The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 1, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1818
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Ho. t Jones lane. .UMi'KK 5001 ..WEDNESDAY, JULY l.'lBlC - NO. 49 V1LLIAM - STREET.? - " - er 6k Freight er Cfiwti - r, - The shipTHOM S NEL'VuV, just - reived fom Nevr - Oilei.iis she u a TJuHt, itwng iressei, wen loitnu, wincra . jjqq tons, - can u ci m t i ii iniiig nce sbnoW 'ct "rooKtyn, Where sue 'k fiiminM. For terms, apply to ny D , " - b. W UtsGEKS k CO. . , "" ' 23. I'eurl - stree t. ie i" .. Ji unreel t) ( lia.Her, : A goocl6!nF, if about J00 tons, to W?" IiiaJ in" a southern port for England. WALSH A: G ALLAGHER, Aa ' ' 6 Sciitb - stwet. mi I.?. VHsslTl.'P lf..s - in mIk ii! is ui toini lclrt order. '5u!J proceed to a i,;rrciJU;d - tot - ,.ji; - - vuthero pott unmcui - tei m, apply to the nrd - - V;& S.CRAir.. Hi. DE LUZK, 71 Washington street, i '0. fit. Jj offcn for de, SJ - J hl.H.J ;alt.t WL 2 W case) IU mil Burgundy) vi lit (n MiMPMe . me pcrtvrd per lr L.h, from Martil!ti and envied to debenture. " AIjSUi IS - case Gins TuinMt - rs VS do Olives 25 do Caier ' AM), Sfvera! invoice of French Silk Goods and li - ncurn'iri'ks, recused !iom Havre.' Jal7 i . i tit. i.K.t zEO, ON f.voruolc ttr lor alouc lerui oi years, 4 lo'.s of grouud mi Broadway, 200 feet .lnex'sn to Croby - lrel, oelweeu tics - . J lot in Vviel - M - street, nesriAiiiiarino - marirci. 1 U ii Vulcr - ilrc.t, botweeu Kultou aud Borlir .io)wvcrV. o.hT in ths Stli, fi'.h, (ttb No. ., k.!,Mh,, tre. - t J'Wjl tirs TI.'KPK.NTI.NE li KHSIN. - 5 bl..h r ,,.lt Turpe'itiuc, nd i'J - lo Konn, uita (,n at 15 pcrl; - s'ip, by W. OAVEXPMRT : CO. i)J - S - lriidon Wl.ite Lead in oil ju barrel !i Ury White LeuO 8 tuns Ki"l Lead 31) i).irrft! Kiistid Red Oohre ju do Vinitiae Rrd ; t tons i'uc Litharge JW t.snhiad Wbiiir. 6(1 railiS Pari Wl.ite ; S lilids. Vctdifis W trri 1 1 renrh Yellow Ochre i lict V'( t;iii;iun 4 rant P - BIup, 400IS. - Crome Yellow; Patent Ytllow Spauifb U. - own, V entti:a Red, YlIIov. mnoil. ' IthitU, Witfiris, ' Lampblack ; Ivory Black i Purple Crown ' " SpintTnrp'nt?ne ; Linliced Oil M)j bcxts Window C.las aort - d For tale on tbe lowest terms, for cash or at s!i"rl cpi!it, bv ' ' PETER SC1IF.RMERIIOIIX k SON3, m, 43 WatiT - strL 1'i.Aair.H Or' - .lUAau'AC'IORlft At Hie font f lUrriton - streMt, North - River. . BTiintK manufarfured Plater. fororni - , V V M other T! p.nw, tuay be had. war - sltll;il Vury, W 4 - r mnm la fi' t renin per tnuhel. . The manufactory it cflfldected by Mr.. John , Toct;r, whob eivel rtjulsr apjirenlice - liiatolliewasou busiats. nilil JOHN BYKRi?. fi RE EN COf'KEE - A few bhds very green JT - Jamaica coffer, lor tale by R. GILLESPIE, Hi Fr. t - si reef. J OilS !lt.KFr.KNAX,Jl3uu" - ir", olltrs Ibrsnle , 51 c oonsCaraccas Flora Indigo 17a bales liomlon market Goat ckmi 6 d. small do. 1 1 skins dMt s 11 bbls swe - t fri - sh shelled almonds 52 ceroons bitttr do. do. 76 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel ;li. 1 ilo. carrawaj do. J une 20 lm li RICK 60.01X) hard bm k, for wle by ANSON G. PHELPS, . i7. ma rront - st. 7 11 EM IC A LS, C(;L Rf , c V; l.inm Salts,ln caktof 2i.wt. yUajpM'ne?ii, incae l)o il ) small squares Calcined do in phials Rochclle Salt". Acid Tartar Citrn Acid, Bin - Verdilt ria firkin Patent yelhw. Kings Yellow Rtgulusof Antimony 0 CUSS, BUTTONS, &c. Fnwline 1'itH - es. assorted, well finislied Do do in ninscoat cases, tincly D iiilied with apparatus coniplelo .Duslling Pistols incase (old Epaulette ' Naval nnd Military Sword Belli Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Cnpiterplute furen;ravcrs Mallienintira! loitruiin'nts Kolliii - Parali i Rulrrs . Mariners compasses, telescope Opera glisscs, microscope 3 elt!i splendid du stmen cin - elin ivory Tortoise and turtle li?il tea caiUlit - s . Patent corkscrews, silver pencil ca - .es, for sale by J. LAMHKUT, je 13 J Cotirtlaiult - etrret IUM S rO.VES.BRIS I'OL WARE, BOT - .l I LE'a, ic tiOO small size Grindstones tMortd 20 large do do 5 o 14 cwt TVeigbt, each , b0 crates Rrift - d Ware Gallon at half nnllou Botld't for wine Chauiiiait'ii lull sum Quart do London and wine Pint do. (in small size ilainr) Gallon K half ealloo Demijohns nt tipped Pipes, from 16 to CI inches Large buvl Netrro do. and 1 cask English Shoe Thread, just received, and for sal by WILLIAM COW LEV, Jed lm 164 Water - stnet. foil SALE, by J.1.VK8 P. AAVOK, No. 7, opposite the Park, A irV,0, S'rl,y GF.MON9, in fiue order, in X .r ,t to wiit pore haa ers. J It, rANr:i..3i KUSdA IJL'CK. - jO la.e J - i iiloe .Nankeens Sf'Case comnanr Tellour do StO pieces Rusi a Duck, received wr sloop ana ur sale by GOODHUE & CO. 84 ' - 44 Sootli - stn - et. MELLISH'3 ne'w'Map'of tho Woild Rollers. Price iOdoilar lo I'nited SlHtrs. 