Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 9
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NINE MAT 3 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Mason City's Calendar 302 TRUCK Mav S--Free lecture on Christian s'cience by Judge Frederick C. Hill, C. S.. of Los Angeles, Cal., in First Church of Christ, Scientist, at 8 o'clock. May 5--U. C. T. meeting at P. Gand E. auditorium with 6:30 o'clock supper. Slay 10--P. T. A. council presents Grace Sloan Overton at the Y. W. C. A. in a lecture at 8 o'clock... May 11--"Pomander Walk," senior class play, to be given at high school auditorium at 8:15 o'clock. Hay 14--Last Civic Music association concert, presented by Civic orchestra. Miss Bza Niemack of Charles City, soloist. May 31--Edward A. O'Neal, president of Federal Farm Bureau federation to address district meeting in Mason City. Here in Mason City While the lumber is dry and be fore the bugs come--Paint--Unus ual paint values all this week Mason City Hardware Co. Joe Lemker, federal building em ploye was ill Wednesday afternoon and Thursday 1 and unable to work W. I. Chapman of the Chapman Furniture company left Wednesday night on a trip to Chicago and Grand Rapids, Mich., where he wil see the mid-season displays of fur niture and transact business in th interest of the local store. Dr. W C. Grainger of Mason City will speak at the district meeting of the Iowa Chiropractors association to he held at Waveriy Friday afternoon and evening. INTEKTATION GIVEN ON CODE "Going-Out-of-B u s i n e s s" Sales Must Be That and Nothing More. Merchants who advertise a "Going-Out-of-Business" sale and then add to the stock on hand newly acquired mechandise wil be re- Carded in the future as violators of the code of fair competition for the retail trade according to information received by the local NRA committee This is the effect of an interpretation made by Kenneth Dameron, deputy administrator of the National Recovery administration, and approved by H. O. King, division administrator. , The decision followed the receipt of reports that there are retailers who have not been content to dispose of merchandise on hand at emergency sales but have taken advantage of them to increase their profits by the offering of newly acquired S The code for the retail trade con tains the standard provision on Advertising and Selling Methods m which it is stated that "no retailer shall use advertising or selling methods which tend to mislead or deceive the customer.' The interpretation is that "it shall be considered as false, inaccurate and misleading advertising and a violation of the code for any reailer to ao vertise a sale as a closing-out sae, a c-oin^-out-of-business sale, a bank) rup or receivers sale or any sale ' of a like nature without disc osing if such be the fact, that additional merchandise, except such as may be in transit, on order, or under firm contract, is added to the stock of merchandise on hand at the beginning of such sale," Mother's Day Stamp . on Sale at Postoffice The special Mothers' day stamp issue was placed on sale Thursday morning at 8 o'clock at the local DOstoffice. This new stamp is of the 3 cent denomination and has been issued in commemoration of the national observance of Mothers day which will fall on May 13 this year ERFECT DRIVING AWARDS WILL BE MADE ON FRIDAY fawanis Club to Honor Men With Safety Program at Y. M. C. A. Three hundred two truck drivers, representing 62 fleets of commercial vehicles, will be awarded certificates Friday night at program in the oanquet room of the Y. M. C. A. These certificates are given to the drivers for having driven their trucks for a year, ending March 1 without an accident. Friday night's program will bring to a close the second year of the Commercial Vehicle accident prevention contest sponsored by the Kiwanis club. All drivers and owners of trucks' have been invited to the meeting. Orchestra Will 1'lay. Music at 7:30 o'clock will be furnished by an orchestra directed by H C. Brown. At 8 o'clock the meeting will be called to order by Dr. W. E. Long, president of the Kiwanis club. Two short talks will be given. W. Earl Hall, past state commander of the American Legion, who inaugurated the program of highway safety for the American Legion, will speak on "Tthe American Legion Highway Safety Program.' C. B. Oilman, secretary of the local safety council, will give a talk on Highway Safety" Given by Dunlop. E R Dunlop. chairman of the Kiwanis commercial vehicle accident preventipn contest committee, v.