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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, June 29, 1818
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tstr - roHic. ZFEJWfO fust.. MONDAY, JUNK 29. . i - r. - V a had the Dlcasure UiU - - ii ttwraiu - to receive from the prast o Mer. Kirk i. Mercolo, a copy of tin interesting an J highly 'important speech,, ia a pamphlet form, - tujeiher with a circular from tho treasury de - ' partmeut, and. the several navigation acts passed - at tho last session of congress ; maiin in the ...i i . j n . , . 1 !.. ul i fi.l n - v - " WUU1V i 15", UUJ JJ. I it., - - . .. par, had en a new ty pa. The typographical tx - . eculiou does credit to lha American press. The 1 preseut edition of this speech ought to be in the 'possession of every person it this country who views it affairs with that deep iulerest which ' become, an Americui citixel. We ilull not say any thing:, by way of eulogy, on this masterly oeech. as a sample of chaste parliamentary ha - ranj, ' so rare anions us ; we might contrast it i(h those ostentatious efforts of loo many of our congressional orator,, with whom studied orna - meat seems to occupy . the principal share of the speaker's attention, and encumber and t t ' 1 . V - .. .Unit llamlil I . . n ., ODSCUre II U tUCUl .1 Ul IUAU WO MWUip HI U twer certain newspaper editors, who assert that the principles here advocated by Mr. Kin;, are ; the same as those which Mr. Madison and his party formerly advocated when he produced on the fiocr of coo ji ess, hit famuus commercial revolutions, which were wisely rejected : but we call. the attention of every true pitriof, who i really loves his native land, and prefers hrr in ' terest to that of all the worM, to read this Scech and consider well the principle it contains : not the principle of a party, or of an hour, but the great hApg principles, on which litis country will, to a moral certainty, be one day called to make, a determined stand, or forfeit the rank a - mong nations which she is entitled to hold. The object of this speech is a navy, so essential to our political existence, and the navigation act as a direct and necessary meant of it establishment. Tho eastern slates will, with no little iutcrett. observe, near the close, a principle advanced respecting the fisheries, that is highly im portant to them, at it pes to. bear them out in a branch of their navigation in which they have extensively engaged, but which has been not only denied, but made the subject of ccnain public resolutions and remonstrances by the in' - habitants of the British provinces of Nora Sco tia aod New.Eruuswick. . Past to thekght.ll has been found necessary, in the most populous citiei in Europe, where great crowds in (he streets are constantly meet - in each other, to establish some regulation, by whicn inconvenience and jojtliny may bo pre. vented, and for this purpose, the rule adopted iu London, Paris, Lc. is for every one to pass to the right. Why should we not adopt the same in New - York ? This suggestion b made at the request of several respectable gentlemen of this cil j Let every one make it a point to do thi, aid it will tuon imperceptibly become a convenient custom. F.mjtrrf China tantertrd toj.nptrj.K cu - riotit article will be found in (his evenings paper, jiving tin account of Ibis event. If tl.ii be en, what heroines of (he argument resorted to, tome years ago, by Dr. M'Kuight in a printed sermon, and some few other clerical en Lujiast?, in favor of the French revolution, that it would terve to hi ing about the speedy dbWnfuU"of po - , pery, and therefore, ought to be hailed as a bkt - ting by every truo christian ? Old Spain it would seem it in a pretty fur way to lose all her colonial possessions. Cn Saturday we gave an Recount of the success of the patriots n Chili, which is considered as decisive of the fate of that part of South America. To - day we publish a conlinnatiou of gen. Jackson's takin Tensacola by storm, Patriotism and priuciple are L a flourishing way. .Inothir ttenm - bout W. The steamboat Ex periment, on her passage from Elizabethtown to Philadelphia last Saturday, i - prling aleak when about 20 mile, south ofiandy - IIook, and unk almost immediat&ly in very deep water The leak wa discovered to be forward, but before they had time to make any effort to strip it she went down head first. All on board we understand were saved by taking to the long - boat. Alie belonged to Gen. Dayton, ofElizabc - thtown, (N. J ) By thr - Tjarcpe. Agnes, we have received Jamaica paper, to the 7th of June. The schr Cordelia, Pasco, has arrived at Kingston in U days' from Philadelphia. The brig' Welling - ton, r - ymmonet, at Mont ego Hay, in 15 days from Charleston. The brig Little Kliza, Cal - Jer, the United Mates, sailed from Anat - to liay on the 2d June. A man named John Galven, died this forenoon ou the L'atiery, ia consequence, it is believed, of drinking cold water. From papers (bund about him, it appear that lie was a native of Ireland, mid a pa - seoger in the brij Adaais, arrived at Arzihoy, fiom Cork. Qatr. - - A I y t!ie 4th - section of the art appointing rouniiM4iiers it is enacted "that no person 4iiit i, muster in ehawcru thai! act as a couioi'i'ionui - undrr tins act." whether tho;e pfrv in win, ;ut. U)W , - i.r, ia (lnucecy, ail wl.o huve l. tn :pnomle.t couimisiotieT', can tka Ui ackuowlcOjtuitut ol f J - Mxriitr. The CommifMonc - rt rpjiutrd by the Council of appointment, are au'horiu'd to take the proof aknowWpult cf oj, ailj diK.hurR i,f mrj,,,!,, acUt.JLcn.ent of special l - all, a.rf a.,y a.r.dvitorcth.r nilh to Kb rnil ... .. I u, Bny tourt