Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 27, 1939 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1939
Page 16
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16 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Hogs Steady to 10 CentsT Lower irTChicago · · 4k 4 IMf A, · ^H^K · . «^-^B^ «I.I_L. - L L . -- - ' -- I I - MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1939 MOST CATTLE PRICES STEADY 11,000 Swine Shipped;; Fat Lambs Around Steady in Quotations CHICAGO, OP)--Hogs were unevenly steady to 10 cents lower Monday with most o££ 5 to 10 cents. Most cattle prices were steady and fat lambs were around steady. (U. S. department of agriculture)--Salable hogs 11,000; uneven; steady to 10 cents lower than Friday's average; mostly 5 to :0 cents off; top $7.70; bulk good and choice 160-230 Ibs., S7.50 to $7.70; 240-280 Ibs., $7.20 to ?7.SO; mostly 290-340 Ib. butchers ?6.90 to $7.20; good 400-500 Jb. packing sows $5.25 to $5.60' lighter weights up to $6.65 Salable cattle 11,000; salable calves 1,000; order buyers taking strictly good, choice and prime steers and yearlings; fully steady at $11 upward; supply such kind small; several loads $12.75 to S13- early top $13.25; but some held higher; best yearlings 512; very little done on common and medium grades; bidding weak to 25 cents lower at $10.50 down to 58.50 and below; feeders fully steady- light heifers and mixed yearlings' strong to 25 cents higher; best heifers $10.75; with bulk at $8.50 to $9.75; cows firm; bulls and vealers steady; weighty vealers up to $11; heavy sausage bulls to $7.25; cutter cows $4.50 to $5.75 Salable sheep 12,000; fat lambs an fairly broad demand; early bids around steady; asking 15 to 25 cents and more higher; initial bids on good to choice lambs $9.75 down; asking $9.90 to $10 and above for best offerings; sheep steady; choice around 145 Ib ewes $5.50. MIDWEST LIVESTOCK Livestock prices at midwest markets Monday: Local Livestock KANSAS cirr LIVESTOCK ( M o n d a y Market) KANSAS CITY, *_u. s. deparlmenl of agriculture. HOGS 2,300; uneven, 240 Ibs. down 5 10 lOc lower than Friday's average; heavier weight! 10 to 20c oil; top $720; Good to choice 160 to 250 lbs. $1a7 20- few 26 ?.. i £j 00 lbs - **'!«': sows $S«6.25. CATTLE 11.000; calves 1.300; beet steers, yearlings and she stock opening steady; bulls and vealers steady; slocker and feeder classes comprising around 65 per cent of receipts, steady: good to choice steer* sil; medium and good steers $8.75«10.50; heiters and mixed yearlings dou-n from $3.75; cows SS la® 7; vealers $10frl0.50 : slockers and feeders 57.73^9.75; choice short yearlings S1O.25. Practical tea sausage bulls S6.50; stock cows $5fi7. SHEEP 5.700: iillle done; opening sales fed lambs steady at Wff9.25; best held above $9.50; no spring lambs sold early. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Monday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (f?)--Federal state market news service. CATTLE 5,000; slow; good kinds held to 510 and above; heifers $6.5068.25; cow S5.50ej6.50; low cutters and ciflters 545j a and more; bulls steady, $0.25 and down- calves 2,500 salable; 2.525 total; weak to 5c lower; practical top $10. HOGS 6.500 salable; 7.300 total; barrows and jilts IOC lower; lop $7.15 on good and choice 160 to 220 Ibs.: bulk 140 to 250 lbs. S6.8087.1S: 250 to 280 Ibs. 56.50es.90; 280 to 350 lbs. S6.30aG.60; ex- eme heavies «6,20; sows $6.1036.15; ags $6.0566.25. SHEEP 3,000 salable; total 3,500- steady to strong on fat lambs; light western feeders steady at $7.50; good and choice wooled slaughter lambs at last week's close S9.2589.50. CORN PRICES TILT UPWARD Improved Demand for Export in Evidence;' Wheat Sinks Lower CHICAGO, W)-- Improved export demand for U. S. corn gave prices of that grain an upward tilt here Monday while wheat was lower, largely because of favorable crop conditions. Corn export sales were estimated as high as 500,000 bushels, the best business in weeks. Corn closed Vs-Vt higher than Saturday, May 47%-%, July 49y- wheat "4-1,4 lower, May 67%, July 67%-%; oats V4-V4 lower. LIVESTOCK FOEECAST CHICAGO, vn--Official estimated livestock receipts for Tuesday: Cattle 7 000- hoss 12.000; sheep 9.000. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS MASON CITY--For Monday. HOGS Five cents lower £°°* M»J I'Ehts 140-150 S5.75-5.85 ?«3 Eht Iighta 150-1GO S6.25-6.35 r%3 Ity. }', S ^ 16 °-" l) 56-65-6.75 °°«| I'Zht lights 170-180 S6.85-6.9S 5^} v g ^ 5 ulch *«! ·· IBO-200 S7.05-7.I5 Good light butchers .. 200-220 J7.05-7.15 Good me. wt. butchers 220-250 $6.90-7.00 tood me. wt. butchers 250-270 36.75-6 E5 Good me. wt. butchers 2JO-2SO $6.55-6 65 Good me. wt. butchers 290-325 SS 40-6.50 Good me. wt. butchers 325-350 $6 25-6 35 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 S6.10-620 Good packing sows ... 275-350 S6.05-6.15 Good sows 350-425 S5.35-6.05 S^3 !°"^ «3-5Kl S5.a5-5.95 500-550 S5.S5-5.'95 ,zr --"- · · · .iw-jau J3.aa-s.95 (The above, is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy sio.tXI-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy s 8.50- 9.50 Medium to good stcprs f 7.50. 