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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1818
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v ' PASSAGE FOR LWEIXPOOT.. 1 1 RTbe elegant new coppered ship II EC - TOR. Jaiset Gillender, master, in now irl loaded, and i positively intended to nil on the 7lh instant For passage only, having . uuxrior accontaodaiionr, apply to the captain oo board, M Murray' wharf, or to ; Jfll 59 Pine - street WAjWTED TO CHARTER, A good SHIP or BRIG or' about 250 .tons. A coppered vessel and one that sails iust, would be preferred. G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, J I 67 Washington - street. for CHARLES 7UA", l The elegant packet scbr. CHARLES :iu.vrAt&ti,3. d. van, master; will tail to - morrow, wind permitting. For a lit tie li'fit freight or passage, apply ou board, west ide liurlioc - siip, or to " , ; ' SAUL ALLEY, . - .Si 98 Pine - street. for Washington, JV. C. The chr GOLDEN - AGE, capt. A i.ilerton, lying east side Peck - slip ; will tul oa I hursday next. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to J 1 R. & C. W. DAVENPORT A - Co. fur It'timtiiirlon, JY. C. The ship PACKET, capt. While, to .sail m a few days, will take freight on the lowest terms, and accommodate passengers, Apply on board, at Murray's wharf, or to GUIS WOLliS & CO TES, J 1 ftt South street. WrLTEI) TO CHAUTER, A British Vessel, of from 120 to 150 ktons. Apply tu JOSEPH J0XF.3, J 1 3t 12 Grecnwich - st. TEAS, WINES and GROCERIES. So. rRli(t.ATK l.ADIF.S ACC1IJN ROOM ) r NIK subscriber has constantly on hand a gen - X cral assortment of tl.e following articles, which will he iisioed of at a moderate advance. Teas of tint quality Sugars do do Genuine ol Cognac Brandy Holland; Giu Jamarca and other Spirits ol the various kinds Pins Apple SI. rub Lemnn, Lime and Orange Juko , Sallad Oil in tatties and bottles Li Brown Stout - Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese . Cordials Spiers, Essences Pcerm AndTnllnur C!nndlf - i lo. Oil fcr Lamps C' lTee, Rice. Barley and Mustard A few boxes Sicily Lemons, in tine order Kai'ins, Almonds, Prunes, Fig Basket Salt, tic. . Korsal'.'hy JAMF.S P. ANDOK, Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second hand wine and porter rMtlcs. J I TJALTIMOHE r'LOLK. '.1JO bids Uowjid I J f trc.'t lUmr, ol' sueri'r quality, received per s. iir l'aragon, and mr sale iiy WALSH & GALLAGHER, J I 66 couth street. i JO K I KK. IU tusks ol bnttlt'd Porter, just X reci iwd, per iliip Radius, from London, and lur sate hv J i iw A"Rcmni.nGRACiE& sov. C1 containing 1 dotita s; h 16 raos coutaimmr !t dosen each, vintaze J jlUr.iwth ol Branny loiilon, lor Sbk't.y Jv I Iw ARCH'I GRAtlEA ht).S. r 1 H AirAKi.N t, ; UUKGU.MJV (3 cases yj superior still Chamisigne, I dox. each 10 do do Bnreundy lor sale by POTT & M'RLNNB, Jv 1 &f South - strert. V Uiri l.tAU. - 4110 keus whde lead, ill grow & in ail, 1 - 4 cwt. e'H, land'uig from ship Draper, I:oj Liverpool, and for tals by TUCKER it LAURIES, ' . J 1 2! Aonlh st. OALT. 155 tuns Lite; p'Kl coare Salt, on Cj hoard Uit ship Robert, capt. Thnmpson, at Murray's wharf, lorsle by N. Si.D. TALCOTT, J 1 C4 South itni - t. 1)IA I E GLASS. ll)cas wedisti pii lure glass, atsjrttd from 0 by 17 a 16 byii,for sal! by 11UKU KSKU ALL, J 1 6S oulh strppt. C10T'l'O. - - JJ lales prime Upland, landing from brig Htrnmny, for sale bv CRljttOLMSkCOATES, 611 eouth - stral. In Store, 7i bVs upland Cotton, lor sale in lots to'iiit pmchMM. App!y as atnve. J I KEVi 'L - CKY TOBACCO. II lib Is. iamhtig from schr American Hen, from New - Or - Wns, and forsale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, J 1 C6 South - street. MlttKOri?, Ac ft cases hardrumely orua - oientt d Mirrors, from 15 a 21 inches I do Tin Foil, received p - r Radius, from Lon - dw. U sale by P. RE. MS E.N I CO. J I 26 South - street. QlltA l tlLNGCOl'I'ER. M cases tbeidh - OingCfppe 13 a 211 oa. received per ship JiJiha, ircm Liverpcol, fir sule by P. REM. - F.NftC'O. Jl 26 South - street. CILAaET Wi.Nt. 200 cses Alargaux CU - J ut, ol" very superior quality, vintage of ''ill, incases of 2 and 3 d each, recciied tirectlrcm the vineyard, and for sale by the UH or larger quantity, hy JOHN a. MURRAY A SON, ' 113 Pearl stret. uo have for sale, landing from brii? F.liit. cSti JagodeCuba,atEdi;ai's Wharf.N. R . 48 hhds. . . J Muscotado Sujar. Jy I Iw CUT GLASS and PIANO rORTEd Jar acct.os. OS. C. COOPER will sell tntnorrow rooming, t N o'clock, at Kirk & Mercein's 20 Wall - i an assortment of cut glass, consisting of - '.ier. lumtller. wines, nilrhrn. v - liu n. 