The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 3, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1818
Page 3
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. ' . BROADWA - C I it c.u s , "xrwsea bkitul.ajtv bsoomk streets. ' ; OOQOtOouoOO . . , - '' " Entire Change of Performance. . FRIDAY EVENING, Jaly 3, IBIS. . ' The pertormaoce will commence with the Sport Ri'1?; ' . ' Matter Cot? will, on one horse, perform ma - wonderful feat o horsemanship. . - The wonderful Spanis h hor Romeo will) ftf - ' ler leaping over boards and ban of a prodigious height, leap over uh uor - e, win conciaue vj leaping through ft hogshead placed on the back of another none. fireat VaulUne. br Mr. Garcia. , . Grand Trampoline Exercises, by Mr.Cossin bo will leap over the ihouldcri of two men, toil conclude rjy leaping over lour nors. . Madame Cossin will go through all her won derful feats on the tight reie, dunce the gavotte ' da Vestris minuet, and go through the manuel .. KIM. Mr. Camnbel!. in the character of Clown, will on one horse, perform many feats of mirth and ImObonerv. c. Slack Hone, bv Mr. Mavhe. Matter M'Cnra, the wonder of the hire, will, ui nno hone, nerfdrm manv wonderful (eats foe youth, only nine years old, and conclude ny n dins nn hiihead. bit horse in full speed. 't he comic acene ol Madame Angot, by Mr, Garna. Canadian Peasant, or the Metamorphosed E oneitrian. by Mr. Tntnell. who will.'ulter ma ny astonishing feats, perform ft wonderful leap through a hogshead, and light On the saddle, his horse in full speed. - Still Vaulting, by Mesrs.TntnelL Mahye, Gar cia, Coty, M'Carn. Willis, l nomas, etc, - The ft hole to conclude with the much admi red scene of the Tavlor't Journey to Brentford Tickets may be had at the circus from 10 o'clock. A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. Wfhericun Academy of the fine Arts. fXT The fourth exhibition of this academy is open every day, until further notice, from 9 in the morning until datlc. Admittance 25 cents Cfttaioguts 12 1 - 2 cents. By order. ALLXrt. ROBERTSON, Jy 3 4t Secretary i NO I ICE. OT The public are cautioned against trusting the crew of the British brig Recompt - nce, John Gey es master, tos no debts contracted bytliem, will he paid by the captain or consignees. J 3 for freight or Charter, The fine new brig ELIZA, Gmby .master, burMiened about 1J00 bbls mi well ana i in hue order tor a voyage. ' Apply to . O. G. St 6. HOWLAND, ' J 3 ' 67 Washington - st .for freight or Charter, . The schooner JOSEPH, capt. Hop 34i,kirt', will be glad to get a freight to the Southward or Eastward, or any where else, on the most reasonable terms, if applied lor imme diately. She is a good one year old vessel, and tarries about 400 barrels, sails remarkably fast Apply to the mister on board at Dover - strtat orto N.L.& G. URlaWOLD, It oe c i. . ut, k nil 7iiuiflll fur VIAHLEXTOA', A British BRIG, burthen 218 tons , British, or 210U hands : now at Phi ladelphia wilt proceed to tins, or a southern port, to load for England, or the West Indies, and can be despatched wiihin three days notice. Apply to ROGERS & POST, J 3 51 South - street LIAStatt Oil.. A FEW casks pure tiosecd oil, of ft superior J. Ml. quality, Just lauded and for sale by J. BULKLEY & CO. July Sit 43 Son1h - it. C UAU tO ton Scotch Coal, on board the ftrig Scipio, at Joue' wharf, for sale by '." . , - 57 South - street. AUo, SO tons stone balL - ut, for sJc as above JS CANTON MLKS 3 cases Biack barsoets, 3 do biack Sinchns 4 do Ladies fringed and coloured hdkfs 3 do bewine silks 1 do black 4 - 4 fringed hdkin. just rrcnived and for sale by UURO h SEW ALL. J 3 Ci boulh - sireet. LEAlO.Sa. - iM hexes Lemulis ol exci'l.eut quality, and in prime order, lor sale by G li. fcS. IIOWLA.NU, 67 Wasliiogion - slreet. Also. 200 bags Filberts and a few sarki Walnut. J 3 PV. l.tUIAKU CO. 104 rearl - street, . offer for sale, in addition to their foraiertjt - teatire assortment of Hardware, the following articles, iw'd by the Martha, from Liverpool Truce Chains Clout Nails Spade and bhovtls bran Kettles do Candlesticks do Cocks 4a Mails Si Hingis ' Gilt Coat buttons, mm of sup. quality, suitable for merchant Isrlors Jaanned Candle ticks rmish Tacks . J3tf aDd8barr'd Curry Combs C barr'd Mane do Iron Wire,No.4toIO Steelyards Kiue Guns Trunk Locks ' Prawing Knives Dingleys Patent currier's knives warranted equal to Cox's gen nine. CHOPPA ROMALLS 5 cases Choppa Ro - malls superior quality, suriject lodra w back, for sale by U. W. TALBOT, i 3 65 Pine street I7U.AX SHEETINGS 14 botes 39 inch JP Flaxen Sheeiiugs, landing from ship Union, from Greenock, for sale by J 3 DIV IF. BCTIIUNE St CO. "LrENi LlChl" TOBACCO. 