The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

TWENTY DIAMOND BROS. Where Thrift Begins 205 North Federal Ave, Gooseberries,Apricots or Blackberries,No. 10 can..39c RED CHERRIES, Af No. 10 can Twl. DRIED BEEF, 9(l/» per pound tiiJ\, Hershey's COCOA, 7! i/ 2 -lb. can I 2 l * Fancy COCOANUT, 1 Q SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR, OO- per box *-'*' 1 - GERMAN SWEET CHOCOLATE, O9- 3 lOcbars ««*· Log Cabin SYRUP, 7Q- large can 1 «/ C Sliced PINEAPPLE, £O No. 10 can "«**· FRESH EGGS, OC- 2 dozen *"**· Salad DRESSING, O1 quart jar fci 1 v Peaches, 9^l» 2 No. 2'/ 2 cans... tiJ*' Crushed Pineapple or Fancy Blueberries, No. 10 can 49c PEACHES In No. 10 Cans Pnvnl Phof *?Qp Alamont, (fancy, lc SALE OF UPTON'S TEA Green Label Japan 1st Vi Ib. pkg., 33c 2nd '/2 Ib. pkg l c Or 2 Vi Ib pkgs for 34c BARTLETT PEARS In No. 10 Cans Nile Brand 39c White Tag 45c Oak Leaf (fancy -in syrup) 49c Oregon Prunes or Musselman's Apple Sauce,No. 10can33c ROLLED OATS, 1 1 2 boxes lit BUCKWHEAT, OA/» I f ) lh hair «J*/C NAVY BEANS, O1 _ 5-lb.pkg. £lt MACARONI, OO _ 3 Ibs x . . . . £«*V MALTO MEAL, 1Q r APPLE BUTTER, 1C 36 oz. jar 1«JC. Reputation OLEO, OQ 9 lh nlro- M V V Fancy WALNUTS, l A (Ige. size) per Ib. IHC PECAN MEATS, OC Vt Ib. Pkg. ^« JC BAKING SODA, 1C 2 lOc pkgs. ItJV POTTED MEAT, O P 6 cans «vt Kippered SNACKS, OC 5 cans L*J\- Home Rendered A Q « LARD, 51b.pail..**J- TOMATO JUICE, 1 Q- 2-- 15c bottles 13L Holland HERRING, OO _ 91b.keg O«Jt Bartlett Pears or Apricots, 2 No. 2* cans .. . . . 29c MOPS Mop and stick, all complete, for 25c M. J. B. "Quality Coffee" 2-lb. can 59c Corn, Carrots, Pumpkin or Kraut, 4 No. 2 cans... 29c PEAS, FANCY FIGS, 25c can MELLO, 3 lOc cans STOVE PASTE, ?,5r I5c 25c · l i e Limburger Cheese, 1A- 1-lb pk". 1I7C Musselman's Jelly, | C 14 oz. glass Iwv ROCK CANDY, "7n^ 5-lb. box 1 JrL Smoked HERRING, 1C (Boneless) per Ib. Ut Powdered SUGAR, 1 Q 31b. pkg l«/t- FANCY DATES, 1 ft 2 Ib. pkg li't- VANILLA (Imita- 1 P tion) 802. bottle.. IOC Boneless CODFISH, 1A 1 Ib. box 13C Asparagus,Spinach or Mixed Vegetables,3 No.2 cans 29c CLABBER GIRL "The Sealed in BAKING POWDER" 32-or. ' 00- rnn MvV COFFEE "Fancy Peaberry" 1 Ib. pkg. 17c; 3 Ib. pkg. 49c "Reputation" 1 Ib. pkg. 19c; 3 Ib. pkg. 55c SEMINOLE Toilet Tissue - "Cotton Soft" 4-1,000- OC Sheet Rolls *««Jl. Fancy Smoked Hams (small sizes) per Ib. . . .' . 15c SUNNY MONDAY SOAP, HOLLYWOOD TOILET SOAP, 6 bars COLGATE'S SHAVING SOAP, 3 bars GOLD DUST CLEANSER, GOLD DUST POWDER, 19c lOc 13c 13c 15c CANDY: Chocolate Creams, per pound SUNLITE JELL POWDER, 6 packages WHOLE WHEAT FLAKES, (Kellogg's) 3-- lie pkgs.. ..'... CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP, 2 cans EVR-REDY DOG FOOD, 3 cans 13c 25c 25c 15c 25c Fancy Cookies: Sugar Wafers or Sandwich Whirls, per Ib. . . 15c FLOUR Pillsbury's Best 49-lb bag $1.85 Reputation Brand 49-lb. bag $1-49 ^Diamond Best JA 1L Vi^cr ^1 fin Virginia Sweet P i M P A T t P PT OITR Large Package 19c HUBINGER SYRUP In 10-lb. Pails "Blue Label" 42c "Red Label" 45c Potatoes, U. S. No. 1 Stock Good lor Seed or Table Use COBBLERS Pk. 2oc; 100-lb. bag §1.4o EARLY OHIOS, TRIUMPHS Pk. 28c; 100-lb. bag $1.69 RUSSETS Good for Baking or Cooking Pk. 28c; 100-lb. bag $1.69 D T «n Starting and Growing Jl rO'LaC .Mash, 50-lb. bag $1.291 100-lb. Bas .. $2.46 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAYS 1931 "ivil Service Exams to Be Held Saturday for Stenographers Civil service examinations for the irst group of applicants for the po- ition of stenographer and typist vill be conducted Saturday morning eginning at 8:30 o'clock in the lamination rooms in the basement THEY crackle IN CREAM THERE'S no other cereal like Kellogg's Rice Kris- pies. Bubbles of rice so crisp they crackle and pop in milk or cream. Children, especially, like this f a s c i n a t i n g cereal. Wholesome, too -- let them eat all they" want. Fine for breakfast, lunch, or the kiddies' supper. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Listen!