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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, July 2, 1818
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jfEw - roRk ErjLvwvo post. THURSDAY, JULY S. Faurth J fsd$. - Great preparation are ma king to celebrate the anniversary of our nation at independence, and much sensibility i exci - ' ted oa the interesting occasion, among all clas ses of our fellow citizens, who are invited, as may be teen by the several advertisements, to partake of every species of amusement The following official letter and order have just been received in town, and are politely handed us for publication. ; XtijoT'Oeneral Xanei, - i bir, iiy lbs direction of the commander in chief, I have the honor to transmit tbe enclosed . order. : ,.. - - l am, very respectfully, . ' Your most obedient servant, , PETER GANSEVOORT, . Aid de camp. STATE OF XEW - YORK. Hisad - Quarters, Albai Ibaoy, 8. $ ' , June 23, 1818, The commander in chief bavins received in telligence. from col. L. Livingston, that the re - mains of gen. Richard Montgomery, have been, agreeably to instructions given to him, conveyed from ths city of Quebec to the village of White - Hall, in this stale ; and being desirous of manifesting all proper retpect for the memory of a dislkruUbed hero, who fell gloriously lighting ; for the liberties of America, has thought proper ; to direct the following arrangements on tins so tcrna occasion : , ' ; The remains of general Montgomery will be conveyed to the city of New - York, and deposited , near the mocumeul erected to his memory in St ; Paul's Church : And in order that this may be a one in the most respect! ul ana honorable man - - ner, the adjutant - general is specially charged with its execution, and will proceed immediately to White - Hall for that purpose. , Brigadier - general. YVesterlo will give orders for suitable escorts af cavalry to attend the remains: The cavalry of Washington, Rensselaer . and Ibany counties, wul perform this service iu ;. - their respective counties. The remains will be received by the militia of the city of Albany with military honors, at the north line of the city, on ths 4th of July, escorted to the capitol and deposited in the council chata - .. Ler under a gnard : Minute guns will be fired . on the entrance ol the procession. . Col. Gansevoort and col. Henry Living - ton, aids of the commander in' chief, will, in conjunc - tiou with col. L. Livingston, proceed on the Clh of July, from the city of Albany, with the remains, to the city of Now - York, aud cause tliom ' to be conveyed to the governor's mom, in the City - fiall ; and on Wednesday the 6th of Jyiy, the funeral solemnities will take place, under ihe direction of the Society of the Cincinnati, who will select officers of the revolutionary army to bear the pall. - .. ' . .Major - general Morton will direct the military . arrangements in the city of New - York. The commissary - general and the commissary of the division of artillery will see to the uecessa - ry wues of ammunition. The municipal authorities of Iho cities f New - York, Albany, and Troy, are respectfully invited to co - operate : And the commander in chief takes pie - aura in the persuasiou, that nil his fellow - citizens will unite with alacrity and cheerfulness, in these solemn demonstrations of respect. lu rendering due honor to illustrious heroes and iwi. w not only reward distinguished merit, but excite to new achievements of pat ri - olism and glory ; and an enlightened ami public - spirited people, under the guidance of justice and policy, will never withhold their cordial co - operation. Ey orJer of ths commander in chief. SOL. VANXRE3SELAER, " Adjutaut - Gcneral. Police regulations I have received, for several days past, a number of leltcrsbn this subject, and have promised to dispose of them this evening. I proceed to fulfil my promise, and I take them up as they lie. . . The first that presents itself is signed Martha Wheclrigkt. This epistle purports to be front a widow lady, whose family consuls of herself and two maiden sisters, who have seeu better days, bat who have now so little property that they c innot ailbrd to keep n servant, but vet by means of their industry, tliev contrive to live comforta bly and make both ends of iho year meet. The loiter then proceeds to inform me that she fears that the repeated complaints cn the prcftnt mode of sweeping the streets, may induce tbe corporation to restore the old method of obliging every one to do their, own sweeping, which she says they should regard as the greatest calamity, in their circumstances, that could befal them Could I, she says, or the ladies who attended the late meeting, have seen h - r and her sLters, after wailing until the nftighbn - . - s bad all retired to bed, talcs up their brooms, and with the aid of the Learth shovel, consume an hour in sweeping the street and cleaning the gutter, iho cannot but think oar compassion would bo touched at the light, so that we could not find it in our hearts to say another word in favor of restoring the old law. Mrs. Wheclright conclu Jcs by reminding me, that though few perhaps live lika her, entirely without servants, yet that a very great number hare only a little girl to assist them, and that a little girl is not alone able to sweep the streets and clean the gutters. Ehe then attempted to answer tbe objections that have