850 Fair to medium steers j 6 .50- 7.50 Kain to fair steers j 4 . 0 0- 6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .... $ 9 00- 9 50 cood to choice j-earjings ... 3 B.OO- 900 Medium to good yearlings ... 3 6.50- 7.50 Good to choice heifers ...... I BOO. 900 Medium to good heifers s 700. 800 Fair to medium heifers $ e 00- Tea ?. "3 5° ^ ir , hcuc " : * TM°- «-«n S?S?., f h0iCe *""*· heav ' ·· S 5 - r3 - 6-25 Medium to good cows $ 5 2 5 - 5 7 5 fair to medium cows . . S 4 75 525 £""5" " S 4.00- 4.73 J=!£5 ·-: S D.OD- 4.00 ?l hf · £ ? olce h «vy bulls .. S 5.50- 625 "'"""-- Hoss 5 cents lower: Ibs. S5.75O'6.05; 150 to 160 lbs. $«.20fi0.50; 160 ,to 170 Ibs. 56.15ig675- 170 to 180 lbs. ?C.70S7.00; 180 10 220 lbs. S6.85 «?7.15; 220 to 250 Ibs. S6.70SI7.00; 250 to 360.63; 270 to 280 lbs! S6 35 «2 . 325 lbs.; 325 to 330 tbs. S6.054t6.35; 350 to 400 lbs. $595St'6''5- packing sows 275 to 350 lbs. $5 85JT6 15- °,~ l °- 4 ^ lbs - S5-'5«e.05: 425 to 550 !bs'. 5.6o5jD.9o; y50 lbs. and up So.fi5(ff5 95 ALBERT LEA. Minn.-- Hogs 5 cents lower; 140 to 150 lbs. S5.858s.00; 150 to 160 Ibs. S5.20e6.35; 160 to 170 lbs JS 60ia 6.75; 170 to 180 lbs. $5.9067.05; ISO to 220 lbs. J7.0oe7.15; 220 to 250 Ifas. S6.BOIS6S5- 250 to 270 lbs. J6.55ffO.70; 270 to 250 bs SE.33-SB.50; 230 to 325 lbs. $6.2066.35- 325 to 330 lbs. S6.03fJ6.20; 350 to 400 lbs 55 90 OS.Oa: sows 275 to 350 Ibs. $5.95iS6.10- 350 to 425 lbs. S5.8065.95; 425 to 500 ]bs. 55.65 *» " CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Monday Market) .CHICAGO. (*)-- Cash wheat No. 4 hard WVie; No. 3 mixed 691'«e. Cora No. 2 mixed 48y»c; No. 4 45140 46Jjc: No. 2 yellow 48'/ia«c: No 3 47«H8c; No. 1 white 55c;'No. 2 54c Oats No. 1 mixed 31=4c; No. 2 3iy, c sample grade mixed 29c; No. 1 white . Barley malting 52Q60c nom.; feed 35 @4oc nom. Soy beans No. 2 yellow 90y,c : barley No. 3. 56eS7c; No. 4. 40c; sample grade 34c; No. 3 malting 51 c Timothy seed $2.85«3.15 nom.; red clover seed $13916 nom.; red top $9.25 Z9.75 nom. Mason City Groin TVT , MA S° N CITY-- For Monday No. 3 white oats ......... -22c No. 3 yellow corn . , ........ 33/c Municipal Bond Sales in the First Two Months of Each Year HUM DOOM 250 225 200 175 ISO 125 100 75 SO K 0 N U " :; . . . __ · : : . . . ; - - . n m -- --ii- " ;. ft . , . . . : . - . . . , . · : . im'-lU M1-J2-JJ-J4 'K ] j ,-, STOCKS GAIN, THEN DECLINE Rallying Power Is Lost After Bulge During Forenoon NEW YORK, VF) -- The stock market lost its rallying power Monday after a forenoon bulge of fractions to around 2 points. Wavering prices were accompanied by a slow-down in dealings. Transfers approximated 600,000 shares. Gains and declines of modest amount were about evenly divided at the close. Brokers said traders apparently were a trifle discouraged, at the refusal of the list to respond more enthusiastically to so-called "gocd news." Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS (Monday Final Quotations} By The Associated Fress Air Reduction . Al Ch . Dye 172!, Allied Sirs Am Can SO . New ear corn MOKDAI GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, W}-- Light hulls . - , 4.50- 5.00 s ......... 5 4 5 0 500 Calves, good to choico'lSoliso S 7'ctC s'oO Ca ves, mcd.- to good 130-130 $ 6.50. 7.00 calves. Infer, to med. 130-190 I 2.50 d'wn 'SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, good to choice ......... ;.. ,0.30 $ , jj. B 0 Spring Iambs, good to choice ' OMAHA LIVESTOCK Mpnd»r Market) . s flab ! e S ' WJO: 3lcw - unevenly , c TM' cr - m ° st 'i- lOc olt on bo J"- e ^ lbs ' : tcp S7 - 10 for ITM : '1 to · 33 ° lbs - S6.90S7.10; 240 S ' 56 M ««-83: 2SO to 325 Ibs. . . ; so;vs 5 l o 1 3 c lower at SS.10 G6_oO stags c l ov .-or at SR.50 down. Cattle, salable 8,500: fed sters ycar- llnss slow, steady; heifers slow, steady- beef cows slow, steady to weak: bulls s cady; vealers steady: stockci-. feeders steady: fed steers, -yearlini-s S8.75R10.50: ,, Z i -7 ads hcld around s " »"* =hove sood heifers $839; beet cows S5.75 S6 50 cutter grades S4.25S5.50; bulls 5687 'i- top vealers S0.50!glO: stocker. feeder st«rs S8.25SIO.35; heifer calves SS 75«J . OTTUMWA-Hogs 5c lower. 140 to 150 lbs. S=.95S6.25; 150 to 160 ]bs. S6.30Q 6.60; 160 to 170 lbs. 56.50^6.80; 170 to 180 lbs. S6.8007.10: 180 to 220 ibs. $690fl 7.20; 220 to 250 lbs. S6.75B7.05- 250 to 210 Ibs. 56.80 S 6.90; 270 to 290 lbs 5645 66.75; 2SO to 325 lbs. 55.30R6.60; 325 to 3oO lbs. S6.15®6.45; 350 to 400 Ibs. S6S 6.30. Packers 275 to 350 Ibs $595-g625- 350 to -425 lbs. S5.85K6.15; 425 to 50O lbs $5.75186.05; 500 to 550 lbs. 55.656590- 550 to 600 lbs. 55.504J5.80. CEDAR BAWDS-Good hogs 140 to 150 lbs. S6.554J6.70; 150 to 160 Ibs 5675® 6.90: 150 to 170 lbs. 56.85SJ7; 170 to 180 lbs.; 180 to 220 lbs S705S7 7.20; 230 lo 250 lbs. 56.85(17; 230 to "70 lbs, S6.70ft6.85: 270 to 230 lbs. $6.55» 6.70; 290 to 325 lbs. 56.35(3650- 325 to 350 lbs. $6.2066.35. Good packer's 215 to 350 Ibs. 56K6.15; 350 to 425 lbs S5 85ffl 6: 425 to 500 lbs, 55.7085.85; 500 to 550 lbs. S5.50fi5.70. Cattle steady. WATERLOO -Hogs steady. 