The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 30, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1818
Page 3
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:'' RUItfaod STGAR. ; ; VVM 13 East River7from Pritiih brig tli". i"m Bii ncbeon Rum and , , Ltd.. prim retiUling ougar, which will be ? JTloU to wit purchasers. Apply to "f11 MMUa S. GOODYEAR, . mm No. St Maiden - lane. TJJjtiiT. to dozen very superiour Claret, I 7 fiirsale at $13 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, . 30 tf No. 1 Sloat - lane. TCTHZST SHOT. 5 tout assorted lor the K oa' ,anJin5 'rom ,!,iP iJRAl'tR, from JJTtip ' TUCKER & LAURIES, . on 29 South - s.tret. fnOUACCO i tOTlO.K. - 5a hbds. prime I Ken(ucky Tobacco, and ji hales New - Orleans Cotton. Landing and Jilt by STEVENS & MACTIER, 157 South street. EftOMSn iiii oiAnu o iiuaci ui ii quality Engli!bMutard,in 1 - 4 lb. white bottles, ia.t received from Hull, for sale by J . D1VIE BETHUNE Si CO. jf 30 92 CofTee - Hnuse slip. rOMER CUAJVFS, TRADEJIS. BRO - KERS, tfc. SITUATION wanted by a young man who has reneral knowledge of business, and - : . , i'L - 'iia i. r i r . ... r. . . I who has been for several years in places of trust, and is at present m a lawyer's omce in this city, but prefcring any other line of business to his present situation, would accent a situation in any of the above lines, or in any other place where a permanent employment srould otter. The most respectable referen cm and certificates of his conduct and bili ics can be had, - would have no object on to engage for two years or more. A place in this city would be preferred, but if such should not oiler, would go to any part of the country. A line addressed to H. at the ofliccof this paper, will be attended to. je 30 4t COOK IVAJVTED. TT RANTED a woman, who tan be well rc - VV commended, to do the cooking, wa.hir.g aid ironing oi'a small family apply a' 48 Wa.k - Lt."rmt. Je"0 3t IlbLlC C ili.ii V. THE public are respeeli'ully informed th:tt UCNKYl. MF - GAREY. 20 Wall - street, has just received an assortment of eleant pen - knives with silver handles, containing from 1 to M Mattes, which in addition to his former stock will present the greatest variety of fine pen - knives lobe louncwu tins country. rVkct Bjoks ol every size, fashion ajidipiali - tr, irm S5 cents tu 7 dollars, together with ; ury extensive nsortnjent of stationary. ALSO the MncaswrOd lor the biiir, which in (hi cwMry, sullied nsit is to so muny extremes and vicissitudes of elinide, will he found o! positive e 1U all those rases enumerated in tt tills which accoiupauy each bottle. Je30 3t iACllA.NCt.KV. Sla!e of JYV ir - York, sr. 1.1 pursuance ef an orderoflhi" hiinora hie court, 1 bearing date the 10th day of June, 13111, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Colli e II. - I . . . - . A. I riMite, in me city oi new orii, on toe xja oay cf July next, at 2 o'clock at noon, under the di - rc."ti..ii of the subsrtiljcr All thit tert.iiu lot, mre it p.ircel ol land, situate at Greenwich, in iiK - iuuiii, ;ijii'i i - i.u,) wurj ni me city m iew - Yofk, dtscrilnd on ainip thereof, m:ufe by Pop pit - tuu nud Brunei, A!rcb l'ltli, IlilU, ns lot o. 3; beiiiuifig at the ouiheat corner of said lot ( iboiit 44 n. 10 inch, from the corner forrnul by ti,e intcrsfctiun of llanimond arid Greenwich - strerts) and miming thrnre northerly along tiffenwii h - ttret al'ore.said 2i feet ; thence west erlf alor the lot rtiicril.rd on si. id map as lot twibertu - o. 3fe 1 4 inches; thence again west (fly alon the said lot nutuhtr two, 42 feet 2 feiclii's ; litence northerly ah;ng said lot number two, 7 feet 4 inches ; thence westerly alonjf laod nw or late ol A runs Scudder, 19 fret s tlicnrr. sutlu - rlv alone land now - r late of George D. Thorp?, - 2' fit.t; thMic.e easterly alons; land ol Afrxandet Ritchie, E5 fett 4 ii hes, tothe place W iH - immpg; toge'Jier with the lK!redilarhriiU 1 aiVirienn'!i t - i ine fame iirionginj orap - nlaimiii. lMtd Jiinr'.VHh, IU IS. THOMAS bOI.TOV, Je 30 lawtJrl4Jft Mister in Chanrery. IN CHANCERY. Stale of Xtio York, tt. IN pursuance of an ordtr of this honorable court, bearing date the 27th day ol" June, 1R1U, will be sold at rublic auction, at !ie Tcntine Cffoe House, in the city of New York, under v direction ol the surticntx r, as one ol me mat - tr of thiicnuri, ou the 21ft day ol July next, at Ii o'clock at noon, all these seierul blocks, i;ic - res or pa reels of cround, situate, lyint; and beine is the townthip of Brooklyn, iu tlie county ol Kirgs, and stale of New - York, aioresaid, and kaown and distinguished on a ninp made hy J er - tbiah Lott, tlie 19Ui day of Mnrch, 1802, by the following boundaries, to wit, northerly iu tmnt by Water - street, southerly in the rear ny F root - street, easterly on tlie one side hy Jack son - street, and westerly on the other side by Oold - stteft, containing tour squares or hlocLs oi nwnd. Also nil those certain water lots, lyins taoediatelv in front of the before described blacks, bounded f.s follows to wit easterly by Jctson - slreet, southerly by Water - street, and wwterly by (iold - slrect, containing in breadth oa nater - street the distance between unld - and Jsrksnn - street, and runiuic into the Eat River ai far as the grant of the corporation of the city oi :cwiork extonds, with the appurtenance s, Kited June 2, 1U1S. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matrr in Chaneerv. Jfnte. The aluve property will be sold in lots wo parcels, according to a certain map to he ade thereof, which will be exhibibib d in the iot:ee - houie one w eek belore the day of sale. JeOO tawSwdlw IN Cll.t.VCLilY. Cl,i. t v - v.. i. .. IN pursuance of an order "of this Honorable I f?rtatt hnnrlmT J - i I. - OiL .1 t I Ifllft.! h fA n( tinhlsrt ..i;sn cl T hae Coflee House, in the city of New - York, on 111 9fLI lixv nf Flllir nl ili.ln,V . der the direction of the subscriber, two lots of pound, lying in the Eighth Ward of the city of nw - 1 ur, ocing pan oi me estate wnereoi Anthony Lispt nard, deceased, died seised, and are (llttll.'lliftlxrl Ml ft 1nnffnitnf 1 1. a .f f the said Antlioiiy Lispenard, by Nos. 574 and " " lanca uiijeuier are oojiiaea easterly on TApl 91 ffal ni n&ineJ25feetf toutherly by InU Not 575 lltl 5fiJ. BoH ha - IUpIs. h. ,V til I r - f S' - tlr with the hereditaments and appurtp. aaores to the ume belnsiffin - or in anywise 8P' ertaining. Dated Jure 30th, 1818. i . THOMAS BOLTON, Jeyl;iwtJT14dtds Master in Chancery. A ;MfT. 1 Wall street, Rentle - - ts"oTn,dr'r,"roon, has for sale a few Ra - MeuiTuk - u,:t,l ""de the celebrated fcrw'5,.P:i - "e ua bw received au as - TMtirJL. En,"h Ror, which be rt!unJrj, - u P'ovedto Uie conUary, mo - ,0l'wctlJalt''iTOrc,un, ',i'e' thanks tbtit err ifklri,,l bJ ,ne Public in general, fur t"iwi cf ! Plrtoa5e, and solicits a cms - Uehiisi:k7ir,a?our - engasei u, Jr., ! Poured a very Gna bone, and d sfiould U." fdIor t0 try keen edze, recotanc, 1 ", c well be will receive no "ve theD.!'.'"""" bT tlie quarter, will selves. nnUis kept exclusistly for tbens - JJ rOCKET - BOOK LOiT. LOST or Stolen, yesterday, a pocket Look containing between thirty arid forty dollars in notes of lianks of this State ; also a license lo seil forejsn mercbandije and a promisor note f The finder by leaving the pockut hook with its contents at Mr. Thomas Kinsley a, liO Front - it. corner of Pine - street, will receive five dollars reward :lf a pick - pocket fingered it, he is requested t j send the papers tlirougb the post office, directed as above. . Je 30 It I lia loauina (Iia iuu Ii , . t..W lis I ALLKNS' list of prizes, in the Grand Mil - ford and (hcego Jioad Lottery 13th day's drawing Nos. 7339, $ 1000; 8400 100i9720 100 B63 1C0; 1274 100 ; 5094 100 ; 6796 100; 6004 100. "Both sold at ALLENS, where No. 5459, a prize of g35,000. being the highest prize dvawn in this Lottery, was paid ; and No. 7771, a prize of Q 000, was sold in bhares, and immediately paid. The 370,000 will be drawn on Friday week. The 10,000 is flouting, and liable to be drawn any day. A few Tickets and Shares for sale at ALLENS truly lucky Office, 122 Broadway. je30 K WAK E'S List of Prizes, in the Grand . Koad Lottery, now drawing 13lh dav, 7339 $1000 ; 8063, 1274, 5094, 6695, 6004, 3100 97120, $100. Tickets and Shares, for sale by It. WAITE, Jun. 136 Broadway. je 30 Cl &l il. WAlTL'S li of l'iiz - i, :lillord and J. Otvego Road Lottery, now drawing. 13th days drawing. Nos. 7339, $1000;,SG. 1274,i094, 6796, C004, 4C00, 9720, lOOeach. Sold at WHite's. Tickets and fhhres for sale atWAlTE'S, 54 Maiden - Lane. Where have been s - ild : paid in former Lotteries 439 2. $'.0,000 ; 1 1 XX 40.000 ; 3H70G, :1',000; 6964,30,000; 17974, oii.OOU ; I3il91, 30,000; I60..3, 30. (KXi ; 4U IC, 25,000; 17.199, 25,1)00; ?U2J1, 15,000 ; besides a great many ol'20,000; 10.000; &' c. Je30 GILLKSl'IK's list of in the Milord and Owrro Jioad Lottery 13tU day's drawing osr7J39 $1000; 863,1274, 6004, C796, 8400, 9720, 100 each. Draws again on I when the Ui drawn number will be entitled to 500, and on Friday week, t'le first drawn is entitled to $70,000. A tew warranted undrawn Ticket and fchares for sale at GlLLESPlE's, 114 Ilroadway, opposite the City Hotel. je30 UALII - ' 14ti Urondway, list of prizes in VJI the JWJurd and Owrgo iload Lottery. 13th dav Nos. 7359 $10iK) ; bu3, 1274, 5oy4. 