been made to the new method, but I have not room (or this. This case of art ha Wheelright and her . maiden sisters is certainly one that deserves the consideration of the generous and humane. It is not a solitary case ; hundreds ire similarly situated and plead Sbrclbly in behalf of the nc w regulation. The next letter is addressed to (he Board of Health, and is from one of the Friend. After quoting that part of the law, which ordains that gtrbageand hall not be cast into I he street vader penr.lty of two dollars, uuless on sweeping day, lie informs me that the people of Spring - street, YimOum - strcwl, Greenwich street near Spring street market, have had but two sire ing day$ these two months, and which, not being cxpeclt J, they were not prepared for. ,The coo - eequeM es c.f such a state of things are described . with alt that genuine eloquence which a full heart never tails to inspire ; but which, for want of room I shall not repeat. The writer thinks it rather a hardship that the inha bitants of this part of the city should bo placed between two fires ; that, if they disregard the Uw they are subject to a penalty of $2, and if I they strictly regard it, Ihey are subject to a greater penalty, that of sickness. He proposes that tbe city should be divided into six or e:;Ut 5th 3d ing c doe (hat The the not On the that only dirt ings tion tiou and the an a hold no on Post the ence We to and 3 to this cora the to !t by to ni a is districts and a sweep master appointed to each, who should divide each, of the great districts into three sections ; sec 1st to be swept on 2d and days j sec. td on 3d and 6th days, and sec, oa 4iU aud 7ih days of the week : by which method all our streets would be cleaned twice a week. This correspondent has serious cause for com plaint against tbe new regulation, imperfectly executed as it is, at present. I believe it is a - greed on every side that once a week for sweep and cleaning the streets is by no means tuffi tent and will not satisfy the citixens who have a regard to health or comfort. The plan here proposed appears feasible and if no better pre' sents itself ought to be adopted. The last I havo time now to notice is a com' mumcauon signed " A Cwaen." written in a female hand, and complaiuing in a bitter tone, Cedar - street has uol been blessed with the tight of a bell - cart this week ; and that offals have been collecting there since Friday last. writer threateus if such neglect is continued, law shall be resorted to. The truth of the whole matter, is that much dis satisfaction prevails throughout the city, both with former and present regulations, ami it is quite easy to decide which mode is preferable the best view I can take, I am inclined to opiuioo, that tbe present mode should be still continued, at least, for further experience, and the old method should also be observed by every family that can make it conveuieut. The difficulty attending this is, that, at present, - carts are not provided to lake o!F the sweep - twice a week, as formerly ; but an arrange' ment can easily be made between the corpora and the contractor for theui, if the corpora think well of the plan. Joseph L. Pluymart, one of the villians who robbed the Pittsburgh bank, broke jail a se cond time at Ogde - . - .iburgh on the 13th ult. made his escape, though guarded during night, by two trusty persons, and liand - cufi'ed and chained down to the floor of his prison. The sheriff or St. Laurence has offered a reward of $50 lor his apprehension. A Hto toureeqf jcllow - ferer. The Columbi ol' last evening mentions to the proper authorities, that the furrier shops iu .Vaideulane emit every summer's day a cau - 'cous effluvia. What capital discovery for tliose physicians who still the doctrine of domestic origin ? Tin y will longer be driveu to find marii miasma in our paved streets. Such merchants as are desirous of hiving the clearance of their ships published in this ptpt - r, the day they intend cleariug them at the custom haute, will please give notice of it in writing at this ollice, before 1 o'clock P. M. that being the hour at which this paper goes to press. The gentleman who smt us a note through tlie Office, insinuating that we purposely omit clearances of his ships on account of differ iu political sentiment, does us injustice. send every day to the Custom House, a tittle before 1 o'clock, tor the clearances of (lie day up Uiat hour ; nor can we wait any longer. But IheCurlom House is kept open until 3 o'clock. all the clearances which are made from 1 to do not get admission into our paper (he came day (hey arc cleared. In order to prevent mistake, wc are requested state (hat Mr. Busby's Lecture will take place evening, at 8 o'clock, at Mr GriieunCs Aca - deny, in Green street, Maiden Lune. Mr. Gris - being at prercutiii London, Mr. B. has been unable to obtain the use of the lecture room in Ntw Y'oik institution. Theatre. The theatre is to be opened on Sa turday evening, ine4inoi Juiy, witninc tragedy of Hunker Hill, and other entertainment expressed iu the bills, which will appear to - morrow ; they having been received at too laic an hour for to - day's paper. COMMUNICATION. Wc observe, that the public is to bo gratified, - morrow evening, ty the rc - appcaraucc ol .Ur. Uuny, n a'corwcrl cot tip Ijr his licneiit is so lou tiucc tiiis geiuUiuan has appeared as a ringer, thai his talents would have been nearly forsrotten. had