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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, June 30, 1818
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XEtT - TORJC EFEXLW POST. TUESDAY, JUNE 30. . lie AImwi Advotnte of yesterday morning happeoio j to lie open before me, the Uading edi torial article caught my attention, aud a reperu Ml cf it suggest ow; of the subject for Uib e ven - i'u - "per. ' ' . ' Speaking; of Mr. King1 speech, he observes that " be tbee not Ike to mak. iavidous compa risons (not he) or he could point out, from the session of 1810, speeches on variou national iubjects to which this will bear do affinity." Affinity ? certainly sot. . Nor consanguinity, dare wear. However, after all, Mr. Noah him self admits that Mr. Kin'i services iu the se .... I'i. t i. Dale uava Been noooraoie w .f.l. .rl nTirl til uie counirv." .i Wk.) ,l . all tlusmeao? Cut listen to . Jim further u i ia nn Kliiher he designs la become a candidate aeain : but it it desirable he should be t for though there are sereral equally enlignt. aed and honorable republicans iu this stale, fit for the station, vet such men stand ao chance while the present rulers continue in power. If then Mr. King is not re - elected Mr. Clinton will, once more, seud Obadiah German to the senate. Can there be any hesitation which to choose ? or can there be any d - mbt on whom an iionorable cottiOiunity should fix their choice ?" ' Let as look at this. Every honorable man in the community, of whatever description, including, of course, every Tammany man, i here ad - vised to rote for Mr. Kioe. in preference to Mr '.. - . - k.nfh Xt 4Kw tf - AiiM nhtain nnt, of uciuinu, UJVHgu their owa tit's, of waic h there are 10 many e - tjually enlightened, why, then, it might alter the case. If, for instance, let me see, who are hie prominent men.' Aye, there's alderman Mun - son and alderman Thorpe, take either of thtmt if there was any chance for carrying the election of one of those enlightened and honorable republican, then it would be high treason against the state to rote for such a man as Mr. Kin. Thk nsturally brings up the question, who was the candidate opposed to him, at his last election tolbo senate? when, it ischrrjed oion Mr. Clinton as one of the most heinous sin of his political life, that he lent his aid to secure Mr. Kind's election, by adding half a dozen of Clin - totiian rotes to those of the federalists, and which, for the sake of the argument, shall be admittr J to be true. For, alter all that has been said, and the hard names that have been called, it resolves itself into the simple question, whether the opposing candidate, at that time, who would Lave been elected If Mr. King had net been, was, ifitoftelo, a republican equally enlightened and honorable, on whom "an honorablecommonity woulJ fix their choice ?" This, according to the doctrine now advocated by Mr. Noah, was the "only question.' It is well known, that this opposing; candidate was an honest farmer, inhabiting same (lace iu the county of Orange, of the name of Wilkin, general Wilkius, general ia the militia and a good general too, for aught I know, for the particulars of his life and birth have never KOUXSU IUU Ml! BU Ui III Willi? i , . i . r i ... and qoalifications, but I believe it may be safely affirmed that a he never made a mouie' - trap in his life," it was reduced to thii, should the slate of Tfew - Tork, the first in the union,be represented in the senate by Mr.TCiugor General Wdkinj .' And if "ao honorable community" nuld not hesitate on Whom to fix their choice, now, when Mr. German ' the candidate, will you ex - l;lain - t"" 't"tlr - Noah, wherein consisted the crime oftlicn nrtfrrlm. Mr IT.'n - . , r g a - - era! Wilkin Mr. Noah fays, that though Mr. Kiug's speech contains many important facts, (only fact !) to be sure, but he cannot consider it as the " best" that has been made in or out of the senate.' O fie! Mr. Noah, did I say in Saturday's paper that it was ? O fie ! such a turn or twist miht have passed as able editorship, when tho " small fi j" were nibbling tbe heels of Hercules, but in tbe pre? tut instance it was not necessary. As to being fair, why, perhaps it is fair, because you know " AWtfaiTfnjtolitut," with certain edi tbrs and great politicians ; but, then, I supposed it was only on great occasions that such little arts wtre resorted to. Preserve them,l beseech you, tr great occasions. I reiterate my wish, may yoa live a 1000 ycars Mr. Noah. from the Richmond Enquirer, Jnne26. We lament that another case of hydrophobia has occurred in this city. A child two years old, it now laboring under its symptoms and will probably fall a victim. Various expedient have been tried arnotg others the ezuar stone but all hitherto unavailing. One of the altendnif physician hat been polite enough to promise us a description of it as soon as it has terminated. Why is not ine scull - cap tried .' 