Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 7, 1944 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1944
Page 11
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Store Survey Next Week MORE CANNED FOODS Save used food cans. Remove labels, wash, flatten. Put iri separate container next -to your trash can. Save for local pickup. Make Postwar Plans - Rationing Calendar KOW VALID: Blue and Red stamps in War Book * worth 10 points each, Red tokens Riven in change for Brown and Red meat stamps. Blue tokctis given in change for Green ;ind Blue processed food stamps. Brown meat stamps Y. Z, Book 3; ned moat stamps AB. BB, CEf. Book -i; Green processed food stamps K, JU, M. Book 4; Blue processed food Stamps A3. BS, CS, OS. E8. Book 4; Suflar stamp No. SO, Book 4. Rood for 5 pounds indefinitely; Sugar stamp No. ·JO, good for 5 pounds for canning through Feb. 28, 1345. Shoes, stamp 18, Booh ), and Airplane stamp 1, Book 3, ·fiOOd indefinitely. Clasolino IDA coupons fiOpd for 3 gallons; B and C tissued prior (o Dec. U good for 2 gallons each; B2 atid C2 (issued aflcr Dee. 1) pood for 5 gallons each; E good for 1 gallon Jion-hifihway gasoline; R yoort for 5 gallons non-htphway gasoline. Fuel oil new season's period 3, 4, 5, coupons good for 10 gallons each. March 13; Fuel oil period 3 coupons expire. "M'lrch 20; Brown meat stamps Y, Z Vire. Man-h 20: Green processed food stamps K, L. M expire. March 21: Gasoline A coupon No. 10 expires. March :tl: Third inspection period. Clas: A ration cxpides. Commercial vehicles: Every 6 month: or every 5,000 mijes, whichever occur: sooner. Certificate,! no longer needed for re capping truck tires. Late applicants for war ration Book · apply in person at your local board ant present Book 3. Mason City Calendar March in--Doctor Albert Parry to speak on ''Russian Republics" at last o Institute of International Understand ing lectures at the high school audi lorium at 8 p, m, March 12--Woman's Symphony orchcstr concert. 3:30, high school auditorium, March 13-- School election. Movie Menu of Morgan 1 "Gung Hoi CECIL---The M i r a c l e Creek" en 3s Tuesday- starts Wednesday* PALACK--"Crazy House" anil "Wilh Ih Marines at Tarawa" end Tursda "Charlie Chan in Secret Service" and *'Oans way for Tomorrow" start We tints Any. STKAN'l)--"fitiadatranal D t a r y" .iiitf "Week End for Three" end Wednesday STATK--"In This Our Life ' and "Alter M i d n i l e With Boston Black ie" end Wednesday. LAKE--"Thousands Cheer" end Tuesday. Parents-Wires OF MEN AND WOMEN IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY Your help Js needed In compiling the World war II history of Ccrro Gordo County men and women. The only way the FHIENDS OF LIBRARIES, can get this vital information is by you procuring one of the questionnaires for each one of your family in the service, fill out as many of the questions as you know and mail or bring it to the Mason City Globe-Gazette, from where it will be forward ed to t he Friend R of Libraries files at the Mason City library. You may receive the questionnaire at iho Globe-Gazette or the Mason City library. Get yours now, fill it out and send it in. Yon want the record of your ;on, husband or daughter in this Cerro Gordo county history that is being compiled now. COMMITTEES AT WORK TO BUILD BETTER FUTURE Employment, Housing, Construction, Aviation Given Consideration Nearly 100 members of the hamber of Commerce sponsored postwar p l a n n i n g committees athercd at the Hotel Hanford Monday evening lor their opening deliberations on the problems that will face this community with the end of the war. The planners were divided into 13 groups, each under a chairman. Most of the evening was given over lo discussion, with definite programs still lo be crystalized at future meetings. Oral reports on the work of the committees indicated, however, that the croup: were at work on basic recommendations for the postwar period Written reports on the discussion and recommendations of the committees will be made to Chairman B. A. Webster, general chairman of the postwar planning organization. The committees considered a wide scope o£ activities and ii