it not been for his well - known " Mirth and son?," which so fre qucntly enliven the private circle. U appears, that Sr. Duffy, dctcrmiiiod' t:ot to be outdone any preceding concert of this seisou, Liteuds produce such an assemblage of excellent performers, that the utmost hope of the audience jit be plea. - ii.giy reihzed. This, we presume, wulbe the UA coiKcil till nficr the warm weather. We tin'.trcly wWi thita respectable audience mar encourage Mr. .Juffy to join, with full heart, in his favorite duet of" AU well." Xtie - Ybik Jitdicial JlrrOiihry We understand that the yirosprclw uf a vork uu h r th.i title, will stiorlly te K - .wi in tiii ci'.y. The woi k to coaipriie reaorta of all c.ics in the se - siria and mayor's court i of in'.crctt uud importance, and cases iu the sitliigs notes of dcri - ion m the preme court !ud U. S. courUhelJ in the ity hall, aod occasionally of cusi;s iu other couit, Americau and dm in. From the knowledge wr have - of tho cnli - mau cngigcil, and some rwcut hilars ol liiitil'a similar rjiniai trr, wc thinK that the public vrli he gratified with a competent measure of ability. ct.iDii'itin. REMARK. Such a work aud such a reporter has Ion been wanted. We wish him success. Extract of a letter, dated " Buenos Ayres, April 23, 1813. " Tlie L'de actions in Chiii have rcul!cd in the total drfu - it of the royalists ; their general and a few men only having esc apoJ. 1 ne lirsi action took idaco on the night of the 19th M irch, w heu ths advanced guard of tho patriots were put to tlie route - On the 23d following, a general ac - tioo took place, and ended at nmc o'clock at nitit, in the dispersion of the patriotic forces. with tlie loss of 3,500 kdlou, woumiea ana - pn - soners. " Letters were received in town from general San Marti:, O'Higgins and Belcacar, Uatnd on the 26th, niakiog kuowii to the govtruaifut their positions, bet uut knawiog where each other were. Tins news prodjreil much eonitematioa here, aad in all probabdiy hs - l the Spanish general followed ap this advantage, Chili would nave bcea his ; but it appear he suffered the patriots u rally, and oa the 5th April, the last action was foug' it, whicat was very bloody, and ended in the toUl annihiUtLn ol the reyahsli in that province. Immediately afier tbe actioa. iiu Martin dhpvched an order (o Men loll for tbe execulioa of the two Cattaras, f brothers te tne genet!,) aha had btca prisoners far many a months. , This Infamous proceeding, at a time when there could exist no possible necessity for such an outrage, has excited much sensation here. - ' ' "Of about two thousand fire hundred mm sent against Artigas, at various times, 'few have returned to tell tbe news, be having destroyed them all as fast as they landed on the opposite shore. Tbe inhabitants are by no means la a state to enjoy rational liberty; although It is termed a reoublic everv thine is under the di rection of priests, sod executed at the point of tbe bayonet. VI twenty - two memocrs composing the congress, trdy eighteen are priests. The supreme director lives in the fort, and never moves without an escort of fifteen or twenty mounted dragoons. It is my impression, that iu the event of Old Spain acknowledin? the mde - puudence of this country, th - re will be more blood spilt in internal distentions, than has already flowed in their opposiliou to the mother country." ST. STEPHENS. June3. By the rolitenesi, of Dr. Bronaugh, one of . . . . , ... - I i . gen. jackson's.sian, wiu reacneu uuspiace uui evening, wc are enabled to lay before our rea ders the following general order. The laws of the United States are iu full force at Pensacola, a custom - house established, and capt. Gadsden appointed collecton. Head quart r.ri d,riiion of the toulh. Adjutant - general's olfice, 1 Baraucas, May 29, 1318. Fellow - soldiers ! You were called into the field to punish savages and urgroes, who had in a sanguinary manner, used the toiinnsliawk ami scalping knife, upon our helpless citizens on the frontier. ' You have pursued them to Mikiuky, t. Marks, S. waney, and lately to this place, through an unexplored wilderness, encountering immense difficulties aud privations, which you met, with the spiritof American soldiers, without a murmur. Your general anticipated a close ol the catupaigu on his return to Fort Gadsden; and hailed the hour with feelings of gratitude to heaven, at the prospect of relioviag you - from your labors, by placuig you in quarters and returning you to your homes. Cut how great was the disappointment, when lie heard of the recent murders committed ou the Alabama, by n party of the enemy from I'cnsacoia, whero they were furnished with provisions nad ammunition by a friendly power. Under this state of things, you were marched here encountering d.laculties which you alone can properly appreciate me t tins on the way tho protest of the governor of Wcot - Horida, threatening to employ force if wc U:il not immediately evacuate tho country. This new and unexpected cnciny was soon taught to feel the impotence of his threats. You enter ed Pensacola without opposition, and the strong fortress of the Barancas could held out but one day ?.;aiust your determined courage. Your penerul cannot litlp admiring ths spirit and mili tary zeal manifested, when it was signified, that resort to stormini; would be uecessarv. nu.l would do in justice to his own feelings did ho not particularly