1 his remedy, for it is only a remedy, not a cure, was communicated by an InJian to the late Dr. Vandevcer, of Rah way, who, I ant told, administered it for upwards of 30 yean without a single failure, and who ccmmanicaled it as a secret to the late Mr. Lewis of West - Chester, in whose hands I myself witnessed its astonishing efficacy . Ed. E. Potl. Freebootert Tlie patriot war in South A - m erica, affords an 'excellent opportunity to every piratical scoundrel to prowl about upon tlie high t - eas in qneat of plunder. Scarcely a day passes by that we do not hear of their brutal corduct towards some dcfcnceles vessel they happen to Ml in with ; and they take good care not to go near any other. Where t A ..1. A 1 - II .1, , viaiui.i mmi you m seiuoni nna one cf these patriot cruiser. Fighting' i not so much their object as plunder The sK:p Robert, belonging to N. and U. Talcott, of this city, which arrivrd thia forenoon tain Liverpool, was overhauled by one of thee patriot picaroon cruiser and robbed of good to a large arm - unt. The following is an extract from the captain's lug - book. " Ship Robert, Robert Thompson, taasUr ru.ed tram Liverpool on Sunday the JJ of ' ame mrh, M - U32, s9, Ion 23, 20, t, the1. "vvioi, capu j rewe, bound from1 fti. hmond k5adeira. Ou the 26Ui of !hy, ai fcencUau, discovered a tail bearing west? at 2 P. M. coulJsee sh a schooner tr:th American colour, flying; at 2 1 - 2 P. M. si.e hcv loi aad fired a gnq for us ti lay b ook ia the sfcr - ls; tails and bncjht Uj ; a: 1 - 4 bfj - S 1. W. i 1 it to iu of , . j x. . V ; - 1(..,.hhJ hove 100,1 I'.8 ? AZ iZ lU I inJward - rtlie men w .. - . r., j i ,4 th. AniM - icau enMen ana i .v:.. ii. . .nt hia Loat on board ui UvlllCtJ !(" " , - , - .l. ;;k .n tnr tka rantuin to to on Doaru Wliu ms papers ; tlie caplaia sent his first officer with .. " - ... k:. ;Mm the echoooor's me pause, iuuw"s"""s - - . . . quarter deck, th. papers were taken from him and he was confined in U.e forecastle. She . then bore down closer, and spoke us, saying if the captain did not come on board he would send A. - A . ihrantain then ordered the boat to be lowered, and while doing so, the athoooer poured a whole broadnJ oi great fuu. " - " arms into ns (three shot went through the manker and the miien sUsail, and one shot into the bends) the captain then went on Ifcard and was Immediately confined, as was also the boat's ere W. An order was tnen sent to tne scnooner i i,.Je to take from the ship what provisions aad cordage they wanted, aud to cut and destroy, in fact to do as they pleased, which order they exe cuted in a most brutal manner. Ukibz all our provisions except 2 bbls beef and 5 bbls bread, and cut all the running riceing with their cutlas ses that they thought worth taking. They robbed the captain o(U worth of dry - roods, 50 guineas belonging (o the owner his gold atch, sextant, telescope, brass compass, all the steering sail gee r, and left the ship in a deplorable situation. At 9 I. M. the captain, mate and crew weie sent on board the ship, and found her in the a - iove described slate; all tlie Imulyards being cut. This happened in lat31. 7, long and lunar 32, 09, with 74 souls on board. They robbed tlie steerage passengers of tlitir, provisions, and the greater part of their clothing, bedding and mo ney, rwiues treating uieiu very in, ami, in Spanish, threatening the lemaies. in short they took all tliry could, and completely disabled tbe ship, beside taking all tlie cabin stores, they took 3 cases of inurchandise belong to the cargo, marked or.d nuuilered as follows : 4 cases W 1 - 251, - S, 1 - 5, l - C - 5, 1; I2522 2, 1 - 5, 1 - 8 - 5, 1; thipied by Messrs. i'urjli & Astley, of Liver pool, and consigned to Mr. b. Marshall or mr. w Vlitchell, at New - York; 1 cu.c, W 1351 - 2 - 3, - 5, 1 - 44, 3 ; shipped br tlie SHine, and con signed to Messrs. Mills, l'unlv ii Co. at New - .tm .. . .. . i .;.., orK. i oev even looa me cnniuiu s dowuuch i Mavisator's Nautical Almanack, nea jacket, surtout ; ail the paints belonging to tbe ship ; the greater part of the chief udicer's clothes ; a Dumber of doubloon from one of the steerage passcu - gers, and all the carpenter's tools. The schooner was an American pilot built vessel, ol Irom IbU to J w ions ; black witb X tvrute streaks on me starboard side t black with 1 white and 1 red streak on the larboaid side ; reported himself a Patriotic vessel, out 3 months from Buenos Ay - res, commanded by a mulnto looking man, sup noted to be a brmnianl. named r'eters. The vessel was coppered to light water mark. I lie vessel was hamcd oy uiem, me rairioi. June IS, in lat. 33, 41, long. 55, 27, spoke the Englih ship Harvey, Capt. Redman, and got some bread and meat from bun. June 14, in lat 36, 07, long. 56, 25, spoke the ling r.lizri, Cni't. Kean, 0 dais irom Philadelphia, hound to Ma deira, gotsume bread and piat liom him. X't stopped Die piess yesterday afternoon, after eight hundred of our impression were struck off, to insert the marine news by the ship Martha, Sketchley, from Liverpool. We re - publish for the benefit of those who got their papers before the postscript was inserted. The streets shall be attcnJed to to - morrow, and our various communications on that subject be duly considered. The paragraph reflecting upon certain jurors, ia the case of Trumbull vs Gibbon., is certainly inadmissible. The error of the majority, was, in agreeing at all, upon a - ny verdict, after they found tome of their fellows obstinately bent on one that came so very short, as they supposed, of justice. Corput line nomine, is assured his request will be attended to. ' C0MVH!CATI0!f. On