10 d'llr 'Jo Travellintr Msp and Directory. 3 doll j o Illinois 50cts. 0 Te ncMn. Uoe k. Kinsilt. large Map of the United I'slaad 4Sbet Map of Europe '"'We by PRIOR .M DUNNING, 111 Water - street. POTTOX. - ifli) bales Cottcm now l.indU VJIS K I " I I t u njk ana vteorgia, ireiu ctb . A Lso. in Slort. bales L'ulanJ r.ti.. . lnf to suit Dnr :ers, HENRf THOMAS, 90 tierrn Ri, landinR frorattlir.l I&, nt Mmruy'i wharf, ioruleby It Arabell CLARK, MOORE & CO. Je 17 41 Sonth - fUNt. ATTIMXl' vVAKl'S, ia,ie of Sea Islaud O CoUoD - aod iied in the rtmin, foriale by . WM. CAMPBELL, JpS - 197 IVsrl - ntrfpf. JibJUUt - E). JAMES P. AM JOE haa taken the itore No. 7 Farlc, recrntly occupied as ' - Ladin' Auction Room, where he intends establishin? hitmelf aia first rate GROCER, and imEfi iellinj for cash only, and at such prices as will jiake it the interest ol the cash 'purchasers to call as above, where he has for sale a general aoiJmrntof Teas, late importation ' I'nre old cognac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirit i, llollaud gin, American de Madeira, 1.. P. Tcoei iflc, Old sherry, Port & nthcr wines Tendon and American parter, Boiled cider Sperm, oil and caudles Eioe old Holland und American cheese Wellllavored raisin?, Fifts, Prune?, Almonds Spice., Beet Spanish cigars, ftraujjlit porter .Vcft oil, Kr. Constant attendance will be in n, aud all favor; duly appreciated. Jam - II tf QWKLI 1U.. vSiilum Kloreuce Oil, 'JU btt - O tits c&cb, for sale by ( Has. j. oguen, & aur. o.;UK., Jf 10 53 Wnshinslon - ntrwf. tj MAUKIHA ti f'JllT ll'IAE. v Qr. a. - ks Miulcira, and 6 LliJs white port wine, for tale bv ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 10 - 112 l'ront - t D LV.NGH, nn. (ai.o. 40 W iiliMm - lrct - l, hasouhaud the following WIM.3 and LIQUORS, selected with judgment by himself, nhi h he offers at wholesale aud retail, war - unlta pure, a imported iMdV ( M.dVira.fromSl.lB 4l)qrca,k. S yri.nwood. Old Madeira, in bottles, from A to 20 years Champaignc, Burgundy, Claret and Sauttrne, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Lbbon, 7 years old 7 do Hierry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste Port, io pi) es and boltlrs Table vt'.ui, for iii quality, the cheapest iu AmTic! Teneriffo, in lih b. Ol 1 Brauily, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohn", containing five gallons each 50 uroce wine lollies N. fl. Those in Hie trade, and country deal ers, will find it to tlirirarrnortl, to tHpply tliein - iclves with wiuej and liquor? nt the ahove establishment, ajtlicy will be certain to obtain at fi les of tbe firt quality, at the lowest prices, una ure as iniicrlru. my v zm ll.LIEI"J'", 4c A j;cnrral u'sortnu.nt of niillinetls, shitlinu". "lie.'tmKf, IIju kotttine and swi - m rofn, lor sale low, by WM. CAjlt'Kl.LL, Miiiiofacturer, JelC l7 Prnrlstreel. rMMX - HLATi:, TH.iVA - CUAlAi, lt. X SOO boxes tin plute' t catUs Trarct . Bras Wire No. 0 60 rusks llamao Cement, now binding, and or saloby : AMJERSO.V (t bHF.AUKK, . i - i v u.r - sireei. ( ""',.. fie Aitieii 4iorv - - : Patent and common Croliua and Vtritiau Hoe v' Sheet Brass of all siiei - ' Brass and copper Wirr Lonilon made nor;kH Rooks and Waists Ladies woik Boies Kr. inv 2. IfARDWARE, CU1LLKV 4sc 2 AX S Srotrh snrme Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handle. 6tc. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do bras cocks, Ac. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tin'd pots and saute pans 1 do fine padlock 4 do Banbury If k, hinge, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, lucks, Sic. 2 do 1IL hinges, fcc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knivei 4 do bltani buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to ?iVl. Alo. a laree and gcucral m - sortment of goods open on the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, by AUA:M9 ol UI.At. K v r.l.l,, may 7 SIS resn - sr. DOMESI IC GOODS. WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, cffiis lor sale on reasonable terms, at his store t9 Penrl street, a fresh suppiyofthe lollowing cooils, vis. ' lO - 'O ps. Willie millineis, naiiusuiiieij n.eaeii u 12 do black do ' ni:d himli'd 1M rasps lili - ac h'd and uublearbM sheetings slurliiiL'i ; tnjetlier with an assortment of II n. Hnitti'ic nnd sewing i: tton. Je 10 I.INGLlAll HAMs. liACOA, c just i I Li ported by the lubvriber. Double Gloucester, Dob bin and Vine An.Io Cheese.oi a very superi or qn.ihty ; lorkr.lnre ai d v lil'inrej uaius; pint s and Hitches ol tCi on, ol a sujx nor qna.iej , r ug lish Lard, in bladders, and sniull timins; Glass andBri tol Stone Ware ; larss Bjttles; riei and Dcmqohis. ALO. A general assortment ol Groceries, r in eau tt, &C. lor ule cheap, lor rain, ny EDiVARD IlLACKlOliO, 157 Greenviich - slrecL Best Havana Segars, in qr. boxes J 18 1m PHKMV MA.K. 4 DIVIDEND of three pr.cent for sis months, rV ending the 30th instant, has been this day terlared payable to the stockholder on Ihe first ol July next. KV order Ol the DOard nt uirccie - is. Jel7 lm I). I. GEV.FNK, Cashier. s iio y Am l l - I. vi hi liunilles round Roits 1 2U0 do Rod lien JO do CWh - pring Steel SO do Gersnan Steel. 