notice tho judgment displayed by his ai 1 - de - cunip, rapt, fiad. - den, of engineers, in the selection of the positions lor the batteries, aud the gallantry of his second aid, captain Call, and capt. Young, of the topographical engineers, in aid in? hint to erect the wmL.', under the (ire of heavy batteries, within .100 yards ; as well as Urn skill ami gallantry ol captain I'etcrs, lieul. M niton and speuccr, iu the direction and iuau - grmcnt ol the nmc pounder, and that of heuts. audi and Station, charged with the manage ment of the howitzer. Capt. M'Keever of the navy, merits, as he has on several occasions, my warmest thanks. tor his zealous co - operation and activity in lunmng iwo oi si is guns glioma an additional battering tram have been necessary) and gallantly tillering to luy his vessel before the wa ter battery, m The event fit storming the upper Works; hia officers and c.c.v deserve his confidence. The Ccneral assigns to Col. King the com maud of I'ensucola ami its dependencies and that part of tlic 7th department lying west of the Appalachicola ami C'hattahoochte rivers until otherwise ordered by General Caines The Colonel will take measures to have the volunteers now at I'eim. - icola relieved, prepare - tei - y to their retorn march. The Tennessee volunt - ers will be rationed for five days kixI will forthwith move for Fort Montgomery, where they will receive further orders. The General, in taking leave of cnl. Kintf and his command, tenders to thr officers ami soldiers an aliectioiute foe well. By orunr, UOHF.RT HLTLEIt, Adjutant - General. Fremlhf Philatk'plua Freeman lUnrnal, J u'.y 1. . 7 Vie Sen Serpmit. Some lime since, when the wonderful accounts of this great monster was going the rounds in the newspapers, one of the Malingers went one dav on a visit to the " Pennsylvania Hospital, and on bcimr ciues tiuncd by a lunatic, who was a seafaring man, as to the news ol tlie day, the Manager replied, noOii.ig very important except the accounts of the great iei Snake, which lias lately appeared to the eastward." 1 have heard of" that, replied the ' Insane,' but it is nothing very extraordinary, as 1 was once myself a witness "f a sight of thet.e monsters, on our voyage near the coast of South America. As we were one day sailing ainn",', a large monster of a Ser pent came out oi the sea on board our ship, and immediately cli.iibed the mainmast, terrify ing us all so imri that wcail ran below', - directly afterwards, another of the same species, with his head out of water in lL';e manner,' came on board and went up the foi - cma .t ; and aticmards another one came and twined him - - elf around the mizenmast. Here we were fixed with three of them on board at one lime. They rciclird, each of them, from the top of each t'.p - g:dlaiit mast . the deck. , - Ker wine tune we rtcovered of our panic, and went to work with our axes and other wcaponi, and as they remained quiet, we cut them all up gra dually into pieces ai.d threw tl. cm into the sea, to our ito small comfort and j'v. F rtnn the Httllutrdl AtU ertittr. inn or - i or.m - i - .jii Ji'i.ii.y. I ne following account ol liiu S iM - rrw - ni, While it iE.I Skill' Eft T Af! A IX. lolly confirms lorm r sLitene nil . - . to his raor mc.u'sz, gives, a morejn! idea of his mon?trou powers thaa aiiy which has prcrtiKd it. llow vast (mist be the bixis u lerrv r.t t.,.it v. - h. n Irttc in the water cjld easily, and for a leneih of time, Eiij.port n arhtty fwt i its leugtii in an erect posiuon at;ove ti.e s - anace ! and hov woiid - crfu" bis tniig:h who could ait .ck and beat tiie wl. - .ilein mere cp irt! Is not this th Leviatlian indeed? Captain West is a tuin wosl known to us and the correctness and veracity of hi statement will uut he double J by anyone who knows him. I, Shtihacl West, of HalloKll in (!ie county of Keimcbeck, master o the pack ;t Delia, plying betwteu Kennelieck River and Boston, testify and say, that 1 kit Host on on the morning of Suoddy, the2Utint, end at nbout 6 o'clock, P. f.l. Cai Ann bearing W. S W. about 2 leagues steering a cource N. N. E. saw directly aliead. distaol three ri.'Ois of a mile, an object which 1 have no doubt was the SKA SERPENT to often mentioned hy e.hers, er.gagtd huh a wt.ale that was etaleavouring lo elude the attack. Th: serpent threw op his tail from 13 te 3d tttt i;i a perpendicular direction, striking the whale with (re aieoious blows rapidly repeated, which weiedis - tioctly heard and very load, l"f I or 2 minutes. They (hen both disappeared for several minutes, moving in a W S VV Cirection, wuca they re - ap peared ia shore of as, and about under tlie sun, tbe reflection of which was s? strocg as to prevent our seeing toditlmcUy as before when Vte trritieodons blows were repeated aid as clearly heard as before. They again went down for a short time and again came up (o the surface un - da our larboard quarter, the wbaia appearittf; first and the serpent ta pursuit. - Here eur tw was very (air. - The serpent shot up his tail tbro the water to the height heforcmeutioned, which beheld out of water some time, wavmg it in the air, and at the same time, hile his tail remain - ed in this position, raised his bead rather leisurely 15 or 50 feet, as if taking a view of the surface of the sea. AJter remaining in this situation a short time, he wsain sunk into the water, disap. peared, and was not seen after by any on board. The