Friday last, a new church in the town ol Windham, county of Greene, was consecrated the service of Almighty Cod, by the name of Trinity Church, and the Rev. Ezekicl G. Gerr, deacon, admitted to tbe order of prlest, by the Right Rev. Ri - Jop Ilotrart ; antl on Sunday last, Christ Church, Hudson, the Bidiop admitted the Rev. Gregory T. EedclL deacon, to th or - Jr of priests, aud Mr. Thomas Osbora to that deacons. Atinrer to a Qwrrn tin vcicrrfav' roil, tiencd "A iairysr." I he Commis.iuuers that have been appointed under the new law to take the acknowledgment of dt - ed, &c. are qualified to tel uu ti r the same : those who have beeu ap pointed to that office lliat were heretofore masters, have either resigned tbir commissions, or the law has superceded those who are not of the degree of Solicitors nf tho Court of Chancery or Counsellor of t.ho Supreme Court and there fore a Muster caunot act f A COMMISSIONER. To the Editor of the Evening Post: The advertisement of a lecture on the propulsion of naviirable bodies by Mr. liusby,on Thursday next, the 2 1 of July, at Mr. Onu oia'i academy, Green - street, is one of such rare interest !o mysrlf as an admirer of genius and an American citizen, alive to whatever afTutls (lie prosperity of ry native couulry, that I cannot rrfrain from calling the public attention to iu Mr. litis. by i no dealer in lojcrdimam ; be h:i had the advantage of a regular education ns an architect and engineer, and the object to which he hat now turned his attention, is one of immense nnni - ludetolhe rising glories ol our favored land. Canal navigation has, with us, ra - ruliar advan tage ; wliicli give practicability to a system aitogciiicr new lor the protulion ol bargss We are not obhjrj, at an enormous expenso, to orect engines to keep up a head of w;ler, but hat e recourse to our lakes and riven : these are the li.VMv ou which Mr. Iluslv propose to draw i to convert tiiir waters into a i ower amply sufficient for every piir;oe of uaviating the canals Uivsupply. Iu addition to this grand desigj, .Mr. B. embraces nnt only the conveyance of pa.engers, but al - o of freight, on our navigable waters, at a s?ving of expense, well worthy of the attention of fie mercantile part of the community ; for it is most ewJent, that tli - re hit hitherto been an enormous waste of power, in the application of steam - rngiues and hirc to uheet - boat', to that if this lost power can be sa ved, or even the moiety or it recl.umcJ, boats may be maJe to convey merchandise at an easy rate 1o the merchant, and passengers may unite economy with expedition and certainty. If Vr. Btuby is so lortun ito as to get hit models well couttruUed, I feel confi leut that his lecture will be one of t'.e most convinc ing and moil imiiortaut to men of science and judge of utility, that has ever been delivered in this city. " I ciunot do e thee remarks,, without a cuamiendation on the liberality Mr. Busby has shown, in devoting the receipts of Uie lecture to the benevolent institution for the education of the Deaf and Dumb. Yoox's, Ac. NAUTlCUd. That our readers may see in what lijht the conduct of gtu. Jacluou is viewed by the Eng. Ush, we give the following extracts from the 'onUtal HeralJ,r June 20, In te Nalion.U Advocate, of 21 June, at New - Yor', it aytear that Die rcocarnr - 1 ) hero gpoera. jacaten, tin bBwarrow of Uie repuolicai. arm, .t the capture ol the Spaoisti poit of ftt. Marks, took a voun mo of th name of Am orous, a kcnlMiani in the BritUh army, wuom LS. i,i.l I . 1 , t . ". . ne caujsd jt t, UieJ, by a csuri martial, aad sentenced to U boti 'LJthitntrnc ww'car. rirf inio Motion, three day. after.. - fhim nn - ar..llw uniabU VOUIir OI3D, wasCMl' :..,i it. aviilMuc af mtaHnttt S the WIK1J w charges agnintt him, ware 1st, for, attistwgU Indiana 41 fc bain? a nV. ' . " - Usmanity mutt shudder at the recital of tin atrocious trial and result. Had this otfn man Wd cantored nrbtiug m the ranksnf th ludian army, he would have been entitled, at least, U the benefit ol a prisoner ol wary i vrun riv to the second charge, it is too ludicrous to require an answer; can a S17 be captured io firieadly territory ? , Th American government have loos penned a spint or sanguiue hostility lowarue wie , defenceless, aboriginei of Uie KiI i and if it were true, that this young man was aidirg them, be was actio? in a noble pursuit : aad which was marked by hi stem demeanor at tbe place of execution. - Tbe Indian have no newspaper to found forth their woes ; they have no friend to advocate their injuries. We culy hear tlie cries of one party, and that for vengeance. It is not long since, if I recollect right, that this same exterminating general, took an Indian prophet, prisoner of war, and immediately caused him to be hung; this no'doubt, was a prompt mode of putting a period to hit prophecies ; but I prophecy, that the time will arrive when Mr. Jackson will have to atone for these cruelties, for the' sacred law of nature will not justify such conduct The American troops have taken possesion of Fort St. Mark, iu East Florida ; and gen. Jackson Wat on his march for Peueacola, the capital of West Florida, to take that place also. Hos tilities have, therefore, commenced on the part of the United State against Spain, precisely as Uouaparte entered