The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 7, 1944 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1944
Page 14
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14 Tuesday, March 7. 19141 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE! ATTEND FUNERAL Convilh--Relatives from a distance who attended the funeral of Mrs. Catherine Shipman were Mr. and Mrs. Waller Evans, George TUES. - Wi:u. _ l-c Til. li Evans, Sheldon: Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Dunfee. Lylo, Minn.'; MUs Hatlie Dieblcr, " Velvu, K'. Dak.; Mrs. Lucille Barker, Cor- ruclionvillc; Mr. and Mrs. George Downing and Mrs. Clyde Recce. Marilialltown; Mr. and Mrs. -Wilbur Shipniiin and Mr. and Mrs. Ellcry Gourley, Clear Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Gourley and Mr. and Mrs, Gene Shirraan, Mason City. Chester -- The Misses Evelyn N'nth, Donna Thompson, I\Ierilee Slintzi, Eldora Johnson and Lorys Johnson were Austin shoppers on Friday. DANCING EVERY NIGHT the lough est tpot of his · xciiement crammed career! "After M i d n i t c " ivilh Cnnit--Try Our l l e l k - i n u s Fond Steaks - Fried Chicken Home Burbcciicd Kibs Fried Fish END TCE.--"CKAZY HOUSE" - "MAKIXES AT TAUAU'A" BIG DAYS START WED. PALACE 3 IT'S A SECRET TO EVERY BODY BUT CHARLIE... AND HE WONT TELL! MARGO . John CARRADINE /l^ JH MAT. 21c -- EVE. 30c ^ CHILD.tck REPORT MOVINGS IN KIESTER AREA / Many Families Change to New Homes Recently · Kicster, Miim. -- Recent moves here included: Ingram Hoel. who purchased the hospital from Dr. A. J. Henderson. Dr. Henderson is preparing to leave for a position :is medical officer at the Veterans hospital in Minneapolis. Clifford Sticnstra will move to the Emerson house formerly occupied by the Hoel family and Dr Pirsig will move from the U. B. parsonage into the one Stienstras vacate, which they purchased last fall. Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Herrick have rented their farm to Chester Braund and have purchased the Art Weisc residence, the Wcise n e TILL 6:00 - THEN n -I I'lus Tax - Child. loc £i TUES. and WED. ' Kchartl Titgtskis' IUABALCANAL \u-\j,,t iCMlt · "Anil "WEEK-END FOR THREE" Laughter Enough (o Last You! a Month It's Fun Never Weakens family moving into the apartment over the Nels Trolen store. Glenn Baker sold his home to Clarence Beckman and will move to his home which the Elmer Siem family occupied until they moved to their farm. Elvin Wogen will live on the Clausen farm, the Clauscns moving to a farm they bought near Albert Lea. Henry Evansons have moved to a farm near Lake Mills, and Lee Baker will live on the farm fur- merly operated by Russell Johnson who purchased a farm near Thompson. Oliver Matson sold his home to John Courrier and has purchased the nearby Joice Rovang residence. The Rovangs are moving to Albert Lea. S. A. Greene has returned to his farm east of here and Alfred Greene who tenanted it last year is living near Walters. John Holstad is moving to a farm he bought near Lake Mills. CHILD HURT AT PLAY Fertile--Dale, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ouverson, fell while playing on the teeter-totter at the school Wednesday, injuring an arm. He was taken to Mason City where it was found to be a sprain at the elbow but no broken bones. that are delicious at THE SODA GRILL D A N C E FUN FOR ALL AGES ' Jimmy Smith Wed. Scandinavians Fri. Don Strickland Sat. DANCE AM) STAY YOUNG Late Bus After Dunce Fri. - Sat. LAST-TIMES-TUESDAY! "THE - MIRACLE - OF - MORGAN - CREEK" with EDDIE - BRACKEN - and - BETTY - HUTTON 4-BI6-DAYS-START1NG-WEDNESDAY! tHE SCREEN'S GREATEST GLORY STORY! WHERE - THE - BIG - SHOWS - PLAY jus MARINE Hews they are! -- vyith.