Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 14, 1943 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1943
Page 19
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE -- -- -- _ ~-** v j w u ^ - y j ^ i i n ^^^^ t'HURSDAY. JANUARY 14. 1343 (9 guy Defense Stamps With Your Want Ad Profit--Remember! It's Ph. 3800 C-lOSSiflPrl AfHv/ocHcinn Man*v »« L«u» e--..: r*n i -.- _ _ _ " ~ · Classified Advertising Information TABLE OP ECONOMY XV ANT AD PRICES 10% discount if 'paid at time of insertion. 3% d;srount on all classified ads paid within 10 clays of lasl insertion. Vkis is 6 poJm lyp* Hie rates for this site type art-1 Day 3 Days 6 Days i Lines .. 3 Lines .. 4 Lines .. 5 Lines .. 6 Lines .. 7 Lines .. 8 Lines .. 9 Lines .. .. S ,30 ,45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 S .75 1.13 1.5" 1.88 2.25 2.633.00 3.38 $1.32 1.93 2.64 3.30 3.96 4.62 5.28 5.94 This is 10 point type. The rotes for this size type are-- 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days 2 Lines ... 3 Lines ... 4 Lines ... 5 Lines ... 6 Lines ... 7 Lines ... 8 Lines ... 8 Liro ; ... $ .40 .60 .80 1.00 1.20 1.40 1.60 1.80 51.05 1.53 2.10 2.63 3.15 3.68 4.20 4.73 S1.92 2.88 3.84 4.80 5.76 6.72 7.68 8.64 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY . , 1 Day 3 Diys 6 Days 1 Inch .... S .80 Ji.,25 54.35 JUST CALL 3800 AND ASK FOR AN AD-TAKER Index to Classified Classifications a r e numbered according to the position in which they appear in the section. ,17 7 62 i;o ci 13 13 38 30 18 . 14 2 A.T Acreage Agents Apis fat Rent A m u s e m e n t ? A u t o Arc'snries Autos for Sale Auto Truck.* A u l n Financing Beaut.v Shops Board. R n n m Bus. Locations Bus Op'tunltiea Cafes Card 0! Thanks Cemeteries Cleaners. Dyen 15 Cottaces A.T5 Death Notices l Eo c s. Birds. Pel. 4:1 Electrical A22 Farms for SaJe :i9 Farms for Renl 41) Florists 4 Foods 45 Funeral Directors .1 sj Gardens A45 Help Wanted. Malo. Female 27 Help XVtd.. Male 20 Help Wanted. Female 21 Help wta.. with Investment 19 Houses [or Sale 35 Houses Cor Rent 34 H'sehold Goods 54 Instruction Insurance f n Memorism Investment ,, Llvest'k for Salt 42 Location W a n t e d fil 28 10 A2 Lo=r. Found Lou: for Sal« Machinery M|FC for Sal* Misc for Rent Money lo Loan Mustca; Instr Nursery Siock Opiomeirlsls Offices f o r Rent Office EauJpt. PersonaLs Poultry. Eccs Radio Real Estate Real Est. Loana Rooms for Rent Sale or Trade Sale or Rent ; Salesladies Salesmen Seeds. Feeds Services Offered Situation Wtd. Swap Service W t d to Borrow Wanted to Bny Wanted. Misc ·Wanted to Rent Wcar'B Apparel 53 Money to Leon LOANS UP TO $300 ANYWHERE IN NORTH IOWA No Fees--No Deductions--No Delay. On your own £jgriat"rc and security. No inquiries made oJ friends, relatives or employers. Convenient repayment terras.--Special terms to Farmer^ Sec. Phone or Write us tor FREE INFORMATION C. L PINE LOAN CO. Second Floor - State and Federal Phone 24 S7C YOU CAN BORROW this ' J amount from us for 12 months if you can lay aside S1.7S per svcek to make Ilia payments. Federal Discount Corp. EARL V. ZEARLEY, Manager 19'i N. Federal Phone 516 REAL ESTATE LOANS F. H. A. AND OTHER TYPES E. W. CLARK CO. 205 Foresters Bids. START THIS YEAR OFF WITH J Freedom From Worries! Make this a REAL new year, as far as TnKiv t"TM 5 a r c "''""led. Resolve TODAY to pay all your old bills, ond lake care of any medical or dental work your family may need, you can Have up to WOO. and the easy monthly repav- "'"iSwS 51 ,*" "' lrilh y °" r budtel. Come in NOW for promci. conlldenlial help. Home Loan Finance Co. 205 Foresters Bldg. Mason City Optometrists 11 WISE parents will liavc Ihcir children's «r C ?' e LS !ilmln ' :d ' Scc Dr - Kiiutson, O p t . Weir blag. Chiropractors Al 1 HEALTH through normal nerve Junction Dr. n. J. Garner and Dr. Lucy E Garner. 