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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1818
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- - ., - .... - - j. - r - - jqiMBKR;5005. MONDAY, JUNiJ n 1818. NO. 19 :WIL1 JAM - STREET. . ... For Sale, Freight or Vharter, ... .( The ship TllOM AS NELSON, just . Wriiveil fiom New - Orleans she in ft Taiilt, strong vessel, well fount!, burthen viuit toiw, ea" ue sent t0 - ea Kt tl ifl'nS ' ence - h now lies at Brooklyn, where she tf. be examined - Fortei - ins, apply to u; w ltOGEIla V CO. 235 Pearl - street. W,i..ltJ In f hnrlr. ' A rni SHIP. ol about 300 tons to ,ioad iu a southern poit for Euglahd. ,'7,18 6Q South - stres.1. for t 'i tight or i.httrter, i iw 1'iiriii AM - I Virjitfm - thi n: i in t.iiiir.ltLe ordf ( .i,ui.l tirocKtJ tu a southern port immedi ately! f required. For tums, apply to the uias - '20 W.& S.CRAIG, g Tg. PH. DE Ll'ZE, 71 'rt ushiuglyu street, j offers for salt:, "ul, c Claret Wiue IMJ rami J lucaas J - u - gundyJ Wine 10 ili Muscatel. I Received per brig Leo, Irojj Marseilles and entitled lo debenture. j : A Lot?, 15 caes Glass Tumblers 85 di Olivs ... i do ci. .... Several invoices of French Silk Good and li - wn camhii. Us, rt.t - ived horn Havre. Je i7 im c ti& l.t.. - iSk.LJ, ON f.ivoijUfc erii', for a lung term of years, 4 lots 1.1 i'i union Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending t" Cvsby - etrrui, between Hester and Graud - st'eelS 4 lutein Water - Vret, near Catharino - marke'. l tot iu Water - street, between Fuitou and Burlmli:i. Also, several otlier Ij'.s in tlio atli, G:h, 8:h tnl lO'.li ivardi. - For particulars, enquire at No, Chathaui street. may 8 rjT rTuxirroKlT mm 1 U Si'iiil ruriientiiK', uod 2 - lo lloiii, s'lita Lit fT waii boilers, for M f 8 - i itei - k - sliii, by ittJ 11. tC. W. DAV ENfOllT A: CO. f'Vil'l warn: tKAD, ic. ) J kezs Loinkirt White Lead Uc. in oil SO Barrels do,lr talis ucati H tons Red Lead 30 barfeli Bristol Red Ochre JO do Venetian lied tons Otit' Litharge M boighe.ds Whiting . . 60 caiks Paris Whits ; 1 lihds. Verjigiis 50 lierces lenrh Yellow Ochre 5 lii Veriailiion 4 cstUs l'ruMn Blue, 40Olh. Crome Ytlbwj falcnt Yellow Spanith Drown, Vent!iiii Red, Yellow, IN OIL. BIhcU, ' I Verdigris, J Lampolack i Ivory B!nck s Pnrplo Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintsetd Oil 400 boxei Window GUn, assortfid on the luirest term!, fur cash or at short credit, by m'fclt SCHERMERHORV k SONS, ,v 24J Water - street. t'i.As 1 MIUF f AKla ilAiNUFAC 1 OltV, At tlrt! 'o.,t of Harrison - street, North - River, it 7" H ERE manufactured Platter, foreorni - V V f s and other purposes, nwv b bad. war - rantu'1 ol'tlie first quality, at ant dollar and torn - tJirtctntirtrlnuhel. ' The manuiaclory is conducted by Mr. Joha Tucker, wbohas served a reguiw api - reutice ' sin a tolbe mason briatis. ml. i!l JOHN BYERS. 6i IU.E.N COFFEE A low bhds very grctu r Jamaica cofft - e, lor sale by V R. GILLESPIE, J 30 .112 Front - st n et. J011. HLrFERNAN',lS!ouUi - itreet, olkrs for sale 51 ceroonsCnraccas Flora lnditjn 27(1 bales London market Goat fckins 5 do. small do. 1 1 skins dates tl bbls sweet frcth shelled almonds 3fceroons hitter do. do. i 7b do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. rsrraway do. JuneO 1m B RICK 50,000 hard bricks, tor sale by Jane 17 Ifa t ront st. f vRtMICALi, COLORS, ic j Essoin Salts, in casks of 2cwt LuupMaenesit, in casts Do iIj small squares Calcined do in trials Rochelle Salts Acid Tartar fitris Acid, Blu Venliterin C.kins dtent yelUw, Kiags Yellow Kfiului of Antimony GUSS, BUTTONS, c. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in wainscout cases, liueiy Caiil.ed with apparatus couipiclu Duelling Pistols, incaics l!old Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Bells Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Coperplatrs for engravers Mathematical Instruments Rolling Paralel Rulers Manners ciinpassi s, telescopes Opera glusies, microscopes 3 setts splenduLclussine.) carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - strert. ly IU.I S'rt).E.S.BRIS rOL WAKE. BOl VJT TLE'd, ic tJOO small site Grindstone!, tO large do do 5 to 14 cwt Weight, each oU crates Brirt l Ware Gallon li half gallon Bottles for wins Cbamiiaica full siti! O'jart do l.i.idon and wine Pint do. (in small size Hampers; Gallon & half gallon Dtrrniiohns Long tipped Pines, from 16 to 'i I inchr Large bowl Negro do. and 1 cask English inreaii, just received, ami lor sale hy WILLIAM COW LEV, Jitlm 164 Wafr - streef, fUti SJLK, by MM US A .1.DOK, No. 7. ooncsila the Park. A Aho'tes Sicily LEMONS, in fiae orJer, in kf Ints t: suit purchasers. J C TANKEE.d A: hbsrlA DLCK. iO bales "jj 'asei company yellosv do L a) pieces Rus.ja Duck, rectived per sloop . GOODHL'F. fz CO. Jj?4 44 Souh - treel. ill - ,l:l1'3 new MsP of tl Wotld.on Po ll,0,""r rPflc' - 10 dollars u V cu ",:l.lO dollars i rvel ii.g Man awl Dinnb rj . 