the Kuropeaii Peninsula, when Spain was lorn by factious, fomented by the very invader. The American government have long bad emissaries in the Florida, as Do - naparte had iu Spftin ; they have lately tent three flamiug iuceudiarics to South America, to pye the way for further encroachment. These two acts resemble each other (0 exactly, that it is impossible to seperate them in erfidiousness. jVany of the pages of history are already black enough, but those which will bear the records of these transactions will excel in the deepness of hue. The French jacobins at the commencement of the revolution, disavowed all intention of foreign conquests ; but almast at the tame moment, they conquered the Duchy of Savoy, and the county of Nice from the king of &ardinia, and immediately incorporated them with the new republic, as they did Belgium the following year. The congress of the thirteen colonics also disavowed conquests ; but they imtautly sent an army against Canada, a province which evinced its hostility to rebellious principles by tlie expulsion of the enemy wilh every altribnte of disgrace. Now the peaceable provinces of florid a are iuvaded : unfortunately for them, their m i - Iher country has not the nervous arm of Great - Uritaiu to extend its protection ; but other pow ers may feel an interest in opposing this infamous usurpation. ; From tlie Quebec JVereuty, Junr IC, On or about the 24th Mav, capt. James Arm - j strong, of schooner F.xpcrinient, in her passage from Montreal, descried in tho river just above Vm. Henry, an enormous. Mark he bear. He immediately manned a boat with 4 men to go io4 pursuit ol him. 1 he only means of annoyance capable of being furnished Until was a boat hook and an axe, tlie schooner having no fire arms or other weapons on board. The men, though so inadequately prepared, with singular intrepidity made for Bruin and a very severe contest ensued, in which they were frequently exposed to the danger or upsetting the boat. At one period of the conflict their situation was extremely perilous, having made a blow at him wilh the boat hook, the enraged amiaal seized it, and by a tre mendous effort of strength, instantly wrenched it from the staff. 1 he people with a courage e quailed only by their dexterity, still kept their antagonist at buy, till by repeated blows aimed at his head they eventually (with merely tlie staff of the boat hook) succeeded in killing him and got their prize in safely to the schooner, lie appeared to be in nearly a famishing stats, and dujotless had left some of the islands opposite to seek food ou the shor.s of Wui. Henry. The visit of such a st ranger is worthy of notice, as he was of a most enormous fixe, hit skin being nearly square and upward) of five feet. Had he been in condition he must have been a tremendous specimen of the species. The capt. and crew who manned the boat deserve great praise in thus protecting this viciuity from this predatory intruder, as few persons would perhait be found sufficiently energetic to encounter such (to use a pugilistic phrase) an ugly customer. From the National Heg - itter, (printed ut IVath - iiigtan) June 27. Juiktnn at Pcwtacula. Upon the authority of private letters, the Intel'ijrenrer has stated that general Jackson had tuken forcible possession of IVnsacola. Though nearly a week has elapsed since that information w as given, yet we learn that no oftkul information has been received at the war department f, - om him. If we had any disposition to doubt the fact stated, we should find some reason for no doing in that circumstance. For if general Jackson acted upon the authority of instructions, he would undoubtedly have made an early report to the secretary of war j anil we think toq highly of general Ja - k son's military and legal knowledge, to suppose he would take to important a tu p uitho it positive or implied instructions. The Intelligencer, in remarking upon this subject, say, If the Indians in arm ngVnist us, led the way to Pen - tacnla, there can be no doubt of general Jackson's being justified in following and dislodging them." A rumor is. in circulation, which is so construed a to confirm the fact of general Jackson's movement An express is said to have reached this city some days sincr, f ont tbe authorities of Florida to the Spanish minister, Don Onis, and U have proceeded immediately to Philadelphia, at or near which place tlie Spanish minister is now on a visit. The following instructions to gen'l. Gaines, are ine only ones we nave seen published. H is possib.e others may have been issued. Department of War,') 16t!i Dec. 181". 5 Sir On the receipt of this letter, should the Seminole Indians still refuse to nuke reparation for their outrages and depredations on tlie citizen of the United States, it i the wish of the president that you consider yourself at liberty to march across 'lie Florida line, nd to attack: them with in its limits, should it be found necessary, uule - s they should shel ter themselves under a Spanish post. 1 1 '.he last event, you will immediately notify this department. 