679G, 6'J4, h'400, 9720, $ 100 each. '1 he draw, ing cf this I lottery will be completed within 3 weeks, and chances for the following prizes, yet in tlie wheel, tr sale at UltAOir.s' : rn zes und. awn - 1 of $70,000, I of 10,000, 5 of; 1000, 17 of 500, 90 of 100, Sic. jc30 )Ul lt. RICE. 100 tierces r - ruiie Rice, in lots to suit purch isers, lor sale !y ANSON i. PHELPS. Je 25 i:!3 Pront - sti - eet. c lOP'l'OA AitN. - 2.',00U lbs. Cottou Yarn lrom5to24, lr f,le iy I I1L CU.U.MU&ION CU.Ml'A.Mf, Je 2i 140 Pearl - sireet. rlNMORN U. PENDLETON have selected JL wilh great rare, lor the supplying of lanii - hes and slap store?, the tuilowm wine?, liquor, teas, Ac. which they offer at wholesale aud retail, at No. 50 Stone - street .Madeira iu glass and wood Red port, " roriz anJ royal cnuipy" di a few dozi n of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 1 1 years old Very old sherry, do Teneriffe Old brandy, rum and giu, not reduced llibbert's brown stout, equal to any in the city Red und white wiue vinegar Bordeaux sallad oil Hyson, hyson vkin, young hysoa, souchong It poucnong teas Iuf, lump aud Muscovado suar Pi?h sauces, Sears in or. boxes With a general assortment of groceries, which they will warrauttn be of the fust quality. June 21 3w O P. CROIX eUUAR 15 hhds St. Croix su - O parol' prime quality. jusl received and lor Je 21 44 South - stn'pt. A NTKil il very i UA MOLASSES. 200 hhds. of the first quality retailing Molasses, par ucularly selected at Antigua, for this market to commence landing on Monday morning, in front of the store of the subscribers, from the Hi uUh brig Kecotnpence, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, je 27 9 South - street. IRISH LINENS, tHLLl INGr, &c. 1 4 4, 7 - 8 and 3 - 4 Linens 4 - 4, and 5 - 4 Sheetings 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 1 aid Diaper 3 4 Brown and Black Linens : 4 - 4 Linen Remnants 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 coarse half bleached Linens 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen, iu demi pieces 7 - 8 Dowlas Color'd Treads, asorted First quality Irish Sail Duck MadnHillnm Shirtings, and Linen Bed - Ticking. Received per late arrivals, and are offered for sale on moderate terms, i'V 'llloMAS SUFFERN, Je 27 1 w No. 6 Depyster street. l.'LOUR.TOBAt CO, he. 122hbis. sujHirhue, L ann 3.1 (ta nne Kict.mond r lour 14 Middlings landing from sloop Pol ly ard Sylvin, and for sale by WALSH & CALLAGHER.66South - st. H ho hare alio for tale, 1P0 hhds prime new Richmond Tobacco 20 do old do do 80 do Kfnturkr do 3o0 kegs manufactured do. various brands and Qualities 500 bbls. Richmond Flour, branded Virginian .urns, ic. 700 do Fredericksburg do 340 bales prime Ncw - Orltani Cotton 25 casks Claret 24 do London Mustard . 5 puncheons Rablut Skins 500 reams Medium Printirg Paper 100 do Fuoltcan do Je 27 ' ENGLISH GLASS WARE (t WROUGHT NAILS. 1 OHN WHEELEY, offers for sale at 132 Wa tJ ter - strcet Decanters plain and cut ) Tumblers do do t BEST QUALITY. Wines do do and a general assortment of Apothecaryi ware Fine Rose Flat Pointf w Flemi.h if " sheathing, ) C.OUGHT NAILS. Je27 2w II RANDY, WINE U CORKS pij;es a) Barcelona Brandy, 20 do Cctjnac do 202 half pipes, & 145 qr. casks Catalonia W ine CO lilna fftrtra Anlillo.1 Ia (li.Kpntlira. ibt nnro of the ship Edward, capt Taher from Tarragona, now lunding at pier No. 4, foot ofUroad - street for sale by Je27 1st 19$outh - st. HOBOKKN FERRY. THEhoa. tle Corporation of the city ofNew - Yorh, hnvinsT eranted to the subac riler a lcae of the Hoboken Ffrry, he has ociated with him in that rstabliMuueot Sir. 1'liilip ue - peyfter, who will have the sole chaire sT coa - durtins; thesnmc ; all applications therefore re - .iperting the Ferry will he made to him. j wo iiorse - uoats are now in compieie opera tion, vnth rood accommodations for pasfeneers, ' carriages, lie. one of which will ia future start from each side oflhe river punctually at every honr from 5 o'clock ia the morning until 8 o'clock ia the evening. . PHILIP HONE. Je27 eodln Tr S4rjXX.tB, 1 tt regular packet ship CU 1 1 u.i t PLANT, M. Fasb, vaster, to sail oo Sunday, 28th tost. For freight or pasrare, p - ply to H. K. TOLER & CO. 113 t'earNtreet 1 - . . or - to the master on board, at Murray's wnan, east side Coffe House slip. " Js) 23 w IVJttl'ED JO ClUHI'tH, i A Driti.h vessel of 250 to 300 tons, to load at a southern port for the West la - dies, Apply to MALKlt, MILiH. CU. ' , Je26 61 Pine - st Postage for JVew - UrUani. The substantial fast - sailiug new brig RESIGN, capt. Wheeler, will be dis patched with all convenient speed. For passage only, apply onboard, at pier No. 5, NorUi River, or to JOSEPH JONES, June 27 6t 12 Greenwich - st. SALEoat AUCTION, in PROVIDENCE, R.L Br B. ic T. C. HOT f IS ic CO. ON Wednesday bth of J uly next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. at tiie stores ofMessrs. CARR1NG - TON & CO. will be sold, all the goods landed from ship Trumbull, Aborn master, from Canton, viz 950 chests IJvson Skin Tea) The Teas are all 100 do Ilyson do f freali, and of an f9 do Young Hyson do ? excellent quali - 178 boxes Souchong dolty. - 2600 bundles Cassia, about UOOOIha. 