'Kh arnt Etsgliih China tea sets: do dinio; s 1 case of elegant ladies work boxes and r.c;ases; looking glasses ; hall lamps ; di - H taiiks 5 French made Chairs, Ki. b elegant puno fortes, 3 of which nrc very ?"and "f a fin lone ; coit from the makers ?JShj 1200 dollars each, and equal to any "WfDtl ever iitTttrmA t ,r - i;n .t ih. "B. Alter tl sale of the pin, will be sold jesbove place. 30 dox. old Madeira Wine, - , ' j - Iftj "EALERi OF TOiS. 1 C..COOPER will sell to nnrrnwnwtenin trL. ic,ock' ' 80 wH - treet, t cases of . wi ioti. rnmnniinff .wt lfta0" Jl"e'at figures, and wor - "ini oi neaiers. Jv l It A.r. :LE', oLj; j7' - "esion given immediately, a inus H - uv, Stable and Out - Bouts, VibiI . """"ra viaraen, r nut trees, l I it I ... . . .. K IM - .. ' ' " ' " S ". '"ss.i. - ""iiiciMiivT muaimi on uw - Uir nlt. fa f iTr.,7 ...T The rent ill t modeiate. 1j it, "quilt at 49 Water - street. HY IttHiG Xn 1 fc'. II .1 - .1 k... ITS,.!lll, " Pol'h " fewtlavs . D,nni .7 w"' P'n sn a wwu ' QliWM. ui' ' - lldon. b Jaiup Ha... ...t rer. thor I If I Iih Fon cup i ... ' &nnmiC i. . iden7V - t 26 feet VB lz feet 1l fig. loquir. of 'itf p. a. Jay, . I II... . - ,. U I . .... WW MY. IT WW W. n 37 Fine - street. MILITARY GARDEN BROOKLYN. WILLIAM CARLISLE, hat fJie pleasure of iuforming his friends in NeW - York and its vicinity, that he has made considerable im provements for the. better accommodation of those who are disposed to visit tins delightful spot t his bar will always be supplied with refreshments of the very nrst quality. W. C. Flatters hiin - elf from the attention paid to bis patrons for their gratification and pleasure they will consider it a most pleasing; and agreeable retreat during the Summer months. IV. B. A few Gentlemen can be comfortably accommodated with Board, and Merchants whose business obliges them to dine in N. York, can have breakfast and supper with lodgings, on moderate terms. i 1 3t WM. CARLISLE MANDEVILLE, or, The Lust Words o(a Maniac, vol. 3, a tale ol the 17th century in England, written by himself. Just received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library and Book and Stationary Store, No. 265 Broadway, opposite the Museum. Jy 1 BOYS WAATED. TWO boys about 17 years of ago are wanted as apprentices to the printing business Apply to D. FA.NSHAW, No. 20 Moat - lane. Boys from the country will be prefcr - N, red. B. A super roval press for sale at the above office. Jy 1 3t VAtlKRKAa ilezekiah Kelltv ol the town V V of Brooklyn, by his certain indenture of mortgage, lien ring date the twenty tint day of j September lUlb, lor the belter securing the pay mentofthe sure of three hundred and fifty dol lars, lawful money of the United States of America, together with the lawful interest for the same accordms to the conditions of a certain bond hearing even date with tbe said mortgage, did Kraut, bargain and (ell unto John Crapter. of the city of New - York, house pair.tcr, all that certain lot ol' ground with the buildings thereon, being part of a parcel of ground in the city of .Ncw - VorK, clislinirmshed and Known ny (lie name of Bayards West Farm, arid is partienhr - Iv designated in a map thereof made by C. T. Goerck, by tiiimlier three hundred and forty - five, situate on the west side of Laurens - st heiween liroomeai'd Spring - streets, and bounded easter ly in front by Laurens - street, westerly in the rear by lot number three hundred nndmty - four, southr rly on one side by pait of the said lot, nuiu - Dur mree hundred and lorty - tive, and northerly on the other side by lot number three hundred and forty - six ; cnntaii ing in front and rear twelve leet in width and in length on each side one hundred feet be the same moie or less, whit h aid l itof ground was sold by the Corporation of aiii my to m i j. oimen, lor arrears oi taxes, ou the 17th day of June 1811, for the term ol 16 ye ir - i from the IJlh May of said year, aiwl by the said Win. L. Sinters conveyed t the said John Crapser on the 7th Much 1312 : And whereas delimit has hcen made in the payment ol the principal nnd interest due up"n stud Bond iiid .Mortuge, arcordiuc the condition thereof. Notice is hereby given bv virtue ol a pow er contained in the said luorlgige, and in pursu ance i;l tlie statute in Michcau mnrio anil provi - d'd, the mi J mortgaged prtiut'es wil! be ld at public auctirn or vendue on the lif'htlay cf ary next, at twelve o'chick at noon, nt the Ton tineCoflee House inlho city of New - York. Da (ed, JuneCjlh lUia. JlIL GKAI'SLR, Petir Db Witt, Attorney. Jy I Iaw6m Nr - .Xr MU. I II. ON the 4th day oi next month (August) the most splendid Lottery ever nuthoried by the state of New Vers, iif certainly commence drawing. MEDICAL ECIESCK I.OTTERT, NO. 5. Piesent prn:e of Tickets $16. t Ugliest I'rtzes. 