The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1937 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1937
Page 22
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*£,,., 1 j ' 5 1 \l i! *- 4 -\ \ , TWENTY-TWO .MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 16 · 1937 CATTLE AND LAMB PRICES ADVANCE HOGS CONTINUE TO TEND DOWN Unchanged to Dime Lower as Top Drops 5 Cents to $10.25. CHICAGO, (fP) -- Hog prices continued to display a downward tendency Tuesday jn the face of another run that overshot advance estimates. . . . Cattle and lambs, however moved upward, the latter main- · taining the sensational advance that has added more than $3 per hundred weight to lamb values since the first of the year. Hog sales were on an unchanged to 10 cents lower basis. Top lost 5 cents to $10.25. The bulk, o'f fed steers and yearlings sold on a'riear steady to shade higher basis with shippers picking up some loads at a slight price advance. .Top was $15 which matched last week's 14 months .peak. The bulk of the steer crop, however, moved at $9.25'to $12.50. Fat lambs again fell 1,000 head below expectations and as a .result-sellers held their, best lambs for $13.25, a new seven-year peak in this market The trade was slow getting started, however. There was no change in wholesale meat prices here but reports from the trade indicated tlfe- movement of rrieat was' better. This improvement was rather unexpected during lent. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday. HOGS . Ten cents lower. Good light U e h t s ' - . . 140-150 '? 7,35 Good light lights /.. 15D-1GO Good lights j 1CO-170 Good lights , ; . . . 170-180 Good Heht butchers 1BO-200 Good light butchers 200-220 Good IKE. wt. butch. 220-250 Good me. wt. butch. 250-270 Good me. wt. butch. 270-290 Good heavy butchers 290-325 Good heavy butchers 325-350 Good heavy butchers 350-400 Good packing sows . 275-350 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 Good big heavy sows 425-500 v Good biff henvy sows 500-550 s 8.45- 6.75 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price is for short and long haul hogs.) CAirr,E Choice to prime steers Good to choice steers Fair to good steers ........ Low grade steers Choice'to prime yearlings .. Good to choice yearlings ... Fair to good yearlings .... Common to fair yearlings .. Good to choice heifers Fair to good Heifers-- .. Common to (air heifers .... Choice to prime cows ..... Good to choice cows Fair to good cows Fair to good cutters Common to fair cutters .... good canners ...... Common to-fair canners ,..; Good to choice bulls Light bulls .' Calves, gd. to choice Calves, med. to good · 7.65 5 7.85- 8.15 5 8.55- 8.05 5 9.00- 9.30 $ 0.20- 9. GO S 9.50- 9. BO S 9.50- '9.80 S 9.SO- 9. BO S 9.50- 9.80 $ 9:40- 9.70 5 9.30- 9.GO S 9.15- 9.45 S 9.05- 9.35 S 8.85- 9.15 S' 9.65- 9.95 $10,00-11.50 $ a.00-10.00 $ 6.00- 8.00 $ 4.00- G.DO $ 9.00-10.00 MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 2400 230O 800 MONTHLY RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES' OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT SOURCE Ktvmf or rue JRCASURT KIT. uoimo, HVEMKS ABE SHOW* rot EICH FISCAL YEAS FBCU ,1:1 TO 1935; THERtAfTEfi. ACTUAL RECEIPTS JWQ EXPENCTTUflES EY MONTHS. AMOUNTS USEG FOR PUBLIC OfST ' RETIREMENT. AND WCREHENT5 RESULTING rROM 'GOLD DEVALUATION ARC EXCLUDED. n i i i i--i--t--i--i--I--r- INCLUDES 51,673.492,131.7? FO«J j"*" NET EXPENDITURES AS REPOflTEO BY TREASURY KPT.-'AFTER CREDITING LOAN REPAYMENTS MAOE TO EMERGENCY AGENCIES. -1935 MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 240O 2300 800 700 600 500 400 300 2OO too O -1936- -1937- Hog Markets S 5.