The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 18, 1945 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 THURSDAY, JANUARY 18,, 1945 Fire Power Has Increased Five Times Washington, (#)--United States naval fire power--the ability to "throw steel"--has be«n increased to 5 times its July 1, 1940 capacity while tannage of combatant ships has been tripled. Two thousand tons ot destruction packing steel can be hurled by guns o£ the combatant ships, auxiliaries and coast guard vessels in a 15 second firing run. the navy said Wednesday in the first disclosure of its punching power. That is the equivalent of 50 freight car loads o£ steel, and does not include the powder used to hurl it Firepower as well as number of ships, measures a navy's supremacy. The navy explained that behind HIGHEST PRE-WAK QUALITY. its increased fire power lay radical changes in the armament of modern lighting ships. The most modern battleship, the USS Iowa, commissioned in February, 1943, packs a wallop 92 per cent greater than the pre-Peari Harbor USS Texas. The Jowa is described as being armed with 9 16-inch guns in threes, 20 -5inch double purpose guns in twin mounts, and many smaller antiaircraft guns. The Iowa, in a 15 second firing run under normal conditions, can fire more than 15 tons ot shells. The light cruiser USS Denver, commissioned in 1942 with 12 6- ineh guns, 12 5-inch and many smaller AA guns, could outshobt the USS Omaha before her modernization by 110 per cent. The greatest increase in firepower has been shown by destroyers the latest "cans," the 2,200 ton Sumner class, lay down a barrage 216 per cent greater than the old "4-staekers" of 1918 such as the USS Chew. r LEAGUE ELECTS Rake--The Luther league of Liberty Lutheran church held its annual election. Paul Vaagen was elected president to succeed Mrs. Glenn Olson; Mrs. Wallace Leland was elected vice president; Carmen Havnen, secretary; Elwood Toft, treasurer; Marlyn Ingebritson, and John Lee Sunde and Perlon Engelby, ushers. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ALLIES REGAIN 16TH CAPITAL Warsaw Was First One Taken by Nazis London, (U.PJ--Warsaw was the 16th European capital to fall to the allies since the capture of Home on June 4, 1944. Seven others still are held by the Germans. The liberated capitals, in the order they fell, are Rome; Wilno, Lithuania; Paris; Bucharest, Rumania; Brussels, Belgium; Monaco, Monaco; Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Sofia, Bulgaria; Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; San Marino, San Marino; Riga, Latvia; Athens, Greece; Tirana, Albania; Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and .Warsaw. . Still controlled by the Germans are Budapest, H u n g a r y (how under R u s s i a n assault); The Hague, Netherlands; Oslo, Norway; C o p e n h a g e n , Denmark; Prague, 'Czechoslovakia; Vienna, Austria, and Berlin. A PELICIOPS TREAT WITH POULTRY OR MEAT SALADDRESSING SERVE TASTY fflf MOK mm MORE DfUCIOIff MACARONI First Yank Prisoners Arrive in Exchange Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, £*)-- A trainload of a.bout 200 severely wounded American soldiers arrived from Germany Wednesday as the first contingent of . approximately 9,000 allied and German prisoners of war and civilians who will be exchanged. An allied air raid on the Nurnberg area was reported to have disrupted communication " a n d temporarily stranded other ex- changees who were to have been aboard. About 350 Germans being repatriated from the United States arrived at Geneva during the night and it was understood they would be held in,Switzerland until more allied prisoners arrived from the reich. 