108 North Tederal. Business Opportunities 18 . . - ing building. Owner in navy. 23 White Tho'ratrfrf ° m t0 ° SlCr3 - R "· Lck Help Wtd., Male 20 WANTED--Married man to work oil stock' Death Notices JvIATZ. Henry John. died Tticsday roorrnnj; at Rock Island. III., after an. illness or one month. Funeral services ·ill lie held Friday afternoon al " o clock at Central Lutheran church with We Rev. Marvin O. Loo officiatins. Bur- mi will be in E t m w o o d cemcUTv. The Potlcrson funeral homo in char-c STOTT. illre. Sidney V'.. 41, died a t a local hospital Wednesday cvcnine at 7:45 o'clcck-. follo«-in s ,-, lin C crin E illness. FrlH '"vices will lie held at 2 o'clock i-nany .-iftenioon at Hie Major Memorial chapel, w i t h the Rev. W. F. Olcrkin- Pfistor of the Presbyterian church in charn.e. Burial will he at Elmivood ceinclfry. The AInjor funeral lioine In Card of Thanks WE wish lo c.-sprcss our sincere t h a n k s lo our many f r i t n d s and nclRhbors for Ihc.r kind expressions of sympathy and for the b c.i «1 if ill floral orfcrwgs e\:- tcndcd us in t h e passinc o! our dear Mrs. Matilda F. Brake). The Sicvvcrtsen and Brnkcl famijics. Funtarol Directors 3 MEYERS Funeral Home. A Deami"l service need not be costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. MAJOR Funeral Home. 203 Second N E. tfficicnt Service plus Reverence. Ambulance. Phone 511. TM"?^ n ~5, ICP - "i" 1 ""*" married m!m on farm. Mar. 1. Separate house, water " WANTED-* pin BOOM ° r sellers. Must be 1C WANTED--Nicht h. A . ftT 5 D -- NI Chl houseman a n d bell man also day worker. Hotel Eadmar. WANTED DRIVER SALESMEN Sell Nationally Advertised Merchandise on established routes. Minimum Guarantee $108 Month Routes earn substantial additional commission. Applicants must be 3-A with children or 4-F. Send employment references with application . . . Write j-13, Globe-Gazette WANTED--Married man on farm, ton , SVIE?- , clccl '"'cily ond new house. Write J-U. Globe-Gazette. WANTED--Service station salesman. Salary s!2j. pins c.vtr.ij. State ese and arait .stains, Wrilc T-9. Globc^ilelt". SIcAULEY and SON Funeral Home. Com- PATTERSON Funeral Horrid K~n own IV 'Of""""- Ambulance. S2S North Wasllington. Piione 1140 Personols WANTED-RicIc to California lor tlvo Sbaro cxp. Could help drive. Ph. ice. Lost, Found lc Bosl °" B"". Bla"ck J .Tnd OS- «ld. Ph. 3177-;. Reward. FOUKD-Uxlys rl K ln Ka |osl, Gloo^'ic. '" - nd ' J " Q - I -°?" I ;rJ ;lir Bather faced m i t t e n s . E. side of Fed. around 11 a. m. p],. 1M8-.J, L ?^ T rS r " : i lar ' IC f U c coon I'D"""). IVhilc Phone 167 St " amc Jl:rrs '' U fountl LOST--.1 yole keys and I c.-ibinct key on ring. Reward I.-13. Clobc-Gaicllc. LOST--lIaroon colored tipper purse, con. t a i n l n p money, pictures, etc Finder G t o g c " r c i u t " p u r s c - R c t u r n io Money to Loan 8 WE SUPPLY THE CASH YOU NEED S30 lo S30U United Financial Service IS',3 N. Federal Pluir.o 57 Wanted--300 Painters (Brush or Spray) for long job by the DIAMOND ENGINEERING CO. Grand Island. Ncbr IITSIDE AND OUTSIDE WORK GOOD PAY--NORMAL LIVING CONDITIONS Interviews by E. J. Von Gillem, Company Representative, on THURSDAY ONLY at U S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 19 Third Street N. E. Mason City Men engaged In essential Industry--in- FARM WORK"are nol accerLolc. WANTED-Boys over 13 years ot asc t carry Globc-C.