3dol!. , ' I l!"' - liidians. - il 50cts. 't,t.nrr - tio SUV. KwimIU large Map of the Uuitcd t - jr d"'la. fJL - "d 4 Sheet Maps of Europe itilZ' PRIOR A: DUNNING, - 1 !L. 111 Wattr - stret. Irjrs'h' hales '.oltou now landing, a Ehzi, and Geuria, from Savan - fbwsrs fr.r. . " Cotton, in l"tl tr suit pur - h Uii y HENRY THOMAS, N o. 2 Jones lace. f RICL. 90 liercti Hire, landing Ironi Arabella, at Murray's wharf, lur sale by CLARK, ftlOOHE U CO. Je 17 ' 41 Soslh - street. (JAT J'INKTT IVARI'5, made of sea Island lO Cotton and liztd in the cLain, for sale by WM. CAMfBKLU J5 197 Perl - slrfct. IJOiVlLSi'ItJ H OIHr.R WAKK&. rpHE sur)crilieri keep conitantlyon band an J. eiteiisi ve asiortnieut of (lie following foods, LIutah and English B rooms - Duller, - or Counter Uruthes Hearth Brushes, fancy anJ common llenil do do 'do Cloth do do - io Weaveis do Vihs Wash do Shoe Si Scrubbing do faint Bruslici and Sah Toola t.laaip?, 4,7, f! row Furniture ! rushes Horse do Bed Curds, ('iothes Lines Sah Cords, Tr;.re Roiva. , Gunny Bags, i'opes Heads Crumb Bruihet Cellovrs, fancy and common Do tor Elacksrnithi Hall nnrt Entry Mati Fails and Tubs Wheel - Burrows Fine Vire Sieves Un Hair do V"1iijis of every description beine, ewing, wrap. iu, t.'alciiig and ball I'vune Fish I. ires Shoe & tudlers Thread Ui'iiruoru'i UaliaD - cet, A.C rourk. aim, ui J i Nriils and Urad I ,. Which they will s!ll whlenale cr on li beraJ terms. . CtBRA 4 CHOllNC, J, f ' 7S reailrstrfet. HKMUYt.H. JAMES P. AMJOK has taken the store No. 7 Park, recently occupied aa a Iulies' Auction Room, where he intends eetublihhin' hfchrelf first nte GROCER, and intends l!iu for ca b only, and At inch pric es aa will make it iho iuterest of ilio catli puicha.Trs t. call as above, wutiVtietiA'tor suiu a gcue.. aorlmei.t of Tea?, late imporlatloB Pure old cognac brauJy, of superior quality Jaiimicrt fi.ii it, llollaod "in, American do Mailcira, L. P. TeuerilTe, Old cherry, Port & oilier wuies Lot, dun and Asierican parter, Boiled cider Fpcrm. oil and candles Fine iM Holland mid Amcrirsn checc Well tlavorcd niiic, FicjvPrun", Almonds apices', Kert fioa - ii - h riesrs, Draught porter fiirei l oil, &( Conalanl htletiil ince will be j i vf.i. and rili f.tvori d jly appreci:ilnd. J.liie J J tf Q W EE Y ti(L. 'M cneiU r'lMtnee cil, jo Let - O tit) each, foriaie ty CHAS. L. OGDEN, & A BR. OGDEN, Je 10 hi Wat instin - strci f. rV M.iJJKlli.J & t'OilVULVK. $ ca - ks Madeira, mid C hhds while portl wme, lor aalo bv " ROBERT CILI.E - PIF, June 1ft 112 Fronl - t "k LYNCli, pin. tat No. 40 W illiaoi - tlrcet, l jLy . hasoDhau.l (be following WINES and LIQUORS, selected with judgment by himself, w!ii. h he utTers at wliolesilo anil retail, u ar - anttd pure, at imported 100 KIT I M.f - '3.ol3 40qrca.ks S Old Madeira, iu bottles, from 3 to 20 years Champaigae, Burgundy; Claret and Sautcrnc, of very superior quality . 7 pipes dry Li. - bon, 7 years old . 7 do Sherry, uino years old, and Tree from Boracha taste Port, in pipes and bottles Table Vine, fir tls quality; the cheapest in America TeueritTc, in hhds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing five gallon3 each 50 grocc wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, and countrv deal ers, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and liquors at the above esta blishment, astbey will berertaiu to obtain arti cles of the firat qualily, at the lowest prices, and pure as imported. my 'J vm ,1 ILLINE TTS, Itc. A general assortment i W I f tin illinnf f ft ftlirltn..ft cliM.1 i ntvs. ft afta ....I.UI.I.I !. ..m.o, knitting ant' sewing cotton, for sale low, by Will. CAMi BELL, manulacturer, JelC 197 Penrlstiei t. raMff - FLTKi, TKsiCL - CU.IlMi, Ac X 200 boxes tin plates Sit casks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 60 casks Roman Cement, now landing, and lor sale by ANDERSON Si Hi RAKER, 131 water - sucet. Who hare in tlnrt, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoes Sheet Brass of all sizes Bran and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallet. Ladirs work Boxes Kc. my 25 HARDWARE, CUTLERY iic.i casks Scotch spring Locks 5 raiks plate Loeks, ldo Steelyards I do chest handles. Sic. I do screw plates, Kale beams, ic. I do brass cocki, kc. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets t do tiuM pots and sauce paus 2 do fine padlocks 4 do llanbury locks, lunges, Lc. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do 111, hinges, &c. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do blucfc li bl ight vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen ami double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brad. from 3.1. to C0J. Also, a large and general asortuicnt of good; open on tlio shelves, for side at the umst reduced prices by ADAM3 Si BLACKWELL, nw 7 215 Pearl - st. DO .WES I'tC tiOOIJS. WM. CaMI'BELL. Manufacturer, liters lor sale on reasonable terms, at bis store 107 Pearl street, a fres!) supply of the following goods, vi. l&'O ps. white iuillinets,'JianJ?omc!y btaach'd P20 do blark d ' Mill li'.i.l.M 20 cases bleach'd and utibh'acb'd shuetings i alurtinj; ; together with an asorlmeut ot ll's Knitting and sewing ctton. Je 16 Nlil.lSH HAMS, BACON, c. just mi parted by the suirs. rilier, Double Gloucetter, Uol tun and I'nic App e Clie'Se,ol a very superior quality ; Yorkshire and WiiUbire Hams ; sides and ditches of B - iron, of a tuerior quality; Eng lib Lard, in bladders, and small lirkmi: (nai and Bri.tol Stone Ware ; b.rge Bottles ; Pipei and Demijoluis ALSO. A general assortment of Groceries Fish Sauces, i.c. for sale cheap, fo' cash, t'V EDAARD BLACKFORD, 15? (iret nwich - street. Best Havana Segars, iu qr. boxes JetSlm PHF..NIX LANK. A DIVIDEND of ttirce pr.cent for lis mont'if, ending the jOth instant, has been Ibis day declared parable to the stockholders on the first of July nernU By order of the board of directors. Jrl7 liu D. I. GEEENF, Cnsbier. 1KOS d l EEIft. HK bundles round Rods 2U0 dn Kod Iron 30 do - oach - spring Sleel 0 do German Steel. 'J00 do Hoops jut received and far sale by ANDERSON - SHEARER, Jc5JTw at 131 Water - street. CIDER C 11 ANDY. 54 barrels Cider Kran - dy, just received, for sale by ' ANSOiN G. PHELPS, Je3? lid Front street. PAIL - VP SHOP U Will IE i'AI.N'1. rb tons patent Miot, (assorted numbers for the teason) 4t) (ir. cwt. kegs White Lead, ground in oil, from ll.e Manuiattuiy of J. Walker, Maltbyi Co. of Liverpool, now landing from ship Draper, and lor sale by TUCKER LAUR1ES, ' Je 23 2D South - street. HIBBETS BEST DOLBLE BROWN STOUT. b0 casks, selected by a friend in London, superior to any in this market, lot lale by D. LYNCH. Jniir. Jt I Ira .40 William street. BATH, THE subscriber respectfully inform the citizens of New - York, travellers and invalids, that his house at BATH is now open for their re - ception ; its situation is, probably unequalled on tliK continent within a shoit distance t f the city and in view of Sandy Hook; It presents the finest prospect, and lor salubrity of air nnd the advantages of Sea Bathing is probably, wi'houl a rival. He has erected several new liathing Houses, nnd a floating bridge to receive the team - boat his larder is wed stocked with all the delicacies of the season.' Travellers frnui the southward can be accommodated with Boarding and Lodging on reasonable terms, and transient persons wiit bud it a healthy and agreeable retreat. - JOH. COLEA1AN. ' A CARD. OrT The subscriber rrspectfullr notifies the puinir, that passengers lor ti A I tl and u.e "f V. - J. "... 4 ,. hUWo in ll.o steam Doal nautilus wnr, en sun - day nt xl, nnd until further notice, be taken from - Hal! at 10o"rli:ck inllie torenoon, (ins tead of 5 o'elock in the morning) and will be cal - Ifil'.nr.ajjaiii abr ut half past 5 in tlx al'tern - iou. r.osure bouts tan come up with safely to the biid;o. JOHN COLEMAN, Jf list Im bouttern HulrKlujW t wX'nt k, i. BE it rciio inl - eieil, that on the twenty ninth day ot August, in the forty second year of . (bo iiiiitpeiuteucc ol tbe United Statel L. S. of America, Daniel l. ' Arden, of the ' saiil ilintrict, bath clepoiited in this office the title ol a book, the right whereol beclaims as proprietor, in the vvouisand figure! foilotving, li wjt ; Kexdiiig made easy ; or, a newtcuidu to spelling and reail'i'g ; in four parts. 1st, containing vfiruu aipbahtts und nearly (wo bundled sjiellinioid reading lessons, by regular grada - tioi.s, liom the uioitc.syto the ditlicult, and in tvbich the words are divided nnd accented, ac - j cordintr to the purest pronimriatiofi. 2d, a vocabulary of words nearly alike in sound, but dif - lero.nt in spehing and signithation. 3.!, Icssns in reading anil reciting. 4tli, outlines of geography ; a sketch ol tirauiiuar ; aobteriations ; aritiimeticul tables ; lind prayers for the ue ol 'cbools. The whole rendered piensing rtr.d iui - preisive by ne - at nnd appropriate cuts. By Wil liuiu Litlie, A. M. Inconloimity totbe act ofcongressof (he Uuitcd States, enmied an act for tbe ( ncourage - meiit of learning, by securing the copies of umps, eharU and booli to the authors and proprietors olsueh copies during the times ther - Mn mention - I'd," and also to an act entitled " an act supplementary to Hn act, entitled, an act for the encou ragement cl learmnt;, by securing tbe copies ol maps, charts and books to the authors and proprietors ol such copies, during the limes Ibtrein mentioned, and extending tbe benefits thereof to the arts ul urriguing, engraving uud etching historical and other prints. ROBERT FINN, Clerk of the southern district of New York. Ja8d4w .tn" musk: JUST poMfchH ami for sale at WILLIAM DU HOIS' pianoforte aud mu;ic store, No. 10 Broadway, Thine am I mv faithful fair; the soldier's bride; aud from childhood's dawn to noon of youth as uug by Mr. 1 bilipps. Ah can I e'er