2a htnls. Ken - IV tucky Tobacco, landing froai sliip Islington irom new urieani, inrsale by J 3 DIVIK, RKTHUNKfc CO. LATUM. CLARET 100 dox. vintage o. IB 14, amy nppriorpar cl, for sale br PETER REV1SEN itCO. I3 20 Smilh - strrH. SUPERIOR OLD HO TILED MADEIRA D LYNCH, Jun. has just received from the . West Indies, a few caves of Judge Biam's w sunted wme, imported by him intt An - "gin, rrom Hill 4; Ilissetts house of Madeira. 1793, which he can warrant equal if not superior to anv wine in America. J 3 lw , MAil.tlUl'H PIU2E. TOn Friday nerf 70,000 DOLLARS. HE highest ix - ise errr drawn in this state, w - 11 be paid to the holder of the 1st draw be oo Friday next at 4 o'clock, from th ward Road Wheel. A floating prixe of 1000, Jo 100, and 14 of 00, fire yet in the wheel - iae drawing will be finished in 1 4 davs. A few ekanco unsold ftt G R VCIE'S, 146 Broadway. J'3 10.00u R0AD LOTTERT. 'PHE Erst drawn number on text Friday, will be entitled to 170,000. 10.0fis a uoa'inr; p) and nay come out Uie same day. This Jt'ry is (q be completed in ft few days nfler r" naay. "i nose wlio wish ror ehances caa "fwppiyed with a lew warranted lrwn tick - t tttll t&imrmm I L'CI ll'IJ V , I A lwTjerpoi;te City - Hoi. J 3 3t TiC'ATiT'A , - f DVAhXElXii. ; axt drawn Ticket (on Friday week) r '" eacrue the fortoi&te holikr to ira - rru - t of 70,000 DOLLARS, in the Mil - tw - aRoad Iottrry. Tbe who! lot - iduuflTt Copl"ted in two weeks, a p:ix of mJJW any Tickets n iwi nrreld next week, I yY L oe contidt - rably advaocM at Au - ViiJr,llTLuck70uV - x 122 Broadway. ""most of the rriiri drawn rme hen P.i.1. ii. No. i - 45. 435,000: 7771, rui 3 if OR SALE an excellent Horse and tight iroDz n aeeon. the iiorse is a years oia. perfect! gentle and ku.d in harness, and pleas ant under tlte saddle. Enquire at SLO VV LEY'S C.l.i - W. ' . M oiuuie, j'iia street, jju IX CHANCER JJorolhy Hacklin, . Peck and Elixa. betb his wife, Maria Hunt, Catharine Hunt I Stale ofJftW' York, $t and others. IH pursuance of an order! of this honorable court made in the above cause, will be sold at puMic auction at the Tontine Coffee House, in tlie city of Sew York, on the 2Uth dav of July inst. at 13 o'clock ftt nooo, under the direction of tbe subscriber, all those bve lot ol eround. sit uate, lying and being in the eighth ward of the city of New York, being formerly that part of uie property ol Aicbolas bayard, bsquire, then Known cy irw name ol Hayard's farm, lying westward of llroadwar : said lots being desig nated on a map of said farm, made by Catimer i n. uoerck, then one ol the City Surveyors, hy me numners 1 147, 1 1 - 13, 1141), 115U and 1 152; to gether with the liereditaisteuta and appurtenan cestottie same belonijiiig or in anywiM ripper laming. lUiied juiy 3d. mm. " THOMAS BOLTO.V, J 3 lawtjygftdbl Matter in Cbatirtry. A LA W to prtcent the tirins of euru arid ifi' charging of rockets, sywbs, cracUrt, and otlitr Jirtworks, pasted J wit ztf, 1818. BE it ordained by the mayor, aldermen, and commonality of the city of New - Yoik, in common council convened, 1 hat it shall not be lawlul for any persou to fire or discbarge any gun, pistol, fowling piece or Cro arm in any of the public roads on the I;Iaud of ftew - York, or at any other rriaco within the distance of fire miles from the City HalL nor to discharge or set off any rocket, cracker, squib or other fire works, within the distance aforesaid, without permission first had and obtained in writing from tbe mayor of the city nnder the penalty of fire dollars upon each effender, to be recovered - with costs Provided alwavs, that nothing contained m this section shall be construed to extend to any mili tary exercises or reviews, or to the state prison guard. And be it further ordained, That the ordinance entitled ft law to prevent the firing ol guns," pa;scu AT ay 5th, 1817, be, and the same is here - oy repealed. By tho common council, July 3 I. MORTON. CArtturru' Journal atid Literary Reeistrr. '"p J. SWORDS have this day published - a. . ino. ii oi vol. z, oi uns worn. CONTENTS. Address on the subiectofthe Episcopal Theo lo'kal Seminarr t ferndle Relieionist. nn ex tract ; Misrepresentations in the prospectus of Mr. Bellamy's proposed translation of the Bible : Anniversary of Uie Sorietr lor the Pronouation oi me uoepei in inrcign pans ; original com inunication ; Practical .olet on Kxodis : Poeti ol Extract; Obituary ; liitl!igence ; Mew Publications in l - .neland. tic. &:c. J work is puniished at out dollar per an num, inx numners. j s 1LARLT VVLE. 60 cases ol Claret Wine contaimnz I doxen rat h 10 case containing 3 dozen each, vintaee ioiu growtn oi riranne ivi onion, I ir sale hy Jy lw AKCiril iHACIr; SOAS. AILAREi" WLfc. - 2U0 cases Mareaux Cla - ret, of very superior duality, vintage of 1811, incases of 2 and 3 dui. each, received direct from the vivvard. and for sale bv Uie cafe or largpr quannry, ny 113 Pearl street. Who Inve lor sale, lamline fnm brie Eliza, from St. Jngo de Cuba, at Edear's Wharf, N. R. 4H lllld. 