The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1931 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MASUN CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE .-"·k School Set of Recipes Has Variety Mrs. Ruth .Campbell's Methods Printed for Housewives. The following recipes were prepared by Mrs. Ruth Campbell at the second session of the Globe-Gazette cooking school, held last week. The Thursday program will be printed in the Tuesday paper. PONE BOSS 1 Ib. pork loin. 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning. Ground cloves. White corn meal. Salt. Boil meat until it is tender enough to shred with a fork. Put shredded meat back in kettle and bring to a boil with'seasoning. While still boll- ing add corn meal, sifting thru fingers in small quantities to avoid lumping. Stir constantly and cook until fairly thick. Turn in pan that has been chilled with cold water and V»lace in refrigerator overnight. Cut ia thin slices and fry until brown. CUDDLE CAKES 1-3 cup shotening. 1 cup sugar. ' -^SSS. \* cup milk. it-3 teaspoon flavoring. . I s /£ cup flour. If teaspoon salt. S teaspoons baking powder. Stir'sugar into creamed shortening and beat well. Beat the eggs and add these to the first mixture. Put in milk and 'flavoring alternately with the sifted dry ingredients. Half fill greased cup'cake pans and bake about 20 minutes in moderately hot oven. SAUCE FOB MANY VEGETABLES ^f* tablespoons "butter. 2 tablespoons flour. Meat paste. % teaspoon salt. Pinch paprika. 1 pint milk. Heat butter in frying pan and stir in flour gradually until smoth. Add milk in small amounts at a time. Stir in seasoning and enough meat paste to color same brown. Stir constantly until it is the thickness desired. If a thin sauce is wanted add a little more milk. This sauce is delicious served With diced carrots, diced potatoes, cauliflower and sma.ll boiled onions. CHOCOLATE FROSTY PUDDING 2 beaten egg whites. % Ib. confectioner's sugar. 1-3 cup butter. 3 square melted chocolate. Work in stiffly beaten 6gg whites with confectioner's sugar and buj;- ter. When a proper consistency, work in chocolate until all ingredients are ierfect!y blended. SNOW MAN ICING cups sugar. " water.. ^ _, _. ___^ cup corn syrup. igg* whites.* tespooa salt.--, . 1 teaspoon orange flavoring. 1 teaspoon baking powder. vBoiiv sugar and water anct corn syrup to_soft boil stage. Pour one- half, over- the stiffly beaten egg whites, returning remainder to the stove. Boil until it spins a thread, pour over the whites, stir, add salt, flavoring and baking powder, continue to stir until cold. It's then ready for use or can be moistened at any time with a little hot water. QUICK COFFEE CAKE % cup shortening. 1-3 cup sugar. 1 egg. ' 2-3 cup halved seeded raisins. 2% cups: flour. % teaspoon salt. 4 teaspoons baking powcier. 1 cup milk. 2 tablespoons sugar. (Additional for sprinkling) 2-3;'teasp6on ground cinnamon. Melted shortening. Mix shortening and sugar well, add the well-beaten egg, then the raisins, next the flour, salt and baking powder sifted together. Alternate these with the milk. Mix to a light soft dough, turn into a well- 'greased shallow pan, brush over the top with melted shortening'' and sprinkle with the additional sugar and cinnamon. Bake in a moderately hot oven 370 degrees F. about 20 minutes. WONDERS 1 egg... J 4 teaspoon salt. \ bout % cup flour. K \ iat the egg, add salt and enough SfloVaHo make a stiff dough. Roll on Hloured cloth or board until thin as a wafter," and cut with large round _cuter. ,Drop separately in deep fat, '"fry .golden brown, drain well and dust with powdered sugar. CREAMED BAKED EGGS ·i eggs. 1 cu0 white sauce. % cup grated cheese. Butter. ;." .Fill four ramekins half full of white sauce. Break one egg whole in each. Put small pieces of butter on top and cover with grated cheese. SPiloJl"^ , I brimr st T»on/n «..-» · KATHERINE BOEYE -, WRITES OF INDIA OLDTIMER MRS- ANN M. PECKHAM of Norwich, Conn., is believed to be the oldest woman compositor. She recently observed . her ninetieth birthday, having been born on the day William H. Harrison was inaugurated president of the United States. Mrs. Pecltham was employed on a Hartford, Conn., paper in 1864, and worked all night when President Lincoln was assassinated, setting type for extra editions. "Stories kept coming in on the telegraph Instrument steadily," Mrs. Peckham says, "and the steady stream of work lasted from a few moments after Booth's shot was fired until after the funeral. Former Mason Cityar Returning From . Mission Field Of interest here is the letter re ceived by the Rev. and Mrs. J. P Boeye of Burlington from the! daughter, Katherine, who has spen the past five years in the mission field in China and is enroute horn by way of Europe. The Rev. Mr Boeye was formerly pastor of th First Methodist church. She 'wll arrive in Iowa until late in April. The letter which was written from Delhi, India, reads, "We hac three days in all at Lucknow. I was so much fun to see the college girls at chapel on the sports