week at prices withiu tha range of our quotations. We have beard of uo sales of sea - islands. Rica Is still in fair demand, aod several sal hare been mad at $b 37 1 - 2 cuits. ' Some noioors are asHing js i.t. Freights Id uerlbfor cotton to England. DltD. Thli (DOMIC? alter a linerin il'iMi.s in the 35tb rear ot his ace. Mr. DAVID G. til 1.1.1 K. Uis fnsuds aad acquiiutaaces are reu?stdd attend bis funeral to morrow morning at 9 o'clock, irom bis late residence .No.. 7 8 Broad - street. , - . Yesterday afternoon, in Ihs 21st year - of brr aga, MU Lorina Mott, daughter of Jacob S. MU. Tha friends and acquaintances oftbe deceased, and those of the famiy, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, to - morrow after - uooo al 5 o'clock, from tha residence of her father, 156 Bi - oooje - itreet, near Orchard - street. At Rhinebeck, On Wednesday last,. Mrs. Cornelia Kissam, relict of the late lr. Benjamin Kissara. Her remains have been brought to this city for interment. The relations and friends of the family, are requested to attend the funeral from her last residence, No. ISO Fulton - street, to - morrow afternoon, at 5 to move precisely at 6 o'clock. A I Worcester, (Ms.) the hon. Cdwd. Bangs, aged C'Z. . 1 t. ft Jit AO ruSI' MAtiUXt. LIU. CLEARED. Ship Favorite, Lambert Havre r. Jenkins K Hon Brig Telegraph, Monro ' Providence llolkar, Cole,' Curracoa Sloi p Kayuhani, Godfrey, roriolk AltKirt.U TUIA rTJKK.VUUA. Schr. Indian Iluiih r. 14 davsfiom Richmond. with fl itir and tobacco, to C U Dufiie, Boorman Johnston, C Dutiois, t titlhime ai. Co. NAD 1 alcitt, U U U 3 tlowlond, Wilson U I lioiu - son, Trokes, D vidsnn Si Co. W Gallagher, i Si a otis, una Ki et r ir.eyer. The, Tarr. has arrived at Liver - pool, from N Oi lewis. 7 he llarniony. Spence, arrived in the Clyde. from Charleston, the 19th May. i . The Niugara, Lombard, in the Clyde, from Savaiinali. BELOW. A ship and brig .i Mil 11) lH H T EVEXUfG, The rhiant ship Julius CirMr, Marshall, 3 days from Liverpool, - with tiatu, hi dwarf, and dry goods, to U. k. I . llafenso ik - ik,) J. Atpiiiwnll, N. RufBi - s k - bon, . Lcppcit, Mamh li Broiiks, W. ischinidt it Co C iiit. 1. Wane, B. Marshall, ; Laveity, Shelters U Co. C Caiildwt - ll k Cu A. Hainiuond, J. WaUdington, Lawiencc,' Rapelye Si Co. W. Uandv k Lo. J. lliislilou, 1., Seartn, in. tielderd, M". Judali, 11 vde it Ncvipl, J . Ho - uier, J. lav lur ii aous, 11. rlolt, major aiuiurg - lie, it k V. Delalield, T.b I K. Law renre st Co. Vm. Weynian ii Co. Kissain ti W'etinore, lav, l)uwn6i EasttH - m, IV. B.tiilley. A. Kinder, Win. WalkiAkon, bands, Spooler U Sands, F. Uskley, K. Marsh, b. tiroun, O. Logeill, a. HJ. Mudson, J. Si. W.Delatan Hi Co. W.C. Hollv, J. E. Hyde, Fellows & Yuan j, Try lor k Hinsdale, 11. Wray, Adcock ii Co. O. Huil'den, J. ii J. Coit, R. Raiitey ii Co. D. L. Dodrc, Curlis &l Lsinb, Aiken, FWh - er kGotldard, E. Rohbius, Vose ii Low, B. W. Kojtf rs ii Co. J ii N. llaight, llichaids, Thylor kL