The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 30, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1818
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'1 TTDfr Ten nv r n NUMBRK 500G TUESDAY,' JUNE 3V 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. W - Y - a. - JJ WS JU, . - For Sale, Freight or Charter, rft: The ahip THOMAS NELSON, just vyj - y arrived from New - Orleaii she i a rffbullt, strong vessel, well found, burthen It J00 tons, can be sent to sea at a trilling e slie now lies at Brooklyn, where she B. W UOGBRi & C( CO. 18 sjj reart - sireci. H'anlrd to Charter, I ;M ta ssstsitriAin rwri frtf F i. cra ml WALSH Si GALLAuliEK, 66 South - street. for Freight or Charter, Je18 The ship FOSTER, ,Voran, master 950 tuns burthen : is in complete order. ."TfuTld proceed to a southern port immedi ately, if required. For terms, apply to the mas - tcr.or Je20 W.4 S.CRAIG.' "T'9, PH. DE LUZK, 71 Washington street, j tfaers for sale, W W"M Claret Wine 2U0 catesj 18 cases Burgundy! vy;ne 10 do Muscatel, l V,ne Received per brig Leo, from Marseilles and entitled to debenture. A LSI 15 cases Glass Tumbler 5 do Olives 25 do Capers. AND, Several invoices or French Silk Goods and h - pen cambric ks, received from Havre. Je 17 lm TO iiH. LEASED, ON favorable terms, for a long term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, rxteuJing to Crosby - street, between Hes - Itr and Gruid - st reels. lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. ' lot iu Water - street, between Fulton and BurltD slips. Also, several other lots in the 5th, 6th, 8th jaj iHh wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham street. may 8 STRUTS TURPENTINE ti ROSIN. - S bbls Spirits Turpentine, and 20 Ho Ro'in, suit kit for soap boilers, for sale at 35 erk - lip, by jth ft. U C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. p?f( WHITE Lr'AD, Sic ic. uJ.J kegs London White Lead in oil 90 barrels do Dry White Lead a tons Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre to do Venetian Red ; t tons fine Litharge 60 bosghead Whiting 60 casks Pari White ; t hhds. Verdigris 50 tierces renr.h Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 casks Prussian Blue, 4001b. Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Suanirti Brown, taetian Red, Yellow, VIS OIL. Black, i Verdigris, J Lainptilack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted For sale on Die lowest terms, for cash or at short credit, by PETER SCHERMERHORN k SONS, my J 243 Water - treet. " Pl.Ac i fcROK PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the loot of Harrison - street, Nortb - River. - sr THERE mead ractured Plaster, forcorni - VV ic and other parpoaea, mar be had. war - tasted of the first quality, at am dollar and htm - Jii conU per busAai. ... . I'M maauiac.tory u conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who ha aerved a regular apprenticeship to the mason business. . roh 21 JOHN BYERS. f l Ht.LS COKKEE A few hhcis very green JT Jamaica coffee, for sale by R. GILLESPIE, lit Front - street. JetO JOHN HEFFERNAN,3a South - strett, offers for sale , .. 51 ceroons Caraccas Flora lndio S78 bales London market Goat fckifls 5 do. small do. 11 skins date Jl bbls sweet fresh shelled almonds 3 ceroons bitter do. do. 76 do. cammiaaeed, 1 do fennel do. i 1 do. carowaydo; Jnne30 1m V RICK 50,000 hard bricks, for sale by 1 ANSON G. PHELPS, Jnae 17 IOJ I roin - ii. CttfcMlCALS, COLORS, c piom Salts, in cask of ScwU LuBpMarnetia, in case Do do small square Cartntd do in phial kochetle Salts, Acid Tartar Citn Acid, Blue Verditrr in firkin Patent yellow, King Yellow Rrrulu of Antimoov . GUNS, BUTTONS, ftc. ToKlinir Pipre. assorted, well finished Do do in wainscoat cases, finely finished with rnparatus complete Duelling Pistols incase Gold Epaulettes Naval aud Military Sword BclU Gilt Coat aod Vest Button Coperplates foreograser Mathematical Instrumeota Rolling Pnralel RuUr Mariner compasu, telescopes Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies I'atent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. Far aale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 . 