100 hbl: ils! Mascovado Sugar. Jy 1 lw MLWLRIr FE WINE. 100 quarter cask L leuerine Wido, now landing from the bri Abeona, at Pier No. 6, N. R. for sale by HORN MEAL 200 hhds yellow Kila dried s Corn .Meul, nf a superior quality 100 bbls do do landiuz from the mill boats. ana lor taie vy I ut&M(iAUUlr.9, J 2 S! Sonlli - .tivet. fOi SALE, A SECOND hand irovernors euard. and an lu. Artillery Coat Apply lo I'll I LI I' HENRY, J 2 3t 39 William - street oi fiiniw. lanainzana GOODHUE it CO. O sale by Jy2 44 South - street. 17 - 1RGIM.V FLOUR. 289 bbls. Richmond T and Lynchburg Flour, landing ex. sclir, ulture, from Richmond, west side Coflec I louse - slip, and for sale by TKUKKS, DAVIUMJN & CO. je 26 106 Front - strett CALCUTTA SUGARS. 24 bars very V handsome White Calcutta Sugars, just landed, and tor sate by JUS 0?HORN, je 27 23 South - atrcet tf OAT SKINS 7000 Calrutt Jf Goat Skins, in prime ordir, for sale by je 27 28 fouth - street C?PlRTS TUKPKN liNE & ROSIN 6 bbls O Spirits Turpentine UO do Rosin, very good quality for sale by It. it U. V. UAVI EN PORT A CO. Jet5 3S Peck slip. 'PO BAKERS. 3.TtbbJS. superfine Richmond JL Flour, of superior quality, landing from U I . l I i iir uiuire, nn in ii'wr. bit vj Je26 BOORMAN A JOHNSTON. BF.PPO, ft Venetian Storv, by Lord Byron, price 25 cents, just received and for sale by Je 29 Corner of Nassau and Sprure t'. (Tj NDI ICE is hereby riven to the Stock holders of the Flushing (j Aevttvn Turnpike, Bridge and Road Comhano, that the annual Election for Directors to manage the concerns of said Company, for the ensuing year, will be held at STRICKLAND'S Hotel, in Mutmng, on Tuesday the 7th of July next, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock: in the afternoon. Uy order of the Board of Directors. WM. PRINCE, Pres't Flnshng, June 29tft, 1314 Ie30 1 ,T y - Hatrm Rank AoUs and Notes of the banks this side of Albany - will be purchased at a small divmint at ALLEN'S' Lottery and Lx - change office. No. 121 Broadway, opposite the Citv Hotel. Wanted, Charleston, Georg - 'a and North - Ca - rlina large note. July 1 D4Clw Tliecoftcluiiingexainination of tl;e slu - rlent of Columbia Collrge, will commewe, witb that of the senior clan, on Toerhy, July 7, ! 9 o'clock, A.M. The attendance of the graduates ftftd of the trustee of th College, of tbe Rev. Clergy of the city, ftnd of tbe parents and guardians of the ItTxtfibi. is respectfully rqnetel. WM. HARKI?. Pres. Col. Coll. Cotnmbia College, June 29, 1818. JeT97t NO'IICE. fJ - All perwms having claims against the es fate of Jnhn Mnan, deceased, are desired to present them for settlement lo tbe subscriber, and those tndeUed to said estate are requested to make payment, to bint withnnt delay. JAMES M'BRIDE, , Je 29 lm Acting Executor. PRIATKR3 It Are respectfiillv informed, that rtgisitr is kept at the PRINTERS' WARE - HOUSE, K BorliB' - slip where the names of such saeo as want employ mm and those who wa to oo - taio jrorltmen, will oe eatereci ; aoi any m r - matioa gratuitottsly if A U the profession r that F - 4 : Jyl tFAMTED TO CHARTEIL A BiitMi Vessel, of from 120 to I J .tons. Apply to JOSEPH JONE3, JiSt la Green wich - st - P.i aSJi Gt tVH LOStuOtf. . The remarkably fine British brig SKEEX. to sail for London on Wednes day i has excellent accommodations and room for a few more passengers. Apply to capt. Ma - too on board, at Jones' wharf, or to 11. GILLr.oi Ir;, J30 112 Front - t. for JVK W - ORLLA h'i, Tbe barque GIDEON, is now t - eady for sea, and will positively sail on Sunday the im insL will receive any freight that, may be oflered in the mean time. A few passenger can be well accommodated. Apply on board, at pier No. 6, North River, or to JOSEPH JONES, June 30 5t 12 (ifeenwieh - 't. for II Aim:, The ship BELLE, Henry Leslie, master, to sail in 10 days. For a few tons of heavy freight or passengers, having ex cedent accommodations, upply to JONES 4i MEGRATH, je 29 91 ooutli - street. JV CiJAHJtR, A good brig or schooner, from 160 o 1C0 tuns burtiicu, to load lor Europe, lo R hu li immediate ditpauu will be given. Ap ply to It. CHUMP, Je29 90 Pine - st, for T. CJiUJX, The elegant new brig FREDERICK, Clark, master, will sail with all conve - nitiut dupatch. r or freight or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to KKADE& DE PEYSTER, Je 29 lw 31 Old - slip. r LIVERPOOL, The very superior coppered Rritish shit) UALMAUNOCK. 