-m sketch briefly high points of the contest and award diplomas. Plans for the contest next year will also be announced. Small cards, _ also showing records of perfect driving will be awarded. Refreshments will be served. Certificates will be given to: O'Harrow and Young--Linn CalK ins, Julius Mannes. Ralph Morgan John Young, Obe Queishng. Earl Jacobs, Charles Meier, Luke Wessle Tom Schollian, Byron Young, Elmer H °j 0 Tbaniels-Howard Trevett Guy Barker, Max Smith, Herb Pat ton! Robert Evans, Robert Smith. Heimendinger Transfer Line Henry Heimendinger, Harry Lmd S °Fireside Fuel company-Ray Wil cox, Al Bloomingdale, Roy Lock WHERE LIQUOR STORE WILL OPEN JUNE 15 Austin liam Allen. Baking Companies Ustea. Mason City Baking -- Carl Iv Johnson, Everett Huffman, Will Buirge, J- R. Birkbeck Fred Wol kenhauer, Ivan Davis, Wayne Wil Factory Experts in Decorating, Painting to Be at Local Store J W. Rogers, and V. V. Redman, ·ainting and decorating specialists 'rom the Lowe Brothers paint factory, are to be at the CurrJe-Van ·Jess company this week-end to conduct special demonstrations and to give free advice on painting to visitors to the store. The cost of complete house jobs, the grade paint which should be used in this territory, proper color combinations, methods of applica- ·ion and other problems which arise with regard to house painting will be discussed. The men will also give instruction on interior painting. The demonstrations will be continuous" throughout the day, and it was stated that each visitor to the department would be given a booklet containing the answers to most questions on painting and decorating. TRAFFIC LIGHT WARNING GIVEN Cars Not Allowed to Go Through Amber Light, Says Patton. for the store. (Kayenay Photo and Engraving, Mason City) =1 T Humiston, Willis Fitzgerald, o! M. VanFleet, Earl Hennagir, Charles Gasaway, Fred Stockberg- r, Willis Baugh, Harry Adams, =ercy Sanford, M. E. Riley, Wayne Jurgess, Carl Patchen. Hutchinson Ice Cream--Lester O. Sprout, Forest C. Dull, Lester M. Crow-ell. Consolidated Coal and Coke--K F. Freitag, Clifford Davis, Vem Mott. Mier Wolf and Sons--Steve Vican, Edgar Crapser, Hermit Larson, Clctus Luce, Joyce Rustad, David Uchardson. Hermanson brothers -- A l f r e d ;erard, Martin Mortenson, Leland Seeherger. Standard Oil--Frank Hogan, G. E. Punke, Leo Donnelly. Harold Tank, Jay Bitting, A. H. Davis, George Williamson. Northwestern States Cement- August Carson, Clyde Wilson. Horse Shoe grocery -- J a m e s Christiansen. Keith DeLacy, Atlo H. Grelk, William H. Johnson. Drive for P. G. and E. Peoples' Gas and Electric--J. C Alcorn, Clarence Boeck, Bob Davis Clarence Day, Emery Fatland George Holt, Guy Lawnsberry, Ro; oe Pau!, ,-.rt Scheef, Charles Shanks, Ralph Tarr, Walter Thorn- US, Lester Toole. Wagner Motor--Don Burns, Alert Lonsing, Ray Bates, Clarence 'innecke. United Fruit--Raymond Lcake. Railway Express--Samuel Ketchm, H. A. Dearmin, H. E. Wood, A. f. Batdorf, H. P. Quinrud. Kinhart Transfer--Martin Stokes, J. W. Dyer, Clair Meacham, Kenneth Laughlin, Albert Orr. S. and R. Chevrolet -- George Hobbs. Marshall and Swift--Ira Lcaman, Herman Glandon, Alex Rennie, Gene Alcorn, Erdix Swift, Jr., Ross Kew, J. W. Davis, Joe Woolworth. Mason City Brick and Tile--Al Reasc. Ideal American Laundry--Don Wilkins. D. Rezab, L. Jacobs, D. C Roderick. Glanville brothers -- G e r a 1 d Chute, Warren Reiner. Currie Van Ness company--Jen* Walker, Jake Halson. Chapman Furniture -- Kenneth McKee, W. C. Groth. . Many at Decker's. Cadwell Transfer--Oma Burger ar, George Donelson, Lyle Hopins. Barrett Brothers--Monnie Mitch- 11, Laverne Sweiger, James Marti. Jacob E. Decker and Sons--Wilam Baugh, E. W. Timme, Jack vecnan, Roland Duvall, James Manel G. C. Seeberger. James Briscoe, Art Kanzanback, Kenneth Merriss, Valt Gulbranson, Elder Dahn, Glenn Srown, C. H. Luick, L. N. Quinby, Harry Meleney. Lyons Laundry and Dry Cleaning- oropany--George Burmcister, Lyle ill, Bert McKague, Warren Geer. Crystal Lake Ice and Fuel--Nor manF. Bowers, Arnold P. Christianson, Edward Dunton, Archie C Halm, Hollister Jones, Harold H Kennedy. J. A. Sweet. Northwestern Bell Telephone--J F. Stanfield, Edw-ard Sippel, E. H Johnson L. G. Nemmers, J. H Heidenry, C. A. Thomas, Duncan W McCallum, K. E. Lund, Floyd Mor ris, L. R. Ransford, E. A. Hill. The "Wren's Nest," home of Joe Chandler Harris, author of th "Uncle Remus" stories, has bee converted into a public museum ir Atlanta, Ga. Chief of Police E. J. Patton issued warning to motorists Thursday o regard the amber light in the ity's new traffic system as a stop gnal. When the amber light is on, car approaching the yellow stripe n the pavement, must come to a top. No car will be allowed to cross he yellow stripe against the amber ght without the driver of the car eing sub'jcct to traffic violation. "Right or