of re ofJ .n U e state of Ncw - Yoik. ThQtowVgdornn,Difr,..p,y.e cranMl . rretaryertVito, in .VadrJJ, t , Mr.lrvin. - , i, received bore fioaisiKh a sows lh: - t its ml,tn i - ci'yrwy he rrhVlcn. T hit trrdi'Ani tht tn.vntrr tf,h I 'niiti ,, UK, Tlie urtoart luutiL" ( . fAemi." tir.fWlrdmiii. - ... I K ... . " . - "... Il, llll.ll lll.l - III lll'Il., - l - .. - t,!.ii SfiV TSast hr,ILitlilrmili .'n - .A 1..... t )oa have r.a rinues.cJ, u U.or J Mr. of U. Meade, a ciUitnof Uie U. EUIm, anda prioAM in me castle oi at. caiaiina tu mua, . fautter, having constituted himself a creditor a - gaiust the royal treasury, by tueant of a depeeit made at the Chamber o iommerca oi i v..j, but hot in 'Jeetiv rA, as wa the agreement with and demanded by Mr. John RI'i;naoi, a tubject of bit Britannic tnajesty. Ihiscompltx iffjiir, whitH ba to aertnujiy occupiru uw vu - sideraliou of the court of jurfice and the ministry, has lilfewisfi, from its commencemeo, called forth the attention of the king, my master; bul hr m:ije?ty w: s not able to proceed contrary to th ,i .hli.hed custom! of Uie law, nor even de cide, until he becam perfectly acquainted with the nature ot the process, ins majesiy, uirc - fore, being desirous of giving iu iispuUble prooli of his regard and steem towards the UuiteJ State of America, and of the lively interest be tfcet in every thiusr conceruin ; their government, clearly manifested in the release of Mr. Meade j and being desirous that ims, nis royai actermina - tion should prove compatible with the causes that gave rise to bis arrest, has been graciously nle - tsed to ordain that the royal treasury pay the above mentioned deposit in tffulive tcth, and for this purpose II. M. ordered the neceuary instructions to be irsued, which ha been complied with The cause of Mr. Meade's arrest conse quently ceasing, hit majesty lias been likewise graciously pleased to restore him to liberty, or dering the suit to Le carried on couiormatiy lo law, and by the u. - ual course of justice. This benevolent deciiion will doubtless be gratifying to you and satisfactory to your government, by the unfeigned uttiniony his majesty luercin gives of his constant wUh to cement more firmly the friendly relations existing btitwcen the two governmentsMis majesty hfs ordered me to rom - mnnicate th's his royal order to you, roiueating its transmittal to your government. I avail mysell ol the opimrtuuily ol renewing to you my regard, aud my sincere uesire lo prove serviceable lo ynu. tunl preserve you many years. Royal Palace, 2M April, IBIS. (Sgned) JOsF.lll VXZMXKO. His exec lluucj the miuUlerof the U. es. Specie. Frm theMiUetlztrir.e (Get ) Jirjteetor, Time 16. J'eiuucola takrn.c ixcciv'Pit"im SuiuLi) last, by a rivate ennvrvance. the totlowin im portant intelligence fmm our vciy attentive correspondent in tlie Alabama territory, who assure us that he hi,d seen letters lnm per - (Hit who participated in the engagement cor roborating the Mibfcequent account extracted from an Extra dated June 2, issued from the olRcc of the Halcyon, at trt. fctenhrns. " Hy a prntletnan on a hose woik the greatest confidence can be placet!, who left Hrnsa - cola a few days since, we learn, that General Jackson, after having obtained possession oftlie town of 1 eivsiicola, kuimnonrcl the fort at the (at which piae'e the governor, the troops, together with some of the citizen had taken re.rugc.) to suiTender, on refusal, com menced intrenching with a view ofattemptiiii' its reduction by regular approaches, and at the same time the firing begn on both tides, with little cllict. Afierrontinuing these ope rations for three day s, a itli the loss of two on the part of the American forces, and thirteen Spaniards, the governor surrendered, on con ditions that the Spanish troops, and all the citizen who might wish it, together with a very noted Seminole chief, who was in the fort, should be transported to the Havana at the expense of the American government. It is said that at the time of surrendering, our forces had proceeded within three hundred yartU of the liii t ; and that there would have been much onger resistance, on the part of the Spaniards, had not a mutiny taken place amongst them. The d ig of tlie United States is now waving over the walls of the Uaiaiices and in the town I'cniacola." From tht llalliuxnre Patriot, June 26. Arlizat ri. Bur ma Jlirti. by the Woodrop - iiiu, we have received information, by letter, that the II in nos Avrcan army, under the com mand of col. Kcleai. - a, hud been attacked by the patriot. - , ou the opposite side of the river, com mauded by Artiga, and Uifi former defeated with lha loss l all their aitaltry ami cng' - e, anj between G aud 7l)i killd and wouudrd. It is uid lhat the government ol liucnos Ayrcs f nJei vored to supore - K the circulation ol this intclli 'ence. m order that it fliontil mil tie generally knoitn, iiutwlthaliiiKliiig which, the Americans were ad advieij ol uiu lnif sl.tie ol the Case. I'he action took pl:n - in March, hinee the above was in tvpe, it has been ver bally corroborated by a paueuer ou board the S oodrop - ims. Trimlated for the Franklin Gasttte. VitracU from the " lndeuendut nf lha .South. " a periodical, olitirt, literary and mercantile paper, published weekly, in r reucli and Spau - k ' BUF.N03 AY lifts, March 29. The arrival and sojourn of tho North Ameri can commissioner, who arc stated to have come for the purpose of contrac liiig an alliance, offtn sive aud ilt Tensive, with this conutry, to resis the attacks that may be maJo by Europe, agaius the liberty of the Now VVorlitiliuvc, with reason, caused Hie uii,'. - t gritifviug scmations. Union produces