'V. W. Robert son, master ; her cargo bring nearly engaged. tor Uie remainder ot freight, or pansage, ha ing elegant accommodations, apply board, east side X - ly - inai feet - w liart, or to S. DALGLEISH & CO. 103 Pearl - street, Who offers for sale, ex. said vessel, from Leith Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in but ties and casks. Wine Bottles, &c. per gross. je 2(5 Hunted to Cliarter, One or two Biitish vessels, to load for Liverpool. Apply to Je 6 AUCIl I) - GRACIE &SONS. Passage for Atw - Urlcans. The substantial fast - tailing new bri: RESIGN, capt. Wheeler, will be dis patched with all convenient speed. For pas - airc only, apply on board, at pier o. 5, North Rive orto JOSEPH JONES, June 27 Ct 12 Greenwich - st. tor LiyfRPUOL, The elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, William Adams, master; she is ii'JI tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo. For freight or passage, apply to the master, on board, east side of Fly - market wharf, or to Is. W. ROGERS & Co. Je 16 235 Pearl street. for HA V A AAA H, The yery fine brig SUPERB, Reeve;, master will meet with despatch, hav ing a considerable part ol her cargo engaged. For passage, having handsome accommodation, or freight, apply ou board, at pier No. 12, east side Old - slip, or lo PUTT & M'KINNE, Je 23 6oulhtree4.v - ' fur Ji LACELL X and MOBILE, The substantial fast sailing schooner UMAiuu, six ton. Mpuin lmn well i hurimr most of her fi - eitrlit eniraire, will meet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder of freight or passage, having good accommodations, applv on board at pier no. E. R or to PK1ERS Sc HF.UK1CK. je22 29 Coeiitics - tlip, For SALE, At a low price, if applied for this day or Monday next, the brig M ARY, as sue arrived from Havana, at Pier 0, Arden's - wharf, North River. Her burthen is 20u tous, has two decks fore and aft, and may be sent to sea with little expense. Apply at 61 South street, to N. St D. TALCOTT. je27 NEW AND ELl.GA.N 1 PLATED IV A li E. 7 ELLS it UPSON, have lately received y V per Courier, from Liverpool, a very handsome assortment or new and fashionable best Sheffield Plated Ware, rich and el g - mt pat terns, wmcn tney arc now opening at I j. liroad way. ALSO. At 155 Pearl - street, a large and extensive as sortmentof HA tlDWA RE, by tbe pncknzi and from the shelves, which they will sell at very renuceu price. j z i w OUGARjA: MOLAS&ES. 10 hbd and 55 O bbls Muscovado Sugar, and 15 hhds retailing Molasses, landing in front of the subscribers store this day, lor sale by G. G. A S. HOWLAND, J 2 67 Washington - street. PLATE GLAS. 10 cases Swedish picture glass, assorted from ) by 17 a 16 by 22, for sate ny iiunu s. St. wall., J 1 65 outh - street. PORTER. It casks of hottie'd Porter, just received, per rhip Radius, from London, and lor sate ty J I lw ARCHIBALD GRACIE & SON. STABLE, Sic. VTANTED to rent in any street between or f T contiguous to the City Hall or City Hotel, a stable, or part of one, with room for a gig. A line addressed to X. Y. 7.. at this office will meet with immediate attention. Je 29 lw' LOFTON. bales prune Upland, lauding KJ Irom brig Harmony, for sale by ORIS WOLDS St COATES, bS South - street. In Store, 75 bales upland Cotton, lo' sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply as aoove. J I O ALP. 155 tuns Liverpool coarse salt, on O board the ship Robert, capt. Thompson, at .nurrav's wnarf. tor sale by ' i. &. D. TALCOTT, J I 64 South - street I Li on, in tioe order, landing from sloop Rapid, for tale at zo south - street, hy r ta J 2 r. KEMSKN BC CO. BLACK EV'D PEAeL. A tew bushels, for sale by it lUtCW. DA YEEPORT & CO. MOLASsES. l4bhdraad KOUcrce Havana Molasses, landing and for sale br GOODHUE t CO. J 2 44 SouUi - ttreeL EAR I Ut. WARE. 100 crates of EarUica - wire, particularly selected for this market, iv, w Ian - ling ex ship Martha, from Liverpool, Si for sde by TKOKES, DAVIDSON It CO. Jy 2 IPS Front - street. B" ROWN ID1A SUGARS. A lew bags 1st quality, for sale by - : H Ct. O. 8. ROWLAND, Jy2 67 Washington strrct. "IHAMPAiGNE & BL'RGliDT U cases Vy superior still Chamaigue, 1 dot. each ' Kl'dO 09 BU 'ToTHhVltiy ' TWO BRITISH gRICSt iliTbebrig FAIR CAMBRIAN. Cnut, mailer, ISO tons, coppered to the bendj, lies at the foot of Liberty - street. 1 he remarkably fine brig GEORGE l inii nitiLT, Lewi matter, Z4U ion;, iiiilies at the south side of Albany Batin. For particulars, apply to the matters on board. orto ' . ROBT. ROBERTS. Jy2 3t " 66 Pine street." Wanted to CtlAHl ER, . A good schooner of 65 ft 70 tons burthen, for a voynse to Bermuda : imme diate dupatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER Si LAUR1ES, J 2 ftp South - slreet. for SAyAXjVAH. The very fine brig fcU PER B, Reeves, .matter, will poiilivtlv sail on iuujav nexi - - For freight, or pas,age, baring handsome acL - ommodatious, apply n board, at pier No. 6 north River, or to POTT & M'KINNE, June 50 66 South - t. COFFEE, TOBACCO, WIME, Ic. - Shbdt. and I bid. very Greu CufTce 35 hhds uferiur old Kentucky Tobacco - 1 1 do old Richmond do 15 do new do . do - 6 qr. c:vks L. P. Madeira Wine 1 hlid. Madeira of uncommon high flavor, h&i been 3 yean iu Jamuica 1 qr. rusk extra Siierry Wine, 6 years old . - - 25 bbU. Fredericksburg Flour. t rcigtitjor liio de Janeiro and Per - uatnlueo. Vessels bound lo cither of the above ports, may have a few goods on freight, from ROBT. GILLESPIE, Jc30 112 Front - t. For HAVA.NA, The new coppered brig WARRIOR, 2R4 tons burthen, (built by Mr. N. Rrowu of this city,) B. Richards, master. She will sad on the lOlh of July next, weather permitting. For freight or passu - jo npply to JAMES D. WOLF, junior, Je 24 64 South - tt. H'AATED JO VllAltTEIi, A Untit - li v - el of 2o0 to 300 tons, to ioau ai a souuieru port lor Hie n em iu Apiily to dies, MACKIE, MILNE & CO. Je 26 61 Pine - st 4t The elegaut new coppered ship 11 EC iuL,TOR, James Gillendcr, master, is now uearly loaded, and is positively to! ended to sad on the 7th instant For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply lo the captain on po&m, at niurrnys wnaii. or to JOHN GRAHAM A CO. Jy 1 1w Pine - 'treet IV A AT ED TO CHARTER, , A giMid SHIP or BRIG ol about 250 tons. A coppered vessel and one that sail last, would be preferred. G. G. & S. HOWLAND, J 1 67 Washington - street. for Washington, A. V. The schr GOLDEN - AGE, capL A - K.dcrton, lying cast side Peck - slip ; will sail on Thursday next. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to J I R. & C. W. DAVENPORT le V. fur H ihmiijitun, A. C. The ship PACKET, capt. White, to sail in a few days, will take freight on Uie loweet terms, and accommodate passengers. Apply on board, at Murray's wharf, or to UKISWULUSkUUVlKSt, J 1 riH onth street. r or Clljt ULtit J Vi.Y, Ti ...V..x. IRlun t.l jfcMlT. Harwick, master, will meet with immodiate dispatch, having half her Ireight en ageJ - rlVur remaiader or pasrsce, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, east : - K1e Colfee - liouse slip, orto . , . , SAUL ALLEY, June 19 OH Pine t. 1 Jii UUULIZ, &r. O Bnxc inu - lins 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 lrih linens I do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 do Scotch osnaburss 7 do. imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpcliug. ALSO, Suil - clolh, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, July t No. 1 Sloat - lane. SALES at AUCTION, in PROVIDENCE, R. I by n. c t. c. h orris It CO. fN Wednesday Kth of July next, at 10 o'clock V A. M. at the stores of Messrs. (JAIUIING TON St CO. h ill be M'd, all the good landed irom ship 1 rumbull, Aborn master, from Can ton. viz 950 chests Hyson Skin Tea j The Teat are all 100 do Ilyson do f fresh, and of an f9 do Young Hyson do f excellent quali i in hoxes eouchong do 1 ly. !6K) bandies Cassia, about OOOOIbs. SO cases superior black Siuchews, 25 ps. each 40 do do do Sarinetts. 25 do do 30000 lbs. best Block Tin Also, to close a Concern. 9(D hoxes China Ware 10 bales Calcutta Goods Terms will be liberal and made known at the sale B. St T. C. HOPFIN It CO. Auctioneer. Providence, June 2.1th, 1CI8. Je 29 4t 1,1 rAN I'ED. a situation at not emeu inapri V V vate family, by a Young Lady, who has already had several year experience in thai line, inquire at wo. 4tJ Broadway. Je xo lw - 1X1 LEI, And possession eiven immediately, a commodious House, Stable and Out - Houses, with ft one cultivated Garden, r ruit Trees. Shrubbery, Ac. and pasture ground enough for a horse and cow. It is pleasantly situated on the bank of tbe North River, not quite two mile from the City Hall. The rent will be moderate For particulars, enquire at 49 Water - street. fyiiw NEW WORK BY HOGG. C WILEY U CO. No. 3 Wall - street, have . rot to press, and will publish in a few davs the Brownie of Bodsbcck, the Wool - eatherrr. and the Mont ofEildon, hy James Hogg, author of Queen's Wake J 1 tf FOR SALE. A LOT 'of ground on Broadway, between Walker street 'nnd Canal - street, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 175 feet lone. Inquir of P. A. JAY, Jy 1 tf No. 37 Pine - streeL 70,000 DOLLARS. fTy HE next drawn number in the Owego Road i lottery, will oe enutled to the grand ca wtal rnr of 470,000. A few ticket ftnd shares may yet be obtained at tbe lucky lottery othce ef JUDAH C LAZARUS, 74 Maiden - lane, Where bare been sold in former lo'teries most of the highest prixe. Prixe m former lotteries approve! promiso - it ftolcs will be taken in payment for tickets. A correct cuecx oeos js Kepi, sic. . July 8 St FORTI boxes fresh icrly LEMW2, fine fruit, ia lot totuit porcbasert ! Afso. br retail ftt the very low priceof t 60 per I0U, or 37 cents per dose) at No. 7 rark. ftrUs;rocyri.ifor family we, cheap for casb. ftt ; '".7.' Piivsmib - oj'itTfi For tka 434 aamvertary of American kudepend - ' - - , - c, July 4th. I8IO. - JOSEPH DELACROIX, grateful for the fa. ' yors with wliich bisfeUow - citisens have lio - nored his celebrations ef our national festival for 53 years, during which he bat used bis best endeavors to deserve