1 prize of (100.U(iU, 1 prire of 50.000, 1 do 10,000, 1 CO ' W IKK', I do 5.000, 2 do 2,000, And 45 of 1.000 Tickets and Shares in a variety of numbers. for sal at BENJAMIN CRANE'S, Bookstore and Lottery Orlice. No. 85 Cherry, comer of James street, and head at New - s'ip. Where the 2d highest prize, 10,000 dolls, in the 4th class was sold in uuaiters, nod promptly paid. And where no Manns in the uwego Koad Lot tery, now drawing, have been nolcl. A general assortment oi Books and Stationary, writing and wrapping pper, playing cards, tie. wnoicsaie and retail, ana at the lowest prices. J I 31 1 prize oi 70,000 DOLLARS. 1 do 10,000 do I di l,HM) do l d l.lXN) do I do 1 ,000 do l do 1,000 do 1 do 1,000 do 15 do 500 do Several of 100 do ALL will be drawn in two weeks, in the Mil - ford andOwego Road Lottery, the$IO,000 and 3 of $1000, are floating and may be drawn this day. Less than fifty warranted undrawn Tickets remain for sale at ALLEN, S, Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. J I 100,000 DOLLARS. SCHEMEof the 5th and Inst class of the Medical Science Lottery, to commence drawing oo the 1st Tuesday of next month ; the payment of all prizes in this lottery guaranteed by the state, and will he made, if demanded within 6 years. Tickets now selling at 26 dollars. I prize of loo,ooo 2 prizes of $4,ooo I do 60,000 4i do l,ooo 1 do) So,ooo 62 do loo 1 do 1 0,000 5,36 - J do 33 Less than two blanks to a prize. WilMrnw live hundred numbers each day until completed The first drawn numbers from the Crt to tl.e fifteenth day inclusive, shall be entitled to 1000 dollars each. Tickets nnd Shares in a variety of numbers, for sale on the best terms, nnd a liberal discount made to those who take a number. Orders from a distance promptly executed, nnd all lottery information oven gratis, by O. C. GRACIE & CO. J 1 146 Broadway. RUM audal'GAK. f7ILLhe landed tomorrow morning, at 9 VV o'clock, at pier No. 13 E:ut River, from British brig Eliza, from Demaiary, 70 puncheons Rum and 30 hhds. prime retailing Sugar, which will be sold in kits to suit purchasers. Apply to SAMUEL S. GOODYEAR, je 30 2t No. 81 Maiden - iane. c LAKKT. 40 dozen very su:c;iour Claret, forsale at CIS the dozen, bv GEORGE JOHNSTON, ie 30 tf No. 1 that - lane T OUACCO e COl'TON. 5j hiius. prime Kentuc ky Tobacco, and 41 hales New - Oileans Cotton. Lnnding and for sale by STEVENS & MACTIER, Je 30 7t 157 South street. LEMONS. IL'ST received, 45 hoxvs ficib Sicily Lemons, in lots to suit purchasers, hy Je 24 J. P. AX DOE, No. 7 Park. c ALCLTTA SUGARS. 24 bags very handsome White CalcutU Sugars, just landed, and fur sale by J03 O5B0RX, je 27 23 South - street. Hr AN I'M . a situation at foremen ia a private lumily, by a ounj Lady, who Via already had several years experience in that line. Inqoire at No. AW Bruadwav. Je 26 Iw PI OAT SKI S. 700J Madras and CalcutU IX Cniat Skins, in prime order, for sale by JOS. OSBOUX, je 27 - 28 Soutli - streeC SPIRITS TURPENTINE 1 ROSIN 6 bbls Spirits Turpentine 30 do Rosia, vry good qaali'r, for sal by K, i C. VY. DAVES PORT A CO. Je?3 35 feck - flip. for SAVAX.VAH. Tha very fine brig sUPERB, Reeves, master, will positively tail ou Sunday nexi For freight, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply cn board, at pier No. 6 North River, or to I OTT & M'KINNE, June 30 66 South - st. COFFEE, TOBACCO, WINE, Ac 9 hhds. and I bhl. very Green Coffee 33 hhds superior old Kentucky Tobacco 1 1 do old Richmond do 15 do new do do - 6 qr. casks L. P. Madeira Wine 1 fahd. Madeira of uncommon high flavor. Las been 3 years in Jamaica 1 qr. cask eitra Sherry Wine, 6 yean old 35 bbls. Fredericksburg Flour. freight for Mode Janeiro andftr - 4 xiambxuo. Vessels bAund to either of the above ports, may have a few goods oh freight, front ROUT. GlLLhSi'lL, Je3l) 112 Front - it. tor SAAA..1H, The regular packet ship COTTON M PLANT, M. Fadi, master, to sail on Sunday, 28th inst. For freight or passage, apply to II. K. TOLER it CO. 1 13 Pearl - street, or to the master on board, at Murray's wharf, east side Coffee House slip. Je 23 Iw famtge for Xetc - Urleant. The substantial fast - sailing new brig RESIGN, capL Wheeler, will te dis patched with all convenient speed. For passage only, apply onboard, at pier No. 5, North River, or to JOSEPH JONES', June 27 6t 12 Grceuwich - sf. SALEs at AUCl lU.N.m PKOVIuE.NCE, R.I. BI B. A T. C. I10FPIS A CO. ON Wednesday 8th of July next, at lOo'dock. A. M. at the stores of Messrs. CARR1NG - TON tl CO. will be sold, all the goods landed from ship Trumbull Aborn master, from Canton, vix U30 chests Hyson Skin Tea) The Teas are all !00 do Hyson do f fresh, and of an 69 do oung Hyson do f excellent quail 1 Til boxes bnuchong do 1 ty - 2800 bundles Ca'ia. about WMnJlbs. 