field and in discussion groups. "Our train trip from Lucknow to Agra was the hardest night travel ing we have had. We left Luck now at 7:30 o'clock in the evening and,arrived at 3:30 o'clock in the morning and changed trains , twic in the meanwhile. We had a ful day at Agra, leaving there fo Muttra. Saw Taj Mahal "Agra is the site of the Taj Mahal. This exquisite poem in marble exceeded my expectation o it. It is all marble, inside and ou --with five patterns of black mar Me and semi-preciqus stones worked delicately over it. "The fort at'Agra is a massiv~ thing with two high walls and a double moat surrounding it. In side were the marble palaces of th mogul eraperora--all formerly in laid with Jewels and precious stones. Many of the- inlaid pieces were stolen during the time of the mutlnyT Neat- Agra is the deserted city, Fatephur Sikui. We visitet the ruins there of palaces anc mosques--all testimony to the power of the Musiline invasion. Real Indian City "Muttra is a real Indian city Sprinkle salt and pepper on each in mode rate q uantiti es. JUICY PRUNES Soak one pound of prunes over night If possible. Add a little lemon peel, especially if they are sweet prunes, gives a pleasant spicy taste While stewing, add'one teaspoon of baking powder to every pound of prunes. This improves the flavor. Even if the prunes 'are of the sour type, there will be no need of sugar if baking powder is used. JACK-IN-THE-BOX SCRAJMBLED EGGS Beat whites and yolks of six -- s«r flrxt|ly ) seasonwith gait ng Rowder to the mixture and cook quickly In hot frying pan with moderate amount of butter. Serve on garnished with parsley. We note in a news item that Mayor Mackey of Philadelphia, in Sisguise, visited the unemployed. This all occurred, however, outside city hall, so that there will be no resentment on the part of those who arc on the municipal pay roll.--Boston Herald. EDNA WALLACE HOPPER r \_ ". .,/ Th. OB.Woni«nA t Th World \*hi New Gr*tr Old T.lli Jtadlo LJi- t«n«Km Mor. of H.r S«cr«t. of Beauty, Health «nd Di.t. Watch your Ioc.1 N. B. C. ohalh program*. T U N E I N (.Cut Out Thi* Schedule) Every Tues., Thurn., WHO, l)e» Mulnen, 1:30 P. M. Every Tues., Thura.. \VOC, Davenport, 1:30 r. M. Now Is The Time-get your permanent wave efore the Easter rush--Our aster special x $5.00 to $8.00 Complete 110. K. BEAUTY SHOP * - " » Mrs. Cockayne, Specialist IPhono 1651 lOl/j East State EASTER and Flowers I . . . Symbols of Spring, flowers seem, somehow, to have been created just for this joyous season. Order abundantly for Easter. Ther.e is a new hope, neV inspiration in their beauty and . fragrance. For. your inspection and selection we have a choice assortment of blooming- plants and an equally good lot of cut flowers. Strictly fresh, home-grown stock at today's prices. Please place your order early. Open evenings Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.. Herman M.Kruidson.Prop So. Federal Aye. with no foreign shops or people Cows and monkeys filled the streets. At night we took a boat on the Jumna river and watched the ''fire worshiping ceremony. On one of the river boats stood the priest with candelabra (burning oil in each layer) in his hand. While the temple bells clanged and priests shouted formulas, the high priest lifted the candelabra high. When he put it down the assembled worshipers rushed forward and put their hands over the fire as a means of purification. Women brot tiny lighted dishes of oil and set them afloat on the water to represent prayers. The turtles in the water upset most of the prayers, hut since turtles are sacred, I guess that doesn't matter. '"Brindabah is.near Muttra and it is a city of temples. After Brindaban we came here to Delhi. We shall have three days here, then we shall go to Bombay, making just one stop enroute to Jaipur." Major Bunvash,. whos.made airplane explorations in the Arctic, says he had grapefruit for breakfast every morning. Among the perils of the Arctic we must now include that, of starting a squirt of juice and getting an icicle in the eye.--Detroit News. SPECIAL-For Easier Week Shampoo and Finger Wave 75 Special Prices on Permanents During This Week--Realistic, Eugene and Mastroil. C E C I L BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 3333 IJncoln Sandwich Shop Cafo Katherbe Wetherbee Weds William Couse at Vinton Ceremony CHARLES CITY, March 30.-Miss Katherine Wetherbee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Wether- tee, and William Couse, son -of Mrs. Belle Couse, were married at Vinton, by the Rev.