left hand turns against he red light are prohibited the ame as straight ahead," said Chief Patton. "Cars can only proceed on he green light and pedestrians hould watch the lights and go with he traffic as much as possible. "Pedestrians must have the light o cross the streets sometime," said nhicf Patton, "without being requlr- ;d to dodgo automobiles. The p;b- ic has had time to familiarize itself with thfc new traffic system lere and strict enforcement is necessary for the safety of the public. "Some motorists, back a tew feet from the line, have been in the Habit of speeding up their cars to beat the light. When the driver coming from the opposite direction has the same idea, the two cars will meet at the intersection. In order to avoid accidents, motorists must re alize that the amber light means the same as the red--STOP." MRS. BELL HEADS COUNTY UNIT TO CUT MOTOR TAX Substantial R e d u c t i o n of Auto License Fees Sought. Mrs. Irene M. Bell. Mason City, has been named chairman of the Cerro Gordo county unit of the Iowa state motor tax reduction league, according to Vernon D. Blank, secretary, whose offices are located at 521 Insurance Exchange building-, Des Moines. When interviewed on the purpose of the league, a statewide organization for the reduction of annual license fees on Iowa owned motor vehicles, Ronald Williamson, state organizer, outlined the plan of the association as follows: "In the first place we purpose to effect a substantial reduction in automobile license fees; rocond, to prevent the diversion of any funds collected from taxes levied against motorists, as was attempted in the last general assembly; third, to gather and disseminate Information to automobile owners, and fourth, to sponsor legislation to benefit every motor vehicle owner in the state of Iowa. Our program provides for the prompt payment of interest on out- ftanding road bonds and their retirement at maturity, the proper maintenance of highways, and any necessary construction. Extending System. "That motorists are being discriminated against is clearly indicated by the exhorbitant surplus in tho treasury of the highway commission and the continual addition of mileage to the primary road system. This increasing absorption of secondary roads into the primary road system is patently a means to supply an outlet for the expenditure of excessive taxes now levied against motorists, and is gradually .aking control of more and more miles of highway from the local county authorities." Mr. Wiliamson produced a list to show that Iowa is in the upper jracket of states with respect to automobile license foes. Only Louisana is appreciably higher and most of the states are much lower. Some states, notably California, have only a nominal license fee of 53 a year. Figures taken from the last annual report of the highway commission clearly show that automobile license fees can be reduced 30 to SO per cent without impairing the in terest or principal of the outstand Ing road bonds, and still leave ampl funds for the proper malntenanc of highways and any necessary con struction, according to Mr. Williamson. Increased to 8,866 Miles "The original road rogram as approved by the people of Iowa," he recalled, "embraced a total of 6.CC5 miles of primary roads. In 1933 the primary roads and extensions being: maintained by the state amounted to 8,366 miles, without this popular approval. This increasing absorption of secondary roads into the primary road system Is patently a means to supply an outlet for the expenditure of excessive taxes now levied against motorists, and is gradually taking the control of more and more miles of highway from, the local county authorities. In spite of this drastic increase in primary road mileage the last highway commission report shows a balance of several millions of dollars, with an estimated income of ?16,000,000 from the 193-1 license fees and gasoline tax. There Is also an anticipated allotment of $11.000,000 from the federal government for highway construction in Iowa during the current year. "The refunding bill passed by tho last session of the general asembly wil effect a saving of approximately SI,000,000 a year in interest on the outstanding road bonds. This saving' should be passed on to the motorist. This refunding bill referred to a.i Senate File 105 also precludes the possibility of there ever being a. property tax levied for payment oC the interest or principal on these bonds. .fZOO.OOO.OOfl Diverted. "The maintaining of the present excessive motor vehicle taxes can. only result in a continual increase in primary road mileage, or the diversion of the funds to purposes of no direct benefit to motorists. It