Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 5
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F I V E MAY 3 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SEEK TO TRACE LEAKS TO SPIES France Attempts to Follow Trail of Former Polish Army Officer. PARIS. May 3. (.W--France's best spy catchers worked feverishly in the historic citadel at Belfort today in an effort to trace the leaks in her closely guarded military secrets. They bent their efforts particularly toward following the trail ol Stanislas Krauss, former Polish army officer, who was arrested yesterday as a. German spy. " At the same time, however, a torce of detectives and secret police were investigating the activities at this fortified town near the Franco German frontier of Captain Frogi .' of the French army, accused of hav ing been Krauss' accomplice. The army officer's lawyers demanded an immediate hearing for Froge today. They declared it was "suspicious" that a new witness had been aligned against him just when French operatives were on the point of concluding he was not involved in the asserted plot. In announcing the arrest of the officer yesterday after they said Krauss had confessed Captain Froge sold him 56,500 worth of military secrets for Germany, police revealed they had been ready to exonerate Froge of charges previously lodged against him when the new accusations were raised. HERRING GREETS 2,000 AT SESSION (Continued From i'are X) thority in Washington for alleged violations of the hatchery code, said he would be here to talk on the code. Short Addresses Group. Wallace M. Short of Sioux City, candidate for the republican nomi nation for governor, addressed the group just before noon. He appeal- »d to the association to work "to put men into the statehouses of the midwest who will confer with self respecting citizens to find out what we need and then give whole hearted support to that program.' Reno was cheered at the close ol hia address when he asserted that "Secretary Wallace is no morei qualified for secretary of agriculture than a hill billy in the Tennessee mountains is qualified to operate a railroad." "Secretary Wallace has been the worst enemy the farmer has ever had in an official position," the holiday leader said in reiterating previous criticisms of the department of agriculture head. In Perfect Harmony. "He has been in perfect harmony with that group of political shysters of half baked brain trusters, that have used every effort to break down and destroy the self- laws, and the NRA is rapidly destroying the small merchant and dis- :ributor." . "It is a notorious fact," Reno said, 'that through bureaus and departments government has entered into arbitrary control of every line of business in the United States from chicken hatcheries and the retailing of milk, to the stock exchanges. Covenant Voided. "I am not arguing the right or the wrong of these violations," Reno asserted. "I am simply calling the attention of the public to the fact that the sacred covenant of the people has been entirely voided." "Secretary Wallace," Reno alleged, "has entirely reversed himself since becoming secretary of agriculture." In 1930, the farm holiday leader charged, Wallace advocated increased production of pigs and criticized corn crop curtailment now being carried out under the agricultural adjustment administration. Before assuming office, Reno said, the secretary of agriculture advocated inflation to liquidate farm debts but later held that "there is some danger that the increase in speculative farm commodity prices may make the adjustment of sup- jly and demand in the long run dif- icult." Criticizes Legislation. Earlier in his speech Reno criticized farm relief legislation of the TELLTALE EVIDENCE FOUND IN DILLINGER CAR Governor's Day at Iowa to Be May 12 DES MOINES, May 3. (A 5 )--Adjutant General Charles Grahl has anounced that the annual governor's day exercises at the University of Jowa will be held May 12. A reception and luncheon for the governor and his military staff will be followed "by competitive drills and a review of the S. A. T. C. respect and self-reliance of the 'armers. "Mr Wallace is no more qualified for secretary of agriculture than a hill-billy in the Tennessee mountains is qualified to operate a railroad." · , The administration has failed to keep campaign pledges which, Reno said, won President Roosevelt the support of the holiday association. Unfulfilled Planks. These unfulfilled c a m p