-iicttc rotilK.- Apply u Miss Allen at the Glolic-Gazcltc Help Wtd., Female 21 WANTED-Waltrcss. No Sunday wort covered wacop. WANTED-Wonian or girl for )» ewli *' McGnirc. Ph. HFX Clca \VAN-TED-Caslilcr B nd crcrli: manag also stock Inventory clerk. Will p ft? "'"""S. Permanent posilion wi 2 I .°" !U ?!"5' «"»Wc firm. Write H- Globc-Gazetlc. ith WANTED--Practical nnrje. Phone 180.1. WAXTED-Hskpr. r'r. it a. ra lo 7 p' n " days a wk. Write R-13. Glouc-Gnictt finl;hcr5. Ideal American Laundry^ arj'. Men! Women! Married or Single Quick Cash Loans S25 to S300 SECURITY LOAN CO. 321 First Nal'l Bank Phnnc 412 , c-a ( :e womnn ^trjr general housework. Phone it-F-IO. WANTED-cirl (or gcn«»l "hoiue'ivorh. Co home nlahls. References. Mr, Emerson Decker. Ph, 080. WANTED-GIrl or woman to it.y a b" Wrtt" ·w r ?? on ^, 'I w k ' w l t h - childr Write R-14, Globe-Gazette. W A NTED-House keeper by day, 1 , Phonc ^^4-. On Sunday phone 22uo. child. WANTED-Elderly woman for clrc of , children. Write D-H, Globe-Gllettc. WANTED--Registered and tinder-graduate nurses for general duty In small ho-Dl- lal. Good salary. Wrilc C-B. Globe- Services Offered 23 SERVICE--You can have your battery charged while you wait at the Pontiac garage. ST ME HELP YOU with your Income Tax. Mose Richer, 118:! or 3149 evenings. MIRRORS re:!lvered. Factory process. Guaranteed. Mjcket's. Phone 782. falp Wj., Mole, Femole^27 \VANTED-E\Derienced office help, typing, shortljand, bookkeepinp. Apply in person. Good pay. Sam Raizes. Swap Service 29 FOIl SALE--so A. on pavement ivitli electricity, silo, larue chicken house, dairy bam. hog house, etc. Six room bungaloiv. all modern. Very good land with woven w i r e (encina. March 1st possession. Prim S15Q per A. and worth the money. Brown-Jacobs. Charles City. Iowa 5WAP--Piano for livestock. Wrile JJ-14 Globe-Gazette. Sole or Trade 31 FOR SALE OR TRADE -- For acreage. Small place In Central Helghls. Write T-12. Globe-Gazette. Rooms for Rent 32 ron rtENT-clcan. warm furn. hsl:p» and sip. rooms, close in. Phone 26G3-W f °A ? ENT -SIPS. mi., i.llto. hot water. 410 N. Penn. Phone 2VJ7-J. FOR RENT--Heated, mod. h.ske nns. Nice bath. Jin mo. C72 East state eves. Aprs, for Rent 33 FOR RENT--3 room mod. apt., part, furn or unfurn.. prl. cnt 234 Sixth s, E- FOR RENT--Nicely furn. 3 rm. apt., pvi. ent.. CBS heat. auto, hot water, rcfrig laupdry. Everything furn. Adults. 206 Four In N. E. FOH RENT--5 room furn. apt. at Clear Ke, good local Ion. Phone 705. FOR RENT--Ground floor. 2 apt. New. gas he.!, close _. ., room apt.. S20. Pbor.e IIS2 or 3218 bedroom in. Also FOB RENT-lst fir. fum. apt. Aulo. coal heat. pri. ent. 404 W. State. FOR RENT--Mod. opts. Reas. Inq. apt, 2, 3rd fir. over Piggly Wiggly, 12 1st N. W. FOR RENT--Downtown outside 1 or ·» rm apli.. turn., unfurn. 12344 N. Fed. FOR DESIRABLE APIS, see J . B. Youngblood. Phone 36. FOR RENT--Mod, 4 roorn apt and car 71Sii North Federal. Phont 2663. " FOR RENT--New kitchenette apt Evcrv- ' n . ' u m l s h K - S* 5 » monlh. Phone FOR RENT-=, 3 .nd 4 ~ r m . furr.. apis Close In. (Jill. (urn. Ph. 2316. eves. J OH HEKT--I rm. apt., eas. limits, water, heat f u r n . 525 mo. 22 14th PI. N. W. Houses for Rent 34 Farms for Sale 39 FOR SALE 2 Imp. BO'S. Good soil, Osage and Mason City, 5 miles out. ^ imp. 2Ws. Svvaledalo and Cartcrsvillc. 