Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 18, 1945 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 18
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18 THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1945 Globe-Gozette Clossified Ads Bring Results! "STEP LIVELY" with FTMnk Sinatra "Gambler's choice FRIDAY AND SATURDAY PLUS -- DISNEY CARTOON, "TEABONE FOR TWO" MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Extra! Chapter » "Balden of Ghost City" tins Cartoon ROY STATE NOW . . . Thru Saturday ALWAYS TWO FIRST- RUN HITS! NOW SHOWING -- THRU FRIDAY TWO VARIETY FEATURES GRACE MCDONALD BOB CROSBY BETTV KFAN _ Knrt'Kreager ^^^^^ IATEST NEWS FLASHES SHOWING HOG MARKET MOVES STEADILY Buyers Pay Ceiling Prices for Animals Chicago, (If)--The hog market moved steadily Thursday, buyers paying ceiling prices; good and choice barrows and gilts at $14.75; sows at $14. Cattle buyers Thursday encountered a run composed largely of steers and heifers, medium to average good grade steers predominating. Best yearlings topped $17, best medium weights were $16.65, top heifers $15.25, and most fat steers S13 to $15.50. Salable hogs 13,000; tota! 22 500; active, fully steady, some strength on few underweights; good and choice hogs 170 Ibs. and over at $14.75 ceiling; few good and choice 140-160 IbsX $14-14.50; good and choice sows all weights $14; complete clearance early. Salable cattle 5,500; total 5,'SOO' salable calves 1,000; total 1,000; most killing classes slow, steady to weak, bulls weak to 25 lower; largely steer and Jieif er run with medium to average good grade THURSDAY AND THRU SATURDAY IS Y O U K O P P O R T U N I T Y ' T O F O R G E T Y O U R SORROWS AND LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF. AT . . HERE'S ACTION AS YOU'LIKE IT IN THIS WESTERN Companion Feature Also A New. Chapter II 's Black Whip" | All Of This Entertainment Is Showing: At The STRAND Local Livestock Stead HOGS MASON CITY-For Thursda }«ht light · · · . . . . . . . ights .lights lights .......... Good light lights )is . hts ....... ·· wt. butchers wl butchers Good med. Good med. Good med. Good med. Good sows Good sows Good sows Good sows Good sows Good sows butchers . butchers .. butchers . 140-150 s l l i 150-100 S12.! 160-170 «13.. 170-180 $139 180-200 $14 220-240 $14 2*0-270 $14.4 270-300 $14.4 300-330 S14.4 330-360 S14.4 270-3CO $J3.| 300-330 S13. L 330-360 $13.63 360-400 J13.63 «0-450 $13.65 r- ,,' -. MASON CITY-For Thursda Gooxt steers and nelfen ... $13 co-its Med. ateers and heifers Sio'oo-lli SS f teE ? .and. heifer, .... I I'M. g] 0 Good to choice cows s 900-101 Met cows j goo- 9'o Corn, cows * ? nn_ i . Butcher- bulls ?.'..'."'.', S l O B M i t Boogna bulls, heavy ...'..: , g oo- Bologna bulls, medium s 7 no- Cutters, heavy Cutters, light .......,*,"." » Canners, heavy *..!!!,!I'I1!I-* $ Fancy, select ca'l'ves"".'.'.'.'.','.'.'. slJ.Sw-j.'o Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 51100-1200 .