^ft their sweating, swearing f u r y ! Here's their.stj$yT~wffk all its true .and terrific t h r i l l s ! vs.. MAKIN where fhey were first fo crack the back of Jap power! o£m«x^ RANDOLPH SCOTT A*cft£ NOAH BEERY, Jr. ALAN CURTIS Peter Coe David Bruce Sam Levene J. Carrol Naish Richard Lane MiiburnStone tK^ GRACE MCDONALD Directed by RAY ENRIGHT Produced by WALTER WANGER Filled - fro - the - Brim - With - Thrills - Excitement - Action! Hogs Hit $14.10, '44 High VOLUME DOWN, QUALITY GOOD Steers and Yearlings * Barely Steady, Active Chicago, W)--Curtailed shipments of hogs again resulted in higher prices Tuesday with all weights sharing the advance. Good and choice fed steers and yearlings were barely steady, but trading on all types of yearlings was active. Slaughter lambs sold steady' with Monday's market. Colorado fed lambs topping at $16.35. · The lighter shipment of hogs was the main factor in boosting, prices, but the quality of the run | was somewhat improved and | producers wore able to hold I stocks for the higher prices.' Weights outside the supported brackets showed the most gains with the top of S14.10 paid for good and choice 190 to 350 pound butchers. This is the first time since early November that the top has gone above the S14 mark. Receipts totaled 20.0(10 head of which big packers had 4,000 on direct consignment. Higher priced steers were not wanted in early trade Tuesday, with most buyers preferring those of value to sell under S15. The top was S 16.90 with only a few selling for S16.25 to S16.50: The bulk of the steer trade ranged from S13.40 to S16. Slaughter lambs cleared in early trade. Sheep were scarce and nominally steady with Monday's trade. (WFA)--Salable hogs 10,000: total 20,000; active, generally 15 to 25 cents higher, weights under 180 Ibs. and over 330 Ibs. up more in instances: good and choice 190350 Ibs. S13.85-14.05; top .$14.10; few good and choice 160-180 Ibs. S13-S13.75: under weights and unfinished light weights scarce: good and choice 300-550 Ib sows S13.35--13.60; c o m p l e t e early clearance. Salable cattle 8,000: salable calves 1,000: good and choice-fed steers barely steady; all grades yearlings in fairly broad demand especially light kind: medium grade steers fully steady; considerable slowness on steers of value to sell at S15 upward; bulk 513.40- S16N top S16.90: few loads S16.5n- 16.50; sizable supply S13.40-14.75 these setting best action: heifers fully steady, 3' loads average- choice offerings S1G.25: bulk S1315.50: cows strong to 15 cents higher; hulls and vealgrs stroll"cutter cows SR-25 down; strictly good weighty fed cows to S13.50- heavy sausage bulls to S12. light and medium weight offerings S9.50-I1.25: vealers S15 down; stock cattle scarce, but slow Salable sheep 1.500; total 2.000-1 complete early clearance slaughter lambs at steady to strong! prices with Monday's general market: 4 loads good and choice Colorado fed wooled lambs topped at S1G.35 to packers and shippers- load medium and good Wyoming lambs Slfi; small package medium and good 82 Ib. wooled lambs S15.50; short load medium and good RO Ib. fall shorn lambs S14.50. sorted 27 head average 75 Ibr. at S12.50: sheep practically absent- quoted nominally steady. Midwest Livestock (TUESDAY'S PRICES) Trend CJcod Butchers-140-150 IDs 150-160 Ibs .. . iea-m IDS 170-180 11)5 180-200 Ibs 200-120 tbs 220-240 Ibs. . . 240-270 Ibs. 270-330 Ibs, . 300-330 Ibs 3!iO-36l) Ibs. Good Packing Sows 270-300 Ibs. . 300-320 Ibs. ... 330-360 Ibs. ... 360-400 Ibj . 403-450 Ibs. . 450-500 Ibs. ... 500-530 Ibs Albert Lea M i n n Steady to IfJc higher .. 4 y.yj ... S 10.85 ... 31120 ... SlI.So ... SI235 ... ;I:MO ... 91:140 ... si:no ... SI 11.40 ... SKt.40 ... S12.S5 ... $12.10 ... S I 2 . I O ... S12.10 ... 312.00 ... $11.00 ... SI1.80 ... 311.70 All.stin Minn Steady to 20c hislier S 9.00 510 bu SI 1.10 sn eo S1S.20 31:1.40 Sl:s 40 S13 40 $13.40 Si:i.40 S 12.90 S!2 20 $12.21) 512,20 SI2.10 S12.00 Waterloo Steady 511 65 S12.I5 S1295 £13 45 SI3.43 Slo.OO S12.2J 812. 