forget thee love The celebrated echo soug The inspiration, eacrcd melody The San on air, with variations, by Cramer I lav du's celebrated couzonqt, My mother bids me biud my hair, ai a i ondo r wenty lour sonatas, for young performers, by N. B. Challoncr The &tse Cobourg waltz, wllh variations The Sophia Waiu The storm rondo, bv Steibelt Je 12 V. - .mI A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newhurgh. containing 133 acres, 33 ol which are Woodland, the reit is div ided by good fence into a due proportion of meadow, arable nul pasture land. The buildings are parflynew ; the bouse convenient for a small family : its situation is equalled in beautv by lew on the river ; the advantages, from the vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society and good market, with the facility of communication with Mew York, render it a dtsiralile residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of the rest w ill be made easy to the purchu - er. Apply on tne premises, to je v:t ti i. v r.rt,t - L,A.M,i. KXHIRITIO or THK TINE ARTS, COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY. A'. 146 Fulton - it rtetf near Hroadtrny. THE proprietor cf this valuable aud extensive collection cf picture;, embraces the opportunity of informing connoisseurs aud ama teurs of the r.uc arts, and the enlightened public of New - York, that the gallery will in future be open from C in the morning till half pat 10 aj lit. from 8 in the evening to half past 10, the gallery is bi - illiuitly lighted up, and the admission onlv C5 cents These pirturcs have been collected, at the expense of 2500 dollar?, and are aUownt, by the be;t judges, to be the finest specimcus of the art ever exhibited in the United States, being rm, selected with peculiar care, from the various cabinets iu Rome, Naples Florruce, Am sterdam, Paris and London, aud the works of the moit approved painters, Loth ol the ancient and modern schools - , and are undoubtedly oiiginals. Artist,", ladieiTirgeutlemcH, will be entitled to study, or copy auy of the pictures, by becomiug subscribers. Ladies or gcutlemcc, who have subscribed one dollar, on paying another, will be considered subscribers L - r Iho scasou. Wr3 Admittance, for the day and evening, 50 cents ; for a mouth, $1 ; for the season, catalogues included. TO BE LET. At a verv low rent, from the present time till the Islof May uext, the A TORE, CI Fulton - street, with a back ROOM, aud large CELLAR below. Je24 1m A Ml UATIl.N W AN TED. V PERSON whohas been engaged in business wi'bes employment in soma counting bouse; is well acquainted with book - keeping by double entry, at cording lo Bennel's plan ; can give respectable refer uces. A line addressed lo S. T. V. and left at Ibis office, will be attended to. June 54 Iw 17ANTS A SITUATION in a resiieclaliie f family a youne lady of rcspectahilitr, who is well acquainted with the inantua making and uiiiinary business, and likewise every kind nf line heedie work. A note addressed to Z. K. and kit at this office, will be attended to. J25 IsvJ A WET NURSE. A young woman with a god breast of Milk, willies a situation ai WetNurve, ia a respectable family. Sbe can give the most satisfactory references us to character and ahiiity. Enquire at 4tf3 Gaeawith - strvch Je2J lv , - 4 FOR SALE, AMMBER of elegant, carred, white fie. stone Mantles and Jamb ; amy be Km at iVo. 3J Murray street. Je "0 tf Vi5 1 ne suUciiber oiler for sale hit leni SutjMence jn the. town of Fa'rfitld, stute ol Couiicciicut. It is pleasantly situated, co the' Bostim road, about half a utile from Long Island Sound, 55 miles from New York and 20 from NewHaren. Tlie house and out - houses are in exeelleut repair. Tbe Iruit yard is well stocked with 's variety of peaches, apricots, cherries, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicinity a(iemies for the educatioa of youth of both iexci r rum one tosi acres of excellent land, at (lie opiion of the purchaser, can be had with the hog.e, ai.dtbe purchase money, if desired, fail remain on inteiest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. 76 John street, N. Yoik, or to the Hon. JONATHAN ST URGES, Fair - field, Connecticut. ray 6 dti DAVID ELY. , J.i.V.V 'tf .flwYi I - BILIOUS 1'ILLH. f HIGH have been attended with a degree V rf success highly grateful to tbe irmnt - otS feelings, in several parts of the West Mies, aniMhe Soutlnn and Middle State, particularly w 5uJVf York. Philadelphia, Baltimbre, &c. Tpef.peralion oftbete pills are ptrier tlv niitil. jo av be used 4y persons iu every situation and Jc'very nge. , i htaf artexlellenllymdapted to carry of iu - pe'v bile, and prevent its morbid secretions ; I'f'tipfnre nndanitnd the npjietite ; to produce a 'rtt, . inspiration, and thereby prevti.triiidi wlucii nre ollen of fatal couseiiuence. A dote never i . i!i (o remove a cokl. it tnkeu on its first p;..t,"iiHe. They are an intailible preventive ol Uitiius and