number of instances came up with definite recommendations. ' The re-employment co-ordinat- ing group, for instance, which i under the chairmanship of II. E Bruce, proposed a postwar cm- · loymcnt survey among local boys n the services lo learn to wha CNlcnt some of them may havi acquired new skills and will bi seeking hotter jobs after the war what number will be wanting: t( come back to their former posi ions and other information. The aviation and air traffic committee under the chairmanship of R. E. Pa nicy carried on a dis cussion on the farreaching impor lance ot air traffic and Masor City's preparation lo tie into tha development after the war. The social and educational fa CAPT. HARRISON D. KOHL INTRODUCES SPEAKERS IN LONDON--Stories ot the days that used to be i'lcw thick and fast and traditional gridiron rivalries were forgotten--well, almost forgotten--and brass hats and G. I. Joes were "ranklcss" when alumni of^the universities of Minnesota and Notre Dame had a reunion dinner recently in London. Capt. Harrison D. Kohl, son of Mrs. Roy Bosworth, 123 2nd S. E., shown at right, in the capacity of business manager of the Stars and Stripes, army daily newspaper, originator and sponsor of the alumni dinners in London, introduced the speakers, who are shown with him. At the left is G. B. Fitzgerald, graduate of both the universities, now director of athletics for the University of Minnesota, and next to him. Lt. Frank J. McCormick, Minneapolis, former director of athletics for the University of Minnesota. eilities of the city came in for close scrutiny of the education, recreation and public health committee, of which Hob Roy Cerncy is chairman. In this committee the q u e s t i o n came up as to whether the summer recreation program should be made a year around activity, what trends will become evident in education a f t e r the war and the problems involved in obtaining better husin? in the community. Setting the slage for post-war construction was considered by 2 committees--in the field of public works by n committee headed struction by a committee, of v.'bici Carl O. K h i t h is chairman, A. G. Qaummc headed a com mittce. which met to study agri cultural development a f t e r th war. Husscs and truck line (level oinncnt came innlcr the study of group headed by F. U. Focklcr anil railroads by a committee, of which C. E. Strickland is chairman. Taxes and statistics were studied by a group headed by Harry P. Hanson and d i s t r i b u t i o n by ilar- lan Cirton's committee. Absence of committee members prevented the group named fo consider postwar m a n u f a c t u r i n g developments from holding 'a meeting. This by a L. A. Mooru and private con- | committee \v'M meet latei HERE IN MASON CITY Compare Shepherd's paper now. Watkins Products. Phone 5066J. Time tested paints. Paynes. Buy your J. K. Watkins Products at 404 6th S. E. Mrs. Mae Ford. 4379 June Johnny's will lie closed until March 15 for vacation. -Sweetheart is Rood bread. A daughter weighing » pounds 5 ounces was born to Mr. ant Mrs. Dale Hobson, Hanlontown, a the Mercy hospital Tuesday. Baby Play Pens now in stock Boomhowcr Hardware. Money at 4% and 4'/i%, no commissions. Farm loans 4% 20 yrs., city loans 4V-%. W. L. Patton, 109 East State. Twin girls weighing fi pounds 8',3 ounces and 6 pounds 2 ounces were born to Mr. and Mrs. Lcon- ard Neuhring, 1011 Pennsylvaria ' S. E., at Hie Mercy hospital 'Monday. Jean Zimmcr, formerly Maybelle Beauty Show, now at Marguerite's Beauty Shop, Kirk Apts., 206 N. Federal, Phone 358. Wanted -- Beauty operator immediately, who can accept responsibility. Good proposition or would consider selling shop. Phone 1353 before 6. MOBILIZING OF RICE CONTROL FORGES SOUGHT To Check 10 "Popular Market Basket" Foods in Community A drive to mobilize price control forces among retailers UK! consumers iu Masou City will be launched next Monday .iinler the direction of the local war price and rationing board O. A. Buciuman, hoard chairman ·miiouncccl Tuesday. The survey will he coiulnctci] by -1 members of the paid personnel of the rationing: office and 15 ivomen volunteer Mr. Buchanan slulcil. Although the basic