Serpent's body was larger in my opinion, than the mast of any ship 1 ever saw; his tail appeared very ragged and rough, and was shipped something like an eel's ; and his head like that of the laud Serpent Being well ac quainted with whaling, 1 think the Whale was 1 endeavouring to escape, a he spouted but once at a time on coming to the surface. Tbe Whale's back was distinctly seen, as well as his spouting, and the last time he appeared he went down before the Serpent came up. The above was seen by all on Imard, amounting to 15 or 13 persons, as well as myself, with the exception of one woman. During our view, the combatants had passed a mile or more. The Whale was a hump back, and a pretty large one. &HUBAEL WEST. Kksmbcc ss. JIaUoveU, June 27, IS 13. Then the above named Sudbikl Wist personally appeared before me the subscriber, one of the Justices of the Peace within and for the County of Kennebec, ami make solemn oath that the above statement of facts by him subscribed is just and true. A. MANN. We are inclined to give the most credit to (be last of Ihe two above accounts, for this reason, because it is sworn to. From the National Inielligenetr of June 30. A correspondent iu Alabama, wnting to us on the 4 111 instant, just after hearing of the late affair at Pensacola, mentions that several Indians were taken in tho town, but he had not learnt whethor auy were fou'.l amongst (he Spaniards iu the fort. It was understood that neither tbe governor nor any of the cpanith officers were subjected to persoual restraiut, though the soldiers were ; and the whole were expected to embark for Havana. Gen. Jackson had left Pcu - sacola, ou his return to Tcnucssec. BOSTON, June 30. F.atlport.'c are icfoiuied by a gentleman who lately visited this port, that the commanding officer has for some weiiks past been ready - to deliver the place into the hands oi our government, aud has been waiting with some impa - ticiire for the appearance of an agent authorized to rti ciie it. Tho dh.. - crs despatched from this town to receive possession of it, have probably reached there atiout this time. Wc arc also in formed, that the town has been very much ini proved while it has been in possession ol the Hri tish that a large aud elegant bridge has been built over tlie creek, and an excellent smooth rouJ, four rods wide, has been made from the town to the ferry, a distance of four miles. - Much of the work has beeu performed by the troops. j he weather for two or three days past has been excessively warm. Ihe thermouictf r a 1 o'clock on Sunday stood at yi, and yesterday at At 10 o'clock on Saturday evenioiit stood at 81, and at 10 ou Sunday evening at til and continued at uear tho same Point through the night. Yesterday a laboring man died au - ldrn ly after drinking heartily of cold water. 'I hi event ought to serve as a cautiou to persons x posed to the heat. NEWPORT, June 27. Spanish Prite Brig. At . a speci - ..) lhstrict Court held at Providence on MonJay last, tne Spanish bri BeMoCorunes, prize to the Pu don, was (by consent of tlie claimants) decrc - d to the Spanish Consul ; and tho Brig and C.tru oroereu to ne soiu, ana uic proceetu, :mer pay inz the duties and exrjences. placed in U. 6. In await the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States. Appeals Iwve b"en entered l v tne captors of the on;, to (lie Circuit Cour of the U.S. which meets at PrtmJeccc in Ao veniber next. Naw - LoDix, Ju'y 1. The weather ha been extremely sultry in this place for several days past. On Sunday and Monetae the thermometer of Parcnheit j ranged during tlie day, from 80 to 90 degrees j m the shade ; the hottest w cater experienced for many years. I BALTIMORF, June 25. The tchr Matchless, U:Jph Taylor, matter and owikt, with nor cargo coupling of 500 bagi coffee, 17 seroons indigo, and 1700 Spanish milled dollars, was ran away with from the port of Luguyra, on the 4th of April last, by the mate William Skillicorn, an liuglishman, about 5 f t 6 inches high, spare habit, swarthy complexion, black eyes and hut', and conspicuously marked with the small pox, together with three white seamen, and three negro slaves, the property ol captain Taylor, uamcd Jacob, Baptistc and Gliarly. 1 his is to request th - it tne said vessel may bo detained in any port she arrives at, and information thereof given to Mesrs. Uemi Francois & Co. merchants of St. Thonoa or to Samuel L. D irrel, merchant of An'.ieua. The said schooner is New - York pilot - boat i.uilt, with truni: cabin, uohcaJ, coppered Init - torn, 1 1 1 tons burthen, and registered at Atiiigua, port of Laguyra, 4th April, 131U. The said schooner was formerly a privatt cr out ot New - York, bearing the same name, forc - lopsail schooner, head of her foretop gallant - T.a;t carried awav, a new cable rurchwd h"re ; decks and upper - works iu bad order, flush fore Hnd aP., with a trunk about P5 or 90 feet lone, head of the cabin iu bad order, ml 'in narrow and long, coppered to the beuds, and larboard anchor cud chaiu shipped. City court, Oa Aatunby morning, in Baltimore city court, Archibald M'Knnzie, convicted at th prerc ut term of t!ie murder of his Wife, was brought to the bar and received the awful sentence of death. At the same time w.. placed at the bar, Juno Clarke, a colored woman, too long notorious in this city fr her iufamous course of life, who was convicted a few days since of wilfully and maliciously burning tho house in which she redded, which caustd nbo the destruction of the adjoining house. Fortius crime u r,A'y to dreadful in its consequence in a lo;ulou4 city, and attended iu this instance with ( ircoimtanccs of peculiar atrocitv, Uic court, j Ircviug a discretionary imwer onder the laws of thisvtatc, pronounced on the culurit sentence of death. On pronouncing the above sentences. 