The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1939 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1939
Page 14
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14 TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 1939 Hogsjis Much as 25 Lower in ChicagoTrad CHOICE, PRIME '*" ~~ STEERS STRONG 13,000 Head of Swine Received; Fat Lambs Are Weak to Lower CHICAGO, (£)_Hogs were L much as 25 cents lower Tuesday Strictly good, choice and prim steers were strong on small sup plies and fat lambs were weak t lower after setting a two year hig] of $10.10 Monday. (U. S. department of agricul ture)--Salable hogs 13,000; un even; 10 to 25 cents lower than Monday's average; mostly 15 tc 20 cents off; top $7.50; good and choice 170-220 lbs., $7.35 to 57.50 230-260 · lbs., $7.20 to $V.40; 270325 Ib, butchers $6.75 to $7.15 good 400-500 Ib. packing sows 56.15 to $6.40; light butcher kinds to $6.55. Salable cattle 7,000; salable calves 2,000; supplies strictly good choice and prime steers small; al such kinds strong on shipper anil order buyer account; outside interests buying freely at $11.50 upward; top $13; numerous loads $11.50 to $12.50; latter price bid on long yearlings; common, medium and ordinary good grade steers dull; undertone lower; prospects stead yto weak; stockers and feeders slow, steady; mainly $8.50 to $9.50; meaty feeders up to $10.25; cows S6.25 to $7.25; weighty sausage bulls steady at $7.25 down; vealers 25 to 50 cents higher at $9.50 to $11; latter price paid more freely. Salable sheep 10,000; late Monday fat lambs mostly $9.90 to $10; lambs weighing 100 to .105 lbs. and better quotable $9.75 to $10; Tuesday's wat lamb undertone weak to lower; probably bulk downward from $9.75; best held $9.90 to $10 and above; indications steady on sheep. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday HOGS Fifteen cents lower. Good light lights ....... 140-150 J5.60-5.70 Good light lights 150-160 S6.10-6.20 Good light lights 160-170 S6.50-fi 60 Good light lights 170-180 S6.70-G 80 Good light butchers .. 180-200 96SQ-7J10 Good light butchers .. 200-220 SS.90-7 00 Good me. wt butchers 220-250 SE.75-J 85 Good me. wt butchers 250-210 16.60-6 70 Good-me. wt. butchers 270-290 S6.40-S.50 Good-me. wt. butchers 290-325 56.25-63.= Good me. wt butchers 325-350 S6.10-6.:o Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 S5.95-f,.o5 Good packing sows ... 275-350 S5.90-0.00 Good sows . 350-425 $580- Good sows 425.500 $5.'70-S at Good sows 500-550 S370-5BC (The above is a ]0:30 truck Hog marke for good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prim* steers, heavy J10 00*11 00 Good to choice steers, heavy $ 8.50- 9.SO SIOUX Clir LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) S 1 . 0 ^ CITy ' W-Llvwtock close: CATTLE, salable receipts 1,800; calves, salable receipts 25c; slaughter steers, yearlings- and heifers moderately active largely Item; bulk medium to good steers and yearllnss $8.7589.75; load lots cood yearlings SlOgm-iO; strictly choice quoted around $12.50; scattered sales good light hellers ?8.75«j9.25; bulk medium to good cows 55.75(3$.75; most cutter grades S-1.5035.2S; stockers and feeders slow, easier; fed medium Ught stock steers 57.5068.50. HOGS, salable receipts 3,000; total receipts 3.150; mostly steady to lOc lower; closed active, about steady; shipper and packer top SS.90; good and choice 170 to 250 Ib. butchers S6.755J6.90; 250 to 290 Ib. weights S6.50S6.75: 290 to 370 Ib helves $6.3566.50; few big weights down to $6.25; good sows $5G6.IO; stags $6 50 down; feeder pigs $767.25. SHEEP, salable receipts 2.300; scattered sales and most fat Iamb bids, fully 15 lo 25c lower; small lots good and choice fed wooled at S9.40fi9.40; best load lots held around $9.75; load fed clips held above 58.25; fat ewes, nominal; choice quoted around Sa.50; small packages feeding and shearing lambs $3 Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS Livestock prices at midwest markets Tuesday: . , Mion.--Hogs 1 5 cents lower; " '« "? "»· «.«ffi5.90; iSO (o 160 Ibs 6.0.5®6.3=; 160 to 110 Ibs. S6.30K6 60- 170 o ISO Ite. SS.SSeS.H3-. ISO to 220 Ibs SS 70 Jj'-M: 220 So 2=0 Ibs. SS.55e6.85; 250 o TM 'Jta56.40gS.70; no to 290 Ibs S6.20«5 · S0 - ?9« to 323 Ibs. ?6.05®6.3o; 323 to 350 bs. $3.0036.29; 350 to 400 lbs. (5.8066 10' 2 J- 5 i° 35 ° Ib5 ' «=-'66.00; «-«#"0: 425 to 550 Ibs. · Ibs. and up J5.50B5.80. ALBERT J.EA, Minn -- Hogs 10 to 15 ents lower: 140 to 150 Ibs. $5 7065 B5- 50 lo JEO Ibs. JS.05gs.20; 160 to 170 ibs' 6 -«G6.60 ; 170 to 1EO Ibs. S6.75S6.M; 180 ° WHEAT MARKET TREND UPWARD Trading Continues Quiet; Fluctuations Are on Narrow Range CHICAGO, 7P) -- The wheat market developed an upward trend late Tuesday but trading remained quiet, with prices fluctuating in a narrow range, A higher close at Liverpool ·forecast of freezing weather in some sections of the southwest, reports of heavy cash v/heat buying in Kansas City Monday and the unsettled European political situation were mildly bullish factors in the trade. Wheat closed Vs-l's higher than Monday, May and July 67%-%, corn unchanged to % lower, May 47y 4 -%, July 49%; oats unchanged to Ve. off. -J 250 lbs. f6.65 ·xin ih . 