20 cfises superior black t - inche'ws, - 5 ps. each 4(1 do do do Sarsnetts, 2J ilo do 301100 lbs. bet Block Pin A ho, tu e!oti.a Concern. 200 k.xes China W ure 10 bales G'nlcutta goods Terms wil! be lib ral nnd made known nt the sale II. U T. C. HOl'PLN .V; CO. Auctioneers. Providenre, June 55lh, mm. Je 29 4t r"pEA, SUGAR, BRANUV, 4.C. .I. 400 chests Ilysoii bkin Tea, latest import alums 100 hall chests and ten - cutty boxes Ilysou do. Z1KI D.iXCS l.'IOOIIl KUISIIIS 40 l,li(hof Jamaica and St. Croix Sugars 20 pipes C'lgniac Brandy, nnd 20 lilids. old J. mi. uca Rum. Fr stl by J. iC J. CODIH.VGTON, Je 2 !w 204 Front street. J OilN TilU.vii - O.S : eO., o. burling - Slip, have received by the Courier, mu'. the lale Arrivals fiom London and l .ivurj oo,, 1,'ie following Goids, which tht y uller lor sale on the lotvi - t term?, vix : Wi.fid's Imperial Clotln, single nnd don'nh milltd Ca - sirni ns. Ladies' snperfne C'Mii, r!l ciili'ulafcd forgunllemeii's suuuiif r ('".r.s; Yn: - shire fine and cupertiiie Chtlii airi Cjesini' r;a, Olive Cotton Ciirds v Veiveieem, Rh 'doO Bcn. - hiizels, white ami col Td I'.itedt ThrcMil Biuu. R. it ens grey, and cli t!i colored tewinj; Si!k, hi'k blue and cloth colored .'carf l' - .vit, Silij Ferrits, assorted colors all ol the hett quality. Je2!) Iw J h v U.i Hltf.Uth i.utiUS. E .Subscribers have received by the la'.t JL ar arrivals from Liverpool, one of tbe most complete assortments of Hardware 4i Cutlery to be lounil in the city, purti, rd in Englaud prin - cipally for cah, aud calculated (ur UwmmW I market, winch they oiler for sale in quaulitii i to I suit purchasers, at very reduced prices and libe ral credit. ALSO, Bell metal skillets and kettles Brass kettles, assorted 1 Iocs, assorted, iu casks Trare chains Anvil', Vices, Srylhes Wire and hair sifters Genuine Engluh blictcred steel, warranted. Ac. .ic. ROGERS, WINTHROF Si CO. June 29 3t 100 coyj OA. bales Jaloon rotton, of superior qua lity, selected with particular care for tbe Euio - f'eau unrkl by a resident in CMcutla, received y the Essex Junior, aud for sate by JelR) F. RKMitr.N & CO. GREAT CURIOSITY. MAM .MOTH HOG. 'TMTIS animal is one ol the most extraordinary L productions of nature, nnd bus beep brought herefrom Ireland, at a very considerable expense He is 4 feet C inches high ; length of his body 9 feet 6 inches ; girth 7 feet 10, und weighs about 1500 pounds; a most unprecedented weight f it any of the species. A further description is unnecessary. Every person of curiosity will be well satisfied with the view. This wonderful animal will be exhibited lor a few days at No. 92 Maiden Lane, when he will be taken to the country. Price for grown persons, 25 cents, children half price. Je 27 die I vr FOUR I'D WARD. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that (he Assessors of the fourth ward have completed their assessments, and that a copy thereof is left with Lewis Hnrtmnn, at No. : Pearl street, w here the same may be seen and examined hy any of Uie inhabitants during ten days, from this day, nnd that the assessors will meet on Friday, July Oth, at the store of L. Hartman, to review their said assessments, ojthu application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. LEWIS HART MAN, I Asseswrsc.f the PETER BONN L I T, J fourth ward. New York, June 29th. Hit::. Je 29 lot SEVENTH WARD. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, fJint the Assessors of the levrnth ward have core pitted their assessments, and that a copy thereof is k ft I wi'h David Lyon, at No. 64 Market afreet, where the same may be seen and examined by any of the inhabitants during ten days, from ten o'clock, A. .M. to three P. M. and that the Assessors will meet on Friday, the tenth day of July, at the house of the said David Lyon, to review their laid assessments, on the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved DAVID LYON. I Assessors of lhe7lh JAMESON COX, ward. New Yorlt, 29th June, 1818. JeJ9F4t SI ABLE, tic. WANTED to rent in any street between or contiguous to the City Hall or City Hotel, a stable, or part of one, with room for a gig. A line a Mre - eJto X. Y. Z. at thisofhVe will meet with immediate attention. Je 29 Iw TO PAUE.XTS. A YOUNG MAX, from 15 to 17 years of age, l. of respectable connexions, good manners, and moral character, (of which tlie subscribers must have unquestionable proof) with sufficient education to make himself respectable, will he taken as an apprentice. None but of the above description, need applv. TH05. CO.NST.AmNTIXE & CO. Cabinet Makers, je 29 3t U' Fulton - street. P..i.0 - fvtiit.s ti H.I RP. T WO very handsome PI ANOS and aa ele gant PLi'AL UAtir, an 01 iirst rie workmanship, and will be sold very low Apply at No. 43 South - street. Jone 27 lw 1 TAX i 1 LO ke:l Cavrodish Tobacco 50 do small Twist do. jut received and VV. ti S. CRAIG. JN STORE. 