Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 31, 1931 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1931
Page 2
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IE FORMULATED nunittee Asks Complete Social Equality With Britishers. KARACHI, India, March 31. *T) -e working committee, or cabinet, the All-India: national congress ay drew up resolutlonsjndicating sweeping -scope .'of demands for iian 1 independence which Mah-. na G andhi will make at the sec- d round table conference .to' be d :sooh; in London. , ' Th£j;re solutions: must be passed by e congress itself , in annual session sre, -but since. Gandhi's address st night' on the truce with Viceroy ord Irwin at New Delhi ending the jlvil, disobedience campaign, and the iptoval v o|,the truce by the con- is no doiibt of this issue. ram ; outlined by the res- '- today enjoins the delega- ' ' 'sfEW i HAMP^rpN^,^ March · ; 31.-^ ew Hampton :rhad''the-/s"malleat Election : ' in; years. 11 . Mayor- WaChhola? received J-the - most jVOtes with ' 175. ; Results 'were: "Mayor, '_Wachholz, ; 175; treasurer, Griffith, 172; assessor KHng, 169; cuncilmen-at-large, Krieger, - 171 arid Weap, -1«S;- park commissioner, Crawford, 170; councilmen, first ward, .Heiselman, 55; second ward, Carney, 40; third ward, Klenske, Denner, 34. , f°" rth ward, , . . WAVERLY, March 31. -- Election results'here yesterday were: F. A. Osincup, mayor; H. C. Noltmg, treasurer; Carl Strotman, assessor; Charles Ducker, Myron Benedict, T. C. Burns, W. A. Watklns and H. A. Miller, councilmen. Bo one Becomes Larger. result of the election As. a Bo one the city became 309 a' acres to be headed' by to demand not only Indian fependence, wfth Indian' control of finances, and foreign 'affairs, complete Indian commercial Vsocial equaiity.with Britishers. Bandhi, in introducing the resolu- p^saidi.he: was aware that the lands'" embodied in them were jlutionary in character and 'it be rejected outright by the id table conference but that he prepared to face this danger, . 1 ."This congress declares that 'lonstitution'that may be agreed on its behalf should include flowing items," the resolution. "or should give ability to a .ouuuc; v**^ ·"·-v -- : ----- , . __, larger, the citizens approving incor poration of the tract of land on the south side of the city. -Fort Dodge defeated a proposition to establish a municipal court by a five to one vote. In the (mayoralty contest, Mayor C. V- Findlay was re elected over J; B. Butler by a 2,D1 to 2,617. vote. ' 'At Vin'ton a proposal for a to year gas franchise for the Iowa Railway and Light corporation was turned down, 591, to 385. Mayor George N. Urlce was re-elected over John Ruhl, former Benton county sheriff, 636 to 373. · B^inessmenMay Be ' Counting Factor in Election give a (Charles P. Stewart, on tour, sizes up the mayoralty campaign In Chicago which has attracted nation-wide interest.) By CHARLES P. STEWART /CHICAGO, March 31. (CPA-V^ Chicago is concluding one of its most spectacular mayoralty campaigns. The whole nation is interested in the election, Tuesday, April 7, because of Big Bill Thompson's vivid-personality. , Anton J. Cer- mak'a .principal asset, as democratic candidate for mayor of Chi- HOUSE DEFEATS COMMISSION ACT (Continued From Pare 1). made a net decrease of 5211,760 ill the sections taken up so far. He set the total reduction for the state departments so far at $102,510 and that for the board of control at $109,250. All figures are on an annual basis. Approves Increase. On the first day of its consideration of the bill, yesterday, the senate approved a net increase of $14,850. Yesterday it also rejected two proposals for flat reductions of 4 per cent and 5 per cent, respectively, in provisions, of state educational m- , Cherokee voters Lawrey, Jr.. in elected Alonzo hot mayoralty · ; (independent) avide them: government a , . . contest, 835 to 809 for C. W. Salsbery. Councilmen elected were C. L, Berry, O. A. Royer,.R. H. Kuhrts, Joseph Lockyer and George WOson; city treasurer, George Brummer park, commissioner. Carl Goeb, and MJ MLES OTY VOTE PAYOR is CLOSE ?:(Continued From rasa D. ,i £M: Elliott received'229 vc-;es feyrus Barfoot,.secretary of i.he I] ;6f education, was given, 209 Vlh the first ward J. F. Burns Sed 181 votes and O. A; Ro- 4153. Ralph Allen was' unop- }'in the second ward.,'In the Vwar'd Joe BoUrlaug; received jates and.Richard Biicknell 79. jEifcU Boseuthal was given 189 ·and W. A. Thornton 46 in the " v 1. Ben O. MarSh was unop- mayor. : 'Strand Chosen Mayor. ~ iptJTH, March 7 . 