20 cases superior black Sinchews, 25 ns. each 40 do do do Sarsnetts, 25 do do 30000 lbs. best Block Tin A ho, to cloie a Concern. tOO boxes China Ware 10 bales Calcutta goods Terms will be liberal aud made known at the sale U. ii T. C. 110PPIN & CO. Auctioneers. Providence, June 25th, 1813. Je 29 4t RICHMOND FLOUR & - SHIP blUtf. W bbls. Richmond Flour branded " Hux - all." 200 bhls ship Stuff lunding from the sloop Vigilant aud lor sale bv .te29 WALSH & GALLAGHER. ILA. aUGAK. HllANOi. Ac. X 4tN) chests U) son Skin '1 ea, latest importations 100 halfchests and ten - ratty boxes Hyson do. 200 boxes Bloom Raisins 40 hhdsof Jamaica and St. Croix Sugars 20 pipes Cogniac Brandy, and 20 hhds. old Jamaica Rum. For sale by J. K J. CODUINGTON, Je 29 lw 204 Front slreet. i 1 ERRING. - 40 bbls inline Connecticut LJ. Itiver litrrin - ', laudin; "Si and for sale hy A N SON G. l'lll Ll's. ' IC3 Frotil - itreet. Je29 1 JRl.vlh UPLA MJ COTTON. 19 bales, lan ding liuiu iing Georgia, at Brooklyn, for 'ide at t.7 South - hlrret, h Je2U CA.MBK1 ;leng i PEARSON. (JHKRRY& COLMENAR WINE. 18 q - . O casks superior old Sherry Wine 32 do do do Coiiueiiur do Landing this day.' from sclir - Mnry, for sale by Je29 BOO R.MAN ti JOHNSiON. WHI i"E LEA 'if, iic" rANDING at Pine itieet wharf, from ship J Columbia, Henry Curtis, master, lr m Bns tol, EiigiMii!, and for sale hy the suhscrilicr, on advantageous terms, if taken from the ship 20 casks beet dry white lead, from 5 to Cent, each 280 kc;;s genuine ground white lead, in 8ib. fccxs 30 cat lured lead, in casks, from 1 to 3c ut eai'h 24 casks SpMii'h brown, from 3 ( 4c t. each 12 tierces allum, Iroui 7 lo lOcwteai h 12 casts Rorunu Vitriol, from 4 lo iiewt. each 25 ca?ks Venetian red, from 2 to iiowt. each 4 bbls blue III ck,2i wl each 30 Mils ivory black, fiom 2 to 3cwl each 2 casts Culcothar vitriol, from 2 to 4cwt each ' 4 casks purple brown, from 2 to 4c wt each 10 hhds. 5 tierces and 8 bbls Rotten - Stone French - Greene, Roe - pink, Dutch - pink Blue aud Green Verdeler, Maih Scouring - Itrn kV Apply to - A. CHURCH Je29 12t JM H. wery. FOR &ALE. riiHE Cargo of the ship BRAGANZt, from X Calcultn, consisting ol Uotton, Su'ar. aiM Saltpetre. Samples to he s - eu al tlie Cuuntiug House of ARCH'DGRACIEkSOtS. Je 29 MOLASSt.S. SUGAR kc. 214 hhds. uud 21) tierces Havana Molasses. 30 hhds Muscovado Sugar 65 boxes Havana browu do 3 bhls while do 150 boxes ) 40 half do superior Havana Scgari 50 qr. do Landing from the ship Mary, Capt. Maffit, and for sale by GOODHUEkCO. Je 29 , 41 South - street. JOHN THOMSON ti eON, No. 2 huriing - Slip, have received by the Courier, and trie late arrivals fiom London and Liverpool, the following Goods, which they offer lor sale on the lowest terms, viz : Wood's Imperial Cloths, single and double milled Caisimeres, Ladies' superfine Cloths, well calculated for gentlemen's summer Coats; Yorkshire fine and superfine Cloths and Cassimrjes, Olive Cotton Cords k Velveteens, Rhodes' Bom - hazel, white and colored Patent Thread Blue, Ravens grey, and cloth colored Sewing Silk, bl'k blue und cloth colored Scarf Twist, Silk Ferrits, assorted colors all of the best quality. J9lw .V tit H.i HUH A UK iUtJliS. TW HE Subscribers have received by the late JL arrivals Irom Liverpool, one ol the mo. - t complete assortments of Hardware U Cutlery to be found in the city, purchased in Englaud prin cipally for rash, and calculated for the southern market, which Ihcy offer for sale in quantities to suit purchasers, at very reduced prices and liberal credit. ALSO, Pell metal skillets and kettles Brass kettles, assorted I Iocs, assorted, incaiks Tiace chains. Anvils, Vices, Scythes Wire and hair sifters Genuine English blistered steel, warranted, &c. Sic. ROGERS, WINTIIROP & CO. June 29 3t QPIRITS TURPEN 1 INE ii KO;IN C bola O Spirits Turpentine 30 do Rosin, very good quality, for sale by R. Si C. V. DAVENPORT A CO. Jf 25 Perk - slip. I OslN. 40 bbls Rosiu, suitab.e lur soap. JL.S, Doners, lor sale hy R. AC. W. DAVENPORT & CO. 35 Petk - tlip. Je29 CALCUTTA SUGARS. 24 bags very handsome White Calcutta Sutars, just landed, and for sale by JOS OSBORN, 28 Aouth - strcet. 57 G OAl SKI.XS. 7000 Madias and Calcutta Goat Skins, in prime order, for sale by JOS. OSBOKN, je 27 28 South - s'reet. JHO.VfUTS, HAGGOjY MOSES, (Jc. BW. ROGERS it CO. No. 235 Pearl - st have just received and offer for sale low if taken fn - m the ship Id tons iron pots assorted from 1 - 2 gallon to " 25 gallons 10 casks waggon boxes, assorted 4 do sad irons, S tuns bakepans. je27 y deunjuUus piepared ma particular manner, for sale by J. 8c G. W. LYNCH. Je27 3t - 60 South - street. . k CJTARCH 100 kees white and bkie Starch. kJ landin; . 