200 do Hoops, just received and for ile by ANDERSON I SHEARER, J23 3w nt 131 Water street ji - un.l.KkV. WATCHES. A:c. CASE of sundry Jewellery, tine Cutlery, Silver Hunting and Plain Watches, Dressing Cases nnd Lathes Work'Boxcs 2 case - s Ladies Coriets aswrtc.t. IWuleby J LAMBERT. Je 24 3 Courtland stieet, r?LOUR, TOBACCO, Ac. liibbls. luncrfjne, r and 3Jd. due Richinowl r lour 1 1 bbls. Middlings landing Iroai sloop 1 ol ly and Sv bia, and lor sale by WALSH M GALLAGHER.C6 Soulh - st. U ho hurt alio fur inlc, !0 hhds primv new Richmond Tobacco 20 do old do do (LI An knliu - l do lil iim mnnufartured do. various brJOils and qualities 500 bbls. Richmond Flour, branded irjiuian Mills, iu. 700 do Fredericksburg d.i 3 10 bab - s prime New - Orleans Cotton 25 casks Caret 24 do Ixadon Mustard 5 punchootis Rabbit Skins 500 reams Medium Printing Paper - 100 do rooiicep ...! Je$7 I ICE CARDS, PARCHMENT, COOKS. . 1ARD3 for pnnttra, vmlii.g, Ac. gilt and KJ plain edees. of all s wards lor playing, coloured and plain l Parchment bkins for printers Plan of the city of London, folded on canvass Do of the couutry X4 miles round London : , Picture of l - ondon, with plate Do. of Edinburgh, do Watsons, instructions for the deaf and Dumb. with a volume of plate . t . rursirs Mora oi norm America A ins worth's Lati Dictionaries Barlow's Mathematical do ' . ' Tuckev's Expedition to Uie Congo in South Africa Drake' cbakipeare and his time Memoir ot Ur. Watson, Bishop of Land..!!" God win's lives of the Pliil'ip' Encyclopaedia Britannic a Jolinsun's Dictionary, quarto Krllv's Universal Cambist Jxiltfc's Works, folio Kirkpatrick's Kingdom of Nepaul Edwaid's Botannic Garden Beaumont, Fletcher, Ben Johnson and Shaks - pea re's Works Gibbon, Rollin, Rebellion aud Bolingbroke's Work H'garlb's Work by Cook, Imperial Folio Do do Quarto Carey's Atlas, folio . Arrowsinitli's do ouarto With many rare uud valuable EoglUh works, illustrated with portraits and elegantly bonnd, .. . ' ii. luirn - n lorsaie oy . . i.a.u rc.t i , Je 16 No. 3 Courllamll - street. fllDEK URANDV r4 barrels Cider Bian - J dy, jun rtceived, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, va Front treet. J22 I lATh.NT CHOP A: WIHIE t - AliM. 1 tons patent Shot, (isnorled number for the fensonl 4DU qr. cwt. krg White Lead, ground in oil. I'roiu tbe Miinuluctorv of J. Walker, Alallhy & Co. of Liverpool, noiv lunduii; from shir Dru - iier, and for sale by TUCKER LAURIF.S, Je23 20 South - strei t HURD ti SEW ALL, 65 South - street, oiler for sale BO tons old Sable Russia Imn, P. S. I. A few cases fiue London und Ynrkehiie Cloths 2 rases Cotton Hose assorted 1 do 4 - 4 Iri - b Linens, very stent fabric 2 trunks 6 4 Cnmhrirs 5 bales Kussia Sheetings 4 cuses 'i'miae'i, Jewellery, i'r.adapled Jo the N. West trade, ic. enti'led to deb'r 3 do London m ule Toys, Work Boxes, He. 3 do China Setting Silks 1 do 4 4 black r ringed Hdkt's. " SE ili Double Flcrrnres 2 do Levantines, entitled to debenture 10 baies l!eavy Beert)oom Guir.ihs H do Giila lldkls, led, lilne and while 12 cases men's and hoy's Plated Hat 4 ilo do Japanned Leather d C do do superii r London BcauT do 10OO Musket' witn Bayonets I5 casks Cut Ni!s 4d to 20d 1000 boxes Window (he Bristol factory, 6 I. v Hand 10 by 14 4 asks Brass Cabinet Furniture', tc. Je S7 I OAF i I.UMl'bUGAR, Mc 100 Ouls Ut U ami 2d quality Loal begar 10 bhds and 50 hhle Lump do 500 bulf and qr. boxes Spanish Segar Ks0 kegs first ippility ground Ginger i: bags Racetlo 150 sta ll in" Boston Chocolate " bf 4o Jotiii Wait's do do forsrla by . , JACKSON &WOOLLEY, Jel7 " 75 Wall - strrtt. - stk W .... .. . I SI HA Jf CHJcjV. - - J.JJvf Bushels white torn will be soi l In qdantitieelesuit purchasers, at a very reduced rale, if removed w - ior to the Gt of July, by SALT US, SON SC CO. Jela 6t 32 South - it rilllE LOtitVllaslON COMPANY. No. I4: JL I'earl - f Ireef, offer fur sale ou accommodat ing terms, 10 cases stripes, gooJ colors anil quality II do Cu and coarse ginghams 9 do do checks Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings Bcd - lickiug, cotton balls, kc. Ac. Also, a cood asbortment of broaj cloths, cas!. ... i i - meres, - 8SMnetts anil saninnTs. Jf.i IsurJACCO i FLOUR. 