The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1939 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 28, 1939
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TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1939 file shell-pitted skyscraper which js Madrid's tallest and uest known structure.' The quick capitulation was oi'c- Eliadowed Monday night when the defense council began assisting the flight ol (hose wishing to escape possible vengeance at the hands of the nationalists and demobilized recruits who had been called up but who had not yet joined the army. i Had 1'ledgcd Peace Simultaneously the c o u n c i which supplanted the governmen of former Premier Juan Negri March 5 and pledged itself to wor for an "honorable peace," broad cast appeals for the population t remain calm. General Casado announced 01 one broadcast that "we continu our labors to insure peace as soon as possible," and added: "In tlu name of all Spaniards I promise we shall have peace." The white flags flapped Jroir military barracks and elsewhcn in the city. Soon after the surrender the streets were full of republican soldiers who had abandoned their weapons in the trenches which have protected Madrid for more than two years. All republican flags had disappeared and instead nationalist flags were flying from staff Fugitives Jam P.oads Hoards out o£ the city were jammed with fugitives. Republican banknotes were being refused in the shops, and many persons in the streets were giving the nationalist salute. Dozens of motor cars and trucks c o n t a i n i n g falangtst (fascist) rnen and girls appeared suddenly in the streets at noon. ·They toured streets thronged with grimy, listless men oE the central army, streaming uack to Madrid from the suburban fronl. Official republican departments were virtually deserted. They were guarded carefully Monday but anyone could walk in Tuesday. ~ -- ------Sees Douglas Approved Servel Firm Won't Observe NLRB Order EVANSV1LLE, Ind., (/P;--Louis Huthenburg, president o£ Servel . Inc., indicated Tuesday the strike- harassed refrigerator manufacturing firm here /would not obey a national labor relations board that it disband the Servel workers council. He said the corporation would appeal from parts of the decision he termed "adverse to Servel" and would continue to recognize the workers council as sole collective bargaining agent for its employes. Favors Earmuffs for Sleepers in Cities LOS ANGELES, (IP)--Dr. Vern Knudsen, professor of physics at University of California at Los Angeles^' recommends "'. earmuffs for city sleepers. The damage to their health from noise-disturbed sleep is "unbelievably great." he told a gathering of scientists and students, and ear-muffs would be of benefit. Illinois Mine Wage Contracts to Expire CHICAGO, (.4)_w a ge contracts under which an estimated 43,000 miners dig coal in Illinois will expire at midnight Friday but it appeared Tuesday there would be no stopping o£ work. The signing of a new contract before the Friday night deadline was considered improbable, however, the miners and operators apparently being far apart in their wages and hours demands. OWA HUSKING SITE SELECTED State Finals'Will Be Held Next Fall in Jefferson County DES MOINES, Iff)--Iowa's 1939 cornhusking finals will be held next fall in Jefferson county sponsors announced Tuesday The Fail-field chamber of commerce and the Jefferson county Farm Bureau will head up the lo- ·cal management, Wallace's Farmer and Iowa Homestead sponsor; said. Corn will be grown especially for the contest on farms operated by John Jenks, Fairfield; McMul- Jen Brothers, Batavia, and Russell O. Parsons. Woolson. Along with the husking contest, the Fairfield community is planning a centennial program celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the city of Fairfield. The United States navy band is scheduled to appear during Uie celebration. The centennial events probably will take place in early October. The husking contest will be held during late October or early November. The Iowa state meet was located in southern Iowa this year n vieiv of the fact that the na lonal contest is to be staged i Kansas near Lawrence. PLEASED WITH \Alr Ya Listening MADRID'S FALL Former King-Alfonso's Son May Be King of Reorganized