-alves, Jair to good. 130-190 I 9.00-IO« -alves, common to fair -- -- MASON CITY--For Thursday- genuine sp. lambs, ga. to ch. 413 50-14 'i : sm U 'tTM? ' Iam6s ' mfi - to g± *U-W-IiS« Jull-lambi S800d'«m ?ed ewes, eood to choice " °- oolwn steers predominating; strictly good and choice steers dull;, most fa steers'$13-15.50; top $17 paid for best yearlings;, b e s t medium weights $16.65; top heifers §15.25 bulfc $12-14.50; good beef cows fairly active, others very slow · instances to 10 to 15 lower; cutters »8 down; most sausage bulls $11$13; vealers active at $15.50 down Salable sheep 7,000; total 8 500 slaughter Iambs moderately active, fully steady to 15 higher- 3 oads good and choice fed wooied western $15.50, several loads held iigher, 2 loads mostly good lambs 15.35, medium and good $14 2514.60; 3 decks karacul lambs $13 deck good and choice fed clippec anibs fall shorn pelts $14.90; year- ings and v ewes relatively scarce undertone firm, package caracu ewes $6.7o. Late Wednesday load good and choice yearling wethers 13.60. Hides and Wool ; alv "', Ed. to choice 140-190 s'll.00-12.00 furnished by Woll Bros, In B ,, K, e. Bull hides - .......... · ,,, prom is ib». up ......... ;;;;;;;:::; ,£ From 15 lbs. down ...... v£ ' ' " ' " " ' ' .......... tOO Bode -- Miss Mildred Hewitt, county home demonstration agent of Humboldt will conduct a home project meeting at the home of Mrs. Sidney Holland Jan 24 Tine world wcls'imed, Them...butslw was "Honey, bow came you're : so cute!" "tenant cm« « ' T I I H C o l f l "' f t -in ADDED PARAMOUNT NEWS CARTOON -- COMEDY Th« men thrill-poA«d -mjnurt in hrttory! P I C T E E V I R Y LET'S BOWL OPEN EVERY DAY AT NOON Lytle's Bowling Center 4 EAST STATE . Lovely Jean Parker to Appear on Screen at Palace Theater Jean Parker has a romantic role in "Dead Man's Eyes," starring Lon Chaney. Paul Kelly and Acquanetta also have roles. In addition to this new Inner Sanctum mystery, D o n a l d O'Connor, "Peggy Ryan, Ann Blyth and Jack Oakie appear in "The Merry Monahans." Both of these outstanding features will be shown at the Palace for four days starting Saturday.--Adv. Midwest Livestock (THUBSDAY'S PRICES) Trend Good Butchers- 110-150 Ibs. ... 150-100 Ibs. ... 160-170 Ihs. ... 170-160 Ihs. .. . JOO Ibs 20U-220 Ibs 220-240 Ibs 2M-270 Ibs 270-300 Ibs. 300-330 Ibs 330-361) Ibs ...'.'..'.'. Good Pacing Sows-270-300 lb£ * 300-330 Ibs 330-360 Ibs 360-400 Ibs " 400-450 Ibs. '" 450-500 Ibs 500-550 Ibs ' Albert Lea, Minn. Steady $11.10 $12,00 $12.40 $13.15 S14.30 $14.40 $14.40 $14.40 $14.40 $14.30 $14,30 . 513.65 $13.55 .... $13.65 J13.65 513.55 .... $13.53 .... S13.55 Austin, Minn. Steady $10.90 $11.90 S12.40 $12.90 $14,30 $14.40 $14.40 $14.40 $14.40 £14.25 H4.25 Waterloo Steady to 5c higher $13.15 $13.90 $14.30 $14.40 $14.40 $14,40 $14.40 $14.30 ·$13.65 $13.55 $13.65 S13.S5 $13.65 $13.TO $13.10 $13.70 $13.70 $13.70 $13.60 Cedar Rapids $13.10 $13.60 $14.30 $14.40 $14.40 $U.40 $14.40 $14.30 $14.30 $13.70 $13.70 $13.70 513.70 $13.70 $13.60 WHEAT CLOSES STEADY TO WEAK Other Grain Futures "Markets on Off Side Chicago, (IP)-- Wheat was steady * weak Thursday and other grain :utures markets were on the of] side with oats breaJdng more than i cent. Prices rallied at times but there was no follow through to the buy- ng. Offerings increased with ev- :ry advance and there was some iquidation which trade sources attributed to continued favorable varnews, At the finish wheat was % high- it to % lower than Wednesday's close, May $1.61% to $1.62. Corn vas off % to %, May $1.12. Oats were % to 1% lower. May 68y 4 . Rye was % higher to ifc lower, May 51.13% to §1.13%. Barley was · f f Ys to %, May $1.12%. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Thursday Market) t: No - 2 «* 51-1 Corn: No. 5 yellow $1.01'/ 4 @1.05y,; sam lc grade yellow 60«197' lC Oats: No. 1 white '81c 28"" 531 ' 50; sw ' l!t clov °r ?10.65; alsTke Mason City Grain MASON CITY-For Thursday . 2 white oats, 32 IBS 70c No. 2 shelled corn, old $1.02 No. 2 shelled corn, new 98c CHICAGO GBAljf CLOSE (Thursday Market) Chtcijo, (55-- . VHEAT-- High ·-. i.ezv. 1.54 1.54 ept. ... ec. ORN-- ub- ....I..';; iji4i ept 1.08?i. IATS-1""'"" uly ept. ... SYE- ~lay 1.I3H uly 1 ny 4 ;ept_ - i"oau BARLEY-Dec 1.08 lay 1.12H Low 2. SHI 1.53^1 1.53 1.53U 1.12 1.10% . .63 1.06 Vi 1.12 1.07 Close i.eni 1.54 1,53 (4 . 1.53V. 1.12 Lll l.OS 1.08 1.I3H 1.10% 1.07V. NEW XOEK PRODUCE (Thursday Market) New York. (IP)--Butter 205,231. Firm Pnces unchanged at ceiling Cheese 51,747. Nominal.' No quota- Eggs 13.180. Firm. Current general wholesale prices follow: Extras. No 1 to No. 4. 45 Its. and over 42_lg438c- edjum, 40 to 44 JIB. -lo.Sc; standard No to No. 4. 4j Ibs. and over 33.a©403c: " en ' receipts 3S.Sc; dirties, 43 Ibs 38.8c: checks 3Bc. PENOVOXIL SQUIBB For Calf Scours--Penovoxil is a cientific product of Squibb Lab- Dtatories -- Periovoxil u s e d as both a preventative and a tfeat- raent of Calf Scours has been very uccessful. Penovoxil is easily ad- ninistered. Get Penovoxil at Osco 3rug in Mason City now!--Adv. DANCE RUDD, IOWA Saturday, Jan. 20 MALEK'S ACCORDION BAND DATO Moke the Most of Your Evening Out -- Dance at Built, Equipped and Operated for Jour Dancing Pleasure Scandinavians Fri. Carl Beon Sofr., Sun. Late Bus After Dance Fri. - Sat. AUSTIN, MINN. SONNY DUNHAM Thursday, at the Terp Only IMalck's Accordion Band Fri. Chuck Hall Sat. and Sun. Produce ,,, N CITY--For Thursday (Cash quotations by t/G. Mono Eggs, current receipts aoc Springs, heavy breeds . . .23_Leghorn springs, 2 lbs. over 21c Heavy hens 20c Hens, under 4 lbs. 17 C Cocks ' 14c All No. 2 poultry, 3c less Merchant Quotations Eggs, at, retail . . . . 45 C Butter, Iowa State Brand . . 49c Butter, Corn Country 4a c Butter, Brookfield . /49 C CHICAGO PBODUCE (Thursdiy Market) ··%?* W-Butl«r. firm. Rtctipts 234,036. Market unchanged ges, recetpU S.WS. steady. V. s ejc- ?- 35 ta "1 " "- S. standards 37.35 37.Sc: current receipts 37.1c: dirties to 34Vic. - Ihiurance 10 HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE Complete Hospitaiizatlon and Surgioal Expenses Insurance. HEALTH -- ACCIDENT Phone 2128 or write CAUL A. ERBE 'TBEEDOM OF 'OPPORTUNITY RING . . ·poitj writer. tuA man became on" of Amtrica's greatest short story experts ""««' American sUng, creator of nSny j « n c a r a c . p m. KSO Tues.. 6:30 p. m. KM A. Friday. 8 p. m. Sponsored by th« Beoiity Shops 12 for i. u n « a «a«on, low o v Nestle permanent waving raacWne Cofes 14 PANTRY is now open From 6:30'a. m, to 8 p. m. Thanks for the response on our opening day. Seeds, Feeds ·^ ! FOR SAJji-3q6 17 ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Thursdiy Market) Chlc.,0. «r--(W. F. A.)^-Officially «a-' HmalM salable livestock receipts* for' Friday: Hogs 11,000; cattle 2,000,- Iheep CHICAGO POTATOES (Thund.y M.rktt) Chlesjo, (ff)_(W. F. A.)_Potatoes: Ar .