31.--Oswald Was chosen rfnayor at the yesterday, (receiving 148 compared wfith 86 for F. A. All council!) nen were op ~^osej- 1 lectrf d were H W II Pf '·fff/Vf. O TPtescott, treasurer J S , assessor, Harry Wilson. The entire administration- of Estherville except Gladys Hunt, un-opposed candidate for re-election. as was overthrown with a " a y city water filtra- c tion and purification plant as the issue. M. K. Whelan was . ejected mayor and C. F. Kilgore, H. A. , R. H. Green; George Shadle . and M. C. Petersen were ejected councilmen. H. D. Scot was elected assessor. cago, is the for-' stitutions. Continuing its consideration of FORD TO BUILD MODEL! PLANE New Craft, C o s t i n g Less Than $2,000, Sjays Announcement. UEW YORK, March 31--A new designed airplane, a. est reserve created by him in the wilds of Cook county, just as William H a l e Thompson's principal asset as republican · candidate Is the determination w i t h which'he has re- Anton 3 . Cermak sisted K i n g leorge's encroachments during the whole course of his series of terms in the mayoralty chair. Chicago and Cook county being eographlcally, as I always had sup- aosed, practically the same thing, I at first, as a transient in the Windy City, .took the forest reserve pu- Dlicity to be something of a joke. But supporters of. President Cermak (president of the county board for many years, thruout which he was engaged in his afforestation activities) say it is no joke at all -it is a real forest; not a park, but a sure-enough primeval, affair. Pictures of Tony, in half boots and a mackinaw, wandering thru it, blazing his .way from the city limits to the county line, are offered in substantiation of the claim that it is the genuine article. * * » S EEMINGLY a forest is better raw material than a record of unyielding opposition to King George, for a Chicago mayoralty candidate to campaign, on; folk laugh (that is, the better class ot folk do) at Mayor Thompson's King George talk, but they appear to take President Cermak's forest appeal seriously. There is something' dignified about a forest, and Tony is making a dignified campaign versus Big Bill's attempt thing, as usual. ' It seems to have been sound the bill, section by section, the sea- ate today acted on provisions for nearly- a score of departments. Twice the senate argued against recommendations of its committee, once on a ?2,000 slash in state aid for vocational training. The members, however, approved, the cut by a vote of 27 to 19, but only after a lengthy discussion. Meets Opposition. The other instance in which the committee recommendation met strong opposition was in a $30U decrease in the salary of a Pardon clerk in the governor's office The proposal was debated at length and the proposal was rejected, speakers contending-that'the present occupant was entitled to a continuation of the existing salary. In debating the proposed cut in the vocational education appropriation it was contended that the department Would not be able to expand its program without the m- those who favored the re- BRIBERY COUNT Wisconsin Wjll Prosecute Alleged Violation of Lobby Law. MADISON, vMarch 31. (*T--Attorney General John Reynolds announced . today that criminal complaints charging attempted bribery 'or:violation of the lobby law .will be made In connection with the alleged attempt to brime Senator Peter J. Smith, Eau Claire. The complaints will be issued against the Byllesby Engineering and Management corporation, tt« Northern States Power company, William