strength tliii old maxim, the truth ol which i duly cxciup.iiitil, afford? ground lo hope every lliiirj from (his union of efforts. In truth, if t!a - United Provinces of La Plata have alone, hcri'tolorr, been able lo resist Spain, lliey may hereafter dictate laws to her, and compel hrr lo recognize their independence. On Thursday last, Air. Lynch, a ric h anil dis - tisui - hol in j:idujl of this city, gsve a ball, which did not disappoint tlm expcciationi (Imt had been raistsd. I luring fifteen d.ivs, nothing was heard of but the pleasure anticipated by the invited guests eicry uiiuj was orrupicd with the thoughts of an entertainment, liie more impoiinnt, as it wr.s d. tincd toniark .in ic. - a. At lat ll.e ilny cmo. The spot for assembling was asqinrepiice of ground, adorned withri' h carpet.', and ove - red in with a wide sprea.hng cauva, where bun; a unniher of lustres 1 1 . a t were r tl - rtt - d froin mirrors Oecoraluig the iji of the inclo;ure, and producing a rant', brilliant lUutuiuaiion. Tho (l.'?of the UuileJ elates and of Independence, twre every wh' - re sc - n uuited in tropl.ii r. This proud ornamei.t di. - plaied the o'.jeclsof the riilertaiuineiit, tht ol celebrating the arrival of the North American, cumuiiiiiou - er amoug their brethren of tfouth. A neaip.iper, published at Itiienns Avre, iliitler elate ol April 5. says, Last Wed - nctdav, a aoldirr, named Nicholas Itcbero, was on the point of nul!ci iriif death, to uliicli he had been condemned for the crime of insu:or. ditvalion towards hi commanders. The am - ba - :iriois of the United S'ates demanded a sii - :ricnsinii ot the rxe( ution ul juilgmtnt, and accoinpauiid by Mr. Miller, a ii.crcli.nt of North AiiK i ir.a. to whom the family cf the convicted w.fc rcl.ited, thev wen' ncisonallv to solicit h': pardon fmm His Kxcellcncy tlie(i' - vcrnor. w'io granted it immediately. Such is he cmii'iii m cn.ent of the good effects which the unio'i of the two part of the New World Will prove fur humanity. I " 'I t e san.e paper r?mi:k " Ahhoug no - ItUiiip psiive has as yet appeared, aitli rc - , j i nl 'it the injsjion of the American tmbassa - 'W, et 'h. - ir sojjnrn, und their interviews i'n tne i'.J.i. it, set - m ti announce the ap - pro:.c'.i cf i i - lorioiis day nidi must forev - rr convilr.L.te tl,e lioerty of tlii cinintry. In x 'l.'.rt ti. - .r the leub tant of their territories ..le ,jv tin - f:i.l ofthrir labors, and the hao i e 1, tirir putriolisin lia elrervcd ..It' .... .1. .. ... . . Air , ""r . ' ' l atl part. ' : i an iiMiiniKuntabls bar - lj.a - . - i - of vl.e. c'i" iv., aud the ra - Srm Iht Dublin Journal sf X'H C'enrerion to Chrutianily f iht r mftrtr tJ Chin Extract of a letter from lasoon, oatcu with rr M.rrh hut : Br a vessel iust arrived in our harbour from Rio Janeiro, we have re ceived the Terv extrtonuoary newt (ftad amte official) that the Emperor of China, and all the ereat euaodarios cf hit court, bave' eabractd Christianity: which relia'ion it henceforth to. i considered at the etlabliilied on in China, to the total exclusion of all others ! The vessel hat oq board two Portuziiese missionaries, one juit and the other a monk of the third older of St. Francis, who are bearers of rich presents, and also a letter written by bis Chinese mety to the pope, acknowledging bit supremacy 1 'Nothing could exceed the rjoiciug which took (jlac at Rio Janeiro on this occasion. The city was illuminated three nights in succession, and their most faithful maje.ties, with every branch of tho royal family, paid their respect to Most' signore, the Archbishop of Demetrio, Nuncio Apostolic to the Braailian court. 1 n city oi Pekin U erected into a Patriarchate ; the Patri arch is a Portuguese monk, from Macoa, of the order of St. Francis. Pekin has also an inquisi tion, which is under the direction of some Portn - sucse inquisitors from Goa. The education of all classes is invested in the hands ol Uie Jesuits, as well as the hiirh nfticcrs cf state The cou - fessor of the emperor is a Portuguese jesuit, aud is declared by law the next persou in tne empire to llie sovereign : an uiuiiuiieu towct hivcsv - ed iu his hands. These crafty men have adopted the Cuinete costume, and are more splendidly clothed than any of the Maodarins. The jetuils have received the privilege to wear uieir nans :in inch longer than any of ths nobility, w prin ce of tlie blood excepted ; and aov Mandarin . , . i - l: ' :o.l.., wnouare presume lonave nissnuuors - " inches as long as the slippers of the pries,.' to be punished with death. the uiusmrte brought for the court of H nulls some magnificent piece of China, on which is depicted the au li - eucc of Lord Amhcrat with his Chinese nia;ly ; oikI those facetious orientalists have had the audacity to - caricature that splendid eailssy. whit h would have douo honor to tho first ad most brilliaut court in Europe." Fmmlhe naltimortTdtpranh, JuniH A tpecirsof small pox it suiJ to have appear ed in Buenos Ayret, which neither rprss taoie who have been previously iuffrcted, nor Uio. - e who have been vaccinated. Tho laculy of tlir city, however, deny its existence. Lilrralurt of bmdh slmrrica. llm govern ment arc building a college at lluenos Avres. A rnnimissiou has hem appointed to devise a plan of instruction and great zeul is discovered by all tlie citizens to promote tho undertaking. BLTIMORE, Jnne S6. C'apt. Rcardon, of the schr i?i'ry, arrived at thit port last crcning from 5t. Thomas, reports that about the I t J une a brig culled the St. Jago do Cuba, formerly (he Aluicyda, capb.iu Jack. wlicu o i tho slave coast uudcr Spanish colors, hrgimucg to lake in slaves, and having a consi