1 have the honor to be, k c. J. C. CALIIOUX. General Edmund 1. Gaines, Fort Scott, Oeoigia. SALLM, (N. Y.) Jane 23 Ilinian fly. Cousi lriaMe alarm has been excited among the farmer in tlit vinni'y, wutv in the last fbrtuight, in consequence ol the a - poarance ol this destrut live insert in th ipriuz wheat. F teldt of Uie latest sowing are said to tuner most ; and but very lew entirely escape. CHARLKSTOV, Jane 22. On Friday night last, about It o'clock, a genteel young man ii.irm - d Thomas Joseph lias, kxyne, ; - d aboot 2 - ' years, a native of Livef - p'rJ, was drowned t Lothrop'i wharf. Tbede - ceatMi cam passenger in ti.e ship Teh - graph. I nm iici - '"i icn mil lino - , uu 11 l, wo. posed, fiou vartca moody and desperate x kom New - York, a few day tiac, and it it tup - . . .a trfr.Ymn irrvia 111 in wiiu.v wu , df. We understand tbe deceated had letter to tome respectable merchants in town, but which .Jauit luin ilrliBt'TPri . - Accident. A small Negro Boy, belonging " Mr. Ulackwood, was shot through the head on u.i...aav ia. 1 s Hi ffiijAinfon Infantry were engaged in shooting for a iVice Rifle, lie hod got, we understand, unperceived, (although the niirntion wa ohiervtd. to prevent such Un accident) iuto the rear of the target, and was notdiscovered until tlie untonunaie acciorm taken place, ni we, 11 1 iui uilw"" BOSTON, June 57. On Wednesdar last a match - race (four mil heats) a purse of 2000 dollars, was run between trreweand rtace - maker, oeionging 10 iwogcu tlemco of Boston. Tho race was run upon prepared course of rather more than 7 - 8Ui ol 1 miloinlenzth: and was won by Revenge with out apparent difficulty. Tile last heat was run in 7 minute and 15 seconds. FROM OUR'COnnESPOJv'DEJfT. Office of the Boston Patriot, June 28 noon. 5 Arrived, brig Swift, Haskell, belonging' to Hon. Wm. Gi - ay, 49 days from Gibraltar, and 87 from Messina On the lllli inst. lost overboard Lewis Bar.ivre. a native of Fi ancc. On 2d .Mav in sight of the rock, spoke brig Fox, 30 davs trom Baltimore Dotma up. SchSwifuure, Thomas, 9 days from Charles ton. Sell Aurora, Hall, New - York. Sell Peacock. Ilardine:. Baltimore. Sell Cvnis. F.mery. 6 clays from St Andrews. At (In irantine brie Orson, Kmindy,35 days from Seara, Brazils. June 24, lat 40 20, long 70. snoke brnr Marv - Ann, Lovenng, tram Portsmouth for Richmond. Ship New - Galen, Luf kit., 57 days from Bene cral and 37 from Honavista. Left no American vessels. Ship Gen. Scott, Collin, arr. at Bona. vista 1st May and sailed 6th for Isle of May Sloop Syren," Brown, of Baltimore, sailed 13th for St. Antony. Sloop Young Frederick, Chase, iWm. Waterman a passenger to sail next day or Goree. May 29th, spoke British briy Swallow, 28 days from London tor W Urtcans June 13th, lat 2637, long 64, spoke sch Comet, 1'Olcer, 16 days from Boston lor Matanzas 16th, spoke sch George, Butler, 6 days from j, orim k tor si. 1 nomas, same nay, img nm be. Miller, 36 days from Madeira for Alexan dria. 25th, S. Shoal N. E. 8 leagues, spoke brig John Adams, Robinson, from Portsmouth Hi iff Juno, Li'jbey, 23 davs from Surrinam Sailed in co. itli the brie Abby, Potter, f r Newburyport. and parted off Cape Cod light On the 20th inst. experienced a very severe gale ot wind, shipped a sea, sprung the mam and stove the long boat, iic ; the Abby stove 111 all her stem timbers, boat, and her quart er deck swept. Left at Surrinam, brigs Rotund, Look, Salem ; U. Jackson, Lormg, Boston . 1 elemachus, Wood, do unc ; Resolution, An drews, E. Greenwich ; Maiden, Arnold, do. ; Caroline, Millman, New - London ; schrs. Jane, Moore, Petersburg; Ab gail, Lee, Pluladel phia. June 14th, spoke brig Active, Barnes, 9 days out from N York for Curracoa Csptain Mihlrum detained at this place from South America, cargo live stock, Aic. belonging to Miudieiown, conn. British brig Lapwing, B.mnatyane, 27 days from Tobago. Left brig Harriot, for Boston next day. Sailed brig Texel, Thaxter, for Amster dam ; yesterday brig Archer, Cofliu, for Cal cntta. Cleared, ship Cruttenrten, Turner, Calcutta brig Cherub, Davis, do ; Hero Lincoln, Opor to and a market 1 Hem, aouthworth, N. Or leans 1 sch Paragon, Brown, New - York ; sloop 1 cn Sisters, Lovell, N York. The city - inspector reports tho death of 42 rer - sons, from the SOth to the 27th day of June, laid of the lollowing diseases, viz: Apoplexy 1, cancer I, caries I, consumption 10, convulsions 1, urarrbwa I, droiny I, dropsy iu tlie head 2, dysentery 1, erysipelas 1, remittent fove r I, tyrhns fever 8, gravel 1, hysteria I, inflammation), of the bowels 4, inflammation of ihe liver 1, iu;amty I, nervous di. - easo 1, schro' Ada or Ling's cvd 1, still born 1, suicide 1, un kuown I. GROrv.Cn CUMIN'G, rity - insnertor. DIED. This morning, Dederick Manrrcls, aged 23 years. His friends and acquaintances, partic. ularly the sugar bakers, are requested to at tend his funeral this afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from the sugar - house of lheNcw - York Sugar Rthning Company. S.YEMJSV POST MARIXE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Debby & Eliza, Sprain. - , Hamburg J H Ilowland Ai Co chip Silcnus, O'tlricn, Amt't - rdam Cambrtleng L Pearson. Willi iui. Puddinlon, Richmond Corsuir, B ickus, Marsellcs - G. G. & S. Ilowland Brig ArchemeJes, Bunker, Oporlu 1. rigid fi tou. Kris Slteen, Mason, London K. Gillespie West Indis AYashington, NC Calhajreua Norfolk Burril & Cahooue Boston ochr. Catharine, C'ark, John StoQey, Morris, Schr Good Hope, Coltel, Wiiliam, Seaburey, Olive, Burns, Sloop