J. Hagenah, counsel and vice president of the B.yllesby corporation, Paul H. Raihle, Chlppewa Falls, and 'Ethan B. Minier, New Richmond. The later two are former assemblymen. "I am convinced that they have violated at least the spirit of the lobby law and. should be prosecuted," tie attorney general said. · The attorney-general's action was the first step taken since the senate recommended prosecution of the persons believed guilty of attempt- 10 Attorney General Reynolds said the nature of the complaint to be made against the corporations and individuals will be determined in a day or two. RADIO WORLD By O. E. BUTTEKFEEI.D Associated Press Radio Editor NEW YORK, March 30.--IS") Helen Corbin, Washington concert pianist, is to appear next month as guest artist in two Coast-tb-Coast broadcasts with a week. These programs, her fourth and fifth on her first season as a network enterntainer, will come on April 23 and 28. The former will be on the WEAF chain in the Birthday Party and the other on Aprl 28 via WABC and group with the Howard Barlow Symphony ,-prches tra. Tne Columtr.a system ia adding another studio to its New Yorl headquarters, making eight in all In commemoration of the surrende of Lee to Grant, the sketch "Ap pomattox" is-planned for WEAF and eastern network at 6:30 Tues day evening. An even hundred ne\ programs have been started sine the first of the year, a number o them sustaining features from th Chicago studios. The CBS chain re ports 176 of its programs origin ated outside of New York. guest AKRON, Ohio, March . 31. i,ieut! Charles E.-Bauch, 34, as- igned here as the first naval of tier to be a member of the staff of the Zeppelin Akron, died in a local hospital today from injuries re- eived when the aulo. m- which _he waa riding crashed into a bridge ast night. Akron Staff Auto Crasri Injuries ' TRYfiA TUESDAY Mrs. Morgan Belmont, crease, uuut.^ .-- - - - - - .. duction, however, said that tne work could be continued as at present thru federal aid. .Senator I. H. Knudson, Hamilton, said he understood that there was sentiment in the house to cut out the entire appropriation for vocational education. He placed the amount received by the state from the federal government biennially for this work at $191,000. Reductions Made. ' · Reductions made this morning included the following: State fai.r board, for poultry and exhibitions buildings, 550,000; fire marshal, traveling expenses, $1,000; geological survey, $16,000; department of health, traveling expenses for epidemiologist, |300; historical department, $12,250; historical, society, S5 200; library commission, ?1,920; state library, 51,800; mine inspectors, 51,750. t Secretary of state, investigators, for real estate board, $1,200; supreme court baiUff, salary, $200; treasurer of state, general office, expenses, $150; -cigaret division, -- . _ , · i i ·ssfffi'vvocational' education; state jua tactics on President Cerniaks part I »aau,vvuv.a«u"^ ._,_._,, / itosrtW .dig Governor Signs Bill to Raise Wisconsin Gas Tax to 4 Cents MADISON, Wis., March 31. UP-Gov Phil LaFollette today signed the bill assessing a 4 cent state gasoline fax instead of the present two cent tax and repealing the personal property tax on automobiles. · The bill becomes effective Wednesday. It is expected to provide for employment of nearly · 10,000 persons thru highway construction projects The bill also distributes 58,000,000 in state aid to counties for state trunk highways. speaker in the afternoon tea, WEAF hookup at 4:00. . , Matthew Woll, vice president of the A. F. of L. talking on "How American Labor Regards Soviet and Communism," WABC and sta- 'Big Business and BELMOND MUSIC WINNERS NAMED Many High School Students Enter Subdistrict Competition. BELMOND, March 31.