eccooragement, has works prepyrfd for this occasion wliich be is confident will give general satisfaction. . Iu the selection of a subject tor the principal of the extiibitioUj be believe Ike glorious, vtctorie which brightened the American name, will be received by all with that pleasure which noble deed excite in ptiiriotic mind. . I he gardens will be opened at 4 O'clock" in tne afternoon. Everv improvement which experience could euggeit, ha been made for the convenience of company, both iu the garden and at the several entrance. ' A uumc - rou band will perform (elect music, 'to enliven thr a'ternoon nnd evening. The illumination will be splendid end general, with several llionsan'Js ol ligbt,aoil a number ol appropriate motto, nuangcd in the walk; in addition to which a iiumber of fanciful Chinese Vasts of all colors, will lorm an agreeublc variety to delight the eye. Grand fire ft'oi kt. Tic works are numerous, carefully prepared, and will lie fired in quick succession. To commence with the Star nf Uie United States and the motto 76. Tho Warrior's fancy, with many cbaiiges. The Adverse Squares. Cross Fire at Variance. Whim upon whim. The Gordi - .iH Knot in various lire. Tbe Grand New Mc - cUanifcm of the Revolving Globes, presenting a beautiful arrahgemeut o sphere in white (ires. ' The elegant Flower Vase, with a surprising Tree. A combat nf Sun, with clients. Twenty - One Fixed Stars, changing to a glory. ' Horiroutal Roly Polys. The Stormy Shower of Fire, with a r.hange. A Urge new piece of various colors, the 1 airy empu;, continually cnangiug lit appearance. The Star of Cincinnati. The Waving Tree ; the Cross of Malta. Extract tioiii the Declaration of Independ ence, 44 Enemies in War In Fesce Friends I" A piece of changes " United States, Mcnroe President. The Bale of Goods, America, Europe, Asia, Ainca, revolving around commerce. The Army and Navy, Huia ! Tbe Race Wheel. The Spiral. The Little Rose, 36 changes of fire. The Whirling Caprice. The Sheaf of wheat Brilliant J - lied Sun, with a change oi Fires It it generally the case in large displays, that thewoiks cannot be fired in the exact order they are noticed in an advertisement. The nuin bcr announced shall b complete; any irregular ity in uie uring, win, ins uopeo, ne mxTHiMi. - The Concluding Display. This principal sub ject of the day, is got up without limit to expense .. I J . J . i. Li. i. . r uiiu intention, tnougn li near ne name oi our most glorious Squadron Victories, it at the same time embraces the incidents of other encare - ruentt equally praiseworthy. The Confusion of Battle, Destruction of Ships and Forti, Explosion t, iic. will form a systematic arrangement oi fires, winch, with the connected machinery. will present to spectators, a representation of a ge - ueral Engagement. AMERICAN VICTORIES. The object ol the artist is to make one general engagement ol forts and ships, allegorical of the victories wmcn crowned the wiiole ; ami in selecting the Scene of the Lakes, (where from cir - ciinidance, more brilliancy of effect wa produced; intends it as nn epitome of all our succest - e. Tlie tcene is 80 feet in front, nnd represent s the Sea and Horizon. On each side, allegot ical of the military engagements, are two large torts with outworks, &c. On tlio water in the different lines of battle are the American and adverse fleets, ships, brigs schooners, sloops, gun - boat, tender4, and on one side n distant view of the enemy's works. Hie area beini rleared. sis - nai irom the lorts are bred in mQaucc, when commences a grand military and naval engage ment, whicn comprise the principal incident ol the battle on the Lakes. The forts commence a bombardment on each other with slxdls, ball rockelt, 4c. 1 he fleels join in tlie action, mini: ling their fire with of the forts ; tlie ship Lawrence, receiving: nil the enemy's fire, is era - dually disabled, when Commodore Perry, in hi bunt, with his faithful teamen, are seen cronii.r? in Lh niidst of lire to (lie Niagnra brig, whif - h uasncs mm me enemy's line t uie firwr e.iciea - es, bombs, ball and a variety of fire fly in eve ry direction : (hins are ditmaaled : aome ti.ik. aim oinert mow up ou tne oilier side, Commodore Maedcnoiieh's shin Saratoga tlosc - lv en. ged with the Delinnre, Captain Downia, and the whole fleet in action ; the scene terminates with tbe word 44 peace," appearing over the whole, when ft brilliant salute will cloae the evening. ' Or Tickets of Admission 60 cents each may be had at G. & R. Waite's Maiden Lone ; R. Waite Jun's. Brondway; and at the Gardens, Doors open nt 4 o'clock. Tbe entrances are a few yards above the house. Watchmen are provided to retain the names of persons attempting to climb over Uie fences. The gardens will be cioscu on tne nrst until the rourth, 1'. M. J PAVILION THEATRE, ANTHONY - STREET. (gr The