Malignant Fever, and should be prbuvired lorui - e, by every seaman and traveller. Prepared and sold at LEE'S Medit ine'Store, No. JO lYJdidvii Lane. Druggists and country store keepers supplied on iilieral tttms. my I'i lOIL. HEWJ I' - Fsiill reiidefat No. - Hi WiV ,1 te street, where he has a very ImndMome and lasbiofliible assortmeut of Cabinet Furnituie on hand, which he will warrant to he of the first quality. He solicits bis New York and southt rn friend! to give him a call, ai he fl itters himself Uiey will not oe disappointed. Orders ixcciited at 1lte shortest notice. Je 'i'i tf T tl' J I; , I k t ,1 J Or Qiose who may winh to erect three elegant biqidings or lactones. I" 0TS. 77 lest by 110, mote or le's, with the A .buildings thpreon, iu ihe nitru ci Vtsey - sl. cui. we piiiehased leparate cr together. ALSO. Ane'eirant LOT, svitli tbe Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bovvciy, 4 by l'.'5, more or less, near Ciiat - baju - ireet - be whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near lii elf.'ii.ui - t t '1 kv a - lvertiier lit.s three small in.irl - a'les to diirtctst' of, one of 000, one offlOux, n" of tliOtt, all in this city. Je 9 PROSPECTUS run ri'UMsMiixu uir BfnscntrTio.v A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOLIalANA. 'Jm publication ol tins Map has been under taken vvilli the imiTi iMoii, that it will ex hitutln.'orination, highly interesting alibis eventful Clin. , ;u. the valuable Maps whiih (he author has procured, durinir bis several tours throii ib - .Vixico, in the yean lHdti, UMl, Dir.', laio, 111 15, It; 1 6, and l!il7, induce him to heleive thai the Map, with even all its imperfections will be iiiui'b die most perfect which has appeared be fore tbe public. j bis ftlnp will contain the latest and lieet in formation from tbe dii.covc.ries aud posse. .'b in - of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and r reiMii travellers and navigators nnd represen ting the claims of their respective governments on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of Nnrth America, wlue - h lies between the isthmus ol Wa riet ami Ihe4!!lli degree of North Latitude, and frofu tli" Mississippi River westwardiy - to tbe ramie - uc an. In size the Map will be about six by five feet, and will be rroiecled nu a scale of 40 miirs to tlit iiir - ti, to lie delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars i neh. Natehes March". lJJIfl. np7tu1 FOR SALE. , LOT of land, containing between lixttcn and twenty ucres, udioimng Ihe village ol Blooiniosdale, Ironting on the Tenth Avenue and Hudson River, adjoining on the south the country seat of .Mr. John H. Talmnn. The terms will be reasonable, and two thirds of the puuhae money may remain secured by bond and mortgage. ALSO, two lots of ground, twenty five feet by . - ne hundred each, situate on the east side ol Forsyth street, about 150 to 200 leet north of Delnncy - strc et. If not disposed of at private sabs the above will be offered for sale at auction, ou Wednesday, Dili July. For further particulars apply at the Mutual Insurance Oihce, No. 52 Wall street. Je 1 1 Im REWEKY; For sale, a bargain, a Brew - Sy ery Si Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. The buildings are stone, and par ticularly well calculated f.r the business. It is situated iu the ruidst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It isrertaiuiy an object for thoao wiahing to engage in th'S business. It is the onlv biewery in Iho couetry. 1'his property will be sold clieap. Terms liberal; tillo good. For further particulars apply 'o M. MLLDEN, No. 70 Mai.LMi - lane, New - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf MIl.Ll.NEKY, A:c. IOHN WINTRINC1IAM, Milliner, No. 120 J Witliam - st. respectlully iinorms his Iriends and the merchants in general, thai he h nmoved from No. 117 William - street, to the above No. where he CRI.MPS Satin, Muslins, Ribbons, Crapes, Sc. at Ihe shortest notice and lowest prices. Also, Fancy, Lace, Sattin, and Crape Tiiinmings. He has constantly on hand, split straw, and Leghorn baL, turbans, turban bonis, collects, ic. One case superfine white chips, j'lst imported and for sale by the (Won or single. 7i Store No. 117 Wilti'sm - street to let, and JjJJa number of glass cases loriale. Je. IS I in PATENT BUG DES TROYING LIQUID, ,4 CERTAIN uud never tailing poll" fir bed Zv. bugs. It will exterminate them at ttiiug without staining tbe furniture, or be ing accom pained with that disagreeable smeil usual' v ut tending the application of other puisous. For sale in bottles at 4s. cm b, at P. DICKIE'S Mei'Jeine Store, 'J5 Broadway. N. B. A large assortment of eenuine - Drugs and warranted patent Medicines, for s - ile as a nove. Je 19 l.u CLASSICAL SE.V.IYARY, 112 Greenwich st. A ,1 R. GRAHAM purposes to admit 4 board - 1? 