Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 15, 1943 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1943
Page 5
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JANUAKX 15, 1U43 Oil'* 28 AGAINST THE AXIS 0**Jgnote» Army MEDIUM BOMBERS These ore America's 28 lypes of combat plane, lagged with the official new names fliVen them' by joint aetfon of the. Army and Navy to replace the cumbersome system of number-and-fefftr classification. Many of the names were first given them by the British. Besides these 28 bailie plcmes, American talent, ingenuity and manpower are producing 30 other types of plant which have important war roles although they do not go into actual combat. Below each plane's new name, in parentheses, are its former designation and manufacturer. UNIFORM PORK CEILINGS MADE Designed to Assure Full Use of Supplies ·WASHINGTON, (^--Individual packers and wholesale price ceil- ·ings on dressed hogs were replaced ·Wednesday with a uniform meth- 'od 'of pricing by the office of ;price administration in an order effective Jan. 19 * * * The change, designed io as- · sure a full use of the country's · pork supplies for civilians, the · armed forces and lend-lease, will not affect the present March 1942 retail prices for pork cuts. * * * It will bring about, however, a slight increase in the prices the armed forces pay for so-called "oily pork," the product of southern peanut-fed soft hogs, to compensate for more restricted army specifications; and also provide a hew out let for over-quota supplies of oil hog carcasses as mess pork to be sold to lend-lease at a maximum price of §47.50 per 200 pound barrel in the central price zone. .Under the new system, the OPA established summer and winter mark-ups or denominators through which a slaughter establishes his ceiling for dressed hogs by applying the denominators to the live hog price. The summer mark-ups will be effective from June through November, inclusive, and the lower winter markups in the remaining months * * * Each of the denominators is : to be multiplied by the top ' dally price quoted by the de' partment of agriculture for hogs of the corresponding weight average at Chicago, instead of the individual seller's cost as previously. * * * On oily hogs, stags and boars 1 WaTripf] f»f HpatK If the live figure to be used in de- *" let » « Wain U termining the price of the dressed hos is to be computed by figuring specified, customary trade discounts under the Chicago butcher hog and sow quotations issued by the department of agriculture. The discounts are: Oily hogs, $1.00 per hundred weight under the Chicago butcher hog price; Specialist Is Rare in Small Towns in Iowa AMES,--Doctors serving Iowa rural families are nearly all general practitioners. Only 6 Iowa doctors in toivns of less than 1,000 claim to have speciality along with their general practice. But this gives farm families an advantage over their city cousins in that the same doctor services them over a longer period of time and becomes better acquainted with each patient's needs. Laethe Mengelberg,. Iowa State college economist making a study of the doctor situation, concludes that this long-time relationship with a family doctor partly offsets the lack of specialists and the absence of newly-trained doctors for rural areas. For ah educational background, nearly one-half of the physicians in the state received their medical training in Iowa. One out of every 10 Iowa doctors is a graduate of a school no longer in existence, however. Older doctors in rural communities account for a high percentage here. Many medical schools have been merged since the turn of the century- Others have folded up because they wove unable to meet the better standards set up by the profession. The country doctor 5s less interested in medical association membership than city physicians. Three-fourths of Iowa's doctors were members of the American Medical association in 1940, but in towns .under 250 population only 65 percent of the physicians belong. Despite his apparent poorer training and his lack of interest in medical association membership which supposedly helps keep a doctor up-to-date in his medicine, however, the country doctor remains the mainstay of Iowa medicine. on stags, $1.50 under the price for sows at Chicago and for boars $4 below the Chicago sow price. Some additions for transportation costs will be permitted in certain sections of the country and tor local delivery. He Continued Testimony on Police Brutality LOS ANGELES, (D.K -- Deputy City Attorney Everett Leighton said Friday he had been warned he would killed if he testified further in an