is estimated (roads and streets issue of March 1934) that 5200,000,000 of such funds was diverted last year in the United States. "It is thus evident to anyone in possesion of the facts that the present rate of taxation on motor vehicles is entirely out of line and that motorists are being discriminated against unfairly." The state officers of the league are such men as Clark W. Huntley. former vice president Iowa Farm Bureau federation and co-author o!: the highway commission bill of owa; Charles F. Pyo, secretary o\va State Teachers association; Gibson Holliday, attorney and secretary Iowa Gravel Contractors association; T. C. Wooton, managing editor "The Iowa County Officer;" S P. Whiting, secretary-treasurer. Direct Advertising, Inc., and Earl F. Wisdom, attorney, former assistant attorney general of Iowa. O£ the ten or twelve epecies of. geese occurring in the United States, ill but two or three breed.ta'the far north and are migrants and .winter visitants south of Canada; Political Announcements M. L. Mason Candidate for Ke-Election for County Attorney on Democratic Ticket BRIAR Monument Co. 226-7th St. N. E. PHONE 1997 FUEL PUMP and CARBURETOR SERVICE Central Battery Electric Company nan Baking--Frank Minor, Ol v e r R e p p , Larry Caldwell, Erya Oglesby Bob Inman, Henry Peter Lehigh Portland cement--J. v\ Bailey, J. L. Murray. Champlin Refining-F. H. Mulbern, William Grow, Harold Hubbard, S. Skovgaard. Ideal Sand and Gravel--Raymond Powell. E. G. Morse--James Tosel. Swift and company--Robert Netzer, Herman Beenken, C. J. Behr, W E Bilstad. R. Dimond, George Roberts, E. Thalle, Ray Caldweil Henkel Theron Lessor, Harow Shelhorn, Sam Caponi, Roy Christensen. _ Hanford Cleaners--Layson Connett. Cerro Gordo farmers -- Grant Chamberlain, Oscar Myhre. W G Block Coal company-Clarence Gallagher. N. W. Curtis, Herbert Grimm, Lisle Angell, Roy Gitt. Many at Higley's. E B. Higley--F. W. Sinnott, B. 0. Deeny, Herbert Kennison, Ted Farrer Emery Schoonover, Otto Engebretson, William Turnbull. L. W. Weed. Mid-ConSnent Petroleum--J. C. Dickinson, F. Reckseen, G. Yoing, ra Faulk, Charles Kelly. L. A. Moore Lumber--Charles ·Tutton. Mason City Builders Supply Howard Shaner, Ray E. Pauley-- 51yin G. Johnson, Gunner Anderson X'E. Shaffer, John Pauley, Neil McCarthy, C. C. Cassiday. Veach transfer--Bill Finnegan Rube Hinton. Donovan Brown. Billman Motor Express--Gl em Hindale, V.'in Johnson, Wallac Johnson, Buford Billman. Smith's Klassy Kleaners--Walter | K1 a 11, Leonard Bouck, Harry Young, Jack Sheahan. Iowa "ate Brand creamery--E. V. Rucker. Phalen cleaners--Glenn Ralph, T. R. Phalen. Mason City Millwork---Tom Cookman. Nehi Bottling--H. A. Jung, L. E. Cordle, J. F. Carman. Webster West Lumber--J. K. Johnson, George Draskovich. Stacy Fruit c o m p a n y--Cliff Woods, Ernest Butcher, William Blake, Husten Peterson, Roily Woods, Clarence Hugi. L e t t s-Spencer-Smith--Clarence Fogg, Wayne Nivers. In Bottling Company. Mason City Bottling--F r a n k Brown, Art Page, Tom Clausen, Lloyd Johnson, Billy Webber, William Strong, Bernard Householder Harold Wasley, Kenneth Holman. Sinclair Refining company--Ear Oglevic. City of Mason City -- H e n r Thompson, Charles Tuning, Pau Grove. L. L. Mullin, W. F. Smith. I cut Mileage Costs 12 says MR. DOOLITTLE, CHICAGO THOUSANDS have changed to this "Super-charged" gasoline to get the extra power, pick-up and mileage in every gallon of Super Shell WHEN YOU have a gasoline with as many as 6900 eitra power charges to every gallon, you have a motor fuel that motorists are going to talk about! And everywhere drivers are saying: "These eitra power charges in your Improved new Super Shell give me quicker pick-up, more power, and extra mileage!" We knew you motorists would like Super' Shell. Because, first, we questioned 200,000 of you motorists and found out what you ·wanted in a gasoline. Then, we made the exact gasoline you asked for, by developing a new refining process which actually "re- makes" the chemical structure of gasoline. Here is a gasoline that is different. So different you can feel it In the surge of power when you pass cars on the road. So much better that many motorists tell us they are getting as high as J, 2, or 3 extra miles per gallon. If you haven't tried Super Shell W invite you to today. No price increase. Coiijrijlit, 103-!. Shell Tctrolcom Corporation SHELL "THOSE E X T R A F I R I N G C H A R G E S DO THINGS," says Clarence J. Hartman, Cleveland. "The bus runs like a different car on Super Shell. "WE'RE SAVING MONEY." says Mrs. A S. Terry. Detroit. "Since chaniSiiili to Super "Shell we use fewer gallon* cverv week."

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