27t Ibs - 56.45«J6.60; 270 to ,?-"?;« w - 2 i? 6 -*" 29 ° to 325 »» f«-i°@ '.2j; 325 lo 350 Ibs. S5.95B6.10; 350 to 400 r ' c 425 s - SS-TO®5.«5; 425 to 00 lbs. $5.55jj5.70: 500 to 550 lbs. 55.406 55; 550 to 600 Ibs. S5J5E5.40. . S5J5E5.40. R APlDS-Cood 140 to , - '"IK o 50 lbs. $6.4066,55; 150 to 160 lbs. $660 , Medium to good steers Fair to medium steers Plain to fair steers Choice to prime yearlings Good to choice yearlings .. Medium to good yearlings .. Good to choice heifers Jledlum to good heifers *air to medium heifers Plain to (air heifers Good to choice cows, heavy . Medium to good cows ........ Fair to medium cows .. I 7.50- 8.50 . I 6.50- 7.50 . i 4.00- 6.00 . t 9.00- 9.50 . S 8.00- 9.00 . S 6.50- 7.50 . J 8.00- 9.00 . S 7.00- 8.00 . S 6.00- 7.00 . S 4.CO . S 5.75- 6.25 . f S.25- 5.75 . S 4.75- 5.25 ~M.Lt*» j 4.00, 4.75 Canners S 3.CO- 4.00 oood to choice heavy bulls .. s 5.50- 625 LlBht hulls S 4.50- 5^0 ca ves. good to choice 120-190 I 7.00- 800 t-alves. rned. to good 130-130 I 6 50- 7 oc Calves. Infer, to med. 130-190 t 2.50 d'wn SBEEP Genuine spring lambs, good to choice 70-90*8.00-1 Spring lambs, good to choice 70-90 £ 6 50- ' Spring lambs, medium to good 70-SO $ 5.SO- 6.00 bpnne lambs, common S 4 5 0 - 5 5 C Native ewes, good to 1 choice s 1.5D- 2'is SVJ JTM 1 '!* SDctoSI.00 Old bu *» OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) OMAHA. IJV-U. S. department agriculture, HOGS, salable 4.500; slow, limiled early sales =c to mainly loc lower; ton 37 for 180 to 215 lbs.: 170 to 230 Ibs. i 6 1o £·':*« 1° iro. H». ss.6066.eo; 2SO to 3=0 lbs. 56.4086.55, f e w heavier weights 56.3a; nothing done on packer account; sows S6ti6.20; stags $6.50 down. V ^ H t ! ' ' Scarlings slow, steady; heifers steady- cows steady to weak: bulls, venters slcady: slockers, feeders slow, slcadv DUI)I fed steer.!, yearlings eligible .it S3 *;\l: several loads held at Silt, 11.75; fed heifers 5BS.33: load 722 lbs S9 35- beef £?,n s S2ytJ- s °- cutter Era ^ c * '« bulls SSfifi.sO; top vealers S9.50SS10 «?? IEE iS, sa!ablc S '' 100: '" Jam!)s «rly b,ds around 25c lower, asking steady, other classes scarce: early bids fed wooled lambs S9.25g9.50; best held above 59.75; recently shorn lambs held above S3.35; choice fat ewes to S5.60. CHICAGO POTATOES (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. W)_u. S. department o! aertcullure. Potatoes 104. on track 343- iSlS. n S. shipments 843: old slock. Jaaho Russets good slock slcadv with lirm undertone, demand modi-rate: fair quality small to medium about steady demand: light; northern whites about = 5 cL, ^ m ^ nd slow: SOOd Triumphs and Red McClurcs steady, firm Undertone; demand fair; supplies rather liberal: sacked per TM-t.. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. $1.455*1.65 according to sue and quality; best mostly SI.60- Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 83 per cent U ?·' =°'J' S , 1 M: ColD «''o Red McClures' L. S. No. I. few sales S2.10ii220- Wii " consin round whiles U. S. No. I " $1 it" U. £. commercials few sales SI 101 I*"-North Dakota Bliss Triumphs U S IVn' I. few sales $1.60: new stock, firnv slightly stronger tendency; supplies modcrate: demand moderate; Florida Bliis Jv,. un l Bhs Ui S - No - '· TM. crates S2.03S "0; best mostly S2.17!4ftZ,30: U S No I size B. Sl.8oSI.90; Texas 50 Ib iaS« Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, $2;" U s No. 1. sllc B, S1.60. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) TMr°k^cr?7ce. PAUL ' ^~^^ **« CATTLE 3,500: killing steers steady- good fed steers $3.50tf 10.50; heifers little changed; most sales S8.50 down; cov'° weak; lew beefy cows $5.23c650- !ow cutters and cutters S4B5: bulls st'eadv- medium to good bulls S6.23g6.T5; stocfc- HOGS 7,000 salable; opcnins sales barrows and gilts generally 15c lower; sows »ovv° 1"° " er: top I7 °" IM to 220 lbs.: Zic^wcr Z ' W '' " Tly u n a « l o n c around 2^!TM5^/!*«^B? ! SitaS ,n I - bs --, |S - BO * B ' 9S : I8 ° '° 2» lbs. 56.90 .7.0;,; 230 to 250 lbs. «T.83g6.95; 230 to ij Ibs. S6.10e6.85; 250 to 270 lbs. 56 55 .6.70- 270 lo 290 lbs. *6.40S6.55: 290 to ^ "".56.2066.35; 325 to 350 Ibs. S6.05 b.20. Cood packers 275 to 350 Ibs. SS 65 6; 350 to 425 lbs. S5.70G5.85; 425 to 500 s. $555^5.70; SCO to 550 lbs. SS.«eS.55. Cattle steady. rTU3lWA--Hogs lOc lower. 140 to I; 100 to 170 Ibs. 56.40S6.70; 'no Tc lbs. 56.705-7; 180 to 220 lbs. S6.80W ^ivfJ'LS 5 ? '? ! i.5«:«e."s: 250 to , lbs. W'ATEKLOO-Hogs 15c lower. 