The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 2, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1818
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RICE. 90 tierces Rire, landing from schr. Arabella, at Murray's wharf, lor sale by CLARK, MOORE ti CO. Je 17 ' 41 South - street. (JATTIN - TT WARPS, made of Sea Island IO Cotton and sized in the chain, for sale by WM. CAMPBELL, Je5 197 Pearl - street. JAMES P. AN DOE has taken the store No. 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Room, where he intends establishing himself as a first - rate GROCER, and intends selling for cah only, and at such prices as will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as above, where he has for sale a general assortment of Teas, late importation Pure old cognac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spiriti, t lollanJ gin, American do Madeira, L. P. Teneriflc, Old sherry, Port k other wines London and American porter, Botled cider Sperm, od and candles Fioe old Holland and American cheese Well flavored raisins, Fiji, Prunes, Almonds Spices, Bett SpauUh cigars, Draught porter weet oil, ic Constaut attendance will be given, and all favors duly appreciated. June 12 tf SWEE 1' UlL. VO t - siesta Florei.ce uu, M bet - ties each, lor sale hy CHAS. L. OGDE.,S ABR.OGDKN, Je 10 53 Wahii)Ston - street. 7MAUt.lUA fc FOR I IV INF.. Or. casks Madeira, and 6 white tort wine, for sale bv ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 10 112 Front - t. " LiNCil,fuu. i.aio. 4D Wuhani - strcet,) JL. hasonliand the following WINES and LIQUORS, sclwtad with judgment by himiclf, nhi. h he offers at wholetale and retail, var - tmtri pure, ut imported mZu I MaJcirafromStolO 4aqrcki S ynmtma. Oid Madeira, in bottles, from !i to 0 years Champaigne, Burguudv, Claret andSautcrue, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Lit boo, 7 years old 7doSUiry, niuc years old, anJ free from Boracba t;tle Tort, iu pipes an J bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapeit in America Tcnenlfe, in hhJs. Old Brandy, dii. Kum, dn. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing five gallons each 50 grocr: wine bottles N. B. Thufc in the, and country deal - en, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wiucs and liquors at the above esta blishment, as they will be certain to nhtaiu arti - clot of the firt quality, at the lowest priccf, aud pure as imported. my y 211 MILLINE'l 'Fs, Arc A general assorluient of millitietli, fhirtint:. sh.tin;;, tloss knitting am sevvinz cotton, lor sale low, hy WW. CAAlt or.LL, Manuiacturer, J16 197 P - nrlMrret. fiM.y - FL.i tEi, TH.1Ce. - CH.ilMi, c X S00 boxes tim la tes W3 cash Traces Brass Wire No. t) CO rtfks Rofunn Cement, now landing, and for sule by ANDERSON SHEARER, 1JI ivater - str - '"' Who hatt in Uore, Talent and common Curoliua and Virginia Hoes Sheet Br ism of nil sies Brass and copier Wire London made pocket Books and Wallrts Iidies work Hoses Vc. my 25 HAttmVAKK, CUTLERY 6lc 52 caks Scotch spring locks 5 casks plate Loxks, 1 do Steelyards I do c hest handles. Ke. I do screw plates, scale hearts, Ac. 1 rlo hrai cocks, tic. I do. hell metal kettles And (Uiilets Z do tin'd pots and sauce paus 1 do fine padl icks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, fic. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do I1L hinges. Vc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammei - s snd sledges 2 di black Si bright vices, 2 da files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut naili and braJs from 3d. to SOd. Also, a large and peral awortuient of good. open oa the shelves, lor tale at the most reduced prices, hy AIM us BLACK WELL, Divr 7 St 15 rearl - st. JJOMKsl IC CiOOUS. 1.M. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, ciTtfrs V for sale on rrasonahle terra, at ln store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply oi the following SowK vii. 10 - 0 pi. white millinetshandsomely hleach'd 1'.") d black do (and tiuUhM M cases liltarh'd and unl.lcBch'd iheetingi V shirtings ; together with an assortment nl Ana knilting and sewing cotton. Je IB LNtiLlH HAMS, IUCdN, c. just im Hi ported by the subscriber, Double Gloucester, Dolphin and Pine Apple Cherse,ol a very superior quality ; York thire and Wiltshire llaun; ilci and tiitrhes of Baron, of a superior quality; English Lard, in Madders, and small firkins; Glass Aodtlri M Stone Warw ; Urge Bottles; Pipes and Dvuiijolins ALSO. A general assortment oi Groceries, Fish Sauces, &c. for sale cheap, for cash, h EDWARD BLACKFORD, lo7 Greenwich - street. . Best Havana Segart, in qr. boxes Je 16 1m PlD.MX BANK. V DIVIDEND tf three pr.crnt for six months, endinsi the lillth instant, has heen this day tieclarcd payable to the stockholders on the first oi July next. By 'order cf the board of ('irrctnrs. Jel7 lm D. I. GEKENE, Ca.hier. IKO k S I EEL iiki rtumiles round Roils 200 do Rod Ircn oO do Coarh - 'prin Steel SO do Germsn Steel. 