The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 2, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1818
Page 3
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I . z JPAVIUON THEATRE, ' .'. Jit wr n M V L A 1 ft " R V. IT. The first rfoTmance will be on FRM yy vTtofte;fjJ'TV IVfcNlNG, M$!hud assortment of new aTftsidoaa VVL'StS Mim M'Knde, the VV ijdress to be spoken by won - rfMul prodigy, (her first appearance) only nine .ri of Re. w'o will (for this night only) speak fh" occakiooal address, written by Councilor Philli!. "J Pten Dy Mr rayne. jne Amen cut Rosciui, at hit first appearance in the thea tfAWr which a new ballet dance, under thedl fBction of Mr. Parker.cnlled the KCU JOLLY MILLERS. gongLove be like roe, for the fint time, by Mr. Keene, composed expreisly for him, by b. Wood worth, adapted to a favorite Irish melody, i. Mr. Mar ill. The celebrated Mr. Blackmore will make hit frit appearance ini season, ana go lurougni u aitoaifhing feats oa the Slack Hope, in which t stands uunvaitea ; to terminals wim uw ex - ...ordinary feat of roast ine the piz. 50NG Bruce' address to hi army, or Scots srhxha'wi' Wallace bled, by Mr. Keene, iu ik. character of a Caledonian. " Tor the fint time in this city will be brought forward, (under the direction of Mr. Parker,) the popular mclo - dramatic spectacle 01 HDAJCY & HIS DOOS, Or. The Treacherous Indian. s. London aad Philadelphia, with unbounded applauso. The second n:ght of performance will be on ihe evenintr of the fourth of Julv, when v riety of new entertainments will be brought 'forward expressly for that evening, Purticu lars expressed in the biils of the day. Doors open at 7 o'clock, and performances commence at 8. Hoses 1 dollar. Pit 50 cents children under H years of uge. pi ice. J 2 nr The excllent baud attached to the Mu ifUDi will this - evening perform, iu their usual itvlc. a variety ol mutic selected, Irom We tiest authors. itlie Museum hat become one of the most healthy auJ pleasant rcsoi tr, it is loped that a splendid company will houor it by their presence. ill 21 .An anniversary mcetinir if tlic Mew. Yoik County Medical Society, will be held at the City Dispensary, on Monday the CU inst. l 4 o'clock. o. w. turn, J 2 St M. 1). Aec'iy. " A stated meelinic of the I rupees of On lumbh College, will be held on Monday next, the iilh inst. at ten o'clock, A. M: m the Col 1. CLEMENT C. MOORE. Clerk. J 2 3t , 'iY.'O UlilJitlt JililUS, LVx I'vr freig'it or charier. Sai The trig FAIR CAMBRIAN, Evans, mvter, 1.50 tons, coppered to Ihe bouds, lies at the fct of Liberty - rtrcet. Ti e reniai fine brig GEORGE - ' 4iTllK - Tlli;iP, Lewis master, 2 lOtous, yJlie at the south siJ of Albany U idiu. lor particular", applv to Iho ma tcrs on boar J, ,orh "KOBT. HUBERTS, J? 5 3t 56 I'ine street. It onliJ t CU.Iti J KR, A pol s hocntrof C j a70 tons bur - .Jtlion, for n vovae to licrmuda j iinuiu - i.a'.c .ti'iulch tv ill be sriven. Apply to TUCKER & LAUIUES, J - 2 53 outh - - t. MiK.NKIUrrE MliSK. 100 quarter cntk ' A TVi.erifii! Wini now I indins the briL - Aliwtii nl Va.r It. . IL. lurfi.iln hv J 5 I.K KOY, CAYAHI) L CO. C !. M;aI,. iOO hlids yi llnw Kilu dtitd Cora Mi al, of a cupcrior quality , llW Mils dn do lauding from the mill bouts, .tod for ilo ly TUCKER &LAURIES, J 2 i!9 Soutli.Mrot. . LhUHuK.V HATH. , O Cft?cs t onii)ii?in an elrgant nortmeot of ladirt, cniMw', men's aui boy's Leghorn bat uilflt,'Ukid vthite jmt received aud far m uy AIKE.V, FIcHF.Ri GODUARH, Ji'lyJlt, 08 l'erl - ft. tor. I'ii.e ft. 13 imx mods, tic. Boxes nuMitis 10 do. 4 - 4 i: 7 v lii.'h linens 1 do. ginghams 1 do. sJiawU 4 do. brown platil'ai 6 do Scot) h osaaburrs 7 do. imitation shcttings 4 do. brown linen 2 do, I do 1 do, linca bed tick 5 - 4 cotton checks carpeting. AL?0, Sail - cloth, Ciittoo bs - nf Twilled s&ckin? Stine twiue For tr CEORC.E JOHNSTON', JulvJ No. 1 Stoat - lann. F0RTV l.oxo fre!i sicily LEMONS, line fruit, in lots to suit purrhasen . Alio, by retail at the very low prion of 2 50 rer or 37 cents per doien at No. 7 Park. Where may be had a eenrral assortment of fi'Jt rato groceries f jr family me, cheap for cash. Jv2 Ct IOI.AstKs 214libds ami iOli.ncs Hail X vai.a Molasses, Inmlin); ancl foraleby OOODIU'E &CO. J 2 44 Si - utli - ftri tt. f LMONa. 100 Iraxt - s freth Messina lem - kJ ens in fineoH' - r. landins from llonn Rapid, for tale at HQ South street, by J P. REMSEN Ic CO. 1JI.ACK KV'iJ J J for sale by J R. ; C. PLAsL. A lew buhtlt, W. UAVF.ErORTft CO. "LARTIIKN WA RL 100 crate ol twillim - rj ware, particularly selected for this market, now landing n hii Martha, frm Liverpool, & for sale by TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. Jy 2 106 Front - street. FRESH LEMONS. K6 large hoxrs fresh Messina Lemons landing tins morning from loop Etprts.', east tide Cotntirs - lip. mr sal. by G.G. fcP. HOVVLA.M), Jy 2 67 Washir - ion stn et. - fROV. N MD1A bCGARS. A few bai; 1st G. A S. HOWLAND, C7 Wathin - itnii strrct. t on HALE. A SECOND hand governors guard, and an Artillery Coat Apply to PHILIP UENRV. 