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 5.00 S 7.00- 9.0N S 5.00- 7.00 S 3.50-5.00 S 5.00- 0.00 S 4.50- 5.00 S 3.50- 4.25 S 3,50-4.00 BUDWEST H O G S Hog prices at midwest markets Tuesday: WiVTEltI.00--Hogs lOc lower. Good to choice 140-150 IDS, $7.50(37-80; 350-160 Ibs. $BS£B.20; 160-170 ibs. S8.eo®8.30; 170-100 Ibs. 59.1569.45: 180-200 Ibs. 59.4569,75 200-290 Ibs. 5S.55S9.85; 290-323 Its. $9.45; 325-350 Ibs. 59.35g9.65; packing sows 275-350 '.bs. S9.05G9.3S; 350-425 Ibs S3.OOljJ9.20; 425-550 Ibs. 58.75S9.05. CEDAIt RAPIDS--Good hogs 140-150 Ibs. S7.55lS7.B5; 150-1CO Ibs. S8.654j8.35 JCO-no Ibs. S8.55fflB.B5; 170-1BD Ibs. 59.15 (S9.45; 180-200 Ibs. 59.4Sg9.75; 200-325 Ibs 59.5569,85; 325-350 Ibs. $9.40@9.70; gooi packers 275-350 Ibs. $9.05@9.35; 350-425 Ibs. 58.90(59.20; 425-500 Ibs. S8.75S9.05 500-550 Ibs. $8.60(88,90. '·"· OTTUMWA--Hous 5c lower; 140 to 150 Ibs. S7.55SJJ7.85; 150 to ICO Ibs. 58.05iSe.35 ISO to 170 Ibs. $8.55ffi8.85; 170 to 1BO Ibs $9.15(jJ9.45; 180 to 200 Ibs. 59.35S'9.65; 200 to 290 Ibs. 59.55H9.85; 290 to 325 Ibs. 59.45 69.75; 325 to 350 Ibs. 59.35 89.65; 350 to ·100 Ibs. S9.2S5J9.55; packers 275 to 350 Ibs..59.05®9.35; 350 to 425 Ibs. S8.9o®9.25; 425 to 550 Ibs. $a.SOS59.10. AUSTIN'--Hoes 5c lower: good to choice 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.45529.75; 200 to 290 Ids. 5S.60SJ9.SO; 250 to 325 Ibs. ?9.50@ S.BO; 325 to 350 IDS. 59.40S9.70; packing sows good 275 to 550 Ibs. $3.90S9.50. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MOINES, Vn--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined bog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period 9ndcd at 8 a. m. Tuesday were 1C.70D compared with 15,400 a week ago and 13,900 a year ago. Generally 5c to lOc lower; spots steady; trade undertone fairly active; loading indicated less than 27.500 week ago. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 160 Ibs. good and choice S7.95ffI8.95; Ight weights 160 to 180 Ibs. S8.BOCr9.65; 180 to 200 Ibs.' S9.COfT9.90; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. $0.70@10.10: 220 o 250 Ibs. S9.70t3UO.lo; heavy weights 50 to 290 Ibs. S9.70®10.10; 290 to 330 bs. 59.60(i}10; packing sows 275 to 350 S 3,011- 3.SO ilbs. Rood SO.30r,T0.5(1; 350 to 425 .Ibs. $ 2,75- 3.00 S 2.50- 2.75 3 4.50- 5.50 S 4.00 130-190 S 6.00- 7.00 130-170 S 3.50- G.OO Calves, infer, to 6d. 130-190 S 3.50 d'wn LAMBS Lambs, Ed. to choice 70-90 $ 7.75-11.00 , . Lambs, mcd. to good 70-90 Iiambs, ST. to medium 70-00 Lambs, common .. ......... . Yearlings, gd. (o eh. 70-90 Yearlings, medium to good Yearlings, fair to medium Yearlings, culls . ........... Native ewes, "good to choice Culls, ewes ................. 0,75- 9.75 $ 5.75- 8.75 $5.75 d'wn S 5.00- 6.00 S 4.00- 5.00 S 3.00- 4.00 5 2.00- 2.50 S 2.00- 4 00 s i.oo- 1.50 s i.oo- 2.00 $ 5.00- 6.00 5 3 0 0 - 5 0 0 ........... Wethers, 2 year olds ..... . Wethers, old . . ....... . Buck lambs A l l o w s . No dock on lambs. Quotation* subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. . (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, s-TJ. S. department of agriculture-- . HOGS 19,000; Including 6.000 dirccl; market mostly steady lo lOc lower than Monday's average; packing sows steady to weak; top S10.25; bulk good and choice 190-lo 320 Ibs. S10®10.20; 160 to 180 Ibs $9.G5«?10; few choice, pigs $8.75@9; most packing sows $£.35l29.65. CATTLE B.OOO; calves 2,000: fed steers and yearlings fully steady; instances higher on outside account; $15 paid for 1.211 lb. averages; next highest price 514.85; most steers selling at $9.25fli»12.50 however, but several loads at 513.25® 14,50; fed yearling heifers steady; common a n d ' m e d i u m grade weighty heifers and cows weak: bulls steady: vcalers unevenly steady tp 23c higher; mostly SJ8 10 with $10.50 paid tor selects: meaty feeders 58.75(59.25 far 800 to 1,100 lb. averages. ' SHEEP 6,000; none dirccl: fat Jambs supply around 50 per cent from Colorado: very little' early trading; few lots Rood natives ?12.25®12.50; holding best fed Iambs $13.25 and above; fat sheep strong to 25c Msher; small lot light weight fed western ewes 57.75; natives scarce; few choice weighty kinds 57® .SOUTH ST. PATJt, LIVESTOCK (Tuiuulay Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, m--U. S.. department of agriculture-CATTLE 3,000; slaughter steers naont steady; few medium to good $8^10.50; heifers f u l l y ' steady; bulk early $6.50fi; 8.50; some held about S9.50; calves slow, around steady: medium and good beef cows $5.75(87.25; plain cows down to $5; low cullers and .cutters mostly $3.75® 4.75; bulls fully steady;, good heavyweights SGHB.25; plain and medium grades $5(^5.85; stockors and feeders fully steady; calves 3,200: strong to 50c higher; most good and choice $8@3; selections' 59.50; odd head more. HOGS 7,000; opening around lOc or more lower than Monday's average; lights