The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 15, 1943 ツキ Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1943
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

TRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 1943 \Ejnbattled テつ」 ^FVMfc *Y / f)Bt?U43 faoi 'frmin ^^*^""* i^-j MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CHAPTER FORTY-THREE JUST AS Choppo said the word テつキjewelry" Eugenia hit him. Not just a slap, as a girl usually attacks someone. She hit him roughly, with her fist, a blow that knocked him to floor. That was her mistake. She knew it when she saw Rusty's eyes, cold sapphire blue in his grayish-ruddy face. They were like Judgment Day H- "\Vhere I come from," yelled Choppo, "you'd pay for that, you crooked tomato. But I'm getting high hat and stuffed shirt. Abby says you don't hit dames. Worse luck! But I'll bet if she was here she'd change her mind. She don't like you anyway." The youngster's breath, puffing in and out his nostrils, sounded like a toy engine running rapidly. He remained on the floor as it it had been his idea, as if he preferred to sit exactly where he was sitting and in no other spot. Eugenia did not look toward him. "Are you going to let that impudent child talk like that to me?" she demanded of the recumbent man. "Why is he saying those insulting things?" Choppo yelled again, "If that hat fits, wear it!" For one horrible instant there was total silence. Then Restwick Carnes' weary grimacing smile reached Choppo. "SHOE, Choppo.'' His correction brought 'a sigh of relief from the child that completely flattened his already flat chest. He rolled backward and lay on the floor. Eugenia's eyes.still were fixed on those of her sweetheart. Those eyes that remained their icy sapphire blue. They held her fate. She knew. And it was not good. We must change it. She wet her lips and began to speak. "Rusty--" She wet her lips a second time. "Rusty, dear, could we be alone?" "Shame!" barked the little boy. "Why you were howlin' about even comin" to a man's room and now you want me to get out. No, . Miss Tarzan-Dame. No! I'm Rusty's bodyguard and he sure as heck needs one." "Then let's talk about it tomorrow," pleaded the girl "Let's wait until we're calm." The man tightened his eyes wearily. "Please, Eugenia--" "But you're tired, dear. You're fired and sick. You're sleepy." The eyes snapped open. "On the :ontrary, I'm wide awake, awake tor the first time concerning you." He halted her as she leaned over, trying to get close to him. "Eugenia, draw upon your intelligence! Don't try to make love to me. Spare me that. And don't talk." The girl straightened. "All I want," specified Rusty, "are the answers to some questions. Otherwise, Eugenia, keep quiet!}' Gone was the girl's furious attitude toward Choppo and the man she hoped to marry. She bowed her head in what she prayed would appear a picture of appealing docility. Misunderstood innocence. Oh, surely it would look like that. She was working hard enough. "What are the questions, Rusty?" "Did you go from your lanai to ours?" "Sure she did," shouted Choppo. "I saw her." Eugenia's good-natured laugh came as a surprise. "Yes, Rusty-but what a ridiculous question. I'll ease your worries. I had no vile purpose in mind. I did it strictly for a lark--a bet." "A $15,000 bet?" Restwick Carnes looked away from the gir' while he talked directly to her "I'd hardly consider you and my wife on such terms that anything could be considered a lark." Fear had quickened the girl's heart when he mentioned the $15,000. Another thing troubles her. Rusty usually called his wife Paige, instead of "my wife." Eugenia decided to turn back to indignation. "I agree. I'd scarcely be on such close terms with a girl who hac murdered a man, some girl who had been dragged through the courts--" "And FREED! As I told you last