1 2 3l 39 William - street VJUMAC JU casks of Sumac, landing and for ",M,"y UWUtlUL K to. JJ 44 SouUi - street MR. BOND'S ALVOIWT vr noTTAm' BAY Ic. , faicK O.te Dollar. 1 1 i r ce ol absolutely unprecedented i.ii I ' . "P'cs or mis pimiic.iinn. a siath e - 1.7. rrrently publihed, to Ik had on . h'm(' aothorily in peison. To prc - J,? money mnt be paid at Uietime niiS ) stK)re celebrated work. 01 u' wlo have ordered copie. jfrince Recrnt Dul:e York. Dol e of Knt. lH. - - ") UokeofCanitlfe, Duke of MmZS"? 'i?eol Newca - Uc, Dekeof Argrk , .M, Tweed Marquis ofThenxKid, A2Li Marquis of Northamptom. Loid - "a''r. I - ord Mayor. Lord ;lnlrvill, l - 'ke. Eord GUw, Lord rrnGn, " Gletilwoith, Lord Cunlry, - ".oiron iiotnsra, uiinon oi aai - A 1 .... i nsnniii'r"""". Amneri, AISIUMS rf t"t7in7V',bin' . I'tr.M..wl,, Majesty, Primes Elixawth. "ver Dm wM.ff , - "lois n..i nL?!t.york' Outrhri cf WcUinctoo, do J 5 ,y - ,a, printed by T. S, Msnnm. : NEW AND ELEGANT P LA T E I) . W A RE. oencnemeiu iiated. Ware, nch and elegant patterns, which they are now opening at 15 ttroad - At 155 Pearl - street, a larere and extensive assortment of HAkDWARE, by the package and from the shelves, which they will sell at very rcuuceu prices. J Z IW CJUGARisii MOLASSES. - I0 bbds and 65 KJ Obis Muscovado auear, and 15 hints retailing Molasses, landing in Trout of the subscribers store this day, lor sale by ' G. G. A S. HOWLAND, J 2 67 Washington - street R WAIIE'5 list of prizes in the Grand Road Lottery. 4Ui day. Nos. B70. 41000: 6473,500 : 940. 1324. 2787. 6180. 6778. . 100. The first drawn number on the next day of ui amine win uv viiiiucu iu hid cai'iiui nnzfl 01 70,000 dollars, the whole amount of which shall be paid in cash, il sold by R. WAITF jun. and not in checks, made payable at distant periods. as lately practised by certain boasters. Ticket Ao. 54a9 wlncb drew a prize of 3j,000 dollars, was sold by Mr. Ozden, contractor for the whole lottery, to a seotleinan in Alhanr ! ami No. dfi ".(). a prize of 5,000 dollars, was sold and paid bv R. Waite, iuu. 13G Droadway, to aeeutleman in if ne city. j h 70,000 DOLLARS. Til E next drawn uuoiber in the Owtjo Road Lottery, will be entitled to the grand ca pital prize of $70,000. A few tickets and shares may yet be obtained at the lucky lottery odicecf JUIMH i LAZARUS, 74 Maiden - lane, Where have been sold in former lo'tcries most of the highest prizes. Prizes in former lotteries approvej promiso - ry notes will be taken in payment for tickets. A correct check beok is kept, ic. July? 3t ALLEN'S list ol r,z - s in the Miliord and O - wgo Road Lottery. 14!h day. iMo. 9702,.$1POU: 6473. oOO 2 '6100. 27C7. 940,6773, 13M, 100. Uoth toll ;.t Allen's : where No. 6459. which drew a prize ol HJ5.000 wat paid ; nlno No. 7771 a 1'iizc of $10,001), uns it in shares find im - medintely i:iJ. The lint drawn numbe r next day't drawirg (Friday wecL) will bu entitled to a piiie of $70,0n0. A lew I u ki t? nml Minn s tor sale at AL - LKM'S Truly Lucky Office, 122 Broadway. oALLSat Al'CTIO.. m PRuV'l KtiNCE, K.I. nV B. k T. C. HOPl'151 k CO. ON Wednesday Hih ol July next, at lOoVlock, A. M. at the stores of .Messrs. CARIUNti - TON&CO - tvill be sold, all the goods land . - d from ihip Trumbull, Aoorn niaiter, from Can - tun, viz But) chests Ilyron Skin 1 et I he Teas are all its Hwon Skin Tea The Teas are all ) ll)s. o lo f troth, :uid of nn Ynimg llj'on do ? exi. - eilent rjuali - cs Soiic.'ion do i Iv. 100 do f9 do 17a boxc CfiOtl hinidlfs Cassia, i.bout 8t,lil!lis. ':) cases suerior blaclt Siiaihews, 25 ps. eaeh 40 d,i dn do Sarjiiulls, i!5 do do 30000 lbs. bet Block Tin A ho, lueliuca Concern. ?00 boxes China Wate 10 bales Call titta gootls Terms will be liberal nial made known at the salo 11. Ai T. C. 1101 PI X & CO. Auctioneers. rrnvidrnrr, June C - th, tfllrt. Je t.'9 - It 'I'EA, M,GAIt, i;ilA.MV, 4.c. .1 40 ) chests II j son Hkin Tea, latest impi - il - itioni 1(H) half cherts and ten - catty boxes Hysou do. 2UIJ buses Bloom Raiiins 40 hhdsof Jamaica and St. Croix Sugars 0 pipes Coiiiac Uraiuly, and SO hhds. old Jamaica Rum. For snle by J. & J. CODDINGTON, Je39lw 204 Front strt l.An. vM.MCS : nd UlSOCKRlb. No 7 P ARK Cl.ATK LAPIKS AUCTION ROOM.) I llt. sui'Scniitrlias constantly on ran J a gen - L cral assortme'it of the fol!owus i - rtnle), which