160 to 180 Ibs. SS.95S7.15: 180 to 220 Ibs. S7.15JS 7.25; 220 to 250 Ibs. S7.05«t7.15- 250 to 270 Ibs. 56-9017: 270 to 290 lbs 56 75e 6 83; 2SO to 325 lbs. 56.60fi6.70; 325 to 350 Ibs, S6.455Z6.55; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. S6.I55?6.25; 330 to 425 lbs. $6®6.IO; 425 to 550 lbs. S5.905J6. Cattle: Tone slow. Steers sood to choice 59«£10: medium to good $1.7588.50; fair S6.25tft7; common S35i:4: yearlings good to choice S94J10: medium to good $8E 9; fair $5$I7; common 54ff5, WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-- .67% .63 !4 Low .51 »i .67% .43 .43*; 29?: May ... July ... Sept. .. OATS-Mas- July Sept. .'.'.'.".'.' J SOY BEANS-May 8 July Oct. .-. HYE-May 4 July 4 Sept. .... S.32 6.50 6.57 May July .. Sept. . -41 % -42S 6.25 6.40 6.57 Close . .49% .50% .29 V, .27% .26V. .89 Va .87 .76% .41 V4 .42»i .43V. C 15 6.25 6.40 6.57 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN Ofonday Markel) MINNEAPOLIS. «,--Wheat receipts Monday 239 cars; III a year ago. QuoU? tions ,,c tower. Cash, No. 1 heavy dark J 0 ?, 1 !??? TM«ei«?i:: dark northern No. I. 1Hi67a}.c; fancy No. 1 hard Montana . . cy 1, per cent protein No. 1 amb " c: No. 1 red durum . hard Montana winter No. J. --,.',.-..,jt. », w . i *«u aurum btl'/vj/ Blvic Corn No. 3 j-cllow 4lV t S43*/,c. Quota- uons Sac lower. Oats No. 3 while 27!',gZ8J;c. Barley 30S-66c. Representative Sales (Monday Mirkel) CHICAGO, (JT--HepresenlaUve sales- I1OGS i Medium-- H- ' a a m s s o w Indications steady, asking stronger sheep firm, buyers talking $.93940 on * 1 Ia ^ bS = bc5 ' h e f d w d l above '° rn ' a 'Pring lambs held above ' SIOUX CTTT LIVESTOCK Ofondar JlarkrO CITY. W _Liv rat «h close: . jaJabie receipts 4 000- tnui f"' , Calves ' «'aWe rccefpt! ughter steers and ytarlines steady Heavy-49 251 56 291 31 300 Light- aO 195 72 166 33 191 Steers 17 .-- 215 1.10 T.2015* 231 7.60 6.9l)|88 2,|2 T . 50 23 1150 1291 2316 1045 Fat Lambs-210 32 220 38 220 98 200 105 ~.6G!29 143 7.55| CATTLE t Heiters-1.1.95] 23 BSO 13.25;22 733 13.2o;20 807 12.031 SHEET 1 (Clipped Lambs-10.10170 71 850 lO.OOISlaughler Ewes-- S.OOSO 143 5,50 9.75] KANSAS crrr GRAI.V (Mond»- Market) KANSAS CITY. Wj-Wheat 151 cars. : Wo - . - l o w e r : N o ' 2 . hard Am For J*o 3 Am Loco 22^k Am R Sis 13V* Am Roll Mill 16% Am Sm 4c Ref 43',i Am Sll Fdrs 2BT'i Am Sug Ref 20 'i Am Tel T 1591-, Am Tob B 85/4 Am Wat Wks ll'/« Anaconda 27Vn Arm III \*\ Alch T S !· 33 All Refill 20'i Auburn Aulo Bait t Ohio 6 Barnsdall 15% Bendix Aviat 23S Beth Stl 67 Boeing Ajrpl 25% Borden 19H Bore-Warner 26?i Bridgeport Br 12»« Budd Mjg =!'Can D G Ale Canadian Pac Case Caterp Tract Ches Ohio C X: N W C G W CMSP P C R I t P Chrysler Coca Cola Col G S; E Soml Solv *,,.. Comwlth So 1H Con Edison 31% Con Oil S'.i Con Can 39'A Con Oil Del 26i Corn Prod 66 Curtiss-Wright 6 Deere 6z Co 21 Deere : Co pf ... Douglas Air 66 Dii Font 150 Eastman 169 El Po Lt 9!i Fairbanks-Mo 35V* Firestone 22VV Gen Elee ^ -*Ri- Gen Foods Gen Mills Gen Mot Gillette Goodrich Goodyear G N Ry pfd Homeslake 63 3 * Hudson 6*» Hupp Mot !?· Ill Cent nij, Int Harvest 57^» tut Nick Can 49 ?i 16'A Wt 84 46 35% 75 6Ji Kresge Lambert LiWbey O F Cl 43!4 Loews 43 ?i Marsh Field 325i Maytag Widcont Pet 14H Jlonlg Ward 48 Morrell 4: Co 39 Nash-Kelv 7V« Katl Bisc 26 Vi Natl Cash Reg 20 Nat Dairy Pro 15 Hat Distill 27»'« Nat Lead 22»* Cat Fo tc Lt B',l N Y Central 1744 No Am Aviat 16% North Amer 22 Vi Nor Pac 10% Oliver Farm 22H Otis Elevator la^i Otis Steel IDT. Owens 111 Gl 62(4 Packard 3V Farm Fict 9V« Penick For 53^ Penney fi0 3 ,i Pcnn Ry 20^fe Phillips Pet 38 Proct Gamo 56Vi e; No. 1 hard Corn 23 cars, unchanged lo V.c lower: .f."' hlle n « m - 46«i l g:47ic; Ko. 3 nom. 1?ff"'l« No - - yellow 46',ic; No. 3 nom. 44!ie4a?,c: No. 3 mLxed nom. 45S56'/,t- No. 3 nom. 44',ia45'Ac. '"" Oals 5 cars: unchanged. No. 2 while non, 204H30ie; No. 3 nom. 2»!iB30'/,a Wilo maize nom. 77®B3c. Kafir nom. 75QB1C. Rye nom. 43 Barloy nom. 4H1 81 46 H «n 20 3t 24 Inl Tel Johns Manv Kcnnecott 7Ti 80 35?i Pullman Pure Oil Radio Bern Rand Repub Stl Key Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons 27^5 Socony Vac 12V[ Sou Pac 15% Sid Brands 6r Stii Oil Cal 23'.', Std Oil Ind 26=; Std Oil N J 47K Stew-Warner Sludebaker Su-Ift S: Co Texas Corp Tex Gul£ Sul Tim Boll B Transamerica tin Carbide "Union Pac 9a',' Unit Air Lines 111; -Unit Alrcr Cp 37»i Unit Corp 271 Unit Drug 6!4 U S Gypsum 59 V S Ind, Alco 21 U S Rubber «!4 U S Sleel 56 Walgreen la^b Warner Pict 9»i West Un Tel 20'A West SI M 101 Wilson Co 4^i Woohvorth 47'; WriRley Jr. 79 Ye! Tr i c I6H You Sh To 4214 30 ? 