Ann Jnhnton, Iror, Norfolk Sloop Polly & Rachel, Gifford, Philadelphia Altltll'KIt rUREXOUX. Ship Robert, Thompson, 56 day from Liverpool, witu aalt, crate and glassware, to N. hi D. Talcott, owners, T Cook, Marsh ti Brooks, J Wheeley, T Hewitt, T Bakeweil and C Caldwell. Passengers, Mr. Snell, T. R. Begbie, A Rainy, and ji in the steerage. Sloop Antonette, Stowe, 12 days from Bermuda, via New - London, with rum, sugar, 4ic. to Mersere.u & Webster, Le Boy, Bayard and Co. and Goodhue & Co. Sloop Betsey, Kelly, from N. Providence via St. Salvador, 11 days, with an excellent cargo of pine - apples, lifsuirruvila. - , turtel, limes, Uc. to the matter on board. The schooner Francis, Scott, has arrived at St. Vincents from New - York passengers all well. EELOW, 1 brig A RIUF Lti LAST Ef'EXIXG Arrived yesterday afternoon, the thip Martha, Sketchley, in 37 days Irom Liverpool, with dry goods, ic. to Thos.C. Butler, juu. aul capt. Sketchly, owners, D Bnzgs, J Eastburu and Co. I Wright tc Son, J North, G Coggill, J Heard, J Harris, T Proctor, P Rrmscn, J Taylor Si Son, R R dacy, J Si N Haight, .Varah and U rooks, A S Norwood, Aikin, Kuhi - r, k GodJart, II K Toler, II W Adcock, T Wright, T Dixon, F Thompson, II Hendricks, Major & Gillespie, J Wigham, D Dunham, J E Hyde, P C Lcdgard ii Co. Cambreleng Si Pearson, G Chance, W Cairnet, A Miermao, Iord it Olmstead, Miip - mau Si Uird, J Fanshaw, I C arrow, B.V1 Brown, E ItobUns, C Sigournev, I I Tobias, S J Tobias, TKS Cox, N Kogeri A: Son, S Price, J Gray, M N Coskrey, Jotiathan Ogilen, A k G Smcdes, k Canfield, Armitage ii Wells, Hepburn & Prince, R. Kinland 4: Co. Oti Si iwan, J. B. 'huh ti Soo,i. Marsh, Sands, .Spoon er & Sands T. Bushlon, L. E. Carrie, J. .Vowalt, Juo. J. T. Durrv, J. Varey ii Co. Kurain k Wlieimor, Vose hi Low, D. Iladden, S. Si J. HuJto... H gcrty tl Auttm, Kelly ii MorrUoa, E. .Vore - gcrty ii Austm, Kelly ii Morruoa, E. .Vote - wood, Anderson k Shearer, W, Minks, T rakes, i fcoard th hip, thkt be comoiit od wcHfe - r Several penon were on board Use .hip suid ou 3 , wbari at the time, and heard him fall into the water, bat no one saw him. Immediate measure were adopfcd to ave him. but in vaio he tank before a boat coold reach bun. Several in - .n.mnta pre raade lo recover tlie bo - .i.n.i ntDavidtoafcCo. Sav&r ItSniunan, S. Hyde, 1 .mWt I Brother. Adams St Illackwell, God . - . frcy k Towrnend, Duryee & Heyer, Hyde 1 ianta, Fellows k Young, J, Lambert, A. Brmk - erhoffCo. Clarke, Pelletreau & Co. Smith, M'Call k Co. R. & J. S. Crarry, J w senmum C. M'Cver, W. Mitchell, Van Giesen Stephens Monet Liusley, J. Bates, J. Sfirges, J. Sturgesjj. Wilson, v. iompauja,. j. WiUlington, D. S. Kogers, U. o. n.ennouy, ami to order. Passeugers, Messrs. J. Ilaight, J lw - ai t, W. Falfhaw, and J. North. - - Sailed in company with the ship Nestor for the East Indies, and parted with her off tbe Smalls ; ship Andrew, Hathaway, for Philadelphia; ship New - Jersey, MOdgKunoo, lor Aiexanuna, auu DLlo. for Philadelphia. Left, ship Julius Cae sar. Marshall, to sail for N York 24th May ; ship . r, . s' ' inih r.upnratcs, Leto;i, loaan - v" June; brig Faj - orite, for Boston, 24th of May; Triton, Hobomb, Eoston ; Lancaster, West, Philadelphia; Robert, Gooch, NYork; Colum bia, Williams, Boston ; Paragon, Halstead, N Orleans; rnends, jenrey, tnanesion , isun - ter, Safford, do; Yamacraw, Riley, Philadelphia; Emulous, Chase, Savannah; Telegraph, Coffin. Philadelphia 1 Strafford, Rogers, do. ; Draper v IntlocK, torn ; Alliance, tuner, ao; . . i. - cn.. Amanda. Williams, Baltimore ; oany. omxin, Chariestown! Balloon, NOrlean ; Albion, Cox, NYork ; Betsey, Savannah ; Superior, rniian. : Passed Ivinc t anchor oft' the Uniting light, shin Brilliant. Fisher, from N York, and ship Virginia, from Virginia, oiay ija, on 111c Smalls, spoke the American hermapiirouite hriir Pedlar. 5 davs from Antwerp, bound to Liverpool. June 2d. lat 44, long 34, spoke ship America, f ; om N Orleans, bound to Cowes, out 29 davs. 5th, lat 40 50, long 40, spoke ihip Oglelhorp, Jane, trom Savannah, bound to Liverpool, out 19 day. 15th, spoke ship Magnet, Ogden. trom a oik, uounu to uver nool. out 7 davs. 16th, Ion 56 30, spoke Bn tish brig Jessey, Philadelphia, bound to Liverwol, 4 days out. By the Martha we have received Glasgow pa nera to the 17th. London to tlie 20th, and Liver pool to trie zsu 01 iiav. AUveriieaaiuiafj;ow, . - .1 .1. t." e iik.:i.j..i..i.:. . .1.:.. ship uospori, Dunuer, lor ruiiaueiiiia , uip Niagara, Lombard, for N. York ; thip Mary Augusta, Potter, for do. expected daily in the Clyde, and will he dispatched early in June. aclir. I.o;'an, iiounes, t nays irom rvic.n - inoiiil, with ll mr and tobacco, to C. R. Dutfie, C. Dubois, Walsh U Gallagher, aud others 17 paswngers. . . . ' . !,. k A f - ochr. iieo. tvnmngion, iriinrr, t aaj irom Norlolk, with J. & C Sfguim. - . Sloop Alalanta, Wogloin, 8 days from Richmond with coal to the master. Sloop Knickerbocker. Webb, 3 day from Philadeliihin, with teas, rum, bricks, Ac. lo L'Hommediru ii Brown, nnd otln rs. On Sun day, off Barnegat, sn,ku tthr. Maria, from N. iork lor riiilaiieipnm. The sloop Anson, Drinkwater, 7 day from Parian, with tier, near, inolasatt aud cedar, lo ti. Cibbs, ar.dC. Collin. Pussensurs, Mrs. Cooper, 2 children and