160 to n lbs. S6.SOS7; 180 to 220 lbs. S7«T7 100 to 2sO Ibs. $6.90@7; 250 to 270 lbs iS 6.85; 270 to 290 lbs. J6.6066.70; to 325 lbs. S6.45S6.55; 325 to 350 lbs' packing sows 275 to 350 lbs. lbs. S5.S5g5.95; 423 20 plants CHICAGO CASU CHAIN (Tuesday Marlet) CHICAGO, w-- Cash wheat, No. 3 re tough 70 '/4c; No. 3 hard 69=ic. Corn, No. 1 mixed dry 49Vic: No yellow 48»a4B«c; No. 2 while 54g54!i oats, No. 1 white 33g33lc; sample grad white 29SJ30C. Barley, malting 52g60 nom.; feed 35S45c nom.; No. 3 maltin 56c. Soy beans No. 2 yellow 90^c; No 89c: timothy seed S2.6583.15 nom.; re clover 513616 nom.: red top 59.25397 . Lard tierces 56.23 bellies $9 nom. . . nom. ; loose $5 6' Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesda No. 3 white oats 22 No. 3 yellow corn '..'.'.'.'. 34 New ear corn Barley · 25-35 TUESDAY GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, Bl- . * " . . '-° 325 Ibs " 55-2056,50; 323 to =® 6.35; 350 to 400 Ibs. S3.50® »_- one steady. Prices unchanged. COMBINED HOG RECEU1S (Tuesday Market) DES MOM3S. W _U. s . department of agriculture. Combined ho£ receipts at concentration yards and 10 pacxing located in Interior Iowa and a an southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period Tuesday were 13 900 week ago and ended at 8 a. m. compared with 11,900 a year ago. Moderately active to slow; S to I5c lower; loading little changed from IS 5OD week ago. Ic'Uj, 180 lbs - wisW'T.bsT'iao't'o 1 22o h °b* S6.705J.7.15; 220 lo 250 Ibs. S6.336705: M to 290 lbs. 56.30g6.aa; 290 to 350 lbs 5S.03ii6.55. Packing so;vs, good 275 to M ,!}»·, *=-Me6.20; 330 to 425 lbs. S3.70 fiS.10; 423 to 5SO lbs. S5.-45e5.95. I LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. (^-Official estimalcd Hve- sl_ock receipts for Wednesday: Cattle 3 n ; hogs 7.000; sheep 7,000. .63 .67!! -6S?l .43 .43^ .son WHEAT-May ..... July Sept. CORN-May Juiy Sept OATS-May ....... ,2s July 27 Sept. 26 SOY BEAMS-- Sfay 89 July 86 Oct. HYE_ Stay July Sept LAUD-Mar. May July Sept .2914 .27% · .41% · -42! i .44 6.20 6.30 6.47 . 6.62 6.15 6.20 6.32 .49% .29'/ 2 .27% .26H 6.20 6.30 6.47 G.62 OMAHA GRAIN (Tuesday Market) ' OMAHA, WV-\Vheat dark hard No. 2 l'.ie; No.^4 i 70»iffi73c; hard No. 2, 68V4C 62@63^aC: northern Krrinp M« 'i «rn*3 . spring No. 1, 70® - - northern 72c. Corn, yellow No. 3, 42i.ic: white No 1, 4ac. 9c: No. 3, 28;i$728 : ?ic. Barey l\'o. 5. 3-5c. Hye No. 2, 39c. No. 2 Representotive Sales Heavy-64 254 46 290 37 303 Light-5 6 ' {Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, Iff--Representative s: 11OGS (Medium-- 1.25J 79 210 7.00|63 228 6.EOI54 2« (Light Lights-7.30.26 157 7.«!]4 141 6.25- CATTLE ! Heifers-13.00110 925 13.00)22 900 12.50)34 677 12.001 SHEEP I Clipped Lambs 9.90J260 86 9.751230 94 9.65[SlaughlEr Ewes 89 144 Stee 40 197 188 162 5343 1132 1045 1536 Fat Lambs 230 92 120 91 200 101 200 104 7.45 7.30 7.23 7.00 10.25 10.00 9.00 an 8.75 8.50 KANSAS CITY GRAIN (Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITV, «7_u. s. department of agriculture. HOGS 2.(xxf. fairly active; uneven 10 to 20= lower; mostly 15c lower than Mondays average; top $7.05; good to choice 160 to 260 lbs. S6.85CT7: few -70 to 325 !bj. $5.4066.63; sows" mostly 56 fy 6.10. CATTLE 3.500: calves GOO; beef steers predominating in receipts: opening sales steady but undertone weak: other killing classes comparatively scarce, mostly steady; stocker and feeder classes steady i?, K cak: , . ch , oice heavy steers held .it S12.aO; strictly good 1190 Ib. weights SI0.7o: hulk medium and cood grades eligible to sell from ?8-75gio.50; good to choice heifers 59.25; plain to good grade cow ^ cows S^.7a^.7; selected vealers S10910.50; strong weight sausage bulls around S6.50 SHEEP 12.000: sheep active. 25e or" W ?J C hf f*«: no fed lambs or springs sold early; opening bids lower but ask- Miscellaneous NEir TOSK SdGAtt ._ (TaeUij- Market) NEW YORK. W5--World sugar futures nged a fraclion higher throughout forenoon trading Tuesday. reflccUng Cu- oh l 'S P M l and sl ? ady London m «h"«, ich held up despite a reduction of 114 «o^ .'" ^" n 5 d , su 5 ar - Trading was confined to the July delivery at Sl.lS'.i 0n !^ ,'" tures ^' cro "nchanged ' on s of only two lots to mid-day. May quoted SI.93 and July J195 Hides Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO Telephone 1300. Mason City uotation, r«rauhe« bj w.ll Bro^. " , h lorschidcs Bull hides . BOSTON 1VOOL (Tuesday M a r k e t ) K out purposes. Prices . V bout rtcad *' "m " a ' Ini !cr similar wools these with last · « . . s a eek to cover immediate requirements: Has Family Doctors KENDAVILLE, Ind, W-- Four generation^ of Dr. Williamses have treated Daniel R. Wiscl 101 year old Civil war veteran 'The atest is Dr. H. O. Williams. The others were his great grandfather r ' ' PI- ; T. ^,7-1,. grandfather. Jr. 5. T. Williams, and father, Dr Warren S. Williams. Bnrglar Locks Up Dor SAN DIEGO, Cal., OJ.R) -1 The personification of precaution was he burglar who ransacked the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. F Me. Curday He locked the dog v *'-'6 . back porch before going ' - -"--j -.