19- acres, one of the finest. l'/ miles f r o m Graflon. saj acres. Mcservcy. SCO an acre. Possession March 1. Terms. These farms are nil class A soil, liood to excellent buildings. A. T. CLOUSE, 417 Seventh N. W. Farms for Rent 40 FOR RENT-- Improv. 240 acres S E Crafton. Improv. 240 E. Nortluvood,' sliare rent. H. G. Crump, Bx. 32, Clear Lake, la Machinery 41 FOR SALE--Sears Roebuck pipe · mixing inachino. -' single unit aiuLnnium pails, never ueen used FOR SALE--Nearly new MoloUe cream separator. Ph. 4669. FOK SALF.--Good 7 ft. tandem disc. John Deere; 2-row cultivator, complete with shovels. Good cond. 3 miles west cl Burchinal. Milt Frazicr. F J? SALE--One used M. M. corn shellcr Model B on rubber, good condition, ready lo run. G. E. Jahnsrud 230 \V William St.. Albert Lea, Minn. , - . 1 : ! lraclor on ru w« TM* Jr,i r , pow - cor " "'""Icr. 21) inch John Deere plow, all A-l shape 6x10 Jl trailer house on new rubber. Also comb Dottle-nas stove- and equipment. Clyde Stevens. Floyd. Iowa. »-'jui Livestock for Sale 42 FOR SALE 10 Good Quality Hereford Bulls SEVERAL GOOD WELL-BEOKE WOBK HORSES ONE WOOD AND COAL CIRCULATING HEATER' MULLANEY FARM Mason City Phone 59R2 or Rockwell Rural Phone FOR SALE--Fnl! Spoiled Poland China n b °i? r i. V, conartl Gorkowakl. 1 mile west Kock Falls. Phone 307 FOK SALE -- w shotted Poland China sows Bred for April larvowins. C E Berjlieler. Latimcr. S rm. lioiise sitiiablc for roomih K lionsc or apartments .............. . . . 53^ Brm. house suitable for roornimj 'hou^c or apartments ............... S30 10 rm. house suitable /or roornins house c l o s e " i n , ' r a o r n J n g ' h c ,n OI L »P a »m:nts . . . . .......... 540.00 10 rm. house. Also some good bungalows.) W. L. PATTON. Realtor 109 East State FOR SALE--Five - ; "«-- red nnd roan tcred Scotch Shorthorn hellers. to registered roan Shorthorn hull rce , CaC rV Pcrfi " ccs Burnished. Clifford m. CjQrncr. loiv.i. Foods 45 EXTRA SPECIAL .es For Friday and Saturday Only JONATHANS $J9G UTILITY QUALITY, Basket HUBBARDSON U. S. NO. 1 QUALITY, Basket . . ?19G *1 GANOS U. .S. IS'O. 1 QUALITY, Basket $1%% \ ROMAN BEAUTIES $-1 SO- UTILITY QUALITY, Basket .NORTHERN SPYS U. S. NO. 1 QUALITY, Basket 9G ONIONS LARGE YELLOW, 8 Ib. Mesh Bag 19 C COFFEE FOLGERS, NASH, BUTTERNUT or CHOCOLATE CREAM.' the Finest Coffees, Per Ib 31 C SUGAR Pel- Pound . POP CORN SURE POP, 3 Pounds , . . CABBAGE ._,,._ WISCONSIN GROWN, £'£* Pound Boeku.»ii ' ' ' An Clarke. FOR RENT--I lovely, largo rms. aoxvn- stairs duplex. City neat, pri. bath Dieson. Ph. 1591. Close mddcrn. Ph. FOR RENT 853 Second N. W., 7 rm. mod., fireplace , 540 132 Ninth N. W., 8 room modern, double garage SiO 1012 Third N. W., 3 bedrooms, fireolace S37 50 21] S. Louisiana, 3 bedrms. S32.SO New 5 rm. bungalow, gas heat S40 New 4 rm. bungalow, gas heat $30 BECK BROS. CO. Phone 134 FOR RENT--Newly dec.. K rm sloker heat, fenced yard. Mrdcr 2 blks from sch. Pli. 223]. liouse, space. FOR HENT-- 3 H, modem, new bunualmv S E ZBOo^B 5 ?' "!?*"" Uun B»l»«-'. ?;. "- oll! 6 B ' Crandvletv. vcn- rood ".0.00. Ph. SB^. Romey Realty Co. ' FOR nENT--Fivc. room house near Monroe School. Phone 2265-J. ' V." M"',*,,'~", tm ; mod "'n lionnc. Third t. N. W.. close In. Phonc 3102-J. FOR RENT--3 tootn. partly Jurn tase- ment house. 512.50 mo. I3ZD N. Del. FOR BENT Colonial, near Forest Park- Modern '. s^5 5 Room Modern Bungalow, MonroL School District S35 2 Small Houses. Partly Modern, Roosevelt District ,517-20 PHONE 1700 E. W. CLARK CO. Misc.' for Sole 44 FOR SALE PJatt Trail-A-Home A-I Condition . . . SG50 House Trailer Sales 524 SECOND S. \V. ? Bfs i Lt --Sr«cIal delivery 1.5M ibs. ocit Franklin county. I I I . t u m p coal Low on soot. not. [iotas f i r e all nioht' Has more heat ana lasts lonser than ton of many otter coals. S7.15. tax He i o i a ] VI?