3 Courtlandttrcet tUXO 6TONE9.BR1S TOL WARE. BOT J TLE'3, Ac 600 small sue Grindstones, assorted K0 large do do 5 to 14 cwt Weight, each bO crates Bristol Ware Gallon ti haif gallon Bottle for wine Champaign full site Quart do lAMdon aod wine Pint do. (ia (mall ixe Hamper; - Gallon fe hair callon Demijohns Lone liurwd Pines, from 16 to SI inchefl Large bowl Negro do. and 1 cask English onoe i nread, just received, and lor sale rvy JeSIm 164 Water - street. tXW HAVE, by JAMES P. AADOE, No. 7. opposite the Park. ( Sicily LEMONd, in Ana order, ia MJ lots to suit purchasers. Je 16 J A.MKE&NS u KLSblA DUCK. 50 bale Wo Nankeen 20 casts companr vellow do w pieces Russia Dock, received per aloop - , am wr sale Dy , . GOODHUE & CO. J4 44 SaUi - treet. MELLISH'3 new'.vlap'of Ui World c Roller. Price 10 dollar "1 L'nilw 6.. in j .11... h Treiiog Map and Directory . - 3 doll Utal KiM't large Map of Hie Uuited ..""5 dollars. :nr .l,?M'd Sheet Maps of Fumr JelJ, bJ PRIOR it DUNNING, Ill Wattr - street U f,Ll0i - V.tfble Cotton fruK oaie vnuon now inouins;, ""S Elixa, and Georgia, from Savan 1 i nah, ano 1... - Aim. in Store. diasers r.' lD,id Cotton, in Ws to suit pur Je - J 5 HtAKi THOA3, Mo.SJoce lane. Irom Kbi. ' XV Arabella, at Murray wharf, lortale by CLARK, MOORE & CO Je 17 41 Soath - street. JATT1NETT WARPS, rnada ol Sea Island 3 Cottoo and iixed in the chain, for sale by . WM.CAMPBELU Je5 197 Pearl - street. UEXQVK.D. JV AMES P. AN DOE has taken tha (tore No. Park, recently occupied a a Ladies' Auction Room, where ha intend establishing himself as a first - rata GROCER, and intends selling for cash only, and at such prices a will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as above, wbere he ha for rale a general assortment of Teas, late importation Pure old cognac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P. Teneriffe, Old sherry, Port & other wines London and American parter, Botled cider Sperm, od and caudles Fiae old Holland aud American cheese Well flavored raisins, Figs, Prunes, Almond Spices, Best Spanish cigars, Draught porter weel oil, fcc Constant attendance will be given, and all favors duly appreciated. June It u SWEE r OIL. - to chert Florence Oil, 30 bet - tie each, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, ft AUR. OGDEN, , Je 10 53 Wathingtoo - itreet. MAUMUA Si tORTtVltl. Qr. catk Madeira, and 6 hhds white port wine, tor sale bv " ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 10 11 Front - it D LYNCH, un. (at No. 40 William - street,) . ha on band the following WINES and LIQUOR3, (elected with judgment by himself, which he offer at wholerale and retail, war - anted pure, at imported IWhhT I Madeira, from 3to 18 40 qr cask. , year, m wood. Old Madeira, in bottle, from S to 30 years Champaign, Burgundy, Claret and Sauterne, of very superior quality 7 pipe dry Lisbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha tasta Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for it quality, the cheapest in America Teneriffe, in hhds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 00 demijohns, containing five gallons each 50 groce wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, and country deal ers, will nna it to uieir account, to supply themselves with wines anJ liquors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain articles of the first quality, at the lowest prices, and pare as imported. my 9 2m VI ILLINKTTa, Ac A general assortment iVX of millinetts, shirtinus, sheetings, dots knitting and sewing cotton, lor sale low, by WM. lAjlrBtLU, Manutacturer, Je 16 197 Pearl street. rVUM - PLATLS, THAVl - VHAlMi, Ac X tOO boxes tin plate t8 casks Trace Brass Wire No. 9 60 cask Roman Cement, oow landing, and (or tale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, ' 131 waur sircei. Who hart in store, Pateat and common Carolina and Vircinia Hoe Sheet Bras of all site Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladies work Boxes tic. my S3 TTARUWARE, CUTLERY &c 8 casks XX ecotch spring Lock 5 cask plate Locks, 1 do eteelyard I do chest handles, etc. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do brass cocks, He. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillet 9 do tiu'd pot and sauce pan t do fine padlock 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, he. 2 do hammer, pincers, locks, &e. 2 do HL hinges. Sic. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do iham buck and bone table knives 3 do button 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to SOd. Also, a large and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for sal at the most reduced price, by AUA313K nutKbi.ii, may 7 sis rari - i. DOMESTIC GOODS. lXrM. CAMPBELL. Manufacturer, offer V V for tale on reasonable terms, at his store 197 Pearl street, a fresh suppljof the following foods, vis.. 10)io ps. wnnemiuineis,.uanusoineiy uieanrn 120 do black dj land finith'd 20 cases bleach'd and nobleach'd sheetings hirtinc ; toeether with an assortment of floss knitting and sewing cotton. Je to T.INGLIbli HAMS. BACON, c. just uu Dorted bv the subtcriber. Double Gloucester. Doliihin and Pine A Dole Cheese,of a very superi or quality ; Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams ; sides ana mtcnes 01 uacon, 01 a superior quauiy; English Lard, ia bladder, aod small firkins ; Glass and Bristol Stone Ware ; large Bottle ; Pipes aod Demijohns - ALsU. A general assortment of Groceries, Fish Sau ce, fie for al cheap, for cash, by 157 Greenwich - street. Beit Havana Segars, in qr. boxes Jel61m PIU.NIX HAiVK. A DIVIDEND of three pr.cent for six months, endins the 30th instant, has been this day declared payable to the stockholders on the first 01 Juiy next. uy order of tne ooara 01 directum. Jel7 Im I). I. GEKEKE, Cashier. I KO I ireVi'Ee:L20O bundle rouad Rod 1 280 do Rod Iron 30 do Coach - spring Steel 20 do German Steel. 