34 Kegs und'4 1 half kess manufactured Tobacco, of excel lent quality, lauding from tbe scbr. Sea Lion in oiore, 100 kegs manui 'd f otiacco, very Cne qnality. !;2 ilo do do . common 20 liluii Uaf do prime 160 bbls. superfine Fkur, IlHxali' brand lltido do do Richmond Mills KU do lo do country brands - For sale nt 106 Front - stn ct. by Je2,5 TROKES. DAVIDSON & CO. pi'PT SAW si, A small invoice of Cast Steel L Pitt Saws, just received and for sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, Je ?5 131 Water - slreet. I l ICILMOAD FLOL'K. 1 10 barrels (city - npptoved brand's LV mill's) superfine Flour. landing and for sale hy GOODHUE fc CO. je it, 44 ."oum - sirert. 1 ANL'FAC'l'UKF.I) TOBACCO, ie - oO if L kegs of cavendish loliacco 50 l i Muall tivirt do. Lauding and for sale luiv. bv 30 bhds. prime Rit hmoiid IVbacco 250 bbls hithmond Country Hour 3Jfl bbls Richmond City do Je 26 CA.VlU.V StJ.Ks. i invoice cf Canton silui, now landing from sloop Express, from Boston, entitled to de benture, consisting of the lollowine articles, 'for ale by PETER REilSKN Si eti 20 Soutli - s'riet. Clack sarsucts, Canton crapes, aborted Naukiu do do Coloured sarsucts, Coloured sewing silks 4 - 4 black frii'gedaud twilled hJkls. Checked do do A in in Store, Black, green, blue and changeable sinrhews Changeable, duelled and figured sarsucts Black and coloured levautiurs 4 - 4 black fringed aud twill.U hJkfs Coloured do do CT ape shawl?, as:orled colours June 24 ; NO I'lCL All ersoiis haring claims against lb estate cf i'homas Brady, late of the city of New - Yoik, deceased, are ieiuested to present the same les.illy authcaticatetl, and all tloe indebted to the S'lid estate are requested to make immediate p.iiuieiitto the sui scriber, who otters for sate the property of the deceased, containing lots frui.tin on the Bowery 25 by 7" feet deep each, and ine on Stanton - street, 25 hy lOt'lret. The h hole premises are rented this year lor f'00 and taxes. An indisputable title will be given lor tht same bv JAMES BARCLAY,. Executor, Je 4 lm No. 3 South - street. S?t I O LET, T?ili A pleasant bark room, at no. 56 Wall street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possesiiiou immediately. Apply in the front ofhee. Je4 FOR SAI.I .10 ream - oi Cassia Tuper, suilie ble for Ban Bnx makers, cf susar Bakers The quality and siie is tl.e same asitie Eveoiag t ost is pnuted on. Afp:y at Uiiscmce. Je 1H LOUI If Jeii :IANA COTTON - 20 bale for sale LE ROY, BAYARD ii CO. WUITEHCAI), &c. ''.' - LANDING at Pine stm t wbhrf. from ship1 Columbia, Heniy Curtis, master, from Uria - tol, England, and for sale by tbe subsc riber, on advantagenu tenuif taken from the ship xu cms, uesi ury wuiie leaa, irou t to Bcwl. eatti i , 280 kegs Pennine ground white lead, in 5Clb. . keg 30 casks red ksd, in casks, from 1 to 3c wt. . each 14 cak Spanish brown, from 3 to 4rwt. each 11 tierce olium, trAn 7 to lOcwt each 11 cask Roman Vitriol, from 4 to Ken t, each S3 casks Venetian Ml, from 2 to - Scwt. each 4 bb'.. blue Liack.ii w tear h . 30 bbls ivory black, fiorn 1 to 3cwt each 2 cask Colcotliar - vitriol, from 2 to dewt eai h . " 4 casks purple hropn, from 2 to 4nwt each 10 bhds. 5tiVrces ninl U bbls Rolti - n tone French Greene. Ve - iW)k: I lutch pink Blue and Greea Verdeter, Bath Smuricg oras'i. Appiyto A. s - iiuncti, Jel'J Ut - li4 Boweiy riltiOR.N K l'ENpL;iON. have eelecled JL. with great Care, for the supplying of (ami lie and (hip stores, the following wines, liquor;, teas, ic. winch they OBi - r ut wholesale and re tail, alNo. b(i itone - strrel .Vadi.ira in glass em 4 wood ' Red port, rorii anjl royal compy" do a fewdozep' of super, quuli'y - Dry Usbon, 11 yeatw' bid Very old sherry, dq" TencrifTd Old brandv, mm aud gin, not reilnro l Ilibbert's brown Jlobt, equal to any in the city Bordeaux sallad oil - Hyson, bj son skin, Jrouug h) mb, foucliN!; i iouchoii teal ' I oaf, lump and Muwova lo sunr i i - n sauces, oegars in qr. hoxe With a general a?sorlmht of groceries, whiih they will warrant to be of (he first quality. Jnne'.M tfw ihlbll LINENS, 'SHEETINGS, Kc. 4 4, 7 8 ninl 3 4 Linen 4 - 4, bikI 5 - 4 fcbeetings 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 I Rtiltt Diaper 3 4 Bcowa and Bl k Linens 4 - 4 Linen Koinoanls 7 - H and 4 - 4 course half blcaehe - d Linens 4 - 4 ni.d 7 - U Liueu, in demi putt. 7 - 8 Dowlas ; .' Colnr'd 'JVcads, assoiled First qnality Irish Sail Duck' MadaKi!am Siiirtiiigs, &nd Linen ftpil - Tieliin?. . Ilei eived per late uftivnls, nnd arc offered for sale on moderate terms, I t y THOMAS SUFFF.RN, JtiS7lw. Nik 6 Depeyster stree t. FOlt SALE. '"IMIF. Cargo of the ship UKACANZA, from L t.'alcutta, l oniosSins of Cotton, Siuur, and Saltpetre. Samples la he seen al 1lie Counting - Ilou of ARCH'D G RACIER SONS. Jc 59 f&, The kiihscntjer idlers tir sale bii rcsi iiKildrnce in the (own of Fit'il'ield. stale