will lu di;Ked of at a moderate advance. leas ol tirt quality Sn - .rs da do (euuine oM CcDac Broody Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wire; oitV vanillin Kinds I'ine Apple Shrub Lemon. Lime and Orange ,'nire ballad Oil in Iwttirs ai.d bottles L. Krown Stout Roltled Ale nr.d Cider Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spice, fcences Sperm and fallow Candlis Do. Oii for Lamps Coffee, Rice. BarlT and Mustard A few boxc Sicily Lcini - ns, - in tine order Ramnn, Almonds, Prunes, Figs Basket Salt, ic. For sale hy JAMES P. ANDCE. anted to purchase, a quantity 01 second nana wine nnd porter bottles. J 1 BAL sir ALTlMORt M.OUR. - IK) bnls Howard reet flour, of superior Quality, received per tchr Paragon, and for tale by WAIj&II ii UAliLAUl I t.H, J 1 fit) South street. ENGLISH GLASa - WARLI 6t WKUUGHI NAILS. JOHN W II EELEY, offers for sale at 132 Water - street Itecnntcrs plain and cut ) Tumblers do do V BEST QUALITY. Wines do do 1 and a peneral assortment of Apolliecarys ware. t ine Kwe fteluSh&f WROUGHT NAILS. Sheathing, J Je 27 2w i ' LARr. I W I . L. 50 easts ol Claret nine v' containinz I dozen ea h 10 lases cnntniiiih; 3 dnfn each, sintaqe 1810 growth of Bianin" Mont - .n, for sal? nr Jy I Iw ARCH'D (iRClEA SONS. CI1AMPAIGNK & LURGUNDY - 53 cases superior still Champaisiie, 1 dot. each 10 do do Dureunily lorsaleby POTT & M'KINNE, Jy 1 56 South - street SALT. 155 ten Liverpool coarw Salt, on bosrd the ship Robert, capt. Thompson, at Murray's whari, for sale by N. ir.'D. TALCOTT, - Jl 64 South street CIOTTON. 33 bales prime Upland, landing 1 fioui brig Harmony, for sate hy GR1S W OLDs k COATES, C8 South - street In Siorf, 75 bales upland Cotton, lor sale in lots touit purchasers. Apply as above. i 1 CLARET WTNL. - eoo Marsax Cla J ret. of very superior nualitr. vintase of I'Jtl, incases of - 2 nnd 3 don. each, received direct from the vim - yard, and for sale by the case or larger quantity, by JOHN B. MLR RAY i SON, 113 Pearl street W ho have for sale, landin; from brig Llixa, from St Jao de Cuba, at Ed jr' Wharf, N. R. 100blM::iM"c"doSuXar. Jy I Iw HOnOKF.N FERRY'. rTHEhon. the Ctrration of thecity ofNew - J. lorn, liavinc xrsnted to the sunscriuer a lese of the Hobokej Ferry, he has aswcir.ted with bimiu that establishment Mr. Philip De - peystrr, who will have tlic sole charge of con ductirc lliesame ; ail applications therefore re - peeling the Ferry will be made to Liov. Two Horse - Boats arc now in complete operation, with good accommodations for passengers. carriages tir. one of which will sn fnrure start from each side of the river penrtnalir t every hoar from S o'clock in tbenwirnityfaotil 8 o'clock in the evenius;. FillUP HUNE. Jt7 toJim PASMGE FOR UrURrOOL. . 2j !iTbe tleganl new coppered ship I1EC - lAilfcl OR, James Gilleoder, mastqr, is now early loaded, and is positively intended to sail on the 7th instant - F,r passage only, having supenor acio nmodation?, apply to Ui capiaio on board, nt Murray's wharf, or to JOHN GRAHAM It CO. Jy 1w 59 Pine - street WAti - VEti TO VUARTEH. A' good SIUP or BRIG of about 250 tons. A coppered vessel and one that sails rant, would be preferred. . G. G. & S. HOWLAND, J 1 67 Washington - street For li'athington, JV. C. The scbr GOLDEN - AGE, capt. A - derton. lyin cast side Peck - flip; will sail ou Thursday next. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to Jl R. & C. W. DAVENPORT A Co. for li'tlmington, JV. C. The ship PACKET, capt. While, to sail iu a few days, will take freight on the lowest terms, and accommodate pasaengerj. Apply on board, at Murray's wharf, or to CRISWOLDS &. CO VI'ES, J 1 68 South Street IVAXTKD TO CHAUTEli, 4W A Uritish Vessel, of from 120 to 150 &kS - tong. Apply to JOSEPH JONF.i, J 1 3t 12 Greenv. ich - st. I' A USAGE FOU LOA'OOA. The remarkably fine Britidi brig 3KEEN, to sail forliondonou Wcdnes - dav ; bas excellent accommodations and room for a few more passenscrs. Apply to capt Ma son on board, at Jones' wharf, or to K. UILLKM'IK, Je30 112Front - st. fur JftAy - ORLEAXS, ri'l 1 . 