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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, July 1, 1818
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From tht Jfetckompihir UmltntL , 44 Tlirt stood stera Putnam, team'd with many a scar, 44 The vtteraa honors of ail earlier war. ' The k'utonof CufusuVus, Vock V. ' Having read with the mixed feelings of plea - - . turi and pain, an actouut of the battle, of Buo - '"' ker Hilt, improperly so called, and various other ' contradictory account! upon tu tame taojeci, i bar beta induced, - from a belief that it w my - doty, to cause to be made public what I too ' relating to that important event. My occupa tion k1 sphere of life dm been snch, that m do . iog this, I deem it prsper to avail mrseii we - assistance of another, io giving my stawnitui m auch language ai U tuitablt for lb public eye. I felt it a pleasure in perusing the account gen. " Pcarboraha given of a transaction to interot - ing and important to my country, ww . , a tittle - enhanced by tne recollection that m it I , . if. I &H a rainfol rfSTet to . uiin linn uajiv.t " I .observe so large a portion of lha narraUve ta ken up with remark tending to destroy what I be lieve to be the well earned reputation 01 Pntnam : a man whom I heard on that memo. raWe dav. animating th troopi by nit P. aad felt mjuAC, io common, ai I believe, wuo my 'fcllow - sohhtrs, eoeouragea oj ( private In captain Jonathan hit 1.1. h, mI. Junes Reed' reriment, - lainrerioutto the battle of Breed' : HilL wa had our garters on Charlestown ueck. - in the evening we heard a pany oi wy. ing by oar quarter, and oon lrut&at were going to fortify om part of Charlotown fctigbt. Knowing that the consequence of this measure would be important, we were aoaiounj waitior for the da wn of dy, to know what would be the result. When il wa uincienuy iigui, the enemy observed the work, and a imarl can - nosadins commenced from Copp' 1111. in Bos - and ihediinDinria the harbor, which con' lioued daring most of the day, doing, however, tat little damage,, the ihot passing principally over tho work. On the lTtb, our regiment wat ..rH - r,l m An ao our backs, leave them in the quarter, aai march oa to tht hill to reinforce the detachment. In pawing over Banker' Hill nhoiit 1 o'clock. We discovered the first boat cmiiin - r from Co.ton ; and here I think I taw gen. J'utnanj with the troop and some cannon that were there, all appearior busy in preparing for the coming cor.flict This, however, 1 cannot positively assert but I have an indistinct recol lection that I aid, anu oi ice nope anu me con (idence lha presence of a man o highly esteem ed for hi courage, and ardor in the cause in which we were engaged, would naturally iu snir. M iVkan mm arriTn.l nrnr tlin redoubt, we were ordered to nost ourselves in a line along tht rail fence, pile on rails and posts a wo could find them, and then ttan in nay, wnicn we uiu. in about half an hour, as near a I can recollect, xJ. stark' resiment came op, and took pait a long the rail fence on our left, fortifying it as well as they could with rail and hay ir. tht tame manner that wt did. I UunK it was aooui an Lour after we commenced pnttior rails and hay to the fence, before the enemy came up. The C m.ajV Ik. mmwm4 hm4iaai Ia nnffMlt fh men from firine too ooa at length the action commenced witliout any regular order, and the firing was incessant throughout the wnoie line ; oLTicer interspersed promiscuously among the men, and all loading and firing as fast as they could. How long it was before the ranks ol the enemy were to thinned and broken as to induce them to retire - out of the rearh of our musket balls I cannot tell but I well recollect that I expended fifteen cartridges, which number I ascertained by counting what I had remaining af - HtAl(l I ill. I nnt nmhn.hlv fire iuitt to often a my fallow - soldiers did, owing ta the necessity I wa under of extricating my balls from the cartridge to which they were affixed, tht bore of my gun being too small to ad .nit them with lha paper. During this cessation, while the enemy had retired, at we afterwards found, to form anew, I - ery well remember eeing gen. Putnam com - 1111 BUUI GUUV IIUU1 Uiw I V'.tu.'., v. av,'., '" marching by, till he reach - J about the centre of oU Reed' regiment, when he made a twit, turned round and addressed the meo, warmly praiiing them for their bravery and encouraging them to fight well should the enemy come on a - rain. The particular words lie made use of I cannot recollect, but thi wa the purport of hem. To answer the question, 44 how should ho know gen. Tutnam i" 1 will here rtate that I bad removed from Pomfretia Connecticut, where I was born and brought up, to ritzw'lliam, in this state, about eighteen mouth prior to the battle of Breed' Hill ,; and at the former place I wa well acquainted with gen. Putnam, that is with his appearance, voice and reputation. It will not be supposed that I could have any inti - uiary with him, for he wa an aged man even at that time, and I was only a boy. But I !iall ne - vtr forzet. how much my (eelinz were elated at that moment, by the presence, tho praise and the encouragement ol a man standing to ue - tervclly high in public esteem, and with whose appearance and character I wa so tamiuar. 