ol Coiiueeiie.ut. II is pleasantly situated, on the Boston load, about hull uliule from Long Island Sound, 55 luiles from Ne.v York, niid 20 Irpm New Haven. Tliele..use .n'l.d oul - hoiise arein excellent rc)mir. The iruit yard is well stocked with a variety or peHehes. apricots, Olenitis, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicini ty academics tor tli niueation oi youtii or nmr. sexes. From one tows acres l excellent land, at thu option o( the Pufchaeer, cn be bad with (he houar, and the (iurcbase money, if timiretk e, anu uie purcnase money, si xwsircia, main on inttirKsl. For terms ripply to M . ELY, Esq. 76 John street, N . ork. e llon.7CS5TTLN SPURGES, Fair - can reiua ISAAC or to the ti y 0 rttt DAVID FP7T fIAJX,H A J I - lilLlOUS I'tLLb. 1 A t H1CII have been attended with a dec V V of success highly gratt - ful to the invent or's leeliiig, in several p.trfs or the v est liulies, nun ire Souiiiern . - no nlnldle cpites, particular ly in New York, Philadelphia, Hartiinnre, .Vc. The operation of these pills are perteetly ini'd. sous to be used by persons iu tsery situation ami ol every age. They are excellently adapted to carry of su - perilous Oi.'e, and proven! its morbid secretions ; to resloie and aim rid the appetite ; to produce u tree perspiration, anil tterehy prevent coius which are often of fatal A dose never fails fo remove a cold, if taken on its first sp;e irance. I hey nrc an inlalliUIe preventive oi onions rum o.augnani rever, ana inouio ne uiik urtd for ue, by every seaman and traveller. Prepare d :md Suld at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. i' Alaiden Lane. Druggists and country store keepers supplied on liberal tf - rms. my 16 .1 OIlN llrtfWH'T still rend. sol No. 242 Water street, where, he has a very handsome and lufhicnal'le assortment of Cabinet Furuitme on hand, which he will warrant to be of the first quality. He solicits his New York and southern irundsto gne lum a can, as ne n.iitcrs imnseii the v will not be disappointed. Orders rxeruted nt the shortest notice. J ii tf PROSPECTUS for rrm.isiino bv srjBscRirno.T A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. T MIE pul'liciilion of this Map hits been unler laknn with the impression, that it will ex hihitinioruialiun, highly inti retting at tbisV.vei.t - lul crisis, uad te valuable Maps which the au thurhaf procuri d, during his several tours through Mexico, in tl.e years iwm, luuv, iui, luu, Kilo, la 10. and 1 H 1 7 . induce him to beleiveUiaf the M.p, witheven all its imperleetions, will be much tbe iu.:d perfect which has appeared ue - rbre the public. Phi Map will contain the latest and best in formation Irons the discoveries and possessions of the American. Spanish, Russian. British and t icuch travellers and navigators ami represen ting the claims of their respective government? no the N'.irthwe.sterii coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies oetween the ln'nnius oi wa rien, nnd the - ltith degree of Notlh Latitude, and irom the Mississippi Kiver wtitwardly to the i a. inc wcean. In sire the Map will be about six bv five feet, and will be projected on a scale ol 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to the subsciitieis ut fif teen dollars ach. Natrhes. March", 1MB. ap7 lAul PATENT BUG DESTROYING - LIQUID, 4 CERTAIN aud never failing inoii for bed iTI. dugs. It wiiiexterminale ilieru al using, w' stciiniui the furniture, .r heir.2 hrcom panied widi that ditngreenble smell usu J'y at . i . i - . . ' : . . . r 1 1 . . iuuii: toe n nil nui'ii to ( uo.suus. r ir sale in bottles, at 4s enrb, at P. DICKIE'S A'.e:icine Store, Broadwny. N. B. A large assortment ct uuine Drug and tyurranted patent Medicine., tor sale a a hove'. Je IJ I n CLASsK - AL eE.V.lV'ARY. 112 Greenwich at R. GUAHAM purposes londoiit 4 lir.ard - i i ers iti' J his seminar . for v hem snilahli - acconnuodations hnve heen piovided. Yui gent'.t.nea otfrom 9 to i years of age would be preferred. These will enjiy the henefi" of a complete classical educai' - on, acconr,nier' , t proper in'ervnis with instructions in Arli'.m' - c, A'gel.ra, Engli - hGramniarGeiigrop' y.llislu.y, Elocution and Composition. Tlie Eegii - I. n - di s are so judicioutiy intcrHOven with tne tla1 - sieal, as tnuicatitn a more raj 'd imd, (hbr'.;pu aeqiiTib.taucewiih the classical .iu!l.ors. Tlf) siiso prove a relief from the drudgery of u Latin and Greek Recitation. T his method ia the further advantage of shapisg tae child's education to meet Ui parrdi' wiiMies, shoiihl th f as is not uncommon) direct his aitentioa from the college to the counting boose. An . xue - neiice of U.ree years has iui A Mr. G. in ha utility ui this plan ; ana he has it in his iower to shew tlmt it ha not been Icjj satisfactory to others