-- of the Federal building, according to an announcement made Thursday by K. H. Bruner and C. E. Price, members of the examining board. Only those applicants who have received admission cards for this particular examination will be allowed to take the tests at this time. Admission cards announcing a later examination for another group of applicants for this position will be sent out soon, board officials said. In view of the fact that the desks in the civil service examination rooms are approximately five inches higher than the usual desk for typewriting, it was recommended that applicants either bring their owu desks or a large book or something of the sort which could be used to increase the height of the chair seats. "President makes serious mistake." Rats! How can you tell a man is making a mistake if you don't know what he's up to.--Cedar Rapids Gazette. is what a woman asks for when buying salt in Italy, i Here in America, 2/3 of all women ask for Morton's because-WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS County Attorney Mason Announces His Candidacy To Seek Nomination for Re-Election to Office. County Attorney M. L. "Larry" Mason Thursday announced he would be a candidate for the democratic nomination for re-election to the office. Mr. Mason, who is now serving hi- first term of office, has handled a comparatively large number of criminal cases since he began serving Jan. 1, 1933. He obtained 46 county jail sentences and 13 sentences to state penal institutions during his first year as county attorney. The county attorney received his A. B. degree at Notre Dame in 1929 and his LL. B. degree from the University of Minnesota in 1931. Born on a farm in Warren county, 111., Mr. Mason came to Mason City in June, 1921, with his father. L. W. Mason, an employe of the Deere Plow company. J While in the Mason City high school he played both football and basketball and for a number of years he played in the Twilight league. ALLEGES HE WAS REFUSED PERMIT Art Walk of Plymouth Files District Court Petition Asking Mandamus. Alleging that they had refused his application for a Class B beer permit and had failed to state any reason for doing so, Art Walk filed a petition Thursday in district court here asking that the city council and Mayor Oswald Strand of Plymouth be commanded in a pre-emp- tory order of mandamus to issue the permit and that the court set a time for the hearing of the action. The application for the license to sell beer was made April 5 and suitable bond was posted at that time, according to Walk's petition, which also stated that his business has been suffering considerably since he has had no license. Members of the Plymouth city council are George Reynolds, H. L. "IGA" PHONE 2727 FRESH CHURNED DAILY MATCHED SLICES Pineapple Pillsbury Cake Flour BEET 10 LB. CLOTH BAG STOP SHOP FOOD MARKET 123 NORTH EEDERAL. AVE. Butter One Pound Can Calumet Baking Pwd. Imitation Vanilla" Extract 8-oz. Bottle Sugar Fresh Tender Meats END CUTS Pork Chops It Beef Roast It SMOKED Ham Shanks FRESH Ground Beef NO. 1 SLICED Bacon . . . It TO THE PUBLIC WE SELL THE BEST MEATS PROCURABLE VI A««M Gold Nugget, 49 Ibs. $1.§5 JT 1OUJT Gold Medal, 24 1 /* Ibs. $1.08 ib.7 c ib. 8« Garden Fresh Vegetables BAKING Potatoes Peck FRESH Carrots 2 Bunches SUNKIST, 300 SIZE Lemons Dozen FIRM YELLOW f JM Bananas, 3 Ibs- i j c Strawberries Lowest Possible Price WE HAVE IN STOCK No. 1 Early Ohio Tomato and Seed Potatoes Cabbage Plants "Bosco THE GROWING KIDDIES' PAL 2§c PALMOLIVE SOAP bars CAMAY SOAP 4 bars 19* ^ 12»oz. Jar . . 20»oz. Jar . . CUTSTRINGLESS BEANS CAROL SALAD DRESSING Quart Jar . . M. L. "LARRY" MASON Tenney, F. A. Peshak. H. W. Hill and W. 0. prescott. APRIL WINDIEST AND DRIEST HERE IN TWO DECADES Prctically All Moisture Fell Opening Days of Month, Wind and drought are the marks upon April disclosed by a study of he Globe-Gazette's day to day A-eather figures. Precipitation for the month to- aled only 1.05 inches. The only measurable moisture of the entire month fell within the first four days, ollowing the heavy snowstorm which occurred just before the end if March. · Then it was that the wind began howling and it continued through most of April, with an accompaniment of dust-filled air. Wind and ;ust reached their crescendo in the jeriocl between April 20 and 25, with ach succeeding day apparently