° , !hS ' S TM k **' Coal? none be?' S " ' B I and ngine. " st - FOR SALE--Set of 22 Mark Twain book* COOd cond.. SIO. Ph. 4022. Men's Work Shirts Largest Selection in Town 79cto$1.29 Grey, Covert and Blue Chnmuray Montgomery Ward and Co. Musical Instruments 48 FOR SAL_STnrjr BO^Tcol~TlaIcl'r7, 'Ing none mute. 20j s. Kentucky. 29' 3 C Auto Accessories 62 FIRESTONE //"^vPip* « Ti nr\» Official Tire Inspection Station Factory method of retreading and vulcanizing. All work guaranteed. CORNER 2nd AND S. FEDERAL U Ta.v Salt, number 12173 and number 111171. evidencing the sale of the said dc.-rribed real estate. You are f u r t h e r notified that on lh« -'Hill day of Scutcnibcr. 1933. Hie said C. C. Willc-y asEiencd lo Anita Ororcr* - l akl Ccrtiiicatcs of Purchase at Tax Salo number 12173 and number I'JrH, Vou arc further notified that Ihc vlfiht o/ r e d e m p t i o n from llio said Tax Snlo M i l l expire and Tax deed he made hy ihc C o u n t y 'I'roasurci- of Cerro Gordo Coimiy, lou-a. .-onvcyins Ihe above de- t e r i h r i l real C5late to Ihe f aid A n i t a Oiozcu. u u f c s s icdeinplion from Ihe said l'ax Sale U inadt \\-iihln ninety 1901 day.^ f t i n i t and a f t e r ' t l i e completed service of this Kotii-e upon you. Oatrci XL Mason Cily. Iowa, this 29lli day cf Decembc-r. A. D.. 1941!. M. L. MASON, Attorney for Anita Oro?co. Givner and Holder of Certificate* of Purclias.u at Tax Sale. HATCHING EGGS WANTED U'c will pay premium on halcliin" eggs. W. Koc!;s, Buff Rocks, W. Leg. Get r.l! Ihc cxlr;i money this year. Small charge for culling and testing. Write or call J. E. MASON HATCHERY 842 Eleventh N. E. Plionc 4U07 BABY CHICKS PJnce Your Orders Now for Baby Chicks. . Chicks trcm U. S. approved flocks and hatcheries. Two egg rate--heavy breeds. ?U.40 PER 100 SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. FARM STORE Wonted to Buy 56 WANTED TO DUY--'41 Chevs.. Fords ami Plymouth!. Inq. Bob Bums. Lake Park. Iowa. WANTED TO BUY--Furniture, dishes, tools. Ph. 1 822. WANTED-To buy us«i furniture. Trade your old for new f u r n i t u i c . Joe GohS 212 South Federal. WANTED--Good .scco,,tlJ, n ,,U «·«-. mod. Mrs. II. A. H a l l . Home 3. Clear Lake'. WANTED TO BUY--Addlns machine. 105 18lh s. E. Ph. 1010. Wanted to Rent 57 WANTED TO RENT--Farm on t h i r d s manage. Write E-H. Glohe-Gazctlc. WANTED TO RENT--Small ant.. Flione 3j«t-J after 5 n. m Close in. Autos for Sole 60 Autos for Sole 60 t'OU SALE-- 1MU Huii-k snlan. A - l cond Excelli-nl liif. 543,'j. Pli. 1574. FOU SALE--1033 Kord Foidor Sedan ftc- conditioncd rnotc.i. new hrakrs, 'jjood iin-b-- s,i4.,.txi. Priuhaj-d Motor Company. Mason City. Iowa. RADIATORS cleaned, f e n d e r s slraiahT- ened. wlicels lja!,inced and aliened. Biruni-Olson Company. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT Of AtHirxiSTKATOR VVITH-WILL- STATE OF IOWA,' Cerro Gordo cminlt- »i. No. SSOt. NoHce Is hereby fiiveif, that Ihi; u n d f r - ij^ned has ln-en duly a p o o l n l r c l anl l u a l i f j e d ;n Adlnini^^r.1tnr With-Will-^n- icxed of the eslate of Frrd Mor;e. Dp- reased. (ale of ;cno Cordo County. All ·aons indchled lo said eslate ar*! r/-- qucited to make inunedlalc pavineiii- and those h a v inc. c l a i m s acainst thi sanm ·ill present I h n n . d u l y a u t h e n t i c a t e d . In t h e iimlerKlcned (or .illoivancr. and f i l n Ihe olfit.