44 When the British came up the last time, there 'was very little firiug on cither tide, for they xlrore on with chaired bayonet without any Atop, and the cry soon was 44 men take care of yourselvts,'' when a general retreat commen ce l. It is mv decided and firm belief th'it sua. Putnam was alternately at the redoubt and on the elevated ground of Bunker's Hill during the whole action, except at the time I have mentioned teeing and hearing him at the rail fence - On the summit of Bunker's Hill he could not only have a clear view of the contending armies, to thai be could profit by the morcmeuts of the enemy should any opportunity offer, but ha likewise ivid a full view of Boston, Copp's Hill and the shipping in tho harlor. Here alo was the best opportunity to observe any attempt that misfit be mado to land a detachment further up the river to cut off onr retreat. And this appears to me to be a proper disposition of time and pta' c for an officer anxious to perform his duly. That ha could not have been with berrub appears to pie to be certain, for Gorriih was during the whole action as I Uarnt that very uighl on the notth west tide of Bunker' Hill, out of the reach cf danger. Had gen. Putnam been thore with him I cannot see how he should escapo the appellation 6f a coward at that time so liberally bettowed on Gemsh throughout the whole army. So fr from this, it wa told me on the same evening, fir the troopi were posted for thtnhrhtand recounting tht transaction of the tray, thai when our men were compelled to retreat gen. Putnam could not refrain from shed - ding tears ; and this was a gwtcrtd wying among tht raUbor tit the time. 41 1 will here otiervc,that io those day it would have been considered improper nor a mark of cowardice in a general officer when compelled to retreat frosa a redoubt to have endeavored to save such entrenching tools as were at hand, and to have set the example by lakinr some himself, nd this coincides with the character of gen. Put - bain. If he was seen with tools of thia kiad in his hands, it would hnve been well in the narrator to have Utl us where he could have found them exeepl at the redoubt, at which place they were in constant nse until about the time the c. ttoa commenced ; and it cannot be presumed that be neia Tliem in his tnnds during the whole en - raiment 1 certainly he had Done whsn t il. mil fooca. It hat been id Uiat gen. Putnam w t en uuibe irth - wet tido of Bunker's 11:11 pot.iii; his tent U(n his horae." I never Vne W tit there wr my lens in the American artrv ai mat nine 'or mveir l never mtr one til the battle of Breed' Hdl; but tillthyl mizni nav? on nsea amonr me rrc - oo at Ilex I bury. Does it appear probable that men who! wert go - oa a haxardsu enlerpriie to work bL i a to nec the ker' ... I II the not I for the at log a as of it ncht would have tWmbereJ their march with City HaH Recorder, ft hi nnfoonJcd and pr - iochanppcadj? poateroq claim ! tht eiclutivo. right cf to - I received oo wound in the eogagtiMeat, and te, public of what paane fa our court pTuw , aVas u in the first part of the action. W hile rertiog with one koee npoa the ground, and aiming Ihro' . T ir , middle rad between myself and the man neat to . . .. A the circamitancei relating to the death the British officer, maj. fitcaini, are narraieu br tren. Uearborn very oulereat from what I un dentood them at the time, I will here merely ttate that it wa told me by my felow - ioldier while every thing waa yet fresh in the memory. that mnj. fitcaira wa tM nrit man uiat mount ed the parapet, and immediately exclaimed. ' disiere ye rebeli, the day is our to which be added an oath. Instantly ha wa shot dead and the body pitched forward into the work A I wa not in the redoubt 1 cannot vouch for the correctness of this statement, but I taw uo Uniiaa oincer on bone back that day I have no other inducement in makin? this statement, to which 1 am at anv time readv to mane oam, inana uesir 10 give this my public testimony, at a time whan In tvithlmM it be wroiir, in favor of a brave and nieritiirinn, oincer. wi n nr.l friji nr iv..i.i w - wwhwhvw w. .BMIIUC - : L I . i wu ui un iu uae, wnoee name wa coupled with dauntltu irarrrv durior the whole Ameri can revolution, and whose memory appear to me uj oe wanuiuiy anu unuccessanl v attar kJ in manner aunonorabie to our republic. .. ' JOHN BARKER, Stoddard, N. II. June 23. 1SIR Capt. John Barker, whose i - natnre nfR.l to tlie above, i an intelligent independent Yeoman, of reipectable character, in the town in whkh he resides, and ha been well tnutwn n,i esteemed as Fucn, ir more than 30 years, by many of the citizen of this villas. H several campaign in the revolutionary war, and commanded a fine company of iufantry in tht iuwu ui i.enuiinsier, in I lyj or J, ceruiy, mat I belouced to caut. Ftiles' company in Mark' regiment. That on Friday "" - ""6 s.Ky iirevioui c mt Dattio of Hun kr' or Breed' Hill) wadetatcbed with capt. StUe and half of his company on 44 Temple's gnarci," t. gtianl the house and cfiects of tvoDert l em pic, a torv. and that wn wrr - m reuevea unUl 10 o'clock the nexl day, when we were ordered Io for refreshments, then repair to piougfud hill, near the Neck, and in. wan juroiucra. we arnveil here IkIFm.! o - r . . . We arriveil here about - s ;w moment ueiort the "tne - ral fire took place. In alout 15 minutes, gen. Putnam camo io full gallop from the JV'ec, to cipi. oiues, ana ajdresjea the troopi with 44 i)i my irere boys, far i7oT take, ut Jrire them!'1 un wis cai t. utiles immediatelv led hi mm. I.i. dian file, over the Neck, and io arriv.,1 si oreetl' mil. J here can be no mUikn hr. capi. ouies, ana I presume every man in his company knew general Putnam by sijrht, ier M.u w. .. . . ' I . wcuy wen. ueu. V't activity and intrepidity gave t new Iile, and it wa not many minutes W" WCr Bear ,he fort At r4'" ' ar' riVtd 10 teaion to receive a flesh Wound in lh K;I. oft - . J:k r ..... , . "& um.u.ujiuj a or o rounus, anu seve - 1 ral minutes elapsed after llii.. before the srcneral I retreat took place. 