The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 29, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1818
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NOTICE. ' persons having claim against the es - tauof Johalioao, deceased, are desired to pre - ,i them for setiieiiient to the subscriber, ami indebted to Mid estate are requested to w navmeot; to him without delay. a'P8301' JAMES M'BRIDE, j,t91m Acting Executor. 1. E C V U R E. a. Great Room, Mr. Unscnm'i Academy. i rtrren - Mtreet. Maidm - lant. U THURSDAY. JULY 2, IMf!, at B o' U'tlork in the evening, Mr. CDSBY ' " . i - 'TifHK DVTHE PRO PL' will de - VJr WAVIUAfiLB BODIES, nnd will il . to the philosophical principles of Mecl . - 1 LSIQN hH'""s.".v..:..h. r ... demon - lanicul !J"j,ttioD ; concluding with a practical illustra - Ltfa simple method of embracing all the ad - lion"" j. - . . . i 7 - ..: f. " 5jf ol 1116 jyew aiiii - m, mm aaviug live - "7ihioKhe power now expended in steam - boats "jo the coune of the lecture, several modeli be exhibited in motion upon a surface ofwa - !L - Oiie of "ie,e w'" represent the beautilul tLsnmeTion of a vessel moving rapidly without ,,fr - whiels, or paddles, and without the sppli - tatioo of any power, except that of the natural pressure of the water upon which it float. The Lecture'will he rendered amusing and in - ilructive, and it ispresuuied will not he unintcr - tiling to Ladies. Admittance 50 cents. Ai pecuniary emolument it not the object of this Lecture, the proceeds, aile defraying una ,;,lnt.le exuenses. will be presented to the New - York establishment for the Instruction of the IW and Dumb. Je 29 41 FOURTH WARD. - ni.'BUC notice is ben - hy eivn. that 'he As - X sessors of tlie fourth wid have completed ihrirasessuen(s, and that a ci - py thereof i left with Lewis Hartmaa, at No. 423 Pearl street. where the same may be seen and examined by auy of the inhabitants during ten days, frim this day, and that the assessors will meet on Friday, July iiih, at the store of L. Hartman, to review ' tnelr saiU RSFessiucuis, uh tuc ajiuie aiiiiu vi auj Dcnon conceivins himself aesneved. LEWIS HARTM X. ) Assetsorsofthe PETER BONNET T, J fourth ward New York, June 29th, 18.13. J 59 Kit SEVENTH WARD. TiUBLlC notice is hereby given, that Hie As X seorsof the seventh ward have completed their assessments, and that a copy thereof is left with David Lyon, nt No. 64 Market street, here the same may he seen and examined hy knv of tlie inhabitants durine ten dsys, from ten o'clock, A. M. to three P. At tnd that the As - seiiois will meet on Friday, the tenth day of July, at the house of the said David Lyon, to review Ujcir saia anesinenis, mi mc jiir.niuu oi any iwrion conceivi'i;: hiniti If ouktu ved. r DAVIU LVO V, ) Assessors ofthe 7th JAME - ON COK.S ward. NfW YorK. 29th June. IMfi. Je29 141 for UAVl'.E, & inc snip nr.i.i.r., ueiirv iesuc, iimaster, to iail in 1 J days. For a few tonsot'Ueavy freight or passengers, liaviiiff ex cellent Accommodations, apply to JO.VES & MK;n.Tl!, j?S9 9t .South - street. . for li'.e vf France und Hum ton. rkt '",e suPerior New - Yoik built ship JCea, AMKKICA, coppered and copper tas ttnd, 49 j tons, Wm Vihberts, mater, will tail on Thursday next. A few thousand dol lars will be taken to be inretcd in a return carpo, and few more p.seii:;crH can be accommodated. Those gentlemen who have en - ga;ed passages are requested to call and pay their pis8:i) - e money, tint stores may he provided sccorlinj;iy. Apply to the captain on beard al M in turn and Champl'in'ii wharf ; or to CHARLES HALL, je 29 4t o. 1 Heaver - street. W.iXfFM JV CUAJiftLli, 1 A good lii orschoouer, Irom IM to lf.O tous burthen, loIoJ tur Europe, to srluili imiucdiale dupalch will be ffivon. - Ap - ly to R. CRUMP, itW no I'ine - st. fur A'J'. CHUlX, TheelecantnawbiisnifcUhrllK, tlarK, oiasier, win sau wuu tui eonvt - iiwut diiatcn. r or freight or pamajc, having huiitaaia accoinaiod.itioos, apply to RLAUel Ic DE i'EYSTER, J!t9 1 w 31 Oid - siip. SALLoiit AUCIUM, i. PROVIDK.N'CE, R. I. r a. i t. c. Horrit i to. OJf Wednesday tith of July next, at lOoMo. k. A. AI. at tlie stores ol Messrs. C RRLi TO.VUCO. nill be sold, all the gocrls land d from .'hip Trumbull, A bom master, frora Canton, via Uiests Hvion Skin Tea) The Teas are. all 100 do Hysnu do r fresh, and of an du Young Uys?n do ? excellent quali - 17J boxes Scuchong do 1 ty. bunctles Cania, about HlHXiIhs. 