25 S12.2;) S12.05 SI 1.35 Cedar Rapids Steady $11.50 SI1.M) S lii.35 513.45 $13.45 S i S 4 3 Sirt.45 S « 4 5 M3.00 SI 2.20 SI2JO S12.20 S12.20 S12.00 511.30 Local Livestock Slca Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Gond Good Good Good Gocd n dy to ]i»ht light ij-ht med. med. mcrt med. tried pRcki 50 ws HOGS MASON ClTY 2D cents hipher 1LRHI .......... Itchts .......... lights .......... UJ-MS .......... -For Tuesday 140-isn 150-160 len-no 17O-1RO 1BD-200 200-220 210-240 lights wt. butchers .. wt. butchers .. wt. butchers .. 270-300 wt. butchers .. nnD-ttnj) wt. butchers .. n:w-3fin ng sows S 850 S 9.30 sii no SI 2.90 SI3.4H an.40 113 40 513.40 270-300 S12.2I) !ow '-= 40H-450 S12.IO -'°"-'S 4aO-300 th* plant brtnrr d r l i v r r i t . z any s, JACOB E. DECKER SONS. CATTLE MASON CITY Choice steers and ncircrs Good steers and heifers Mod. steers and heifers Corn, steers and heifers Cows, dry fed ......... Com. cows ...... Butcher bulls ..... Bologna bulls ....... Bologna bulls. lipht Cutters .............. Canners. heavy ..... Canners. lieht .......... Fancy select caH-es .., Calves, pd to choree l~n- Calves, fair To cood 130-1 Caves, common to fair Calves, cutl .. -- For Tucsdav 51400-1500 ... SlOOtl-11 50 S 8 0!. 9.50 ... f 8 SO- 9.00 ... S 750- fi fiO ... s 9rm-10nn 3 R.f)0- 9 00 ... S 7 no- BOO ... S 6 0(1- 7 00 -- S .1 no. ... s 4 no. 5.00 .. . SI2.nrj-13.00 ISO SM 00-12.00 -190 s 9 no-in on . S 7 Sn- 8 30 S 4.011 d'u-n SHEEP Germ' ?'ASON CITY-For Tnc.vla Genuine sp. Iamb*. c.d. to ch S13 01-14 r Fed ewes, coca 10 choice . ' s a.m. s' Bucks"" .** CS ..'.I'.'..'.'.'.. f *?£ ['', Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES Tur*rUy M.irketi h.ram. I,T,-- I\V. F. A.I--Potatoes arrivals OS: on trsck 2S4: U s ship, merits 731; supplies modrratc: for Id.iho Fui5..els demand moderate, for U S X o 1 quality m, 1r kct firm: nthcr cr.irte^ silently stronger: for ivcMcrn red -lock d " mlJIBtl . SO"* 1 -, market f i r m : for n o r t h e r n ock d e m a n d slow, m a r k e t d u l l and iShlly weaker: Irlaho R,,s« c , B u r b a n k s U S . .(,. i. $3,jiKi3.«: Colorado Red MeClnros U. S. No. I. 53.37; Ncnri ,^" antt \ V y o m m c Bliss Triumphs U. s. Xo I. S3..T9; Minnesota .inrt North D.ikot,, Bllvs Triumphs Cnmmereir*!-; SI P O V 1 9i- Cobhlcr.c Commercials S-l,5rKi2 03: F--iri-- Ohio:: Commercials $2.r.(l' f i 2 7n- Wisconsin round w h i t e and CWppewas Commcr- U 52.20; Florida Bliss Triumphs U s . I. s.riOfi 3.2. per 50 Ihs. sack. S3.15 per bushel basket. SEEK SCHOOL POSTS ,Tnice--Nominees for t h e Joice school election arc ns follows: Di- rcclors, E. N. Petersen nnrt Fx:lnnci Schott: treasurer, T. O. Gordon. Directors whose terms expire arc' .1. O. Dahtby and T. O. Gordon. Retiring treasurer is E. N. Petersen. LIVELY SESSION IN N. Y. MARKET "Buying for Income" Causes Bullish Trend New York, ()--Blue chip investment slocks came to the fore in Tuesday's market, after a lengthy period of apathy, and favorites pushed up fractions to around 2 points to 1944 peaks in one of the liveliest sessions ol .the past 4 months. The Wall street concensus was that "buying for income" was one of the main bullish inspirations, equities with consistent dividend records attracting strongest demand. Most near-closing quotations held around the best although there were scattered let-downs on profit-taking. Transfers approximated 1,200.000 shares. · In the "new high" division were American Telephone. Western Union "A" American Power Light Preferreds, Houston Oil, Wilson Co., General Motors, Chrysler, riu Pont, W h i t e Motors, Goodyear, Goodrich, U. S. Rubber and General Tire. Electric Power Light Preferreds" weakened and American Crystal Sugar dipped on an omittcci dividend. Rails and Aircrafts were narrow. Higher tendencies were exhibited by gilt-edge bonds. Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by K. G .Morse) MASON CITY--For Tuesday Egys. current receipts 29c Springs, heavy breeds ' 24c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over Zlc Heavy hens 21c Hens, under 4 Ibs. me Cocks, heavy 17c Cocks, Leghorns 15c All No 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail . 38c Butter. Iowa State Brand . . . . 4 9 c Butter, Corn Country 48c Butter, Brookfield 49c BUYING PUSHES ALL GRAINS UP Price Fluctuations Held Within Narrow Range Chicago. (;P)--Scattered buying, influenced to some extent by firmness in securities and cotton, pushed all grain prices up fractionally in a generally quiet trade Tuesday. Price fluctuations in the wheat and oats pits were held within a narrow range by lack of incentive for traders to enter those markets. Rye prices at one time were up a cent from the low points as local traders began to accumulate offerings and found little for sale. Developments regarding Finland were being watched closely since in the past this country has been a good buyer of rye at times, although many believe export business under present conditions is out of the question. Closing at or near the day's high points, wheat finished r rs to V 2 higher than the i previous close"; May 51.71; July SI.67%; oats were up ·· to is; May 80%; rye was 'fi to % higher; May $1.28 Is to Sl.28i.-4. and barley was up : ;s to '/··; May $1.22',!.. C H I C A G O CASH G R A I N ITund.iy .Market) Chirac*), fiVi--No cash wheVtl: Barley, mailing Sl.^Ji' l.«". nominal- feed S1.15fil.:^',r; nominal. Field seed per 100 Ibs.: Timothy S.T 75T7 6 n o m i n a l : red top SH'i 15 nominal: red clover S31.JO nominal; sweet clover nominal. C H I C A G O P R O D U C E (TueMlay M a r k e t ) Chicago, |..J'^--Butter. f i r m ; receipts 46I.(ffifi; m a r k e t uncharigcd. EBP-,, receipts 17.360; steady; m.irket unchanged. Ecs5. receipts 17,550: steady; m a r k e t unchanged C H I C A G O POiri.TKV ( T u e s d a y Market) Chicago. i.T--Poultry, live, f i r m : no cars. 5 trucks; m a r k e t unchanc.crt. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 2 white oats . . 70c No. 2 shelled corn (15'.. ; , % moisture) . . .'...,. S1.02 No. 2 car corn (15% rnoislurc) 98c No. 2 soybeans SI 80 Barley . ^ 75c-Sl Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Some Refunds on U. S. Income Taxes Won't Be Made Till December Washington. (U.R)--Some of the 16,000,000 taxpayers claiming refunds for overpayment of 1043 la.xcs will have to wait until December -- maybe longer -- to get their money back. After March 15 they will draw 6 per cent interest on the amount duo them. Bureau of internal revenue officials said that while the law requires that refunds be made by June, there is no expectation that the job will be finished before the end of the year. Most taxpayers seeking refunds do so because of excess withholding. Refunds may run from. 10 cents to $1,000 but fiscal experts estimate the average at about $25. The bureau has adopted a policy whereby refunds due servicemen are handled 'first--and some servicemen who filed early returns are already receiving refunds. A majority of service returns have resulted in refunds because many servicemen had high salaries before going into army or navy. Income tax returns must be checked against employers' receipts. Returns claiming refunds . will generally be bandied first be-' cause the law requires promp't payment of refunds and because the bureau will have to pay the G per cent interest after March 15, no matter how small the payments may be. Emmetsburg Captain Is Cited for Bravery Emmetsburg -- Capt. Henry M. Helgen, Jr., of the marines, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Helgen, Sr., of Emmetsburg has been commended by the commander of the South Pacific area for "great personal bravery" in a citation from Admiral W. F. Halsey. The young officer is now in a rest camp, where he found his C h r i s t m a s packages a n d mail awaiting him. Captain Helgen was one of 8 men selected from the senior class at St. Olaf's college for the marine reserves. He was graduated in 1941, and was sent to Quanlico, Va., in February, 1042. That summer he was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant. In