purpose of Iho store survey is to obtain bet- Ler compliance with price contro regulations by helping retailers tc understand the necessary requirements, Mr. Buchanan emphasized that the drive will serve to protect storekeepers and theii customers from black murke competition. While OPA Washington of firials cun help us by prnviclinK natinna! rules and regulations they cannot actually make prici control effective here in Masni City w i t h o u t our help," he dc clared. lie said that a stronj "compliance' for community jiro lection" program, carried on h the joint efforts of local retailer and consumers, is the only M'a "to protect Miisiui City from t!i invasion of inflationary forces.' The store survey provides fo a "schedule divided i n t o 4 spccifi action periods. They arc: 1. March 13-111--Education of retailers by price panel representatives through _i survey of nil food stores for compliance vith price reEUilnlions. 2. April 3-8--Second chock of lores where violations were dis- ·ovcrcd to determine whether torekcepcrs have c o r r e c t e d errors. 3. April lfl-1")--Meetings with ationint! hoard price panel for all storekeepers found "out of ine" during the 2nd survey check. 4. April 17-May 1--Deliberate violations referred to OPA dis- rict o f f i c e for immediate enforcement action. u I h c survey, i n "popular market-basket" foods will be checked for selling and ceilins prices. Chairman Buchanan explained Tuesday in pointing out that hoard officials, retailers, business men and housewives here liave lonp recognized the need for t store survey. "We'll have effective price control in this area only when everyone of us. retailers and consumers, realize tiiat it's our personal responsibility/' Mr. Buchanan said. MASOX CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Tuesday, March 7, Ifll I 11 RED CROSS WITH PARATROOPS--Many Rod Cross field directors serve w i t h the dangerous puratroop battalions, and some have jumped with them. Here Assistant Field Director William Robertson (3rd from l e f t ) jjocs aloft; with Fort fSrajfff paratroopers on a training flight. This is one of stores of ways in which the Red Cross serves the men in the service. for service with VOLUNTEER FOR NAVY-Thcso 5 lads, who had made application .,,. ,,,,._ ,,,,,, the navy through the local recruiting office, left for DCS Moincs, JMonclav for further examination to determine their qualifications for entering t h a t branch of the service Tha picture, taken at the Canteen here, shows left to right: Harold Dwaine Fletcher Jr Harold Charles \Vass and James Henderson Rockwell, all of Mason Cilv; Russell Will-'am Rasmus, Garner, ami Howard Charles Boiler, Goodell. W. D. Lattimer. representing'the Citizens Victory comnutteo, was present with going-away gifts for the young vohm- tcers. (Lock photo, Kayeney engraving). Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT I wish to announce that 1 am a candidate for State Representative, Republican ticket. Primary election June 5, 1944. W. H. NICHOLAS ' Red Cross Services No. 6. Helps File Claims Should the casualty sections of the army and navy departments have difficulty in locating the next-of-kin, the American Red Cross, through i t s nationwide organization, co-operates with them in the search. Also it helps dependents prepare end file claims for the benefits to which they may be entitled. This is only one of the many services of the American Red Cross. HOTELS PRAISED FOR BOND SALES Gillam Gets Letter From Treasury Official Hotels of Mason City were praised Tuesday by the U. S. treasury for t h e i r part in the sale of more than 3100,000,000 worth of "E" bonds to the public by the nation's hotels during the 4th war loan drive. "The hotels of Mason City arc to he congratulated for the splendid manner in which they carried through their program to sell bonds" declared Ted Gamble, manager of the war finance committee of the U. S. treasury, in a message to Joseph Gillam, Mason City public relations committee chairman of the American Hotel association and proprietor of the Hotel Ead- mar. "Through their bond selling efforts the hotels of Mason City performed an outstanding