first performance will be on FRIDAY EVENING, July 3, commencing with an address to be spoken by Miss M1 Bride, the won - deful prodigy, (her Crst appearance) only nine years of age, who will (for this night only) speak the occasional address, written by Counsellor Phillips, and spoken by .Mr. Payne, the American Roue i us, at his first appearance in the theatre, Dublin. After which a new ballet dance, under the di rection ol Mr. rarker, culled the JOLLY MILLERS. Song lovcs the like me, for the first time, by . t i r I i. r i - ' I tl Kir. iveene, coniHjeii esirciiy lormui, uy a. Wooclworth, adapted lo a lavorito Irish melody bv Mr. Moian. The celebrated Mr. Blackmore will make his first appearance this season, aud go through his astonishing feats on the Slack Rope, in which he stands unrivalled ; to terminate with the extraordinary feat of roasting the pig. oONG Broce't adUrets to his army, or Scots wha ha' wi Wallace bled, by Mr. Kcene, in the character of a Caledonian. For the first time in this city will be brought forward, (under the direction ol Mr. Parker, the popular mclo - dramatic spectacle of ilUAEY St HIS DOGS, Or, The Treacherous Indian. At performed in London and Philadelphia, with unbounded applause. The second night of performance will be on the evening of the f ourth of July, when a va riety of new entertainments will be brought forward expressly for that evening, rarticu lars expressed in the bills of the day. Doors open at 7 o clock, and performances commence at 8. Boxes 1 dollar. Pit 50 cents children under 14 years of age, half price. J A CARD. ft - r At tbe particular solicitations of the La dy Vuhscrilier, Uie New - York Salt Water Float - inir Bath will be removed to her old station at tbe fooUif M array - street, this day, where it will continue open every day, from sunrise in the morning, until 10 o'clock at rugni, aunag uie bathing season. It it hoped wbeo the Ladies of thi city know that this large building, which will accommodate two or three hundred persons at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoy - ment on Mondays and Wednesday sol each week until J o'clock, that.tbey wiH give that enooor It axement which such an appropriation deserves. On a1! other days they have ttietrowo apartment only. The create! possible attention avili be pi"d. The Bath ftt the Battery Is open every dav from sanrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle - meaoory, . Je29 P1AA0 - FQRTE3 St HARP. TWO very handsome PUS OS and sa elegant PEDAL HARP, all of first rate workmanship, and will be ftoli very low Apply No. 43 South - strsrt. J one 51 1 w . the at the - oi at the PUBLIC Si BY M. DITMISV Turtday, - . ... .. ' At Messrs. Kirk K Mereehis mom, SO Wa!! - trect. 2il package Cluoa K English tut glass ware, comprising as choice n asrtmeol at Oi - lered for al In ilii. m.tb.i aIul nlAhaitiror naments, tlsa - pieces, loon in; glaKS, picture's Sc. Pariir - ularstn'd.iy olsaic ' Cf MIJ.LS, MI VTOY & CO. Monday, SOlh July. At 12 o'clock, at Aorgan's eotlee - house, Hartford, Connecticut, by order ol the ekerotors of the late Jared ScarloroM;hl Esq. deceatcd ff" That most valuable and ploasant situs' (tlJtioa of the late Jared Scarborough, Etqi decease d ; situated about btdfainile wast of the state - house, in Hartford. There it on the prt - mias, a large and convenient HOUSE, car riage - houFe, ice - house, and every convenient and necessary building ; 7 acre of rand laid oat in the best manner into garden fruit and or thai ding. la the, garden is great collec tton of shrubbery, strawberries, ftc and largs asparagua bed ; lb fruit it of the cbotrest elec lion and a great variety ; the orchard is stocked with the best collection : fow places can be h uud that are equal forguopucn of toil, Variety of fruit and for the beauty aud extent of Us prospect The house overlooks the city of llartlbrt, and commands a view as fur a tbe eye will r' - 'h of the rich valley on both side of the Connecticut, and the fiuo hills with which it is skirted. Th purchaser can enter on the. premises immediately. . The above situation is considered, those acqnainted with it, as one of the roewt e'Jgible in me normern stales ; t combine witbt tBost elegant and agreeable r:klence. every local advantage which a feitile and cheap country, in every article of substance can p. o duce. and for a gentleman to live rnoderali on his means, and at the same time in the Jm meciate vicinity of the society and convenien. ces of a city, n siui;io can be snore detirea. ble. The sale being u close Coivtems of tbe etate will be peremptory - plan ef the house, out houses, gorden and land, may be teen aud every information obtained, by applying to th Auctioneer, No 140 Pearl - street, There is nearly adjoining 30 acres of land, oo which is a valuable orc hard, ilivided into mowing, ploughing