January, 1943, he became a .1st Lt. and was promoted to captain in - November last year. S. Simmerson's Funeral Held at St. Olaf Church Bclmond -- Funeral of Simon Simmcrson, pioneer farmer of Norway township, was held at St. Olaf Lutheran church Saturday. Mr. Simmerson, who was founder of St. Olaf Lutheran church, died at a Hampton hospital Thursday where he was taken following a stroke at his f a r m home west of.Belmond. Mrs. Simmerson is in critical condition at the home of her son, Harold. Buy War Savins* Bonds anfl Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. KSTIMATKll LIVESTOCK RECKIl'TS i T i i f H a a y M a r k e t ) Chirac". I.I')-- ( W . F. A . p -- O f f i c i a l l y c-stsmntcd sal.iblc l i v c s t n u k rci-CMptA* for Wednesday: Hogs Jj,OtXl; caule lO.yOfl; sheep 4,000. NEW Y O R K I'ttOIUJCE ( T u r s d a y M a r k e t ) New Y o r k . i,r.--Eees .10.4.12: easier: current wholesale «cllms prices follow: Mixed colors, special No. 1 to No. 4, 47 Ibs. nnrt over Sfi'.z'tr 37'.bc: 4fi Ib?. average 35!iftr3fic: extra ~ N o . 1 to N'o. 2. 47 Ibs. and over .15'i'ii 3Rc- 45 Ibs. average 34'.i?i33c: extra m e d i u m 40 !»-. average SO^i.tlc; extra pullets 35 to 37 Ibs. 27c: current receipts 43 Ibs av- craRO 32=ic: dirties 43 Ibs. 33V,c: checks 31'ic Butter I.!!77.fl4!1: f i r m . prices u n - clianrcrl at ceiling. Cheese 4D7,R2.i: n o m i n a l , no quotations. Hides Qontatfons rtirnishrcl hy Wolf IUi -in* Fifth Strrrt Sntuhuii Horsehitles ·GREEN REEF HIDES Butt hides From Ifi Ibs. up From l.i Ibs. riown ·Cured nirtcs le a Ib. hinhcr Also Ib hipher for srccn hirlos (o who] dealers in wholesale Quantities . Inc.. Sb QU 1'c lc"a lesale C H I C A G O GRAFN- CLOSE Chir.ieti. i.-Ti-WHEAT- Hir:h Low- May 1.71', 1 7H3, July l.BT'a 1,67 1.63'is l.fifi Close 1.71 FOR SALE 110O Good Montana BREEDING EWES will start lambing May 1st 125 yearlings 600 2-year-olds 200 3-year-olds 175 5-year-oids ALSO 90 FEEDING LAMBS Oswald Strand Son MANLY, IOWA Sept. .. Dee. OATS-- M.iv ai-. JulV '77 Sept 77', Dec 74 RYE-May 1 "S-, July L27', Sept 1 r'i Dec. 1.26', BARLEY-May J u l y 1.15'; Sept l.!4"i 1.6.V- .Rn". I . l S ' l I.H'n I . 1 4 - , Cup Gcrmlcss , Chicnso. (U.R--Two doctors reported that the use of the silver communion cup does not contribute io the spread of infectious disease. "Heavy metals, particularly silver," they said, "have Ions; been known to have a self-sterilizing effect.'' The studies which resulted in this conclusion were made by Doctors William Burrows and Elizabeth Hcmmens, both of the University of Chicago. Test Plants S:in Francisco, U.R--Commrm- do-typc practice raids, with the raiders wearing distinctive red defense plnnt guards. Western De- uniforms, are being used to test alertness of northern California defense plant guards. Western Defense Command Headquarters report. A total of 1,405,000 air express shipments was marie within the United States last year. PUBLIC SALE I will offer the following described property for sale ot the Kiser farm located 3 miles north and 2 miles east of Mason City or 2 miles east of Sugar Beet on THURSDAY, MARCH 9 1 p. m. -Sharp 2 HORSES Team of sorrels 3 and 4 years old, wt. 3200 Ibs. 53 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 53 16 milk cows, some fresh, others to freshen soon; 2 heifers, 2 years old, fresh soon; 6 other cows; 2 roan steers, wt. T050; 4 yearling heifers; 7 1 yearling steers- 10 calYEs; 1 Hereford bull, 2 years old; 1 roan bull, 3 years old. FEED About 300 bushels of corn in crib; 100 bus'ncls of Boone oats, good for seed; 3 or 4 ton of clover hay in barn; 50 bales of straw; 8 feet of corn and cone silage. 50 --HENS --50 Electric fencer, battery type; hog waferer; International 10 inch burr mi!l, and many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Nothing to be removed until settled for. S. M. KISER JACK DORSET, Auet. ROCK FALLS BANK, Clerk

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