9 71 10V. 19 42 i 43 6V« 78!i Bond Market NEW YORK, (f--Heavy purchases in one U. S. treasury issue featured a rising bond market Monday. Rails, utilities and industrials advanced fractions to more than a point. The highlight of the upward swing Golf Crowns Taken by Two's as Stars Pace Winter Loops GREENSBORO, N. Car., QJ.R)-- Golf titles have been won in pairs steadily through the winter circuit, and National Open Champion Ralph Guldahl counted the winner's chips for his second victory of the season Monday. Guldahl, who with Sam Snead won the international four-ball championship earlier this month, played the final 36 holes of the Greater Greensboro open in one under par to post the winning total of 280 Sunday. It was the sixth "double" since the winter, circuit began. Snead had preceded Guldahl by winning the St. Petersburg open!. Henry Picard won the New Orleans and Thomasville titles. Dick Metz was the victor at Oakland and San Francisco, Dutch Harrison won the Bing Crosby and Texas open titles. Jug McSpaden started it all with his victories in the Miami and Houston open events. New York Wins 7-4, Feller Allows One Blow for Terrymen BATON ROUGE, La., (U.PJ--The Charles City News OFFICE AT 603 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, PHONE 1052 DON K. SANDELL, Mgr., Residence, Phone 937-J News Correspondent, Phone 318 of this issue had been purchase*! in the market, while over-the-counter dealings were assumed to be at least as heavy. Steels advanced steadily. Hising rails included Illinois Central 4*is, Baltimore Ohio convertible 4 Vis, New York Central 5s and Southern Hallway 4s Among the advancing utilities were Portland General Electric 4tts, International Telephone .5s and American Telephone 3!'s. In the foreign list. Italian Issues advanced on light purchases. Produce MASON CITY--For Monday (Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds ... I4c Heavy hens over 4 pounds, including 5 pounds 13 C Light and Leghorns io« Eggs, Specials jg c Eggs, No. 1 i 3o Under Grades 10 C Merchants Cuofclions Eggs, in trade 12-14c* Eggs, cash :i2-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand 31c Butter, Corn Country 29c Butter, Plymouth 3i c Butter, Very Best 28c Butter, Clear Lake 29c Butter, Brookfield 99 C Russet Potatoes, peck .. 34 C Early Ohio Potatoes, peck .".32c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. v * fore the Cleveland Indians come here next weekend for a return two-game series. The Giants slapped the Indians down twice in their opening hostilities, coming from behind to score a 7 to 4 victory Sunday. The game marked a resumption ot the Carl Hubbell-Bob Feller pitching duel. Hub didn't allow a hit, but he. pitched only three innings to Feller's five. The young Cleveland firebailer allowed one hit and one run. Killed at Launching CARDIFF, Wales, (*)--Running into the propellor during the launching of a seaplane, a young aircraftsman received which led to death. injuries John Bull Pays More L O N D O N , (£)--Unionising o£ postoffice telephone engineers has resulted in a payroll increase of L-525,000 ($2,444,000) a year. sioux crrr PRODUCE (Mondjy Market) CI7 7- W-F»»ty: Hens, over n, in I ns ' over 4 and u " d « 5 lbs. IDc: hens. 4 lbs. and under. Sc- 1-efinorn hens 8c; roosters, heavy breeds Sc; Leghorn roosiers 7e; No. 2 poultry 3 cunts a pound less. v"uiiry i ^fn c f se _ Jlols - new cases Included. No. l'«? # lr ? de , !J S3 90: N °- =· W. loose eegs. No. 1. 14c; trades 12c; No. Z ICc- eggs packed in brown flats 10 cents a Butter: Creamery butler, fancy, whole- I Me S c; , - 22c; Ko. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHEKS 6 CO. Mason City Office in Baglcy- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO Telephone 1300, Mason City Miscellaneous NEW NEW YORK SUGAR (Stondiy Market) YORK, (,?)-- The local sugar e ID strong; quanty S attractive than re- » , mcun " «°xl : load lots good beeves up to SHUo,- prime quoted around 512.75 -, n rt =bove; f a t she slock little eh»n B c£ S ev- S^trSf TV um lo «"* fteftos SSf, 9. ftrictly choice quoted around S10.50- bum medium to sood co ws S5.73fi6.75 majority cutter grades S4.50K5.23: slock- er« and feeders steady to easy; several S3 eh? nTM,, SI'. 5068 ' 5 *" '«« "round g.^choice fleshy 530 lbs. fecdinz hcilcrs HOGS, salable receipts 5.000; total receipts 5833: slow, mostly 10 to 15e low": ?m,H f i ?7^ '° sWDO;rs ="! '"den "mall loU S7.10 to city butchers: mod and cho,ce 170 to 260 Ib. butchers 56 75 es.90; packers stoppinc at SS.90; 260 10 300 Ib. \vc,cht.« SS.50«6.75; 3M to ten Ib heavies ss 3536.50: hi K weight* do»* Jo S ° WS "·'"' fCW OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA. «£$£"*;* J hard -K c; ««.«- , , -- e oca sugar trade and Cuban interests turned to the buying side of the domestic futures market Monday. Around, midday prices were unchanged to 2 lower. May was at the low point of the range, trading at 1.93 during the morning. World futures were Vi to 1V4 higher May was a point ahead at l.l8Vi and July up. 1^1 at 1.19. Ra«- sugar was quiet wilh Cubas quoted nominally 2.90 cents. Refined was unchanged at 4.30 to 450. CHICAGO POTATOES (.Monday Market) CHICAGO. «)--U. 5. department of agriculture. Potatoes 246. on track ST4, total U. S. shipments Saturday 1.053. Sunday 66; old stock, Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. Sl.45gi.55. mostly Sl.oo: Colorado Red McClurcs U. S No I. burlap sacks S2.15fi2.2o; fine quality good color S2.4D: Wisconsin round whites V. S. commercials few sates sl.I04Jl.20- Michigan Russet Rural* U. S. No 1 si 25 «U.r.f; North Dakota Bliss Triumphs U. 5. I«o. 1. best SI.5501.60; Cobblers SO per cent U. s. No. I. S1.30: Early Chios ta to M per cent U. S. No. I. slA3-. r 1.5,'.,; Minnesota Red Rive- Valley section Cobblers 83 per cent U. S. No 1 S1.20; Bliss Triumphs certified seed. I.CW stock firm, supplies moderate, demand fair; Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S, ?so. I, bu. crate.