200 do Hoop, just received and for sa by AWDLKSU.Tt r SM lRtn, Je23 3w at 131 Water - street. VLIVES, CAPERS, Vc Spanish W jar French do ia bottle Curry Powder Loodon Sauce and Brown Stout Shrub and Port Wine Spermaceti Candles Dutch Herring . Claret, of a superior quality Old Java Coffee Filberts, Almonds Lamp Oil Spanish Secars, and Turkey Fig I uiMiti Nnttm. iSuaniih ChesnutsV. With a general aasortment of Wints, Liquor and Urocene sclettM wi'nctrre lor lamni uj, for tale by W 1UJ A M rniitt. JeZ7 3 s "" n'.wuj.r.p.f. WatCUES. ate 4 CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, . Silver Hooting and Plain Watches, Dressing Case and Ladie Work Boxes, 2 cases Ladies Corsets wsoHei. For sale by J LAMBERT, Je 14 3 CourtlHad street, KKMONS. I U8T received, 45 boars fresh Sicily Lemons, xJ IB lot to Uit purrbasers, oy Je 1 1 i. P. ANDOE, No. 7 Patk. n ICE. 90 tierres Rice, landini: ptIDER BRANDY. 54 barrel Cider Bran - vy dy, Just received, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, Je 22 183 Front street PATEWT BHOT az Wiill'E PAINT. tons patent Shot, (assorted Dumber for the season) 400 qr. cwt. kegs White Lead, ground in oil, from the Manufactory of J. Walker, Maltoy k Co. of Liverpool, now landing from ship Draper, and for sale by TUCKER tc L4URIES, Je S3 29 South - street. r" IB BERTS BEST DOUBLE BROWN M STOUT. 80 cask, (elected by a friend iu London, superior to any in this market, lot sale by D. LYNCH. Junr. Je 1 1m No. 40 William street TI URD St SEVVALL, 65 South - stfeet, oiler xx lor sale 80 ton old Sable Russia Iron. P. S. I A few cases fine London aod Yorkshire Cloths 2 rates Cotton Hose assorted t do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, very stout fabric 2 trunks 6 - 4 Cambric 5 bale Russia Sheetines 4 cases Trinkets, Jewellery, &c. adapted to the N. west trade, c. entitled to deO'r 3 do Londoa made Toys, Work Boxes, Vc. 3 do uiuna sewing sua 1 do 4 - 4 black Fringed Hdkff. 2 do Double Florences 2 do Levantines, entitled to debenture 10 bale Heavy Beerboom Gurrah 8 do Gilla Ildkfs, red, blue and white 12 case men's and boy's Plated Hals 4 do do Japanned Leather do 6 do do superior London Beaver do 1000 Musket with Bayonet ISO casks Cut Nails. 4d to 20d 1000 noses Window Glass, of the Bristol facto ry, 6 by 8 and 10 by 14 1 4 casks Brass Cabinet Furniture, &c. J 7 ' OAK bi LUMP SUGAR, &c 100 bbls. 1st Ij and 2d quality Loaf Sugar 10 hhds and SO bbls Lump do SOU half and qr. boxes Spanish Segars 100 kegs first quality ground Ginger 130 bags Rare do 150 do Hill's Boston Chocolate 65 do John Wait's do do for tale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, Je 27 75 Wall - street. 1 t II ill UfUlAX COHN. JLJJJ Bushels white corn will be sold iu quantities to suit purchasers, at a very reduced rate, if removed prior to the 1st 01 July, by SALTUS, SON & CO. Je 25 6t 32 South - st T THE COvlMlssslON COMPANY, No. 148 Pearl - street, offer for Kile on accommodat ing terms, 10 cases stripes, good colors aud quality 8 do fine and coarse ginghams , 9 do do checks Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings Bed - ticking, cotton balU, Sic. Sec. Also, a good assortment of broad cloths, cassi - meres. cainelts and tallineltf. Je 'I'OBACCO At FLOUU. o4 kegs and;4J X half kegs manufactured Tobacco, of excellent quality, binding from the schr. aea Lion In Store, 100 kegs manuf'd Tobacco, very fine quality. 82 do do do common 20 hhds Leaf do prime 160 bbls. superfine Flnur, Haxall's brand 1 16 do do do Richmond Milts 13U do do - do country brands For sale at 106 Front - street, by Je25 TROKES. DAVIDSON li CO. PITT SAWS, A small invoice of Cast Steel Pitt Saws, just received and for sale by XM)ERSON Si aUiEARER Je25 131 Water - street. OLOCK TIN LIQUOR COCKS A supplf IJ of Morris's Muck tin limmr corks, iust re. ctived and for sale at wholesale and retail by WM. ONDKRDONK, Jr. 191 Front - st. corner of Fultoo - st. Who ha constantly on hand a general assort ment of Wines, Teas and groceries for ship stores and family use. Je24iw RICHMOND FLOUR. U0 barrels (city - mill'sl superfine Flour, approved brand's landing aud for sale by GOODHUE h CO. Je 36 44 couiD - street. ! ,1 