20 cases supirior black Siuchews, C ps each 4U d j U ) do Sarsoctts, tj do do lbs. bt Block Tin j1 ho, (a dote a Concern. boxes China Ware 10 hales Calcutta goods Ttrni niJ! be liberal and made known at the salo li. ti T. C. HOrTtN Ai CO. Auctioneers. Proriiimce, June g5th, 1C1R. Je 29 4t 1)ICH.MOirFToijR Si SHIP SlUKF. - II K0 this. Richmond Flour branded " llax - ail CtO bhls ship Stuff landing from the sloop fi.tni unu lor saie ny J VAI.SH i: GLLAGHER. LOAK, iillA.Mn, c. X 400 chests Hi son kin I ea, latest iraport - S'lons 100 half chests and ten - rattv boxis II v ton do. W boxes Bloom Raisins , 40 hhds of Jamaica and St. Croix Sugars 20 pipes Cogniac Brandy, and 20 hlids. old J unaicn Rum For sl hy J. & J. COUDIVGTON, Je29 v rf Front slreet . LtOI'I'ON C'J i..!c. .ew - tile.iiis Gotten, ' landing irom ship llug(on. at Brooklyu. In .Vorf , 2j4 hales Xew - OrlHiit Cotton, for sle by X. 4:D. TALCOTT, ?9 C4 S mth street. Ut.KhlNsi. Untrli. iO tibls piime Ciimecticut rriug, landing and I'.ir sale hy ANSON ti I IlKLPa. IH3 Front - street. Jr!! pttlMh. LPLASDCOT I'OX. IV bales, Un. ilit from brig Ge';ia, at Brooklyn, lor leat 67 5oiith - lrpet, l)" Jet9 CAM H ELEXG FE A RSOX. CtltRRY COL MEN A 11 vMNE. 18 qr. ruxrir ii Zi do do I bhi - rrv Wine do Co mennr do Ltiilin this (J.iy, Je2J BUOl from schr Al ry, for sale by (.MAN &; JOHNSTON. WHITE LEAD, Sec. I ADDING nt Pine street wharf, from ship J Ln,mi,bia, Henrv (.'urtis, master, froi "J - Lcgl nd, and for sale hy the subsrri UriUctous terms, il taken mun tl.e ! from Bn er, on J casks best dry while, from 5 to 6cwt kegs genuine ground white lead, in 581b. casks red had, in casks 1 to 3cwt. t each cak Sfanisli brown, from 3 to 4cwt. each z ttcrrc - . alium, from 7 to tuVwt each r" - ! K"nia Vitriol, from 4 to Urwt. each J e - ;'n red, from t to 3cwt. each ew. blue bnck,2. wte.ich , 3 ixjiii i n ocwi eacn t.h C"cnU;;it "trio!, from 8 to 4cwt 1 SV" hr'"vn, frero 2 to 4cwt esch J' - J and lib1)!! Rfn Stone El,.. Vrne, Rose - pink, Dutch - pink bi t 4 ,,Teea vrdeer, itvS Scouring Je Apply to A. CHURCH. ivi i.nwery. T'cJ; . a i,a ., - - - ' itiiAt.A.A, Irora V,Hl,Ptr - . San1"'.'''' - ot,,)o S";ar, and ri.r: ' ' "e een !l Civ Ounliu ' - ia Ga.ciE k sons. of Je 9 Ilioaie i v, r "iVTOLASStS. SUGAR fcc, Jl4Ud. and 1V.I 20 tierces Havana Molasses. , .6 hhds Muicuvado Sugar '.. 65 hoiei Havana brown do 3 bbls while . do ' ISO boxes i 40 half do superior Havana Scgart SO qr. do Landing from the ship Mary, Copt Maflit, and for sale hy GOODitUEfc CO. Je 29 44 South - street. JOHN THOMtON' At tOi,; No. t Uurhng - Slip, have leceived by the Courier, and the late arrivals fioiu London and Liverpool, the following Goods, which tbey offer for sale on the lowest terms, viz : Woid't Imperial Cloths, single and double milled Cunimeres. Ladies superfine Cloths, well calculated for gentlemen's suuimer Coats ; York - (hire tine and superfine Cloths and Casaimtres, Olive Cotton Cords It Velveteens, Rhodes' Bom - bazets, white and colored I'ateut Thread Blue, Ravens grey, and cloth colored Sewing Silk, bl'k blue and cloth colored Scarf Twist, Silk Ferrits, assorted colors all of the best quality. Je29 tw JKW HA HUH' A HE iiOUUH. THE Subscribers have received by the late urrivah from Liverpool, one of the most complete assortments of Hardware Hi Cutler to be fouud iu ta city, purcuased in England principally for crh, und calculated for Uie southern market, which they offer for sale in quantities to suit purchasers, at very reduced prices and liberal credit. ALSO, Hell metal skillets ami kettles It rasa kettles, aborted Hoes, assorted, in casks Trace ch.ius, Anvil, Vice, Scythes Wire and hair sifters Genuine Iuiglith blistered steel, warranted, VC C ROGERS, WI.VTI1ROP Si CO. June 29 St TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST, iu Wall - street, between William ami Pearl streets, ninety - five dollar, in notes of the Mechanics' Bank, rolled in a piece of white paer, it be inc the properly "fa poor man, the tinder will receive Twenty Dollars t y lenvinir it i.t P. A. MESIER'S Honk - Store, 2ft Wall street. Je 29 2t SI ARLE, 4c. ITrAXTED to rent in any street between or f v contiguousto the City I lull or City Hotel, a stable, or part of one, with room for a gig. A line addressed to X. Y. Z. at this office will meet with immediate attention. Je 29 lw TO PARENTS. A YOUNG MAX, from 15 to 1? years of age, of respectable connexions, good manners, and moral character, (of which the subscribers must have unquestionable proof) with sufficient education to make himself respectable, will be taken as an apprentice. None but ofthe above description, need upplv. TIIOS. CONST A N T I X E kCO, Cabinet Makeis, je 29 3t 157 Fulton - street. WAJi 1'ED, A HOUSEKEEPER A respectable sinjlc person about CO years if age, or wi.U.w without any incumhrauce. Apply from 9 to 3 o'clock, at No. 2 Courtland - strect. J2' 3t WAN I I D. V GIRL from 12 to l.'i