public service. They daily stressed to the man in the street and the woman in the home the need of buying t h a t extra bond." Glcnwood J. Sherrard. of Boston, Mass.. president of the American hotel association also sent congratulations to the hotels of Mason City for their successful war bond program. "Congratulatians on a job well done," wrot'c Mr. Sherrard to Mr. Gillam. "Credit goes to every hotel which participated, large and smajl. Now we can plan for even a greater war bond job when the 5th loan comes along." Mr. Gillam said t h a t the hotels' contribution l o a t h e 4lh war loan drive would be boosted well beyond SI00,000,000 when employes purchases and investment purchases by hotels are totaled. Service Men Helped by Red Cross Several thousand servicemen and their families benefited by the home service work of the Cerro Gordo county Red Cross chapter in 1343, according lo R u t h Giard, homo service secretary. These services ranged from investigating illness in the family at the reiincst of a serviceman to giving f i n a n c i a l assistance to servicemen's dependents. Miss Biard said. "When a man is away al camp or overseas, the Kcd C'ross home service is his direct link wilh home in lime of emergency."' the Incal Red Cross home service secretary slated. "Through the local home service a serviceman can quickly cut information rrfr.irrtinfr family health, welfare and living conditions. In lime of emergency he may apply for a loan or a grant to meet pressing family needs. Red Cross home service also supplies information requested by the military for use of commanding o f f i - cers in decisions regarding emergency furloughs. "Tiiis is one phase of t h e Red Cross program which is conducted by all of (he 3,756 chapters in the nation, and is a required activity. As a result, a soldier, sailor or marine overseas is never any farther from his family t h a n the nearest Red Cross worker." The 4 major functions of Red Cross home service arc: O) comm u n i c a t i o n and i n f o r m a t i o n .service men anil t h e i r families, (2) co-operating w i t h m i l i t a r y authorities by r e p o r t i n g on home condilions and social histories (3) assistance to servicemen, ex- service men and t h e i r dependent? in presenting claims for government benefits, and (4) f i n a n d a aid and g u i d a n c e for dependents of servicemen ami veterans. "Regardless of what the request, like all Red Cross services home service is absolutely free. Miss Giard said. "In lime of illness or emergency concerning a serviceman or his f a m i l y , "the local Red Cross chapter should be your f i r s t call for information and aid." Car and Truck Collide on Curve Near Ventura A car driven by W. B. Lcnnell. Charles City, and a truck driven by Alvin Meyer. Garner, collided at a sharp curve near Ventura Monday afternoon. No one was injured but the car was badly damaged, according lo the report made at the sheriff's office. ROTARIANS HEAR CONCERT BAND Program Furnished by Local High School Holarians met a !;i picnic style Monday noun at Music H a l l , where tlicy listened lo the hii-li -school band, sang l u s t i l y for the high schoolers' e n t e r t a i n m e n t , and almost foi'Hol the nomination of j candidates (or the boaid ol! directors. . _ Once they were in' t h e ' s w i n g o f . it. however, nominations floated j to the speaker's table almost a s ; easily as the snow fell outside i and when Father C. B u r n e t t i Whitehead, president, asked Cor! an expression from the club t o ' cease f i r i n g , no less t h a n l a names had been offered to f i l l the 5 vacancies on the board. Nominations included A. C. Quammc. F. C. I-ovcll. Father C. Burnett \Vhitchcntl. Waller Walker, Harold Campbell, lioh Koy Cerncy, C l a y t o n O. Hart. Waril Hamilton, Carl D\vyer. M. I). .Imid, Allan F. Heck, liarl Smith, 1.. G. Hawkins. Frank f u m e and ?.I. C. Ljnvsnii. They will lie voleil iijxw at a later date. Carlcton Stewart led the band in ii n u m b e r of concert selections, i n c l u d i n g "Victory of the Gridiron," "Concert Overture." "Pacific Echoes," fCEituring Charles Kirsch, cornet soloist, "Bride of the