IIihh Uittself. Je ti 6t NOTICE. ffv" The !:ubsr.riber has opened an establi - li - ment which he has entiUed the BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, about three quarter of a mile friitbe Brooklyn ferry - stairs, on the Jamaica Turnpike road, opposite capt. L. Brow - er's, where he solicits the alrousg ofhis friendt aud the public. IJe has laid in an assortment ol the choice Wines and Liquors that the New - rorr mai net auords. Al. - o. nt all times, at the shortest notice, he will furnish Chocolate, Ccffee ana J ca, Keluhcs, Uc. 1 he Garden is handsome and very shady, and from tbe garden there is a beautiful prospect of the Nkrrows, Slalen. isiana, tc. L.CAMB1E. June 16 2w ' Conng'nees ol Goods by tl.e ship DrtA - fEH, are inlormed that nermission lias hteh oh - laiMd in - in the Collet tor, to send all goods to Hie Public Store, for which permits iu not sent on boa'U 10 five days time. li. W. KUtjfcKS K CO. UllliD roLME Of CHtllVb k'LEAU - SUPPLEMENT to a treatise on pleading; 3 eontaiuiii - a copious collodion of praclir al prteodeiits of pleading and proceeding in per - sonal. real and mixed actions, bv 1. Cbittv. Eto. of the Middle Temple, barrister at law With American Frcttdcnti, never before published. 7th, bth and "Hi vols. Cranch's Reports. Wbeatou's Reports, a vols. Junt received andfortaleby , DAVID BANKS, . Coiner of Nusau and Spru:e - irits. - June2i . . iuuitieiu tJittrtctii Afir - 1 ork. I) BE it roieiijtiercil, that on tbe twenty liioth 'lay' ut itutt iu the loriy second y ar ol . . . . . lo temncli nee nt the United fclr.te L.. 5J. of Ameiica, Daniel D. Arden, ol the . atiirl 4i.(rirt. t.nlh .l.r.ili .1 in II i. if. fire the title oi a book, the ri - bt whereof be claims proprietor, intl wonls and Cgurr following, to mt ( lUMimg aiaUc easy ; or, a uewguiife to iit liinK aud reading ; in four 'parts. Ut.contaiu - - irtjf various alphaK'ls, and nevrly two hundred ditfigauu reading lessons, iy regular gradations, in in tl.e Olosleasy to the didicult, ai d In whie - TiJJie woins arf! oivirled nml accented, ec cording to the purest pronunciation. Id, a voca biliary of uonls, nearly alike in sound, but dif - lerciit in spelling and siguiticatiou. 'Ji, lessons in reading and reciting. 4th, outlines of gco - ginphyl sketch of gmmmar ; atibreviation ; aritlinjetita! dibits ; and prayers for the useul schools, i tie whole rencernl pleasing and impressive by aud appropriate cuts. Bv Wil liam Little, A. M. . . ' Inconfiirinity tolhcsci of congress of the United States, eniilied " an bet fur the encourage - nicutoflcariiinji, by securing the copies ol" maps, charts and book, to the authors and proprietors ol such copies, during tt tunes therein mentioned, " and also to an ar t entitled " an act supple; ineti'ary to an act, entitled, an act for the cnc.ou - ragcrnent of learriimr, ly securing Ihe cOplc of map?, chirts and books to the authors und proprietors of tcdi copies, during the limes therein uieiitimied, and extending tin hemlits theret.lto the arts of designing, engraving and etching historical and other prints. I rl - i, Clerk of the southern district of New Voik. Ji d4w J M' Alt lull ' . JtlNT piibl',h..d and for sal. at WILLIAM 1 lU BOIS' pihiiofot l aud music store, No. 1 2d Broadway, Thine ami my failliful fair;lbeMili,;r.i".ibi anl from chiuihixHi's uavvu to noun in lu - r - us suns'by Mr. Pliilipps. ' A ran I e'er forgul thi - e love , The celebi'sUiil echo soug The inspiralHMi, sacred melody ' - - "v - v vj .Tlie Omiiisi ii ie, MjmmUon, by Cramer Haydn's celebrated contouet, My moCieTiHs me bind my hair, as a londo) J wenty four sonatas, for young performers, by N. H. ChxIIoner Tho iaxe Cobourg waltz, with variations The Sophia Walts Tlie storm rondo, hy Steihelt Je 12 ON J - AL J A for tAlEorto LET, and iv.L iiuoiediate possession eiven, the heaulinl place called Moot - Alta, seven miles irooi the City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtetiay's. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement, w ith a lurge garden well slocked with vegetables a variety of fruit, with every convenience lor a family, ror terms which are very reasonable, and if sold a long credit gi ven if wanted. ipply to H. fit D. TALl.Ol I, 64 south - street. . Je 11 w ANTS A SITUATION in a resi.cUt - le family a young lady of respectahility, who is well acquainted with the mantus niakins nni inilinnry business, and likewise every kind of fine needle work. A note addressed to 6. R. and b it nt this tliice, will Le attended to. Jc25 puhuahki) this . a practical treattseon perspecTIVE, adapted for those who practice landscape painting or drawing from nature. AI - o, THE PERSPECT OGRAPH, fur taking viewi. W e the undersigned artists, resident at New - York, liav ig inspected Busby's perspectogmpb. arn of oriioion, that it is an ingenious, usuiul and convenient invention, that will materially assist all rx rsons desirous ol making accurate pcrspec live views from nalnrv. JNO. TRUMBULL, AK. HOBFRT. - ON. SAMUrL I, W4I.DO, JOHN RUBNr? SMI I II, WILLIAM DUNLAP, J. H. JARYls. The above works are for sule hy J. LAMBERT, Je3 lm 3 Cmtrtlnn It street. L E C J U K E. Al tht Grml Room, Mr. (inuotn't Atadi my. fi rttn - tlrtil, nidai - lane. "AN THURSDAY. JULY 2. 