200 do Hoops, just received and for sale bv ANDERSON 4 SHEARER, Je233w t 131 Water street. JE'KLLERV, WA ICHES. Kr. CASE of sundry Jewellery, line Cutlery, TL Silver Hunting and Plain Watches. Dressing Cases and Ladiei Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corsets assorted. For sale by - J LAMBERT, Je ?4 3 Cuirtlnnd street. BRANDY, VLE K COrtKS 280 pipe B irrelona Brandy. ?0 do Cognac do 202 half pipes 44 V - Cik1" Catalonia Wine , AO, hlM rorlri enlillrd to ill henture. the carso of the ship Edward, cept Taher from Tarragona, now landing at pier No. 4, foot of Broad - strett for sale by STLPtIb. tvri 1 1 .si.i, Je27 1w 19 South - it. LINSEED OIL. 8 hhds. and 3 tierces, landing from sloops Naney, and Knickerbocker, from Philadelphia, for ssle by je30 5t COKNS. DUBOIS. ENGLISH MUSTARD 51 boxes firt quality Eogli'h Mtard, il 1 - 4 lt. white bottles, ju.t received from Hull, for s:de by ' D1VIE BETflUNE Jfc CO. Je53 92 Caffec - Mouse slip. II - m s CARDS, PARCHMENT. BOOKS. lARDS lor pru.tcrf, visiting, 4e. gilt and plain edges, o; all sizes . Cards for playing, coloured and plain backs Parchment Skins if.r priutert . Plar.s of the city ol London, folded on canvass no or the country 24 miles round London Pictures of London, with plates , Do . of Edinburgh, do Watsons, Instructions for tlw deaf and Dumb, with a volume of plates Pursh's Flora of North America Aintworth's Latin Dictionaries Bai low's Mathematical do 'I'uckey's Expedition to the Congo in South Ainca Drake's Shakspeare and his timet ' Memoirs of Dr. W atson, Bishop of LaodatT - Godwin's lives of the Phillips' Encyclopaedia Britannica ' Johnaou's Dictionary, quarto Kelly's Universal Carolji.t Locke's Works, folio Kirkpatrick's Kingdom of Nepaul Edward's Bntannic Garden Beaumont, Fletcher, Ben Johnson and haks peare's Works Gibbon, Roilin, Robertson and Bolingbroke's worm Hogarth's Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do da Quarto Carey's Atlas, folio Arrowsmith's do quarto With many rare and valuable English works, illustrated Willi portraits and elegantly hound, tor sale hy J. LAAIBLBT, Je lb iMo. 3 U. - iurtlnadt - stieel. IIDER BRANDY. 64 barrel Cider Bran ny dy, just received, for sale by A.ON O. PHELPS, Je 22 183 Front street. II UKD tt. eEWALiL, (is bouth - stieet, oiler XX lor sale 1)0 tnns old Sable Russia Iron. P. S. I. A few cases Cue Londuti .and Yorkshire Cloths rases Cotton Hose assorted ? do 4 - 4 lrikh Linens, very stout fabric 2 trunks 6 4 Cambrics 5 bales Ruisia Sheetings 4 rases Trinkets, Jewellery, Szc. adapted to tlie is. west uncle, c. entitled to detrr 3 do London made Toys, Vo:k Boxes, tic 3 do China Swiojf SsHs 1 do 4 - 4 hlark rrmged fJclkfs. 2 do Double Horcm es 2 do Levantines, entitled to debenture ID bales Heavy tieerboom Our rain H do Gi!!n lldkls, red, blue and white li cities men's and boy's Plated Hats 4 do do Japanned Leather do tf do do fupenor London Uiavtrdo 1000 Muskets witn Bayonets JoO casks Cut Nails. 4d to '.'d M0 boxes Window (luss. ol the Bristol factory, C hy 8 nnd 10 by 14 4 casks urjMi Cabinet Furniture, &c. Je il C.i XJO.V Sll.h fi. AN invoice cf Canton s'lk - , now landing from iloop Cxprets, from Boston, entitled to de benture, cooiistin; cf the following articles, for sale by PE T ER R EMSKN 4: CO 2c SouUi - Dtreet. Black saisnets, Catitun crapes, assorted Nankin do do Coloured sarsnet?, Coloured sewing silks 4 - 4 black fringed and twiiled hdkfs. Clieckid do do .6 In in Slor, Black, green, blue and changeable sinrhew t Changeable, checked and figured sarsnelt Black and coloured Icvantiurs 4 - 4 black fringed aud twilled hdkfj Coloured da '"da Crape thawb, atfcrted colours June 21 NO 1'ICE All piTsons hrituig claims ag tiimt the estate c,l I'hoinni Brady, late of the city of New - York, dici - ased, are rrqiicsled to prraent the same Irsially authenticated, and all those imlebttd to (he said e'taie are requested to make immediate payment to the sjosculier, who offers for sale the pripcrtv of the deceased. containing 4 lots fronting on the Bowery 23 by "d feet dtep each, and one on stanton - street, 2.i by 101' feet. The whole premises are rented this year lor 690 and taxes. An indisputable title will be given for the larue by JAMES BARCLAY, Executor, Je 4 lm No. 3 South - street. TU. LET, A pleasant back rocm, at no. 5G Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Po. - sossion immediately. Apply in tlie frout office. Je4 la OR SALE, 30 reams of Cassia Paper, suit a - r hie fi r Uaa Box makers, or sugar linkers. The qualify and size is the same as the Evening lnt i i pi tilled on. Apply at this office. Je 18 ;til,l.l.ERV, A.c. IOH.V HINTKINGHAM, Milliner, No. 12a ,1 Wilt.ani - st. rcspectiully inlorms his hands and the merchants m general, that he has moved from No. 1 17 William - (trtet, to the above No. where he CRIMPS Satin, .Muilins, Ribbons, Crapes, Sc. nt the short, et notice and lowest prices. Also, Fancy, Lace, Satt iu, and Crape 1 rmimings. He has crcintly on hand, split straw, and Leghorn h.U?, turban?, tuiban fiouts, colle - rets, Ac. One ca'e superfine white chips, just imported and for sale by the dozen or single. ffij Store No. 1 17 W iliiam - streel to let, ami 'sjilJa number of gla - - s casts forsalo. Je8 1m LOTS TO LEASE AT I IIENOR I II RIVER. QirUATE between Barclay and Murray - O streets, Chamber and Rced' - streets, Jay and Harrison - streets, and North Moore and Beach - streets, at a price very considerably less than in terest on their value, and at the expiration or the term the buildings to be fairly valued and paid for, or a new lease granted. Also, to let pv the year at a low rate, several lots or yard. on the water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of pari, Kc. Applv to PH. RH1NELANDER, 31 Park, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will he sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June It tr WINES He. HOBLRT BULOlD.cffersforfale.atNo. 199 . Broadway 150 cases 1 drzr - n each, fine o'd Claret Wine 35 do and hamrers white sparkling nnd creaming Champaigne of choice quality, one de - sen each A few hampers very hieh fhvored Burgundy Siqierior red Port Wine, Old Hock L. P. Madeira some very old, in bottles Old Sherry, L. P. Teunerifie Dry Lisbvn, and other W intt Lime Juice in bottles London Brawn Slout Fine oid Peach Brandy, OKI Rum Cocnac Brandy, Holland Giu Ciioicellavunna Scars And g oeral assyrtuitnt of first quality Teas and Groceries. Je30 4. ,y HORSE HIDbS. 1 mm bales Spaui; - h horse hides, just received, for sale by GEO. W. TALOOT, JtOO 55 Pine - st HARMONEV UAKDE.S. 576 iiroarfway. .1 ARIL'S GAI.l, respectfully itloitiS his V.L friends and the public in general, that he haioreued the above Gardes, wbers he will 1 . .i . . . i. j - . i' i. Ihave conseaneiy mi uanu, ee ieui?, . uuui, I Wiurt and Cordial, all of the first quality, and h'tpes by nnweaned attention to merit sue eppro - hation cf those who will favor him with tlieir company. . J'Z6 Nl . WHITE LEAD, &c. r ANDING at Pine itreet wharf, from ship li Columbia. Henr Cnrfit nuiu m.n n... toL Ensrlsnd. And for snl h ih uku.niu.. nn advsitsgeaas terms, if taken from the ship nesi ory wiuta lead, iron a to 6cwt. ear h 280 kegs genuine ground white lead, in 281b. - j kegs '39 casks red lead, in casks, from 1 to 3cwt. - earb 4 casks Spanish hrown, from 3 to 4cwt. each If tierces allum, from 7 to lOcwtea. h 12 caiks Romas Vitriol, from 4 to fiewt. each . 15 caiks Venetian red, from 2 to 3e:wt. oacii 4 bbls. blue black, 2..wt each 30 bbls ivory black, liom 2 t 3cwt each 8 casks Colcothaf vitriol, from t to 4cwt ehch 4 casks purple brown, from 2 to 4c w teach 10 hhds. 5 lit. rets and 8 bhis Rotten - Stone . French Greene, Ko?e - pink, Dutch pink Blue and Green Verdeter, rimh Scouring , Brick's. Apply to A. CHUitCH, . Jegi? 12t lb4 Bowery. flllUKiN a Pr..NDLEiO. have s.t.ited 'JL with great care, for IheaupplyiLg of families and ship stores, tlie following vinea, limioi - s, leas, ftc. wmcli llicy eUer at wholesale aud re tail, alLYo. 50 Moue stroet Madeira iu glass aiiu wood Red port, " roriz and royal compy" do a few dozen of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 1 1 years old Vsiy old sherry, do TenerifTe Old brandy, rum and gin. not reduced Hibbert's brown stout, equal to any in the city Red and white wine vinegar Bordeaux salladoil Ilytou, hyson skin, young hyson, sotichon . pou i hong teas l oaf, lump and Muscovado ruar Fiih sauces, Segars in qr. boxes Witn a general assortment of groceries, which they will warrant to be of the first quality, June 24 3 w IRIMI LINENS, SlJr.ETLU.S, c. I 4 4, 7 U and 3 - 4 Linens 4 - 4 and 5 4 Sheetings 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diaper 3 - 4 Brown end Black Linens 4 - 4 Linen Remnants 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 coarse half bleached Linens - 4 - 4. and 7 - 8 Linen, in demi pic - tut 7 - B Dr.whs Colur'd Treads, nssnrted First quatitj Irish Sail Dud: JWadapnllam Sliirtings, nnd Linen Bed - Ticking. Received per late nrrivals, nnd are offered for sale on modi - rate term, bv IHOlMAS SU1TEUN. Je 57 1w No. 6 f lepeystc r street. IUK . - sALE. rPHE Cargo of the ship BRAGANZA, from I. Calcutta, ccnistirrtr of Cotton. Snsrar. and! saltpetre, baoiples to be n - en al the Counting House of AKCiri) URACIL H SONS. Je S9 TJie .subscriber uflcih tir su e ln rtM MjiEelence in lhn tP'.vn Fa'rfnlil. state oi Connecticut. It is ple.fanlly sitimled, on the Boston road, about bull a mile from Long Idnnd Sound, 55 miles lioru New York, and 20 f'cin New Haven. The house nnd out houses are in excellent repair. The Iruit yard is well stocked wit.i a variety ol peaches, apricots, cherries, pears and itrawtx rues. There are in the vicini ty academies for the education of south of both sexes, r rom one to six acres ol excellent land, at the ontion of tlie Durchaser. can he had with the liouie, tad St. wn - chateTuoney, if desired, can remain on interest, for terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. 