-.-.-^i^.-jv, *vti»i.t:ui i -- -- - - - f ^ i \ _ i i utiuit: KUJIltl and feeding lambs Monday ?B .« about his work. The doe's n a r r P 1 was Tiger. Cent St El 7 pct pfd IS25 pnr) 3 Cent St P 5= L 7 pct p,-l Ji.i Continental Gas Elec pfd f Creamery Package com . IS'i Hearst Cons A 51- Geo A Hormel A pfd !..' ](n' Gco A Hormel com . 24'i Interstate Power s pct p'f'cf" « Interstate Powher 7 pct pfd" 5 Iowa Electric Co 6H pct pfd 29 Iowa Electric Co 7 pct pfd 30 la Zlec Lt Ar Pow 6 pct pfd 6t T ?! ec H Pow *'·' pct p " ^ la Elec Lt Pow 7 pct pfd 70 la Power I,i s ht 6 pel P t d . . l 0 2 la Power Light 7 pct pfd . 104 la Public Sen-ice 6 pct pfd 96 i £. U i?i! c Sen ''' c ' ! s ** Pct pfd 7 la Public Service 7 pct pfd..100 la South UIH 6 pct pfd 17 Ta South U t i l e'a pct pld " 28 la South Ulil 7 pct pfd 30 Minnesota P L s pct pfa" 80 Minnesota P L 7 pct p f d . . 88 Northern st Power s pet pfd 53 Northern St Power 7 pct pfd 72 NW St Portland Cement com 23 Rath Packing 5 pct pfd 102 United n' Power Class A . 2 Lnilcd Lt Power Class B · united Lt Power pfd -9 United Lt Rys 6 pct p f d 73 United Lt R ys 6.36 pct pfd 73 United Lt i Rys 7 pct pfd . sa \vestcm Grocer pfd . 75 Western Grocer com ..'..'.'.'. 4 Rock Falls Couple Married 20 Years Honored by L. U. G. A. ROCK FALLS--Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wetter were entertained on their twentieth wedding anniversary Saturday evening by the L. U. G. A. club at their farm home. They were presented a gift. Five hundred was played with high scores given to Mrs. Pete Jensen and Ed O'Donneld. Marandins: Lions SWAKOPMUND, South Africa (/P)--Driven by starvation, five or six packs of man-eating lions have carried off natives and livestock in the Namib desert region. 107 ~l'l 1 31 32 G3 64 72 104 IOS 98 99 102 29 32 82 90 65 74 23 ICM So 2 '? 31 1 80 B Price of Wheat Since 1933 . of No. 3 Hd. Wh«« at Kansas Or, Stock List NEW XOBK STOCKS (Tuesday Final Quotations) By The Associated Press 53 : 110 Air Reduc Al Ch Dy Allied Sirs 9 Am Can 887i Am For Pow 2!« Am Loco 2U'* Am Ra St S 13V- Am Roll Mill 16V* Am Em i Ref 41»i Am Stl Kdrs 27^« Am Sus Ref 20 Am Tel T 158 Vi Am Tofa B 84% Am Wat Whs lOTi Anaconda 26% Arm ill 4*^ Atch T S F 3' Atl Hefin 20% Auburn Auto 3 ft Bait O G Barnsdatl 1554 Bendix Aviat 23 Beth Sll 65?i Boeing Airpl --iii Bard en Bore-Warner Bridgeport Br Budd Mfg Can D G Ale Can Pac: -ase terp Tract Ches o t: N W i G W C M St P P .: C R I P -hrysler 73!i Coca Cola 124 y. E 67i Solv 11 -omwlth So Hi Con Edison 3iv» -on Oil gi/ t -on Can 38V* Con Oil Del 26 ii -orn Prod 64',i Curtiss-Wright 5»i 3eere Co ''OVi DTe Co pfd"... Douglas Air 63 u Pont Sastman £1 Pow Lt 26H 20 19 25?: B3 45 35 Firestone ^en Elec rcn Foods Cen Mills 3n Mot 4 Hctte Goodrich i "loodyear 31 it Nor R pfd 2: lomestake 6; Hudson i iupp Mot II Cent nt Harvest nt Nick Can nt Tel Tel ohns Manv 148',4 168 »'/» 34 22 !i 37 *; 41 a ,i Kennecott Kresge ijimbert Libbey O P G 475A Marsh Field 12ft Maytag ' 5!i aiidcont Pet 14'A Mont Ward 47*4 Morrell" t Co ... Nnsh-Kelv 7 · Natt Bijc Katl C Keg Kat 'D Prod -15 Nat Dlsl.'ll 27 Kat Lead 22'.! Nat Fow Lt 8 N Y Cent 1711 No Am Aviat 16 North Amer 22 1 /. Nor Pac 103i Oliver Farm 21 3 ,i Otis Elevator ia?i Otis Steel 10^1 Owens Jll Gl Packard Farm Pict Pcnick Ford .. Penney 80 Penn Ry 20 Phillips Pct 33 Pract i: Gamb 56'A Pullman Pure Oil Radio Rem Rand Repub Sll Rcy Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stew-Warner Sludebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Transamerica Un Carbide Union Pac ^ Unit AJr Line HHk Unit Aircr Cp 37!/ z Unit Corp 2 Unit Drug 6 U S Gypsum 94 U S Indus Ale 20!',, STOCKS STEADY NEAR CLOSE Lose I to 3 Points in Early Dealings, Then Support Appears NEW YORK, (/P)--The stock market craft slipped its moorings for losses of 1 to 3 points Tuesday, but steadied in late dealings as light support appeared. While closing prices were above the lows in many cases, real come'. back stamina was lacking. A moderately active first hour- turned into a sluggish performance and transfers approximated 700 000 shares. Early selling followed weakness of stocks in London which -was attributed mainly to renewed fears the latest German-Polish tension might touch off a fresh war crisis Business news, while not too bad, seemed to furnish scant stimulation for Wall street and inspiration, marketwise, was lacking in most Washington happenings Brokers reported considerable I short selling in the morning. For Large Air Trained Personnel Charles City News OFFICE At 603 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, PHONE 1052 DON K. SANDELL, Mgr., Residence, Phone 937-J tyews Correspondent, Phone 318 Robert Hinkley, member of the civil