a i g n planks, Reno said, pledged price in excess of cost for basic farm commodities, enforcement of anti-trust laws to prevent unfair trade practice, and removal of government from private enterprise. Both the president and Secretary Wallace have opposed vigorously consideration of cost plus production to the farmer, Reno charged The antitrust law plank, he continued, enforcement "has been loover administration, "Its complete and absolute failure, the destruction it wrought upon every institution and individual that . it louched, will go down in history as one of the great pathetic periods in ;he history of America," he said. The United farmers of Canada, Jirough its general secretary, Frank Eliazon of Saskatchewan, wired the convention a pledge of support. "We demand that the production for profit system to be replaced by a system of production for use," the telegram read. "Organized farmers of Saskatchewan stand squarely behind our American brothers in the fight for economic justice and freedom." Leon Vanderly of New Tork City, representing several northeastern state holiday associations, planned to present a program condemning communistic, fascist and nazi organizations and calling for a socially RATED AS "GOOD' oon Rapids, Sioux Center, Cedar Stills: Rood, Sac City. Leon. Gii-ls' Glee club class A A ~Sn|'*r- Kast DCS Moines; excellent, East Waterloo, West Waterloo, Burlington, North Des Moines; good, Mason City, Newton. Celio solo--Superior, Bert Kuschan North Des Moincs, A dele Wchman. Burlington; excellent. Constance Altland. East Waterloo. Betty Benson, Audubon. Virginia Gasi'nk. East Sioux City; good, Forrest Sanders, Plover. LiiveniB Boy Superior. Contralto solo--Superior. W i l m a Highland, Roland; excellent, Nadine Liridquist, Spirit Lake. Madge Jones. Washington. Cedar ilapids. Ruth Foster, Roosevelt. DCS Moines. Havel 'Mac Tyler. Shcnandoali. Vir- Spccial Edition of German Weekly Gives "Jewish Ritual Murder." JJKI'.HN, May 3. I'.T'i---Details of a "Jewish plot to murder Adolf H i t - ler" H open red today in an officially countenanced special edition of the antUemitic weekly, "The Stormcr." Twelve pages were devoted to discussion of "Jewish ritual murder." climaxed with the allegation that world Jewry is planning "the biggest, most gruesome ritual murder against Hitler and his followers witnessed by the world." Asserting- that Czar Nicholas W;K a victim of a. similar plot, the paper said, "the Aryans of the world, tin; pick of humanity, arc to be a n n i h i - ing editor ot the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald. (Associated Press I h u t o i . __ n l a t l K nG COnullUcU. lias uecu ·»·«-» -- - v k e p t b y abolishing the anti-trust controlled monetary system. I BUY HERE AND SAVE FRIDAY-SATURDAY SALES . -----·--------^^^^^^·^^·^^^^······^^^·^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ i^^^H^^HHMBBHHm^-- ill Mother's Day Is Sunday, May 13 Surprise and delight her with (IsHcJous candy. 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For the person--a touch of Fragrantaire to the jsais, on the hair, or handkerchief, (leaves an alluring and lasting fragrance. 4 odors. Bottle lianciKercmei, 50c PEPSODENT tooth paste CALLS FOR END OF EXPERIMENT Strawn, Chamber Speaker, Asks Congress to Curb Legislation. WASHINGTON, May 3. (.T)--The Chamber of Commerce of the United States heard today a call requesting President E,oosevelt to "cease experimenting" and asking congress to stop enacting "hysterical legislation." Silas Strawn, former chamber president and a leader of its conservative wing, asserted in an address that, businessmen now wanted "more definite promises" in order to plan their future conduct. Counter to Harrlman. The Chicago -.awyer ran directly counter in tenor to the generally approving remarks of Henry I. Harriman, present chamber president, concerning the- new deal. Strawn attacked what he called the abandonment of a scheme of government which has made "us happier and more prosperous than any other nation." He called for -a three way action by Mr. Roosevelt: Balance All Budgets. Balancing of all governmental budgets; a definite announcement that there will be no more requests for emergency legislation and "no more tinkering with the dollar;" I Scattered Showers in Parts of State Give Farmers Hope DES MOINES. May 3. U-')--Scattered showers falling in parts of the state early today gave farmers some hope of drought relief. The Iowa weathor bureau reported