2 ENTER SERVICE Greene--Two young men from Greene will be inducted into service. Dale Shatzer left Greene Monday for Des Moines and will join the marine reserve corps anc John Mercer will leave Greene Jan. ..25 for Fort Leavemvorth. Kan mmmmf^^fmm YOU CANT MISS WITH THESE QUALITY FOODS Campbell's Delicious TOMATO S O U P . . . . 3 ^C*i I Enriched Gold Medal Cans*.)* I FLOUR 25-lb. Sack UBBYS GENUINE DEVILED HAM $1.17 1 Point UBBY'S POTTED MEAT 2 5'/2-OX. ·%»«·-. Cans....23C No Points LJBBI'S TASTY VEAL LOAF ££..-.... 18c No Paints FOLGER'S COFFEE Pound Jar . . . . . . JENNY LEE'S NOODLE SOUP MIX Pkgs.... 25c PALMOLIVE SOAP 20C Mother's MACARONI, 2 Pkgs..... CHOCOLATE JLAVORED CEREAL Cocowheats . . . DELICIOUS 2-GRAIN CEREAli Grape-Nuts . . . .-***. 14c KELLOGG'S Corn Flakes . . 3 pk * s FILLS BUSY'S Pancake Flour . . 3 stk FJLAP JACK MAFI.E FLAVORED Pancake Syrup . . SX HAND PICKED MICHIGAN Navy Beans . . 3 «*· 25c ZENTIll WRITE GBA1.V Fancy Rice . . . . 2 "*· 19c 15c Pillsbury's Beit FLOUR, 50-lfa. A« AO $2«ZS Omar Wonder umor wonder *p- FLOUR, 5-lb. Sock 25C Fresh Broccoli, bunch 19c Cauliflower |b. 19 C Round Whites No. 1 POTATOES, A 9 -p 100-lb. Socks.. Texas Seedless GRAPEFRUIT, Full Box .. $3.50 Sunkist Navel ORANGES, it ysi ' e '. .$6.25 Rome Beauties APPLES, Box $1.88 Fresh Spinach fb. lOc Fresh Turnips Ib. 8c Cool Roasted COFFEE .b 3l Future Golden Cream CORN 20 Pts. Each, 2 No. 2 Cons Future Shoestring or DICED BEETS, No Pt,., 2 No. 2 Cans Hand Pocked TOMATOES, 20 Pts. Each, 2 No. 2 Cons. . . . . _ Housewives PREMIUM MEAT LOAVES, No Points, lb. 29* -- - BUY THEM SY THE PIECE *'* PORK ROASTS PORK STEAKS . . . i b ' A ROUND STEAKS: .' . ; . b GRADE A SIRLOIN STEAKS |£ 340 Brookfield Links.. Ib. 39c Premium Smoked Swift's Quality LAMB lb;35c Rib Chops.. Ib. 37e Shoulders. . . Ib. 33c _ · ...... lb. 35c Premium Franks.. Ib. 35c Hormel Sausage.. Ib. 35c Premium Brouns ____ Ib. IOWANA DAIRY--PURITAN SHANK HALF , b 33c I Prefnium Brouns... .Ib. 35e BUTT H A L F ' " ' ., ' _ _ - fi* · · --. · · - . . ID. J3C Chickens - Fresh Dressed - Springs. Hens FRESH FROZEN FISH PERCH FILLETS i b 45c PIKE FILLETS lb.55e .HALIBUT* b! Ill FRESH OYSTERS BONELESS COD Pound ... PHONE 542 FEDERAL e JRUIT MARKETS SHOP HERE AND SAVE Swift's Premium LARD 1 Lb. Carton Bowling in Dark Helps Flyers See By EOMNEK WHEELER An 8th Air Force Bomber Base, Jan. 12, (Delayed), (#)--To look at Capt. Victor Mozersky, flight surgeon, you would never think ms interest was bowling duckpins in a pitch-dark room, or rolling white medicine balls across a darkened floor. It sounds a bit screwy, as Mozi ersky is the 1st to admit--but it produces night-flying American aerial gunners, pilots and bombardiers who can see like cats. They are members of the 8th air force "newsboy squadron," the only American unit flyinr nocturnal missions exclusively. It was