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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, July 3, 1818
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saur - iooK F.rztixQ post. i'fUDAt JULY 5. 't csfuW SFrriia? W acknowledge we are too imperfcctlj acquainted with thii af - ... fcir to veutur to speak of it is decisis tertas We Uunt taena tq say a word her of lb coosti - ' .'' tcrnn'.fes Which iwB entertain, both a - bout (he origin of this war and the manner of carrying it ou; bit it seams thai gencraf Jacktoa y - has proceeded under colorofalawofcoofre, - which aalboriiel him to porta tn Seminole In - . X .... r. - . .rk. tT.itf.wI StmUS if he deem ."l 1 it twcsary ia order to com up with mem v And vannouh thess. Wa bar not th statute ( ' trm m but have beea informed that it directs, v : that, incase the Indian should attempt w - ... .. . 1 - ' proUctioa hj fleeing; beyond the bounds of the TV Ue'iUd Slates, (he (act should D commuaiu - ta .president, jn whom the law, M suchcasc, vest a uhcreliooary power to order the pursuit to U Miiiued. If such h the law, HUM" presumed beral Jackson has recei ved the r - j i?k&f audiorily, andhas proceeded in conformity (0 tt.i It becomes ui to wait for further informa - . I WW - ' " ' w . . . . f . I ' I . Iknl w.' - . i.irmcit h what construction W mm iw n k, ui , - " after accomplishing tha bjct contemplated by 4jie abuUite, the vanquishing the Seminole In - thf Snaiihh Lrt has been token forms! i rl jpttsesssoa of, in lU nam of the United Elates, ; ' . and th fla; of the former made to five place to ! '"Mba et the latter s tltat General Jackeun bai ap: i ' rvwd.J flkn: both civil and mililarr, and a - ' " 7 " . moag the rest, a cj)Uia tajl, cf Ui U. 3. urm - lert, to be collector of the port. We presume ' UUaJirt,andthatUcanbeatif3ctorilyci - plained, tut there teeuw to be a general es - - .' pccUtion m the public mind that at Uaat, tome eaplanalion, will be eiweo. ' "A voonr aUiaaior, oeiweea one nu iwo ii ' Jox w caogttt thn forenoes la Coffee House ' th'p. The inhabit the freh water riven in the . ivL mtm ami raw ii nanA itl w Koro lyiuniafiaH ' - - ', it diScnlt to imayne. - '" " h w31 b teen by our correipondent,i letter . (rem BeatM, that the Ontuh racket Quttrubwy, . hai arrived at Halifax in 44 day from Falmouth. '' h tailed na the 33d May, and hat brought London dates of the S2d of that month inclusive. ' $h may be hourly expected, at (hit port. . The Halifax Tree Port Act, will be found in ur paper of Uu evening. iCommuaicatedforthe N.T.Evening - Foit , (COPY.) . Treaiurv Uepxrtaent, Comptroljer't Office, itflh Jnne, 1818. axrHosi, it. jobb xaxsit, sa.) Washington, . S SIR, I have attenUvely conwdered the quel. tioa propounded in the encloti - d documcnli, vhich were a few day since presented to me under your direction. 1st. Whether a Bermodian vessel will be al lowed to bring Weit India produce to the Uni . ted States, front Bermuda, which had been im ported intohat place fromsowe other possesiion of his Britannic Majesty la the West Indies, 2 J. Whether, according to the navigation act mk lTciit4 Stales, which is to take r fleet on llt flrtl of October Bextt a refei ownea in uer - he allowed to enter the United Statei . . . a W ' and discharge a cargo which had been laden on board in the West Indies, brought to Bermuda, unla!ca there, and again taken on board ? As applicable to the first quettion, I have to . ohterve that the ports of St. George and Ilamil - '. tun iA.theUland of Bermuda, are considered open to the vessels of ihe U. SlaWs, arcor - lin to ttio ordinary laws of navigutiou and traJu. A ItiitiUi vessel, therefore, which was cleared out wlioeo cargo was actually laden, and whose .vty9 commenced at si.'ierof the sid jorts of Et - Georjo or Hamilton, may enter and discharge her cargo, in a port of Ui United Stales, with this express understanding however, that do part - f m nrht in th urns vessel to . VI W'U V"l,v " - " " - 1 the bland of Bermudarom on of bis Britannic majesty pottestiooi closed to the vessels of the " United Elates And moreover that such vessel is net employed la the transportation of goods to . tiat island, from 'British colonial ports, which were doted agaiortth veswlsoWBed by c'.tiseci oflh United 8tates. With respect to the second question, I have a observe, that according' to the provision of the act, a. British vessel sailing from a port not open to American vessels, and entering a port that is open, unloading there, taking the ssme cr some oiher cargo on board and clearing thence to th United SUtes.cannet be admitted to entry. As Uiiskind of trade, heretofore conridcred a ' lucrative one, b declared by the act to be a direct trade from the excluded port, and is in ex - press tenui prohibited", I am, fcc. (Signed) , . J. AJJDERSOff, , . - Comptroller. Mr. Coleman, m , Amoa? the K - asons nvea by Tr. Noah petter - daymommg, why the eorporation dinner should be ate in the city, the following : " si net tx - rriimU en tuck a Viy, to Ar all the tnagu - Uiltt eul of the ei.'j." I would beg leave to in - torn Mr. Noah that U th msgistrates. are not to leave the city, the police justices not having been invited thit gear ! I was for some time at a Um tn account kT this ssncirtjffCNpevlect. but m now courinrd that it was for the purpose of ItariD sooxbody io luwu to take ran of us while the common couscil wr absent. , A Fnm4 ( Me Corporation. . KXTaacr ox a ixttm, u MOBlLt, JaaeC. 