night. No, Eugenia, it was no gesture of giggling girlhood. Phooey Besides," he said, wrinkling his forehead, "wasn't Paige sitting down on the beach with me tha day?" "If she was," shot out Eugenia "then how did Choppo see her with me?" This is ail getting pretty silly, Rusty." "Good heavens," despaired Rusty. "I can't even think." Doub ashed across his face. But Choppo dissolved it immediately. "Paige came up later and caught Eugenia in her room." Again the girl attempted to luster her way out of the pre- icament. "If you're going to ake the word of a street ur- hin--" Her sneer deepened, "and murderess and Bootlegger Sal efore my own, go ahead!" She tood beside the bed, shaking be- ause she found herself wanting hit everyone, including her- elf and because she was finding t so difficult to do it. She glared down at the exhausted man. "You'd better go, Eugenia. And ilease don't ever come back!" Mastering her fear and anguish iver the treachery being done ler, the girl sank into a chair. Husty--" Her voice was soft igain, in tones like his conserva- qry teachers had tried to make lira produce when he played Cholin's "Aeolian Harp Etude." "Rusy, it seems you are angry with ne because of something very un- rriportant. I'm sorry I struck Dhoppo, but otherwise I've done nothing. And that was nerves, 've had such a dreadful day." The child's interruption was ackadaisical. "Tell Rusty about he dagger from the Mexican lail." Eugenia North's back stiffened. 'Choppo, dear, I don't know what ?ou are talking about," she Claimed. Despite her avowal, she did not look at him. Restwick Carnes inserted quick- y, "You do have a spoon dagger." "I have a spoon paper knife," the girl corrected. "A desk ornament." SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK By RJ. SCOTT 8E1WEEH ZOO AMP 300 YEARS DEVELOPS MORi. POWER. -ItfAM ANY .'ffc.SAテつ」M MISSION WrtEM -5lA.lUlK(; WP-'J*テつォ EHCOUHMIB-fO PLAY ^A.MES,WI-rテつォEY CA-H SMoKtArtD MAjKllt NEWS-, PAPERS , iUf-ftlty MAY HOI' MARRy HOB. POSSESS AHY DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Toward the lee 5. Money drawer 9. June bugs 10. Notion H. Bracing 12. Social groups 14. Sphere of action 15. Bin for salt ing fish 16. Exist 17. Chum 19. Each (abbr.) 20. Minutely exact 24. Center 26. To wander 29. Aloft 31. Quadruped 32. Glass tubes 34. Cuts off 35. Railroad car 37. Behold 39. Beam 40. Music note 42. Seaport of Prussia 45. Valued 48. Composer of "Aida" 49. Went astray TO. Talk irrationally 51. Close to 52. Oscillate 53. Catch sight of DOWN 1. Worship 2. Solitary 3. Ireland 4. Elude 5. Delicate 6. Not \vorking 7. Spare 8. Weapon 11. Flap 13. Silk fabric 18. High card 20. Supports 21. Carouse 22. Neckpiece 23. Mistake 24. Head covering 25. Fetish 27. Beast of burden 28. Affirmative reply 30. Immortality 3 3. Body of water 36. Stone of drupelet 37. Leviticus (abbr.) 38. Hebrew measures 40. Wary 41. Sum up 43. Haul 44. Feminine name a aoana sacan an mn nnta tanraa anra ana DI3Htl QDH Q0 on Qtano QDQ g onaas tatasa BOHS annna BBC3QQ aHSBQ SQQQ QQQQ Yesterday's Anivrer 46. God of war 47. Snare 8 I-IS CRTPTOQIIOTE--A cryptogam qootaUow L G P R R G C D T P H R C R C A D J J Q D J Q N H A S R G A M O G R W C K C W Q ! -- T A T Q . Yesterday'* Cryptoquote: LIGHT TROUBLES SPEAK; 1M- MENSE TROUBLES ARE SILENT--SENECA "Desk, phooey! "snorted the lit- ; .le boy. "You were going to use t to gouge Paige with if she squealed on you. That's what you were going to do with it," he condemned. Eugenia made little sad gestures with both hands and shook her riead. "Rusty, it's too fantastic. Really, you can't believe that." Somehow through her fright- swollen throat she managed that good-natured little laugh of hers, those silvery tones of innocence. For the first time, she turned to the boy and really noticed him. "Choppo, don't be like this. I know you love Paige more than you do