servants, Mr. and Mrs. .. .. ' . .. .a M a Miller, nnd " children, rvir. aoa mrs. noxie, Messrs. Girkie, Kinj, Jackson, Day, Dr. Cirant. Left schr. Union, and sloop Linnet, just arrived. CHARLESTON. June 21 Arrived, brig Telegraph, Munro, 5 day from NYork. Bri Aro, M'Lellan, 15 days from Portland. On Saturday ufti rnooii, about 3 o'clock, struck on Roman Shoals, and knocked of her i udder. Sthr .M aigaret, Caswell, 4 days horn l ork. S' br Harvest, Emery, 5 days from N York. PHILADELPHIA, June 29. Arrived, biig Mackerel, Holmes, 2 day Irom N York, bound to Moutego Bay, put iu in distress, being stiuck with a squall of wind on Wednesday last ou" Ens Harbour, which carried away her foremast and obliged her to put into this part to repair. Below, brig Mary Ann, Selbv, Havana, 10 days; srhr St. Helena, Taj lor, St Jas;o, 27 da). BALTIMORE, June 27. Arrived, schrGood Return, Mitchell, l!) days from Aux Caves. In lat tl 19. lonj'J. wat boarded by a Mexican privateer of 1 tun, and 35 men, took from us two pipes wine, tome limes and junk, and detained us three hours, luiat 32 45, lona 75 spoke hri Mnnufactor, 4 days from Philadelphia for few Orleans. Schr. Comet, Buckley, Irt days from Aux Caves. Left ship Amiable Matilda, Myers, lor New - York. one. : bris Paci. Wyatt. Newtmrv port do; schr Col. Low - ry, L'Rgkiton, Baltimore 2 week; Thomas, Marblehead, unc. ;Cordelin, New - York, do ; schr , Rutherford, North Isfiroluia, iul arr.; tioop t,iveiy, L.uiin, newburyport C dnvs; June 19tb, Heneuga in sight, wat boarded by a schr about 50 tons, called by the a privateer under the Mexican flag ; detained 4 hour, took out a bag of coffee. There were two armed ships in company under English colours ling to, they appeared to mount IS to 18 guns each, we heard no resistance made by the ships. THEATRE. Second night or Mr. Cooper's engagement. On Wednesday Evening, June 2J, will be presented, the tragedy of tbe ORPHAN. Cast.ilio, Mr. Woodhul) Polydore, Pritchard Chainont, Coopir Mominirt, Mrs. Barnes. To which will be added, the Musical Farce oi LOCK k KEY. Ralph, Mr. Hilton On Friday, (the lat night of Mr. Cooler's en - ' gageiiiKi.t) OTHELLO. Othello, Mr. Priti hard ; l.igo, Mr. Cooper. BROADWAY C IltC us. r.F.rVVFsj HESTER AND BROOM R SIRSXETS. ouoooOvvOoo THIS EVENING, June 30, ISIS. The performance will commence with the G and Equestrian Eutry. Matter Coty, the American hero, will go through all hit elegant feats ofhorsi - uiantlup. 'l'Le comic scene of the Officer and Recruit, by Mts - rs. '1'atnell and Garcia. The wonderful horse Komeo will, after several wonderful leaps, conclude with (lor the 1st time) the leap over two horses. 1 trunken Soldier, by Mr. Tatnell. Madame Cossin, second only to the celebrated Madame Sackey, will eo through all her won derful feats on the tu;ht rope. Master M'Carn, tlie wonder of the age, will, on one horse, ierlorm many wonderful teats for a youth, only nine years old, and conclude by riding on bis head, his horse in full speed. uranu 1 rampoiiue exercises, oy Air. zwayne, who will, after many surprising leaps, leap over six horses, and through a hogshead six feet long. Mr. 1'atnell, tbe flyiog borseman, will perform many wonderful feats, leap over a Board of Lights, and conclude by leaping through two hogsheads. Mo ootiuur Cot'in will go through many surpri sing feats with a stick, but recently introduced into this country. Slid Vaulting, by Msrs. Tatnell, Mahve. Gar cia, Coty, M'Carn, Willis, Thomas, tic I he whole to conclude with Uie farcical scene of Die Brother Millers. Seats in the boxes, $ ; Pitt 75 cents ; Gallery 50 rents. Tickets may he had at tire circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. lo 1 P. M. nnd from 3 to 5. PRIXTERS iXy3 Are respectfully informed, that a rrzitlcr is kept at the PRIN 1'ERS' WARE - HOUSE, 32 Burling - slip where tlie names of such men as waut employment, and those who wish to obtain workmen, will he eotcrcd ; and any hi formation gratuitously given to the profession un that subject. Je3d 400 COTJXJX. baits Jalooo cotton, of superior qoa - Uty, selected with particular care for the European market by a resident in Calcutta, received by the Essex Junior, aud for sale by Je30 P. RKV1SEN& CO. 1 2 bale ttUHSK UlDkS. Spanish Ikm - m hides, just received, I for sale by J 20 ULU. W. i ALUOT, US Pine - t ' - Ooe Thoniand DollaV Prir. 0S" No. 7339, being the first diawn EBmfP Jresierday, the 13iR day of drawing in tjie 0'j(. ord It Owego Road Lottery, was entitled to the" prize of one thoosaad dollars. It w as sold in shares of ticket by G. & K. WAITE, Maiden. lane, w nere the lortunate bolder may receive tt' rsh for itimmediately. on application. GO" NOTICE is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Flushing (J A'eivtown Turnpike, Briile und load Company, that the annual Election for Directors to manage the concerns of said Company, for the ensuing ear, will be held at STRICKLAND'S Hotel, in Flushing, on Tuesday the 7th of July next, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. By order of tlie Board of Directors. WM. PRINCE, Pres't. Flushing, June 29th, 1818. je30 lw VaIiX.UA LL OAZEiTt., T For the 42 J anniversary of American independence, Jnly 4th, 1818. JOSEPH DELACROlXratefuIforthefa. vors with which hit fellow - citizens have honored