years of age, of good character and steady habits, to asiist iu a family. Arply at 74 Leonard - street. Je29 ITOTf ltOLUIRS REWARD. Wf AS h red from the subscriber on Friday, T tlie 19th inst. a Horse and Chair, to go six or seven miles, but has not returned ice. The horse is a dapple grey with red spots, white mane and tail, and two burst on his side near the flank, very pav, but old and thin. The chair hunff on Boston sprinjrs, chocolate coloured Body; carriage red with black stripes. W hnever Will return or secure the horse, clinir and man, so the owner can recover his properly, shall roceive the above rtam aim an reasonable enarges. N. U. The horse and chair was known to cros the Williamsburg ana Ilobokcn terries he same dav. J At.OU W1UTSONJ. Hr5ok!vn.'june 27, 1318. je 29 li&C2t HA RMONEY GARDEN. 57b' Rroadwa - i. lt ARIL'S G ALL, rcspt ctfiilly informs his V I friends and the public in geni - ial, that he has opened tlie above Gardfm, where he will have constantly unhand, ice Creams, Punch, Wines and CordMls, all ol the tint q - i.Mity, and hopes by unwearied attention to incut the appro bation ol those who will lavor luui wiiti tlieir company. Je xi) ol ITH DAVD..S, tin MICAL PERFU - ER. returns his sincere thanks lor the liberal encouranrmtnt v,bi h h.' has received. acd liOes a continuance of the same patronage now he has removed tolns new situation, sin of the Golden Eagle, No. 151 Broadway, where he has a much more xtcnsivc stock than lonm rly, which he offers for sale on reasonable tt ruis , u UKinit which are the following : lult, plated, and silk purses Ivory Kme Conn s of all slzis, some extra su perfine ; box wood fine combs 1 ortoise shed, ivory, pearl, and horn pocket combs Tortoise Shell and Horn Dressing Combs, of all sizes and quahtv, s'ine very large. (To he continued I Large deductions m.tdit to country store keepers, who wdl find it much to their advan tage to keep an assortment ofthe articles of N. SMITH OWES Manufacture, as they are put tip in the best style, and made to suit anv clirctte. Merchants will be supplied whole sale lor exportation. - y BEPPt, n Venetian Story, oy L"id Byron, price 25 cents, just received and for sale by DAVID BANK; Je29 Corner of Nassau and Spruce st's. 70,000 DOLLARS. lO.Outl DOLLAR ritlllS day the first drawn number in tlu X K.d lottery, will be entitled to f 500, and on the 10th July, the first drawn will be entitled to the grand capital prize of "0,000, the 10,000 being a fl lating prize, may come out any day. A few warranted undrawn tick' els, for sale by GHJXSPIE, je L"9 N'o 114 Broadway. . IN CHANCERY. Slate ofA'cir - York, $. I.V pursuance cf an order of the Honorable Court, hearing dae the 2hth day of June, eighteen hundred and eighteen, will he sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee IIcuso, in the city ol New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, as one of the Mailers of the Court, on Tues day the 2lt of July next, at 12 o'clock, noon, fill that ceit.iin dwelling house, lot, piece, nnd parcel of (round, silu .tr, tying, and being in the Eighth Ward u the riff of New - York, known on a map of the farm of the late Nu nobis Pay - ard, by hit No 99, on tlie west side of Broadway, which said let contains in breadth, in frwit and far. twuty five ffet, and iu length on ench side, one hurdred ft et, and is bound as follows ; northerly, by lot No. lot's, formerly owned hy Samuel Beekman, westerly, in the rear by fot No. U2, how, or late owned hy Isaac B. Cox, and Cornelia, his wi.'e, sout'ierly, by lot No. 93, and eas - riy, in iron! ' Brnarlway. Anu also, an iut Inl I or piece of sound, situate in tlie lame warn, 4 kn iwn uii ki K - e - ime man. hy the No. 11 - . bemnded wes erty t'V Merrer, street, northerly ty mi1 lot n 1 1I, s uihcrly by lot No. I1J, and easterly I y lot No. 9J, lir.g'in breadth, in front and rear.twenty Ave left, and in length on each side one htiadr.'d leet, with the aVpurtenances. Da - led June 27, 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Je 59 tawCwdts Master in Chancery. ST. CROIX SUGAR 15 hhds St Croix En - saroi prime quality, iust received and for sale by GOODHl E it C4 - J25 44 Soutb - Strett If ElV WORKS. BErrO, a Venetian tale, ty Lord Byron, price 25 cents. Childe Harolds pilgrimage, canto the fourth, by Lord Byron, price 75 ceuts. Lalla Rooch, an Oriental Romance, by Thomas Aloort, a new edition, with elegant engravings, price $1 75. Fudge Family id Taris, price 50 cents. - Women or pour et coutre, by M - lunU, author of Bertram, &c; Sic. price $ci. A year's residence iu the United States of A - merica, by Wm. Coobbet, price J I For sale at the Minerva Orclatiug Library, Book and