--The sub- district music contest, scheduled for Saturday, was held Monday night in the high school auditorium. Winners were as follows: Piano solo- First, Clarion; second, Belmond. Cornet solo--First, Clarion; second. Thornton. Soprano solo--First, Belmond; second, Clarion. Alto solo- First, Belmond; second,. Meservey. Girls' small vocal group--First, Belmond; second Clarion. Boys' small vocal group--First, -Hampton; sec- Warrants Issued for Pair Held in Memphis for Killing Guard.,,'... DULUTH, Minn., March 31.' C-JO-r First degree murd er warrants against t\yo of. three alleged gangsters being held at Memphis, .Tenn., as suspects of .the fatal shooting of a railroad guard at Proctor, Minn., during a $4,800 payroll robbery m 1929, were issued 'today by Mason M. Forbes, .St.-;L9uIs-county attorney. ' · · ' . ' · ' · · · · Forbes also was preparing extradition papers to be'taken to Gov. Floyd B. Olson of Minnesota to sign to take to the' governor of- Tennessee to bring the two men to Duluth to stand trial. . , The murder warrants were issuea against-Harry Grizzelle, 32, and George .'Reilley, 23 both aUeged tions at 5:00. Voters service, eorge e . , gangsters of East St. Louis, I1L No warrant was issued against a third gangster being held in Memphis, Forbes said; . . «, The two men are charged in tno warrant with killing Bruce Palmer, 53. ond, club Belmond. Class B girls glee -First, Belmond; second, Clar- circus the whole Stout, chief aircraft designer for Henry Ford, Detroit automobile) manufacturer and will lie offeree 1 to the public early next month ( _ *· . t . _. __*Tij-~ j^i-. n n_ f\f In making public details of ths I new plane, which have been protected ' " of the "Ford "passenger, and freight -- - -- r -- ~ -· « · · ._ ATV _ who arrived heer from retiring mayor , ,,,, Named at Eagle Grove V^IEAGLE GROVE, Marca 3: W'we(i. Beer received 859 votes for m at the election yesterday and F 7 E5cole was given 782 Other officers" elected were C Christiansen · treasurer; William Fisher, assessor i : «oiVw v Sr-hoonoWr Bark commis- i pianea, wjiu »ii*»." ----- ----- -TJ-. "Second ward; Charles Kestlerl third 1 eratt. 'ward and'O. A. Bixler, fourth ward. A.-total of 1,615" votes were .cast,,- .'·'".;.-'' Schnite Is 'Elected; : -.' MANLY, March ;.3i.--The incuin- bents were victorious.: at', the. .elec- desc ribed the plane counterpart ; of the otherwise kno*n world: as the Ford ,, |ith -UK? anthem, "Tony, Tcfay, 'here's your push cart at 7 1* if his democratic rival had tried to out- Blang him in return, Bill simply could have swamped mm By referring to Bill, merely as "his honor the mayor," Tony naturally makes the "push cart" stuff sound pretty cheap and vulgar Indeed Bill evidently realizes it, for he shows signs of^ an effort to be dignified himself, which shifts the fashion of the encounter from Bill's favorite Tony's favorite style; . · ' . : · · · . .';'.. ^TONY, I infer from talks I, have 1 "had'with'Chicago .businessmeh in' good stahding, .'.rates' pretty well instituta for the ^^ _ 'cottage tor boys, *30,KK.T^ juvenile home at Toledo, §15,1)0 MEXlCANSTRIKE TOWNINMAKP Co-DiscoVerer of Gold Vein, Former Store Clerk, Now Millionaire. Stork Flies High in Canada; Child Bom 4,000 Feet in Sky THE PAS, Man., March 31. UF-- The stork flies high: A cabin airplane 4,000 feet in the sky was the birthplace of a son bdrn . to Mrs. ·Alex Miller, who was being rushed to a hospital by Flight Lieutenant A. L. McPhee of the Royal Canadian air force. Youth, Bom Blind, BAty oFFbwers £c the Market Basket," WEAF network at 6:00. Works of Great Composers, Astrid Fjelde, soprano. Keokuk's Unemployed Maltreat Chamber of Commerce Secretary KEOKUK, March 30.--Cff) Groups of unemployed persons yesterday staffed demonstrations in protest to a rumor that a building firm would employ labor at 25 and 30 cents an hour on a state highway viaduct here. .»;.