Wilder, Si urges k Clierman, T. k B. Uemilt, W. W. WooUey ki Co. Rogers, Wmihrop it Co. Win. .Manks. Otis k Swan. Lord k Olrusteud, Thos. Edwards, C. 11. Marshall, 3 Samlet son, J. Bates, J. J. Sellir, and to order, rassengers, Mis. Ann Varey, Messrs II. I. W iunincton, W. H. Gibbs, Juhn Kraylrr, Duiiel Fisher, aud 40 in the steerage. Left, May jtb, ships Pacific, Williams, for .ew.loik, June 1st; t.upiinites, ue v Oil. June lOih, fordo ; Importer, far do. discharging; North Star, Phelps, for Belfast, in 4 da vs. Hie ships Briilianl, aud Labella, arrived at Liverpool on Uie Hi of M - 'y from Mew - York. Saw a ship bound into Liverpool the day of sailing, supposed 1o be the Evergreen, from ew - Yo:k. Sailed inco. with ships Favorite, fur Boston, and W. P. Johnston, for Philadelphia. June 5, lat. 45, Ion. Sf7, spoke ship X - . - nnphoii, Lord, 11 days fioui Amsterdam, fur Plnlad. In Im. , Ion. oi, spoke brig Nicola Pimlowitr, to days liom In land, fur Baltimore. It. lut. 43, Ion. 4t, saw several inland of ice. May ift, lost Peter Cook (seaman) overboard. Ship IliUruia, UrHhain, from Liverpool, last from Belfant, in 43 days, with dry eoods, crate Si iron, to W.k a. Lraic, owners, Cornell ii rvori - trand. R. Leirceii.J. bates, J. LBowne, Fish &. tinunll,3allus, Sun Silo. JJ.t.rotticr, r . ir.orojJ son, J AltHirt, L. stunsbir, L,. Uel Vechio, lieu - d. - rsoii k Cairns, J. farrow, Calder, M'Lea k tU, J. Secor kCo. J. II. Lawrence u Co. I. Wrighl k Son, Crarys k Bntcick, V. Unudy, R ln..s, t. 4i W. Pioclor, J Hood.T.WriKht, G. Bins - lev. J. lliomnaou. Smith, M'Call k Co.C.kJ.D Wolfe, W. .Manks, J. A. Willink k Co T. Dixon, J. Fanihaw, liacertv & Au. - len, E. Morewottd, I). S. Keuncdy, Marsh k Rruols, R. M'Clintock, Mitrx At LiasUrv, 'i boa. 'tsuilw, F. VU - iicM"r, Irviiif, Smilh k Hally. U. foreUl, . AspiowaU it Suti, lieaaeU SI aiSHm, a Trertana at . trtllburn k Co. H. Itatney Si Co. Alaj.,r k Gdks - . . . i i . 1 1 pie, S. I . nowsou, B. niJI Mian, iawrence, nupe - leve k Co. J. Churieis, Aikin, Fiili - r k Goildard, P. D. Irvine k Co. J. Bates, J. 1 lood, VV. himball, C. Manv, M Baihursl, and to order. Pakihigers, Mr. k Mrs. Charters, Mi - ssi. Alea. Cianstun, Jas. Mi?ee, A. Dill, W Biiue,iid t in lie ler - age. l.elt, ftlay n, snip Ifesperus. arm in in Nymph, lor lew - iorK ma lew uay , wig onuor bov , lor t'liiiao. in iu uaya. ftriiish Packet Queensburv, Capt. Hannah, from Falmouth, via Ilalifaa, li days from the lattei place, sviih the Mhv mail. Sailed rrom tormcr place iitli .May ; ami irom ine miter um: Spoke, June 2, lut.46,k)iiK 37, 30, ship New Jersey, ISdays from Liverpool lor Alexandria. Srf, lal. 39. 5b. Ions ti7, ;, schr. Daniel, 4 days from New burvport for Gaudaloupe. SliipiSRittna, nice, to unys irum imir, u ballast and diy, to Poll k M hinne, S. V. Boul iiiit, and L Lelevre. line passenger. Bnir Factor. Ciirrsn. 