originally organized to carry on a leaflet war against Germany and German-occupied areas. Mozersky, a peacetime surgeon whose home is at San 'Antonio Tex., set up the training for night flymg when the squadron first began leaflet missions 18 months ago. American air force officers believe it is superior even to the RAF system on which it was based. With the aid of ,3 enlisted as- sistants--Mozersky processes in 2 week courses every officer and enlisted man assigned to the squadron. Pilots, navigators, bombardiers and gunners, trained to fly daylight missions in close formation, must be re-trained to fly alone at night and to find tareels for pinpoint bombing without the aid of specialized pathfinders and flares used by the RAF. Night flyers must never look directly at an object, but above, below or to the side. "The reason for this," explains Mozersky, "is that the area directly back of the eye can't see at night, and light vibrations must be picked up by eye areas which receive them on an angle." The hardest task is teaching gunners to look one way and shoot another, and to judge distance Sn darkness. A complicated system o£ lights produces condi- Thompson-ONeilCo. »!?** SERVICE GROCERS ""?« BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS W. K. Corn ._. ,, ..23c Frozen Peas,_ 27c No Points Cooked Squash __20c Spinach 30c Clear' Lake BUTTER, lb. 45 -POTATOES, Triumphs, 10 ]J. fag GRAPEFRUIT, Texas seedless, dozen 49c TOMATO JUICE, «S oi., 40 points . SYRUP, light or }r dark, 5 Ibs. for J D C .PEACH PRESERVES, pound jars 28c PRUNES, 40-50 size, Z Pounds 33c BEEF ROAST, Chuck, 3 points, lb. 26c PORK ROASTS, Loin End, 4 points, lb. . ... SHORT RIBS of BEEF, 1 point, lb. 19c SPARE RIBS, 3 points, lb. . . 23c PORK CUTLETS, 3 points, lb 35c UNK SAUSAGE, 2 points, lb 39c FKESH Dressed CHICKENS OYSTER -- FRESH FISH FLANK STEAK, 8 points lb., lb. 37c ^ 3 tm 23 Pillsbury's Best FLOUR 35' 5 Pound Sack ,, HEINZ CREAM OF TOMATO SOUP i ll-ounce cans ._ W*~ 4 FOOD STORE I,m5 N. FEDERAL-Mf OUR PWKlNf, LOT-PUnur 4 2 FRESH FROZEN FISH FILETS, HALIBUT, ETC. Ground (4 points) BEEF |b. 26c Pork (3 poin(s) SAUSAGE.. (b. 29c Grade A Mutton (no points) RIB CHOPS. . . ; . . lb. 20c YOUNG PULLET HENS Grade A (I point) BEEF SHORT RIBS, .lb. 19e Grade A Shidr. (no points) MUTTON ROAST., lb. 16c FRESH PORK Shanks |b. 20c Smoked Ib. 25c NO POINTS Decker's lowana (No Points) BRAUNSCHWEIGER Corn Country (24 points) · I Anicrioan Beauty 2 poinls) BUTTER Ib. 45c I OLEOMARGARINE. Ib. 24c HEINZ CREAM OF TOMATO SOUP 2 ^ 2Icl6,o, Stand-by (14 oz. bottle) CATSUP 24c Smile'Girl (10 oz. (in) TOMATOES 5 C Bulk SAUERKRAUT qt. 15 C Ambassador TOILET TISSUE, 6 rolls 25c VAN CAMP'S PORK and BEANS.. Doz. 95e; 3 for 25c Texas Seedless GRAPEFRUIT.. 12 for 49c Idaho Jonathan APPLES 3 Ibj. 39c 25Z Size Calif. Navel ORANGES 2 do*. 65c Crisp Solid RADISHES, 3 bunches 13e California Long CARROTS . 