-: S2.1532.171i. Cent St El 6 pet pfd (525 parl 8 Cent St El 7 pet pfd ISM par) g Cent St P L 7 pet P t d . . . 4", Continental Gas Elec pfd 91' Creamery Package com IB^ Hearst Cons A 5 Geo A Hormel A pfd ".1114 Geo A Hormcl com ... 241'. Intcrslate Power 6 pet pfd 4=1 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd." 5 ' Iowa Electric Co S'A pet pfd 29 Iowa Electric Co T pet pfd 30 la Elec Lt S: Pow 6 pet pfd 61 la EJec Lt i- Pow 6',, pet pfd 62 la Elec Lt i Pow 7 pet pfd 7o la Power i Light S pet pfd..I02 la Power Light 7 pet pfd..104 la Public Service e pet pfd 96 la Public Service 6VS, pet ptd 97 la Public Service 7 pel pfd..100 la South Util 6 pet pfd 25 Ja South Util 6)4 pet pfd " 27 la south uiu 7 p c t pia...;;: M Minnesota P i L S pet p f d . . 80 Minnesota P 4: L 7 pct pfd.. 83 Minnesota P L G pct pfd go Minnesota P L 7 pct pfd 88 Northern St Power 6 pel pfd 64 r»orlhem St Power 7 pct pfd 71 NW St Portland Cement com 2.1 Rath Packing 5 pct pM... .102 Siou.v City Gas El 7 net pfd 34 United Lt Power Class A 2 Uniled Lt * Power Class B 2 United Lt Power pfd 23 United Lt tc Rys 6 pct pfd"'. 78 United Lt Rys 6.36 pel Rid 79 United Lt Rys 7 pct pfd. 87 Weslem Grocer pfd 75 Western Grocer com 4 10 11 S'/4 93 107 6 7 30 32 53 64 72 104 106 S3 99 102 28 23 32 82 90 82 SO KS 73 25 104 96 214 2Vi 31 80 81 89 SO e Close DOW JONES AVERAGES Inds. Hails 141.14 23.74 CHICAGO STOCKS 51, -? r ° s a Marsh Field ClUes Serv 8 Walgreen NEW TOEK. CURB Am Gas El 35»i Lockheed Am Cyanamid 2i',i Niag Hud Pow 8 "? ?-" Pow Vl Pennroad 15 Ark Nat Gns 2,i s O Ky IB El Bd sh 91. Un Gns Co -'4 rord Mo Ens 4'.i Un Li .t Fow "' NEW YORK STOCKS Am Cry SUE 8',i Lorillard 22 Am C Fdy 26 JIack. Truck 2471 * rn .T ow * L l 5 'i 'inn Molinc As Dry Gds 8T. Motor Prod Baldwin Loco 14V* Briggs Mfg 24 Byers A M gt/ 3 Cerro dc Pas 41 ^ Ches Ohio 33V* C M S P P n Congoleum 24^i Cudahy Pack 13^ Curliss-Wri A 24 Vi Etcc A u t o Ll 33^i mils. 23.86 281'. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Monday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (fl--Butler 823,340 firm- creamery specials (93 score) 24'iff24; c ^T 15 ,! 921 24V ' c: cxlra Iirsts SO-9D «c : firsts (88-83) 23KS24c; seconds (84-37K,) 22Wc; standard. 190 centralized carlotsl 24'Ac. Eggs 3S.803. steady; fresh graded extra firsts local 16'Ac, cars 17c: firsts local isy.c. cars 16ic: current receipts 17'tjj- storage packed extras 17^0, JirsU Business Notes NEW YORK. (UP)-- Slocks cracked to around Ihe lowest levels of. the year on war-scare selling early last week and then recovered practically the entire setback in a slow rally. recovery largely reflected selling - and a moderate The late diminished 3VEW YORK PRODUCE ( M o n d a y Market) NEW YORK. OT-Butta- 629.147. steady l-^l'- r TM- c TMamery higher t h a n extra 2aR2a', 4 c; extra 192 score) 2W,c; firsts (83-91) 23'.i@24V4c; seconds (84-87) 2 2 " Cheese 211.823. sleady. State, whole '· held m7 ' 20 « 23 c-- held 1933 currenl Tnakes H^ai5e. Erie R. R Foster-Wheel Frccport Tex _ . , . Gen Am Tr 54V. Gliddcn Co 19 1 ; Gobel 31; Houston Oil 6^ Inspiration i-"Indus Rayon Kroger Lohlgh Port 20V' a 2.1'· 24 Ohio Oil Packard Mot a^i Park Utah ITi Plymouth 2QH Pt.b Ser N J 33',i Pullman 30*» Purity Bakers 14^4 R K O au Rco Motors Hi Si Jo Lead 3SU Simmons 27 *\ So Cal Edison 26H S perry Corp -il St G E 3=i Tidewater 13!b V a n a d t u m 23-i Union Oil Cal I8?k Un Gas Imp 12-It White Mot 10H Worth Pump IS Hides Qaouilon, K o r n n h r f l tj Won Bro^. ijnv 30S Fillh Slrtel Soolhweit HOKSEH1DES Horsthldes ·. ---- ...... .-, ,,,, F n'£ REEN BEEF nV ...... From 13 lbs.. up ........ From 15 Ibs.. down Bull hides ..... ....... I"" ,,, ·s'ss s^JCriifVssls 5^L" a 5 un . n '« pair missive IS»c; mixed -- - Barley Mo. Ko. S. S.1!ic. Eye Ko. I. 39c; No. 2, 36ic- Robber Fills Dinner Fail CLEVELAIvD, Ohio. (U.R) -- A robber is enjoying a well-filled dinner pail and Frank H. VOTI Duyke, a druggist, is minus S.".3 An apparently honest laborer car' '1 entered the revolver and - - -- - - ·"* ^^v*j/vc to open the cash register. Info the bucket went V"*', ·X 2S'i(529c- No V -ei 4 1 s ui'int-r pail er No. 3. iTM.l: K«°' t 37* ,' 9 \ Pharmacy, drew a rev -i. 3?', = c; NO. 4^ 3ii', M C . ordered Von Duyke to vntricfni- 7*.*^ »t._ 1 St. Louis Cards in Even Yankee Break ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (U.R)-- "'he St. Louis Cardinals boasted of an even break with the world champion New York Yankees after Sunday's 4 (o 1 victory. Each learn has won three games in the St. Petersburg "championship series." Rookie Pitcher Bob Bowman, with Rochester last year, allowed the Yanks one hit. Clyde Shoun managed-to give out but three in four innings. Lomson Brothers Market Letter CLASS PICTURES TAKEN CARPENTER--The senior class of the Carpenter high school went to Mason City to have class pictures taken. There are six members in the class, Lucille Ellingson, Paul Kittleson, Leon Nelson. Madaline Etdahl. Melbourne Eidahl and Doris Kirchgatter. CHICAGO-Whcat: Cables were lower Monday morning rejecting some betterment In the political outlook over the n'^5 1 " 1 ^, B I comha11 "i* arrivals at united Kingdom ports continued heavy and were more than adequate for the limited demand by millers. Our market opened a little lower but no selling ol KM"?"