'OntaVinx Pfmscola. Gen. Jackson anoosBt - ed t(TKrt both ntil nod raililiry, aiUI he siinald l.ear wosn Bts KOiernntfai ,apl. C ill of U.S. artillery is appoiatcd collector of the port." Trtm tlieXatUual InteVijeticer,Jng 1. We are enabled to day to contribute consi derable to the slock or the public infunnalion, by the fllowin; extracts which we have been dtrmittinij to take from the letters of ahiirhl) the fcarg - m of the Pacific Ocean, w Uvabeen less tremiently and less perteciiv A V . r j.'ru; tVA B. 1818. I arrived Valjjsiais smi the S5tb oil. aad soe after preceeded to this city, about M miles distant froca the coast Oa say way, I called a Sajt Martin, the eosmaander oi tue army,sssw received B with great cordieUly. xptes - rfmu. - K xImmm at Uw arrival of ship wwar, of ths laibd bUtea, (tbs Oatano, captata Bid - re) and, without enquiry as to the object of my visit, hi rule bed sae with letter o the Supreme Director, and other members of to f overa - meat, rcouesiinc ererv attentuw to see during say star, lodeed Ihe seatioient aoes nos appvar ii roflnifa id ill ui i IE nervtujc ue pvi ii nftnfir - tT :th - r ieti (be notice which has dm taken of them bv oar Koverameat, and tl rriMkJIv advances made bv it. as an indication or interest in ineir raroiniion, ana ptoicm strooeett desire to be M the most inthnat foot - inx with ourrounlry. I bad no idea of the extent of our commerce in this ocean. . lodepend - ' entlrolthe number captured, of which I am as yet ignorant, upwards of twenty vessels have entered the port of Valparaiso within tue last IS montns, or which there remain six tn port, witn canroes exceedioa in value 1 .000.000. In the ad - joiauigport of Coqutmbo, many have also arrived witaiu ine same Ume, five oTwIucb are st ill u.ere. These vessels, before the arrival of tbe Ontario, were lyinsr without protection, at liable to be cut out, or burnt by any one of Ute Spaoish ships of war iron Lama,cruizingon (be port, am. alTertiug to hold the entire coast umlyra blockade a fl ei destructive only to unarmed ships, ukhi nhiih they commit outrages in defiance of every principle of tne law of Rations, and even of tbu modern doctrine of blockade. Thrv seize and confii - cate, without previous notice, hotli vessel and cargo, and detain in irons tbe oiTiters and crews, treating them willi tbe utmost inhumanity. Latterly tliey have extended llieir canturt to vf i - sels bound to the aorthwett coast, and appenr determined to annihilate our commerce in this ocean. The Beaver, or .New - York, and the Canton, of Boston, are tost a aces which have occurred within a short time past. There is aauther branch of our commerce, which is sauerin; materially : I allude to the vessels engaged in collecting spermaceti oil. There are nearly 41) from Nantucket and New - Bedford coustaally employed in this hazardous and irtroine life, aud they never approach the coast but from necessity; yet, when thev do so, ar liable to (latent ioo, to seizure and confiscation, and always to indLmitias. To tlnrlr arli of hostility so destructive to the iuterests of the uoueu oiaies, our executive would do well to order so additional ship on this station. "No alterations have yet been made in the commercial rode of this countrv ; the merchant still groans nnder most of the ih'fficuhies hereto fore subtistiug. I am, however, assured, that it is in contemplation to change th whole svstem, and to adopt one mora liberal and emial The duties remain the same, and are on imports 33 percept, ana on exports ten percent. On im - portations, however, it is in some measuro nomi nal, inasmuch as they are not charged on the invoice price, but upon the value of the article i mis piace, wmcft value is determined by an t!iamr, wnoreuu;meniis most swayed mfa vor of the importer, bv the application of a se cret and irresistible influence always within his power. i tie articles of export consist of copper, flour, flax and hemp, all of tbe best quality the former is token priiicipallr to China, and tne two latter may be shipped with advantage to our own market. " The afuirs of Chili are now at a crisis, and before I leave this, the fate of the country will mostpmbahlv be decided, ami with it. I think that of Peru. The whole effective force ot spam, intended for the defence of Peru. a. mounting to three thousand some hundred men, have been stnt by the viceioy to Talca - btuna, the same port in which those seizures were made, above one hundred and sixty leagues distant from thii city, to whom, it is aaiu, nicy are now advancing. They may cal. culateupon some accession from tliedisall'tct - ed ss well as from the Americans (aborigines) who are friendly to the royal cause. The aug mentation, iiowever. will not exceed fifteen hundred at the uttermost, and tliose of a class wholly without order and decipline, and whose system of warfare is merely predatoi y. " I De Republicans, on the other hand, have an army of ten thousand etronsr,' including as fine cavalry as I ever saw; the whole well ac routredan'd well disciplined. Three thousand five hundred under the command of Genertl U'llujgins, a name celebrated in the histoi y of this country, are stationed at Tales, on