1 ers into bis semii ary, for wlioni suitable accoiniuod.itions have been provided. Your:; gentlemen offroiu 0 to 12 years oi age would ue prei'err'd. Tbeie will enioy the benefit f a complete classical education, hccompioie I at picper intervals with instruetiocs in Arithim l:c, Algebra, Engli. a Grammar, Ce'iia,. by. History, Elocution ami Com(xitie.u. Tbe l - liiiisb studies are so judiciously iatrwvu wild liie clas - sical, as to occrt - ir.n a mi re ripi.iaud inoroun acquaintance wiih the e lassicaJ authors. They also prove a relief from the elrudge - ry of constat I Latin and GCeek Recitation. Ihni.?hcl has the further advantage of shaisii s the child' edu cation lo !ftt the parent's wishes should he (IS: is not uncommon) direct bis stttntion troru the , college lo tlie t:ouu'uig boHse. An expenmee oi three years Insscoofi sutd Mr. G. in lb? utility o' this plan ;and be has it in bn power to s a w it has not beea less satisfii. - ta. - y tJ oihvn thm biaiielf. J 25 01 JSOT1CE. 317" The Subscriber has opened an eftabjiih - nieut which he has entitled the BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, about three quarters of a mile from the Brooklyn, ferry - stairs, on the Jamaica Turuuike roaX oiipoeita caut. L, Brow - and. the public. , He ka. hud iu W f(wWh the choicest Wines sad Liquor) tustUi Sew York market aCbrds. . AJto. at ail rtnw. at the shorts - it notice, be will furnish Cbocolatn, Coifce ana ea, Rentes, &c. The Gaicbiis ui Imnd - some and very shady, and from the garden thert s a oeauuiul prospect of the Narrows, Statcn - Wand, Ac. L.CAMBIE. June 16 Iw Consignees of Coods by the slop DKA - FEK, ar iulonned that pe - rmlssion has liccn obtained from the Collector, to send all goods to the Pub'ic Store, for which permits aie not sent on boaid iu five days time. IU H. W. ROGERS Si CO. iij" Orders for European book, ms - ps, papers, taticnary and other articles, m all lauguagts, are regularly takcu at the European book store aud depot, No. 1)6 Broadway, New - York, oppo - slts 1 rtivity church yard, near Wall - street, on the plain and low term mentioned iu the pros - pectus which may bo set it iu said book - store where theio is alwasis a largo collection of I'.u - rt peau catalogues of Looks, with prices, iu all languages for the use of ladies nnd geu'.lciucu c - ulvv . - Oi dvfrs will aUo be taken on the same terms in every city, town and borough of the union, by all the merchants, booksellers, printers, and puulibbersot news - papers and magazines. L. I) HLLMK, Agent. N. 0. The dwelling part of house .No. "J6 Hroailw:.y to let. je 12 3t:!v:iv . BOARDING. fCRUTTENDE.S, Albany, still continues J. his establishment id Mr. Gregory's build ings, 3doors ncrlh of the t.'r.pitol, fronting the public square, which, frcin its central nnd air situation, Us crniinaiiding v icw of tbe surround ing country, the iiuiiibcr nnd elegance of its a partmeuts, is not equ.ille.l lor pleaianlneis and convenience by any public cvlaiiliEhiuent in t - e city. It shall be kept in sueh style as to render it a place ofgctitKi I ami fiifhioiiahln resort, both tor citizens aud travellers. I he prsipriclorlu'pci. by the ufmost assiiluity and attenlion, to n.uil and receive ihe continued lavouis of Ins friends and the public. N. 11. Goodaccnmmodation for, kc. Travellers will pleaie to obserie that Crutten - dew's waggnji will be at the wharf on the arrival of the tteam - boatt) lake up their baggage to his house gratis. Je2odSw IPjHSKH and CiiiliLOih. ITOfl ii'.VLE, a pair of stout family black HORSES, with or without a CARRIAGE, all in perfect oilier for a journey of any distance, the carriage having jict been painted, and the horses warranted to be fresh and sound, not having bei a diiven 100 miles duiing the last six mouths. They stand at M R. bLO WLEY'3 ita - blcs, aad live carriage at MR. LAWRENCE'S, coacli - malci r, John ulrect. The prcst'iit owner having so little u.e lor Hum, that bo will dispose of 'llio whole on very rcaronuble terms. Apply as above ; or, at 45 Barclay - teet. Jc 17 eenViw (UK i'.iy.r.. l.S"il A very prnlitable t A KM, ol l m acres, two (birds under cultivation, the residue woodland, situate on tbe sea shore, n quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the Slaten Lland side nnd a short ride from the steam boat ferry landing. :t gives i very extensive viw ol the buy and en virons of New - York, within tlie1 Narrows, ami of Sain IV (look and the? ocean ror nronect is equalled by none. 'The title is uiiquridionab.V. Two thirds of the purchase money in. iv remain secured upon tbe land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the premises, or to W. A. SEELY. 