76 John street. N. York. or to tlie lion, ju.xai itA. SJURtitS, iair tield, Connecticut. in v 6 elil DAVID ELY. JlJiJfMiS .iSf i I - BlLlOliS Plt.LS. JIICH have been attended with a degree ol success liicnly zrrateiul to ll.e mvetit - ih a .cc.oi7 hi prtcicii LiniiBul inc ..I'll iii'iiu,, and Ihe Southern anil Middle States, particular ly in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, c. J he operation ol these pills are ptriecuv inild, so as to he useil by persons in eiery situation anil of every age. They areexcellently adapted to carry of iu - perilous hile, and prevent its morbid secretions ; to restore and amend the appetite ; to produce a free perspiration, nnd thereby prevent colds which are olten of falal ronseqii'. - nce. A dose neverfuilstoremove a cold, if taken on ill first appearance. They are an iufallib'e preventive ol Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should he procured lor ue, hy every seaman and traveller. Prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 16 tdaiden Lane. llni' - "ifti and country store keepers supplied on liberal terms. my 16 OILS HiCWl IT ;ill lesidtsat No. 242 Wail ter street, whe re he has a very handsome and fashionable n - sortment of Cabinet f urniture on hand, which he will warrant to be of (he fust 0'ialily. He solicits his New York and southi rn Iriendsto give turn a call, s l.e n.tllers hiinselij (bey will not oe disapitointcd. Orders executed at the shoricstnoliro. Je - J - l tf PROSri - .Ci L s for rcoMsnisici bv srnstRirT'osr A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ' I 'HE publication of this Map tins been undrr - J taken with the impression, (hat it will ex hihit information, high'y intereclini; at Ihis eventful crisis , ii:d (he valuable Maps whic h the author has procured, duiine Ida several (ours through iViixico, in tl,e yenrs lUUU, IW7, Hi I a. IU15. Hilo, and l'JI7. induce him to belt ive thai Ihe. Map, vcitheren all its imperfections, will he much the most perfect which has appeared before Ihe public. 1 his iIap will contain the latest nnd best in formation from the discoveries and pviie'sionr ol (lie American, Spanish, Russian, British and r .encn travellers ana navigators anu represen ting the claims of their respective gevernmeiiU on die Northwestern coast of America. 1 lie Map will include that portion of North 'ipxrica, which lies between the hlhmn ofl'a - ri 'n, and the4!lth degree of North Latitude, nnd iroiu me :.iisniuippi ivivcr weiiwaruiy 10 ei.e ific Ocean. In size the Man will be about six by five feet, and wilt be projected on a scale nf 40 miles to the inch, to I delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars ach. Natrhes. March 7. Ifilfl. ap7tAu1 PA TENT BUG DES i ROYiM' LIQUID. CERTAIN and never failing poison for bed L .m. nun .iiiiiiiimic v.iv.ii a , uci.I.., wilnouT siniiung uie lurnnure, or being nccoiu panied with that disagreeable smell usuul y at tending the application of other poisons. For ale in buttles, nt 4s. each, at P. DICKIE'S Medicine Slnre, 29 5 Broad war, N. B. A large assortment of genuine Drugs ami warranted patent Medicines, for ial ni a hove. Je 19 1m CLASclCAL SEMINCARY, 1(2 Greenwich it. A 1 R. GRAHAM rrrpoees to adroit 4 board iVl ers into bis seminary, for whom suitable :irj - onii4lations have neon provided. Yount sentleraen ol from 9 to 12 years of age would he preleind. These will enjoy the bereht of a coiup'etc classical education, accoiu panied at prtrer iniervaii wun instructions in Ariiiimeiic, Vgebrn, rjigiwh .iraminar,(eography,iiis(ory, Elocution and Composition. The English stu - !dics arc so judiciously interwoven wilh the clas sical, as lo occasion n mere rapid and inoroi;;n ii''iaiutance with the c lassical authors. They also prove a relief from tbe drudsery of constant l.ntin andtireek Recitation. Thi meth'l ba the further advantage of shaping She child's education to meet tlie parent's wislies, hou!d he ( is not nnconimool cfiroct his alten'ioa f.ora the Ic.ollcee lotheeoHf ling bouse. An experience of llree years r.Mcnrlirmefl .ir. s. in uieuumj oi (hit i.lkn : aiui he has it ts his power to shew that it has not bee. less satisfjetory to others than himself. Jeittui POST. 1 1 J f I i NUMBER 5008 THURSDAY, JULY 2, WW. NO. 40 WILLIAM - STREET. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The ship THOMAS NELSON, just .arrived fiom New - Orleans ; the in a jjjjj ijuilt, strong vessel, well found, b - irthcn about 300 tons, can be sent to sea ut a trifling lie now lies at Ilrooklvn. where she CH , - m be examined. For terms, apply to 7 B. W ROGER3 & CO. :e 18 . 235 Pearl - street, Wanted to Charter, A good SHIP, of about 300 torn, to 'Zfrlload in a southern port for England. je18 66 South - street. or Freight or Charter, lR The ship FOSTER, .Wbran, master jftrlSSQ tobi burtlica ; is in complete order, jumI could proceed to a southern port inmeJi - stely, is required. For terms, apply to the mas ter, or LiO W.4S.CRAIQ S. fH. DE LUK, 71 Washington street, U oilers tor sale, 31 bhdi. ( rlarp, win. - 00 cases Uaret ",e 10 cases Burgundy) w - 10 du Muscatel. Received per brig Leo, from Marseilles and entitled to debenture. ALSO, 15 cases Glass Tumblers IS do Olives . 43 do Capers. AND, Screrat invoices of French S'Jk Goods and linen cambricks, received from Havre. Je 17 lm TO HE LEASED, ON favorable term?, for" a long term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet Jeep, exfeu bug to Cnuby - strset, between Hester and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. I lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Bixliug slip' - Also, several other lots in the 5th, Clh, Cth anil lOih wardi. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham street. may 8 (r WHITE LEAD, lie. 4ic. KJ kegs London White Lead in oil ' M barrels do Dry White Lead II tons Kril Lead 30 I irrtb Bristol Red Oehre to ilo Venetian Red ; 2 tons Cnc Litharge 80 hosgheads Whiting U) casks Paris White ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 40 fierce renrh Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 caiks Prussian Blue, 4001b. Crome Yeliow; Patent Yellow Snauislj Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, Black, Verdnrris. IN OIL. Lampblack i Ivory Black ; Purple Brawn Spirits Tarpccline ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass assorted Korsale on the lowest terms, lor cash or at short credit, by PETER SCHERMERHORN h SONS, m - 843 V.'.iter - ttrJ. fLAaTkROr'tTKl:) M A.N L AO I vH., At the loot of Harrison - street," North - River. 171THERE manufactured Plaster, forenrni - V V tes and chV:r purposes, may be had. war - nnted of the first quality, at one dollar and been - ttkrt eenlJ per btuhei. . ... t. - ..AntllrtMl hv Mr. JoiiO luC oilomviwij - - . - Tinker, who has served a regular apprentice - to the on bu.inest, rVsii.N COr r'EE A lew bhd very green j"r jaiu.uva fur sute br R. GILLESPIE, JeSO 112 rV'nt - strecf. JOHN Hr.rFfcUNA.',3l Sou'.h - strecS oilers for sale 51 ceroons Carnccae Flora Indigo 273 bales London market Goat Skins 5 lie. sruull do. 1 1 skindates II bbls sweet fresh shelled ahnonils 32 ceroons hitter ilo. do. 76 rlo. curnrninieed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. carraway do. JunegO lm C 1 HEMIC. AES. COLORS, Ire Epsom Salts, in casks of 2cwt I .unip Masnesh, in cast s Do do small squares ' Calcined do is phials Rocnelle Sail Acid Tartar . i Otrit Acid, Blue Verditerin firkins Pateat yellow, Kings Yellow Rczulusof AntitnonT BUTTONS, kc. Fowliug Pieces, assorted, well Gnifhed Uo d9 in wain'cnat cases, finely finished with enperatus complete Dvethns; Pittols, in cases Gold Knaulettes Nival and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons tpterplates forenravers Mdtnemntical Iaftruraents Rolling Paralel Rulers .Msriners compasses, telescopes 0(era glasses, micrrweopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory TortoNe and turtle shell tea caddies Vtcnt corkscrews, silver pencil eaes. Fdrsalcby J. L.VMIIEKT, ie 13 3 Cotiriundt - strt'et. C IU.MH STOM.BRIS I'OL WARE, BOT - I CLE'S, Ac 600 sinnll size Urinditones, virt;d W large do do 5 to 14 cu t Weight, each W rrale Brittl Ware Gallon & half eallnn Bottles for wine Champaign lull hi Quart do loodon and wine Pint do. (in small size Hampers) ' . Gal'.on & half gallon Demi.i"hns yn tipper! Pipes, from 16 to 31 inches l.nrtre howl Nezro do. and 1 cask Kneliih 9k Thread, juit received, and for sale hy WILLIAVf COWLF. Je8 In 164 Watrr - street. Ho. 1. enn - nite the Park. 4 fboxe Sicily LEMON?, in Cine order, in xJ lots to suit nurrrcer. Je tfl VfELLlSH'S new AIp of the World on "1 Roller Pr!r ;n.1..ilsr 1 1 Da trnif Ciai.i in I o Travelling Mp ami Diret lory. 3 dolls. jjo Il'iooii Inrliani. $1 50cla. ; IM Tenrfvo Ohio ; Shsllr - n i Kiniitt. large Map cf tlie United ! wetLi dollars. - !!. 