The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1931 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1931
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

*. x~rf*te ^ ^ y - J , . ^ , _ _ MASON~CITY m-OBE-GAZETTE ATMS BRIDGE HEARING Pecision on Application oi : EicKendbrf to Be Given i by War. Department. ·r MCGREGOR, March SO.--Word is awaited here from Washington as to the outcome of the Hearing helc by'the war department at Prairie du Chien. Friday to consider the ap [plication of W. L. Eichendorf, Me iGregdf, to build a highway bridg *" 'rer the Mississippi. The department was represente f Lieut. Col. -Wildurr Willing, dis lot office, St. Paul; Maj. Glen E ..Jgerton,, district office, Rock Is Hid; and W. H. McAlpine, head en ;ineer, Louisville. . . . · · ' ,,'.'·About 250 from McGregor, Prair le du Chien, Marquette and other iiowns in Northeastern Iowa and uthwestern Wisconsin were pres- it at the hearing. The bridge, according to proposed ."plans, would be located at the 'southern limits of McGregor on U. *S. highway 18. The channel span is sto have an opening of 590 feet, with *B/vertical clearance of 55 feet above i the high water mark and 76 feet ''"above the low water stage. " Objections to the bridge were voiced at the hearing by Mayor J. F. Antoine and City Attorney J. Evans of Prairie du Chien; A. Curran, president, of the Prairie du Chien Chamber of Commerce, and C. E. Ferris, Marquette. WARM WELCOME FOR PRESIDENT r era. made hilled ,»jark ^a^ani ,' a t t i , Ho 'I boul . West Union Man Hurt in Collision Near Nashua NASHUA, March 30. -- David Shuman, junk dealer of West-Union, received body bruises and a severe bump on his head when his Chevro- "Tet coach and a truck owned by the Live Stock Produce and Transit company of Clear Lake, operated by F G Cooxman, collided on the iron bridge over the Wapsipinicon river .Dine miles east of Nashua. Tarty Held for Class. ROCK FALLS--In spite of tb. llizzard Friday evening some 2 members of the Volunteer Sunda school class attended a party » the school gymnasium. BooseveltTnd other members of the official party. RURAL DISTRICTS GRAB NEW SEATS (ConUnned From Pato H. ment, which previously had -lorded voted a national reapportionmen^. among the states, for two decades, having completely skipped the 192!) census. It was. In defiance of the federal constitution, but there was nothing anyone could do about :t except rant and rave, which the urban lawmakers did, while the rural contingent laughed at them. *. A T THE last session of congress, WILLIAM DAVIS, THORNTON, DIES! Funeral Services Will Be) Held Tuesday; Five Children Survive. THORNTON, March SO.--Funeral ervices for William H. Dav a 69, who died Sunday at the hospital at Cherokee from a stroke of apoplexy ollowing failing health lasting sev- ral yefrs, will be held Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Nels J. Peterson home and at 2 o'clock at | the Methodist church. The Rev. A. G. Heddle will be in charge. Burial will be here. Mr. Davis lived at Iowa Falls 40 years before coming here three years ago. He la survived by his wife, four daughters, Mrs. Eet- erson and Ruby Davis of Thornton,! Mrs W J Lowe, Iowa Falls, and , Mrs'. George *· Davis, Fort Collins, Colo., and one son, Holland, San | Diego, Cal. SEEKFAMlUOF DEAD WORKMAN Four Killed at Sioux City as | Retaining Wall Falls on Pipe Line Ditch. 'SIOUX CITY. March 30. C50--fa- I lice today sought relatives of George Flokis of Sioux City, one of four men killed here Saturday nlglit when a rock retaining wall fell upon them as they were excavating a ditch for the Missouri Valley Pipe Line company. "--Relatives of the other three, Nelson, 22, Sioux City, H. A. Thompson, 26, Hopkins, Mo.; and SHRUBBERT Fruit and Shade Trees Vines and Perennials | S A V E ONE-HALF O R MORE ROSES--ALL KINDgT These are No. 1 stock. Second year growth' American Beauty, Frau Karl Drusenkel, Paul Neyron, General Jacqueminot, Gruss an Tep- UU Radiance, Kaiserin, Augusta Victoria, ·Al C so Sorotty Perkins.' c'r'irnson'Ra'mblersV^celsa. at. .Me S 39 SALE STERLING W. A. WESTFALL, Receiver MASON CITY P is PERENNIALS AND SHRUBS^ Hydrangea, P. G. or A. G. 18-24 inches 35c or.. Honeysuckle, red, pink or white, 2-3 ft. Soc ca. or Purple Lilac, 2-3 ft., 35c each or Common Snowball, 18-24 inches, Sac each or... Mock Orange, Syringa, 2-3 ft., Sac each or Weigelia--pink, 2-3 ft., 35c each or Spirea Van Houette, 2-3 ft., Soc each or Spirea Anthony Waterer, 15-18 inches, S5c ea. or Dogwood Cornus, 2-3 ft., Soc each or Golden Bell Forsythia, 