this side of the river Maule, to arrest the nroirress of the enemy at that place, where it ii in - teiulet to jjive them battle, 'the residue are in this neighborhood, and form that bod) wiucn i vmied on mv wav, under the com - nund of San Mai tin. a native oft lie district of Buenos Ay res, a gallant and experienced soldier, sagacious, etitcrpricing' anil prompt. Ilesen - td throughout his return to laa - s native laud, formed ami executed a march without parallel in history, fie traversed a distance of one hundred and twenty leagues, over the awful and stupendous Andes, with an armv - f three thousand men, encountering difficulties and obstacles to which the African and the Corsican in the passage of the Alps were stran gers, lie commenced the expedition will 18,000 mules, of which number, 12.000 perish ed on the way, anil in the short space of twelve days arrived at Chacaburo on this side of the Audes, before the enemy had notice of his approach. "The whole or the popumtioo of the country may be estimated a 1,00,000 rnuh, there are Iiowever no poritive data iina which to form the estimate. Of this, nearly oue third are Spaniards aud Creole", and the oiher two - thirds native Chilians. The Spaniard are extremely limited in nc:nbcr, and without iufluence or euer y, and generally uufricnd'y to t' revolution; tho othertwo ciasfos i Ihuu may be relied upon to support the chruigc of government. It ia from among the Chilians that San Martin hai organ ised an army; tliey are habitually excellent horsemen, inured to fatigue, and pouefs cou'i - derable physical energy. They are not inteo - sible to their former degradation, and I am persuaded will meet any danger in defence of the country while they hav a head to lead, to com bine and to control. Tbe Creoles partake of the character assigned to th Creoles of the o - tber parts of th globe frank, beueroleot and borpitablc ardent, but indolent and deficient in that energy of miod whirb is necessary to give stability. Their superstitions aud their prejudices, hire checked th progress of mental growth, but they ar changing; what was at first an itnpuls communicated by the animating example of their neighbors of Buenos Ayres is now a C4oviction, th result of reflection. Their intercourse with foreigners, th adratitagc ol commerce, and tbe prevailing confilcoce in the taleutt ol fan Martin, rive strength daily to lut es us of emancipation. Ther ara instances cf patriotism and devotion tocouotry, which would tuv don honor to Kotos in her best davs." - - . " Februart 13. 18l. Since I had Ihe honor of addressing yoa last, the independence of Chili has been proclaimed with sreat pmip, to the presence of an innumerable concourses ol citucus. It had been delayed ihn Ion, in order to connect it with (lie day on which the battle of Chacaboco took place, or: which yesterday was the anniversary. 1 lie re joicings continued unui nun aieui, are now rtcnaimcnciagwiUiaaeaiBrKi jciow iiui rvinre much sentiment. , Eveev hoee in the City ex - lithitad some token of approbation, by S&s em hlems or inscriptions, some of wbich wer very appe.'priate. est erdly upon psymg my visit oj eompti ment to the supreme dirvctorunon the dav. be I reaper table fellow citizen, ridin temrmrari - JtottheJ upon the subject cf our future rela - h' in Chili, one whose upportuniViesnf viewing linns, and said thev m ere extremely anxious men ft things closely, favored the formation ofi U obtain the confidence of the of the Fresi - correct opinions eonceTninp one of the most I dent, and tn mtinuin the closest relations with interesting portion of South America, of the the Un.ted Plates, as the only power on whose aSiirsof ahith, fiwn iu rcu.otesilualiOi,caltiieadJiiithey couldrcly Cat they Lad re - etsr fevihiirs, and that the people f Ute United 5iates took the most lively interest in the revolution, but that by tbeir collisions and party dissensions they had not inspired that confidence in their pcrrrmueHt separation, which would justify the United States in taking steps which might involve them in a war that, for the moment, they ought to be satisfied with th advantages derived from the commerce by which alone they obtained the supplies necessary for their defeuce. He replied that we were right that, they had been torn asunder by divisions, but that they had all ceased, and be hoped we should soon become one great American famdy. , ' From ifie Philadelphia Union. ' KuMavuine.A person named William Nel son, from kaston, .Maryland, some time last year went into Delaware, where lie seized a free woman of color, carried her off, and sold htr to Georgia slave deakr, from whom she made ber escaiw and returned home. On her testimony, the Giand Jury of New Castle county, found a bill of indictiueiit against hiui for kidnapping, aud application beting made to tit Governor ol Maryland for his arrest, he was nromotlr deliver ed up, as a fugitive from justice. Ii wst lately Drought to trial, round guilty or the crime lor wliicb he stood indicted, and sentenced, agreeably to the laws of that state, to be publicly whip !ed and cropped, to stand in the pillory, and to have bis ears nitiled to the pillory. Which punishment has been ii Dieted upon him, and the only cause of regret is that turn, an abandoned character, should so speedily be turned loote upon