111 W'nter.itreM. f 10TTON. y fruin brigs Eliza, and Gloria, from Savan - 4oo h....,,.,:!.5'0 ..... i ri,.. v - ji:.uiu ,n - ion. in in'P in iuii pur irr;lor,ile'T HEXRV THOMAS, 1 1 No. 2 Jwe lane. ' 4()0 k. COTTOK lit. , vdtt Jiloon cotton, of superior qua I,,,1'1 ith particular mrt for the Euro - by the r 1 by " """'J! Chlcutta, received j. sfn J nmor, and for sale br Z r. REMSEXfcCO. liMASl:J'UREP TOBACCO, 8cc. t( 'r.imiia i ooasxo fl,iA ' Twist do. imt received and " W. iS. CRAIG. A . IV - Mill P " C ' S29 da B,chlod Country ' do City - do JeSD Consignees of Goods by the ship DRA - are iiilonned that permission has oeeh ob tained Irou) ihe Collector, to send all goods to tlie Public Store, for which permits are not sent on bnurd in five days time. Je id u. v. KUUrjftS 1 LO. THUUJ yOLLMHOFCUFTi - LVG. SUPPLEMENT to a treatise on pleading; COntaillir? a eoniocil I nllrr.tinn nf iimrtii al prcedents of pleading and: proceedings iu per - iou.ii, reai anu mixeu aetious, ty I. Chitty, Ksq. of the .Middle Temple, barriater at law With .1 meriean Prertdenti, never before published. i in, om anu m vou. urancli's Keports. Whcaton's Reports. 2 vols J li. t received andfortaleby DAVID BANKS, Comer of Nassau and Spruce - streets. June 22 Awuerril J )lJll ittnl JS rui - Yurk. iri BE it remembered, that on Uie twenty ninth day of August, in the forty second year of S. he independt net ol the United States L. S.5 of America, Daniel D. Arden, of the v - ' said district, hath deposited iu this office ihe title cf a book, the right whereof he claims us proprietor, in the words nnd figures following, to wit ; Reading made easy ; or, a new guide to spelling and re;.riig ; in four parts, lit, containing various alphabets, andncprly two hundred spelling aud reading lessons, bv reeular erada - lions, the most easy to the difficult, and in u hich the words are divided nnd accented, according to the purest pronunciation. 2d, a vocabulary of words, nearly alike in sound, but d li ferent in spelling nnd lignificatinn. 3d, lesions in reainng ana reciting. 4th, outlines ol geo graphy; a sketch of grammar ; abhietUtiois uritliiiielical tallies , and prayers for the useol schools. 1 he whole tendered pleasing and inv pressive by neat uud appropriate cuts. By Wil li.iiu Little, A. M. inconloiinily lotlie net ofcongresi of the Uni fed Slate, enntled nn act for the rucourajre mriitofleariiiug, by securing the copies of maps, c harts and hooks to the authors nnd prrprn tots of sin h copier, during tlie times therein inontiou - ed," and nlio to fin m l entitled ' an act supplementary to an ni l, e ntitled, au act lor Ihe tncou - r.igtiiien! of leurtiii , by securing the copies of maps, t harts and book lotbu authors and proprietors ol such ropitt, during the times therein Ririiliorted, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts ol designing, engraving and etching his torical arm ouier prims. nOBF.RT FINN, Clerk of the southern district cd' New York. Je.'ldlw M - .lt' AWzlC. JU.VT piiblidied and f..r tale rU WILLIAM DU BOlo' pianoforte and music ttcie, N.. I.'d Hi - oadway, 'I bine am I in v faithful fair: Ihe soldier's bride ; and from childhood's dawu to ucou of youth as sung by Mr. I'hilipps. All ran I o'er forget thee lovo The celebrated echo rortg Thein'.piiation, srured melody The Saxon air, with variations, hy Cramer Haydn's celebrated ronznnet, My mother bid - ine bind my hair, a - a i ondo 1 weiity lour (odutai, for young pei formers, by N. IJ. Challoncr The i'axe Cobourg waltz, with variutions 1 he Sophia Walls Tbe ttnrm rondo, by Steibelt Je 13 THIS JJ.i 1 , A PRACTICAL TREATISE ou PERSPEC 'LIV E, adapted for thosn who practice lun.ljcupe phintire or dsnvrlng from nature. ""Also THE I'EKSl'LC 10GRAPH, for tak - ing views. We the undersigned arlisls, resident at New - York, having inspected Busby's ncrspeclogrnph are nf opinion, that it is nn ingenious, useiul and convenient invention, that v ill nutteriully assist all persons desirous or malting accurate perspc - c live views from na'ure. . JNO. TRUMBULL, A H. ROBER'I nON. SA.MUr L L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMI HI, WILLIAM DO NLA P. J. 11. JARVIS. The above works are for sale by J. LAMBERT, Je3 1m 3 Courtlandt street. . h. C T U 11 E. if the Grrat Room, Mr. G'niron's Academy. Grun - Mtrtrt, .Vaidtn - lane. OS THURSDAY, JULY 2, 181H, at8o' clock in the evening, Mr. BUSBY will deliver A LEC IURE ON THE PROPULSION OF NAVIG ABLE BODIES, and will demon strate tbe philosophical principles of Mechanical navigation ; couciutiing wnn practical innsira - lion oi a simple iiiethcxl of embracing all the advantages of the Aew Siittm, an J saving five - sixths ol:heKwer now t'xpen.lid in steam boats In the course of the Lecture, several models will be exhibited in motion upou a surface of waterOne of (liese will represent the henutiful phenomenon ol a veel moving rapidly without water - wheels, or puddh s, and without the application of any power, exce pt that of the natural pressure of Ihe water upon which it ll - ints The Lec ture will be rendered amusing nnd in - siructive, and il