investigation of al- BREAKS ARM IN G A R N E R . -- Charles Waage 5-oung son oE Mr. and Mrs. Henry ,,,,,,,, ,,,, it aa fh; I T ^e skating rink Stanley H. ,, t ThnrSf · °i buildin e · room after Beee's arrest. Beebe Thursday evening and fractured was one ot three men who died his left arm just above Uu wrist, i after alleged police batings leged brutality by city police. He declined an' olfer of police protection. Leighton said a gruff voice Thursday told his wife over the phone: "If that big-mouthed husband of yours wants to continue living he had better stop talking." Shortly before the call. Leighton had told Deputy District Attorney Robert Wheeler he saw Beebe in the court- OFFER BILL TO CUT INCOME TAX Long, Love Introduce Measure in Senate DES MOINES, VF) -- Two republican members of the Iowa senate Thursday introduced a bill to cut the state personal income tax in half \vhile a democrat proposed repealing the tax entirely. These proposals anticipated by a few hours the delivery of Gov. Bourke B. Hiehealooper's inaugural address in which he recommended the "substantial reduction" in the tax for 1942 and 1S43. ·ft « K Sponsors of the proposal to cut the tax in half are Senators Irving D. Long (R.-Manchester) II. S. Love (K-Bridgewater). Senator D. E. Augustine (D- Oskaloosa) filed the proposal to repeal (he tax entirely. * * * As it was introduced, the Love- Long bill would not apply until July 4, 1943, but Senator Long said it probably would be amended to make it retroactive to 1942 incomes on which the tax would bo paid this year. Augustine's bill would become effective immediately upon being signed. V * * A bill to strengthen the state fire marshal's control over construction of motion picture theaters and other auditoriums where combustible f i l m is shown was introduced by Sen. G. K. Ilill (R-Clarion). * ¥ * The bill would require the fire marshal's approval of construction plans for any such building and would provide for enforcement of its provisions through the use of court injunction if necessary. Penalties -for violation would include a jail sentence and fine. Senator Hill recalled that two persons were burned to death on the night of May 30, 1941, when Speciol Sqturdoy LUNCHEON ROAST TURKEY Celery Dressing Cranberry Sauce 35°, 35c Try Our Evening Dinners · Birbeeiiei RIM. steak. · Cbfekcn. Se* Feotfc The Covered Wagon "Fireproof "Where Fooi) 1» Hint" \Tt C»lcr to Frti» fire destroyed a theater at Had cliffe, Iowa, a town in his dis trict. The senate approved a measur previously passed by the hous regulating the pay of legislativ BENEFIT DANCE 1.0. O..F. HALL Mason Cify Saturday, Jan. 16 Music by EARL'S Rhythm Orchestra Public invited. 75c couple. DANCE at RIVERSIDE BARN DANCE 725 North Kentucky Saturday, January 16 Music by HAZEL and Her Band Admission 30c. Tax Incl. -- IT'S FUN NITE -ENDS FRIDAY "Sweetheart of the Fleet" "Bullet Scars" STATE STARTS SATURDAY THE NATION'S TOP MELODY MAKERS! CO- HIT Adventures of the RAF! jf MKHSU MORGANA -- PLUS -- Cartoon--.Tukc Bos Jamborie SEA RAIDERS WORLD NEWS EVENTS MOVIE PARADE (LYING fOMMSS _ (8-17, Boeing) V M/TCHf U O O fB-2S; Hi, North American) VfNTUKA (B-34. fV, Vega) UBMtATOftQO (8-74, PB4Y, Consofidaled) BOIO B-18, Deuglat) MARAUDER Q -26, Martin) - DRAGON O fB-23, Douglas) J VENGEANCE ' , fA-31, Vulteet VINDICATOR (SB2U, Vovgnt-Sikoisky) HUDSON A-29, PBO, lockheedj OAUNTUSSlOO tA-24, SBD, Doug/as; AVENGER' iTBF, Grumman) DEVASTATOR (TBD, Douglas) HAVOC KBUHMM BUCCANEER fA-25, SB2C, Cuitlis) I (A-20, BD, Douglas) ](A-34, SB2A, Biewsler) ' CORONA DO Q fPB2Y, Consolidated) WARHAWK , fP-40, CurtfssJ , MUSTANG fP-51, North American THUNDERBOLT , RepublieJ ,, WILDCAT lQ (t4f. Grumman) CAIAUNA (AO-TO, PBY, Consolidated; MARINER tFBM. Mania) CORSAIR tfW, Vought-Sikotiky) IT", BWFAIO 'JS» (MA, BrawiferJ mployes. This includes pay aises of 45 cents a day for committee clerks and corresponding icreases for other employes. :ommittee clerks received $3.80 day in 1941 and will receive 4.25 a day this year. The house spent most of the morning in brief discussion of riinor bills introduced by the ef- iciency committee. Measures pro- ·iding technical changes in the ode were passed. . W. Railway Offers Surplus Lands to imployes for Gardens CHICAGO, (U.R--The Chicago and Northwestern railway system Triday made available to em- ployes surplus lands for garden 'The Black Swan," New Adventure Film in Colors Pleases Previewers By MAGLOPH From hot stutf in the present to likewise in the past \vas the ransition effected by previewei-s at the Cecil theater Thursday eve- ig via "Somewhere I'll Find You" and "The Black Swan." " With