IV 1 kes of cavendish Tobacco 50 do small twist do. Landing and for sale low, by VV. & S. IHA1U. 36 hhds. prime Richmond Tobacco 950 bbls hichmond Country Flour 39 bbls Richmond City do . Je 20 CAJT1V.V SILKS. AN invoice cf Canton silks, now landing from sloop Exprers, from Boston, entitled to de - beuture, consisliug of the following articles, for sale by PETER REMSEN & CO irti soutn - street. Black sarmets, Canton crapes, assorted Nankin do do Coloured sarsnets. Coloured sewing silk 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled hdkh. Checked do do Alio in Store, Black, green, blue and changeable sinchews Changeable, checked and figured sarsaeU Black and coloured levantine 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled hdkJs Coloured do do Crape shawls, assorted colours June 24 NOTICE All persons having claims a&ainst the estate of Thomas Brady, late of the city of New - York, deceased, are requested to present the same leeallr authenticated, and all those indebted to the sain estate are requested to make immediate payment to the tuitcnber, whooti'er for sale the property of the deceased. containing 4 lots fronting on the Bowery 25 by lb leet deep each, and one on Sianiorr - sireet, To k imr..i 'ft... ...I...., ..M nrn.l II.;. UJ UV IVCl. a UC If IIUIV MCIUIK. .1. ILIIII.U .III year lor WM and uxes. An inditpuiame uue will be given for the tame Dy JAMt.3 oantbAi, executor, Je4 Im No. 3 South - street. FU HUSH El) THIS D.iV, A PRACTICAL TREATISE on PERSPF.C 11 TIVE. adapted for those who iiractice laailscape painting or drawing from nature. Also, I tit, ftKSt't.Ul UUKAI'li, for tast ing view. W the undersigned artists, resident at New - York, haviua inspected Busby' pertDectosraph, are of opinion, that it i an ingenious, ueiul and convenient invention, that w ill materially assist an persons desirous oi maaing accurate perspec tire view from nature. JNO. TRUMBULL, AB. ROBERTSON. SAMUtL L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUNLAP, J. H. JARVIS. The above work are for tale by J. LANIBERT, Je) Im 3 Courtlandt street. TO LET, A pleasant back room, at no. 56 Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer' office. Poasessioo immediately. Apply in the front office. Je 4 FOR SALE, SOreamiofCassia Paper, suitable for Ban Box makers, or sugar Bakers. Tbe quality and sixc is the ame as the Evening Post is printed on. Apply at this office. Je 18 LOUISIANA COTTON - 20 bale, for ssje by LE ROY, BAYARD L CO. Jeti ANIMbOV of etegaat, carved, white tree No. 69 wy street, v JetOtf ' The. subscriber orlers for sale hi resi AIdeV in Ike towa of Fa'rAeM. mtmt t Coiuiecctciat. It i rAzasantlv sitnated. on the Boston real, about half a mile from I Sound, 6i mile from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - bouse are in exceliet! repair. The fruit yard i well stocked wiui a variety or peaches, apricot, chernct, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicinity academies for the education of youth of both sexes. From one to six acre of excellent land, at the aptioa of the purchaser, can he had with the boue, aod the purchase money, If desired, can remain on interest. For terma nnl In ISAAC M. ELY. Esq. 76 John street, N. York, or to the Hon, JONATHAN STURGES, Fair - held, Connecticut. y du DAVID ELY. HAf.a AA'JI - BILIOUS PILLS. AJ HIC'll have been attended with a degree v v of success highly grateful te tbe invent - oi' feelines. in leveral Dart of the West !mlii. and the SoutWo and Middle State, particularly in New York, Philadelhia, Baltimore, Ac. The operation of these pills are perlectlf mild. so as to be used by person to every situation auu vi itj age. " The are excellentlv adapted to earrv of perfiom tile, and prevent it morbid secretions t to restorr aod amend the appetite Me produce a free p4ptra1ion, and thereby prevent cold which air bftea of fatal cotmuianriL A dose never faiii to remove a cold, iTUikenon iu first apneaiaate. They are an infallible preventive oi Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should be procuredor ue, by every seaman and traveller. Prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store. No. 46 MarrV - n Lane. Druggist and country store Keepers snppiHMi on unerai terms. my to JOHN HEWITT still resides at No. !4z Water street, where he has a very handsome and fashionable assortment of Cabinet Furniture on hand, which he will warrant to be of the first quality. He solicits hit New York and southern friends to give him a call, a be flatter himself tney win not oe disappointed. Urders executed at the shortest notice. Je 22 tf TO BUILDLRS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant ' buildings or lactone, f OTS, 77 fret by 80, more or lei, with the XJ buildings thereon, in tbe centre ol V esey - it, con be pan hated separate cr to 'ether. ALSO. An elegant LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 135, more or less, near Chat - ham - street the whole on accommodating terms Apply at SJ Chatham Row, near Bcekman - st f lie advertiser has three small mortgage to dispose oi, one oi u,uw, one olfiuuo, one ol jiiw, an in mis city. je a PROSPECTUS FOR rCBLISnMG BT SOBSCRIPTIOIT A MAP OK MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. 