1 1 1.' ' 503if'',rsea,and will iwitivcly tail on Sunday the alh inst. will receive any freight that may he clfcrcd in the mean time. A few pa - 'seugers can be well accommodated. Apply ou board, at pier No. 6", North River, or to JOSEPH JO.M - .?, June 30 5t 12 Grcenwich - rt yu - HAVRE, The sliijs I5IXLE, Henry Lrslic, master, to sail in 10 davs. For a few tons of heavy freight or passengers, liavju - r ex cellent accommodal ons, apply to JONES i: MEi! RATH, ,je29 91 .Siituh - Mrcct. t'ur :.'e of t'ramt tind JSon. - ln, . The superior New - Voik built ship 2j&i&. AMF.KIC , coppered and copper fas tened, 495 tons, Wm Vibberts, master, will sail on Thursday next. A few thousand dol lars will be taken to be invebled in a return cargo, and a few more passengers can be accommodated. Those gentleinen who have cn - g.ved passages arc requested to call and pa) their psssue money, that store may be provided accordingly. Apply to the captain on board at Mintu.u and Ciiampllo's uhai f ; or to CHARLES HALL, je 29 4t No. 1 Heaver - street. HA.YltAJ JO CH.iJU'tAt, V X ' I I. . . n.l,.h.A, A I ' 1 - 11 t .1 iifX IM) tons liiirLric n. to load lor Europe, to vthicli immediate dispatch will be ircn. Apply to it. CRUMP, Je29 DO Pinn - st fur yj'. t'v(., Theelrsant new bnj FRF.DF.PJCK; .iii, Clark, master, will sad with all conve - handsome accontno'lation,, spply t READE& DE PEYbTF.R, Je23 Iw 31 Old - slip. for LlVEIiPOOL, m The very superior coppered liritish i.shin DAL.M AltNOCK. "V. W. Robert son, matter ; her cargo b inpr ncaily en"geil. For the rcmain.lcr of freight, or pas - .acc, hav ini,' elejiaiit kCcoiniiiG'l;lions, apply board, east side riy - iiiarkel - whari, or to S. DALf.LF.ISH t CO. 103 Pearl - street. Who offers for sale, ex. said vessel, from l.cit!i Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in Lot, ties and casks. Wine Unities, &c. per gross. jc 26 11 aiiieu ro .imr:er. - 1 . 1, A One or two Uritihh vessels, to load for Liverpool. Applv to 6 ARCH I) GKACIE S: SONS. Pottage for .Xtw - Orliuns. The subslaulial l'at - saili:i;r new bri" RESIGN, capt. Wheeler, will be dis pale Bed wilhall convenient speed. For parage only, apply on board, at pier No. 5, North River, or to JUSLt'tl JU.hS, June 27 6t 12 Greenwich - , t, . v. Mjmr mi. a w., mn I fill, Ut II il . Tk. .1...... , r.,. .:i:.. .1.:.. uiurr.K, v uiiatn AJani?, masters - she it too? burthen, only two years old, and will be di'patcbed immediately on discharging her inwanl cargo, r or freight or passage, ap. ply to the master, on board, cast side of Fly - market wharf, or to R. W. ROGERS & Co. Je 16 235 Pearl - street, for LOjS'DOJV, Th substantial fast sailing British kSL.g SK F.F.N, raot. J. Mason. Her cargo tieiog nearly e:igned, will have immedi ate dispatch. For the remainder of freight, or pasfRg, having elegant accommodation, apply ou board, at Joucs' wh?rf, or to S. DALGLIEsII kCo. Je 13 10J Pearl - street f or RtK$JJX, The staunch schooeer ARABELLA, T. Harwick, master, will meet with immediate dispatch, having half her freight en' ;aged For the remainder, or Pifage. apply 00 board, at Murray's wharf, rait side Coflee - Housc slip, or to SALL ALLEY, June 19 9.T Pine - st. tor RKUt.iluKiHUtit The srhr THREE fcldTERS, Pol - lul waiter ; will sail in a lew ihy For irnght nr passage, apply ou board, at Piuo - strect wharf, or to HENDERSON & CAIRNS, JeS.1 R I Fine st for S.lfASISr.iHt The very fine brig SUPERB, Reeves, mvter; will meet with despatch, hay ing a considerable psrt m tier cargo engaged. For passage, having handsome accominoilations, or freight, apply on board, at pier No. It, east side OlJ - tlip, or to rOTTA M'KINNE, ' Je 03 5C Soath - tlrret fr BLAKELEl' and MOBILE, TKo stsir1 untiql sT t ! I Inrr irlinrinnt V" tlXTABtO. 100 tons, captain Leffinrr - wtUj having - most of lier freight entfaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder of freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board al pier no. 2, E R or la PETERS A IIF.KRICK. je22 - 29 Coeijties - slp. Ft SALE. Ala low price, if applied fiir this day or Monday next, the brig MARY, as she arrived from Havana, nt Pier 3, Arden' - wharf. North River. Her burthen i 200 tons, has two decks fore and aft. and may be sent to sea with little expense. Apply at 64 routh, - strert.t N. t U. TALCUTT. jer GRAKD CONCERT. I M1 R. DUFFY respectfully intormi tlfai!iet aad ecatlcincn of Netv York. ttiM his con cert will - take place at Tummcuy Hall, on JtlUKSUAI, Jul. I z, Mr. and Miss Hewitt, Mr and Airs. Morsn, Mr. A. Taylor, and Mr, Keene, having yolun - tahly olTered their services. Leader of the Orchestra, Mr. Hewitt. Assisted by Messrs. Gentit, Os'.inelli, Kinsella, Ac. and the gentlen en ol ti e Luterpean Society. PART I. Overture Haydn Song, The Thorn" by Mr. Duffy Miouetto, Pieyel Song, Home, Lo and Liberty," Mr. Keene Duet, " When thy imsnm heaves the sigh, by Miss Hewitt and Mr. Taylor. Waltz, Queen of Prussia's, (with variations on the Piano Forte) By Miss Hewitt Song, " Fly swiftly ye Zephyrs," Mrs. Moran, Bishop Concerto on the Flute, Mr. Kinsella - F. A. floffmeisler PART II. Sinfonie, Kreutzer Song," Lore's Yout:g Dream," by Mr. Ktene Duet, Rest weary traveller" by 'Mrs. Muran and Mr. Keene. Miouetto, Stamilz Song, ' Wilt thou say farewell," I By Mi - s Hewitt i," by Mr. Taylor