- ol Ihc Clerk of tile D:slritt Coui t. B. n. D U N N . Admlnlsllalor Willi-ivill-jniiexed. B. It, DUNN, Attorney D.ilcd Jiiniurv lilh, 1U13. S. 11. M a e P K A K . Clerk District Court By MARGAnET I11LEY Depulv section Only 25c Per Car ALL TIRES MUST BE INSPECTED BY J A N U A R Y 31 JOE DANIELS SERVICE li!l N. Delaware Phone 3C'J Fresh Load--Novlhcrn Grov COBBLERS Pet- Bag S]89 RED TRIUMPHS $189 ? 1 25° North Dakota Grown, Per Bag RUTABAGAS NORTHERN Si 25 WAXED, Bag 1 7 Ibs BRING YOUR EGGS IN TRADE Reserve Right t 0 Limit EARL'S FRUIT MARKET 1607-1GO!) South Federal Avc.. Household Goods 54 FOK SALE--I--0 It. clcr.' rcfrir:. K L! Licsnfr. !j mi. S.. 1 mi. \V. of Emery. FOR SALE--Htmtils elec. Rccd c u i t n r with Music Co. FOR SALE--upriRiu Clieap. Ph. 4»62. piano. WANTED--Good piano. Wrilc Q spinet or small upright t-13. Glouc-Gazcttc. FOR RENT--8 rm. strictly mod hoioc and gar. Cloja to Monroe "cli u" N. M»d. David Olson. Ph. 1893 FOR REMT-Newl, decorated 1 r n o u s e . H12 N. conn mo. Ph. 4819-LJ. 331 12th S E. - luP'ox- Newly rtcc- ' 644 s - J»ckjon. Sam Sole 35 « rm. tamwow. ' ' - °°- No phonc calls ' FOR SALE 10 rocm house, good location, newly decorated, full basement; gas heal; good income property. For terms call 1300 ' Ivan A. Barnes Agency Acreage 37 r o n SALE--.1, Acres, possession Mai. I. About 10 miles from Mason Cilv Bultdlna* lair. Mostly tillable SIH ncr acre. Ph. 381. Romcy Realty Co , Federal , ; .small ,,,,,,,· sl;il s , .-,,, l " 7 "' C ' " n " ift Shop ' 21n N 'Household Goods 54 SPECIAL SALE Complete Clearance of all our USED HOOVERS SPECIAL PRICES FROM 10% TO 20% OFF OK CEILING PRICES Only 5 Left Hoover Factory Branch MERKEL CO. PARTS for Mayme and oilier washers KcpainnR and waslicrs. Marston "02 Houlli Monroe. Phone IGa. RENT OUB ELECTRIC FLOOR SANDERS. Make old floors like new C u r r l c Van jN'esjt Company. WASHER REPAIRS, all makes. Quick economical. Ccrro Gordo Mavtac Co PHonc 20C7. FOR SALE--0 ,vr. oll Kas range, at in table top: baby missy. HiGn cliali. nalhlnrttc. Icl. ulaml anil stool. Ph. 2J5I. FOfl SALE--r, rmr. cood mod. um ineluriinR pap j.tove. solid maple lied, room set. complete, deluxe ctec rcirlc Pli. 4537 or sec at Cathvcll's Stora 8 c. FOR SALE--Circuiatlnc Heater 30:1 S Mndison .Tvenne. .. c ' r 'K°'«"m5. CxD. S1.03: N C W F:lt niKS - 5!!l2 at . o : wool nigs, 9x12. 532.03. Also used nig^ JI.OO up. fi. ,t o. Exchanjc. 1310 COMPLETE Vacuum Cleaner rebuilding and repairing for all make vacuum creancr«. Save cav Free Delivery service. Hixvcr »elnrv Branch. Mctkcl' NEW HOOVERS RELEASED There will not be cnousli HOOVERS available to supply (ho spring needs. · DON'T DELAY Get Your New HOOVER Today VERY LIMITED SUPPLY FROM $52.50 HOOVER FACTORY BRANCH MERKELS HART'S i '4L PLYMOUTH DC Luxe SOT A 2 Door Sedan O JU '39 PLYMOUTH De Luxe SCQr ·i Dooi- Touring Sedan Di/O '38 FORD DC Luxe 4 Door Sedan '37 PLYMOUTH DC Luxe SOQC 2 Door Touring Sedan O"D '37 PONTIAC DC Luxe SOCA 2 Door Sedan JDU TERMS -- TRADES Hart Motors, Inc. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Opposite the Post Office 120 N. Delaware Phonc 980 TERMS -- TRADES We Will Buy Your CAR ZENOR MOTOR CO. 21 Second S. W. G4.'