2 bunches19c RANCH HOUSE PANCAKE F L O U R 3 Pound Pkg «»**. ZlC OMAR WONDER F L O U R $2.19 tions ranging from fuli moonlight to hazy starlight. Trained night flyin* crews become able to distinguish objects and Judge distances in light conditions which would b* total darkness to an ordinary person. Duckpin bowling at 20 yards, with white flare cases as "pins," is one of the exercises developed by Mozersky,. Another is to sit the men in a circle around a soft white ball suspended from the ceiling. They must try to catch the swinging pendulum. Aerial photographs of actual targets are shown under Ight con- ditions duplicating what the night crews will encounter. The crews practice gunnery against silhouettes of enemy night lighters on a machine which gives the score of possible hits under various degrees of darkness. The records of the squadron proves its success. Only one plane Juf 1943 0 enemy action since Goldfield--Mrs. HarroldBygness is enjoying a week's vacation from her duties as instructor in i? e J°£? 1 W 8h school, with Mrs. O. F. Moore substituting BUYS BEAUTY SHOP N a s h u a--aiiss Dorthy Fang--- meier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fangmeier, purchased the Vogue beauty shop, recently purchased by Mrs. Hazel Cass McNalley, Greene. M i s s Fangmeier has been employed in the shop. Miss Alice Mae Dexter operated the shop for several years until she sold it recently to Mrs. McNalley. Bode--Joe Mathews of Lily, C. Dak., spent a few days at the E. O. Berkland home before his induction into th FOOD STORES GOLDEN or CRYSTAL SYRUP ... . 5-LB. GLASS 35 JACK SPRAT PEACH PRESERVES 2Se 16-OZ. JAR Santa Clara PRUNES 40/50 Size .School Supplies Pencil Tablets S 2 ,,,,,, 9c Composition Books 2 ,.,,, 9c Typewriting Pads g^^jc TypewritingPads 60c - f 9* Long Lead Refills Tub .5c CHOCOLATE SYRUP :........... 23e Jack Spr.t JI»in ur loiiied " · , . ' ' ' . -- · ' "Hoi : * Sprat EnrlcUrd . . . . pir!' 8c FLOUR 8 i'*- ^7 40 · t li»s ^^.*T7 ,, _ _ Dcrbj- Worctslcrshlrc v 2 for 25c SAUCE ;. ,f^l 9c _. ,, Mr«. Stewaii's . . . . N « n -13c BLUING 1^ 15c · C | i ». Carlir's JELLY .';a,22« BLUE-BLACK INK. ... AE. GREEN BEANS. Miyflower ivbil* Cre»n Style AMBASSADOR TOILET TISSUE 4 R .,,,20c NOLA TOILET SOAP . ,, . g c Falmoltve TOILET SOAP... . . . . . L I9c STRAINED HONEY... *V 29c NOLA TOILET SOAP . « g c Jack Sprat Palmoltr*. PEANUT BUTTER ' «fc Jack Spr»l S.lzd or Horstt.Uish ..i^.!^, r . · »·»»- MUSTARD . . . w ir-10c ^ UNO 5UDS · " k " 19c PECAN NUT MEATS.. .*.. lOc LIQUID FLOOR WAX. TOMATO JUICE Jack 46-oz. Sprot . C o n SALAD DRESSING Jack 16-ox. Sprat Jgr SWAN SOAP Regular Size 6c LIFEBUOY SOAP 2 BO. 15c JACK SPRAT HEAD LETTUCE ^, POTATOES «!*...;.££ XAM5 Kiln Dried. . Ub. IOC 2 ,,«. 25C 39c Delicious APPLES GRAPEFRUIT Wheat Cereal . ^ 16 Mason City Stores THOMPSON-O'NEIL CO. 121 North Federal Phone 312 CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 626 S. Jackson phone 996 CARL GRUPP 1323 North Federal Phon* 420 BARRETT BROS. 20 Second-Sr. N..E. Phone .« Out-of-Town Stores JOE MACKU .................... Mauly, Iowa DRDAHL VOID ................ Northwooa TED HUMPHREY ............... -·..Plymouth J. E. JACOBSON ................ Nora Springs W. S. KEYSET ................... Rndd WSM-ERKES ....................... Rockford ED MARONEY ......... ,,... ....... Swaledale D. S. i»IABB ...... . .................. Thornton BOWEN GRCPP ............ . ..... Sheffield SOLBERG SON ................. Donsherty XV. H. DIETRICH ....... ; ........... Osage ELLIAGSON'S .............. ...'.'.".. Cirpenter .ABT.WHITE .............

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