Song, on this cold flinty rock Song, Loves she like me," compoicd expressly for him, I by o. Wood worth, and adapt - VBy Mr. Keene cd to the Irish Melody of Ro bin Adair, by Mr. Moran, J Andanle, Mozart Soul'. " Mod Tom." Mr. Duff. i'ureell Duet, " Ai.'s Well," by Mcsrs. Keene & Duffy 1 o conclude with a lull piece, rleyel Doors open at 7, concert commences at eight o'clock. i ickets to he had nt mr. Dunnis' mticic store, I!r iadvay ; Mr. Goodrich's book stor'., Broadway; Mr. Wilson's music store, Maidt - ti Lane; R. Vaite, .1 un. Broadway, and at the liar oi i amniany mil. jy I ai for SAYAXA'AH iiiaiaster, will positively sail ou i'uudav A. linn t.nw 1)11 If 11 Ki.fM iicxi l or treiglit, or pa;age, havinj hanU'omc - acouimo - Jatioiis. apply cn board, at pier Ixo, Nor'.h River, or to TOTT & M'KINNE, June CO 50 ?outh - jt. t - lOFrhK, TOBACCO, W NE, Ac. - 9 hhds. V J and 1 hhl. very l,reen t.rlfre 35 hiu! fiipttii.r c!d Keuluuky Tobaico 1 1 do eld i'.K'hliiond do 15 do new do do C nr. ca?Us L. P. Aladeira Wine 1 hhd. Madeira 011111001110,711 hull flavor. hat beer. 3 yea:; ia Jam dca 1 ir. caik extra Sherry Wine, 6 years old 25 bLIs. Frederii kshurj; Flour. f rcig'it for Jii de Janeiro and rfr - - !j vamliuc'i. ijjii Vessels boiind to either of the above pons, niay have a few :;ao.!s on height, from ROUT. CII.I.I.M'IE, Je30 HOFront - t. For HAVANA. Tl,e ncw c.ipper.'dbrii; WARRIOR, jSi2rj.C"4 tons biiriiim, (la:lt by Mr. N. K row 11 of this city ,) II. Hi; oanls, masti - r. She w.llsadon the lb;h of July next, weather per - niiltu. Fit freight cr passage apply to JAMEa D. WOi.F, junior, Je 24 54 isnath - st. Il iuHeJ to Charter, A rood SHU orliitlO, about 250 jiA: SSlLiU coppiri u veasel, and one that sails lasl, w culd be preferred. G. G. Si S - HOWLAND, Jc CO 07 Wi'hinjtou - st. , HASTED JO CH.iRTEH, iY4 K liritish vetstl of 2a0 to 300 tons, to je - ,nr - load at a southern port for the W est 10 die,. Apply to MACKIE, MILNE & CO. Je 20 61 Pine - st 1 ll.ATE GI.Afjfc. 10 cases picture Sale t,y J 1 HUJtD & SL'iV ALL, 65 .,oiith - treet 1JOU I EK. l.'J rcsks ol Imillr - M i urtt r, .just n , in (I. per s.hip Kadius, (rum Londor, ami lor sate i,v j 1 iw aii'.'imhald gracik & son. - 'l H U Ol lltlt WAKES. IHE keep constantly 011 I extensive assortment of the foliowinj hand an :oods, viz : Diitch and English Gunny Bags, Popes' Heads Cruiuh Brushes Bellov.s, fancy Crooins Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth finishes, fm - and common I o for Blacksmith: Hall and Entry Mats Pr.ils and Tubs WIipcI - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baiting and ball iVuie Fish Lines Shoe & Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Balances, &c. cy nnd common iii - nti no do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash 'fools Clamp, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Ilrushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rones Wrought and Cut Nnils and Brads Which they will sell w holesale nr retail on liberal terms. CEBRA A CUMING, Jc30 76 Pearl - street. UST received per brig llesper, (Vein Havre, 4 cases black, white and ttsortcd supe nor French crapes. No. 30 1 Case superior patent French razors 1 do. silvered hooks and eyes, in small boxe s 1 do. silk coat buttons 2 do. phosphorus boxes Also, a general assortment of French silks, remaining from former importations, and 3 cases mens ami women while and coloured cotton hose, all line 2 bales assorted flannels for sale on accom modating terms, by BENJ. F. RABCOCK, Je 30 2w 21.1 Pearl - street. t LARKT. 40 dozen very superkiur Claret, I for sale at $18 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, No. 1 float - lane. je 30 tf 1 1 OB ACCO CO I 1 0.V 65 lillds. prime X Kei Keutucky Tobacco, and 41 bales Aew - t)rlenn Cotton. Landing and for sale by STEVENS K MAC TIER, Je 30 7t 157 South street LEMONS. JUST received. 4i box - (resh Sicily Lemons, in lots to suit purchasers, by JeSl J. r. A.XUOK, ?i. 7 I'arK. S I ABLE, .V.c. WANTF.D to rent in any street between or coutiguonslo tiie Citv Hall or City Hotel, a stable, or par', of one, with room lor a gig. A line addiwedlo X. Y. Z. at thisolTlce will meet with immediate attention. Jc 20 lw" VIAXO - rXRTtS ii HARP. nnWO vefy haudsnme TIANOS aod an cle - JL gant PEIJAb H A R r, all of hrst rate wor::manship, and will be solJ very low Apply at No. 4J soulh - strcet. Jone'J7 lw OHN THOMSON ; tON, No. t Burling - Slin. have received bv the Coarier. and lue late urnil sroia London and Liverool, ti c following Goods, which ihey olir ior sale on the lowest terms, vil : Wood's Imperial ClotK, si - ! end double milled C'wsimeres. Ladies' luperene Cloths, well calculated