derable quantity of gooUs suited for the trade, the crew rose on and murdered thecaptaia and all the officer?, aud immediately sailed and hrought to at Saba, and there commenced sell - iiiir the goods. Capt. Cairns suspecting them, took possession of the brig and carried them to the Five Islands. , In a short time aAer arrivinj there, the Swedish governor of St. BarH being infor Jied thereof, seut and took her from Cairns, and secured sc . - eral of the meu that still remain ed oa board, say 3 or 912 or 13 left the brig at ?;ha, went toot. 1 homas, and were Lucre im prisoned by the governor afterwards, when examined before the judge, they acknowledged the massacre of tho officers, and in additiuti. that on their psss.igc dowu from the coast, they met and t ok a Portuguese vessel, and massacred the crew, and a woman and child took frum her a quantity of specie and scuttled her. In the course of the voyage they also fell in with a ship, boarded her aud killed the captain, sup posing there was money on board ; but being dis - ipioiulcJ, they lelt her Without larther mischief. Crti t. A. did not learn where cither of the ves sels to treated bclcuged. HARTFORD, June 27. Dislrttsin arridentOa Wednesday bit, two or throe young lads were engaged in bathing in the (..onuecticut river opposite this city ; 1 lio - nias li. Perkins, 1 1 years of age, and sou of Isaac Perkins, Ls,q. got mtn the waier where it was over Iii3 head, aud was drowned. 1 he alarm was immediately given, but before as - rsc.nce could be rendered him he sunk to the bottom 1 hn body was tumid iu about one hour and an half, nud every exertion was made to restore life but it was too late. The Rev. Philander Chase, formerly Rector of Chriit Church iu this city, is eluded by the l'rnte!!ant Lpisr)p;d Convention for the dioCess of Ohio, to be liuhop of said uiocess. .NORFOLK, June S3. The sloop Emeline, 'eek.n, pul io here on . - ai - irJry l ist, reiHuted that she was from Balti more, bound lo Alexandria, tin in cou rqnciue of tiie captaiu having bu'.inc.'s in Norfolk, had rome down here to transact it. U it since ascer tained t!iat the above schooner was Irom New - York, and whether the false report was made with a view of saving the harbor mister's lees, (winch would have been J I 2j) or from a more 'ri - nmal motive, time, wiil prove. The tame ves - el sailed agamou Sunday or.Vonduy. CHARLESTON, June 22. lport rf.iclital la' U f.k pait. Colton. Sr i Uiaud, IJ a Ijiinti per pound; Satitee, jft a tiO ; short 'triple, i a .14 oenU. Kiie. Prime, (j 1 - 4. montl quality, $ 15 J - 4. Cottnni Sra liland r. - main iiationurr at the prices olthe two last week ; very little doing i.l them. I'plamts have iiTi - reveii a nut in tlie pound since our last, and have bet u extensive. Bice. Prime parcels are o lick at highest quota! inns, ar.d n iue tales have been t rected at 5 37 1 - 2 rents. Freights. In ronwiiuencr of the numlpr of ar rivals, have ilceiinen more loan I 'I err ID. lor Cotton to England, cannrt be reaili y oltaiiied. CAAHu, 23. An action was tried on Saturday, belnre chief tustice I hoaip'on, no holding a circuit ia this own, for a breach cf promise emr.rrhga : - Va ry Nrtwlen, vs. James Campbell. The jury gate a verdict tor the pl.ual.l. of twelve hundred dollars. On Saturday, our Revenue Culler took posset - ion ol the Lnt: - h schooner I'i r verame. troui M Jolm, .r havinc contrary t i law, laodtd pas eaiiets on Sr.ndy Ho. - U an - l at uihoy, with - - ut i - iili. - riog. W. 1 n tuken, she wat pr - icetdirg to st a. . - '. 1". Gaz. FROM OCR CUHRESPOyn EXT. OJiceof the Freem ias Journal, ) &iiuday, Juuc 21. Extract of a letter from Mr. II. Weils, of the Khr. Catharine 4: Jan, rapt. Ilalrte l, of this port, d .ted Jago de Cuba, 4lh June, 1818. "On onr p - e - age fn - ni t. Thoma ell Cape Mninn, we wereUiar led by a Calhageuian, and afier he in.' treitr J in a irot hxrharous manner, were pb'ii.lcre - 1 ol a!vnt JOO' - IO, the principal rart belonging lo a French paenger ci hnarl. They took from Hal - trd, (the captain) Hhout fJOO; Victor, (one of the seamen) 'OorJOO; ud fro.n twj f our sailors, tJf0 each. Captain Halsled receivi - d a sabi on bis forehead, and ne of the sailor? receird several. Die villain is t ill rruing elf the barUir, and I expect we shall see him agtin. Thev t.o off with thm mir jolly boat, ny gV, a h r. an - 1 twa cases of wine. The lhiitd States e;ht to i ,hve a sloop of wir on this station. All ihe. - e ...... .u. 'seas are twarmin; un tnete pirales. r I to k. j i 1 MARTUEr. , . . At Savannth, Mr. Calvin Eater, formerly ol this city, to Mis Ann Maxwell. UIEU,. On Saturday morning, Mr. John Crooke, aged 49 year, formerly one of the editor and pro prietor of the Mcrcautile Adverser, v..t.r.l mornin?. Mrs. Gertrude Van AM - . J O' .. ..... m, A t werp, aged 39 years, wile ol J nomas van nm - j weru. The relaUons and friends, and those of his father icholas Van Antwerp, are iut.u attend her funeral this afternoon, at 5 o'clock move precisely at 6 o'clock, from No. 13 Gar den - street. . tFEMSiV POST MAMXE LIST. CLKARKI). BrigTair - American, Marshall, Oporto Robt. Center. Sloop Brutus, Haley, Philadelphia Catherine, Clark, West Indies JHKlFEIi MIS FORF.AOU.Y. British barque Agnes, ?pain, 17 days Irom Jamaica with fruit to VVm. Tc.iinison. Brig Abeona, Gray, 40 days from TenerilTe, with wine, to A 1) UulT, and Le Hoy. Bayard Co. lfi sch Vestal, M'l'herson, in 2 days for Charleston ; ch Kebccca, Gr.flin, of Philadelphia, for Hamburg, next elay ; ucli anfoi d Si Win. had arrived from N York in 22 days. Sch Betsey, Kimble, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to J Sturgis. Passengers, Mess. Itaxter. Dennisnn, Clark, Scott, Fai ris, Cattin, Edwards, Smith, Tyler. Folsom, Fessenden, Klsworth, Palmiter, Root, Foiboss, Pre - ton, GrUwold, and Danfurth. On Friday last. Cape Ilatteras bearing XV. by N. dist. 15 leagues, snoke shin Risinir States. 