Tyrone Power s\vash- tuckling all over the place in eclinicolor, "The Black Swan" is in entertaining piece oC excite- MOVIE MENU IECIL--"Nightmare" Friday only. "Panama Hattie" starts Saturday. ·ALACE--"Nightmare" F r i d a y only. "Wight in the Tropics" and "Eyes in the Night" start Saturday. STRAND-- "Mister V" and "Honeymoon for Three" e n d Friday. "Pierre of the Plains" and "Beyond the Blue Horizon." S T A T E--"Sweetheart of t h e Fleet" and "Bullet Scars." LAKE -- (Ciear Lake) -- "Calling Dr. Gillespie" and "Phantom Plainsman." purposes. Following a plan originated during the first World war, the railroad said the program would lelp relieve the food shortage by putting into use much idle land along 10,000 miles of track in Illinois, Wisconsin, . Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and North Dakota. R. L. Williams, chief executive oofficer oE the Northwestern, said no charge would be made for use of the land and the crops harvested would become the property of the employes to whom land permits were issued. LAWLER UNIT ELECTS LAWLER--Stockholders of the Lawler Co-operative Shipping association held their annual meeting and elected A. J. Blazek, president; David Vetter, secretary Directors, A. J. Blazek, Frank Klimesh, Herman Lange, Mat Kout and John Lynch. J. W. Galligan is manager. The section of the Inter-American highway from Laredo, Texas to Mexico City was completed in 1936. GRAND TASTING STEAKS and ALL THE TRIMMINGS THE SODA GRILL ment about pirates with plenty o£ sword play, especially over Maureen O'Hara who is the lovely heroine. The film is based on one u Kafael Sabatini's adventure novels and according to the Philadelphia Daily News critic, "Men predominate the cast and a finer buncl o£ scalliwags never raised tliL skull and crossboned flag atop DANCE at (lie AVALON BALLROOM Manly, Iowa Saturday, Jan. 16 THE SCANDINAVIAN ACCORDION BAND Admission 35c, Tax Incl. ~"~ LAST TIMES HIT. --·-" "iMISTER V" Leslie Howard "Honeymoon for Three" Aim SlieiiiJari - Gta. Zlrcnt · PLEASE NOTE · Every Wed, and Fri. Are Fun Nitcs SAT. - SUN. - MON. Mason City's Biggest Program for Small Prices ., RKHURD DENNING I -- AXn -- Misrhlv Slory of c.reat Norlhwr*.l "FIEKKE OF THE PLAINS" Ruth nmsey - John Carroll ALSO SF.IUAI. AND NEWS A K CLEAR UKE FRIDAY - SATURDAY "Calling Dr. Gillespie" with Lionel Barrymore Donna Reed 2nd Feature 3 Mesquiteers "Phantom Plainsmen" Serial--''PERILS OF NYOKA' SUNDAY - MONDAY 2nd FEATURE ALLAN. JONES JANE FRAZEE "Moonlight in Havana' ALSO FOX NEWS Continuous Sunday 1 to 11 Kids Iflc - Jrs. IDc - Adults 30c he mast of any ship. They find sympathetic audience for their ns which run an entertaining amut." Incidentally, you won't be see- ng Tyrone. Power for a while. le's doing his swashbuckling lese days jn the boot-camp train- ng at San Diego as Private Po\ver f the marine corps. rrtent compensation and those desiring employment: January, 14 and 28 and February and March, l l t h and 25th. ANNOUNCE NEW SCHEDULE GARNER--The United States mployment service hos an-, lounced a new schedule for the j laims examiner to appear at i Jarner. The representative from he Mason City office will be in "lamer between the hours of 10:30 . m. and 12 o'clock noon on the ollowing dates to interview peo- ile having claims for unemploy- QUALITY FOOD LOW PRICES Jefferson Coffee Shop AT THE BUS DEPOT FRIDAY-HUCK SHAFFER AND HIS NEW SENSATIONAL BAND HOTEL HANFORD Starting 7 p. m. Dinner and Dancing all evening. Si.50 Plus Person 1 Tax DANCING ONLY, ALL EVENING A la Carle Service Person 33c Plus Tax TODAY (Fri. Only) "NIGHTMARE" BRIAN DONLEVY STARTS SAT. See 2 Big Hits for New Low Prices! MAT. 2Ic Plus Tax CHILD. I · EVE. 30c Those Radio Sensations! MBHMIHMM *·"- BUD LOU MBOTT-CQSmiO "ONE NIGHT IN THE TROPICS" Allan Jones Nancy Kelly Mary BOLANO Leo CARRILLO And a Murder Mystery . . . That Packs a Terrific New Thrill! EDWARD ARNOLD ANN H A R D I N G S T A R T L I N G ftS A SCREAM! LATE SHOW EVERY SAT. NIGHT UNITED NATION'S WEEK JAX. 14th TO 20th FUN FOR ALL AGES avAiNumAViAis T «\ XT ITT" I ACCORDION BAND i U IN i i t, I LYNN KERNS R S" SAT LEE WILIAMS SUNDAY STEPPING TONE MUSIC TONITE Also Sun.. Wed., Fri. LATE BUS Today NIGHTMARE' iznz. Barrymorc Brian Donlevy STARTS SATURDAY Funnier Than The Broadway Hit! Tops on the stage! Tops on the screen! It's the spectacular, star-studded, girl-glorified queen of musical shows: 5KELTON Rags" RAGLAND · Ben BLUE «WW* V«a«A AlAN DAN JACKIl HUNT · O'BRIEN · MOWBRAY · DAIIEY, Jr. · HORNER SEE - THE - BIGGER - SHOWS - AT - REGULAR - PRICES LATE SHOW SAT. NIGHT 10 P. M.

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