lor,etitleirH;ii,s mmtjier Coats: York - shire fine and supfrtiue Ckiths n1 C3lner Olive Cofi Cords Velyete!n Rhodes' Hom - biizets, white and colcred Patent Thread Wise, Ravens grey, aod cloth colored Sewins Hlk, hi k hiuc and cloth colored Scarf Twist, adk Ftrsits aorted colors all tithe belt q - iblny. JeSdlw I roufirn ofjul r - s.i.xm - - ::Gr)K. CCF1 CaptMoore, of the eain4ioat OLIVE - BRANCH, beg leave to info; in the citizens of New .York, that be will proceed to &andy. Hook on the 4th inst. The boat will leave the wharf precisely at 12 o'clock, and will be am ply provided with liquor and provision of Hie best kind and a superabundance at ice. Ehis is a beautiful sail, and the sea' bathing equul to any whatever. As, however, it is material this hot weather to know the number going, that he may furnish hi table acco ding - ly, he particularly request those persons who intend partaking ol ihis pleasant excursion, to (rive in their names the dav nreceedinsr. at the union Erne Meam Boat Ufrice, north side ol the Battery. Passage to the Hoek, 50 cent the same for returning. Dinner, 75 cent. jy 1 4t SAAUi.HOOlC. iy The steam - boat OH V'E - U RANCH, will sail on Sunday th5:h inst. and every Sunday, precisely at II o'clock lor iandy - Huok she will arrive thereabout half past 12, and will leave it at half pad 4, so as to return to the city at 7. Pasuers will be accommodated by Mr. Schcnek, who keeps an excellent taviru adjoining the light house. inner will also be provided on board for those who desire it. The beach affords excellent sea bathing, in every respect equal to Roekuway. Passage to the Hook 50 cents the samo for returuin;. N. B. Persons wishing to go, will, if conveni nut, give in their names :ho day preceding, at the Philadelphia Union Line Coach and Sieaoi - Doai Uihce, north aide of the Buttery. j 1 til J O I A T, And iiosseseion aiven immediatelv. a coinuiodious - House, hl.tlile nnd Out - llousei, with n lino cultivated Garden, Fruit Trees, biirunucrv, tie. uikI 0 isture erouml enough lor d horse and cow. (1 1 pleasantly situated un the hank ol (he Nortti Uivi - r, nut qu,te two miles Irom the City Hall. The rent will tie inolcmte. For particular.', eniUirb at - ID Water - strcei iy 1 lw NEW WORK UY in.'Gt... ri WILLY ti CO. .No. 3 W'ail - strret. have KJ. put to preKs, and will pub ih in a lew days the Lrowioe of Liodfla ck, the Wool - gatherer, and the Hunt of Eihluii, hy James Hogg, author of Queen's Wak - J 1 It' FOR SALE. A' LOT of 'round on iiroadivay, between Wfi:r Het Mid Canal - 1 '.reet 1!(J feel 10 inches wide and I7j feel long, laooir of P. A JAY, Jy 1 tf N ). 37 Pine - street. Mtl.l I All GAROEN liKOOKLVN. 1 AILI.IA.M CA11LHLE, has the phasurr V t ol informing hie friends in New - York and i!s vicinii v, thr.thehas made considerable improvements for the hi tler nrren n od.itiun ol lhoL' who lire dispoicd lo visit Ibis delightliil sloI ; Ins bar will ulwaishe suiinliud with le - teslimenls ol the very iju.ility. W'.C. Flutters hiuut If from (he uttenliun paid to ids patrons lor their gratili' ution nnd ph . mine iney iviiicoiisiuer 11 u uiosi pn asing nnuiigreea' hie ret lent during the Summer months. N. U. A lew liiiitUiiun can he co'nfortablv aeri.iniiiod iled with lloatd, oed Merchants whose bu'iui ss obli - ts tin rn to dine in N. Y'oik ran have breakfast u:id fuper vith lodi;iiigr, on moderate term:. J 1 31 WM. CARLISLE MANLEVTLl.E, or, 1 he Lasl Voids ol a M:.niar, vol.3, a tale ol the 17lh centu ry iu England, written by him - tlf. 1 Jii - l received and lor sale at the Minerva Circulating Library and Boole nnd Stationary Store, No. 2G5 liroauwav. opposite tha Museum. Jy 1 HUi 6 IV.HXJfAi. TWO boys about 17 years of ago are wanted bs apprentices to lb printing; business - Apply to D. FANS11AW, No. CO Stoat - lane'.1 N. B. Boys from the country will be preferred. A super roval press for sale nl the atoveofTce, Jy 1 St FOR HALE. I SMALL Drown Horse, of the Canadian 1 1 fm cd, n natural pneer or rnrfcer, nnd an excellent horse lor on invalid, very fat, and tasilv kept For fur'her particulars apply to Mr. IK) tV EN, nt his Livery Stable in Anthony - reet, near IJroarlwsy. Je tfli II TO MXIt CJIAXJS, TRADERS, J3RO - KEItS, Vc. SITUATION wanted by a young man who has a general knowledge of business, and who has been for several years in places of trust, and is at present in a lawyer's office in tiiis city, but prcl'ering nny other line of business to his present situation, would accept a situation in any of the above lines, or in any other place where a permanent employment would offer. The most respectable' references nnd certificates of bis crmduct nnd ubili ies can b bad would have