7 day from NYork, bound to Savannah. On Sunday, 12 A. M. off the Woodlands, in 7 fathoms water, fell in with the wreck of the sch Clarissa k Eliza, her stern 2J feet out cf water, her quarter deck had beci scuttled and her cabin window cut larger, which appeared done Crthe purpose of taking out goods her foremast was standing but stripped principally of rigging. British K'hr. Lat shilling, iiuipfon. it! days f.oii Net is, with rum, suar and luulatsc to A. S. Ualletaud XV. Warner. Sch Fortitude, Swain, 3 days from Brandy - wine, with corn meal, to T Buckley & Son. AHHtl b.l) FFKlMi, V. S. eorveite ship Jolni - AJauu. com J. D. Ilrnlfv. l - dai fiom CinnberlanJ Sound. Li II ihe SiiVanar, Proiut'llieus, and I.ynx, cruizing off lhat stalloii. Ship Ke Junr. Hininan, in 10o days from Calcutta, Willi 1UD0 hays sugar, 300 robins alum. C boxes shi - llar, M bags sago, I - liIjiiIi - s twine, (.',3ii hid'S,'J0ti thesis indigo, 4'A) iiiatt - s cassia, iiOO ba tin nierir, o'( bmiilles while conl, 4C0 bales cotlon, chests indigo, 3 bales carpeting, 8 bales straw matting, 1 caemilze. mid stran rarpe'ts, bundles iwine, I box feather tippets, 'Jonas mdze. and Co sucks of arera, to 11. liarbeck, P. Hemsen K Co. B iladwaue, J. B. Clarkeand It. Kalston Byrnes ; uml nines, I hull pipe, nnd C nr. casks U L. I' Madeira, to Tkoaias March Co. Left, March II, the BrttnTnTtr rxsndslup, Lhza Ann, INaury mid Courier, for Boston and Salem, iu 15, 0, oo, M nud 70 davs, with su?ar, cotton, saltpetre aud ginger, and piece goods. The Gentou tor Boston, Willi sunr, goatskins nnd roltou, left Calcutta some days previous lo Ihe Essex In lat. H S long. - spoke ship Sachem from Marseilles, lor Clciitta. The Courier, from Boston, luiu reached Calcutta, having tone up the river at lite rate ol ID miles an hour. J Ship t u giiim, Jtutgeway, IJ eluyt from tt. Croix, (Bass End) with rum, suar, iLc. to .Mclick, Rogers icS.n, 11. F. Muller, Lawrence Belts, M. 41 D. B. Jacpies, P. llenisi nil Co, Sliipimm 6: Lord, P. Denint, P. Yogalsang, W. Nan Britton. Passengers, 11. N. Cruger, A. Smith, I'.sqs. J. V. Armstrong. Fq. lady hikI lamilt , 1i . J. Baxter, master J. Stiinahuni, V. Oi'ivinltc u, a'ud m. li ter V. II. Jacobs. Lett, brig Margaret z. Sarah, Kilev, just ar. from Bath, biig.Marv Ann, Walker, for Providence in 2 days ; bug Leopard, lioni Bridgeport. Ship Wm. Henry, Sealniry, f days from Savannah, with cotton,' to Unrrtii uCahuone. u2 pa j entjers Brig Amelia, Molt, 5 davs from Savanntih, with - oiioii, tuy gooos, o - e. iu 1. i ix i..nn.iti ..... .i ... ... - r oi. f,. .... . illetsil. Lawrence, A. 1 nomas, A. leyiuan, nil J. Mazes 61 Co. I' issenei rs, E. Jai U - on 6: Imnilv J. Hunter, (i. t ill nn, B. Howard tairily, C. . Law ieii e, S. W right, A. Bruce, B. Pnt'kinaii mid family, Mr. W nli.nurp, A. Tateau, It. Haheiii. in mid family, ami U.Ourdoii & famiiy, ho request capt. M. to accept ilieir niiaiii.nuiu tl.iinks lor his nitemite ami fjeiiil. inanly il. - poi lnii :H to Ihriu during Ihe pm - nxe ) Sailed in Co. ship Win. firm v,anu elir, lor.N.Yoikj and biig Alum a, for bo. too. French I. rig V iitune, fcrrvanteau, tu days lioni Nantz, with planter, wine, vun gnr, uie. lo F. Pel tier and L. Morel, B. De bry, L.ii ui , (l. Co. Bogrrt 6: Kneeland, C. Dousfet, ol PliiUdel - plia, PDessoinines. J. (j.min, F. Caille. June!, loiii!.7li, fpoKC slop lleriult.i, o Hays li mil i'ew oik lor Liverpool. June 1,1, lat .iy, Ions;. bO, spoke slop Meilora, Ui days I rum IJuM.u, for .New York. 7 pas - iengers in t!;c ii - cra;e. Br. brig Cuthaiiue, Bailies, 18 days fr. St. Kitts; v ith molns - rs, nun Ur. to A.S. Unlit tt. Bri - . - William, Bi .idles, I J. lays from St. Mart ins, with sugar, mm, 6.c. lo I'atiick, Ayinar & Co Two p.iNSvuger. Brig Mentor, Cardner, 5 days from Richmond., with roal. bound to Hudson, to T Jenkins. Schr. Bright Phoebu. - , Sniitli, 3 days from Cnr - rilnek, Willi staves &iC lo Baker Itol.iiison. On Fiiday afternoon, off Bariiegai, in 10 fathoms water, fell inwilli the schr. Claii. - sa M K.l'7H,'f oilil. i2 days from Pi. Petri', Ouail.viaOcricocke, botiuil lo .V York, w ith a eai ;o ol'niulatses, lor Caaeaux U Condom, A. Budeii, R. Coldeii, Tiiconfe Mis - silier.anil l'reilell 6i Thome. At 7 P. M. utlhat day, theC. ii E was capsized by n iucr spoul nod sunk in about an hour alter. The crew, six in iiiiiiihi t, nud Mr. E. French, and Mr, liosette Barthrleiny, passenuers, were taken onboard the Bright nothing wns saved from Ihe vessel, end Ihecicw and pa - w - nrers saved only llu - lew elolhes they hall on. The C. E. left ul Point Petre, bi n; llir.iin, Sherman, of Mew poll, dis. hg ; brig , Ji i - at, ol llarllonl, do ; bug , Pres - eoil, ul .N. liaeo, do; brig Diligent, Joues, ol I'm iliiinl, do ; si lir. liirluiiond, Buck, of Richmond, luailiic '1 he demand for Am product - was lienor than il I. nil been. Schr. lieoie Wa - hinglon, Miller, 4 days from M'oifolk, with shin;li'S, to J. . C. euine. S lir Carolina, Ins, lilays from l.ili - iiion, , C. with naval stores uiulal.ncs, to Ttcdwt.ll i'le une. " Schr. Ariadne, Pen.llelon, 5 ilav from Savan nah, with C'ltton and leather, to Crio.t & foates, J. Siiisres. noil S. Allev Passenger, B.! Vei juii, J. Duuiurth, i . Mit - nheid, .1 I'ntn.ll. Fowie, 1 Wooiholi', W. Williams, J. i. .Miller, T. Clirkc. Slap Aiii;iIiioii as lo sail for Liverpool in ti day. On Friday, ulT I lattcras, puke hug Loienzo, 5 days from