aeronautics authority, is pictured at hearinr of the house interstate commerce committee on the civil air training bill. He said U. S. should have larger air personnel adequately (rained as preparedness. Bond Markef 38H 70 12 li 27 ".A 26V, 10' B W, 29 VI 41 7 73 96'.i 42'; 55' Hi 141k U S Rubber U S Steel Walgreen Warner Pict 5', West Un Tel 20'/« West E Mf lofl'.i Wilson Co 4i' a Woolworth 47'A WriGley Jr Yd Tr t C I6'i You Sh Tb 41i U. S. BONDS (Tuesday M a r k e t ) YORK. w,_u. S.'government onds closed Tuesday; Treasury 3V*s 46-49 JJI.4. Treasury 3s 51-55 109.21 Federal Farm KUg 3Vs 64 lt9. Home Owners Loan 3s 52 108.8, iupplementary List f Stock Quotations Supplied by I.AMSON BROTHERS CO Mason City Office in Bafrley- Bcck Bnilding. TeJephone No. 7 lose otal DOW JONES AVERAGES Inds. Bails UtIIs. ·-. ............. "5.33 29.34 23.50 Sa)cs ............ ........... 680.000 CHICAGO STOCKS s Scrv 7!1 Walgreen NEW Y O R K CURB m Gas i El a n Cj-anamid = Ford Jlo En- Lockheed soc C El A ', ' Bd Sh S!i ord Mo Can 20ii S O Ky Un Gas Co U n Li Pow N E W TORK STOCKS m Cry Sug 8J. Loose-Wiles m C Fy 2-Hi ~ Fow El 5?i Dry Gds Ki aldwin Loco I3 T i riggs Mf K 23i yers A M 9!i erro de Pas -10 ii Ches Ohio 35 M S P p i- 4 ongolcum 24' z udahy Pack 11^. lee Auto LI ric R R oster-Whcel rccport Te.x en Am Tr lidden Co obct ouston Oil nsptration dus Rayon roper hich Port iquid Carb 24 1 * 32 U 20 il 211.4 52 Vi 16" Lorillard Mack Truck Math Alk Minn Moline Ohio Oil Packard Mot Park Utah Pub Ser N f Pullman 29^ Purity Bakery 14^ R K O 2 Rco Motors I ' H St Jo Lead 37T'a Simmons Co 2fi^a So Cal Edison 26Vj S perry Corp St G E Tidewater U S Smelter Vanadium Union Oil Cal Un Gas Imp White Molors Worth Pump 22 34' 3!i 13 57',i 23V* 1BU I2V« S^i 13 K A N S A S CITY GR.VI.V Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITY. WV-Whcat 47 cars J '.= c higher. No. 2 dark hard 71 = 1 ·; ^o._3, 71!if,75!ic: No. 2 hard 66 Com. 11 cars, . to i, c hichcr- ' «4« sr-j^st^i i"TM : * ^^460; No, 2 mixed nom'. 43 l i'34s^ o. 3 nom. ·H^ift45 1 .bc. Oats. 2 cars: hite nom. 29i to Tic higher: No. 2 "O^c: Ko. 3 nom. 29 Milo maize nom. 77r^83c. Kafir nom. 75ft81c. Rye nom. 43i/ii45c Barley nom. 34';«,Ji - MIN.VEAFOZ.IS MrNNEAPOLIS. ' uesday 1^6 cars compared with NEW YORK. UP)-- Bond prices fell hac Tuesday as t h e selling flurry whicr started late Monday gained momentum Lower priced rail loans appeared t bear the brunt of the selling, thouit losses of fractions to nearly 2 points wer liberally scaltered throughout the lis as the session nearcd midday. Even U. S, government loans, whlrf have recently maintained a forward slan in Ihe face of selling elsewhere, wer ? p J j d » w i t h lossc ?- Ga ins running up to 12-32ds of a point were offset b! losses of 3-32ds. Activity in the treasury section again centered on the 2}i oz '65 Selling of federal loans was accompanied by Wall street discussion that the supreme court decision paving the way for taxation of government salaries mlgh Ihe future tax- S. and municipa nave repercussions exempt status of. U. bonds. Losses of a point Or more were Posted by Nickel Plate 414s and 5',is. Southern Pacific 4Vis. Alleghany stamped 5s o M and International Hydro Electrle Ss Fractionally off were St. Paul 5s, Columbia Ga.s i Electric 5s of '51 American Foreign ' Power 5s. Foreign dollars loans were handled lightly, mostly at fractional declines. Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday (Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds . . .14c Heavy hens over 4 pounds, including 5 pounds Light and Leghorns : Eggs, Specials " ; Eggs, No. 1 i 3c Eggs, Under Grades lo c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 12-:Hc* Eggs, cash 12-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand 31c Butter, Corn Country 29c Butter, Plymouth 3i c Butter, Very Best '28c Butter, Clear Lake 29c Butter, Brookfield . ..' . og c Husset Potatoes, peck '.~.34c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck ' 32c ·EDITOR'S NOT^These'rep- resentative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO POULTRY (Tuesday lUcrfcet) CHICAGO. (JP)_Poultry live. 40 X trucks- Bens steady; balance firm; hens 5 ibs and under 13iic; ducks 4'A lbs. up coi- ---!d 17!4c. white lS!4c: small colored 4c, white 16'Ac: hen turkeys 28c; otJier prices unchanged. CHICAGO PEODUCE (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. {-PJ--Butter 870.682, firm- pnces unchanged. ;gs 27,070. steady; prices unchanged. XE\T YORK PRODUCE (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK. «v-Buttcr 1.331,360. about steady. Creamer}-, higher than ei- ra aaft.lo^c; extra (92 score! 24%c: ^^A 91 * 23 1 .iS24 1 ^C; seconds (84-B7) 236,023, steady. Prices un- Cheese changed. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Tuesuay Market) NEW YORK. W-ESBS 33.389. Irrecu- ar. Su:cqd colors, cstra fancy selection E- f -Pi=Ic; stand=rds 18'.1, IBVic: firsts C = c c : m e d i u m s 15=i«31Cc; dirties No. 1. nckcd firsts 17 3 ic * CHICAGO PKODliCE FUTURES (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (.R-Buttcr futures, storage ·Ids., closed Nov. 22Sc. ESK futures, refri. stiis.. Oct. I8C.C- itorage packed firsts March n^ic; April; May J7?«c. 'American Music" Is Theme of Program by D. A. R. at Osage OSAGE--Lucretia Deering chap* er D. A. R. met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Ray Peterson vith Mrs. Harold Levers assisting hostess. Mrs. Leon Thorson and Hiss Clara Moe of St. Ansgar pre- ented a program on "American Wusic." Mrs. Charles Thatcher of, St. Ansgar sang some Indian songs and Mrs. Charles Kathan everal Negro spirituals. CONVICT'S DAUGHTER Continaed From Comic Page "Oh, thank you, thank you!" she replied, allowing the tears she had kept back to spring to her eyes. "It's such a relief--you don't know how terrible it's been, knowing about--all this, and trying to keep it quiet I've been so afraid, and I dared not tell anyone, not even the doctor." j He nodded sympathetically. "It's tough," he agreed. "And if there's anything a friend can do, I'm here." - "Oh, thank you again," Lona told him, wanting nothing so much as to get off by herself where she could stop thinking and just rest. "I'm sure Jim will thank you, too, , able to -- know about when he's things." He let her go, then, without another word, sensing her tiredness. Mrs. Morriss had gone to the library for her day's work, and there was only Dinah, wide-eyed and curious, to greet her in the silent old house. She managed to satisfy the girl's barrage of questions as to Jim's condition and, declining even the steaming cup of tea Mrs. Morriss had ordered prepared for her, she crept upstairs to bed. It was to be the best sleep she had had since Jim's accident. Down .n the bottom of .her mind she realized, as she drifted off, her worst fear had been of Clark Martin. To. be assured by him, to know there was nothing to conceal from m'm any longer, was a load lifted, from her shoulders. With Jim definitely on the way to getting well, she no .onger felt so alone, so weighted down with responsibility. It would be easier now. She slept on, until late after- loon. The sun was already peer- 'ng obliquely through the scrolled ace of the curtains on the west window when she started up, a aguely guilty feeling warning her of something she should be doing. Tor a moment the strangeness of Wrs. Morriss' gracious bedroom bewildered her. Then she came to 'ull consciousness and sprang out VIRGHOW HEADS UNION GROUP Officers of Farm Equipment Workers' Union Are Elected CHARLES CITY--Permanen officers of local union 115, Unite Farm Equipment Workers o America, were elected Saturda night at a meeting held in thei hall !n the Schlick building. Lloy Virchow, temporary president, wa elected president; Melvin Weath erwax, vice president; Irvin Knechgtes, financial secretary sergeants at arms, Jesse Flair anc M. O. Henderson; trustee for thre years, Leo Fritsche; two years, 3 Henry; one year, August Coacher Officers for the various divi sions will be elected within couple of days. CIO organizers George Eldridge, Moline, 111., anc Dick Rouse of South Bend Oliv'e plant, have been in the city con ferrmg with officers and em ployes. They had a conference with thi managers of the Oliver facton here Monday and another one wil ce held next week. EGBERT CHOSEN BY 3 T01 VOTE CHARLES CITY--Alfred R. Eggert was elected mayor of Charles City by a vote of nearly three to one over Howard Lanz. Mr. Eggert who headed the only full ticket in the field received 1,165 votes and Mr. Lanz received 428 All of the other candidates or Mr. Egbert's ticket were elected as follows: Councilmen at large Edgar _Ball and Bim Castle; first ward, Charles A. Birkholtz; second ward, F. J. Clark; third ward Lawrence Guthart; fourth ward August Sylvester; hospital trustee Mrs. Frank Mies; park commissioner, J. H. Nelson. City Assessor Blunt ,, UJ ic elected with 1,230 votes, his opponent, A. E. Hegel, receiving 210 . Loren Parr treasurer. was elected citv LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OP SALE OF HOUSES ri Board. ot Directors of the Independent School District of Mason City, Iow ««nn -hf £" bl ' C aUC ' lon '° '»« high of bed. As she dressed, all her fears sang -,. L. ' - h3rd Montana winter .i-«.r J c : h . ar d amber dvinim No. I. 65^« ·«c: rvo. I red durum 59-»^i60"'jc Corn. No. 3 yellow 41'.ii 43'ic Trart Ins basis unchanecd. quotations ic higher. Oats No. .1 while 27?if28 T iic Barley. 