no" objection to engage for two years or more. A place in this city would be preferred, but if such should not oder, would go to any part of the country. A line addressed to H. at the oliiccol Ibis paper, will be attended to. ie 30 4l COOA' IVAA'JLJ). X'XT ANTED n v.oman, who can lie well re v connriended. to do the cookine. waihinsr and ironing ot a small linnily apply a' 4s walk er Mreet. Je 10 3t t Lbl - IO CI 11.11 1. rr,HE public are respectfully informed that 1 HENRY I. MEl! ARKY. 50 .Wall - street. has just received an assortment of elcgnnt pen - knives, coiitniiiinefrom I 'o'M blades, whirh in addition to his lorruer stock will present f lie greatest v.itlety of fine pen - knives to he (oiindin this rounliy. Pocket Books of every sir?, fashion and quality, Irom '.'5 cents to 7 dollars, together W1U1 a very extensive assortment "f stationary. ALSO the Marattar Vtl for the hair, which in this country, sulijectasit is to so many extremes and vicissitudes of chmve. will be found ol positive n - e in all tlKe rases enumerated iu the bills which accompany each bottle. Jeutl : JjAWDt.E HORSE. TOR sale an tlrgant Saddle lloise. Enquire 1' ntllEIK HONS stable, in Beekuian - slrcet il lw FOR SALE, DARK Gray FO.VEY, live year.ld this Z v tall, sound and Itmd Hi Imrness. AE0, a ood second h.vidi ilCoAcnF.K, in good order le lieht ; Also n goo. I (iio nnd HAnrxsS ; all lo be sold cliaifor ch. r.r quire ot Charles II. uel' lows. 24 1 - oniTd - sfrret. Je S6 l - .r VFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall street gentle - . nu n') dressing room, his lor sale a lew Ks - sors ol Damask bleel, made by the celebrated f arL - uin. of Paris. He has also received an as - loiioienl of the best Etiebth Razor, which he vruirauts tood. - II iroveU to the contrary, mo ru - v reiunilcd. Mr. FRU.MENTO returns his sincere thanks to bis customer, and the pdlic in general, for Iheirvcry liner al p. - nronagc, and a con tinuance bf tbeir lavours. He bs likewise uroenred a very fine hone, and enrages to restore razors to a very ke - n edge. and siiovld tuey not cut well he will receive 00 rtcoiopence. v Gentlemen wba ubscrih h tlie owarter. wil have (beir rppfcrats kept cxclunrc j lor Uhib teives. jt j I'UHLIC SALES ' CY M. DITMLS. Tue'rfuy. " AtMcm. Kirk 4: Meiceins room. SO Wall - street, pac kages China K. fcns'ish cut glas ware, cniHtu - ising as hoice an aoriment at of - fen d for sale m Uns maiket AIo, alabaster or - namuiits, tiur - pieces, looking glasses, pictures etc. rami uiarsnnaay Ot Sale. mu jo loaa: A. F)ELARS to loan, ia sums to TOpUUU suit applicants, on bowl with mortgage upon approvisd property. . Eon. Mire of WiM. W1EL.IAM3, 137 W'aler - sticet. Where application may be Kenerallr made through the year, and mortgages disputed of. je 10 11 .Ol'CE. 0 - This is to forbid all persons trusting th crew or the Portuguese brig boptna, Lopes mas - ter, as no debts ol their coutractiug will be paid by the captain or consignee. Je 24 XT' The Quarterly Meeting ol the Female Union Society lor the promotion of Baht uth Schools, will lie held in the Lecture Room of the Methodist Church 111 John street, on Wednesday, the first of July, The siiperiutcndiiuts and teach ers are requested to lie punctual iu their attendance, at half past H) o'clock, A. M. Ladies, subscribers, or others interested in the insti tution, are respectfully invited to attend, at 11 o'clock. Subscriptions for tlii pieseat year will be tbeu received. Subscribers are earnestly requested (o (end the amount of their subscriptions, in order to save tneeipi - nse 01 employing a collector. Je L. JiiHfrfrON, Becretary. CINCkN.NA'IL 07 - The Annual meeting cfliie New - York taie Society ol the Cincinnati, will lie held at - (he City Hu!l,onthe4tudsy of July next at IS o'cloi k preeisily, when the officers for the ensu ing year, will be elected and lue ordinary business 01 the Society transacted. The Society will dine no that day at Washington Hall, precisely at 4 o'clock, P. M. Mem - IhtsoI th' lespective stale Societies are respect linjy invited lo ioinin tne celebration nf the dey. By order, " D. E. DUNSCOMB, Sec'ry. Je 11 Ct l'tr - JOHN C. HAMILTON, CoinniisMoni r for tlie acknoH'ledgcnient of Ireds, 4c. has removed to the nrbce, corner of Cedar and Nassau streets. Law Ihuidinfs.; No 1 Je 29 lm OCT" The Concluding examination of (lie students of Columbia College, will commence, with that of the senior class, on 'Tuesday, July 7, at 9 o'clock, A. M. The attendance ol the graduates and ol the trustees ol the College, of the Rev. Clergy of the city, and ol the partuts and guardians of the stud' - nts. is respectfully requested. WM. H ARRIS, Pres. Col. Coll. Columbia College, June SO, 1818. JeS07t NO f ICE. All persons having claims, ngainst the estate of John Linen, deceased, are desired to present tbeiu for settlement lo the subscriber, and those indebted to said estate are requested to make p ijimiit, to hiiu without delay. JAWES ATKKIDE, Je 20 lm Acting Executor. t'RlXTEJiS C f Are resprclfully informed, that a rcsithr is kept at the PUINTKRS' WARE - HOUSE. 