Stationary store, No. 205 Broadway, opposte t)ie Museum. ' - June 29 for bale, freight or Cfutrter, The ship PACKET, W late, master Lhavmir been new sheatlied and in other respects etl'ectually and faithfully repaired throttehout, and is now in readiness for a voyage. This shin has two decks, is 303 tons bur then, and can be sent to sea immediately, and is to be seen at I'ine - slrcu wharf. For terms and particulars apply to GU1SWOLDS & COATES, Je 26 68 South street. for LIVERPOOL, The very superior coppered British ship DALMARNOCK. W. W. Robert son, master s her carpo being nearly engaged. For the remainder ot ireight,or passage, uav - ing elegant accommodations, apply board, east side Fly - mark et - w liarf, or to S. DALCLE1SH & CO. 103 Pearl - street. Who offers for sale, ex. said vessel, from Leith Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in bot - tli and casks. Wine Mottles, &.C. per gross. je 26 Wanted to Charter, t4J One or two British vessels, to load s - frffftiifor Liverpool. Apply to je: AliCHl) GRACIE & SOXS. for CHARL.ES iOX, To suil on Tuesday next, with what freight and tiasaeiiers mav oiler. Tlie f:1l sHilliifschr CALYPSO. Ilil - hard, mailer. Apply on board at Mur ray's wharf, or to LOGF.RT& KXEELAXD, 70 South - street. Landing from said schr A small quantity ol veiy long handsome floor - ins: boards, .'e 24 Ct For HAVANA, I he new coppered ling WAKulUIl, 21(4 tons burthtu, (1'iiilt by Air. IN. Riown ofthis city,) B. Richards, master. She will rail ou the 10th of July next, weather permitting. For freight or passage apply to JAMES D. WOLF, junior, Je24 5 1 South - t. P. - l SSA J E tUli Ltl.l)iL orseven p:iseiigcncanbeaccom - j&modaltdinlhe cabin rf the remarkably fin Hi iiibli brig SKEEN, to. rol lor London about l!ie 2lhiust Koi teiui, apply to capt. Mawo, ou board, al Jones' wharf, or In ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 13 112 Front - !. tor i. it LtxFUUls, The elegaut hist sailing coppered ship iifliDRAPER, William Ad iui.i, master; she is tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately oil discharging her inward caigo. f or freight or patsage, apply to the master, ou board, cut side of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS &Co. Je16 235 Pearl - street. fur LUXDU.V, The substantial fast sailing British brig SKEEN, capt. J. Mason. Her cargo being nearly engaged, will have immedi ate dispatch. For the remainder of freight, or passage, having elegant accomiuodations, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or to S. DALGLIESII Si Co. Je 19 103 Pcarl - strect. tur CH.iRLt.STVA; The staunch schjocer ARABELLA, I . Ilarwick, master, will meet with immediate dispatch, having half her Ireight engagedFor the rcuiaiudcr or passage, apply on hoard, at Murray's wharf, ea - t side Cotfee - IIoue slip, cr to SAUL ALLEY', June 19 911 Pine - st. fur MARSEILLES, Vcvix The elegant Xew - Y'ork built copper - ship CORSAIR, will positively sail on Sunday next. For passage ouly, apply to capt. Backus, on board, or to G. G. i: S. HOWLAXD, Je23 67 Wa!,in - 't..n st Fur filEtiEKlc Esli L ii l , wBIAA lie .(.III M .11.1.14 Ulik, 1 ui vt - J.Ty Unl master ; will sail iu a few days V Tl, l.. '1'lllll.L' CI JIC'DC P.l lorlieighl orpasage, apply on board, at "Pine street whaif, or to HENDERSON Si CAIRNS, Je 23 ft I Pine - st. fur S. - it A A". YAH. The very fine brig SUPERB, Reeves, di,m:itcr ; will meet with despatch, hav mi a considcrabla part of her cargo engaged. For passage, having hand - omn accommodations, or freight, apply ou board, at pier No. 12, east side Old - slip, or to rOTTi M'K'IXNF., Je 23 56 South - street ..... for BLAKELIA and MOBILE, vsSl The Mibsitautial fist sailing schooner A - lLlOXTAi:lO. lOO tons, captain Lefnng - wvll j having most ot her freight engaged, w.ll n.eet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder of freight or pasage, having good accommodations, apniv on board at pier no. . E R or to THIERS k DERRICK, je2J 29 Cnenties - slip. tor BORDEAUX. .at: The ew - York built and coppered shin MANCHESTER PACKET, M. burke, master, to sail in ten days, bavin? a principal part of her caro engaged, t or fieiht of about 50 tous hea y freight, or pas. - aire, apply lo capt. Kurke ou board, at pier .to. 4, North River, or to ERANCI3 DEPAU, Je27 2t Ne. 27 South - st for SALE. Al a low price, if applied for this l,dv or Monday next, the brir M ARY, as s.he arrived from Havana, at Pier 8, Arueirs - uharf. North R.ver. Her burthen is 200 tons, has two decks fore and aft, and may be sent to sea with little expense. Apply at 61 South - street, to N. Si D. TALCOTT. je7 fur .YEW.ORLEA.VS. Yfrjjis - - j (, ... ill.x 'f Carhle - street, is detained for V l lie clun fllWI iviiif at thl, CM freight engaged and will continue to take in until Wednesday next, the d.iy fixed for her departure. Apply to the master on board, or to J. Ai G. W. LYNCH, je27 4t 60 South - street freight fur Ji'nc - OrlcanM. The barque GIDEOX, capt. Folgcr, 2C0 tons burthen, wdl for New - Orleans ma lew days. For freight or passage, hariug cod accommodatioos, aply on board, at pier No. C, .North River, or to JOSEPH JONES, June 27 4t 12 Greeuwich - sL S's I a, ROSIN 6 bbli Spirits Turpentine W do Rosin, very good quality, for sale by do Kosi R.