! S. Federal tt'ANTED-Lnle model Solans. Deliveries or Buy or t m d c '30 Mcrcurv Tudor anil -^1 Forrt c n u p e with IU-JIUT^ radios anil best rubber. Wrilc P o' Box 521. Rockwell. BE C.OMFORTABLE WHILE DRIVING 35 MILES PER HOUR Hot Water Heater SO.S5 value, 5CB5 cut to J S 10.95 value $093 cut lo O GAMBLE STORES 201 North Federal Drastic Cut in Price CAR HEATERS U. S. HOT AIRE HEATER, $Q3 WAS S6.98 NOW O GAMBLE STORES 201 Noitli Federal Lodge Notices MASO.V CITV L O D G E VoT "~^T 1. O. O. K. Mcrlinc every Tucs. nlcht FOSTER ELLIOTT Nnhle Grand rhonc 1899 W A Y M A K CLOSSON Kccorrtlnj: Secretary Phonc 34G7 NOTICE 1K TIIK ArPOlNTME.ST Or A D M I N I S T R A T R I X STATE OF IOWA. Ccrto Goido C o n n l v ss. No. 5D11. Notice Is hereby given, t h a t the undej-- *ij;iU'd Ims hecu duly appointed ami uualliicd as Administratrix of thi- estate «t John Wuleh. Deceased, lale of Ccrrn CJordo County. All persons indebted tr. id estate are requested to m a k e Irn- c d i a t e p a y m e n t : and those havini; claims acaii^t the same will present them duly nnlhenlicatcd. lo the undersigned for allowance, and file in t h e office o£ tliL- Clerk of t h e District Court NORA WAT.Cil. Admiriistratrlx flTZPATRICK i: BARLOW. ,, . Attorneys Cntctl J a n u a r y ctli. 1943 S, II, MacPEAK. Clerk Dislrict Court By M A R G A R E T RILEV, Dcnuty B * " SHOE COMPANY. INC. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION Notice Is hereby sivcn t h a t ot a meethii; H the stockholders or life B i B Shoe Coiiinanv. Inc.. an Iowa corporation, held on Dcccmhcr 1. 1311!. in Mason City. Iowa. It was unanimously voted bv the stockholders that tho corporation be dissolved. AIJE BU1EKDAUM (Siencd) ABE BIRENBAUM. President and Secretary OF H A K U I N T A. I in LOUGI; NO. f i l u . ,t A. M. ItcKiilar Mci-tiu Wcdne.slav, 7:30 P. M A Y N A R D L. WOLTEIIl, V^'orsJiipful Mn.«tt'r Telephone -UCU-W C. C. HALPIDE. Secrctorr Phone ICBo LKXCi: L O H G C NO. 113 A I', i A. M. ^ \Vork in tlic Third Degrte. Monday. Jan. Ill 7:30 P. M. , GEORGE C. SENN. W. II. I rhonc .taj" DON D. GILBERT. Secretary Plione 1'030 NOTICE Or' A P P O I N T M E N T NOTICE OP T H E APPOINTMENT EXECUTOR STATE OF IOWA. Ccrro Gordo Cotlnly, as. NOTICE IS HEUEIIY GIVEN, th'al Th" iKlor.slciicd has bixn duly appolnlcd ami qualified as Executor nt Ihc estate of Mary KuUink Hirsch. Deceased, late 6C Cerro Corclo County. All persons indebted lo said estate nrc requested to lake nnincrtiiilc pavnicnl: and Ihosft having claims af-ninst tlic same w i l l present idem, duly authenticated, t o the undersigned lor allowance, and file In HIK office of Ilic Clerk n! t h e Dblrlcl Coilrl TONY 7.EMANF.K. Excculnr I.. R. BOOMliOWEIt. Attorney Dated J a n u a r y 5tll, 10«. S. II. MacPEAK. Clerk District Cotirt By MARGARET RILEY. Deputy. j .VOTICE Or APPOINTMENT [NOTICE OK THE APPOINTMENT OF STATE OF IO'WA. Ccrru Gorilo Coiinlv. *?. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. Jho'l'ule """eriismxl has l;cun d u l y appointed a n d iliKilitictl a Adntinislralrlx of t h e osia'.p nt Waller VI. Wilcox. Deceased, late or C«rro Cordo county. All persons j n - dchled to uild estate arc rcnuejlcd to make Immediate ,, aym ctit; and llioc h a v u i p claims a B aiust the same w i l l prc.sefi: »ie:ii, duly .-uulieiiUcatcd to t h e iinUcrsiRiifd tor allowance, and lilc in t h e oll,LC ul Ilic Clerk of l!u- Diblricl Court. M A R G A R E T K. \V1LCOX. Atlniinisiralrix E. C. DUNN, Allornev l.t.Tlcl Jantinry ritli, 13^;f. S. II. Mncl'EAK. Clerk Di.ilrlcl Court Ky MAIJGAKf.T HILfV. Ocpuly. JLEGAL NOTICE NOTICI: (i- I:XPIRATION"P~IE!U(VU or nj.'Dt.'