Waves," featuring Bob Jackson, baritone soloist. "The First Movement of American Symphon- cttc No. 2." ".Scenes From the Sierras." "Caravan Overture,' 1 and Sousa's march. "Thunder." Rotarians in n l tendance were "charmed" by the program. Father W h i t e h e a d . president of the service club slated it. and the excellence of t h e performance ERICKSQN, Ohio Drought Krokcn 1$ u c y r u s, Ohio. (U.R)--Ficccnt snowfalls in the mid-west have assured numerous small cities northern Ohio t h a t they will not Inck water during the hot, summer months. Most towns draw water frotn reservoirs or wells. Water .supplies were threatened by a drouKht which saw no snow in Ohio in January for the first lime in 5n years. S r E A K K K -- U i i c - liir diaries ICv:u:s S u l i o f i r l d , president of Southwestern c-ol- lese, \Vinfielcl, K:ins.. is to he the speaker nt the I.entcn Sanctuary service Wednesday evening: at 8 u'clcek in the First Mctlioclisl church. D n c l n r Selin- field h;is served as pastor, district s u n c r i i i l n u d c n l . president nf u theological seminary and now as president of Southwestern collcRC. He is liein;; prom- i n e n t l y im-nliruicd as one who mii, r M he' elected Jnshnp id the south c e n t r a l jurisdiction next June. Funeral Rites to Be at Hampton Church Mrs. M i 1 f n r d Krieksnn, 30, Dows, sister of Mrs. R. E. Chambers. 2:M rlh N. \V.. died at n hos- p i t a l in H a m p t o n Monday night. She had been a resident of t h i s v i c i n i t y since lEtli). Mrs. Krickson was born kmelinc l..cnn;m. March 11. 1UO-1. at Gardiner, !\lc. She moved to Mason City w i t h her f a m i l y in 1!)1!) and attended I ho Mason City schools. In .Inly 1SI2-1 she was married to M i l f o r d Jackson at DOWK and had m;ide her home on a farm near there since t h a t lime. Surviving are her husband and ·1 c h i l d r e n . M i l f o r d . Jr., IS). Elaine, 17, Jimmy 10. and Joanne :i, and 5 brothers. Llewellyn Lennan, South Gardner, Me.. William and A l b e r t I-eimau. Chicago, and Everett and Charier; Lennan, Mason C i t y , and one sister, Mrs. Chambers. She was preceded in death by her f a t h e r last IVovcmbcr, and by her mother, in 1!)!^!. F u n e r a l services w i l l be held at I he C a t h o l i c church at Hampton, with Father Vcrn Cross in charge. iiven by the nish school students and loader. Guests of the club wore Kotar- ians C. W. H a r r i n g t o n . Mexico, Mo., and Kred lveix»n. Iowa Falls, Honorary K o l a r i a u W . I I , H a t horn, W. P. Butler. Pfc. H. Bntler and Mark Giere.' Mason C i l y . M. L. Tracy, manager ol 1 l i i e Hotel I l a n ford. h a n d l e d iirran.i;cinenls for the luncheon. The newly p I a t] n c (i George Washington Memorial Parkway fiurn Great Falls, Mil., to Mount Vcirnon w i l l add a n o t h e r Washington r e m i n d e r to the n a t i o n a l cap- i t a l s h r i n e of the nation's first presidem. FKAMi .1. ENBUSK Avidiis - Systems _ ISuy War Savings I'.onds and Slainps from yinir (ilohc-Gav.ettc carrier boy. Tax Srrvicc TAX ATTORNEY CKHTIFIK1) PUI5UC ACCOUNTANT I'ir.~l X a t ' l Hank r.lilc. Plionc 9 NICE FRESH EGGS 33c a Dozen MORRIS FOOD STORES Wood acquires enhanced values when converted into a plastic by i n t r o d u c i n g chemicals which react with its cellulose or lignin content. Just Received 300 NEW PATTERNS GLASGOW TAILORS 8 SO. DELAWARE 214. SO FED MARKET PHONE 916 NORTH IOWAS LARGEST MARKET Fresh Ground Country Style Bulk PORK HAMBURGER SAUSAGE 22 Ib. 4-POUND BOX BACONS' 75c MULBERRY SLICED Point Free . Ib. 19c TENDER SHORT CUTS Ib. 30c MEATY NECK BONES 5c SUGAR CURED BACON SQUARES Point Free. . .Ib. 18c This year give mare! The RED CROSS is at his sis and the Red Cross is YOU! n General Eisenhower says, "i consider Ihc Rod Cross as an auxiliary of my army and we simply could not gel- along without- it"-you know Red Cross is doing a perfectly magnificent job over there. Keep it there! GIVE TO THE RED CROSS UNITED HOME BANK Mrmhr 1'rrirrn! TRUST CO. OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR Corporation FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS

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