."?" . mal "1alized. and prices held fairly steady for the remainder ot me session. Winnipeg market reflected more closely the action of Liverpool Winnipeg rcporlcd a fair inquiry for wheat but very little export' business done over the weekend. The forecast for moisture in the southwest will bo helpful t o the wheat crop at the present time and there appears to be no chance in the sascmg trend n( the foreign markets Lorn: Corn firmer Monday. There was buying early by cash brokers 3 well ai commission houses. Early , hr . 7 c was a Mile business reported out ot the gulf «fl o " CHICAGO POULTRY (Monday .Market) » CHICAGO. 103-- Poultry live. 1 car -"3 trucks, steady: hens over 5 lbs. 18? 5 lbs. and under 19c. Leghorn hens 16'.ic; broilers 2^ lbs. and under, colored ISc Plymouth Bock ISc. White Rock 19c : springs 3 £ lbs. up colored =0c. Plymouth Rock 22c. White Hock 22c; fryers over 21i lbs. colored I3c. Plymouth Bock 20c While Hock 20c: bareback chickens 15ft 17c; roosiers 13c. Leghorn roosiers 12r- ducks H Ibs. up colored 17c. white 17'Ac small colored 16c, while 16c: geese Hc- turkcys, young toms 22c, old 16c, hens 33 C. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Monday Market) NEW YORK. l^-Eggs 31.482; Msy . Mixed colors, cxlra fancy sclcclion I8 3 i «J22c: slandards ISSIBHc: firsts !!c- mediums l.i^rjtsc: dirlics No. 1 15»; c - avcrage checks 15c. Sloraje packed lints CHICAGO PROnVCE FUTURES ( M o n d a y Market) CHICAGO. (J-,--Butter futures, storage stds.. close Nov. 22?ic. EKE futures, refri. stds.. Oct 19'ic- sloraf-e packed firsts March 17?ic: Aaril ic: May 17»ic, ..... ,,_.....^ ~ Q ii^ a inoatrniie amounl of short covering, rather than any aBgressivc buyine on belief that the foreign sltuatioc had Improved. While it was true thai tension relaxed viben Jlillers acqulslon ot Memel brousht no swilt rclribulion Irom the non-tolalitar- lan countries, most traders realized that the international situation was extremely Oelicale. As a result, operations were extremely cautious. Toward end ot the week anxiety over the^nazi drive toward the east switched to the terriiorial demands of Italy upon Prance. Some traders believed that XIus- solims stand in the face of France's apparent determinalion to make no material concessions was more critical from the standpoint of European peace than Germany's expansion activities. Relaxation Indicated Mussolini's speech Monday was considered somewhat less bellicose than had been anticipated. On that basis some further relaxation of tension over the situation abroad was indicated. AH Dow Jones avcrases showed only minor changes for last week. The industrial group ranged between a high of 144.31, a low of 138.42--onls- 2 points over he 1939 bollom--and closed at Hl.55, off D.13 point. In the preceding week this group crashed more than. 10 points on jillery B eneral Jiquldalion. The rail average moved up 0.13 point to 2913- the utility group gained 0.13 lo 24.05- and the 65 stock composile rose 0.05 poini to 47.58. Of Ihe 1.079 Issues traded. 374 closed higher on Ihe week. 514 were lower and 191 were unchanged. A lolal of 334 issues reached new lows for the year while only 31 set new hi B hhs. ' Volume lopped the million share level only in the Wednesday session when a burst of selling sent prices down I to more than 4 points. Turnover for the week a B rregated -1.9S-I.900 shares compared with 5,532,200 in the preceding AHART, BENSON TALK ON FORUM Art of Printing and Linotyping Method - Described by Pair CHARLES CITY--Verne Ahart and Lloyd Benson were the speakers at the third I-enten art forum held in the public library Sunday afternoon. They spoke on the art of printing and explained the method used in linotyping. Mr Benson told about the history of printing from the beginning through to the modern technique of color printing. Both talks were illustrated with many pictures of printing machines, ancient and up-to-date and fine examples of printed pages and four color printing. The great advancement in this technical art was made evident through the many illustrations and explanations of Mr. Ahart and Mr. Benson. The speakers were introduced by Mrs. Russell Nies, president of the Charles City Women's club, one of the co-operating agencies m the forum lectures. Many of the books on printing presented to the library in the Mooney collection were examined by the audience at the close of the lectures. Mr. Ahart also showed a framed copy of the Charles City Intelli- gencer dated July, 1855 which was the first issue of any paper printed in this section of the state. The editors were the late A F B Hildreth and D. W. Carver, pioneer settlers of this county. Mr. Carver later sold out his interest in the paper and went to