44 SAMUEL B.tSSETT. """ci i ioio." Air. Bassett i a respectable citizen of this town, aud has been known as uch bv the inhal.i. lauu lor ai icasi jorlyycart. As Potuam immediately roJo off. nftrr a,1. dressing capt. Stiles and his men, it it uot highly probable he also visited the other troop in the vicinity, who, it is known did not all rrnsa the k ? And a the. batl Io ended so soon after capt. Stile arrived, it is rationally accounted lor that retreating party should see Putnam o Bun Hill, returning, after ho had only rartiallv of I l i I it ucceeded in briurinsr un reinforcement.. Allyelvrs. in rftt f ait H ik. rn.. . . . I Oil IlDlfl IhA rvir4mn mUkl I. . .. - I. , I .v.. u.i0u. iicvu uxu, Piiln. ml. ........ K.. I.t it ... 1 nuiu.ai9 7ci un.,, - uic, "icouianot onnrinorpr dogs up." The cros fire on the neck did deter him from passing it, on pur,oe, it would appear to bring on the troopi ; and if a coward, why agaio expose himself to return. nt time he must have tpeot in harrangning the troops after he left capt. Stiles, account fully his being on Buuk,er' Hill when seen after battle, la conversation with Mr. Bassett, who appear to have a clear recollection, we are induced to believe there were no troops on Bun - ker's Hill, except cattering men, leadiug off the wounded, kc. when he passed, and that the troop with gen. Putnam, when met by Dearborn, were such as he had induced to cros the neck, and had arrired thus far, when the fori was taken and a generhl retreat wa ordered. Gen. Dearborn ay, gcu. Putnam wa ou Bunker's Hill when he went on 4 and remiinod there uutil tho retreat." If so, hit gho.t musl have addressed cspt. Slilesl Hw could gea. Dearborn know where Putnam was all tins time f Ho was finting brutely and tanusllj, no doubt the rail fence, and tUerrfare knows that Putnam and Gcrrih were tugithtr, on Buuker's Hiil during the irWe tutton! Can there be a question that Putnsia was on Breed' Hill tW. the first part of the action, altho' he might not be ocu by Dearborn, who saw only tho enemy, so actively was he tngagf.l, and yot l few minutes before been seen un bunker's IliU ; and in fact tint he, the most proper perwin crossed the neck in the midit of the battle j.ur - roely to urge on tho scattered, un hsciplincd bodies of men, who hid not pasjed Is not capt. Barker's pontile evidence on this pninl, better than tlie negative evidence of grn. Dearborn, who was stationed "40 yards in the rear of the redoubt, towardj MviUc liver:" Header ra fleet. The Palrint ayi had there been a in"1e paragraph ot tcMimony" pu!ili. - hed in tho Aniline, proving the activity or UTluIni m of j;c - ii. Put am on Bunker Ilili, the Patriot Would not havn concealed il. Jude, wlio charai tcr comes fair and tmimpeacbeil before the ublic, says, speaking ul the balllc, 41 Ot the - o(R errs on the ground, the mo t active within my o! - servation were 51 u. ruitiain, col. rrcirott and capl. Knowlton." Oa tli gross miin present - Uoti of the editor thus proved to his tcclh, we forbear my remark. XF.tV - YOKK r.FF.MMl tuST. WKDNKSDAY, Jl'LY.l. JL rire. Thi morning juft at day liht a fire broke out ia the bakery occupied by Mr. Farrow, in Veicy - slreet, and before it could be g - l under consumed sere ral dwelling lioue, and much, damaged other. .1 usong the former was house owned by Mr. Mount and another by Mr. Brooke ; among the latter a house of Mr. Gosmao'i and another of Mr. Myatx's. Three persons, oue of whom was alderman Hopeon, were much injured by the fall of a chimney. Further particular wt have not heard. The National Advocate referred to yesterday, happening to lie open oo my desk, was that of Monday ; which render the expression intelli gible and unaffected. A to the editorial article tliis morning, I presume not tomeddie with it ; distinctions are worthy of the place they oc cupy. I only desire the friends of Mr. Sanford to recollect it was not I, that rendered him ridi cutout by instituting comparisuut that mu.t put niB blush CeKtor u rettixtj, and Iboosh the castiiratjon whkh it bestow oa Mr. Rogers, editor of the Mi lW I that no great ur punihent need bt inflirted on j (jj, (Qfu, mU( tj to leave bun to feait oa U. malevolence that rankle in hi. cwa bosom I I The author will therefor tictite u for not " J tarting bit article. Stcum Suique, ia not rejected: We would thank the writer to call at the office to - morrow forenoon. Corrttptndenli, on the subject of street regu lationj, must excuae iu one day longer. Tht cotton crop in Georgia are said to wear a very favorable aspect.. Freight from Savan nah to Lirerpool on the 19th iott. I l - 4d. per lb, on cotton. " By the schr JN issau, we have received Mobile Gait tie to the 3d June, ceotaiuinga coofirma tion of the capture of l'tnsacola bv' gen. Jack . M:tv i. ...1... r Wn. NIUI 14 S LWUHUlli Advertbed in the Mobile Cazette of June ?d : 5ch Peggy, Hall, for M. York, by II. D. Mer rill; new brig Mary, LuoL for N. York or Bos ton as freight may ofli - r; by II. l. .Verritt ; sch Albatross, tollinj, lor n. Yorkand Bostou, toail 10th June, by JI. 1). Merritt; tch Aim Minn, Wrizht, for iV. York, by Judson & Banks; srh M'Douough, M'Cloud, lor N. Orleans, by II. D. Merritt. Extract of a letter to the eJitor of the Hiilade) - phia Democratic Tress, dated "St. 7Aom, 11th June, 1018. 