ic - York loi .ii a.u - .iiii. UiT Biinn - g it, sn.iko clir Eagii, Rus - sel, Cdnys from e - Yoik, for Washington, .N.C. Schr Maria, Laihiin., 4dny from Charleston, with cotton, ash , 4.e. to Jones - Megialh, J. Milne, B. Han, J. b bail. - v, J. Ellis, nnd t oider. Piissrnsers, Mr. Al Mrs. Fiagg mid sort Mr. aud Mrs. Sinli, aud 3 children, Messrs. bcult, Paxlon. Ludlow, Lll.s. .Morn - on, J.Carr, J. W. Stillnian, Mr. FirLcliil.ti (u, Mrs. Liti!t - niau,Miss Lutle - uian, and Mis Bay niunil. fcchr. rianlcr, Oshorn, i days from Charleston, with cotton, lo llie leasler. p;.ei - .gcrs. Mis Norton and daughter, .Mi.s M I): tort , Miss F C. Col ik II, Mr. i .Mrs.?ilili - y,dHULlitei iindervt; Mr. Bai n u daughter, Cpi. Jol - ii - on A: s - ervts. Dr. i iuiilieit, and sent. ( apt. Crocker, Messrs S). B .i .vl.ew, B. Hale, A. Curb. H 3. Ciute, P llailagoau. .M - Kuy, (V. Koirers, II Kini'o - !l, C lb. we, 'lol rtun, Appell, IU, m il M - ui !.., nud Mis. Iliirns. son and dantlner. OiVfapeAlav, i.n FiiiIhv, spoke a schr. tium Pt. Petre, Guad. lur Mew - York. Schr t'h.irl. - stoii Packet, Vail, 4,Uy fr. Charleston, in bnllii. - l, tu S B Vail and C .Mor gan, o - ners. Pd. - "n., - r, .Mr. and Mrs. DnlnoiiJ .liset ll.ui.illoii, Poiii. iov, Flint, H; it, O Donnel, Map Hamilton, maj. Hnniihon jr. eapt.Lltoo, V. S. ns - vy, Messrs. l'riolen, Uml. Coi,, Mot', Buln, lM - iill.('ilill, Huniliert, J H. Priolen i; er:s Sinp leleyraph, nud vchr Souih Cur olio i, toi .N Y'.ikwi - rf iusmiI next day; brig Telegraph, lor do in b d vs. br. IVrsrveranrr. Henderson. 10 day fr St. John, .Y 8. with lime itinr, fcL L0 pueuei - rs Sthr Nev Or!, aov, initli, J days from Chailet - lestuii. witn cotlon and iubicco, lo V audi w Mi r, l het - ter i Co. 1 j pasHurer. Srhr. Charli - s I I.n s. Tiioiiinum. ii Java from 4,u,ii;ioii. uavi .wits, tu liver ali,ii!;toii. .. C.lla uavJ .Ijits. iu 11 Bremjvr ii Co. Schr Coaster, Van Name, Sdy from Korfolk, ith shingle, 10 the captain. . Sclir Brothers, Dehari, 3 day fr Norfolk, with shingles, to ihe inasrer. Left in the Itoadtj tloop AiaiKIHU, I v' i'o" " i Sloop Antelope, Stevens, o Jays from Savannah, with colloti. Jo Bogetl k Knc - elanel. Passengers, 1). Hosenl, J. Elh, V. Williams, E. Williams, S. E. Kilbout u, D. Woodnorih, C. Dexter, L. '1 ravers, S. Crosbv and Mrs. Clark and family. Sloop Lincoln, IX'lano, b uuy iroin iuinii' ton, IS. C. with lumber, lo the master. 18 pus - mx"i? . .. . . ... va.ii. .:.i. .llffKM Sloop Ann. Joiinston, aanyt irora. - oiiuiR, wnu at!1,,! - ., in .1 f - nrinun Co. Sloop Vigilant, Coinstock, 4 davs from Rich - monil. with tluur, tol.acco, .c. to VValfh &i Galla - ilirr, J. L. Bow ne, Booiman Johnston, and C. Dubois. Sloop Brutus, IlHley, S dnyt from Stonington, with cheesr, bound lo Pliilad. Sloop Spur!., Smith, 17 iIhvs from Cape Henry, llayti, with coffee, to D. J - J S. Brainerd .j Lett. June 11, ActiveTradt r, Evans, for Wihnii.g ton, in 3dvs ;sehr Country's Wonder, Copi'land, lor Philnd 20 ; Fame, Fih. Bulliuiorc as); ew Packet, Itoss, for Nrwburvport, uncrr. tloop Packet, Uttskoui,"lo days fiom Norwalk, with patsrneis. Sloop Pil.riin, Cole, 3 days from Kithuioud, with coal, to the master. Sloop Essex, from (,'liurlet - ton. Sniaitiuih, Jnne 'M Ar. brig Hero, Bailey, N Voi kjselns liiivtd Porter, Sears, do. i - t) ; lk)e - in CliHim, Wlieaton. do. 8; Mary - Ann, Pike, tlo. 11 ; Providence, Daiien, 4, with i'O U. S. tiuops ; sloops Margaret Aon, Siiattan. I'hiiiid. 10 : Mar caret. Clement, do. 8. CId. ships 'lhree Brcthrt", 1 erry, Livei pool jSricnce, Curi w, (Jieenock ;bi ig Haiiuoiiv, Forbes, fiew York. Juut2l..r. brig Tyhee, Barkrr, New York. 12 ; schr. Undaunted, VWchaibk, do. SI. Cleared, brig Huron, Mpwrutub, Liverpool. SiMtizgtiiig fhtectej. On Wednesday last, information i earned this plaee, that a ship and - dir. were hovering oft" Ihe harbor ol Poit Uoynl loi some daysil Snspiciou was awakened captain Jai kson.'ofllie revenue culler Dallas, minn - diali - - ly dibpnlched two boats, under the command ot lieiil. Hubbard, with orders lo airertaiu what es - sels thev were. They proved to be tliepulnot pn - vateer Yonii!; SpHrta'u, wilh her prize ihe Span ih ship La I'nstorn, from Caroone bound to Havana. The ship was captured about 111 days since, hs in a lull I cargonf botes mid hhle gotnls. The capiuin and crew (wiih the exception oi two boys) of ihe La Pnvtorii, "ere pul into an open boat, m si - a. Before leuviugihe ship, the crew were Healed by the - pri.alcer in a ino I sli.uni Inl manner. Part of Ihv cartjo ol Ihe prize had been simigejed on shore befoiv heut. Hubbard hnntdrd her. Be - ceipl. lor some ol the i ji go w hich had hern sinug - Kled were found on board this Young Spartan Lieut. Hubbard Ihi ii look possession ol the ship ami privateer, ingelher with a small sloop, called the Fire - Fly, of Beaufort, that ha.l aided ill currying Ihe Koodsiishore. '1 he prhaleersmoii made no opposition at first, not knowing lieut 11. to he a revenue olliier but were very mde nnd insnl - lin;, and offered threats ol violence, alter ihey discovered w ho he was. The captain and crew nf ihe Young Spattnn requested lient. II. lo put them on shore, to which he responded, by giving litem Ihe piivalc - rrs boat, wbirhlhry took and tiepiined l.ieuleiiant 11. wotiM envp detninedtheiii, but having only nine men wiih him, and their number consisting of eighteen, he thought il prudent to '.Urt them go. The ship, privnleer, and sloop, were ,Tt)iought up lo low it ou Satnnliiv inoiniiic last, and mil undergo acourt ol adjudication, lheloung Spartnn proves to be the same . 