and underweights !0@25c or more lower t h a n Monday's opening; good and choice 190 to 300 Ibs. S9.80Q9.90: .top 59.95; 160 to 190 Ibs: mostly J9.SOe9.BO; 120 to 150 !bs. S8.25W9.25; sows steady, good sows largely S9.50; average cost Monday S».74: wolcht 207 Ibs. . SHEEP 1,500; scattered early sales good to choice native iambs strong to H5c higher at 512.25; best fed Iambs held well above that price; common to medium grades 59.50@I1.25; good to choice native ewes strong at sea 1 *: choice lambs Monday S12.50; 'range feeding lambs Monday 510.25 @10.15. -SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market} SIOUX CITY, W}--U. S. department of agriculture--. , CATTLE 2.000; calves 300: beef steers and yearlings moderately active; largely llrm; iheifcrs scarce, unchanged; cows slow, about steady: stockers and feeders fully steady; car Inls choice around 1,500 lb. steers ?13; load lots 1,225 to 1,250 ]b necves $12.75; several loads good offer- Ings $10011: short feds down to 57.25 and below; small lots good fed heifers $8.50 @0; most beef cows $5@G.75; cutter grades chiefly $3.75«M.25: Jour londs fleshy BOO to 1,000 lb. feeders 53.50; common and medium lots largely $5«B.r0; current stocker and feed cattle riuotatlons: Steers 550 (o 800 Ibs. good and choice $6.50@8.75:. common and medium S4.75@6,50; 800 to 1,050 Ibs. good and choice $S,50@9; common and medium 55 06.50; heifers good and choice 55.50CJ7- common and medium $4.50«J5.50; cows good f4.2504.75; common and medium $9.1Ql9fi.40; 423 to 550 Its. $8.SdiR3,2Q. $3.75^4.25; calves (steer) good and choice $G.50f?8.75; medium $5(^6.50. HOGS 3.000; slow, steady lo lOc lower; top $10 to traders; shipper demand narrow; few sales good and choice ISO to 325 lb. butchers and packers $9,75^9.90; 1GO to 190 Ibs, $9.40579.75; HO to 160 Ibs. $8.50fiff9.4p: sows $9.40^9.50: ' feeder pigs 5BfC8.25: stags largely 59JT9.50. STIEEP 2,500; no early fat lamb action; undertone firm; choice fed woolcd skins held around S12.6Q; choice fed ewes salable around $7 to $7.50; feeder Iambs scarce; double 83 Ita. fed lambs bought to arrive S12.GO*. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) OMAHA, "m--U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 5,505; ' 1,200 direct: slow, steady to lOc lower; top $10.10: early Backer top $9.90; 1GO to 190 lb. lights; 59.40^9.85: 140 to 150 Ibs. SH-75^9-40: medium $B.23rg 9.k~: Dips scarce; sows 59.40rti9.50. CATTLE 5,SOO; calves 505; active market on small supply .strictly choice to prime steers and heifers on specially account; these 25-40e higher, largely to outsiders: other steers and yearlinps loss active, but bids and sales steady to Me higher; advance on kinds to sell nbnvc $11.50; heifers and cows steady to strong: bulls fully steady; calves and vealcrs strong; two loads prime 1.43R Ibs. and 1,329 Ibs. long fed sleers $15,25; highest since February. 1930; load 1,145 Ibs. SI5.IO; several toads $il.75tf?13 : few fo S14; bulk cliciblc $9^11,50: cutter nnd common S5ff?8; load choice 956 lb. heifers $12; bulk $R,50^10,23; Rood nnd choice cows $6.25r?8: common and medium $!4T G.25; cutters $3.5fltff'5; medium bulls $5,25 T?G; beef kinds to SG.RO; select, vcnlors $9.50: stockcrs and feeders 3(5.50(^9.10. SHEEP 3,SOn; opening bids on k i l l i n g classes fully steady; asking sharply higher. . MASON CITY-- For Tuesday ^o. 3 yellow shelled corn . .$1.05 To. 4 yellow shelled corn ..$1.03 arn corn .............. gg c White oats, Wo. 3 ...... . ! 44c '" LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, r/p)--Official estimated receipts for Wednesday: Cattle 10,000; hogs 18,000; sbeep 6.000. Reoresentaf-ive Sales (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. (!P)--TJ. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- | Lights-48 342 10.10 00 1!17 10.20 SB ^22 10.10 74 1B6 10.15 77 294 I0.1S|94 176 1000 10.2089 163 9.75 an 256 Mediums-77 244 B3 235 66 221 77 203 St eers-- 1211 1224 1182 1042 1294 1213 1170 186 176 113 .--_... LlghlS- 10.201 B2 . 154 10.2o|77 143 10.20) 10.151 CATTLE. | Heifers-15.00|21 M: 14.85 14.50 B20 BIS 783 700 13.00 20 12.251 Cows-10.2513 1314 12 124.1 11 ' 1195 SHEEP. Colorado Lamas-- lEwes 218 90 13.25|SO 227 95 13.00134 100 12.85]30 101 12.75111 Westerns-- [ 80 13.25| 91 13.001 210 415 red 357 219 217 22S 126 141 159 175 0.50 9.00 ' 9.75 8.65 S.OO 7.50 8.00 7.25 6.50 5.00 4.25 7.75 7.SO 7.25 6.75 67 l£75| NEW YOKK SUGAR. NEW YORK. (JPH-R.IW sucar rmicl nnd unchanged Tuesday at 3.