society, without suturing the restraints of impri - sonmeut and hard labor, Whith would for several years bave been an ettectual means of prevent, mg him Iroui perpetrating those cruel acts lor wiucn lio pas been notorious even in this city. it was this same Wrn. IS e Won. with a person named Joseph Dawson, also from F.aaton, Md. who came to this city and obtained a warrant dated June 1817, from John Thompson, Esq. of Souihwark, against a certain negro woman li ving in the Northern Liberties, and her two sons, one about 22 years old, the other a lad of 16. The warrant was put into the hands of O. P. Alberti, who, together wiili Nelson and Dawson, went into the neighborhood where James Smith, the husband, of the woman they were m pursuit ol, lii cil. A ner prowling a - bout until their intended victims were discovered to be all at home, Nelson went into their house under soipe pretense, and seized the woman ; the others rushed in, and each seized one of the children. The husband seeing his wife so ireattd in disown iKiuie, boldly excited himself to cH'ect her rescue, until NcUon diew a pistol which he presented, and swore he would blow out his brains if he made any further resistance. In the meali while, Alberti lindinff the young man urugxle violent ly for his liberty, drew from his side pocket a snort bliuln'C3ii or loaded mace, witn wiucn at one blow he laid the poor fellow prostrate, and while the blood ran in streams upon the pavement, eliectually secured him with conL. t'eliow - citizeus ! '1 lies outrages were committed upon a family of free people, in I'hiladei - pbia, aud on the ia'tbalh day ! as can b testified by respectable pcrsous who wiluetscd the seme, and saw the mother and two children dragged through th streets, to appear btfore a magis trate, remote from their place of abode, where it was uucertaiu that any person would know them or appear on their behalf. Fortunately for the sufferers, tomo of their friends were informed of the circtiuitlaw e, and attcuded the cxMniuation ; but on the o itii of Joseph Dawson, who swore to their being slaves, they were all committed to prucu. A habeas corpus was obtained, and heat in? had before the recorder, Jos. HceJ, Lsq. at which time Dawson again appeared as an evidence in favor of the claimant, and although, it soon after became kuown that he was an interested person, yet his oath occasioned their recommitment, to prison, from which they wer released by a proewss of law. entered into oo their behait, in order to onng the cas before the supreme court, wner a ver dict was obtained in favor of tAl jersecBled woman and ner cniiuren. A few days after th transaction Just related, Nelson obtained another warrant from th same magistrate, J. Thornton, Esq. for a certain "Sam, a slave," and together with his associates, Daw - son and Alberti. went over Schuylkill, to the faint of Judge Hestou, whor they arrurttd a free man of color, under the ral pretcne oi searching him for stolen watches; but when A! berli had got fait hold of him, Dawson then came forward and affirmed that the bla. k man was a lave, aud raid that he knew him as far as he could see him Ther then forced him into a carriage and drove off, but finding that they would be pursued, they were - compelled to re - Iniqnitli iheir prey, aud discharge the man without further ceremony. These, which are not solitary cases, are given to the public to show the great lengliths which those who are eriratred in this abomi nable trade, will venture to go in the piosecu tion of their unprinciided clesttrns. Against such persons with whom detection ami defeat have appeared rather to operate as incentives to re.teraled outrages, llie public should be Warned. We have thought it onr duty to give their names, that those who may have lh opportu nity of afhrdiii piotection in future instances, may the more readily perceive Uie imminence of the danger when it appioaches. N. II. fcuch editors ofnewspnpers as are op. rtose l to kidnapping and its ho. mrs' are re quested tn give the abjveonc insertion, and acivc the cuse ot suutring Humanity. SAVANNAH, June 23. Through the vigilance of the officers of the revenue cutler Dallas, many ri the goods that were smutted from the La IVsiora, new in our harbor, have been loun I and U'iio possession ol'. 1 he captuin of the Youo p&rtau, and many of iiis crt have also been taken ami lodged in gaol Tliey have committed oQeoces which can only be expiated by makinj U.eir exit from the gallows. Cottnn ivas selling in Augusta on Friday last, at j n 5U cents ; Tolocco jtj Ml a $1 Hi. Extract ia thr. ttnior tiitor of iht Hrmhivecn. 