'judge Hnce addressed to the prisoners an eloquent a:.J pa'.nclic exhortation, to prepare by sincere re pcotance and humble prayer to the throne ol grace, for the execution of the awful scutence which th! law of the land aud his solemn duty required him to pronoancc, as a punishmeut for the enormous crimes, of which they had been convicted. TROY, Jon 30. t'ivf Englidi Guinea and a half Johanms were excluded nt (he Troy Bookstore on Thursday, by u yuuns; man who says, that he, in company with another person, found them, together with some other pieces, in the bank of Lake Cham - plain at a place where the earth htrl raved off this spring, a few rods from the old Frenrh Fort atCrown Point. The guineas were coined an - dr tlie following reigns, vis: J?mes Sd, 16H3, William 3d, 1699, Queen Anne 1714, Geors 17 il ;the Porturuese coin hears th date of 17S3. Th - whele nuniicr fouod were 0 cuineas and 3 hHlfJoeS - These pieces appear to be p'.rfectly preserved, notwitiiManding they have probably lain ia tlie earth nearly sixty years. CHARLESTON, June 2L The Hon. Hesrv MinDLX - rosr, having d - chr,"d Itintf a caodidale for Congress, at tlie en suing election, we are authorised to anaouace Dastu E. lice ek, as a Candidate From wS,raniA Jlaiw'VYe learn from capt. J urersoiu oi we Aiort. arnveu w". - wcuv, ,ui nothing of any importance, bad occurred since the battle of Varioas, on the S0'.b or 21st of - llay, in which the royalists were victorious, it was impossible for ren. Morales to attempt the re duction of St. Fernandez (the principal post of the patriots) this season, on account ot the rams having commenced on tlie Orouooke, which had overflowed the plaius. Morales had fallen back to Calabora, where it was expected lie would remain. MoriUo was still at Valencia, not having entirely recovered from his wounds. About Uic hist of May, the patriot forces under Bermudr.s made au unsuccessful attack ou Cumana. His loss was reported to have been from 150 to 00 men, and two pieces of artillery. Bolivar, wun from 4000 to 5000 men, (chiefly colored) was at St. Fcroaudce. .On the 17th, - a patriot colonel named Morailes, was led outside the gates, shot, and afterwards suspended from a gallows; 'and two others were shot tho same day, one at L - a - raccas, and the other at Porto Cavello. They were said to have been taken by surprise in a battle fought about (lie first of May, wherein the patriots lost between 5 and 6' 00 men killed and taken prisoners. Morales is said to have been the commandant at Laguira, when the patriots had possesion. Office of the Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia. July 1 noon. A rrived,bntr Savannah Packet, Eldridgc, 42 davs from Lisbon, with specie. Sailed 17th May, with ship llelvetms, Uatiager, lor rut lad. Left, shin Schuylkill. Hidelius, of Philad discharpincr Constitution. Seward, of Norfolk, in quarantine ; Pocahontas, aiKins, oi uo ror N Orleans, unccr , Atlas, Kcmble, do Uo do ; brigs Fanny, Barclay, Philad. in 8 days; Harp, Caldwell, do do j Geo Johnson, Stone, Boston, Morris. Gucnat. New York in 1 day i sen Three iisters. Snow. Boston, 4 ; Ostrich. Coll yer, do 10 i Kliza - Pigot, Waterman, N York, 4, brigs Protection, Allen, and Aurora, iorin, both of Baltimore, in quarantine. Spoke in lat33, sch Monroe, of Hampton, 13 days from Wilmington, NC. lor Martunco. Arrived at the l.uzaretto, schl hree tally s, Uuston, from Havana, bailed 18th June. Below, a brig, supposed to be the Com' merce. fom Ant'irua. ling Jenius, Uunton, hence, at rernamuueo, ml would proceed to St. Salvador. iUlp SiiM - iiiehannah, llush, of this port, at iiisterclam, mi - Charleston. brig Concordia, Uicdnckson, hence, at Ham urg. EFESLVIS POST .VAliLVE LIST. CLLARED. Ship Orris. B. A. Mussy, New - Orleans J. & G. W. Lynch Brig Georgia, Cuiejwurthy, Damn, Geo :rhr. iviiio, 1 c:i3c, Aavanuah Clio, Small, Luhec Charles Weed Charleston Packet, Vail, Charleston Saul Alley . Bright I'lioc hns, Smith, Currituck Sloop Polly V Sylvia, Weeks, Alexamlria AHliiy ED THIS rUllEXOO.Y. F.ritbh brig Sr ipio, Collin, 0 days from St. Johns, N. K. with coal, to Boorman A; Johmlou. iO passtngors. Spoke nothing. Sch tour Sifters, Spurting, 13 days from St. Andrews, with plash - r lo ord;r. Below, ship 1 digraph, from C harleston. A ItHIV kit LAST EI'EA'IA'U, Brig Sto'ighton, Turner, 36 days from Bor deaux, with brandy, dry goods, iVc. to Geo W Lynch, owner, (; & II 11 Moir, Karthatis, Kein - itke & Co. l)e Kham & De I.tsscit, iM'Lea. li P.on:.fle, Boyd fc Stiydatu, Cheriot, Wilkes tc Co. B Dc - ohry, Y Wickelliauscn, P Harmony, Palmer fi Hamilton, A C.irard, J W Maguirc, Guidon S Mtimford, U Black, P k A Bruncll, G Uozut, J P Durand, S V Bouland, J J U - bouixsc, Lag & Thowsnoii, and A Robinson. Five passengers. Left shin Eagle, Spafliinl ; ship Highlander, Davis, for N Orleans - ) ship Concordia, of Hostou i brig Cosmopolite, of N Vorfc . - sch Sally, Fisher, of Charleston ; ship Warrington, Smith, of Richmond, from Rio Janeiro, uncertain ; South - Cardliiia, Easierby, fir