«e for spots. Futures steadier. Refined unchanncd nl ·f.SOe for line granulated. WOOL MARKET. BOSTON, (0^--V. S. department of agriculture-- Milts covered moderate Immediate needs In the Boston wool market Tuesday. Most purchases were on Australian fine Merino and South American crass- bred wool at firm prices. Quotations were fairly steady but largely nominal on fine domestic wools. Some fiood line Delaine Ohio wools wore sold at around 45-J8 cents In the grease. WHEAT GOES UP IN LATE TRADE RigKt-About-Face A c t i o n Results in More Than Cent Advance. . CHICAGO, (ffj--Hight-about- face action of the Chicago wheat market late Tuesday resulted in more than a cent a bushel advance. The chief stimulus for wheat values here was that the October delivery in the Winnipeg market rose Tuesday to a new high price record for the season. Besides, a leading British trade authority intimated importers would have to depend more on Canadian wheat and that world import estimated needs would be revised upward. At (lie close, wheat was % to 1% above Monday's finish, May $1.37 to ?1.37'/a, July S1.22'/ 4 to 51.22-1, corn % off to 1 cent up, May $1.09% to $1.08%, July 51.06 to 51.06'/s, oats at % decline to J / 4 advance and provisions varying from 5 cents setback to 17 cents gain. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (/P)--Cash wheat: No sales reported. Cash: No. 2 yellow, lake billing; Jo. 3 yellow SU2=4®l.H=i; No. 4 ycl- ow fl.lOV6@1.12Vi: No. 5 yellow SI.09® l.09'.i: No. 3 white S1.100I.16K; No. 4 vhllc $1.13; No. 5 while $1.10%; sample grade $1.05; part car 51.02. Oats: No. 5 white S114®52c: No. 3 white 'Ac; sample grade 49'6ig.51c. No rye. Soybeans: No. 3 yellow $t.54*i. Barley feed 73tf87c nominal; malting 'liiT.1.35 nominal. Timothy seed S4.75^S,50 cwt. Clover seed S30/i£3G cwt. Lnrd tierces S12.62; loose lard $11.05: bellies $17. , Mason City Grain ................. c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ..... $1.35 WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-May new May old . July now July old Sept OATS-May July Sept. .. .: . SOYBEAN: May , July . RYE-May July BARLEY-May LARD-Mar. May July Sept BELLIES-May July A V GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, m-- HiRh 1.37 '.4 1.20y, 1.06% 1.03'A 1.01 ,47% . .44% .42 .. 1.52 1.09 K 1.03'A .97!', .1.1.07 .1.1.35 .13.52 Low 1.35% I.JO','. 1.18'A 1. 05V, 1.02% .47 .44 .41% 1.07% 1.02 . 12.82 13.05 13.32 Close 1.37 1.2254 1 20 1.07 Vi 1.08 1.021 'it 1.00ft .4714 .«y. .42 1.03 1/4 1.0314 .06','. 12.65 13.011 13.20 13.SO 17.15 17.40 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIW (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, (/ft--Wheat 68 cars: 85 i year ago; futures: May $1.41%- July vI.34'Aj September SI.25%; trading basis mchanged. Quotations lli cents higher; cash: No. 1 heavy dark northern GO Ibs. S1.4S%SI1.5n%; No. 1 dark northern 59 bs. 31.47'iiiB1.57!fl'; 58 Ibs. $1.45%® 1-56%: No. 2 dark northern 57 Ibs. Sl.45% ftM.55%; No. 3 dark northern 5G Ibs tl.43ftffl.S3¥,; 55 Ibs. S1.41%S1.SI%; 'ancy No 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein $1.44%(ftl.46%; to arrive SI 42%i3 1.44%; grade ot No. 1 dark hard or No. L hard Montana winter $1.37%fi)l 39%o arrive $1.35%i!J1.37-;i; hard amber durum No. 1. S1.4614Scl.r4; No. 2. S1.435? .81; No. 3, Sl.39ei.5I; No. 1 red durum Sl.32el.33. Corn. No. 3 yellow S1.I5V4®1.I8V4; Irnd- ng basis 1 cent higher; nuotalions: Unchanged to I cent hlsher. Oats, No. .3 white 47®4814c.