and pasturing, is ahUh state ef cultivation, which will be sold with the above or separately. Also, store oo (be north side of Morsaotown, a few roc's from the bridge, 30 last front, and 45 feet deep, built about 3 years since. in every respect e strong, and well finished building. JiARbtE tVH ti' ILL) I Ah. TH E proprietors of the southern marble qua lies, near King's - Bridre. rive notice, that they have on band, and are receiving, at the King't - Rridgt. Marble and Line - lard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following de scriptions, vu : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone ' Chimney Pieces j Facings Columns Watertftble Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches A1m Lime of the bet quality'. fXT - A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those detirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Fcbll At the Yard. MUAEX iO LOJV. A O f f fkDOLL A R3 to loan, in som to m:J,J Jt suit applicants, on bond with mortgage upon approved property. Enquire ef WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. W here application, sway be generally asade through the - year, and mortgage disposed of. Jeyfiif NOTiCE. fj This is to forbid all persons trusting the crew of the Portuguese hric Sophia. Lores mas ter, ns no debt oi their contracting will be oaid by the captain or consignee. Je 9 4 'IT i he Ouarlerlv Mredntr of tlie nale Union Society for the nroniofion of Sabbath Schools, will be bsld in tlie Lecture Room of the Methodist Church in John street, on Wednesday. the Crst of July. The superinlendnnt and teach ers are requested to be punctual in their attend anc e, at half past 10 o'clock, A. M. Ladies, subscriliers, or others interested in the insti tution, are respectfully invited to attend, at 1 1 o'clock. Subscriptions for the present year will be then received. Subscribers ere earnestly reauested to tend the amount of their subscriptions, in order to save tne expense ol employing collector. je x ij. becretary. CINCINNATI. $y The Annual meeting of the New - York State Society of the Cincinnati, will be held at the City Hall, on the 4th day of July neat, at It o'clock precisely, wbeo the officers for tbs esse ing year, will be elected and the ordinary business of the Society transacted. The Society will dine on that day at Washington Hall, precisely at 4 o'clock, r. U. Member of the respective slate Societies are respect fully invited to join in the celebration of the day. By order, D. E. DUNSCOMB, Eec'ry. Je t7 6t (CT JOHN C. HAMILTON, Commit ooer ror the acknowledgement of Ueeus, te. has removed to the office, corner of Cedar ftnd N ansae streets. Law BuildinmNo 1 Je 49 lm FOURTlHFJULYS,iAni' - XO0Z. (CT Capt Moore, of tlie Steam - boat OLIVE RRANCII, begs leave to inform the citiaena of New - York, that lie wilt proceed to Sandy. Hook on the 4th inst. The boat will leave the wharf precisely at 12 o'clock, and will ba amply provided w'rth liquors and provisions of Uie best kind and ft superabundance af ice Eliis is beautiful sail, and the tea bathing equal to any whatever. As, however, it is material this hot weather to know the number going, that he may furnish bis table accordingly, be particularly requests those persons who intend partaking of this pleasant excursion, to give in their names tlie daypreceding, at the Union Line Steam Boat Office, north aide of tlie Battery. Passage to the Hoek, 50 cent Uie same for returning. Dinner, 7S cents. Jy I 4t . - fTr Tbe excellent band attached to tbe Mu seum will this evening perform, in their ninai style, variety of muic (elected from the beat authors. As the Museum ha become one ef the most healthy and pleasant resorts, it is boped that splendid company will honor it by their presence. Jy t 2t cry An anniversary meetinar of the New - - - York County Medical Society, will be ketJ at ' City Dispensary, on Monday the 6th - Inst. . 4 o clock. li w. tDDY.S;7 J3t . M.UNec'ry: A stated meeting of the Trustees of Co - nmbia College, will be held cm Monday next. 6ib. iiist at ten o'clock. A. M. m the Col - ' lege. CLEMENT Ck MOORE, Clerk. 4 St 9t , ffr - la MrNatccofdirtrticm m Ucummi. - irw.i - .t - d hth n - Air.. ft arrangements lor the Celebralioa of tbe eoeuiog Anniversary of Americas lndepeodence, the bests uie dicerent charches wilt be nsnc at manse. noon, and at subset ; ft natioeal akite - will he fired by the order of the coiwndMt of artillery at noon ; the flag willi - e displayed at the battery from suaruw to lor - xt, a U istraor vesseU io the barbor are e - ountsat to display coloorsfrom matihead diioeg Uu. dsv. The coatractot of the ftrcftt are reqsested to bave - streets cleaned On Friday aext, throefo. .hw - h tti - Military and the ctvil proce - uoe) will paw. By erdetofUieCoMitt - y.

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