2-3 ft.', 35c each or Butterfly Bush, medium, Soc each or Barberry, 3 ft., S5c each or · Butterfly'Bush, 2-3 ft., 35c each or.... i . . . · · · {-Via TY1 n.1 OntV ^ Uy J.GCfci3v/*^ ----· i /» j. .L.AUU i*j»« MWU"- -- -7 -- - u ^rt that the farmers previously A 'however, a national reapportion^ had been in a majority over the m 'ent act finally went thru. By its M£ folk} they balked to excellent prov i aions additional representation city folk), tney ^ ^ ^ ^^ fa recent]y congress had not have g rown most rapidly, and taK- --* -- I __ ,,,.,,,,. f-nrroonnndinelv from effect. Until last year Sterling No. 2 812 So. Pemu Phone 80"? Sterling No. 1 IS No. Federal 7 Phono 1600-1-2 m. TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY WE RESERVE THE BIGHT TO UMEC QUANTITIES I en away correspondingly from those which'have lagged in increas- I ing their populations. This meant a loss of nearly 30 congressmen to the practically stationary rural states; a gain of the -- 1 .*· _ .nt-nt-no T»T*tV» niO i UVHJ-llJOVJL»t * * V » *:·*·*£"· ---- / , 1 Frank Arnold, Irving, Texas, have been located. . Twenty-one other workmen at the scene escaped. Coroner J. H. Robbins said no inquest will be held. Program Presented by Club at Nora Springs j NORA SPRINGS, March 30.-The Crescent club was entertained Friday afternoon at the home o f t Mrs. E. C. Carman. The lesson on Australia was presented by Mrs. Flora Wyatt, Mrs. Mary Reed and Mrs Grace Shanks. Mrs. Wyatt spoke on "People and Education,' FRUIT TREES--GRAPES Cherry--Montmorency, Early Richmond each.. 59c Apple-Delicious, Grimes Golden, Jonathan, each S9o Grapes--Concord, Niagara, Delaware, each loc Feature Items of Unusual Interest for TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SELLING Dresses The Season's Smart Style Creations On Sale Tuesday morning and until all are sold. This group selected from higher priced lots and are real good values at this price. Curtains m Criss-Cross Styles PAIR A fine grade marquisette dotted and colored figured effects. A quality curtain priced specially for this unusual selling at ?1.69 pair. ; 8-10 FOOT SHADE TREES Elms and Silver Maple Trees, 8-10 ft 98c Poplar--Lombardy, 8-10 ft., each JJC mentioning there free schools I Tremendous Savings ... Come Early You Will Save "ONE-HALF or More BLANKETS Many worth nearly twice this price, substantial savings so much so it is good economy to buy now and lay away for ^next cold weather season. Large sizes, rich, fluffy woolens. A quality bargain at-- Made of Pine Woolens 5 $R.95 Great Sale of Silk Hose Clear Lake Butter, I o.t UIIA iiui. Ai^i J *»s'*"».j mean i the big cities would get the benetit of the alterations. Michigan, for example,, will get several more congressmen than heretpfore, but Michigan's population, outside De- Peas, larjto can . . . . . · · · · · .10o | Cut Green Beans, large can 10o Street Corn, large can. ....lOc Tomatoes, can 10c Pumpkin, can ...lOol I Sauerkraut, larffe can .10° 1 Campbell's Soup, can 10o Campbell's Tomato Soup, 3 for ^?° Mustard, pints ''·'},, Vinegar, bottle luo Folgers Coffee, Ib. 37c Monarch ISreakfast Coffee, pound , * - - 1 Maxwell House, Ib. S7o C!hase Sanborh Coffee, Ib. 37 c Vtrgmla Sweet, Ib 35M Butternut, Ib. '...37cl 333, Ib 190 I McLanghlin's Gem, lb......35c I McLnughlin'B Peaberry, Ib. 29c ftlcLaughlin's 99'/2i lb 84c I Peaberry Coffee, 2 Ibs.. ...39o Camay Toilet Soap, 5 bars 25c Oxydol, large pkg Binso, large pkg Chlpso, large pkg. Bub-No-More, large pkg Ivory Flakes, large 19 o i Bob White Soap, 10 tor.. .29c Ivory Soap, medium, 3 for;.lJC Ivory Soap, large, 3 for....3oo tava Soap, 3 for ~^o Gold Dust, l a r g o O 0 P. G. Soap, 10 Ige. bars 29c Prunes, medium size, S Ibs. 2Sc' Northern Beans, 4 Ibs -~" Klce, Fancy, 5 Ibs ^ Bulk Macaroni, 3 Ibs £ . Cocoanut, Fancy, Ib. 29o | Bulk Cocoa, 2 Ibs ;..25o J Balk Oatmeal, 9 Ibs Zoc. Old Glory Macaroni, 6 pkgs. 25c I Banner Oats, large Robb Ross Pancake Flour, 4ib.pkg. 22c Monarch Oats, large pltg.,.22e Monarch Peaches, large can ZJE Monarch Golden Bantam.. .loo Monarch Hominy, can .... -lOe Monarch Mixed Vegetables ISc Monarch Kidney Beans....IBo I Monarch .Cocoa, can 25o I Monarch Preserves, large S3e Monarch Spinach, large ....23c Monarch Kraat, largo lfc Monarch Tomatoes loo National Biscuit Co. Premium Sodas or Premium Grahams, 2-ib. caddy ."...-· 25e Dawn Scouring Powder.... 