'J'HF. publication of this Map has been undcr - 'JL taken with the impression, that it will ex - luint iofbrmation, highly interesting at this eventful crisis, aud the valuable Map which the author has procured, duripg his several tours through Mexico, in tbe years luue, 1IW7, imz, 1KI3, 1815, 1816, and 1017. induce him to beleive that (he Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most perfect which has appeared be - lore me puuuc. 1 dm map will contain the latest and best in - fonnatkm tram the discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and r ietcn traveller ana navieator ana represen ting the claims of their respective governments on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lie between tbe Isthmus of Da ne, and the 48tb degree of North Latitude, and from me miMitstppi IWrer westwardly to the Pacific Ocean - In site the Map - will be about six b by fiv fet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to the subscriber at fif teen dollars each. ,' Natches, March 7, 1818. npTtAnt FOR SALK, A LOT of land, containing between sixteen and twentv acres, adioininir the village of Ulooruin jdale, fronting on the Tenth Avenue and Hudson River, adjoining on the sooth the country seat of Mr. John H. Talman. The terms will be reasonable, and two thirds of the purchase money may remain secured by bond and mortgage. two lot or ground, twenty nve leet ny one hundred each, situate on the east side ol Fortvth street, about 150 to 200 feet north of Delancy - street. i If not disposed of at private tale, the above will be offered for tale atauction, on Wednesday, 8th July. r or lurtner particulars, apniy at tne mutual Insurance Office, No. 52 Wail street. Jell im BREWERY. For rale, a bargain, a Brewery tl Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. The building ar (tone, and par ticularly well calculated for the business. It is situated in the midst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wishing to engage in Uvs busi ness. It is the only brewery in the couctry. This property will be suld cheap. Terms libe ral ; title good. For further particulars apply to M. MULDEN. No. 78 Maiden - lane, New. York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf MILLINERY, oic. JOHN WINTKI.Nt.HAM, Milliner, No. 125 ,1 William - st. resiiectfully inform hi friend. and the merchant in general, that he has moved from No. 117 William - street, to the above No. where, he CRIMPS Satin, Muslins, Ribbons, Crape. Sc. at the shortest notice and lowest prices. Also, Faucy, Lace, Saltin, and Crape Trimmings. He has constantly on band, split straw, and Leghorn hats, turbans, turban fronts, colto rets, Ac. One case superfine white chips, just imported and for sale by the dozen or tingle. btore No. 117 William - street to let, and a Dumber of glass case for sale. e8 Im PATENT BUG DESTROYING LIQUID. 4 CERTAIN and uever failing poison for bed XX. bags. It win exterminate them at using, witlioui staining the furniture, or beins panied with that disagreeable smell usuuly at tending the application of other poisons. For sale in bcttles, at 4s. ench, at P. DICKIE'S Medicine Store, 3115 Broadway. N. B. A large assortment of genuine Drugs and warranted patent Medicines, for sale as a hove. Je iv lm CLASSICAL 6EM1.VHRY. 112 Green wich - st f R. GRAHAM purposes to admit 4 board iVX era in'o hi seminary, for whom suitable accommodation bare bea provided. Yrung gentlemen ol from 9 to 12 year of age would be preferred. These will enjov the Otacfit of a complete classical education, acco - npanied at pro;r intervals wiui instructions in Aninuieuc, Algebra, English Grammar, Ceog - xphy, riisfory, Elocution and Composition. The English stu - dic are so judiciously interwoven with ihc classical, a to occasion a more rapid nd thori:s:h acquaintaDce with the classical authors. 1 bey also prove a rulief from the drudgery of constant Latin and Greek Rec itation. J his method bat the further advantage of shaping the child's erto - calioa to meet the parent's wisher, should be (a i not uncommon) direct kis attention from Ihf college to tbe counting house. An experience ol three years hat confiirued Mr. G. in the utility ol this plan ; and he ba it in his powtr to shew that it ha not beea le satisfactory to other than Limself. 