1 TJ Greenwich - street. TO LET, a convenient new 2 story mus, adj.ening the above, with a garden and about an acre ol land, ror terms apply tu above, snh 3 eodtf X RANTED in u Watch Maker's Slorc, a t I lad who can be well recommended. Ln quire nt the cilice of this paper. jeiu jtawn ANCHORo. A CONSTANT supply of Anchors froiu Ihe Iron - Works of Messrs. Forbes & Adam, in L.anaan, Connecticut, made or Salisbury iron with or without iron stocks, for sale by the sub icribeis, agents for Ihe manufacturers, aud who are authorised to warrant the ane bors if required 1 1' ! CAU I Kit, invCOer jlns 63 South street. PERFUMF.N, &c. THE subscribers have jut received from one ol the first perfume houses in Paris, an invoice of rich cut glasi bottles wi'h perfumes, which fir clegaiice is not to be surpassed by any in this city; amonglbepei fumes they contain are ex tracts of vanilla, jessamine, rose, iVc. Also from Smyrna.otto ol roses fin iniall phials) in ill pure stale. CN II Ann, Pomatums in pots and tmttlcs antique oils cold cream, nnlit of roses, almond paste, lip salve, almond paste and liquid (with ru b per fumes) a useful arlic le, honey and lavender w.i j ters, French nnd Ln;li. - li cosmetic wir - wmll:, soap of all kinds, brushes of all kinds Cologne water warranted gcuiunc. r.spmaii aim ucgen - trico and Ninon, waters, ladies' work boxes and dressing cacs eouiplcat aud neatly furnished from three dollars to twenty dollars Gcuile - mr n's shaving case s ; ridii'iile clasps and bags ; Docket hooks: thread eases ; tiurics of all kinds ; brilannia metal att.l mahogany simvin boxes ; cloves ; ki t and si.k paiteis; ton n.c hell nnJrarl combs, dillrrvtit p - ttcrns ; silwr (luuilitr s : tM eezers : r - encii casts ; cold and id ler mounted boxes i Nlaltese buttons; r.irtiLts nnd amulet ornaments ; otto of roses ; essence pepiieriiiint, prepared bv Mr. Juniper, nf Lou dn ; court plaster ; oil, equal to any other kind lor promoting the growth of the I air H, i pntiiVir .Mrfnade divine at.d J.ili .i , - ....oiK - e nf oan : Kat ies sh.Ubnr soup, in potsar.d by the pound ; pen, pocket, fruit and sportsmen's knivei.aud almost every olher kind 01 ra - riumes anu lanij n j vile the attention of the ladici and guntleu.tu ol th"CAN'TI10NY W. TRAPPAN ti CO. At their fancy slore and p rfums ware house, Nf. l - '6 Broadwaj - . sign of the natural rose, nearly opKiitc the City HoteA Je 13 3taw2w " JO MASONS. PROPOSALS will tie recrivid at No. 152 Washington street, for building a h.H;sv, a - Kreeably wiih a p' Un re left. lo. a tavern, on tbe corner of the Bo hug Gietu and sta e - street. Je lt riiiiio yoLCHU or cum . pi. f.J a - ISO. d'JPPLCMENT to a tratie on ple - vdinj; 3 coutaui'ing a copious collection of practical pre cedents of pleading ad proreedlrii - s in per - Miial. real and mixed aetioeu, t y I. Clulty, Kiq. ...f the Middle Temple, hamster at law itn .Jm ncan Prirtdtntt, ne;ver publuhcd. 7.11, Uth anJ9Lh ols. Cranch'i Rep.u. Vhratoa's Repoits, 2 rols. Just receivtJ xndfjrialeby DAVID EANK, Corner cf Xai.'ati aud Si'mce - strtit?. Jcne22 is x ail i . Gr The new f EftRY - BOATS from the fo of alnut strvet, New York, to the foot of Little street, Brooklyn, fear tbe Navy Yard, will conioieuce rur.iiing on Kundiiy, the 17th inst. Persons cirtiii.g to Brook fv is from the upper part of the tity, will find tie distance much sl r,,iened by using ibis ferry. my 14 The ltWr.sil 'a Rft.. K.U. a.ultlustry, troro Use FJirabeth town Fosi.t, Ut ." 1 Ota, sails iscoi Aiarkeioeld - street. ( wbr - ro the team - bent Atalanta lormtrry rnme to,) at 10 o'clock, ot each day. Pawnee 12 1 - 2 cents. Enquiie at the Steam toat Hotell, of V ADklU'UIJL.4: rniL.L.ii - 3, my tfl tf JHerrhuut'i Jiai.k Diviileint rrY Notice is hereby given lo the Stockhol ders of the Mcrchant'b Bank, that a Dividend of tour per cent, ortwoddllaia on each share tor six months, from Uie first of Decerrbrr last, will be paid at the Bank on Monday, tie first of June next. . , Bv order of the Board of Director!. . my2SMm G B. X ROOM, Casii'r. PHENIX BANK, (tr Anelection foriourtetn Director! of this Bank will be held nt the Bankinsr House, on Tuesday, the 7ih July next, between 11 and t o'clock. The transier Books will be closed en tbe ".'5th instant, and willfcontiiiue closed until af - (er the election. xSy order r.l (be Boaid cf Ui - rtriors, D. L GREENE, Cushier. Je5 UyT (XJ - JOHN fKOCTOR, Jen. 106 Libeilvt. oilers liberal untieip'iA'ciison property consign - ed to his fricuda in the Mediterranean. For further particulars, appiv ts above, or to ABR MI AM BELL, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff & Fullon - sts. LANDS. 05 - STEPHEN B. MUNX, N'o. !2(l Pearl - stiei I, New - York, purchases Lands in Uns Illinois Territory, wbicu has been set apart for thu late Army. Letters from the country piving a dc - scriptioii of the patent and the price aked fur cat ti lot, wiii be attended to, il l'oit paid. my 15 tf ."fde vj Alio - 1 oi, Lvwtitrvtttr'' Jftct. 