75 Wall itrt Tor HAVRE, V 1 liB I nn 1IVI I V U.... V I - - u u l.. . mtit w azotic, master, to sail in 10 davs. i'or a few tons of heavy AeigWroTtsasitv Hirers. haA ine ex. cclieut accommodations, tpply to , " ' . ;' JUNES Si MF.GRATII, - je29 ' ; 91 Soutli - sUeet: ' . For JV.'e f France uud Jlowltmt; The superior New - York built ship AMKKIC A, copperrd and coimer fas tened, 495 toai, Wm Vibberts. master, will sail on Thursday next. A few thousand dol - lars wiu oe taken to bo invested in a return cargo, and a fsw more passengers can be accommodated. ; Those gentlemen who have engaged passages are requested to call and pay their psssage money, that stores may be provided accordisgly. Apply to the captain on board at Minturn and Champlin's wharf; or to CHARLES HALL, je 29 4t , No. 1 Beaver - street rrr w.ixr&u to chart eh, ,hi A good brig orechoouer, from 150 to , T. 180 tons burthen, to load for Eurone. to which immediate dispatch will be given. Apply to - R. CRUMP, J29 90 Pine - st. For A I. CHUlX, 1 JLmi The elegant new brig FREDERICK, Jssi53& Clark, master, - will sail with all conve - uivul dupatch. For freight or passage, haviug handsome accommodations, apply to READE Ic DE PEYSTER, Je 29 lw 31 Old - slip. : For Side. - Freittht op Charter. The nhiii lAt;KET. White, mauler . i - ' . . liavinir been new sheatheil ami in other respects effectually and faithfully repaired throughout, and is now in readiness fur a voyage, t This ship has two decks, is 303 tons burthen, and can be sent to sea immediately, and is to be seen at Pine - street wharf. For terms and particulars apply to GRISWOLDS Si CO VTES, Je 26 68 South street. Fur Lll'EJIFOOL, , The very superior coppered nritish s!iipD YL.MARNOUK, 'V. W. Robert - soil, master; her cargo be mg nearly engaged, Fur the remainder of freight, or passage, hav ing elegant accommodations, appl board, east side Ply - markel - w hart, or to S. DALGLEI5II k CO. 103 Pearl - street Who ofTt rs for sale, ex. taid vessel, from l.eith EJinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in hot ties and ca.'.ki. Wine Bottles, &c. per gross. je 26 H unted to Charter, 4i One or two British vessels, to load JfcfiaiH. for Liverpool. Apply to AKCIin GRAC1E & .SONS. Fur LilA OjV, To sail ou Tuerilay iu xt, with freight aud pasfeiigerk may offer, , The fa?t sailing schr CALYPSO, Hil - f !f,;lliard. master. Apply ou board at Murray's w liar I, or to BOGERT& KNKELAND, 70 South - street. Landing from said schr A fmall qu:uitity ol veiy loug handsome Conr - iiij board. - '. Je 24 6t Fur HAVANA, , Ihe new coppered brig WARRIOR, jjLA; 284 ton burUien, (built by Mr. N. Uro'vii of this city,) H. Richard, master. She will..,td oo tile lOtli of July next, weather per - mittiug. For freight or p - ssae apply to JAMES D. WOLF, junior, Je24 54 South - it. ror LIYFHFOOL, The elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAl'ER, 'William Adams, master; n wJMMnaabuvilwsvnly two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on dischargm her :n ward cargo. For ficighl or passage, ap - Piy to tne niajirr, on board, cast side of Hy market w h.irf, or to C. W.ROGERS & Co. Jel6 235 Pearl - street. tor J.VJDOA i The substantial last sailing Briti - h Kbriir SKEEiV. cant. J. Mason. Her ca.n lii'In nearly engaged, will have immedi ate dispatch, r or tne rcmainaer ollreight, or i)ii. - a''e. haviner clr?ant accommodations. aDiilv on board, at Jones' wharf, or to S. JJALGLIESH Co. Je 19 IO.H'earl - street. tor CH.1 HLtyj'O.Y, TL. .1 U - ..U A l A Ufl T 1 k j lit! ciniiuuit m iiihicvi niinur.uuni T. Ilarwick, master, will meet with immediate di. - patch, having half her Ircight en - iiged For the remainder or passage, apply on hoard, al Murray's wharf, east side Coll'ee - I louse . - lip, or to SAUL ALLEY, Juno 19 98 Pine - st. tor t HKlJtAilCKilWii,, The schr THREE SISTERS, Pol lard, master ; will sail in a few days For ircight or pa?age, apply oa board, at l iuo - itrcet wharf, or to HENDERSON & CAIRX5, Je2.1 81 Pine - st. For SAAJVJYAM, The very fine brig SUPERB, Reeve, master; will meet wilh despatch, hav ing considerable part of her cargo engaged. For passage, having handsome accommodatious, or freight, apply oa board, at pier No. 12, east side ClJ - sjip, or to TOTT & M'KTXXF, Jc 23 50 f nuth - treet. Fur ULA KELE 1 mid MOBILE. The substantial fast sailing sc'ioonrr ONIAHIO, 100 tons, captain Lelling Will; haviiik! most of her freight engaged, will meet wilh immediate dispatch. For the remainder of freight or passage, having good accommodations, aptilv nn board at pier no. 2, E R. or to PE1ERS k UKRRICK. je22 29 C'ncnties - slip. , For SALE. Ala, if applied for this day or Monday nest, the brij' M RY, as - lie arrived from Havana, at Tier 8, Aide i s - wharf, North Ibver. Her burthen is 2JJ t - itis, has two decks fore and aft, and may be cnt to sea with little expense. Apply al 61 Sout:i - street, to X. St O. TALCOTP. je27 Fur . Ell .UliJ.j A.YS, Thesi;i; OURIS. lying at the foot or i sriisie - otreet, is uei - ineu lor freight etiiraired and will continue t - i t ike in until Wednesday next, the dy fiv;d for her departure. Apply 1 1 the muter on board, or to J. Ai G W. LYxciI, je 27 4t 60 South - street C 6 1 "TON 80 bales .New oTTJi" ns I of.on landing irom ship Islington, at Brooklyn. 7)1 Store, 254 bales New - Orleans Cotton, for sa!e by N. St D. TALt.'O I T, Je 29 64 fc i.ii - riet. liOttct. i ;:v U i . AN el sr lt.t liars' . 