- Mr. Bostrum, a minister from St. Paul who wag visiting his mother where the ceremony took place. The attendants were Miss Luslla. Helgoland of Cedar Falls and Maurice Miller of this city. Mrs. Couse is a graduate of ^;he local high school and Park Hpspital Nurse's training school in Mason City. She is employed at the Cedar Valley hospital where she expects to continue her work. Mr. Couse Is operator at the Cecil theater in Mason City. Bonnstetter States Farmers' March. Was News Error Result 'Representative A. H. Bonnstetter, chairman of the subcommittee to which the bill to make tuberculosis tests for cattle optional with the farmers, stated that the march of 1,500 farmers to the state legislature came about chiefly because 'a newspaper reporter failed to report the true situation. The bill was introduced by Representative Davis of Delaware county and Mr Van Wert, chairman of the animal industry committee, turned it over to Representative Bonstetter's sub committee. · . , . : . In describing this Representative Bonnstetter stated: "Mr. Davis .asked for a public hearing and tho committee was riot in a position to'grant it because'the house had adopted a,resolution on Feb. 16 prohibiting such hearings Washday Arithmetic THE COST OF WASHING AT HOME Home Laundry equipment averages $150 (and is replaced usually every 7 years) making the total cost each washday- Equipment 41 2 Bars Soap 12 Washing Powder .'... .06 Starch . . . . . . . . . . . . . .04 Blueing .02 Heating Water . . . . . ,15 Electric Current 10 Metefed Water .OS .52 Materials and Equipment THE POST OF SENDING THE WASH TO THE LAUNDRY The average washing (f o u r . in a family) weighs 12 pounds and will cost $1.20 at the laundry. IS THE SAVING OP LABOR, TIME, STEAM AND MUSS WORTH 27 CENTS TO YOU? YOUR LABOR IS NOT FIGURED IN. ISN'T YOUR T4ME VALUABLE? Send Your Laundry to us next week. We are sure that you will find a saving. Phone 600 "Producing Quality That. Commands Respect" LYONS CLEANERS LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS "North Iowa's largest Cleaning Institution" FOR MAT BEAUTIFUL EASTER WAVE Any Stylu Wave You Want Complete Including Shampoos ivnrt Finger Wavp OUR SPECIAL SHAMPOO AND FINCJER WAVE ?5c totTMTM t« St ^fV ' get y ° Ur Wav ° now · · - * will be beautiful for Easter and many mouths to come. Remember there are many types of waves but only *,,, Iji at our shop can you get a "Veda Curl" $10.00 wave for the small sum of $0.75 Wo employ state licensed operators only ll'/i South Federal over Kresge's $1 Store Phone 281 A Ten Inch ELECTRIC HEATER LESS Just the tnin £ to take the chi11 off the bath- rt room or spare bedroom. CORD A REAL BUY Mason City Hardware Company · O\WF.n A M n f\rJ?rr A T*Tcir» ntr ir^TYr,« f***r, t . OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR NEIGHBORS 37 EAST STATE DO N McPEAK I'HONE 918-9JU after the recesa and lack of time made it impossible to have the hearing before recess. Now here !s where the news reporter came into the story. He stated that our committee refused to give the farmers an opportunity to tell their reasons for opposing the test and that the bill was killed in the committee. Naturally the farmers resented this. They got in contact with Governor Turner, and the governor, not knowing- the situation, promised them what they. wanted and of course the resolution was ignored and we were glad to comply with the governor's wishes. ."At this hearing, the farmers stated their views on the proposition. The committee decided to allow no one to antagonize them, who saw this question in the opposite light. This was a wise decision because-these farmers' minds were in such a condition that some, of them were feeling more than thinking and no one could for tell just would have happened had anyon crossed .their patha. Our\ visitor, made some fine and able talks dur ing the afternoon- but .there waa i tense atmosphere in the chambcij during this entire time." Eighty-Third Birthday Celebrated:] CALMAR, March 30. -- Peter); Johnson celebrated hla eighty-thlrrtj; birthday Saturday. ', atifislonary Group Elected. GOLDPIELD, Mulch 30.--New" officers for the Baptist Missionary" society elected were: President, Mrs. Henry Harvey; vice prealdenta Mrs. B. L. Shoen, secretary ant;' treasurer, Mrs. Ada Rasmussen. ' A Chinese printer and his famil 1 manage to live on $8 a montli However a Chinese type font wou' make a lot of pi.--Western Leader] Silk Dresses New Styles at aa Exceptionally Small Price P ATS Sports and Dress Types $9.9O $14-75 Striking examples.of how much more your dollar buys this year! Coats of _ crepey woolens and new ^ tweeds . . . with scarf collars, with the flattering semi-fitted belted silhouette, with elaborate cuffs . . . in black with white, skipper blue and beige. Be sure to see them. Sport Jackets $4.98 You will be amazed at the value in these new Kerami Jackets. Black, White and Medium Tan. One-Strap Patent leather with black-and- white Ibard grain and gunmttal tilk kid trimming. For Growing Girls A jmart low-heeled model In f ' .it leather, trimmed with blade lizard grain. $2.98 $2.98 J.C. PENNEY CO. D E P A R T M E N T * S T 20-24 South Federal Ave. o a It looks like a thrifty season ... wEen you can buy dresses with all the new style details for less than five dollars! Included in this remarkable group are styles for many occasions... long and short sleeves ... light, bright and dark colors.., prints and solid shades . . . don't delay--make your selection soon.. P- be fae " a

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