&C. y . V A V LN PO K. I sju. Je! 35 Feck - slip. for SAVAtfKAIJ, Tu regular packet ship COTTON PLANT, M. Fash, master, to sail on ruuday, Siith inst. For freigtit or passage, apply to II. K. TOLElt il CO. 1 13 Peart - street, or to tlie master on board, at Murray's v. hart, east si Je Coffee Home slip. Je 23 lw WANTED TO CHARTER, A British vessel of 250 to 300 tons, to load at a southern port for the West in - dies. Apply to MACK1E, MILNE & CO. Je28 , Cl Pine - st Postage for Si'ete - Orlcan. The substantial fast - tailing new brig RESIGN, capt. Wheeler, will be dis patched with all convenient spued. For pasoare only, apply onboard, at pier No. 5, North River, or to JOSEPH JONES, June 27 6t 12 Greenwich st. CALCUTTA SCti AILS. 24 bags very handsome White Calcutta Sugars, just landed, and for sale by JOS. OSBORX, je 27 28 South - street. g"S OAT SKINS. 7000 Madras and Calcutta VJT Goat Skins, in prime order, for sale by JOS.'OSBORV, 28 South - street. je27 fllUfc COMMISSION COMPANY, No. 14b JL Pearl - street, offer for sale on accommodating terms, 10 cases stripes, good colore and quality B do Hue and coarse ginghams 9 do do checks Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings Btd - ticking, cotton balls, fcc. Ac. Also, a eood assortment of broad cloths, - mercs, ras - iuotts and sifttinetts. J25 T UbA(C(J rLOUK. 34 kes ulidi4J half kegs manufactured Tobacco, of excel lent quality, landing from the schr. Sea Liou In Store, 100 hegs manuf'd Tobacco, very fine quality 152 do do do coinmou 20 hhds Leaf do piime 100 bbls. superGne Flcur, Ilaxnll's brand llti do do do Richmond Mills 130 do do do country brands Fcr sale at llfi Frord - ftrctt, hy J25 i'ROKEs, IMV'iDSOX Ai CO. IJIT'I' s.ttts, A small invoice ol Cast Sttel L Pitt Saws, ;jul received unci tor sale by ANDEK.SON Ai SHEARER, 131 U atcr - street. To 25 I J L'RD a bEW ALL, 05 South - street, otlcr XX for sale !I0 Iocs old Sable Russin Iron, P. S. I. A few (sji s fine London and Yoiksl.ire Cloth; 2 rases Cotton Hose assorted 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, very stout fabric 2 trunks 6 4 Cambrics 5 bales Russia c hi ethics 4 cases Trinkets, Jewellery, &c. adapted to the .V. Wiat trade, it . entitled to deb'r 3 d Lomloii nude Toys, Vv .iik Boxes, i;c. 3 do China Sewing Silk 1 do 4 1 black Fringed Ililkfj. 2 do Double Florences 2 do Lcvuiitines, entitled (o debenture 10 hales Heavy lleer!iooiu Gurahs 8 do t.'illd Hdlits red, 1'li.c and white 12 eases men's and hoy's Plated Hats 4 d' do Japanned Leather do 6 do do superinr London Beaver do 1000 Muskets witn Bayonets 150 cask Cut Nails. 4d to 20d lOtK) boxes Wiodovv (ilass, ol the Bristol facto - ry, 0 by li ami 10 by 14 casks Brass Cabinet Fu 4 urniture, &c. J 27 LOAF e LUMP SLGAR, Kc 10U bLIs. 1st and 2d quality Loaf Sugar 10 hhds and 50 bhls Lump do 200 half and qr. boxes Spanish Segars 100 kegs first quality ground Ginger 130 bags Race do 150 do Hill's Boston Chocolate 65 do John Wait's do do forsalaby JACKSON & WOOLLEY, Je 57 75 Wall - street. ( A LIVES, CAPERS, Jtc fcpuuish Ohvcs in W Jars . French do in bottki Curry Powder London Sauces and Brown Stout ShruO nnd Port Wii,e Spermaceti CmiJIes Dutch Herring Claret, ofa superior quality Old Java Coflee Filberts, Almonds, Lnmp Oil Spaniih Segars, and Turkey Figs Ciiet.wio's Nutts, (Spanish (hesnuts). With a zenernl assortment of Winrs, Liquors and Groceries selec ted with care for family supplies, for sale by WILLIAM BRUCE, J27at l.roadvvay. lWH4 IADIA V CUtiA'. A VF vl J Bushels white corn will bo sold iu quantities to suit purchasers, at a very reduced rate, if removed prior to the 1st of July, by SAL I US, t - ON K GO. Je25 Ct 32Soutli - t JEWELLERY, WA1CHES. A:c. V CASE of sundry Jewellery, line Cutlery, Silver Hunting and Plain Wntchcs, Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corsets assorted. For sale by J LAMBERT, Je 24 3 Court land sticet. LEMuNS. UST received, 45 boxes fresh Sicily Lemons, in lots to suit purchasers, by .J Je24 J. P. ANDOF - Xo. 7 Park. BLOCK TIN LIOjbOR COCK a A supply ol Morris's block tin liquor coc ks, just received and for sale at who len In and retail by WM. ONDERDONK. Jr. 191 Front - st. corner of Fulton - st. Who ha constantly on hand a Kencral assortment of Wines, Teas and groceries forship stores and family use. Je 2 1 1 v f 7TRCINIA HAM etc. 300 quahtv V Virginia Hams 1500 lb. double Gloucester Cheese, in fuie or der Hibberts best Brown Stout and Bristol Porter For sale by PALMER d SMDLER, Je2fi 3t 104 Front slraet. ICIIMOND FLOUR. IIO barrels (city - mill's) superfine Flour, aminved brand's landing and for sale by GOOD H L E h CO. Je :t) 44 sjouin sfrect. I ANUFACTUKED TOBACCO, Ac 50 1 L kegs of cavendish Tobacco 60 do small twist do. Landing and for sale low, by W. & S. CRAIG. 