250 bbls. Richmond Country Flour d dJ City do Je30 PASSAGE FOU, LO.VDO.V. The remarkably fine Brituh bri: SKEEN, to sail for London oo Wednes day ; has excellent accommodations and room for a few more passengers. Apply to capt. Ma son on board, at Joues' wharf, or to R. GILLESPIE, J30 1l2Front - t. Aor.YKIF - OiLAIJvA' The barque GIDEON, is now ready mrsea. ana win oosiuveiv ran on utidjv the oili inst. will receive any freight that may be olfered in the mean time. A few passengers can he well accommodated. Apply on board, at pier no. o, norm uiver, or to JOSEPH JONES, June 30 5t 11 Green wich - st for HAVRE, ine ship UKLLb, Henry Leslie, .master, to sail in 10 days. For a few tuns of heavy freight or passengers, having ex cellent aceomniudalions, apply to - JUNES U MEG RATH, je 29 01 iouth - street. for hie of f ranee mid Bourbon, The superior New - York built ship AMLKlUA, coppered and copper fas tcned, 495 tons, Wm Vibberts, master, will sail on Thursday next, A few thousand dol law will be taken to be invested in a return cargo, and a few more passengers can be ac commodated. 1 bote centlemen w ho have en traced passages ire requested to call and pay their passage money, that store may be provided accordingly. Apply to the captain on board at .Mm turn and Champlm s wharf ; or to CHARLES HALL, je 29 4t No. I Beaver - street. Ir.iXiLU AO CHAJUiii, A good brig or schooner, from 160 to 180 tons burthen, to load tor Europe, to wiuvii immediate Oispatcb will be given. Ap ply to R. CRUMP, Jo - 2) J0 Pine - st. ur A I. CHOIX, i Theelegant new brig FREDERICK, ifCc Clark, master, will rail with all conve dipatcli. For freighter pawajje, having uauti.HJUic accommodations, apply to READEA: DE PEYSTER, J29 Iw 31 Old - slip roe i IVP.UPOOL, 1t vervsiiperior coppered British ship DALM ARXOCK, 'V. W. Robert son, master ; her cargo bt mr nearly engaged. For the remainder of freight, or pas - age, liav intr elegant accommodations, apply boaid, east side ly - markct - Mliarf, or to S. UALGI.EISH Si CO. 103 Peail sirect, AVIio ofTtrs for sale, ex. said vessel, from l.eiili Edmbiirgli Ale, of superior quality, in Lot tU - s and cabks. Wine Bottles, Sic. per gross. jc 2S , Wanted to Charter, One or two Biiiish vessels, to load ias,Mf"1' Liverjjool. Apply to je i:d ARC HI). GRACIE k SONS. lF. ror HAVANA, hPVTV The new coppered brig WARRIOR, iEi:2C4 tons biirth.n, (built by Mr. N. Ilii.wn of this city,) B. Richards, master, the w il .id mi the lOihofJuly next, weather pcr - unlliii. t or freiifht or passage apply to JAMEs D. WOLF, junior, Jf 24 64 South - st. tor i t V e. t; i'UUt ,!:a Tim elegant fa?t sailing coppered ship wtiiiigStm DRAPER, WillWtH Adams, master; In - u iil tons buvthen, only two years old, and will be di patched immrdiaUly ou dweharging her mward isr'O. i or Ii eight or pa sa;e, ap ply - i n,a3i6r, on bo:ird, east side of Fly - marnel wharl, or to B. VV. ROGERS ii Co. ' Jel6 2:6 i' - .:irl 'trret. tor LO.'UO.V. SH Tb. ulM,ui,.ii f:e.t tailing DritMi brig SfifcEN, cai t. J. Manni. Her c. - go licinj uoariy ena.'ed, will have immedi ate dispatch, forth - : leniiodtr of Ireighl, or pas;i e, bavin; client accommodations, apply oa board, at Junes' wh, vl. r.t to 5. D tLGLIESH &Co. Je 19 10.1 Pearl - street. for (KLtiVUvV, kri The staunch Khooeer ARABELLA, ihXm'r. llarwicU. niaiter, will meet with immediate dispatch, h:ving half her freight en - jagfd - ror the reioaiiider cr passage, apply on licarJ, at Murray's wharf, ta - t ide Coffer - House bp, or to SAUL ALLEY, J 11 91 Pine - it. ror t tit:iJLMi JiUUlitt, ' The schr THREE SISTERS, Pol lard, master ; will sail in a few days For freight or passage, apply on board, at Pine - street w harf, or to HENDERSON Si CAIRNS, Je 23 81 Pine.. for - l.YAA II, The very fiue brig SUPERB, Reeves, master: will meet with desnntch. hav ing a considerable part of her cat go cngigod. For n&ssaze. having handsomo accommodations. or freight, apply on board, at pier No. 12, east ide uid - snp, or 10 POTT A - M'KINNE, Je23 6 Soulh - trert. for RLAKfl.lA ami MOltll.E, Ti,..,i..i..7...i r .. . .:i: - ., ti. JEgLjji, ONTARIO, 10J tons, captain Lcffing - well j hat in; - most of her freight engaged, will meet with immediate c!ipatcli. For the remainder of freight or pa - .sai;e, having; good accommodations, apply on board at pier no. 2, I K or to PETERS k IIEUHICK. je 22 29 