'Our anuy is now in i'tnsacoU. Auzuiiine and in lact every inch of the I'loriilas will lie in our possession in lew weeks Gen. Jack son's movement would have teen quicker bad it not been lorti.e ce.'aicatioiii ol the contractors." FASHIO.V3 lOa SINGLE GENTLEMEN. From Out Eaton Magazine. ' Hat Of black or white beaver, brim half an inch wide change, a bat of white straw or chip, brim six inch'. - ! wide; green or black ribbon. Hat must cock up brlim - l, and incline a little o - vcr Ihe right or left eye this must depend on wbieb tide of Die street the gentleman walks. Coal Any color but drab, mad to button close up to the c hin, buttons any shape but round ; cape of velvet, without any regard to Color, and cut low in Ui neck. io pockets, sleeves long nouh to hide th fingers. White or black, two inches loeger Uian the coat, to show a strip in front, when the coat is buttooed; collar shallow to show the cravat. Oarer Four or six, one over the other, ac - enrdiog to the heat of the day; stuff, white cambric r i4cksi!k, drawn tight, aud kuot at the lower edg. PantalDtu Csaact, or tntal - taA cut, to reach wilhio. - eight inches of th ancle. Color, brow or blue, naad to haog in gracclol folds a bout tb bip. , Colli bbort, and I trad before, heel four inches high, shod with steel, and tapering to a point to give firmness to the step. W 'tick thmn ioi, it possible, if aot blade ribbon, or braided hair. , Wtitk Of no conseqaeaca. in lurgs bundles bthind ' The council of appointment at their lata ses - sioo redored the number of port wardens for this district. 1 h following gentlemen wer removed: Elias jiexsen, Jasper Waid. Sylvester LMlommedieit, Oliver Di - ake, and William Uooghland. A man was arrestad at Prooklyn on Wednesday, havinsr above 1700 of counterfeit bank uotes upon him, of which 900 was in 10 dollar bills of th f atterson bank, one $M nui oi tne Mechanic's Bank in this city, some of tbe Orange Bank, and others not recollected bj our informant , FROM OUli COBRE'iPO.VDEXT. Office of the Boston Patriot, ? July 1 noon. 5 Arrived, brig Helen, Curtis, 65 days from Gottenburg. Left at Christiansand, about 1st April, brig Dion, Uicker, of Portsmnutb, re - pairing, and would probably sail about 1st May In Bergen, Dutch ship Zot - ploeg, Manselman, mentioned as havinz left the Texel for I'hila - delphia with 500 German passengers, and re turned t in Dec she left the Texel a era in, and about 3 weeks after arrived at Bergen, with the loss of all ber meats and bowsprit ; about 100 of the passengers had died, and Uie re mainder was supported by the charity of the Norwegian government and citizens. April 30, off Western Isle, (Orkneys) saw an American brig to windward no sheer, painted black, with white streak all round. On Sable Island riank, spoke brig Janus, 35 days from Rotterdam for New - York. English sclir Four b. - ns, Kelly, 10 days from llalilax. Schr Elizabeth, Walker, sailed 4 days before for Boston. By thitlarrival, Halifax pa pers to the 20th uil. inclusive, containing Lender, (lutes to 23d May, received by the Qutensbury Packet, 24 days Horn Kulmouth. bave been received at Merchant's hall. Mr. Topliff and H oopcr, hhVe receivtd London papers to 21st bi Lloyd's Li't's loKxdMay. The Halifax paper of the 19th, contains the free Port Act, which we shall forward per uexl mail. Halifax, June 13. The wail for New - York by the Queeusbury Packet, will be closed tomorrow evening Arrived ou the Uth instant, H. M. brig Saracen, capt. Core, 5 days Iroin N. York ; t raocii r .'eehug Packet, 6 days from do. LONDON, May 2?. We are happy to state, that, notwithstanding tho defalcations of the sugar, in the custom du ties, amounting to 2 j7,753, there has been an increase of the customs in the quarter since the 5th April, of x58,0J!i. lu Ihe excise tho in erease in the quarter since the 5th April, hai been 360,27 - 1 : niakiii'r a total iucrease of 103,312. MADRID, Jlay 5 The Russian fleet still remain at Cadiz, and the troops in Audalusia secoi rather to menace I ortugal than Buenos Ayres ; indeed, soma re ports state, that an widtritaiidmg has actually taken place between the two governments. From the Correspondent of tbe Mercantile Advertiser. Eoston Palladium office, July 1 - 4 I'M We send you extracts from London shipping list?, to .way 52, received by us via Ha.ifax Clyde, .Hay 19 Arrived, Two .Warys, King, .NUrlcaus, SI; Harmony, Sponte, Charleston. Cove of Cork, 13th Arrived, Actress, Pot ter, NOileans. Sailed, 14th, Nancy, Baltimore Off Cork, 15th Plato, Holmes, NYork, loss or topmast, sails, Sic, Dublin, 19th Arrived, Vigilant, Caker, York. Liverpool, 20th Arrived, Camillus, Charles, tou; Alfred, NYork; Speculation, NOrlcans; Orient, Charleston. Flushing, 14lh Arrived, Drie, Gebroeders, Charleston. Havre, 1 9th Sailed, Union, Bidois, Hw Or leans. Pljmoutb, 19th Passed Sachem, Lovett, N. Yorlr, 18 from Antwerp. ' Wateribrd, lath Arrived, Barton, Sampson, NOr'.oans. Texel, Oth Arrived, Margaret, Harris, New 7nrk; iMarmion, bitavia. flth, Charles and Henry, Chandler, Charleston; Susquehannal), flosh, do ; Oi landi, Boston. L'Onent Arrived. Funny, Boston. Liverpool Arrived, Pallas, and Betsey, Savannah. Bremen, 14th. arrived, Pcrseverenlia, Ha vLhorst, C'harlest'in. Hamburg, 13th Arrived, iMincrvado. 