30a66c. improvements Made on Scarville Church SCARV1LLE -- New improvements are continuing at Bethel hurch each week. Among the mprovements thus far are: Lining he whole structure inside, rewir- ng and installing new light lix- ures, sanding and varnishing the basement floor, shingling the roof, canopies over front and side entrances, new choir loft, and new doors will be installed this week. Painting and other improvements made during the sum- will be mer. Attack Jews In Churches BIGGLESWADE, England, --Anti-Jewish l i t e r a t u r e was found posted in three churches in vms Bedfordshire village. :ame flooding back. She remern- )ered her appeal to Clark Martin, and his reassuring reply. He was a riend, he had said. She had be- ieved him, then, the stupor of her iredness dulling her brain. But now . . . somehow, it didn't ring rue! Could she trust him? Had he trusted him too far already? She was half afraid to answer vhen Dinah's inquiring tap came at the door just as she had fin- shed dressing. She stood still in he middle of the room, her eyes earching the girl's face as Dinah vheeled through the door. But it ras a smiling face, faintly amused it the lateness of the hour, a little hiding. "Nobody called, then?" Lona sked, her relief finding voice. There's been no word from the .ospital?" "Everything is fine. I called in ust an hour ago. Jim was just vaking up. He's better. There's 10thing to worry about." Dinah's ·oice was soothing, and she relaxed. "You're s u r e nobody else called?" she insisted, half afraid to feel safe. Would the police call here, she was wondering. Or would they just put a guard at the hospital? Maybe they'd even break in on Jim. Put him under arrest there in bed, while he lay helpless, with nobody to protect him. She gulped down Dinah's tasty supper hastily, afraid the girl was being hurt by her impatience, but unable to conceal it "I promised him I'd be there when he woke up," she told Dinah, apologetically. "I didn't intend to sleep so long. He may be wanting me." She was glad when she was'out of the house and could hurry as much as she pleased. She felt driven, s o m e h o w . Why, she couldn't explain. Her fears crystallized as she came up to the hospital and saw, parked complacently, one of the green cars bearing the gold-lettered B. P. D., which signified the Brighton Police Department Dismayed, she hurried her steps and, going past the clerk without inquiry, she sped down the corridor to Jim's room, her heart thump- ««nn -h responsible bidders the three houses and arages. No's. 1007. 1011 and 1025 on N ^ ? t m A v f n u e on the newly-acquired dition to the Monroe school site. Jala M =. e ,' d at 2:M O ' clook p - M. Saturday. r ",. 8 '"' al J h e abovi! namct '"*· ertified check in the amount o£ S100 payable to the Board of Education TMTM ith the Secretary prior lo the of compliance with be filed , . .»-----...,-t ui tuuiijijdjjtt; wiifl bid on houses, and successful bidder will ?V« u ' red to make eat-, settlement in full by April 15th. Houses and garages must be removed by Jlay Cih. Garages win be so d separately for cash only at time of sale, no certified check reai/ircd lo bid. ..... ^S^iiffV"*,'^"'^ o'SoctT M:TM °' Cl ° Ck P ' "· '° 7; °" any and all bids. · 3ec R. L. JAMES, Sccretary March 21, 1939. Board ot Directors. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTSIEKT OF ADMINJSTRATOK Notice is hereby given, that the under- d u l y appointed and to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those . ' n f. claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the unde-rsisned for allowance, and file in Colir?. ° f t h \ C I e r k al l h = District TIMOTHY R. PHALEN, Administrator Dated March 11. 1539 S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court By MARGARET RILEY. Deputy OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION To ( b e c i t i z e n s of Cerro G o r d o Connty- Notice is hereby gli-en that a petition for a franchise to erect, use and maintain poles, wires, guy wires, towers, cables, conduits and other fixtures and appliances for the purpose of conducting electricity for lighting, power and heating purposes has been filed by the FranWin HuraJ Eleclric Cooperative, Hampton, Iowa, In the office of the Iowa State Commerce Commission; that said petition asks the right to construct, operate and maintain said electric transmission line over, along ana scroii the following described public lands, highway, streams and private lands: (7200 volts, single phase, multt-arounded wye construction.) BeBinnlng at the southwest corner of Section Nineteen (13) Township Ninety-four (941 North. Range Twcnly (20) West of the 5th P. M Cerro Gordo County. loiva. thence east on tne highway on the south line o( said Scclion Nineteen 119), one-half (¥,} mile; and beginning at the southwest corner of Section Twenty (20), said Township and Range, thence east on the highway on the south line ot said Section Twenty (20), one (1) mile: and begirding at a point approximately one-third of a mile East of thelouui- west comer of Section Twenty-six 2«. said Township and Range, thence north on the highway across