Coenties - sl'.p. for SALE. A At a low nrice. if .innlied fir this wn wm m 1 . - . tlav or :lomiav next, tnc nnjr w.rtr, as sue arrived from Havana, at PicrO, Ardei.V whurf, North U.ver. Hcrbiirtheii u 200 tons, has two decks fore ami afl, and may he sent to lea with little expense. Apply at (51 South - street, V N. k U. TALCOTT. je27 rn - vir.ff.uiii.t.i.ii), f.t . t - r. u. ..... ... , e f.otl Lis ti. iH.'wii 1, ,k Vvilkof Cai lisle - street, is detained tor freight engaged and will coniimie to t.!;e in until Wednesday next, the d iy tixed fjr her departure. Aply to the master on board, or to J. i G. W. LYNCH, jeC7 4t 60 South - street Hunted t Chiutt.; A good SHIP or BRIG, about 25 i J. tons. A copper? d vessel, and one that sai:s last, would be preferred. G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, Jc30 67 Washington !. WAJYIEJJ JO CHARTER, A British venel of 260 lo 300 tons, to lead at a southern port for the West In - dies, Api - lyto . .ACh.lL, .V1ILNL a - CU. J26 61 PiDe - st ENGLISH GLASS - WARE t. WROUGHT NAILS. I OILN WHF.ELEY, ofier for sale at 132 Wa - O ler - street Decanttr plain and cut J TmnhUr do do 5 BEST QUALITY. Wme do do 1 and general assortment of Apolhecarys ware. WROUGHT NAILS. Je57 2w 1 ine Hose J Flat Poiotsf Flemish ISC Sheathing, J DOMESTICS OTHER WAKES. 'P11E subscribers keep constantly in bam! ai X extensive assortment of the following poodt, viz : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes heads .' , Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy ami com son Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do W hite Wash do Shoe ti Scrubbing do Paint Bruahes and rails and I uds Wheel - Barrowa Fine Wirt Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scriptioo, Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords. Clothes Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baleing and mm Twine Fish Linei Shoe A Sadlen Thread .Dearborn's Ballan - Lints Sash Cordi, Trare K - ppes cts, tic. wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which thev will sell whnle,nlinr retail on li beral terms. CEBRA It CUMING. Je 30 76 Pearl - strtet. JUST received per bi ig llesper, from Havre, 4 cases black, iliitraml assorted supe rior French crapes, No. 30 1 ease superior patent French razors 1 do. silvered hooks and eyes, in small boxes 1 do. silk coat buttons 2 4o. phosphorus boxes Also, a general assortment of French t'lks, remaining from forme? importations, and 3 cases mens and women white and coloured cotton hose, all fine 2 hales assorted flannels fur sale on accommodating terms, by EENJ. F. RABCOCK, Je 30 2v 213 Pearl - street. WINtSfcc. HOBERT BULOlD.offersforsale.alNo. 199 . Broadway ' 1..0 ca - ts I dozen each, fine old Claret Wine 35 do nnd hampeis white ipoikling and creaming Champaigne of choice Quality, one dozen acli A few hampers very high fl ivored Burgundy ciiperior red rort vvinc, Ulit llcck L. P. Madeira some very old, in bottles Old Sherry, L. P. Tennerifl'u Dry Lislxm, and other V i.ics Lime Juire in bottles London drown Stout Fine old Peach Brandy, Old Rum Cosmic Brandy, Holland Giu Choice ll.ivunna Scgars And a general assortment of first qualify Teas and liroceries. Je 3" 4i 12 horse Htnt.s. bales Spanish horse hides iu - t received, lor sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, J30 - . 55 Finest BRANDY, B.ircelon VVI.Nfc ti - i OK Kb 2h0 PliH - S rcelona urnndv. J do ucgnnc do 202 half pipes, it 145 qr. casks Catalonia Wine 59 bales mrks entitled lo debenture, the rar.o of the ship Edward, i:pt Tabrr from Tarragona, now landing at pit. r No. 4, loot of ltioad - street for sale by STEPHEN WHITNEY, Je27 lw 19 South - st. LIN SEED OIL 8 IduU. und 3 tierces, landing from sloops Nancy, and Knickerbock er, from Philadelphia, for sale by ie 30 5t CORNS. DUBOIS. tVNGLlsll MUS I AKD - 51 luxes first qual - J ity Er.gli'b Mustard, in 1 - 4 lb. white bottles, ju.t received from Hull, lor s le by JJlVlk. 1.1 tivir. K (... Je30 Vt Cofl - e - l louse - slip. FOtt. b ALE. NUMBER of eleganL carved, white free V stone Mantles and Jambs ; may lie seen at No. 59 Murray "trecl.. . Je20tf WANTED, A HOUSEKEEPER A rcfpcrUble single person 30 years of age, or wiJow wiihout any incumbrance. Apply lioni 9 to 3 o loc k, at No. 2 Courtlaiiu - drvut. Je29 3t llARMONEY GARDEN. 