Charleston 10th July ; Susannah, (Ute Phelps, who died after the ship jjotherpilot on board) from N York, jtist arrived i brigs Eunice, Wic - derholt, of N York, from and for Havana, 10th June: L M. Pclham, .Schuyler, lor N ork 1st June. Sailed in co. with brig Hannah, for Phi - !a leiphu. The sch Salem, York, of Salem, was to sail for N Orleans in a few days. Sch Alert, Ingcrsrll, 11 days from Lagu'ra, wit'a co flee su,; - ar, cocoa and indigo, to F W Krthau Reinickf k. Co. owners. Sailed on tlie Juiip, aiul left no American vessels. A Spanish brig sailed the same day lor Cadiz ; and a fleet of merchantmen sailed for do. on the lOih, under convov of an armed brig. A Spanish government brig touched at Laguira on ihe 12lh, and sailed tor I'orto Cavello. un her passage from Laguuw, had a severe action with a patriot privateer, and best her ofT. British sell Duke of Wellington, Corey, 12 days from St. Joim, with fish and IGOpassen. gers, to P I Nevius. Sloop Express, Bnlklcy, 3 days from Boston, with suirar, lemons, fish and oil, to G G & S Howland. J Oshoin.iind the master. Sailed in co. with sloop Ten Sisters. Sloop Mercator. Disoswav. 24 hours from Middletown, with fish, to the master. Sloop Nanpy, Marshall, 62 hour from Philadelphia, with merchandize, to P Grim, owner, C Dubois, and others. Sloop Sally, Phillips, 6 ilavsfrom Washing ton, N. C. with naval stores, to A Jackson. Sloop Fame, Coleman, 4 days from Nantucket, with oil and candles, to llaydock & Jenkins, and Mr. Comstock. Sloop Rapid, Beers, 4 days from Boston, with teas, brandy, nankeens, silks, fruit, Ac. to P Remsen & Co. J Johnson, J Osbom, third. Si Scwull, Van Nnrlwicke: Miller, Siirnette li Jeiincy, J Colvill - & Son, F Depau, the master, and others. Sloop Maria, Bradley, 1 day from N Haven, with beef and cider brandy, toMuIford &Lcf - iingwell. CHARLESTON, June S4. Arrived, Dutch sloop Hcrmnnia, Zitta, Madeira, 49 days, and 1 from Savannah, whete she was taken by the Revenue cutter Dallas, of (hat place, on suspicion of smuggling. JiusTo.N, June 29. Arrived sch Nelson, Phin - ney, 5 days from Norfolk. Bch Reindeer, Crowell, from N York. Sch Fly, Hallett, from Philadelphia. Sloop Science, Hall, from New - York. Sloop Packet, Porter, from Salem. Sch Boston, F ceman, 29 days from Fort Royal, Martinique Arrived yesterday, boat Dolphin, Pierce, from a mackerel voyage. May 31st, off Sandy - Hook, fell in with the wreck of a large vessel, apparently a ship of about 403 tons, with the head of her masts above water lay by her all niirht. and the ne.t morning, endeavoured to tow her into shoal water succeeded in raising her by the masts ; tnd attempted to save some of her sails and rigging; but coming on a heavy gale, was compelled to stand on. OFFICE cfthe MERCANTILE BROKEIl, JVb. 263 Peurl street. M. DIl'MH respectfully reminds his friends and the public, that he continues to receive goods for sale on commission where dealers may b supplied on liberal terms. When required, liberal advances made. J 3 It (y - KOlibR 1 MuUN I returns his gmielul thanks (o the Firemen and his fellow citisens, tor their great e.rlion, iq saving from the flames his divclliug bouse, ut the late Fire Hi V'e - scy - strect. J X It THEATRE. Last night of Mr. Cooper's engagement. r . Oa FRIDAY EVENING, July 3, 1819, Will te preeulerf, the tragedy of . . OltlELLO. Y Othello, - Mr. Pritchard laR ' .... . .' . . Cooper 10 winch will lie futiled, the tarce of LOVKK'8 QUARRELS. Or, I.IKE JH A Si Eli LIKE MAX. nj - On Satutdiy, July 4, the trasedv of Bunker Hill, or the Death of General Warren a new farce, rallod Who's my Father, (for tke in time in America,; ; pna ine LiDertine. B U O A L W A Y C I It c u s BETWEEN HESTER AND - BROOME STREETS nooooUowieio ' Kntire Change of Performance. fe5r The public are renptcttuliy iuformed ttiul no pains or ex pence has been spared to render Ihe circus as cool anil airy as any Theatre or cirrus in the United fetalis. THURSDAY EVENING, July t, 1813. The nerlorniarre will commence with tl Grand Mameluke Entry. J Master Thomas will, on one horse, perform many wondcrlul feats oihorscumiiebip. j no wuuueuui cpmimi uortie ivomeo will, after loaiiimr over hoar.U anri har nf n i.rn.1. :..... height, leap over one horse, and conclude by leaping through a hogshead placed ou the back of another horse. Great Vaulting, by Mr. Garcia, Grand Trampoline Exercises. hvMr.Cnin who will leap over tho shoulders of two mi n and conclude by leaping over four horsi s. Madame Cossin will go through all her won. di rtiil feats on tlie tight rope, duuee (he gavotte de Vtrtrii miuuut, and go (hrough (he uiacud cfrcic. Mr. Campbell, in the character of Clown. ;n on one horse, perform many feats of mirth aaJ bulfoonpry, Ac. Mack Hope, by r.:r. Maybe. Munte r M'Cnrn. the vcimltr nf h ... .m on one hcre, perform mnny wonderful lead or a ynum,cmy nine years on, and cocclude ly riding on his hpnd, his l.orse in fuil speed. Canadian Prnsant, or the Mi tamorohcted E - qnestrian, by Mr. Tnfntll, who wiil.'nher many astini - hing fciite, perform a wondcrlul hp through a hogshead, and light oa the saddle, his liorsa in full S(ee(l. Still Vaulting, by Mms.T?.tncll,M?hye, - cia, Coty, M'Carn, Willis, Thomas, Kc. Tickets miy he hnd at I'm circus, from 10 oVIork, A. Xi. to 1 P. M. r.nd from 3 to 5. I' A V XI 'ALL GAy.ETTE, For Ihe 42d annivtriary of American independence, July 4th, 1S13. JOSEPH DELACROIX, grateful for the fa - vers with which hi fellow - citizens have hc nor ed his celebrations of our national festivals for 23 years, during which he has used his best endeavors to deserve encourngerrent, has wo.rks prepared for this occasion which he is cocfidcut will give general satufocticn. In tho sulection of a subject for the principal of the exhibition, he believes the glorious victories which brightcued the American name, will be received by all with that pleasure which nobis deeds excite iu patriotic miiuli. 