ispresumed will not be uninteresting to Ladies. Admittance 50 eenli. As pecuniary emolnment i not the object ol (his lecture, Ihe proceeds, after delrnying una voidable expenses, will he presented to the New - Vork establishment for the Instruction nl" ihe Deaf and Dumb. vr - Si JiJ9 4t TO bl'ILDLKS, Or those who may wish to erect three elegant buildings or lactones. LOTS, 77 leet by W, more or ie - s, with the buil'iiogs thereon, iu Iheccutre of Yetey - si. cau be purchased sepuiate ( r tog the r. A I. M.I. An elegant LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by I .'5, more or I' ss. ner.r Chat - haiu - slre - et the whole on acccminodaiinj terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beekiuan - st I he advertiser has three suir.ll niorlgazcs to dispose of, one nf j:j,0U.', one olglOUO, ene of yrtvu, nil in tnts city. Je Ji.1 AKU.TiTLU Is T.I t Ei, May 12, 1S1R. A nCIIITECTS of srieuce and expe nrnc XX are invited la exhibit to the Board of Di rectors on, or before the 1 t day of August next, appropriate designs and elevations (or a Banking Hotua to be erected on the scite purchased loi that purpose, bounded on the north by Chesnut, and on the south by Library - itrerts, containing one hundred and fif'y oue feet in width east and wett, aud two hund'ed and twenty nve leei in de)'th, north and south. The groan J plan will include an aret of about ten or eleven thousand square fcet in a rectangular figure r - f equal or unequal sides, as may be best adapted (o the interior arrangement. The building will be feced with marble, and have a portico on each front, resting upon a basement or platform of ruth nltilude as will combine con - venieuce of ascent with due proportion and effect. la this edifice, the direct - rs rs desirous of exhibiting a chalo imitation vl Grecian architecture in itssixplestand lea - t expensive farm. Fivtf hundred dollars will bo paid tar that dn - sign which shall be approved, and two hundred dollar tor the nex t hesl spc;imen. - By order of the tmard of dn eHors, JONA. SMITH, Ouhicr. way 14 2wt1. - FOR SALE, V NUMBER ef elegant, csned, white free tone Mantles and Jambs ; may tsesn at No. 5i Morray street. . . J mi if 'IWOm three smtjle gentiewea can hind - L irwely arotnmodbteJ Willi board at No. 23 Crtradnay. Je 25 lm (Or T be new KERRY BOATS from the ! of Walnut street, New York, to tlie liotol Little street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running on Sunday, tbe 17th inst. . . Persons crossing to Brooklyn from the upper part of the city, will find the distance, much shortened by using this (c rry. my 14 V - - ' NOI1CK. tjr The Rising Sun Sail Beats, Nonpariel, and Industry, from the Elizabeth town Point, fof New - York, sails fruoi Marketl.elci - strcet, (where the Steam - boat Atalnnta lormerly eame to,) at 10 o'clock, oi each da v. Passage 12 1 - 2 cents. Enquire at the Steam - boat Hotel!, of YANDERPOOLfc i'lilLLIFS. my 21 tf s PHEN1X BANK. Oir An election for fourteen Direct - Ts cf this Bank will be held at the Banking House, on Tuesday, the 7th July next, between II end 2 o'clock. The transfer Books will be c losed on (he 25th initant, and will continue closed until af. ter the election. By order el the' Board cf Directors, D. I. GREENE, Cashier. Je5 Uy7 trr JUUN PROCTOR. Juit. 106 Libert - t. ofl'eri liberal anticipations on propetty consign ea to n is friends in the Mediterranean, tor further particulars, appiy ts above, or to AHRHAM BELL, Je 6 tf corner of (Jlili & Fulton - sts. LAND?. OCT STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. S26 Tearl - strc! t, New - V oik, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, which has been set hpitrt for the laio Army, letters from the country giving a description of the patent and the price aike - d fof each lot, will be attended to, if Tost paid, my 15 tf - I'JVeip - nrk; LimiptTolltr't I jlu:e. 05 - PUBLIC NO I ICE is hereby given to ll.e holders of the six and revrn percent stock of Ibis slate, the whole or the said stock, with the exception of tlie ii per cent stock, created hy tlie act, entitled ' an net respecting navignhle communication between the great urslcin and northern lakes and the Atlantic Oc an," pi - ns. d April 15, 1817, will be paid elf on tbe first djy of July next, or at any tide thereafter when demanded. Payrcent will he made at the Manhattan bank in the city of New - York, to the slock holders residing in the southern district of this stale and r.ut of this stale ; and at the New - fork state hack, in the city ot'Albanv. to all other stock. holdtri. It is required thai (he certificates iisueclfor the Flock should be given up at (he bcuk where such payments are rniuie. 