33 days from Havre, m - ith plaster It dry goods, lo A. Cranston b Co. owners, .1. Islin, a. v.nnuiana, l,. nines, .t. mn - ir., r . Varet k Son, P. Seiimette k Jrnnry, W. Milliert, J A. Willink k Co. Richards, Taylor k W ilder, J. 3 Bovd, 1 Harmony, J. A. Lellelher, DC Kham k De Lcssert, F. Depau, Pikelet, Mnutin, Kobert k Co. B. Dcobry, J. S. Bailev, J. J. Laboulssc, H. Cliarreton. J. Lne k Co. Curtis k Lamb, J G. Oliver k Co. F. V. Rivtere, B.deat. Victor, J.J rr - re, J. Chew, tlie captain, and to order. Passengers, Mr. De Fourgeres, consul for Charleston, Mr. Charles Coles k sevt.Mr. Jerre, k It in Hie steer - axe Lett, Mav i3, ships Bellona, Huldrnige ; William, Prady ; Remittance, Collin, all for New - York Isi June; Asia, Sutherland, for do. ; Rubi con, Holrtmlce, no. Lit n ; aoiinia, rcu, lor In dia 5th ; William Bud Henry , lur Bait. 1st j America, Helh, of New York, unr. ; Cyrus, Curtis, for Boston, 5th ; Eliaabt - th, Adams, for Philad. 5th ; Oryen, Auld, lor Bait.1 uiic j Llisitlieth, 'fodd, of Charleston, uuc. ; Warm lhrresa, Bkid - dy, r.22d May from New ork ; brigs Hector, Sheldcn, for a. America, fin June; bownrd, Man - kin, for V. Iulifs, do. ; Comrl, Bond,for St. Pe - tershurp, unC. ; Caravan, raty, fur Gottenburg Urst hud ;sinr: iveymouin, neneuici, was ai ruiu ed j fur New York 6th June. Spoke, June H, lat. 43, 17, long. 3ii, brig two tsrotners, Udayilrom Boston for lUiiilair?. June 1 - lo l.'HU, saiv much ice in Int. 43, long.;47, ta bl. Tlie Maria '1 heresn, at Havre, spoke, off the Lie of Wight, May 3d, ship Emily, Rubnon, from N. Orleaus lor London. . Brig Telegraph, Munro, 5 days from Charleston, wilb cot ion, rice and dry goods, In II. Cowing, I) I. Green, C. Boers, and others. Paengcr, Sirs. Sinkler, Mr. Inklci', lady, 3 children and 3 writs. Mr. k Mrs. J. 1. 'llioinp'ion, Mr. k Mrs.T. Simiiuiiis. 5children k scrvl. Mr. kMi - s. S. Gerry, Mr. k Mrs. Verslille, Miss lirnwn, Mis? Brooks, Slews N.Cogreshall; 9. B Bnsltr, it. Liou.W It. Rawsnn, D. Whitlock, G. Hanuah, ii. A. Hughes, W. D Broii, G. Arthur, and VV. H. Sim nuns in all 35. i Brig Sampson, Ilrnfield. S.r davs from Ntw Orleans, with eonun. tic. to V. 1. Itnliinrnn, D. He - ihnne k Co. Ilo - ert k Knreland, S. B Monn, J Scott, Jones k Megralh, H.Cuit, and Pettrs and lien irk. allrd from Ihe tialirc, Junes, in co with the Marv, Wilder, for N York ; and Chaun rcy, Snow, fur Havana. Ift at do shipi F.agle, and Amnion, foi Liverpool; and Union, lor Havre. S(Hke. June 1, about ID iliiles below pluqoeinin, brig Wanderer, Kempmn, from Hnvre. Cih, bri Monroe. 37 days from B.i.t - m Z'JIh, brif Ann - Maria, Whitlcnoie, 3 days liom the Capeof V.r - rtnia for Oporto. Pa'enerert, A McCrra. S Ave ry, A. Knoa, Mr. Case, J. M. Puce, and E. Huw - ell. Brig Janus, Smith, in 0 days from Rotter dam, lo Hei"tt k hneelaiui, anh cm kc. to N. k D. 