.iii-i-io.v Ffto.i! TAX SALE A.S-I) Al'M.ICATIOM For. I TAX Illll; II I To: V. s. W l i l t f . ll,r |,rroi, i,, u-l,,,^ n a m e th- fnllnu-int tlcwribfd rf ,l rsl;ile J N la\c»t and tbfl person ivlni j* J" lni**c**tan tlttcrat. You nre ticreby n n t i f i e d t h a t on the Rlh liay ..f J.-unwry A. O. !».'!., a( i| 1c Scavcn- ccr Ta.\ Sale held n n r s t i n n t to tile provision* of Scitlon numtjcr ;n.i. Coife of Imva. ULC folUnvinc described Itcal Estate f i l u a l f t t in Cerrti Cor«o County Iowa to wit: !.»!« t t r c i i l v - r l c l i t r.'Kl ami lot, l l n r t y . f i v r Cl.ll. lloji'. A d d i t i o n In alaxui city. lima. was sold by tlic C o u n t y Treasurer cif Ccrro Gtr!" County. lawp, to C C Willcv for llic taxes Ilicn due. d c l i n o u c n l a n d nniuirl Iliereon for the vcars 1023 19:«). I5ol. 10K and Ira: ami t h a t oursuaiu to Ilic said Tax Sale, tlie County Treasurer of Ccrro Gortlo County, Iowa, issued to tbc iwcl C. C. H'illcy Certificates 01 Purclu-c STRICTLY BUSINESS Poultry, Eggs 55 FOR QUALITY . . . ORDER Swift's Baby Chicks FIRST HATCH OFF FEB 12 SWIFT CO. ' 820 S. Dcln\vnrc Phone !272i "Trouble with Globe following a glob.d war. I gel dizzy!" nS" c ," c .ul v ?" 1 .*** is "". ( TMl' blc - °»'v thta« NOTICE OF I ' R O H A T K OK IVII I. STATE OF lOWA.Ccrrr. CnrUn Count v ss. In District Court. No. SOU October Term. 13-11'. To all .vliom it mar c o n c e r n : You arc h e r e b y notified. Tliat .in Hi. s t r u i n c i u nf wrilin.- p u r p o r t i n g to be tlie last Will and Testament of A. n. S.ilc Dcccas.-.l. dated May 'Mi, I1H1. bavlnr been t h i s day fii c |. opened and rear! Monday Hie ^jll, ,!ay of January. 19« [» lixcd Icr lienrini: proof ot sjmp nt tlie L D u r t House in Mason cily. Iowa, before "1C d i s t r i c t Coutt of said Counly. or the Clerk of said Court; nnd at 2 o'clock M.. o( Ilic day above mentioned all persons interested arc hereby notified nnrl rcqtnrcil lo appear, a n d show cause l any tlicy have, w h y said Instriuncnt Mlouln not be nrolialni mill nlloivctl ai a n d lor I h c last will and Testament or sairt Deceased. S. II. Mncl'EAK. Clerk of DUtrict Court By MAIIGAIIET lilLEY, Deouty NOTiri: OK I'ROBATi: or wii.r. bTATE OF IOWA. Ccrro Cnrdo C o u n l v ss. Ill nistrifl Com!. No. 5018. .January Tu all whom It ,,, a , rmici-rii- You nrc hereby " n o t i f i e d . 'tl,at an i,,. M r u i n e i i l of wiitinj; piirporlins to he the i - i f t U i l l and TcM.imcnl of M a t i l n a E r a k r l pccvatal. diilrd 2)th. Ifll h a v i t i r I'cci, t h i , day (ilcJ. opeued and rra ,| wcdrr-'day tlic i-rnh day or January I3(;l is fixed lor hoarlne, prcol of same .M the twirli House In M.IMMI Cily. Iowa, hcfo,,- ll.c p.Mrict Conn of said C o u n t y , or Ilic Clerk uf S ;,, () c,».;rt: at,cl al I:3O o'clock P. M.. of the day al.ove menlioued all . E. ». MarPEAK. Clcrfc of District Court l'.y MARC.AHET UU.KY Dcpu?y lowan Is Indicted on False Sugar Report DUBUQUE. W)-- First indictments returned by the federal Krancl jury here Thursday included charges that Mathias Jc- tci- Deisch of Biilltown. lo\.v», iinuic- r.-ilse statement.- in rcport- tiis,' s»s;ir on hand. Tlie inclicl- mcnt charges t h a i he claimed tr. have tivo iiotttuis of sugar in reporting supplies to the registrar lasl May when he should have reported 400 pounds. Leonard Kenneth Oliver of Iowa Falls was indicted on charges ot failure to report to the Iowa City draft board' on Nov. 10. Dcisch was released on $1000 bond. Oliver is held in jail. Belgium is the most densely popualcd country in Ktttopc. averaging 712 persons to the square mile

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