the West ran? TM» i, "4 ^ Ee ? tlot l Twenty-six «i «, if-"if ( W ) mUe; t h «ice west on tile highway on the east and west center line of said Section Twmty^sfx i,,'/, OI L e ,"V? Ird (1 - 3) mile - th^ce north on the highway on the west line ol said ?S C , , Twarty-sfx (26), one-fourth V.) mile; and beginning at the south- cast corner of Seclion Thirty-six (M), said Township and Range, thence north on the highway on the cast line of said Section Thirty-six (36), one (1) mile thence east on the highway on the north line of Section Shitty-one (31) Township Ninety-four (94), North Range Nineteen (19) West of the Sth! P. M.. one-half (ft) mile. Beginning at the southeast corner ot Section Thirty-five (35)7 Townshfo two 22)°w 9 4 N ° rth - Ra "se Twenty- north on the highway on the east line vLl r Se ="° n Thirty-five (35) and Westjmc of Scclion Twenty-five (23). 'hip and Range, one and one- miles; and beginning at the corner of Section. Twehty- .1, southeast ,. ( 2 7 . saW Township and Hange" thence north on the highway on the east line of said Section Twenty-seven (27) and Section Twenty-two (22), said Township and Range, two miles (·)· and beginning at Ihe southeast corner of Section Twenty-eight · C'fl) sairf Township and Range, thence "north on the highway on the cast line of said/ Section Twenty-eight (28) one (1)* comer ofsST^l-^ (Kd Township and Range, thence west on the highway on the South line of said Section Twenty-six (26). Sections Twenty-seven (27) and Twenty-eight 28), said Township and Range, ffie (3) miles; and beginning at the north- Ttpi,? 01 '"" OE the Soutt least quarter dttt) of Section Twenty-nine (29) ?"l. Ji"f, hlp and Ran « e . thence south o n t h e highway on the east line of said SJStion Twenty-nine (29) and Section Thirty-two (32), said Township and Hange. one and one-half (114) m iies Beginning at the northeast corner'of ?M) N ih e 'I 1 ' Townshi P Ninety-four u-i) Worth, Range Twenty-one (21) 4. ... L t h e 5lh p - M -- thence west on the highway on the north line of said Section Five (5) and Section Six: (6) ,, ^WBnip and Range, two (2) miles, thence south on the highway, on. j T 55 ' lm e of said Section Six (6) and Section Seven (7). said Township and. HangE, two (2) miles.: thence' east on the highway on the north line ot Sections Eighteen (18), Seventeen (17) -nd Sixteen (16), /said TownshS and ^"ff- !,'- h !? e (3 mill:s ' then « so "lh n the highway on the east line of said icclion Sixteen (15). one-third (1-3) nilo. Beginning at the southwest corner of Section Thirty-one (31) Township Vlnety-fivc (S3, Nor | n . Ran T , * one (21) West of the Sth p. M .. thence north on the highway on the west line of said Section Thirty-one (31) one I) mile. Beginning at the southeast corner of nfi Sr O .u c '" Tou-nshlp Ninety-tour J41 North. Range Twenty-two (22) Vest at Ihe 5th P. M.. thence west on he highway on Ihe south lino of said Section One (1), Sections Two (21 and nrce 3 J , said Township and Range hreo m miles; and beginning at the outhwest comer ot Section Eleven ,iiii, Mld .J ou ' n!lli P an * Kange. thence lorth on .he highway on the west line I said Section Eleven (11) and Sec- ion Two (2). said Township and Range nc and one-half (1!4) miles. The Iowa state Commerce Commission is fixed the eighteenth (18th) dav nf pril. 1939. ten o'clock A . M . , in it! fice at Des Molnci, Iowa, as the time id place for heannB saia petition Any objections lo the granting 'of such *neh,se rnust be in writing and filed triplicate with this Commission at ast five (o) days before date o£ hear- E. The Iowa Stale Commerce Com- U51 on suggests that the objector be presented at the hearing by someone ho has f u l l authority to Set for it Dated at Des Molncs, Iowa, March 20. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION JIcCaushan ' Secretary. ing hard. \ ' (To Be Continued) Lesson From Navigation 'Sfunny but the fellow who is pulling on the oars never has time -- to rock the boat--Manitowoc Sun- .1 Messenger. HORSE AND LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALE THURSDAY, MARCH 30, AT 11:30 A. M. SHARP LUND SALES STABLES AND RENDERING CO. _ ON NO. IS-- EAST OF MASON CITY . ABOUT 45 HEAD OF HORSES Consislinff of epod work horses, farm marcs and colts Brine t£. V ^ i? f , I J 0 £ eS ,7 ou have M «' e will have buyers "of them. Can sell all the horses you can bring; also killer · hoiSM ° . 150 -- HEAD OP CATTLE -- 150 Consisting of cows, heifers, veal calves, some sp hcxfcrs, several ff ood Hobtein and Guernsey _ StocXer steers and springer heifers. 300 feeding pigs and sornc brood sows and breeding boars. One Great Western manure spreader 1 nearly new Farmall Tractor on rubber. WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND--TERMS CASH Stables 3758 -- PHONE _ Residence, 3836 JACK DORSET, Auctioneer

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