14th, Concordia, Philadelphia ;Mary, shthitn, Savannah ; Kilcn, Hartlctt, Aleximlrin. Antwerp, 12th Arrived, Star, Swart, Charleston. Hamburg, 10th Arrived, Cuba, Charleston ; Cah doiiiii, Aoyei, do. Hclvoet, 13ih Arrived, Wikaot, Kenucdy, Philadelphia. Bremen, 9:h Arrived, Weier, N York. Hclvoet, JOlh Arrived, Bryan, Watkins, .Vorfclk ; Hoop, Alexander, Baltimore, Rouen Arrived, Mcrcure, Charleston. The Vermont, of NYork from Lisbna for the Baltic, was driven ashore on the Swmcboltom, May 5. In addition to the above, our correspnmlenti: Imveoljlijiiiply rent us Halifoi papers, and manuscripts, containing the Free Port Bill, ait., June 13 Ar. Qiyjentburv Packet, Capmn llumi.ili, S4il.iys liuin Falumiith, with llie .May nmil. Our fi'rs of London paiei s am to the eirninjof the !d May The hnlleini ol llie tyncen's licnllli of llixt diiy stales that ' her ma - ji - klv nan nol quite so well yn'te rday evening, but that she hail been refreshed by some good deep dui inr the night. llie following is a copy of the Free rort.lct as if passed and received the royal assent. U e have not been able ti avertaiu whether the Order in Conix - il hns arrived, though it is said the racket was detained for it. A.N ACT to allow for three year, and untill six neeksafler the then next seMion of Parliamenl, the imporuiion into' Ports specially appointed by II. Majesty within the Provinces of ova Scotia, and .New Brancwick, of the articles therein enumerated, and there - exportation thereof from such ports. May U, IBIS. Whcreai, by an Act pawd in the 47th year of His .Majesty's Reirn, entitled. "An Aet for Krmiltiii' until ihe iilh of M.irch, ,m, and Irotn thence to the end of the next Sexion ot Parliament, the importation of certain enumerated Articles inlo the British Colonies on the Continent of North America, from thr U Slates ol America. and the exportation of other enumerated Articles from the sameColnnieslo thr said States," n Inch said Act was continued and extended hy an Act, pad in the4'Jlhvcar of his's reisn. entuled," An Act to authorise His alajt'My to permit, until thr 51 h d iv of March, Itili.aiiy (.raoits k t oinmodil ios to be imported into ti e - t ported from .V ?cotia and ormiswick in any ship or ventcl whatoeer,"liich la - t mention Act w as continued by an Art, passed intlieild year of His Majesty's reisrn. " Sundry Articles were allowed to be imported into, and exported from certain ports in bis Ma jesty's Colonics of N. Scotia and N. Bi untwick, from and to certain foreign ports, whirli Acts have now eipired : And whereas, (treat advantages re Milted to the said Colonies, t'rn.n the facilities f iven to the trade thereof hy the s!d Acts : And ahereas it is expedient to grant similar facilities at Ihe present time. Sec. I. Be it irerefbre enacted, hv the King's most excellent Majesty, bv and with the advice and raiment of the Lords Spiritual aod Temporal, and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, 'lhat, from and after the pai'inj of this Art, it shall and may be lawful, in anv Bniiih built ship or vessel, own ed aad navieated according to law, or in any ship or vessel beliMiinf to the Suhjects of any Sove - raifTi or State in amry aith his Majesty, to import into such ports as shall lie spt - rially appointed lor hat purpose by his Majcitv, within the Province of .Nova Scotia or flesr Brunswick, the folio srin; - .: articles, viz: scantling, clanks, stavri, heading, boards, shinglrs, baops ; horse, neat cattle, shorn hogs, poultry, or lire stock of any sort ; bread, biscuit, flour, pras, beans, potatoes, wheat, rice, van, ontivjf ur srmin oi any aoiA , nea, uir, turpentine, fruits, seed und tobscco. Stc. 2. Provided always, aud be ii further enacted, That none ' of the aforesaid articles shall be imported into the said ports, so to be specially appointed, in foreieii vessels, unless tbe said articles shall be of the growth, produce, or manufacture of tne country in - which tne vessels importing me same shall' belong;. - . . , . 6r. 3. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful to re - export any of (lie suid articles either to the Upited Kingdom or to any other of his Mnjty's possessions many British built ship or vessel, owned and nnvirated according to law. See. 4. And bo it furilirr enacted, That it shall and inny be lawful in anv British ship r vessel, or in any ship or vessel belonging to the subjects of any Sovereign or Main in amity with tin majesty, to export front tbe said port; so to be apMinled for that purpose, fypsuin, prindstones, or other produce, or manufacture of the said Provinces ; and nlio any produce or manufacture of the United Kingdom, or of his Majesty's colonies or plan unions in tbe West Indies: e'r any goodi whatever, that shall have beeu legally imported into the said Provinces, nnv thine; in any law to tbe contrary notwithatandiiifr. W. . Provided always, nnd be it further enacted, That none of the aforesaid articles shall be exported from the said ports, so to be appointed, to nny foreign country or place, in any foreign vessel, unlets such foreign vessel shnll beton? to the country to which the said 'articles shull be exported. Sec. 6. And be its'irther enacted, that it shall and may be lawful lor bis majesty, by and with tbe advice of his privy council, to make such rules and regulations for the importation and exportation of goods and commodities as aforescid to the saiil Ports, with such penalties and forfeitures, for Ihe breach thereof as shall seem rit and uecessary to bis majesty, by ntid with the advice aforesaid. Sec. 7 And be it further enacted, That this - act shall continue in force durinjr the space of three years from and after the passing: of the same; and until six weeks after the commencement ol the then uext session of Parliament. Tomorrow being the National Festival, w shall, in common with our newspaper brethren, suspend the publication of the paper for that day, according to the invariable custom in this city aud we believe throughout the U. States. The Mayor will receive visits to morrow (4th est.) at the City - Hal), letweeu tbe hours of 12 and 3 o'clock. The societies of the city of New - York, dispos ed to join in the solemnities contemplated by the order of gen. Van Rensselaer, for paying respect to the remains of gen. Montgomery, are requested to send deputations to meet at the City - Hall on Monday vening, at 7 o'clock, fo make such arrangements as may be thought expedient. CAD WALL ADER D. COLDKN. MARKED, Last evening, by the Rev. John Williams, Mr. Jacob Davis, to Miss Mary Holford, all of this citv. On Wednesday venin; last, by the Rsv. Mr, Fcltus, Capt. John O. Zuill, of lirooklyn, to Miss r r.inces Sophia Koorbach, daughter of Dr, Barcnt Koorbach, late of this city. erEjriJvG post marine list. CLEARED, Ebip Hector, Cillcoder, Liverpool J Graham & (Jo City Point, Vir. Boston D Dunham Foster, Moran, Brig Eliza, Morrison, Cornelia, Dyer, Barque Gideon, Folgcr, Lisbon NL&G Griswold N. Orleans J Jones Scbr Three Friends, Hamlin, Abigail, Ives, Witiinra, Klheridge, Charles Mbvs, Thomson, Cerena. Paddock. Edenton Edentoo. MC, do Washington Dighton I'enerUte Royal Oak, Lefbrle, Waricc tc Kimberly. Sloop Abigail, Baker, Providence Traveller, Bulkley, Providence Liberty, Hallet, Philadelphia JKKlrEU TJllS FOREJVUiur. Shin Elbca. Patterson, from Hamburgh, 50 days from Cooks - Haven, with hemp, iron, Lc o J ti C iioiton, J Martc, lie uuam K ue i.cs - sert, P W Livingston, G & T Mier, C Maret Si Sons, and I W .Schmidt 4: Co. Wv - ii, lat 44, long 34, spoke ship Montgomery ofCharles - ton. 17 days out, bound to Liverpool June J, latitude 41, longitude 49, W. spoke ship Li - verpool, of Boston, from Liverpool, for Boston. The ship Martha, Truman, had arrived on the 18 April from N York, and was nearly ready to sail, for Stockholm - , the ship , Humbert, of N York, was to sail for Hatavia in 30 days. The ship I'ieiades, of Philadelphia, and Triton, Bibcock, of Ne w - York both sailed 8 days before. Brig Louisa Cecelia, Sheas, 40 day from Madeira, with wim;, In 'P. March 4 Co. and others. Left at Maileira May 18th, ship Rapid, Kecne, for Calcutta, in 10 days l Sailed in co with brig Washington, Picket, of Newbury port for Amsterdam. June 11, lit 85, 9, long 55 tO, poke a smaclt from New - Lcndw for Marlinico. June 20, lat 34, i, Ion - 60, spoke brig Merchant, from Neiv - London for Gaudoloupe,4 days out. 22, Int 37 37 13, long C7 20, spoke schr. Sukr y, 4 day - from Boston for the Brazils. 23, hit 40 8, Ion;; 9 4, spoke shiip Isabella, from Havre, (or N York, gnutb shoal bearing West iS league, spoke brig Hero, of Boston, lor New - Orleans Schr Milo, Snow, 23 days from NOrlcans, and ii frnm the - Baliz, with tobacco, flour, cotton, Sic. in Talmau & Torrcy, Walsh & Uallagher, Ellis & Tucker, aud to order. Passengers, Mesr. G. S. Ilatha - ny, J Newman, P. Win - chell, Betty and Rich. Left, brig Mary, Mil ler, at the balize, and brig bampson, tlenneld, both for NYork first wind. At the city, ship Grand Seignor, for NYork, ready ; brig Abeona, j Foster, for do. ready ; schr;. Jane and Zephyr, both for NYork in 3 days. In the Tibee, passed a ship from Baltimore, 30 days, bound up, v.ith passengers. Sailed iu co. with schr. Nile, of Hath (M.) for St. Thomas. 100 miles E of the Balize, passed brig Clmuncey, of NYork, from NOrlenns, bound to Havana. British schr Frances, Scott, 16 days from St. Vincents, with sugar, rum and molasses, to Mills, Purdy & Co. Pseogers, 1). Brown, J. Douglass, and D. M'Gown, esquires. On the 30lh u'.L in lat 37 30 Ion 72 30, spoke scbr Sally, from NYork bound to Port au Prinr. Sloop Flag of Truce, Smith, 10 days from Havana, with sttgar.molasses, hide, & fruit, to W R Hitchcnck, L&C Deforest, G Lynch, B. De Forest, S Mitchell, T Harper and ethers. Sailed in co. with brig Richmond for New - York. Left, brig Hope, O'Brien, for , io - thr days. OS the Moro, spoke brig Chaunroy, twenty - ou day from New - Orleans, bound in. Off Man cf War Keys spoke brig Aampsoo, tl days from N Orleans for N. York. Off MauiUa Reef, fell in with a Spanish fleet of nineteen sail of merchantmen from Mataoxas and Ha vana, under convoy of 2 frigate and a sloop of war, Douna to cadis, marxeits aun. sugars i do's, per 100 lbs. ; ccCee 24 dolt. ; molasses 10 bitts per keg. Sloop Susan, Noble, 5 days from Washington, N C with naval stores and staves, to Beefc - man. Bray ft Co. Sloop fcuters. Weeks, 4 days from Newborn, X. C. with naval stores, to ilyer, Breraner ti Co. BELOW, Ship Isabella, from Havre. Schr Victory, from Norfolk. A brig. jlftTllt'ED LAST EVEA'IJfG, Ship Telegraph, Fanning, 5 days from. Cliarlestoni with specie tr Vstone h ti ifieips. ana to order. - M'snm. ".MrChf - I Tvant, fjV U marO B Mease. lailvJ 2 children ami . Gcorre W Cros. Itdv. 3 children ..! Major John Htigar, lady, 3 children and 5J. ui uiurcr, Kiravross, airs Black M hams. Miss Palmer, Dr. Ogdea, Messrs Tud r - - l. .. . i ... - - "ni uiaiutiii, oray, ana lll(gins. Ti - nin uuoiirB wim uncus ana eoais, to W Isedsoa S Son if viiiu., ii at metar oc ix. w m Uailie M'Hride. and to ordr. Sf May 30. lat 89 50, long 46 30. sch FreeCi of Boston. 