- K A N S A S CITV GRAftf. (Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITY, M|--Wheat 57 cars: Vic S V SSf, i°, , 1 Wc n 'B ncr : No - 2 dark linrd S1.331'.5r1.3a; No. 3. $1.31(2'1.33.1,4: No. 2' hard $1.333,1; No. 3. $1.29%®1.32; No. 2 red S1.38'/4: No. 3. Sl.35'1. Corn 16 cars: !4c to 214c lower; No 2 vhite nominally Sl.23ffil.24V4; No. 3 nom- nally $1.20!4i1.23; No. 2 yellow nomlnal- y $1.23^1.24',!,; No. 3. $1.22; No. 2 mixed nominally SI.2191.22; No. 3 nominally M.1914S1.21. Oats, 1 car; !4c lower to Vic higher; To. 2 while nominally 51 Q 1 54c; No, 3 Me. i Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS. (Tuesday Final Quotations) By The Associated 1'ress Al Ch Dye 245 Lib O F Gl 71V* Am Can 103'A Maytag I Am S Ret 100% McK S; Rob 1 Am Sug Ref 49'A Mid Cont Pet 33% Am T T 174 Mont Ward 67 Va Am Tob B 83 Nash Kelv 22% Am Wat Wks 24 Nat Biscuit · 3 Anaconda 66'A Nat Cash R 37 'A Atch TS F 83A Nat Dairy Pr 25% Auburn Auto 29=., Nat Distill 34y H Avia Corp 8% Nat P Lt 11% Bait d; Ohio 38% N Y Central 521k Barnsdall , 32% Northern Pac 34y, Bendix Aviat 2(j'/j Oliver Farm 63 Beth stl lOOVi Packard Mot II Borden- 27 Param Pic 24% Borg Warn 82J4 Penney 102}', Con D C Alu 36% Pcnn HR . 4Gii Canad Pac 15% · Phillips Pet 57 Case 15014 Hadio IIJ, Chi N W 5Ti Rey Tob B 52Vi Chi ct West 314 Sears Hoeb 94% Chi M St PP 3 Shell Union 32'A Chi Hk P 3 Sec Vac 18'/1 Chrysler 12VA Sou Pac 63% Colum G S: E! Ifi% Stad Brands I5'/« Com Ac Sou 3y, Stad OH Cal 40 Con Edi 4I)V Slad Oil Ind 40% Con Oil 17 Sid Oil NJ 73A Con Can 61ft Slew Warn 20'A Cont Oil Del 44'A Stoudebaker 10H, Com Prod 69 Swift Co 28 Curt Wright 714 Texas Corp 58% Deere A: Co 132 Tex: Gulf Sul 39% Drc Co pfd 30% Timk Roll B 69K DuPont De N 169 Un Carbide 107% Gen Elec 59 Un Pac 148 Gen Foods 42V4 Unit Air Corp 33% Gen Mot 65',4 United Corp 6% Gillette IB Unit Drug 15Vi Good T : R 4CV4 U S Ind Alco 40 Hudson Mot 2Hi U S Rubber 67'A III Cenl 36% U S Slecl 122% nt Harv 108% Warn Plct 15V. Int Nick Can 7lVi West Un Tel 76 Int Tel Tel 14V4 W El M/g 14(1 Johns Man 14514 Woolworth 53V X Krcsge 2t CHICAGO STOCKS (Tuesday Final Quotations) (By The Associated Press) Cities Service 4V4 Nail Standard Dexter 14V4 N W Bancorp ITcllmann Br 101, Quaker Oats Katz Drue 15V. Swift tc Co Kellogg. Sw 10% Swift Intl Libby McNeil 14% Utility Ind Midwest Corn 1214 Zenith Natl Leather 1% 32. , 13% 119'A 28V, 3 l',i IV. 37 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS · AND CO., Mason City Odico in Baglcy-Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7. DO WJONES AVERAGES lulls. Kails. Ulilj Close 180.95 C3.06 32.84 Total Sales 1,750,000 C H I C A G O STOCKS Butler Bros 17% Keys St fi Wire :. Cord Corp Vh Marsh Fields 29'/Kalama Slov 10% WalJgrecn Co 42 NEW YORK CURB Am Cyan E 3214 Am Su Pow 2V'o Ar Nat Gas A 11% Asoc GS1 A 4% Can Ind Alk 614 Can Marconi 2 El Bd Sll 23Vi Ford Mo of C25% Tord Mo of E 7% Hud B M S37 Hum Oil Co B3'A Niag Hud Pow 14'/, Pennroad Cp Slii S O Ky Co 20 Un Gas Co 12 Un LP Co 8!'» Uttl PL1 Co 1 O M A H A (Tuesday Market) OMAHA Ml-- When I, dark hard No. 1, 11.35; No. 4. Sl.2GV4ei.27: h a r d No. 1. il.36%Ctl.331',; No. 2. 51.35%. Corn, yellow No. 3. $I.17'.4fJ1.13: No. , St.l6V4@I.IT/4; No. S. $1.14; white No , S1.20'/4: No. 3. Sl.iavi. Oats, while No. 2, 52«53,4c; No. 3, S'Affl4flc; No. 4. 41Wffi4B14c. GOVEIsmiENT BONDS (Tuesday Quotation*) NEW YORK, an--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4'As 47-52 117. Treasury 4s 44-54 112. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 105,28. Treasury 3%s 43-47 10B.1G. Treasury 3V t x 46^0 105.12. Treasury 3s 51-55 104.31. NEW YORK STOCKS Alas Juneau 14',', Holm De Sirs 20'A Am For P\v 12 Houston Oil ISltj Am Sry SB Co 29V4 Hudson Motor 211', A C Fy Co fiGVi Hupp Motors 2V B A Poiv Lt 12% · Intl Carries 84 A Roll's Mills 4H4 Indusl Ray 30'/, A Metal Co 100% Kclvinator Co 22'A A. Ra S Co 20 7 ,i Lambert Co 21% Amcr Tob Co 83 Lorillnrd 24% Armour Co 13 Mack Truck 59 Arm S: Co pfd flftft Math Alk 38'A As Dry Gds 221'. Minn Mol Im 14% All Ref 3r M K i T 9 Baldwin Loc OVi Mo Pac 5% Brififis MB Colio No Amer 27% Bendlx 2G!4 No Amer Avl ISi'i, Budd Mg Co 1214 Otis Stel Co 22'f, Bycrs A M Co 30Vi Packard Mo 11 Cat Trac 95'.4 Pk Utah Cop 6% Cer de Pasco 81'A Plymouth 2G'A Chcs Ohio R4 Proc Gam 59% Chi Gt W Pfd 17 P Scr of NJ 43% CMSPV.P pfd 6% Pullman GGV'j Coca Cola Co 150 Pure Oil Co 21% Com Solvents 19'A Pur Bakery 22 Cont Molor 3% R K O fl'.i Cudaliy Pack 41 Rcm R.incl 2S% Curt-Wri Co A22 Reo Motors 8% Dis Cor Sc.Tg 2»V'a Simmons Co 57% Douglas Alrc G5 So Cal Edison 27'A Eastman ISS^i Spcrry Corp 22 Eaton Mf Co 33'A St G E 12% El Auto Lite 42% Telautojrraph 15V4 El Pow LI 23V. Tl Wa As Oil 20% Erie R R Co 21% U S Ind Alch 40 F'ne Tl Dl! 40 U S Smeller 100 Post-Wheel 46 Util P Li A 351 Frccport Tex 28V$ Vanadium 37% Gen Am Tra 73 Un G Imp I4V4 Glidden Co 47!' Warren Bros 9 Gobcl 6'A Western Un 7fi GoM Dust 14% . Yellow Tr 34'/b Graham Patge 4 Youncs S T 05'A Gt Nor pfd 52',i STOCKS RISE IN CRAWLING RALLY Profit Selling in Evidence and Reduces Many pf Extreme Gams. NEW YORK, (ff)--A crawling rally lifted many of the recently depressed leaders fractions to 2 or more points in Tuesday's stock market. Profit selling was in evidence, however, and near the final hour extreme gains were reduced in many Instances. 