1 i CI MOTICE. &" The Subscriber has opened an stablifh - mcnt which he ha entitled the BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, aboot three uusrtrs or a mile from the Brooklyn ferry - tair?. on the Jamaica Turnpike road, opposite dpt.. L. P rower's, where he solicit the patronage of bi friends and the public. He has laid in an assortment of the choicest Wine and Liquor that the New - i ora market aitords. Also, at all times, at tbe shortest notice he wilt furnish Chocolate, Coffee and Tea, Relishes, ice The Garden I hand some and very shady, and from the garden there is a beautiful prospect of the Narrows, Slaten - uianu, syc. L. CAM Bit. June 10 Sw i - - . . ... .. ..... vuiwignees oi uoous py tne snip uriA - PER, are inlormed that Permission has deer. oh. tamed from thet - 'ollector, to send all good to the Public Store, for which permit are not sent oa board in five day time. Je 10 B. VV. KUUKKS K CO. THIHD rOLLME OF CJIIT1TS PkE.AU - L0. SUPPLEMENT to a treatise on pleading containing a copious collection of practical precedents of pleading: and proceedings in per. sonal, real and mixed actions, bv I.Ckitt. Vjui. of the Middle Tempt, barrister at law With Jimtruan rrttxrtcnli, never oefbre pubjihed, iva, out sou no vois. franco's neaoru. Wheatin's ReporU, 2 vol. Just received aaaiortaieby DAVID BANKS, Corner of Nartaq and Spruce - etreels. June 22 BATH rpHE subscriber respectAilly inform tbeciti. X sens of New - Yorit, travellers and invalids, that his house at BATH is now open for their reception : it situation it. probable unequalled on the continent within a short distance of the city and in view of Sandy Hook. It presents the finest prospect, and for salubrity of air and the advantage of Sea Bathing i probably, w ithout a rival. He ha erected Severn I new Bathing Houses, and a floating bridge to receive the steam - boat hi larder is well stocked with all the delicacies of tbe traion. Traveller from the southward can be accommodated with Boarding and Lodging on reasonable term, and transient person will nod it a healthy and agreeable re treat. JOHN COLEMAN. A CARD. Q The subscriber respectfully notifies the public, Jhat passengers for BATH and the NAR - UOWbin the steam boat Nautilus will, on Sun day next, and until further notice, be taken from tA'k:... 11.11 - . in 1 .... i iiiic - iinii bi iv uxiuis in uio lareDutn. ins - tead of 5 o'cloc k in the morning) and will be called for again about half past 5 in the afternoon. Pleasure boat can come up with vafety to the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN. Je 12 1m Southern District iJ J tte - l'ork, . BE it remembered, that on the twenty ninth day of August, in (he forty second y ar of the independence oi the United State L. S.I of America, Daniel D. Arden, of the 1 said district, hath deposited in this of fice tbe title of a book, the right whereof he claims a proprietor, mine word and Ogure following, to wit ; Readiug made easy ; or, a new guide to spelling and reading j in four part. 1st, contain ing various aipnaneis. ana nearly two hundred pellinft and rendina lessons, bv recular a - rada - boos, Irom the most easy to the diflicult, and in which the word are divided and accented, according to the purest pronunciation. 2d. avoca bulary of word, nearly alike in sound, but dif ferent in spelling and signification. 3d, lesson in reading and reciting. 4Ui, outlines of geography; a sketch of grammar .abbreviations; arithmetical tables ; aud prayers for the use of schools. The whole rendered pleasing aod impressive by neat and appropriate cuts. By Wit liara Little, A. M. In conformity to the act of congress of the United States, entitled " an act for the enrouraee - mcnt of learning, by securing the copies of amps, chart and book to the authors and proprietors olsuchropjp, during the timi; therein mentioned," and also to o act entitled !? aa met upple - mcotary to an art, entitled, an act for the eernu - ragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, chart and books to the author and pio - prieinrs of such copies, during the rimes therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the art of designing, engraving and etching hit - , torical and other prints. ROBERT FINN. Clerk of the southern district of New York. Je 8d4w JVEIV MUSIC. J VST published and for sale at WILLIAM DU BOIS' pianoforte and music store, No. 126 Broadway, Thine am I mv faithful fair : the soldiers bride ; and from childhood's dawn to noon of youth a sung by Mr. Pbilipps. Ah can I e'er forget thee love The celebrated echo song - The inspiration, sacred melody The Saxon air, with variations by Cramer Haydn's celebrated conxonet, My mother bids me biud my hair, as a tondo ' Twenty - four sonatas, for young performer, by N. B. Challoner The i'axe Cobonrg waits, with variation The Sophia Walt The storm rondo, by Sleibelt J 12 IONT - ALTA For SALE or to LET, and IV I immediate iicssetsion given, the beautiful place called Moot - Alta, seven miles from the Wlljr - Iiail, VII Mil: l.ii ill n'.ijwmnii wwiu Courteoay's. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement, wnn a targe garncn wen srocaea with vegetables a variety of fruit, with ever convenience for a family. . For terms, which are verv reasonable, and if sold a lone credit zi ven if wanted, apply to N. eZ D. TALCOTT, 64 bouth - streeL Je It A SITUATION WANTED. A PERSON whoha been eacased in business, wishes employment in snotv counting house, is well acquainted with nook - keeping Dy double entry, according to Bennet's phui ; cat give respectable relerencet. tine addressed to c, T. V. and left at mi office, will be attended to, June 24 Iw . TANT9 A SITUATION ia a respectable VY family W w i cat' it j tj jvuiip iau j wi who is well acquainted with the mantua making and milinary business, and likewise every kind mina Icrf if Ps)ersM( h I II I f of line needle work. A note adiiressea to n. and left at this office, will Le attended to. Je25 IwJ KAUtlLUS HALL. TnZiutMcribtr bas opened an HOTEL on Slaten LlanJ, opposite the city of New - York, near the landing place of the sttani boat Nautilu. , The kite afford a fine prapert of the city, oceau, bay. aud lorronixlinj shore - - the air and hriM are rcfie'hinz. ai.1 the arrcmkiou - twuteood. Refrsrthtfici of crery k'cd aud of the choicest description wi.l be supplied to par ties, Ui' - .r.eri and bo u - ders, ci tti rosiest ao - iii and on moderate terms. CT:a: nnJ h.w, vifh careful drivers are prepared for thoce' who a.4V wih private rod, i yauce or to rihIa exctuiou on tha lahmd, which furbishes a Tr !r of fi;ie and extensive views. A Uuie - cii alley on Ui marii of the bayhuhtfn erected, and every ccivmeH.e prepared for trnwe wio may visit the Island fnr health, p!mur, or i.uiinet. Tbetnt scnbcr hopis by cniduoa aMrnlioa to merit and receives l.btraj ortjorioft!iepub - fic. patronage. . , T. HAZARD, Jonr. Staten Ulind, Jar.e5, XSl'J. lw ft7 - The new FF.RkY BOATS from the fo " of tinut street, New York, to ti e foot pf Lit i le street, Brooklyn, near the NatT Yard, will commence running oa Sunday, the 17th int. ergons crossing to brooaivu from the arrer part of the citV. will find the disiuu - a 'm. ii shortened by using this ferry. my 14" no net:. ffcjr - The - Risinr Sun Sail Beats. Koimariel. and Industry, from ti Elixabeth - town Point, for new - 1 ora, sail irem Amrketrieid - street, (where tlie Steam - beat Atalaut torntrly came to,) at 10 o'clock, of each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cent. Enquire at the Steam - boat' 1 1 otell, of VANDEtir.OOL ft PHILLIPS. my tl tf : Merchant e JSahk JMvuletid - crY Notice is hereby given to the Stockholm dera of the Merchant' Bank, that a Dividend of four per cent, or two dollars on each share for six months, from the tint or December last, will be paid at the Bank en Monday, the first of June next. By order of the Board of Directors, my 29 1m G. B. VKOOM, Cash'r. PHENIX BANK. ft7 An election for lourtecn Directors of this . Bank will be held at the Bonkinc House, on Tuesday, the 7th July text, between 11 and Z oxioca. i ne iransivr doom win oe Cioseo on the 25U intteat, and will continue doted until af ter the election. . By ordtroftne Board of Directors, 0, . GREENE, Cashier. j& tjy 7 try JOHK PROCTOR. Ju. 106 Libertv - et. Vorfers liberal anticipation on property consign - u us lus incnua in uic jvicuiicrrancao. ror further particulars, apply as above, or to i : ABRAHAM BELL, Je6tf corner of Cliff fc Fulton - ti. LANDS. (KT STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 226 Pearl - ttreet, New - York, purchase Lands in the Illinois Teniibry. which hat been set apart for tho late Army. Letters from the country giving a description of the patent and the price asked for each lot, will be attended to, if Pott paid. my 15 tf Stale of Jfew - i'mk, CowytrvUer't OJhce. Op" PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given fo tbe holders of the six tnd seven per cent stock of Oiis state, that the whole of the said stock, with the exception of the six per cent sloc k. created by the act, entitled 44 aa act respecting navigable communication between the great western and northern lake and tha Atlantic Ocean," passed April 15, 1817, will be paid off on the first day of July next, or at any time thereafter when demanded. Payment will be made at the Manhattan rank in the city of New - York, to the stork holder residing in