hit celebrations of our national festival for 23 yeais, during which tj ha used his best endeavors to deserve encouragement, has work prepared for this occasion which he is confiJeot Will give general satisfaction. In the selection of a subjeet for the principal of the exhibition, he believes the glorious victories i which brightened the American Dime, will be received by all with mat pleasure which noble deeds excite in patriotic minds. The gardens will be opened at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Every improvement which experience could suggest', has been made for the convenience of company, both in the gardens and at the several entrances. A numerous baud will perform select music, to enliven the afternoon and evening. The illuminations will be splendid and general with several thousands of lights, and a number of. appropriate motto, orrucsed in the walks; in addition to which a number of fanciful Chinese Vast of all color, will lorm rn agreeable varie ty co ueugiii tuc eye. Grand Firt H oiks. The works ore numerous, carefully prepared, anti will be fired in quick succession. fjr Tickets of Admission 50 cents each may be bad at G. Ai R. Waitt's Maiden Lane ; R. Waite Jun's. Broadway ; and at tlie Gardens, Doors open at 4 o'clock. The entrances are a lew yards above tlie bouse. Watchmen are provided to retain the came of ertout attempting to climb over the fences. The earde.nt will be closed on the first until tlie fourth,' P.M. - J0 3d It For SAFAXXAH. The very fine brig tU PERB, Reeves, master, will positively sail on Sunday uixt rorlreigh!, or parage, having handsome accommodations, apply cu boarJ. at t ier No. G North River, or to , POTT & M'KINNE, June 30 56 Scuth - sL fASiSAGK FUR LOXUUX. The rcmaikably One Btitih brig SKEEN, tosail for London on "Wednes day ; has excclltnt accommodations and racta lor a fev more pa enters. Apply to capt. Ala - ou ou board, at Jones' wharf, or to 11. GILLESPIE, JeriO 112 Front - st. ForXFU'.ORLEAXS, - &44 The barque filDEON, is now ready LhJz - for sea, and will positively sail on Sunday the otli inst. will receire any freight that may be offered in tlie mean time. A few passengers can to well accommodated. Apply on board, at piur No. G, North River, or to JOSEPH JONF.3, June 30 5t H Grscnwirh - st. li'imted to Charter, y A good Sslllt or UKHi, about Sat) m tons. A coppered vessel, and one that sails last, would be preferred. . . G. G. Si S. HOWLASD. Je 30 - 61 Wathiogtun - st. . CIOFFEE, TOBACCO, WINE, kC. - 9 hhdl". J and 1 bhl. very Green Coffee 35 hhds superfor old Kentucky Tobacco 1 1 do old Jtichmood do 15 do new do do . ft qr. cask L. P. Madeira Wine 1 tihd. been 3 year in Jamaica I qr. cask extra Sherry Wine, 6 year old ' 25 bbls. Fredericksburg Flour. , Freight for llio de Janeiro and Per - , uamtiuco. nTmitrr Vessels bound to either of the above ports, may have a few goods on freight, from ROUT. GILLESPIE, ' Je30 ' 112 Front - st. ilOiWcai'lCKUlilhit WARES. 'MHE subscribers keep constantly on hand sa L extensive assortment of the following goods, vir : Dutch find English I Gunny Bags t.moni Duster, or Counter Popes Ilrad Crumb Bruthei Bellow, fancy at common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mali Fail and Tub Wbnel - Barrowt Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whip of every de - scriptioo Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball J'wuie Fish Line Shoe k Sadler Thread Dearborn' Baliao - Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Itfnd i:o do do Cloth do do 'do Weaver do White Wash do Shoe ti Scrubbiog do Paint Brushes and Sash 'Pools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Sed Cords, Clothe Line Sash Cords, Trace Ropi Wrought nnd Cut ces, Sc. Nails and Brads Which thi - y will sell wholesale or retail on li teral tortus. CF.BRA CUMING, Je 30 76 Pearl - street. JUST received per brig Hesper, from Havre, 4 cases black, white and assorted superior French crapes. No. 30 1 case superior patent French razors ' 1 do. silvered hooks and eyes, in small boxes 1 do. silk coat buttons 2 do. phosphorus boxes " Also, a general assortment of French silks. remaining from former importations, and 3 cases mens and women white and colour 1 ed cotton hose, all fine 2 bales assorted HanDels for sale on accom modating terms, by BENJ. F. BABCOCK. Je 30 213 Pearl - street. MNESfcc. ROBERT BULOID, offers for sale, at No. 199 . Brondway ISO cases 1 dotcn each, fine old Claret Wine 35 do and hampers white sparkling aad creaming Champaigne of choice quality, one dozen each A few hamper ve. - y high flavored Burgundy Superior red Port Wine, Old Hock L. P. Madeira some very old, in boUh Old Sherry, L. P. Tenneriffc ' . . Dry Lisbon, and other Wines Lime Jnioe in bottle l,ondn Brown Stout Fine old Peach Brandy, Old Rum Coptiac Brandy, Holland Gin Choice llavanna Ses - ar And a general assortment of tint q".lity Tea and Groceries Je 30 4t MANUFAC I UKE1) TOBACCO, etc f.O krgs Cavendish Tobacco , 50 do small Twist do, just received ana for sale low, by W. Si S. CRAIG. IN STORE, bbls. Richmond Country Flour . i29 do do City do Je3bV TSEEU OIL 8 hhds. and 3 tiercee, Un inr from sloops Nancy, and Knickerboci" ier, from Pluladelpnb, for sale by je3J5t . CORNS. DUBOIS.

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