44 We have positive news here, that about a week a jo, the independent reo. Bermudos. at tacked Cumaoa with all the force he could set together, and was totally defeated. In the late battle near Cahboza, the iuJepenUents were completely routed. Bolivar i missing, and the general Morillo ha offered a reward for him dead or alive. It seems that the independents in that quarter, are routed every where, aad I really fear that that independence which ha already cost to mui h blood, and caused so muct. mi'crv in the struir'le to obtain it. is nearlv at an end. The greater part of the country through - uui ciiftui.m I, aiman miueu, ana uienumucr of its inhabitants erra!ydunini. - hed. How Mo rillo will now act, made a question br many. even his friends. They arc apprehcuiive that ne will return to tlie exerci - e ol hi habitual era elt y towards the vanquished. I ho independent .Spaniard here hare lost nearly all hopes; some reproach Bolivar, who, on me opening ol the campaign, had 9,000 men, wnereas uioriuo nail out 4,uw, ana very It w cavalry. Of these but 8,500 were Spanish d diers. the other Creoles, who would, it is said, hare jmf J I501'1"00 U'8 ""I appearance, that he could maintain liimulf. nl iht . - . h - ... ""." uiu every iiiuig io unve intelligent men Iron) him, and acted with much hauliliiiMi a Ik. rhi.fni the military and civil affairs. This has eiven great umbrage, but it prabaWy is with him, as it :encrally happen, when a man docs not urce,l ?reat fault is found. conduct. &c. is then rrih..l i ki.n tt" that the rest of the iiidciieDdent arciv. chiefly mounted men, have taken the road to St. Fern - index de pnra. Morale pursue, and here ia supposed they will finally enclose them selves in Augustura, where Ihey are already in . C . 1 ' .. wm ui eTery ining. i nave oeen credibly informed that they have neither arms nor ammu nition. One of the principal officers nt that place, writes that Ihey can only defend Ihero - l - . . " ( v Mo. w, i u v 1 tfl . ' . I , ... Muie, ii uai worse, ineyunve oeiuier money produce to pay any one Uiat would nunly them. Under all these cirrnmstanrr it is unac countable that their admiral llriou is still at Mo - aa, intercepting trifling Spanish vessels, when with his really respectable sqiradroo ho could perhap relieve and reinforce hit despondiog friends, lite independents here find great fault with him on this account. 44 For almost 15 days the American sloop of war nornct, ciipt. Heart, was on a visit in the harbour of it. Thomas; the came from Port - au - Prince last, and has Mr. Baptiste Irvine on board : she left here fur Augustura St. Thom in the Orenoke Mr. Irvine appear to be a commissioner cn the part of tlie United States claiming trom bolivar, some condemned American property. Cpt ltetd wa justly admired by every b;x'.y for his gentlemanly and a - greeaUs deportment. The Hornet saluted the fiivt and town with 17 gun, which ws returned by the same number. I irn not quite ure on thi point, and Lave no lime for this opportunity to enquire. Cjpt. Kcad and offi cers were invites by the commandant to dinner, at which the Governor General Vo;i Ben - xon, who was then here, presided. Several American f;entlc - n.en were uUo invited, with a number of the officers cf government, and respectable inhabitant of this place. It u - a flatter inir to nic to see the attention andcirili. lies paid to our officers, and particularly grat - if)injf to see the favorite lloinc - t in this harbor, where no American vessel of war has beer, seen lor 10 or 12 crs last past. The Hot - ntt'ii arrival here gave rise to no unfavorable conf ei salioii as to the U. States, ami I believe that occasional visits abroad of our ships of war, particularly such been tictorioiu in the late glorious contest x. si Is the lords ol the i.aun, would tend to !x - n. lit the L. Stat - i, especi uly when Ihe ofiicrri rjiuluct thciii - sclves so modestly and gentlemanly as all on hoard the Hornet have !one here. The Hornet I understand goes to Copenhagen, after having landed .Mr. Irvine at Augustura." I lie loyalists have posseMun of Calabosa. From tht Moh lc Gastl. Jioit 2. An express arrived here ou Thursday cvenin? la - t, gcii. Jackon, who l,aj taken possesion of Penacola, and on Wed:ielay ha.l com - oicuccd ao attack oa the pani. - h fort at the Bar rancas; me express was tlio hearer of an order from tht veaeral. to the commanding athrmr at F ort CharTolto, in this (own, an extract of which follow : " The commanding general directs, that yon immediately put in movement for this place, two long 13 or 24 pounders, with 'J00 rounds for ech, of round ihot, xu i0 rounds of grape and caunirler for each; likewise, 150 shells for C 1 - 2 inch howitzer, (if uot prepared) lha fuzecs musl accoujpiuiy them. You will alio briug with you 50,000 niufkut cartridge, some lifle powder and lead, iukI a