1 ' iiands Inh, 5 years old, rh sent hav. extYlleiit either lir saddle or git,, warranted perfectly sound and kind. Eh - uirnt42 Cha'lhim street, between tue hours ol one and Dve. "l SADDt.E HORSE. . I a it., ll.nd isnll s f I70R isip "n eit - p&nt cuuuie iiwiw 'h Kkll'OAS lttblc, ia Betkma - ui - itrect. r at Je6 1 1 WO or ihre single reatlemeo can be hand somely acommodafed with board at No. J59 Broadway Je m la, - : fourth wARa"r - v" i wii ouiirts isiicnsiij pjitc - i, iiiah ii nr IT sessort of the fourth ward have cnmnMed riiinr lr - .:. :.i u : - ,,, - f .1. . , . T their assessn)Ar.t and that a copy thereof is left witli Lewis Hartmao, &t No. 423 Pearl ftieet. where the snme may be seen and examined t. any eftheinliabitants durincten days, front thi. day, and tliat the asscwrs will meet on Friday, July 8th, at the store cf L. Hnrtois'n. to renew their said assessments, or (fnt applkat,ioo of any per.cii conreivinjr lumseii assrvm:. ' V iiEttia ti A it 1 .viA.v.f Asienwjrsoiuie PETER BONNETT, J fourth ward New York, June 8!!th, 1CI8. J 29 tot SEVENTH WARD.' . ' DUB L1C notice is hereby eiveu, that tha As L sessorsof the seventh ward have completed tneir assessments, and that a copy theraol is left with David Lvon. at No. 64 Market street. where thsjpme' may he seen and examined by any of the inhabitants daring ten days, from ten o'clock, A. M. to three P. M. and that th As sessors will meet on Friday, the tenth day of July, at the house of the said David I .yon, lo review uieir saia assessments, on me application of any person tonceiving himself aggrieved. ijavii.ii.von, I Assessors of the 7th JAMESON COX, ward. NVw Yorlt, 291h June, 1318. Je29 14t 1WENTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST, in Wail - street, between William and Pearl streets, uinety - Ave dollars, in notes oi me Mechanics' Bunk, rolled rn piece of white paper, it beine the property of a poor man, the finder will receive Twenty Dol lars ny leaving it at f. A. IMtSlLll'S Hook Store. 28 Wall - treet. Je 29 2t STABLE, &c. W ANTED to rent in any street between or coutiguousto Die City Hall or Citv Hotel, a stable, r part of one, with room for a gig. A line addressed to X. Y. Z. at this office will mee t with immediate attention. Je29 lw' TO PAHEJS TS. A YOUNG MAN, from 15 to 17 years of are ia. of respectable connexions, good manners, and moral character, (of which the ubscr her must have unquestionable proof) with sufficient education to make himself respecta ble, will be taken as an apprentice. None but of the above description, need upply. TIIOS. CONoTANTINK & CO. Cabinet Makers, je 29 3t 157 Fulton - street. WANTED, . A HOUSEKEEPER A respectable singh Is. person about 30 years of aire, or widow without any incumbrance. Apply from 9 to 3 o'clock, at No. 2Courtlaud - 3trecl. J2:t 3t tV ANTLD, GIRL from 12 to 15 years of age, nf good il character ami steady lia!ni. tu assist in faimlv. Apply at 74 Leouard - strttt. Je29 TWEJfTY DOLLARS REWARD. T'TAS hired from the subscriber on Friday Y T the 19th inst. a Horse and Chair, to go six or seven miles, but has not returned since. The horse is a dapple grey with red spots, white mane and tail, and two burst on his side near the flank, very pav, but old and thin. The chair hung on Boston springs, chocolate coloured Body; carriage red with black stripts. Whoever will return or secure the horse, chair and man, so ihe owner ran recover his property, shall receive the above reward and all reasonable charges. N. II. The horse and chair was known to cross the Williamsburg and Hoboken ferries the same day. JACOB WIUTSON. Brjoklvn, June 27, 1818. je 23 l')&C2t GREAT CURIOSITY. MAMMOTH HOG r I M1IS animal is one of Ihe most extraordinary L productions of nature, and has been brought here from Ireland, at a very considerable n - pense. He is 4 feet 6 inches hinh ; lenzth of bis body 9 feet 6 inches ; girth 7 feet 10, and weiebs about 1500 pouuds ; a most unprecedented weight for any of the species. A further description is unnecessary. Every person of curiosity will be well satisfied wilh Ihe view. This wonderful animal will be eihibited forn few days at No. 92 Maiden Lane, when he will be taken to the country. Price for trrowo iiersons, 25 cent, children half price. Je 27 d&c I HARMON El GARDKN. 578 Bnadteay. iI ARIUS GALL, respectfully informs bis i V L friends and the public in L'ineral, that he hat opened the above uaroen, where lie will nave constantly on nami, ice i.ream, rimcn, Wines and Cordials, nil ol the first quality, arid hie by unwearied attention to merit the appro bation of those who will lavor tuui witn tneir company. Je tit IN CHANCERY. State of A'etr - Fort, s. IN pursuance nfan order of the Honorable Court, bearing date the 2Cth day ol June, eighteen hundred and eighteen, will he sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscri ber, as one or the Masters ol the Court, nn 1 ues day Ihe 2lst of July neat, at 12 o'clock, noon, ii .i i ,.,i,i ail 111(11 A.CII.1IU UIVI - IIIIIq klliuac, wi.u parcel of eround. siluate, lyins, aud beiiis in the Eighth Ward ol Ihe city of New - York, known on a map of the farm ol the lute Nicholas Bayard, by lot No. 99, on