the southern district of this state and out of this state ; and at the New - York stale bank, in the city of Albany, to all other ttock - i holder. It is required that the certificates issued for Ihe stock should be given up at the bank where such payments are made. The interest on the said itock will ceai after the (aid first day of July next. ARCH'D M'INTYRE, Comptroller. Dated Albany June 1, 1818. , JeJMJyl ThT Commissioner of the Canal lund iifin will in pursuance ol the act, entitled " an act respecting navigable communication between tne great wettera and northern Lakes, and the Atlantic vceaa," receive sealed proposals until 3 o'clock, P. M. on Wednesday the 15th day of July next, (or a loan to the state of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be paid to the Commissioners in two equal instalments, the first, on the first day of August next, and the other on tha first day ol October next. The proposal must be addrested to the Comptroller. The rate of interest is not to exceed six per cent, per Annum, payable quarter yearly anil the principal is to be rwinbursabltil pleas - are of the government, at any time alter the first dav ufjah. I(!37. The ofliccr appointed for the purpose ia the ri - trf New - York, will issue translerahls rerfid. cfctes of stock to Ihe Lenders, aod will attend to the transferer stock, as tho laui mar be ed. The interest will be paid at tne mmiii.i. Rank, in the ritv of New - York, to the stockhol der residing in the southern district of Ibis state, and out of the state, and to all others at the New - York State Bank, in the city of Albany. The Board will meet at the Secretary's umce on the said 15th day of July next, at 3 o'clor k. M. to oiien aod determine on the proposal that shall be made. By order of the Board. JOHN TAYLER. President. Albany, Jnne 8. 1818. JelltjylS NOTICE. ftr - IF Richard Perry Savadge, son cf Thom as ami Elisabeth Savadge, formerly of the city of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, bis legal representative win, py applying to air. vm. Savadge, at St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, London, near of something lu hi or their auvaa - aid Richard Ferry Savadge, who wat a painter by trade, was iu England in the year 1792, from whence he returned to Philadelphia in the year 1794 : in the year 1791, he i suppos ed to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, iii Middlctown, Delaware County, Maryland; and afterwards at Downing' Town, from whence ba it sapposed to have removed to New - York. N. B. If any person will produce a legal certificate of the death of the laid Richard Savadge, he will, on producing the same, to Mr. Wm. fca - vadge, receive from him 5 guineat, a a reward for hit trouble. Any information resnectine the above named person will be thankfully received by Je 18 1m 312 Pearl street, New - York. COMMLA CEMEA'r AT DAHTMOUTlt COLLEGE. tr7 In behalf of the Executive Officer of Dartmouth College, and pursuant to authority derived from the Trustees, I hereby give no tice, that, m order to avoid all collision respecting the place for the public exercises, the annual commencemeit will th; year be holden on the third Wednesday of August next, being the nineteenth day, instead ot the rourui rv eu - nesday, as heretofore established. Candidate for the second Degree, and for the Uetrree of Doctor in Medicine, as also ap plicants for admission into College, and all o - ther concerned, will take notice hereof and govern themseb e accordingly. - unil'i'l.' lluilli;V D.a.!4 rrv.:oij nuts i, rc - . - uueut. Dartmouth College, June n!i, iota. The editoxs - e puolic Journal will con fer a favour on the College and the public by inserting this notice. jeiS 8t J olut to C'ty Meant; tu, he. tie. ft7 In pursuance of a reaoluuoa of the Com mon Coutril of the 15th in't - uit, i!l persons hol - ' ding the appointment ol City .VcieUr, Meat - w vi.Hi,vfu.nT:i vi init - vvrui iuw ler, are directed to rttxirt their neiurf and i 'a - cc of residence, and crcupatxotit (if ar y disiiiis t irain we uuwes oi said otnet,) n. tt.u . lera ol tlie Cowmoo Council, a hi tftcr. No. 7 City - nan, on or r lore ti e Ijtti day .l July next ; and every nrton nuldiiig other - f mid appoiia - ments, no li. to wak tucu report ty tr.e time abets tpvcjkil, shull be d.tme.l to have resigned his co'wu.ii - iton, and shall therefront cease to execaV the duties thereof, fly tha Commuat ooucil.. J.MORTON. Je22tjj15 ' J?a - Jt tf .tmertea. Jte 2ti, 181 rtfT - A Dih1lJ ol threo r rent. lr six roooihs, ending on the 3Wh inst. bus been this day derlitd rnvialetetheStocknei - rews JU 6ta ol July neat. 9:f&2' lbJ7rt' tw. GEO. .,i.WBOLDCat'. JuoeSS lm

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