thousand flint, Ac. and it is expected that you will labor diy and night, for the immediate acco3iplihinnt of this object, &c." Lieut. Robert Be nil, of the corps of artillery, was in Command here, and we hove seldom wil - iicwe - 1 greater exertions than wore made by that iudcfaligalile officer. AltVmh he had much to prepare to satisfy the general's order, and receiving the order late ou Tborvlay nigh', yet he was prepareU to sail for the Barrancas, by 12 A. M. oa Friday. The alacrity, promptness tod expedition with which lieu". Beall cvecuted the order of the geiici - sl, Diut receive the praise of tlie army, aod has diawn forth the ananimous plaodil of oar citizen. Yesterday as Lieut Beall wa on the eve of! departure, our citizens regretting it, yet wish - ing him good tpord, another express, arrived, bringing the important intelligence, that the Spanish Fort at Barranca bad surrendered to General Jackson, and the army under his command on Thursday last ; the eiprcss was the j bearer of an order, an extract of ahich ixts ' hUe : TLls Fort litvuiz turrenJcrcd to Ma jor General Jackson, he bat been pleated to countermand the order given yctterday, for guru, store, ke. Should you have tent down ta Mobile point for the gun, be pleased to direct the schooner to return.' We understand the Spaniards have bad kil led one man and fourteen wounded. 1 lie A mericans two killed and three wounded. Tht season has been to backward and cold, that wt learn that considerable cotton hat been destroyed by the frost. Cotton seed is now in great demand, and it bringing an exorbitant price. FnvxtheK'alional JnteUitmrer, Jnne 59. Tlie President left the city on Saturday, with his family, on a visit to his farm in V irsiuia. We learn from letter received in thi city. that Messrs. Rodney and Graham left Bueuos Ay res on the 24th April, for Monte Video, to embark in the Congress, en their return home ; and, a they intended, we understand, merely to touch at one or two place on the coast, their their arrival may be looked for every clay. Mr. Bland doe not come home in tht Congre, Hav ing, as already dated, undertaken a visit across the continent to Chili, which will necessarily de lay hi return lor tome time. Letters from the commissioner to the govern ment, were, we are Informed, forwarded by the Woodrop aims, but they bad not reached here on caturuay. Vailousar the opinion which continue to be expressed by our newspaper on the proceed' ing of general Jackson in Florida, and we are sorry to observe in some instances, the same precipitate and premature condemnation cf those proceedings which we lately took occasion to no tice. It cannot be long before general Jackson renders to the government an amount of his acts and the principles and motives which directed hi conduct; and it is due to his character, to hise - minent public services, aud to justice, to wait this avowal, before any opinion bo pronounced on his conduct. Feeliug thus, in regard to what we consider due to general Jackson, it may still not be improper to remark, in reference to those animadversions which include thegovernineul in the ceusure bestowed on the general, that, we believe no instructions have been issued to that officer by the executive, not strictly conformable te tut message ol the 1 resioeut to longm, ol the Sath March last. HARTFORD, June SO. The supreme court of errors closed their June term last Thursday. The docket wa untiii:d - ly large ; and the cases presented many points ol interest and imiiortance. We have not time to give a complete summary of Ihe decisions. We select the following : Negotiable notes, payahle at a future day, are entitled to 3 days of grace, though not made payablo at or discounted by, a bank. The proprietor) of laud on Connecti cut river, above the flowing of the tido, l.ave an exclusive right of fishery, and of the use of the wa'er generally, to the middle of the river, sub. ject ouly to the public right of passage with boats, rafls, ic I he 44 Lord's - dsy," on which the service of civil process is prohibited by our statute, uocs uot begin Lelore day - break in the morning, nor continue after theliht disappears in tne evening. Westcukstkb. (N Y.) Jnne 30. LiitivtsinffCatatfophe - On Wednesday last, the dwelling house and store, together with the furniture, stock in trade, &c of Bedford in this county, were consumed by tire, occasioned by the explosion of gunpowder. The circum stance attending this deplorable event, were, we understand, as follows : Mr. Smith had that morning put chased a quantity of powder, a kec of which was con veyed to tlie lott over the store, and most of the remainder carefully put into canisters ; but, unfortunately, a small quanity was left ex posed on the counter. A neighboring youth coming in to purchase some powder, was desi rous of knowing the quality ; a son of Mr. Smith's (Mr. S. h.mself having left tlie store a tew minutes previous) took up a gun ana Hash ed it in the pan in order to prove it. A tparke reached the powder that lay on the counter, which exploding communicated to the canis ters, and universal destruction immediately ensued. Dreadful to relate, three of Mr. Smith' children, and the unfortunate youth, the innocent cause of the accident, were hemmed in by the fallintr rafters, and the fire in s'antly kindled upon them; one perished in the flames the others were taken through the windows dreadfully burnt, one with his clothes in a blaze, ran toward his house, met his mother on the road, and expired at her ket ; but little hopes were enteitained of the rc - covery of the other two. when wc received the J account. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and that part of tlie family who were in the dwelling bouse, escaped unhurt, though Mrs. Smith was driven against the wall with considerable force. The buildings were soon a heap of ru'.ns. Thus in a sinjrle moment is a worthy citi ren reduced from afliuenceto indigence; late. ly happy m the bosom of a beloved family, he is no weeping over llieir untimely grave. M3V the above fatal accident operate ai a timely warning, and preventive of future mis - lortunes ota s milar nature. We learn that a subscription lias been set on foot, for the relief of this distressed family, headed by the venerable John Joy, who to gether with seme other gentlemen at Bedford, has contributed largely : it is hoped that the exampltt wilt he followed through the county. rHILADELPMIA, June 30, YrMrrd.iy was tlie hottest day experienced her lor some tune, thermometer 9 1 decrees. The 2!!ih it was 92 27 th 90 Stith 90 Yesterday Ihe coroner was called to view Ihe body f Michael Cannon, a native of Ireland, a - Itotit 2 yekrs of age, who came Io his death by drinking cold water, while working at a building in llauovcr - square. Alsn, to view the body of a man who wa a labourer in the lumber - yard of Mr. Broriie, corner i'l Beaver - lnre and Washington street, who came to hi death by drinking told water, aged about 45 year name unknown, but said to be Cuiuings. Also, to view the body of John Kendal, a native of Manchester, England, who came lately irwm Liverpool, in the "hip Draper, and who suddenly died at No. 150 Fly market, he appears to be a stranger, ooe of the witnesses who was examined, says, he belongs to a very reiecU hie lanuly ia England. .Ya. .Untile. Mr. Colcmnn, A you have not yet gone over to the h?; - in - lertet, I hope you will publish the mctiug of a lody quite as respectable as Uie swinish multitude. Your's, CESAR. 'I he dogs held a meeting in grief and d - pair. And a mournful complaint was how I'd from the chair. They growi'd and they snarl'd with just iudi nation, At a law lately rars'J by our far comoration : They wooder'd their friends w bo vote with their hats on, Should place all iheir b've ia the hands of Ben IV! ; A in isoj - iun belong to the householj of r nends, An 1 a Gnuiter is a bore wherever he bends : Then why so severe on the clran - lookin? dosr. Yet yield up your gutters and street to the hoy ? At length, haviug worried and puzzled their ITOUl', And lookVl at the prospect of losses and gains, This one resolution was snappishly taken. 44 Th U member were pledged to save Uuir own 1J10JJ QUIl CORREsho.DEXT. ; Office of the Boston Patriot, . 4 - ' ' ' ; June 89 noon. ' J Arrived, ten Ann, Collins, 30 dys from M. Orleans. Left. May 50. britr Mary, Stickpnle, for Boston next day. Spoke 31st above tlie English Turn, brigs Gov. Crooks and Cobossre Conte. At the ttalize xa intu orig Sampson, Henfield. N York, and tch Hummingbird, 24 day from Norfolk bound up 3d, in tight of tne uaiize, ten uontieuaiion, imiu, irum .no. bile for N Orleans i 17th, "fT Cape Florida, sloop Thorn, Mattin, from N Y'ork for N. Or - lean. Passengers, Messrs. Uenj. Beal, - owan and Cutler. BiigAlmyra, Atwood, 2 days from Savannah about SO passengers. Fussed in the river neat ly up to the City, ship Thomas - Gordon, ami brig Thaddeus, both from Boston ship Francis & Sarah, and brig Margaret Si Sarah, from Boston, had arr. at Savannah. Sell Six Brothers, Smith, Baltimore, 12 days. Sell Leo, Bates, 0 days from Richmond. Sloop Elizabeth, Thornber, Wilmington 11 days. At Quarantine Brig Harriet, Grieve, Z7 days from Tobago. Ship Ten Brothers, Cobb, 51 dayt from Princes' - Island, coast of Africa. Spoke, lat. 26, long 61 30, sch Susannah, 12 day s from Philadelphia for Porto Rico lat 40 20, long 68 50, brig Gambia, Pillsbuiy, 2 days from New - York. D1D, This morning, WILLIAM BF.EKMAN, aged 59 years, an old and respectable inhabitant of this city. Hi friends, and the friends of hi two sons - in - law, FraDcis Peck well and John Bat tin, are requested to attend his funeral this afternoon, at half past 5 o'clock, at hit late residence, corner of Broadway and GraoJ - ftreet, without further invitation. On Monday evening, ELIZA, wife of Hosea Duglois, in the23J year of her age. At Philadelphia li:ut. Charles Antlionr. of Ihe U. S. army. HFEX1XQ POST M.MIJVE LIST. CLEARED. Ship ludcpeodance, Kierisoo, Liverpool ii. uarev & uo. sterling, .viorton, Oporto IV. L. U. Gnswoid. Belfast, L Bunker, Liverpool Hicks. Jenkins ii Co. rYhr. Fair Play, Scoyen, West Indies Sloop Murendovn, Grilling, St Kustatia ti. i - njilti jinRiVEn Tins forktVuo.v. Sch Nassau, Hitchcock, 22 days from Mo bile, with cotton, deer skins, furs and hides, to A & G Whitney, Lawrence, R.ipclye & Co. C M'Kvera, D It Limbcrt, and D H ickham. Left sch Sandusky, Week, just arrived from N York ; brig Mary, l.tint, from I'orUniotiUi, X. II 20 passengers The brig Adze, had arrived in 40 days from Boston. The Kcbrs Peggy, and Washington, were to take troop from I'ensacola to Havana. Sch Freedom, Etheridge, 4 days from Iadi;ui Town, with lumber, to order. Sch Edward Si Mary, Burgrs, 7 dayt from iommersct, ith