1 he gardens will bs c pencil at 4 o clock in ti.e aflt - nioon. r.verv improvement which experience cr.uld suggest, has been made lor the convenience cf compnny, both iu the gardens atiu ut the rev et ai eutranccs. A numerous band will perform select ruutic, to echven the n'ternoon ami evening. 'J'lieiiluminatioos will he splendid and cent ral, with several thousands of lights, and a numiicr of appropriate mottos, arranged in the walks; iu nddilion to which a nuinhrr cf fanciful Chinese Vases of nil colors, will form an ngrceabie variety (o delight the ey e. Grand fire IVorki. The works ar numnr - ous, carefully prepared, and wi'l he liicd in quick succession. To ommence with tlie Star of the United Slate - sand the motto 7ft The Warrior's fancy, with many changes. Tlie Adverse Pqiif.Tes. . .. ' Cro?s Fires at Vnrmjicvi wnim Upoa wTiltt. The Uordian Knot in various tires. The Grand New Meclisnism of the Revolving Globes, presfiiting a beautiful arrangement of spheres in white fires. The elegant Flower Vase, with a surprising Tree. A combat of Funkwi(h changes. Twenty - One Fixed Stars, changing to a glory. Hcrimitrd Roly Polys. The Stormy Shower ol Fire, with a change. A large new pieceuf various colors, the Fairy Temple, continually changing its appearance. The Star ol CwinnMi. The Waving Tree ; the Cross of Malta. Extract from the Declaration of lade pendente, " Enemies in War In Peace Friends!" A piece of changes " United States, Moeroe President, The Bale nf Goods, America, Europe, Alia, Africa, revolving around commerce. The Army and Navy, Huzza 1 The Race Wheel. Tlie Spiral. Tlie Little Rose, 36 changes of fire. The Whirling Caprice. The Sheaf of wheat Brilliant Fixed Sun, witha change of Fires. It is generally (he case in large displays, 4iul the works cannot be fired in the exact order tliey are noticed in an advertisement. The number announced shall be complete; any irregularity in the tiring, will, itis hoped, be tolerated. The Concluding Display. This principal subject of the day, is got up without limit to expense and attention, though it hears (he nameofosr most glorious Squadron Victories, it at the same time embraces the im iil. iitj of other ensnire - ments equally praiseworthy. The Confusion of Battle, Destruction or Ships and Forts, Explo - - sions, fie. will form a systematic arransemect oftirifs, which, with the connected machinery, will present to sriectatort, a rcpreeuttioa ol a central Engagement. AMERICAN VICTORIES. The object of the artist is to make one general engagement of forts and ships, allegorical pf Ihe victories which crowned the whole ; and in selecting the Scene of the Lakes, (where from cir - cjmslances, more brilliancy ofclTectwas produced) intends it as no epitome of all oor successes. Tire scene, is liO feet in front, and represents the Sea und Horizm. On each side, allegorical ol the military, two large lorts with outworks, &c. On tbe water in the different lines of battle are the American and ndrerse fleets, ships, brigs schooners, slocps, gun - boats, tenders ; and on one side a dis(ant view of tlie enemy's works. The area being cleared, signals irora the forts are fired irf defiance, wten comuieticos a grand military and naval engsge mcnt, which comprises the pi incipal incidents ol tne battles on the Lakes. The forts ceoiBfofe n bombardment on each other with shells, nans, r ickets, ice. The fleets join in the action. Burbling their hie with that of the forts ; tbe ship Lawrence, receiving all (he enemy's fire, u I dually disabled, when Commodore Perry, bout, with his raithful seamen, are sern ossk.K in the mid't of fire to 'he Niagara brig, amen dashes into the enemy's Ike ; the finrg eaciea ses, bombs, balls and a variety of dies ny in ee - rv direcWon ; ships are dismasted; some und others blow up no the other side, yuu"" - doi .. tl...l...,,,M..i ;nX ,i.ln, C OW) ' . cd with the Defiance, Captain Downia, ana uw whole fleet in acUon ; the scene terminau - s w the word "peace," appearing over (lie noie, wh - n a brillianl salute will close the ve0,V fj - r Tickets of Admission 50 cents each may be had at G. & ft. Waitc's Maiden Lane Waite Jun's. Broad wav; and at the GardeM, Doors open at 4 o'clock. Tbe entrances area few yards above the house. Watchmen are provided to retain the names of persons eBT"m; to climb over the fences. The gardens will oe closed on the first until the fourth, P. M. it " - of One TUusand Dollars, in the Milford i , Owe - ro Road Lottery was sold in shares at AIW Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway, wbe the lortunate holders are invited to call and rw - ceive the cash for the same. Ticket No, 64 - which lately drew a prise of 35,000 doUar. was iiresenlcl at tlieir odice and prompt v paid. ' io, No - 7771. a priae of lO.OVOdola U r sold and paid, being the higlicst prucs drawa ta uus - ry. '

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