'Except for a rather speedy opening, the trading pace was extremely slow. Transfers were around 1,750,000 shares. Federal reserve chairman Eccles' inflation control statement, brokers said, brought in some buyers, but others exhibited considerable timidity on the theory the new deal official may have been sounding a warning the government would step in it necessary to halt an unusual boom. Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts ISc Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over ..12c Under 5 Ibs fi c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over Uc Stags, under a Ibs 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade .19-20e* Eggs, cash . 18-19c* Butter, Iowa State Brand, ..41c Butter, Corn Country 40c Butter, Kenyon's 40c Butter, Very Best , ..., 41 C Butter, Brookfield 40c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatces, cobblers, p e c k . . . . . . ,57c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. (fi)--Butler 9.008. firm; creamery specials (93 score) 35 3 A®3G'Ac; extras (92) 35Wc; extra firsls (00-91) 34%®35c; firsts (38-89) 33®34'/c; standards (00 centralized carlots) 35c. Eggs 1G.BS1, firm; extra firsts local 23V-IC, cars 24c; fresn graded firsts local 23c, cars 23'^c; current receipts 22c; storage packed extras 2-l^c; storage packed firsts 2-!',4c. Poultry 27 trucks, easy; hens over 5 bs. 185J18V4C, 5 ibs. and less 18V4c; Leghorn hens IC'Ac; colored fryers 25o; White Rock 25!ic; Plymouth Hock 2GKc- colored broilers 25c; White Rock 25c; D lymouth Rock 2Bc: harebacks 19c; roos- ers 13c; Leghorn roosters 12c; turkeys, lens 21c. old toms 17c, young 1G, No. 2 turkeys !5c; ducks 4'A Ibs. up white and colored 20c, small white and colored 17c; Eccse 14c; capons 7 Ibs. up 25c, less ;han 7 Ibs. 24c. NEW YORK PRODUCE. {Tuesday AlarfceO NEW YOHK, (iD-Eggs. 35.B03. firm. Mixed colors: Special packs 25Y'=(f?27c- storage packed firsts 24'Ac: firsts "23© 24c; dirties. No. 1, ^'AijJ'ZSc. Other mined colors unchanged. Butter. 13.374. steady to firm. Central- zed (00 score) 35«!j35'Ac; other prices unchanged; extra (02 score) 35^c. Cheese, 314.150, f i r m and unchanged. C H I C A G O PRODUCE. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. TO--Butter futures closed: Storage standards, March 33y a c; Novcrn- bC£ 3iy,c. SK futures: Storage packed firsts, March 24%c; April 24%c; refrigerator standards, October 25'Ac. Potato futures: Idaho Russets. March No. 1, S3.15; March grade A S3; April ;rade A $3.05. .MINNEAPOLIS (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. W)--Flour: Carload Inls per bbl. in 98 lb. cotton sacks, family patcnls unchanged S7.-JOf[?!7.GO: standard patents 10 cents higher 57.4557:7.65. Shipments 20.474. Pure bran S33ffi33.50. Standard middlings S34(g-34.50. COUNTY VETS TO MEET IN CHAPIN Legion P o s t s , Auxiliary Units Will Gather on Wednesday. HAMPTON -- Members of the American Legion posts at Sheffield, Chapin and Hampton will meet with members of the American Legion Auxiliary chapters from the same units in a joint Franklin county meeting to be held at the Chapin Legion hall at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. A speaking program, entertainment and dancing have been planned under the direction ol County Legion Commander Harry W. Jorgensen, of Hampton, and County Auxiliary President Mrs. George Barnes, of Sheffield. W. Earl Hall, managing editor of the Mason City Globe-Gazette, will be the speaker. Mr. Hall is a former state commander of the American Legion and is president of the Iowa safety council. Pubiic Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 130D, IMason City (Bid and Asked Tuesday) Cent St El G pet pfd ($25 par) 10 12 Cent St El 7 pet pfd (525 par) 11 13 Cent St P L 7 pet pfd .... 13!4 16V4 Champlin Ref la 7 pet pfd .. 