Ihe wet side of Broadway, winch sau lot contains in nreamn, in front aim rear, twenty five feet, und in lenuth on each side, one hundred feet, and is hound at follows ; north erly, liy lot lo. I0U, formerly owned ny oamuei Beekman, westerly, in the rear by lot No. 112, now, or late owned by Unac B. Coi, and Cot - nelia. his wife, southerly, by lot No. 98, and eas terly, in front by Broadway. And also, all thai lot or piece oi srounii, situate in tne same waro, and known upon the same man, by Ihe No. 1 12, bounded westerly by Mercer - street, northerly by lot No. Ill, southerly by lot No. 1 1 J, and easterly by lot No. 99, being in breidth, ill front aud rear, twenty five feet, and in length on eachide one hundred feet, willi the appurtenances. Dated June 27, 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Je29taw2wdts Master in Chancery. 7k)KTU lllVEIi stTaMdoats S - yT HO" On Ihe 1 1th of May, p, " l commenced 'running four tfvymmJJi., times a week. A Boat rs: iJL - " I'i leaves New - York on Tnes dav. atao'cloc k. A. M : Wednesday, at 5 P. M Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at 5 P.M. of each week ; and a boat leaves Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M. .. The Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New ti'jrgti, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 A.M. zo WANTED, ritWO furnished rooms, (a bed room and sit L t'fis rooml where there are bo children or bo. - irdeis, for a gentleman and lady, who would keep a servant and hoard themselves ; and, ifap - 1 . .... .. r - r proved of, would ti - Ke me rooms ior ivurureim month - . Address a note, at this omce, lo D. E. Je27 3t . I'lASO tOhTt.s k HAM'. TtyiWO very baudsome PIANOS and an ele - JL gtnt PED'L IM IIP, all of tint rate wo'km - nhip, aud will be solJ very low Apply at No. 4.1South - lrett. June 27 lw Furl SLE, A' DARK Gray PONEV, 6v yxarseld this r - .i nund and kind in harms. ALSO, a ex - H second l..mded('iAtB, in good order riSht ; AIsj azjood Gi aiid tUasesi; all to lie sold chap for C3h. Enquire of Charles H. Bellow. 24 Leotiarrf streer Je 26 lw FOR SALE, a SMALL Brown lljrse, of the Canadian rV breed, a natural pacer or racket, and an excellent liorse lor an invalid, yery fit, amt easilv kept. For jur'her particulars apply lo Mr. BOW EN, at his Livery Stable lo An'tionv street, near Broadway. Ja 20 tf V"" ANTED, a situation Meeremessia a pri - V V vole lamilv, by a Yoang Lady, wb" hs already bad several Tfaxsexpefieoce ia that line. lnqirc at No. 400 Broadway. Jc 2C In PUBLIC SALES . ; BY MILLS, MINTURN fc CO.; - Thuisdby, . Al half nasi B o'c.loclt t iliflr auClMia store. No. 148 Pearl atiet, a general aaaorliseot U French and English Dry Otiods. THE proprietors oi the southern, marble qua rif, near Kite's - Frid'f. rive do lice, that they have on band, aud are receiving, at tb nuig - i - vnatre .varbie and, Lutie - Xard, Joot 1 Beach - stret, ou tht Hudson river, aa exteusiva stock of marble lor building, of the following ds scrip ions, vis . Ahlar Coping Foundation Stotisj Chimaey - PitctS) Facings Watertabl Steps Platforms Sills, Liuleb . Arches Loll AImj Lime of the best quality. TT A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; ' and thosa desirous of purchasing, or making engngcmiDt, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. MO.wi JO LUAA. A Q rklJOLLARi to loan, in sums to TM."tJ,Vr" " suit applicants, on bond with mortgage upon approved propeity. Inquire of WlVI. VS ll.l.lAitIO, 137 Water - street. Where apnlication may be generally wade through the year, and jjioi tgagua disposed of. .. je vo ti iSOl'icE. (f7 - This is to forbid all persons trostine tha crew of the Portuguese brig Sophia, Lopes mat ter, as no debts ol Uieir Contracting will be paid ny uie captain or consignee. ' je I (L r Tim Ouarleilv Meetlne of Uie Femala Union Society fur the promotion of Sabbath S:hools, will be held in the Lecture Room of the Methodist Church in Joiiu street, ou Wednesday, Ihe first of J uly. The superintendents and teach - ers are requested lo he punctual in their attendance, at half past 10 o'cl ck, A. M. Ladies, subscribe!, or others interested iu the institution, are respectfully invited to attend, at 11 o'clock. Subscriptions for Uie preteut ear will be then leceived. Suhscribois uie earnestly requested to send the amount of theirsubscriptiom, inordcrtosava Uie expense ol employing a collector, Je7 L JtJH.Y g ON, Si - cretary. UNC1NNA11. 07" The Annual meeting of the New - York Stale Society of the Cincinnati, will be held at the City Hall, on the 4th day of July neat, at 12 o'clock precisely, when the officers for the enduing year, will he elected and Ihe ordinary busi - oes of the Society transacted. 'The Society will dine on that day at Washington Hall, precisely at 4 o'clock, P. M. Members of Ihe respective state Societies are respect tuny invited loiomin tiieceieiiraiioiioiineday. By order, "D. E. DUNSCOMB, Sec'ry. Je.i at frr JOHN C. HAMILTON. Commissioner for the acknowli dfe'eDtent of Deeds, ic. has re - moved to the office, corner of Cedar and Nassau streets. Law Kiii!diiit;s.