lumber, bound up the north river. Sloop North - Carolina, Picrson, 4 days from Currituck, with naval stores, to Baker and Robertson. Sloop Hudson, Carey, 4 days from Wilmington, with rice and lumber. Moop Liberty. Hallett, 10 day from Lubec, with plaster, to the master. Sailed in co. with sloop Three Sisters, Howes, for N York. Sloop Mary - Ann, Brook, 1 day from Bridgeport, with corn meal, to Tucker & Laurie. Sloop Oni ego, Hussey, 4 days from Nantucket, with oil, candles and lemons, to order - Sloop Burden. Gaines, 3 days from Hartford, with dry goods, ic. to Fitch, Goodwin & Co. and others. Sloop Huntress, Beechee, 12 hours fioin N Haven, ivitii produce, to the master. Sloop Lady Washington, Gillelt, 8 days from Boston, with beef and lemons, to U Ely, and Bailey & Russell. BELOW 1 ship and 1 brig. . .IRHirtlJ i stST WESUVG. Ship Ontario, Gold, 60 days from Dublin, with coal, earthenware, linen, &.C. to Thomas Shapter, and the master, owners, A Bell, I) S Kennedy, and P Duffy. Passengers, Mr. 1 German and family, R Stephens, and 40 in the steerage. June L, lat 38, long 60, spoke ship Lydia, E'.dridge, 4 days from Il - ltimore for Bristol. 2Ad, lat 40, long 6.1, sell Chai les and John, Porter, from Bristol for Surinam, and wa politely supplied with some ai tides of provisions. urig iiarniony, roroes, u uays irnm caaii - nah, with cotton and dry goods, to J White & Co. J Forbes, J Graham & Co. Gris wolds and Coat; s, Ieeker A: King, Pott Si M'Kinne, and C&H H Mier 6 passengers Monday after noon, Barncgat bearing w. in 9 fathoms wa ter, parsed the Clarissa Si Eliza, in tlie situa tion before reported. Sch Price, f - opcr, 21 day from St. Blasi, Spanish Msine, with hides, cocoa, coffee, cotton, tortoise shell, cocoa nuts, old copper, gum copal, gum elastic, deer and tiger skins, itnd fustic, to II & I) Colheal, and A S Hallett. Spcke, J'liie 19. off Cape Maize, brig Mary, M'Lean, 16 days from New York for Kingston, Jam. June 20, was boarded by a Patriot privateer schr. and treated politely. On the passage, lost overboard Jonathan Young, belonging to the state of Xcw - Yoik. Sch South - Carnlina, Allen, 5 days from Charleston, with cotton, Stc. to Barker & llop - kinH, owners, Jones & Megrath, G G & S How - Lnd, T Mason, G iil.ley, Marsh Sz Brooks, Sturges Ei Sherman, IS Burnett, K Si A Brunei), and P Hale. Passengers, Geo Flagg, esq Mr. J Mackic, lady, 6 children and servant, Mrs. Firk, Mrs. Skinner aud servant, Mr. S I. Cowing, W Cowing, J Reid, E T lioyt, K M Starr, M Starr, J Y Gibson, J Johnson, J Marsh, jtin. U ll ice, W Michelctti, K JJocIgc, II Sler - rill, L. August, 1 Gallahan, and 1 v eltis. Sailed in co. ship Telegraph, for N York. Sch Paragon, Thayer, 6 days fiom Baltimore, with flour,kugar, gin, tea, Lc. to L'lloui - niedieu & Brown, and others. loop Sally, Chacc, 5 day from Newbern, N" C. with sugar and naval stores, to Hyer, Bremner & Co. On Monday, at 10 A - M. spoke brig Henry Clay, from N York for Richmond. Passengers, j Brown and family, J N Allen, N Thomas, S Hathaway, and R Decker. PniiAtiKLrnis, June 3J. Arrived, British sch Rebecca, Girdham, 14 days from Nevis. Sch Sc. Helena, Taylor, 27 days from Saint Jago. Sell Alert, hilton, Boston, 12 day. Chablestos, June 23. Armed, thin Maru ' luneon, sveiinaru, rorismomu, it. lyaays and 4 from Tybce, where she put in, having been driven to leeward. Brig Ruthy, Wie, Boston, 11 dayt. On Sunday morning, oil Cape Roniain, ia 25 fathoms water, saw a brig under her try - sail and f ire - top - mait ttav - sa.1, apparently unmanageable. Sch Eiua, Weeks, X York, 5 days Sloop Stranger, Persons, N York", 6 days. BiLTinonir, June 2. Arrived, British bri Princeis Charlotte, Letiicore, S3 dayt from Guernsey, with 100 passengers. May 27, lat 36, long H, tp ike brig Catharine, of Pliilad. from Orleans, for Lisbon. Sch Flight, Biscoc, 25 days from Pernam - bucn. Left no American vessels. The Sachem of Pliilad. tailed 20 days before for Para. MOBILE, Juu ii Arrived, brig Mary, Lunt, from Portsmouth, AH ; chr Peggy, Usui, from Nassau ; sloop Gen. Jackson, from N Orleans Below, sloop Washington, from Orleans; a ! brig from Baltimore, and several rhr not known. " ; - . , tm mtll a ris . k" Ji. JLXJaJJXX JL JA IS. C. m tn a i w ,i js. Second night or Mr. Cooper's engagen)ent, it i i r . ' u "uu:.oaj x.fpwjn, June TJ. will U UIU UAiM. Castnlio, l'olydore, Cliamoirt, Mr. WoodUi Pntchsil .noainia, snooper Io which will be addnd. Ihe Musical F..'.l LOCK 1 KEY. " 1 vu,n iiik oi mr. sjoooer't gagemeut) OTHLLLO - Othello, Mr. i iin.iirttu ; lapo, mr. cooper. GK AAD COMUERT MR. DUFFY respectfully iniorms the ladie, andeentlcroenofNew York. h.K;...a cert will take place at Tammany HalL THURSDAY, JULY sf tt Mr. and Mis Hewitt, Mr. and Mr Mn. Mr. A. Taylor, ond Mr. Keene h..AT:;? tarily offered thrir wrvice. 6 Leader of the Orchestra, Mr. Ilewiti Atsttd by Mcr.Gentil, OstiarllL Kuueiu' 1c. mid the gcntleiien of Ihe Kuterpeaa SocUty Overture 8.,ng, ThoThofb" byMr.Difly Mmuetto, . pi J, Son?, 44 Home, Love and Liberty," Mr. Keesi Duoi, 44 Vhen thy hnsom heavttthe tigh, by Miss Hewitt and Mr. Taylor. Wait, Queen of 1'ruwia', (with variations ot the Piano Forte) It, Min Hewitt Song, 44 Fly swiftly ye Zephyr," Mrs. Mono rruk.. Concerto on the Flute, Mr. Kinsella. ' I r . A. Iloffmtiitcr PART II. Smfonie, Kretti.r, 4' Love' Yoong Dream," by Mr. Keen Mmuetto, " Sjjmu, Song, 4 Wilt thou ay farewell," I iir m; oong, on mi coin mnty roeK," hy 1 C ci 1 . 