181:1. at 3 o1 U dork in ttie evening, Mr. BUSBY will de liver A LEG J URE ON THE PROPULSION OF NAVIGABLE BODIES, and will demonstrate fiie philosophical p.'in - iples of Mediating! ihvigation ; cnuciuiling wiin a practical inusira - tion ol a simple method of embracinz all the ad van'ngesof the .Veic tiiit'm, and saving five - sixths ofthe powei now extended in steam boats In the course '.I the Lecture, several models will beexhi'nted in motion upon a surface ol water Oi.e of these wiil represent Ihe branfiiul p'.cii iBiciir.n oi a vesn I luuvirg apidly wittioiit water - wheels, er p.uldles, an.: without die appli - c.nuun of any power, except i'lnt nf the natural pressure of tl.e w..tcr upen vhieh it fl - Mits. Th - ' Lecture uiil be renileMd NHiU'irg Knd instructive, aud it ispic - iiincd will not be oritnler - esting to Ladies. Adoiiltanre 50 ecn's. As peruiiiirv emolunii il is not l!i o'eftol this Ltdtire, the proceeds, after dnrayha wna sdahle cxiM - nses, wi.T he d io Ihe Nftvr - 1 v'i.iif esli.tdisliiiif iit ler the li.sirjcln n ot the I), i,( mo! Ihimh. Ie 2:' it I IVjT jo ,;. 1 21 OS Aiounting R' - rn, niMt ccn'n.1 p nt of pnr.' - street, lor p.irtu u.ars em.ui - e ai iWT. up stairs. Je 5 TO l.LILDF.RS, Or tliose who may wish to eseci three e - ligtt huili."i'! cr factories. . r OTS. 77 it. t l.v tO. more or !s. with 11 1 I J budducs thereer, iu tlie centre ri Vcky - s can be purchased sepmate .r tegetlr. ALSO. An el'ennt LOT, wih the Pod Jings Ok rroii, 1 1 L'o - Ttrv, 42 by lij, iiiO.a or less, Bear Chat hani - 'trret the whole oi nccoioinod.i'jiu; ttru.s Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Betkusau - st 'J l. advertiH'r has th:te soia.l m.irts.gei to dipe of, one of 3.000. oqe of 5 1000, one of $i:no,a!l inthU ci!y. Jf 5 0$T Tie new FERRY COATS train the I ol ktalnvt street, tcw V'ort, to the loot ol little street, brcoKlyn, near 1be Navy YtiJ, will cumiiii nee ruiuni.K ca hundar, tbe 17ilnnt. ' lertors croiHiig to RrookTvn fr"m the uf y - rf tartof tbe city, will find the dittaixe muih shortened by usini; tbi ferry. my 14. NOllCL. fr7 - The Rising fun Sail Boats, Norparirl, nnd Industry, from the Elizabeth tciwn Piunf, for New - Voik.snilsfrttn M.lrkflt.eld street, (sil.eie ; ti e tftearn - boat Atalanta lormsrly issue to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Passage 12 4 - 1 cents. Enquire at the Steam boat Holrll, of VAN DERI OOLfc I HILLirs. my 21 tf ' Merchant' t ISnt.k Ihvitttiid Notice is hereby Riven to the Plockbol - iters of' Uie Merchant's Bank, that a Dividend ot four per cent, or tvrodollsis on each iihare fur sii nwmtlis. liom tbe tirst or IJecemter last, will be pakl at the Bank on Monday, the; first of June r.cxt. Bv order of the Board of Directors, tny 29" lm ' O. IV VROOM, th'r. 1'HENIX BANK. An election fnrlourtren Director of tin' ' Bank will be held at the Hanking Dense, on Tuesday, the 7th July re it, bctwien 1 1 nnd 2 o'clock. The iraasler Book will be t kneel m the 25th instant, and will continue closed until alter tbe election, by ordtrofthe Board fl)i reriors, D. I. GREENE, Cashier. , Jc5 1JI7 .. irjr" JOHN PROG t OR. Ju. 100 Liberty - at. oilers liberal anticipations on propctty connlgii - et to. ins mends in the Mediterranean. vr further particulars, apply as above, or to ' ABRAHAM HF.I.L. Je 6 tf corner of ( bfl'fc Fiilton - sts. LAN Drs. (& - MUNN, No. W6 Tear! - stieet, New - York, purchasrs Lands in the lilin - . oi Territory, which has Iwcn set npnrt for the lute Army. letters from thn couctry givins it description ol the, patent and (he price asked for, each kit, will be attended to, if Post paid. my 15 tf . ' . l'ite ui AU' - 1 uik, Con.iitftllcrU ijfice. 