( No 1 Je 29 1 m Thirty Five I housand dollar prize, paid at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office, 142 Broadway. Ticket No. 5459, in the Millard Ai Oweso Road Lottery, (uow drawing in this city, which drew on Wednesday last the prire of 85,000 dol - lais, whs sold to a gentleman at Albany. - The number was drawn a few minutes previous to the steam - boat leaving this city, which enabled Messrs. S. & M. ALLEN to send immediately the pleasing intelligence (by Capt. Roorbach) to the fortunate possessor, aud at the same time inform him that they would pay the cash (or the prise as soon as presenxea. 1 v l. : .. : . l i ... i.l.ij : A ...1 lull uinriiiiic uie iui innate iiijiuci nil ivcii, iuu Messrs. ALLEN'S paid the cash fer this grand prire, being tht largest ev - r drawn by aa individual i:i this state. No. 7771, in the same lottery, which drew last week a prise of 10,000 dollars, wa sold in shares and the cash paid at, ALLEN'S office to the fortunate holders. - The Mammoth prize of 70,000 dollars will be drawn on Friday w etk As but few tickets rc - umin for sale, and the lottery to be completed in less lh:n three weeks, those who with a chance fortius great prize and the floating prists of 10,000, I0UO, 5(Xi, AC are advised to apply immediately al ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway, opposite the City Hole. N. B. Since last New - Year's dny the follow ing Capital 1'riifi have been paid uy o. si m. ALLEN, in amount rising 4no,ono dollars, being more and larger prizes than have been sold and Caid in (he same period hy all the offices in the nited Slates, vit: No. 2320, 1 00,000 ; 1,530, 5o,ooo ; 2ii4t, 5o,ooo ; 5459, 35,ooo ; 10,323, 3o,ooo ; 10.053, 2o,ooo ; 4G2, ; 85, 1 0,000 7771,; 7771, lo,ooo; 12,859, lo,ooo; a great number of jooo, Sooo. looo, 4c. . Je27 d&c2t (y The concluding examination of the students of Columbia College, will commence, with that of the senior class, on Tuesday, July 7, at 9 o'clock, A. M. The attendance of the graduates and of the trustees oi the Cotlejre.of Ihe Rev. Clergy of the city, aod ol the parent and guardians of the students, is respectfully requested. - WM. 1IARKIS, Pres. Col. Coll. Columbia College, June 9, 1818. Je7t ' A CARD. (7 - At tha particular solicitations of the La - Jy subscribers, the New - York Salt Water Float - iug Bath w iH be removed to her old station at the foot of Murray - street, tins day, where it will continue open every day, from sunrite in (he morning, until 10 o'clock at oight, during tlie balhiug season. It is hoped when the Ladies of this city know that this large building, which will accommodate two or three hundred persons at a lime, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment on Mondays and Wednesdays ol each week until 2 o'clock, that they will give that encouragement which such aa appropriation deserves. On all ot' er days (hey have their own apartments only. x The greatest posiiUlc attention will bo paid. ' The Bath at (he flattery is open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle - men only. Je 29 NOTICE, , fjy All persons having claims against the estate of John Lioan, deceased, are desired to present them for settlement to the subscriber, and those indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, to him without delay. V JAMES M'BRIDE, Je29 1m Acting P.xecotor. LEC TV Ii E. At Ihe Great Room, Mr. OrucomU Academy. Vrten - ttreel. Maiden - lane. OV THURSDAY, JULY 2, 18IR, at 8o clock in the evening, Mr. BUSBY will deliver A l.ECU'KE ON THE PROPULSION, nr ,ai K.AtiLr: BODIES, and will demon strate (he philosophical principle of Mechanics! IWiraiioo : concluding with a practical illustra - lion of a simple method of embracing all the ad - vanlnee of the A'ew Sutttm, and savins five - sixths ol the power now expended ia steam - boats ' In Ihe course of tlie Lctsre, several models will be exhibited ia motioa anon a sorface of wa - ler Oi vf these will reitesent the beaatifal phenomenon oi a vessel moviag rapidly without water - wheels, tr paddles, ted wsUroattne applt - ation ol any power, except tliaCW tiie - tta,fwrai - pressure ol' tlie water. upon which it floits - v j ' . Tbe Lectnre will be rendered asnufin KrS ' - Xi " - struclive, and il ispresenied will net - be rem - tstioe. to Ladies. Admittance 50 cental - . ,V ' As pecuiiiarv rmc - lomeut is not Ihe otecvuC - this Lecturr, the proceed, after defray iij aaa - voidaLle esp - nru, will be presca'ed to the New Vork establul nient lor the lustrechoa or tpe Deaf and Dumb. i - t 29 4t tiFt ' w lf. ; IsJ A counting Rom, ia the saost ceatral p rt of rf ar: - tretu or parucwar. I Q7 l 1 n TO LIT. : , . ' A genteel Horse ( ' - .; nl, M. aixl oeaimy ",''l":'TZJn,, ;,. - . V t i :; , r '.. I , I - ui . J - fl I' . Vtvi, 1 ' ' .1 - .

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