Spain ROME, (U.R--Former King AJ- fonso of Spain, whose son Juan soon may be king, expressed joy Tuesday when informed of- the fall of Madrid. A household spokesman issued the following statement on behalf of the former monarch: "His majesty King Alfonso is ·ery pleased to hear of Madrid's surrender, which signifies t h a t peace in Spain will soon be restored. ''His hope now is 'that Madrid's all will also result in the elimina- ipn of all resistance to Franco's victorious troops on other fronts. hus sparing the people further oss of blood and suffering." Italian government circles were overjoyed by news of Madrid's all. It was recalled that Premier ienito Mussolini in his speech on Sunday forecast the fall within a e\v days. i , JI ' f*- TELLIN' YOU: Some hitherto unknown fact about the foreign situation, particularly regard fog Germanv are scheduled for airing Tuesday night on KGLO tVom 9 45 program titled, "American Relations to Prominent Figures The Columbia Broadcasting system announced T u e s d a y morning that five prominent figures in the United States had been engaged for the broadcast. They are William Green, president of the A. F. of L.; Gen. Hugh Johnson, former NRA ad- . SYSTEM N K I V V O l t K 1210 KILOCYCLES Mrs. Kriebs Denies Rumors of Plans for Divorcing Husband DES MONKS. (JP)--Mrs. Harold J. Kriebs Tuesday had brushed aside as "untrue" what she termed ' rumors" that she might divorce her husband, former cashier of a Dewitt bank. Kriebs is being held in jail here pending trial on charges that he embezzled $83,000 of his bank's funds. Mrs. Kriebs visited him here Monday. It was the first time sh had seen him since he left horn more than two months ago. After the visit, Mrs. Kriebs tol reporters: "There are rumors that I wlJ get a divorce. They are not true Jove him very much and will sta with him through this thing Eventually we hope to forget a' about it and go back to normal liv ing.' Suite of 9 Rooms Is Deserved for Danish Royalty in Des Moines DES MOINES, (VPj--A suite of we rooms was reserved at a ho- el here for Crown Prince Fred- enk and Crown Princess Ingrid of Denmark and their party when they stop here April 20 on a tour of the United States. Former President of Cuba 22 Days Dies Tuesday P. M. 5:15 Singin Sam, Coca-Coin o:30 Uncle Nick's Junior Music Hall 6:00 News of the Nation, P. G. and E. 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Navy News «:35 Stop and Listen 7:00 News of the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa E'orum 7:15 The Town Crier I'nn Emil and His Commanders 8:00 News 8:15 Music for Men, U. £'. I 8:30 Benny Goodman's Camtl Caravan, Camel Cigarets, CBS 9:00 Barn Dance Frolic ministrator; Col. T h e o d o r e Hoosevelt, writer and lecturer- Senator Elbert Thomas of Utah and Wythe Williams, editor of the Greenwich. Conn., Times. ·- ·· Promises Scoops Mr. Williams lias recently attracted nationwide attention by publishing several scoops relating (o affairs abroad, particularly to Germany. He states that he plans to reveal further scoops on this broadcast. Frolic Rolls On ' . Barn Dance Frolic over KGLO Tuesday evening beginning at 9 p. m., will be cut at 3:45 m order to clear the air for .. ~,...,,.v. i I M I M _ - -.* v.v..-i nj *.*;(ii tutr air tor 9-'4» American Reactions to Nazi t ft 1 . 6 P r °g r am noted at the top of A : i this column. The usual 10 o'clock Aggression 10:15 Evening News Roundup 10:30 U'ayne King's Orchestra, CBS Orchestra, Orchestra, Garlock Re-Eiected Fort Dodge Mayor FORT DODGE, (1P)~C. A. Garlock was re-elected mayor in a city election here Monday defeating Harry B. Sherman, 3,091 to 1,311. Commissioner R D Mitchell defeated W. J. Moore 3 - p07 to 843 while O. W. Sundberg, incumbent commissioner was de"-' feated by M. F. Brown 2,472 to 1,933. The voters renewed a ter year franchise for the Fort Dod°e Bus comapny. Showers Fall in Florida; Rainmaker Is Given Credit ' FROSTPROOF, Fla., (U.R)--En- .husiastic ui»rus growers Tuesdai hailed Lillie Stoate. the sit-down 'rainmaker' 1 from Mississippi, as the savior of their drought- parched groves. Miss Stoate, a gray-haired deaf woman of 67. was credited by the citrus men with having broken a ong, damaging dry spelJ by hei three-and-a-half day vigil beside the shores of. Lake Reedy The drought was broken late Monday by drenching rains in the Frostproof, area, and weather reports Tuesday said heavy showers throughout the heart of the citrus belt materially eased the arid conditions. Miss Stoate was brought here by a group of Frostproof growers from Oxford, Miss., her home i V iifi r f sh ?