«.,, The demonstrators invaded the office of W. E. Holmes, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, and threatened him with violence. Emil Dunlavey, a deputy sheriff, escorted Holmes to safety after he had been slapped and pummelled slightly. ion. Class B boys glee club--First, Hampton; second Belmond. Towns entered were Dows, Thornton, Clarion, Meservey. Hampton and Belmond. Judges were G. T. Bennett, East high school, Waterloo; Tolbei't MacRae of I. S. C., Ames, and Mrs A. E. Bullock, Ellsworth college. Conies From Grmnell. ALGONA--Doris Long arrived home Saturday from Grinnell to spend spring vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abner Long. She brot her rommate, Helen Lean of Exira, who will be her guest. ONE CENT A DAY PAYS UP TO $1,000.00 The Postal Life Casualty In- __,,, surance Co., 5512 Dierks Building, Kansas City, Mo., is offering a new accident policy that pays np to 5100 month for disability and 51,000.00 -M Ml n il for deaths--costs less than Me a day--53.50 a year. 6ver 68,000 already have this protection. Men, - wpmen and children, ages 10 to TO, elijrible. Send no money. Simply send name, address, age, beneficiary's name and relationship .ana they will send this policy on 10 days' FREE inspection. No examination is reqiiire-d. This offer is limited, so write them today. Two Pilots Killed in Crash at Sioux Falls; --Born, blind 22 years ago Earl Musselman has just seen light for the -first time Dr G H Moore cut into the iris of his eyes, opened ·false pupils," folded back delicate filaments of tissue to apertures. . and gave make tiny Musselman sight. The youth was astonished at the beauty of'flowers. He was born without pupils, f 'ak.T March experienced * pilots _ another senouslyiin- in an airplane crash, here l»sf night ' Phil Schmidt 33, and Clarence Budgett, 27 Sioux Falls, died of injuries received when their plane dropped 800 feet from what witnesses called a sharp vertical bank Jack Holllster, the pilot, was expected to recover from -serioua injuries. '' , . _ . . . . Tfae new p i ane will be presenten tion yesterday with the exception of to .. av i a tion world and tJ3e..gen- , fe] ..y publ io at the national aircraft the assessor. ^^ H. H. Scaulte: ·3/i ete'cted""»i~ayor, receiving 207 votes »'i : while Charles: H...Grayer received 'fS.3.97 voces. Councilmen elected, with --'' ;JT; '^-.*--iber of .votes they ..polled O. H. Licktenstein, 316; in Detroit,: April 11 to 19, - " , ·with'.''that crowd, "and its support countsr-is'quite likely to count decisively, I would judge. ... · . : " -. ;. :it ia easy to understand why. The Cermak presidency of the Cgok V/» .**» f-mf- ~ ; - r , , - I tl^^, *.- 1JJ.U -- - _ f,n-.t t, Murphy, 232; Henry Loge- tney na( j no knowledge of .any !· S. 'F. Westly, 246, and plans for Mr. Ford to take over the c » ' " ~ n n .r^l.t_*-l «Ht-nrr I r ^t - ««. n TV1OOO H TirrtnllC*.tlQtl "1 , Conners, 226, Other votes fcere A. J. Schwartz, 156, fKnowles, 171, Mengcb, .'ind P. J. ' exhibit of the Stout Engineer- C0 y nt y board, tas been financially a · · · capable one, 'from ,all::.indications, taxes being kept'within'reason; the bookkeeping ship-shape and administrative details (the volume of them is such that some: people class ig Laboratories: Persons closely assqciatea the Ford aviation interests with -said : NOGALES, Ariz:,' March 31.- IS 1 )-- j O n t h e western slop e of the wild Sierra Madre'^range in the Mexican stale of Sinalqa, gold has lifted the curtain on' another, of its powerful ' ' POPTO*AK SPRING HATS! AfOPVtAR SXOBE! . A J?OPU1.AB PRICE! dramas. . .Rumors of a miles below: .the gre bo · . · · eat. -strike, 500 rder, have been | new plane basis. on a mass productio s, O.-IA, i.«= ^ c ^-- i The new plane, which is to retail Holden, 135. WHUam j for "Bomething^ und^ 52,000,^ cut S8.5;" J/hell Teceive^Ho-Tvotes for as- I be produced for :JDr and Fred Togeman, 165. Fif- I Detroit. Wafteau Smartest New Spring the job as "more important than the governor's) efficiently run. As a vote catcher, however, Tony is not so colorful a character as Big Bill, which doubtless explains toe luesting of the forest reserve item into the ensemble--with ita rabbits and squirrels, its - woodchucks and its twittering birds and all those picturesque'accessories. ....,' * *·'*- ' . , /CHICAGO'S "uplift" element does V^ not approve of Tony so highly. 