100 Creamery Package com 24 25 Hearst. Cons A 22Vi 22 Geo A Hormel A pfd ... 104 107 Geo.A Hormel com 20 21 Interstate Power 6 pet pfd - . 1 3 15 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 15 17 Iowa Electric Co 6% pet pfd 50 52 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd.. 51 53 la El Lt i Pow 6 pet pfd .. 68 70 la El Lt Pow 614 pet pfd 69 71 la El Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 72 74 la Power Light 6 pet pfd 102 104 la Power . Light 7 pet pfd 103 105 la Public Serv G pet pfd 96 98 la Public Serv 514 pet pfd . . 9 7 99 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd 98 100 la South Util 6 pet pfd 62 64 la South Util 614 pet pfd . . 6 3 65 la South Util 7 pet pfd 70 72 Minnesota P L 6 pet p/d so 92 Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd 35 97 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd SB 88 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 92 94 :N W Bell Tel GV4 pet pfd .. 105 N W St Portland Cement com 30 32 Rath Packing com 38'4 40 Sioux Cily G i El 7 pet pfd 100 102 United Lt Rys 6 pet pfd ,. 81 83 United Lt Rys 6.3G pet pfd 82 84 Unlleil Lt Rys 7 Jjct p/d .. 91 93 Western Grocer pfd , 98 100 Western Grocer com ........ 19 21 ic Called April 15. Miscellaneous CJKCAGO POTATOES (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (?)--U. S, department of agriculture-Potatoes 83, on track 3B1. total U. S shipments 735; old stock, dull qnt \vcalr, supplies liberal, demand slow; sacked per cwt. Idaho "Russet Burbanks U. S. No. I, S3.25rft3.60 according to size and quality; U. S. No. 2, $2,50(ff2,G5; Washington Russet Burtaanks combination prrade, S2.35; Colorado Red McClurcs U. S, No, 1, very few sales ?2.8Dtir3; Wisconsin R o u n d , Whites U. S. No. 1, few sales $2.25(72.35; U. S, Commercial $2- Michigan Russet Rursls U. S. No. i, 52.25; fair quality $2,15; North Dakota Cobblers partly graded $2.15. New stock weaker, supplies rather liberal, demand very slew; less than carlots track sales jushel crates Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, few sales mostly $2.12'/a ©2.15; few heavy packs $2.20 a crate. HORSES We have young horses and old horses -- all sizes and prices. 722 SOUTH FEDERAL Hides Uootaiinni Pnrnimcd or IVoir nro»_ Inc.. 3CIK Fifth Street Southwest H O R S H l I i n E S Horschidcs $4 25 ·CltEEN DEEP H I D E S Up lo 2.1 Ibs i:i,/ic 25 Ibs. tip tl c Bull hides 7i*,c ·UurM nltlej" hall cenr mor* a pou/io (On above prices a cent nnd n half hlfi}ier to wholesale dnnlcrs In wholesale lots. I Lakota Mother Dies 3 Weeks After Son Dies LAKOTA--Mrs. Pauline Joos, aged mother of William Joos, who died just three weeks ago, died Saturday at the home o£ her late son. Special News for Truckers, Farmers and Iron Collectors E. L, Goldstein, Charles City, Iowa, wants to Buy: 500 tons country mixed iron at S3.00 to S10.00 per net ton. 500 tons No. 1 machinery and automobile cast at $11.00 per net ton. These prices are for truck load lots delivered to our yards at Charles Cily, Iowa, We are also interested in buying metals and rags at highest market prices. i L. Goldstein, Charles City, Iowa Dealer in Hides, Furs, Wool, Iron and Metals PHONE G16-AV, CHARLES CITY, IOWA Public Sale As T am going to move to a smaller farm, I will dispose of the property listed below. Sale to be held at the K. ,T. Knudtson farm located 6 miles cast of Forest City on No. 9, then 1 mile north and }', of a mile west, on THURSDAY, MARCH 18, at 1 P. M. 35 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK -- 35 6 HEAD HORSES--One 3-year-old mare; 1 grey mare 10 years old; 1 black Bcldinjr, 11 years old; 1 colt, 5 months old: two 3-ycar-old geldings. 25 HEAD CATTLE--4 cows milkinjr; 1 fresh cow; 1 dry cow- three 2-year-old springers; 10- yearlings; 5 calvcs; i hi f f h grade Shorthorn bull. 4 HEAD HOGS--3 brood sows (o farrow last of April; 1 Poland China boar. LINE OF FARM MACHINERY 800 Bushels of Gopher Oats. About 500 Bushels of Corn in Crib! TERMS: Cash, or see your banker. Mrs. Selme* Knudtson Carl Shelmo, Auct. Forest Cily National Bank, Clerk. Recovering From Injuries. DECORAH--Mrs. Charles G. Follette of West Water street, is in the Decorah hospital recovering from a fall in her home last week. Mrs. Follette tripped and fell the length of the stairs, and fractured the bone in her left leg. Henry Buckman HI. NORA SPRINGS--Henry Buckman, Sr., who recently observed his eighty-sixth birthday anniversary, is seriously ill. His son, John Buckman, and family of Charles. City, and daughter, Miss Nell Buckman of Des Moines, were home over the week-end. Horse Sale! I vill sell al. Public Auction at my sale barn MANLY, IOWA FRIDAY, MARCH 19 Sale to commence al 11 o'clock 150 HEAD HORSES This is the best lot of horses I have ever sold. They consist of SO head of good broke young horses, averaging over 1500 pounds. 