·ivals tfl, on track 126, total.U. s. shipments 790: old stock, offerings very light, Demand far exceeds available offerings, local track market. Market very firm at celling. Idaho Ruaset Burbanki. Idaho utility grade. $3."; North Dakota Bliss Triumphs, commercial. J3.M; Wisconsin Chlppewas. U. S. No. 1. J3.M; Florida 50 Ib. sacks. Bliss Triumphs. $ Death Notices . JOHNSON. John E., about 80. died at his home. :«5K 4th S. E.. Tuesday evening. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete. The oody la at the Major funeral lome. 31LDNER. Albert. 65. 322 1st N. E.. died, suddenly at his home Wednesday at 3:4» a. m. Funeral services will t» held Friday at I p. m. at the Major Memo- orial chapel with the Rev. Carl J.. Sentman of Radio Chapel officiating and surlal at Nora Springs. The Major funeral home in charge. ' Card at Thanks I wish to thank Dr. Swanson, Hie nurses at hospital, all my friends and neighbors and relatives for 1 their kindness to me: also for the cards and flowers sent me while I was In the hospital. Mrs. C. G. Kanute WE wish to express our sincere thanks to all friends and relatives who aided and sympathized with us at the time of the death of Shannon B. Mr. and Mrs. Shannon A. Fowler Mr. and Airs. Ed Bartusek. Manly, Iowa. r Funeral Director MeATOEY Son Funeral Home. A distinctive, dignified, complete funeral service. Ambulance. a South Adams Phone 631. MAJOR Funeral Home, 209 Second N E. Efficient Service nlui Beverenc* Aro- oulance. Phone 51L MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not b« costly. Aznbulane* irvice. Phone 1505. PATTERSON Funeral Home. Known for service. Ambulance. 322 North Wash Ington. Call mo. Personal! WILi, not be responsible for any bills other than those made by myself. C H. Christensen. CALL your Spencer Corsetlere for yt , n ' ot i"dation garment. Lena Thdmdy: '"" N. Madison. Ph. MH-W Lost, Found ~ LOST--Gray torn eat. Name "Mickey" White feet and nose, while "V on chest. Child's pet. Ph. 3013-W. 11314 E State, Apt. 4. Howard LOST--Right n,inded brown man's glove. Call 1331. leather LOST--Lady's purse with ration books from car near Liquor Store. Ph. 4598-J. LOST--BJack billfold containing, valuable papers. Identification George Ba- triste. Luck, Wts., lives at SI9 N. Monroe, City. LOST OR STRATED--3 cattle from Mc- Dmnott pasture. v ml east. «, ml south of Cameron elevator Cal! or nottfv S. i R. Chev. Co_ Inc. Money K Loon 8 FAEM LOANS TAILORED to fit your needs. No Commissions 4% 15 to 25 Years MASON CITY LOAN INVESTMENT CO CASH LOANS MADE PROMPTLY A private office for loan applicants to transact business to. and courteouj. e»- Oertenced loan manager to talk to No embarrassing Investigation tnrouen friends, relatives or employer. BORROW FROM S30 T ) SSOO United Financial Service 'family Finance Counsellors" IStt North Federal Over Ford Hopkins Telephone 57 Mason City. Iowa A FRIENDLY CASH LOAM SERVICE FROM A FRIENDLY LOAN CO S25 -- SJOO -- $200 -- and up i Federal Discount Corp. 13«4 N. Federal Avt W. L. CAMERON. MgT. QUICK CASH LOANS TO WOMEN j K you need cash see the Security Loan Company, Room 321 First Natl. Bldg. Ask {or Mrs. Simon, manager. Loans from $25 to S300. Immediate service. Phone 412. Optometrists 11 MANY Iratllc accidents are caused by defective eyesight. Sec Dr. Knutson, Opt., Weir bldg. Building, fully equipped with all necessary machines and tools -do- draft d°° d busin ? ss - Ow ier being A. W. STUBBS CO. Seeds, Feed* 17 BOONE seed oats for sale. Me a bushel C. It .Smith, 354 miles north of Dou£b crty. ^ FOR SALE--Baled green, leafy aUalf« and clover hay; also seasoned oak wood for cookstove. heater, fireplace. Geo F. Gerk, Clear Lake. Business Opportunities 18 FOR SALE--Grocery and beer business. Will sell building or rent. Cartersvill« Store. Cartersvllle. la. FOR LEASE--Sup. Service Station. Mod. em pit. 2 stall, well located. D. D. Dye, Clear Lake, la. HelpWhi., Mole 20 WMC REGULATIONS Advertisement, for Male Worker, ire 2KE"?!. 