- had . beerf noted since 1016 for her ability to "make it If yon pay tke price of aLaSalle be GET A sure you I24O uttjrrt to rhnnnc rrir/ioeu* *" n I o S ,,,,, ,,,,,). opttanal ci,, n n,c,H and i W.W MANY rw ,, t 1clic%c USaH A hundred* U f dollar, !lbu , c ,,biU H is \s * result, .nanv «[,,, , l u u l l , prc/cr a ^^ ' ~ ' ««, ,b,cl, «», ,, t[ ,, lc!l _ )r evr , )rc - r li, , u .., L ,,,,, vm , do nui fci i h j s i lnvc=,l,galc before M ,» i n v,.,. K M ,rric-,,cc r,,r ^,,,r ±us .m *" °" r ""'"" "--w, "T; i.c» Labile. t ,,j u y ,,, trnuWc-frcr pcrlW.nancc-U- r,d,n S co,,, f o r l . You'll find ,),,, ,,,,« ,,,,,_,-, ,,.,, ^ - if "« * » « « « · » = - .bon-ini a l i ridc . H , W-Dr. Carlos Manuel do Cespedes, 07. Cuban writer and diplomat who was presi- ?n n ifl£ f '^V^bl* f o r 22 da -* m 19,33, died early Tuesday at his suburban home in Vedado. He haci been ill for some time, de Cespedes was a native of 'New York City son of the Cuban patriot of the same name. Reorganization Bill Is Passed by Senate WASHINGTON, 5;_The senate approved a compromise government reorganization bill Tuesday and sent it to the house for imal congressional action The measure would permit the president to reorganize, consolidate or abolish most government bureaus by executive .order. The orders would, become effective' after 60 days unless "disapproved by both nouses of congress. Biblical Murals Revised SAN FRANCISCO, U.R--Fran? Bergman, 40 year old Austrian- born painter who did the murals of the faces of Christ, Moses and Isaiah m the Temple of Religion at the Golden Gate International exposition, has been obliged to change his conceptions of these Biblical characters. Complaint ;'as made that the face of his .hrist was too harsh and of Mo=es oo dark. He has agreed to "sof- "H * ne face of Christ and "light-' i'' that of his Moses. ' GIVES ADDRESS r Nebr " ^-Justce . M. Miller of the Iowa supreme 11:00 Sammy Kaye's CBS 11:30 Dick Stabile's .CBS 12:00 Sign Off Wednesday, March 29 6:00 Alarm Clock Hour 0:45 Morning News Houndup 7:00 Time and Tunss 7:15 Chapel of the Air :30 Home Folks Frolic, Iowa Master Breeders 7:45 Musical Clock, Merkel's 8:00 Richard Maxwell, CBS 8: Is Today in Osage, Osage Merchants 8:45 Musical Clock, Nash Coffee Company 9:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly, Wonder Bread, CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air Clear Lake Merchants 9:30 Organ Reveries, Innes 9'A3 Charles City on the Air, 10:00 Melody Time,'' Mier"wo« and Sons 10:15 Parade of Bands 10:30 The Morning Concert, Vance Music Company Church in the WUdwood ,, ^ Marshall and Swift 11:00 Ho me Town News, Iowa bnoe Brokerage news roundup will come on at 10:25 p. m. * f t Goodman at Akron Benny Goodman and his orchestra swing from Akron, Ohio Tuesday in a broadcast to be heard over KGLO from 8:30 to J p. m. Johnny Mercer, master of ceremonies, has writtten special lyrics dedicated to jitterbugs in the rubber city. Ample the Music Jimmy Joy, Wayne King Sammy Kayo and Dick Stabile irri?'J" 1 i OUt the rl y""n for KGLO listeners Wednesday from lD:la p. m. until midnight. Maxwell's Year n n 11:30 Markets H : l2 M 'd-day Review 12:0» Mac's Truckers 12:30 Front Page News, Pat Patterson, International Har- · · vester Company l-:4a Hank Hook on the Street i nr, .F ritchard Motor Company' 1:00 Sweet Alice, CBS 1:15 The Town Crier 1:30 American School of the Air CSS ' irSn £ Iastm City Building Show ^:.-0 Premier Daiadier of France talks, CBS 2:45 H. V. Kaltenborn Comments. CBS 3:00 Today's Devotion, the Rev Clarence E. Flynn 3:15 Time Out for Dancing, CBS 3:30 Duke University Glee Club, CBS 3:45 U. S. Navy Band, CBS 4:lo So You Want to Be, CBS 4:30 March of Games, CBS 4:45 The Mail Bag Hour 5:15 Singin' Sam, Coca-Cola _ . , . --·-" .jut/i*.iiit -.-~ .^«i£id ouin, -oc.a-L.oia ourt speaking before the Lin- 5:30 Lone Ranger Pfaff Bikini? oln Bar association !, 0 co,..o^ n._ r~ ""a", i iau Baking * -1---.