me, but please--I love Rusty so much'. I want you to learn to like'me." "Why don't you save your breath, Eugeniat" He was wagging his head sadly as if deploring her lack of wisdom. "Don't you even know when the fish is unhooked?" "Quiet, Choppo!" Restwick Carnes 1 command was brittle, but there was something about it that made the child not mind. To the girl he said, "Choppo is right, Eugenia. Your chatter is miles behind the point. It's worse than reading last week's paper. Stop trying to put such guff over on me." "This is too much!" Eugenia was standing now. She was glad there were pockets in her sport frock. Inside them her hands were hidden, as they clenched, striving to control her shivering, real this time, not simulated. "God, oh God," she prayed silently, "help me protect myself. Don't let everything be swept BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN FAW, COUOKEL,--TEKFtf WAS ONLY SPOOFING -rOU ABOUT BEING A CATTLE THIEF/--JUST HIS WAY OF BEING テつキPROU-/-- SURELY, TERKV; ^DLJ JEST IN MISTAKING THE COLONEL FOR. 'LONGHORN LEO" ,- -THERE'S ANOTHER. OUTLAW WHO LOOKS LIKE YOU,--'LARD-NECK LEW,'-- USEDTO KEEP HIS NECK. GREASED, SO THE HANG NOOSE WOULD SLIP MODEST MAIDENS "Why didn't you think of that in the first place?' "STRICTLY PRIVATE" u. i rテつサtot oac* DEAR I DOW KNOW WHY tT IS, SテつォaSE. 80T IT , x \^ SEEMS AU. THE. OWES Rlu. P3R Afc,, A i t i oure/Kxis cAm.Rir i/wnsEm feisy (SPT CATCH TOO way from me by this little puppy rom the Chicago gutter. Give -ie a defense. Don't fail me." ut her head felt like a bowl of elatin. Suddenly, a sparkle ot ope glimmered before her eyes. Restwick Carnes was asking, How do you happen to know all his, Choppo? Where were you vhen you heard Paige and Eu- enia talking?" The redness ot the boy's face acted as a tonic to the blond girl. She could feel blissful relaxation creeping along her spine like the comforting hands of a masseuse. Slowly the youngster began to speak. "Well, you know you fold me not to go into that big extra special suite right at the end ot the hall when you get off the elevator?" Again he colored, more deeply this time. "Rusty, I did. CORCHY SMITH You remember, nobody was in it, but the door was open because some folk had been having a big party in it the night before. And so, when you wouldn't let me go in, I slipped back later and went in anyway." "A sneak!" censured Eugenia. "You should know, sisler!" ground out the boy. "Aw, Rusty, Wn a bad boy, but I'm glad. : saw this tomato straddle the post and go into yours and Paige's lanai and then she picked the lock on the screen doors and then she went inside." His plale-blue eyes sought Rusly's. "You gotla admit that's darn funny. So I got on the ledge and walked over and 1 listened." (To Be Continued) By FRANK ROBBINS MUGGS AND SKEETER BIG SISTER YOU RED EXO.E.' WISH I VAS up-rwRE wmi vou; By WALLY BISHOP IVOO THINK THATS JAM' SEE THE OUE EPFIE'S MADE:: BETH.' I MEAN IT.' SPIES.' I SAW EM BOTH) "PHONE FOR HELP WHILE 1 GET K BREATH: _. GET DAD ON THfr fLL'PHONE! BUT WW6 A MIGHTY WLD TALE. IF YOU'RE MAKING A MONKEY OUT OF Me.YOU'LL PHONE-PF-QUICK! OOMEiAS VrfEU, AS \OLJR CALLTdEPOUCEJ SPIES! SPIES: テつキPFF-PFF- BREATH? WAT SILLY TALK IS THIS? I'M MOT EITHER SCARED-/ WELL/ I'LL BE--/ VOU DID IT/ -- NOW GO AHEAP -SLUG ME' By PAUL ROBINSON .'IF JCANf) irs RICKEY/HE'S JUMPING IM HIS CAI2 ' . HAVE HIM, I MADS SllE? 'iCU'D MOT GST HIM. EiiH-12 RUNNING our ON BRICK BRADFORD By WILLIAM R1TT end CLARENCE GRAY SCOUT ORCA .RtPORTlMG TKOM K OMTHE MRCH BETTER-fHMJ I HW ) fVim-BRICK OAKY DOAKS ETTA KETT ADVENTURES OF PATSY By CHARLES RAAB UH, TATTERS AMD t WERE OMLV TRYIMG TO HELP WITH THE DISHES'. AMSS PATSVS MEW HUMORED DOLLAR CM1MA. DID SOMETHING OM THE STOVE EXPLODE? DICKIE DARE By COULTON WAUGH i ootrr , MKfK! I'LL. 71WV 'KOUNOAtf 1H' TWO

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