'i he interest on Ihe said tlnrk will cease after the said lirst day of July nest. AKCli'D M'IN'I YKE, Comptroller. Dated Albany June 1, 1UIS. Je 9 I Jy 1 (C - 'ihe Comuiissiouers of the Canal lur.d will in pursuance ol the art, entitled "an act respecting navigable rominuincaticns between the great Western and Northern Lukes, and the Atlantic Ocean.'' receive sealed urcncsali unlil 3 o'clock, P.M. cm Wedneiduy the I5lhclayf juiy next, mr a nan to the stale ol two hundred and litty thousand dollais, t he paid to IhcCcin - mirsioi.ers in two iquul instalments, the lirst, on the first clay of August next, nnd the other on the ursiuay oi next. ) he proposals D.uit be ndiliesicd to the Comptroller. l lie rate oi interest is not to excer d six per ceid, per Annum, payable quarter yearly and the principal is to be lenuburtaUe at Ihe vji - ure of the govermueut, at any tune afU'1 day of July ,.1337.. - - , The offu er appointed for the purpose in the city of New - York, will issue translernble certili - cates t.1" stoc k to Ihe Lenders, and will attend to ihe transfer of stock, as tlie ismo may be required. The interest will be paid at the Manhattan Bank, in ihe city of New - York, to tlie stockholders residing in (he southern district of (his state, and out of Ihe slate, and to all others at the.Xew - York Slate Bank, in the cityof Albany. The Board w il! meet at the Secretary's Office on the said )5lh day of July next, at li o'clock, P. M. to open and determine on the proposals that shall be made. By order of the Board. JOHN TAYLER. President. Albany, June 8. 1813. . Je II tjy 15 NO I ICE. ftT - IF Richard Perry Savar'ge, ton of Thom as and Elizabeth Savange, formerly of the c ity of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, bis legal representative will, by applying to Mr. Win. Savadge, at St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, London, hear ol something to Ins or incirtdrau - tage. The taid Richard Ferry Savaclge, who was a painter by trade, was in En;lund in the year l.y'.', irom whence he tettnrueri to riniaiieipma In the vrar 194 : in (he year 19'), he is mppos - ed (o have resided al Mr. Robert Maxwell', in Middletown, Delaware County, Maryland; nnd afterwards at Downing1! Town, Iront whence l.e is supposed to have removed to New - York. N. li. Il'nny person will produce a legal certificate of the death of tlie said Richard SavadgPf he will, on producing the same, to Mr. Wui. h vadge, receive from him 5 guineas, as a reward for his trouble. Any information respecting the above nirxeJ person will be thankfully rrceired by - SMITH 41 GARNI3, Jelfl 1m SlJPrarl - sfrett, New - York. CO.l.lEJCL.UFJ"F AT DARTMOUTH COLLEGE. (C In behalf of the Executive Officers of Dartmouth College, and pursuant to authority derived from the Trustees, I hereby give no. tire, that, in order to avoid all collision res - pectins; the place for the public exercises, the annual commencement will this year be holder) on the third Wednesday of August next, being the nineteenth clay, instead of the fourth Wednesday, as heretofore established. Candidates Fir the second Degree, and for the Degree of Doctor in Medicine, as alio applicants for admission in'o College, and ail o - ihers concerned, will uVe notice hereof and govern themselves accordingly. FRANCIS HROWN, President. Dartmouth College, June 20th, 1S18. The editors of public Journals w ill confer a f..vouron the College and the public by inserting this notice. ' je25 8t A utut i Cy JVnturen, fee. tie. In pursuance ol a resolution of (he Common Council of the !5th instant, all persons hoi - dio; the appointment or City Weigher, Mesi - urers of Grain, &c. Gnsger or Inspector of Lumber, are directed to report their names anil bin - cesel, aud rccapatvons (il any distinct frou. the duties of said orhce,) to the Clerk of he Common Council, at bit c&ce, No. 7 City - Hall, on or before tha 1Mb Hay of J air next x and every person holding either of si id appoint - ments, who shall fail to make sm b report by the time above specified, shall be. deemed to have - resigned his commissirn, arid shall there frnta cease u execute the duties thereof. Bv tha J. MORTON. Je 22 Uyl5 - Bank uf Amerteu. June 2U, 11118. frr A Dhidend of three per rtt. for iix mriths, ending. the 30th inlt.l.js bes - a thisrly .lea used pnyahirio thes'nckholders on the Gihj of July next.. By rder of lhs 8nsrl of Direct' tois. "GEO. NEW COLD. Cnsk'r. June 21 I m A.I ONT - ALTA Frr SALt.orlo L.K I, d' i - Vx immediate pciiessios ginr., heli.ul place calh. - ( Monl - A.'la, indts from tl C'tlv - UaJLcnthe North Kiver, arfioiiimg Ld Crjiien's. It cortii ?0 acres of fsiwl atiden improveim - iil, wills large g - r - ten well stocked with eegethh'cs vsn.'y of fruit, with ever rooveiMOce fr a family. For (cross, whscrv aie sr'r reas.natJe, and if sold a long credit ti - leaifwanled.FrT' - ' - TALCOIT, 61 SosUi - strect. Jt 1 r

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