5c Peanut Butter, pints Peanut Butter, quarts 39 c Mustard, quarts 13c Ubby's Milk, 3 tall..... ..25c Peaches, large 1 Campbell's Pork and Beans, 3 for 25o Red Pitted Pie Cherries, can 19o Apricots, large can 19" Monarch Fork and Beans, 3 for 25 ° Pink Salmon, tall can lOc JVllCUlK"^ " ^JUJ^UIC**,»«·-*» »» -- ··--. - -- --^ r U'6'ii. iian no\."growirBa~eiiuraiuUfaiyr The growth is principally Detroit's Yet the whole state gets the increased representation unless the farmer-controlled Michigan legislature awards it to Detroit exclusively--and will a farmer-controlled legislature'do any such thing? » · · lllHAT a farmer-controlled legis- W lature may reasonably be expected to do can be judged from what-the Illinois legislature did do If the census is to be relied on Chicago is entitled to seven more state. senators. and 21 more state representatives than it now sends to Springfield; the "down-state folk to seven senators and 21 representatives less. And a bill was Introduced providing for the readjustment. The legislative lower house turned it down 90 to 57--all the urbanites voting with the 57; all the-ruralites with the 90. As State Representative Sparks of the rural .90, remarked, "Right or wrong, down-state never will surrender control of the legislature to Chicago." If the farmers feel this way about their legislatures, how will they feel about surrendering control o£ their congressional majority? A S TO the congressional situation, the cities, taken altogeth- I er, actually stand to lose representation. They will not even hold on to all they have now. New"York City, for instance, la comparatively fortunate. At least it will not lose. St. Louis and Kansas, City are quite likely to. New York state gains a couple of representatives. On a population basis New York City, because of Its rapid growth, ought to get them, but it is doubtful if the Albany legislature will redlstrict for them. K not, they will have to be elected at large--by the entire state--ana per- 1 hapg they will be ruralites, some of them, anyway. ' 1 On the other hand, Missouri loses four or five congressional seats. Byl good rights, however, they ought not to come out of St. Louis or Kan-1 sas City. They have kept up witti population's growth and are en-1 titled to as many congressmen as ever they had. Yet suppose the ' legislature refuses to redistrict Missouri! Why, in that event, inasmuch as the , state actually has I LOST representation, ALL. its congressmen will have to be elected at large. St. Louis and Kansas City may not get ANY of them. sunoui. Mrs. Reed described the government, church, native animals, trees and birds. She' told of a world , tour her father took when a young man in which he visited Australia. Mrs Shanks,with the help of some] iSEARSVROEBUCKAND RETAIL STORE ..aps gttVH tt flediiripUoii 1 el steal features of. Australia. Come in service, semi-service Lriitfie spring shades, all s^es. A fine, clear texture--all have the narrow French heel. Silk and Rayon \ Crepes \ 89c in exquist \^ -ortul atterns, priced low S5f~ this sale. Limited quantity, certain to' sell quickly at 80c a yard. BLANKETS, 70x80 Sateen bound--all in pastel shades. Extra heavy--part wool double blankets. A bargain worth while at-- ____^ .69 ' ft, jts ¥ u Children's Wash Frocks Monarch Ketchup, large lOc Monarch Tapioca, pkg «o Monarch Pineapple, can....ZSc Monarch Ripe Olives, can 25c Monarch Carrots and Peas 20c Monarch Chili Sauce 25o [ I Monarch Cake Flour, pkg. 27o Monarch Macaroni, 4 pkgs. 25c Monarch Freeh Prunes, can 25o Flff Bars or Ginger Snaps, " Iba. "*" _ _ _ . - . _ . - - · - ' Ask About Deckers Famous Hams MR. FABMER:-Brin S us your 1*. of Quisenberry Chick Feed, Oold^Medal e Feed, * » * C ITY FOLK gave a loud cry of rejoicing when congress passed the national reapportionment bill a few months ago. They were aware that, in tne las. 15 or 20 years America has been transformed from a predominantly rural into a' predominantly urban nation. With the reapportionmeiit I bill's passage, they reckoned they I were going, belatedly, to get their I rights--a majority in Washington. I To repeal prohibition! To abolish blue laws generally! To make thb| ^* NEWS! Hoover Factory Grants Our Request ... Sends Cleaning Experts An important announcement for our friends. At our special request, the makers of the famous Hoover, ^vorld'a finest electric cleaner, have sent a picked crew of factory- tmined experts to co-operate with us for a few days. Just telephone us, or drop in and leave your name, and one of these experts will call at your hprne and show you the wonderful cleaning superiority of the New Hoover. A moat interesting demonstration-you will enjoy every- minute of it! 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