6.6 lirvaduau. AR1US GALL, respi rffnlly informs Lis fl ieuds nnd the public in e neral, that he as oiieiw d the above Uahus:, where Ie will iave constantly on huml. Ice Creams. Punch. Wines and Cordial, ull of the first nnalitv. and hopes by unwearied attention to merit the appro - oationoi iiioie who will lavor him with their company. i, 29 61" Foil SALE, SMALL Brown ll irse, cf (he Canadian breed, a natural pacer or raclicr. and an exollent r.orsp lor an invalid, very fat, and easily kept. For further particulars nuply to Mr. BO WEN, at his Livery Stunk - In Authony - street, near Broadway. Je 26 ti JO MEUCHAXTS. TRADERS, JiRO - A'EIS. Cc. CJ FIXATION wanted by a vounr' man who tJ has a general know ledge of busineis, and who has been for several years i:i 1. lares of trust, and is at present in a lawyer's oiTiec in this city, but prcferitijj any other line of busi ness to his present situation, would accept a situation in any of the above lines, or in any other place where a permanent employment would offer. The most respectable reference nnd ccrl.firatcsof bis conduct and abilities can be had would have no objection to engage for two year or more. A place in this city would he preferred, hut if such should not oiler, would go to any part of the country. A line addressed toll, at the office of this paper, will be attended to. je 30 4l COOK" W.WfPElh ATANTED a woman, who can he well re - commended, to do the rooking, washing and ironing of a small lamily apply a 48 W a'k - er street. Je :!0 3t 1 UbLIO 0 I II. 1 1 Y. rTMIE puMic are respectfully informed that X HFNRY I. MEGAREY. 20 Wall - street, has just received an assortment of elegant pen - kniveg with silver handles, containing (rum 1 to:16 blades, which in addition to his fornn r stork will present the greatest variety of fine peu - kniVts 10 tie 1'iunil in thif country. Pocket Books of every sir - , f.ishion and quality, from 25 rents to 7 dollars, wila a very exlensiva nsnrtment r - f stationary. , ALSO the Jilarn$rarOil (or the hair, which in this count ry, suhiect asit is to so manv ex tremes anr! vicis' - itiidesof rlimMe. W ill l e found poiiivc u - ; in all those ra - rnumerated inl ;''' ''ills tvlncli accompany each bottlsu I J. .in 'It FRUMENTO, Na. 1 Wall street, gentle xX. men's drsrssisigio - ias, haslorsa! a lew Ra - tors of Damask tteel, made by tlie celebrated Marguin, of PaiU. He has also rxeir an assortment of the brst Fniish lUior, wiucb be warrants good. If I roved to the coutrary, mj - ocv reiunded. Mr. FRUMENTO return bis sincere tlianks to Ins customers and the public in si MrsJ. - lor their very lineral patronage, and solicits a con tinuance of their uvours. He bas likewise procured very fine hone, and engages to restore razor to a very kin edge, aud snould they not cut well ha will receive no recomix nee. Gentlemen who luberribe by the marter. will have their apparatus kept exclusively lor thens - tvel. - jt ju vuauc sales: BY MILLS, M IN TON & CO. To - morrow, At 9 o'clock at thtir auction stere No. 143 Pearl - street, a general assortment of French and English Dry Goods, among which are, 1 case French crapes, No. 36, 1 do fin on dressoil cambric, 2 do men's aud women's cotton hose, assorted, do white lace shawls and dress - es, I do carpet bunling, 2 do silk twist, sewing silk, 1 do cotton bombazetts, 3 do Wory and wood stick fans, 1 do stout linen loweliujg, I do blue golla hdkfs, 2 dosilk, prunell and kid shoes, 1 do morocco do, 3 do blk lace shawls, worked, ruflk, pearl Uads, boot cord, 2 do artibcial (lowers, 1 do 6 - 4 fine Carlisle ginghams, 1 da 4 - 4 merino, shawls and thread lac. BY M. DITMIS. Tomorrow at 9 oclock. At his store No. 263 Pearl street, A general assortment of diygoods, among which are, teasel Carlisle gioghami ; 1 do Dulcbj clothi ; 1 do bomhazclts ; 1 do cambric uus lini ; 2 do tapes ; 2 do bed ticks ; 2 do Irish lint ns ; 1 do while leant ; 2 do black crapei ; I do ribbons ; I do nun'i thread ; 1 do bobrnus, 1 do artificial t .wers ; 1 do cotton balls 1 the principal jart ol which on a credit of Hi) days, and a variety of goods not particularised. At XII o'clock, 1 Lbd. of Hibberts brown stout; 60 bbls Ameiicas porter, and 100 dozen cider . MARBLE fOR BUtLUlJW, It. TU E proprietors of the southern marble qnal ries, near Kmg's - Bridge, givo notice, tliat they have on hand, and are receiving, at the A'ine'j - 3ndr Marble end Lime - lard, foot of Ueach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following d Knpuooa, vis ; Achlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pibcesy Facings Columui AVaUrtabU S'epa , Platforms Bills, Linlels Arches Alo Lime efOit best quality. tTJr A constant supply of the above material may be calculated Uwn; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to , EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 1 At the Yard. itfo.v A - ; IO LOAN. 4O (l"DOLLARS to lean, in sums to 0,vFVV suit applicants, on bond with mortgage upon approved property. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be generally mad through the year, and mortgages disposed of. Je 6 tf NOTiCE. Otr This is lo forbid all person! Irustins the crew of the Portuguese hiig Sophia, Lopes mas ter, no cienisoiincircniiiiaclingwill ne paid hy (he captain or consignee. Je 24 OTr The Quarterly Mtetnur of tlie Female Union Society for the promotion of Sabbath Schools - , will be held in the Lecture Room of the Methodist Church in John street, on Wednesday. the tint til July. The superintendents and teach ers are requested to he punctual in their attend ance, at Imlf past 10 o'ekek. A. M. Ladies. subscribers, or others interested in the insti tution, ure respectlully invited to attend, at 11 o'clot k. Subscription! fot the present year will be then icreived. Subscribers are earnestly requested to lend the amount ol their subscriptions, in order to save the expense of employing a collector. Je87 L. JOHNSON, Secretary. UNCIXNAtl. ' - 05" The Annual meeting of the New - York Stale Society of tbe Cincinnati, will be held at the City Hall, on the 4th day of J uly neat, at IS o'cloclt precisely, when the officeri for the ensuing year, will he elected and the ordinary busif cess of the Society transacted. 'lie Society will dine on that day at Washington Hall, precisely at 4 o'clock. P. M. Mem bers of the respective state Societies are respect lully invited (o.ioin in the t lrbrat)on of tbe dny. By order, D. E. DUNSCOMB, 8ec'rys Je27 Ct ir JOHN C. HAMILTON. Commiseioner for the acknowledgement of Deeds, ire. ha removed to tbe office, comer of Cedar and Narsati streets. Law Buildings,; No 1 Je 29 1m 0O The concluding examination of the students of Columbia College, will commence, with that ol the senior class, on Tuesday, July 7, at 9 o'clock, A. M. The attendance of the graduates and of the trustee of the College, of the Rer. Clergy ol the city, and ol the parent and guar dians ofthe students, is respectfully requested. WM. HARRIS, Pres. Col. Coll. Columbia College, June 33, 181(1. Jef97t ' A CARD. 03" At the particular solicitations of the Lady subscribers, the New - York Salt Water Float - iug Bath will be removed to her old station at tbe foot of Murray - street, this day, where it will continue open every day, from sunrise In Uie , morning, until 10 o'clock at night, during the bathing season. It is hoped when the Ladie of lhi city know that (his large building, wbicb will accommodate two or Ihiee hundred person at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment on Moudays and Wednesdays of each week until 2 o'clock, that they will give that encouragement which such an appropriation deserve. On a'i other days they have their owo apartment only. The greatest possible attention will be pnl. t be until at tbe Battery is open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle j men only. Je 29 NOIICE. (ty All penoAi having claims against the ei - tate of John Linan, deceased, are desired to pre sent them for settlement to the subscriber, and inose inaeiiled to siiid estate are requested to make payntnt, to him without delay. JAMES M'MRIDEi Je 29 1m Acting Executor. PRINTERS f Ar respectfully informed, that a rtgiilrr is kept at the PRINTERS' WARE - HOUSE, 32 Burling - slip where the names of such men as want employment, and those who with to obtain woikmen, will be entered and any information gratuitously given to Uie profesuou 00 that ubject. J30 Hue Thousand Dollar Prise. (fc - No. 7339, being Urn first drawn number yesiurday, the 1 Jin osy oj a rawing in uie mu - frj Uwego Road Lottery, was entitled to the prize of one thoui - aed dollar. It was eold in snares 01 uraeis ny u. at WAITE, Maiden - lane, woe - re me lonunnie noiac - r may receive (he cash lor it immediately on application. . Je 30 ' ' aJ" NOULE is tiiieby given to the block - holder of the fluthtnf fj Ju'ewtrm Turnpike, Itridqe r.nd Road Company, tkat the annual r.lec'ion for Director to manage the concern of sjiJ Company, for the ensuing year, will be held at fcTKlOKLAND's Hotel, n Flubbing, on Tueaday the, 7tli of July next, between the hour of 3 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Bv order of the Board of Director. WM. FRINGE, Pres't, Flushing, June 20th, 1813 je30 lw . tlAI'ULt, HOKsb. F OR :! aaelsgant ctddle Ho se. Eaqair at REDONS stable, iu Beekmaa - treL Je26lw , ' nWd or three single gentle mee can be haaJ - . 1 scanty acomusodaud ssiUi board t rc 39 BrcHdiay. . .a . TW in FOR SALE. iows, S4 Leonard - itrtcU 4 DARK Gray FONtV. live years ldthi A fall. ond aod kid harnes. ALSO, fc - d second rumded Coach ex, tr, good order k M - AlsjacoodGio end Uarhki; all lobe Lir'h.nfcrcb. niuirclChnlI.Bi -

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