05 - PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given t'i tbe holders of the six nr. d seven per cent stock of tiiis state, thai Ihe vl.rlecf the said stock, with the exci - ptir n of the six per cent slock, crcutcd hy the ti'.l, entitled " nu act respecting navigable coiiiiiiunicnlii'ii between the great M t - siern and northern lakes and the Atlantic. Ociaa," pasted Ar iil 15, IlilT, will be raid elf on the first day of July next, cr at any Lilu then after when demnnifed. Pnviiii'iit will be made at the Manhattan hunk inlheutyof Nevv - Yirk, to the slock - holders r. f,idii.i: iu the southern district of this state nr.d out of this ttatu ; and at tbe New - York stubs Ik. oli, in thu city of Albav, to all other stock holders. ' It is lequired that the certificates issued for (he stock should be given up at the bank where such payments are made. 1 he intere't on the said stock will erase after the aid first day ol July next. ' . AKCITD WIN Ti HE, Comptroller. Dated Albany June 1, lbTJ. Je 9 t Jv I 'Tlie Couiiiiisioners of the Canal lund will in punuance ol the act, entitled " an act rex eling navigable comuiunicntions between the gieal western und .Mirlliern l.auee, nndtni) Atlnntic Ocean," receive seu!ed proposals until 3u'cliM - k, i . M. on Wednesday the 15th day ol July utxi, lor a loan to the stale ol two liui ured and City thousand dollars, to he paid to tbe Ccui - imssioners in two equal iuitalmcnts, the - first, on the til at day ol August next, and thu other cn the first day of October next. 'The proposals u.utt he addressed to the Comptroller. Tlie rate nfiutereit is not to ixceed six per 'cent, per Arnum, pajabfe qttrtrf jsaily and Iho principal is lo be reimbursable i.t ll.e pleasure of the government, at any time alter ll.o first day of July, 1UJ7. The f nicer lu pointtd for (be purpose in the ci - If of New - York, will issuu trruisle ratde certifi cates of stock lo the Lenders, and will attend to the transfer cl slock, as the luiue tuny be required. 'i he interest will he paid at (he Manhattan Bank, in the i ily of New - York, to the itoekhol - ders residing in the southern district of this slate, and out of the slate, and lo all othersnt (be New - York State Bank, in Ihe eily of Albany. 'The Board will meet at the See relary's Offift; on the said I5tb day of July nrxl, at . o'clock, P. M. to open and determine on the proposals that shall be made. By order of Iho Bourd. JOHN 'PAY LEU, 1'residet. Albany. June It, 1 ill 11. Je II iv 15 NOTICE. 05" IF Richard Perry Savadge, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Savadge, tonne rly of the city of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, his legal representative will, by applying to Mr. Wie. Savadge, at St. Join's Squarr, Clerkeuwcll, London, hear of something lo his or ihtir adVau - lage. 'I he Slid Richard Ferry Savadge, who was a painter by trade, was in England in the year 1792, Ironi whence h returned to I'bilai.'elphi.v iu the ) 194 ; in the year 1791, he is surpui - eil to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, in Middlelouu, Delaware County, Msrylnnd ; and ilterwaids at Dowuing's Toivu, Ironi whence hu supposed to have removed to New - York. N. If. If any person will produce a legal certi - ficitleol'thc death nf tbe said Richard Savadge, he will, on producing the same, to Mr. Wru. Savadge, res t ive liom him 5 guinea!, as a rewaid for his trouble. Any inlormation respecting the above BStU.d person will be tiiubMully iccuvcd by SiMTTH ti GARNIS, Je 18 Im 312 Pearl street. New - York. NO I ICE All persons having claims againrt the estate of 1 hoiuus Brady, late of I!)k city of New - York, deceased, are requested t present the lame lecally autbrut.c&U - d. and ail thus indebted lo the Said estate are requested In make immediate payment lo the sui - scril er, who oilers for sale Ihe property of Iho dece - r.sri), containing 4 I'ds lionting on the Eosvery 25 by 75 It el deep each, and one on Slaistoa - rlreet, ?. bv 111' leet. The whole premises bio rented Ibis ye - nr for jfUdd and taxes. An iudiiputabie title will be given for lire same by JAM La BARCLAY, Executor, J4 Im N' - 3 .South - street. i'Ulil.lsllrJi THIS J.i r, 4 PRACTICAL TKEAflsEonPERSPLC - V. TIVE. adapted lor those who practice landscape painting or drawios irom nature. Also, THE 1'ERSPEC'i OGRAPH, for tak ing viewi. We Ihe undertigned artists, residrnl at Iew Vork. bavins: ii.s: ecti - d Busby's ueriDectOKraph. are of opinion, it is an it eenious, useiul and conveaient invention, that will materially assist persons desirous ol making accurate peripec - tivu views irciu na'nre. JNO. TIIUMRULU AB. ROBERTr - ON. SAMUf h L WAL0, JOHN R.UBENSSVHTTI, WILLIAM DUNLAP, 2. It. JARMS. Tbe above work arc lor tv J LAMBERT, Jr - 3 Im 3 Cortr'biHdt ttre et. IO Lt.T, tillB A I leastvnt back room, ut DO. 56 W nlh ilreet, suitable lor a lawyers oiS :e. IVtssessivu immediately. Aj'ply in the fioiit oiEce. Je 4 IOR SAt E, S0iems cl" Cassia Paper - sila - i ble 6 r Ban Bax nii.krs. or suar Bakers. Tl e emalitr and siw is the same as the tveuiag t i. crmted on. Apply at this eiace. Je Hi 1 H'iMlNA COnO.V - ?il bfiles. Ir sale j ,V X.: ROY, UAYAR'J t CO. Jt Si

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