25 (lava from N (irle.n. June 14, lat 41, long 60, ship Superior, Jujy from N Ynrk. on a whalincr 1 .oeu ciiia i igotx, waterman, 32 days Luou, wiui sail anu rruit, to R Muller aij tbe canfain No vessels hail sailinjf of tlie Morris, arrived at this port J oaucu tn co. wim snip rocahontas. of Norfolk .. utiuiis. Lcii urig uen jacsson fc. Boston, in 3 days j sch Three Sisters, fori in 2 t sch Constitution, nf Nm - fnllr ; tine i and brig Protection, Allen, in do. Jut( lai i i7, ion tjs, spoke brig Adaraanti rM iv . i. i i1 titJiu uubiuii, lor noraeaux. 6ch Andrew Jackson. Christie. 7 .I,,, f Savannah, with cotton, to Pott it M'Kinne.i; others. Passentrers. Messrs. Josiah LawrJn ladv and fatnilv.' O Hudion. lailv anil f..i.. . Jones, S Brown, II J Bailey, J H Townes. .uernweauier, iv l ox. 1 lwll.jr. Ur. J Wjg field, and Eleanor RVhlu 'in Sch Tel eL'tunll. Proctor. 5dava cock, N. C witli naval stores, to Hyer, Brest! ner a. co. ana j M'lJrtcie. Sailed in co ;tk noop Aipns, tor Mantucket. SIood Antelone. Fitchet. 5 iUv f r 11. ...... ' . .. T "' - T - iuiv, iin suingies, io tnatnaster. ioop ttose, Wyer, 10 days from Nantucket with candles and hams, to sundries. ' Sloop Comet, Cottle, 3 days from Nmuick ' et, with oil and candles, to Palme iim:i. utuiiji Lvuisa, iiuuer, aays rrotn Cistme With smoked salmon and eka.l i ,1 1 BOSTON. June atCl 7",'" ardsoo, 7 days from Charleston, bouud to Ej rvyw, put in to lanq passengers. Arrtveo, sen r rankhn, Baker, from N York Sch Advrho, Pendleton, from N Yorlt Sch Caroline, Chipmau, from Baltimore Sch Liberty, Kendriut. 12 davs from AVi minslon. Sloop Toleration, Wheeler, from N York Sloop Fulloo, Robin on, from N York, ttii iperie, (live iranc pieces) for the N. E. Bank. Sloop V ischer. luirraham. from N Tnrlr C.iiuie np from Quarantine, shin Naw GL and brigs Juuoaud Orson. At quarantine yesterday, brig Ramble, Crafts, 15 days from St. Thomas. Spoke, Ji 1 3th, lat 1 9, loo 65 30, sch Diana, 18Uayifios N York fir Aux Cayes. SAL KM, June 30. Arrived, ichr Roqje, Wj. kini, 14 djis from Havana. Left, thin Aii - . tut. Oliver, of Philail, h hia. - Iiudincr for Henm - hng ueo. UecBwith. risher, lor Boston, vnt TIr MWPrtwooIl W.lhnmc M .il lh..,! 1411, brigs Betsey, Ropes, Salem, t days; Ventrou. . r . . . r dnin. Staples, for Protidence 6 davs : schr Fni i raaer, jenums, uoston z oayi; orig iraoet urooas, oi cairm, uncenain woere ouiii.a , Thomas, White, Boston, 20th July ; Alert, Groves, Hamdeo, just arrived from Cadiz. BALTIMORE, July 1. Arrived, brig Fru - ces.from Boiton. - Schr. Nancy, Stevens, 1 days from Cap? Henry, (H.) June 19th, lat 88 50, long 73 la, poke chip William, Hunt, 13 days (rum 'cw KoaroLK, June 29. Arrived British hrtg Margaret, Nicholas, 16 days from Grenada. British brig Louisa, Williams, 13 days fro: Antigua. In Hampton Roads, bound here, British br: uipicy, ahus, ia a.iys irom Anuria Last night of Mr. Cooper's engagemeBi . Oa TR1DAY EVEMXG, July 3, 1818, - Wi.l be presented, the trnjiedy of OTHELLO. Othello, .Mr. Prilchaif logo, Cooper To whii - h will he added, the farce ol LOVER'S QUARRELS, Or, LIKE MASTER UK E MAX FOURTH OF JULY. In commemoration of the Declaration of Isde pendence, the front of Uie Theatre wiN k brilliantly illuminated, and the Standards the United States will be exhibited ia true parency. ouooOcooo On Saturday Evening,. July 4, 1C18, Will be presented, (by particaUr desire) the tragedy of EUNKbK. HILL. . ' Or the Death of Gen. Warren. General AVarreo, Mr. Roherlto Lord Perry, Darley General i'renott, Wiliiaas General Putnam, ' Gahasi Ahercrombie, Piitchari Elvira, Mrs. Groshoa In act 5, the funeral procession of Gn. Wsrm, in which are borne the loll owing standard! ' lie Rights of Man." , " Politkal tonality . :; Liberty or Death." " Warren, be died for his country After which (for the 1st time in America) asrs farce, called, - ' WHO'S MY FATHER riinb. Mr. BamM Lord Alten. PritcharJ, Fiizcloddy, Hilsoa Emily, Miss Johasoa I'.,... ITaifh Xlr narlav At the end of the farce the favorite comic w of Barney Leave the Girls Alone, n . iy .ir. Burne. , Tbe evening's entertainments to conclade mm THR LIUERTLsK. Don Pedro. Mr. Grabs Don Juan, Robertso Don Octavio. Pritcbud, Leporello, Hisoa Donna Leonora, Mrt, Groshoa Zerliaa, Mis Johasoo On Monday", Mr. Cooper's Benefit. Oa Wed nesday, llie last night ot pertorraance uw seasou. The Benefit for the Theatrical Fund. tl 'u'l'U I lli till I' "87" STEAM BOAT CONNECTICUT wifl go out on a sadmg excurstoa at iu o - csm to morrow mornin ami return at 3 o'cioca .a it. 1 1 - : - Tni, mm re aiirruoon. in g ou igan iv t - . - excursion, accompanied with an slegant J" music on board and every necessary r j" - - suitable for the oceasiotu Pric of rft?. V n an .. . a .s Mr UliiWlMa curucr im uuuiu auu a mia - ajjws - f - f C.lL - I T..,.. t M New - York, July a, IKia. '..' FIHK COM PA j OF NCW - YORli. f....i fj - r Motic is hereby R - ven. that of our and a bail per ceut on m - ry .i of this company, nee oeciareof j "kLdd. Directors ; and will be paid to t 'yj1,4 s, on or after the 15h inst. . . , .1 1 iv ine di of ers. Of r - The " eW - ora junr. iiii 7 j will meet this evening (io pfvato roooil : . . . . - v aorn - ty Harmony Hall, comer ol Williafi - aatV y streets, at 8 o'clock precisely. ' . - - t at The roemhtrs are reo.oe.led ifoPut business of much importance wil b law "w" fhe Directors will meet at hafpssl 1 o'clo By order orthe 1st Vice Presd.U J 5 It ' 71 G LNOEK - IM) bags Race u.iger fty rt.lC.rt l,H'i - ' - . 86 Sroutk - atxeeV J3

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