36 hhds prime Richmond Tobacco 250 bhls Richmond Country Hour 3i9 bhls Richmond City do Je 58 CA XI Vi SILKS. ,4 X invoice cf Canton silk", now landing from ZV sloop Exprees, froi Boston, entitled lo de benture, comutiug of the lollowin; articles, for sale by PLTER REMSEN Al CO 2d Scuth - streeL Black rarsuets, Cauton crapes, assorted Nankin do do Coloured sarsnets. Coloured scwiug siiks 4 - 4 black Iringed and twilled bdkfs. Checked do do Also in Store, Black, green, blue and changeable tinchew s Changeable, checked and figured larsuels black and coloured lerantiiw s 4 - 4 black fringid and twilled hdkis Coloured do do Crape shawls, assorted colours June 24 TO LEV, A couiitiiLT Rvm. in I lie most central p .rtofpearl - strett. For particulars enquire at 1 97. up stairs. TV LKT. Aeentcel House to L'., situated in a pli a.ant aud healthy situation t, jii at - o. 20 Harrison - street, ttweea HaJsoo end vee - wich itrttts. KentJ400. , . JeJ If PRIME RICE. 100 tierces prime Rice, in . lots to suit purchasers, for sale hy f A3U U. fllLLfb, 1113 Front - street Je25 COTTON YARN. sW.UI from a to 24, for sale hy sW.UIjO Its. Cotton tan, THE COMMISSION COMPANY. Je 25 148 Ptari street. rpiiURN & PENDLETON have selected JL with great care, for Ihesupplying of fami lies and chip stores, tlie following wines, liquors, teas, Ac. which they offer at wholesale and retail, al No. 50 Mone - elreet .Madeira in glass and wood Red port, " roriz and royal compy" do a few dozen of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 1 1 years old Very old sherry, do Teneriffe Old brandy, rum and gin, not reduced Hibherl's brown stout, equal to any in the city Red und white wiuo vinegar Bordeaux sallad oil Hyson, hyson skin, young hyson, souchong 1 pouchoug teas Loaf, lump and Mucovado sugar Fish sauces, Segars in qr. boxes W'ilh a general assortment of eroceries. which they will warrant to be of the first quality. ANTIGUA MOLASSES. 200 hhds. ofthe very first quality retailing Molasses. Dar - ticularly selected at Antiijua, for this market to commence landing on Monday morning, in iroiu oi tne store of the subscribers, from the Briiisli brig Kecompence, for sale by IVtvKK a LAUKll.3, je 27 29 South - street. 1R O.V P 0 1 S, IV A G li OjY Ji OXE (ic. BW. KOGEhS & CO. No. 235 Pearl - st. have just received and offer fr sale low il taken truin the shin 10 tons iron poU assorted from 1 - 2 gallon to zj iraiions 10 casks waggon boxes, assorted 4 do sad irons, 3 tous bakepans. jear IMEJLK - L. - V demijohns prepared in a lj parucuiar Uiuuucr, lor sale i - y J.iiG. W. LYNCH. Je27 3 60 South - street 'PARCH 100 kegs white and blue tarclc kj i audiug, for sale hv JAGKiO.X il IH'LLK I , Je27 75 Wall strccf. IRISH LlNr.No, tHl.EllNGS, kv. 1 4 4, 7 - U and 3 - 4 Linens 4 - 4, and 5 4 bheetint;s . (i - 4 to 10 - 4 iable Diaper 3 4 Brown and Black Linens 4 - 4 Linen Remnants 7 - U uud 4 - 4 coarse half bleached Linens 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen, iu dcuii puces 711 Dowlas Color'd Treads, assorted First quality liishSail Duck Aladapollaiu Shirtings, aud Linen Bed - 'I ickiug. Received per late, arrivals, and are offered for sale on mode late terms, by THOMAS SUFFERX, Je 27 lw 7io. ti DeK - ystcr street. 10 LOU K, TOUACCI , ic. 122 bbls. tujierhi.e, V nud 33do line Richmond Hour It bhh - . Middlingi landius from llunp Pol ly and Sylvia, nnd lor sale by WALSH Ai GALLAGIIER.C6 Solith - at. W7i have uho fur talc. lf.O hhds prime new Richmond Tobacco no old do do lid do Kentucky do 3U0 kegs mtuiiifuctured do. various brands and qualities 500 bbls. Richmond Flour, branded Virziuian Mills. Aic. 700 do Fredericksburg do 340 bales prime New - Orleans Cotton va casks caret 24 do London Mustard 5 puncheons Rubbit Skins 500 reams Medium Priuting Paper 100 do Foolscap do Je27 ENGLISH GLASS - WARE U WROUGHT NAILS. 