111 "if 1 * Hdp Wanted" columns »tth the understanding that hlrlmi procedures shall conjorm to War Manpower Commission regulations. """power WANTED-Truck driver. Kelroy Fuel * Furnace. Ph. 441. ?, ," me hel P ' or warehouse work, Call in person at Higley's. WANTED--At . Taylor, lruck drlver WANTEB YOUNG MEN 21 TQ 45 YEARS OF AGE TO TRAIN FOR Department Managers Excellent starting'salary and opportunity for advancement. Will train men of rood personality aaj backsrouna. Clothing or shoe experience desirable but not essential. Contact Mr. T. F. Williams, Mgr. Montgomery Ward Co. Mason City, Iowa J. R. DORSEY AUCTIONEER Phone 2592 DUROC BRED GILT SALE (Sale to Be Held in I. D. MeClure Bldg.) , Wed., January 24,1945 ' Iowa Falls, Iowa . 50 head outstanding gilts bred to our nationally known herd sires for March and early April litters. Iowa Falls Duroc Breeders Ass'n. ' Iowa Falls, .Iowa __ ~ .._ AUCTION SALE Saturday, January 20 Sale Starts at 1 O'clock 52 ~ HEAD LIVESTOCK -- 52 HORSES i-led'Ro^n^n^" Se 'di * nff - Weight J ' 750 lbs - «'«« br "«- I-- Kea Roan stallion, registered and weight 1,750, well broke. CATTLE a resfatered 37 -- HEAD OF HOGS -- 37 Si-Feeder pigs, Spoiled Poland, weight GO to 90 lbs 1 -- Spotted sow to farrow in February. 400 BUSHELS GOOD CORN IN CRIB C. E. FISHER, Owner Ora Bayless. Auctioneer -- First National Bank, Mason City, Clerk CLOSING OUT A U C T I O N Tuesday, January 23 . SALE TO START AT 1 O'CLOCK P. M. 42 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK -- 42 M HEAD OF CATTLE-I2 Shorthorn cows, some fresh and some to freshen soon; 12 yearling heifers and steers; 10 summer and f°U 3 HEAD OF HOKSES-- 1 10-year old mare; 2 older horses. 4 FEEDING PIGS -- 1 BOAR and one sinare On ; , « . closet - One leather front r wm set. One cupboard. One iron bed and other household goods, 100 -- GOOD MIXED PULLETS -- 100 FARM MACHINERY-- 1 building, 8x9; 1 F-14 Farmall rubber nit t'ff'f 1 ' ^J th j cultivator; 1 John Deere .11-foot disc, nearly new; 1 H-inch 2-bottom slat tractor plow; 1 tractor light; 1 4-section drag; 1 siprlng tooth drag; 2 one-horse cultivators; 1 hay rake; h i 0 " . McCormi * mower; 1 hog feeder, 45 bushels; 1 steel- SJl J i^* 0 ?:' 2 wooden-wheeled wagons; 1 nearly new triple wali, ?°. t r ason box: 1 4 ' wheel trailer; 1 hog oiler; 2 hog watwers; 1 tanfc heater; 1 steel hog trough, 6-foot; 1 De Laval ^t m m P *I a t2r r ',, 1 year ° W: 2 sets har "ess and collars: 1 fan- ir« g . m ; 1 Moline manure spreader; 1 wood saw. And other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash or whatever arrangements you make with your banker before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. Greger Christensen L P. Axelsen Estate B. A. Retmtsma, Anct -- Clear Lake Bank and Trust Co., Clerk

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