1 thai ciiplur - ed nnd brought into this port, u lew weeks sinre, the Danish brig Norherg. Many articles onboard the privateer have been reco'gni.ed, that la - louged to the Norherg. C ti aklcsto , June 20 Arrived, British ship Vitoria, M'dill, Kingston, Jam. IS day, with 52,000 specie dollars. The sch Rover, for this port, sailed 2 days before the Vitoria. On the Mth inst. oiTCapc Florida, spuke Bri tish snip St. Elizabeth, 11 daya I nun Itlack River, Jam. bound to Bristol, E. the ship Sally, for Liverpool, in company, ling Christopher, Haves, Liverpool, via Bor deaux, 59 days from the latter port. May 15, lat 86 3'J, lontf 38, spoke brig Eliza, Richard son, li'J days from Salem, bound to Brazil. June 1, lat 34 '22, long 60, spoke brig Ann - Maria, Hlan hard, 11 davs f.otn N York, bottiul to Cape de Verds. 8th, lat 44 30, long 66 3J, boarded the British brijr Chance, Cowing, 5 - i" uuunu Sloop 1jttcry, Palmer, N York 5 dav. Cleared, ship Lucy - Ann. Arnold, Liverpoal ; hr.jj - Alan - - Ann, East on, Havi t - de - Orace j sch ew - (rleans. Smith, . York CuiaLtsTo.v, June 21. Arrived, ship Laura - Ann, Wood, Boston, 13 davs. On Wednesdav hist, of T t ape Ilatteras, passed the wreck of a schr. of about 50 tons, bottom up and painted white, one other masts, with theng - ring attached to it, alongside. Bri Aim, A Hold, Providence, U. I 9 day. hng Emeraltl, Rhodes, Providence, R. I. 11 days. bell Ceres, Mills, N York, 8 day. . Sch Cnion, of York, ) Maine) Dennett, Philadelphia, 9 days, and 7 from the Cape. tloop l.otlciy, Palmer, N Y'otk, 5 days. sch Margaret, , N Y'otk, 4 1 - 2 las. Be low, bi ii Telegraph, Munro, and sch Harvest, Emery From iN Y'olk. Cleared, sell Planter, Oshorn, N'Yoik and - Newport ; sch laura, Richardson, Boston. The ship Neutrality, fiom Portland, anchored in the Roadsi yesterday morning, and sailed . - ig - iii this morning for Savannah. A sell, bound to the southward passed tlie bar on Saturday. BOSTON, June 2G Arrived, schr Phoenix, Phinney, from North Carolina. fct hr Geneial Lincoln, Whttton, from Phila delphia. tchr Peacock, Harden from Baltimore. Schr Satellite, Davis - , from M York. Schr Urchin, Paul, IroiuMYork. tloop Leopard, Ogdcu, do lHlp Rambler, Ayer, from Charleston. fclood Concord, Bulkley, Irom NYork. At Q - i.iraiitine, Ihe brig Horizon. Harmon, 25 davs lim Fort Royal, Martinique. Brig Visitor, Thomas, ol Bath, it) dayt from Havana. UO6T0N, June 27 Brig fieorge Wa h'mg - tou, Myrick, 2J days from Fayal, arrived at Nantucket nn Sunday last. Paseugen, John ft. Ltaluey, Esq. (American consul) lady and family. Ten days out, was run foul of by a ship iii theuight, w hich knoc ked a large hole through her larboaid low, started off six of her deck tdauk, and otherwise materially injured her hut fortunately tht brig was knorKrd round up - tn slarboarJ tack, which prevented tlie water from entering. BALTIMORE, June CG Arrived tchr Spry, Reaidon, 12 days from St. Thoinvs. Lat. Hi, 21, Ion. 73. spoke hip JVaria Carolina, of New - Yoi k,'J days from CharU - stoti for Ilav rede Grace Off Hattera?, schr Hiram, of N York for Charleston. San nothing iu the bay bound Up. L'A LT1.MORE, June ii' Below, British brig rrinceEs - Charlottc, 7 weeks from Guernsey, with passenger. NORFOLK, June 23. Arrived, s - hip F.lira - betli - Wiisou, Goodwiu, 6 days from Portmouth, N. II. Bii:ishchr Parker, Iliti'cll, from Halifax, yia Boston, 7 day from the latter. iloop Three M - tt - ra, Ghidsry, 4 days from N. Haven, via NYork. rAV'ANNAIf, June 1.1. Arrived ship Frances i Savah, Eol'.oo, lb dnysliotn Boslon. 6'hip Lady - Callatin, Swaine, 12 days from N. York. Cleared, l.ri Amelia, Mott, NYoik; sloop An'elope, Stephen, do. SAVANNAH. Jane I1? Arrivet!, brig Tybee, Barker, 12 days frona NYork. Srhr Uudauntci, Van Schaitk, 9 days fmm NYork. Cleared, brig Huron, Newcomb, Liverpool. SALEM, Juno Arrived, brig F.lakely, Faben;, 2 days from St. Pierres, Mart. S.hip Gentoo. of 470 tons, N. Osfiiod, master. 1 1 1 days from Calcutta. Left, shii Essex, jr. for N. York in a few days ; Friendship, Pmel, for Sa'en, smon; Nancy, Ratiibone, of Providence, just arrived ; brig Bramin, Batchelder, of Boston, do; ship Courier, StaoJlcy, do. da; ship Lha Ana, of Botloo, do.Epoke do American yesrel. ' - - nn 2G Arrived, the elerant n!lnt.hnn't...ti. schr. General Jacluou, John fchillaber, 12 day At quarantine, schr. Favorite, PouslanJ, S2 dnyt from Cape Henry, Hayli. Left, June 6, brig Geo. Waihiugtou, Lee, sSalem ; tchr. Jane, r irti, Baltimore, discharging, to tad in SO or 30 days; brig America, Hill, Boston; tchr. Ran. dolnh. iawver. of 1L1. s ilrutn .Vnarlr. Rmlih Chatham, to tail ia 3 or 4 day t; Brig Wash. uigcoQ, jooes, oi iewDurypnrl sailed ith Jane. SlKilm Junji 19 no 1.1 nn L - U n I . .... , .J i LMIjJ llC, O iay irom iv. i oik, lor si. urleant. ALF.XAf)ltlA. Jnna 9rt,riiH Rr;,;.k thr Resolution, Fisher, 27 day from Nassau, 1 Schr Enir line, Meekins, 8 dayt from N York. fteiw ltflip. I'Killil,. Av ftrtm K1Aa..i n . , - f ' ' J - ' ' ... UC1IB. Icft at Madeira, i3th May, brtgt Washington, of ewburyixrt, lor Amsterdam, 4 dayt ; Sphinx, Page, ol Alexandria, for Canton, S day ; Louisa Cecelia. Chare, for New Ynrk.4 ilan, . Dover, of Portsmouth, N. H.just arrived from Philadelphia ; ship Eliza, Keen, for Calcutta, 10 day. June 10, lat 311, long uJ 30, spoke ship cw Galnn. Liscomb. :!5 dav liom Bnn.ivi.,.. bound to Boston. ' WILMINU I O.V, N.C. June 90. Arrived shin Pilsrim, Brown, from St. Domineo. . ... - w . - - paiunij.) If tig iHcatur, uardiier, trora 1 rovidence. - Schr. Calha ine Rogers, Ketchuui. from iVw York. Schr Pally, Week, from Boston. Cleared, tchr. Liberty, llcnrick, for Boston; donp Little Sardi, Child, lor .N York. Nonroi k. June 24. Arrived shin E!'