10HN WHEELEY, oilers for sale at 132Wa t ter - streel Decanters plain and cut ) 'Tiimbltrs do do BEST QUALITY. v mes ao do y and a general assortment of ApoUiccurys ware Fine Rose Knirt U'f WROUGHT NAILS. Sheatliinsr, 1 Je 87 2w BRANDY, Barcelon WINE At CORKS 2li0 nines lona Brandy, 20 do Cctnac do 202 half pipes, Si 145 qr. casks Catalonia me 59 bales corks entitled to debenture, the caro ofthe ship Edvvnrd, capt Tarier Irom Tar ragona, now landing at pier No. 4, lootofBioad street for sale by STEPHEN WHITNEY, e27 lw 49 South - st. GREAT CURIOSITY. MAMMOIH HOG ' I MIIS tinunal is one ol the most extraordinary L productions of nature, andhns been brought here irom Ireland, at a very considerable ex pense He is 4 feet G inches hii;h : leurth of his body 9 fret C inches ;guth 7 feel 10. and weigi s snout I jwu potinos ; a most unprecedented wein for any of the species. A further description it unnecessary, t.very pc:ryru ol curiosity will be well satisfied with the i iew. This wouderful animal will he exhibited for a few days at - No. 92 .Maiden Lane, vtheuhe will betaken to tlie country. Price lor erown prisons, 25 rent , rhildren hall price. Je27il&clw WAN 1 ED. ri'HVO furnished rooms, (a bed room nnd sit - JL ting loom) where there are no children or boarders, lor u gentleman and lady, who would keep a servant and hoard themselves ; and, if approved of, would lake the rooms for fourorsix inontli - . Address a note, at this otlice, to I). L Je 27 3t PlAXO - fORJ t.S ii HARP. WO very handsome PI XNOS aud an ele JL gant PF.D L II A IIP, all of first rate workniHii. - iip, and wdl be sold very low Apply at "vo. 4.i?.outh - strerl. June 57 lw " A.V E.YGLYEER WAXTEU - "IITANTED an Engineer for a Steain - Roat T T Wages from $45 to $70 per month and found, will be given. Those who apply will please to leave a letter diree;ed to A O. at this office, stating their qualifications and the situations they may have at any time held, je 26 3l FOR SALE, DARK Gray PONEY, five years old this . fall, sound and kind in harness. ALSO, a good second handed Co At H EE, in good order I lieht ; Also a good Gig and Harness; all to be sold i hapfor rah. Lnquire ol t.hnr'es H. Bel lows. 24 Lennnrri - Mrerf. Je 26 lw FOR tALE. SMALL Brown Home, of the Canadian Z breed, a natural pacer or racker, ana an excclki.t horse (or an tiivami, very i.n, ami easily k rt. For furtinr particulars upWy to Mr. BOS EN, at bis Livery Slaiue la ininony street, nti,r Broadway. Je 6 " HORjE FOR SALE. AN elegant horse, 15 hands high, 5 years old, cliesnut bay, excellent either .'or saddle or gig, warranted perfectly sound anil kind. En - Jfc - neaiHifiie. Je2S4f SADDlE horse. fTSOR ssle an elegant saddle Horse. Enquire F at REDOX 3 stable, in Bctkman - streeL Jetfllw ' L 11 WO or three single gentleun - n cu be han1 I somoly acommodatcd with board at No. 139 Broadway. Je 28 lm VX rAN I'ED. a si(uti'ns rorersiess in a pn w w van - larouv. oy a muitxLaoy. wf o mis already ha 1 seveial years cxperietKe in that line. laquue at IVa. 4iiU Broadway. Je XS lw r 9 for PDJ3UC fiY S. PAXTO.V & CO. To - morrow, At 10 o'clock at the Lone Room. 253 Broad - way, opposite the Park, a large and general as - . aortuieut of cabinet furniture, amongst which are the most fashionable tide - board.', bureaus, secretaries, and taok - rases, ward robes, jwrta - ble desks, bcdHuh, ladies work stands of various patterns, caudle and wash band do, 4 elegant Orecian solas, 3 easy chairs, mahogany carved high aud low post bedslids, f:ishiouable curled maple and fancy chairs, hair matrasses, beds. bruuel and ingrained carpets, hearth rugs of various patterns, prints, plate aud plated ware. Also, 1 case paper hangings in sets.soaieof whiCil are beautiful landscapes, 4 cases imported brass and copper new kitchen furniture. Southern traders and private families svho may not be sun - plied with the above articles, will then have ?n opportunity which may not offer again for the season, gala peremptory and cash ou delivery. Catalogues ready this al'lernoou, when thelurui - ture may be examined. Also, I fine toned chamber organ, in comi lete order, with drum aud triangle. BY JAMES SBTO.V Si CO. Tuesday, 1 1 o'clock in front of the T. C. II. 90 crates of earthenware, consisting of an excllent assortment far this market Cata. logues will be ready on the morn ng of the sale BY M. DITMIS. Tuesday. At Xlb'o.lock. in front ol the Tontine Coffee House, 4 piies and quarter casks nisd'tra wine; also, London porter, and a quantity of auditor .lewin ciuer. . , MARBLE fOU BUILD LV(J, it. . TH E proprietors of the southern marble qua ries, near Kmg's - Bralge, give ootice, tht they have ou hand, and are receiving, at the SingU - B ridge Maible and Ltnte - iard, foot of each - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following de - SCTIJHIOUJ, VII ; Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chininey - iWe Facings Columns Watertable Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime ofthe best quality. - A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those desirous of purchasing, or making'rngngemeiits, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb II ' AtthoYard. MVAEV JU LOAJV. A O ririiDOLLARStoloan, in sums to Jl'OjV W suit applicants, on bond with mortgage upon approved property. Entire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Waier - street. Where application may le generally made through the year, and mortgages disposed of. Je V tf .NOTiCE. Tbis is to lorbid all persons trusting tho crew of the Poi1uguee brig Sophia, Lin es master, as no debts oi their contracting will be paid by the captain or consignee. Je 24 Rank of jimenca, June "iti, 18 1 8. 0T A Dividend of three per rent, for six months, ending on trie 3(Jth inst. has been this day declared payable to the Stockholders on the 6lli of July next. By order of tho Board of Direct' tors. GEO. NEWBOLD, Cash'r. JuneSC 1m ICY The Quarterly Meetiim of tlie Female Union Society lor the. promotion of Sabbath scnools, will be held in the Lecture Room of the Methodist Church in John street, on Wednesday, the Crst of July. The autieriiitendants and teachers are requested lo be punctual in their attendance, at half past 10 o'clock, A. M. Ladies, subscribers, or others interested in the institution, are respectfully invited to attend, at II o'clock. Subscriptions for tha present year will be then received. Subscribers are earnestly requested to send the ainouut of fheirsuhscriptions, in order to save the expense ol'employins a collector. Je27 L. JOHNSON, Secretary. UNCINNA j I. 07" The Annual rneetinc ol'lhe Aeir - Vort State Society of the Cincinnati, will be held at the City Hall. on the 4th rfav of July nest, nt 1 o'clock precisely, when the "tficers for the ensu ing year, will be elected and the ordinary bun - ness ofthe Sociely transacted. The Society will dine on that day At Washington Hall, precisely at 4 o'clock, P.M. Members of the respective state Societies are respect - luily invited to ioinin the celchridon ofthe day. By order. D. E. DUNSCOMB, Sec'ry. Je il 6t J MISSION ARK NOITCE. (tt Those persons who are subscribers to the "New - York l'rotestai.t Episcopal Missionary Society" whose subscriptions remain unpaid, are requeatcd to pay the same to the Treasurer, and thereby picclude the necessity of employing acnllector. D. A. CUSHMAN, J'reasurer. Je 27 2l Wo. 189 Broadwey. XAUTILUS HALL. fTIHE suliscriber has opened an HOTEL oa JL Staten Island, opposite the ci'.y of N ew - York, near the landing place of the steam boat Nautilus. The site affords a fine prospect of the city, or ean, bay, and surrounding shores the air and sea breezes are refreshing, and the accommodations good. Refreshments of every kind and of Ihe choicest description will be supplied to parties, travellers and boarders, on the short js - t notice aud on moderate lerc.s. . Carriages and horses, with careful drivers. are prepared for those ho may wish privata conveyance er to make excursions on the Island, wuicn lurnisues a yanciy oi nne anu extensive views. A nine - pin alley on the margin of the bay has been erected, and every convenience prepared for those who may visit the Inland for health, pleasure, or business. 1 he subscriber hopes, by assiduous attention to merit and receive a liberal portion of tiit pull - uc patronage. T. HAZARD, Junr. StaUn Island, June SI. IU1U. lw XVRTH tilVER S TEAM - BOA 7'S, , r Ou the 1 1 Hi ol M ay, I v rounnenced ruouing Unit y.wuy b y times a wees, a isont Tmm tr ' - rr'ri , - $iui!m"fc '" " "" N'ew - Ynik on Tues day, at y'cl a, A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M; riday. at V A. M. nnd saiuroay, at 5 Y. AI. or each week ; nnd a boat leaves Albany on Mon day, ednesday, 1 hursday, and Saturday, at A. M The Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for Kew - burgh, and returns oa Monday, Wedncsdnr und Friday, at II A.M. Je Sll MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY NO. 5. UJ ILL commence drawing in this city, on tlie first Tuesday in Aue - int nni. fiOft numbers to be drawn ench day. v i . M.l I.A k. i pnze oi j ui'i.fVK), 1 rlo 20.000. I prireorf50,onoi l do KM mi, t rlo . XXJO, 1 45 do do 5,000, 52 do 100. Ami .MM of til Tickets and Slmrr ; . " c.n.i.r. sale at tlie Book Store and Lotteiy ofike of ' No. 19 Pfk - slip, c.e - W.der si.l Price o t ! - sou ci:irx Whole fi(t I ti'iar'srs. tJM. 3 25, JstJ 11 a: yes 1 1, Mrritis Sixtccalhs 1 6L u : V t 'I ! '

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