Dubuque where he started a newspaper. Mrs. Clark Gormley Elected President ofA.A.U.W.Club CHARLES CITY_Mrs. Clark Gormley was elected president of the American association of University Women at the meeting held in the St. Charles hotel Saturday afternoon. Other officers are Mrs. John Mitchell, vice president, Miss Minnie Drews, secretary and Mrs. Lola Clark, treasurer. A luncheon preceded the business meeting presided over by Mrs. R. H. Koenig, president. Two Offices Being Contested in City Election Balloting CHARLES CITY--There are contests for only two offices in the city election Monday. Alfred Eggert, attorney, is a candidate for mayor on the only full ticket filed. Others on his ticket are Edgar Ball and Bim Castle, councilman at large; C. A. Birfcholtz, first ward; *. J. Clark, second ward; Lawrence Guthart, third ward; August Sylvester, fourth ward; Anna Nies, hospital trustee; J. H. Nelson, park commissioner and Grover C. Blunt, assessor. Howard Lanz filed alone on the Progressive ticket and A. E. Hegel- former county treasurer, is a candidate alone on the Independent ticket for the office of assessor' ' This is Mr. Lanz' first entry into city politics. "HAPPY JAKE" IS AGAIN IN IOWA Orchestra Leader- Fugitive Returned From Brookfield, Mo. CHARLES CITY-B. F. Ather- fon, sheriff and Mrs. Atherton returned late Sunday afternoon ? , m Erookfield, Mo.., bringing with them Gerald Earnjst and his wife and baby. Earnist, known as "Happy , as appy » e V,-° rChDstra Ieader ' waived extradition and is held on a warrant charging him with being a fugitive from justice. Last November Earnist broke out of the Floyd county jail by ole ' m the north wall of u He was jailed °" al- charge of breaking into, an esTM if ^^ when he ma *" --- ---.wi-iinj, i i. taiiicii *,» Bridge was played during the remainder of the afternoon. Appointments Made by Ralph Anderson CHARLES CITY--Ralph Anderson, president of the school board, has announced the following committee appointments: Finance, W. A. Herbrechtsmeyer and Mrs. B. M. Hudson; building and grounds, J. P. Henry and Mrs. R. W. Stober; insurance, Mrs. R. \V Stober and W. A. Herbrechts- meyer; teachers, Mrs. B. M. Hudson and Mrs. R. W. Stober. Charles City Briefs Fclowed Stock Trend Mason Cityans Attend District UCT Meeting Past Counselor and Mrs. A L Schmidt and Secretary and Mr* Frank Balkam of Mason Cify Council 107 of the United Commercial Travelers of America attended ' the district meeting at Fort Dodge Saturday. Supreme Counselor John B. Densmore of Worcester, Mass., was present and spoke at the banquet. 5 stimal « that from u. s. BONns ^ (Monday Market) NEW YORK. (.!P)--U. s. government bonds closed Monday: sovcrnmcnt Treasury 3^is 40-43 June 10423 Treasury 3'.is 46-49 111.2. Treasury 4U5 47-52 120.3. Treasury 3s 51-55 109 21 Federal Farm MI K 3s 42-47 106 is. Federal Farm MIc. 3'i* 64 Ira Home Owners Loan 2?** 49 1022. Treasury 3T*R 44-4R lin t: Treasury 2'/is 43-53 104.29! Nats Come to End of Winning String ORLANDO, Fla., (U.R)--Bucky Harris' Washington Senators came to the end of their five-game preseason winning streak Sunday when the Detroit Tigers gave three rookie pitchers a shellack- mg_to win an exhibition game, 8 .i. Walter Masterson, Bob Garner and Roberto Ortiz allowed 12 hits and passed six men. Correct this sentence: "No use trying to flirt with him," said the naughty Biri, "for he is married " --Davenport Times. Olher markets generally followed the trend m stocks, with sentiment somewhat less unsettled than a week earlier Business did Iillle belter than hold its own. swelling the number of traders who now tear that the spring revival in industrial activity will no t measure up to earlier expectations. Demand /or steel continued spotty and operations slipped slightly on the week. Automobile output improved for the fourth consecutive week, hut sales were reported lagRinjr in some sections. Retail and wholesale trade moved weil over a year ago. but the weekly expansion was smaller than had been looked for in view of the approach of Easter. Heavy construction awards topped the preceding week and year ago period, bank clearings made another favorable showing and carloadinps for the preceding week rose more than seasonally. Ecc- tncity production dipped on the week hut hed more than 10 per cent over a year ago. Petroleum statistics disclosed a somewhat smaller than seasonal use of gasoline. There were strong evidences that the foreign uncertainties and confusion over domestic political developments were /actors behind the small-than-anlicipatcd pickup m general business over the past couple of weeks. Traders Confused Traders were confused over Washing- con IS"? Fh e!ntI '- ThC administrat "n a nd cold. President Roosevelt's reported cool* ness toward tax revision at this session ··" offset by the treasury department ,,-lostion for changes In social security laws. And although there were indica- T5 i .1 congress was less economy- minded than it was a few- .weeks S B O there was no evidence that further federal spending requests would not xinder- -" exhaustive examination. A bill re- CHARLES CITY--A marriage license was issued to Edward J Hallacy and Laura Maxine Riley, both of Newton. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rodemacher, who were married last week, have gone to housekeeping at 65 Riverside drive. Mrs. Rodemacher was Opal Spurbeck daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Spurbeck. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Marnette spent the week-end in Des Moines where they were met by Mr. Mar- nelte's parents Sunday. Maxine Frances of Osage is recovering from a major operation in the Cedar Valley hospital. Mrs. William Johnson of Greene and Mrs. John Herman of Marble Rock are patients in the Cedar Valley hospital. Several of the younger members ot the Baptist church attended a B. Y. P. U. rally in Cedar Falls Saturday night. Troop number one, Girl Scouts, is being organized with Mrs. Roy Scott as captain. Eighteen eighth grade girls have enrolled and after four meetings the new troop will be registered. Judge T. A. Beardmore granted a divorce Saturday to Doris Smoda of Charles City from Frank Smoda, Jr., o£ Cook county, 111., on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment- Two minor children, Joyce, 5, and Raymond, 3, will remain with the defendant Three Names Added to Charles City's Professional List CHARLES CITY-Three new names have been added to the professional list of men In Charles S^^-W^vttg new . , associa t«l with Dr. D surgeon, at 213 Norlrr I , Dr ' Ba3taeU and t o ha ve arrived -and will =be' : as soon as they ^ e l ect f. of^L^'? Kuhn - a eracluaate and £ ? ries City hj S h school and school o£ dentistry at Iowa state university, has made arrangements to open an office in the Carlisle Ellis building, corner of Main and Blunt streets. Dr Kuhn, who has been practicing at caimar for a year, will occupy we rooms recently vacated by the Hasty Tasty lunch room, west of e y. M. C. A. Tracy Andrews, Oskaloosa, has been employed by Mrs. Mina McGreevy as masseur for the Health Service parlor. Mr. Andrews spent Fish and Game Club Meets Tuesday Night CHARLES CITY--The Floyd county Fish and Game club will meet Tuesday evening in the courthouse and a special invitation has been extended to the Boy Scouts. Motion pictures will be shown and plans made to obtain young pheasants again this year Dr. J. E. Salsbury has offered the facilities of his poultry research farm to raise the young fowls. Mason Cityan Takes Job as Supervisor of Osage Hospital OSAGE -- Emma Nelson, who has been supervisor at the Park hospital in Mason City the past 10 years, has accepted the position of supervisor of the Nissen hospital here. She is taking the place of Miss Gladys Dieterich who was forced to resign on account of poor health. o . , r e - confi.calory in Wall ^reel- to limit war profits--also wac diHppoint- min 55 io 5 by Pri-sidcnt Roosevelt of iam 0. Douglas to Ihc supreme court " Jcron, F n - " ? l « Jcron, Frank securities exchan K c commmisslfin commissioner, or Robert M. Hulchlns. president of the University of Chlcaco S. E. C. ', hc either could be termed TM . . . ier coud be ter as "satisfactory" to tradinjt quarter There was liltlc real trend in the price ovements of the various grojps of w?^ '"I* weefc - ^ PI"!?! sharei which met most pressure In the urcccd- ng week appeared to m«t best support last week. Chrysler and Bethlehem Sice! (or instance, rose 2 points and more but Central Motors and U. S. Steel did prac tically nothing. Rails and u - « "" and communications were ill. Ai better. BuildinR shares were father · mixed. Tobaccos improved. until further court. orders from the The Rev-. Hillis Culver spoke Sunday evening in the First Methodist church. The Boys' and Girls' 4H clubs will have a party in the Manual arts building Saturday evening April 1. Each club has been invited to put on a short entertainment and a committee has made arrangements for refreshments. A Twinny Tribe T I P T O N , Ind.. MV-CIayton Marlz, 81, of near Tipton is a twin, the father of twins and the son of a father who was a twin and a mother who was a twin He is the only survivor of 32 children. He and his twin brother married unrelated twins. Another brother and a sister were twins. Two nieces, four nephews and four cousins of Martz are twins. Yankees Lose Fifth of Spring Contests ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (U.PJ-- The New York Yankees, beaten 4 to 1 by the St. Louis Cards Sunday, met the Brooklyn Dodgers here. Sunday's was the Yanks' fifth loss compared with 10 wins. They meet the Dodgers again, then come back to break camp before embarking on their homeward bound barnstorming tour The Dodgers dropped a 13 to 6 decision (o the Boston Bees Sunday for their fifth loss in 11 starts. T' STANDS FOR DINNER u ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., (IP)-"P" stands for pineapple juice, pea soup, pompano, pheasant, pickled pigs feet, parsnips, peach parafait, and everything else Miss Romaine P. Clark of Pittsburg had at her dinner for the society set. Miss Clark set out to make every thing about the dinner begin with the letter "P."

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