--..0 u_iwii; ult; jjin- oln Bar association, asserted the aw s "delay" is the exception, not ne rule, and suggested it might e well jf more hammering were done on the decisive issues of ases and less on the side issues in rjals. I.N3IATE COST IS S292 DES MOINES, I/Pi-- State Audi- ! or C. B. Alters reported opera- I on of the men's reformatory at i \namosa during 1938 cost an a v ! rage of §292 an inrmue com-i ared with 5290.47 the previous ' 5JI- ?!? tal c °st of operations was A23.2/7 compared with $332,006 n 1937, he said. Grape Co-Op Surveyed \VATKINS GLEN. N. Y (U.R)-- TMl growers in Seneca.' Yates nd Schuyler counties are making n effort to organize a co-oper- Jve to process the 1339 Concord jrape crop. Growers from the three counties have hired D E McGee of Lockport to make a survey and determine the cost of putting a plant in operation. Company 6:00 News of the Nation, P G and E. 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Revelers Quartet 6:45 Aloha Land 7:00 News of the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 "Music for Men. U f I 7:45 News 8:00 Star Theater, Texaco Dealers. CBS 9:00 Mason City Building Show 9:30 New York Civic Symphony 9:45 On with the Dance 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:15 Intercity Golden Gloves Bouts, CBS 11:00 Hal Kemp's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Shep Field's Orchestra CBS 12:00 Sign Off Richard Maxwell, recalled to the air by listener-demand March 28, 1938, after a 13-week absence, celebrates a year of uninterrupted Columbia network oroadcasting with his programs, Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. The tenor-philosopher is heard over KGLO on these mornings from 8 to 8-15 o clock. Kaltenborn Again ----- Daladier of France »,,i be heara over KGLO Wednesday from 2:30 to 2:45 p. m. H. V. Kaltenborn, noted commentator, will follow up the premier's talk with an interpretation of the important mes- · sage. FORUM GUEST W M T NBC BLUE M I M I V U R K GOO KILOCYCLES noiicf. Tranjftnrlad ~~ t ft ' «'| ' *" " ·" 'i«i«i»»lbmlr««;/. n r ); uinar». w f l , 10 , pro , c u _^; lh unc .U\C ENGINE LAPINER MOTOR COMPANY 125 South DoWore Phono H 82 Mos on C if X . low. )4fS*URf-jp ^ £V NSTON CAUSHT AND WOUl-D HE C3ET CAPITOL- Ate. NOAH -IP A -rw:i co, AS THE. ~HE: TAXIS A\AN - TVF.SHAV KVLNI.VC .jion Uoii -\Vinslow of the Navy ._:!. Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs o:-i5 Weather-News 6:00 Easy Aces 6:n Tracer of Lost Pcr*on« 6:30 Don't You Believe It 7:00 Tlic Green Hornet. Dram.) · :»0 Information Please 8:00 Mary and Bob « : S " Doc " Rockwell's Brain TruM 3:CO Dr. James Slocimi Speaki S:l,i Smoke Dreams 9:3a Tlic Inside Story JO^f/v News 10:15 Jpe Sanders' OrclirairH 30:30 ttitfonal Emergency Council 10:43 Curt Houck's Orchestra 11:00 Harry JnracA" Orchestra I t - 9^j in Tuck cr's Orchestra Jj.vj Aiidnijiht rtewa W H O *-* 1 1000 KILOCYCLES - ^ r Tt ' ES "'\V EVENING o:00 Cautaln Midnight o l i o Dick Tracy o:10 Jack Armstrong 3:43 Little A n n i t 6:00 rete-i Jlovmtamccrs B:IJ Vocal V'aricUcs 6:30 New? 6:« SonKfello\v^ 7:W Johnny Prc-cn; 7:CO For Men Orlv 8:00 Battle of tlie'sc: 8;.TC Fibiirr McGec 9:00 Bob Hope 8:30 Uncle f.r.-i 9:45 NRTTK llic Pliice 10:00 .'\ntos 'n' Andy 10:i:. N-cu-s J 10:M Bact-lo-lhe-Biblc 1!; 1 1 0 1 1 Prosiam JIauritz Lundholm, director of the Hamilton College of Commerce girls' chorus and who directed several combined church choir presentations in Mason City in recent weeks, on the North Iowa Forum over KGLO Tuesday from 7:05 to 7:15 q. m. His subject is "Tlic value of Choral Music." Mr. Lundholm is associated with the *ance Music company. STUDENTS BACK IN CLASSES MACKSBURG, ]--High school students here returned to classes after being out on strike Thursday and Friday of last week in protest against removal of Supt. Russel! R. Pontius. Student leaders said the return to classes was temporary pending further action by the board of education. AUNT HET By Robert Quillen "L i v i n' for centuries wasn't such a blessin' in Bible times. Think how long Adam had to listen to Eve i-emimlin' h i m t h a t h e blamed everything on her." Bomb Bank Robber Is Still Hunted Threatened to Blow Up Self and Anyone Who Might Be Near CHANUTE, Kans., (/Pi-- City Attorney Joe Balch was "scared stiff when his old school chum, John