'J nlcolt. Pnsspiipers, Mr Lmienliiire, Mr. Spver, families and srnanls. l.rfl hri Ju liana, from N. York; biig Sully Ann, from Savannah ; a Button brig discharging. Copt Smith has brought despatches for government frnro Mr. F.tKlis, Am. minister, who h it Ihe Hnne on the Itrti of May, for Lone' jn. Spoke, June 6, lat. SH. long. 41, biig Henry, Jenkins, 13 days lnnnN York lor Cape ile - , Brie William, Richmond, llrinvs frm HsTana, with sugar, molasses, ale; to I. pnrSard. L'li June , bns; biieedy resce, - for Sew York, net day; toiH - j;if, U'Bih - ji, fur do iu ID; Eliza Auh, NvSris, for k Maiid, lO hebiBeckwith,Tisher, focoa.' tun, naj, am, wilivrs. - ,. BrfgTybee, Barker, 6 day from Savanaak with cos ton and dry goods, lo T. C. Butler, lantliim, Sturpes k Sueruiao, D. Chapin, Cojr'lei - k Bidwrll, Jouah St urges, and A. rucherds - - - fi. ngera, W. Scarbovnueh Esq. lady and family k Miss B.41, R. Isaacs Kd. and iamily, Mr. Crin. sha,ladT nnd Miss Wallace, Mrs. Rockwll. this Tyspo, Mrs. Pierce and daughter, Messrs. Gwitk. my, lay lor, Dr. Poachers, Mr. Thursioo, dantlt. ter and son, and 0 in the steerage. Left. June S8 hipJobnk Edward, for Liverpool ia 15; stirs Margawl k Sarah, for do. SWh July ; Wis. Henry, for Havre, in 10 days. A Five Fathom, ihia tdobe, Dnvall, for N. York, next tide ; ship Lady fi.illatin, Europe, and a nuinber of others. Schr William; Bigoi;tof Boston) in 27 days fr New - Orleans, dad 25 from ihe Balise, with tobsx co and cnttou,ta Marsh k Brooks, E.k H. Averill G. G. Jones, Hyde k Nevins, Hicks, Lawrence tt Co. J. L. Ogden k ('o. and the capt. ' Passenger cnptniii James, of Boston. Off Mnrtinetla Reef spoke British brig - Elisa, I V days from Jamaica for Liverpool .ome day ipukc ship I.aglr, Iron New Orleans for Liverpool, who had seen two dvi previous, a ship nshore ou Martin's Reef, Florida shore. Left nt N Orleans, the shin Graod Seirn - or. for New York, the same day ; ship Orleans fur Philadelphia do ; brig Chatham, for Liverpouiic ' Sailed in co. with the Eagle aud Union, for Lim - ' pool ; aud Amxtou, for France. Sailed from Uie city in co. with the bi ig Abtoiia, tckrs June t Ann - Maria, all for "New York ; and brig Man., Stack). ole, for Boston ' Schr. Cotheiiiw Rovers, Kelchsm, 6 davs from Wilmington, N. C.wilh cotton, naval stores, itti und drv goodi,toM. Gilihs, W. Neilson ii Soiuh. tittstir, A Clark, and otners. Passengers, Messrs! 'lilden, Clark, King, Parker. SeUleoer, Walter, and two others. ;' Ihe brig Twins, had ar froa this port. Lett nothing lor this port. On Than, day, off Chingoteanui, spoke sloop Hector, 6 dl from New London, for Savannah. Schr. Constitution, Spnrliug, 3 days from PtiL adelphia, with corn weal, buuud lo New Havea Selir. PrregriiM', Brown, i dais flora hnllasl, to W.kC. Porter. Sch - Victory. Craw, 4 days from Norfolk, w& shingles, to lit capt. Schr. VVro. b lhnry, Ames, 9 days from Fns) ericksbiirg, with flour, lu Vuhhk UaUaher.iia4 T. Buckley ft Son.; ' Shr. Ranger, vYood,4davs from Norfolk, with Jiiugli - s, molae, kc. t.o ihe master and others - .iir. ina, iiaavi irom oi. Au - drews, with plaster, to the mattar. bebr. LndanurtHt; Vau bchaick, C davs from S. viiibIi, ilh