70 head horses from 1100 to 1600 pounds. Prom 3 year olds to smooth mouth. There wilt be several matched teams, also a number of Biares in foal and a few colts. Sale to Be Held Under Cover Regardless of Weather Manly, Iowa, is located on Highways No. 9 and 65. It is 10 miles norfh of Mason City. It is on llic Chicago, Rock Island and Pacitic, the Chicago Great Western and the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroads. OSWALD STRAND AUCTIONEERS--J. R. Dorsey, Fred Rowen and C. M. Slielmo AUCTION SALE THURSDAY, MARCH 18 AT 11:30 A. M. SHARP Lund Sales Stables ON NO. 18--EAST OF MASON CITY 225 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 225 Consisting of Stocker Steers, Springer Heifers, Cows and Breeding Bulls. Sevcralsood Milk Cows. 25--Head Breeding Ewes and Feedinjr Lambs--25 200 -- CHOICE FEEDING PIGS -- 200 Boars and Brood Sows 1 Farmall Tractor ivith cultivator. Also 10-20 tractor and eul-"; tiyator and plow, and several pieces or other machinery. Also 15 sacks of Kusset potatoes; ·;' ·TM" Briner anything you have to sell Lunch on the grounds Get Your Livestock in Early--Sale Will Start at 11:30 Sharp WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND--TERMS, CASH STABLES, 3758 -- PHONES -- RESIDENCE, 3836 · Bayless, 4127 -- AUCTIONEERS -- Jack Dorsey, Plymouth Ora : LIVESTOCK SALE Sales Pavilion--Highways 18 and 69 Garner, Iowa--Begins Promntly at 12:00 Noon THURSDAY, MARCH 18th 500 ~ CATTLE -- 5OO Listed early for this week's sale arc the following lots of cattle: 40 Hereford Heifers (Choice quality and fleshy) weigh 500 Ibs. 40*0 lb S calvcs «lioicc quality and acclimated) weigh 20 45 e o"s rd SteCr ° alVCS (clloice « ualit y an( l acclimated) weigh 77 4fj(Mb 0rCl hc ' fcr calves ' (choice quality ana acclimated) weigh 20 Hereford, yearling steers (good quality) weiffh G50 Ibs. 2a-Hereford yearling heifers, weigh 600 Ibs. 50 Shorthorn yearling steers, weigh 550 to 800 Ibs. la Shorthorn steers, weigh 850 Ibs. 25 Shorthorn heifers, weigrh 600 Ibs. 10 Breeding- Bulls (yearlings to three year olds, various breeds) Also^ the usual run of milk cows, springers, bulls, calvcs and Jutchcr stuff. Also odd lots of stacker and feeder steers and nejfers. Liberal receipts of corn fed yearlings and steers will be offered. Any of you who prefer to buy at private sale should be here early. AH cattle will be sorted in lots to suit purchaser NOTICE: NO HORSES WILL BE SOLD THIS THURSDAY. ISO ~ HOGS ~~ 150 SeveraI..Iots of local feeding piffs (most of these lonff time vaccinated). Also a number of hred sows, fills and 1oars. Around 50 brood sows were sold in last week's sale. These sows arc bcme: consigned by some of the best hog breeders in this territory. 50 -- SHEEP - 5 0 Receipts will consist of bred ewes, fat Iambs, nnd bucks If you have sheep to sell you will do well to offer them at this sale. SPECIAL HORSE SALE SATURDAY, MARCH 20fh (Starts at 1 O'clock F. Til.) 100 HORSES AND COI/TS--Included in this offering will be several good younff roans and sorrels. Also some good youne brood mares which will foal this spring-, and several matched teams. You will like the class of horses to be offered in this week's sale. Those of you who need a hnrse or two for snrinir work will find just what you want in this offering. We can sell any class of horse you care to bring in Killer buyer will be on hand. Only one or two more special Horse sali-K will be run this season. Several sets of new harness, and accessories will he sold hw Mr. Paul Gricsemer. y 750 -- CEDAR POSTS -- 750 Listen to KGLO Wed. evening at 7:05 for latest announcements GARNER SALES CO., Inc. Garner, Iowa, Phone 37 or 114 or Klemme, Iowa, Phone 73

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