32 llurling - .dlp whero the names of tuch men as want employment, and those who wish to ob - ' tain workmen, will bo entered ; and any information gratuitously given to the profession on that niiecl. J30 One Thousand Dollar 1'nic. (Ky No. 73JK. being the first drawn number yesterday, the 13th duy ol drawing in the Mil - ford it Owego Road Lottery, was entitled to the prize of one thousand dollars. It was sold in snares ol licKels Uy . & K WAITE, Maiden - lane, wnere me loriunate holders may receive the cash fur it immediately on application. Je SO Cti Nt) 1 1CK. is hereby given to the Stock - holders of the Flutktng a A'ewtown Turnpike, Bridge mid Bead Company, that the stttraat Election for Director to manage the concerns of said Company, for the ensuing year, will be held at STRICKLAND' Hotel, in Flushinr, 011 Tuesday the 7th of July next, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. 15 v order cf the Board of Director. WM. PRINCE, Pres't Flushing, June 23th, 1818 jeSO lw il - " II tttern hunk .vtf.t hiM (Sole ol the banks this tide of Albany will l's purchased at a small discount at ALLKNS' Lottery and Ex change nlficr, No. 122 Broadway, opposite, the Citv Hotel. Wanted, Charleston, Georgia and North - Ca rolina large notes. . Julyl DAClW r A.N 1 ED, asiiuutionajrotemetinapri - VV vate family, bv a Youne Lady, who bat alrendy bad stveial years experience in that line. Inquire at No. 4110 Broadway. Je 30 Iw GREAT i:UR10SlTY. MAMMO'l'H HOG. 'MIHS aniraslii one ol the most extraordinary L productions of nature, and hat been brought herefrom Ireland, at a very considerable expense. He is 4 feet 6 inches high 1 length of hi body 9 feet 6 inches ; girth 7 feet 10, and weigh about 1500 pounds; a most unprecedented weight for any nf the species. A further description i unnecessary. Every person of cariosity will be well satisfied Willi u,e view. Tbi wonderful animal will be exhibited for a few days at No. 92 Maiden Lane, when be will lie taken to the country. Price (or grown persons, $5 cents, children half price. Je 27 d&clw FOURTH WARD. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the As - . scssqr of the fourth ward bare completed their, and that a copy thereof is left with Lewi Hartmao, at No. 43 Pearl street, where the same may be seen and examined by any of the inhabitant durini ten days, from Ibis day, and that tlie assessors will meet on Friday, July ilth, at the storent E. llartman, to review their said assessments, oatlia application of any person conceiving hiniM If aggrieved. LEWIS HARTMAN,J Assessors of the PETER BONNETT, J fourth wnl. New York, June S9th. 1B1U. Je t9 lUt SEVENTH WARD. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that tlie Assessor of the seventh ward hove completed their assessments, and that a copy thereof 1 left with David Lyon, at No. 64 Market treet, where the same' may be seen and examined by any of the inhabitants during ten days, from ten Mlr - a. M. lo three P. 11. and that tlie As sessors will meet on Friday, the tenth day of July, at the house of the aid David Lyon, to review n,.ir uid astctimeiits. on the sipphculioii of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. l.'4ll' 1. 1 o,,, r nnciimiutuii I ui JAMESON COX, V ward. . Nfw VorK. g.lth June, Hi 13. Jeg3 14t ' "nTTX I' MONTH - ' ON the 4th day of next month August) the mint snlpndid I fitter v ever anlhorited by the state of New York, will certainly commence drawing. .... - ... medic at. icixacB loTtr.ay, no. a. r reseat price of Ticket $it. Highest Prizea. - 1 prize of J100.0W), I 1 prize of $50,00, 1 do 20 OUi, I I do 10,000, 1 - do 5.000, do SJJOO, ' ' And 45 of 1.CO0. - Ticket and Shares in a variety of numbers, for sale at - . - BENJAMIN CRAKE'S. 1 P.Mkalnr Kn.l lrftenr Odic. No. 85 Cherry, cerrrof James - streefand head .' onvew - snp. ' . Where live Jdhishest priw. 10,000 dolls, in the 4th das was solJ in goarters, ad PPy P1And where v blanks in the Owego Road Lot - ttry, now drawin - . have tr "i tTT ' BOOK?: STATION ART. A geBl auxtnuntol B.s and , ntiVao wrofi - PPer, playing card, kc. " lAle aad reUil, iuk! at Utt loest pnu JlsJt I ' ' ) !l i ,1 ft . - h i(K . : I : it - til ... , I 'Vi '.' .' y m ' V, I Ml ' J. I i: 'x 4,! U i

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