tobacco, Cfttoa and sprri, to A G. rneips, a. ii. hub, a. - nnoi, i. Oibbs, and C. Richards. Passenger, Col. J.J Maxwell, lady k 2 children, Mrs. BJackoelt k daughter, Col. D. .n formica c son, auu 10 ia ine ncerage. Schr. Snuhrouia, Vtrrr.b davshoui IT. Bed ford, with plasty, oX L. Bowne. Sihr. I'liHin, lnrnll,0daysfrom NorUk. wilb shinrlrs. to J .kC Seenine July !, off Cjliinen. league, spoke Kr brig Dart, from St. John, N. B. lor IJ.illiinore, v ho had spoken & days before, slut Mount V ernon, Irom lieliast, tor Balltsaorw, win - passengers. - - ' . hc'.ir. bisters, vv ynant, a days Irom riorrolk, witlihingles,tothemater. - Schr. Mary - Ann, Pike, 7 days from Savannah, with hardware auJ ballast, to Squire k SUbraas, 40 passengers. Schr. Jolin ttadmnn, Hunker, b days l coat watk - ington, .V C.witn naval Stores, ts K. kC. VV. U import k Co. . i Br. scbr Lady l la ire, iiamiiton, zi onys iron Halifax, with ballast and 30 passengers, lo Ihe master Junel, kit 4.', Ion K7, 30, spoke brig Fawn, from Madeira bound to Boston. Sloop Travelknr, Bcaiton, 7 days fr. Richmond, with coal, lo A. Frnscr. Sloop Spartan, Montague, 5 days from Charleston, ballast, bound to Hartford. Sloop Shepherdess. Bliven, t days from Newport, with ruin and run, lo Burrill k Cahoone. Sloop Margarrt, Davi,3 days from Snow Hitt, with corn and slaves, to the capt. - To tbe not - ward of Barnrgat, saw a vessel, supposed Iu bs a schr. buttons up oo prrsoa onboard. Sloop Four Sisiers, Howes, 14 davs from St. Anditttvs, with grindstones, bound to Hudson. - Sloop Lottery, Pahm - r, 6 days liora ChSTk. ton, in ballast, buund to New Haven. Twa Pis - seiig rs. Sailed in co. with schr. Margaret, Cs aell, and brig Telgiapfa, Munro, both lor New Yurk ; ship Pennsylvania for Philad. Sloop aarah Ann, Burt, 6 days from Savaaj nnh, ait'a cottou and 7 passengers, bound to l'lovidence. - . - "". , Sloop Elisa, Case, 9 days from Jsammi, ' with cotton and passeiigars, boaad lo rVow. acs. Sloop - tUrxa, Howes, a days trans Boston, tik Ash. to B. fitovanrer ad the capt. Sloop Gold lluolrres, M'Laughliii, 13 daft liom New Orleans, and 44 from uie Balise, wttk rolton, kc. IS ScBdk UoUh II. Sailed Uear bt - lue in co. with brig urilia, lor New - York, sal Ciihose Coruee, for Jvs(oa. Clio, lor Baltinwri, lulled i dav before, chins Oi leans, lor Phikilrk plus; Giand freignior, drif John, at Abeena; ichrs. Williiiin.aiHl Ann Maria. and scir. Zepl.j(, of K. Island, alt sailed irom the ton Ui June - Ship Laguira, lor York, ass to sad loth., Bnj Commerce, Daggelt, ar. at New - OrWaos IDS June from New - 1 oik. Passed, la Ibe river, skis Alorning Star, of R Lland, bound up ; off the bar, schr. Undaunted, bound hi, and sloon Condoms. days from liavaimn, do. Spoke, Juae 14, tt the Tortugns, slnpl.'uion, FUlirr, ot Providruel,. 34 ilaysfr. N. Orleans, for Havie rrportadbsvatf been bonrded 3 days before by a vessel witboul e lors, aud plundered of cabin stores, a cask of irr, and the passengers of their astrbec and pi vale proei ty understood capt F he should as into Havanna fur supplies.' .June Z7, lat. 30, Isa;. 