0$r PUBLIC NO! ICE is hereby gum to the holders of the six and seven per cent slock of this state, that tbe whole of the said stock, with the e'.eptxB of the six per cett. stork, created hy the aft, entitled ' au act - e - spcctinn navigable eomniiinicarion between the. grext western and ' northern lakes and the 'Atlantic Ocean," passed April 15, ICI7, will be paidotf on IImj first day of July next, or at any time thereafter when demanded. . Payment will be made at (he Manhattan hank io the city of New - York, to the stot k holdtis rending" in Ike icuthctu district of this state und cut of ibis state ; nnd. al tic Ncw - Voik slate bank, in the city of Albany, to all other stock holders. .... It is required that the cert iGcales issued for tho stock, should be given up at the bunk w hen; suili . pavir.cnis are madn. The interest on the said stock will cease afb t the said first day of July next. AKCil'O M l.s 1 s Rr - j Comptroller. . Dated Albany Juue I, 1U1U. Je 9 t Jy 1 ir7 'I'll Coiuuiis siouers os the Canal luml will in puriUAnre oi the act, entitled - "an net raipecting imvignbk1 cniuiuumcaticns betwei n tbe greul Vt stern and SSurtherii Lakes, and the Atluutic Ocean," receive seMtd pron siis until 3 o'clrM - k, P. M: on Wednesday the 15ih day of July next, lor a loon to the stale ol two hundred ami fifty thousand dollar, to be paid to the Com - nutsionet in two - equal instalments, the first, osi . the lirslday ol Angud neat, and tlilier tth lirstday oi Octoin - r next. T) proposals asust o addressed to the tfimptroller. r . .. , Tbe rate of interest is trot to exr ctd' six per , CbU ler Annum, payable quarter yearly ;:d tl.e nTnu'TBaf is to Be relmliushia LlJJif r.fens. ure of the irovenimciit, nt any lime afterflie Cisf day of July, 1IJ37. ' '1'ne nllicer appointed for the purppso iu lheci - tyof New - York, will issue transieruMe certifi cate's of stock to the Lenders, hnd will attend l the traiisiercf stftk, a the same luar te ittjiiir - cd. 1 be interest will be paid at the Manhattan Bank, in the city of New - York, to tbe stocf bid ders residing in the southern ilistrirt of Ihis slate, and nut of the state, nml to all others al the New - York Slate Bank, iu the nty of Albany. The Board will meet nt Ihe V Hilary's Ula. e on the said 15th day of July ni it, at 3 o'clock. P. M. to open and de - tcru.ine on the proposals thai shall be made. By order oft he Hoard.. JOHN 1 A Y LEU. President. Alhany, June lj. 1818. Je II t.iy 1 5 NOTICE. ftT IF Richard Perry eavadge, son of Thom as and Elisabeth Savaiige, forme riy of the city of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, l is legal representative will, nv arpijn g io ir. i ni. savange, al rt. jonirs rquare, v - ierKenweo, London, hear of something to his or their adv&u - lage. ' ' The said Richard Ferry Savadge, who was a painter by trade, wa in - England in the year 1792, from whence he returned to 1 hiladi - lphii in tbe year 1794 1 m the year 1793, ho is supposed to hav resided at Mr. Robert MXHtll'sp in .Viddletoivn, I tolaware County, M.Ty Innd; and afterward? al Downing's Town, from win ne he is'supposd to have rclnnved to New - York. N. B. Ifar.v permn will produt en legal certi - fienleof Hie of the said Richard Savadge, he will, on producing the same, toWr. tl'io. s - vadgc, reci ive from him 5 guineas, as a reward for his trouble. - Any information res pectirg Ihe above Damtd person will be thankfully received hy 1 SMITH ii GARNIP, Je tf 1m 312 Pearl street, New - inrK. COALMtUWt'JlEXT AT liAUTMOL k ll COLLEGE. . try In behalf of tlie Executive Officers of Dartmouth College, ami pursuant to authority le rived from the Trustees, 1 hereby give notice, that, in order to uvoid all collision respecting the place for the public exercises, the annual commencement will this year be holden on the third Wednesday of August wU heiiqr the nineteenth day, niitesdoi uie muiiu nw nesilay, as heretofore established. Candidates for the second Decree, wid for the Degree of Doctor in Medicine, as also applicants for admission into College, and all o - ihers concemeiL will take notice hereof and goveni themscltcs accordme - ly. r FRANbIS IIUOiV'N, 1'reMdeiiL Dartmoulti (Allege, June 20tli, IjIb. T he editor of public JouniMls ill con fer a favour on the College and the pulutC by insertinf; this siolice. .v ori'e ' e 'y .vf cafutrs, fcte .Vr. In pnriutnco of a re solution ot the Com - .1 .n CveiH il ir the 15th iirftant, all persons bol - i ntf ihe ac;ointiaenl f Cu vei - ber, Meas - ji. . ol Giin, Scc.Guageroi Inspector ol Ltm - .'er, i re directed to report lU'ir iii.inesADrt pla tes ol ri'ioeu.e, and cupatiuiis (.il any disuutt .0111 tl.e da'.iei ci saul oliiie, ) tt, to t lerk c( the Common Council, at los Cite, Nnt 7 City - ll.iil, 03 or before the I5h dity cf July r.tM ; ar d every p - rs..n huldinjr, cither of rod appoii.t - m - ii;, Who tl.ul! fail to make ta b r pert by the time nhe - se s'jcilie', .all deemed to have reiiguo4tMt cotnmi'H4i, and shall thereiicm cease to execute lb duties thcof. Ey the J. AiORTON. J22lJyli Emik ifAttwrica, Jiau 2S. 1SI8. ft? - A Diviucr d 01 hre lr cent. r six moiitl endingon tbe 30th iinf. ha beei this day d. ri,red ayable to hS' kh Wers c he ' 6th r i t.i'K rpl Kv order ol ti e Hoard ol Direct - tors, June 16 lm V.' - . 1 I - ' ! .1 r ' - i - ' : h I 1 'it j i i

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