1 1 t J a .i i a - . .. I. y - Mr. Taylor uii, xuvi: ec use me." composed expressly for him, by e. Wocdworth, and adapted t ) the Irish Mtlxly of ho By Mr. Kteae tun .icair, ny mr, Jioran, J Andante, Mozart Song, 44 Mad Tom," Mr. Duffy. Purcell Duel, 44 All' Well," by Mers. Kecrve & Oullr To conclude with a full ;;ice, Pley. Doors open ai , coucert commence ateigU .Vlnelr. o'clock. Tickets Io be had at Mr. Dubois' mnri - tore, Broad way ; .Mr. Goodrich' book slort Broadway; .Mr. Wilson' music store, Mid Lane ; R. Wailes, Jua.' Broadway, and at the liar of Tammany Hall. Jy 1 2t BROAD WAY CIRC.U S BETWEEN HESTER AND BROOME ITREETt, ooetuOouooe Entire Change of Performance. ft7 The public are rtspect'ully ioformed III it un pain or ex pence ba been (pared Is render Ihe orrus a cool ncd airy a suiy Theatre or circus in the I'nited State. THURSDAY EVENING, July S, 1818. The performance will commence with the Grand Ai .lmeluke Eutry. Master Thomas will, on one horse, rer'orm many wonderful feat ol hortetsAuship. The wonderful Spanish horse Rmiieo will, after leaping over ttoards aod bar of a prodigious height, kap over one horse, aad conclude by leaping through a hogshead placed on tho back oi aaotuer norsc. . Great Vaultiuir. bv Mr. Garcia. Grand Trampoline Exercises, by Mr. Cossi, a ho will leap over tho shoulder of two uiu, ami conclude by Icapuu tt'.r lour liorsct. Madame Cossio will go 1hrotij;h all tier won - derful feat on the tight rope, dance the gatotts de V tstris minuet, and go through tt.e mantel exercise. Mr. Campbell, in therharacler of Ctowo, will nn one horse, perioral many feat of CiirtD mm) builoonrry, Ac. ' Slack Rope, by Mr. May he. Master M'Caru, tlie wonder of Ihe ag, wip, on one horse, erlorm many wonderful leaf lot a youth, only nine years ol.l, anil conclude by tiding ihi hihrnd, his horse in full speed. Canadian Peasant, or the Mctausnrvhoted E - qtiestrian, by Mr. Tatncll, who willutter au - ny astonishing feats, perforin n wonderful leap iiironen a nousbead, andlisht oa the (addle, hi horse in full speed. . Mill V aultmg, by Ner(. J trie II, Maliye, Ur - ci.1, Cot y, M'Carn, ilhs, I homas, sc. Iickets may be had at the circus from 10 o'clock. A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 Io 5. G. O. is lut'oiBH'd that an answer to bis letter is left at the office he has referred to. Jyl ll Ty" 'I he exceiieut tiand attached to the Mu seum will thi evening perform, in their usual style, a variety of muiic selected from the best authors. A th Museum hat become ooe of Ik most healthy and pleasant resorts, it is hoped that a spLudid company will honor it by their presence. Jy 1 It" , The gentleman who changed Hats at tlie Washington Bath last evening may rectify b mistake by calling at J I It No. ?9 Nassau - street rjj - H'ulern Hark Aotet aud Note of l banks this side of Albany r?ill be purchased at small discount at ALL ENS' Lottery and Exchange office, No. It? Broadway, opposite th City Hotel. Wanted, Charleston, Georgia and North - Carolina large note. Joly 1 D&Clw (jT In pursuajice,ol direction of the committee appointed by the Common Council to make arrangement lor the celebration of the ensuing Anmversnry or American Independence, the bell of the different churche will be rung alsunrie, at noon, and at sunset ; a national salute will bt fired hy the order of the commandant of art i lie. ry at noon ; the dag wilibe displayed at the Battery from sunrise to sunset, and the master of vrtsel in the harbor are requested to display tlie colours from masthead during the day. The contractors of Ihe clrcel are requested to have the streets cleaned co Friday next, throngtr whkh the military and the civil procession will i)s. By order of the Committee. J 1 J. MORTON, Clerk. rot iitm - Hooic. (0 - Capt. .Moore, of the Steam - boat OUVE - BKANCH, begt leave to inform the citizens of New York, that he will proceed to Sandy - Hook on the 4th inst. The boat will leave the wharf precisely at 12 o'clock, and will be amply provided with liquors and provision of the best kind and a superabundance f ice. Eh is is a beautiful tail, and the tea. bathing equal to any whatever. At, however, it is material this hot weather to know the number going, that be may furnish hit table accordingly, he particularly request those persons' who intend partaking of this pleasant excursion, to rive m their name the dav preceeasng, as u Union Line Steam Boat Office, north sdeot the Battery. Passage to the Hoek, 50 cents the same lor returning. Dinner, 75 cent. Jyl 4t S.i.sDY.HOOK. fXT" The steam - boat OUVE - BRAXCH, ul sail on Sunday tho 5th inst. and every Sunday, precisely at i o'clock for Sandy - Hook ; b wiil arrive there about half past IS, and will leave it at half past 4, so a to return to the city at 7. Passenger will be accommodated by Mr. Scbenck, who keep an excellent tavern adjoining the light bouse. Dinner will also bt provided on board for tbot who desire rt. The beach aiJirds excellent sea - bathing, in every rtepert eqaal to Rockaway. Passage to the HooK au ceuts the same lor returning. n .1 : . K . . . . I. .r. wilt If OTIfftPfltU - eut, givt in their names ih day preceding, at the Philadelphia Union Line Coach and Steamboat Office, north side of the Battery. Jltt

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