7y, upoke brig Elizs, 3 days from Mafanaas hi Baltimure, which sailed in ca. with the Factor at New - York. Passengers, Messrs. Guodsrin, B ker, Brunei, Punell, Webb, Ferguson, swing, Wit, aud Howell. , At Amliov, Br. ship Alligator, oft days frcm m teilord, Ireland, with 230 passengers. The Washington, 74, sailed from Gibraltar, a co. with ship Jefferson, Gray, for Cadis ass Philad.; Alias. Greene, lor New - Oi leans j icha j Major Croghao, Wooten, for Norfolk ; Orsi ! iiigrahnnt, Ironi Messina for Boston J Jane, (tt London ; brigs, Jackvon, lor PhiUd. ; Independence, Percivul, Ibr Boston. l shis Goelet, of New - Yorki repainug ; schr. rengina, lavlor. of New - York, uilcer. : srbr. Thoms - ls - nam, from New - Yof k, ar. 1 1th, discbg. Ike bi Romp, Goodwin, sailed for Smyrna on lbs 13w Vl - .v I t - (i nl IVlHilrirs. June I. brbrOilcsiU,0f Portsmouth, lor New - York, and several others sol recollected. . . Prices if Gibraltar, Way 19. Fkmr, ins , Rice, 7; Tobacco, 10 N.Oi leans Cotton, 5? eis, r' ... x: ii i r. n. A.lan, Jans 7m, ship th iun, Tboiupsoa, - ami brig Chatham, lisra - den, tioin lor t,i - i - paos. . . i he schr. iark, VV nl ai ami senr. . - woiuer, for New - York, soiled from llaliiaa iu co. " ihe Packet. The sloop l - mle bill, ar. at nau.w 20th June from Fhilad. Schr. Two Brothers, iosailforN,ea - Yoik2Sd. Lbvd s LUt of May 2Jd, mentions die Gov - GrUwwld, being at Os:end ISth Way, from fct minKo. At Liwipool, Wrtli, ElisvJane, Taula"t Bhttimorej Sbil.Turr,Charltltoo. ,Jii He Cherub, M Keever, fcavamieh . The Br.liip Aieaano;r Bucnaoan, pool, for New Bjuusw,k, u lost u the coast ,ov Scotin. 1 - JU Bosxoa, Julv 3 - Arrived, sliip Conwrdia, Adams, 32 days from Co desux. Saded from the City 29th, and tbe Cordovan ouui Mav. Left, ship Highlander, Davis, lor (Weans. 20 days ; WarrinSton, Smith, fcr Rio Janeiro, unceiuin when to ail Souui vv - na, Easierby, Trom Charleston, nc"'' 7 ' iusannah, ttvan, (former roaster died the arrivctl) 'from N York, discharging ; t - K Spaflord, fim dodo, brigs Eunice, l.eldt, for Havana, - 5th June Cirmp"'' Campbell, for Port au.Prince, neat day ; iJ 1 .. .: . . - ..... vi, wncertaui Mary remain, ctuuywr, r e,. sclirs i aiem, lors, n vrica", 1 ... . i . . ... - .,. i urner. for X Yolk, and Hannah, Cassuv, lor PWJJ sailed about a week prcvkus - saw the i 2rth ult lat 43, Ion 6a Spoke, 30th lesifties from Uie Cordiivan. brig - Reindeer, days f.oin Yoik for Bordeaiu, aU weU. Noi.roi.ic. July l. - Arrived British sloo? Mary Francis. Nelra 15 days fivm la Hampton Road waiung - orders, siit Mi.ria Tul'tun, Keunard, from Portsmouth, . The sch Ann Kosina, Manchester, 16tt' from Doston, lor Pu.erJ.urg, hu gone up " The barque Kitty, Collins, outard bou ibr Cork, wbilcly.ngjnthe biteof Cranej ar.d repairing damage aLjchlier fcron

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