try- ng to outdo the previous one. The average April temperature was 45.8 degrees, which is also close o the average yearly temperature n this region. In this respect, April may be said to have been close to normal. Precipitation at Start. Out of the first five days in April, four had an appreciable precipita- :ion, .85 of an inch on the morning of April 3 being the greatest 24 hour fall. On six days later in the mouth, traces of rain or snow were recorded. Nineteen days were listed as clear, 19 as partly cloudy and 2 as cloudy. On 19 days the predominant wind was from the north. The preceding month, March, had an average temperature of 33.7 de- reea and a total precipitation of 1.8 inches. April of last year showed an average temperature of 44.6 degrees and a precipitation of only .88 of an inch. At Charles City, where there is a full time TJ. S. weather station, April was listed as the dryest since 1910 and the windiest since 1912. Average precipitation- for April in this region is 2'4 inches. Thus there was a deficiency here of approximately an inch and a half. Dust From -Dryer States. April's average wind velocity, according to" the report of E. G. Larson, in charge of the Charles City weather station, was 9.4 miles an hour. The highest velocity for a five minute period was 26 miles an hour, from the southwest on April IS. Velocities of 20 miles or higher occurred, however, on 11 of the 30 days. "Several dust storms occurred," says the report, "but there was little local dust, "most of it being blown in from the dried areas toward the northwest." The amount of sunshine was near normal, the percentage of the possible amount being 60, or l per cent above normal, according to Mr. Larson. Day to Day Figures. The day to day weather figures from the Globe-Gazete's records follow: Max. Min. 35 29 43 32 56 37 43 34 40 34 44 37 54 .... 04 April 1 .. April 2 .. April 3 .. April 4 .. April 5 .. April 6 .. April 7 .. April S .. April 9 77 April 10 74 April 11 56 April 12 40 April 13 47 April 14 49 April 15 60 April 16 56 April 17 59 April IS 71 April 19 70 April 20 43 April 21 45 April 22 57 April 23 63 April 24 43 April 25 47 April 26 65 April 27 57 April 28 62 April 29 SI April 30 SO 38 ·13 50 34 33 30 28 2S 37 29 33 4S 40 27 24 39 50 23 24 43 27 35 47 61 ; Rate Grocery SAVES YOU MONEY Let Us Have Your Grocery and Meat Orders--Wo Know We Can Save You Money. (Our trices Arc Never High) SO E. State St.--Phone 1 12-113 508 1st. St. S. W.--Fhone 114 50c BEET SUGAR, 10 pounds Shredded COCOANUT, 1 Q (best) per pound 1«JC BUTTER, NORA SPRINGS, (None Better), 9IP pound BLISS COFFEE, 1-lt. .en n Free. .OS 0 .85 .01 .11 0 0 0 0 o Tr. 0 0 0 0 0 0 Tr Tr Tr Tr Tr 0 0 0 0 0 ? 25c Chase and Sanborn COFFEE, 1-lb. c a n . . . ^MBHHMBM Red Pitted CHEBRIES, No. 10 can. ^mmmm-- OMA FLOUR, 49-pound sack«J TRIUMPH FLOUR (None Better) t1 7Q 49-lb. sack ..'..... «?*·'*' lOc KITCHEN OC., CLEANSER, 4 cans.. 1 «*l MACARONI OR O r _ SPAGHETTI, 3 Ibs... £ul MACARONI, NOODLES, OK SPAGHETTI, 5 pUgs. ; Airplane companies can't bid until i ; they get new heads. If only that ruie i I ; had applied to our bridge partner I I ' last night.--KexviintMi Star Courier. ! CHICK FEED MASH £59c 12c CORN, PEAS and - J A TOMATOES, can ---- * ul - MUSTARD, full quarts 12c FANCY DRIED APRICOTS, Ib, . 19c FANCY DRIED PEACHES, 2 Ibs 25c Mr. Farmer: Bring us your cgs s--they buy more here. HEINZ DEMONSTRATION Here Friday. Come in and have a treat. Gelutihe Powder, ·)£ - CRACKERS, (best -j Q ' ^^^^^^^^···IBBWW^^^-- Our Stores Are as Close as Your Phone. \Ve Deliver Orders of aOc or More. YELLOW CORN 1 A _ MEAL, 5 Ibs. A" 1 - CRYSTAL AVHITE SOAP PANCAKE FLODK, 4-lb. sack STEAWBEKKIES (Swectcn- BKOOMS, GOOD OKES 39c 49c 59c WITH 4 BAKS OF CAMAY SOAP -- Wash Cloth FREE! ORANGES, Sweet and Juicy DMen 19c23c29c S\LAD DRESSING OK SANDWICH SPREAD, quart jar OYSTER SHELLS, CC-. 100-lb. sacliS UJ«. ]2c KELLOGG'S WHOLE WHEAT BISCUITS, 05Q SORGHUM, Vi gal. 25c: per gallon PRICES ABOVE GOOD FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY C. E. BUSH, Mgr. 30 East State Street EARL BDSH, Mgr. 508 First Street S. W. Cut Rate Grocery

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