that as yet no general relief is in sight. The showers this morning were iocal and afforded little benefit to soil and crops with the possible exception of a .30 inch rain at Forest City, the bureau said. The greater humidity, however, vvill provide some relief to crops, the bureau said, since evaporation will not be as great. The Mason City aiea had a slight rain early Thursday morning. the Crowell Publishing company and a trustee of the Century company, died last night in United hos- pita'l, Port Chester. N. Y., as result of a stroke of apoplexy suffered 10 days ago. He. was TB years old. SEEK DILLINGER "DEAD OR ALIVE" iCinillnurd From 1'w II Siiiia. Crane. Battle Creok: Rood. Bontta Ahlquist. Thomas Jefferson. Council Bluffs, Fern Wolf. Lansing. "That is the wish of all Jcwdom Maxine Baxter. Fort Madison. i and it has been resolved by the Jew- Clarinet solo Superior. Dick j ish Kahal (Jewish secret world gov- Marneltc. Llncotn. Des Moines. j c r n m c n t i " Richard Nivcr, Luvernc. Thomas: _ Aycrs, Iowa City. Don Kcsslor, j Washington, Cedar Rapids: excel- j i lent. V.'ayne Summers. Clarinda. j .lohii Bcckwith, Central. Sioux City, i Forrest Kirchncr. North DCS Moines. | Harris HciK, Manson; good, .luie ] Humble. Washington; Nadine Lind- i quist, Spirit Lake. Koger Downing Superior. j [ Baritone-bass solo -- Superior. I I Denton Cobble. Siblcy; James Rog- crs. Kcota, Roger Downing. Mason ] City: excellent, Norman Stewart. Sac City; good. Ted Fligstdn. East DCS Moines. Vcrn Hcrold. Crcsco. Arthur Smith, Clarinda. Edward j Cain Storm Lake. j u *". ...... ^ *..., ....~.,Trombone solo- Superior. Edwin j j,, gt. Louis, held a lone vigil in the. HaalE. Audubon, Paul Lyness, low-'. Miiscatiue county jail through tlio City. Robcn Wampler. North Des night Wednesday and again today Moincs; excellent. Keith Kimbcrlin. ] while eight men and four women Wcldon. Dick Tymeson, Storm | r,- 0 m this county argued over his Lake. Lyman Riner. West Waterloo, j fate. Shirley Moen, Inwood, Earnest | ITALLENT AWAITS raoiGT OF JURY Confessed Slayer in Jail at Muscatine While Fate Is Pondered. WAPELLO, 'May 3. i.l'i-Eddie ward JTallent. 2-1 year old confessed slay- i or of Martin Wolz, whose home George Dies. NEW YORK. May 3. /!'--George H. Hazcn, chairman oC the board of chine jrun battles they might have with the policc-a common practice, the authorities said, of gangsters expecting trouble. In the machine were a pile of bandages, several boxes of paper matches Irom the Little Bohemia resort, and a copy of a Dubuque newspaper, with a headline: "Dillingcr »n rampage. 1 Other indications that DiHnigei i-- hiding out somewhere in the Chicago al ' ca camc Mo '" la ' """'"'"·?' when one of four gunmen who disarmed a squad of Ecllwood police, was identified as Dillingcr. Bchn, Sheffield. Viola solo--Superior, Merle Hugh. Cherokee, Betty Cubbage, Roosevelt. DCS Moincs. Pauline Sutherland, East Waterloo: excellent. The jury was forced to decide Dorothy McTntosli. Sigourncy. Costa Rumeli'ote, Mason City, Anglcsea Ashy, Burlington, Mildred Jensen, 1 Abraham Lincoln. Council Bluffs. H i g h S t u d e n t s Xnmrcl. L A K K MILLS, May :;.- I n the senior class lona Thoe, d a u g h t e r nl ]\lr. and Mm. Ed Thoe. w i l l be val- erson, salutitorian. \\-hcthcr Tallent should pay with his life, for the brutal slaying in which he Tony Thompson of St. Louis and Paul Hake. 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Asked directly if the prin- ] ciples embodied in the recovery act j were to he permanent, he replied: j "If there has been any good demonstrated by the recovery act, it will live and it ought to live; if there has been any bad it will die and it ought to die." While not so outspoken, other speakers who followed Strawn today also found room for criticism, mostly centering around the securities act. voc bottle 43° Katharine Hepburn j Leaves Miami for i New York by Plane MIAMI, Fla.. May 3. (vB--Travel- ing under the name of Mrs. S. Maple, Katherine Hepburn, the red- haired movie actres, left here today by Commercial air liner for New York. She arrived here late yesterday from Merida, Yucatan, where she instituted divorce proceedings against her husband, Ludlow Ogden Imith. With her was her traveling companion. Laura Harding, who registered under the name of Miss J. Rogers. The actress declined to make any comment on the divorce action or her plans for the immediate future. 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