'The J'uplifters" issued a manifesto the other day, saying the idea_of a change from Big Bill to his Bohem- heard here and in .Mexico City for a j week, but not.until Manuel Llantada, self-styled co-discoverer of the vein, arrived here last night, was a j clear account - given. , . . . ' , .Clerk In .Grocery. :Uantadii a few weeks ago was a clerk in a grocery store in the vilr lage of Guadelupe :de Los Reyes. Now he says he is a millionaire several times over. : , , - , - * . : One day a friend showed L.autaaa a handful of nuggets,. which ,he said he had picked up in;an'arroyo at the foot of El Tambor mountain, several miles east o£ the village and near the Durango border. The two found other nuggets in the canyon, some "as big as small onions. ' Displays Reports. Llantada displayed .Mexican, government assay reports showing two i^uni-iAL' **.***·· ·----(a . . i - ^ j i Hriiiiic^iI* tk*jnt*j *.ww-w-TM -- -- f j · i Ian-born (tho Tony brot to this «TMJ 6 Qf ore tabekl from ^ cla im country when he' was only a year 5 149,000 worth of gold to the old) opponent, struck them as a lot .°°re ».«»,. | like jumping from the frying ^pan into the fire. Their chief complaint was that Tony always has been a wet and did not use the country s authority to prevent people from having a good time even in pre-pro- hlbitton days. .. As against this, the Cermak-ites have devoted much publicity to emphasizing how extremely domestic Tony has been all his lifetime, which no doubt is true enough. He has the look of a contented, kindly family man--who probabry 1 has consumed considerable beer in his day. - ranger, but darned if I can visualize Big Bill as a cowboy, which he is advertised as having been In his youth. .' . , ' It certainly would crack the back of any cow pony I ever saw to'try to carry n.s weight. He must have been summer once, or course, but if my opinion of horseflesh is good for anything, he would need a percheron to ride range oh now. '. · Bill Is impressive, nevertheless. His friends lay great stress on that. They point out that a "world s fair mayor" ought to look the part In that respect It can hardly be denied that Bill's qualifications are superior to Tony's. Tony is pudgy. Bill, while no sylph, is majestic. He is not exactly refined looking, but he bas mass and bulk. As the foreground for a lot of world's fair Od . j ' I A gold rush began almost immediately. Hundreds of poor Mexican i neons became immensely wealthy over night.: Llantada said .in all 33,000 claims had been stalked out, each averaging 'two acres. A boom town came .Into bxlstence at the base of El Tambor. Llantada said farm -production had ceased and a critical food shortage developed in the gold camp- Nora Springs.House Damaged by Flames NORA SPRINGS, March 31.-Damage estimated between ?300 and $400 was caused by a fire yesterday at the A. W. Richmond home. Th'e blaze was extinguishes by toe fire department. Mrs. Richmond who was going down town, was tow rtSittheblaze altho Mr. Richmond who was in the house, had not yet discovered the flames. No fire had been built in the portion ££ the house near the attic where the f re originated. Water used '" ^I tnilshinK the names soaked thru tne house. The origin of the blaze is un- BOULEVARD HATS ... . Still Lead! No popular priced hats ever swept into such a lead in Mason City hat circles aa the "Boulevard 1 ." To try one oa and ·N wear It is to see why-such success sur-' rounds them. You can't duplicate a BOULEVARD. known. 3U11 lending doughboys at 4% per cent on certificates double the loan isn't so darned ;gen- eroug .--Davenport Times. NUMMR 8EVIN SOOTH FEOCRA1 The only BOULEVARD Store in Mason City The splendid new KNIT-TEXCOAT $ 30 The Knit-lex Coat fits right into the budget. But it is so smart and fine looking that it gives you the appearance of paying a lot of money and the pleasure of saying a lot of money. .Your friends will think it is an expensive importation. AT NUMBER SEVEN SOUTH FEDERAL, EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR MASON CITY

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