..'nhiK Wilson, lioudwin, 6dayfrom Portsmouth, NH. Ili - iti - .il n il I'aiker. MansCeid. fiom lii;f, via Boston. 7 days fiom the latter. Moop I hree bisters, Lhidsey, 4 days from N'ew - Havcn. THEATRE. First night or Mr. Cottier's engagement. Oo Mouday Kvcning, June 29, will be presented, hit - w.icvuy oi VENICE PhEsERV'D, OR, Ji PLOT LtteCOFHHED. Pierre, Mr. Coooer. JnVr, Woodbidl, (the 1st ntgtit of hitengagrnieiit) Celvidera, Mrt. bur net. To which will be added the farce ol the SLEEP WALKER. Somno, Mr. On Wednesday. THE ORPHAN. Chamont, Mr Conner; Cattalio, Mr. Woodhull. Uiirnuay, (Pie lasi nteht ci .tr. trooper's en - gagcineiii) u i - vj. uiueuo, air. Prilehard ; lago, Mr. Cooper. B R O A D W A Y CIIICUS. BETWEEN HE5TEA AMI BROOME S1RE1TI. nwooOovotiO TUB EVENING, June 29, 1813. The performance wilt commence wilh the Grand Mameluke Entry. Master I homai will, on one horse, perform innny wonderful teatt of liorieiuhiiship. The wouderful Spanish t.otse Romeo, will, after leaping over boards and bars of a prodigious height, leap over one horse, and conclude by leaping through a hogshead placed oa the back of another horse. Great Vaulting, by Mr. Garcia. Matter Coty, the Amenran hero, will go through all his elegant featt of horsemanship. Grand Trau.paline Exert ion, hy Mr. Cosiin, who will leap over the shoulders of two ineo, and conclude by leaping over lour hortct. Madame Cosiin wilt go through all her won - tlertul featt on the Tight Rope, dance the gavotte do vestris minuet, and go thiouh tiit maoucl exercise. it. CampWIl, in ll.e character of Clown, will on one horns, perforin many lean of mirth and bnrTooi - .ery, Aic. Slack Rope, by Mr. Maybe. Master M'Carn, the wonder of the' age. wfll, on one horse, perform many wonderful teat for a youth, f.nly nine year old, and conclude by riding on hishcad, hi horse in lull tpeed. 'I he comic scene of Madame Angot, by Mr. Garcia. - Canadian Peasant, or, the Metamorphosed Equestrian, by Mr. Tatnell, who will, alter many astonishing feaU. prrfonn a wonderful kip through a h.gliead, ur.d light ou Uie taddle, his timse in full speed. Still Vaulting, by Mesrs. Tatnell, Mahye, Gar cia, Coty, M'Cnrn, Willis, Thcmas, &c. t low n, Mr. Cainpbtll. The whole to com bide w ilh the much admire rem - of the Tr.y loi J. una y to llrentloid. (Clr JOHN C. HAMILTON, Comuiissioiier U - r tin; acknowledgement of Deeds, c. ha removed to the niftc - , comer of Cedar and Naitai stri - eli. Law BuildinK, Mo 1 Je2'J 1m Thirty Five Thousand dollar pine, paid at A I, L E N ' S Truly Lucky Oriic. li? Brc.ndway. . 'I icket No. o45'J, in the Millard K Owego Road Lottery, (now drawing io thi city, which drew on Wednesday last the prize of 35,000 dollar's wat told to a penlleiDun at Albany. The iniiiiber was drawn a lew miuiites prcviout to the stcuin - hoat leaving this city, which enabWi Messr. &. i: M. ALLEN to tend immediate! the pleasing intelligence (by Capt. Roorback) to the lortunate p - itsessor, and at the tame tin inform him that they would pay the cath lor Ita prtM as toon as presented. Thit niornins the lortunale holder arrived, aM Messrs. Al.LEN'ri pnid the cash for thit grand priie, lieing the largest or drawn by an individual i i this ttute. Mo. 7771, in the tame lottery, which drew last wick a priic cf 10,000 dollars, wat sold in shares and the cash paid at ALLEN'S tflke ti tlie fortunate holders. T he Mammoth prize of 70,000 dollars will be drawn on Friday week. As but few tickets remain for tale, and the lottery to be comi - k - 'ed in lest than three weeks, those who wish a chance lor thit great prize ar.d tlie floating ptiret of 10,000, 1000, 500, A - c. are advised to apply immediately at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Otic, No. 122 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel. M. B Since last New - Ytar'l day he following Capital Prize have been paid by S. & M. Ai.LEN, in amount rising 4oo, on dollar, beir.g more nnd larger prizes than have been told aod pnid in the tame period l y all the office, ia the United States, viz: Mo. 33 - .M, 1oo,ooo ; 1,536, 5o,ooo; 2.'46, 5o,ooo; 5 t 9 3;i,ooo ; 10,323, ; 10.053, 2 .ooo ; 462,; lo,ooo t 7771, to.ocoi 7771, ; ll.B'.S. lo,oooj a great number of 5ooo, iooo, looo, 1c. Je27 d."c2t 1 (fjr - T he com - luiiiiig examination of the students of Columbia Co.itgH, will comme nce, with that of the senior clns - t, on Tuesday, July 7, at 9 o'cloi k, A.,M. The att. udance ot the grMlu - let and of Ihe trustees ol the College, of O.e Rey. Clergy of the city, and ol the parcult and gar - diant oftlie itud?nts. it rcstxrtiully requctted - WM. HARttlS, Prr.CoI.CoU. Columbia Colleg', June VJ, 1S1U. Je 9 7t - A CARD. . try - At the p - .Tticular solicittit.ontof In' b dy ttibtotilier., the New - York Sait Water! floating B ilh will be removed to her oi l station u the foot of Murray - street, this day, where It wm continue open every dty. Irom suunse io tne morning, until lu o'clock at nisht. dunng tne hathing season. Il it hoped when the LdVh thit city know that tint large building, wn" will accommodate two or three hundred person at a tinu1, is exclusivelv d voted lo their enjoy - infi t ou Mondays and Wethicsrlayiol each weta until 2 o'clock, lhat they will give that encour - i - euient which such an appropriation deserve - tin h'i o(h - r dav t they have their own apartoiciiW onlv. The greatest possible attention will o '"i'"h Bath at Ihe Battery is open every dT from sunrise to 10 o'clock atnisbt.for yentir mc n only " I t OclN. 40 bolt Rosio, tuitubie for Sof It buileit, for tale hy R. i C. W. DAVEXrORT K CO. j29 35 Feck - tlip.

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