Thornburg, forced HUNGARIANS AND SLOVAKS FIGHT Boundary Negotiations Over Disputed Frontier Once More suspended BUDAPEST, (JP)-- Boundary negotiations between Hungarian and Slovak commissions were broken off Tuesday as fighting broke out anew along the disputed frontier John Thornburg, forced him to anew alollg the disputed frontier carry a sasved off shotgun while betv -: Deri Slovakia and Hungary's Thornburg held up the First Na- new V acquired Carpatho-Ukraine. s o g u n w e Thornburg held up the First National bank with a dynamite bomb taped to his stomach. "1 said to myself 'this man ,-.,. certainly nuts.' " Balch said Tuesday in telling how Thornbura Tiade off with $4,860 in a stolen laxicab Monday. Thornbui-g. 2fi yea,O ld former · hanute resident, was still :it larjrc Tuesday but was reported ' seen near Salina, Karis. Is Positively Identified Balch B S. Gofer, vice president of the bank, a ,,d Police Chief P° sitivel y idenii- .,, .. n holdup man as Thorn- « r f ~ V; V """ lc """ OillCIl S "'^ Monday morning and placed . ,,,,,,.,, said. "Suddenlv he £""!! ° u ' . his . Je .« hpnd and let newly acquired C a r p - r a n e . The negotiations were interrupted suddenly when the Slovaks decided to return to Bratislava, their capital. Artillery engagements broke out again in the Lahore river valley and at least two men of the Hungarian forces which marched mt6 the disputed area last week were reported lulled. Claim Terms Dictatorial Although clothed with full power to enter into an agreement with Hungary, the Slovak delegation refused to accept the terms offered by Hungary before first consulting with their government. One report here was that the settlement suggested by Hungary ' - " if. He had two iittle --Jd to it. one to the forefinger and one to the thumb. "Would Complete Circuit" "'If I touch these together. 1 he it will complete a circuit low the hell out of me vou the buildins. Look 1 --and" he 'Ulled up his shirt and showed me the two sticks of dynamite and he caps and the battery taped wer his abdomen. 'T°"'. re J° : . n g l .° ¥P me rob he First National bank 7 ' aid. 'Don't get to thinking he ynamite won't go off. 'Take a ook at this percussion cap ' Thornburg opened his r jgh t hand and showed Balch an ex- uloded cap. He said he had tried the battery and wires out on it Persuasion Is Futile Balch. an eloquent courtroom orator, tried persuasion but soon realized he was making no head- "Tiien he handed me the sack He said there was a sawed-off shotgun in it. and he told me to assemble it. He meant business There were shells in the sack, too' I put the gun together and loaded it," Balch said. Thornburg sat and talking. When the gun watching him _ , -- - - =--· was assembled Thornburg ordered: "Now carry it. Maybe you'll 1" and involved the to Hungary of large sections of Hie new Slovak state formed a fortnight ago when Czeeho-Sloyakia collapsed and later placed under German military protection. May Intensify Fighting The Slovak commissioners said they would return to Budapest after consulting with leaders in Bratislava. Their refusal to accept the Hungarian proposals at once caused many diplomats to speculate on the possibility that the frontier lighting might be intensified and that the Hungarian army might penetrate further into the areas Hungary is claiming. want to shoot me. Now let's go'" They crossed the street to the Bank. Thornburg instructed Balch to tell Cofer he wanted 510,000. Orders Balch Out Cofer persuaded him there wasn't that much cash in the SQ Thornburg accepted T v , w Balch and a e ab-driver, Thornburg rode southwest of town to an old dynamite mazagine, where he told Baich he got the dynamite for his bomb. Thornburg took the shotgun and order Balch and the driver out. "I'm going on," he said and drove off. Open A CHARGE ACCOUNT Years Ago... Abel's Charge Account Service Was O. K. With Me... and It Is Today! . come and go New ideas , . . . . . b u t Abel's style . . . quality . . . value and fitting ser- vice . . . go on forever with me ... give me the Abel label . . . with their CHARGE ACCOUNT Service (that I've used for years) . . . and I ' l l top them a l l ! Sterlingworth Suits and Topcoats 1 ABEL SON INC. MASON CITY - MARSMALLTOWN

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